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  1. Wow, Jodi’s true generosity is so clear. Her heart is so big it is hard for me to understand how people can not see her for who she really is – a loving, caring generous woman. But just like in her case, people are so blinded by their own bias and lust for revenge that they just can’t see the truth. It is such a shame that people have lost the ability to discern circumstances and just blindly follow the “rules.” Her act was an act of kindness and compassion and to punish her for that is insane. Go Jodi 🙂

  2. Throughout time, we have seen Jodi act selflessly donating to charity, helping the less fortunate. This time around it was nothing different. Again she showed her generous heart. I don’t know if Jodi knew the rule about not being allowed to buy food for another inmate BUT if she did that makes me more proud of her because although she would have known that she would be punished, she put herself aside to help another human being.

    I know that the haters will find a way to twist this amazing gesture of generosity into a bad thing, but as much as they try to throw dirt and mud on Jodi’s commendable action they will see that it only backfires, because if they are so hate driven not to be able to recognize a good deed despite who does it, then they are worthy of their miserable petty life.

  3. From Day One of this fiasco I have believed in Jodi. I find her a loving, thoughtful and caring individual. I am sooo proud of Jodi for her selfless act of kindness. Shame on the authorities in charge who have found it their job to hurt and abuse someone in their most unfortunate time of life. They should put themselves in Jodi’s shoes and think is this how they would want to be treated. The whole World would change for the better if they could do that. Jodi Arias has been mistreated and abused for way to long.
    ♥ (((((((LOVE TO JODI)))))))) ♥

  4. I have a question. Who is funding the Alexander’s this time around?? Was someone in charge of doling out the money to them?? I would think that they would have run through all the $$$ by this time.

    Nor to be sarcastic but the way this retrial is going I am thinking that it is very expensive going back and forth for one day here and there.

    Jodi is a saint next to these people. But we all knew that.

    • The money they raised last time went into the millions. If they were stupid enough to spend all that already, let ’em walk to AZ.

      • Yeah, from CA to AZ – a nice walk!
        I imagine them walking the whole distance with their tongs lolling at the end – “sorry we were dumb enough to squander our fortune on useless trinkets and now we can’t even afford to pay for the bus”. LOL.

        Seriously I still don’t understand why they even bother coming to court – since this whole trial is so unpleasant to them. My advice to them – stay at home, watch some TV play computer games, for God’s sake! No one is dragging you to the courtroom!

  5. Jodi’s lawyers just filed a motion to dismiss the Death Penalty because her mitigation witnesses refuse to testify in public. One of them was a friend of TA who knew he was into child porn.

    • For the love of God will this EVER END? These witnesses for Jodi are fearful for their lives. They have a right to be!!! So please tell me what part of any of this is justice?? All for who can have the breaking news!!!

      JSS this is on YOU!!!!

      • I’m so fascinated by this witness who claims to have some insider info on Travis. Its so disturbing that they would be fearful of speaking in a court of law. Its one of the few places where you’d expect them to be safe. If they came forward to speak without apprehension.. it might be the truest thing we’ve heard in years regarding this case. And that’s not saying much. Most of the evidence presented has been a joke.

    • Just as I thought. A fellow Mormon probably who knew what TA was up to and is fearful of the backlash from that community if he/she speaks out. JSS should allow these witnesses to testify in closed courtroom to assure that Jodi’s right to a fair trial here is not denied. Of course we already know that she was denied a fair criminal trial with the destruction/loss of exculpatory evidence on TA’s computer. This is maddening but I believe that ultimately in the end the higher courts will remedy these errors and violations of due process.

      • I’m not angry about all that’s happened because hopefully it will lead them to the truth, with the entire world watching. There might be some sort of judicial reform in Arizona once this madness is over. They can learn a lot from this.


      #JodiArias mitigation witnesses refuse to testify in open proceedings.

      Due to the CoA ruling, Arias’ case for life will not include the testimony of a longtime boyfriend, a former co-worker and an individual who knew Travis Alexander [before he met Arias] and who would have provided the jury with testimony that Alexander confessed his interest in child pornography to him.

  6. This fear that these witnesses have about testifying publicly just clearly demonstrates that this community is so powerful and to be feared so much so that they are fearful for their lives or livelihood if they speak out IMHO. This should be sending out alarms to JSS that something is WRONG and she needs to do her job and protect these witnesses so they can come forward and tell the truth.

    • Stephens GOT the message. Stephens CLOSED the courtroom. It’s the CoA that insists on flinging the doors open again. I never got to read the CoA’s ruling, but I know discussion included suggestions that the court (Stephens) might be able to take other measures to protect the identity of witnesses who are afraid to testify publicly.

  7. Jodi has proved time and again that she is a very special person, a most considerate, kind-hearted person. She is sensitive and emotional, thus she is concerned for all the injustices, problems, social issues or phonomena. Whether she donates her hair for people undergoing chemo or worrying about environmental pollution or giving out stuff to hungry inmates, she shows the world that she is the exact opposite of what the media and the lynch mob have portrayed her to be.

    Jodi Arias is an extraordinary young woman. One who, had things been different, would have probably excelled in some field or another. She was struggling to become someone better and with the exceptionally high IQ that she has, had it not been for TA coming into her life, she would have fulfilled her potential.

    Jodi Arias is a GOOD person who had to defend herself against her abuser on June 4th. This does NOT make her a murderer, this does NOT make her any less exceptional to us.

    And as Jennifer Wilmott so elowuently said during the first penalty phase: ” People are far better than their worst deed, and Jodi Arias is a far better person than her very worst deed.”

    Incidents like this of throughtful acts of kindness by Jodi,reinforce Wilmotts’ statement.

    WE ARE PROUD OF YOU, Jodi!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

    • Ironically, it appears biased media & the haters may unwittingly play a role in vacating the death sentence for Jodi. On a personal level, I think the DT (esp Kirk Nurmi) has done one hell of a great job in the sentencing trial. Still, there is a long way to go before we get the result we want – Jodi’s release from Joe Arpaio’s torture chamber and all the charges against her. Surely this motion will have a dramatic effect.

      • Absolutely correct ! The hater/bias media community has guaranteed that this case will demand a remedy in the higher court ! Go Jodi 🙂 Go DT 🙂

      • CC another question. Is the witness list sealed or can be look on the court records? I think we know who 2 are. Didn’t we already go through this the last time around???

        I hate to say this but I’m not having good thoughts about JSS ruling on this. She wants this over with as soon as possible. You know by Dec..17. She flat out lied to the jury.

        I hope KN has another trick up his sleeve.

      • How can JSS ignore this motion? There are legal presedents (mentioned in the motion) where in a similar situation the DP was set aside! C’mon, judge, this is a no brainer!
        Stop this disgusting frog (aka Martinez) from having his way with the justice system and making a mockery of due process.

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