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Here’s the info from the latest MCSC docket with forthcoming hearings & dates:

9/27 @ 14:30, Evidentiary Hearing.
10/4 @ 8:30, Oral Argument (closed).
10/24 @ 10:00, Settlement Conference (closed).


In the meantime, here’s a post from GeeBee’s Facebook page which summarizes everything really well:

Why Jodi Arias is innocent – in brief:

1. Lack of motive/leakage. Women do not commit heinous murder for no good reason. There is no precedent in the history of crime.

2. The lead detective lied on oath.

3. The medical examiner’s testimony was inconsistent with the autopsy report ( Gunshot was actually first )

4. Key evidence was withheld by the state, resulting in long delays, while Jodi was unjustly locked up in jail for nearly five years awaiting trial, unable to afford bail.

5. The supposed motive was jealousy about Travis taking “Mimi” to Cancun. Jodi didn’t even know about this.

6. An analysis of closing arguments shows that the basis of the final prosecution case was that Jodi did not return a gas can to a Walmart store in Salinas. The defense were not given a fair chance to challenge this evidence, and offered no cross examination of the Walmart witness, who had only worked at Walmart N. Main for 5 months. In fact Jodi returned a kerosene can to a different store, Walmart N. Davis five years earlier, so the evidence was misleading and worthless.

7. The trial was grossly unfair – counsel, witnesses, supporters, journalists and even jurors all received death threats.

8. One key defense witness was (without justification) threatened with perjury charges if he testified – as a result he did not testify.

9. The jury was not sequestered, and was contaminated by prejudicial live coverage on national nightly television. Jurors ran twitter in the jury room.

10. The day before the unsequestered jury delivered it’s verdict,the governor of Arizona declared Jodi to be guilty.

11. The threats continued even into the penalty phase, where a mitigation witness did not testify after she and her young daughter were threatened.

12. Jodi was reckoned to be the most hated woman in America.

13. A proper evaluation of the evidence shows Jodi Arias to be entirely innocent of any crime.



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Team Jodi

We Are Team Jodi ---- And We Will Be Victorious!



    • If a plea precludes appeals (I’m not clear on that, I sure do miss our lawyerly minds) she’d be foolish to take ANY plea – because IMO another trial might get her exonerated or at least get the conviction down to Murder 2/manslaughter.

      But she might, out of compassion for all concerned I guess, take a 25-life deal.

      • Unfortunately that deal (25 to life) is not being offered, that pigheaded martinez is planning to go full bore. It’s crazy town! Nobody’s stopping this lunatic of a prosecutor while he’s making a mockery of justice and thowing good money after bad.
        Jodi has said many times that she’s amenable to plea deals and is willing to negotiate one, but they have dug in their heels and won’t budge!

    • Vicky,
      I hope Jodi doesn’t take a plea deal. She’s gone soooo far that it would be a shame to give up her rights to a fair (hopefully) retrial.

    • Jodi was willing to sign a plea deal to avoid the trial in the first place. But she was not offered one. It is rumored that the Alexander family wanted her to be charged with first degree murder.

      • She was willing to sign a plea deal that would have allowed for her release within the next ten years.

        That won’t be on the table now.

      • Please……………. The family CANNOT have someone charged. It was the state versus Jodi arias not the the family versus Jodi Arias. They have some power but not that.

        • All the family can do in reality is remain bitter, twisted & incestuous. Apparently they’re very good at all 3 things. They’ve had a lot of practice.

          In the meantime, we’ll continue in our quest for JUSTICE FOR JODI.
          It’s happening. Make no mistake.

          Team Jodi

        • Yes, it was the State vs. Jodi.

          However in other cases the victim’s family members were asked if they were okay with a plea deal. It is possible that the Alexander family was asked too.

  1. If Jodi appeals, which I believe she will do, she has a great chance of being found not guilty. There is so much evidence pointing to the lies and cover-ups of the prosecution (and its witnesses). She will be free soon.

  2. Every week I see a story about someone in a relationship being killed by their partner but never have I seen such public outcry for the death penalty fueled by lies and speculation. I just saw a story today of a guy that was released after 8 yrs following the brutal murder of his girlfriend. And abuse was not a question in that trial so what is the deal? I feel that the media involvement, the incompetence displayed in the courtroom, which allowed overwrought histrionics by the family and disgusting behavior by the prosecutor from a judge who may as well have been a mannequin on the bench, should warrant a new trial alone. Much less to have a a jury who apparently tweeted their way thru the trial and voted to please the public and to keep the heat off their asses or so they’d have better fodder to post on their facebook. Jodi should be a free woman today. I hope she doesn’t accept a plea that would keep her from appealing.

    • Gwen, you are absolutely right.

      I would also add that the alexander clan (the family, the hughes’s, and all the mormon community involved with travis) made it a point to turn this case public and spew their hatred. I am sure that most of them had HLN on speed dial, too. IMO, HLN did the worse damage to Jodi’s case.

  3. SJ,
    Thanks for the info.

    GeeBee, great pointers. Allow me to add one more to your list:

    Jodi Arias is innocent because SELF DEFENCE is not a crime, thus Jodi was the victim and travis was the perpetrator. Jodi just happened to want to live – apparantly, more than travis did – and fought for her life!

  4. Good news everyone, I think they are going to have to put everything on hold, I just read in the news:

    “On Monday, NYPD detectives arrested Juan Martinez, after a two-month search for the illegal alien, who reportedly raped a 29-year-old Manhattan college student.”

    I always suspected Martinez led a double life and was up to no good !
    In light of this astonishing development, FREE JODI IMMEDIATELY.

    • Alexey! You made me smile! LOL!

      As much as we would like that to be true, unfortunately this is another Juan Martinez!

      Sorry to be the one to piss on your parade!

    • Martinez is definitely an alien!
      Because to believe the human kind has produced such an abomination would make me lose all faith to mankind! LOL 😀

      • Lol 🙂
        I wonder if Martinez has a green card or if he’s in the country illegaly. The defence should have asked him that question on cross.
        I have a suspicion he hasn’t obtained a green card yet, so reporting him to the INS would go a long way towards resolving this impasse.

        Of course I know I’m daydreaming here and venting my frustration with this injustice, but deporting Martinez to his country of origin would really make everybody’s day! The man is an insane lunatic, he belongs in a mental institution, not a courtroom.

  5. Also I never understood the point Martinez was trying to make with that gas can? So what if she didn’t return it? What difference does it make?
    Besides, I can hardly remember what I did last year, let alone what I did five years ago! Martinez expects people to remember what side of the bed they woke up on, on a certain day five years ago! That’s preposterous, humans are not robots, we forget such inconsequential stuff.

    • I never got that either, Alexy. There seemed like way more important things than the gas cans, yet that point was hung onto like grim death for those who try to argue her guilt. Totally inconsequential!

      I’ve read discussions go so far in depth as to detail how many kilometers she traveled, what gas prices were and how many gas stations were along the way. They all point to the same thing: she had gas cans in her car to hold fuel for traveling a long distance.

      Geebee – your wiki is great. I visit it often. Great post, SJ!

    • It appears Martinez loves Agatha Christies and that’s why he’s SO fond of ‘red herrings’ !!! Because FFS, that was all that the gas cans were, a f**king red herring!
      He knew the jurors would buy the premeditated theory if he had at least one point on which to harp on, he came up with this preposterous idea that the cans were part of her ‘ingenious’ plan to cover up her tracks or to better put it to NOT leave a trail behind by having to stop for gas; what he failed to address was that if she had so carefully planned this, to the point of calculating the exact mileage and the exact amount of gas she would need, WHY did she make sure to leave such an extensive trail of receipts behind??? Why use her credit card?? As Nurmi said in his closing arguments, WHY didnt she just throw the damn receipts away???
      She even visited an old friend on her way there (Darryl) which is definitely a no-no if you are on your way to commit a murder!
      And she had Ryan waiting for more than 24 hours!
      Puh-leez is all I have to say…

    • He was trying to prove she lied about the gas cans. Of course why would she? Brewer confirmed it was normal for them to take gas cans on trips. For some reason the defense did not put that evidence out there that I know of.

    • In my experience with the media ( ex-journo) they never do anything on the scale they did unless there is money in it for them. My guess is it meant big bucks for HLN to keep the death penalty on the table; and unless I miss my guess payola was also involved – this means money coming from a media fund set up by the Alexanders or other interested parties with access to publicly contributed funds. More money for them, more money for the media hype promo and vice versa. A win-win situation as far as they see it.

