Martinez: losing the jury, the plot and the trial… [March 2013 RE-POST]

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Check out the re-post below from March 22nd 2013… and take special note of the Vladimir Gagic quote and BOTH the videos featuring Jose Baez.

Here’s the post:

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Yesterday afternoon, we were treated yet again to another piss poor showboating display of prosecutorial cluelessness by Martinez. In full knowledge that he lost this case a long while ago… and not withstanding his antics with the camera, the autopsy picture stunt and his deliberate withholding of evidence from the defense… his revised strategy now appears to be based around a Wayne Dyer self-help book and the meaning of the word “compassion” (as defined by Websters dictionary).

He also proceeded (again) to question Dr Richard Samuels’ memory problems and his ethics. I think the only person in this scenario with memory issues & ethical problems is Martinez himself… right?

But in the midst of all this, whatever happened to Martinez trying to prove his BS-riddled & overcharged pre meditated murder & felony murder charges in this trial?

For Martinez, that has now become a major issue.

And it’s an issue because it AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN.

He’s lost the jury… he’s lost the plot… and he’s lost the trial. Plain & simple.

Here’s a quote from Vladimir Gagic’s excellent post last week:

“As far as I am concerned, the only issue in the Jodi Arias trial is has the government proven premeditation. That of course, is important because if the government has not proven premeditation, they cannot convict her of murder in the first degree and thus the death penalty is off the table. And while the government has also alleged murder in the first degree by way of felony-murder, that allegation is so specious as not to even warrant a response.

The government has not proven premeditation, and in fact, could not do so under any circumstances. Without direct evidence, either a confession by Ms. Arias that she intended to kill Mr. Alexander, as in “I wanted to kill to him”, or an overt act such as hiring a hit man or waiting in wait in ambush, the government cannot prove premeditation beyond a reasonable doubt. Note that I am not saying she did not intend to kill him or that there is not very good reason to suspect that she intended to kill him, just that the government will not be able to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. And that has been clear since day one. Someone asked me on twitter a question along the lines of “she lied so she doesn’t get the death penalty?”. My answer, yes, exactly right. To paraphrase Lt. Kaffee from a “Few Good Men”, it doesn’t matter what we know; it only matters what we can prove.

Instead of proving premeditation with direct evidence, the government is trying to do so with circumstantial evidence. So far the attempt has been, with the most charitable interpretation possible, pathetic. While the law does not recognize a distinction between direct and circumstantial evidence, there is a jury instruction that says exactly that, the inference the government wishes the jury to draw from the circumstantial evidence is, dare I say, comically lacking.”

So Forget all the state’s smokescreen BS about gas cans, Walmart receipts & hair dye. What matters is THE EVIDENCE. Some of the more important evidence we have to date are TA’s rape specific text messages – and his 12 year old girl bondage & orgasm fantasies… we’ve seen and heard those already.

As Jose Baez said on last week’s HLN “bathroom re-enactment” show…

“The physical evidence does not lie”

Ain’t that the truth…

Here’s the clip featuring Jose with his view on the order of events:

[hdplay id=127 width=500 height=300]

And here’s a secondary clip of Jose from the end of the program:

[hdplay id=128 width=500 height=300]

And by the way… Jose Baez turned George Anthony inside out on the stand countless times, without ever resorting to bellowing or doing the Harlem Shake.

As for the Travis-Towners & TA fans out there… all they’re really concerned about is hating, retribution & vengeance.  “Justice” doesn’t come into it. It never has. That’s not what they’re after.

Take yesterday for example… where 2 trial observers were thrown out of the courtroom after stating multiple times that they wished “Jodi were dead.”. Apparently one of Jodi’s family members complained and security removed the two women.

But at the end of the day… and just a few weeks from now after the “Jodi Arias Reality TV Show” is over, and the relevant dust has finally settled on this trial and the specially built studio sets, mock courtrooms, faux jurors & cardboard bathroom reconstructions… it’ll be largely remembered as the trial Martinez lost. It happens sometimes when you overcharge a case without any conclusive evidence.

Just ask Jeff Ashton… he knows that only too well.

Like I’ve said before…

Armed with very little aside assumption, speculation, hearsay & hot air, it’s ultimately gonna come down to Jodi’s word against Martinez’. And despite the valiant repeated efforts of Martinez to turn this into an ego-driven pissing match — there’s just no way all 12 jurors are gonna be convinced beyond and to the exclusion of all reasonable doubt. He knows that already. He’s known it for a long while. So have we. So has everyone else. Give it up FFS.

So let’s not stress too much over the verdict. Why? Because it’s already been decided. It’s just gonna be a little while longer before it’s “officially” announced.

And if you’re still getting worked up & stressed out every day over NG and her ongoing BS coverage, I have a simple solution for you. Stop watching her. Simple as that. Just shut it out, remove yourself from all negativity completely and quit wasting your energy… whether it’s NG, JVM, VP, some other website, some haters’ comments or anything else. The same applies. Rise above it all.

Stay positive and keep the faith, as always.


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Never question it.

Never doubt it.

