Lead Detective’s Wife in Jodi Arias Case Takes to Twitter – 4/14/2014

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I’ve been asked to post a link to a recent story from a different website.

To read it in full, you can either click here or click on the pic of the happy couple below.


As one commentator stated:

“A corrupt cop and a corporate whore. Two birds of a feather flocking together.”

The twitter account has recently been taken down, but the full contents of the account have been duly recorded and turned over to the appropriate parties.

In the meantime, Corrina’s YouTube account is still active.

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    • I wish I had more time to read everything Mrs. Flores has written, but I must leave for work now but I will read it all when I get home later, it looked very interesting.

      Ray in H-burg Va.

      • YEA RAY!!!! Thank Heavens we are back to JAII . . . I was thinking SJ ran away with Pandora and closed JAII down!!!! LOL!

        • As for Mrs. Flores, you are a poor excuse for a human being. The lies and tricks your husband has pulled are worthy of a long time in his own personal cell. People are watching and taking notes so I would not be so fast to boast about such backroom politics. Hope it bites you in the rear! Everyday here at JAII we are praying for Jodi to overcome the injustices that your husband, the joke of a prosecutor and pitiful excuse for a judge have done to Jodi. First she was abused by Travis and now your stinking court system in AZ. You have no grounds to be bragging!

          • Let’s not forget, that, conspiracy, by, for, and, between, the defective detective, the, medical examiner, and, the prostitutorial, prosecutor, claiming, that, Jodi, shot, Travis, to, gain the advantage, and, for this, conspiracy, two, duped, governors, issued, an interstate kidnapping at law, and, a two million dollar, ransom, demand, and, let’s not forget, the other, denial of the right to aid in her defense, the fact that, had she posted, such a fraudulent, and, slanderous, ransom, all the reasonable doubts, posted, on the net, were, denied, to, her, by, the twilight zone of Arizona… Then, there is the minor matter, of, no gunpowder, particulates, in the meticulously, tweezered, distinct, claim, of, his, and, her, blood samples, proving that, neither, fired a gun; thus, at the point of that, minor chink in, the spastic, carnival act, of a prostitutor,s,’ armor, the noncase, was, closed, as in, exposed, for the fraud, it was; three, Gestapos, lockstepping, in their, separate, but, equal, divine, revelations, of their, Eureka, moment; of course, translated, into, two, morons, getting, badgered, by, the moving party, the third, moron, who, convinced them, to, claim, that, Jodii, shot him, first; feigning, that, this was how, a 130 pound girl, overpowered, an over, 200 pound, martial arts, kickboxer, weightlifter, bodybuilder, fighting, for his life; Bluto, being, whipped, by, Olive Oyl; and, the lizards at law, never, skipped, a beat, in their, goosestepping, tapdance, doing a 180, degree, about face; abandoning, their, lies at law; the socalled, temerity, of, which, got them, a free to kidnap, under color of law, pass, from, two, braindead governors; neither, of which, demanded, recission, of, the fraudulently, obtained, kidnap extradition…after, the Arizona criminals, at law, reversed, course, once, I, pointed, out, the, no particulates, proving, that, Jodi, did not, fire a gun.which, .for, four years, of the prostitutorial, lies, at law…. I had been posting… which, the socalled, “defense,” stated, that they, were too busy, to read of, reasonable doubts, posted on the net… now, accepted, the soap opera, went, on, with, another, divine, Eureka, moment, as, all three, conspirators, separated, from each other, by their job, descriptions, and, duties; separate, from, each other, arrived, at the same, four years after the kidnapping at law, miraculously, to announce another, twilight zone, about face, “proof,” of, Jodis’ alleged, guilt, as if, the non case, was, not, proved, by the fact, that, all three, wimped, and, with, their tails, between their legs, conspired, again, to, Gestapo, lockstep, to thei prostitutors,’ new, tune; that, facts be damned, full steam, ahead, fellow pirates… Then, I, proved , that, the gunshot, was, in the separate, case, having, only, a simpleminded, coverup, of, the delusion, that, it was a man, with the strencth, to, overpower, Travis, and, nearly, decapitate, him, with, the precision, contradicting, the setup, to, frame, Jodi, by, such, a hysterical, stabfest, and, final crime, by, mutilations, and, a gunshot, that, never, blede, because, Travis, was, long, dead, as, I, also, proved, by, the fact, that the automatic pistol; revolvers, don’t eject their shells; ejected, its’ brass, which, landed, upon a dried blood, island, four or five days, after the precision, kill; as if, Jodi, premeditated, how, without shooting, Travis, was going, to, do, all this, mayhem, then, sit there, for, four, or, five days, wherein, anybody, could, walk in; for, what, purpose; being, so, premeditated; when, after, such, a precision, kill, she, could have simply, driven away…??? These, werte separate crimes, as proven by the feet pictures; one, man’s large foot, and, a womans,’ small foot, proving, the man, likely, the killer, or, an accessory, as proven, by, the treadmarks, from his boot, into the partially, dried, blood… Why, if, not, the killer, or, an accessory, did, he, not, call the police, after walking, in, sticky, enough, blood, so as to leave a footprint…??? For, four years, I, have posted, dozens of, reasonasble doubts, yet, not, one, has been, before the court, and, not one, printed, in the tabloids…. Why’s that, and, what, LSD corporate, quasireligious, sect, has such, horsepower…??? Read, “The, God Makers, ” for the heart plunge, ear to ear, eternal soul saving, ritual killing / suicide, of, Anderson, and, compare, it, with, the exact, eternal soul saving, ritual, for, Alexander… Was this coverup, at law, by the conspiracies, of, these lizards at law, due, to, all those, quasireligious, voters, controlling these, govern – mentals…??? Edgrrr…