  6. Hi guys, Just checking in to say hi. I really don’t have anything to say. Just wanted you all to know I am still around and I know things will pick up when the action starts again. I just wish we could move things along faster. Get this part over so that Jodi can start the appeal process and get her freedom back. Hope you all are doing well.

  7. I’ve said it before: GeeBee’s wiki is a treasure. He is one of the most insightful people I’ve ever known. All points are spot on and it’s nice to have him on FB too.
    I hope more people look at this case for what it really was: a total miscarriage of Justice.

    This ‘Settlement Conference’ has me all confused. Let’s pray that whatever it is gonna be about, it won’t involve a plea deal forcing Jodi to waive any appeal rights.

    • An article from Kiefer says, in part:

      * “The court asked if the parties would be willing to discuss a potential settlement,” said Maricopa County Attorney spokesman Jerry Cobb. “Consistent with what the County Attorney has said all along, the State is always willing to discuss possible resolutions to the case. Neither side has presented an outline of an agreement or an official position to the court.”

      Cobb said the conference will be made in front of retired Maricopa County Superior Court Judge James Keppel.

      Settlement conferences are usually handled by a judge other than the one who presides over the case.*

      Here’s a link to the article:

  8. Martinez is a shyster who tried this case based on smoke and mirrors and using slight of hand and the jury was in the mood to be played. A Walmart receipt and an upside down license plate? I mean really?? This jury should be hanging their heads in shame for going along with this charade!

    • I agree, martinez bambozzled the jury
      He uses the oldest trick in the book to hoodwink people: he draws an inordinate amount of attention to insignificant details (such as the receipts/gas cans) and makes them seem important to the jury, blows their significance out of all proportion. Normal people tend to forget such unimportant details and therefore they may give slightly different accounts of what happened. Matrinez then uses this difference to prove that the person is ostebsibly lying when in fact the prerson just can’t remember it clearly.
      Also Martinez’s tricks include the so called “loaded questions”. To illustrate my point, imagine this imaginary examination of a witness:

      Martinez: do you still beat your wife?
      Me: But I have never beaten my wife.
      Martinez: Sir, did I ask you whether you had beaten my wife? Are you having trouble with your memory? I asked you if you still beat your wife!
      Me: But I have never….
      Martinez: Non-repsonsive, your honor! Could you please give an admonition to the witness and instruct him to answer my questions!

      • I also heard a lot of this during the trial from Martinez;

        Martinez: Did you beat your wife?

        Me: No, I didn’t beat my wife.

        Martinez (screaming):: DID I ASK YOU IF YOU BEAT YOUR WIFE???

        • Bingo!! Sounds like him, yeah!
          Remember when he had Jodi all confused with his ”did I ask you…?” and she said ”I thought you just did” or something to that effect! 🙂

    • Big prayers and positive thoughts for Jodi ‼ I hope this starts to turn around in her favor. This whole thing has been way off track from the truth. I hope the defense gets what is right. Jodi need to be tried far away.
      The jury was and always will be a disgrace. With so much reasonable doubt.

    • Juan Martinez: the absolute definition of an arrogant and narcissistic individual. He used bullying tactics to intimidate and aggressively impose domination over Jodi, the defense team and witnesses. His main goal wasn’t to seek justice but for his own personal gain: to boost his self esteem, seek recognition, project and ‘make a name’ for himself… I read that he has been named a ‘Rock Star’… I would personally be offended if I wanted to make a notable ‘name’ as a prosecutor and was named a ‘Rock Star’! Juan Martinez: Sex, Drugs & rock’n’roll… way to go man! – (Rolling eyes)

  9. I’m so tired of people calling Jodi a pathological liar. A pathological liar is someone who lies for no good reason. I would say that Jodi had an extremely good reason to lie. On the other hand, when people lie on television for the sake of money and ratings, I would indeed call that pathological.

    • Justus,
      Martinez started that idea also. He kept calling Jodi a liar. Every time he said something he said she was a liar. He made fun of her forgetting things. Saying she was a liar about that. But Jodi wasn’t lying. She went through such trauma that she will always forget parts of that trauma.

    • That was one of the things that infuriated me the most during the trial. I bet that NONE of the people who would call her a ‘pathological liar’ at least a zillion times on a daily basis has EVER looked up terms such as: chronic liar, pathological liar, habitual liar. Jodi doesnt fit ANY of those profiles, hello??? She was labelled one because it served Martinez’ and HLN’s wicked purposes.Period.

    • Good! I hope she keeps saying incredibly stupid things. Maybe some of the people out there whose brains are currently asleep will begin to say: “Hey, wait a minute…”

    • Come again?!?! She said what?
      Geez…Just when you think stupid people can’t get any stupider… If humankind has genetically advanced so much shouldn’t morons have become extinct by now?

      Btw, ”Jane whatever” LMAO!!

  10. Here’s a quote from JVM: ““It’s kind of funny, but as I got to study Travis, I learned we had so much in common.” I couldn’t have said it better myself, Jane.


      F**k her. Who gives a shit really?
      When she gets to meet him in HELL, I bet they’ll have a lot to talk about.

      • Oh and also: ”study Travis” ??????????
        What ‘s there to study? I can sum him up for her in just a word, SCUMBAG!

        • Dirtbag works for me. Or Blivit now there’s a word for you, definition: two pounds of shit in a one pound bag LMFAO 😀

          Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

    • Justus Forusall – I’m jumping in here – sorry… Do you you know what happened with the evidentiary hearing today? I’ve been out until now. Does anyone have an update?

      • “On Friday, Arias and her attorneys will have a closed door evidentiary hearing before Stephens. Cameras will not be allowed to record the proceedings, but the judge is expected to hear arguments concerning a potential expert witness for the defense as well as a request for venue change. There is also a hearing scheduled for October 4, but it is not clear, in light of the settlement conference on October 24, whether that hearing will be held.”

    • JVM doesn’t even have the common sense NOT to brag about being similar to an abusive, manipulative, perverted, arrogant hypocrite. Yeah Jane, you remind us of him too. Sorry to speak ill of the dead but that’s how I see it.

    • “Studied travis” ???! Oh pleeeeezzzzz!

      Now ‘Jane Abdul lookalike’ wants to tell us that she has a degree on psychology and she can study people?

      How did she study travis? Did she know him when he was alive??? How can you study a dead person??

      And pssstttt, Jane, between you and me: being proud of having ‘much in common’ with a cynical, abusive, narcissistic, without any morals person is not admirable and definately nothing to brag about!

  11. Wish that this had never happened. He drove her crazy and her mistake was that she loved him. She had issues also in that she could not move on and could not handle rejection. So sad all around. i am sure she has a lot of good to give and her family is also to blame.

      • I can’t see why they should be blamed either, though there was this little incident at the beginning:

        Jodi’s father kind of spilled the beans and told the detective some unflattering things about Jodi’s past, I think he could have stuck up for her instead and limited his “testimony”, especially sinse all those things were not relevant to the crime. If I was Jodi’s father, I would have checked myself and omitted all those things. Her past has no bearing on the crime anyway.
        Though I don’t remember them playing that part of her father’s conversation with the detective to the jury, so no harm no foul (or maybe I’m wrong).

  12. I’m saddened almost every day by the circumstances people are subjected to. I guess it’s the information age and larger numbers of people that make the daily tragedies so unbearable. I mean kids in Haiti eat mud for Christ’s sake. To spend a second hating Jodi without 100% direct evidence is a perfect example of how flawed humans egos get, kill Jodi and find out you were wrong and THEN what? This isn’t about anything but egos. Spend millions and make it so, well, we’ll see. And since you did not give 1 piece of direct evidence, you failed. Jodi, I’m praying for you to be free of this .All the haters in the world gonna be wrong on this one!

    • Johnm, refering to Jodi hateres:

      I believe that people that have so much hatred in their hearts and souls have deep unresolved issues, probably coming from a bad childhood.

      I find it quite hypocritical for those who hate so much to be the ones that say they are religious and true believers. There are no religious scripts that say ‘hatred is good’.

