Martinez: losing the jury, the plot and the trial… [March 2013 REPOST]

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Happy Friday peeps!

We’ll start posting the trial replays again this coming Monday (with day 51)… but in the meantime, check out my re-post from March 22nd 2013… and take special note of the Vladimir Gagic quote and BOTH the videos featuring Jose Baez on HLN.

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Yesterday afternoon, we were treated yet again to another piss poor showboating display of prosecutorial cluelessness by Martinez. In full knowledge that he lost this case a long while ago… and not withstanding his antics with the camera, the autopsy picture stunt and his deliberate withholding of evidence from the defense… his revised strategy now appears to be based around a Wayne Dyer self-help book and the meaning of the word “compassion” (as defined by Websters dictionary).

He also proceeded (again) to question Dr Richard Samuels’ memory problems and his ethics. I think the only person in this scenario with memory issues & ethical problems is Martinez himself… right?

But in the midst of all this, whatever happened to Martinez trying to prove his BS-riddled & overcharged pre meditated murder & felony murder charges in this trial?

For Martinez, that has now become a major issue.

And it’s an issue because it AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN.

He’s lost the jury… he’s lost the plot… and he’s lost the trial. Plain & simple.

Here’s a quote from Vladimir Gagic’s excellent post last week:

“As far as I am concerned, the only issue in the Jodi Arias trial is has the government proven premeditation. That of course, is important because if the government has not proven premeditation, they cannot convict her of murder in the first degree and thus the death penalty is off the table. And while the government has also alleged murder in the first degree by way of felony-murder, that allegation is so specious as not to even warrant a response.

The government has not proven premeditation, and in fact, could not do so under any circumstances. Without direct evidence, either a confession by Ms. Arias that she intended to kill Mr. Alexander, as in “I wanted to kill to him”, or an overt act such as hiring a hit man or waiting in wait in ambush, the government cannot prove premeditation beyond a reasonable doubt. Note that I am not saying she did not intend to kill him or that there is not very good reason to suspect that she intended to kill him, just that the government will not be able to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. And that has been clear since day one. Someone asked me on twitter a question along the lines of “she lied so she doesn’t get the death penalty?”. My answer, yes, exactly right. To paraphrase Lt. Kaffee from a “Few Good Men”, it doesn’t matter what we know; it only matters what we can prove.

Instead of proving premeditation with direct evidence, the government is trying to do so with circumstantial evidence. So far the attempt has been, with the most charitable interpretation possible, pathetic. While the law does not recognize a distinction between direct and circumstantial evidence, there is a jury instruction that says exactly that, the inference the government wishes the jury to draw from the circumstantial evidence is, dare I say, comically lacking.”

So Forget all the state’s smokescreen BS about gas cans, Walmart receipts & hair dye. What matters is THE EVIDENCE. Some of the more important evidence we have to date are TA’s rape specific text messages – and his 12 year old girl bondage & orgasm fantasies… we’ve seen and heard those already.

As Jose Baez said on last week’s HLN “bathroom re-enactment” show…

“The physical evidence does not lie”

Ain’t that the truth…

Here’s the clip featuring Jose with his view on the order of events:

[hdplay id=127 width=500 height=300]

And here’s a secondary clip of Jose from the end of the program:

[hdplay id=128 width=500 height=300]

And by the way… Jose Baez turned George Anthony inside out on the stand countless times, without ever resorting to bellowing or doing the Harlem Shake.

As for the Travis-Towners & TA fans out there, all they’re really concerned about is hatingretribution & vengeance. “Justice” doesn’t come into it. It never has. That’s not what they’re after.

Take yesterday for example… where 2 trial observers were thrown out of the courtroom after stating multiple times that they wished “Jodi were dead.”. Apparently one of Jodi’s family members complained and security removed the two women.

But at the end of the day… and just a few weeks from now after the “Jodi Arias Reality TV Show” is over, and the relevant dust has finally settled on this trial and the specially built studio sets, mock courtrooms, faux jurors & cardboard bathroom reconstructions… it’ll be largely remembered as the trial Martinez lost. It happens sometimes when you overcharge a case without any conclusive evidence.

