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Here’s another interesting post from Matt McCartney – detailing his 2 year relationship with Jodi – originally posted Jan 3rd 2013:

Court Minutes doc #1 – 5-24-2011 ——- Court Minutes doc #2 – 5-25-2011

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“Take a look at her permanently deformed hand, where he broke her finger in one of his many angry outbursts.

Q. Why wasn’t it set?
A. She didn’t go to the hospital that’s why. She was protecting him.

Q. Why didn’t she go to the hospital???
A. Because a report would be made that could lead back to him and he knew it.
Jodi is an artist. Her hands are a critical element in her life. Not only is she a photographer, she is also a painter.

I personally witnessed the purple finger shaped bruises on her neck. She originally claimed was from a seat belt. Later, after much debate, she admitted they were from him. She assured me that: “He is a good man” and “He didn’t mean it”.

In one of our many conversations, I asked her why she wouldn’t “Just leave him.”
She said: “I can’t leave him, you don’t understand, I’ve tried. He wont let me!” She refused to elaborate.

I was Jodi’s boyfriend for around two years and in that time, she wouldn’t so much as squish a bug. I caught her on many occasions, fishing bugs out of the tub, so they wouldn’t get washed down the drain. She had this crazy neurotic cat, that would flip out and attack her for no reason and she didn’t so much as swat it. Jodi is NOT a violent person!

When we ended our relationship, I was living and working at a distance. During that period, I began spending time with a colleague. One of my douche bag coworkers decided to “inform” her. There was lots of crying, many talks and a few letters. She was NEVER VIOLENT in any way. We remained friends and since then, she had a few other relationships ending with Travis. I personally know the man she was with before Travis. He and Jodi maintained a friendly relationship after they parted. He also had NO issues with violence. So why now? What changed?

Before Jodi was arrested we would talk on a regular basis. I am one of her longest lasting friends and former lovers. I could be a important character witness. At one point, I asked Jodi to leave me out of this situation, so as not draw attention to myself or my new family and since then, she has.

Her life is on the line. She could get the death penalty. Yet she’s made it a point not to involve me.

Why? Because I asked her not to….

That is the kind of person Jodi is!”


  1. Thanks SJ for this. And, Thank You Matt. I knew Jodi was abused and not making it up to get herself off like eveyone says she is. They said the same thing about Casey and still do.

      • Wes: If you knew/know Travis was abusive, why don’t you come forward and help her! I have read many things that could help her, but why don’t those who know something first hand that could help her come forward and do so? If I missed the answer to this already on here, forgive me, but I am appalled with anyone who knows something and doesn’t come forward!!!

  2. I wonder if the defense will find some way to introduce Jodi’s broken finger (if she doesn’t take the stand and discuss it herself). I find it interesting that no other man whom Jodi dated complained about her being a stalker like Travis and his friends did. Usually, if someone has stalking/obsessive tendencies, they show up again and again.

    • There are only Travis’s friends saying that TRAVIS told them she was stalking him. I’m no lawyer, but that’s hearsay. We don’t have anyone who saw it first hand apart from Travis’s friends who say she had “the look of the Devil on her face” after overhearing them trying to persuade Travis to break up with her. Get serious, what woman wouldn’t have that look on her face when hearing backstabbing like that? These stories of spying, stalking, tire slashing, etc are all plainly anecdotal.

      • I heard that tonight too on that CNN report thing that VINNIE P he is so weird I swear. Jodi has no stocking restraints on her ? No proof she stole journal pages from Travis. No proof of messing with his FB or My Space pages? these people are insane ! but then they can turn around an say all this an all it is is hear say? no proof not one thing documented? would Travis not write something down? in a blog in a journal about this obsessive Jodi? The more I hear the madder an upset I get. Jodi was protecting herself an I don’t know what else happened. But the majority that say they are religious are truly not.

        Leviticus 19:16

        You shall not go around as a slanderer among your people, and you shall not stand up against the life of your neighbor: I am the Lord.

        Exodus 20:16

        “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

    • Yes, i thought this also. And, if she loved him (normal or not) wouldn’t she not care now what happens to her if she is found guilty? Let’s theorize for a moment that other people did kill him for the PPL, she would be in danger and have nothing to lose now.

      Maybe the second story had more truth in it than the first and the defense now. Although I would wonder if they bothered to look for any other DNA or if any other DNA showed up.

  3. I still have lots to catch up on JA, but does anyone know how tall or how much she weighed? Could she have stabbed him so many times, drag his body all over the place and still have the energy to go about as if nothing happened?

      • I am roughly Jodi’s size and my husband is slightly smaller than Travis. I’ll tell you what, there’s no WAY I could drag my husband’s body around between rooms like that ridiculous animation is trying to portray.

          • Funny… I actually made a bet with my husband when we 1st heard the story. I lost the bet, i was able to pull him like 3 feet away and that’s it. And ofcorse that’s without a struggle, but I wouldn’t be able to at all if I had stabbed him 27 times. We talked about it, he said; my husband, there’s no way you would or I would let you stab me more then two or three times before “I” ovepowered you!!!! And you know what… very true. Even naked! You think a man would let a woman overpower him just becuzshe his naked, NOPE!!! I DON’T THINK SO! And I’m 120 n my husband is 160. JA was smaller then I am, n TA was bigger them my husband. No way!

  4. Thanks for re-posting this, SJ. I was disturbed by the bullying Matt McArtney received after commenting here. It wasn’t deserved.

    I think the defense probably has a few witnesses who will testify that Jodi had injuries and was protecting an abuser.

  5. I’m glad he has spoken out… According to Jodi, she had ex’s that cheated on her, and I’m presuming this may be one of them. Spent time with a colleague??? Mostly, though, I’m disappointed he actually asked her to keep him out of it because of his family… How chivalrous! What about her life? My god, what is wrong with people today? The world is spouting inaccurate information about her, and her character… He knows the truth, and obviously influenced by public opinion, keeps quiet, while she gets raked over the coals and faces the death penalty. How does he justify that in his head, and sleep at night? I bet, evidenced by the lack of public support for Jodi, there are many more shallow, gutless “friends” out there keeping mum for the same cowardly reasons… Geesh, with friends like that, who needs enemies?

  6. Forgot to add… He describes himself as a life long friend UNTIL she was arrested. Even though, he didn’t believe she did it. Good friend. Arrested, facing death, and so he bails. ????

    • I am in the public eye. If people recognize me, my income goes down dramatically. Hmm, feed your family or defend a friend? It’s easy to judge, when it’s not you. So cast the first stone. I hope you never walk in my shoes.

      • I’m so sorry MM… I jumped to conclusions, without knowing the facts! Please let me explain. I was, and am frustrated, because I feel like Jodi isn’t receiving a fair oppurtunity to explain her side. I believed the folks who I despise the most (the media, etc…), whom, I thought I took their conclusions with a grain of salt, however, apparently not… They said no one has come forward, no support, etc… I’m very sorry I publicly berated you, without even looking into who you are, or asking any questions first. I’m eating crow, my foot is in my mouth… I really thought your words were maybe a one time thing, and you had info, but didn’t get involved. I’m used to defending Jodi, other than here, most people I know, as a matter of fact, everyone I’ve talked to that knows about the case are against Jodi and just repeat what’s reported by the media.
        I made an assumption, reacted emotionally and defensive, and I humbly ask for your forgiveness, and everyone else I offended here…

      • I hope I never walk in your shoes either. I think decisions are difficult in life and thanks for sharing your knowledge of Jodi with me?us.

      • Matt, the choice for me would be easy. Feed my family. I completely understand why someone wouldn’t want the likes of Nancy Grace after them, too.

      • I also hope to never walk in your shoes, Matt. Thanks for sharing your information about Jodi here – I’m sure that plenty of people will get the chance to read it and will conclude that things with this case aren’t what they seem. Best to you and your family.

      • Hello Mat question: Do you have faith in God?…I strongly understand you will loose alot if you come forward to testify of something that could help someone who could be rather a victim of a setup of coverup, a victim of mental abuse, someone you know in your concious the kind of person she is, I am with you about protecting your family, but let me say this to you.

