Martinez faces formal misconduct complaint from Arizona Bar

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From AZ, 3/5/2019:

Jodi Arias prosecutor Juan Martinez faces legal issues once again.

The State Bar of Arizona filed a formal misconduct complaint against the deputy Maricopa County attorney Tuesday, including numerous allegations from women in the County Attorney’s Office that he sexually harassed them.

According to court documents, the complaint concerns Martinez’s actions during and surrounding Arias’ murder trial.

The complaint alleges Martinez had flirtatious or sexual relationships with a blogger during the Arias trial, and tried to get her to get information about jurors or leak confidential case information to him.

A court reporter for Maricopa County Superior Court also accused the prosecutor of making inappropriate comments about her, according to court documents.

juan martinez jen wood trial affair ethics complaint

Actions during Arias trial:

According to court records, confidential information was leaked to the media during the trial.

Documents allege Martinez had sexual relationships with a blogger and asked her to seek information from the jury. He told the blogger that if anyone found out he would be disbarred, according to records.

Also, he is accused of talking to jury members directly about how other members viewed the case. Documents state he had a sexual relationship with a juror that included her sending unsolicited nude photographs.

Court records accused Martinez of lying during his deposition about his relationship with the blogger and his communication with the juror.

Allegations of sexual harassment:

A court reporter with Maricopa County Superior Court claimed she was warned by a supervisor that certain people, including Martinez, were flirtatious and that she should avoid them, according to court records.

During hearings for the Arias case, she claims, Martinez stared at her and commented on her appearance. She said he would make inappropriate comments.

Martinez is also accused of making comments toward coworkers at the County Attorney’s Office. The office investigated the prosecutor in December 2017 and interviewed 30 employees, according to court records.

“The allegations included making inappropriate comments, primarily to law clerks, which were of a sexual nature, engaging in unwanted touching and making persistent unwelcome invitations to go to lunch or on a date,” court documents stated.

According to records, Martinez took a law clerk to lunch and asked if she had a boyfriend. He made a comment about “putting a hit on the boyfriend” in order to have her to himself. The clerk claimed she felt he was looking at her “like he was taking her clothes off with his eyes,” which made her hide in the bathroom at work to avoid him.

Another clerk claims Martinez told her “he wanted to climb her like a statue, or words to that effect,” according to court records. The documents stated the prosecutor invited her to Las Vegas and said he could guess the color of her underwear…….

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  1. Here is a synopsis of the charges against Martinez:

    * Dissemination of Confidential Information

    On March 3, 2015, during jury deliberations in the penalty phase, the judge confidentially informed both sides that the jury was at an impasse and the one holdout was Juror 17. At the end of that day, Martinez filed a motion to have Juror 17 struck from the jury and informed his secret lover, Jen Wood (a blogger holding herself out as a journalist) that he had investigators and others looking at Juror 17’s social media in an attempt to locate information that might disqualify her from continuing to deliberate. Martinez provided his paramour with Juror 17’s name who then looked up Juror 17’s Facebook page. Martinez also told her that if anyone found out that he had provided her with information he would be disbarred. Ms. Wood also passed information on to a media friend and at the end of the trial Juror 17’s identity and picture were posted in the media (which ultimately resulted in her receiving police protection).

    * Inappropriate Communications with Released Juror

    On December 2, 2014, during the second penalty phase trial, Juror 3 was dismissed. Following that, Juror 3 began communications with Martinez via text messages and phone calls. During discussions, Martinez stated “you can’t get in trouble, but I can get in trouble” and “just don’t use names” or words to that effect. Communications also included Juror 3’s interest in beginning a sexual relationship with Martinez and sexted unsolicited nude photos of herself. She also provided her impression of how two jurors might be leaning. Martinez also asked “how do you feel about…” or “how do you think they’re feeling” in an attempt to determine how specific jurors might view evidence. Martinez did not report any of these communicates to the Court or opposing counsel.

    * Martinez’s False Deposition Testimony before the State Bar

    During his deposition before the State Bar, Martinez provided the following false testimony that he knew was false: He denied ever engaging in a sexual relationship with Ms. Wood. He denied Ms. Wood had ever been to his house. He denied providing Ms. Wood with information regarding Juror 17. He lied about the number of times he communicated with Juror 3, who initiated the communication and how long the communication lasted.

