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  1. Jodi. Always remember, you ARE awesome. Never let anyone tell you any different. No person or power in the outside world can compare to the power you have within you. You have a lot of supporters out here, and you are always in our prayers. Stay strong. Keep on believing, and keep the faith!
    Team Jodi

      • Youre just so wonderul and its terrible how so many coincidences just made it look like youre guilty. As long as you tell yourself you love god everything will be ok. I hope you are not put to death. And I hope your soul isn’t stained so that you can go fly in heaven.

        • Jodi,
          I am 69 and can so well remember my days of “looking for Prince Charming”. Behind closed doors, a man can be so different. My heart fell for a few guys and I can relate to how feminine and pleasing you wanted to be. I wish I could have been your mentor as you were going thru your love with Travis.

          • I agree i think Jodi did not have positive role models, her parents did not give her the caring loving suportiveness that her talents needed for her to flourish and avoid been seduced by a guy who just wanted to use her for sex. I hope men will learn from this and stop using women as disposable, Travis should had hire an escort and Jodi should had substituted Travis for a sex toy. It does not justify murder but her dad and mommy treating her as punch bag and been dismissive of her talents made her vulnerable to an emotionally abusive men like Travis.

            He was a hypocrite for using religion to have an excuse a shared commonality with her. I hope men learn from this and stop abusing women. Jodi should had substituted him for a dildo he was a prick for continuing to using her for sex given she was invested emotionally and he was not. I wish she would disclose her anger and sadness at been rejected unloved and used. Jodi is the result of her unloving parents poor kid.

            • I was in love with a guy once, a mormon, who was doing the same to women … never being involved emotionally, seeing other women while he was married to one … lying and manipulating women and breaking their heart.

              I was wise to put an end to the relation before it hurt me the same Jodi was hurt….

              I was wise not to engage in a passionate relationship … because i could see how little he was giving of himself in the relationship …. and i quickly realised he was just into sex ..

              I support Jodi too and i think this guy deserves what he got if only for absing and demeaning her and for all the women who have been cheated on, abused, raped, killed and still are and never had justice …

              I too have been abused a lot in my life without justice … so i understand …

              I never retaliated … but it is about time women do something about all the abuse and bad treatmen they get for men …

              I hope that one day women stop dating men ….. because this is exactly what most deserve …. and with HIV as an additional threat… they really should keep their distance from them

              I have a total lack of sympathy for a guy who uses a woman sexually the way Travis did while he was dating other women and tell her that she was only good for sex and no “wife material”.

              A bastard of the worse kind….

              • Yep he was womanizing scum.

                He could have spent his life with a woman who adored him and loved him and would have made him a great wife.

                But no, he preferred to live a life that was sure to get him killed by somebody at some point — and at that he succeeded and now he is dead..

                The guy was womanizing scum and he got what he deserved.

                • Jodi I know you lloved Travis but he was a pervert and exploited your love for him. Idont see why anyyone wouldn’t believe he was abusive. Hang in there. Carrie

                • I believe good people sometimes do bad things but they aren’t evil.may god and jesus forgive u jodi. I too was used and manipulated by someone who i thought cared about me but my money was the only thing she loved.stay as strong as u can and remember your life is important and it matters 2 god your family and dudes who really want and need true loyal love.I hope they don’t kill u and one day u can eat your favorite food,and smell the beautiful mountain air around the siskiyou and shasta area. Ps,contrary 2 blueeyes comment their are men out their who really respect and love women and help them every day against male scum like pumps etc..but be fair,some women treat good men like crap and u know it.back 2 u jodi,don’t lose faith and I hope true love finds u oneday because caring loyal loving hearts like ours deserve it.

                • jodi you are such a amazing person as far as im concerned travis got what he deserved it was bound to happen by your hands or some one elses keep up the fight you have so much to offer this world i only wish i could have met you i would have treated you like the queen you are i would like to write to you message me back even though your stuck there i would love to be part of your life and be a good friend

                • Jodi, the defense worked from a place of love to defend you and have people understand PTSD. It took me a couple years to understand my behavior and feelings from PTSD. I know you are a giver and not a taker. Take in love from us with every breath you take, and feel love in your heart and belly. See the light on things around you, and feel hope. Find hope. I feel the loving nature of Dr. Samuels and how he understands that we find ourselves in places we don’t know how we got to. Now you’ve lived through things that make you wiser, keep love in your heart. We know you are a giver and a lover. Justice Kidjo

                • Jodi, I cannot imagine what you are going through. I saw the video where you said you’d rather die than live. Hold your head up and smile every day. There is the appeal process, and with the crookedness that court performed, I got a big feeling you can win it. Don’t be shamed of who you are, and make sure they never catch you crying. Be proud. I am a student at Post University just finishing up my Bachelors Degree in Psychology, I know from testimony that you can win that appeal. Feel it big. Don’t give up ok?

                • Travis was a desperate loser & you were way to good for him. He was a fake with all his religious BS & a total manipulator. Typical ugly guy who gets a girl way too good for him & all of a sudden thinks he is something. Don’t wAste years on that loser scumbag fake, you are better than him & it’s funny how people try to make him a good guy. He’s a loser & a tool so don’t give up & fight for appealing the case. You were too good for him & way to nice for what he deserved. He didn’t deserve any of the nice comments you would try to flatter him with cause lets be honest, he’s a tool who uses religion to manipulate but it’s obvious. Be happy you aren’t with that joke anymore, he looks like a beast compared to you

              • I agree with you. Men need to learn to not play with a girls heart and mind just to get a piece of a$$. They said he was wanting out of the relationship then why was he still having sex with her. he was toying with her heart and mind.

                • Many greetings from Germany Jodi !

                  I agree with many people on here.. So many hate on peoples hearts… Pitty. I am totaly agains the death penalty. The State of Arizona has no right to kill Jodi or anybody elso !

                  I read once and saw also the picture of a 11 year old black boy that got shot in the head, mistakely by a store owner… The boy did not die. He recorver and finished hight school, and finished also college. He has not any more the part of his brains, he has a big holle on his head. The boy, if i can recall well, did not felt down, he was awaken till the ambulance came for him. Tell your friends to make a research on the topic Jodi. Maybe you´ll find the site that I was looking for it, to help you.

                  If Dr. DeMarte said that she gave you 165 score points, to see if you can read and write. After reading much of your writtings is impossible for you to have BPD, because I was 20 years with one man that suffers BPD and it is very difficult, for him to difine words, cause the lack of emotions… They write more like robots, macanicaly, you if will. So I think that´s a GOOD point for Willmott to debate !!! Good luck ! I am sending many POSITIVES thoughts for your trial and see you everyday via stream.

                • I agree with with many of the posters here. If Travis really wanted out of relationship, he had a choice to do so. Yet he continued playing with Jodi’s emotions. You never know what happens behind closed doors, men tend to change and become abusive, I’ve seen that happening.

                  I think it’s ridiculous that Jodi gets tried by the media even before the court trial is over. Whatever happen to the good old ethics? None much these days. Ditto for trying Jodi only because they have to blame ‘someone’ and she’s an easy target.

                  Jodi, be strong, remember we’re here for you.

                • Yes, he was toying with her. But then that’s what guys like that do. Bless her heart.

                • This has been bothering me too, they paint Travis as so innocent and Jodi as evil, but what kind of man would break up and say he wants to move on, have interests in other women, and yet he still continues with the sex, cameras, games etc.? It sounds like he was using her and not caring one little bit about her feelings, and that is mean to do to anyone, and it backfired on him, I feel sorry for her, she got treated unfairly.

                • You reap what you sow but the hell of this is that jodi is paying for this screwball I’m not God but this boy**** was not much a man of God

              • Jodi, I’m so sad things turned out the way it did with Travis. But, enough of all this. I. Just wanted to say that you should continue with your art & express in this art with who you are now. The true you. You are a beautiful young woman who obviously didn’t have the love or support of your family & that’s why you believed that you needed a man to love you. You truly want to be loved, and I’m telling you love isn’t a physical thing : it’s a feeling inside of you that awakens the awareness of self liking & fullfilling happiness that you can share with people in general that see the real you. I will be praying for the best for you.

                • I started loosing faith in Jodi’s defense attorney when he said, “9 days out of 10 I don’t like Jodi Arias.” Regardless of what point he was trying to convey to the jury, this was an unacceptable statement. Now he is telling her she has no mitigating facts for a request not to consider the death penalty? OMG, please, she needs to get ride of this guy who is selling her down the river. Just one more wrong she has been handed in this set-up of a trial. Jodi, don’t give up on life, yours is far from over My prayers for you are being said regularly.

              • I am team JODI 110 percent!!!!! She was manipulated and used and lied to and I would have snapped too!!! Free Jodi


                • I agree……….Jodie was used, physically and mentally………..I would have lost it too!!…………..I feel badly for her……..

              • ~Jodi~
                I agree with blueeyes france. Also, I will pray that you will seek God for forgivness, because only He can give you everlasting life and only He can lift all of that bondage and hurt that you may have inside of you. God can give you peace. All you have to do is repent. Pray to God that you are sorry and repent for what you did (sincerely) so that you may be truly forgiven.
                You don’t have to pray out loud or anything like that, just say it in your head, like this: “Jesus shine your light on me and reveal my hidden sins. I repent of my sins and I am truly sorry for what I did. Forgive me. Jesus wash me with your blood so that I may be restored (purified) to the woman you have created me to be. Please come into my heart, I accept You as my Lord and Savior.”
                After that just ask for a bible and start reading it. If some things don’t make sense in there God will speak to you. You are such a bright young woman, I know you are in a pickle right now but despite your circumstances God can absolve you of the heaviness in your heart, He can give you spiritual freedom from abuse and from everything that has hurt you and from all sin. His love is the sweetest thing that I have ever experienced. My only wish for you Jodi is that you will experience the love that Jesus has for you. He really does love you, and wants you to turn to Him for help. Jesus loves you please ask Him for forgivness so that you are on good terms with Him.

                • Until recently I felt Jodie Arias to be guilty and even felt hatred for her even though she has never done anything to me.I think the photo’s of Travis Alexander in death and the way he died affected me very much.There can be no doubt it was a horrible way to die for anyone, no matter who or what they are.As I watched Jodie today I believed her.Truly believe she is sorry that he died at her hand in that manner.I do not want Jodie to die at the hands of the state.I want her to live and I truly hope the jury feels the same way.Jodie can do alot of good in prison, she is a smart woman who has many things to teach those less fortunate.People on Hln network seem to not believe her.I want to tell Jodie these people do not matter.What I am saying now does not matter either.God knows what happened that day.Jodie and God are the only 2 people who really know what happened on that day.God loves you Jodie and God always keeps his promise’s.Some people on this earth will never forgive you and never forget.I want you to know the very instant you asked God to forgive you, forgiveness was given to you by God and there is nothing that can change that fact.I pray for you.I pray the jury does not decide to take your life.Please know that everyone on this earth does not hate you.

                • I agree with Dee 100%. Jodi’s life is worth saving, and I pray that the jury does the right thing by not imposing the death penalty. My thoughts and prayers are with you always, Jodi.

                • This note is for DEE.

                  Dee, your advice is the best advice that I’ve ever seen on this blog. Advice to Jodi to seek God’s forgiveness should be her ultimate goal for the remainder of her life.

                  Her answer to what actually happened between her and Travis Alexander can only be answered by her since, sadly, Travis was murdered by her in a brutal fashion. The two of them and God only know the truth about the matter. No mortal being truly knows what happened.

                  Finally, I believe in a life after death and HE is the only one who can forgive and judge her after her final day on earth.

                  Peace to you and again you gave great advice to Jodi. Hope she reads this if she truly wants forgiveness.

                  Bob Geluz

                • In my opinion, it is obvious that Travis mentally and verbally abused you. I was a victim of domestic abuse. This man punched me in the face so hard I flew back and dented the wall. I have TMJ now. He said I deserved to be beaten because I had a smart ass mouth. I admit to that, but in NO way does that mean I deserved to be punched. I took self defense classes and beat the crap out of him next time he came at me and the police had the NERVE to write up a complaint on ME! I guess women are just suppose to shut up and take the abuse.

                • Do not, set yourself up, to, be, hypnonauseated, by, the spastic, carnival act, of the penguin, in a, tutu; again… Plead the fifth, and, refuse to be subjected, to the carnival, hypnosis, side show; leaving, Sir Spazalot, to, grab his own ass, with, no one, to, badger, and, only, the jury, to, hypnonauseate… Pandering to these, parasites, is, a big mistake, as was, claiming to, have, shot him; when, the combined blood, hand print, contained, no, gunpowder, particulates, proving that, you never fired a gun, at all…. Also, there is a bootprint in the not yet, dried, blood, proving that, there was a msn, at the scene, before the blood, dried. Why, didn’t that person, call the cvops; because he, was in on it, and, as you said; “I had no part in it.” Then, there’s the foot in a sock; much smaller, than the boot… and, the impossibility, that the person, who, took the sock picture, was close enough to be the , photographer… proving that, when, Travis, was, alive, there were three other people, at the scene; two, of which, did, have a part, in it…. Then there’s the reported, prayer mode, duct taped, hands, which, myeteriously, disappeared, which, proves, Travis, was, getting ready for his blood vastonement, soul saving ritual; as outlined, by, Anderson, in tht God Makers, book, I, sent you; proving the preferred, method, of killink was, heart plunge, and, ear to ear, throat slice… Track down, all my proofs of, your innocense… Edgrrr…

                • Another assault against her, by the relentless, badgerings of the shucking and jiving, tapdancing by, Sir Jerksalot, as the spastic prostitutor, supplanted a carnival act side show, to hypnonauseate, instead of enter facts. This soap opera, was over, the minute the three stooges; defective detective, medical examiner, and, the spaz, who orchestrated the conmspiracy of the first part, perjured the process, to interstate kidnapping, based upon fraudulent “evidence;” the combined blood handprint; while concealing, the fact that there were no gunpowder particulates, proving, Jodi, never fired a gun… which for years, that exculpatory evidence was concealed, and the perjuries continued; one of which was the claim that this was one premeditated crime; a lie, because these were separate crimes, despite the lie, that all of it occurred in twenty minutes. It took four or five days for the blood puddles to become blood islands, as proven by the ejkected gun shell, landed upon dried blood; not, wet blood, or, there would have been a blood smear on the brass, and, if, the gunshot was first, blood would have poured on top, of the brass, not, under… Then the prostitutor, orchestrated, a, , three stooges, conspiracy, again, in lockstep unison, recanted its’ lies, to, do a 180 reversal of facts, with the three stooges, each arriving at their second epiphany, to, perjure a reversal of format, while neither the brain dead judge or the defense, uttered a gasp… nor, moved for a dismissal, considering the State kidnapping, by perjured conspiracy by the three stooges, now, recants, to reverse course; and, the braindead judge, sees, nothing wrong with two contradictory conspiracies, having occurred in front of her…??? Then, Jodi, contradicts, the proof that she never fired a gun, by “admitting ” that she, shot him first, as would have been necessary, to gain the advantage; a 130 pound girl, against, a bodybuilder, weightlifter, martial arts, kickboxer, weighing over 200 pounds; why, when forensics from the beginning was concealed, proving that, she never fired a gun… so, why would she say she did, and why would the prostitutor, the brain dead judge, and the medical examiner, the defective detective, and the socalled defense, all, and, Jodi, say she shot him first when, forensics, had just wimped out and had done their 180 about face, proving that they were all lying from the outset… ??? More later…. Edgrrr…

              • It really breaks my heart that Jodi went though all the stuff that she did and NO ONE takes that into consideration. My heart truly breaks for her I swear. How can a man live a double life cause all the heart ache that was caused and get away with it!?

                • Dear Jodi. You are smart, beautiful, Strong and you are not alone. You are believed and loved. You are not alone and never will be. I am proud of you. You dont have to beg and kiss the Alexander families ass. I am sick at their martyr routine. They are ugly in their hearts as they are in their appearace i am sick of the press and HLN kissing their asses. You keep fighting ok. If they are so holy then why do they need you to die for them to feel brother. The brother’s illerate speech and his nasty face is so arrogant. They blame you for everything but the war in Iraq. The cop sister another phoney sympathy junkie. Jodi this freak nancy Grace and Dr. Drew, Vinnie politano and these disgusting people will be judged by God for their HATE. F–k them all. We r all sick of Nancy Grace and her dead fiancee Keith stories. Steven Alexander looKs and sounds mentally ill and filled with hate. I and my family and friends wish you the best. You have alot of people who r here For you. Stay strong. They cannot break you and Do not grovel for these bastards. Love sue of TEAM JODI

                • Sorry for all the typos… then. the disappearing, duct tape, by the scene, launderers, before the police were called, to, conceal the blood oath, blood atonement, ritual, and, the multiple stabbings, and, later crime; four or five days, after ther precision, kill, that, it took, for, the blood to dry, as proven by mutilations of a dead body, and, later crime, feeble coverup, by, “wounds,” that couldn’t bleed, because four or five days ago, he had, submitted to his sacred oath, to, save his, eternal, soul… as per his, devoutness; explained, in “the God Makers,” book, I, sent you… Also, as proven by the ejected brass, shell, by, no wet blood smear, on the brass, proving, four or five days, it, took, for the blood to dry… The feigned hysterics , stabfest, was to set you up, for the precision kill, feebly, pretending, that, such a frenzied, stabfest, was, done by the same person, a man, who, could, overpower, Travis, and, nearly, decapitate him… That, was not, you… Edgrrr…

              • With no risk to herself, and, to be more diabolical, and, premeditative, Jodi, could have passed around, the X-rated pictures, and, blown his sleazy ass, out of his delusionary, hype…. and, cut off his supply, of “good little Mormon girls,” to keep him, all, to herself….. Snidely….. Edgrrr…

            • Jodi I feel Travis was totally abusive to you. It seems you were trying so hard to please him. Giving him your heart and body. He just took advantage of you to live out his kinky fantasies. Then just threw you aside. I don’t think thts such a great guy. Its obvious you loved him and wanted to be with him. I don’t see how anyone. Would think you premeditated his murder. I believe in your amnesia. Several years ago my ex had ann affair. I was totally devestated. We had two small sons and what seemed a happy marriage. I was completely devestated and had laarge periods of amnesia over two years. I will be praying for you. Carrie

              • Jodi, since, of, a year ago, there were eleven, home invasion, shootings, which you couldn’t have done, either; and, no, report, as to how many, were .25 caliber, bullets; in, Mesa… Edgrrr… Do not, take the hotseat, again; there is no way, you could have done this, and, no way, thr LSD, golden plates, con artists, control the aterlife… Travis’s blood voath, blood atonement, self sacrifice, was exactly, described, in the book, as Anderson, submitted to his, suicide; duped into believing, that he’g gain, his own planet, playboy, full of, virgin, angels, to be rewarded, there, for, what got him, killed for, here on planet, idiot… More proof you did, none of it, the removed license plate, and, the turned upside down, rear one; a proof, of others, at the scane… This, was a community, killing, and, your sacrificial, Joan of vArk, mode, serves, nobody, well; except, the ritual killers, and, the, spastic, hypnonauseating, penguin in a tutu..doing his carnival hypnosis, shucking and jiving, spastic, side show… The fifth amendment was made, for this soap opera, and, you cannot be made to be, hypnotised, again; and, the facts, prove you, did, none of, it;m despite, being convinced that you must be guilty… Sorry, you’re innocent… Edgrrr… Whose, information, forced abandonment, of the D.A., orchestrated, conspiracy, with the medical examiner, and, the defective detective, to, back off, the gunshot, first, to overcome, Travis’s obvious advantage;…???.

            • Jodi,
              Stay tough and hang in there!! Many women are on your side, we all know what you went through. It can be a one sided story and often people do not see both sides!! Do not give up, it may end up better than expected. You are a talented artist, continue with your art and let it be your healing source!!! Much Love!!!

              • Not one Stepford Wife Mormon, has come forward, while, Jodi, fights the battle, against the “When the bishop speaks, the thinking has been done,” egomaniacal, above the law, bottom feeders….. despite the fact that, Travis, left a trail of them, crying like rats eating onions….. and, the A-Clan, is, beyond, certifiability; obsessing, to conceal the killers from the at law, process…. “having information, known only to themselves, and, the police…” Edgrrr….

            • Jodi your beautiful and I wish you the very best. Keep your head up! Hope u appeal the case. Always a real pleasure! One love!

              • I wish you the best. Keep your head up. Be positive and please don’t wish for the death penalty. No one deserves to be put to death. There is always hope. Sent you a postcard hope you get it. Please fell free to wirte. Could always use a writing friend. Stay strong.

            • Jodi please stay strong……I know how terrible it is to love someone and discover that your love has been in vein, not only that but your “love” reveals himself to be unworthy. I loathe this witch hunt and the vile media coverage….do not despair you have people who understand your plight…and there but for the grace of God go I and millions of women who have been used and abused…Jodi remember you are not alone!! I will keep you in my prayers…

          • I agree, Travis and many other men use women and then toss them aside with no regard for their tortured heart and soul. Sex is for marriage only. If society kept to that sacred Biblical principle there would never be another used woman or revenge killing.

            • Again, Dayna, if anyone’s comment should have not been used it’s urs!!
              I’ve, been, used, abused, sexually malested, sexually abused as adult, physically abused, emotionally abused, I GET IT, I UNDERSTAND IT, IM 39YRS OLD!! IT took me a long time, to get it!! I can’t say what I would have done in that moment of being attacted, if gun available, yes, I would have defended my life, HOWEVER, I CALL 911 !! NOT because I did something wrong, but HE DID!! You people speak of GOD, BIBLE, REVENGE KILLING, , yet, you obviously never been in that moment of being in FEAR OF UR LIFE AT A MOMENT, BY THAT (user of women) BEING USED, USING THE OTHER, ARE TWO TOTTALLY SEPARATE THINGS! !

          • hi jodi and team
            i am pulling for you and beleive you are innocent
            please stay strong and we are all preying for you
            you are doing a great job
            this is definitely self defence and Travis was a jerk
            you were also taken advantage of – he knew you loved him
            i am pulling for you
            good luck

          • There is a hormone that women have that causes us to have an intense desire to bond with men in our 20’s and 30’s. It is quite unfair to have that as part of our genetics because we are “programed” by nature to overlook bad characteristics in favor for good ones that we are genetically coded to be attracted to. Economically, men still make more money. Physically, we are the ones that take off time for birthing. These and other social contributors, apply forces to young women that cause us to act against our own interests. I wish you had had the support you needed to step away from this relationship. Few of us have kind of guidance and support. I am a left handed woman with ADD. I know those are small similarities, and, I also know that we have a different way of seeing the world. For myself, I am always surprised that we, as humans, are so ready to pile on when one finds themselves in trouble.

          • So true.. its how well we hide the abuse. I make him look like prince charming to the world…no one knows about all the things he breaks untill they see you after your broken so far beyond fixing. We hid it so well.. its so crule… so very crule.

            • Isn’t that the truth!!! I have been there. I lied when he broke my nose. Also, my black eyes, I hid until I could cover with make up. And so on…. But I didn’t want to look like a fool for being with someone that hurt me.

            • they did make his look like a golden boy. so innocent. my thoughts and prayers are with Jodi and those who love her.

              • I agree!!! Not a fair trail when the media is so against Jodi I am very sad that Travis died but I’m so against the way so many are so happy to see another person die and they think they are so much better then Jodi… Unbelievable
                Jodi I am praying for you and your family…don’t get me wrong what Jodi did was very wrong but what the media and so so many out there are doing cheering and so excited no better..

          • FOR JODI –




            • I have been so interested in your trial because I know that there are many women who know how you feel. I personally know how it feels to know the “real” person vs-
              the person the world sees. My ex-husband was very mentally and emotionally abusive to
              me. In the 70’s & 80’s no one understood this. Not even my parents!! As long as he did not hit me, drink or runaround (like my sisters husband), it was OK! I met him at church. His family was very active in our church too. It was not until we were married that I saw how he really was. My parents thought he was a saint because he did not do anything “bad”. It took me over 10 long years & lots of $ to divorce him. My parents died before his behavior was known as abuse.
              I wish there was a more unbiased TV station that would carry your trial. HLN should be ashamed of their slanted coverage (Nancy Grace & Vinnie P. are the worst!!). On 3/19/13 they showed Travis doing a comedy act at a meeting. If you go to YouTube and see the whole video. it shows Travis not acting at like “Saint Travis”. I don’t care if it was an act. He was not acting like a Christian to me. It seems that everyone has forgotten about the “phone sex” call & texts. I am so glad you saved them! They show the “real” Travis!!!!!!!!!! . I don’t see why the judge does not do something about the prosecutor being so rude. He is mean to everyone, not just the defense!! No wonder he is alone. No one will work with him!
              I think the rape trial in Ohio is another example of how if people think someone is great
              they can get away with ALMOST anything (examples: the Rich & Famous, high school teams, “public” Christians etc.) If the boys in Ohio did not tape , text they may have gotten away with it because they were football players and she was a girl who they said drank etc. It was like Travis vs. Jodi. (It seems like the majority of the time, it is the female that is seen in a bad light). Will society ever change ???????????? I hope it happens soon.
              HANG IN THERE GIRL!! My thoughts & prayers are with you!

              • Not one, of these reasonable doubt issues, was entered into the process, while, printed in, the same computerized process, that, nonpayment of the two million dollar, at law, kidnapping, ransom demand, allowed, the prostitutor D.A. to, use the computer data, against her, without, her right to, also, access, this; just another prosecutoria;l antic, at law, to, embezzle a conviction…..

              • Just signed the petition. . .everyone on the Jodi Team must go to the site and sign. I was 509.Please get busy and sign for her and anyone who wants justice.

              • jodi I believe you are not guilty your friend tom if you read this I will donate money to your fund God is watching you a vietnam vet I am If you ever read this there are so many replies, you have my email or pray to st benedict he will protect you tom ackerman .

          • I wish I could have been a good council for Jodi when she was going through all of this. I am sorry that her Mom or Dad didn’t hear the messages and the things that were being said to her. That someone who loved her could have really been of good and kind council to her. I am so sorry Jodi and I am a survivor also. I will pray for you for Mary to intercede on your behalf with my rosary. I understand the feelings you were feeling, I really do. You have wonderful qualities about you so may your spirit be lifted by the knowledge that you are ok. Deb

          • I do agree, there is always 2 sides to human beings. The one that presents itself in the so called public eye , and than the one you see behind closed doors. I’m in recovery and we call that dr. Jekyll and mr Hyde. Even if the worst scenario happens for you , keep your faith and values , you can be strong in the face of adversity and know that you have support . Your not alone. And god loves you Jodi. Keep your head up and there are thousands of battered woman who understand and we have our arms lovingly around you.

          • I have watched this since the beginning of the trial and i continue to stay informed. I Just completed Juan Martinez book and he does make a convincing argument.One has to admit that Juan can hold the rooms attention. My objectivity has changed several times in the time ive been following. I guess i just kept waiting for Jodi to stand up and say ” He was an asshole and liar and fake so i snapped. Anyone with half a brain could see that he was a real piece of shit and treated Jodi very bad. These men continue to forget that a scorned woman is noone to play with. He played with her emotions, he belittled her and was verbaling abusive and at some point he tipped over the line and that was it. Im not saying he deserved to die but i can certainly understand what happened.
            I iwsh she had been strong enough to walk away. Thats easy for me to say and so very hard to do. Sad story

        • There’s a story about me, I would like to interview her. I have 9 years of working with youth who are traumatized. so I can help her, but I need to talk with her. See if you can make that happen. You got my email. I will rip Travis to shreds.

