Martinez faces formal misconduct complaint from Arizona Bar

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From AZ, 3/5/2019:

Jodi Arias prosecutor Juan Martinez faces legal issues once again.

The State Bar of Arizona filed a formal misconduct complaint against the deputy Maricopa County attorney Tuesday, including numerous allegations from women in the County Attorney’s Office that he sexually harassed them.

According to court documents, the complaint concerns Martinez’s actions during and surrounding Arias’ murder trial.

The complaint alleges Martinez had flirtatious or sexual relationships with a blogger during the Arias trial, and tried to get her to get information about jurors or leak confidential case information to him.

A court reporter for Maricopa County Superior Court also accused the prosecutor of making inappropriate comments about her, according to court documents.

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Actions during Arias trial:

According to court records, confidential information was leaked to the media during the trial.

Documents allege Martinez had sexual relationships with a blogger and asked her to seek information from the jury. He told the blogger that if anyone found out he would be disbarred, according to records.

Also, he is accused of talking to jury members directly about how other members viewed the case. Documents state he had a sexual relationship with a juror that included her sending unsolicited nude photographs.

Court records accused Martinez of lying during his deposition about his relationship with the blogger and his communication with the juror.

Allegations of sexual harassment:

A court reporter with Maricopa County Superior Court claimed she was warned by a supervisor that certain people, including Martinez, were flirtatious and that she should avoid them, according to court records.

During hearings for the Arias case, she claims, Martinez stared at her and commented on her appearance. She said he would make inappropriate comments.

Martinez is also accused of making comments toward coworkers at the County Attorney’s Office. The office investigated the prosecutor in December 2017 and interviewed 30 employees, according to court records.

“The allegations included making inappropriate comments, primarily to law clerks, which were of a sexual nature, engaging in unwanted touching and making persistent unwelcome invitations to go to lunch or on a date,” court documents stated.

According to records, Martinez took a law clerk to lunch and asked if she had a boyfriend. He made a comment about “putting a hit on the boyfriend” in order to have her to himself. The clerk claimed she felt he was looking at her “like he was taking her clothes off with his eyes,” which made her hide in the bathroom at work to avoid him.

Another clerk claims Martinez told her “he wanted to climb her like a statue, or words to that effect,” according to court records. The documents stated the prosecutor invited her to Las Vegas and said he could guess the color of her underwear…….

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  1. Here is a synopsis of the charges against Martinez:

    * Dissemination of Confidential Information

    On March 3, 2015, during jury deliberations in the penalty phase, the judge confidentially informed both sides that the jury was at an impasse and the one holdout was Juror 17. At the end of that day, Martinez filed a motion to have Juror 17 struck from the jury and informed his secret lover, Jen Wood (a blogger holding herself out as a journalist) that he had investigators and others looking at Juror 17’s social media in an attempt to locate information that might disqualify her from continuing to deliberate. Martinez provided his paramour with Juror 17’s name who then looked up Juror 17’s Facebook page. Martinez also told her that if anyone found out that he had provided her with information he would be disbarred. Ms. Wood also passed information on to a media friend and at the end of the trial Juror 17’s identity and picture were posted in the media (which ultimately resulted in her receiving police protection).

    * Inappropriate Communications with Released Juror

    On December 2, 2014, during the second penalty phase trial, Juror 3 was dismissed. Following that, Juror 3 began communications with Martinez via text messages and phone calls. During discussions, Martinez stated “you can’t get in trouble, but I can get in trouble” and “just don’t use names” or words to that effect. Communications also included Juror 3’s interest in beginning a sexual relationship with Martinez and sexted unsolicited nude photos of herself. She also provided her impression of how two jurors might be leaning. Martinez also asked “how do you feel about…” or “how do you think they’re feeling” in an attempt to determine how specific jurors might view evidence. Martinez did not report any of these communicates to the Court or opposing counsel.

    * Martinez’s False Deposition Testimony before the State Bar

    During his deposition before the State Bar, Martinez provided the following false testimony that he knew was false: He denied ever engaging in a sexual relationship with Ms. Wood. He denied Ms. Wood had ever been to his house. He denied providing Ms. Wood with information regarding Juror 17. He lied about the number of times he communicated with Juror 3, who initiated the communication and how long the communication lasted.