Just ask Jeff Ashton… he knows that only too well.

Like I’ve said before…

Armed with very little aside assumption, speculation, hearsay & hot air, it’s ultimately gonna come down to Jodi’s word against Martinez’. And despite the valiant repeated efforts of Martinez to turn this into an ego-driven pissing match — there’s just no way all 12 jurors are gonna be convinced beyond and to the exclusion of all reasonable doubt. He knows that already. He’s known it for a long while. So have we. So has everyone else. Give it up FFS.

So let’s not stress too much over the verdict. Why? Because it’s already been decided. It’s just gonna be a little while longer before it’s “officially” announced.

And if you’re still getting worked up & stressed out every day over NG and her ongoing BS coverage, I have a simple solution for you. Stop watching her. Simple as that. Just shut it out, remove yourself from all negativity completely and quit wasting your energy… whether it’s NG, JVM, VP, some other website, some haters’ comments or anything else. The same applies. Rise above it all.

Stay positive and keep the faith, as always.

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  1. As Jose said:
    “What matters here is the actual physical evidence that isn’t manipulated and does not lie.”

    Team Jodi

      • Thanks Journee!

        I agree with your other comment too. The State had no credible evidence back then… they have none now… and they’ll have none if/when the circus re-trial ever comes back to town. The jurors were obviously an odd bunch and very easily led. It’s hard to convict on speculation alone, but somehow they managed it. The appeals will be interesting to say the least.

        Team Jodi

        • I think she’s got a good shot at reversal on appeal. Getting a fair trial and better representation the next time around – *that* I’m less confident about.

        • Sometimes I can’t help thinking that if we were so certain that the first jurors would get it right and yet they didn’t, what if we are proven wrong in the appeals too? Admittedly, it is a pessimistic way of looking at things but with all this corruption, hatred, ignorance, stupididty and railroading I find thoughts like this overwhelming me…

          • The (I believe) legitimate hope on appeals, Maria, is that legal minds (outside of the pretend ones on HLN, but INCLUDING at least one in Arizona) have spoken out about the injustice in that courtroom – appalled at the things that Stephens allowed to happen there.

            But what good will a successful appeal do if the second verse is the same as the first?

    • SJ,

      Ha! The only thing we saw in Jodi’s trial is kermits manipulating effort to make Jodi look like a ‘monster’, corruption of justice, prosecutorial misconduct and evidence that the prosecution tried to conceal!

      P.S. First comment? You? Are you trying to steal my thunder?!!!

  2. Good morning SJ and Team Jodi. Every morning I come out here and read the post. I have watch the clips of the trial and Im still dumbfoundead as how the jury got this wrong. Oh some of you blame it on KN ( a subject I won’t go into) but it comes down to is imho the jury was afraid of retribution in light of the Casey Anthony trial or perhaps as we suspected at one time or another there was jury tampering.

    • Morning Cindy!

      Yes, I think the jury were aware of all the public opinion surrounding the trial, seeing as they had their mobile devices to play with during the countless recesses & breaks… but more than that, and as you rightly mentioned, most of them were well aware of the threats & harassment all the jurors received after delivering the proper verdict in Casey’s trial a couple of years back.

      It wasn’t the verdict the clueless masses were hoping for. Most of Casey’s jurors ended up having to relocate after receiving death threats following the release of their names & personal details to the public several months after the trial. There was no way the Jodi jurors were prepared to go against public opinion and subject themselves to a repeat of that.

      Team Jodi

      • Wow,
        Why do they give away jurors’ identities to the public?!
        They should keep them sealed, to prevent this kind of shit. This transparency is backfiring.

        • They weren’t sequestered,and the new jury will not be either. The Sept 8 th date is also,the day in 2011 when the last prosecutor died. He was found guilty of evidence and witness tampering…and was fired. He died September 8, 2011!
          I have to believe in appeals right now.
          The State of Arizona continues to abuse Jodi’s rights to a fair and legal defense. So, keep stacking them appeals up ! Jodi isn’t allowed to see her mitigation specialist, Where is her right to a fair defense?