          • I hope you can reach them…in time. She needs our help. I am a writing with a special interest in mental and sexual abuse. I was there twenty years ago. It’s so sad. How can they said this was planned? She a girl that loved Travis unconditionally. I would give her 0 time in prison and years of therapy to undo what Travis did to her. They say she is calculating. LOL hmmmm “Im so calculating i went there had sex and then killed him and then left the pictures behind.” RIGHT it was soooooo planned out. That’s a joke. She didn’t plan any of this!!! It’s so obvious, She never had a chance at a fair trial.

            • It was planned, by Travis not Jodi. I believe this is a clear case of suicide by girlfriend. Jodi was used.

        • i agree i hope she is nt put to death. i just hate it for her how the defense witness just made things worse for her. i believe at the end if she says im sorry im going to try to get some help. she never said she was sorry or im working on getting help. she said if im convicted its because of my own bad choices thats telling the jury convict me.she needs jose baez in the mock juror crime scene he gt a hung jury. the prosecutor doesnt let people talk.

        • Jodi,

          Just a few things,
          First of all, I don’t care what actually happened that day with your boyfriend. No one but God you know that. But I am here today to give a gift. To tell you something that probably nobody would say. What your past sins is totally irrelevant. You are not the last person that will be on TV. Not the last person that commits the acts that you have. I just want you to know Jodi, sin and murder has been around since Eve fell and ate that apple. It’s called sin, See people just don’t understand how this God thing works. They think life is all about them but it’s not. God original plan was for us to live in harmony with Him. Since the day Satan fell from heaven nothing was ever going to be the same.
          This world glorifies sin; our sinful lives are all over TV, from sex, to drugs to murder. This society has forgotten what good TV is… (We need more shows like Full House! My daughter loves that show!)
          But Satan has got us hooked on evil. Sin is about evil and evil is about Satan. We have got to understand, if we are going to live for ourselves or for our Creator. Jodi, you still can get to heaven. Child just forget about everyone in the whole world. Let it all go! Confess to God your need for him!
          Seek God Jodi! if you focus on getting to know who he is now, I know you won’t regret it. People don’t realize Christians should be focusing on adding glory to Him and his kingdom!
          In fact, if finding who God is in everyone’s life we wouldn’t have time to give glory to sin. We would give God glory, see this life that has been given to all of us but it’s not about us!!
          God chose to give us all life, and he loves us all. Jesus died for all of our sins. In order to believe in God and Jesus you have to have an imagination and child like faith. You don’t need to worry if you die on death row, or die naturally you can still make the choice to be with God one day.
          I realize all I’ve said is so out-played a million times! But it’s real! It’s actually the only thing that makes life make sense. Without God what would be the point of anything?
          You might ask how you can find God. Well just do this, first confess what you’ve done to God, and ask him to forgive you. Tell him that you need him and you want to know him. Then get a New Living Translation Bible and READ IT!
          And pray to God, tell him whatever you want, your desires your thoughts how you feel, what you need. Prayer is our way to connect with God. It’s like opening up a phone line to his ear. Without it you cannot know God or be in his Kingdom one day.
          Please remember this trial; this world isn’t about us, okay? Yes our sins are our choices and they can lead to death, the bible says that. Don’t let the devil continue to win in your life.
          My last challenge is this Jodi. If you can find some way to give God Glory in this terrible mess than you know you have found him and that you will be in Heaven one day.
          Take Care,

          Definition of Glory:

          very great praise, honor, or distinction bestowed by common consent; renown: to win glory on the field of battle.
          something that is a source of honor, fame, or admiration; a distinguished ornament or an object of pride: a sonnet that is one of the glories of English poetry.
          adoring praise or worshipful thanksgiving: Give glory to God.
          resplendent beauty or magnificence: the glory of autumn.
          a state of great splendor, magnificence, or prosperity.

          • Hello Jodi i think you was trapt in a bad relationship.
            i bealive people need help not execution . i bealive you need help not hate.
            i bealive you not danger person i bealive in love and freedom.
            sometimes people suffer for others like jesus christ suffer for us
            i know is hard to live where you are now. but this is your time to reach your soul
            no more atachment to the outside world will take you into a espiritual journey inside
            your soul and you finaly will find peace, love and compacion!
            i bealive you will healling for this and will embrace your freedom!

          • i have sent jodi alot of post cards, and i am wondering if she has gotten them!? She seriously needs to call me. she dont even have to say anything just has to listen to me. thanks!

        • Duh,….. Shes not going to fly anywhere…in heaven… dont lose faith…. stay here with us Sweet Girl…. LIFE LIFE…. Everyone who knows Jodi loves JODI… even those who say they dont…

          • Heck ya Sara you say it right!!

            From the Gettysburg. Address
            Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

        • I’m praying for you jodi. Just know your are a child of god & in the end that’s all that matters people make mistakes no one is perfect. In the end things will work out (: I’m rooting for ya

        • Ive been looking for a #1 support site for awhile, i’m so happy to find it , I’m #TeamJodi 100%, after watch the moive on lifetime, it only proves the fact of how warm , lovig and caring Ms.Jodi is, and she needs all our love and support, the system is giving her the shaft, and we shouldnt let that happed, so shout out, scream as load as you can, FREE JODI ARIAS NOW, love ya Jodi

        • Dear Jodi
          I have studied mormonism since 1976 since one of my patients converted-after saying that she wanted a nice life based on the bible after her husband had run off on her.
          I cannot say I make any judgement in your case–however if I may make a few comments as to the above.
          Your a very smart girl.You like honesty and truth,you were indeed in a bad sitaution with this guy.However and why he was killed are not my matter—however as someone who clearly knows the deceit inside the upper levels of LDS.leaders,Id say keep up hope and regardless the outcome dont be bitter or otherwise.
          You may have heard in services or firesides that””as man is God once was—as God is man may become”–well this trite and blasphemous epithet denegrates my God.He is overall and sees eveything.He doesnt have any need for spiritual vegetables as it was stated that he needs to eat.He knows what is going on in China as well as the same time here.He isnt a glorified resurrected man with body parts and passions.Indeed He did become man to redeem us—and had no plan for man made exaltation where you must go to a temple.
          LDS just spent 35million on a temple in latin America here where I live–all the while failing to admoit that God DOES NOT dwell in teples made by man-Acts 17—to be sure,you wont ever have done enough by teple works for 40 years–which isnt diddlesqaut in His eyes.
          Rest in Him for your own personal salvation–do like the Bereans in Acts 17–they searched the scriptures to see if these things were in scriptures.Even the book of Mormon states in Alma 34:33 that”!There is NO work you can do after this life to prepare for eternity”Meaning you cant accomplish anything by vicarious works for the dead in this cold building of stoe.
          Matthew 11:28-30 says to come unto Him-Jesus who will take your burden”God loves you regardless of what happened and you did to defend yourself–trust Him alone for peace and security.
          Ephesians 2:8-10
          Get a bible to read there
          Isaiah 26:3

          DrBob (with ex mormons for Jesus)Be blessed

      • Good luck Jodi I am from Yreka and am rooting for you.. I hope you are able to prove self-defense, Men get away with abuse far to often .. I am sorry this has happened to you. but remember you are one of the lucky ones , mostly abused women are the ones who are killed. Don’t like this Prosecutor either he’s a BIG BULLY ..

        • Jodi, I was attacked by two males who were much much taller and heavier than me, I had just gone deaf and had a bad spinal neck injury and I did have to physically defend myself, but I was the only with any injuries, I sustained bad bruises, badly scraped raw knees from being pushed very hard from behind as I was just walking away and I was able to lock myself in an upstairs bedroom. One of the male assailants was my 16 year old son and I knew he wasn’t in his right mind and was being manipulated by the other male assailant who was 50 years old and I was 49 yrs old (I’m tiny, only 5′ and 97 pounds, deaf and with a spinal injury) and yet I was wrongfully charged and arrested for assaulting the two male assailants because I protected my son (even though he pulled a large knife at me, right in front of the other man and and I knew my son was not in his right mind…for all I know the other man could’ve slipped my son drugs in his soda or food. The 50 yr old man was trying to destroy me and my life, and what I loved most, my relationship with my son…just because I refused to have sex with the older man, he was obsessed with me and if he couldn’t have me than he made sure no one else would either. When the police arrived I was seemingly safe upstairs locked in my bedroom, I did tell the police that the 50 yr old man(who is 6’4 and at least 280 pounds, huge guy) attacked me from behind as I was walking away and that he attacked me with excessive force for it to be an accident, but because I protected my son and didn’t tell the police that my son also attacked me and pulled a large knife on me I was wrongfully accused and arrested(even though if the police would have just looked at my raw scraped knees and the bruises that were beginning to develop, but the police didn’t do their jobs correctly, they didn’t even bother to look at me, and they didn’t even bother to look for the large knife that was in the other room) and had to stay in a very cold, dirty jail cell with no running water and I was deaf. The judge the next day released me on my own merit because he knew I was innocent and had protected my son, the judge even released my son to me in my custody. As it turned out, my son was so heavy with guilt he kept getting sick because he couldn’t eat or sleep and even though my attorney wanted to take it to trial, I plea bargained because it would’ve killed my son, or at least would’ve greatly negatively affected his health and he would’ve lost at least two yrs of his life and school. I played the martyr and took the bullet for my son because it was the lesser of two evils. Now, several yrs later my son is healthy, in his first yr of college, much happier, and he and I are mom and son again. And, the plea bargain I agreed to for my sons’ sake meant I had to lose many rights for a year, and I if I so much as got a speeding ticket I could be put in jail, and I had to pay a lot of money to attend a 26 week counseling course for anger management just to have the fact reinforced that I in fact was the victim and victimized many times by those of authority who are well paid to protect me and look out for and uphold my rights. I easily fulfilled all the requirements and demands the “system” made me submit to because I was the victim and had never been in trouble ever before. I now don’t trust police, attorneys, judges, or even the media because they all can be paid off, or severely negligent (at my expense) as it pertains to their job. I now suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and attend counseling for it. (I was offered FREE counseling for as long as I need) because the “system” knows I was victimized and that I could sue if I really wanted to. The “system” is corrupt; police, attorneys, and even judges can all be bought off. I don’t trust any of them, and for very good reason. on the other hand, I have forgiven my son and told him that he was being controlled and manipulated by that evil older man(which he was) and that my son should never blame himself, that I forgave him and its water under the bridge. I support my son in every way and love him unconditionally. And my son has never been physically abusive to me since. What’s important is that my son and I are recovering very well from severe adversity and that in time it will all just be a vanished memory. While that evil older man will have God to answer to. My son and I both survived and are healing more and more, and so will you. Please consider praying regularly to God for the strength, the words, and the wisdom to carry you through to the other side, I did and He hears you and answers our prayers. Kindly, Grace.

          • I was tired when I wrote my letter to you, Jodi, sorry. I have a correction to make. I was only 39 , not 49. I believe that when someone, (most often females who are abused and bullied by males), sometimes the victim fights back to save her life…I thought I could be killed and you were in a similar situation…Its not uncommon for victims to block it out and aren’t able to remember because that’s the mind’s way of protecting you from very abusive terrible memories. I hope you can forgive yourself for having to defend yourself in a lose lose situation. And, Post Traumatic Stress counseling really does help to heal and get past it. You are beautiful naturally, please remember that God made you to love Him with all your heart, mind, and soul, so anyone who tries to make you do things that make you feel uncomfortable or bad about yourself is no one to be around. You were meant to be respected and loved with your virtue in mind. God bless you Jodi, kindly, Grace.

          • So very sorry to hear you have gone through this, Grace, you sound such a sweet woman and have had to go through so much ((((hugs)))) and much love to you, Heather.

            I agree with there being so much corruption, and in all the services we were taught to have respect for! Its truly shocking. I wish you peace x

        • Hello Jodi,

          I have been following your trial closely. I’m sorry to see what happened to you in relation to Travis. I totally understand how you fell deeply in love with him and how hurt you must have been when he decided to ditch you and go away on a trip to Cancun with another woman. The thing is though, I just don’t comprehend how you came to the understanding that killing him would do any good. I bet if you could go back to that day, you would do things differently. It is so sad to see such a beautiful woman like you, such a wonderful artist, have to spend time in jail.

          I’d really like to chat with you by email one day if you feel up to it. I live in Canada.


          • Linda, she kill Travis in self defense , not because he wasn’t taking her to Cancun. I am not the smartest person , but her explanation of how it happen is so easy to understand. So sad people cannot see the truth. I thank God Jodi is alive and well and pray she will be free soon ! ! !


        • the prosecutor hasnt proven premeditation. she needs to appeal her verdict when it comes and hire jose baez he would rip the prosecutor to shreds. he askes questions then talks over the person so they cant finish the answer. she’s so articulate and smart.

          • I think the prosecutor has a chip on his shoulder and has over charged. Who wouldn’t want xtra gas in the desert?. Also, if you wanted to hide the extra gas you could have easily paid cash for it AND if you planned it, you would TAKE the camera. Hopefully things work out for you.
            Wish ya the best

      • Jodi keep up a stiff upper lip. I know it must be difficult to tell all these things to the world. I know you have to be innocent when I heard Travis tied you up before. I know that when my boyfriend ties me up I have no chance to get free and I have to wait until he’s done or satisfied that he has control of the situation for the evening. And I also know that if Travis had done that to you before he may had not asked your permission as my boyfriend doesn’t always, and I still end up tied and put to bed even if I resist some. He always has the speed and strength to rope me up so fast my head spins and the next thing I know is a gag is coming my way. If Travis is anything like my boyfriend there is no way you could have done what they allege. He would have roped you before anything could have happened. I know cause my two other girlfriends have husbands that are the same way.


        • This is for Sandra who posted a very nice post to Jodi but Sandra are you serious? Why are you staying with this monster who ties you up get out!!!!! Run for your life!!!!!This is not normal!!!!!!!Save yourself you are the only one who can!!!!

          • I agree!!! Get it documented too. I know how scary it is to call the police, knowing the dick will get out even angrier, but, as you see with our Jodi, shit needs to be documented or he can cause more pain by spinning it his way. Keep control in YOUR realm. Tell everyone if not to go the legal route by police report. I know the hopelessnes, helplessness…I know the fear, the embarrassment…I know it. I am STILL fighting. Nobody is allowed to harm you, my dear. You must realize that, if you do not report one way or another, it is exactly the same as saying ‘I deserve it’ and you don’t. Let’s hope you see this tonight so we can pray together that God watches over weak7yes we shall inherit the earth. Let’s pray to God and thank Jodi for providing this ave. for we women to share stories and fight back.


            • Thank you for your replies, I may have overstated my point by distracting from Jodi. My point my boyfriend did these things to me but later we resolved the disconnect by talking about why he did these things and now he is my husband but what my point was is that at the time my boyfriend wanted complete control of me in this way and outwardly to the public he seemed to be so courteous and gentle beyond reproach . But when the doors close men can become something all together. We worked out our issues but I could see defiantly how Travis could have been the same way when I heard of the similarity between Jodi’s and my experience on this point. I can see how quick Travis could have wanted his cake and eat it too. Marriage is the ultimate commitment by giving and receiving in trust and control. Once I found out Travis did these same things to Jodi without any intentions of marriage told me that Jodi knew in the back of her mind that she could have ended up in that situation without the promise of marriage and she may have been sub consciously ready not to be taken like that and knew she would need to defend herself to break away not to end up under his control as he had made her agree to beforehand. There is no doubt Travis was sexually aggressive and when I found out when he had Jodi agree to be bonded in their relationship and for her latter to find out that marriage was not the end plan from Travis tells me she knew she knew she may have to defend herself to get out of the relationship knowing he tricked her into agreeing to something that should have lead to marriage. That’s why I know she is innocent. .

      • Hi Jodi, I’m sure you are relieved to have the weekend to rest.You have been thru sooo much.I can’t imagine how you must feel,especially since you do apply “The Law Of Attraction” to your life.Just remember this DOES NOT have to DEFINE you.I heard you use the phrase”Defining Moment”. And i understand how you used it on the stand.And you do know that THIS IS NOT WHO YOU ARE.This is just something that has happened,just notice that,don’t judge it. We never know why the Universe allows such things to happen,but we DO know that we can use ALL THINGS for GOOD !!!! You are in my thoughts,prayers all the time.You are beautiful inside and out.Don’t ever let ANYONE tell you that you are less then wonderful.And i know you probablly feel so much guilt,not only for how this ended,but for your friends and family.But please remember that guilt will eat your soul alive.FORGIVE yourself first,thats the hardest thing to do at times,and it will try to show up in your life,but please keep telling yourself that YOU ARE WHOLE AND COMPLETE,over and over,remind yourself that its OK to love YOU.YOU survived this for a reason,and if Travis wasn’t able to kill you,i can’t see the state getting their chance either.You are a ROCK.I’m sorry for rambeling,i just want YOU to know YOUR NOT ALONE !!!!!!!!!!!!! Much love to you Jodi,Brenda

        • So warm and heartfelt, Brenda, yes, I want her to forgive herself, Jodi you’re naturally pure inside, please don’t let this tarnish you, you are a lovely beautiful person and I just want you to have peace and love in your life from someone special who DESERVES YOU! They will Have to be Pretty Special! Because you really DO have it ALL xxxx

          HUGS, you are very special and apart from my laptop having a fit (!) right at the time I get the trial video here in the UK, I have watched all the trials since middle January.. I happened to stumble on your case by accident so I missed the first few. You have just been marvellous.

          Much love and Hugs,
          Heather. I am here for you xxxxxx

      • Jodi, I have watched many of the court hearings and must say you are a beautiful, articulate woman who did want she had to do to protect herself. Im in your corner all the way and truly feel in my heart you will be ok.

      • I think about how terrible you are being treated. You are being persecuted instead of prosecuted. You having to fight the crooked court system, Nancy Grace, and the news reporters. I hate that you are going through all this. I don’t know what happened the day Travis died but I think you really have been abused and I believe you. I wish you God speed and we pray for you.

      • ” I’ve Never drOpped Anyone I BELIEVED IN ” (By: Marilyn Monroe)

        keep strong, 4get the people who make u sad,DONT LET THEM Affect U . keep ur head up Jodi. -Rio lorena-.

      • WHY is it ALWAYS “Overruled” for Juan, and “Sustained” for the defense?!! This is NUTS!!! This judge needs to RETIRE!!!
        You’re holding it together WAY better than me! I’d be hauled off, cuffed, and my mouth gagged!!! Juan needs smacked! No wonder he’s single!!!

        • I honestly believe its possible a juror may be tuning in to the trial on tv b/c when the question appeared about Alyce LaViolette smiling @ Jodi @approxiately 11:30am during purple plum testimony I literally screamed @the tv. Also, believe they may have either read her book,handout booklet,or watched her youtube seminar based on about 5 distictive questions they asked Mrs LV.

          Jodi Im praying for you daily-

          As a surviver of a monster that stalked, mentally torturted, burned my thighs w/cigarettette lighter if I screamed, beat me, choked me in front of my 3 yr old, threw him across room, kidnapped me, sexually assaulted me, tied me under pier dock in freezing water-By the Grace of God, I managed to get myself free thinking where was my son. I walked over 1 1/2 miles to find my son hiding and thankful only bruised on the outside but terrible stressed on the inside. 20 yrs later I suffer from CPTSD.

      • Jodi….I know this has been so hard for you…..keep your chin up…..I am sure all will go well. I think under the circumstances your team has done a good job……just be careful anything you say and do….people will be critical. Good luck

      • I to was in a relationship with a very handsome and charismatic man. For 8 years I was physically,mentally and emotionally abused by this man. There were many times I wished he were dead as I could not see myself leaving him. He was very into anal sex. I was told that because I had my children vaginally my vagina was not tight and therefore anal sex was more pleasurable for him. It was all about his pleasure. At one point he was granted guardianship of his 11 year old nieceMany times I walked in on him laying on the floor wrestling and tickling this girl, or her sitting on his lap with her arm around his neck. I told him that this did not look right, and others might get the wrong idea. He told me I was jealous. I finally had had enough and left him.This was in May of 2003. In January of 2004 he was arrested for child molestation The niece had spoken often to her friends about her boyfriend. When it came out that her boyfriend was her 42 year old uncle the police were called and he was arrested. He was found guilty and is now serving 100 years in a prison in Indiana.

      • From my desk at a Psychiatric Hospital: I work in admin, and I’ve been following. Let me just state my own opinion: The sentencing is too harsh, there seems to be extenuating circumstances, many of them. Chiefly, an abusive past, sexual and emotional

        • From my desk at a Psychiatric Hospital: I work in admin, and I’ve been following. Let me just state my own opinion: The sentencing is too harsh, there seems to be extenuating circumstances, many of them. Chiefly, an abusive past, sexual and emotional, and somewhat parental. She has a severe personality disorder, her parent couldve done more, earlier. If they had admitted that, it wouldve helped. they are just so….flat. If Jodi makes the mistake of waiving a (possible) appeal, THEY WILL NOT LET HER REVERSE THAT! It would be a big mistake, shes already served 5 yrs; if she is a model prisoner, although very sick (hint , hint) then after the media circus is allowed to fade, things will change then, and only then.

      • HELLO again everyone!! Keeping up the great work I see.
        I like to look at Jodi”s artwork ,and look for hidden meanings, symbolism she might be trying to say.
        SO< I started with the Law Of Attraction, read about that.
        THEN TYPED LAW OF ATTRACTION symbolism of DOVE, bc the a picture of a DOVE.
        I learned of a story,of a DOVE that had no wings, She was chased by a TIGER EVERYDAY,and couldn't
        get away.
        One day, She prayed and got her wings, and she called out to the TIGER. HE RAN AFTER HER< and her winds , slowed her down, and the TIGER gained speed, wouldn't let the DOVE GO , and the TIGER ATE THE DOVE.
        When she got to heaven , she asked GOD why, did you give me wings only to slow me down?/
        I am still trying to learn what the lesson was, bc it was a deep,old tale. I wish I could post it…I will try.
        KEEP YOUR WINGS>>TO FLY NOW!!!!!!!
        MUCH ENERGY SENT YOUR WAY>>>>>>MADELINE< <<<<< { Diva in C.T.}
        ……GOING TO LOOK FOR LINK, I BOOKMARKED IT ,but idk how to share,I am going to try.

      • Jodi, I am 65 and am so sorry you are going thru this. He treated you badly, and you deserve better. I believe the right people are now behind you and one sweet day, you will walk away from prison. Have faith–the wheels of justice move slowly. Hang in there.

      • To Jodi.

        Hi, this is to help you remember to study the scripture everyday and it will help “You” because mind control is word control and the courts love to make up words too control your mind.

        But let God be the one to control your words the truth too freedom is in the Scripture laws.

        I will keep on praying for you with all my heart.


    • After watching court on HLN today, the news folks were screaming about this that or the other thing. Then some big heavyset guy came on with these screaming announcers and he started screaming that he was teaching Travis how to shoot a gun just like a week (i think before) the his death.

      I did not hear all of his ramblings but he was saying that he had been hanging out with Travis, going out with him, and teaching him how to shoot a gun. Also, he stated that he never knew travis to own a gun or any knowledge of Travis recently going out to buy one.

      I have just never seen this ‘gun owning friend’ and why was he not brought up as a witness?

      Just a thought…..

        • To say that I know what you are going through would be an understatement. Keep up the fight jodi. You are very brave and strong to be able to go through all that horror. I am behind you all the time even when others say terrible things about you. I will be following your trial and praying for you.

    • Jodi, keep up the good job. You are so strong, from being through so much. I have been abused physically, emotionally, and sexually. I understand your pain in those aspects. I support you and wish you well.

      • She brought all of us abused women together, so, for that, we must thank God for that soul. She gave us a forum. The Lord does work in mysterious ways& this time he brought women together. I love you, I love you, I love you all.

    • God Bless you Jodi I am so sorry. I know you did not plan this….. I really hate the press. Jodi it was you or him…. I know you did not mean to do it…..God Bless you and I pray for you……

    • you have had a real tough time in your life. i hope that you are found innocent, and that you get some mental health treatment. i support you and your defense team. i am not a prayer guy, but i will be sending you good vibes.

    • I was married to a man very much like Travis Alexander. He had the same body type and was overloaded with testosterone. He was verbally and physically abusive. I took my two children and divorced him after living with him for 13 years. He was scary and I can completely identify with what Jodi lived through. I didn’t have the suffering self esteem that she appears to have. I don’t believe Jodi premeditated this killing. I think she may get second degree murder and have to serve time. Also, she is a very talented artist.

      • I like many battered women in the world believe u r innocent. Why is it when a battered woman fights back its bad, but when a monster abuses is women we ( the woman) is blamed for hurting the monsters who do this to us? ! They can do whatever they want and we can’t defend ourselves? And when we do defend ourselves we r considered murderers? Enough is enough I say!!!! Women r not put on this earth to b body slammed, treated like nothing, head butted, and names that they call us. Jody is innocent and I applaud her !! Keep the faith Jody , keep your head high. I’m pulling for ya :):)

        • Everyone keeps saying how could she do that? Well I know. In that moment in time you are terrified. GUTS! This one has guts! That’s why! She was tired of it and gave him a taste of his own medicine! Too bad he didn’t like it!

      • Jodi: You have now reached a fork in the road. Our God is a merciful one. You really have a talent with Art. This was God’s gift to you. Now give a gift to yourself. Have faith and move into the light. Walk away from the darkness. Make it known to all what Jodi stands for. I truly believe that miracles do happen.

    • Jodi.Ihave walked so many miles in your shoes! My feet hurt I given so much love just as you that my heart hurts. I have spent so many days and hour reliving the why’s that my head hurts. My point being the only thing that can fix us is. Travis was never worthy of your love. I pray you not spend time in prison. I do believe you need counseling.as did I you can be a powerful voice for young women now. We need to teach them to love themseves.only oncewe do that can we find true love in another! It took me many years to find that out. I hipe its doesn’t take you as long! You are bright talented.beautiful and charamatic. Al the qualities a public.speaker needs .you could travel and talk to young woman and teach them jodi.you have soooooo much to offer. I would like to stay in touch no matter the outcome.my prayers will always be good health a happy life for you.to find peace and. love.anr true calling in life l for god to show yoj

      • I pray its gods will you are aquitted. So that you can speak on domestic abuse. You would be a wonderful voice for for women.don’t let the procecutor scare you jodi.remember god is on your side. And once this is ove walk with your head high.people that have neve met you love you dearly.that should mean something.

        • I have written you so many times in my mind. I just want you to know you are LOVED and BELIEVED. And you are not alone. And your family is LOVED also. All will be WELL.

    • Jodi,

      God is with you! I wasn’t believing your story until I heard you tell it! You are the first defendant that I applaud for deciding to take the stand! Brilliant decision! When you tell the truth, there is nothing to dispute! You have Martinez spitting all over himself! Prison’s are overcrowded in this country because of BS prosecutors and St. Atty’s that want to burn innocent people at the stake. But, people that truly are a danger to society get the chance to go out here and commit the same crimes over and over! I am so tired of hearing about what a angel Travis “appeared” to be! Nobody is perfect!

      • Never truer words, jpope, Jodi IS very brave. I am willing her aquittal, she Has to come out of this nightmare. Thoughts travel and I send them to the court at every Hearing..