        Mat if you have faith, God will lookout for you and your family, material things could be replaced but the concious you will live with your whole life and when your kids grow up they will find out that his father let someone get killed for protecting them, do you think your kid will thank you for that? or do you think your kid will have questions such as Dad why wouldnt have said what you knew?…how proud your kids will be of you more knowing that their father took that out of his councious.

        Mat I know thousands of people want Jodi dead, and they are even celebrating how JM have treated her and how they are celebrating JM’s anger, towards Jodi which automatically can tell how she shrinks as someone yells at her, over all how they are going by what is being said, and not by the facts, that there are possibilities that Jodi was not alone here that she is protecting someone, and even if she did it that she did on selfdefense, how ever the outcome was I am strongly sure that just as she is protecting you from having to come to testify she is also taking everything on her shoulder, and is that a fair trial, would you live your life thinking you could of done something??

        I dont know if Jodi is completelly innocent, but I do know that travis had his own huge issues that Jodi suffered and went thru with him, I strongly think he manipulated her , mentally and emotionally, however I dont accept and I am not ok with the violence being the solucion of any problems, but like you said it was different with this men, he changed her to be someone who didnt have her own opinion of anything, everything was what Travis wanted, and how travis wants it, he gave her hopes, and he could of easily let her walk away but he didnt, so if you dont say nothing you will have that in your concious your whole life and if she gets the death penalty will be worse for you!!!…think about and dont be a follower, God protects those who provides Justice!!!

  7. Thank God for Matt McCartney. Yes he did state at first that he wanted to stay out of it but he clearly states that he could be a good character witness for her which mean that he is willing to put his family and life on the line for her. I knew since day one when I heard about this case that Jodi was innocent. The media makes it sound so easy to leave a domestic relationship and I know from experience that its not something you can just walk away from no matter how far away you move away from the situation when you love somebody. I pray to god that Jodi’s attorneys read the post from Matt or that Matt gets ahold of her attorney to testify for her. She does not deserve to be played out as the evil psycho that the media tries to make her to be. She did what she had to do to protect herself and for that she is a strong woman.

  8. You think she is a great person but you don’t want to be involved so you won’t testify but you’ll come here and use your name- does this make any sense at all? Really?

    • Totally agree with that.

      With due respect Matt McCartney, if what you’re saying is true I don’t think you’d sit back and watch Jodi possibly receive a death sentence over this!

      For all the negative stuff said about Jodi at trial, she’s going to need as many positive-character witnesses she can get.

  9. In an earlier post, Matt stated that he was interviewed but was not deemed a suitable witness. He isn’t deliberately turning his back on Jodi in the legal sense, and I don’t blame him at all for not wanting to make the media rounds.

  10. My gut tells me she will get life without the possibility of parole. I just think Travis was two timing her and things got out of control when he didn’t want to take Jodi to Mexico. He played her like a piano and she kept everything bottled up inside of her until she just exploded. Oh, the games people play!

    Travis played Russian Roulette with Jodi and lost. I feel sorry for everyone involved in this case, but as the saying goes, he made his own bed and slept in it. Jodi was a time bomb waiting to explode filled with the emotions Travis created within her by keeping her on a leash.

    Fatal attraction 101, but without the murder weapons I believe it will be difficult to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it was premeditated murder. The prosecution cannot put the gun in Jodi’s hand since no gun was found, but since Jodi admitted killing Travis the likely outcome will probably be a manslaughter charge with life without parole. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a plea bargain, but I think it will be difficult since the prosecution believes it will convince the jury that she deserves the death penalty.

    I also wonder if others were involved since his death occurred so quickly. Jodi admitted killing Travis , so she is NOT INNOCENT – even if it was in self defense. The only question of innocence is it was premeditated.

    • I too thought that Jodi may have finally murdered him in rage. It’s easier to see this situation as a crime of passion, especially since Travis has been outed as a manipulative user that played abusive head games.

      However, I don’t believe that now because there’s no evidence Jodi stalked Travis. In order to have a “Fatal Attraction” you have to have one party that wants to be left alone, and another party that doesn’t want to leave them alone. It has to be made abundantly clear that Travis kept inviting Jodi into his life. He kept having sex with her. He allowed Jodi to make payments on a car. He texted Jodi on a regular basis, and whenever he reached out his finger and beckoned, she went running to him.

      Does this sound like a stalking victim to you?

      While he was out telling everyone else he was being stalked by Jodi, he was secretly indulging in using her whenever he wanted. Ms. Hall testified that Travis told her Jodi would sneak through the doggie door and sleep on his couch, but how does that make sense when he also told her he leaves his front door unlocked? It’s more plausible that he told Jodi to let herself in and get sleep during her road trips; but was telling his friends and roommates behind her back that she was just obsessed. There’s no doubt in my mind that Travis wanted Jodi to take the brunt of the blame for his behavior, and it seems to have worked.

      Also consider: it has been admitted into evidence that Jodi told Detective Flores that Travis gave her a “hard time” about the fact that her road trip was to meet up with someone else (a new boyfriend possibly), and pestered her to visit HIM on the way. It seems to me the crime of passion here is not Jodi being rageful of Travis going to Cancun, but Travis being rageful about the idea of Jodi meeting a new boyfriend.

      Since keeping up on this case, I’ve discovered that everything that’s been said about Jodi is a reversal on the part of Travis (when he was alive) and his supporters (now that he’s dead). Imagine each and every assumption, perjorative, and lie thrown in Jodi’s direction – and the closer you get to who Travis really was.

      • I CAN SAY THAT I RELATE WITH/ AGREE WITH THIS EXACT SELECTIVE WORDING OF HOW THINGS VERY WELL POSSIBLY MAY HAVE ACTUALLY “unraveled” along the way of Jodi & Travi’s RELATIONSHIP IN “getting to know one another”….w/underlying deep seeded, dark, painful hidden truths related to religion that were weighing on him so she became his dirty little nasty girl so to speak…

  11. One more puzzling question: if it was premeditated why in the world would Jodi take pictures of him being dead unless she needed proof that he was dead for someone? My guess is that the camera was washed accidentally and forgotten about. More questions need to be asked of the roommates about their movements especially within the house and in the garage.

    • Ditto! While I understood your reasons for wanting to be left out of it, I’m glad you’re stepping up for your old friend Matt. Karma will bless you kindly for doing the right thing.

  12. Is Matt testifying next week? I think she will do some time in prison but the defense hasn’t even put up their case and I’m sure it will cause some ppl to realize that there really is two sides to every story

  13. I am confused since I have just begun reading up on this case. Why would she willfully drive to his home and engage in sex if he was abusive and she was afraid for her life? I f I had a man who put his hands on me even once I would get away and never return. ?????

    • ditto. if the defense stays down in the weeds trying to present all this here-say evidence about abuse they don’t stand a chance. None of MM ‘s testimony can be corroborated. Other than the verbal texts,it is all here-say and her own behavior even dis-credits that theory. She’s the only one that can corroborate it, but she isn’t likely to get up on the stand. Maybe my story has some traction.

      • Omg… lol its to the point tht8 its funny!!!! BeeCee, again….. havent this abuse convo been brought up in a FEW comments through the website? I think someone even jokingly said (if someone else brought up that they didnt understand why she would drive thousands of miles if she was so abused) that they would yell!!!! Lol I didnt think it was so hard for people that havent been through an abusive relationship understand. Its EVERYWHERE nowadays! !!

    • I said the same thing as you…if I was hit I would never come back. It’s not as easy as it sounds. As a victim of domestic violence I know how hard it is to get away. It’s almost easier to stay then leave. People who abuse I believe are usually well liked. They reel you in with there good personality. Generally they are a very fun person to be around. They are very sweet and sensual and you fall in love. It takes a while before the abuse starts after you have fallen in love. That love is a drug that changes you as a person. With my experience I remember trying to get away in which I would get locked in a bedroom until I wasn’t upset anymore. There has also been a time where I ran in front of a car trying to get them to stop and help. I must have seemed crazy. There was a time in my life when I thought I would never be able to escape him. The abuser isolates you from your family and everyone that cares about you. You get to embarrassed to say anything. I’m speaking on personal experience and from what I have learned from going to therapy. There are experts in this field that are very knowledgable. Speaking to other victims the stories are all similar. I’m not sure if this is Jodi’s case. It hard to prove I think he was abusive towards her because it wouldn’t be something you would tell. It is very embarrassing to admit especially if you are continuing the relationship with this person. I’m interested in how this case will turn out. I think it’s harder for the defense to prove there case with the media against the defense. Not sure which side I am in. I appreciate the ex boyfriend telling his story. I can definitely feel sympathy for Jodi. We haven’t heard the whole story.