      ‘Both the Old and the New Testaments deal with hatred. The Old Testament (also known as the Jewish bible, the Tanakh) also contains condemnations of hatred. For example, ” thou shalt not hate thy brother in thy heart”. The New Testament emphasizes that evil intentions can be as serious as evil actions. Thus John counted hatred as serious as murder: “whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer and you know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in himself”. All people are though, according to the gospels, sinners, and only have to look inside of themselves in order to find sin.’

      I am not a believer of any religion but am really questioned at what these believers do in their places of worship (churches, temples, etc.). Do they actually listen to the liturgy or do they just stand there thinking of how to hate more than they already do? How many of those haters that declare that they are religious actually have read scripts of their religion? My guess? None.

      • Spot on, honey! Amen!
        And to think that the Alexanders are supposed to be pious Mormons but still go to such great lengths to get the death penalty is really frustrating. And sad.

      • Pandora and Maria,
        Yes, as they bear the hatred in their souls, they prove their inhumanity quite clearly. If they don’t deal with it, it will continue to consume them. Thanks for the viewpoints, the information age has turned respect into a virtue.

      • I agree,
        Christians who believe in the death penalty (or an eye for an eye, as they call it) are hypocrytes of the first water. Jesus taught us forgiveness, not revenge. They’re completely ignorant of what they so devotedly believe in!
        “Thou shalt not kill” is the phrase to live by.
        The Alexanders should have forgiven Jodi long ago and worked through their grief, resentment and anger issues. Instead they chose to keep their pent-up anger inside, and feed their hatred: it was entirely their choice to be hate-filled jerks and they deserve no symapthy from us! It’s not like it all happened yesterday, it’s been five years, for God’s sake! They should have let it go by now.

        • Pandora and Alexey,
          You’re both absolutely right. The Alexander family and his friends will always miss Travis but after five years, they should have moved on and have dealt with their mourning issues. There are five stages of Loss and Grief, they seem to be stuck on stage no.2: anger. And yet when they are out of the courtroom and not in sight of any cameras and spotlights it seems that they’ve indeed reached stage no.5: acceptance. If you ask me, it’s all an act and that’s disturbing!

          • Exactly!
            The only explanation that comes to mind is that the Alexanders are sympathy-seekers and attention-seekers. They are starved for attention and can’t get enough of it, they bask in the media frenzy. That skank Samantha (I hope I didn’t offend skanks) appeared on 48 hours and yammered on about how much she wanted to kill Jodi and how grief-striken she was. Just like a baby robbed of a candy bar, she was throwing a hissy fit in front of the camera. It was emotionally hard to listen to her badmouth Jodi, especially sinse she didn’t even know her!
            As Jeff has pointed out, they and their friends have appeared in front of a camera a lot more than Jodi has and no one has pointed that out on TV. It’s as if they batten and thrive on the attention they have been getting. What’s up with that?! Shouldn’t they be in therapy or something, sinse they are stuck on stage 2 and that’s just not healthy for them! To be so consumed with hatred will eat them alive.

            • Well said Alexey, well said. How can they demand our sympathy and respect when they don’t respect themselves?

              We don’t have a hidden agenda with the Alexander family but when they constantly and with any opportunity given to them publicly ‘trash’ Jodi – instead of just supporting their beloved brother Travis – they are asking for it.

              They should‘ve laid low and let the law do its job. IMO, the Alexander family along with HLN did much damage to the trial. Unfortunately, we have a lot of suckers in our country that ‘bought’ their excessively sob story.

  13. Jodi’s family (on facebook) posted that she wouldn’t accept a plea deal that would waive her rights to appeals and they are accepting donations for an appeals attorney!

    • I also see the post says “There is way too much information that has come to light since the trial to give up that right.” Alright! Here we go…

    • Yes, I feel that the appeal is going to bring truth to the forefront. There will be information that was hidden from the jury that will come out and show that Jodi was acting in self-defense, and was a victim of domestic violence. TA abused her mentally and physically. She acted out after having had enough. A new trial will be of great benefit to Jodi. Once she is free we can all rejoice.

    • Here’s the entire post:

      ” Jodi Ann Ariasfamily
      28 September
      FYI-Jodi will not take any pleas that will give up her right to an appeal. There is way too much information that has come to light since the trial to give up that right.
      On another note- We should have an account set up for those people that
      have been wanting to donate $ toward a appeals attorney. More news to come! ”

    • Awesome news!
      I think she has a good chance at successfully appealing the unjust verdict! I strongly disagree with the first degree murder charge, there was no premeditation at all – the state failed to prove premeditation! At most it’s second degree mudrer, or manslaughter! She was overcharged by bastard Martinez, and the jury went along with it!

      Besides, no need to give Martinez and the Alexanders the satisfaction of giving up, may they all rot in hell!

  14. In this day and age, if a black man had been subjected to this type of prejudice, railroaded and maligned through sheer innuendo, and treated by a white prosecutor the way Martinez treated Jodi, there would be a giant uproar…and rightfully so. At least they’ve come a long way, baby.

  15. Hey, hi everyone, I am SO excited I can hardly contain myself to give you this information!!!!!! Excuse me if I misspell or anything, I am typing so fast cuz I;m SO SO excited!!! I know, get to the point!!! Anyway, I am frends with Gus Searcy and he had an awesome post on Facebook today! Since I don’t know how to copy and paste on here, I will sum it up!!! He’s in need of our assistance!!! He needs people in Orange County/Los Angeles who know people who are willing to speak out against domestic violence!!! There is a judge in Orange County that has stated from the bench that Domestic Violence was an excusable offense*.!!!!!!!!!!!! There is a demonstration being planned in front of the Orange County Family Court.!!! He is looking for people who are willing to stand up and be heard against this judge. For details, email Gus at: *Orange County Judge David L. Belz stated on the record that Domestic Violence was an excusable offense. Case #08D001960, Transcript Thursday October 27, 2011 page 32 line 11. Since when? Please pass this on to people you know in the media or anyone else who would like to see an end to Domestic Violence and Judges who want to excuse it!!! Love to you all and especially to our dear Jodi!!! Jodi, we are working hard for your justice, sweetheart!!! It won’t be long!!!!

  16. Jodi’s latest tweets:

    Jodi Arias ‏@JodiAnnArias 24 Sep
    It took me a few decades, but I’ve realized the definition of “friend” is relative.

    Jodi Arias ‏@JodiAnnArias 25 Sep
    “When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.”
    – Dr. Wayne Dyer

  17. Hello my cyber family! Happy Sunday!

    I hope everyone has a fantastic day. Let’s all send our possitive energy to Jodi today.

    ((((((((Jodi))))))) ♥
    (((((cyber family)))))) ♥
    ((((((SJ & Admins)))))) ♥

    • Hello, cyber family! It’s a beautiful sunny Sunday here in Greece 🙂

      Let’s all think of Jodi today, pray for her or send out positive thoughts ♥

      • Maria, I have been informed that both you and Pandora are from Greece. That is wonderful! Visiting your country is on my bucket list. Is it as beautiful as the pictures I have seen? I have heard that the August moon in Santorini is breathtaking.

        • Yes, we are from Greece! And you are absolutely right: the August moon in Greece IS breathtaking! Santorini is one of the hundreds of places I would suggest you visit when coming to Greece!
          Whenever you can make it here (I am sure that Maria agrees with me) it would be our pleasure to be your tour guides!


          • ((((((( Rasna )))))))))

            Yes, we are Greeks and PROUD to be Greeks. Even though Jodi’s courtroom nightmare took place in the USA , Pandora and I felt we HAD to speak up for that poor woman. When human rights get trampled, it is everyone’s duty to react!! Too bad there were haters out there thinking we had no right given our nationality. But honestly? Who gives a f**k?? 😀 😀

            (((((((JODI ♥ )))))))))

            • The haters thought you had no right to support Jodi just because you don’t live in the same country? How absurd! And just when I thought I had heard it all!

                • Oh Alexis! You just hit goldmine!

                  If Maria and myself were on the traviban side, they would be sooo proud of us being foreigners and still taking the time to support travis.

                  Sour grapes! That’s what it comes down to!

                  ((((((((SOUR GRAPES))))))) LMFAO!!!!

                • Oh yeah! They would be like ”Look how many lives Travis has touched, even of people as far as Greece” PUUUKE! Yuck! Double fuckin’ standards…

          • Alexis, yes, I’m aware of the blog. It is quite new. Our co-supporter Chris shared it with us but it’s great you reshared it just in case someone hadn’t seen his post.