          • Interesting bit of info MAD. Thanks 🙂 I believe that Jodi may be able to have visits again from her mitigation specialist. . .at least it sounded like it was working out that way. 🙂

            • If I’m not mistaken, they have lifted the ban now. 🙂
              The ban was unconstitutional to begin with. It’s sickening what they get away with in Maricopa county.

  3. It makes me sad —

    A year ago we were so hopeful. We saw the state had nothing so we were sure Jodi would go free.

    • I feel EXACTLY the same way Journee…. We were hopeful, yes. That somehow the jurors would see through the shenanigans, that somehow they’d take into serious consideration the lack of proof. We never said Jodi is innocent of commiting the crime: we just hoped those 12 people would realize she’s innocent of M1. And it still hurts like hell how wrong this whole process went…

  4. I want to throw something out here. When was the right of a defendant to fire her counsel taken away in the US?? I really do not understand this. The state has the right to take away a defendant’s right to a speedy trial………. This trial was corrupt before it even started.

      • I think it’s that when the state is paying for your attorney, you don’t get to pick and choose. The law doesn’t guarantee your attorney of choice.

          • R. Love,

            If Jodi had an attorney like Jose or even Jose himself, I am sure that all the circus act and clowning around would have never taken place in that courtroom!

            Jose would have ripped martinez a couple if the frog tried to ‘pull’ any fast ones like he did.

            No offense to Jeniffer Willmott – she did an amazing job, IMO. It was Kirk Nurmi that didn’t really seem devoted to this case…

            • At the very least Ms. Willmott should have been first chair and Mr. Nurmi should have kept his mouth shut IMHO.

              Ray in H-burg Va.

        • Isn’t the world just too damn unfair? There’s nothing money can’t buy, even the chance to fight for your life…

  5. Hello cyber family!
    I was on a trip and came back late last night- I see I have a loooot of catching up to do, I will start reading probably later tonight and of course this weekend.
    Just dropping by to say I’ve missed you all. ♥

  6. I can not wait to buy Jose Baez’s book, “Presumed Guilty.” What does FFS stand for? And if that one guy received jail time for putting up his middle finger, then these women that said they wished Jodi were dead, shouldn’t they serve some jail time too? Perhaps we could get them with death threats hopefully?

    • Ryan,
      “For F’s Sake”.

      Perhaps you would like to re-word your last sentence? It’s disturbingly unclear.

    • This would have been a completely different trial if Judge Belvin Perry had been on the bench – even though I think it was bad form for him to come out later and say he believed Casey was guilty, he ran a courtroom that allowed the jurors to make their own decisions free from media insanity and prosecutorial insanity.

      • The defense lawyers were seriously tossed off their game when the state asserted that the knifing was first just as the case went to trial.

        The jurors saw that Jodi’s lawyers were not as confident as they could have been and misinterpreted their sense of dislocation as an indication that they didn’t have full confidence in Jodi’s lack of premeditation. Defense counsel did not have time to get their feet back on the ground and mount a proper defense against the “gunshot last” scenario, moreover, given the extreme prejudice such a scenario created, they would have needed many more weeks and additional experts to counter the state’s NEW position.

        When the mistrial was called for at the outset, in all fairness, it should have been granted.

      • Oh Journee, I am sure that any other judge would have done a better job than the piss poor one ‘pickles’ did! She did not only harm Jodi’s case (allowing all the BS that went on in that courtroom) but she also lost her credibility as a fair judge.

        • I mean hell I’m not a lawyer but I could have done a better job than “pickles” did, the way she handled that trial I’m not even sure she went to law school.

          • JM and JSS looked like a creepy tag team to me. At the very least Jodi’s judge overlooked some very bad behavior on the part of the prosecutor. Judges should not overlook, gloss over, or ignore improper behavior in their own court room, ever. If that jury couldn’t trust her to maintain simple decorum, (how did they even face that hellhole each day?) why should her judgement have been trusted in the matter at hand?

    • Hey, Ryan!

      My husband bought me the book, “Presumed Guilty”, and it is an excellent read and very, very interesting!!! He tells just what I thought all along but I won’t say because I don’t want to spoil it for you! All I’ll say is that it will open your eyes to many things that went on with Casey Anthony’s case!!!

