MDLR’s Cease & Desist notice to Christine Beswick at The Examiner

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Check out the Cease & Desist notice below. It’s from Maria De La Rosa (Jodi’s Capital Mitigation Specialist) to Christine Beswick at The Examiner Newspaper — in lieu of their recently published defamatory statements:

Law Office of Marci A Kratter
2601 N 16Th St
, AZ – Maricopa County
(602) 528-0882


January 7, 2015

Ms. Christine Beswick
The Examiner Newspaper

Dear Ms. Beswick

This law firm represents Maria De La Rosa. If you are represented by legal counsel, please direct this letter to your attorney immediately and have your attorney notify us of such representation.

You are hereby directed to


Maria De La Rosa is an educated, respected professional in the community. She has spent years serving the community in her profession and building a positive reputation. Maria De La Rosa has learned that you have engaged in spreading false, destructive, and defamatory rumors about her.

Under Arizona law, it is unlawful to engage in defamation of another’s character and reputation.  Defamation consists of

(1)  a statement that tends to injure reputation;
(2) communicated to another; and
(3) that the speaker knew or should have known was false.

Your defamatory statements involved: You have published on several articles that Ms. De La Rosa has smuggled contraband from the jail. You have further published that Ms. De La Rosa is handling Ms. Arias’ financial affairs. You have further alleged that my client has committed criminal acts on behave of her client Ms. Arias. Finally, you have used her picture without her permission to obtain financial gain.

Accordingly, we demand that you (A) immediately cease and desist your unlawful defamation of Maria de La Rosa and (B) provide us with prompt written assurance within ten (10) days that you will cease and desist from further defamation of Maria De La Rosa’s character and reputation.

If you do not comply with this cease and desist demand within this time period, Maria De La Rosa is entitled to seek monetary damages and equitable relief for your defamation. In the event you fail to meet this demand, please be advised that Maria de La Rosa has asked us to communicate to you that she will pursue all available legal remedies, including seeking monetary damages, injunctive relief, and an order that you pay court costs and attorney’s fees.  Your liability and exposure under such legal action could be considerable.

Before taking these steps, however, my client wished to give you one opportunity to discontinue your illegal conduct by complying with this demand within ten (10) days.  Accordingly, please sign and return the attached Defamation Settlement Agreement within ten (10) days to

Marci Kratter
2601 N 16th St.
Phoenix, AZ 85006

I recommend that you consult with an attorney regarding this matter.  If you or your attorney have any questions, please contact me directly.

Marci Kratter

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

In the meantime…


Never question it.

Never doubt it.

Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

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  1. I’m glad Ms De La Rosa took action.

    I had read a few articles written by Ms Beswick and found them utterly misleading. Her lack of professionalism combined with malicious statements and what struck as sheer gossip proved that she was into yellow journalism. Fame and glory come from hard work; not by defamation of individuals.

    Everything I read was taken with a grain of salt.

    I don’t know Ms Beswick personally nor do I know her ‘work’ in total. It would be a shame for her to end up as just another gossip column writer. Maybe this is her opportunity to pause and ponder on her future articles.

    We are in dire need of unbiased journalists. Petty slanderers are kitsch and not respected. They fade away the moment someone with juicier gossip comes along.

    Rasna Admin

    • Way to go Maria De La Rosa. It is time some of these unscrupulous writer/media types were taken to task. I don’t understand how they think they can go around doing this dirt to anyone they wish. When it hits them or their employer in the pocket, then, and only then, will they stop this nonsense.

    • It was about time Maria DeLa Rosa took legal action against that vile thing with a pen in hands, for I cannot call her a reporter. Chrsitine Beswick’s “articles” were just a pile of shit, a pile of Facebook gossip and drama, screenshots her friends would provide and just regurgitated rumors – AGAIN, taken from Facebook which we all know is a reliable source. NOT!

      Way to go, Maria!!!!!

      In ya face, Christine!

      Let this C &D letter serve as an example and a reminder to whoever thrives on calumniating others 😉

  2. More power to Maria!
    Let’s hope others with follow suite.
    An out of control media whether print, television or internet.