            • So what do you think of it? I think she’s brave for saying what she said. Of course the haters and media will rip her apart. I wonder how this will help her if it goes back to retrial of the penalty case though.

              • I too think that Jodi has a right to express her opinion about anything written about her. Actually, I admire her for being so ‘nice’ about it! As for the media and the haters? Jodi has chosen the right path: she doesn’t pay attention to all their hatred and wickedness. I actually don’t think it could cause any problems in her penalty phase retrial. Jodi might have lost her freedom (for the time being) but she certainly still has the right to freedom of speech.

          • I think Jodi’s blog is a great idea.
            I find the fact that she decided to finally say something about all the vile books out there very interesting and definitely overdue!! It’s about time someone spoke out, at first I thought her family would do it for Jodi but I guess Jodi herself had other plans.
            It’s better that way: it’s like a direct conversation between her and her supporters. Now, even IF a supporter was thinking of buying the book (out of curiosity maybe) Jodi’s message may make them have second thoughts.Which they should because why contribute to the fund that bears her abuser’s name?? Why help the people who are asking for our Jodi’s blood??? Plus, if it’s misinformation and misrepresentation of facts people want, why spend money on a book? There’s HLN. Tune in! (rolling my eyes)

            • I agree Maria. The book was about her, she should be able to talk about it. She called out a lot of things: the lies in the book, the fund, the person who lied about her and the family wanting to kill her. I could feel her anger in her post. OF course the haters will say she has no right to make a public statement blah blah blah but given that she is a survivor, she does.

              • The mere fact that Jodi breathes makes them foam at the mouth. Of course they’re gonna go batshit crazy over this. We have learened to ignore them. So has Jodi. Let them fade into oblivion… And let us focus on Jodi, October is a crucial month.

                • Jodi couldn’t give a rat’s ass about what haters think! LOL!

                  It is known that haters thrive on being cruel, vile and getting to us. It is only a matter of time until they swallow their own venomous poison. I personally have stopped caring what they think or write. They are totally indifferent to me.

                  Haters can’t spook me away! They only make me more stronger in defending and supporting Jodi. The more they hate – the more I love! They are the Yin and I am the Yang. They give darkness and I give out the light!

          • I read the blog entry and it made me feel sorry for Jodi: noone asked her permission to write a book about her (especially a book chock full of ommissions, inaccuracies and scathing digs).
            I don’t know if it’s actionable, but in all fairness Jodi should be able to sue the publisher for publishing this book without her permission! In any case, some of the royalties should go to Jodi, sinse the book is about her!
            These talentless jackals that wrote the book should not hog all the royalties!

  18. Greetings, everyone! It has been a couple of weeks since I last posted and I apologize, but I am slowly coming back to normal after being on vacation and getting the flu after coming back home.

    I posted about this on my blog last night, but I am confident that we are winning and, ultimately, we will win justice for Jodi. The anti-Jodi Arias trolls and haters on the Internet are abandoning Team Travis in droves as they go back to their failed, useless lives. Presumably, this is because A) they never were sincere about seeking justice for Travis as they were merely exploiting him to promote their own personal agenda B) they prematurely spiked the football before getting the end zone, thinking that they already won this case before it was over C) Both A & B

    You simply can’t base a case on emotion and little facts. That’s what the prosecution in this case has relied on: emotional testimony and little facts. The problem is that they have been aided and abetted by a media, particularly HLN, that is supposed to be fair and objective, but actively has supported the prosecution from Day 1 of this trial. My only question to HLN would be “When do Nancy Grace and Jane Velez-Mitchell start breaking out the pom-poms?”

    And then, the sheer arrogance of many on HLN and Team Travis to suggest that Jodi Arias is seeking attention from the media. This, coming from the same people who have chosen to appear almost on a nightly basis on HLN to exploit, er, promote their friend, Travis Alexander, as this paragon of moral virtue which even they know is a crock of shit. No, I don’t think Travis deserved to die, but I’m a firm believer in Karma and that what goes around, comes around. Even if he had lived, I believe that Travis Alexander’s life would have taken a turn for the worse anyway and he likely would have wound up behind bars or having to file for bankruptcy. He already was morally bankrupt so I could see him becoming financially bankrupt had he lived.

    I’m accused by many of the anti-Jodi Arias people for “hating” Travis Alexander. Truth is, I could give a flying fuck about Travis Alexander. I care about Jodi Arias and her well-being far more than I give a rat’s ass about Travis Alexander. There’s nothing much I can do about Mr. Alexander. He’s dead. All I’m trying to do is to tell people the truth because they’re not getting that from HLN or most media and they’re certainly not getting that from Travis’s minions. This isn’t about Travis for me. This is about Jodi. I’m putting the focus on her because I DO care about her and what happens to her and her family. And, as I’ve stated all along, I’ll do whatever I can to help bring her freedom and justice.

    They’re the ones who are consumed with hate and anger to the point that it allows them to make irrational decisions and do crazy shit on the Internet. If their family members and friends knew what they were doing, I guarantee you that they would be shocked and stunned at how fucked up they really are. What are we doing? We’re the ones staying positive, keeping the focus, and we’ve been the ones behaving maturely and rationally throughout this trial. Yes, every now and then we get a kook that comes in here, but on balance we’ve been very level-headed throughout this case. Put it this way: when’s the last time that you heard anyone from Travis Alexander’s camp mention getting death threats from pro-Jodi Arias people? Aside from that kook and idiot who threatened Nancy Grace, there hasn’t been any of that coming from out side. But it is well-documented how those of us who are pro-Jodi Arias have received death threats or have had pro-Travis Alexander people intimidate and harass us on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Don’t believe me? Try this: post a pro-Jodi Arias tweet on Twitter and check back in about an hour. Then tell me how many hateful responses you get from your tweet.

    In the short-term, things looked good for Travis Alexander. The media and the prosecution did everything they could to make Jodi Arias look like the Devil incarnate. And even though they had the power of the media backed with a lot of money behind them, the one thing that they never had was the truth. We have the truth. We have always had the truth. And that is why when all is said and done, we’re going to make liars out of those bastards when we prove to the whole world how the prosecution is wrong, how they’re not telling the truth and why Jodi Arias is innocent which will lead to her eventual freedom and justice. The very fact that they still haven’t figured out what to do with her sentencing ought to give you confidence. Every day that Jodi Arias gets to stay alive is a great day. It should serve as proof that despite the flaws in our criminal justice system that it is still the best in the world and that the truth eventually will set everyone free including Jodi Ann Arias. Keep the faith, everyone. We are winning. It may not be as fast as you’d like it to happen, but we are slowly but surely winning and we are going to win.

  19. I’ve been thinking about how Travis ended up in the shower. I have very little medical knowledge but I was wondering if even after Travis cut his throat on the knife and before he bled out could he, with Jodi’s assistance, gotten himself into the shower and then collapsed?

      • Thanks, NB. And, by the way, when I say “Travis cut his throat” what I mean to imply is that I don’t think Jodi intentionally went for his throat but during a physical battle with a knife involved, he could just as well have turned or rolled or jerked in such a way as to run his own throat across the blade.

        • NB, with your medical knowledge, what do you think his capacity would be to propel himself into the shower with the damage to the superior vena cava? Since it seems to be a feeder into the heart rather than out, wouldn’t the blood flow be somewhat lessened, especially with the neck wound expelling blood that was heading for the heart?

            • Journee, What are your thoughts about whether after the neck wound and chest wound (which probably happened almost simultaneously) he might have been able to get himself into the shower (with Jodi’s help) before he collapsed?

              • See, I’ve always kinda thought that the chest wound happened there in the bedroom and that, like the gunshot wound, it was an accident. That after the gunshot, after she managed to get out from under him and he said FKYB, she took off scrambling to find the knife and had a little bit of lead time because he stopped at the sink to figure out why his nose and mouth were full of blood. Then he tore after her – but either because he was still wet or because the head wound made him unsteady he was sort of stumbling when he caught up to her in the bedroom – only this time, just like she’d held the gun to warn him off in the bathroom, she was holding the knife up like a sword as he stumbled into her. That was the ONLY stab to go that deep, and I think it happened because he fell on the knife. He managed to get up on all fours, and he or she pulled the knife from his chest and that’s where that pool of blood happened. I think she helped him to his feet and they started back towards the bathroom and he collapsed against her, pinning her to the wall. She was panicky, thinking he was still attacking and hit at his back with the knife. The neck wound could have happened in that struggle, too. If they were near enough to the shower, and IF he never hit the floor again, she might have gotten him in there. But if he went down again, no way.