      You will enjoy reading the book! I hope that this kind of book will be written about Jodi’s case some day also! The truth!!! 🙂

      (((((JODI))))) (((((FREE JODI))))) (((((TEAM JODI)))))

  7. Jodi has always seemed to me to be truly innocent in about every way you can think of. Her early lies, for instance, were quite transparent, on the level of a 8 or 9-year-old making up a story for a literature class. She has always impressed me as a kind of waif, unfamiliar with the harsh ways of the world, a dreamer/artist who was not allowed to be herself while she was growing up , who looked for love in her adult years, found it for a time with Travis, couldn’t understand his trying to choke her making her black out, and finally …well, I believe she still loves him She admitted she does. But she didn’t want to die under his sudden rage that evening..

    • One of the pieces of Jodi’s testimony that I picked up this time around on viewing the trial was that Jodi believed his physical attacks upon her would stop when she moved away. She apparently clung to that idea, hence didn’t get on with her trip quickly enough after he’d gotten mad about the broken DVD. She continued to give him the benefit of the doubt, not realizing how thoroughly he had gone about damaging her reputation.

      • I thought the same whichtrial. . .she should have left when he was upset about the stupid DVDs. Hind sight is always 20/20.

      • I think the real ‘upset’ for Travis that day – the reason he was so hair-trigger with the photo Cds that he had to bend her over the desk, ready to kill her over the camera – was Travis’ old abandonment issues. She was leaving again. Did he know she was on her way to see another guy? Or just suspect it? It seems that several of Travis’ good friends knew she was coming to Utah to see Ryan.

        • Thanks Journee. . . Cds instead of DVD I get them mixed up. You are probably right, I would say if other people knew she was meeting with another guy than so did he. And, he would defiantly not like competition. So he was probably on edge to begin with.

        • Yep! You’re absolutely right.
          Abandonment issues mixed with his out-of-control Narcissistic Rage.
          Has any of you ever been near a Narcissistic when they get one of those? It is a scary sight! Trust me…Usually over trivial matters,just like Travis.

        • Yeah, I’ve been thinking about that. Sinse Jodi was on her way to see Ryan and Travis found out about it, he must have gotten jealous and that made him attack Jodi.
          I think Travis was a very insecure person, that’s why he dated numerous women, worked out in his apartment (he even had a punching bag and was into kick-boxing) – to overcompensate. Now I’m not saying that all people who work out have insecurities, but most people who have insecurities usually work out and are into martial arts.
          And these insecurities that Travis had lead me to believe that Travis got very jealous of Ryan upon finding out that Jodi was dating him, and he snapped at Jodi.

          • Now that I think about, it fits perfectly – Travis’s rage at Jodi for seeing Ryan had been bulding up after she mentioned that she was on her way to Ryan and was just stopping by, and the dropped camera was just the last straw.
            The fact that not one woman has reported Travis to the cops for abuse does not mean that he wasn’t abusive. It could well be that Jodi was his first victim. Maybe she was the first woman who dumped him for another guy, which triggered the attack.

            I believe Travis just wasn’t man enough for Jodi and he knew that, which made him very angry at Jodi because it was hurting his pride and over-inflated sense of self-esteem.

    • ” I believe she still loves him She admitted she does. But she didn’t want to die under his sudden rage that evening..”

      Yes Ronald! Unfortunately she faced a life or death situation and who can blame her for wanting to live? Wouldn’t we all have fought for our lives?

        • Journee, you put it so well, and so movingly: “life tends to fight for itself”. I agree. And this is one good reason why the laws about self-defense need to be taken into very careful consideration!

  8. Yes, Travis’s. and Jodi’s friend Clancy Talbot knew Jodi was late. She notified Ryan and was on HLN saying she had a long talk with JA, and wasn’t TEAM JODI ,IMO
    So, yes Travis had female friends in Utah.
    Miss you guys! I am working away on the new house…It’s looking good. =) yay.