            • ….never bled, because, when, dead, the heart, no lionger works; proving, that, the gunshot, was, last, not, as alleged, first; so, why wasn’nt the noncase, thrown out, as the judge, aided and abetted, the about face, while the do nothing, :defense,” gave them a pass…??? What better way, to, defend, a person, than, by, a denial, of, competent, and, effective, counsel…??? Edgrrr…. And, why, now, is, Jodi, playing, “Joan of Ark” by claiming that, she, shot him, first; to, make the first claim, soap opera, seem, valid, when, now, it has been proven, that, the gunshot, was in the four or, five days, later, crime, to, set her up, contradictorially, enough, for, such a precision, ritual kill…??? Edgrrr…

              • A Tragedy

                There was a girl who met a boy
                To the boy the girl was just a toy!

                The kind of toy that’s used for sex
                and when you’re done your muscles flex!

                The girl fell deeply for the boy
                but to him she still was just a toy!

                As time went on and days passed by
                the boy was told that he must die!

                Why you wonder must he die?
                His church wouldn’t let him live a lie!

                So what they did was kill the boy
                and use the girl for their evil ploy!

                The ploy was for their alibi
                to kill the boy and watch him die!

                A slow and treacherous death had he
                at the hands of people of mystery!

                The mystery will soon unveil
                it’s in the works and will prevail!

                You all will see that soon will be
                the mystery solved and the girl set free!

                Mary Williams/2014

              • EDGAR absolutely love your posts! I’m like you, why haven’t any of your points made it to court? The cover-up is at every turn. . . and Travis’s family is blinded to the facts because of the $$$$$ that are falling into their laps of leisure! If they truly want to get to the bottom of their brother’s death they best wake up . . . they have being dining with the Demons! Poor blind lost-souls.

                • Agreed with R LOVE! Edgar knows, I am a fan of his writing skills.
                  Mary, I love this poem too! =)
                  (( TEAM JODI))))

  1. Very aptly put – corporate whore!
    She has no qualms about riding the gravy train of publicity around the case, to shamelessly plug her lousy no-good business!
    I bet she’s cheating her clients and lying to them, much like Flores, together with Horn, lied on the stand.
    Talk about birds of a feather!
    I hope her clients are aware of what kind of lying, cheating person she is!

  2. I find it funny that they are upset because people are actually wanting the injustices of this trial brought to the surface. HLN really did a number on Jodi with a lot of help from various different corrupt people in the state of AZ. Ms. Flores displays her ignorance by bragging and praising her corrupt detective husband. Most people would be ashamed and be hiding under a “boulder”. They should all be ashamed and have to pay for their crimes. . .yes I said crimes!!!!
    Why does it bother them so that we are proud to support a loving, compassionate woman who has been abused in every corner in her life? I am proud to support Jodi and I pray everyday that the lies and the truth will surface and the scum in AZ will pay for their crimes. FREE JODI ARIAS AZ!!!!!!!

    • Det. Flores’s smug, self-satisfied smirk is pissing me off. I can’t stand looking at that picture! It’s just too much.
      Wipe that shit-eating grin off your face, Flores!!!

        • I also find it interesting that Ms. Flores would do everything in her power to look like Jodi. She may try all she wants to but she will never be the woman that Jodi is today. . .with her natural beauty and her kind, loving and compassionate personality. Oh well, she and her pitiful husband are really not worth a blip on my computer screen. Their day will come to face the music and I pray we all will be able to witness their downfall. If it makes them happy to call us names so be it. . . although they should pick on us Americans who have let the Justice system become the cess pool of our society and leave our friends and family in other countries alone!. . . at least we know they are squirming . . .tic tock tic tock goes the clock Ms. Flores.

          • Agreed, she is a poor excuse for a woman! Who does that? Looks like she wants media attention. She is a bully as well. I can’t stand bullying. It just shows her immaturity. Why did Flores sit with Martinez anyways. He looked like a fool ,on the stand. I would have been hiding under a rock ,if I were her too!! LOL
            TEAM JODI

    • And, let’s not forget, the, admonitions, of, Brighamist Young…”Is there a man, among, us, who would not, kill, his brother, to, save his, eternal, soul ???” And… “We would not, kill a man, except, out of, love, to, save, his, eternal soul…” They, just, loved, Travis, to, death, and, are sacrilegious, enough, to desecrate, the solemnity, of, their, devoutness, to, launder, the crime scene, and, perpetrate, such, blasphemy, of, concealing their, solemn suicides, into, murders…and, let, a girl, take the rap, for concealment, of their, blood oath, blood atonement, ritual… Ask the Bishop, who, ratted, Travis, out, to the Bishop, and, what, he’s concealing , as, cults, act like, they’re above, mans’ law.; of course, creating, God, in, their, own, image… Edgrrr…..