    • Kristin,

      You are fortunate in many ways … having a clear sense of what you won’t tolerate, and enjoying non-abusive, loving, nurturing relationships. And I’m assuming you know people who have experienced only the same.

      And because of those relationship experiences (and lack of any experiences involving ongoing abuse) I think it makes no sense when you hear about abuse “tolerance” in other people’s lives.

      If any of this helps, great, if not, I don’t think I can help you understand (this deals with batterers):

      The relationship may not seem abusive at first. The abusive behaviors appear after the batterer feels that the partner is “hooked” in the relationship. The reason the person often doesn’t leave:

      Fear. The risk of being murdered increases by 75% when the victim plans to leave the abuser. The person may fear losing their children or harming their immigration status.

      No money. The person has no financial resources to be able to leave.

      Psychological dependence. The abuser has destroyed the partner’s confidence and self-esteem.

      Lack of social support. The partner has been isolated and feels totally alone.

      Religious and/or cultural beliefs. The person may be pushed to stay in the relationship and be encouraged to accept it.

      The abuser promises to change. Many victims don’t want to leave the relationship – they just want the abuse to stop.

      These are just some. Jodi may have had her own brand.

    • The difference is that you have obviously not been in the grasp of a man who looks to manipulate women emotionally and mentally. I have been there and believe me, it takes a great deal of strength and willpower to get away because they beat you down so far you feel as if you are a bug to be squished., So, you leave and they come looking for you and convince you sweetly to come back and it won’t EVER happen again and you want to believe, they absolutely convince you, and so a honeymoon period begins. When you first meet him he is PRINCE Charming. They wear a mask of who you want them to be. just to manipulate and keep you so they can hurt you some more…. but it ALWAYS gets worse again. They are VERY convincing liars. Then when you finally had enough and you are able to leave they begin a smear campaign and will use anything and everything they know about you to destroy and rock your world. I have suffered all these indignities,and believe me, it is all a very hard learning experience. This is NOT an easy, especially when you love that man and when he doesn’t love you back because he is completely incapable of love and enjoys bullying you.. When you are in the midst of a man playing with your head who has NO REMORSE they will viciously beat you down and it takes tremendous effort to break away. They make you crazy. I became violent and I HATE violence. They change who you are. I have posted some interesting information at the bottom of this page. Hopefully you will check it out to get into the mindset of what I believe was Travis’ head.

      • I do not advocate or claim that a killing is the right thing to do.. to take someone’s life is a mistake in the highest order. I think its a shame that it turned out that way, and that she was unable to resist him. He was seeking to not be unmasked for who he really was…people like that will play with your head and try to keep you under control so as to keep from being exposed.

  14. I am trying very hard to be objective about this site. Couple of things everyone has been less than forthcoming about.
    1) Jodi is NOT innocent, she admitted to killing Travis, to what extent she is culpable the jury will decide based on the evidence presented.
    2) Travis is dead and therefore cannot defend himself against, nor explain what is being said about him.
    3) ALL things that Jodi says must be examined in a light that lacks credibility, she lied, to investigators, friends, media, lawyers, and family about her involvement in the crime.
    4) Look at the evidence in a light most favorable to the defense of Jodi, but that doesn’t mean discount EVERYTHING the prosecution puts forward.
    5) the currency of the defense case seems more mitigation appropriate, not really appropriate for the guilt/innocence phase and more appropriate for the punishment phase.
    Thus far, the defense has been less than awesome, but we must agree they have so very little to work with. However, the strategy to bring evidence in through the defense that is inculpatory may be backfiring, as evidenced by the prosecution questions of Lisa. The defense asked a question they were not sure what the answer would be (may have suspected) and in the end brought in some crucial testimony and evidence very favorable to the prosecution.
    The tactics of the defense have opened the floodgates for a rebuttal case that can easily explain many of the rants Travis shared with Jodi. According to all involved, Travis was a virgin when he met Jodi, something he took pride in as is evidenced by many other than Jodi, including Jodi’s friends. His bitterness towards her sexuality, and some anger about that may have been expressed to some very believable characters, including the bishop he was allegedly going through the motions of repentance with. This has been a disaster for Jodi. The prosecution has basically pinned the evidence of “abuse” down to Jodi having to testify to that. Scary indeed.

    • RC

      What question did the defense ask Lisa, they they were not sure what the answer was (may have suspected) and in the end brought in some crucial testimony and evidence very favorable to the prosecution? Im asking because I dont know what question that was.

      • LC, I think he is referring to the email that Lisa was asked about and her statements in it that talked about Travis’ over-eagerness sexually. It opened the door for “context” of the email to be brought in and allowed the prosecutor to cross Lisa and ask her to explain what was going on in it..wherein she went on to explain it had to do with her “sexual immaturity’ and overall age immaturity. I do agree this has happened on more than one occasion so far. Darryl Brewer and the “gas cans” and the “alibi question”. My concern about the “alibi” is that there may be something behind it. Perhaps Darryl Brewer said something about an “alibi” to investigators early on but now claims only “he cannot remember”. It was a bit alarming that he did not flat out say “he never said anything about Jodi mentioning an alibi”. Just that he did not remember. If he had said flat out he “never said that”, there may have been a risk that Martinez would present something ‘notes in an interview’ etc that showed he said it. And again, the defense did not “object” during that question on grounds of ‘leading’ or being ‘overly prejudicial’ for the jury to have heard. Which makes me worry the defense knows where Martinez GOT that information and that there could be a foundation.

        • Again, not saying the “gas cans” were used for what the implication made was, as they could have been used for running out of gas in the desert as several have stated before…but allowing the prosecution to bring the gas cans because the defense brought UP the email is the problem. Who knows how the jury took that and whether it could lead them to more of the premeditation idea.

    • “According to all involved, Travis was a virgin when he met Jodi, something he took pride in as is evidenced by many other than Jodi, including Jodi’s friends. ”

      No. According to all involved, they believed Travis was a virgin when he wasn’t.

      “Couple of things everyone has been less than forthcoming about.”

      If I were you I would read through the site again and you will see that statement is not true. We have discussed and talked about all those things. We just don’t happen to believe the media hype and we don’t claim Jodi is psychotic just because we want to.

      I bet you even think the letters have been proven to be forgery?????

      • Thank you BeeCee, along with the stalking that everone so want to blv that JA was doing n the tires being slashed.

        You know….. have u noticed that there has been a few comments like the one above. If these people would go back n read, they will find n SEE why we comment what we do. They just pop in n read one comment n make assumptions. I just ignore it.

        Oh… I have to add, there are also good but few that do comment on their point of view in a mature way n I respect that.

        Not trying to be rude, but im with you; read back through the site befire commenting maybe MAYBEEEE some will see this case from a diff point of view.

        • …… and may I add; “” His bitterness towards her sexuality, and some anger about that may have been expressed to some very believable characters”” REALLY???? 4REAL????? Are u serious? Where does this come from, are u assuming with this statement that if he was abusive to her, it mights been because of THIS?????

          PLZ PLZ clarify this statment for me…. thanks

      • Now we KNOW by the Audio tape, from his own words, he was NOT a virgin. Mormons do not think Oral/Anal are not sex. They think sex is oral, anal, grinding, vaginal. So on the Audio tape 2/17/2013 in court, the “phone sex” he says, “other women I have been with dont taste as good as you.” He is no Virgin.