    * Unprofessional Conduct at the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office

    In or around December 2017, approximately 30 MCAO employees were interviewed. The following issues were revealed:

    In 2015 Martinez took a female law clerk to lunch on several occasions during which he asked if she had a boyfriend. When she said she did, Martinez made a comment about putting a hit on her boyfriend so that he could have her all to himself. He also stared at her in ways that made her feel he was undressing her with his eyes. Thereafter she began hiding in the bathroom at work when she heard his voice.

    Also in 2015, Martinez told another law clerk that he wanted to climb her like a statue, or words to that effect, invited her to join him in Vegas and told her he could guess the color of her underwear. Afterwards she joined the first law clerk in the bathroom.

    Yet another law clerk stated that Martinez stared at her to the point she also felt he was undressing her with his eyes.

    In 2014, an additional law clerk grew so uncomfortable with Martinez’s unprofessional comments that she was also a bathroom hide-away.

    Between 2016 and 2017 yet another law clerk found Martinez frequently invading her personal space as well as looking at female employees’ chests and blatantly looking them up and down as they walked away resulting in law clerks, not using the bathroom but ducking into cubicles and engaging in busy work to avoid him.

    Numerous law clerks said Martinez invaded their personal space and touched them inappropriately, one stating that he looked her up and down, stared at her chest and looked down her shirt.

    Martinez also asked another clerk, whom he knew was married, out on a date, telling her to leave her husband for him.

    Martinez’s unprofessional conduct was so prevalent that some of the female employees created a “JM shit list”, an unwritten list of his unprofessional conduct with female employees.

    The female employees did not report his conduct as most of them believed he was in a position of power and were afraid of potential negative consequences.

  2. Wow just Wow….what a predator…..I wonder how long this guy has been hitting on women at work. I guess Jen Wood will and juror 3 will be under the microscope as these complaints wind their way through the process. The most horrible part is what happened to juror 17. It could have cost her her life. Surely this will have an impact on Jodi’s case. Procedural sabotage.

  3. Karma’s calling you big shot scum bag. To many women were scorned. If you think you can fight this with more of your lies think again.







  5. My next question is… Is this some kind of record for complaints against one single prosecutor? I would bet JM has to be in the top three for total complaints against him. Alan even mentions that he literally admitted to somebody that he would likely be disbarred if all of this came out. too bad that conversation isn’t on tape!!!

  6. Some good history in that Kiefer article. Kind of clarifies some of the efforts to protect Martinez as well as Bill Montgomery’s lack of experience….5 years non contiguous time as a prosecutor.. what a swamp in the Arizona justice department! Hope he doesn’t get to the Supreme Court.

  7. When you watch the last 2 trial days prior to the final sentencing, which I did today, especially the pathetic, ignorant and self-righteous statement from the Alexander family you get an urge to vomit. Not even starting with the patheitc Martinez stunts again, enough has been said about that, just the family and their disgusting statements alone.
    You really wonder what person they are even talking about when they speak about Travis, also Travis himself (quoted by his stupid brother) when he so full fo himself like noone else I know talks about himself in a “grandeur” way like he is some nobel prize holder (one who actually deserves it as opposed to many who got one lol) or has ever anything of value contributed to society while he was in reality the most pathetic kind of human being you can think of with no commitment but to himself only and with an extremely primitive and self-serving job where no hard skills and/or any knowledge and education are needed, not even starting with the very scam nature of it.
    One of his overly dramatic and in my eyes artificially histerically crying sisters (at least very self-righteous and ignorant about their brother) said he wanted so badly to have a family like herself- BUT in fact he was not even able to commit to anyone other except for his own egoistic short term reasons, not to ANYONE, not only Jodi.
    A scumbag from head to feet in my eays, in- and outside, no loss for mankind – so about what virtual Travis they are even talking about in their statements to the court? Nothing they have said stands the reality check of this pathetic dude.
    I could go on with more examples from their intellect – offending statements, well, where shoud it come from, they are all more or less uneducated dipshits as well afaik, with criminal history in addition, but I lack the time and wish everybody a nice weekend.

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