  3. SJ &Admins,
    thank you for creating a new post about this. It is SO disturbing. On so many levels.
    I mean, seriously more than 1,000 Tweets is beyond being proud of my husband and how good he is at his job. If you’re proud of Esteban, make him a nice dinner! Iron his shirts properly! Give him a #$%#$& ! Do NOT kick a person when she is already down and when she has relentlessly been crucified by the media.

    I often check the Inconvenient Truths blogspot because there’s a lot of info not easily found or shared on other social media sites. Let us not forget that Sandra was once a poster here and I remember she had a knack for uncovering info. You can imagine my surprise and disgust when I read that:
    1) there is a Mrs Flores (ewwww, who would want to be married to Droopy???? 😀 😀 😀 )
    And on a more serious note
    2) that she (the Lead Detective’s wife, FFS!) has been part of the lynch mob!

    I’m asking the following with the greatest sincerity, with a bit of ignorance and with a lot of anger: are her actions legal? It’s not a rhetorical question, I am actually asking. Could the Defense team file a motion or something or has this ship sailed? Because I imagine they must have known about her wrongdoings since the YT video is a year old yet they did nothing to prevent Corinna from tweeting or uploading videos about the case.

    Here’s Corinna’s YT video in case someone hasn’t watched it already:

    I do hope Droopy’s wife reads here, I have one thing to say to her: SHAME ON YOU! And mind you, KARMA IS A BITCH!

  4. Hi everyone! I’m back! (waving)

    Reading this new thread today and knowing that many thousand people per day pass by and check out our site, it makes me wonder why aren’t the paying citizens of America alarmed that their hard earned money is being tossed away for a murder case that shouldn’t have been a murder case to begin with!
    It should have been a justifiable homicide trial case! End of story!

    We have a corrupted cop. That’s old news.But it does make me wonder what gains he got for being so rogue? I’m assuming it wasn’t for free….

    And then we’ve got a self-centered famewhore wannabe that doesn’t even have the decency to think of the damage that her shenanigans on twitter, youtube (and I don’t know where else) could cause her -already disrespected- hubby’s reputation.

    I mean, come on! Are there no boundaries to these people? No morals, no principles? Nothing?

    They should both be ashamed of themselves. SMH. They didn’t even have the formality to wait until the trial was over!

    I sure do hope that they both get in trouble!

    ((((Jodi)))) ♥

    • (waving back atcha 😉 )

      Welcome, gf! I promise I’m gonna call you one of these days, been too busy lately and you’ve been away 😉 😉

    • Thanks for sharing Maria! (((((Maria)))))) It really shows DV for what it really is! Normally hidden!
      To bad Travis missed his chance to be the Poster Boy for DV! (notice I said boy and not Man) 🙂

    • Ugh! I know! I wish I had never seen it myself. Maybe we should all now go and bleach our eyes or something, LOL!

      All jokes aside, it is indeed a very disturbing finding.

  5. First they ruin Snow White for me and now Batman!
    Seriously though, I do not think we can never count on anything else but this from them. Tacky yes, and very disappointing. Disturbing yes. 🙁 Love to All of Team Jodi!!!! ((((((JODI))))))
    Praying and sending my Positive Thoughts to Jodi!

    • I know! Right?! Snow White, Batman… what’s next? Robinhood? If I hear that they say that Robinhood stole the money and used it to play craps at Ceaser’s Palace… I am going to be piiiiiisssssssssed! And I’m sure that flores will find some eager shithead to testify and point fingers saying he actually saw Robinhood at the craps table shouting out: “Come on lucky seven! Papa needs a new tailor made hood!” (yup: rolling eyes the samantha way).

      But as we all know it, this could actually ‘fly’ in pickles courtroom…. pfffff!

        • Hi Justus,
          I was going to ask the same thing. I signed up awhile ago but when I use my PW for VENT it won’t let me in. Are you not running that chat room anymore?
          Happy Easter everyone!
          I was surfing web and saw where TMZ reported Jodi had Hep. C. I came right here and found the truth. Who would do something like that? why would someone file a bogus restraining order? Isn’t that illegal? I hope they catch that person. Not only are they trying to slander Jodi but they’re poisoning the future jury pool. this is just unbelievable…
          Thanks for posting the truth!

    • Justus,
      instead of posting the link here (regular posters have seen it and lurkers may as well have) why not trying to create a Facebook page/profile to help you spread the word? Believe me, there are TONS of Jodi supporters there and though they are hesitant and sometimes suspicious of ” newcomers”, if your FB page directly links to and promotes your Reasonable Doubt blog, then they will understand your truly are a supporter. 🙂
      I don’t know if you like FB or not, just some food for thought.