    • RC, What do you mean Travis was talking to his bishop re: repenting? I had not heard that anywhere. How do you also know Travis was a virgin prior to meeting Jodi? You want us to focus on evidence (and believe me I am, I understand many of your points) but what evidence proves the above two claims?

      • RC, and to reiterate what BeeCee, LC have said, I personally have been very hard on the defense (on purpose) so that I can see the situation from both angles. But everyone here has been very polite to me even when I ask questions or make statements that may seem to some confrontational to the defense..and I have for the most part, seen these folks be extremely willing to see all sides, not JUST the side of the defense. I agree with LC. Popping in, reading a couple comments and then SUPPOSING you know what everyone thinks on here, or HOW they are looking at this case is presumptive and arrogant. Sorry, its just wrong.

    • RC You said a mouthful without even realizing it. ” His bitterness towards her sexuality, and some anger about that may have been expressed to some very believable characters” is likely very true. However if he were bitter and angry about her sexuality that was his sexuality, he would likely take it out on her, behind closed doors, without anyone knowing about it, because that is what abusive people do. To all his friends and everyone involved he was a virgin right up until the day he died, but now that has been proven to be untrue. Lisa Daidone also found out he lied to her when he told her he was no longer seeing Jodi. She even tried to brush things off he did by saying it was her inexperience that caused her to feel the way she did at times. If Travis were a virgin, he would also be inexperienced, so that story doesn’t wash.
      I have a question for you. If Jodi is guilty of premeditated murder, then why wouldn’t she go and get the gas cans from her car and burn the place down with him inside it? Why would she leave the camera behind? Or at the very least, remove the card and take it with her.?

    • There is no evidence Travis was a virgin during all of this; he was known to say one thing to one group of friends and behave differently with others. Travis didn’t deserve to be butchered, but he was a hypocrite.

    • On the “sex” tape played the other day, Travis talked about his prior sexual experience. Travis also got “in trouble” from the church for sex with another woman. Travis was no virgin before he met Jodi.

  15. JA stay strong ur doin a great job on the stand…TA families
    need to look at the big pic here ur son or brother lied under
    God sayin he was a virgin did u ever think n his sick mind
    That he was seeking out virgins to have sex with TA family
    Fell for his shit men will b men all they really want is to get
    Their penis wet…when u like someone u will do whatever
    It takes to keep them clearly JA wanted TA n he wanted to
    Get it wet no matter what he has to do to her to make that

  16. I have been following this trial & I am truly amazed how prejudice the Media is, this girl obviously has problems But some of the commentary is truly wicked. I am sorry for Jodi and of course for Travis they both had similar problems, Jodi Arias was obviously abused & I believe that Travis was the last straw. What makes me very angry is the fact that Nancy Grace The Court TV etc. are very bias & spreading Hate.This person is on Trial for their life and the media is blood hungry. Yes she killed him did she pre plan it NO because she stabbed him multiple times that is a rage & fear etc. Did she over react yes, but the circumstances are what we should know. Also I hear experts on Court TV and other programs saying she wasn’t abused she is a classic case of abuse & That is really the issue here To Much Child Abuse going on. To say that Travis was a normal Man is Crazy he was deeply disturbed obviously had hatred of woman he is also a Classic abuser psychological I think he may have been a repressed pedophile from the way he treated Jodi Arias. Let her have her day in court. We can learn from this tragic event. My prayers go out to all these wounded souls. May Christ protect them from the enemy & hopefully something good comes out of this tragedy!

  17. For those who clearly don’t understand why a woman decides to return to an abusive and possibly controlling man. I am a victim of such abuse and it’s not as easy as everyone says it is, leaving him.

  18. …and oh – something else:

    as it has been said on stand, that when Jodi was younger, she faced some sort of violence back home. I got that background too, and did I run when I later met a guy that gave me “love and affection” in that same way? No 🙁 I stood by him, hoping that it will get better. I got hit, and the next second like: “ow, but i’t because I LOVE you so much, don’t you understand? We are made for eachother, we love eachother”

    I can now look back on those years I spent with that manipulating man only to realize that I am sort of drawn to ppl that shows love in the wrong way. Maybe Jodi was too?

    And for me, maybe it is because that is the way my parents use to raise me from the beginning. That that is the way to do it..

    sick enough, but I’ve learned, and moved on. Only difference is that I left before I had to take a decision like Jod did :/

    • Sarah… I am sorry to tell you that chances are, you were dealing with a sociopath or a psychopath. They are infamous for doing exactly what you described. Unfortunately, when you are involved with a sociopath, chances are you will continue to be attractive to other sociopaths. This is the truth. i am a sociopath target… I’ve always felt as if I had a mark on my forehead. they are very adept at finding kind, caring woman. Forewarned is forearmed… I have a post and a link below. Do some research and hopefully you won’t find yourself in the grasp of another man like that. They will rip your world apart and just view it as “playing with a yoyo”.

  19. I totally understand her pain because I had to go through the same thing with my ex-BF. I thought I have borderline personality disorder which I think Jodi has as well, when you can’t face rejection from someone you care about and you constantly want love and reassurance. My ex-BF led me on. He acted like he cared for me but at the same time he wouldn’t commit or include me in his social circle or friends. At the beginning it seemed like we had something going on but like Jodi and Travis, it became sexual. The date ends when the sex is done. He would tell me he’s got work and stuff. It also felt like I was just a booty call. I saw his profile on some dating sites still active and he would tell me his identity was just stolen and stuff. I would travel to his place to see him and have sex. In my mind, if I couldn’t have his heart, sex was the closest I could get to him and the only time I felt loved. There were several times I tried to run away from him because I knew it was going nowhere but he would email and text me and do his mental games and a borderline like me would keep coming back. People judge and say like why do you come back when you know he’s just using you and stuff. What they don’t understand is that when you are in love with someone, especially when they are sending mixed signals and you are still confused if he really loves you or not, you are always hoping that he might eventually love you and every time he’d try to get to see me again is a HOPE of love. You cling to that hope. I was also gorgeous, kind and had everything going on for me like jodi that it makes it harder why someone would not treat me right and others get treated better. Finally I decided to leave him for good and drove thousands of miles and packed my things, hooked up with another guy and decided that I must have a baby. The next guy treated me better and now I have a baby whom I love very much and I think my baby saved me from myself. My ex still texts and emails me and tries to lead me on but I am not lured anymore, mostly because I am in love with my baby. I feel you Jodi and I totally understand the pain and the insecurity. Hopefully, if ever you get convicted you can get a parole, find a man who will respect and truly love you and most of all, have a baby. It will make a big difference and will change you. All the love that you hope you will get from men will no longer be necessary when you have a baby. You will be busy loving your baby. People say I have turned into a supermom because I care for my baby so much and all the boyfriends I had thought I would be a terrible mother because I was emotionally volatile but they’re wrong. When you are the type who crave for love and affection, you will give that to your own child because you feel how important it is to be loved.

      • Melanie, I replied to you a couple paragraphs below. I hope you can find it so you can gain insight into your disorder and hopefully learn about yourself and grow. o your comment and it got placed on someone else”s comment. For some strange reason Ihit ‘reply’ tGod Bless

    • Please be careful Melanie, and I hope you are getting counseling. When your baby gets to be a teen, it might not be so good for you. They will be trying to grow up, and may not return the love like a baby does.

      Hang in there.

    • Melanie, I certainly identify with what you are saying. I went through something similar with a man when I was 19 and he was 30. He pursued me first, and I was flattered. I came whenever he called. He would go out with other people but would not go out around his friends with me. He called me one morning to come over and I walked into his house which looked like he had had a party the night before. H asked me to clean up and stupidly I did. He left the house while I was cleaning. I changed his sheets which clearly showed signs that he had been with someone else…two bathrobes hanging on the bedposts. I was obsessed with him, went through his boxes of photos when he was not around, because I thought I could find out who he was through his photos. I finally moved out of town to keep myself away from him. I learned a lot from the relationship, one thing was to control my feelings. I was determined that no one would ever make me feel so worthless. I found the man I married 7 years later. He wasn’t perfect, and not the best communicator, but he was a kind, loving, and respectful person. Teach your girls to not put up with bullshit and teach your sons to be respectful of the feelings of others. The best is yet to come in your life.