    For some reason there is an increased effort out there to thwart anyone’s effort to help Jodi Arias.
    Could it be that the very ones who succeeded in their efforts to get a guilty verdict are now seeing that this desired but wrong verdict may be slipping away from them?

  3. Just about anybody can write for this online publication. I believe they pay based not by the word like true writers or reporters but by the number of hits to the site.

    • That is absolutely correct! You get an A+
      No one should ‘click’ to read the article it puts money in her pocket!

  4. Good for Maria! Christine is just another fame whore pandering to the lowest common denominator, and yes, she gets paid for hits to her “blog”..

    Trouble is, this hag perpetuates all the lies in this case.

  5. I’m constantly reviewing and pounding the trail with fierce determination to not only discredit the prosecution hoax, I want to DESTROY it. To make it simple enough for anyone with a functioning brain to understand it.

    When you’re dealing with gossip-mongers who are convinced there was a bloody handprint or a hand print in blood, you’re trying to educate simpletons who wallow in the HLN gutter. When the Lifetime Movie Channel can air the Jodi Arias Story having the temerity to promote it as “Based on a True Story,” and then butcher the truth as it did, you have a filthy trash network that doesn’t have any more credibility than a media version of Pravda.

    Why…oh why…oh why…oh why, didn’t Nurmi and Willmott focus more on the forensics and send a cruise missile right through the heart of the prosecution’s case. The endless emphasis on domestic violence and mental defect back drop was a solution in search of a problem.

    When you have blood where it shouldn’t be–which is in “equal” patterns along BOTH sides of the hall corridor and on the toilet pedestal–what explains that? When did Martinez explain that? How does Alexander stumbling up the right side wall trying to get away from Jodi, get significant blood on the left wall? And then incalculably significant, NO blood where it SHOULD BE, which you will emphatically see in my links below. Houston that is a problem.

    It doesn’t have to be lead pipe certain that discrepancies you raise are absolute to define that your version has to be what positively happened. It just has to make ONE juror say hmmmmmm, boy you know that does make sense–I can’t find somebody guilty of premeditated murder or first degree murder based on what I’m seeing here. And there was a virtual avalanche of discrepancies to show.

    But if you don’t break it down into visuals a rational person can understand, you have to count on 12 random people pulled from the routine of their normal lives, to have detective skills. These people are disinterested parties to begin with. Plus average people view the police and prosecuting attorneys as having a high standard of morals and integrity due to their position being one of supposedly serving the public trust. There is already a predisposition to not believe that these slime would lie or falsify testimony or doctor evidence. You’re starting the very first day with that handicap. And then you may have a jury with a collective IQ of 12, like the first trial jury. This is why visuals and demonstrations are so important.

    When you are so bogged down in the weeds that a juror asks whether a bear or a tiger is relevant to a test question determining if the fear or anxiety is REAL, or just a distinction without a difference, you’ve already lost the jury. You might as well put your papers in your briefcase and go home.

    The answers to literally frazzling the prosecution case, were right there in that bathroom with the blood and the crime scene. I’ve said it over and over. The defense focus went down a rabbit hole more appropriate for temporary insanity rather than a self defense plea and putting on a prosecution-savaging case to support it.

    There is a inexplicable link missing in the the prosecution outright chutzpa of fabrication. What conceivable reason would Jodi have to be obsessed, about putting him in the shower? Anyone who even peeked into the bedroom, the first thing they would see is all the blood on the carpet. Would they just shut the door then and think everything is normal? They wouldn’t freak out and go into the room farther and into the bathroom and find his body? That’s more than assumption. It’s preposterous that they wouldn’t do that. So if Jodi moved his body, it accomplished absolutely bupkis.

    Now factor in all the time constraints, the physical aspects of being able to do it, and the scads of clues that shatter the prosecution claims into scraps. For Christ sake, the shower door wasn’t even shut! So putting him there certainly couldn’t have been to hide him. Even a half-wit would know enough to at least shut the shower door if that was the case.

    And if she was so worried about her DNA on his genitals, why would she have to move him to throw water on him? According to Martinez, she used a glass to do it when he was already in the damn SHOWER. Right there under the shower head. She couldn’t have taken that glass to the end of the hallway and did what she wanted to do there if she was determined to make an effort to hide the fact that she was there that day? Somewhere along the line, common sense has got to factor in to this delusionary fairy tale.