    • Dear Jodi, you have my SUPPORT ALL the way. No matter what happens I still believe in you. Keep the faith. You did great during the cross examination! Good JOB

    • I enjoyed my finger playing softball and the arthritis didn’t say im for probably 9 months to a year later and that’s when it became a crooked not right after the injury so her finger may not have been cricket right after the injury so that would explain why it wasn’t in the photo but is now

    • dearset jodi, i’ve followed your case since day one in 2008, i always felt you were a victim in some way. all thew the years i could never forget your beautiful smile and knowing in those bad times in durango how lonely you must have felt, i sent you a post card to get your sprits high but it was returned. so now in 2013 im evan more intreged on how your case is going i feel that it’s well and you will see the true light of our god he will protect his beautiful child as he has done with me.my heart and prayers go out to you jodi my sister in christ sincerly luis hetzler hugs for you

    • hey jodi,
      Travis never mentioned me but I know about him and I am behind you all the way. I wish you all the success I support you all the way and hey I would like to meet you when all of this is over

    • To jodi and her defense . I think you have been doing a great job, however I see this art of war stuff on your site and if that’s your defense going forward , I don’t think its going to work.foighting with the the prosecutor is a bad.idea. Ithink jodi needs to show her emotion. She needs to pull all that scared.little girl out of her and let the jury really see once and for all what men like her father, travis and this bullying prosecutor do and did to her. Let her fall apart on the stand , break down.shake cry, sob whatever it takes. God knows it will probably feel good in the end and make him look like a total ahole in the end

    • Hi Jodi! we’ve all been watching your trial live on HLN. You are doing so great facing down that poison dwarf prosecutor. I know its tough for you right now because they are confining you, but I’m confident some or all of the jury will not want to punish you any further.
      sending all MY LOVE and thoughts for YOU! Stay strong for all of us.
      Wishing you every good thing! Bryan Scott

      • Dear Jodi, I have your back,
        Stay strong & don’t break under
        pressure. I think you’re so beautiful
        & cute. I think you’re doing a fantastic
        Job on the stand, keep it up!
        ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Rob

    • Just like i knew it was absolutely ridiculous to accuse Amanda Knoxx and her boyfriend of randomly killing her new roommate Meridith, I had the immediate feeling about your guilt. I first saw you on 48 hours mystery 4 years ago. I discussed it extensively with my co-worker. What made me convinced the most was your model like mug shot . It was if you did do it then you were complete sociopath or just could not conceive that you had done such a thing. . It wasn’t even a picture of a mourner that someone would put in people magazine. From the very first interview with his friends, and the hypocrisy of how proud his brother was to have a 30 year old virgian for a brother I knew that he had driven you to temporary madness.
      I was very angry at the prosecutor continually asking about how you dressed. And peoples comments about how you died your hair. Had you stayed a blonde either your roots would grow out making you look unkempt or if you continued to die your hair they would label you a princess. I want to make a comment on memory loss and scrambled thinking. Myself and my two sisters were all the products of sexual abuse as children. I am the youngest. I remember everything from age 3 years on. My middle sister is two years older than I am and she remembers nothing. The eldest is two years older than her, and she has the scrambled mind. My mother has selective memory. I told her when I was in my twenties and she said ” I had a feeling something like thAt was going on.” A year later she doesn’t remember me ever telling her. I feel guilty because I live in Arizona and I received a jury summons.
      do to a condition called Misophonia, I had my doctor write a letter to excuse me. I hope it was not your trial, for I am very stubborn and no matter i everyone hated me I would hold out. you are holding up well. I want only the best outcome for you. If this does not happen you will not be forgotten. Many of us will write you, send you books and things you need until we can get you out of there.
      Take Care,
      You have many people on your side,

    • Jodi do not doubt do not fear nor do not disbelieve for one second that you are not believed! There are MANY MANY people who LOVE and SUPPORT you, including myself!! I sit home as a young college male with friends who BELIEVE you!! The media is trying so hard to break you down and break your spirit-do not let them win!! They are JEALOUS of you because you are young and beautiful!! I am praying for you and believe it or not because of you I am PRAYING again!! BELIEVE you are FORGIVEN and HEALED and allow the HOLY SPIRIT to Reveal who The Lord is!! The Lord is for you Jodi!!

    • You are braver than you believe and stronger than you might think!! I pray to Jesus he gives you courage and DELIVERANCE!! God is WITH YOU Jodi ALWAYS!!!! You have opened my eyes to DV and the effects it has on women!! You were sent on this earth with a purpose to GLORIFY him first and restore people’s faith in The Lord, I believe that with ALL MY HEART!! GOD will REVEAl to the JURY that you are indeed a CHANGED and GOOD human being!!

      • Jodi I want to bless you with a song in my language Malayalam, it is called Kannuneer Thaazhvarayil. I don’t know why God chose this song to reveal it to you but it was revealed to me when you sang Oh Holy Night. You have a beautiful voice and spirit Jodi!! Do not fall for Satans traps!! God is WITH YOU and your family!!!

    • They don’t stop hammering you about your memory. I don’t understand what kind of smarts Martinez has. Your past skills as a waitress most likely trained you to be able to remember details… Also, emotional abuse scars from a past-time can stay embedded in the human mind forever. And also, since you are of an artistic nature, Jodi, “details” and visualizing the past helps you in your creativeness today.
      Your parents are proud of you.

    • jodi will be ok…come to jersey when this is over…i will take care of you….these people are crazy…leave her alone…the prosecutor must not have a sex life because he keeps talking about hers….if he really cared about doing a good job he would stop talking about the sex stuff……it shows he has nothing going for his case.

    • don’t let this martinez prick throw you. he has spent a large portion of his life figuring out how to get someone executed. yes, a true example of a compassionate human being. his task is to get a group of people to say “this person deserves to die.” gotta love this asshole.
      when you r on the stand, remember to breathe deeply. take at least 2-4 deep breaths, try to relax, and remember that you have your defense team, your family, and your supporters–i have never done this before. any and every break that you get, and before and after, try to take some minutes to close your eyes and breathe. give yourself permission to relax. people can see that this guy-j. martinez-is a prick.
      make it a goal to get through this. and please remember to breathe.
      i will be sending you positive and healing vibes.

    • Jodi,

      Hang in there! It has been a hard cross examination however, you got this! Hang in there! This too shall pass. Jesus loves you and it is His will that will be done! The State is acting so righteous that I am ready to puke! No one is perfect and all they are doing is dwelling on things that make no nevermind! Don’t let him draw you in on the little things! He is not proving anything but that he hasn’t a case against the truth! Travis wasn’t in this relationship alone! And he wasn’t the little angel they are trying to portray him as! Hang in there! Greater is He that is in me than He that is in the world!

    • Jodi, Stay strong young Lady. I can’t imagine the pain, frustration, and struggle you have been going through. Just remember that the World is not against you, although I’m sures it feels that way. All My love and best wishes to you. Sending good vibes your way and justice will prevail. I’m behind you intently. Keep going strong and can’t wait to see you breathing free air again. Best wishes.

    • Jodi,

      God loves you more than words can say. Christ Jesus is with you.
      Tough times have come to you, but shortly tough times will come to all.
      Christ begins his Kingdom May 19, 2013.

      With Love,
      I am

    • Jodi
      I’m on your side!! Enough is enough when it comes to manwhores using and abusing women. Thanks for being brave and standing up for yourself!! Thanks for setting an example for all of us women who’ve been kicked punched and kept a secret!!

    • as i watch this unfold on tv im thinking to myself we know who did it right?we know when it was done right?we know where it happened right?but we dont know why …….i mean really why right….so we can only speculate as a audience on why it happened but those are not facts….is she guilty of murder…absolutely…but is it self defense ….my personal feeling says yes because of the defense strategy … im hoping it was self defense for her behalf cause it seems a insanity plea would fit better…however if she loses the case blame the defense counsel for going with self defense …

      • jodi i just want to tell u i am with u all the way. i donated some money to u to help u out a little bit . i think u are doing a good.i like the way u put asshole martinez in his place.hang in there and i hope everything works out for u.i like ur defense team they are pretty cool. nancy grace is a real bitch.she dont know shit.neither does that dumbass dr.drew.i like ur artwork if i had the money i would buy someyu are a good artist and a pretty one at that. i like ur boy gus he got ur back all the way. hang in there jodi.theres alot of supporters out there for u.i hope u dont get the death penalty.gotta go for now jodi.good luck.

    • Man, I’m really trying to figure what your guilty of. Whatever the case God is with you and will never leave you. Pray daily because His mercy and grace will follow you all your days. Praying for you and your family.

    • Jodi, I was once that guy who was different behind close doors and a womanizer. I hurt so many woman and as I look at your situation I find it hard that the world can’t decern what happen to you that day. I wish you the best and most of all good luck on your trial.

    • JODI.. keep you cool on the stand. This has to be frustrating having urn whole private sex life. I was in a violent relationship and I also had a diary.. I never wrote about the abuse. Just because you didn’t write it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen! Most domestic violence relationships the abused person doesn’t tell anyone about the abuse out of shame. The prosocuter is trying to break you down.. pick u apart.. to bring out ur faults. Don’t let him push your triggers. Dont let him take ur words out of context and and use urn frustration and combativeness against you. He is trying to show the jury urn faults. Think before u speak.. bring a pad write down the questions thatare being taken or of context. That ur not able to answer because he won’t let u answer them the way u want.Your in my prayers.

    • Jodi, you are holding up the best that you can. I am praying for you, and I am very proud of you for taking the stand. I hate that you have to sit there and listen to this man hound you as if he has a clue about you or Travis for that matter. I was abused and was lucky to get out of it, and now I am a whole new person. I can see that in you. I am sorry others will take your over coming as you being a smart butt, or un caring person. I do not know what all has happen in your life, but I pray that now you know you have a value, and you never have to be someones second choice and take the stuff you went through. And not only that, but stay away from those types of men. Keep letting God lead you, you are not alone on that stand he is right there in you, all around you. God Bless

    • As I don’t have television in my home, I first heard about this case a week after the trial started. I made the decision to avoid all media reports and opinions about the case. I have since watched every minute of the trial to date online. I BELIEVE YOU! There are many signs of battered woman’s syndrome that are evident to me. I also don’t understand why there has been no professional psychologist to testify in this case. You have proof of every word you have said about Travis. I also understand you wanting to protect HIS image above helping yourself. That is an important factor to me in this trial. At this point, I don’t understand how any human could convict you of 1st degree murder. I have yet to locate the specific jury instructions for your case, but don’t believe the judge is allowing the BS from the prosecutor. As far as the “memory issue”, I’d like to ask him what he was doing on July 10, 2007, in detail, most people can not recall specifics unless there is an important marker for that particular event. Stay strong, keep your head held high, and my prayers and thoughts are with you! (Even if there is a conviction, there is more than enough information for several different appeals, that could have the conviction overturned, it isn’t over, until it’s over)

      • As if no one seen that coming I guess the only murders in Arizona are cruel can’t believe this crap A new trial needs to be put forth and soon as this circus is over.theses jurors watched all the media coverage and the fact he was a mormon as most of them are she was fucked from the get go if you listen when the judge asked if this was their verdict juror 1 said it so low some of the jurors were bullied into the verdict mark my words that will come out soon Keep your head up God can only judge you

    • Hi jodi I’m nick recently from chicago liveing here in phoenix arizona I’m nobody special just want u to know I stand with u and belive in ur innocence much love. To u and know I’m always praying for u daily

    • Thought you did wonderful today at trial. Great job keeping your composure against Martinez. His ego is large but fortunately your will and strength is immensely larger. I’ll be watching intently (on dvr) after work, rooting for you and continuing to send nothing but extreme positivity your way from here in west Texas. Fight the good fight Jodi. All my best to you tomorrow and throughout. Stay strong.

    • Dont get me wrong here about what I am going to say to you..I personally dont care much for Mormons either with their precarious ways and the reading of a second book other then the Bible itself but why did you go back to his house and kill him? Why? He was a piece of S$%#^%$ and you had your whole life ahead of you. Plus you are very good looking. You had a whole life that you could have made with someone that was worth your time. Instead you sought to go after this piecce of garbage and end your life in the process as well. There are so many other guys that could have treated you well and helped you get passed your abusive past. YOu choose to go the violent way out. Look I cant judge you only God can Judge you in the end. We are all sinners and we all have our things Sins we have done in the past. So only God is truly going to forgive you for what you have done. I do got to hand it to you though your doing very well in the trial you are very good at keeping your composure which to be honest your throwing the prosecution for a loop. EIther way in someone way or other we all pay for our sins..Its just the way it goes…God Bless you and just stick with the truth..You have nothing to lose now.

    • Jodi,
      I started watching this trial convinced from the media that you were 100% guilty and even worse. I have now formed my own opinion of you. You have been through so much and I believe that you killed in self defense. Watching the media drives me insane! Are they watching the same thing I am? How can anyone respect this Martinez guy who is basically bullying you. I can’t believe the things he thinks you should remember, such as specific minutes of the day when you walk through a door! C’mon! His tactics make him look like a complete jack ass. I applaud your strength on the stand! I am routing for you.

      • Oh yeah and anyone with a brain knows that Nancy Grace is an arrogant, rude, bag of hot air. I never listen to her, but your nay sayers are many. It seems everyone on the In Session pay roll is routing for Juan Rudetinez! Just know that the burden is on him! Proof without a doubt is on that little barking man to prove.

        • I have slowed down going to the insession wall. Jodi I know you loved Travis but today juan is tryying to get you to giggle and smile don’t do it. stay on your feet

    • Jodi, You are beautiful and innocent! I can not wait ’til we meet again. I hope all these games stop soon. I love you and you know it. 🙂

    • Jodi you are doing SO GREAT on the stand. The prosecutor is coming across as an angry, petty little man.
      NO doubt the jury will come down in your favor.

      Love and Good wishes to you-

      Bryan Scott

      P.S. some of the recordings you’ve made reveal what a generous and beautiful person you are.

    • My question is what happens when Jodi regains her memory and says Travis continued to pursue her with further threats to kill her and she obtained the only weapon available to her laying on the bedroom dresser which had earlier been brought up from the kitchen to cut the rope for sex play and she used that knife to stop what she perceived as an unstoppable mad man and she didn’t tell anyone right away because no one would believe this about a good Mormon boy because of his public image.

    • I support Jodi. She is obviously innocent and killed in self defense. She lied because she was scared. I mean she just killed someone. how would anyone else react.

    • Oh jeez. Lemme first first start this by telling you how much respect I have for you. I know the pressure your under is incomprehensable. I to was in your shoes 10 years ago, Ive delved in the form of public opinion, and know how much it can influence media/jurisprudence. Stay strong ms. Support from mass. goodluck

    • Jodi ~ Hang in there Chicka! You are gonna make it!!!! God knows the truth!!! Stick to the truth!!! 🙂 Your doing great!!! Loves and hugs!!! There are people that believe you and know what a sham of a trial this is!!! Why can’t they just accept that you were a victim here too!!!

    • dear jodi,
      goodluck with the trial. i hope u stay strong nd dont let ur nerves get 2u..
      Endure the Storm 4 a little Longer, when 2mrrow comes ,you’ll BE EVEN STRONGER. take care,im a supporter – Rio Lorena- =]

    • Hi jodi! I’ve been watching your trial, all day, everyday. It doesn’t matter how confident, beautiful or strong you are. There’s always someone stronger and wiser and able to manipulate you. And there are good times in all relationships! No one would stay if someone constantly was belittling and hit every single day. We all hold on to the good things. I entirely relate to you, Jodi. I’m sorry you’re going through this.

    • Jodie Hi So sorry for what happen to you and what your going threw. I understand as I was abused my whole life as a child , Parents, Brothers, Boyfriends, spouse and took me 50 years to even admit it to myself I never wanted others to know only good about me. Martinez is so wrong about so many things right Stay strong your doing good. I’m praying for you. Back when I was a single young Mom , My parents moved out of State and I begged them Please take my little brother he was 20. My dad said were moving to get away from you. I said I don’t want to go just please take my brother . It became my job to get home back fourth to work . his laundry and every other need. Being stuck with him my planed vacation I was to fly but instead drove taking him. one night sitting on bed door shut I was holding my baby giving her bottle when he smashed in no warning , we had never has a fight nothing. He had beer bottle in one hand a fist in other he used on me. I was scared and shocked bending over my baby to protect her. I knew he’d never leet me near a phone so I quietly try to sneak to my car holding my baby her snowsuit diaper bag slipped into my car locking doors fast with my baby on my lap. I thought I could drive to end of street put her into car seat and go for help, No cell phones then, within second while my baby on my lap there was glass everywhere. My brother had smashed drivers window and fron window glass going all over myself and baby. My life at times so unbelievable it should be in a movie. People that have never gone threw abuse don’t understand. I pray Jodie for you .


    • Jodi, hang in there. You re doing a great job! Martinez is frustrated. Freedom will soon be yours.
      Former Az state prisoner

    • Miss Jodi,
      I cant fathom the situation you are in. I’ve watched your entire trial ,work permitting ,and have run the gamut of emotions. I believe in you and your words with all my heart. I’ve had friends who were victims of abuse, both physically and emotionally and much of it (if not all) was kept hidden from those if us that cared for them. Just because abuse is kept secret doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. All my love, thoughts, and goodness is directed your way. Stay strong, try to get some rest this weekend. You’ve had a tough go at it darlin’ and you must keep fighting the good fight come Monday. Many of us still support you whole heartedly. I have heard nothing that will change my feelings. Goodnight Miss Jodi, may our love flow over you immensely.


    • Jodi –

      The media was certainly poised to watch you crumble under this “skillful prosecutor”, Juan Martinez. It was clear to me during your direct examination that not only would you NOT crumble, you would stand your ground even under JM’s combative style. You have done more than stand your ground: you’ve remained poised and refused to cave in to his over the top badgering ~ you’ve made a complete fool of him! You hang in there, girl, and keep telling the truth.

      After hearing all you’ve had to say so far, I am 100% convinced that you acted in self-defense. I cannot help but believe one or more jurors will agree with me. Rooting for you and praying for you!

      A Supporter

    • I want ms arias to know that she has a friend in LA that totally supports her and is there for her if she needs anything. I plan to send her some words of wisdom and located the info to put money on her books but I’m praying that she will be free to live the life god intended for her. I hope she has found some woman that can protect and nurture her and avoid the negative drama and hatred but unfortunately that seems to be all she seems to be facing looking at the rather unattractive faces of mr Alexander’s sisters. He obviously got the looks in the family. It was so difficult watching Jodi’s beautiful face welled up with tears. Your holding up great and make sure to connect with the eyes of the jurors especially when they exit. Also don’t face the negative and toxic people in the galley or Martinez straight on. You don’t want to absorb their energy so face them at an angle and it will deflect their yucky vibe.

    • I am writing a book about this trial. Is there a email address I could correspond with Jodi at, AFTER this trial is over? I know this is a stressful time for her so I would love to get hex take and her words. Thanks!

    • take in all the love you can. Last night I dreamed my mom was somewhere with my dad and I was terrified he would hurt her”. I was a witness of domestic violence. It takes time for these feelings to rise to the top so we know some of the underlying issues that drive us. take care of yourself and let the colors bubble up in your art and heal your heart.

    • I am a personally dedicated daily follower of the Jodi Arias trial. My message to Jodi is I believe you killed Travis Alexander in self-defense. I am so sad for you, Jodi, that this all happened to you, the way it did. Bad things happen to Good people, every day and you are a victim!!! Bless your heart… I will continue to follow the trial and support you – Jodi. You seem very calm and patient with the thing called Martinez, hammering at you on the stand. You hang in there!!!!!
      I wish I had your calmness – you have taken too much from Martinez and his nasty mouth and mannerisms. Again, hang in there girl!!!!
      -Dedicated Follower~~

    • Support here for Jodi…..praying for her to prevail!! I would love to purchase one of her sketches, can you help me or email a link so I could buy one. Thanks a bunch, <3 to JODI …..ROBYN ; )

    • It is very hard to find ways to leave messages in this web site, so may i leave a message here for Jodi? I hope you dont mind, this web site is weird.

      Jodi! I hope you can read this!

      I think the abuse that you suffer was more emotional because you wanted more and he just wanted sex i have been there
      . The issue to me in your case which involves all of us it is this
      many women are not loved then we become vulnerable to users like Travis
      we become desperate for the love of the dad and attention we never had. I feel sorry for the abuse and horrible
      life you have to endure at the hands of the prosecutor and and jail and for
      Travis as well, he is a victim of his need for sex in an oppressive culture that did not give him
      the awareness to validate his inner wisdom to be skeptical your obsession with him.

      Jodi i have been obsessed with men as well fortunately i have found art, writing, music, dance and reading
      to focus my passions and turn my insights into solutions for my problems
      but when we dont have an inner life, and caring family, then a man can become out total focus
      and that is what happen to you right? I dont have a caring family so i identify with you a lot.
      Take care.

      • I meant to say “If we dont have social support and an inner life based on some kind of passion men can become our total focus given we were not loved by our parents at least that is what i got it from listening about your childhood.

    • I just want Jodi to know that so many people are out here watching the coverage and praying for her. I am disgusted by these so called professionals who think they have her pegged as a psychopath and the prosecutor who clearly has a Napoleon complex. I can understand the pain she went through not only trying to keep her relationship with Travis but also after she realized what had happened. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Travis supporter, but I feel horrible things ended the way they did. I also can understand that something horrible transpired that day that ended in tragedy. I feel awful that she didn’t have someone there to prevent this from taking place. When I hear her testimony I can hear word for word events I myself went through as I was in a horrible relationship where I was used even though my heart was completely filled with love for a man that clearly didn’t deserve it. I stand by my opinion of Jodi that I don’t believe for a minute that she meant to cause Travis harm. I see a woman who is torn apart having to see pictures or hear details of what happened that day. And I will calmly read and ignore the hate mail I receive from strangers because I purchased Jodi’s beautiful artwork. I pray for her and hope for the best for her and her family. They, and Travis’ family, have been through enough. Putting Jodi on death row would not make anything better in my opinion. Stay strong Jodi, I am watching the trial and pulling for you.

    • Dear Jodi

      I lived with a Man that was the VP of a Church Board, and everyone thought he was something he wasn’t. Later he has sex with his step-daughter when she was very vulnerable, and had lusted her in her youth.

      People can’t see pedophiles what what they are, and I also lived with someone that would blow up over their stuff and perfection in a moment. It is clear Travis has a HORRID childhood, and leftover crap to deal with.. He used you for it..

      I went out and looked over you and Travis’s MySpace stuff from before this all happened, it is CLEAR he is FULL of himself and advertising for women. I think he liked the dual role he was playing.

      If anyone was a master at pulling the wool over people’s eyes.. it was Travis.. Manipulating and using women. He surely used Jodi. And Jodi surely loved him.

      I also know about the not acknowledging things because that will make them become manifest, and how that law of attraction is supposed to work, and how you would not put any energy into the ugliness you might have seen in Travis, or what you wanted to have with that relationship. .

      It’s also clear from the history in those pages, that you were already a spiritual person before you met Travis, and he pulled you toward HIS faith.

      I don’t know what all happened there. I wish you’d remember it.. I know how it is to lose a section like that. It happened to me when my house burned. It also happened after a car accident where I was completely disoriented and things seems disjointed for most of three hours.

      I can understand freaking with a knife on the floor or something. I can also easily imagine the gun shells rolling around from all the activity.

      What are they saying? That this man, just sat there and let you stab him to death, and then shoot him, and then you drug him all over the place and back to the shower? What is is they are trying to say you did? That’s nuts that even with a knife him being a kick boxer would not be able to overpower you and take it from you? I took a knife from a girl about your size one time, and she was in a bi-polar rage at the time.. I got cut a bit on my hand, but I got the damn kinfe! Are they saying he couldn’t?

      My God if you preplanned it, it seems it would have been easier to shoot him in the face then he opened the door.. turn around and leave!!

      Why all the crap? I don’t get what they are trying to say you did? Does anyone els
      e see what it is they are trying to say transpired? Hell he could have just held her by the wrist!

    • I feel for this young lady…I can tell that TA only wanted her for sex and made if very clear that when others where around that she was nothing more than an acquantince! Jodi was mentally abused , she was made to believe he wanted her and she fell hard for him…but who wouldn’t have he seemed like the charmer! Ta was a master manipulator to the fullest! You can tell by the way Jodi speaks that she has been beaten down time and time again! I hope she recovers from this horrible ordeal and can go on and live a normal life and find someone that treats her like she is a princess and not some trash like TA did she deserves so much more! Good Luck girl we are supporting you 110 percent!

    • just want to tell u jodi, to keep strong nd have faith, ,.im tired of people saying ur the bad one no1 should be judging u,, i knw travis wasnt such a good boy as people think he may have been, theres alot of guys whom look so sweet but in reality they have a darkside.nd there”the devil in disguise”. i hope people can see that u were also a victim, nd u suffered from abuse also, verbally nd sexually,mentally. nd behind close doors he disrespected u, . nd i believe he was a hipocrite. anyways,.. stay strong while on trial nd keep ur head up ,im a supporter .

    • I am also supporting you Jodi!! I have been watching everyday, and would like to help in anyway I can such as donations as well as housing we have been collecting funds here in Ohio where I live and will send them to sj or whomever you prefer!

    • I am a adamant Jodi supporter… I would love to offer some financial support and purchase a art piece from her PLEASE.. after my first request for this i noticed that this request probably has to be moderated due to people trying to block her from being able to raise money, i assure you I AM NOT ONE OF THOSE!!! I whole heartedly support this young lady…I dont have alot of money but I want to do what I can. Thanks and you can email me a response if you would like to.. Much love Robyn

    • Stay strong Jodi. You are a survivor of abuse and abused women around the World should admire you for fighting back.

    • As a woman who has worked with victims of domestic violence..I GET IT..I believe you did what you did because you had no choice. or at the very least you felt you had no choice..God is good…and you need to read these comments or at least be told about them..because people exist that believe you..and all you need is just one juror who sees things the way I do..and I am not a stupid woman by any stretch..god bless and have faith..

    • You are a charming intelligent young lady. I feel you were maybe too trusting at times and you ran into situations that made it easy for people to take advantage of you. It seems like you desired a sense of community and wanted to put down some roots. Your intentions were good and pure, Jodi. I wish just one of the people in your life at the time had the courage to step up and say something about the abuse you endured. You are in my thoughts, as I am very invested in this case. I am concerned about you, Jodi. The thought of you taking your own life after fighting so hard to keep it…I know there is a reason you are still here. Stay strong.

    • I Believe you.. the Strongest Evidence that this was NOT PREMEDITATED WAS you left the CAMERA AND memory Card behind…that means no premeditation it is the most incriminating was the camera and pictures

    • Hi,

      I am praying for you daily. It is my hope you find some sense of peace when the trial is over. Remember, the only real conclusion to anything in life is the one you choose, not the consensus of the majority. I would consider buying one of your art pieces, have whoever appropriate contact me via included email. Stay strong and may the Lord watch over you. Best.

    • hello jodi, have a good day @ court,. and dont let ur nerves get the best of you,stay calm nd focus.nd have faith .evrything will work out 4u. take care- rio lorena-(from Chicago)

    • I believe in you Jodi. You are very innocent and the world will know it. I do wish you lots of luck and I hope for an acquittal.

    • We believe in you. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Once when WW11 was being fought in England, Dion Fortune and a group of supporters got together and all of them thought and prayed at the same time, they were all of one mind that England would not be defeated. England was not defeated.
      As supporters of Jodi let’s do the same!! Jodi, you will come through this.Supporters, let’s do the same! Every evening at 8:00PM lets send up good wishes and prayers for Jodi.

    • Hi Jodi….You were fabulous today the way you fielded the questions from the jury. You left the HLN anchors and legal pundits twisting in the wind. Don’t alter what you are doing. The latest HLN poll shows you are gaining with people who support you—up eight percentage points in just one day.
      Hang in there.
      Bill Corcoran, Chicago, corkcol@aol.com

    • why doesn’t jodi or attorneys say it could not be Pre Meditated Murder Because she wouldn’t of left the Camera with the memory card in it that can show the incriminating pictures and her in the scene?

    • I think Jodi should be found not guilty of murder. She’s as much a victim of the disastrous relationship as Travis. She appears to have been very loyal to Travis, but her loyalty was not returned. She should not have done what she did, but the killing was not premeditated, in my opinion.