    * Unprofessional Conduct at the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office

    In or around December 2017, approximately 30 MCAO employees were interviewed. The following issues were revealed:

    In 2015 Martinez took a female law clerk to lunch on several occasions during which he asked if she had a boyfriend. When she said she did, Martinez made a comment about putting a hit on her boyfriend so that he could have her all to himself. He also stared at her in ways that made her feel he was undressing her with his eyes. Thereafter she began hiding in the bathroom at work when she heard his voice.

    Also in 2015, Martinez told another law clerk that he wanted to climb her like a statue, or words to that effect, invited her to join him in Vegas and told her he could guess the color of her underwear. Afterwards she joined the first law clerk in the bathroom.

    Yet another law clerk stated that Martinez stared at her to the point she also felt he was undressing her with his eyes.

    In 2014, an additional law clerk grew so uncomfortable with Martinez’s unprofessional comments that she was also a bathroom hide-away.

    Between 2016 and 2017 yet another law clerk found Martinez frequently invading her personal space as well as looking at female employees’ chests and blatantly looking them up and down as they walked away resulting in law clerks, not using the bathroom but ducking into cubicles and engaging in busy work to avoid him.

    Numerous law clerks said Martinez invaded their personal space and touched them inappropriately, one stating that he looked her up and down, stared at her chest and looked down her shirt.

    Martinez also asked another clerk, whom he knew was married, out on a date, telling her to leave her husband for him.

    Martinez’s unprofessional conduct was so prevalent that some of the female employees created a “JM shit list”, an unwritten list of his unprofessional conduct with female employees.

    The female employees did not report his conduct as most of them believed he was in a position of power and were afraid of potential negative consequences.

  2. Wow just Wow….what a predator…..I wonder how long this guy has been hitting on women at work. I guess Jen Wood will and juror 3 will be under the microscope as these complaints wind their way through the process. The most horrible part is what happened to juror 17. It could have cost her her life. Surely this will have an impact on Jodi’s case. Procedural sabotage.

  3. Karma’s calling you big shot scum bag. To many women were scorned. If you think you can fight this with more of your lies think again.







  5. My next question is… Is this some kind of record for complaints against one single prosecutor? I would bet JM has to be in the top three for total complaints against him. Alan even mentions that he literally admitted to somebody that he would likely be disbarred if all of this came out. too bad that conversation isn’t on tape!!!

  6. Some good history in that Kiefer article. Kind of clarifies some of the efforts to protect Martinez as well as Bill Montgomery’s lack of experience….5 years non contiguous time as a prosecutor.. what a swamp in the Arizona justice department! Hope he doesn’t get to the Supreme Court.

  7. When you watch the last 2 trial days prior to the final sentencing, which I did today, especially the pathetic, ignorant and self-righteous statement from the Alexander family you get an urge to vomit. Not even starting with the patheitc Martinez stunts again, enough has been said about that, just the family and their disgusting statements alone.
    You really wonder what person they are even talking about when they speak about Travis, also Travis himself (quoted by his stupid brother) when he so full fo himself like noone else I know talks about himself in a “grandeur” way like he is some nobel prize holder (one who actually deserves it as opposed to many who got one lol) or has ever anything of value contributed to society while he was in reality the most pathetic kind of human being you can think of with no commitment but to himself only and with an extremely primitive and self-serving job where no hard skills and/or any knowledge and education are needed, not even starting with the very scam nature of it.
    One of his overly dramatic and in my eyes artificially histerically crying sisters (at least very self-righteous and ignorant about their brother) said he wanted so badly to have a family like herself- BUT in fact he was not even able to commit to anyone other except for his own egoistic short term reasons, not to ANYONE, not only Jodi.
    A scumbag from head to feet in my eays, in- and outside, no loss for mankind – so about what virtual Travis they are even talking about in their statements to the court? Nothing they have said stands the reality check of this pathetic dude.
    I could go on with more examples from their intellect – offending statements, well, where shoud it come from, they are all more or less uneducated dipshits as well afaik, with criminal history in addition, but I lack the time and wish everybody a nice weekend.