    If you just committed a premeditated murder, wouldn’t you want to be racing out of that house and get down the road as quick as you possibly could? She’s going to instead concentrate on seeing how she compares to Arnold Schwartzenegger? And for absolutely NO logical reason at all that accomplishes anything? Making ANY frantic effort to clean or hang around there would have made it just that much more likely she would run into the roommates. She knew the roommate schedules.

    This prosecution drivel is so weak, it makes fiction novels look like THEY were based on true stories.

    The axiom of a picture being worth a thousand words is time tested for eons. It’s why cases are won with them and cases are lost without them. So here’s another 4,000 words worth, that would have the prosecution spinning in circles. My notes are self explanatory. All can be enlarged using zoom tools on the bottom or using your left click on the mouse.

    Dare anyone who is a NAG nut ball to explain the first one without twisting themselves into a pretzel. Alexander would have to be bleeding from 30 different places at this point. Not even considering the blood that would have been on her–on her clothes–her hands–her feet. Dare them to explain it.….Something_Wrong..jpg

    • I hope I am just impatient for all this to come to the surface in this trial, but will the defense team ever see what YOU see, and what so many have come to see?
      Have they any idea how really tragic this case has been?
      Do they even have an investigator to look into any of this?
      Did any of their people study these pictures, it sure doesn’t look like it.

      The more YOU have studied and shared these pictures the more WE have come to understand, and, unfortunately, the more frustrated we’ve become.

    • I just realized the blood was still dripping wet when the body was removed.
      Is that possible after 5 DAYS??
      Even if water had been applied would blood still be wet 5 DAYS?
      Even with the shower door open and air condition on would it still be wet?

    • Jade, you nailed it once again. I agree that the huge mistake made by the DT was that they did not hire the forensics experts that could have shredded the state’s case…money constraints?? I don’t know but it was a devastating mistake….I agree that in photo one that the body of TA would have had to be lifted into the shower to avoid getting any blood on those surfaces you pointed out…unless it was cleaned up but it looks fairly well clean and I don’t think that had the blood been there that it would have been cleaned so well to leave no trace….Photo 2 on the footprints….I agree that the larger shoe print in the carpet looks like it has the horizontal lines across the mid section of the shoe and looks to match those same horizontal lines in the shoe print in the shower and the small footprint in the carpet is of a bare foot and much much smaller than the larger shoe print…and if someone arrives on the scene of a crime they are supposed to preserve the scene and NOT contaminate it with their own shoe prints….hopefully a detective would not have stupidly just stepped into the shower and left his own shoe print there so I would have to believe that this print was left there by the killer as it would have been underneath TA’s body….Photo 3 the shower photo…I definitely see for the first time (since you smartly point it out) that the photo definitely looks as if it was taken THROUGH THE GLASS…you can definitely see the water droplets just sitting there on the glass to the right of TA’s face just suspended there on the glass and also the ones you point out as well that look to be suspended on the glass and so goes the state’s theory that she stabbed him while he was in the shower bc the door was CLOSED !! ..Photo 4….I agree that if he had body slammed her as in the definition of MMA her head would have been in the opposite position that she described it….he obviously picked her up and just threw her down not flipping her in the process but I think Jodi just used that term bc she had probably heard TA use that term many times since he was such a fan of MMA and to her she did get body slammed – he picked her up and slammed her body onto the floor, she was not giving a definition but a description when she said that….Oh so much could have been done like you said if they DT had hired their own forensics experts….But now here we are with Jodi being already convicted of first degree premeditated murder…and this is what this jury has to accept as their starting point….this is why the appellate process is going to be so important for Jodi as it is the only way left now to get this travesty reversed and have any hope of getting a new trial or better yet just an outright dismissal with prejudice based on the egregious behavior of the state…JSS will not do her job so we are left with only the appeals courts…this jury I believe is going to try their hardest to give her the DP bc they are under the constraints of her criminal trial verdict and this leaves little to no room for mercy for Jodi 🙁 🙁