      I hope Jodi will be found innocent, and I believe she will.

    • JODI,
      i hear everyday how people badmouth u and say suc horrible things when i know exactly how u feel and how it is to be the “bad guy”. just know we r here to support u. ive been trying to get the info to write to you but no luck. im going to write to the site manager.here. im sure ud like to just have a normal conversation for once… keep ur head up! <3333

    • Jodi,
      Best wishes to you – whatever happens do not put your faith in people or false doctrines. Only put your faith in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Do only what the Bible says and you will have eternal life. God will do what is best for you. All of us only have a very short time on this earth. P.S. Have high self esteem and do not let anyone use you ever again.

    • Jodi,
      my name is Michael and I’m from Rhode Island and I support you and I understand what you’re going through. my prayers go out to you and your family. I know that your lawyer is doing a real good job for you. and I wish the news media was stop betraying you as someone evil. I wish there was something I could do to ease the pain that I know and understand,, that you’re going through. I have been through abusive relationships in my past and can relate to exactly what you went through. Jody just try to stay strong and no even someone in the smallest state(rhode island) is in your corner for support…………michael

    • Jodi,

      I believe in you. I do look forward to seeing you acquitted or at the very least charged with a lesser crime than first degree. To me you answered all those jury questions correctly. Good luck on the stand. If you need a friend to talk to, i’m here for you. You deserve better than what Travis gave you anyway. You deserve to be treated with respect and Travis never gave you any of that. You are a guardian angel that’s for sure. I’m from PA and I do hope one day I get to talk to you.

    • You have my full support Jodi, you keep your head up and be strong. Don’t let them tear you down. I am not saying that it was right, but i also do not feel that you are that type of person Life can be crazy at times. God bless girl and be strong.

    • I keep hearing there is a juror, a female sitting in the front row, the one close to Jodi, will not look at her. Just wondering if that is true, and if so, has Kirk, Jodi, or anyone else taken note of it ?
      Jodi, you have done a WONDERFUL job! I’m conservative, Life Member of the NRA, and I believe you! I hope you are released! All these Mormon “men” bashing you….. Naaaah! They’re afraid of their wives! Of course they’re NOT going to come out and say, O YEPPERS!! She’s HOT in front of them! Aaaaagh! And the wives bashing! You’re a 11, and they’re jealous! Period! Look over that High School crap! You’re better, and they can’t stand it! Travis messed up, NOT you!
      I’m on your side Jodi! Keep your head held high, and know, you are Gods precious child! If God be for you, WHO can be against you? You’re in the valley for a reason, but remember God IS there with you, and He promises NEVER to leave you! (Footprints in the sand – please read it)
      One more thing….. Please read about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the Book of Daniel (KJV Bible)
      Love ya Jodi!

    • I have watched from the beginning. I am Team Jodi and pray that the jury doesn’t believe the half truths and inuendos of the state. Hang in there, Jodi. Truth will prevail. God Bless

    • Dear Jodi, I wish you the best! I wish you win!
      I understand how hard it is. Please, hang in there… Believe in your self, we believe in you! You can do it!!
      Hey, after all, you are not doing just for your self – you are defending other battered women;)
      We know you are tired, we understand. You were strong all this time. Stay strong! You will be ok!
      Praying for you!

    • hi Jody
      keep you the good fight – i am all for you – as an abused person, i know what you are going through
      please stay strong, you will overcome all this, it was very wrong what Travis did to you, and his family sitting there smirking just makes me sick, i feel so bad for you, and hope there is something we can all say to help you through this. it is so true that you do not remember the harsh abuse, i can not remember either, even to this day, i can not remember – so it is completely normal for you to have blanked this abuse out. i have also studied the law of attration – abraham hicks did a lot of tapes on it, if you want to play them for the jury to listen to, they are well done. a lot of people beleive in this, not just a few, but a lot and alot of us have read about it. i am praying for you, and want to wish you so much good luck. personally, i do not feel the state even has a case against you, but i had to be too optomistic – good luck and know i am thinking of you

    • hi jodi
      i had my email address wrong, so wanted to fix it
      remember, this abuse by Travis is awful and he should have been punished
      i wonder if you are covering up for someone, still, – and maybe the gun went off and someone else came in later – i think you are too small to have been able to carry a dead body around – especially the size of Travis
      you are doing a great job, keep up the good work and i am preying for you
      i also believe in the law of attration – a lot of people do
      i believe you are innocent and should not be punished because someone was abusing you
      it is just more abuse
      it will soon be over, and you will be cleared of all the charges, i am sure of that


    • Dear dear Jodi, what ever happened in the past is the past, you have people out who hope and pray, that judgement day for you be left up to god, not maricopa county. Keep your head up never look back..and what ever your faith is, keep it close to your heart and don’t stop believing in what u love

      • Jodi, you hang in there. I just pray you can at least get a short sentence and can go on with your life. I hope you don’t still think Travis was a nice person Lean on God, and for yourself I hope you don’t limit yourself to Mormonism. Please explore the Bible, especially the New Testament. I will think and pray for you everyday. And just know, the 40’s and 50’s can be the best years of your life.

    • Hey JodI.. You got this girl.. I have said from day one.. HUNG JURY…. I want NOTHING but the BEST for you.. head up HIGH and keep up the great work on the stand!! again I say YOU GOT THIS!!!

    • i agree. for all those who believe in nancy grace and juan martinez, i say, *and donkeys do fly*…my prayers are with you jodi *hugs*

    • JODI,

      I remember working along side of you at cpk. I was a Busser there, we all used to work together, we actually Opened up the store…. I was big, bald, with a goatee, anyway, trust, keep your head up… Stay strong, I’ll letup you in prayer…please get back at me

    • Jodi keep ur head up , I would like to visit you if I can . You seem like a fun outgoing person . It would be great to know you for you not what people are saying . I would like to write you in jail. Thanks . Lv Kevin

    • May God Bless you Jodi. I have been exactly where you are up to June 3rd. I feel everything you have gone through and more. I FEEL what you have said I feel to be TRUE to what I have felt and DONE. myself and to feel such suffering that cannot even be explained to anyone else or that they would even understand but I do. GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL. AND GOD BLESS TRAVIS’S SOUL AS WELL. Even though I know where you are right now and what may be ahead of you is horrible or worse, and I pray it doesn’t get worse, , somehow I feel as though in your soul, if it”s possible, you may feel some release maybe, or perhaps even some solace as hard as that may be to say aloud but I feel that way for you. .one person cannot continually emotionally and mentally use and abuse another for years, with total disregard for that person, and expect to go on living their lives as if it didn’t matter at all. AGAIN, GOD BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU.

    • i have been watching the case from the beginning. i truly believe your being persecuted. i want to support you any way i can. you can only receive postcards right? i called to write you. im an artist so you will be in my prayers and my art. god bless you

    • hello jodi,
      i hope that u are doing fine,these days.. i knw its hard being on that stand for a long time,.nd having that man martinez yell so much,instead of just talking normal.. i hope that u are pulling thru these hard times nd these days that must seem 4ever,.. keep staying strong nd god will help u.. just have faith..nd even if the world seems upside down, dont give up. im praying 4 u. and u got a friend in me,im from chicago.but im a Supporter .take care.=] -Rio lorena-

    • Frankly, though I think you are not guilty, that slug deserved to die for the womanizing, abusive scumbag that he was.

      You and every woman deserve to be loved and respected. Not treated like an object to be used.

    • Hi Jodi,
      I have been keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers as I watch and hope each day that court is televised for this to soon be over with the outcome of you being acquitted. I live in South Florida and wanted you to know that there are people from all over, including myself, who support you each step of the way. I will continue to stay positive and hold on to the faith of our justice system. I wish you all the best Jodi as I’m cheering you on the road to victory. Please stay safe and take care.

    • youre amazing Jodi! keep up the hard work. The man upstairs knows youre innocent and he will protect you and stand by you. Youre beautiful and so smart! I know its hard to see that you DO have support on the outside because all the negative publicity, but you do. Im about to go to a detention program for a year for some wrong choices i made and im not even scared or stressing it, because i know theres people like you who have been wrongfully held in jail. I hope you do not get the death penalty and one day get the freedom you deserve back. Love from pensacola florida !

    • I hope one day we can become a more compassionate and less judgmental towards others. I believe sensitive, introverted individuals can be more prone to psychological distress from emotional mistreatment that would not have the same impact on others. I hope Jodi and everyone impacted by this tragedy finds peace. Love and compassion for all!

    • Dear Jodi,

      I haven’t been following your case but this evening when I caught a closer glimpse of you in the news, I realized that I knew you. My name is Natalie and I babysat you, Carl, and your baby sibling when you were about 9-10 years old (in Salinas). I am only two years older than you so mostly we played together, barbies and dress-up. My step-dad was friends with your dad, Bill. His name is Dean. I don’t speak to my family anymore because they were very abusive to me and I left home when I was 14. I came to discover that my step-dad was a drug dealer and I have suspicions as to how he got to know your family. I had two little brothers but I don’t remember them being around when I babysat you guys. Their names are Jonathan and Jason.

      I’m so sorry that you are in this situation and that you have experienced abuse. I remember you as being such a sweet person and I instantly liked you as my friend. You were very thoughtful and kind, and very patient with your brother. I remember you having a beautiful smile and warm presence. I also remember your house. The kitchen was in between the family room and the bedrooms. The family room was large and attached to a door that lead outside. I remember loving your backyard; I don’t remember why though. It seemed like a loving home and I remember wishing I could spend more time there with you guys.

      Jodi, I hope that you are acquitted of the crime you are accused. You are not a murderous criminal and you don’t deserve to be abused, by anyone. Whatever happened was not your fault. You have a beautiful spirit that has shined through you from the beginning. I know because I saw.

      With love and support,

    • I think the most important thing the Defense attorneys can tell the jury in their closing argument is this:

      “if you think Jodi Arias is a liar, then can you even believe her when she says she killed Travis?’ I mean, let’s face it – if they can’t believe her story, then they shouldn’t believe ANY part of it. The photos on the camera and the bloody palm print only prove that Jodi was in that house; they don’t prove she actually committed murder. The only proof is that she said she did it. If you don’t believe her story of self defense because you say she’s a liar, then how can you believe her when she claims she committed the crime. If the person running this website has contact with Jodi’s attorneys, please convey this information to them. This is very important and I feel could be the difference in proving reasonable doubt. Thanks. Jodi, keep your head up.

      • You’re brilliant, Connie. There are no murder weapons in evidence. What if that Dustin Thompson broke in and killed Travis causing Jodi to create that alternate reality?
        How long did the police interview her until she was forced to admit to a crime?
        Hearing her last witness, the domestic abuse expert, I do believe Jodi was sexually and emotionally abused.
        Great job, sista!

    • As I watch your trial on the HLN station, I don’t feel as though you’re receiving a fair trial. I hope you think about suing the HLN station afterward, Jodi. It makes me sick that HLN developed a show specifically based on your trial and using a mock jury to make conclusions.
      You’re an American and you deserve a fair trial!
      Nobody seems to be taking the first Chapter of Travis’s autobiography posted on his Being Better Blog describing the intense beatings and abuse he encountered during his childhood. Per psychological studies, children who were heavily and physically abused grow up to become abusers themselves. I’m shocked your lawyers haven’t used his own words and a psychiatrist to diagnose his condition along with all those threatening text messages and emails.
      Be strong and I’m so sorry to hear all that happened to you

    • Hi Jodi, I truly want to support you. I am a lds member and see everything outside the box, I feel it’s so unfair about people judging unfairly. First of all, every guy goes through their sexual needs but there are certain levels a guy can go and Travis obviously demonstrate an extreme level. If Travis truly was as nice as he is, he could of want sex but not say certain desturbing things. Not only he was using you for sex, he’s using you for his dark side and through prepaid legal. I hope we can chat one day, you do not deserve what your going through. Unfortunately, he paid a price. People should remember that it’s not jealously Jodi went through, it’s the principle where Travis is a 2 face but still want the glory at the same time. Everyone lies in some point of their life. So people should get over it. Besides, it’s embarrassing to speak about all the details of what they were doing behind close doors. When I follow up on your case, I realize he wasn’t just abusing you with sex but more. Other members should stop being bias and look at the big picture.

      Helpful tip that no one mentioned in court. When you break the law of chasity. Did you know that as a return missionary and endowed, in the church standards, it’s actually a bigger sin compare someone that is not endowed. Jodi was never endowed. Because Travis was endowed he had a bigger responsibility and endowed in the temple is a big thing. Lds people know this but they look at Jodi like, “Oh she killed Travis it’s a bigger sin”. Give her a break, look what she went through. I am so sure something happened, look at the pictures. I can tell you truly love him and all he could do not respect you because he felt your not a virgin so it didn’t matter but then go pursue women younger and virgins. Travis doesn’t know what love is, so why people think he’s so innocent. He’s greedy. Just because he had so many lds friends and his friendship are strong through lies because he didn’t want to disappoint lds people.

      From what I see the only reasons why he told his friends lies because he hid his dark side and lied to himself to cover his sins. He lies about Jodi showing up and bad stuff because he didn’t want people to know he is having sex with her.

      IT’S THE PRINCIBLE OF ABUSE and JODI DO NOT DEServe the 1st degree!

      I hope a lds person reads my message, at church we are taught that God judge us why we did it not what we did. I mean I can steal something without knowing, when the sign said for free in front of it. So are you stealing? Yes and no. Well this is the same for Jod Arias.

      I know you only wanted to say things to please him, so I don’t blame you for some things you said. Please stay strong, I wish I had money to support you but I am in school right now. I hope we can be friends and stay in touch if I ever have the chance. I believe everyone is equal and people should stop being bias and look at the full picture.

    • I was just wondering if Jaun goes home and treats his family like dogs! Maybe thats why he thinks its ok for Travis to have treated Jodie so badly! I think he needs some counseling for anger! I think there is something wrong with someone trying to twist and turn the evidence to stick a needle in Jodi’s arm!
      I think the media is trying to make Jodi pay for the sins of Casey Anthony as much as they compare the cases that are not anything alike! Why cant the case be tried in court instead of the media? Who believes there is not one juror watching all the negative comments? There are just to many things ask by the jury that I have heard in the media! Shame on them all!

    • jodi, I just read the police report and am convinced you did not stab travis. I believe you shot travis in self defense and ran out of there. and I believe the court is in error to allow the prosecutor to badger and bully the witnesses. shoulders back, stand tall, deep breaths, you have millions of people like me who are hoping and praying the jury votes not guilty. p.s. the doctor is doing an excellent job testifying in your defense, which is obvious b/c the prosecutor is having such temper tantrums, lol…

    • hi i have been in your side since day one. i hope it all goes well and you will soon get to go home and put all this behind you. i don’t know if you remember me and my friend when we went to court and we said god bless you. and you meaning jodi said thank you. well we still wish you the best and hope you will get to go home and put all this nightmare behind you. we are not god and i am not here to judge you only god knows what happened in that house an only god should be the one to judge you. again i wish you luck.

    • hi jodi, I hope ur feeling better 2day, im also praying 4u, im not mormon- im Catholic nd i believe in God greatly,nd i believe that what u went thru has been real, im also hoping that u dont break down,nd stay strong. i knw ur under alot of stress,even tho others dont see that nor realize it,.but im praying 4u,nd that evrything can work out 4u. my thought are with u, nd i stand by U. take care, and ps. ur defense lawyer jennifer SHE ROCKS!!! =]

    • DEAR JODI,

    • We’re praying for you Jodi,Gods got the last word & i feel in my heart that you my dear did what you had to do & no matter what anyone says that he deserved what he got! I pray for his family as well,God give them peace.

    • Jodi

      I just got out of a very abusive relationship with Bobby Juarez. I believe that you may have been abused by him too. He got the letter from your defense on your case when I was with him and he talked about you a lot, so I know that this is the same dude. He strangled me twice as well as other abuses. I made a video detailing my experience with him, and at the end of the video I talk about your case. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLiFyta_6nE

    • I would caution you to be not be overly gleeful that a juror got dismissed. It gives me the same bad reaction that I feel when I see Travis going overboard. You will lose any sympathy you may be acquiring. Same thing I say to the other side “this isn’t a football game. Someone is dead. Someone else may be. Stop painting this like a damn Superbowl.”

    • Dear Jodi, My name is Paulie. I have only just got into watching the trial.The more I see,the more I believe you were taken advantage of by him. He even used religion to get to you and then had his way with you and dumped you then take your money,screw other women.Then continue to offer sex with you and tell you whatever he did to get more sex! You just can’t do that to someone. That jerk asked for it. I’m not condoning what you did,but it’s not all your fault. You are such a sweet girl. If you were with mr,I would have been proud to have a loving girl like you. I wish I could turn back time and sweep you of your feet. And treat you with the love and respect that a woman like you deserves.I hope you are found innocent. I would love and like to be your friend forever. Stay strong. Your friend forever Paulie

    • Watching cross of Alice today! Go girl go!! Martinez is looking like a fool!!!! Hang in there Alice and be strong!!! Jodi was abused by Travis, and you are an excellent advocate for her!! Keep going!

    • Jodi, your defense witness is amazing! she’s doing an excellent job under cross exam and making the prosecutor look as silly as he sounds. the jury members are surely going to become disgusted with his antics and it won’t work in his favor.

      • I would like to know if there is a way to poll the jury under oath to be certain they have not watched tv?My reason for this is the trial has gone on so long if even 1 juror is not honest and has watched the coverage of this trial the verdict may be extremely tainted.There is no doubt any juror who has watched any coverage of this trial would no longer be able to remain true to only the evidence given during the trial.This would be a huge problem in my opinion.

    • Hi
      Someone needs to let the lawyers and Jodi know that the 5 juror is sitting in the court room after being kicked out. I believe this is a ploy to have her friends on jury still side with her. This is unfair that she has been allowed in. I understand if you don’t post this but please this is unfair.

    • Jodi: I have listened to all the testimony and believe that a viable case for self defense has been made out. You were courageous to testify and subject yourself to cross examination. You were very believable and held your own against the bully Martinez.

      I am sorry you were abused by TA (may he rest in peace). It is embarrassing to have to come to grips with the fact you were abused. You tried to maintain a friendship with TA and that sadly isn’t possible with a man who is mentally and emotionally abusive.

      Your attorneys are terrific. They are setting a great record for appeal (G*d forbid). The jury clearly should have been sequestered. The presence of Juror Number 5 in the courtroom is a distraction and must intimidate the juror(s) who didn’t agree with her. Especially since she receives special protective treatment from the court. Juror 5 is clearly trying to keep her face and story in the media so she is still marketable after the trial. Leaches will try to get rich off of your tragedy and loss.

      Stay close to G*d. He loves you very much. Know that G*d loves imperfect people (like most of us) even more than so-called perfect people and He wants us in Heaven with Him. G*d doesn’t want you to suffer anymore. He did not ever want you to suffer. Trust in G*d. Pray to Him everyday to give you peace and strength. Ask G*d to send an angel to protect you and He will do that, Jodi.

      My prayers (and the prayers of my family) are with you everyday.

    • Hi my names coco. I’m a brazilian woman who just wanted to say that I’ve walked in jodis foot steps. I know what it is to love a man so much that you’d do anything in the world for that person. But what I didn’t know at the time was that love shouldn’t have to hurt so bad if its true love. I know what it’s like to have a man play head games with you. One day I love you one day I don’t know you. I know what it feels like to be degraded to the point where you question your self worth. To smile at people threw a thousand tears. I know what it feels like to make love to a man and then feel like you’ve been used like a peice of meat afterwards. What I’m trying to say is that I completely understand jodi and why she took the b/s for so long. It’s like wishing for your toad to become a prince. But reality kicks in and you realize thats never going to happen. He’s never going to change. Everyone has a limit. I to almost lost my mind to my ex abuser. The only thing that held me back from going crazy on him was that at the time I was 8 months pregnant and didn’t want to get hurt or the baby. Thank God I had the strengh to finally call the cops and get him locked up for the abuse. But unfortunately for jodi she didn’t have that way out. All I can say is that I hope that the Lord hears her prayers and even though travis alexander may have been an abuser I hope that he rests in peace. I ultimately feel bad for the both of them because in a way jodi and travis both lost. Travis lost his life. And regardless the outcome jodi has lost her privacy. She has lost a part of her that may never be the same again. Her character has been put threw the mud and this woman will suffer with the pain of what happened and what the media has portrayed her to be. I truly believe in my heart that night jodi didn’t mean to kill travis the way she did. She just was at her limit and she lost it. May the Lord have pity on them both. Take care jodi and God bless you and your family. coco age 24 PA

    • Son I’ll tell you what!! RIDICULOUS MAN!! Snow White??! How old the Dwarfs are??!! OMGoodness!! What about Juror #5? I’m Baaaaaaaaack! HLN said she had the biggest smile on her face when little man got up! You’re telling me word isn’t getting out?!! Not!! I watch HLN ONLY to keep up with the Jodi bashing, then report it to you. I say MISTRIAL!!! What the thunder is wrong with this Judge?! Your normal Joe knows better than this!! You don’t need a Law Degree to know this is a circus! If the Courtroom erupts in laughter, when a woman could face death, tells me ALL I need to know!!! I believe the Judge is bias too!! She would NEVER allow the defense to get away w/this!
      Jodi, you have a HUGE support system out here! I’m just one out of hundreds! Keep your head held HIGH! Love ya Jodi!!

    • Jodi,

      I want you to know that I am sorry for where you have been throughout this whole ordeal. Travis was abusive… PERIOD! The comments he made to you during your sexual conversations over the phone are outrageous, and proof that he violated you and made you fearful for your life. It is not normal under any circumstances for a man to state “you sound like a 12 year old girl having an orgasm for the first time.. That is so hot”. “I want to tie you to a tree and rape you” “There have been times when i have like… just totally raped you”. THAT IS HORRIBLE! First, Rape is Rape, and he should have been held accountable for that. Second; No one should ever speak of a child in that way. That does not make me horny… it makes me sick! I understand completely why you did not turn him in for such behavior. It is indeed classic for an abusee to protect and adore their abuser.

      My only concern is the knife. Jodi; He spoke to you with violence. He asked you fulfill his every sexual desire, and you did. Was the knife in the bedroom because he did in fact use the knife to act out his fantasy of tying you up, and raping you? Did he use the knife in attempts of violent foreplay? Was this the reason the knife was in the room? It makes perfect sense… but you need to try to remember as this is your life at risk and your lawyers need to help you.

      Hun, all of your boyfriends in the past have said that they would have never seen this coming. I believe them. You have never been in any kind of trouble in the past, and have had healthy relationships with your former lovers. This man abused you, used you, and brainwashed you. Example? You conformed to his religion. I wish you the best, as well as your attorneys and I hope you are found innocent.

      This prosecutor is good at his job. The only thing that bothers me is clearly; you have been abused your whole life by your mother, father, and Travis, and I wish he would have considered that and been sensitive to it. He was out of line on a few occasions.

    • Jodi, PLEASE really watch the jury this week! Keep record if they’re rolling eyes, shaking heads, a nod, ANYTHING they do, keep track! This has turned into a circus, and is not fair to you! I’m upset the judge let “little man” get by with that last week!
      Love ya Jodi!

    • So i am writing in regards to all of the happenings in this unconstitutional trial… there are soo many no no’s that have been going on, where to even start… first there is one of the jurors taking videos with there phones… which is illegal..tawandilly. second this judge is so always sticking up for Juan “sustaining,” yadda yadda you name it, but for the other side have you ever noticed how many she has for them?? it is really quite pathetic. Judge sherry stephens is not a good judge she does not allow for an even playing ground.. All of it is pathetically unprofessional.

    • I have been watching the trial for awhile and thought you were guilty as hell, but after the emails and testimony of Ms. LaViolette, I do believe you do not deserve to die for this crime. I am not sure whether you killed him in self defense, but it has become evident that Travis was a solemn hypocrite, a sex deviant and an abuser that mistreated, demeaned and insulted you horribly. I wish your self esteem had been better so you could have told this a****le to get lost as he deserved! Good luck.

      • Janey,

        Please get some help. It’s okay to be angry but your rage shows you are out of control. You are acting just like an abuser and will feel more at peace if you address your rage issues.

    • I have really just started paying attention to this case. This was a terrible incidence and it was exceedingly brutal. Still I am not judging. I don’t believe that Jodi just decided to do this because she felt used. There has to be more to it than that. Additionally I don’t believe Travis deserved what he got either. I am so saddened to see somebody as talented as Jodi throw her life away in this manner. I feel bad for Travis as well. I pray he is at rest in a better place and that God forgives Jodi as well. I would like to see Jodi get some help rather than her being put to death or spending the rest of her life in prison. Lets be honest. One does not get themselves into this position and act out so violently unless there are some underlying issues. Get the girl some help. Good luck Jodi! I wish you no ill.

    • Dear Jodi,

      You do not know me, nor do I know you. I am born and raised in California, and now live in Europe.

      Jodi, I know you did not murder Tr*avis A*exand*er. I know you were framed and too frightened to tell the truth about what really happened. Others like me have carefully observed this case, scrutinizing both sides, and we have come to the rational conclusion that you did not murder.

      I watched every minute of unedited interrogation videos. That is when it hit me: Jodi cannot tell the truth. She wants to, but she can’t. Det. Fl*res had already decided that you will be the one to pay for the murder. He did not give you any benefit to speak. He listened, but fake-listened. His mind was made up based on shoddy evidence and a corrupt plan. Organized crime in Mar*copa County is well-known. The US Department of Justice knows this and has sanctioned Mar*copa before. They will do it again.

      MrOmons are a cult with nasty rituals. They are a very dangerous religion.

      I grew up Catholic and believe in a loving God. I pray every day for justice to prevail. I am here for you, Jodi and will support you without fail no matter the verdict.

      Very kind regards,


    • Jodi! I love you woman!! I am so sorry there are so many dumb asses out there! I am shocked that people won’t admitt it COULD happen the way you say . And that is all you need here . Doubt. thats it. And your team has DEFINITELY has proven doubt in Jauns case. I can not believe so many women don’t believe you. It’s like me god people we have this kind of thing happening so much that there is a WHOLE NETWORK DEDICATED TO THIS VERY THING!! LIFETIME MOVIE NETWORK. AHHHH!! I am sorry that over half of america thinks you should have gave up your life to someone they are mislead to believe is better then you. Because the fact is nobody should have to apologize for wanting to live. No one should have to be punished for picking their life over that of their attacker. Now no one will ever know what actually happened. But I feel it is safe to say something terrible had to of happened to make a happy, confident, trust worthy person do something like this. It’s like i say when i defend you on facebook.You saw more that day then soldiers in the military see. you were traumatized. I’m just glad you’re not rocking back and forth in a corner somewhere. I am so sorry you have been sitting in jail for 5 years for doing no more then anyone in you situation would do. TRY AND LIVE. I hope you get found not guilty. I feel in my heart you have been tried unjustly and the only cure in NOT GUILTY!! I have your back and I will till the end. thanks Jodi and stay strong. we are all here for you even though the world can seen over run by travis supporters. WE ARE HERE AND WE WON”T BE IGNORED. Krista

      • Krista,
        What you said about Lifetime Movie Network made me think of the movie “Enough” with Jennifer Lopez. She kicked her abusers ASS!!!
        Jodi, I want to say I’m thinking of you and praying for your life. I feel for you every time they show you on camera.
        I think you could have picked any one of us to stand up for you. You have many people who have been in your shoes and can understand. Sending hugs from Massachusetts <3

    • Hello, Jodi, writing to you from Illinois, I have been following the case in my spare time and even though we have the many ignorants out there that choose to believe what the media tells them, just remember Innocent Until Proven Guilty. The reason why I don’t jmp on the bandwagon is because 1. Nancy Grace and her dream team will do anything and say anything for ratings and 2 i’m a woman just like yu and I know that as tiny and fragile as we seem, if you push the right buttons and beat us we will fight back, and we will come like beasts. Women need to stick up and stick together!!!! Best of luck, supporting you from Illinois, xoxo Vira.