  6. Saint Claudia Procula, I pray to you, on this Holy Day of Good Friday, April 18, 2014, to enlighten those spouses or companions who need your help. … …Certainly women (or men) have the God given right to stand by their man (or woman). …Certainly the Mistress of el duce Mussolini had the right to stand by her man, to their end. … …Certainly Frau of Hitler, just married & spent her two-day honeymoon in the Berlin Blitz Barracks had the right to stand by her man to their end. … …
    … …But what about Claudia Procula (before she became a Saint)? … …She stood by her man until the time that he was sitting in the judgement hall to decide on the conviction (or innocence) of a prisoner. …
    … …My (online) readings say that she wrote a letter & sent it to her husband, (something to the effect): … … …(to her husband, Pontius Pilate & begging him), … …HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT INNOCENT MAN, BECAUSE I HAD A DREAM LAST NIGHT … etc … … … And, of course we all know that the prisoner was IESVS,, LESOUS,, JUSUS. … … …Claudia was the granddaughter of Emperor Augustus. …She had prestige to go against Pilate. … …Little did Pontius Pilate know that the reigning Emperor, Tiberius Caesar, heard of the HEALING accomplishments of Jesus & wanted to meet him. …He sent for Jesus, but Tiberius learned that Jesus was crucified at the hand of Pontius Pilate & he himself was then summoned to trial for his own eventual fate. … … …
    … …Please Google: ((((Pontius Pilate)))) & ((((Pontius Pilate wife)))) & etc, etc, etc…
    … …Had Claudia ((stood by her man)) & not written that letter and not intervened, in order to save ((an innocent person)) Jesus, from crucifixion, she would have met the same fate as her husband. …
    … …(((I have read that Pontius Pilate knew that Jesus was innocent and wanted to set him free))). … But the POLITICS at the time & the ((tumultuous adversity of the court proceedings)) & his desire to be important, may have influenced Pilate’s decision & the fate of Jesus. … …
    … …God Bless you St Claudia Procula, for deciding to NOT STAND BY YOUR MAN ! ! ! …((Jesus did not die by your hands)). … …
    … …Dearest St Claudia Procula, I pray to you to join with St Joan of Arc & 8,000 plus of her spiritual loyal French soldiers & with St Peter, to stand at the GATES OF HEAVEN & ((escort elsewhere)), any souls who have cried for the death or continued imprisonment of Mademoiselle Jodi Ann Arias, convicted in 2013, in Arizona, USA, unjustly, in my humble opinion. …I pray. …
    … … … I also pray to let it be known that the start of the new trial/jury selection, Sept 8, 2014, by reason or by coincidence or by plan, is the same day as the Nativity (Birthday) of the Blessed Mother of Jesus Christ. … … …It would be a good day to [[[ serioulsy ]]] re-consider past or new motions to vacate the Jodi Ann Arias conviction, and release her for time served. …..

    • ! ! ! Oh MY GOSH ! ! ! …I can not believe I misspelled the name of Jesus twice in two different languages, one being English. … ….In my above comment 4/18/14, 12:42 pm, I should have said:
      (((( And, of course we all know that the prisoner was IESVS,, IHSOUS,, JESUS. …))))

      ……….For the Greek name of JESUS it is IHSOUS.
      …I…… for iota H…..for eta S…..for sigma O…..for omicron U…..for upsilon S…..for sigma

      ……….For the LATIN name of JESUS it is IESVS. Latin uses “I” for “J” and “V” instead or “U”.

      ………I am not even going to get into the INRI sign on the cross but I know what it means.


    As to Sept. 8, 2014,

    I totally agree with your post in that… … …It would be a good day to [[[seriously]]] re-consider past or new motions to vacate the Jodi Ann Arias conviction, and release her for time served. …..


    • I am obviously not Pandora (LOL) but honey, I think she must be busy. Greeks celebrate Easter in a very traditional way, we follow our religious and culinary customs to a tee. We attend church, we make special food all week. Especially tomorrow and on Easter Sunday there’s kind of a”protocol” we all folow. Meaning we all pretty much do the same, cook the same food and bake the same pastry, go to church on a set time…believe we ARE busy during the Holy Week (as we call it here). LOL I made it sound more serious and less fun than it is.IT’S awesome, we party like there’s no tomorrow! I’ve been popping in and out today and I know I won’t be here much tomorrow or the day after….or the day after (still a holiday her in Greece, we don’t get to go to work on Monday, YAY!)

      • OK, thanks Maria!

        Anyway, I found out it is you that I should have asked the question & not Pandora – lol! I found the answer though in a previous post where you told me how to copy & paste! I had forgot already!

        It is also Holy Week here! We also have services, celebrations and meals where many people make the same kind of meal for Easter Sunday. Even the stores are closed here on Easter Sunday! Today is Good Friday and there are many Good Friday church services. It usually storms on Good Friday but it was beautiful here where I live! This is the day that Jesus suffered and died on the cross for the sins of the whole world! He then was buried and on the third day, Easter Sunday, he arose!!!

        Here is a favorite song of mine for Easter!

        • Thanks for sharing Mary! Loved the song . . .it really sums it all up doesn’t it! May God Bless Jodi, Jodi’s Family and All of Team Jodi This Easter Holiday!

      • Yup! Holy week in Greece. I do not attend church and stuff but I am responsible for the cooking (it’s my passion). Preparing magiritsa (traditional soup – I make but I don’t eat it. It’s for my guests), jajiki and lambchops (SJ! Don’t you even dare say a word! LOL! – SJ doesn’t eat meat and I had teased him by quoting an aunt from ‘My big fat greek wedding’ : “What do you mean you don’t eat meat?!!! Ohhh, that’s ok! That’s ok. I make lamb!”).

        I am not here so much these days because I have guests over!

        For everyone that does celebrate Easter, I wish them peace, love and happiness in their hearts and souls. This applies to all people actually, whatever their beleifs are. ♥

      • Hey, Pandora!

        I was just wanting to ask you AGAIN how to copy & paste but I realized that it was Maria who told me how – lol!!!