  9. If the rental car’s license plates didn’t match, which one was the wrong one? Was it the front plate, which ended up on the floor of the car after Jodi picked it up near the cinder block in the Starbuck’s parking lot?

    Or was the wrong license plate the one that was upside down on the rear of the car?

    Isn’t it interesting that the police officer who stopped Jodi in Utah because of the upside-down plate was never asked in court about the front license plate? It would have been, by all accounts, still on the floor of the car when he pulled her over. Did he not actually see the front plate and simply assumed that it was on the front of the car with the same I.D.? Did he check the plate against the identification on the car rental papers or just glance at the documents when Jodi said she had rented it in CA?

    Were the car’s plates tampered with on two separate occasions?

    The fact that they didn’t match suggests that Jodi had nothing to do with it. If she were trying to “lie low” after T.A.’s death, why would she have stolen a plate from another vehicle and risked getting caught in the process? (Adding to the improbability that she flipped the rear plate if she wanted to be anonymous.)

    The car rental man wasn’t asked to testify about the mixed up plates either, AFAIK.

    Every time you turn around, there is another unanswered question in this case.

    • Isn’t it the truth. That’s what is sooo bizarre about all of this. No one bothered to find out the truth they just listened to a bunch of idiots that had no sense of smell and also the ones who had lots of $$$$$ and evil behind their smiles.

    • License plates didn’t match? I had not heard this. (is it in the videos above? I haven’t watched them because my sound isn’t working)

      I am thinking if that is the case, that maybe those kids weren’t just turning random plates upside down, but switching/trading off plates in the parking lot?

      Someone please tell me where this info comes from, that the plates didn’t match.

      • Oh my gosh ((Journee) & ((whichtrial)) I just read your comments about the license plates, that they did not match (on, or in) Jodi’s rental car. I never realized that before. …This means that it is more probable that the skateboarders messed with the license plates & not Jodi. ..If you google: ((license plate front required)), you will find that Calif requires front & back plates & Az only requires a rear plate. ..The place/time where she said she saw the skateboarders, I think, was when she paid for her Starbucks purchase at 8:41pm, (when it was dark in Pasadena) June 3, 2008. ..As she leaves Starbucks she noticed some ‘skaters’ …vicinity of her car …kinda laughing. .. ..Well, perhaps these young guys only needed one license plate because they lived in Arizona just a short time/distance away by interstate driving. Maybe they wanted a stolen Calif plate (just one) to be used in Arizona. It is very believable that one guy went to the front plate & the other guy went to the back plate, both were removing at same time & the front guy got his plate off & said ‘I got it let’s go’. ..The back guy just got his & is very nervous so he screws his plate back on (in a great hurry upside down) & they both laugh & leave, leaving the (mismatched plate that they stole from somewhere else) on the ground that Jodi thought was hers (because her front plate was not attached) & picked it up & threw in the car. …This is not proof that she is telling the truth but NO PROSECUTOR can prove she lied. …Of course they were switching/trading off plates, that means they were stealing, not playing games. …….Prosecutor accusation story BUSTED !!! …..

        • I remember this from seeing the trial last year and saw mention of the front plate not matching again when viewing parts of the trial this year. Trying to remember whose testimony it was…I do know that Jodi said she put the front plate on the floor of the car. I don’t think SHE ever realized that they didn’t match, but it was probably pointed out to her when she returned the car.

          I just watched the testimony of the Utah police officer. JM asks him if front plates are required in UT and the officer says yes, but JM does not ask him anything at all about whether or not Jodi’s rental had a front plate or where it was at the time. KN does not ask about a front plate either, but he does ask him if there was any other reason that the officer pulled her over. The officer says nothing about missing a front plate.

          Then I watched the testimony of the car rental fellow. Neither attorney asks him about license plates until JM gets a second crack at him. He asks whether or not CA requires a front and rear plate. The rental fellow answers that yes, both are required in CA.

          • If it wasn’t the rental car guy or the Utah cop, I don’t know who it would be.

            Could it have been another one of those things that Martinez talked about as evidence without ever having offered actual testimony? I remember when he was crossing Jodi about the plates, there was innuendo about her picking up that front plate and didn’t she compare it to the back plate, etc.