    • Wishing you well. Hoping you have Love and Peace. This too shall pass. You are not alone, we are here with you. Best Wishes and Good Luck. ♥

    • Jodi , I am behind you from day one! I see myself in you and I am 51 years old. I relate to all which has happened. I have learned so much from this case. I have been suffering with mental abuse for 8 plus years. In my days of stress (which is every day) the same comes to my mind and the only thing that stops me is fear of Prison because the Justice system is funky sometimes. Now days women are more mentally and verbally abused because men caught on to the legal outcome of physical abuse. I hope this case brings more awareness to the legal system that MENTAL abuse hurts more than physical abuse in my opinion. I wish you the best!

    • hang in there Jodi, i put some money on your books so you can get some chocolates and coffee. Hope you have a good day in court !

    • One more thing I wanted to add…I am a strong member of the NRA and I firmly believe that the only thing more powerful than a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Jodi, you held your ground and defended yourself and I applaud you for that. The Mormon religion tries to control it’s women and it is not right. Anything negative that is said about you, just dismiss it. We all know you are the good guy in this.

      Always remember this Jodi, The night is darkest just before the dawn…and the dawn is coming.

    • First of all thank you SJ, for this well put together website for Jodi. I join you and others for her victory. Jodi, all the best as we stand with you in support for your life. You have changed my life and many others. Be strong and deep breathe through this process! This trial has affected society on many levels but for those here, we believe in the pain you are enduring daily. We feel it too! There is a gentle beauty of hope and love waiting for you. LJ

    • The universe has all the answers as you await. The beauty we share is a connective energy of love and strength. We give you that unconditionally. No matter the outcome, we know you will be alright. There is a ray of hope and may that light give you peace to overcome the heavy distractions around you. Believe as we believe with you! Lets meditate together and send messages of love to the Universe.

    • i think jodie is a victim of a idiot male whore and she got pulled into the mormon cult and i believe he wanted her to come to see him so he could kill her and he attacked her and she had to kill him, cnn is crazy and should lose thier license for calling her names and stuff, jodie does have friends but cnn will not let any of them talk, you did what you had to and i hope you are found not guilty and and get a new life

    • Thank you SJ for this incredible website.
      The loving bright people here are so endearing and generous in their compassionate words for Jodi. So here is mine…..
      Jodi, what is done, is done and life is forgiving when you also learn to forgive yourself someday. As you stood in trial, you showed us your bravery and took the beating and the mental humiliation. Your 1st amendment right has been violated and there is no just cause for this. We saw the tears and the tightness in your chest. The conclusion is not permanent. So much more to come, more work to be done and above all Hope for all. Keep your spirit up as we continue to support you from this end by sending you good energy, calmness and love. Even the dead has compassion because our souls will be lost without love in our hearts. We give you Love and Light holding you dearly through this process. Not religious but spiritual. I believe in the justice of the universal love for all spirits and living beings.

    • Really scared for you!! Wish you could get acquitted! So hope you will get that chance to have a life better than you ever thought it could be!! Stay strong!!

    • You are in my prayers. I have followed the trial and I do believe you. I don’t believe T A deserved to die but what he did and how he treated you was not right. I have so much to say but here I am only going to say keep your eyes on our Lord Jesus he will give you strength I wrote you a post card hope you get it and answer me I would love to hear from you.

    • This could have happened to anyone unfortunate enough to get caught up in a shitty abusive relationship. It has certainly made me reevaluate mine. Good luck Jodi, I’m praying for you everyday.

    • “good luck jodi im praying 4u evryday,”NO Death penalty 4u”,..i believe in u. i hope it works out 4u,nd people all over the world SHOULD understand that NO girl should take SMACK from No Guy in a relationship.women arent toys to play with.they have feelings…no girl should be humiliated by some PUNK dude.nd i hope ur doing well. nd GOOD LUCK ND TAKE CARE. =]

    • just want to say to you jodi you are smart and so pretty im ex usa army and i think you were put in a bad thing you did kill but i think you thought you had to i would love to write to you and be your friend

    • Hang in there. I know there is nothing anyone can say to help you feel better, I wish there was… You’re a strong person though. Wish I could help…

    • Jodi,
      You are beautiful, strong, and not alone. Your supporters are with you for life. The abuse you suffered, and continue to suffer because of HLN, DisGrace, and other panderers, is beyond the pale. Yet, you have endured with grace and dignity. We support you and love you, Jodi.

    • Never give up! Never lie down. Hold your head up high and be proud that you made a stand. Know this Jodi no man reserves the right to pass judgement on another. No man out there is without Sin. You’re in our prayers Jodi. Know that you will never be alone through this. There’s many of us who have lots of love for you and we would never leave you and we will continue to be by your side.

    • I think she is innocent. And she’s a victim of a buse I think travis was jelous one & he verbualy abused her & made her a sex toy & that was his dirty little secret. She had plenty ofchances 2 murder him she didn’t. He attact her she defended herself I think jose biaz or Dp lawyer should of defended her & also the Da will go as far 2 lie & plant crap on you. & innocent people are in prison for it good luck jodi.

    • Jodi: My prayer for you is that deep down you also find your peace.God said to Ceasar is for ceasar as to God for God.This is the beginning of the end.I know exactly how you felt after giving all you got to a person that never had intentions to truly love you.You get cought in lies and is like a cyclo and the more you give the more you mean less.Im sorry you gave in to all the hate, shame,fury,desolation,loneness,humulliation that a bad realtionship leaves behind
      As you walk thru the valley of sorrow ask God for forgiveness he is almighty.And as you see your life unfoding for next chapter,think how you left Travis toture.he might deserved bu but you took revenge in your hands and now how do you want to end up ? At least you will die with dignity,cloth,looking pretty,you will get to say good bye to you mom.as you close your eyes to open them to the unalable judgment of God.Jodi please repent.I know your pain,bit God knows it better.

    • Jodi, I don’t know why you were played like this
      I know it’s got to be hard but know that God has a
      Reason for everything and personally I don’t know
      What happened but I do know you were pushed and
      He got what he deserved. I’m so sorry that your having
      To bare the front of all this. And I hope that you know
      That there are people out there who love you and support you
      This country has gone to hell in a hand basket and it’s not a good thing
      I just wish I could help you I really feel as though you should
      Walk free on this. If you were my daughter I would be looking
      Blood myself. You stay strong remember to eat.

      Charles, I cannnot post your email as it’s not safe and you will be harassed. Please follow the links under her artwork and you can send her a postcard showing support. Jodi does not have internet access. ADMIN

    • Jodi,
      I am so sorry for what has happened, I do believe that you will be out when it comes for appeal. You are a wonderful and beautiful woman. STAY STRONG YOU CAN BEAT THIS!!!!!!!

    • David (from the bible) was an adulterer and murderer, yet somehow God called him a ‘man after his own heart’. Acts 13:22 Although David sinned greatly, he had strong faith in God. He believed, trusted and loved God deeply. God love’s us so much, he sent his son to die for OUR sins. Because of this, we are able to have a relationship with Him.

      Nothing you have done can separate you from the gift God extends to you. A gift of everlasting life in Heaven for those who believe in Him. A gift of experiencing the joy of having a relationship with him, loving him and learning from him.

      You said the other day, “death is the ultimate freedom.” If you believe in God and put your trust in Him, you will be saved and spend eternity in Heaven.

      I can’t imagine the emotions you’re experiencing as the jury decides whether you should live or die. I pray you will truly come to know God in a personal way and that you can have peace knowing that this life is but a moment compared to eternity in Heaven with our Maker.

      I hope this message finds you somehow…

      Praying for you. My heart goes out to you…

    • Jodi my prayers are with you, I got your back. I ask of you one thing PLEASE come to accept Jesus as your personal savior and HE will deliver you from hell you have been through here on earth and the hell in the after life and you will not see you know who. If you already know the Lord as your personal savior I apologize for the repetition, I pray for your deliverance!!!

    • I just want to say to the arias family all of jodi’s siblings and her mom and dad. I know you all are suffering and the media doesn’t usually do a great job of letting the family speak because they side with the person who is dead. I am not Jodi’s fan or Travis’s fan I am a person who feels compassion for jodi and her family as well as travis family. There are no winners in death. I am praying for all of you and praying you will not get hate and violence from people. Always there are those idiots who think they are god himself and can pass judgement. Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will get through this together! i am praying for Jodi to find a real purpose in her life she can make a difference to others in jail. God can use her if she is willing. And the Lord can forgive her too. Travis family has to forgive also but I am praying for them too . god bless

    • Hi Jodi… So sorry you lost that round… I have been praying for you since the beginning.. I feel that you have had enough grief and was hoping that somehow you would have been let go… Now your life as you have known it will never be the same and I just wanted you to know I really feel bad for you. Only you know what happened and whether you remember or not is between you and God… I just hope you can find peace and stay strong for your own spirit.. God must have better plans for you or this would not be happening.. so try your best to cope and take one day at a time… there is nothing more you can do.
      I hope where ever you go to.. hopefully a better place where there are no locks on doors and you can walk around and feel the air on your face… Stay well.. and know there is someone that cares… If you ever want to talk please email me at ****@yahoo,com.
      A little about myself- I am 52- mom of 1 son and 1 daughter.. Love my pets.. feel like I have made a lot of bad choices in my lifetime.. one of which I had my daughter while I was handcuffed and shackled to the operating table.. had to have emergency caesarian,… but I spent 17 months locked up in Chicago;s Cook County Jail and finally got out… I had an addiction and it got the best of me.. but now.. I am sober. Thank God- March 3,1998 – He entered my soul and I realized I had more to do with my life than heroin.
      So find something greater than yourself… learn it- love it- You could talk to other women in jail and help them realize their strengths and weakness’ – I think young girls would listen to you as they try to change their lives… Just a thought 🙂 Hope to hear from you…

      • i donot think you can see this but keep your head up most people want to see people hurting i think you a smart woman who made a mistake im your friend even if you dont know me

    • My heart breaks for you and your family, I have a daughter your age and I can’t imagine going through this with her. Please stay strong Jodi, God has a plan for you. You are a beautiful, talented soul and there is still much you can contribute even from prison. I saw the anguish in the face of your Mother and Grandmother, please don’t leave them. As long as you are alive they still have their daughter and granddaughter and it is obvious how much they love you. Think of your little brother and sister and how much they would miss you. There is still much work for you to do in this life. I hope eventually you will find peace no matter what the outcome. Don’t listen to the negative, you know your truth, continue to hold to that. I don’t believe that you will get the death penalty.

    • Your stoicism in your post-verdict interview was inspiring! Remember, there is no earthly power that can stand between you and the ultimate freedom you seek and deserve! We’ll all see you in the great beyond!

    • Hi Jodi….I just want to let you know that I feel you were really mistreated by Travis from the very start and feel that on June 4th, 2008 you were in a life or death situation in that bathroom!!! I’ve followed your trial very closely from the start back in January of this year and feel that Travis was leading a double-life. To most people he appeared to be able to do no wrong no matter what he was doing or where he was doing it which is really sad because behind closed doors it was a totally different story with you. I agree with you 100% when you said you felt a certain way at times during your relationship on the stand in Court. I felt you were doing everything possible you could for him at all times and yet he wasn’t smart enough to know it. He had plenty of ghosts in his closet!!!! I know about some of the really nice things that you have done for different people in your life and it’s a real shame things didn’t work out for you like they should have on the verdict!!! You’re a very intelligent girl and have many great talents and can still use them!!! I’m praying for you and please don’t do anything stupid!!!! It’s not worth it trust me!!!! Hang in there..PLEASE!!!

    • “hi jodi, i know its been hard for you and the conviction,but please dont give up on urself. god is still with u now nd forever, stay strong nd dont stop believing in god. and always hold god in ur heart, he loves u. dont let the rest of the world whom talk alot a smack get to u,.. no1 is perfect, evryone who is a hater they must think they are perfect but they arent. take care. nd im praying 4u evryday.

    • The 1st degree murder conviction is the wrong verdict! From what I’ve read, Jodi had never physically harmed anyone before this incident. This was a clear case of temporary insanity brought on by someone that used her just for sex: Jodi loved Travis, He did not love her. The entire time the trial was going on there seemed to be an anti-Jodi environment. Every part of the media was stirring hatred for Jodi. Is this impartiality?
      Jodi, I for one do not understand how you have remained so incredibly strong through this entire ordeal. You are so beautiful, loving, creative, and talented. Stay strong and never give up, never!

    • I am a 32 year old girl like you Jodi, and I have tremendous amounts of empathy for you. I wish I had been on the jury. I would have never ever allowed for that jury to convict you.
      I don’t actually care if you are guilty of the charges or not. I just think you should be free.I understand how good people find themselves in crazy situations.This is probably the way your mom feels too. I think no matter what happened the night of the killing, you should be forgiven, actually. It’s not gonna help anybody to have you go to jail. It’s not like this would ever happen again. You are not a sociopath. I do believe you were in a co-dependent relationship of sorts, with a man who wanted to dominated and even humiliate you to some level. I hope you can find freedom within, like the buddhist monks do. Don’t worry jodi, be strong, be calm, be free of suffering. I am praying for you. Sophie.

    • Will Jodi be allowed to get support letters? Sometimes the best thing is getting letters from people who support you and want to understand how you feel… My heart goes out to you, Jodi. Stay strong and keep fighting, sending strength and comfort to you now.

    • Jody, I am not here to judge you or anyone for that matter, I just want you all to know, that there are many of us who are going to love, care, respect, and give you dignity, regardless of what has happened!! God loves you, Travis, an all of us!! This is a tragic event, and it IS so sad when people hate at any time. You see, I have been where you are at, and I now have a God changed life!! It deeply saddens me to see that more than 2 peoples lives are changed forever by this!! I just wanted you to know that you ARE loved, ALWAYS…. May God Bless, you and yours, and keep us all safe in His hands!! You ARE a beautiful woman, and I encourage you to get with our Creator in prayer and worship, loving and serving Him, and others with the love of God, for all!!

    • There’s for sure major doubt that she did this!I would be very comfortable to ask her to marry me!she’s innocent in my view!They’re better appeal!Love ya jodi!Tom yerosic/canada

    • Jodi,

      You are so beautiful and talented. I pray for you every night that you will once again see freedom. I pray that you can continue to inspire us all with your amazing art work. Please do not give up. You have so many people out here that love and support you. You are a very strong amazing women. Most people wouldn’t have been able to endure a trial that exposed every asspect of their lives, but you did.
      We are here for you Jodi please don’t ever forget that.


    • Jodi, as a former investgator, I have never seen such a modern day lynching as you have been victimize. From my own view of the trial, the judge failed to keep out umsupported statements that made bt Travis’ friends that you slashed his tires (why no documents showing towing and purchase of new tires). The seach by the police for child pornography was only on his computer not DVDs or printed matter. It’s clear to me that he was setting up a justification for killing you after he had one final romp with you complete with fantasized pictures for his future use. Hopefully, there will be a better set of lawyers to assist.you before an partial judgr to oberturn the conviction.
      To demonstrate the HLN generated lynch mob mentality, when I postef a simple, “Jodi is not guilty.” on their FB page, I redeived death threats for my statement. This trial was so preposterous. You should have had a change of venue and a sequestered jury. There is no money for that but plenty of money to house the accusef for years. Such a shame! Stay strong!

    • Why hasn’t Nurmi or Willmont brought up the fact of what juror #8 stated i truly believe that they were watching the media.there has to be something they can do .As everyone can figure out she will be getting an appeal sorry Arizona you love to people to death We all stand in front of our marker and just because you have a badge doesn’t give you a pass. I hope at her appeal Jodi will get a fair trial.Have faith Jodi

    • Jodie I think your a brave and beautiful girl! I always thought someone had to really abuse you for you to do what you did. I didn’t agree with the jury at all. MI would love to be a pen pal if they allow that. Take care! There are so many that support you!

    • Did it ever dawn on anyone, that its a crime of passion, ya she guilty, but no more than 2nd degree. I think, it started out a very bad fight. And Jodis aggression escalated because she had to! She was fighting a man! Also the slit throaght was probably an act more of mercy, because that was all that could be done at that point. This case has extenuating circumstances. If she waives an appel, she wont have the chance to apppeal again-watch out , Jodi

    • Anyone who thinks this trial was fair definitely has an intelligence quotient way below average. I just read about Debbie Milke and it seems she was sentenced to die based on the testimony of a person who had a history of misconduct. These people have no respect for someone’s life, and I’m sure they’re “pro-life”. The people involved in these types of cases should be punished! otherwise there’s going to be more Juan Martinez’s running around. It does tell people like Jodi one IMPORTANT LESSON though, NEVER GIVE UP HOPE. Justice will be done. I hope people supporting you give you enough strength to continue through this. You should continue to live and that itself will be a big achievement for you. And justice will be done and it will be SOONER than you think. Just don’t do anything against your attorneys advice.

      I haven’t seen a lot of this trial but just a single clip is enough for anyone with an average IQ to see what’s going on.

      Watching Richard Geffner’s cross clearly Martinez tried to assassinate his character by only bringing up statements made by people who had to resign because of misconduct and hide the fact that courts have held high regard for his expertise and explicitly even stated so.

      Kevin Horn and Janine Demarte, my god these guys are lying through their teeth. After five years and countless reviews this guy found a “typo” in his report that says the dura mater was intact??? Does this guy know what a typo is? And yes it could be a typo but it could also be an incompetent doctor who needs to go back to school and learn what a dura mater is and what a typo is. And Janine Demarte says she finds a huge leap in one scenario and not so in another scenario and I couldn’t see any semantic difference between the two scenarios. She needs to undergo psychological evaluation. I don’t understand where these guys are getting their degrees from. Pat Robertson’s Medical Institute?

      Although the defense attorney’s did their best I wish someone like Mark Geragos / Jose Baez was handling this case. Kirk Nurmi’s closing statement was very lacklustre. While their efforts have to be commended a very solid attorney could have easily capitalized on Jodi’s ability and articulate her points across.

      I’m posting a link for other’s to sign don’t know if its wrong. Moderator please remove if its not supposed be here.


    • i send jodis lawyer jennifer willmott a letter i wrote a porm for jodi i hate hln they are all sick jodi should not get dp my porm for jodi all i see is darkness darkness is hate and so black light is love and bright darkness hurts so much darkness darkness wont let my stand it hurts to much look around you well see bright is love love is all around you cant touch love you feel love love will hold you up love is strong love will never leave jodi has so much love her her family her lawyers strangers what never happens to jodi the love will follow her juan hln and the hate cant take that away from her. her lawyers will fight for her life with everything they have let juan bully and lie to get jodi on death roll he will pay one day i hope juan yells and bullys jodis mom on the stand he will lose the jury they will hate him breaking her mom on the stand jennifer k.n. would never do that to travis family but juan will tonight god bless jodi her family and her lawyers they will have a very hard jod and have to life what happens to jodi for the rest of their life

    • Jodi I would like to write you a letter, but I am having a difficult time trying to obtain your address and any other pertinent identifying information that I may need. If you are willing to or able to you can email me this Information if you do not want to post this information publicly. Thanks I will be eagerly awaiting a response from anyone who may have this information. May God Bless you Jodi and give you and your family the strength and the wisdom of words for the upcoming mitigation phase of the trial.

    • 16 May 2013, Thursday, 0100 hrs.

      Aloha to Jodi and Her Supporters,

      Let me introduce myself somewhat, first. I am a former police officer and a law abiding citizen. I am also a former Investigator for the local Medical Examiner’s Office and handled many a death case, even suicides. I’ve read many a suicide letter and can sympathize with people in their final weaknesses. I’ve seen many a good person do things they have never imagined even their own selves, would do. I am also a Christian, saved by the Grace of God. I am reminded by one Scripture, as it is written, “Let he who have not sin, cast the first stone”.

      My feelings also go out to the family of this guy named Travis, who personally I feel, was a manipulative slut himself. Murder is not justified in the natural, under man’s laws and even God’s Laws. However, there are times I am sure, that many law abiding citizen’s SOMETIMES feel, “I could kill that guy…or lady”, but we never do it.

      Hearing what Travis did to this girl, DEPLORABLE. I look at his pictures on T.V., I see an arrogant kid akin to the kid who killed those girls on that Carribean island. Although murder is not justified, I do not feel sorry for that evil boy, Travis. May HIS SOUL, rest in peace. I feel he is equally, maybe even more, guilty of this crime. IF he did not treat this girl Jodi how he did, perhaps he would still be alive and, she would not be in this court room. Who knows? Only God does.

      I watch the T.V./court trial casually. And, I also watch casually, the circus of all the Monday Morning Quarterbacks on the talk shows. PRACTICALLY ALL of the moderators and guests on these shows, are blood thirsty hypocrites themselves. Watching THESE PEOPLE, disgusts the hell out of me. How they are so JUDGMENTAL.

      In my walk through life and my walk as a person who has tasted of the Grace of God, I KNOW first hand the feeling of being FORGIVEN, by HIM.

      It is MY PRAYER that Jodi comes across repentive in the sentencing court room. I FEEL she is a pretty girl, she has a kind heart, and one mistake albeit a HUGE MISTAKE, does not make a monster out of a person. You want to see monsters: take a look at Ariel, Hitler, Mussolini, Idi Amin, Sadam Hussein, et al.

      It is MY PRAYER that her mother, her family and remaining friends, and all the people like us who are supportive of this precious soul, will STAND TALL for and with her.

      Is is MY PRAYER that Jodi is NOT GIVEN the Death Penalty. She is a soul and regardless of what she has done, she is loved by her mother. Regardless of what she did, she is a child of God, as she comes before Him, in all humility and asks Him for forgivenesss.

      Man does not forgive. The Letter of the Law, does NOT forgive. But Almighty God, in all His Wisdom and Eternal Love, DOES FORGIVE. It is MY PRAYER that with God’s Love, Jodi will come before Him, on a bended heart, asking Him for forgiveness.

      ONCE Jodi does that before our Almighty, whether the jury sentences her to death or not, MY GOD will forgive her (Jodi) and she WILL, see eternal life with Him…in Heaven. Believe it…OR NOT. That is the God, I serve.

      This girl, is not a MONSTER. she bleeds like the rest of us. For the most part, her tears are genuine. I pray she will speak up for herself, and have the will to live. I pray her mother will appeal to the jury, as a loving mother…and touch the sentencing jury, as parents themselves. This girl is NOT a monster.

      I’ve handled murder cases where a victim was stabbed 60+ times. Some are committed by just out-and-out evil perpetrators. Some were perpretrated by individuals in a “heat of passion”. This girl gave her heart, life and body…to a very evil, despicable human being, Travis. As far as I am concerned, he was an ultimate punk. He preyed on this girl. Was she the only sucker he preyed on, or would ever prey on, to do his perverted wishes?

      They keep saying he experienced extreme pain. I dont think he experienced pain if any, much in the defining moments before he died. Seconds, if any. HOWEVER…

      Bottom line is this: I have told many a person that THANK GOD, He will be the Judge of my life and soul, COME JUDGMENT DAY. Otherwise, all of us human beings would JUDGE each other to hell. God has the FINAL SAY. Kind David was a murderer, but it is written that King David was “a man after God’s heart”. Kind David suffered the consequences, BUT he came to God with a repentive heart and was spared.

      JESUS DID NOT COME for the righteous, he came for the SINNERS, which ALL OF US ARE. All these jurists, talk show moderators, judges and talk show guests that are LAMBASTING Jodi, what do they have hidden in their own closets, that would also be called to scrutiny, if others knew about them?

      I am writing several books: my life as a police officer; my experiences as an Investigator with the Dept of the Medical Examiner, and the history of Organized Crime in my home State. I have seen MANY an evil man, guilty of many UNDERWORLD HITS in my state, walk away FREE or with minimal sentences, REGARDLESS of how many men died at his own hands or under his orders or consent.

      This girl is NOT the monster that THE WORLD, the judging WORLD, has made her out to be.

      Jodi, please speak for yourself with a repentive heart, before your sentencing jury. BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, PLEASE get before God, with a bended heart and on bended knees, and ask HIM for FORGIVENESS and TOTAL EXONERATION. Alimighty God will see your sincerity and regardless of your sentence by MAN (the laws of which HE ordains), HE WILL FORGIVE YOU.

      (Writer’s Note: IF the likes of Hitler, Charlie Manson, El Duce, and all the murders and mass murderers of this world, WOULD HAVE gotten on bended hearts also, and had sinccerely and humbly asked GOD FOR FORGIVENESS, HE would have forgiven them also). That is the GOD, that I serve.

      Another thing is this: The only unpardonable sin, is blaspehmy of the Holy Spirit. IN GOD’S EYES, sin is sin. There are no DEGREES. Murder in the First Degree is equally as sinful, in God’s Eyes, as adultry, as robbery, as stealing from your neighbor or coveting his goods. It is equally as guilty as NOT having faith and trust IN HIM. Sin is sin. And when we realize that we can COME TO HIM, in all his Wisdom, Love and Grace, ask him for sincere forgiveness, HE MAKES US AS WHITE AS SNOW, and erases all of our past, as far as the east is from the west, of our sins and evil doings. THAT Our Jodi, is the God you can petition to…and you will be saved, eternally.

      (There are many people who have murdered others, savagely. And have not been caught, yet…or ever. Many upstanding citizen’s live in a prison, outside of prision. You have so far, been exposed and am in prison. Whatever sentence you have, will be your exoneration under’s “mans law”. God and his Son Christ Jesus, IS YOUR ONLY saving grace). Screw Nancy Grace. She probably has so many hidden filth and sins, in her won life. The ultimate judger of human beings, is Nancy Grace. God have mercy on her soul too.

      It is MY PRAYER that God will cause someone, His Servant, to come to you in your prison cell and LET YOU KNOW, about His Saving Grace. PLEASE BE OPEN to whom God puts in your path, and receive that person. As a mother does NOT turn away from her chidlren, nor will God, OUR FATHER.

      You have been hated on by many. Look to God and His Son Christ Jesus…they wait for you with open arms. Screws all the Nancy Graces in this world and all these talk show Monday Night Quarterbacks. YOU OWE YOUR LIFE to God and His Son Jesus Christ. His ways are higher than man’s ways.

      WE LOVE YOU Jodi, I Love You too, as a human being and as a man who has been forgiven many times, by the Grace of God, Our Father. BUT MOST IMPORTANT, God and His Son Christ Jesus, LOVES YOU. You just need to come to God, through His Son Jesus, and ask for forgiveness. While the world is caught up with sensationalism and judgment, THEY ARE NOT.

      Your friend, lary.

      • Yes Larry, our laws and morals is what separates us from the animals. Sorry,Jodi messed up.I feel for her because I believe she was pushed to the limit by this sick guy. But she had a choice. Its not fair but that’s our justice system.

    • 16 May 2013, Thursday, 0230 hrs.

      Aloha All Again,

      Watching these Talk Shows are totally disgussting. Who made all of them judges on people’s lives. Again I say, they ALL have crimes and sins in their lives, that have not been exposed yet. I’ve also felt at times, when people feel so STRONGLY about something, they are ALSO GUILTY of that something, in some form or another, BUT just have not been discovered themselves, yet.

      I knew of a wife herself, that was always suspcious or accusing of her husband, of infidelity. The truth: SHE WAS FOOLING AROUND!!! With several men. NOT HIM. The guy loved her and was resolved to be with her the rest of his life. She was fooling around on him.