Prepare for it.

Leave your thoughts & comments below…

Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

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  1. Morning/afternoon team Jodi,

    The burden of proof is on the prosecution. And they couldn’t prove anything.

    Jodi is innocent. Self defence is not a crime.

    Justice For Jodi!


    Self defense is not a crime!

    Corruption runs deep in Maricopa County. Juan Martinez, Dt. Flores, Judge Stephens, Dr. Horn and Sheriff Joe will pay the piper .

  3. Greetings everyone,

    Self defense is a right, not a crime!

    Spend tax payers money locking up REAL criminals like sheriff Joe.

    ~friend in Canada~

  4. I like what Jose Baez says about the prosecution has to eliminate every possible scenario of innocence. This is contrary to what I see consistently from the idiots on the dark side: “But the defense never proved that it was self-defense.” And no matter how many times you point out to these morons that it was the job of the prosecutor to prove it couldn’t have possibly been self-defense, you still hear them claiming that they did prove it, simply by proving that she lied. Poppycock! These people need to get an education instead of spending their time online displaying their ignorance.

    • I agree.

      Kermit proved nothing with his gas can BS & false gun theory.

      All he did was successfully coerce an evidently easily coercible jury — and that’s not justice.

      He had no need to repeat the process in the 2nd trial, as 11 jurors had their minds made up already.

      In the end… we won — and the dark side can’t handle that… just like they can’t handle the truth regarding the trial or their dead POS pedo-idol.

      They are sad, sorry-assed losers & retards… evergreen under-achievers… always looking for someone else to blame for the shitty existence… which they’ve effortlessly created for themselves.

      We are the polar opposite.


      Never question it.

      Never doubt it.

      Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

      • Jodi was at a great disadvantage because of the DP jury. Not a jury of her peers. If the jury had a better sampling of humanity she would have had a good chance. If I was on the jury, I would have been insulted by shit that the prosecution threw at the fan and expected me to consider as evidence.

        • Exactly right, Joe. I was thoroughly insulted throughout both trials that Juan thought I was that stupid that all he had to do was first convince me that she had lied and then thereafter I could just dismiss anything she said on the stand and certainly not require him to prove to me that what she said happened couldn’t have happened exactly the way she said it did. Her explanation (under oath) made 1000% more sense then Juan’s bizarre reasoning: “She started stabbing him in the shower – even though she came with a gun – then let him go to the sink where he stood still while she stabbed him in the back nine times and then he crawled down the hallway where she finally slit his throat, drug his body all the back to the bathroom where she shot him in the head and, for no apparent reason, drug his dead body back into the shower. And he wants me to believe this is more credible than her story?! GMAFB!!! I am insulted! (But apparently there are enough brain-dead people out there, including those on the jury, who actually think Juan’s theory makes sense. Go figure.)

          • You know what? Even IF someone was willing (and apparently enough brain-damaged) to believe this she-is-a-liar crap, what about other pieces of evidence which pointed at the EXACT opposite of what the frog claimed? Like the gas receipts!!!! Who on Earth premeditates a crime and keeps records of their trip to get to the victim? It’s like ACTUALLY lesving a trail behind you. NOT TO MENTION the nude pics. Martinez convinced the first jury Jodi is a genius yet she arrives at the effing crime scene and says “Hey, let’s take some pics to have as a souvenir of my perfect crime BUT LET’S LEAVE them behind for the police to find” . Now THAT is insulting to any person’s reason! 🙄

            • And she made cell phone calls in the state of Arizona. Plus, if she had a mission planned, why wouldn’t she have taken the time to put that front plate back on when she found it leaning on the cinder block next to her car in the parking lot in Pasadena? She put it inside the car on the floor mat instead. Jodi was obviously not too concerned that she might get stopped for that. The prosecutor pointed out that she placed it in her car without comparing it to the rear plate. If she’d said she had been concerned about it being the same as the rear plate, THAT would have looked more like the behavior of a person planning something and not wanting to be pulled over. The only concern for a red car was that she couldn’t afford a speeding ticket, just as she testified.

            • maria,
              I always thought that was a picture from someone, NOT Jodi.

              I’ve known all along that the bouncing camera bullshit was something a 10 year old wouldn’t buy.
              For the jury of 20 in 2 trials, to buy this is the absolute craziest thing I’ve ever heard.

              Anyone person to buy that Jodi took them is nothing but a total dumbass idiot.

              Even the talking heads should be embarressed!!

              They should all call them selves the stupidest person in the world.
              ANYONE that believes that is just STUPID!!!!

        • This is exactly why the perjury that Det Flores admitted to in the 2009 Chronis hearing is significant and will not be lightly dismissed by the appellate courts IMHO…you can not lie you way into a death penalty case and all that entails with death qualified jurors….and contrary to what JSS said that it was “harmless” bc she justified it supposedly with trial testimony to prove probable cause in an “after-the-fact” manner this will not stand IMHO and just as Kirk Nurmi stated in his motion that :

          “Knowing use of perjured or false testimony by the prosecution is a denial of due
          process and is reversible error without the necessity of a showing of prejudice to
          the defendant.” Petition for Review (Feb 20, 2013)

          And for those that say well she didn’t receive the death penalty so no harm, no foul…this just isn’t how it works….otherwise why have any rules at all….just have a free for all…..and don’t forget that you had to have death qualified jurors who have been narrowed from jurors of her peers and who are willing and able to vote for death….this matters..