    • Melanie,

      One of my sisters and a very dear friend, despite having children, are “addicted” to men, as I put it. I’ve never understood why some women feel like they have to “have a man” to function especially since all the men I’ve been “romantically” involved with wound up using me financially, emotionally, mentally, etc.

      I finally reached the point where I decided that I had been screwed over enough, leaned on enough, that I was exhausted and depleted from “supporting” men, pretending for them like they were ever going to get it together, letting them take from me in so many ways because they are all weak, not being courageous enough to tell them to get the hell out. And I got a dog!

      Seriously. I got a dog from a rescue group, and she has health issues, but I don’t care. The money I spend on her, the time I spend on her, the love I lavish on her is all good. I don’t feel used. I don’t hate myself because there’s nothing to hate myself for. My dog loves me and I adore her.

      I don’t need a man to fix things because I repair things better than any man I’ve known. I don’t need a man to protect me since I’ve always done the protecting and since, yes, my dog is very protective. I don’t need a man for sex because I have no desire for sex. And if there’s a man with money out there who may be interested in me, all he has to do is write me a check and hit the road. I see no purpose for having a man.

      I do apologize to all the men who have posted here because of course I have nothing against you personally. I just feel that I am so much stronger on my own and that men always dragged me down, and I feel badly that so many women can’t see that their lives can be so much better without a man.

      I agree with Pat that we should teach girls not to put up with crap; likewise, we should teach boys to be honest and to be better communicators when it comes to relationships and/or sex. In the end, men usually pay a high price for having behaved badly toward women in their lives. I know a lot of men over 55 who are alone, terribly lonely, feel isolated, estranged from their adult children, who are just miserable. No woman will have them. But that is the path they made for themselves.

      • K.V. You learned your lessons and found that you benefited more from looking internally rather than looking externally..I did the same. i love with my little dogs and certainly more faithful than any loser. I am gonna share some encouragement with you and I hope you enjoy it.

        Part of recovering from pathology is to build ourselves up from within. Along with a genuine happiness from introspection, insight and emotional/spiritual growth, comes a humility based upon having had experiences that can be used as tools to help others seeking direction on their own paths to self-discovery. It is a calm, quiet, PEACEFUL self-reflection that can be shared with others. The hard part is getting there. It takes work. A lot of work. I believe that things happen for a reason and that my higher power is trying to teach me something about myself, to pay attention to what I ignore when distracted by external things. I think what it really means is the ability to sit alone with yourself and with God, COMFORTABLY. I realize that I need to do a lot more work on creating happiness for myself. This means more time alone, more time in reflection, more time in therapy and more time spent alone with God. Pathology has been my biggest and best teacher. A springboard to the core of self. A catalyst for a future happiness that is far more meaningful and genuine than any relationship with anyone. The relationship with myself.

    • I honestly believe that Jodi has Borderline Personality disorder too. Unfortunately, people with BPD are almost always attracted to Sociopaths and Psychopaths. The comments you gave give evidence that this was true in your case. Unfortunately, these disorders cannot be treated, except through a strong desire to change and through very hard work. For you, treatment is possible. For a psychopath, they see no reason to change because they think they are fine and also because it takes a lot of work, and they in effect are lazy in many ways. many who are sociopathic are very well aware of it. They are extremely intelligent and manipulative. I have a larger comment below with a link to a site where you can do tons of research about all these different disorders. When you learn, you grow. Good luck and God bless.

    • Melanie, I replied to you a couple paragraphs below. I hope you can find it so you can gain insight into your disorder and hopefully learn about yourself and grow. God Bless

  20. I see Jodi as being socially isolated, who did not feel cared about or supported by her family. Did she have any female friends? It sounds like she went from one relationship to another, probably in search of someone to love her. While I haven’t heard anything that would justify the killing of Alexander, I do think he sounds like the kind of arrogant guy who needed his butt kicked for pursuing her, having sex with her, and then refusing to acknowledge her as his girlfriend to his friends or even his grandmother. I remember the old saying “women have sex to find love, while men pretend love to get sex”. I’m not bashing men. I just think men and women see sex differently. Throw in the Mormon religion, and T. Alexander had a lot to lose if his sexual activities were known. He was a jerk to consider Jodi as good enough to have sex with but not good enough to marry. He knew what he was doing and he didn’t give a crap how she felt. I don’t believe she planned to kill him. Taking along gas cans could be just a way for her to save money since in some areas gas is always more expensive. No premeditation as far as I can see. She probably wanted to see him one more time, and maybe she took the gun to kill herself. The knife could have been his. He was going to Cabo, probably diving, bought a dive knife and had it in his closet which had a door right into his bathroom–remember there were two entrances into the bathroom. She might have been taking pictures to show his Mormon friends to get back at him. I understand that way of thinking. She might have told him she was going to do just that and he attacked her. The gun was nearby, she shot him, it didn’t stop him and he probably went after her or tried to get away from her, she panicked and stabbed him. She saw him suffering and may have cut his throat to end it quickly. I feel for her. Sorry he was killed, but I still see him as an arrogant jerk. Read his blogs about what he felt was important in a wife. He sounded like a self centered person.

  21. Hey Pat I think you may have it all pretty close to what happened. The only thing is didn’t they say the gunshot came last? Or at least after the stabs because the casing was lying on top of the blood puddle. Maybe he just kept on coming and she went and got the gun to finally stop him for good? We don’t know how long it was from the first stab to the gunshot do we?

    I haven’t watched the animation – I’ll have to look for it.

    I think she could have the strength given the adrenaline that must have been pumping through her. But it makes more sense that he was trying to get away and get a weapon himself. She had to shoot him to keep him from getting a weapon. But why then did he wind up back in the shower?

    Anyway, we may never know what happened for sure blow for blow. Just have to understand where she’s coming from.

  22. Matt, you certainly should be able to feed your family and keep your self respect even if you are in the public eye by telling the truth. Jodi’s life is on the line. I do not think coming forward will cost you your livelihood. There is little evidence of physical abuse over an extended period of time, so legally they may not accept emotional abuse as enough reason for Jodi to lose her self control and kill Travis or if she can prove self defense. Jodi does not have a history of problems with past relationships, and no one is coming forward to prove abuse in Travis’s past relationships. That Travis would continue to be abusive in sexual relationships I have no doubt….. the fact that his Mormon girlfriends were celibate protected them from this “freaky” side of Travis’s personality. The other side of Travis comes through loud and clear on the tape and emails. Unless people come forward, things do not look like they are going well. So far, what they have is not enough grounds for self defense. The jails are full of wives with long histories of abuse who are in jail because they could not prove self defense in the immediate period of time before the murder. And then you cannot use too much force, just enough force to enable you to get away. There is no provision in the law for someone manipulating your mind over a period of time and degrading you as a defense. Though I have yet to hear the rest of Jodi’s story. It is going to be touch and go so, Matt, if anything you say can help, you have a moral obligation to come forward.

    • I can see why Matt did not want to be in the public eye. The mediais BRUTIAL to people who do not see the way they want them to see.Maybe he didnt want his family to be drug through the mud.

  23. Hi Matt, I’d also like to hear more from former boyfriends. I really do not like that Abe is on HLN ALL THE TIME–doesn’t sound like he really knows her, just jumping in on the media frenzy. That is really upsetting. The whole thing is really confusing. She said she shot him when they were very close to each other, but there weren’t any powder burns. She said she shot him but he kept after her. She remembers holding the knife and dropping it. She seems to be aware she killed him but says she can’t remember.
    I keep coming back to the idea that she was 5′ 6′ weighing 115 lbs. I’m 5′ 6″ and weigh more like 140. There is no way I could possibly overpower a man the size of Travis with arms like that. If you see the footage of him shooting the rifle, the guy completely absorbs the kickback. He was a wrestler! No. If she was close enough to get to him with a knife, he would have been able to overpower her. I don’t think he was *in* the shower when he was killed, but was instead put back in it. If she did this, ending up with only a cut finger, it doesn’t make sense. If she was able to do all that, it was the absolute fight of her life and for her life. That still does not make sense.