      I knew men that looked down on women as scums of the earth, for being promiscuous. In the natural, they blasted such women. IN PRIVATE, they patronized those they blasted in public. AND LOVED the sex they got from them.

      These forensic pathologists talking about ANGUISH and PAIN. Extreme pain. HOW DO THEY KNOW. I was shot 4 or 5 times by a handgun in 1985. Friday the 13th. So what. As I sat slumped on the sidewalk, waiting for the police and ambulance to arrive, and watched my shooter yelling his brains off, DID I FEEL PAIN from the gunshot wounds in my body? Absolutely NOT.

      I did not feel ANY PAIN in my body from those gun shot wounds. What did I do? I asked God to please forgive this man, “for he knows not what he did”. I later as I recovered and went through trial, would be angry with him BUT, I asked God within minutes from when I was shot, to PLEASE FORGIVE HIM, even though he was ranting and raving on the street about 30 feet away from me, until my 14 year old son tackled him and held him on the street until the police arrived and arrested him.

      DID I FEEL PAIN from the gunshot wounds in the hospital. NO!!! NARDO!!! The most excrutiating pain i felt in the hospital was muscle spasms in my back, from the quick action i instinclty resolved to, when I WAS SHOT (bending over and holding my gut). The back spasms were so excruciating. My wounds from the gunshot, were NON EXISTANT. I would have been out from the hospital within a week, not for the dangerous infection that developed.

      How can these forensic experts, testify to the pain that this evil man felt. Have they ever been shot or stabbed. EVEN BEYOND an initial gunshot. Even after the first stab wound. There comes a time, even seconds or split seconds, that you DONT FEEL ANYTHING. Travis at a very early point, DID NOT FEEL ANYTHING…painful. Sensationalism bent on swayng a jury, is all I see.

      You know who SUFFERED excruciating pain, for all of us? Jesus Christ when he was flogged by a cat tail whip, 40 stripes less one under Roman Law. Then dragging a heavy cross through the streets (down the Via Dolerosa) on His Way to Calvalry, to be crucified for US. Being flogged every time he fell under the heavy weight of that cross.

      Then being staked by huge nails in his hands and his ankles onto the cross, hanging there by his tendons. Being speared in His side, while hanging there on the cross. Being spat upon.

      Travis, mental anguish. Whatever he got, he brought upon himself. Jesus, did not. DID JESUS HAVE MENTAL ANGUISH from all that pain and suffering? NO…NARDO!!!

      What did HE SAY as he hung there, about his revilers and executioners: “Father please forgive them, for they know not what they do”. To sin is human, to forgive divine.

      On death row, sits the mad bomber? The Jeffrey Dammers (spellling) and many other men (and women) that are guilty of huge atrocities, unimaginable. Does a girl guilty of being used, culminating in a heat of passion for all the hurts she endured, deserve death?

      As Jesus hung on the cross at Calvary, on one side of him, was a thief, who told Him something to the affect: If you are the Son of God, get us out of this mess and save yourself (of curse I am paraphrasing). ON THE OTHER SIDE OF JESUS, hung a man guilty of murder. He told Jesus, “Master, please take me with you” (again I paraphrase). Jesus’s response: “Today you will be with me in Paradise”. JESUS TOOK the murderer who was humbled, INTO PARADISE the instant that murdered died. Not the mere thief, for his unrepentive heart and attitude.

      I PRAY that God will send someone or even the Holy Ghost into Jodi’s life, mind and heart, for her to become, if not already, repentive…that she will also have Life Eternal with Him. For…

      with man, it is IMPOSSIBLE. But with God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

      Lastly for now: Even if she faces death, will their be closure for the family? UNLESS each of them can forgive Jodi Arias of this atrocity, they WILL NEVER HAVE CLOSURE in their own lives, hearts and souls. God and His Son Jesus, asks us to FORIGIVE those who have ought against us. IF THEY CANNOT FIND COMPASSION in their hearts, to forgive her, they will in God’s Eyes, be guilty of a sin greater than First Degree Murder.

      IT IS MY PRAYER, that God will minister onto their hearts and cause each of them, to find forgiveness and compassion in their hearts, towards Jodi Arias.

      Another thing: everyone is commenting on Jodi’s demeanor. NO ONE KNOWS WHAT IS IN HER HEART. Only God KNOWS a man’s heart, and what’s in it. Thank God, HE WILL JUDGE US, come JUDGMENT DAY…for his Judgment is FAIR AND JUST.

      God Bless to All and may we stand together, in support of a hurt and damaged soul, dragged through the coals, by a very judgmental world, lary.

    • Dear Jodi,
      My daughter & I wanted to let you know that you aren’t alone, that not ‘everyone in America’ sees things the way the media portrays things. We see the obvious pain you went through. When the verdict came, we both shook our heads, saying “No!” – what a setback for ALL women – abuse is rarely physical! We could see the psychological torture, the games, the aggressiveness, the rage in that man. The media portrays you without feeling, but that isn’t what we see – we see a gentle, insightful spirit, who was pushed to the very edge. This was a witch hunt. Wishing you strength and faith, healing for your (obvious) sorrow.

      • Dear Good Jodi,
        I am so sorry for all that you have gone through. I can personally relate to all your anguish, and abuse from others. I wish so bad that I could get up on that stand and defend you. I am 69 years old and your trial has opened up my whole life before me. It is your trial and story that has helped me
        to see who I am. Thanks to you I have had a deep searching of my soul and now after all these
        years I can make amends with the enormous emotions that I ran away from.

    • I don’t know exactly why but my heart goes out to Jodi. There has to be more to this than anyone else knows.

    • Hi Jodi, my name is Sara and I would like to support your group here is my first request. I am praying that the jurors can see that you are far from the worst of the worst and that Travis was as equally guilty for the situation having gotten out of hand. I would love to share my story with you sometime… Was going to write a letter not sure where to send it too and if you would recieve it…. Im sure that you will find comfort in knowing that alot of usbelieve in your innocence we understand your intelligence and that many have fallen prey to the missionaries that have plucked us from paradise only to take advantage of your youth beauty and finances to live out his dreams…. once he had gotten everything he need and wanted from you he kicked the so called dirty girl to the curb in search of a pure wife. Such disgusting behavior I cannot believe that council did not bring up in court that he held a position of Spiritual authority in your life and took advantage of that position… That alone is abuse…… I feel so bad that you fell prey to the Mormon Patriarchal customs that often mimick abuse. Anal sex is the norm here in Utah because women are second class citizens. There are so many customs you may not have understood and after all of them had been performed on you had you known that you were being used Im sure you would never have left your charmed life in the first place. I feel so bad I wish I could have warned you. Im praying that the jury will see the light as I do. Im praying that not all people cannot see thru his abuse of you. I hope you get life… You are not the worst of the worst… I know you did not enjoy it….Please know that if you are wrongly given death please know that you and I both know that our loving God above has already judged your heart… he finds you not guilty. If for some awful reason you get death I hope that in heaven you and Travis can meet in heaven and treat each other as our heavenly father would want us too and that you two can create baby irises and lillys and that you will ultimately have everthing you ever wanted…. You deserve it,

    • Jodi,

      Don’t give up hope. You still have so many places to see before you die, and while you may never be able to physically travel to them, you can astral ly project yourself to them from your cell. The mind is powerful, I will meet you at these places and we can take pictures and discuss intellectual books. You have been railroaded. I am sure you only had 2 gas cans, no one would be stupid enough to lie about that, that is how I am sure you did not plan anything. I know it may be hard to think about all the people around you who are free, have a future, and can enjoy the simple pleasures of freedom. Do not be envious, you have taught us so much, and in your mind you are freeer than we could ever be. People will worship your genius years from now.

      In awe of your courage and grace, T

    • Remember that this isn’t over. Not by a long shot.
      Only two people know what happened that day and we might never get all the facts here.
      That isn’t a reason to persecute someone like they have done in the media. Completely unprofessional
      I don’t think Jodi can ever get a fair trail at this point. What place in the world hasn’t heard the media?
      Not to sound pessimistic but if Jodi can love out her life in jail away from the negativity that would be best
      Her story can be really told by her in interviews and books and I know many of us would buy it.
      Even if she is put to death there is still many appeals available to her and much better lawyers to help her.
      Lots of help you were Nurmi!!! What a joke (asking to be let off twice) DISBAR!!
      Life in prison will be the verdict in my mind and there are still appeals left
      Jodi is so strong for going through this.
      Our love is with her now and always
      Don’t worry about tomorrow Jodi people are here to help you And love you
      I know you can get through this. Xoxo

    • Dear Jodi,

      I am and always will be on your side. I don’t think you been given a fair trial. When your defense team files an appeal, ask if you can get a change of venue. Because to me you have received the bad end of the stick. To me the jury is one-sided. They seem to be just thinking about Travis, I feel no one has looked at what you have suffered and how your family and friends have suffered. I also think that when Travis’s sister and brother gave their impact statements yesterday they were faking tears just to put a show on for the court and the jury. You could tell their tears were fake. Keep your faith!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t let anybody tell you that you are not a great person, because I think you are a beautiful young woman and I feel where you are coming from about being abused. I come from years of domestic violence relationships and my heart feels for what you have had to deal with. You and your defense team need to keep fighting and never GIVE UP. I don’t think you deserve to get the death penalty. Because when you are in domestic violence situations for a long period of time, sometimes the only way you feel you will be safe is to use self defense in anyway that you can to protect yourself. You and your family and friends are in my prayers. I support you all the way!!!! It broke my heart to see the pain in your face and eyes when you had to testify about what had happened to you for so many years. I felt all of your pain. I know you feel remorse, but I also understand where you are coming from… I love you Jodi. KEEP THE FAITH AND KEEP FIGHTING!!!!!!!!! And God Bless You. Love one of your number 1 supporters. Love, Patricia Williams

    • I watched Jodi talk today. Also lit a few candles for her. Yesterday I wrote a post card wishing her well and gods firm embrace. I believe there was something missing in her life while growing up and that if as she stated,she intends to do good in prison then let that happen. People change. Karla Faye Tucker is a great example of this but sadly we all know how that turned out. Vindictive people with agendas want Jodi dead.I do not even though I fully support the death penalty.I feel she is being walked to slaughter by the shiny happy people. That isnt justice thats vendetta. Not biased,I saw remorse and emotion during her statements. I saw that as I hope the jury did. I think she has been already tried and executed in the media and its sad when witnesses on her behalf are threatened. Threaten ME. Go for it. Like Barb Graham said before sitting down in the California Gas Chamber,” Good people always think they are right”. I do not believe killing Ms Arias will solve anything. Tuck her away neatly in a cell and lets move past this circus of a trial. I am pensive today about what this outcome may be for Ms Arias and Ipray to God,he guides the jury in the right and fair decision.

    • Jodi- Im on your side. wish the crime didnt happen and yes i DO feel for him n his family. I understand you you were emotionaly provoked. Im waiting for the life or death verdict and im praying for life for you. I will try to be a penpal…so if you get mail from me- open it:)
      Nancy K.

      ps i bot a tshirt cause i understand you….chin up girl

    • Jodi, I have been following your whole trial. I just wanted to let you know that you are an amazing person. Don’t let the haters bring you down. I love you and so do all of your other supporters. You are absolutely beautiful on the inside and outside. I would love to meet you because I feel like we could be good friends. I really want to help you in any way possible. I can’t wait to buy a shirt and art. Love you, baby. Stay strong.

    • I LOVE IT!!!! “I didn’t know you were a hater when you came to interview me.” GO JODI! Good for you! It’s about time shes able to say how she feels FREELY! Luv ya, Jodi!!!!!

    • Hi Jodi, can I write to you? Have you considered filing bankruptcy to protect your assets from civil suits and what about the 2 books and movie, can you get any $ from them? also, how come those letters from Travis were never published and can your family write books and possibly publish them and be protected civil suits?( sorry for all the questions)-how much can you have on your books in prison @ one time and is protected from civil suits?–what about any excess money, is it being kept in a bank account by family protected as well? this website, twitter and t-shirts as well..shirts $ all goes to various non-profit domestic violence groups, I know but it cannot be touched by civil suits either, right?…Just concerned….want to make sure you have that you have everything in order and God Bless YOU<3

    • Hello Jodi, Once again just wanted to send a quick note to let you know one… you looked great beautiful as ever in all your interviews recently… I too need my makeup any real woman does… also the allocation was beautiful a little worried about the tshirt although I love it… worried they might not get it.. also way to stick up for yI see a great girl just as Darrell says who was plucked from paradise by scam artists PPL and Missionaries swept away in the name of religion… money…… you were used abused kicked to the curb screwed litterally in the behind excuse me and when you fought back didnt realize that the mormons will work together through satan to take you down. Satan is real… God is on your side… I know that he will intervene and give you life…. I know it I feel it…. You are being beat down but wlll rise again if not tommorrow then on the appeal your work may not be done….. this is a test to society and they have acted like savage dogs….. haters, jealousy envy blind… I have been in your place before….continue to transcend the hate… You are loved.

    • Just wanted to show my support and say I believe you did NOT want to kill Travis & I believe the “Facts” against you made ZERO sense, but I believe you have a kind heart and at the end of all this haters will be left feeling S**ty for threatening ppl trying to help you… GO JODI YOU ARE LOVED 🙂

    • Jodi,
      Ive been watching your trail. I question or i feel uncertain
      at times of what really happened that day but deep down
      Your a human being. You know what you did was wrong
      But you are capable of change. God knows what really happened.
      And i just hope you eventually find a way to forgive yourself.
      I know how it feels to be in love, things happen.
      I hope the best for you. And i hope when this all ends everything
      can be at peace and Travis`s spirit can finally rest.

      God bless you.

    • Thank God for today!!!
      I am thrilled to hear the news!!!! Hung jury!!!! No one could decide because they knew in their conscience putting Jodi to death is wrong!!!!

      Now we will all just have to sit back and continue. Let the angry Salem witchcraft mobs go crazy with their vengeance on this great girl!! And the HLN hatter squad and their archaic understanding of psychology.

      Jodi you are incredibly strong, I wish I could be like you under much less pressure, your grace and dignity in these recent interviews is so apparent.

      Putting someone to death is not the way to justice it is pure vengeance, it is mob mentality!

      All of my love and good thoughts to you and your family in this trying time!! Lisa


    • I feel compelled to explain my last post.
      Hence; my nick insider4life…..Jodi, whatever you are feeling or whatever you are going thru, know that you are not alone. I had a history of domestic violence, one day I came home and my girl at that time was with someones else, things got out of hand and exploded, she shot me and I in return shot her and she died. I was tried and convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to death for which I spent 14 years on death row, of course this was a very long time ago when laws were different. I won an appeal and the sentence was commuted to life, and because of that I am free today. I did not give up. had I given up I may have been executed , however I am free.
      my point being is that you should never give up, it is not over until it is over. You should never give up.It will require a stregnth unlike anything you have ever known but you can do it. I am lkiving proof. In domestic issues things do happen, sometimes we are not even aware they happen but they do. Your case has many issues that could come back in your favor, one never knows. Be strong.

    • jodi….love to you…..i am continuously in support of you….rest well you deserve it…..i remain cotinually by your side…i’m so proud of you…..evelyn halper…blessings and may you continue to receive blessings…

    • God Bless You Jodi

      Stay strong and don’t let the HLN hate propoganda machine wear you down. Nancy Disgrace and her idiot drone followers are so biased and unfair.

      Never let the haters get you down. Many people, like myself, Love and Believe You.

    • Anything the prosecution or the HLN “haters” (note: not all of them are haters, I promise!) is trumped by pleading a mental disorder. Every single argument made against Jodi by Juan Martinez & Nancy Grace can AUTOMATICALLY be nullified by the NATURAL FACT that she has an absolute circumstance of a PRE-EXISTING mental health condition, which prevents her from controlling any impulsivity. BPD patients are like emotional and psychological burn victims: the slightest touch hurts.

      I’ve been reaching out to the Arias family like a maniac, because I want Jodi to be handled fairly by everyone. I also want her human value to be recognized; and part of that recognition requires overt acknowledgement of her Borderline Personality. And the entirety of her Criminal Justice case VS. the State of Arizona NECESSITATES this recognition, if the absolute, underlying truth is to determine the ultimate outcome of her trial. The common denominator of ALL of her maladaptive behaviors – the exact ones Juan Martinez and Nancy Grace have wet dreams over (since they are supreme hatemongers) – are 100% inadmissible in a court of law based on the Criminal Justice System’s rules in effect for defendants with predetermined mental health disorders. Juan Martinez shot himself in the foot by giving Jodi’s defense team a wide open shot at putting an end to this primitive witch-hunting prosecution. In my experience, I didn’t have to do a single thing but have a doctor speak – no, more like, recite – on my behalf to a CA State attorney the “mercy rules” (that’s how I like to think of them) in relation to automatic acquittal/dismissal of any charges on my record due to a pre-existing mental disorder. The stigma of mental illness is merely a phantom stigma. Borderline Personality Disorder is a constitutional hall pass or a form of (default) immunity that should disable all of the State’s/Juan Martinez’s motions to pursue Capital Punishment. And, in my personal version of a favorite ending- Murder 1 conviction should be reversed, since this trial’s playing field was far from leveled. Jodi did NOT receive a fair trial. Not only was she denied of her human rights (constitutional mental-illness protection), but she had Juan Martinez abusing his (almost literally) home-court advantage. Plus, so many players in the media circus were just over-the-top and abusing the public as an earpiece for their personal issues (i.e. Nancy Grace’s bitter avenger complex). I have planted myself in Jodi’s virtual corner. I am a recovered Borderline and have been able to overcome PTSD. I make sure to maintain a professional physician’s care to help me succeed and accomplish my goals in spite of the majorly (if not deathly) debilitating symptoms of my manic depression and ADHD. So, I’ve got a world and a lifetime of sympathy ALONG with real empathy for Jodi. I’m part of her personality “breed.”

      And Jodi- we’re not in bad company at all:


      Embrace it! God bless.

      Addendum: In case this serves anything to a positive end- I would like to tell Team Jodi that any seemingly negative, derogatory, condescending, fair-weather, generally unfavorable remarks I’ve made on Twitter or in any emails addressed to Jodi and everyone in her corner in no way reflects my true intentions and my real integrity to Jodi’s welfare. I genuinely care about Jodi’s journey to recovery and I want her to overcome everything. I just wanted to issue a (somewhat tardy) disclaimer that confirms all of my actions as motivated by my conscience, and good will for everyone who is emotionally invested in Jodi’s and Travis’ story. Trust me when I say that I’m a true friend. I’m sorry about any abrasive comments I’ve made on Twitter or through email. I don’t want to be driven by my bias towards Jodi. I strictly want to act on behalf of my passion to give Jodi all the humanity she deserves. I hope my support is still helpful, even though I’m not lobbying under the theme of Team Jodi VS. Team Travis, but solely fighting for Jodi’s protection and her wellness. I don’t want to hide anyone from reality whenever I speak. So, I sincerely apologize for anything I’ve said that sounds more outright mean than tough-loving. I also must confess that when I speak “ill” of Jodi- there is a counterintuitive motive underneath the service: I want the Alexander Family to let Jodi be. I want them to realize that they won’t achieve any closure by minding Jodi’s affairs, especially minding mostly about winning a death penalty verdict against her. I’ve gotten flak for sounding ‘condescending’ and ‘sanctimonious’ (which I am ashamed about, since I think I’m clueless about that shit), but I really mean all the best. And, I’m really letting my heart be my manager in everything I do; while still (honestly) trying my best to be earnest about how I implement my views or any beliefs I have.

      Jodi is being misrepresented on so many levels. It sucks that I sound opinionated, because I’m really just in service of being fearlessly loyal to Jodi’s growth and substance of character.

      I understand all of the negativity and the harshness of reality is being filtered out of anything said to her by you guys and her supporters. But, the only help I can provide is sharing everything, so that Jodi’s team have as much information as possible so to have the potential to have all the possible safety plans prepared for their own benefit. The first law of nature is self-preservation. So, it’s incredibly pertinent to get your hands on all of the information you possibly can in order to know how to proceed as constructively as possible. I’m not the type who would want to hide Jodi from reality. But I know the best communicator in her life right now would be a physician with a heart of gold and with promising credentials and honors.

      I want Jodi to live. Sometimes, it works to your advantage to placate jurors. So, often times, I’ve said things that focus more on the bigger picture. Basically, I don’t want to sugar coat anything nor risk provoking those who are angry. Um, I know that fighting hate with love and LIVING – not killing – with kindness is the most effective way to accomplish great things. And, I truly believe that everything great is only made great through wholeheartedness.

      I swear that I’m wholehearted in how I value Jodi.

      I want to see her ‘Premeditated First-Degree Murder’ conviction reversed. And I’m stubborn in my belief that pleading insanity is the optimum approach towards getting this fully accomplished.

      The more humble and remorseful Jodi’s Family and supporters appear- the more forgiving the public will be. I think that it’s a worthwhile sacrifice (and in fact more noble) for everyone in Jodi’s corner to avoid making any comments about Travis, the Alexander Family and their supporters.

      Trust me- it’ll expedite the entire process of saving (hopefully freeing) Jodi from the law.

      Don’t you want Jodi to return home safely?

      I am best friends with Rev. Dr. Ralph David Abernathy’s daughter. Ralph Abernathy was Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s mentor and best friend. Ralph Abernathy recruited Dr. MLK Jr., came up with the idea and strategized the Montgomery Bus Boycotts, made Food Stamps contemporary and first shared the prophetic statements that would be recited by MLK Jr. in the speech, “I Have a Dream” in 1963, Washington DC. Ralph Abernathy is an anonymous extraordinary. He is an unsung hero and the man behind the legend.

      So, all that being said, I hope my awe-stricken appreciation of everything Ralph Abernathy has left behind is sufficient enough to TRULY empower Team Jodi. I swear that insulting the Alexanders, all of Travis’ supporters and any “haters” (both in the media and at large) will only harm Jodi. This website doesn’t do her any true justice.

      I promise you it doesn’t.

      What would serve best is to collect all the documentation and credible sources possible to publish, post, mount and upload on this site such that there’s indisputably supporting evidence and resource that makes it known that Jodi’s innocence is predetermined.

      Post info or cited sources on Obamacare (Pre-existing Healthcare for pre-existing health conditions) and all material that makes it explicitly clear that everyone is blinded by all of this hatred, to the point of forgetting that we’re ALL children of God, first. This is first and foremost. And thankfully, out constitution DOES recognize and honor that.

      I really hope I haven’t won any haters by sounding presumptuous or “holier than thou”-ish.

      Haha, I’m just putting my knowledge to use! And I’m using my HEART to render all of it.

      Blame it on Rev. Dr. Ralph David Abernathy and Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., if I sound like a high-faulting mumbo-jumbo Fucktard.

      Haha, I am a real friend here.

      Anything Jodi says to the media will work AGAINST her unless she appeases everyone’s desire to hear her literally say “I’m sorry” 1000x over, and to hear her admit to all lies; even if it means “admitting” to all “lies.” I mean, don’t trust the media. If anything, watch HLN just to learn the arguments being made against Jodi, such that you know how to overcome their negativity.

      I keep stressing that Jodi would be fine if she didn’t view people as either ‘pro-Jodi’ or ‘anti-Jodi.’ This is such an important skill that class-act people possess. It is very effective.

      Love is a powerful tool.

      An ABC reporter for the Phoenix division of the network stated (on Dr. Drew’s HLN show): “You get more flies with honey than you do with vinegar- and Jodi Arias knows this.”

      Well, imagine if the honey wasn’t artificially sweetened? I’m not insulting anyone. I just know – and please cut me some slack if I sound like a human-sized spasm from psychobabble hell – that, a core trait of the Borderline Personality is emulation, which is precipitated from the Borderline Personality’s operating through other people rather than operating through the individual self.

      Yes, I know this sounds obnoxiously masturbatory.

      But trust me! Because I’ve been to/through hell and back – five times over, if not even more than that. I can’t cook to save my life, I can’t sing to save my life, and I’m a horrible driver (even though I follow all traffic laws). I just suck so hard at parking.

      Okay- hopefully, that just removed any self-amorous vibes I may have (unintentionally) given.

      I’m not a doctor, not a lawyer and I don’t have a messiah complex. I just get really irked by watching Juan Martinez and all the ‘Haters’ waste everyone’s time by being so damn self-indulgent and ignorant. But then, it gets even more (already-exceedingly) frustrating to watch Jodi constantly (but of course, unintentionally) give them ammo without realizing it.

      I’m just trying to help.

      If you want Juan Martinez, Nancy Grace and all the other witch hunters in the Hate parade to be put in line – then, you can’t react to them. You gotta be proactive by finding ways to outwit them without even giving them the honor of your time, effort and attention.

      I swear I’m trustworthy and credible.

      But I’m totally not an expert in legal practice nor an expert in medical practice.

      However, I know the politics of equality and good will. I’m blessed with awesome mentors, and I can’t stop myself from caring about people. So, Jodi’s story has stood out to me for reasons I’m sure I haven’t failed to not share. Ha, sorry to be overwhelming.

      God bless all of you!

      Sincerely sending you my best regards.

      And sincerely sending my love to Jodi – not just today, but everyday.

      Annnnd, Juan Martinez definitely has small-man syndrome. Haha, totally…

      Ohh lil’ angry Juan Mar-penis… Haha, that’s the last lil’ (ever-so classy!) shithead comment I’ll make.

      Thank you very kindly. I remain sincere.

      Love to Jodi!

    • I just want you to know that I support you Jodie. I plan on writing you soon. I did 5 years in state prison for somthing I did when I was 18…. very stupid thing and I was stupid then…. I have grown up and am now a better person. I work everyday and am happily married with two kids and three stepkids. I have been where you are and I just want you to know there is light at the end of the tunnel. I pray for you everyday and can only hope things work out for you too

    • Jodi:

      I’ve been a victim of domestic violence and got treatment for several years. perpetrator ended up in jail.

      -First thing I learned was about the statistics about domestic violence. I think it wouldv’e be very important to bring those in court in your case.

      – Nest very important thing I learned it that 99 per cent of perpetrators don’t abuse in front of anybody, so normally victims don’t have witness. That’s another thing it shoulv’e in my opinion be very clear for the jury.

      – And third fact I learned is that mental and emotional abuse is much worse that physical. And also that domestic violence ALWAYS get worse. That wasn’t clear for the jury either.

      Your lawyers and expert are great but they shouldve makle this points very clear since the jury clearly agree you were a victim of domestic abuse.

      People in general are uneducated in the subject and that jury shoud’ve have the IMPORTANT information in this complex issue.

      I have no doubt in my mind you were a victim of domestic violence and you deserve treatment and rehabilitation for it. I also thing you are a survivor, since the perpetrator it’s not a threat anymore and I also thing you could’ve be dead if the perpetrator would’ve survived.