          • The state originally asked for the death penalty when they were maintaining that the gunshot was first. More to the point, though, this idea that since she didn’t get the death penalty the change of wound order would be harmless error is emblematic of the type of obfuscation that resulted in Jodi’s conviction. The gunshot revisionism was unfairly prejudicial during the guilt phase.

            Understanding wound order is especially critical in cases of self-defense. The judge left it to the finders of fact, the jury to sort out. Apparently, at some point she must have become convinced herself that the shot would have been fatal, first or last, and that therefore it would have had to have been last for the fight to have occurred at all, just as the revised state position contended.

            A wound order that places the shot last in such a manner abrogates the possibility that the gunshot could have been accidental, which is precisely what Jodi testified to in 2013. She stated then that the gun discharged only when he lunged at her, that she’d had no intention of pulling the trigger. Claiming that the gunshot was last paints instead a picture of her shooting him after the fact with full intent, and it severely diminishes the possibility that due consideration will be given to the question of Jodi’s self-defense claim by the finders of fact, who must rely upon the legal proceedings and its attendant authorities to provide all of the relevant evidence in a case.

            As we know, the Autopsy Report said otherwise – its findings indicated that the shot was not incapacitating. The blood evidence at the scene points to a fight having occurred after the shot, just as Baez said. “A typo” cannot adequately account for all of the discrepancies between the written Report and the oral revisions – not when there are several whole sentences in the Autopsy Report describing the bullet track as not having perforated the protective dura mater surrounding the brain.

            That the wound order could have had no effect upon the jurors’ deliberations as to guilt and the outcome of these proceedings is patently absurd. And the way the state went about “proving” it was last is at best highly questionable, in my opinion.

    • Justus, it enrages me when I think back to the lame excuses of that fucking idiot judge concerning sequestering the jury during the 1st trial and then after it was proved that she totally fucked up by not sequestering them (for financial reasons, she said – gmafb!) she again refused to sequester the 2nd jury and agree on a change of venue. This person (the judge) that is suppose to be ‘fair’, displayed and proved to be the most biased one in that courtroom. She too was disappointed that Jodi didn’t get the DP. All through both trials she did everything possible to direct the jury to that decision. SMH.

  5. Jen Woods husband has filed for divorce. Guess? Who’s to blame for it? Yes, the guy that is bad as Travis was in lying & cheating. Juan the “Ribbit”.

      • 😯 I hope he didn’t find any ‘magic men’s undies’ under the bed. Well, good for him! Finally! I felt sorry for that man. He was ridiculed and Jen didn’t even try to protect him; what a selfish woman she is. She chose fame and glory over her vows. And to stoop so low as to play footsie with a frog? Sheesh. 🙄

  6. Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone here has heard from Jodi or is it too soon? I sent her a letter last week. I heard something about her not having commissary for a month, so perhaps she has no stamps to send mail yet?

    Thanks 🙂

    • B, I think it’s too soon to receive a letter from Jodi. I’m not sure about the commissary thing but I think I heard that too.


    • She can’t call anyone. But I’m sure she wants first to write to her family and then start writing to the rest of us; I know for a fact she was flooded with mail so just give her time….. 😉
      ♥ ♥

        • You’re welcome B!! ♥
          As for commissary, right now she is allowed to spend only a very low amount of money weekly.
          But don’t worry, I know she has received our mail. That’s confirmed 😉

          • Just to add to that: having a small amount of money to use weekly means that she can’t buy as much postal stamps and writing material as she would need to reply to everyone at the same time. I’m sure she’s already replied but sends just a few every day so she can make it through the amount she can spend.

            Unfortunately, it’s against the rules to send her unused stamps. 🙁

  7. What has got lost in the minutiea of the overabundance of deception and evidence formulation by the dregs in Maricopa is that they didn’t only change the order of the shot and stabbings once, they changed it TWICE!

    They first claimed he was shot after he was laying in the shower after he had been dragged back from the hall. But that screwed their theory of how the bullet ended up by the North sink, so that’s why they moved the shot again to get the bullet where they needed it to be.

    However, if the jury had any brains, they would understand the principals that have to be in place to eject the bullet so it could land there STILL do not comport and totally conflict with any contortion of physics with what they claimed because of how the bullet ejects from the gun.

    It keeps bringing me back though to what I have been injecting my best possible scenario theory to fast-track this to a new trial by making an all out effort to find the gun from her grandpa’s house.

    Since five did not vote for the felony burglary, they based their entire verdict on the premeditation that their little pea brains thought was supported by her staging the burglary and using that gun.