    • Relative to this, it would appear that the final knife fight took place where the hallway and the bathroom meet. Does anyone know if there is any kind of blood trail between that location and the shower? I can’t seem to locate any pictures of that part of the bathroom.

    • The medical examiner said as much, that he could potentially walk a few steps after his throat was cut. I would think, though, that blood loss from other injuries – especially the superior vena cava – would factor in. The blood loss in the bedroom was substantial enough to soak through the carpet and padding and to stain the subfloor. It takes a good amount of liquid to really soak a carpet that way, IME.

      • BTW –

        I do find it inconsistent that Horn insisted Travis couldn’t have gotten the defensive wounds after his throat was cut, but he could walk.

        yah right

  20. October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

    Let’s keep being united and be even more vocal this month, to help spread Jodi’s and so many other women’s message.

    Maybe those of us who use Facebook or Twitter can change our profile pics to a purple ribbon or at least post/share DV related pics.


    &hearts ♥ JODI ♥ ♥

  21. Happy October my lovely cyber family! ♥

    As Maria noted, this is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Let’s all help make this world a less abusive place to live in!

    This month is very critical for Jodi and if we can help by spreading the word about domestic violence and self defence, then maybe we will help others understand why Jodi should not be where she is now!

    ((((((Jodi Ann Arias: a survivor of domestic violence))))))

  22. I would also like to inform you that today is our family member RAY CHASTAIN’s birthday!

    Let’s all wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    To Ray:
    My caring and loving brother and friend, I wish you the happiest birthday ever! Have a great day and enjoy it! This is your special day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RAY! ♥

    ((((((Ray Chastain))))))

    • (((((((((( RAY))))))))))
      I ‘ve already wished you a Happy Birthday but let me do it here too: HAPPY B-DAY, my friend!
      It’s an honour to have met such a devoted Jodi supporter. You are a gem ♥

  23. Jodi Tweet:

    Canteen/commissary, known for short as “store,” known in jest as “Ex-store-shun.”

    Happy Birthday Ray!

    • ok, maybe it’s because it’s 3 am here or something but I had to read that twice and out loud to understand it.
      LOL, Jodi!!!

  24. hello everyone, I hope you are all well. I am still not quite right and don’t know when i will be but I am now and always still team Jodi! Hugs to my friends out there.

  25. hey, just to let u know… i think you got a raw end of the deal. i think the other factors that got you involved with travis where NEVER addressed. HE appeared to be a sponge for her. i mean that he couldnt get
    enough of jodi but never put off a chance for sex. his friends told him to leave you alone. but he always came back to you. i know how u feel when u feel like u put forth all the effort to show love, affection and get USED for the sex. it appears that the jury had insufficient evidence on travis’s involvement., thus they returned the verdict they did. how can a judgement of any from the jury be accurate? the jury was NOT fully informed and thus made a really bad choice for her. I am not saying this for the fun of it…. i just know i find jodi intriguing.. and wish she had been friends with someone besides the one seen on tv

  26. Thank you all, my ((((((((((cyber family♥ ♥)))))))))))))) for the kind wishes Love you all ♥ ♥ ♥ 🙂


    Ray in H-burg Va.

    • Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you!
      Happy birthday dear Ra-ay. Happy birthday to you!

      Your birthday present is the fact that I’m far enough away (near Smithfield) that you didn’t have to actually hear me singing that! (I can’t carry a tune in a bucket!)

      My puppy came from your neck of the woods, though – Elkton – and we might head up there again sometime in the next few months to get her a buddy.

      • I know several people out in Elkton, you should look me up when you get over this way, I’ll buy y’all a cup of coffee or a beer or something. Elkton is only 20 – 30 minutes away from where I live. 🙂

        Ray in H-burg Va.

        • Well, Lucy doesn’t drink beer or coffee, but I’m sure she’ll happily gnosh on a bone in her crate in the car while we visit. I’ll let you know if/when we head up that way. The pup we’re looking for hasn’t been born yet, so it’ll be a few months yet!

    • It does seem to have a different slant (more favorable), but almost $70 is pretty steep for a paperback.

      Ray in H-burg Va.

    • Same shit, different day…
      Of course the authopr does seem to have put a lot of effort trying so hard not to sound like a hater. Seriously though, couldn’t she have found a better pic for her cover?

      • I dunno what tack she’s taking – looks like she’s going for the blood atonement angle, but doesn’t reveal who believes to be responsible in the blurbs.

        • I highly doubt she’s pro-Jodi. Or pro-blood atonement. Maybe just cashing in on the religious aspect of this trial.

          • Looking at some of the other stuff she’s done, I suspect it’s the religious aspect that drew her interest to begin with… although she has done a couple of other books on notorious deaths/murders, so maybe it was just that. Her big thing is numerology, though, and so far seems to have applied it to her evaluations of those other notorious cases.

            I’d be curious enough to read it… but not to buy it, lol.

    • If it’s based on numerology, it will be nonsense. Interesting, though, that the blurb refers to her “chorus of supporters who believe her to be unjustly condemned.” That’s actually the first time I’ve seen an acknowledgment in print media that we exist — maybe that’s a sign of progress.

  27. I just came up with an excellent resolution to this “stalemate”:
    If the relatives of the deceased insist on trying Jodi, let them foot the bill, in other words the cost of the trial is taken out of their pockets!
    I bet they will change their intransigent minds in an instant!
    Their pigheaded-ness is the result of them knowing they won’t have to pay a dime. Make THEM pay, let them bear the costs of the trial. I think that’s fair, at least to taxpayers!

    • They could have settled out of court years ago, but Martinez wouldn’t budge – couldn’t miss the opportunity to grandstand in front of the camera, it was all about his overinflated ego! I would deduct the costs of the trial out of Martinez’s pocket, put a lien on his house, his property, and if he can’t come up with the required millions of dollars his pigheadedness caused the state to spend, foreclose on his house! Really, he’s responsible for this, it’s entirely his fault, hense he should pay, maybe he should split the bill with the Alexanders – they must have insisted on the trial too!
      In most cases prosecutors are willing to settle, this moron thinks he’s special, at taxpayer’s expense!

    • OMG, Alexey!!!!!!! I love you 🙂

      Excellent idea though highly inapplicable I think. His family still cries out for justice to be served, which is totally ridiculous since Jodi has already been convicted. What they keep on asking for is cold-blooded murder, revenge! (Isn’t it ironic that that’s exactly what they accuse Jodi of??) Even if Jodi gets the death penalty, their brother won’t come back. It’s utterly disgusting to see religious people asking for someone’s execution: it’s the epitome of hypocricy and one of the reasons I stay away from all kinds of organized religion.

      Now, if they keep growling like rabid dogs wanting blood, then your suggestion sounds wonderful. If they do care so much for their brother, let THEM pay to the last cent the sentencing phase.
      They seem to be pretty determined to seek the death penalty, I saw a post his brother wrote the other day on FB, though I try to not follow them or their sick fans!
      Why don’t they just go ahead and pay for every witness, for every work hour, for every single expert witness needed????? If it’s Justice they want, they can certainly save a buck or two and pay so that their brother can rest in peace, RIGHT? I’m sure the 56,000 Travis FB supporters(ahem!! fans) will be more than happy and willing to contribute to the fund in order for this ’cause’ to reach its final destination. (PUKE!!)
      Why burden the AZ taxpayers even MORE than they have already? This trial has dragged out for too long, the simplest resolution would be to NOT go ahead with retrying the sentencing phase and for the two opposing sides to settle.

      Let’s face it or better yet let the Alexanders come clean and say it: they stopped giving a flying duck about TA some time ago. Or maybe they do care but deep down they know that even if Jodi spends her life behind bars or if she gets the injection NOTHING will bring TA back!

      So where does the difference lie? Well, mayeb they are just vengeful, single-minded, petty (and probably uneducated) people who cannot see clearly and cannot go past their hatred. They are NOT doing this for Travis; if Travis were alive (and still pretending to be a good Mormon, LOL) he would probably tell them that pro-death campaigns are a no-no in God’s books.
      They simply hate Jodi’s guts and want to see her dead.
      How primitive. How shallow. How totally contrary to the act of the Good Mormon they put up.