    • hi, Jodi Arias. What a mess huh? I’m no lawyer, yet I can tell your not getting a fair trial. I would motion a miss trial on grounds the jury has been tainted, ask for change of venue or something like that..
      trying to write you without being tooo emotional about the trial is hard. So much for meeting under better circumstances, my best wishes are with you. I know you’ve been through a lot, glad you made it this far alive. Keep your chin up, stay strong don’t do anything to try and hurt yourself.Alright?
      My sincere regret that you got mixed up with whatever your ex got you involved in, remember you didn’t deserve this trouble.
      To the others against you, they should have sent ol boy to the service to learn to fight better.
      I’m no joke to play with, so when I come to town, my suggestion is for anyone who doesn’t want a problem? if your offended I am supporting Jodi, leave me alone don’t get in my personal space where my hand foot meet your face>OK?.
      Now back to happier thoughts.Have you ever thought where you want to go after you get out? You will get out, being at the wrong place at the wrong time, doesn’t constitute you as being guilty of your charge. My main focus is the guys throat was sliced as the first action to him dying, you did not do that. So thats where you get off, no matter what you did after that, you did not make the strike that killed anyone. so stay strong, what the whole case boils down to is whether your willing to take the wrap for someone else? If so the guy should marry you get on his knees to please you daily.
      Some of my visionary talent is spent developing new innovative systems and products, now it seems I have this distinct desire to help you? Hmmm. The deal that went down, went wrong should I say is disturbing to say the least. Please stay positive you’ll get through this too. My very best hopes for your new found freedom, sincerely: Juris

    • Jodi….praying and even fasting for you…believe God hears…as evidence when the jury could’t agree on death penalty. You have so much to offer to so many. I believe God has a purpose and plan for your life..
      Jim, in Thailand

    • Do any of you think there might be a new trial? For starters, I don’t know how another jury can be fair with all the info out there, plus the amount of hatred spewed by the media, especially a certain 3-lettered network. Did the original jury have the option to vote no to murder but yes to manslaughter? I’d like to know what was the deal with her buying cans of gas. That is the only thing that I think the jury could’ve used to say this was per-meditated. I won’t be shocked with either verdict by the next jury, but I’m wondering if there could be a retrial of the conviction. This whole case is one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen. Two lives cut short and two families turned forever upside down.

    • I know what sociopathic behavior does to some body…… We need to show people how sick those people are by communicating about it more… rape didnt become socialy unceptable in a day…. quantum mechanics can proove it there is DNA in the Hypothalmic substance that posesses people with rage… Why are they soo mad at her, rather than other cases! there is soo much evil in the world…. I do not want to be a tool for the beast!… I do not want to sit quietly and watch a brave woman go to hell…. I am a kind and virtuas person… But I will not put up with zombie makers… tormenters, trying to make me into something……. That, I am not….

    • Hi Jodi,,just a quick post,, please stay strong!! ok
      i will send you postcards,, asap,, i live in the Virgin Islands,, so thats not easy,, but take care,,and stay strong,,, all will work out for you
      Tom G

    • Hi Jodi, just wanted to say that you are not being fairly treated and you have a ton of love and support from people everywhere, who feel the same. Miss seeing you everyday it kinda seems like we all got to know you a little. Keep that chin up girl and keep smilin’. Thoughts and prayers go out to yourself and family.

    • Hi Jodi, I strongly believe that you are innocent and I give you all my support, through these tough times and believe that you are not being treated fairly. I just dont see anything in you that would make you commit such a heinous crime. Your innocence shows , just keep strong and take care. I feel as though I have crossed paths with you, like ive seen you somewhere. I was living between 2006-2008 in carmel valley. Worked as a server at Carmel by the sea and took many drives thru big sur, monterey and salinas. For now I just hope for the best for you and I believe you were the one that was a victim. Take Care…

    • Not sure what is the truth but if there is any chance the guy was how it looks like he was then she should not given any penalty. Any men abusing women in any way should learn their lesson. Don’t agree on might kill s1 but if it was self defence in anyway i think she did what she could. I watched all videos about trial not sure what to think. But my personal experience on being in a relationship where love of my life( sarcasm) was beating me and after all wanna cuddle me… I know where her anger may came from. And really dont get it how can any female vote on death in a case like this. Since im really not sure about real truth ( only Jodi who knows) i give my full support if the case was how she testified. If by any chance it is not then she has to live with it. But right now i think death penalty is way too much to punish her . Regards AnneLiz

    • Dear Jodi, hang in there. I always believe the truth will come out and I pray that you can walk away from prison, some day. You deserve a 2nd chance and a 2nd life where you can live freely. I pray for you every night. Keep strong. This will turn around, for your betterment.

    • Hi Jodi. A year ago tonight I went to jail for a crime my abusive boyfriend committed. I know what abuse does to the mind because I had been there for four years. My arms are littered with cigarette burns and every day was a new suicide attempt. I’m free today. From lockup and from him. Please keep your head up. And stay away from the meat in prison!!! It has hormones in it that make you lethargic and fat!!

    • Will you marry me?!
      Love u Jodi! If u need visiters to come visit you, I would love too.
      I’m a truck driver that passes through phoenix once month.


    • Dear Jodi,

      There is not a day goes by I don’t think of you and how you were shafted by the judicial system. Please stay strong and know there are many people like myself who support you 100%. I was a reporter and columnist for over 40 years and I never saw such a miscarriage of justice as your trial. Pre-meditation was never proven and I’m convinced the jury went home each night and watched the garbage HLN was putting out about your trial. The jury was tainted. Hopefully someone will figure out how you can appeal the verdict and have your sentence reduced. I live in Chicago and in 1984 a guy shot his ex-wife 37 times in the face, and somehow he only got 12 years and was paroled after 8 years. I’m convinced with the right people representing you the same thing could happen to you. Keep your chin up and know I’m praying for you.
      All my best,
      Bill Corcoran, Chicago, corkcol@aol.com

      KEEP HE HEAD HELD HIGH ! You have a lot of supporters,but it is an anxiety inhancer, to come out and say …I THINK JODI GOT AN UNFAIR TRIAL,
      THEN THE WITCH HUNT ,STARTS ON THE COMMENTATOR ! OMG! Well ….I am not a troll ,I am not mental…….and I SUPPORT JUSTICE !!!!!! ! 4 Jodi / 2 WRONGS DON’T MAKE A RIGHT…. Stop asking for BLOOD, TRAVIS needs to RIP…LEAVE JODI ALONE! Let her live ,and people can and will move forward.
      Blessed be ..

    • Hi Jodi supporters. I know she is still in jail but one day she will walk free again. I have seen it, it will happen.

    • Jodi,

      We pray for you daily. Keep your head up lady. God is with you, always and forever. You will be free again one day. You’re art is beautiful. God gave you a gift.

      Your friends always and supporters,

      Daniel, Rose, David, and Wes Lamars

    • There is a lot about you that i can fully understand. And relate to. A lot. My ex is still a master at manipulation and has made many promises in the name of love to get me to do anything he WANTED, but also, to get everything he WANTED from me. All the while; his words were empty promises and i was used at his convenience. We believe he loves us without realizing we are only being used. I am still learning about you and what really happened, but, i already know he took advantage of your love and of your heart for his own personal desires. That is one of the most cruel acts anyone can do to another person. Take advantage of their live and trust and use them without any care or remorse. I would like to keep in touch. – Lily. (Does she receive these messages? )

      I am a writing major in college. I took time off for medical but i plan on going back to finish soon. My passion is poetry, but also screenwriting and playwriting too.


    • Jodi herself appears to be a likeable person. If you listen to her talk, you realize that this is someone who, despite everything, has something valuable to offer the world.

      Clearly, she made a “wrong turn” and needs help; but I don’t think the death penalty is the answer.

      She does not appear as a “threat to society”; I don’t see how an early death – as the penalty seeks to bring about – will help our world. Clearly, we still live in male-dominated world where women are still “second class” citizens. Women are being stripped of their rights all the time, esp. now with rights to abortion and coverage for birth control being virtually eliminated in many states.

      This case is about our values as a society; do we really believe that “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” system of justice will transform a broken world? It won’t bring Travis back. Nor will it ever answer the “wherefores” and the “whys” …we have everything to gain, and nothing to lose, by refusing the death penalty in her case.



    • Hi Jodi,

      I know your innocent I dont know why but based on what I saw as the evidence that was brought forward I always felt you were innocent and pushed into making a statement thinking the results would be in your favour since they have already pressed the button on you as guilty without any evidence. I saw how the whole thing was set up I truely dont believe no matter how angry you are can or how mighty you feel you are physically capable of dragging a man of Travis’ stature Im 5’7 125lbs and I cant even hold up my friend whose about the same weight as me when she fainted so how can one of your height and body weight do it thats just one point theres way more but I just wanted to say from doing my own searching for my own opinion I dont believe you did this. Someone wanted him dead mormons are a tight knit secretive group they are involved just dont know how but they did it some how and made someone as shy and easy going as you to take the fall. Keep your head up dont give up on the fight for justice Jodi I know its in you. Pray that God gives you strength and a peaceful heart.

      -natty 🙂 <3

      • Yes Krissa, I too feel the same as you. I don’t know why, I feel Jodi has always been too naive and you can tell how she so innocently believed that Flores guy in the interrogation room which goes to show how naive she really was at the time 🙁

    • Jodi… I started this comment over more than once. My background story doesn’t really matter. It won’t change anything for you. But I hope you know that there are people out there who care about what happens to you. And, I just want to say too that “O’holy night” is my favorite Christmas song, and a couple years ago or a year ago, when I searched it on You Tube, you came up. I’m sorry for where you were singing, but you sang it beautifully. … I don’t know what will happen to you, but I send you strength.

    • Team Jodi,
      Everyday after work I read all updates. So amazed at what I read today. I really hope this changes a lot for you. Even if you have to go through it all over again, it’s worth it. This could change everything for you, maybe get you out from where you don’t belong. Keep your head up! all positive thoughts.
      Most of the women who support you have been in your shoes and we know exactly what you were going through. So don’t feel alone in all this. Team Jodi will be victorious 🙂

    • happy holidays Jodi. I know it must be very hard in there. your singing Christmas carols is beautiful. I hope you try and have a great holiday. i’m with you 100%. we will win. if not now then in appeal. what you did was wrong, but under self defense its ok. I cant stand juan martinez. that guy is a monster. your lawyers are trying everything they know how to do, hopefully something will work. keep a stiff upper lip. stay strong.

    • Dear Jodi and team hope all is well. Keep your spirits up as we have come so far. You have support and love from around the world. John Australia.

    • Hi Jodi,
      I am not from here and have nothing against Travis, but I feel that you have been wrongly accused by the State and especially that Martinez guy he is a terrible person and God will punish him for his actions. You are a beautiful human being who made some mistakes and who doesn’t! I pray that Martinez will not win that DEATH PENALTY for that is all he wants to flap his wings further.
      God bless you Jodi and my heart goes out to you and your family.
      Love, Anna.

    • Like most forms of abuse, Jodi’s abuse was overlooked by those attempting to administer “justice.” This is more than just about boyfriend, girlfriend issues. Travis built up Jodi’s hopes by baptizing her into his religion, casting its drug-like spell, and then committed acts which showed a dishonest belief in the same. Jodi was lead to believe that she had found a soul mate, and was then humiliated in the worse possible way. Travis was living a lie and Jodi bore the brunt of it. Her reaction, while not justifiable in the strict legal sense, was understandable.

      • Hey Jodi, I am praying for you as I hope many are. We all make mistakess…we freak out and craphappens. I feel for you. I’m 60 yrs old…been around, a 60’s-70’s girl. wild times. But anyway….stay strong. Need a shoulder ?

    • Jodi, I believe you are innocent because the way Travis treated you, brushing you off when you need his attention was very wrong. I would have given up everything for a woman like you. You are a very beautiful, and giving woman. You gave everything and got absolutely nothing back. That would make almost everyone confused and crazy. I went through a similar relationship and I did things that I would not normally do because my mind was not thinking right. A person can only take so much, before they break. I am sorry you were driven to do what you did. The courts should have taken that into their thoughts before making judgement. Courts have no mercy for anyone. God has more mercy than the courts of man. God will forgive you where as they will not. As God said there is not one person on earth that has a sole sparkling white. Jesus said, those without sin, throw the first stone. I believe you should be given a second chance at life. With some counseling you could be that person who loves life and not destroys it. You just need love and to be loved. Love can cure all things.

    • Greetings Sister Jodi Arias,
      My name is Ann-Marie Robbins, I am a sister in the LDS church (Sterling,Il). I wanted to take a moment to share with you, how our Heavenly Father has not forsaken you. Try to find the power in the Gospel and the truth in it. It saddens me to see a fellow sister, in our church struggle. I am not one to judge you. I just wish to comfort you with prayer. I hope this little message can bring some sense of hope. Try to be strong in all that you do; be patient and kind for these are keys to help you. I will gladly keep you in my prayers, and as Heavenly Father to lift your burdens. Being life long LDS I know how the church members can turn on people. If this has happen to you, I am so sorry!! It is sad that people whom are to follow the Prophet, are so judgemental. I know the Gospel is not intended to be that way. But I extend my hand, and wish you love and strength, as we are taught. . I pray your family is strong and that the love you share , will help you. Continue to sing, for the Lord loves that. I would like to tell you; I am a 52 yr old mother of 3. I have the gift of being a mother to an autistic child, to whom I named “Faith” and I home school. I am married, and sealed in the Orlando Temple. I also pride myself in being a (4yr) Volunteer coach for Special Olympics. And “yes” Faith my daughter is on my team!! It was
      my Daughter that felt i should write you. Faith, felt you needed to know people care out here. Im kinda new with all this computer stuff i do not know how to do that E-mail stuff. But I sometimes get on F/B
      I use my maiden name Ann-marie Krutsinger so if you want to send a mess, i will be able to get. I also welcome any of your family. Oh, yea my daughter “Faith” wants you to know shes also on F/B under Faith Krutsinger. Have a blessed day Jodi, and talk to the father, he’s with you………

    • Jodi stay positive. The universe does things that we can’t control
      Your innocent and should be free. Please contact me. I’m here for you

    • Most men are pigs. Travis was a manipulative, sick man that lived in a fantasy. He got the better you and you reacted. Now he wins in a sense because you are now locked up and not free. My husband cheated on me, controlled our finances,hid money and slowly broke me down and I got lost. I feel like killing him too but my life is worth more than getting revenge on him.The best revenge is to live the best life you can. So good luck to you. Hope you can find peace and something to pass the time away because that is all we are doing here on earth.Just passing through.

    • No one was a witness to the death of Mr. Alexander and only God can be the judge of his murderer. Therefore let God be the judge of who killed him and let God decide not he guilt of this woman Arias as we cannot judge in the public as to her guilty of innocence.
      I believe only God can grant the proper justice for everyone involved as in the murder of Cain and Abel.

      • Hi Malin,

        This is the website thread devoted to messages to Jodi. They are communicated to her. You can also write Jodi a letter or postcard subject to the rules governing inmate mail spelled out on the “Write to Jodi” link above. If you would like to join the current conversation, click on the Most Recent Post titled “5th Anniversary & Happy Holidays.” Hope this helps.

    • • A Successful Appeal Idea: It would smart, with the recent media coverage of women’s treatment by men, and sexual harassment suits galore. It would be the right time to mention how Jodi was mistreated by Travis. May she could get it down to 25 tears to life, instead of Life Imprisonment. I don’t think you’ll do better than that. Also it could be proven, that although intelligent, she was mentally ill at the time. Try this method for appeal. And stay away from the temptations of the media. They will pre-judge Jodi unfairly.

    • Dear Team Jodi,
      I think a successful appeal for jodi to a lesser sentence, such
      as 25 to life, instead of Life Imprisonment, would rest upon two main

      Number One-There is a huge movement right now about the rights of
      women, and women being sexually harassed, and being treated as sexual
      objects. Jodi was treated in that way, no question about it, by a
      narcissistic male. She didn’t have the resources to deal with the
      “doggie door comments, and to have to deal with a man whom she was
      deeply in love with, who was using her for sex.

      Number Two-You must have an extremely important reason for an appeal,
      You should try to prove again, as you did, that Jodi was mentally ill
      at the time. Although she is intelligent, she still was mentally
      unstable. This will be hard to prove, because she doesn’t act that
      way. If you thumb through a Psychologist’s Professional DSM Handbook,
      easily obtainable, youll be able to find the myriad of mental illness
      descriptions, choose carefully, take it to an appeal court

      • While I saw the other Frank’s comment I also read yours Jaynie.
        I couldn’t agree more about what you said about the “victim”.
        A not even good looking (max. average or even below) and in addtion almost fat, superficial and narcissistic small guy so full of himself that any descritiopn fails.

        Also a con man claiming to be more than he actually was. An uneducatzed and ignorant fool working in a cheap and easy scam business where no education is needed, in addition holding “motivational speeches” in front of a gullible, desperate, brainwashed ovber and over and easy audience.
        “Having a house” but in need of 3 or 4 room mates and to borrow money from Ex gfs, not the kind of being successful as the media describes him all the time.
        I found it also funny and pathetic how he claimed to be a person concerned about environment and all, while pursuing a book that needs you to travel to 1000 places wordwide. Here you can exactly see how uneducated, dumb, ignorant and superfical he actualy was. That is beyond ignorant.

        But that aside, this guy is not really worth my time, a retrial aka a successful appeal can also mean death sentence again afaik, theoretically, not sure if they would go for it though but if Martinez is again the prosecutor (is that even possible?) I’ve no doubt about it. This disgusting human being has no shame and not even traces of basic decency.

        • Two Frank´s from Germany at same time here … That sounds powerful and is Franktastic !
          Perhaps it is a good sign and will help Jodi one day … Who knows !?

      • Jodi still receives an unbelievable volume of mail, way too much to respond to everyone, and it’s still painful for her to write because of tenosynovitis. I believe she is writing very little right now, even to old friends. She is also very busy with her library job and her college work. But she loves getting mail.

        • Alan … Thanks for Your info ! I did not know anything about her illness – I hope she does not have a lot of pain and will be fine soon again !

  2. May your guides and guardian angels help give you strength during this time.

    I believe in you Jodi and you are in my prayers!


    • Jodi, You are a child of God and He loves you so much. Stay strong, pray always, be honest and share goodness when you can. As you go through your trial many as I am have been moved by the Holy Spirit to pray for you. While we can not take away your trauma and pain we can stand with you each moment in love through our Lord Jesus. Jesus is there for you, just let him carry you and guide you. Some of us have escaped ever so slightly causing harm or fatal injuries to others by our choices be it carelessness by driving drunk, using drugs or being in such an angry rage that we move dangerously or have angered others to come ever so close to harming themselves or others. We are all sinners and should not judge you and need to allow forgiveness and to let God be present. Jodi, I pray you find peace in His Love and I pray that you know that you remain a precious child of God no matter what … keep your heart open for His love, let Him Love you. Take care. MB

  3. My dear, sweet and beautiful Jodi, I have always believed in you, I’m right behind you. Keep strong, I’m thinking of you, know that you’re not alone. The truth will out, just hang in there. I pray for you every night xxx God Bless.


  4. Jodi I believe in you and I always will. You have such a big heart and you are beautiful on the inside as well on the outside. Don’t’ ever let anyone treat you the way Travis did. No one deserves to be abused by the one they love. I am always on your side. I pray you are found Innocent. God Bless you.


  5. I am a lapsed artist so I identify with you on that level. I have watched the entire trial, firmly convinced that you were a stalker before the trial began. After last week’s testimony it should be evident to everyone that you were not a stalker. Travis’s emails and voice on the taped phone message speak for themselves. You were clearly emotionally abused. Emotional abuse of that kind usually leads to physical abuse. So I do believe you. Legally you still have issues because the legal system does not recognize emotional abuse and forces you to prove the physical. I hope your attorneys can prove the physical abuse. Travis must have had issues with at least one past girlfriend. I hope you can find someone in his past who will testify on your behalf. So your charge can be lessened. This whole thing is such a shame because I believe you were many miles away and if only a year or so would have elapsed you would have moved on and been out of that relationship. You just snapped. As many woman would in the same circumstance.

  6. jodi, the truth will come out. stay strong and know only God, travis and you know what really happened. believe in yourself and pray. it will be over soon. have faith in the lord and the truth shall prevail!!! god bless you all!!

  7. Dear Jodi,
    I wanted to let you know that I am praying for you and your family. This is so tragic, and you certainly didn’t deserve to be treated the way the way that you were. Don’t lose your trust or your faith, it can be difficult I know all too well. There are people in this world who will seek out those that are kind and trusting to take advantage of them. Unfortunately, this appears to have happened to you. I am wishing you the best, and please know there are many of us here that support you.
    God bless, and stay strong!

    • Be Strong. No matter what happens, this is the path the most high has laid before you. “for I know the plans I have for you. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, you will seek me and you will find me when you seek me with all your heart.” Jer. 29:11-13 (paraphrased) . I can relate to you as a person, I see how you are able to compartmentalize your feelings. That ability is something most people do not understand. It doesn’t make you diabolic, or a bad person. It makes you a survivor. I am a strong woman who was sucked in to an abusive relationship and no matter how I wanted to get away, my abuser would pursue me relentlessly, till it was easier to give in than keep fighting and fighting. Finally, I have escaped and for the first time in a long time, my life is mine. That is your victory, already. You have survived and YOU KNOW the truth. In life, we forge bonds and build relationships, but in the end, we ultimately answer to ourselves and the most high. Use this tribulation to build a stronger Jodi and know that whatever happens, is part of the plan for your life and embrace it. I wish you well. Sending you some love and prayers!! <3

  8. Jody Im praying for u .I also pray you really take a long look at the King james holy Bible.Jesus wants a relationship with u not a relgion.John 3:16 Says that god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son,that who shall ever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life!!!!!! Its a free gift ( just except him into your heart and ask him to forgive u for your sins) You cant earn your way Jesus already did it for you .He did it for the whole wide world.You said Travis challenged you to read the book of Mormons,and u did .Now for some reason your life has brought u here.I believe god has a wonderful plan fo your life.Jody pray to god to show u.Jesus is the truth the way and the life no One comes to the Father except through him. The truth will set u free stay strong have faith & believe……. R.I P Travis Alexander


  10. Hi Jodi.I really hope the jury see’s what I do.That is your a woman that was being abused by Travis and you had no other choice but to protect yourself.Just keep your head up and don’t let all of this get you down.Your a good person in a bad situation and you will rise above it.Me and other people on this site and others who are not on here are supporting you 100%.Take Care.

  11. Hello Jodi. I saw my roommate in collage indoctrinated into the Reverand Moon Unification Church. From what I have heard in your trial so far it sounds like you were indocrinated into the Mormons, all for Travis’ sake. I am in support of you.

  12. Jodi! I believe everything that you have said so far, and I can tell by the sencerity
    in the way you have expressed yourself and talles about everything so. I believe
    that Travis was one of those people who tried to portray the whole “religious person”
    and yet be scandalous and fake at the same time. It’s evident since he cheated on
    his other ex girlfriend. That says it all! I do not agree you should get the death penalty
    because who are they (the system) to take someone elses life, whether they did commit
    a murder or not. Anyways, again, I believe you Jodi! Its obvious that everything
    that your saying is true, because no one else can comment on the relationship
    you had with Travis because no one else was in it but you and Him. So to those
    people who want to comment or put face or whatever are wrong! ONLY YOU and HIM
    were in the relationship and only YOU can really say what happened!
    I will keep you in my thoughts!

  13. Hi Jodi
    My thoughts are with you during this time of tribulation. I realize it must be very hard and embarrassing for you to say all the things you had to say in front of people you knew, especially your own family. Keep your chin held high, I am hoping for the best outcome possible.

  14. hi jodie im oj living in boston ma, originally from ireland, there is a saying in ireland.
    ” may the wind be always at your back” good luck to you and your family.god bless.

  15. Jodi God Bless You….. Travis was a pig….. he set you up…… he used you…..he abused you period. I am so on your side……

  16. I feel I understand you so well, that when Kirk asks you how you felt, I finish your sentences. Feel hugged, Jodi. Thinking of you always.

    Lots of love, Heather xxx and hugs from the UK

  17. Jodi,

    There are so many people on this site that support you. I am one of them.

    Our stories are similar – I dated an egotistical, cheating idiot just like you.

    I am praying for you and your family. I hope the jury sees what I do. You are telling the truth!

    May God wrap you in His loving arms and bring peace to you and your family. May God also open the eyes of the jury to believe what you are saying.

    Much love,

  18. I have watched every second of your trail and it is blatantly obvious that you are innocent as a guy I can’t believe any man would do this to a woman all I can say is you go GIRL don’t give up and show them who Is boss! #fightforjodi #freedomforjodi #Unitedforjodi

  19. Jodi I truly believe you are a truly beautiful and sweet person inside and out and your only crime was loving and getting into a relationship with a controlling arrogant monster who went out of his way to play as many mind games as possible for his own self gratification and sick self pleasure till you couldn’t take anymore I have watched and followed every thing on this case and the trial from the very beginning and i want nothing more then to see you get completely vindicated of all charges be released from jail and to have a happy healthy life like you deserve ….. Please stay Strong Jodi and please know you have lots of people like myself that love you and support you

    • Jodi, I hope you have the opportunity to hear about, or even read our supportive posts. I absolutely hope you know that you have so many people behind you AT THIS VERY MOMENT- not JUST when the trial is over and a verdict has been rendered, but RIGHT NOW. Some of us have been in your corner from the beginning and for others it has taken them actually hearing your testimony. The important thing is that you have people who care, who are not vindictive, some who can relate to your story, and who truly value human life enough to not sentence someone to death without hearing the perspective of ALL sides.

      The media has been so cruel in their portrayal of your trial, but don’t you fret because many of us do not share the same view. I know I’m not the only one writing emails to those HLN jerk-reporters or calling them almost daily to defend you and/or give them another perspective. I can even dispute their judgement of your supposed ‘flat affect’ while testifying! Speaking from personal experience, I know how much you can ‘numb’ yourself to experiencing or expressing any sort of emotion after trauma. This can especially be true when you’ve experienced abuse and/or have been controlled by another person. It just doesn’t feel ‘safe’ to do so and eventually you may even forget HOW to feel or portray how you feel.

      This trial has been on my mind almost non-stop- even before the actual court trial began. When it was first reported about you converting to the LDS religion (coupled with other things) I feel I understood practically your & Travis’s entire relationship. I’ve met a few “Travis’s” and have experienced similar mind-f*cks thanks to their own internal conflict revolving around the religion. Those kinds of relationships cause you to lose who YOU truly are as a person.

      You are obviously a sensitive person, someone that sees beauty in all things, someone who values other people- sometimes to a fault. You are a wonderful artist, thoughtful writer, someone who wants to capture every moment and every beautiful thing by taking pictures, someone who values memories, details, and good times shared. You’ve fallen into a role of subjugation in regard to others because throughout your life you’ve been made to feel “less than”/ “worthless”/ “undeserving of good things”.

      I believe that prior to you dating Travis you had at least some self-concept & self-worth. Since you began dating Travis others have mentioned noticing a decline in almost every aspect of your life. It’s as though Travis sucked away any happiness & value you had, only to replace it with belittling, disgusting, demeaning acts and comments. He controlled you- kept you isolated. While he had a strong support system around him, he couldn’t bear the thought of you having anyone other than him to rely on. He must’ve been fearful that you’d “wise-up” to his manipulation and abuse if you were in contact with anyone else. He’d give you a hard time (to say the least) if you so much as spoke to a male friend, while he was obviously hooking up with whatever girls would cave to his ‘Mr. Perfect’ act.

      Thus far, I have heard you defend Travis & even take accountability for some of HIS wrongs. People say that you’re ‘dragging the victim through the mud’ by revealing some of the things you have. I believe YOU are a victim in this as well. I see you protecting Travis probably more than you should, but that also speaks to your true character. You are a good, kind-hearted person that cared (even seems to still care) about Travis. If anything, you seem to speak more favorably for him than you do yourself.

      I hope you don’t continue to blame yourself for everything that went wrong. It was a toxic relationship all around and you both should have done things differently. (Of course it’s easy to see that now) You’ve both suffered in some way or another. All you can do is learn from it, which I believe you will now that you’ve had distance and time away from it all. You seem incredibly intelligent, well-spoken, genuine, and of course physically beautiful. I’m here to tell you that you do deserve good things and are valued, not just for your body. CJ’s comment above basically took the words right out of my mouth.

      You, your family, and your (true) friends deserve peace and happiness. Although I don’t agree with any of Travis’s family, friends, or supporters I believe they deserve peace and happiness too (regardless of how much I despise them & their behavior).