    If the gun is proven not to be the one that fired the bullet, the appeals court would have ZERO choice but to remand a new trial. It couldn’t be a more material fact and it couldn’t possibly be assumed that it wouldn’t have changed one of the five juror’s minds for premeditation–even this motley bunch of clods. One juror results in possible no first degree. Nothing is quicker and more certain to change history and put those Maricopa bastards in a world of caca.

    It would show Martinez and the prick squad as pricks of the highest possible magnitude with deliberate intent to manipulate the facts.

    And the defense just let them move the balls around the table wherever they wanted with no clue of what to do.

    • Even if he could have educated the jury on the physics of bullet ejection trajectory, the fact that Travis was laying directly on the entry wound is problematic. But, of course, I wouldn’t put it past Juan to claim that after she shot him she turned him over. And I wouldn’t put it past the jury, or the media, or the ignorant masses, to believe just that.

      • The thought that Jodi had the mental brilliant acumen to stage the burglary and generate a police report to draw attention to it, yet she doesn’t think a burglar would take the MONEY that was laying there in full view to make it look like a REAL burglary.

        I’m telling you, if these jurors were any dumber, they would apply for a job in a newspaper putting wheels on menstrual cycles.

        • Fact is that Jodi was not even in town when the burglary occurred. She was on a trip with her sister out of town. I guess Jodi has magic powers and could rob her grandparents house from many miles away! If that ‘fit’ martinez’s theory, I’m sure he’d use that and the morons would believe him 🙄

          P.S. Jodi had proof that she was away (photos) but very conveniently, her memory card from her camera ‘disappeared’ after it was confiscated by the cops.

          • Exactly!!! And AMEN! Very unsettling that the jurors never got to hear about or see these photos.

            • You know “they” believe that those pictures don’t exist. 😆 Darn, if only I had some AZ ocean front property to sell those sheeple. 🙄

              • R.
                Now, that’s a good one. Ocean front property in AZ.
                Everything jaun m. has said had bullshit written all over it and they bought that.
                Guess if he said OFP in AZ, they would buy that too.
                Everything they’ve tried to prove was either a lie or just flat pulled out from somewhere.
                Absoltely the dumbest of the dumbs!!

              • 😀 😀 😀 And they’d be thinking: it’s a good investment (Ocean front property in AZ). LOL!

                (((R.Love, I adore your humor!)))) ♥ ♥ ♥

  8. Oh, there was money there? Oh m’gosh and they didn’t think of taking it? Lol that’s funny!
    Love your last sentence, Jade, it’s all too true!

      • Right. Someone thinking about staging a burglary would look for details that would help create the desired impression of a burglary, and leaving money behind, in the mind of a stager, would certainly be counter-productive in developing such an illusion.

        • It was a mastermind plot.

          Of course a thief wouldn’t leave $20 or more in change, he would take it. But that would be too obvious and she would know that. So in order to throw them off with her brilliant plan and confuse them, thinking that they would think that would like too much like a staged burglary, she didn’t remove the money so that they wouldn’t think she was being clever all along, and she left the money there to make it look less like a burglary so they would conclude it was a burglary and she would outsmart the police and everybody.

          See, it’s simple LOL. Even Abbott and Costello could understand it.

          • I’ve actually heard that kind of twisted logic from those bozos on the other side. To hell with
            common sense. Their reasoning process is to first decide the answer and then work backwards to make the circumstances fit the answer. The whole premeditation verdict was built on that process. First decide she must be guilty of M1 without any proof and then work backwards to find nefarious motives behind everyday behaviors in order to create the proof.

            • If people are looking for guilt and sinister motives, they can be ascribed easily to any person through the punitive process of assigning sinister motives to “everyday behaviors” when an undesirable outcome has occurred in a given situation. These tendencies to criticize and question the integrity of others in order to assign guilt or allege evil are basic instincts hard-wired into the human brain, related to survival and the need to recognize situations and individuals that might pose a threat.

              Luckily, wise people who studied the law long ago recognized this tendency as the survival mechanism that it actually is without even the assistance of neuroscience. By way of example, we have scientific evidence today that negative memories are often stronger than positive ones because they provide a measure of neurological protection against repeating certain behaviors or experiences. These earlier thinkers saw that since one can always find a proverbial stone to cast, that the presumption of innocence should prevail, not a “work backward to make the circumstances fit the answer” approach to justice.

              The inescapable fact is that much exculpatory evidence can and will be overlooked or even seen as incriminating when the deck is stacked against a defendant in the “prove you are innocent” game. The media went along with a “presumed guilty” program in this case when they not only should have known better, they do know better.

              It is not uncommon at all for defendants to lie at first in self-defense cases. It is very common indeed for people to experience memory loss after trauma. The state built their case on cruel insinuations in regard to those very issues without ever proving premeditation, but as Baez says, it didn’t matter what she said. The evidence itself should have been given proper consideration. It was not.

              Every chance for evidence to be taken as exculpatory in this case was quashed by sarcasm and puerile distractions. Even the autopsy photographs were used to repulse jurors and distract them from the sequence of events that led up to the fatal altercation.