  8. I just can’t help myself – I want to jump Martinez right in the face with a sophisticated martial arts kick when I watch trial footoge, not for one single reason and because I find his general attitude and job to send people off to die DISGUSTING per defintion and to no end.
    It’s the endless list of misconduct, dirty tricks and whatnot else, also the arrogance and total disrespct for anyone (example: how he pronouces “fog” in a saracastic way ALL the time without the judge doing anything about it and this is jsut one example).
    How he makes fun of Jodi’s memory in an arrogant way as well .
    I pretty sure I couldn’t have hold myself back to fire the same arrogance and rhetoric ion him back when I was in Jodi’s shoes. That would have certainly not helped my case but my self-respect. You can’t allow anyone to treat you like that.
    The onyl highlight regarding this was when the domestic violance expert LaViolette made fun fo him in open court. He should have experienced the same backfire and rhetoric all the time and from everyone in the court room imho. In every single conversation with him. That would have been approprioate.
    But this tiny asshole and pseudo man with an enormous inferior complex was let loose by this incompetent and obviously biased or even corrupt judge. Disgusitng how corrupt that “justice” system is there…

  9. I share your passion, Frank. Fortunately, Jodi has two terrific lawyers who have been doing their best to punish Martinez for his awful conduct. They are working on a new bar complaint against him as we speak. What we can all do to help is to save or earn as much money as possible to pay these new legal costs. The old ones are all paid now.

  10. Jodi’s Twitter account said that her legal mail was illegally opened for the 3rd time by the Arizona Dept. of corrections.

    • Which Twitter account? I know of 2. One was recently locked/disabled by Twitter due to some violation (I thought that one was the genuine/current one since her sister was following there as well).
      And there is this other one which I think she used during the trial via an Ex Cell mate (this woman who actually looks almost like a guy – saw her in some interview with a weird theory about of some third person there during the incident). But the lattewr one is hidden and my follwo request is pending sice December so I think not maintained anymore.
      Is there a third and current one?

      • That’s the one. She locked that account but that is Jodi’s account even though she doesn’t tweet. She has someone tweet for her.

        • Ok thank you, they won’t accept follow requests though, since 4 months now. My request is pending since. And of course I can’t see any Tweets since this account was obviously switched to private mode.

          Was the women who tweets for her, or at least did so during the trial, named Donovan or something? I think that was her name or nickname although I could be wrong, but the name was at least similar I believe. She was called an Ex cell mate of Jodi I think.

          I saw this interview with her I’ve mentioned above about an out of the blue theory about a second male person at the”crime” scene and the TV talking heads said something about her being also the one maintaining the Tweet account of Jodi but as usual, these TV talking heads could be full of shit. 🙂

          But anyway, do you know why they don’t accept follow requests?
          My Twitter account is hyperlinked with my name when I post here. I only use it mainly for my Twitch Streaming efforts and didn’t use it for years before although I had it for years since the level of communication and intellect on Twitter is usually so shallow, meaningless and low as it gets (as opposed to Facebook for instance where intelligent discussions are possible and exist.) – I mean there is not much you can say that has any substance or intelligence in it in 140 characters. 🙂 But it’s ok to connect to a fanbase or also to fellow streamers in my case.
          Well, is here anyone who has the connections to make Jodi’s Twitter page to accept my request? 🙂

  11. Did Jodi say what the AZ Dept of Corrections gave as a reason for the opening of her legal mail?
    Hey JD, How are things? You mentioned Jodi’s twitter feed. I had been curious if anybody on this site knew what she was tweeting after she locked her account.

    • Not me because what I heard was the story about this “Donovan” mentioned above running the page in behalf of Jodi and that they are not friends anymore. At least this Donovan was not talking very well about Jodi in the above mentioned interview. /shrug

    • Hey Lance and Frank, Jodi’s Twitter account isn’t any different than it was before it was locked. Her artwork, what she’s been reading and any updates on her appeals or case against Martinez and Nurmi. That’s about it. Not too many tweets from her account.

      • Please tap the girl or guy running it for her on his fingers to accept my friggin’ follow request which is pending since December 🙂 (@DoubleUDude on Twitter and most other socials)

        Thank you, would be nice 🙂

  12. I think I need to explain myself why I post again more frequently here. 🙂
    I’ve started to watch the penalty retrial on YT despite its absolutely horrible video and audio quality (oftentimes you can only understand the witness OR the counsel due to bad mic/cam positioning). It’s hard to understand all the time but at least possible.
    And which idiot recorded it in 4:3 anyway? Looks horrrible on my TV or other devices.
    That’s the whole secret. I sometimes need to vent off some of that outragous stuff I see there and discuss it, mostly regarding the impudent and inacceptable misconduct of the lil “wannabe man” frog. 🙂