      • BB, I’m still hoping the defense comes up with new evidence that blows this case wide open. I was looking for something on the court agenda and noticed that there is something, oral arguments in MAY!
        If that is true there is still time…

        • I have no doubt that they will continue to find exonerating computer evidence and possibly other exonerating evidence especially if (as I hope) some of these people in the know of the coverup and collusion going on in this case will come forward with the truth once they can no longer sleep at night and wake up in a cold sweat in fear of losing their souls and burning in Hell for bearing false witness and for others silently colluding to put an innocent woman to death………

      • Yes BB, there is only one possible, conceivable thing anybody could say as to why there isn’t a spec of blood anywhere on the shower structure. It would have to be that Jodi cleaned every TRACE of blood from the shower walls, the glass door, the framework, all four walls and the riser.

        Why in the hell would she do that? What’s different about that blood than the blood all over the bathroom–on the tile, on the walls, on the sink, on the blinds, on the carpet? That Hail Mary explanation is just plain loco. She wouldn’t have cared less about the blood there. Besides the fact that this would add even MORE time that she would be farting around and delaying her retreat out of there. There is only one reason that explains no blood there, and we know the only conclusion left.

        I racked my brain too to think of something that would cause water to run down the face of Travis the way it looks in the photograph. I couldn’t come up with anything that conforms to physics. Water would be guided by gravity and nothing would make it change direction and move laterally in the position that he’s sitting. A face is smooth, it doesn’t have “channels” that water would follow.

        However, water sheeting down glass will make all kinds of squiggles and crazy patterns. I’ve made a photographic representation of when gravity is properly depicted and when it’s not so anyone can see what I’m talking about.

        You’re also on the money about the footprints. Here is all anybody should need to know about that.

    • Again, well done Jade, more great work from you. Do you know there was ten letters of abuse from Travis to Jodi, Martinez wouldn’t let her put forward to trial because he first decided it was just hearsay, then decided she must have written them herself & then said, they could not be used because he (the deceased) is not here to give his side regards them.

      • There were letters she had from him where he admitted that he was a pedopheliac. Martinez said they were copies. Copies schmopies. If he wrote them, it was devastating.

        Stephens didn’t allow them and this was another bungled ruling because the defense had the handwriting analyzed and an expert would have testified that they were not forged. She should have allowed the letters in and let each side present their experts to authenticate or disprove that they were genuine.

        It should then have been left to the jury who are supposed to be triers of the fact and determine which expert they believed.

        Stephens makes my pulse rise every time I look at her.

  6. Good for Maria!

    Hope the woman in question is as stupid as she seems, ignores the warning letter and ends up in a law suit that ruins her.

    Might I respectfully suggest, though, that this offensive woman’s name, as well as the name of the rag she writes for, be removed from the title of this page? Replaced with more colorful language, even (though that’s not usually my thing 😆 )

    I mean, they’re all about the bucks. Why give them more traffic?

  7. Hurray for Maria! Someone needed to go after that woman. She is a menace and she is a disgrace to journalism (I’d say even yellow journalism). Early on I posted a few comments regarding errors in her facts and she blasted me. She has a huge horde of idiots that constantly feed her ego (as well as her pocketbook). They praise her work and join her in attacks against anyone who disagrees with her rubbish.

  8. I am starting to add a section in the Reasonable Doubt containing excerpts from transcripts of HLN’s early coverage of the trial. For example, this one:

    January 2, 2013 – Trial Day 1

    Before we’ve even heard one word of evidence, Nancy Grace has on as her guest, Bethany Marshall, psychoanalyst, who gives us her professional opinion: “Oh, you know, the defense is just trying to blame the victim, paint him in a bad light, make him out to be almost like some sexual pervert or someone who is betraying his faith. But the fact is, Nancy, she used sex to have power over him. I`m sure what happened, as any young man will do, he started dating other women, living a free life. She got stuck in rejection, seduced him continually in an attempt to have power over him and to reassure herself that she was desirable to him. And the day or the night of the murder, just like “Basic Instinct,” she had sex with him to put him into a powerless state, and then she went in for the kill.”