              Though the prosecutor was masterful in getting the jurors and the media to believe that there was an attack in the shower, he should not be applauded for this while Jodi sits in prison for the rest of her life, simply because she was afraid to tell the truth during interrogation and couldn’t recall the entire fight during the first trial. She should not be in prison and he should not be celebrated for sending her there, because there is a distinct lack of physical evidence that she was ever the aggressor.

              The state took advantage of Jodi’s memory loss and previous evasions by presenting photographs taken either purposefully or accidentally at the scene and applying an interpretation to several of them that defied logic and the laws of physics.

              The prosecutor and his office, the judge and the media seemed more than willing to run roughshod over the presumption of this defendant’s innocence. If the judge weren’t biased, why would she have let the state’s representative take up the court’s time and money demeaning and ridiculing defense witnesses such as LaViolette, Drs. Samuels and Geffner and technology expert Neumeister? Even Jodi’s former attorneys were accused of destroying evidence when they would have had no opportunity or motive to have done that. Why would the judge have allowed the constant sarcasm, yelling and badgering of witnesses on the part of the prosecutor without any apparent admonitions or sanctions if she didn’t harbor some bias?

              If the public were more aware of what transpired in court during this case and how witnesses were bullied and abused during so-called “legal proceedings” there would be general outrage. But many folks have never heard of this case, and if they have, they know next to nothing about it except that a couple of young people had a very unfortunate relationship that ended in tragedy.

              • All true TryInnocence. I hope when someone helps Jodi legally they can get a clear picture like you present. It seems most see Jodi as unable to have survived the odds, so she must be guilty. It’s a hateful world that projects onto Jodi their shortcomings and personal pains and refuse to consider ta’s brutal words and actions. It’s so great you continue to define Jodi’s plight. I’ll mention your brilliance when I write Jodi next, Thank you!

                • Thank you johnm. I believe you are correct when you say, “It seems most see Jodi as unable to have survived the odds, so she must be guilty.” It’s akin to thinking that if someone survived a natural disaster that they must have wanted it to happen, except that people don’t think that way. Those survivors are thought to be blessed. Yet there is an accidental aspect to this case in the unintended, single gunshot.

                  For some reason a misogynistic prejudice fashioned out of fossilized ideas about femmes fatales, women scorned and plain old conjuring witches was unearthed by this case. Because Jodi was taken in by someone who knew that she was out of her depth in his culture, he was able to deceive her quite a bit about his other relationships. He had the power and social standing within the community and in the relationship, not her.

                  It is extremely sad that unfortunately neither one wanted to let go completely, but that doesn’t make Jodi guilty either, and it doesn’t mean that she deserved a simulated trial in a netherworld of shadows. She was entitled to a real trial. When you consider some of the information that came to light in the retrial, Jodi was quite restrained in the first one. It seems that no one gave her credit for wanting to protect his reputation except her supporters. There was and is an appalling lack of objectivity in media reports in that regard.

    • And they are such idiots that they can’t keep to one opinion, they say:

      “Jodi is a state of the arts manipulator because of her high IQ” but when it comes to staging a robbery in her grandparents house and then planning to murder the pedo-hugger, then all of a sudden they think she’s that stupid to do such a sloppy job leaving behind incriminating evidence. Ts ts ts… All the sloppiness shows one thing: that Jodi did NOT premeditate anything. She was facing a life & death situation and chose to live: SELF DEFENSE IS EVERYONE’S RIGHT, why do people think that Jodi didn’t have that right to defend herself?

      P.S. Sheeple, make up your minds and stick with one opinion. You can’t have it both ways just because it suits your fairy tale.

  9. I’m currently watching on WE the 2002 Maricopa County trial of Mayra Barraza, a 17-year-old ultimately convicted of 2nd degree, largely because she originally lied about stabbing a 42-year-old man whom she later claimed was in self-defense as he was trying to rape her. Be sure never to be a young woman in Maricopa County who is being attacked. And if you are, be sure not to defend yourself.

      • Yes, quite a few parallels. We viewers were also given a view inside deliberations and they had their own “Juror 17” who held out for 2nd degree. All the rest wanted 1st degree.

        • Another parallel was the talk of how the defense, in a self-defense case, was just trying to “dirty up the poor victim”, a 48-year-old sleezeball who was looking to have sex with a 17-year-old Lesbian. But according to the prosecution she had lied before and now she’s claiming rape and that she doesn’t remember stabbing him 60 times. And the defense didn’t bring up the fact that she’d been raped in the past because the jury would just think that she had a vendetta against all men.

          That last part just blew me away, not because the defense didn’t bring it up but because they were probably right. In was true in 2007 and it’s true in 2015. That’s the kind of social bias that women face in our justice system.

          I’m telling you, if all the women in this world that have been shafted (literally or figuratively) by a man were just automatically walking around with a vendetta against all men we would be witnessing a very ugly revolution.

          • “I’m telling you, if all the women in this world that have been shafted (literally or figuratively) by a man were just automatically walking around with a vendetta against all men we would be witnessing a very ugly revolution.”