    I think I’ve already mentioned here that I’m an IT professinal/mathematician/network engineer/etc. and what really got me dring day 8 or 9 of the retrial was the absolute incompetence (might be intentional though but I doubt it, he doesn’t look too bright) of the Mesa computer forensic clown Melendez, and maybe Dworkin too but nmot surte about the latter. He might just have gotten an incomplete clone, or made one on his own which would be outstanding incompetent again.
    I sure could make such comouter forensics myself being a lifelong IT nerd, probably better than some licensed so-called computer forensic experts…
    I mean which “expert” uses a one-click idiot tool like Dworkin did (n-case) to REALLY examine the contents of a storage drive thoroughly? Nobody of real expertise does that.
    Not even starting with shutting down and rebooting the computer, or even doing a hard shutdown…lol, that’s so absolute ridiculous and outstanding incompetent.
    In fact a board member of a big bank in Frankfurt already got into trouble because of my expertise when I was asked to examine his notebook since it attracted some attention because of a sky high telephone bill (that is a while ago when dial-up connections were still around). Same case here, he watched tons of porn during work, like Travis did, and didn’t realize his machine was full of malware, backdoors and whatnot lese. A serious issue for a bank, not really the bill and the attitude of that guy but moreso the massive security issue that came with it.
    Well, the first thing I thought when I heard Jodi’s testimony in the first trial about when they tried to watch the picture CDs on 06/04/08 and shortly before he kind of raped her, and that moron Travis freaked out because it didn’t work, was this “well yes dude, you state of the art idiot have tons of porn malware on your notebook, wherelse would it come from?!” It has always been that part of the internet that attracted the most hits so it’s THE preferred distribution platform for malware in addition to using illegally aquired mailing lists.
    The massive amount of malware is already a sure bet for porn site vitits without even looking into one single file or registry entry etc….

    Well, Neueister ist just brilliant, as well as the psychologist Lady named ForencSomething (forgot the exact name).
    Both finally treat Martinez the way he should be treated all the time, especially the psych lady, she is just awesome. Shuts this clown down and puts him into his place as often as possible. That tells how weak the former witnesses were, even LaViolette.
    It also tells what I have always suspected, that Martinez is not the brightest candle on the cake (as well as Alexander but that’s another topic – but he was even too stupid tu USE a computer an the very basic level and was an uneducated and shallow clown anyway).
    It’s funny to see how the wall of being rude, impudent and not allowing complete but only simple-minded yes/no answers to stupid and shallow questions and interrupting all the time (because he can’t handle complete answers intellectually as you can see especially during the psychologist’s testimony) falls apart when the Psychologist backfires and just won’t stop giving complete answers and asking the judge to allow it if he won’t stop interrupting her and with his all-around impudent demeanor…
    There is not much to this guy other than being rude, again, for sure not the brightest candle on the cake as some people ignorantly think he is, especially he himself lol, he’s just rude and impudent, and lacking any moral, integrity and decency.
    Treated appropriately he intellectually falls apart like the tiny lil bitch he is.
    All that compinded with an enormous inferior complex/small man syndrome. What a patheitc existance this guy is.
    Also funny how he is too stupid to understand that he has already a clone of that drive, the same clone, even also the original of what Neumeiter examined, for 6 years already! He talks about stuff (IT) he has not the slightest understanding about.
    Some time in the first trial he also kept referring to the memory cards in the cameras as “SIM cards” – what a joke and idiot this man is. I laughed my ass of back then because it was not a one time misspell but a lack of even basic knowledge and he made that mistake over and over – yet, he keeps talking about stuff he doesn’t even remotely understand intellectually. Wow…
    Apropos “referring to”…one thing of many I definitely would have said to him while I would have been on the stand is this:
    “Mr. Martinez, while we have the great pleasure to have several psychologists around us here we definitely should take the opportunity to ask them what it tells about a person when he almost non-stopo refers to himself in 3rd person as “the prosecutor” – now that would be telling, wouldn’t it be? 🙂
    LOL, his reaction would be priceless I bet and I had more to reply.

    To make a long story short (too late I know lol), these two witnesses are awesome. I especially love how the lady handles this disgusting asshole. My deepest sympathy for them. They don’t let Martinez play his primitive and easy to understand games.