        So, no problem girlfriend. My brother is married to my Greek girlfriend – I set them up! I love Greek food!!! My daughter’s best friend all through grade school was Greek also but she moved back to Greece after high school! My favorites are Gyros, Greek salad, baklava and the lemon/rice soup – ummmmm! At work we used to go get Greek food every Friday at this Greek church where the members there would volunteer their time and cook all kinds of Greek dishes! It was SO good! I looked so forward to Fridays!

        My two kids have Greek names too, I was told. Their names are Phillip and Stephanie.

        Well, have a wonderful Easter, Pandora!

  8. Pretty stressed right now…..

    TMZ released an article on Jodi. They say she filed a motion where she says she has Hepatitis C, which she got in jail from one of the TB needles they used to vaccinate her. And one of her breast implants is leaking.

    OK, guys this is SERIOUS and alarming stuff!Can we corroborate TMZ’s story from somewhere? Anywhere! Is is true????The article has spread around FB and some people say TMZ is not to be trusted.

    Here’s the link:

    • I dunno, Maria – TMZ is a rag, for sure.

      Two things really jump out at me as ‘that can’t be true’-

      For starters, even though I make a point of NOT watching Nancy Grace, I think if she’d been talking about Jodi exchanging sexual letters with Travis’ cousin and making plans to marry him, we’d have heard about it before now. Wouldn’t we?

      AND, I think that if she was ill because of Joe’s jail, she wouldn’t have had to write the motion herself. Nurmi loves to write motions. And Jennifer would definitely stand up for Jodi.

        • I do not know about you but I do not believe or trust anything that comes from the mouth of Sheriff Arpaio or the media. I would think Jodi attorneys would be doing something to protect her. At least Arpaio admits that she is being kept in an isolated cell and has caused no problems. I pray this is all a TMZ or AZ hoax. The worms must be squirming in their hot ashes.

          • Rosemary,

            You got that right about the worms squirming in their hot ashes!!!

            Someone probably read on here about the TRUTH that Dan spoke and now public has to MAKE UP stuff because they have no truth! So sad!

        • OMG Maria, I just came on to talk about this. You are always one step ahead of everyone! What the hell? I can’t believe this. Poor Jodi

        • Um, the only way Jodi would know that she has Hep C is if she’d been diagnosed by medical personnel at Estrella.

          Unless she was diagnosed back before her allocution, when she spent a couple of days at that other facility…. in which case we’d have heard about this LONG before now.

      • Two great points, Journee. Another question I have is: if TMZ has the letter, why doesn’t it post it? Everyone who cares knows Jodi’s handwriting by now. And why would she object to the Pledge of Allegiance, when she hasn’t made a fuss about so many other things, like being deprived of colored pencils?

        For now I’m betting it’s a hoax.

    • OMG! What a crock of BS!

      Seriously people? Jodi would go to TMZ for this???? No chance ever!

      I’m guessing that TMZ needed some publicity (their numbers were probably very low and they needed something that would go viral in a matter of minutes… first thing in mind? Jodi!). It’s really fucking ironic that most of the media bash Jodi BUT when it comes to making money, numbers, fame: Jodi is the first one they use.. pfff.

      Can TMZ get sued for falsification of information?

    • Someone is trying to cause trouble. You can spot it right away because Jodi’s last motion was hand written. The question is why would someone do this? What do they gain?
      answer: smearing Jodi’s name.

    • You got me scared there for a moment!
      I read the motion through and it’s an obvious fake (even the signature is off) and looks like someone’s sick idea of a bad joke.
      Here’s some confirmation from her lawyers:

      For printing this false BS these asswads should get sued! I would file a lawsuit against them! It’s outrageous what they get away with.

  9. Good afternoon everybody I was just reading the post and the remarks about TMZ. Don’t you think that the defense team would jump on this if they thought it was true and get a court order to have her examined?? they cannot deny her medical attention.

  10. If Jodi needs medical help, and has to get it by filing papers and getting press to help, then let’s hope it works. They don’t help people incarcerated medically. People die in jail all the time because of neglect. Arizona jails many prisoners in tents in 125+ degree heat. They feed them poorly and are trying to feed them more poorly as extra punishment. No matter what is embellished, if Jodi needs help, she might feel it’s her only option. I pray every day for you Jodi! I’m praying extra for you right now. Free Jodi!

  11. OK, cyber family!

    GOOD NEWS! The TMZ article is 100% BULL SHIT!
    Our girl is fine! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I say, FUCK THEM!!!! I have to admit I fell in their trap and was really worried. So were many people.I agree with my good friend Pandora, the media hates Jodi, crucifies her, demonizes her but when it comes to ratings Jodi is their golden goose.

      • Sad. But I do not see any attorney’s name or names on this document, praying it to be a hoax.

        • Yeah, it’s a 100% hoax.
          And in very poor taste.
          Whoever perpetrated it must be really stupid. They didn’t even aim at accuracy. Didn’t even get Jodi’s signature right and her address is wrong. What a bunch of losers!

      • Again! This is absolutely fake! As R. Love said: no attorneys names on it. As Maria and Journee said: this is NOT Jodi’s signature. Also it doesn’e have Jodi’s ful name: JODI ANN ARIAS.