            Justus, there would not be a lot of men around in general! Unfortunately, there are a few men that actually respect and treat women as equals. Most men think that just because they have a dick and muscle power, they rule the world. We’ve seen it way too often. Just have a look at martinez: a misogynist.

            But when all those assholes get their asses kicked by a woman, then the woman is the abuser and the threat to them. SMH.

            Men of this site (and men that are kind to other humans – women & men) this doesn’t apply to you! I love men! All my life, my friends were mostly men. I just can’t stand the misogynists out there.

    • Apparently, in Shitzona, all women ‘ask for it’ one way or another and so they can’t claim self defense. Shame on them for trying to defend themselves. The audacity! 🙄

  10. Good morning, everyone!!!

    You know, when I go back and read JAII articles from 2013 I sometimes get angry , others I get upset but with articles like this re-post I just get sad. Coz Martinez did NOT lose the jury nor the trial… Let’s face it. He was lucky enough to end up with MORONIC jury who would worhsip the ground he’d walk on 🙄

    *****Please, as days and weeks go by, as the posts here keep changing, PLEASE let us not forget the “Matching- Gift Campaign” —– contributing to the Appeal Fund is the ONE thing that can actually help Jodi right now. ********

  11. 11:46 PM (8 hours ago)

    to me
    I am no longer her investigator. She cannot afford my services any longer.

    Good luck

    Dorian L. Bond
    Bond Investigations Inc
    Sandra Webber

    7:07 AM (1 hour ago)

    to info
    Thanks for your response.

    Good luck to you as well.

    • I saw this guy on the Tube doing an interview for his ego I got bad chi off this guy The least he could do is some services gratis as He got free exposure at Jodi’s expense. Hope I don’t offend any one but IMO the guy is a fucking goof.

  12. What do you know about these Alexander Mutts are they going to be able to take the appeal money that belongs to Jodi? From what I read they are after it big time!:( There are people all over the world that will step up and help defend Jodi but want to make sure that the money dont land in the hands of the methheads! AND the pedo-huggers.

    • The appellate fund is set up in a way that the money raised can’t be touched for no other reason than Jodi’s appeals. The Alexanders can’t get their filthy evil hands on that money.

      Whatever and if any amount is left over after appeals, it’ll be donated to charity. You can learn more about this at the official appellate fund site in the section FAQs:

      • Hi Rasna,

        You are 100% spot on. The trust is water tight, as was set up specifically (and legally) to keep the funds 100% safe & secure, as fully detailed in the site:

        The Addams family should therefore forget about restitution, and stick to what they’re really good at instead >>> Prostitution.

        Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

        • “The Addams family should therefore forget about restitution, and stick to what they’re really good at instead >>> Prostitution.” 😀 😀 😀 😀

      • That is exactly right! They’re doing their very best of stopping the appeal. No money, no Appeal. If Jodi was really guilty then why are they trying so hard to stop her from her appeals. I wonder what they are really hiding.

        There were so much missing in this case I can’t even stand it. What bothered me the most about the 11 Jurors is that they claimed that the one Juror had an agenda. If that was true, how would they have known that unless they have had an agenda themselves.

        They were the ones’ that tried to get the Judge to have her dismissed from the case. My guess that all 12 twelve Jurors had an agenda to give Jodi the Death Penalty but the one Juror saw the truth and gave Jodi life. This would be the reason why the 11 Jurors wanted her out.

        My hopes was to get Juan Martinez gone. I hated the way he treated the witnesses. All of them, even the ones’ presented by him. All he did was try to discredit the expert witnesses and ruining their careers. I hope his career will be over after all of this.

        But then that’s the job of a prosecuting attorney. A Prosecuting Attorney really don’t care. He/she will try to put the defendant on death Roll whether the defendant is innocent or not. That’s why I don’t believe in the Death Penalty because you could be innocent and still be convicted of Murder and place on Death Roll. Yes, I want Juan Martinez to go down.

        The State tried to kill Jodi Twice and failed both times. And I’m so glad for that!

        I apologize for being off topic but I’ve never wrote how I felt about Jodi Arias because my mother always told me that it takes a lot for a woman to want to hurt a man let alone kill him. I believe that! Travis had to have done something Jodi to cause her to need to defend herself.


    ♥ “Give, but give until it hurts.” ~~ Mother Teresa ♥

  14. Happy Friday everyone! Today is Labor Day here in Greece. We had a great day: neighborhood bbq. Hope everyone has a great Friday.

    (((Jodi))) ♥

  15. From a friend and respected attorney, whose name shall remain anonymous for now, and well, maybe always…:)

    Well, the Court has to approve hiring an investigator, which ends at sentencing, so that’s normal.
    so why would he bother to say she couldn’t afford him?
    She probably does not have one – there’s no “continuity” in the process. She will have to apply for an Appellate Defender, unless they can raise the $$ to retain someone competent.