            • I don’t remember anything about licence plates not matching. Wouldn’t the defense (or even Jodi herself) harp on that if there was evidence or testimony? It would prove the skaters’ story once and for all.

              • Maria, one of the curious things about the plate mix-up is that the front plate (or what was thought to be the front plate) gets put into the front passenger side of the car in Pasadena – and it is only after a few more days that the rear plate becomes an issue for Jodi. So I think that’s why the fact of them not matching became blurred in court – because of the passage of time – and especially since the UT officer wasn’t asked about that front plate. The jurors could have had a crack at asking the officer about the front plate but either they demurred because they didn’t want to embarrass him, or their questions weren’t allowed for some reason – possibly because it hadn’t come up in his testimony with either lawyer? IDK.

            • Journee, you asked,

              “Could it have been another one of those things that Martinez talked about as evidence without ever having offered actual testimony?”


              This time around, when the plates not matching came up during trial viewing, (this was many weeks ago now), I thought, “there it is again”…..but it was not only JM or anybody freelancing on HLN, lol, who introduced this. (Doesn’t seem to help the state’s case anyhow if they don’t match.)

              Thinking it was LE, but now have to figure out if it was EF or the northern CA investigator who assisted in presenting the receipt evidence at the beginning of the trial. (Thought it odd, btw, that he testified about the UT receipts since it was my impression that he was a CA State LE man, but I’m not a lawyer so I don’t know the rules of evidence!) Another possibility is that it was one of the other Mesa officers who may have investigated the condition the car was in upon its return to Redding. I will also check out Jodi’s testimony about returning the car.

              It is interesting, WLOPEZ4JAA, that only the rear plate is required in AZ.

              • I think the receipts came in through the Yreka cop because they were confiscated in the search of the grandparent’s house. I felt sorry for the guy, LOL, he conducts a search in podunk California and gets stuck on the witness stand in the circus of the century indulging the weird little prosecutor’s freaky receipt obsession.

                If it was Flores, good luck finding it – he was on the stand so many times I started thinking he was George Anthony.

                • Journee, speaking of receipts being kept, it makes sense that she paid cash and/or hadn’t planned to keep the receipts for the AZ leg of the trip once she started in that direction. TA was not in her group and it was a social visit. She told Nurmi in court on redirect that she got gas at two stations on the way to AZ along the 10 – but those receipts were never shown in court. OTOH the UT segment included the business meeting.

                  About EF being on the stand so many times, ugh! – thinking the same thing. With that in mind, going to start with Mr. No. CA investigator.

  10. Hello everyone,
    The licenses plates matched. Had they not I think KN would of been all over that. IMO I think Mr. Nurmi did the minimal work on Jodi’s case possibly out of spite. He wanted to be in private practice and could not get out of the case. This is just my personal opinion but he came across as lazy.
    To me, when certain facts or statements came out on stand, he would take note of it/them then come back, to it/them, after checking it, at times days later….
    Mark Garagos called his client, Scott Peterson, a CAD (he said more but I cannot remember exact words) and look where he ended up. I do not believe Mr. Nurmi”s “9 days out of 10” comment helped.

    • IMO, when it comes down to it, Nurmi just isn’t a ‘trial lawyer’.

      I don’t recall whether it was our sorely missed Al, or our woefully missed Also Abused, who said that the vast majority of the work done by lawyers in the public defenders office is negotiating plea agreements. And that is also true of the work in his chosen specialty, sex offenses – the vast majority of those cases are pled out.

      So Nurmi is a paperwork guy, that’s his wheel house. And we have to give him some credit for staying on top of that.

      • Aww, Al and AA….. Let me take the chance and ask old posters who may happen to still read here to PLEASE come back. You are certainly missed, you were part of our extended Jodi family and your contribution was invaluable. This site is still a safe site.

        Also,I remember the times I’d jump on anyone’s throat if they said or implied that Jodi’s lawyers were doing a lousy job, LOL! I guess I was naive. In retrospect, I see that Jennifer did a very good job (given the financial restraints and the circumstances) and Nurmi did a rather sloppy one; not tragically awful but not good either.