        Wtf? Lately, a lot of BS is coming out pointing fingers at Jodi. They say that Jodi wants to be in the spotlight but that is absolutely NOT TRUE! You know what I think? I think it’s a bunch of fucass that just want to stir up shit because they know that people are gulable in believing shit like this! And in believing BS once again they will start with the venom about how Jodi is a bitch and that sort of crap!

        Leave this woman alone!

        My friends, before believing in all the crap we read, let’s try and research for the truth! The hater mobs wants this. They want to constantly give Jodi a bad name. Let’s not give them the joy of spreading their sick rumors!

        • Pandora,
          I bet whoever did this didn’t realize how illegal this little stunt is! and that crazy sheriff went on TV and accused Jodi of wanting media attention? I hope they catch the person who did this. I bet they have them on tape when they went to court to file.

    • It may be a hoax or it may be an actual motion filed –

      But Jodi had nothing to do with it. She doesn’t have access to a typewriter or computer and that was not her signature on that document.

  12. How can they deny Jodi medical attention? I thin they’re trying to kill her now because they realize she’s probably going free very soon. It’s all part of the plan that Pickles, Joe Arpaia, Flores, and Martinez came up with to silence this poor girl. Makes you wonder just how powerful the Mromon church is in Arizona.

  13. Per George Barwood posting:

    estela smith @smith_estela 6 hrs
    @william_pitts @12News For one thing, she has no access to Internet and typewriter. And the signature was a dead giveaway.

    estela smith @smith_estela 7 hrs
    @william_pitts Anyone can file those. I know for a fact this story is false. Jodi herself said it is 100% fabrication.

    William Pitts @william_pitts 7 hrs
    here’s what doesn’t match: arias isn’t in 4th ave jail, she’s in estrella jail. signature is different from driver’s license

    William Pitts @william_pitts 7 hrs
    #jodiarias federal corut documents have some holes…so was it really filed by her? Going into it tonight at 10 on @12News

    William Pitts @william_pitts 6 hrs
    BREAKING: #jodiarias lawyer says Nancy Grace/Arpaio court filing is “totally false”. Doesn’t know who filed it, but not Arias. 12 News

  14. Good morning cyber family, Happy Easter!
    I have it from a totally reliable source that everything that was spreading around yesterday IS 100% BULL SHIT!!!
    I won’t reveal the source unless they give me permission, but trust me they are very reliable and close to the whole thing.

    (((((JODI))))) ♥ ♥ ♥ 🙂

    Ray in H-burg Va.

    • My lovely brother, Happy Easter to you too!

      I totally agree with you: BULLSHIT!
      They are trying to throw some more mud on Jodi.

      One thing I gotta say: Their lies will never live enough to grow old.

    • Happy Easter to you too δαδ! 😉 ♥ ♥

      And yes, you’re absolutely right. We all know by now that the whole thing was fabricated! The only honorable thing TMZ should do now is to retract what they published but somehow I don’t see that happening. SMH…
      Whoever thought of and did this is the lowest of the low, there’s no excuse for them.

  15. They can try every trick in the book but they can’t shake our faith in Jodi or detour us from seeking Freedom for Jodi!!!

  16. Ok, people call me suspicious, call me a shit stirrer BUT isn’t a big coincidence that all this bullshit about Jodi started once corinna flores BS started becoming a main topic of discussion?

    What’s the best way of turning the spotlight away from her and her hubby? Turning it on Jodi! I just wonder how many are ‘working’ for the ‘flores’ family in trying to make corinna’s shit go away???

    So ya, CORINNA FLORES fucked up. Let’s not allow her to get away from the spotlight! 😉

    • Remember “Corinna Cares About Herself”. . .and only herself! Sorry Corinna but you need to change you little title. . .this one fits you much better! The Quest for Justice will Continue! They better get busy stirring their “Crow Stew” because they will need something to eat in their little cells.

    • Hmmmm… I hadn’t thought of that. You’re right.
      Oh, no!!!! We won’t let Droopy’s wife get away so easily…

  17. One thing I’ve noticed (and please correct me if I’m wrong), I have never seen Jodi on the front of any of those tabloids that one sees in line at the supermarket. Could it be that they even refuse to step as low as HLN and TMZ?

    • Which is funny. . .aren’t they the very ones that say that Jodi is the most hated woman in America. LOL
      Yes, Jodi has many friends and family who will be by her side through out this horrible ordeal. Jodi has learned her lesson from the spot-light and I won’t believe anything that they through out into the public eye. We just need to learn to laugh in their faces. The truth will come out soon.
      Squirm little worms squirm.

      • Just visualized all of them as dirty little worms squirming….. LOVE IT!!! It’s quite fitting actually.
        Thanks for the visual aids R.Love! LOL!

  18. To JODI and all my cyber family here: HAPPY EASTER! May our Jodi feel our love, prayers and support in a very special way today!!!

    I pray that the slanderers of Jodi Ann Arias will be brought to light and dealt with accordingly!!! Slander IS a crime!

    “‘Do not go about spreading slander among your people. “‘Do not do anything that endangers your neighbor’s life. I am the Lord.” Leviticus 19:16

    Stand strong, Jodi, we all at JAII do not believe any of the lies today or any day! We love you, support you, pray for you, and stand right by your side all the way to your freedom!!! You ARE LOVED!