    Because once the Court gig was done, she’d have to pay out of her own pocket to continue with investigative services. Had they filed a Motion for a New Trial, they might have had the Court continue the investigator.—from one of my legal eagle friends..”Might” is the operative word – the Judge would have to still OK it, and with that judge, who the fuck knows!—-

    • But there was a separate investigator from the Public Defender’s Office – the one that had to be replaced a couple of months ago because he died. Remember the brief confusion that it was Bond who had died? When the PD investigator died, DT filed a motion that very day – and JSS granted – to assign a new investigator to their team.

      Bond was always separate, and the impression was given that he was privately hired by the Arias family or someone acting on Jodi’s behalf (benefactor? I dunno)

  16. I hope Jodi gets that chance for a fair trial and I’m so Grateful for the one Juror who saw the truth.

  17. “Brad Smith You and me both Christine Ellinger! Can someone confirm if this is legit and where it was found?”

    Hey Brad, why don’t you email the mother fucker yourself? It’s easy and free! Still lazy and clueless, non-practicing or whatever Mormon mother fucker that you are. How’s that construction job going that u reported on with such tremendous detail? Seems like you may be getting your just rewards for just blogging, somehow. Go figure.

    Sorry no offense to you, folks here. Tired of ignorance and denial and so much more with this guy and others under the banner of “justice for Travis”.

    Nope, I’m not upset at all. It’s a lovely day. Finishing up some gardening and having a glass of Cabernet….thank you. 🙂

  18. While I was giving some attention to the Super Stupid page, I couldn’t help but notice this. Coco Loco really should stick to talking about the weather. It requires very little intellect and is a great conversation starter.

    “Coco Elcie I couldn’t take triple digit heat. They must have lots of people treated for fainting and heat stroke in the infirmary. It would probably be cheaper to allow bigger fans or some way to cool off enough not to cause health problems. I would dunk my head in the sink all day. It makes me anxious just thinking about it. I will never commit a crime bc of the prison conditions. That’s plenty deterrent for me.”

    Good thing to know it’s only weather conditions that prevent Coco from committing a crime! HA! How much of an idiot can someone be who says they believe Jodi is guilty of murder to continue to invest their days and nights into sucking off Jodi’s popularity to find a place to belong, by posting hateful, bullying posts, completely vacuous and devoid of value to anyone, but herself. I have to say Coco must not actually believe Jodi is guilty or she wouldn’t do such. And she’s also a shallow, self-obsessed busy body. But that’s nothing new.

  19. I see that the Reasonable Doubt Facebook page has a response to the 22 “Questions to Ponder”. And here it is:

    “Cause she is stupid?”

    Exactly the kind of lazy, shallow, non-thinking response I would expect.

    • This is also the type of laziness I observed when I first published the questions on an opposition page – bizarre non-sensical answers to some but more than half, wherever the poster couldn’t even come up with a stupid response they simple replied, “Because she’s stupid.” Sheer lazy thinking.

    • 😆 😆 Oh come on, Justus! You gotta admit you’re enjoying it a bit, seeing how immensele naive ignorant and STUPID they are. I know I am!! :D:D

    • But what else would we expect? 😆
      They are smart until they have to stop
      and think of what to say. Duh! All mouth, No Brains. Sad.

  20. Good morning and happy May 2. May you all have a happy weekend. My the sun shine fall upon your face and fill your hearts.

    God Bless Jodi and keep her uplifted body and soul……..

    • ((((((( Cindy ))))))))

      have a great weekend everyone!!! There was a terrible storm here 2 days ago but today the sun is shining. So, after coming back from work I rolled my sleeves up, planted a few tomatoes in our garden and then had some friends over for coffee 🙂 I love Spring!!!


    Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.
    ~~Albert Einstein

    We never will stop questioning until the truth is heard!! Count on it! Still waiting…..

    • NO, we will never give up on Jodi! Never ever!!! Haters may make fun of us, may try and break us down – some of them are already gloating over how little money has been raised in the Appellate Fund. They think Jodi has no hope and will remain for ever in prison; to which I say “Don’t hold your breath, suckers! We WILL make it happen!” Jodi supporters will never disappoint her. We WILL be here to see her vindicated when all of you will have forgotten the name “Travis” and will have moved on to other soap operas to fill your empty lives. Ha!!

      Have faith, Team Jodi! Have hope! ♥ ♥

      “Hope” is the thing with feathers –
      That perches in the soul –
      And sings the tune without the words –
      And never stops – at all –

      And sweetest – in the Gale – is heard –
      And sore must be the storm –
      That could abash the little Bird
      That kept so many warm –

      I’ve heard it in the chillest land –
      And on the strangest Sea –
      Yet – never – in Extremity,
      It asked a crumb – of me.
      Emily Dickinson

    • CC, that’s a great read….you find lots of quality “intel”, ha! I’m gathering up more well thought out, rational folks’ remarks, too. The positive “publicity” is growing, thanks to a lot of efforts, and even though we all do things a little differently….I think it all works!

      • I certainly hope that Jodis appeal lawyer realizes what a goldmine this site, and others really are!

        The information and facts that have been gathered by outstanding people should save thousands of $$$ in research.