  24. Pre-meditation? Anyone on HLN should know that when not airing this trial, there airtime is otherwise FILLED WITH crime shows that let you know there are many other ways to kill someone if one decides one is going to do this. Unless one is a serial killer, knives typically aren’t used. Guns tend to be used in a “clean” assassin-type way. Then, there are all other methods shown on HLN that are much less easy to detect. Jodi is bright and articulate, surely capable of formulating a better pre-meditated murder scenario. HLN also shows you that the more pre-meditated the crime, the better the clean up. I did not see much evidence of trying to hide the fact that someone was killed. Had it been premeditated, I’m sure this would have occurred to her. Her being there, not remembering things, and walking away from a scene like that leaving a handprint is as hard to believe as anything else.

  25. Pathological lying? Yes, I’d also like to hear more about that. So far, the only lies I’ve heard of have been the lies she told the police. Those don’t qualify a person as a “pathological liar” to me.

  26. I hope she gets a fair trial. I don’t like it that they excluded from evidence the 10 letters Travis had written her. It doesn’t matter if there were more letters, what is in those letters is there. In the court documents on this site, a text is mentioned that was sent to Jody within three weeks of the killing — he tells her she is most beautiful woman in the world. Right around the same time, he keeps blogging about his woes of being a bachelor and hints about his propensity for being in stormy relationships (at least that was my interpretation). If someone is stalking you, you don’t let them take *that many* pictures of you, you don’t go on trips with them, and you definitely do not take pictures of them naked. In his blog, there is also the introduction to a book he was writing. It think he hints that it is autobiographical. If so, Travis came from a very difficult childhood and grew up surrounded by domestic violence, him specifically describing when his mother let off a round at his father, and his father responded by going after his mother’s things with an axe. Too many things are not right here. The main thing, though, is her physical ability to pull off such an act.

    • Where did you find the information about Travis childhood trauma/abuse? I am very interested in reading this… could you please assist me with a link? I have some theories about Travis and these theories involve his childhood. Thank you.

      • DiEmm: Here’s what I think about Travis’s “childhood trauma/abuse,” and I would love to hear your opinions on this topic.
        (Sarcasm alert) I used to teach school, and as such was a “mandatatory reporter” of any suspected signs of neglect or abuse of children entering my classroom. I have never heard that Child Protective Services had ever investigated the coke and meth focused household of the four brothers + four sisters in their early years before grandma’s rescue, following death of both Alexander parents. IMO, a line of disbelief has to be drawn somewhere in the timeline of TA’s “story.”

        I would love to see pictures taken of the office walls in TA’s home, filled with photos and greeting cards from his precious family members, and his nieces and nephews that were born into his close-knit family.

        The way these folks talked, (over, & over, & over) they made me think that TA had fulfilled the role of “head of household” for them. Come to find out that TA is not the oldest, but Steven Alexander?

        For me, TA’s self-invention does not ring of TRITH,.
        First of all, a MAJOR source of mormon church income (which = power) is derived from a wide assortment of MLM schemes (Multi-Level-Marketing) that are close cousins to Ponzi schemes.
        The underlying foundation at this level is the world-wide recruiting of “members.” First as members of the church (Baptism as in Jodi’s case) and then by moving them on to being members and recruiters of the MLM de jour. (Jodi’s case, again.)

        TA’s “motivational content” was promoting the “promise” of certainteed success (the “Pre-paid Legal” insurance product was billed as: “The insurance that sells ITSELF.” How easy is that? Guaranteed financial security for everyone in the church!

        He created, exaggerated and exploited stories of his childhood “trama/abuse” that he had overcome by a disciplined regime of systematically applied “selling” techniques.

        Everything was wrapped up in one promising package: from high income to an afterlife of ruler of your own planet (if you were a male) with plenty of eager virgins. This is all done by creating “illusions.” A certain member actually had a background as a professional MAGICIAN.

        If you find online a couple of video’s of TA in action as a “Motivational Speaker.”: He has invented his own “back story” in my opinion. He is among the numbers of “slaves” that the mormon cult has tricked into investing their resources (financial, time, energy and exploitation of their personal family as helpers) into promoting and growing the Multi-Level-Marketing schemes that produce huge income for “the church.” “His target audience was typically a room full of hyped-up mormon maidens and other “friends.”

        Theme through this entire seven years of trial: It’s always the fault of somebody else.
        The sociopath is always right.

        TA used his “childhood helplessness and abuse stories” as an emotioal “hook” to prove his “anybody could rise to riches story.”

        This in turn, was a tool to motivate more production out of the income producers. If their success was lack-luster, it was their own fault for not being DISCIPLINED enough to match the success of the $100,000 Ring wearers (who were on their way to their earned free trip to Cancum.)

  27. Dear Matt,

    I am trying to reach you and do not know if you will still be on this blog. Some ladies that I have the big unfortune to live with are saying that you were the author of the forged letters. Is this true? I am so scared that this information is getting ready to come out in trial. I remember you said before that you would lie for Jodi. Is this why you said that way back when? If this is all just media nonsense please please write back and at least let all of us know. This would be so horrible for Jodi if it is true. And if you did do this why did you do this? I understand that Jodi needed evidence and maybe was tempted to create evidence, but she has been telling the truth on the stand and for a long time now so why risk everything?

    love, TT

  28. Pat,

    I don’t see how you can say that. The lady that runs the home that I am currently in says that Jodi’s story sounds rehearsed. She says that this is horrible for abused woman’s cases. I believe her in my heart and soul. But I am concend about Matt McCartney. I feel like if this comes out that he did fiorge those letters for Jodi then she will not look good at all. I don’t know what I will think then. Did she have Matt lie just because she knew all she had was her word? What I don’t understand how all the ladies here except me and my friend Deanna say she is lying. They tell me I am foolish and just want to believe her. She is just trying to avoid the death phase. They say no way would she have mentioned nothing in her diary. I hope more people come to say Travis was physically abusive if they won’t take Jodi’s word for it. I know she has lied but that doesn’t mean eventually a person does not tell the truth.

    • Taylor,
      I am soooo sooo sooo Sorry that you have to live with people that closed minded. I wanted to address what your “landlady” said about her story being rehearsed. I know that sometimes whe a witnesses has never been on the stand their attorney or the prosecution will “teach” them how to be on the stand. This helps the person know what is coming and how to pause after the question briefly for the other side to place an objection and to either respond or not based on whether the judge sustains or overrules the objection. I know many attorneys also want the person to go over step by step with them as the work over the pesons defense. So yes what Jodi is saying at times may sound rehearsed because her and her attorney have went over it once or more.
      I am also a female that believes in Jodi and know that their are many other women on here that feel the same way. We just arent all on here at the same time. I do not understand why those opposed to Jodis defense keep coming on here and posting. CAN THEY NOT READ THE STATEMENT written directly above the comment section.

    • I believe Travis was abusive. I don’t think it was physical abuse that drove her over the edge, I believe it was mental and emotional abuse that sent her reeling. She had an unstable personality to begin with. My theory was that she had Borderline Personality Disorder, and it was brought out in court yesterday that she indeed does have BPD. Intense fear of abandonment is the hallmark of this disorder and that is what Jodi was trying to prevent because she idealized him so much. He idealized himself as well. He put himself on a pedestal and she viewed him that way. Sad situation,but a fascinating one indeed.