  19. I see that the dissenters are already theorizing that if Jodi didn’t file it, it was probably one of her cronies because Jodi fears the spotlight is dimming on her. (It’s scary to think we have such brain-dead nitwits walking among us.)

      • Perfect Maria!!!! And you are right SELF DEFENSE IS NOT A CRIME!
        Hope Little Man Martinez is taking notes!!!!
        Good Night to All and I Pray God has Blessed Each and Every One Today and Will Bring More Blessings In The Future! (((((((((JODI)))))))))

  20. This verse is from the Holy Bible!

    “If a wise person goes to court with a fool, the fool rages and scoffs, and there is no peace.” Proverbs 29:9

    Who was raging and scoffing in court which created no peace??? I bet you know the answer for sure! 🙂

  21. Someone on Twitter just tweeted that this is their new favorite quote and it happens to be from the Holy Bible!

    “A wise person is hungry for knowledge,
    while the fool feeds on trash.” Proverbs 15:14

  22. HAPPY EASTER, cyber family!!!

    I hope you all had an amazing time with your loved ones! Let me tell once more how unbelievably grateful I am for all of you and for this site. It’s comforting, it’s encouraging and a real pleasure to be among you.
    Thank you for loving and supporting Jodi and being devoted to her. She truly is one special lady. She truly is a sweet and kind-hearted person. Her only misfortune was that she met that man and then having all Hell breaking loose.
    Yet, we will all be here till the end of this bitter story: the day she is freed. Make no mistake. It WILL come. 😉

    (((((((( TEAM JODI AND JODI ♥ ♥ ))))))))))))

  23. Thank you all here for allowing me to post on this wonderful site! I’ve been a long time reader here and a supporter of Jodi. It’s so obvious that there is a huge conspiracy at work here! How is the wife of a detective allowed to post silly videos on you tube taunting some poor girl? Is the entire state of Arizona completely out of control? Who do you think planted the false legal papers supposedly from Jodi? I agree it has to be to draw attention away from the corruption involved in this case. I am so frustrated right now.
    One more thing. I know everyone here was friends to Jeff who wrote a wonderful blog about this case. I consider Jeff to be a good friend and I posted on his blog frequently. I think it’s just horrible that these haters were so malicious and vile that they forced him to take his blog down! I hope he reads this so he knows I still consider him a friend and I hope he comes back to the fight! I always thought he was one of the most compassionate supporters on Jodi’s camp. Happy Easter to you all and once again I’m glad to be here.

  24. On this Holy Day Of Easter Sunday April 20, 2014, I must say something about Jesus Christ that I have just found out by hearing about & observing the repetitious use of the #8’s in the Jodi Arias case. … … … …Google: 888 meaning … 888 – THE NUMBER OF JESUS, or click IESVS,,, IESOUS,,, JESUS,,, … … … … …
    Also, let us go to the possible media generated document: *****Yes, I clicked on that ‘proper link’ that ((Linda)) put up on this thread, 4/20/14, 5:50am. …That shows a copy of a DOCUMENT.
    … …Well, I heard it said that ((anyone can indict a ham sandwich …and any jury can find innocent people guilty)). …Maybe that document did get into some county clerk files but: I took a good look at it. …And I see that the person who typed it (looks like an old fashion typewriter) & they chose to make a copy of a copy, of a copy, (before it appeared to be filed). …probably to make the typewriter print nearly untraceable. …And, seems to give credibility to importance because it was re-copied so many times. …I see the small print stamp in bottom right page 1of2 is stupidly in the middle of the document & not on the beginning or end. …It reads: “THIS DOCUMENT IS NOT IN PROPER FORM ACCORDING TO FEDERAL AND/OR LOCAL RULES AND PRACTICES AND IS SUBJECT TO REJECTION BY THE COURT. …etc”. …I believe that: the smaller print on this ((disqualification statement)) means that the person who typed this wants to make sure that it CAN NOT be used as a legal document (no liability) but it is a (((JOKE DOCUMENT))). …And, PLAY MONEY, which says something like “NOT LEGAL TENDER” means that it is ((JOKE MONEY)). …And, the note with small print [[disqualification statement]] is much more clear than the larger print in the document, indicating to me that it is the most important part and: ((It is the ONLY TRUE STATEMENT in the entire document)). … … … …
    **********But Oh, WAIT A MINUTE**********
    *****Since the news media is making a story of this so called third person cousin of Travis, let the news media EXPAND THE STORY & ask: ((((Which persons)))) moved the [spent bullet shell casing] from the wet floor (wet with water) to the top of a very small blood spot in the bathroom of Travis. …This would suggest (appear to change the sequence of real events) incorrectly. …And, suggesting that the shot came last, & the coroner later used this (bogus shell case landing) to give [[credibility]] to his guesswork that the shot came last. …Thus, to agree with the [self serving] change of the prosecution case, specifically to make Jodi to APPEAR to be telling a lie, & bootstrap it with other truthful things she said that could not fit into the prosecution’s new untrue scenario of events. … … …
    *****In my comments through I explained how the pristine magic bullet (IMHO) was [[planted]] on the gurney/stretcher that carried Gov John Connally, in the JFK tragedy. …I believe the pristine magic bullet was planted to make it appear to be only one shooter (not multiple guns) & point to just Lee Harvey Oswald, (the patsy/fallguy). …And, I make reference as to how easily the [[magic spent bullet casing]] could have been moved in the bathroom, after Jodi left, & the crime scene unsecured for 5 days. …The shell casing, if moved, & (wet with water) would then dry off & affix itself on top of the small dried blood spot that had dried perhaps days earlier. … … … …
    **********People can be fooled. …Juries can be fooled. …(IMO) …
    … … …Please Google: Penn & Teller Cigarette … … …free video 3min 23sec, & see if you can figure out what is being done in front of your eyes, …before they explain how various steps of deception is done to a magical trick to fool you. … …Snookery/deception can be done by slight of hand for entertainment or even by twist of tongue in front of a jury or by touching evidence at any time. …Jodi Arias is innocent. … … The jury was snookered IMHO). … …St Joan of Arc is the Guardian Angel of Jodi Ann Arias. …