      • Some people just love to hate. And there seems to be a lot of them in this world. Just look at all the people that so gleefully jumped on the Alexander bandwagon. “Oh, boy! Someone I can really have a lot of fun hating!” I can understand the Alexander bunch being so amazingly dysfunctional but it appears we have a large population of “Alexanders” living among us.

      • Thanks 🙂
        Yeah, exacting revenge on Jodi won’t bring Travis back. So they just need to learn to be more forgiving and stop hating Jodi. Only through forgiveness will they be at peace. Consuming themselves with hate won’t do them any good.
        Actually I think that “the department of corrections” is a misnomer. The more fitting name would be “the department of revenge”. How can you correct someone by locking them up for long periods of time? It’s pointless. It would be way better if they offered people a chance to rehabilitate and be released (through various classes and workshops). Jodi can be a productive member of society and locking her up for life makes no sense to me. Before meeting Travis she worked two jobs at one point which is admirable (I work one job and I get tired like a dog!) and it shows that she has excellent work ethics and is very industrious!

  28. Alexey and Maria you girls are a HOOT! The Alexanders are a sad bunch of people. Travis’s friends are a sad bunch of people. They are so full of hate and evil thoughts, BUT, Travis is responsible for his actions and how he treated Jodi. He was an abuser of the worst kind and should never be put on a pedestal. (Which they love to do) They will never see the truth for what it is. It would be a wonderful day if they all had to pay for the injustices that have been done to Jodi. And, Mr. Martinez should also pay and then be hung by his toenails out in front of the courthouse! Then HLN can make fun of him for awhile and call him the most hated man in America. I’m sure HLN will change their views quickly when the tide turns. FREE OUR JODI!

    • ((((((((( R.Love &hearts ))))))))

      Ohhh, believe me! I LIVE for the day the tide turns! The media has tried so hard to make us,supporters all look like delusional idiots, but the joke will be on them! All in good time… 😉 😉

      • Yes, Maria. I would think each of us wants vindication for ourselves as well as Jodi. I know for me, besides the beating I received through media (mainstream and social), there are some among my family and friends who don’t understand why I think she’s innocent (and don’t even want to discuss it) or even why I care? My best friend from childhood has implied that my judgment is biased because of my own experiences, implying I’m a bit neurotic and can’t think straight about such matters. Makes me want to scream!!! And I’ve also heard “There are so many other important issues, why this one?” And I want to shake them and say this is about so much more than just one woman’s struggle. It’s about women’s struggle since time immemorial. Isn’t that pretty important?And it’s about our justice system being dismantled in the name of 1st amendment rights. And it’s about abuse that is so acceptable in our society that it’s allowed (and even applauded) in a court of law.

        I want an apology from those ignorant SOBs on HLN. And I want those who doubted my good sense to say “Gee, I guess you knew what you were talking about after all.”

        • Same here, Justus. What you just wrote is what I too have been through. Attacked, ridiculed, questioned, and made to believe my judgement was clouded due to personal experiences. Too sad people can’t see beyond the surface of things. They seem to have lost the forest for the trees.WE haven’t. I’m repeating:all in good time.
          Thank God we have at least found each other here. And that we have allowed Jodi to come into our lives and ‘seduce’ our hearts.

  29. I’m just now watching the video of the first week of the trial as I didn’t see it at the time. I notice in Jodi’s initial phone conversation with Flores, when asked if Travis had any weapons in the house, she replies, “Just his two fists.” This is long before she claims self defense but I got the feeling the way she says it that she had witnessed him using his fists as weapons, maybe on her (or maybe just on the punching bag). I don’t remember her ever mentioning him punching her, just body slamming, kicking and choking. Maybe that was enough for her to become fully aware of the potential of his fists. Poor Jodi. She just wanted to love him and this is what she got in return.

    • I thought of that the other day, too, Justus – her saying that to Flores on the phone about Travis’ fists. But I was in the car when I thought about it, and it had slipped my mind again by the time I got home and might have posted about it.

      VERY good point – and funny how the only part of that exchange people remember is that Jodi didn’t mention Travis’ gun to Flores then.

      • I’m sure the haters would say that she was just setting up self-defense, just in case she needed to claim it two years down the line.

    • YES! I vividly remember her saying that. Just like so so so many other things she said during her phone calls with Flores as well as during her interrogation, this too was one of the many truths that would be later risen during trial. Too sad no one believed them…
      And as Justus noticed, this was indeed a good 2 years before she decided to reveal her abuse story and claim self defense; in a way she was not reluctant to let things slip, because she never thought they would be brought forward! (Remember: at that time she was not only protecting herself but Travis’ reputation too, that’s why one of the first things she asks Flores in the interrogation room is if his family knows about their sexual relationship) For example, talking about ”his fists’, it was not rehearsed because at the time she claimed she wasnt even there, FFS! And so many other things in the interrogation tapes bout Travis’ character, like when she says he had a way of ‘guilting you’ which is indeed one of the most commpn things abusers do and was of course talked about in the trial.

  30. …A GENERAL COMMENT ABOUT NO PROOF THAT JODI LIED IN COURT about returning the third gas can. ..I feel that Jodi DID NOT LIE, or there is no proof that she lied, when she said that she returned the third gas can to Walmart. ..I feel the prosecution tried & probably did, convince the jury that she lied. ..But the proof by the prosecution that she lied was QUALIFIED by the Walmart prosecution rebuttal witness, REGARDLESS of how many register receipts that were checked.

    ..Please view the gas can video clip online, specifically the one that is 8min 30 seconds in length & specifically at the 3 min 58 sec point. ..When the prosecutor asked the Walmart business clerk about anything refunded, concerning the third gas can, she DID NOT give him a definite YES or NO answer. …… She said: “I would say NO, THERE IS HUMAN ERROR, but I would say NO.” …I believe that the Walmart prosecution rebuttal witness infers that THERE IS NO REAL PROOF ONE WAY OR THE OTHER, if a gas can was returned that day, because THERE IS HUMAN ERROR !!!! ..I do not believe the jury understood that she was limiting or QUALIFYING & EXPRESSING HER DOUBT IN HER ANSWER. ..

    Let me illustrate what “THERE IS HUMAN ERROR” means in a life or death or prison sentence situation means. .. .. .. Supposed you & your family were in an airplane & the captain came on the speaker & said: ..”We will be arriving at the destination in 6 hours, BUT THERE IS HUMAN ERROR”. ..Would you question in your mind just how confident the pilot is to QUALIFY his expectation of a certain & safe trip?? …

  31. Jane,

    Above you wrote that “[Jodi] had issues also in that she could not move on and could not handle rejection.”

    I know those are indeed issues but those are issues that came into being during her relationship with Travis. She seemed to be doing just fine until she had the misfortune of meeting up with him.
    He was playing mind games with her, feeding an addiction that he purposefully (albeit unconsciously) created through lies and deception. He displayed all the patterns of a sociopath. And I think anyone who has fallen in love with a sociopath will know exactly what I mean.

    I’ve posted this before but I think it’s worth another post as I think it clearly shows what Jodi was dealing with both from Travis and within herself. This is from “Red Flags of Love Fraud” by Donna Andersen and here is how she describes this very real addiction:

    “There are three stages to love: attraction, pleasure, and bonding…During the pleasure phase you feel excited, your pulse races, you have butterflies in your stomach…Now suppose the person also wants you…he or she showers you with attention…The pleasure stage involves brain chemicals such as endorphins and dopamine…Dopamine is released by rewarding experiences such as food and sex. Cocaine increases dopamine, which is why the drug produces feelings of well-being and euphoria. Therefore, dopamine is closely associated with reward-seeking behavior, including addiction…In the bonding stage, another hormone becomes important. It’s called oxytocin (not to be confused with OxyContin, the pain relieving drug). This neurotransmitter has been called the “cuddle chemical” and the “love hormone”. When oxytocin is released in the brain, it increases feelings of trust, contentment and calmness, and reduces fear and anxiety…This hormone serves a normal and important function in the human bonding process — it makes us feel calm and trusting with our mates. Nature probably gave us oxytocin so that we want to stay with our partners to raise children, thus helping the survival of the species…Sex is not required for oxytocin to be released…social interactions involving trust also cause oxytocin to enter the brain…The long and the short of it is that oxytocin produces a rewiring of the brain! Trust, love, intimacy and sex change your brain…These chemicals increase your pursuit of the reward — Mr. or Ms. Right…