      Stay strong Jodi! Don’t let that prick Martinez tear you down and try to victimize you- you’ve already experienced enough of that with Travis. Don’t let that ‘little man’ see you so much as sweat, even when he attempts to provoke and fluster you with his raving mad, condescending comments. You can be empowered to stand up for yourself. You deserve for your voice to be heard, and your thoughts & feelings to be expressed without someone else trying to ‘change’ them in order to suit their own needs. You’ve been incredibly strong throughout tough testimony & evidence. At the end of it all YOU KNOW THE TRUTH. People can dispute it all they want because no one can take your truth and your experience away from you.

      Just remember- You matter to us and we’re here for you! Take care. 🙂

      Jamie- Orem, UT

  20. I’ve been following the trial on TV, got to say’ this poor girl suffered a lot of emotional / mental and physical abuse, she did everything that could be asked of someone in a loving relationship and even went against her own standards to please this guy who treated her like dirt. She’s suffered enough’ I think she should be found not guilt by reason of temporary insanity – She sure as hell don’t deserve to be put on trial facing a death penalty as a result of such a dehumanizing and embarrassing experience as she has been dragged through.

    We are with you Jodi! God bless you! and don’t give up hope.

    John Glendenning
    Kissimmee, Florida

  21. Jodi no Women deserves To be Treated like The way You have. I know You were Only trying To protect Yourself. You will Be found Innocent ! Take Care God Bless !

  22. Jodi, you need to keep the faith that the truth will set you free. There is only one true judge and only he will decide if you should rot in hell for the rest of your life . You have kept calm and kept your head up I hope you can continue to do so once the prosecutor gets a hold of you. It will be an all out war soon enough keep the faith that no matter what happens there is only one true judge who will decide your eternal fate.

  23. Hi Jodi, I watch you every day. I was a cop for twenty plus years, and I know what happened to you. I believe you to be innocent as well. On top of that I think you are the most beautiful women I have ever seen, and that piece of S–t Travis did not deserve you.
    All the best,

  24. I just found out about what happen in your life and it had impacted mine,I was beginning to think I was the only man in this world who believes you don’t deserve the death penalty.i hope the jury opens their heart and can find Forgiveness and spare your life.my heart and tears and prayers are there for you.i hope I’m not too late…

    • please delete my post,I no longer believe she is innocent,it seems like this.while Travis was taking his shower Jodi was taking picture then said Travis look at this and had the gun pointed towards his face,and pulled the trigger before Travis could say anything,in distort Travis tryed to run with a bullet in his skull,leaning over the sink bleeding,he might have pushed her out of his way,while he ran towards the living room,it looks as if she started stabbing him in the back,he turns and she started stabbing him in the front,his hands were cut so it seems like he was trying to block the knife.at this moment he keels over and then she tryed to decapatate him.what a way to die.after the fact she killed him she got rid of the evidence and denied it,to think she is innocent is ridiculous.poor Travis didnt have a chance and his side of what happen will never be told.then after she killed him she goes and sleeps at another mans house with no remorse.

      • You’re in the wrong career. You should have been a detective, or at the very least, a writer. If her intention was to kill him, she could have done it quickly and cleanly while he was asleep….and got away.

      • Tim;
        Apparently you did not pay attention to the path of the bullet? He wasn’t shot straight on in the face. So you’ve now based your entire decision of her guilt on your imagination instead of the facts, and you did this all within a 24 hour period of time from your first post to your second.
        Jenni – You got it!

  25. Hey Jodie,
    I have been following the trial and one thing i hate is how all the “professionals” that are judging you cant even get your quotes correct. I hope all goes well and noone listens to them. I am screaming at the TV when you are misquoted by the tv personalities that is using you for ratings. I support you.

  26. Jodi, You have so many people on your side! You are loved AND MANY BELIEVE YOU! No matter what happens keep praying for strength and pray for your Jury, Travis family, The Judge, The Prosecution & your own Attorney. I am praying for all as well but mostly for you. Your life is being exposed in an awful manner, but in today’s society it seems like people thrive on hurting others more than showing forgiveness and love. I don’t doubt your story at all! I hope you are getting your messages to assure you that YOU ARE LOVED AND BELIEVED! To keep this in order of God’s Law, Pray for Nancy Grace as well as all Media Outlets. I pray this prayer for those that continue to trespass against you. Just as there is no rule to how one acts during a death, the same goes for someone emotionally abused.

    OUR Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

    • i believe in GOD the father almighty, creator of heaven and earth. for all that is seen and unseen. i believe in the lord, the giver of life who has spoken through the prophets, God from God, light from light , true God from true God begotten and not made, through him all things were made, for us men/women, for our salvation. by the power of the holy spirit HE was born of the virgin mary and became man. for our sake he suffered under pontius pilate, was crucified, died and was buried and descended into hell, on the third day he rose again from the dead and is seated at the right hand of God our father, ascended into heaven. from thence he shallcome to judge the living and the dead and his kingdom shal lhave no end.i believe in the holy spirit, the holy catholic church i acknowledge one baptism for forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body and life everlasting …amen

    • Very wise words. I will continue to pray for Jodi and her family, and all of the rest of the people who were hurt by this horrible situation. Put your trust in God not man or Media.

  27. Jodi, Stay strong and know that many people are behind you we believe you were abused and abused horribly , i know you were so scared that day and you had to do what you had to to protect yourself and others. you are a wonderful Lady and I understanding not making waves and also we have found proof as well that Travis wasnt the Mr. Innocent that Obnoxious Nancy Grace seems to think . Dont let Nancy Grace get to you. because she too has changed her story about how her fiance died… so she is a liar and she doesnt know how to see the truth. We see what you have been through and you are well loved and supported here.

    • Jodi, we are behind you and back you 1000%. You are and ever shall be in our prayers and will be throwing a party when you get out. We know what you are going through and are rooting for you. Your family is also in our prayers. Don’t you let Nancy Grace or any other hater get you down. They are jealous because you had the strength to get out of the abusive rel. 🙂 🙂 we LOVE you and wait for the day you walk out of there FREE and CLEAR!!! Remember Stay Strong and know that you have a lot of supporters praying for you that believe in you and believe you.


  28. Stay strong, Jodi! We are behind you! I cannot express enough how brave you are for testifying about your relationship with Travis and it pains me to see the grief you experience when you relive those days. Your honesty is exemplary and breaks my heart, and I have nothing but compassion for you and your family during this hard time. Don’t give up! No matter what, there are many who support you!

  29. I pray for an acquittal. If this were first degree murder (predemeditated from the beginning of the trip),Jodi would have walked into Travis’s house at 4 a.m. and killed him right then, and left without anyone ever knowing she was there. As it was, people had all day to notice her car there, and Travis had all day to make emails or phone calls to people where he might have happened to mention that Jodi was at the house (such as when he was in his den while she was showering). Had Jodi been on a stealth mission to kill, she would not have allowed such opportunities for her presence to be known.

    I have been so impressed with Jodi’s demeanor on the stand. She answers each question honestly and carefully and articulately. Seeming at times to give Travis the benefit of the doubt even when her own attorney wishes she wouldn’t.

    I had thought it was well known, especially by women, that people sometimes have trouble leaving unhealthy relationships, but the hateful comments toward Jodi on cable TV and the Internet seem oblivious to that fact. What gives? Are women just jealous of Jodi’s good looks and wanting her to die for it?

  30. Jodi, I had been in a bad relationship before and even though that guy treated me terribly, I had a hard time convincingmyself to leave him. He ultiately caused a lot of pychological damages to me and even caused me to lose my job and a lot of friends, spread a lot of gossips about me and all that …made my life miserable … before I finally left him. And even then, the first couple months after I left him, I missed him and loved him and still wished he would have a change of heart and come back to me. So I totally identify with you and understand why you still wanted so badly for things to work out between you and Travis, even though he was horrible to you and didn’t sound like such a nice guy to begin with. Don’t let Nancy Grace or people like that make you feel bad when they talk like, “it doesn’t make sense for a woman to want to stay with a guy like that … so he must not have been such a bad guy … she must hae made it up.” They do NOT know what they are talking about. It makes total sense to me … people who are in abusive relationships don’t just get out easily; it’s like the more he abuses you, the more you want to stay with him and you still enjoy every moment with him because you want so badly for things to work out. I understand totally and empathize. You’re almost like my heroine by standing up for all of us women who have been bullied by ex-boyfriends and/or husbands! People like Nancy Grace are just jealous because she can clearly see herself in the mirror and know that she can’t measure up to you! LOL! Good luck, Jodi! Stay strong!

  31. I have read 95% of everything posted here and have watched allmost all the trial footage. I had not been forsure about all the comments made about Travis until I watched the utube video where he preformed in public as a comic act to promote his business. Man to man that guy was disgusting imoral and disrespectful to women, arrogant and so on. I am ashamed that people were there actualy clapping for him and to learn that he actualy treated Jody with disrespect as he had used his real life persona as a comic act.

    I want to thank everyone for posting so many nice things about Jody, and I do believe that she was suffering from a man who was DV towards her after watching trial and the Travis video. I never new anything about Jody until I personaly met her brother (we were sitting having lunch one day and he mentioned somthing about his sister being on trial for murder) it was at that time I started tuning into this case and learning as much as possible about the truth from the media, the trial footage and this site. The Arias family has always treated me with respect and I find them to be a honorable family.

    I am a male, I personaly have been thru DV classes to correct my belief system and change my behaviors for the better of all my family. All the signs and the way it is determined to be (DV) if it is being prepretrated upon a person is totaly shown by the defense. Travis was controling, mentaly and physicaly abusive, including sodomy upon Jody which is a crime in itself. I pray that the jury does the right thing and finds her not guilty by means of self defense (becasue we all know now she was afraid of Travis) and release her from jail and allow her to be compensated for the time she had to be locked up. TO BAD SHE NEVER REPORTED HIM IN TO THE SYSTEM SOONER SO HE COULD HAVE RECIEVED HIS DV TRAINING AND CHANGED. However, I think that there are those who choose evil and will never change no matter what the choices are. Travis choice evil and the FRUITS of his life have been displayed for all to see. Throw that LDS temple card in the trash it was a fraud to cover his tracks. The video showing Travis acting like a complete idiot proves that. YOUR FRUITS WILL SHOW YOUR TRUE COLOR.

    I pray that Jody is released as soon as possible.

    Be strong today Jody tell us the truth because it will set you free

    • Matt~
      Many comics admit to using real life moments in their acts. Many are very depressed & miserable, and internalize the laughs they get, as people laughing AT them.

      Travis had a severe hate for women, I believe, as his mother was a drug addict very early in his life, not able to feed, clothe, or shelter her kids, beating them regularly, while family members stood by & watched it happen to him & his siblings…

      I cant figure out WHY they are not bringing any of this up. That to me seems very relevant in backing up JODIs claims, & disputing all these “wonderful, in tune BEST friends” who didnt bother to do more then “call” him for 5 days… Good God, they are saying his roommates were IN THE HOUSE for at least a day, with his dead body, & DIDNT NOTICE????

      I admit, I thought she may be ‘guilty of murder’, but now, when fact checking, I believe she was ‘defending’ herself, albeit a little extremely, but none of us were there to experience that terror, & therefore we cannot judge her actions. I just dont think it was premeditated Murder…

      • From what I can gather, he was their half brother. His father was married 3 times and fathered 7 children. Travis was his mother’s only child and the only child from his father’s 3rd marriage. Both his parents were meth addicts and died relatively young….Gary David Alexander (1948–1997) and Pamela Elizabeth Morgan (1953–2005). I dont know why his father’s mother ended up having to take in the other 7 half siblings, and who and where their mothers are and why they couldn’t take care of their own children.

  32. Jodi, I listened to the accounts given by people who knew you, when you first met Travis, as well as what transpired afterwards. And, I can only conclude that, when you met Travis, you deeply fell in love with him. Also, from looking at everything shown, you were one of the few people – maybe the only person – that Travis really trusted. I guess it would be so much easier if we could simply pick the people that we fall in love with.

    Also, I do not buy the obnoxious garbage that media talking heads, and self righteous women, are spewing everywhere. They rushed to judgment without knowing the facts. I have yet to see any of your detractors say that a woman has a right to self defense, especially in a life threatening situation. And, none of them have explained how it can be proven that you were not forced to defend yourself. As far as I can see, all of the facts point to self defense – and a complete lack of any plan whatsoever.

    Jodi, if justice means that the court must recognize that you were forced to defend yourself, then I hope that everyone who prays for “justice” gets exactly what they are praying for. Also, I truly hope that you experience some better turns in life, down the road.


  33. Jodi,

    I hope you are doing well. I can’t imagine what you are experiencing right now.
    I hope everything I have read on this site is true and you are really innocent, you are such a beautiful girl with the nicest smile I have ever seen. I hope you beat this thing and live a wonderful life and bring happiness to whomever enters your life. You are gonna go far so hang in there sweetie.
    I truly hope you are doing well in this time of sorrow.
    Best wishes and I am rooting for you!

  34. Well being a survivor of SEXUAL, EMOTIONAL, PHYSICAL assault and abuse. It could be me up there in your shoes. So it is with a heavy heart I say I wish you the best. I don’t think there is enough proof however I am not on the jury. I have faith though. I have strong faith. I believe you will be victorious. One way or another. I can’t stand the thought that 12 people have control of your life but I guess it is better than just the DA. I also think your lawyers are doing a great job.

    Please remember nobody knows abuse till they are in it. We usually never tell anyone. It took me 30 years to finally start my therpy on my sexual assault and 20 years to confront my abusers of domestic violence. And I did not confront them to their face yet. I just mean I am in therpy NOW at 38. So abuse can and does last a lifetime. Nobody knew it in my family or their friends.

    Stay very strong you will come through.!!

    You are in my prayer!!!!


  35. Jodi, we all believe in you here. You are a beautiful, smart, strong, and talented woman, and I’m so sorry this has happened to you. I have been following this website and also, by the way, adore your art. I have purchased 3 pieces–Perched, Teacher, and Pyramids, and I cherish them. I wanted to do something to show my support, and so, even though people bidding on ebay have gotten bullied a bit, I had to show my belief. I wish you all the best.

  36. I have been through a traumatic event that created PTSD and I understand the memory loss.  This is something SO HARD for someone to understand unless you have experienced it.  It changes your life forever when you realize you have lost time.  I for one still to this day try to fill in gaps of pieces still missing. Through counseling I am a survivor living day to day surviving!  The mind knows when you can or can’t handle an event and I believe it protects us. I also understand wanting Love so badly and doing whatever it takes to keep that person wanting you is not uncommon. I believe Jodi needed to be held and felt needed after such a horrible event. She had already been called so many horrible names, degraded by unloving sex and she must have felt as low as anyone could have possibly felt! She loved this man! I can tell you if surveys were honestly answered 80% of us are in unhealthy relationships. We don’t leave because our options with the way society is today, we might get worse than we already have. BESIDES THAT! WE DON’T WANT TO BE LONELY!

  37. Dear Jodi: I have watched this from the beginning…it is so obvious that you thought you deserved the comments he made and how he treated you-you didn’t. No one does. No one can go back and change any of what happened. Not sure if Mormonism teaches you this-but forgiveness from God is there for the asking, for anything that happened…your future matters. Take God’s forgiveness, forgive yourself, and go forward. Praying for you, as I’m sure all true Christians are.

  38. I’ve been watching your trial Jodi and I am convinced of your innocence. Stay strong young lady and know that there are people out here on your side.

  39. Jodi, you poor tortured child. I have known so many gross bullies in my 60 plus years.
    You were just not equipped to handle this vain monster.
    As for the bully boys and bitches on TV, they are so cynical, filling their air waves with their hate.
    I believe in you
    Go with God.

  40. Jodi,

    Remember that in spite of all the hate out there directed towards you, there are people who care about you and are thinking of you. Watching you testifying today, I can tell you’re a person who feels a great deal of guilt over what happened on June 4th of 2008. Stay strong and you’ll get through this. What doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger. Also remember that God is always forgiving of any sin we commit. No sin is unforgivable in his eyes. One day I very much hope that you can forgive yourself and find peace over these tragic events. Best of luck to you.


  41. Dear Jodi. Thinking of you and holding you in my prayers. I know this has all been hard. I see a fragile young woman with low self-esteem. I pray that you can become stronger in yourself and know that there are plenty that are on your side in this. Blessings, Allison

  42. Jodi, my goodness, I have no idea how some people can’t see what you’ve gone through, I see it. I am not saying I’d do what you did but no one really knows till they’ve gone through it. I knew your parents in Salinas,CA, I worked for your dad at Bumbleberry’s & helped open the restaurant in Los Banos, CA.
    If they need some support please have them check they’re fb messages or their messages on their phone. My prayers are with you! May your days be filled with God’s Love & Grace. May the good Lord protect your heart through all this. I send my love to you & your family.

  43. Dear Jodi, My heart breaks for what you have gone through. Having been a domestic abuse victim myself I could relate with you on so many levels. No one knows but the victim who is facing another beat down whether it be mental or physical what you might have to do to save yourself. Sweetheart you stay strong talk to God, keep bad thoughts out of your head. You are a very strong young lady, who just got mixed up with an abusive person. You are so lucky to be alive , it could have gone the other way. Jodi you survived, you did what you had to do to survive and there are so so many people praying for you and sending you love and light everyday. CM / Team Jodi.

  44. Jodi, please stay strong. Jodi My mother and friends were victims of abuse by the men who claimed to love them my friend took a lot from her boyfriend she made excuses for his bad behavior i stepped in and he hit me. People who do not know do not understand my father used to hit my mother and humiliate her and she stayed for 9 years so i get it you don’t say anything because of the stigma so you suffer in silence. I went out with a man and even with an order of protection he still would threaten to kill me and then tell me how much he loved me while he was choking me so i understand I wish I were on your jury. STAY STRONG SISTER.

  45. Hang in there Jodi…You can find Jesus without joining any type of cult, church or so-called faith because He didn’t create religions, mankind did, and He not above forgiving even your sins…but mankind is. The true word of God reminds us to “Call on him and ask his forgivness and he is faithful and just to forgive us ALL of our sins”.
    Isa 1:18 Come now, and let us reason together saith the LORD : though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.

    After you ask God’s forgivness, Travis’ family’s forgiveness (ask their forgivness and be sincere, even if they don’t give it, forgive them and let them be accountable to God only just as you are, and understand their position on that) Read Romans 8:1, it talks about how God does not hold our sins over us so then you have to forgive yourself after that. Otherwise forgivness left unchecked will destroy you and everyone you come into contact with.

    Read John 8 regarding casting stones, but also dont forget the most important of that chapter where after she was forgiven, Jesus told her to “go and sin no more” because that is the key to staying free.

    There are some true Christians out here who know that God loves you and we love you too. Anyone of us could be in your seat for one reason or another. God Almighty is the ony Just Judge and only He can condemn your soul to hell…not Nancy Grace(less) and may He show mercy upon whomever he chooses regardless of what any of us thinks.

    Praying for you

    • I wish to comment to C. Nevarez–It sounds like you are making Jodi’s act of self defense into a sin for which she has to ask forgiveness. This sounds wrong to me–self defense is not a sin, and it shouldn’t be thought of that way.

      If you think of self defense as a sin, and if Jodi thinks of self defense as a sin, there’s a good reason for the inconsistencies in Jodi’s testimony–Jodi is still be tortured mentally by false beliefs that make her act of saving her own life a guilty thing.

      Jodi, if you are reading this, please let this nonsense go–please let the religion that allowed Travis to abuse you and remain a so called “virgin” go. Please don’t let yourself be judged by hypocrites and a hypocritical religion. You are innocent in every logical sense of the word. Please do yourself and every woman who has been abused, like you, in exactly the same ways, the right of walking free out of that den of prosecution and blanket sexist condemnation that we currently call our legal system. Please don’t listen to anyone who insinuates that you have anything to repent for or be sorry for–you defended yourself. You are a human being, like every other human being, regardless of sex, and you had the right to defend yourself.

      Please–listen to me. You are not guilty, and I know how much it will hurt to say the words that will show everyone how not guilty you are, but you have to say them regardless. It will be the hardest thing you will ever have to do in your life–I know how it is–but you CAN do it. You were strong enough to defend yourself physically from a 200 pound man, and you are strong enough now to say what you have to say to defend yourself from accusers who don’t care about justice and only want to see your blood. Defend yourself–you owe yourself a decent defense that only you can truly give yourself.

      You know what I mean–the trauma of a trauma victim occurs when the trauma is relived, not when the actual trauma occurs; you will have to face that trauma in order to make your story “make sense” to a jaundiced and to all appearances, uncaring court–and the only way to face that trauma is to tell the truth as you know it; the truth is your trauma, but in your trauma is your freedom from prison, on multiple levels. Face your trauma, your memories of your abuser, and walk free. Your walking free will make so many millions of women who have suffered what you have suffered feel that they have the ability to walk free, too. Walk free. Get out of there. They have no case and no right to imprison you, let alone put you to death!

  46. Dearest Jodi.We are still rooting for you and even though you have no idea who we are,you do have supporters in many places.I can’t honestly say i know how you are feeling to be in such position,but i can only imagine.Its no walk in the park to have to fight for you life and not knowing what the out come will be.I know there are a lot of people saying negative things even though they have no idea what is the truth.
    Most times it is easy for others to judge others when they are not in the same situation and they think they are above mishap in life. and it is easier to be negative than positive.I know some where in your daily thoughts and reflections of the past few years you must have wish if you had only one moment in time and every time i think of your situation i also wish if there was only one moment in time for you to go back and be some where other than in the situation that you are in now.I pray and hope God will help you and continue to give you courage.
    May his grace and love keep you strong.
    Remember he said fear not for i am with you always.
    He will not leave you or abandon you at the hour of your needs
    God still love you and he will never for sake you.
    Much love

  47. Jodi, I think you spent enough time in jail and deserve your road to freedom. Dont give up hope and stay strong!!! Supporting you all the way 🙂

  48. I’m not a fanatical follower of this trial… but I know some of the backstory. It makes me a little melancholy, cause it reminds me of a relationship I was in. It was one of those strange relationships that’s more than friendship, but less than a committed relationship. It persisted secretly for years through several girlfriends of mine, and several boyfriends of hers. It was like a habit that neither of us could give up… even though we both knew we should. It’s hard being in love with someone you know isn’t right for you.

    There are many levels of love… and sometimes it happens between two people that can’t be together… but also that can’t not be together. I guess that’s the tragedy of it.

    Anyhow, it affected me to point that I made a YouTube video on my channel.


    Michael (a.k.a. MorningofMourning)

  49. I have been where you are Jodi. Loved a man more than life itself and willing to do anything to prove it while all the while he is using and abusing you. Come on, I heard your reaction when he talked about tying you to a tree and I could tell you were trying to “act” turned on to make him happy. Let’s face it how many women have fantasies like that? Not many, men are perverts women’s fantasies are much difernt than that. He mentally and emotionally abused you, I have been there.


  50. Hi Jodi… have been watching your trail and I have to say that I believe you acted in self defense. I experienced almost 16 years of abuse from my wife – emotional, physical, financial, sexual – so I know where you are coming from. All I ever wanted was to have a normal life and to be loved by her, so I stayed… just could never bring myself to leave. And I put up with the abuse. I never snapped but I did come close a few times. I mean, after the 44th affair who wouldn’t. My only advice is hang in there and pray that Heavenly Father helps the jurors get a glimpse – from your testimony – of how hard it is to break free from an abusive relationship. And I pray that if you are found innocent and can get your life back that you’ll learn to get away from anyone that ever abuses you again – run, not walk away! Your life is worth so much more than any abusive relationship!!! Stay Beautiful – Mel

    PS. Not all Mormon guys are pervs!!!

  51. jodi, i do pray for you every night during this trial. i am only about 10 miles from palm desert and think about you daily during your trial. god bless, i pray all is right with right, meaning…. if you truly killed in self defense, i support only that. please email me back if u ever need a “mail-a-buddy” yours truly, jenna

  52. Jodi my name is thasleem I am from hong kong. Please be strong you have my support and preyars here. Be strong and perform good there. We are all supporting you. That guy play games with your life, he deserve more than this he is a psychopath

  53. Jodi, I pray for you and have no pity for the man who clearly abused you. Just remember to answer the DA,s question very slowly and don’t let him control how fast you respond. He will surely make an ass out of himself. I do believe you will be found guilty of manslaughter but you’ll have another life!

  54. Jodi, stay strong. I have been watching your trial and I believe you are innocent. That this was done in self defense. I can’t imagine how hard this must be for you up on the stand. My prayers are with you and wishing you luck <3 🙂

  55. Hey Jodi just want to let you know that you have people out here praying for you!! We love your strongness and just keep your head up high!! We love you!!

  56. Jodi, I am praying for you dear. I think you need help, and I think you need lots of love. Please believe in your heart — no matter what — that you are always God’s blessed child. I believe we have all made sacrifices, committed crimes, loved, hated, been tormented in hell, and sung with the angels … we are all one with God. Let’s pray for Travis too. He is our brother, and you are our sister. I have watched you on television and have been worried about you. Be strong and face whatever it is you have to face, but try to believe that there is a higher power — that is pure love — that will never turn it’s back on you. I cannot understand what you did, but I know heat of passion does crazy things to people. That was not you. That was not the child God made–and He knows it. He made you beautiful and perfect, and that is who you really are. And that is who Travis really is. Please hold onto that thought and don’t fall into an empty, loveless abyss where you can’t feel love anymore and don’t know who you are or if you are even worthy of being loved. Don’t lose yourself. We all are capable of getting very angry when we have been abused. That does not mean it is right to hurt someone, and we have much to learn about turning the other cheek, love and forgiveness. No matter where you are right now, you can try to think aright, believe in God, be humble, and do what is right one moment at a time, one day at a time. I believe the only real relationship you have is with God, and you can have that anywhere, work on it anywhere, no matter what else is going on. Just keep going and know someday we are all going home — to Love. I will continue to pray for you.

  57. Dear Jodi,
    I’m a former USMC Staff Sgt (retired)
    I’ve seen the look of people who are serious killers. You are not this kind of person just from seeing your pain in court and your other photos as well. I have also seen the Photo of Travis in the shower. That is the image of a heartless cold blood killer. I can see it in his eyes just from the photo of him. I’m so sorry you have become entwined in this travesty of a trial. PLEASE remember many of us are praying for you. With the pressure you are under the prosecution is trying to make you break. Do NOT Give IN!!! No matter how much it hurts or makes you feel all alone. Know that there are those of us out here who are on your side praying for you and we will continue to do so.
    They will use anything they can to try and break you down. Hold tough young lady! Stand your ground no matter what. You were obviously in love with the wrong type of man. He was a child who treated you like a possession or a toy and not like the lady you are inside. This happens to attractive women such as yourself by men in power or those looking for it. Because they have or want power they believe they have rights over you. It’s sad but that it the way they see the world.
    You were lured in and fell prey to the ambitions of a sexist manipulating evil person who only pretended to love you and then broke your heart. Out of fear of this loss I think you lost part of yourself in trying to hang on to it. I’ve lost a love the same way. Someone hurt me deeply as well. That is why I’m here telling you to hold on! You can walk through the fires of hell if you have the strength. I pray the jury in this case will see the prosecution as trying to frame you when you were only defending yourself the only way you knew how at that time. It’s OK to cry and let the emotions out. But always remember that no matter what God and his son Jesus are there to surround you with their angels and protect you.
    If you have faith in God and in them you will come out of this OK and stronger. You will be an advocate for the abuse women suffer at the hands of powerful men. Not a gentleman or a kind caring man, but evil men. I and thousands of others are all praying for you each and ever day. I’m an older gentleman who may or may not be here much longer depending on God’s plan for me. I’ve lived my life, and I if could, I’d take your place in that courtroom to keep