        • C’mon, Maria — just a *little* pat on the back for the big guy? Because the man HAS quite diligently laid out an astounding paper trail of appellate issues.

          • I really don’t think Nurmi missed a thing, although his downheartedness about the state’s machinations was sorely evident throughout the soap opera trial.

          • Hmmm… oh well! Maybe a pat on the shoulder about *that*. And a couple of things more. But that’s about it. 🙂

            (I love your use of * in order to stress words, it’s so much better than caps! )

        • The license plate # on the car rental papers was 60GV099. Three #’s work just fine upside down, and even the “V” could possibly have been taken for an “A” at a glance at night…but the “G”, well, that’s probably what jumped out to the UT officer. In AZ apparently only a rear plate is required – another reason why she wasn’t pulled over for plates there.

          Still searching for the two different I.D.s evidence – it wasn’t in Nathan’s (No. CA detective) testimony so now on to the dreaded EF testimony…perhaps there was mention of two different plates by Jodi under cross, (hoping to avoid the grilling, though).

          Happy first Sunday of Spring, everyone!

          • In states where front tags are required, IME the lack of one doesn’t usually get you pulled over – first because there’s the presumption it might be an out of state car, second because the cop is only likely to see that on a car moving the opposite direction. If a cop spots an oncoming car missing the front tag, he’ll probably -as they pass- check his rearview to make sure there’s a back tag. If there’s no tag at all, then he might go to the trouble of turning around and hitting the lights/siren. Otherwise, probably not, even if the rear tag is ‘local’.

            • It was interesting to see Nurmi try to pin down the UT officer on which directions both cars (his and Jodi’s) were traveling when he pulled her over. Patrolman said it was a major highway, with three lanes in each direction and a center safely lane, so he couldn’t remember (five years later). No paperwork or diagrams on the stop were shown.

          • That is interesting ((whichtrial?)), about you knowing the license plate # on the car rental papers. Well, if that is known & documented & surely Jodi must have turned in the rental car soon as she could. ..And I assume she must have left the mismatched license plate on the floor of the car. .. Now, if the rental agent was so meticulous to document or remember exactly about the (possible) stain & the missing floor mats (which probably cost about $5 each) of that economy (cheap) car. ..And all that BS about why would anyone not want a red car?? ..Surely he must have kept a record of the mismatched license plate #, or even the actual license plate itself (where is that plate now)???. ..He would do this in order to document his expenses to his company to show why the company has to spend $$$, to replace a missing license plate with a new set of plates. ..That would surely cost more than $10. ..Now if he did document this license # of the mysterious plate, what if the police put that info into their report & it is there, somewhere, with evidence that does not help the prosecution case. ..In other words where evidence sort of (not gets lost) but is diminished in importance. ..If that plate # can be produced, I think it would be possible to trace (and interview) it’s last owner & find out if that mysterious plate could have ever been in the vicinity of where Jodi traveled (until just minutes before she found it on the ground of the parking lot), or was it stolen many miles from where Jodi traveled. ..I think all is needed is one example that the prosecutor snookered the jury on (one point at a time). .. You know, the nose of the camel under the tent & he is in the tent !! …God Bless Jodi. …

            • WLOPEZ4JAA,

              Haven’t found the bit in the trial about the mismatch yet. When the prosecutor asked the rental man if CA required two plates, and he got a response in the affirmative, that was it. He had no further questions.

              • Thanks for the reply whichtrial? …It is so suspicious that two different plates #’s, might not even be from the same state. ..& two different kinds of ammunition connected with this case. …I say two different guns, the stolen gun from grandpa & the other gun belonged to Travis. ..I say from the approximate millions of .25 ACP manufactured since its invention in 1908 to 2008. ..Also, changing opinions (favoring the prosecution) of which came first, the accidental (defensive shot) or the knife. ..This & other things all to the benefit of the prosecution can only be permitted if there is a bobble head judge, in my humble opinion. ….

                • Two .25 ACP guns, the one that somebody took from grandpa, (not Jodi), & the other gun with totally different ammunition that she knew was on the shelf that belonged to Travis.

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