    Have a nice Sunday all, off for Mountain Biking

  13. As everybody knows I guess, in her interview with Fox 10 after the verdict in 2013, Jodi spoke about a malfunctioning/damaged external USB-HD where photos with abuse marks were possibly stored.
    Neumeister, in his testimony in 2014, mentioned 2 external drives from Jodi, a damaged drive and in addition the probably by the state degaussed one (zeroed out one). He says he never even touched the damaged one because it had a sticker “bad drive” on it or something like that. And the other one was zeroed out.

    1. Is the damaged drive the same drive Jodi mentioned in 2013 with possible important photos on it??

    2. Why was it not recovered in a recovery lab?
    It’s not like a damaged drive has no data on it anymore in most cases, even moreso because the most likely reason for a failure is the r/w head being damaged/too old and not the discs where the data is on. And even if some of the discs are damaged as well, partly, there is still recoverable data on it. It’s not cheap to consult a recovery lab but also not that expensve, especially given the whole trial budget.
    Why did Neumeister not touch it at all and why did Jodi’s attorneys not take this drive to a recovery lab (or Neumeister himself)?
    That seems to be a big failure to me and probably it’s important for a possible retrial.

    On a side note, the state’s/prosecutional misconduct and blatant lying during the computer files hearings (why are these just hearings without jury btw? – does Newmeister later do testimony with a present jury as well?) for me as an IT expert is outrageous, even more than usually in the rest of the trial regarding all other topics.
    I lol’d hard when Newmeister suddenly said “Wow” after being asked one more of the countless list of Martinez’ OUTSTANDING retarded and clueless questions in absolute disbelief what a fucking stupid idiot and blatant lier Martinez is, with niot even traces of brain or even decency/integrity. Because I was like “wow” as well… 🙂

    The computer files hearings also tell what a fucking and uneducated state of the art moron Travis Alexander was, given the status quo of his Notebook. I mean a 5 year old (and I mean that literally despite the intended pun) could handle that better… An absolute cluesless fucktard. Just able to pull off the neanderthaler mechanics you need in multilevel marketing and hold some any substance lacking easy “speeches” in front of gullible and over and ovber brainwashed, often desperate people.. Afaik he even had basic grammar and similar problems, you know basic stuff you learn in the friigin’ elementary school, that’s why he needed Jodi for instance to edit his, well, let’s call it a “book”. 🙂 Any idiot wrrites a book nobody needs these days right?
    Fucking ridiculous, I sure want to see a retrial and Jodi go free and fucking get a few million dollors for years she was incarcerated unjustified.

    • Hi Frank,

      How have you? Regarding the pictures, Jodi mentioned that she had multiple pictures of herself and her sister Angela while they were at a Buddhist monastery up on the California/Oregon border. These pictures are obviously date-stamped. The reason that these pictures are important is that they absolutely prove that she was not in Yreka committing a burglary of her grandparents home. She arrives home much later while the police are still investigating the break-in. Keep in mind the fact that the Yreka police never considered her suspect in this burglary from the beginning. Apparently, these drives became corrupted somehow and the pictures were not able to be downloaded. The photo evidence would have eliminated the “Jodi robbed her grandparents house to steal the gun” theories quickly. I have asked myself if the defense had/has tried to recover these photos through forensic techniques.

      • I think you got something wrong here Lance. I’ve posted “liar!” to at least correct one of my typos above (again, I type VERY fast and rarely have the time to proof read) where I wrote lier instead. Not to imply the photos are a lie. .-)
        I know all this about the photos and their importance hence my whole posting above. That would be self-evident from the context and content of my posting I guess!? 🙂
        And btw, these photos are not only about visiting the buddhist monastery with her sister during the burglary but she also, as I have written above, mentioned in her 2013 after verdict Fox 10 interview that there MIGHT also be pics with abuse marks on it. She was not sure though.
        Never ever in this whole trial was a recovery lab mentioned which of course is able extract data from even the most damaged drives or other hardware. It’s just like this whole topic about damaged hardware, may it b be drives/cameras or whatever was dealt with the most ignorant attitude ever from all people involved, defense and prosecution/police/etc., like “this doesn’t work by sticking it into a computer, so that’s it”. That’s a major failure, absolutely.