    “Now, here’s the scary part: This information does not apply to sociopaths. Research suggests that the oxytocin system in sociopaths may be dysfunctional. Sociopaths do not trust and do not bond. But they are very good at pretending that they do…If you are attracted to Mr. or Ms. Right, and you feel the pleasure of having your interest reciprocated so that you form a love bond, you experience all the psychological and biological effects of attachment — even if the object of your affection is a sociopath who is toying with you…Sociopaths entice others to form attachments to them through deception and trickery. The problem is that our unconscious minds do not distinguish between attachments made through deception and those made legitimately…The experience is very real to you, you form a love bond, and your brain is rewired…Sociopaths pour on the charm…then, as you become more and more attached, they disappear. Or they ignore you. Or they pick a fight. What are they doing? They are intensifying your love bond…Just as sociopaths instinctively know to hook you with pleasure in the beginning of the relationship, they also know that they can make you even more attached by threatening the relationship. This seems counterintuitive. If someone is giving you a hard time, why would you want to continue your involvement? The answer comes from addiction research. Scientists have discovered that although pleasure is required to establish a behavior pattern, it is not required to maintain it. This is Nature’s way of keeping people together.”

    • Amen, honey! A-M-E-N!

      Why is it that people see Jodi as a person with a ‘pattern’ of a problematic behaviour when it was clearly the other freaking way round????

      Who says Jodi could not handle rejection? Bobby rejected her, Matt rejected her…Did she go all psycho on them? NO! She dealt with it in a very civil way, she confronted them peacefully and moved on like a lady. She even remained friends with them, at least with Matt(and Darryl but that’s not relative here). Since when does our society call this ‘having a hard time to move on’ or ‘an obssessive bitch”?

      Aren’t we supposed to be liberals, open-minded people who wish no harm on our ex partners and want to see them happy? Isn’t this what Jodi did with Travis too?

      She moved away fom him, thus moving on, she would hear him talk for hours about what a wonderful wife Mimi Hall would become and how God had sent him a special sign that she(Mimi) was the chosen one for him (okey, puke but anyway!) , Jodi would write how happy she would be to see Travis finding someone else and how she wished that they could remain good friends and that she hoped they could hang out in the future as married people (him with someone and Jodi with someone else) and how she wanted their kids to grow up together and be friends. She even mentioned that very thought of hers while in Utah, in June 2008.
      Is this a person not willing to give up on their ex? Please! That’s the exact opposite: that’s a person who is unbelievably mature and knows when the curtain has fallen on a relationship and when there’s nothing there to keep fighting for.

      So why did she go back???? Ahhh, the million dollar question! In order to answer it, let’s take a look at Travis’ behavioral patterns.

      Travis was a ‘player’ right? A flirt, a womanizer. No, I’m, not taking Jodi’s word for it (coz that’s what the haters are gonna say, that we trust Jodi implicitly) I’m not accusing him. Just using his friends’ words, they were parading HLN talking about how easy it was for him to succeed with women and how it was second nature to him to flirt all the time.
      So…whenever a ‘good’ girl would catch his attention and he thought she may have good potential to become a nice mormon wife, he would date her. Hmmm, let’s see?Which name comes to mind? Oh yeah! Deanna! Poor, poor Deanna. Does everyone remember what happened with her? She was made to believe she was his soulmate, his confidante, his best friend. Travis ‘devoured’ her spiritually and then when he was no longer satisfied by that, he had of course sex with her only to realize she had now become ‘common’ in his eyes, a fallen angel (Madonna-Whore complex, HELLO??) Still, he would NOT let her go. He would feed her addiction to him by showering her with attention, by calling her back in his life, by letting her keep her ‘I am his best friend and soulmate’ title. But most importantly, by deceiving her. Why did he feel the need to keep Jodi incognito, why did he absolutely refuse to have Jodi and Deanna in the same room, why would he call Deanna ‘obssessive’ and ‘a bit crazy’ while he was dating Jodi? When in fact, he never stopped seeing and loving and CLINGING to Deanna.
      Now, when he got bored of Jodi he did the same thing. He refused to let her go (she was too sexy and good in bed, apparently. Plus, she knew far more secrets than Deanna ever did) and he implemented the same technique he had implemented during his Deanna Project. He fed Jodi’s addiction, deluding her and making her believe she was a vital part of his life when in fact he was dating Lisa and would tell her how ‘obssessive a stalker ‘ Jodi was.
      Does this sound repetitive?!?!?! OH YES!

      I do not only see Travis as a sociopath. He was also the epitome of a Narcissist, a study case although a pretty common one. I’ve said time and again, that we should use the term ‘narcissist’ NOT in the layman’s sense (light-heartedly, the way it is commonly used) but in a more professional sense; the way psychiatrists define a Narcissist. Travis was clearly one.
      What Justus quoted, applies perfectly to a narcissist too because they too can be characterized as sociopaths.

      • Great post, Maria! And I believe narcissism is one of the major characteristics of sociopaths. It’s all about them and what they want and what they deserve. Other people are just here to make that happen.

      • Maria, you (and others) know many more details than I do about Jodi and Travis’s relationship and about their personal lives outside it. Perhaps that is because I only watched about the last third of the trial, and far from every minute of that, and I gave up on HLN after 3 days. At some point, I’ll probably go back and watch the complete defense phase. But I”m wondering if I’m missing some online sources. For example, are Jodi’s journals available online?

    • “Sociopaths pour on the charm…then, as you become more and more attached, they disappear. Or they ignore you. Or they pick a fight. What are they doing? They are intensifying your love bond.”

      Remember what Travis put Jodi through in the beginning, their meeting at the half-way point where he had passionate sex with her and then basically ignored her when they weren’t having sex. That’s giving pleasure (inducing the chemicals that bring on feelings of warmth and caring and safety) and then withdrawing. It’s similar to addicting someone to heroin and then withholding it. Provides a great deal of power to the withholder.

  32. From Justus:

    Just as sociopaths instinctively know to hook you with pleasure in the beginning of the relationship, they also know that they can make you even more attached by threatening the relationship. This seems counterintuitive. If someone is giving you a hard time, why would you want to continue your involvement? The answer comes from addiction research. Scientists have discovered that although pleasure is required to establish a behavior pattern, it is not required to maintain it. This is Nature’s way of keeping people together.


    Here’s a little behavioral science bounce from that… something I learned training animals, but it applies to humans too.

    When you first set out to teach a behavior to an organism, you put that behavior on a high rate of reinforcement – you reward that behavior every single time it occurs within the training environment. This increases the likelihood that the behavior will occur again, allowing you to begin to put the behavior on ‘stimulus control’ – or on cue. Once the behavior is on cue, you then need to make it stronger and more reliable. And you actually do that by going from a high rate of reinforcement to a variable schedule of reinforcement. To explain the theory behind that – think of your TV remote. Every day you sit down and push that little button, and ta-da, the TV comes on. Until that once-in-a-blue-moon day arrives that the remote’s battery is getting weak, and you push the button and nothing happens. Do you jump up right then and change the battery? No, you push the button again. You push the button harder. You sit up and aim more precisely at the TV and push it again, and the TV comes on. And you’ll probably go through that rigamarole for a few days before you finally break down and change the battery.

    When something ‘pays off’ every single time you do it, and then suddenly you do it and there’s no pay-off, you don’t give up, you try harder. When it finally pays off again on the third or fourth try, you have learned that trying harder pays off. (This, BTW, is how trainers from the Animal Behavior Institute trained marine mammals to travel hundreds of miles – without a reward in sight – to perform missions for the US Navy).

          • Actually I did change the batteries (this being like the third day of pushing and aiming) but that didn’t help either. Since I have three remotes (same make and model) I tried the second remote but same issues, even after changing to tested batteries. So now I’m thinking it’s the box from the cable company but, noooooo, the third remote works just fine. (Talk about learning to try harder.) This appears to be your once-in-a-blue-moon situation where two remotes go bad at the same time. What are the chances? Sure glad I don’t have to explain that to Mr. Martinez. (“You obviously sabotaged those remotes, didn’t you?!”)