    • And here’s another one. Not to be outdone, Dr. Drew Pinsky follows up that same night with his own expert, Janine Driver, president of the Body Language Institute. Here’s her take on a woman who is to be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

      DRIVER: “Listen, Dr. Drew, first impressions matter. When there`s a complicated situation like murder where someone is stabbed over and over and over and cut from the jaw — one ear across the jaw to the other ear, first impressions matter. When we are trying to make sense of something, whether you`re coming in for a job interview or in this case with murder, as soon as we look at her, we are deciding based on sometimes the non-verbals, sometimes her gestures and her mannerisms on — is this a woman who could commit murder? Is this a woman who`s a liar and do we have a potential guilty person here? And I think the answer`s going to be yes. We see a lot of crocodile tears and a lot of body language tells that say this woman is not only capable of murder, but she`s a phony.”

      • Justus,
        Here is an article that calls body language a “load of bunkum.” It’s from The New Yorker and entitled “The Interview – Do police interrogation techniques produce false confessions?” It really helped me understand what Detectives Flores and Rachael Blaney were doing when they interrogated Jodi and why she put herself at Travis’s place with her two intruders “confession” after repeatedly denying she was even there.
        I posted this article once before but since there are many new people now, I thought I would post it again.

        • ColdCase53; That article is astounding. I hope everyone reads it because I believe it is the technique used on Jodi by Flores and whoever the female detective was.

          Thanks so much for posting three times! Just teasing you. I’ve done far worse. 🙄

          • You’re right to remain silent is absolute…your right to an attorney is absolute….Jodi should have never said a word to Flores…police spend a lot of time developing techniques to produce confessions or to get incriminating info out of suspects…they can look you right in the eye an lie to you about anything in order to try to produce a reaction or incriminating statement out of you. You have the right to leave the “interview” unless they place you under arrest….either way, keep your mouth SHUT !! RULE NUMBER 1: NEVER SAY ANYTHING TO THE POLICE – THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS….everything you say can and will be used against you even if you are trying to answer all their questions honestly they will twist your words and try to trip you up…In fact, I don’t recall that Jodi was ever read her miranda rights, but someone can correct me bc like I said I just don’t recall that….

            • Not Your Friends: You are right on, but it does present a problem for parents with small children. They tell them the police are your friends. Then they become teens and we tell them no the police are not your friends.

              The police have to clean up THEIR act and stop trying to make their jobs easy by coercing confessions. The police need to be stopped from lying to suspects. There has to be an extension to Brady.

              • I should have qualified myself better….by and large the police are there to protect the citizens and to help the citizens. HOWEVER, if you are ever brought into an “interview” for questioning….do NOT be naive and think that you can simply answer questions bc you are being pulled into a situation with legal consequences so you MUST be able to discern what is going on which 99% of people can not. You NEED HELP and you should seek the advice of an attorney and decline to answer any questions until you have one…this is the only smart and reasonable thing to do….but most people fail to understand the gravity of speaking to law enforcement without counsel……Children should always be taught that police are there to help them which they are…but this is a completely different situation which requires you to remain sensible not emotional…get counsel to protect your rights…if Jodi had done this she would NOT be sitting where she is today………

                • I have just watched some the “Interrogation” interview on U-Tube (it is very telling about Jodi in that she was in a situation she never before was in her life involved with police, jail, etc., and she was singing at one time & laughing when Flores left for a short spell probably because she was having (PTSD) this was the first time when Jodi was arrested & brought to Siskiyous, (Police-Station) California. Flores read out her rights including her right to have a Lawyer, and if she could not afford one the state would provide one, but never said to her then, “well, would you like a lawyer? The next thing he says is “I’ll just ask you a few questions first”…but then goes on asking her questions for 2 hours, plus. Then at the ends says, he has posted permission & received papers back to arrest her & extradite her back to Arizona. And the sad thing all that Jodi kept asking him is; do the papers know about her & did they the police give any story to the police? Flores told her “No” (but could he be believed?) She was probably so afraid her family & friends would see it all splattered on the news the following day..

                  PS. He told her she could get bail but would have to give a bond of 1 million dollars. What a “B”.