  29. As i read the statement about from Matt It made me cry….this man seems to really care about Jodi and would of been able to shed light on the person that she was before TA, during the time that she was with TA, and the person that she is now. It takes a compassionet person to put someone before herself when HER LIFE is on the line. I have wondered so many times since I began following this trial…Travis lied to so many people telling them that he is a virgin. Here is the definition of a virgin that I found
    vir·gin (vûrjn)
    1. A person who has not experienced sexual intercourse.
    2. A chaste or unmarried woman; a maiden.
    3. An unmarried woman who has taken religious vows of chastity.
    4. Virgin The Virgin Mary.
    5. Zoology A female insect

    I know that it has been several years since I took sexual education but isn’t anal sex …ummmmm….SEX? So based on the EVIDENCE already entered the court heard TA in his own voice engaging in PHONE SEX and he also talks in his own voice about past anal sex with Jodi. So HE is a LIAR!!! They keep hounding on Jodi about lies that she told to the police. FOR gosh sakes she was SCARED she was not a seasoned CRIMINAL and was not use to facing her life behind bars, But TA lied just to lie and to not let down his family by going against his religion. Isnt that just what Jodi is saying that was one of her motivators to lie was not to LET DOWN HER FAMILY?? Now as for the gun. If he lied to (sorry cant remember his name the man who put the video of TA shooting a gun on TV) about having sex WHY WOULDNT he of with held the fact he owned a gun. OBVIOUSELY TA wasnt the most HONEST PERSON!! TA may have gotten the gun to use to satisfy his growing desire for little boys. The gun may of been intended to use against a child….BUT OH NO NOT TA HE WOULD NEVER EVER DO THAT!!!! BULLSHIT!!! Sorry all got a little angry typing that.

  30. I’m on the fence about what the verdict should be. I don’t think TA was an angel, and he should not have strung her along like he did. In thinking about the broken finger, I wish Jodi had gone to the doctor and said that she slammed her finger in the car door or something. Why didn’t she? That would have helped so much!

  31. I’m not sure if I completey believe that Jodi’s innocent, but I’m also certain Travis couldn’t have been the saint so many are making him out to be.

    From the beginning, I was sure that he must have said or done something to make her “snap”, which of course men frequently do (yes, I’m female, and yes, I’ve been mistreated, lied to, and jerked around by men, which is why I no longer date or have any other type of relationship with any man). Or maybe he hit her in the head so hard, it caused traumatic brain injury.

    In any case, whatever she did was so traumatic that her mind blocked it out. I have experienced physical and emotional abuse of all kinds since childhood and there were periods of my life where my mind blocked out events, both traumatic and happy, that I still can’t remember nearly 40 years later.

    Of course, we don’t all stab and shoot the person who has wronged us, although there were times when I felt so angry, I imagined doing something similar. Men who were angry with me in the past verbally assaulted me, physically assaulted me and yes, pointed a gun at me and were going to shoot me, but didn’t. During an incident in which I was trying to flee after going to the empty house with my sister, a house I owned, to get some clothes because I had left him weeks before without taking anything to wear, he and his girlfriend (that’s why I left him) showed up and both of them tried to shoot me.

    While my sister was going to the neighbors’ for help, I was trying to get into her car and my now ex-husband (who was so angry because he didn’t want a divorce!) pulled my right arm so hard, I could have sworn he broke it.

    But I didn’t go to the ER or urgent care for treatment. Why? I had no medical insurance.

    As for all the questions about why she stayed with him, if I recall correctly, she knew their relationship was toxic and actually left town, didn’t she? Plus, I’ve known many women in abusive relationships who left and then were “talked into” going back with promises that things would change. They never do.

    I’ve actually ended relationships with male friends because they turned “toxic”. One man began having violent outbursts not direct at me, but directed at stuff in my house. He was convinced that I would change my “no dating, think of me as you would a nun” policy for him, but of course I didn’t.

    Before this event that changed her life for the worse forever, I’m sure like most women, there were times she felt she very well could lose her temper where Travis’s behavior (which was callous, self-serving and cavalier at the very least) was concerned, but premeditation, no. Had she planned that crime, she did a very poor job. And no one that intelligent would behave so stupidly..

    Yes, she went to his house when he was the only one home, which I’m sure occurred many times before. Yes, she took her grandfather’s gun, but it was more likely to defend herself in the event he hit her or to “scare” him. How long did she have the gun? If she had it for weeks and even months beforehand, then that certainly is not premeditation because she didn’t use it.

    Another point that escapes Martinez and the media, it seems, is the fact that Travis was bigger and I’m sure stronger. Even with his hands tied behind his back (which means she’s an expert in tying ropes too!), I have no doubt it would be virtually impossible for her or even a larger woman to single-handedly stab him 29 times and then shoot him in the head. He had legs. He could have kicked.

    There are so many holes in this story, and I think a lot of the ommissions are bad for her case. There has to be more to this story. If he didn’t want to see her because they had broken up, why would he agree to shower with her and engage in sex? If he’s such a good person, as she herself has said, then why would he use her and send her on her way? I would never do that to someone and I’m no saint.

    If she supposedly killed him because she was angry that he was taking another woman on a trip, wouldn’t she have killed him before there had been any showering together and having sex? After having sex with someone, I certainly wouldn’t feel like killing them unless I had been raped.

    I still can’t wrap my head around why, if Travis even remotely sensed that Jodi would be angry with him for taking another woman on a trip with him, he would agree to even let her in his house. So even though they had broken up, he must have felt that they were still on good terms. Clearly, he did. He showered with her and had sex with her. Even if he had said, “Sorry babe, hit the road,” it seems to me, knowing her history, that she would have gone to wherever Travis went with the other woman and confronted him there.

    Finally, I think the media is calling even scrapes and scratches “stab wounds”. Poor Jodi. I don’t think she’s completely guilty, but in protecting Travis and to this day saying how wonderful he was, she has dug her own grave. And that’s such a sad thing for a girl whose future could have been so brilliant.

    • K.V. You have some interesting thoughts, especially when you wrote about the sex prior to the killing. My theory is that she used sex as a way to get him to change his mind about the trip. It didn’t work and he attempted to push her away anyway, and she couldn’t take it. His treatment of her was as a user and abuser, asserting that the sex, and she by extension, meant absolutely nothing to him. I believe that Travis was a psychopath, and people like Jodi, with Borderline Personality Disorder are extremely drawn to them. Not saying he was a dangerous psychopath, because not all are… but he felt himself above everyone, especially her, and rubbed salt in her wounds constantly. That is why the Mormon Priesthood meant so much to him… he considered himself above reproach despite the crappy things that he did,

      I have posted some information below and I think it would provide some information as to why this killing occurred. I am not advocating the steps she took in any way! But, in light of the information, it clearly shows that is why she went over the edge and took the measure she took to the degree she took.

      She had an extremely strong fear of abandonment, and that was exactly what he was trying to do… as well as unstable interpersonal relationships, and this is why she went off. He also was rubbing salt in the wounds about this trip, and probably told her he was going to try to get Mimi’s virginity as well.

      Psychopaths are mean spirited in their head games, and I think you k now that because you have encountered a number of them yourself.

  32. This Bryan Carr needs to SHUTUP!!! He is calling JVM telling that Jodi said & I garuntee he’s cashing checks from The Enquirer. SJ, dear, if you got anything you can do about, I WOULD! && Sooner rather than later. Trying to lookout for Jodi!

  33. I think he did abuse her. I think she lost it. If she really slashed his tires and was stalking him why would he let her in his house. That just doesn’t make any sense. If I were afraid of someone for my life truly afraid the last thing I would do is allow them in my house. This man clearly lived a double life. He was certainly not the man he portrayed to the world. We all have our demons but if I were in that situation afraid for my life people do really just lose it and black out and the subconscious doesn’t remember those traumatic things. If I were on the jury I would let her go. I believe the prosecutor is a little man with a Napoleon complex; a bully and a self-righteous, pompous douche bag. Travis clearly wanted to have jodi when he wanted her. I understand, I have been there. As a woman you believe you can love them enough to make them want you. She clearly was under this delusion that she could change him but nothing she ever did as good enough. I feel bad for her as I think back to my dysfunctional relationship, the same situation, could I have killed him, yes. Every person has the ability to murder another.

  34. i am 68 Jodi and have watched all the trial young lady you are way too smart for the pit bull prosecutor you have had his head spinning a few times, and all those so called experts are probably mormons – but good luck and soon i will see you walk free. ps you have a great defense team.

  35. Is this Matt’s website? Was looking to see if this is site everyone is talking about….If it is your site are you the prosecutions witness?