  22. So…… I put money in a envelope and I sent it to JODI, but, the wardens opened it up and returned it to me in a check from the Department of Corrections of Arizona. I guess they are reading and checking JODI’s mail. They must of read the romantic poem I wrote her. I hope they don’t use my poem

    • Joe M. You are very fortunate to receive a check back!!! although your heart was in the right place, we can not send money directly to Jodi. Never ever send cash through the US mail. No one will be and allowed to send money to Jodi except for the people on her list. If you would like to help her please donate to the Appellate Fund…

    • No money in an envelope! Not allowed.

      Right now, if anyone feels like donating I’d urge them to donate to JODI’S APPELLATE FUND. THAT’S what she needs. She has enough commissary for the time being.

  23. Oh, do these people EVER come up for air??? No one can present a simple fact and have it not thought of as some big conspiracy…always leading to Jodi’s “evil”…….which reminds me, “evil” backwards…is live 🙂

    Cherylann Thomas
    Today at 1:37am
    “I am no longer her investigator, she cannot afford my services.” And then the response being simply, “okay, good luck to you.” It’s like…scripted in some way if you ask me. I just read that tweet again from her PI and something rang funny. Then I realized, is this their way of manipulating the public again, to give the impression she has no money? Time will tell.

    • A full study of the bizarre minds of these people and how they think (or don’t think) would make a great doctorate thesis for some post-graduate psych student. And there sure is plenty of material to work from.

  24. I heard from that lunatic named Lana Blue on the ‘Reasonable Doubt’ Facebook page. I won’t waste your time or mine repeating that screwball’s insults here but I was reminded of, and posted as a response, the following quote by Eleanor Roosevelt:

    “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”


    He who gives to the poor will never want, but he who shuts his eyes will have many curses.
    ~~~ Proverbs 28:27

  26. Hey everyone! Hope you’re all doing great!

    Has anyone heard if there are any developments concerning joe arpaio’s case?

  27. Greetings one and all. Have a question/concern maybe you all can think about.
    Its been what, a couple weeks now since Miss Jodi was taken to Perryville prison.
    Has anyone seen or heard from her or any lawyer??
    There is a lot that can happen and no one would know about it.
    Bad or unetable food? Inmate abuse? Depression and lack of care?
    Excessive heat and just a swamp cooler? Bad Drinking water?
    I am hoping for some updated news. Can someone confirm she alright?
    Arizona prisons have a bad reputation of inmate abuse.
    Someone needs to check on her. Does anyone live out there?
    Thank you

  28. Another question that maybe someone can shed some light on. A while ago, there was a lawyer named who was going to take her case. He was an experienced appeal attorney from what I understand. I have heard nothing more about that and now the court has said a public defender has been designated. So which is it??? As far as information re Jodi, I understood that she would not have contact with anyone of the outside for some time while Perryville staff assess how she is adjusting to the institution and surroundings.

    • As far as I know, no private appellate lawyer was ever hired. Names publicly mentioned came from rumors or misinterpreted reports. Jodi cannot hire a private lawyer until the JAA Appellate fund has a lot more money in it. That is why the current matching-gift campaign is so important.

    • Jodi is entitled to an appellate attorney paid for by the state who files the first brief. If that fails, and most do, she will have to hire her own attorney and pay for him/her, that is unless someone offers to do it pro-bono. Money will still be important down the road.

  29. This comment reminded me of Jodi’s situation in Arizona.

    ON BEING SANE IN INSANE PLACES – D.L. Rosenhan, Stanford University
    “The view has grown that psychological categorization of mental illness is useless at best and downright harmful, misleading and pejorative at worst. Psychiatric diagnosis, in this view, are in the minds of the observers and are not valid summaries of characteristics displayed by the observed.”


    “You cannot do a kindness too soon because you never know how soon it will be too late.”
    — Ralph Waldo Emerson

  31. Travis was a porn addict . He play and used Jodi just for his pleasure. Travis fake all his life making everyone around him he was a perfect prototype cool mormon. He lived a lie.

  32. SJ and Jade – I think Skye Hughes made a reference about how Jodi was like “Peyton” from the movie Fatal Attraction during her testimony. Skye said what she did about Jodi during the trial so that they could have a base of reference about Jodi and her personality so that Juan could weave his words around Jodi to make the jury think about Peyton and Jodi being the same person. The jury couldn’t watch Dirty Little Secret because it would have corrupted the trial. But the jury watching the movie with Peyton in it would not be viewed as corrupting the trial. Where Skye and Chris fucked up is that they used a fictional reference to label Jodi as being the same the same type of person when there never was any proof of Jodi being similar to Peyton other than the hearsey of the Hug a pedos that flowed through the rest of those who testified for Travis. Not once was any of Peyton like remarks about Jodi proven. The real Peyton is Skye Hughes.

  33. HI all

    No I haven’t fallen off the planet.

    Just hard at work these days – doing what I can to raise money for the matching funds campaign.

    I check in periodically, but haven’t been reading everything. Or writing at all because I’ve nothing new to say at the moment. Like I said, just busily trying to raise money here.

    Still on team Jodi, still love Jodi and all of you!

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