          • Yes, it is an excellent article. Jodi says over & over & over that she didn’t hurt Travis and Flores, apparently already convinced that she killed him even before he interrogates her, ignores her at every turn. But, he “feeds” her information about the killing so by the time the interrogation is coming to an end, he has given her about 90% of the details. Plus, he shows her several of the photos. At times, Jodi doesn’t know how to respond and asks for more info or to look at more photos. By the time the 2 detectives are finished with her, they have convinced her they have an open and shut case against and she is left hopeless and in despair. So she tries to give them what they want but never, ever confesses to killing Travis (at that time). I have a feeling Nurmi didn’t believe Jodi originally and convinced her the best way to save her life was to claim she killed Travis in self-defense. I doubt Jodi or her DT could even imagine the corruption they would face when they went to trial. Or, that the jury would buy Martinez’s lies and characterization of Jodi.

            • This is what happens in police interrogations……DO NOT SPEAK AND GET THE ADVICE OF AN ATTORNEY !!! It could have saved Jodi from all this injustice…….

            • I wonder which set of attorneys chose the path we are on right now.
              She had so many changes of council beginning with Washington. Maybe the course was already set when Nurmi and Willmott took over.
              If she had pled not guilty can you imagine how hard it would have been to actually have to prove she was guilty?

              • Nurmi took over from Washington.

                Washington believes they should have gone with M2 heat of passion, if only because the first jury would have gotten to hear ALL of Travis’ crap – probably even including the so called ‘pedo letters – that JM managed to keep out of guilt phase testimony because it didn’t advance the DT’s self defense strategy.

                Washington says the first jury probably would have gone to deliberations with a different mindset -like, okay, maybe he didn’t deserve THAT but I can see how she could have been pushed far enough to do it.

  9. I wish a Cease and Desist letter was sent to FB to stop people slandering people on The Super Duper vile page, a group of mentally ill people mocking and slandering people daily with their hate. They screenshot comments and post photos of people to mock and laugh at. They’re not happy until they’re hurting others. People including myself have told FB and they allow it.

  10. It was about time.
    Piggy-backing on Jodi’s name to make a cent with every ‘hit’.. that is plain sad.
    Slandering people she doesn’t even know? That’s even sadder.
    Slandering a person that’s associated with the justice system? Well that’s plain stupid.

    The most disturbing thing though is that a couple of so called Jodi supporters went to Beswick with slandering information. Yes! Jodi supporters. They even had the audacity to admit it on social media. So how supportive are these people when they go to a person that makes a living out of trashing Jodi and praising the death penalty… Shame on you! You know who you are! And so does everybody else… SMH.

  11. I believe that any judge other than JSS, would absolutely have allowed that evidence in.
    Martinez’s rationale for keeping it out would have been considered absurd by any other judge.

    I am so sorry for Jodi. I hope the higher courts will thoroughly investigate Martinez, and examine JSS. No other judge would have allowed Martinez to keep that evidence out.

  12. Jojnjo, I see where you watched the interrogation interview and found that Flores did read her the Miranda rights warning but then went right on with “I’ll just ask you a few questions first” So as most people Jodi was obviously not understanding what he was doing which is running over her Miranda rights and bulldozing ahead hoping she wouldn’t stop him which she didn’t. She probably had no idea that she could have stopped him right then and there and said to him that she wanted a lawyer. Because he said “I’ll just ask you a few questions first” and proceeded forward without pause (??) (did he pause and did she waive her rights to counsel?) to give her time to answer or give a verbal waiver of those rights by stating that she did not want a lawyer, this may have effectively invalidated the Miranda warning. This could be a legal question that could be an appellate issue UNLESS Jodi made a knowing, intelligent, waiver of her rights to counsel. Did she make a waiver of her rights to Flores? I didn’t watch the interrogation video but you have so do you know if she did this?

      • And did she waive her rights then? She must knowingly, intelligently waive her rights…She must say something to the effect that she doesn’t want or need an attorney and waive her rights…I have not fully watched the interrogation tapes so I can not speak to this. But if she did not waive her rights in CA where she was first interrogated by Flores then this entire interview should have never come into evidence in front of the jury……..

      • BB DT F did read Jodi her Miranda rights. Asked if she understood them and said yes.
        Then went immediately
        Questioning her. This was done in California, July 8. It’s the very part of the interrogation tapes.