    • Forgive me Jesus for misspelling your name, in Greek it is IHSOUS.
      …And in original Latin it is IESVS.
      …And I know what INRI means above the cross.

    • MARIA!!! You forgot to warn me of the Nancy Grace Picture!!! UGH!!!! My eyes crossed and they are probably damaged for good. . . .Holy Cow the least you could do is warn a person!!!!!!! 🙂

        • Funny. . I got to thinking of Nasty Disgrace and imagined her finding out the motion was a hoax. . . . . .”BOMBSHELL uh uh uh uh no I don’t make mistakes, I am Perfect! Seeker of Justice that’s me Nasty Disgrace!” What a Joker! I think I will pray for her tonight for God to give her back her Love for the Truth and Compassion for others in need.
          What will she do when they find Jodi Innocent? Hmmmmmm 🙂

  25. Does anyone know if Jodi ever gets any fresh air or is she cooped up in that stinky prison all the time. The United Nations should investigate the human rights abuses these prisoners are subjected to. FREE JODI ANN ARIAS !

    • Stupid is ANY sheriff giving a statement to TMZ but we know Sheriff Joe is tool so its the least we can expect.

        • Unfortunately I see what you mean but I have tried to block the horrible image from my mind while looking at the sweet little Prince George. Bless his heart he can’t help it. Sheriff Arpaio is a disgusting human being. He is a Media Whore! A man in his position, has been given an opportunity to make a difference for the improvement of our society. What does he do but spew his vile hatred like a cancer growing among the people in Maricopa County. . . YUCK! He probably is making our Jodi salute him everyday and praise his name instead of the Pledge of Allegiance. He needs a taste of his own medicine. . . corrupt to the core. IMO

    • Ha – did you see Kiefer’s tweet about it on the 10th? He was being vague – but funny!

      Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer Apr 19
      Old journalism adage: if your grandmother tells you she loves you, check it out. #jodiarias

    • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      See? When someone wants to get to the bottom of things and find out the truth, it is not so hard!
      That Riches guy is such a LOSER! Can’t he find a more creative pastime? He harmed Jodi with his stupid Hep C bogus story and helped to taint the jury pool even more.
      I am still LIVID over this! I hope Jodi files a complaint against him.

      Oh and of course the haters are still into their favorite habit: bashing Jodi’s supporters. There are comments underneath saying it must have been one of us supporters that gave the idea to that freak! SMH…. I guess Jodi supporters were also behind his Justin Bieber fake lawsuit???
      GRRRR… 🙄

    • Ok Everybody can LOL!!! I had to have Mary post this song for you all! I love it and I thought you might too. I couldn’t figure out the trick to post it! I know . . .just don’t say it! 🙂 Anyway it just seemed appropriate to me. ((((((TEAM JODI))))))))

      • Very beautiful song, R. Love, and very appropriate also because here at JAII I do feel I’m home amongst all of you – my cyber family – where their is love, caring, compassion, encouragement, standing for the truth and hope! We here at JAII are all here because we have seen the terrible injustice done to a beautiful young woman, our Jodi Ann Arias, and we will not stand for it but instead we will fight for justice for Jodi until we have it and like, R. Love said, Jodi is free and home with all of Team Jodi!!!

        WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS Make no mistake


  26. This is ridiculous. I just bet Joe Arpaio and Martinez cooked this whole thing up to degrade Jodi even more than that already have. It all ties in with the detectives wife taunting Jodi too! They want to torture the poor girl. Well enjoy it while you can because she’s going to be getting out of there! I really hope she slams them with a huge lawsuit once she’s out.

  27. Wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter for yesterday and to Jodi and her family and all her supporters stay strong never give up never go away will be here till she is set FREE

  28. Nurmi´s statement regarding the fake lawsuit:

    “The assertions made in the motion supposedly filed by Ms. Arias in which a protection order is being sought against Nancy Grace and Sheriff Arpaio was not filed by Ms. Arias nor her defense team. For this reason, we make no representations regarding the assertions made in this motion. Instead of responding to this fabricated motion, we will continue to submit our motions based on verifiable facts and we will continue to defend Ms. Arias’ life.”

  29. If there has EVER been a more corrupt investigation, trial and conviction than Jodi’s, I’ve never seen or heard of it.
    You think I’d be used to the nonsense, lies and BS told about Jodi after all these years but it just keeps on coming.
    There is absolutely no way that anyone with a lick of common sense can justify Jodi’s conviction let alone giving her the death penalty.
    What is wrong with this country?

    Love you Jodi!

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