  14. To lighten that up here a bit with some fun I was just tempted make and post a pic of me pulling the hair out of my head while I’ve just watched retrial day “12-11-14/2 of 4” where the Mesa police department “computer forensic expert” guy (LOOOOL) was interviewed by the mini frog Martinez.
    Instead I go with this pic here (that’s actually me btw) which as well shows my struggle and disbelief watching this affront to intellect and knowledge, and integrity for that matter:

    That guy from the MPD has no expertise and clue in IT whatsoever. He had a “2 week course in Florida about computer forensics” and hardware upgrades his own computers since 20 years, which means he can stick stuff into other stuff and knows how to use a power on switch lol which has no meaning whatsoever regarding computer forensics and no meaning in general, any idiot can do that. No in-depth data-layer, software, OS and other knowledge at all. I REALLY can’t believe such people are allowed to do that kind of work within the police in cases where people might lose their lifes or are going to be incarcarated for a long time.
    It’s like they have asked a random group of guys lined up in a row “Who wants to be the new computer forenmsic expert?” and the guy who didn’t make a step back out of the line was it…
    This is criminal in my eyes. This guy says the registry is the “control center” of the computer, is rather small and has basically no significant information of how the computer is used and whatnot other hi class nonsense he says, absolut ridiculus what he was allowed to say. Even about working drives that have no meaning at all while all the evidence is still on original clones and images of the original hardware. Except that even the first image of 2008 is kind of altered due to “IT Specialist” Flores waking the notebook up before the first image or clone was taken. But this, in case he or anyone did’t do anything else before the image was taken, does not do very much damage (mostly “just” the downloads and the corresponding installs a year later which overwrite some files and probably some unallocated space), and the porn and other evidence was still there anyway.
    But what Martinez tried here is just so dishonest, duisgusting and slimy, unbelievable. Talking about working drives while the original clones with all the evidence are still there is totally pointless. Maybe he is really too stupid to understand the difference since he tries this stunt after all, because when it is so obvious that this is pointless so why even try? I don’t get it.
    Also, it’s so any integrity lacking that the prosecution didn’t even have the decency to just admit there was porn (Searching for truth anyone? – not for this disgusting prosecutor ). Hell, I guess on most computers on this planet is some porn, AND for sure on this little immature and a whole life underfu… guy Travis (I mean what is wrong with someone who has the first “meaningful” sex that deserves at least remotely its name when hitting 30 lol?) there was porn as well. Maybe even child porn, I dunno.

    And btw, Martinez talking with this MPD “Expert” guy about IT and computer forensics is like Beavis and Butt-Head talking astrophysics…a real life satire within a serious case where someone actually fights for her very life. This is outrageous, and again, criminal in itself imho. How are such clueless people allowed to testify AT ALL, much less in a capital case? He is like a paramecium compared to Newmeister who really is an actual IT guy for quite some time as it appears and how he is talking about the matter with well-founded knowledge. And we know Martinez is a paramecium moral- and intellect wise anyway, don’t we?
    I mean, regarding the expertise of that MPD guy, if being asked by Martinez about his experience and expertise in IT the ONLY TWO things he could come up with is “building his own computers” since 20 years – again, this is just sticking stuff into other stuff and 100 % meaningless regarding computer forensics or general IT expertise. And that he mentioned it at all is already a joke but I guess just the 2 week course about Computer forensics would have appeared even more pititful lol. It’s outrageous, really, that is is allowed in court.
    It’s like inviting Homer Simpson to explain the general theory of relativity and actually taking it for granted. A pathetic, dishonest and desperate move from Martinez, out of many….

  15. Hi Frank,

    I stand corrected. I remember Jodi mentioning that the drives had not only the monastery visit pictures which would have totally altered the perception that Jodi planned the fight by bringing a weapon. The abuse pictures would indeed draw a direct line to Travis’ penchant for anger which is how this fight started in the first place. Obviously, we all agree that she should have made a police report which would then be evidence. The bigger question is how much these photos would help now?

    • If at all I guess in a possible retrial, since I think a retrial basically means “Place your bets, please!” (or liek get back to start in Monopoly hehe) and not “rien ne va plus” like now.

  16. The reason I say that is that one of the rules regarding retrials in this country is that no new evidence can be presented. Apparently, the photos on these drives would be deemed new evidence and would not be accepted. The only way the photos would likely help would be if they were sent to the media.

  17. Do you guys know what’s ironic? A disgusting pig like Dave Hall – and that is actually very offensive to pigs – talking on TV, I think it was Nancy DisGrace about if Jodi (or any woman for that matter from his point of view) is/was “marriage material” or not. Even him using this term at all is a joke lol.