            • He would be like: ”Now, why did yo feel the need to buy 3 remotes? Did you return the third remote when you realized you didnt need it? No, you didnt ,DIDNT YOU? You kept it and kept the receipt too! She’s guilty your Honour! ”

    • So interesting… Thank you Journee.
      Reading this made me think of what Jodi has said: that there were times he would systematically behave like an asshole, hurting her feelings (or body) but he would then make one small yet nice gesture, even if that meant him being extra sweet and caring and that would make it all up in her mind. Like the time he broke her finger (and even when she was on the stand so many years later) she kind of defended his behavior by being understanding and saying he felt really guilty after that and took care of the finger.

      • Don’t get me wrong, I’m not picking on Jodi, because everybody does this in one way or another – but I think it’s likely that, to an extent, Jodi sort of ‘taught’ Travis to be hateful to her. When he got in a foul mood about something, she’d use sex to get him out of it. (remember the term she used? “de-stress” she called it). Behavior that is rewarded will be repeated. See above, lol.

        Like I said, everyone does it. That’s how kids get spoiled.

        They were such a toxic combo, it’s possible she even taught him to ‘escalate.’ He got nasty, she appeased him with sex. Reliably. Then one day she didn’t. So he tried harder, got nastiER.

        • LOL, I’d never get you wrong. Though ‘de-stressing’ was actually Travis’ term; he came up with it.

        • I agree that Jodi got caught up in it to the neurotic extent that it was going on. it was Travis who started that game of “Go Away a Little Closer” that creates crazy behavior in the other person who is just trying to survive emotionally. The only power she had, in her attempt to love him (as well as not get hurt by him), was her sexuality. And she inadvertently ended up, as you said, Journee, reinforcing his bad behavior. I expect that happens a great deal in abusive relationships.

  33. Hi everyone! I got some postcards last week & wrote some more to Jodi. Going forward, out of respect for Jodi’s privacy and her families, I will not discuss what is mentioned. Just trust me, folks, when I say that Jodi is a wonderful person. I said months ago that I knew her heart and I know with all of my heart that she is innocent. I am right.

    It is not always easy to face each day knowing that the prospect of a lifetime prison sentence or even the death penalty is looming in the background. Personally, I do not believe that Jodi will get sentenced to death. Whatever decision is made, this is far from over for those of us here and outside of here who are fighting for Jodi’s freedom and justice. They might have prematurely started the celebration and partying on the other side, but this is most definitely not over. Anyone who thinks that we’re going to bail out now or quit had better be prepared to deal with some hardball defense. We’re not playing around and we’re far from finished.

    They’ve got nothing on the other side except threats, personal attacks and smears. All they can do is point fingers at Jodi and say how gruesome Travis’s murder was. Well, tell me when it isn’t gruesome when someone gets killed? I don’t mean to minimize or downplay Travis’s death, but this isn’t some TV show where people get shot at or stabbed and there’s hardly any blood. It happened in the heat of the moment and an abused woman finally had enough of this guy beating the shit out of her verbally and physically and was pushed beyond the brink so she lashed out at him. That’s what I believe happened and nothing and no one is going to make me think any differently. Yes, it is terrible that Travis died because of it. But this was not planned or premeditated by Jodi. I don’t give a damn what fucking HLN says or some second-rate website says about it. It’s a fucking crock of shit.

    I am proud to be associated with the people on this website. You all are good people who selflessly have devoted time and money to help Jodi Arias and her family. And I know that many of you do the same for others as well.

  34. Predictably, Pamela Valemont’s getting a smack-down over at HuffPo for plugging her book. She is being graceful in her responses though…. I think the least kind thing she said was “how do you know you’re not on the wrong horse?”

    One comment she made I thought worthy of passing on – could be she just read the comment on FB that was posted here the other day – but she is saying that there is new evidence emerging. That’s not quite how *I* had interpreted the comment from Jodi’s aunt – I thought she was talking about the juror’s tweeting and stuff like that. But who knows? New evidence would be cool!

    • I think Valemont is sympathetic to Jodi’s plight in many ways (and certainly to Alyce LaViolette’s.) I came across one of her comments to Jason Weber on occupyHLN written about five months ago:

      What is being done to rid Alyce LaViolette of the myriad 1 star reviews on her book site? I have successfully had a 1 star review calling me “Another Alyce LaViolette” removed…Jason, what can we do to help Alyce in this regard?. She is the consummate professional, highly qualified, well versed and experienced in her subject. People can disagree with her findings but they are not at liberty to defame her. How about a petition to Amazon on her behalf? Or are you already doing something about it, and am I behind the times? It’s hard to know everything that is going on as it happens. By the way, I will vote to get a new trial for Jodi as I too believe the jury should have been sequestered. She did not get a fair trial and that is every person’s birthright, no matter what they have done.

  35. I keep reading about how there was no proof that it was self defense. But what I think most people don’t realize (and what should have been strongly emphasized to the jury) is that in Arizona (and 22 other states) in a self defense case the burden is on the State to prove it was NOT self defense, not on the defense to prove it was.

    • Now I would like to ask those jurors what proof they saw, beyond all reasonable doubt, that it was NOT self defense.

      Is it because Jodi said so and she’s a (so-called) known liar? (But even if she were a liar, that doesn’t prove he didn’t attack her. Where’s the proof of that?)

      Or would it be because of the gruesomeness of the killing? (That, by the way, proves nothing in a self defense case. Defending one’s life can be very messy business.)

      I guess one might say that the State proved she premeditated attacking him and by extension proved that it was not self defense. (I don’t think the State proved anything of the sort; if anything, their insane theories proved just the opposite. What intelligent mind would possibly come up with such a stupid plan?)

  36. This is from the Trial Divas:

    The parties have agreed the pretrial hearings/oral arguments scheduled for October 4,
    2013 and October 18, 2013 should be closed to the public. The court finds an open proceeding for these pretrial hearings presents a clear and present threat to the due administration of justice, specifically the right of the parties to a fair penalty phase trial by an impartial jury. The court finds there is a compelling interest that overcomes the right of public access, specifically, there is a substantial probability that publication of information provided during these court hearings (through evidence or argument) could taint the jury pool and significantly impact the parties’ability to effectively present matters at trial. The court also finds that, in light of the intense media coverage of this case, there is no less restrictive means to achieve these compelling interests. Good cause appearing,
    IT IS ORDERED closing the hearings scheduled for October 4, 2013 and October 18,


    Ha! Isn’t this just so ironic??? NOW, the court finds it appropriate and necessary for closed hearings! Now they think that open proceedings “could taint the jury pool and significantly impact the parties’ ability to effectively present matters at trial”!?!?

    ‘Duuuhhhh, sorry… our bad! we did a major boo-boo allowing media coverage during the whole trial which resulted in turning this trial into a circus witch trial but now we make boo-boo go away!’

    Pul-eeeez! The damage has been done morons! Jodi never got a chance to a fair trial because of your constant fuck ups!

    Seriously, I hope that IF ‘judge’ sherry has an inch of morality in her soul, she will be haunted for the rest of her life for allowing all the circus acts inside her courtroom. I mostly blame her for the way this case was tried. If pickles was firm – from the getgo – and never allowed all the bullshit and clowning around in her courtroom to occur, Jodi would have, at the most, been charged with justifiable homicide due to the fact that it was SELF DEFENCE!

    • Yep. You are right on Pandora. Because of all the mistakes and misbehavior of this trial Jodi will get a retrial. I will even venture to say that this trial/verdict will be overturned. I guarantee it. No right thinking judge will look at this case and see that justice was served. The crime was committed by the prosecution and judge. Jodi will be set free!

  38. Good morning to all! TGIF (at least here in Greece it already is! 🙂 )

    Let’s see what this day will bring to Jodi’s case..

    I am sending my possitive energy her way. ♥

    (((((((Jodi, stay strong!))))))))

    • TGIF!!! Sending positive thoughts and prayers to Jodi for her day in court

      (((((((((((JODI♥♥))))))))))))))))) 🙂

      Ray in H-burg Va.

  39. Jodi will be in my thoughts all day long!! I’m praying for the Lord to bless her and give her the strength she will need to fight for her life once again. She has suffered greatly and it is time for the tide to turn in her favor. All of the Positive thoughts I can muster up will go towards JODI! FREE OUR JODI!

    PS Hope they feed her lunch:).

  40. The only thing that bothers me about the closed hearings is we all know what they did to Jodi when we were watching. Hopefully, the Angels above will be with her and keep her safe today.

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