          • BB is all she said was yes when he asked her if she understood. He didn’t even give her time to think before starting to talk. I don’t think she even understood she was under arrest. You really should watch the very first part of the interrogation.

            • I just watched it. She indicated clearly by responding “Yes” that she understood her rights in response to Flores’ question as to whether she understood her Miranda rights and so at that point it would be incumbent upon her to do one of two things to stop the interview: 1) she could simply remain silent and refuse to answer any questions thereby invoking her Miranda rights or 2) state explicitly to Flores that she is going to remain silent and/or wants an attorney thereby invoking her Miranda rights. Flores clearly told her that she was considered under arrest, or detained and she was not free to go. This is the problem when people are brought in to be questioned – 99% of people simply do not understand the gravity of the situation and are too afraid to refuse to answer questions and invoke their Miranda rights. Being in a small windowless room in a police station can be intimidating and most people don’t handle it well. But people need to learn to STAY SILENT AND INVOKE YOUR MIRANDA is the only sensible thing to do !

                • I agree with you Cindy, she didn’t understand & Flores was being so nice to her with his easy going style and trying to show her (slyly) he was on her side etc. And he had already shown this friendly side with his on the phone chats.

                  BB, I didn’t see the Phoenix interrogation interview.

        • I remember reading that when Jodi was talking to Flores on the phone to arrange when she could be interviewed that she said she would need to bring a lawyer with her. Then in a later call she said that she had changed her mind a didn’t need one. Someone had gotten to her by this time and threatened her family! I’ve been looking for these calls but can’t find them now..anybody else remember this?

        • Canadacarol thank you. So DT. F once again states TA was a big guy and it take 2 people to do this. I know it was on the phone tape. Yes he could have been lying to Jodi then but he made that statement before.

          They arrested Jodi July 8. I don’t think that they had time to go through everything they seized from her grandparents house, car or storage unit. So I am thinking that all the sex pictures were on a memory card at TA’s.
          Did they get them off the computer or the card itself? I do not believe for one minute that they were taken that day.

          • Sounds like Flores was trying to get Jodi to implicate ‘an intruder type’. He is giving her that opportunity.
            When did she suggest the ‘intruder’ story happened?
            Before this interview or AFTER? 💡

          • This is beginning to come together for me:
            Detective Flores tries to get Jodi to implicate someone else when he suggests two people had to be involved because Travis was a big guy
            When did Jodi bring up the ‘intruders’?
            Was it before this interview or after? 💡

  13. I have a question. When Jodi was brought in to be interrogated by DT. F. she was already in cuffs. It’s on the first interrogation tape. Perhaps I have watched too much TV, but don’t they have to tell someone they are under arrest and read the read the moranda rights at that time? They can’t go slapping had cuffs on someone just to take them in for questioning can they??

      • Cindy,
        From “The Interview” (The New Yorker) posted above:
        “Leo has reported that the Miranda decision, which is supposed to shield suspects from involuntary confessions, generally does not: more than eighty per cent decline their Miranda rights, apparently in order to seem coöperative. He and Richard Ofshe, a social psychologist, have observed what they call “persuaded” false confessions—an innocent suspect, worn down, fabricates a story to satisfy his questioners.”
        We talked about Miranda on this site a few months ago. Simply reading the Miranda warning doesn’t seem like enough. Many (most?) people are going to experience great stress during this period and will not understand the implications of waiving their Miranda rights. As BB has indicated, the police are not your friend in this situation and can lie, coerce, threaten you, question you for hours or even days, withhold food/water and limit your sleep all to get a confession.

    AND JODI’S FREEDOM!!!!!!! ♥♥
    Revelation 21:8 But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.” ♥♥♥
    Jodi Arias is not a murder but a survivor of an vicious attack from an abusive Travis Alexander.
    Jodi Arias is a child of God and he will not forsake her in her darkest hours. As for the rest of the players in this circus until you confess your sins you are on your own. ❗

  15. I have totally lost what little mind I have left. I don’t know for sure if Jodi was at TA’s day. I know she said she was and said she took the shower pictures. When did he buy his new camera? Did they ever check the mileage on the rental? I vaguely remembering talking about this in the guilt phase.

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