    Aside from that, men who are looking for “marriage material” as opposed to which woman they like to f… are the most pathetic and weak kind of men you can even think of, and there are a LOT of them, they always disgust me. Pitiful, immature and insecure pseudo-men, not able to deal with a real woman with own not only sexual drive and opinions. That would also include Travis “Uneducated and superficial yet full of himself state of the art liar and hypocritical bigot” Alexander.
    As if you can’t have a wife and a “slut” in one person in case you are a real man.
    As much as I like Jodi, especially the way she speaks, and I sure support her getting a second chance after this biased disaster trial and circus, I have no fucking idea what the hell she ever saw in that pathetic guy surrounded by a football team of likewise pathetic friends and a disgusting and outstanding slimy scam business environment filled with more slimy people with no integrity and actual knowledge/education whatsoever, and that is true for character and looks. I mean this guy had NOTHING on her in both aspects, but looks aside, the character aspect alone is way enough, even if this guy was actually looking like a “Men’s Health Model” like he actually claimed on FB once, not realizing that he couldn’t be any further away from it, face and body wise.
    BTW, was it ever suggested aside from the idea that he might have been on steroids (his flabby undefined “Kevin James type of guy” outer appearance/body could be a strong indicator for that, even if he had muscles beneath his flabby body, but if these morons taking this stuff at all are too clueless how to exercise under these circumstances they end up looking spongy like Travis did) that he might have been on speed or coke?
    I mean from what I get from all I’ve seen so far and I’ve seen almost everything that is available on YT regarding this case in the last around 3,5 months – also during my 6 week snowboarding vacation in France. During leisure time I was watching another trial day instead of a movie or something, no kidding, I just couldn’t stop after I found out that in addition to the coicidentally watched documentation the whole trial was on YT, and I was really sucked into it for reasons I can’t explain at all, since I never ever did something like this before – is that aside from sleeping not much at all he also had a very very very unrealistic view of himself and about his “grandeur”, including his looks but even moreso and more important his character and abilities. Sadly Jodi supported this absurd idea about himself that had no backup in the real world whatsoever feeding him with unfounded compliments while he was actually as average as it gets in all possible aspects – btw, which real man asks for compliments all the time lol?.
    I mean he might have not consumed coffee and all the other stuff people are not supposed to consume in that obviously totally man made up (actually a real known con man) fraud religion Moronism (not a typo lol)/LDS (but after all he broke almost all other rules and well, you don’t sniff a line in public after all), that makes other religions even look somewhat sane if you read about its history and beliefs (omg!, that puts craziness on a whole new level even among other religions which are all already crazy, maybe except Buddhism) which I did already research about back in 2009 when I was friended with a mormon girl on Facebook, actually from Mesa (I really wonder if Jodi knows her – no idea how big the moron 🙂 community is there).
    But almost no sleep, yet always alert, a very unrealstic “king of the world” attitude, aggressive, selfish, etc. pp – what the hell does not hint to coke or speed?

    That’s really strange to me about this whole case, that she couldn’t let go. It’s like not being able to let go from a moldy piece of cheese with a smell that already tells you from 3 miles away “throw me into the trash can” and with a POS sign in signal red above it.

  18. The ACLU has filed an amicus curiae brief supporting the Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice bar complaint against Martinez.

      • “In their struggle to create a false narrative, they identify two prosecutors, one of whom has not worked here in years, and point to two cases that were originally prosecuted decades ago,” she told The Arizona Republic. “MCAO holds its prosecutors to the highest ethical standards. The allegation that MCAO has a ‘history of prosecutorial misconduct’ is misleading to our community as well as reckless and irresponsible.”

        Wow, the impudence and blatant lying is disgusting. I mean anybody with at least TRACES of ethical values or any moral standards at all (that would exclude any individual who supports this life unworthy asshole) could and still can see what a despicable sad excuse for a human being Martinez is/was.
        This here from the article I had posted above describes him pretty well, and also his fanbase/audience and what they are like, degenerated and umreasonble mob trash basically:

        “But many feel differently. Martinez has what Phoenix described as a “proclivity for salacious yarn-spinning and below-the-belt tactics.” Said one Phoenix lawyer, “He has a way of getting what he wants in the courtroom, and he is truly relentless. This is not necessarily a compliment.” Mel McDonald, a former judge and prosecutor and current defense attorney, was more explicit. “Juan is a victory-at-any-cost prosecutor driven by his own ego,” he stated. “He lies easily and he always overreaches, always plays to the mob mentality. … He doesn’t play clean, and he is far too devious for me to have any respect for him. He is dangerous.”

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