    Are you the fella Jodi was writing to in the magazine? I think there bringing that up next week

    Anyways Good luck

  36. I am sick about what this lynch mob are doing…Hln is disgraceful I will never watch them again ..Also many people feel the same..They should be ashamed on those shows laughing and doing stupid stunts in the bathroom and JM is sick making fun of interrogations..The only people who should judge Jodi are the jurors…But now thanks to hln and the crazy people attacking AL they would be afraid to say not guilty..For Gods sake they are trying to ruin her life and her income….Every trial had defense, and their witnesses..Are these people going to travel the US and protest like they are doing here… If not its obviously just Jodi they want to kill.. Those without sin throw the first stone….. Also I wanted to jump in the tv again with drew and his woman when all said they never spied on their bf.. Come on who is lying ..?..hln has causes this mob.. They have ruined people’s lives… This girl cannot get a fair trial…

  37. Hello,
    I am surprised that I have decided to comment on this site. The reason being that I have been amazed at the horrific nature of this crime. It is obvious that Jodi has exhibited many symptoms of mental disorders… but truth be told, there are MANY in our society who are mentally ill.But It shouldn’t be stigmatized… that’s what’s keeping people from seeking help. All we can do is hope that people do because mental illness is, for the most part, treatable. In some cases it isn’t.
    Anyway, I’ve recently kicked some people out of my life due to aggressive behavior towards me and I’ve been doing a lot of research to help myself in overcoming the negative emotions that I’ve suffered at their hands.

    There was something that Jodi wrote in her journal that made my theory hit home… she stated that there’s something that’s “off about that boy”.
    However, after watching the trial and taking MANY things into consideration ,I have come to a realization regarding Travis and I want to share my stunning insights with you.

    I believe that Travis was, most likely, a PSYCHOPATH. There are many things that psychopaths do without conscience, and they are well known to be sexual sadists.

    Here is some research I’ve compiled that supports claims. Perhaps you will, in turn, do research, as I will leave a link to the site I’ve been researching at the end of my comment. There are so many links there to help you get into the mind of psychopathic behavior, and you and others will be able to come to their own conclusions as well.

    Here it goes: My Theory is that Travis used a manipulative technique on Jodi, and others, known as TRIANGULATION. Here is an explanation of how a PSYCHOPATH uses TRIANGULATION against their prey….yes, their PREY.

    It’s not just sex psychopaths and other jerks want, nor just power. It’s power at the expense of another. For a disordered, control-driven individual, there’s no better way to exert power over others than through triangulation: flaunting new relationships to his ex’s; fostering enmity and jealousy among his various conquests. As I’ve explained in my earlier post on manipulating women and turning them against each other such ostentatious make-out sessions aren’t about affection or love. They’re about using current targets to rile up and hurt former targets. Without causing pain to others, psychopaths and other jerks don’t enjoy their control over women. They use new victims to rub salt on former victims’ wounds, just as they’ll use future victims to try to hurt them in turn. Sexual partners are interchangeable to them. You’re placed in constant competition with other women. As we know, psychopaths constantly seek new “opportunities” to fulfill their insatiable desires. They’re always ready to “upgrade.” To compensate for the fact that you may be exchanged for a newer, younger, hotter, richer or simply different model at any point in the relationship, you need to do more and more things to satisfy the psychopath. Which is exactly what he wants from you in the first place: a total capitulation to his will. Psychopathic lovers project upon their partners the fantasy of what psychologists call the “omniavailable woman.” They envision a partner who’s always turned on, always at their beck and call, always sexually available to them anytime and everywhere. They want a woman who makes love to them as easily in the privacy of their bedroom as in the public space of a movie theater or a parking lot. That doesn’t happen in psychopathic bonds. In those, it’s guaranteed that you’ll be punished– with infidelity, emotional withdrawal, abandonment, divorce, psychological and sometimes even physical abuse– if you don’t comply with the psychopath’s requests. Of course, this emotional blackmail is itself only a sordid joke. The psychopath betrays you whether or not you meet his demands. The only question is: does he do it openly, to torment you, or behind your back, to deceive you? Although being a plaything may seem initially exciting, a woman who becomes a psychopath’s sexual partner loses her autonomy in a relationship where she’s supposed to be, like some wound-up inflatable doll with holes, always available. She’s generic and disposable to him. She then sees that the multidimensional man she thought cared about her is nothing but an empty shell. His charming exterior masks a completely hollow interior. He can’t love her. He can only own her. Not even exclusively, but as part of his collection. With a possession, one can do anything at all. An object has no independent will, no separate needs, no sensibilities. Over time, sex with a psychopath begins to feel contrived, cold and mechanical. It becomes an exercise in obedience rather than a bond based on mutual pleasure and affection.

    Sound familiar? Psychopaths are very charming. They hide behind the mask of whatever traits they can FAKE in order to gain success. But they are always phony and incapable of caring for their prey. in fact, they seek to destroy because they have no empathy, no remorse. They view others as playthings to be used for their own insatiable pleasure. Sociopaths and Psychopaths are similar in many ways, but in a main way, different. The main traits are that a sociopath are parasites on society, often living off other people. Not to say Psychopaths don’t do this also. But they are higher functioning individuals who are most often viewed as successful. They are master wordsmiths, and as a visitor to Travis’ blog, I’ve clearly see this They are cunning and highly intelligent. Both are calculating as well as merciless without conscience. They are empty shells and play games with people for kicks.

    There is much to learn about psychopathy, and here is the link to the site I mentioned in the beginning.

    Do some research, gain some insight. I know my comment is long… but hopefully you will find it informative… because, after all consideration… I am convinced that psychopathy is what ruined Jodi, as well as what got Travis killed.


    My Theory is that Travis used a manipulative PSYCHOPATHIC GAME with JodI known as TRIANGULATION. Here is an explanation of how a PSYCHOPATH uses TRIANGULATION against their PREY

    It’s not just sex psychopaths and other jerks want, nor just power. It’s power at the expense of another. For a disordered, control-driven individual, there’s no better way to exert power over others than through triangulation: flaunting new relationships to his ex’s; fostering enmity and jealousy among his various conquests.

    As I’ve explained in my earlier post on manipulating women and turning them against each other such ostentatious make-out sessions aren’t about affection or love. They’re about using current targets to rile up and hurt former targets. Without causing pain to others, psychopaths and other jerks don’t enjoy their control over women.

    They use new victims to rub salt on former victims’ wounds, just as they’ll use future victims to try to hurt them in turn. Sexual partners are interchangeable to them. You’re placed in constant competition with other women. As we know, psychopaths constantly seek new “opportunities” to fulfill their insatiable desires. They’re always ready to “upgrade.”

    To compensate for the fact that you may be exchanged for a newer, younger, hotter, richer or simply different model at any point in the relationship, you need to do more and more things to satisfy the psychopath. Which is exactly what he wants from you in the first place: a total capitulation to his will.

    Psychopathic lovers project upon their partners the fantasy of what psychologists call the “omniavailable woman.” They envision a partner who’s always turned on, always at their beck and call, always sexually available to them anytime and everywhere. They want a woman who makes love to them as easily in the privacy of their bedroom as in the public space of a movie theater or a parking lot..

    In psychopathic bonds it’s guaranteed that you’ll be punished– with infidelity, emotional withdrawal, abandonment, divorce, psychological and sometimes even physical abuse– if you don’t comply with the psychopath’s requests. Of course, this emotional blackmail is itself only a sordid joke. The psychopath betrays you whether or not you meet his demands.

    The only question is: does he do it openly, to torment you, or behind your back, to deceive you? Although being a plaything may seem initially exciting, a woman who becomes a psychopath’s sexual partner loses her autonomy in a relationship where she’s supposed to be, like some wound-up inflatable doll with holes, always available. She’s generic and disposable to him.

    She then sees that the multidimensional man she thought cared about her is nothing but an empty shell. His charming exterior masks a completely hollow interior. He can’t love her. He can only own her. Not even exclusively, but as part of his collection. With a possession, one can do anything at all. An object has no independent will, no separate needs, no sensibilities.

    Over time, sex with a psychopath begins to feel contrived, cold and mechanical. It becomes an exercise in obedience rather than a bond based on mutual pleasure and affection.

    I am convinced that psychopathy is what ruined Jodi, as well as what got Travis killed.

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