Kirk Nurmi’s Book: Part 1 of 3 (full transcript)

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Click on the book cover below to read Nurmi’s latest book: “Trapped with Ms. Arias – From Getting the File to Being Ready for Trial – (Part 1 of 3).”

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Trapped with Ms. Arias Part 1 of 3 From Getting the File to Being Ready for Trial - Volume 1
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Book Overview/Intro:

“Most people became interested in the State of Arizona v. Jodi Arias January 2, 2013, when opening statements were delivered. Over time that interest became a media sensation and a world-wide phenomenon. However, as her attorney I know that what you saw at trial is only part of the story. Have you ever wondered what happened before the trial began, what it was like to deal with Ms. Arias when the cameras were not rolling? In this book I detail for the reader what happened before the case began, what happened before the cameras were on. I detail the things that you do not know, things that will describe my reality, the reality that I was “Trapped with Ms. Arias.””

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  1. Wow what a PITY PARADE for fat boy…..I saved Her for LWOP….and this is a lawyer…God help Us all. I find his spew hard not to read SLOWLY as he spoke that way in court,but then he must of had other things on his mind…DONUTS …or a BOOK as this case may be his last.Well at least We now know he NEVER though it was self defence….well in his mind….explain the lack of wounds on t-dogs forearms or was he asking Her to ..BRING IT ON ,BEEP ,BEEP, BEEP! Now this book ? is a must read on how not to do ones job…and soon We’ll see one on HOW to do a job on justice…..As for NONE of HER friends or family stood up for Her….I’ve been there , had that done to Me,STILL HERE and STRONGER as She. As for the illness…read his book to see illness or ask any in WAR so why won’t You tell the world just what You did….as E.B. Sledge said in HELL IN THE PACIFIC….You weren’t there…I did what I had to, TO SURVIVE. I’ll say this for you fat boy…You’ve taken throwing someone under a bus to a whole new level…..but then as Judas you do need the coin. But news flash…here’s how you really lost weight….you know your days at failing are OVER. Who would not feel ill when reading you book of hate…She hates to be called….well that shows your hate and vile.

  2. Ha!!! 😀 😀 😀

    I hope Nurmi has by now realized that what he wrote is more useful for wiping his ASS after taking a dump but if he hasn’t, then maybe now that it is out on the web FOR FREE he’ll reconsider 😉

  3. I’m on Chapter 3 of Nurmi’s book and the shock of reading what he wrote made me stop reading and feel the need to respond..

    Hmm was going to copy and paste but found I couldn’t.. maybe for a good reason.

    I am stunned. He considers it a sign of mental illness for a child, sorry, teen, to grow marijuana and dabble in it, try it out? O M G…
    MANY teens experiment with marijuana, doesn’t mean they are mentally ill for Christ’s sake! How CAN he be so narrow-minded?

    Had he also not thought that some personalities in families do not, shall we say, appreciate each other? That he takes as gospel the things they say??
    I’m gob-smacked… open-mouthed.
    Teens go through many different stages in their lives, who knows, the way Jodi’s parents had both treated her… I notice that Nurmi doesn’t consider THAT in terms of her at one time only, pushing the dog away with her foot, or even a bit harder, well that is better than hitting out at her mother, though from hearing what her mother did it is understandable that this did happen and she was young, all the hormones that swirl around when we are teens… and to be parented well is all, and yes I know that parents make mistakes too… but does Nurmi make allowances.. that this ”kicking” a dog was a one off? No. It’s just another reason to say that Jodi Arias (note that I didn’t call her, Miss Arias, is mentally ill!


    Nurmi you are WRONG… and you say you have studied psychology?

    On to finishing Chapter 3 tomorrow now, it is way past my bedtime!

    • I’m with you johnm, I can’t bring myself to read that trash. Watching the Circus was painful enough.
      How LOW will he go? We all knew the frog was a nightmare, and now Nurmi proves he is in the same boat with that little slimy green frog . . .waiting for their boat to sink. Soon real soon……

  4. So, because Nurmi didn’t understand her he decided she was mentally ill………………..Sheeeesh. Reading this pile of Sh*t is not only frustrating, it’s infuriating………….

  5. When two tainted attorneys write petty he said she said phoney , irrelevance, lies, unjustifiable, gossip for so called fame and coin!!! That speaks volume to the world!!! The parasites will waste away in their own filth!!! Ope a fair conscious level headed, God sent person will help Jodi receive her just due FREEDOM! Now, if a book come out about the FALL of the dirty pedo mormons and the butt wipe frog and nurdi, imean nurmi… Thats worth the read!!! ;)))))

  6. I urge all to try to read this vile and see just what kind of thing She was up against…..did he ever try to do his job….? To him lose first THEN save Her…well that’s what he thinks. Unlike most I can only read a few pages per day….thanks Gov….hmm what does that mean say the haters……! Now parents out there…please do as Dr. fat boy says….kid grow pot,take to Dr…..gee America must have a lot of Dr.s…even fake ones…call jamean on that…..she knows all about fake. But if Your kid hits You or bites You that a sign of mental illness or lies or wakes up at night or will not eat or if they are a …KID. Is this guy for real all 250 to 500 lbs of loser. his words…the loser thing and dang good at it to even 2nd chair showed him how to lawyer. fat boy who are you kidding seems you have a hate on for kids too or is that more like t-dog thoughts. he could not quit the case……cry Me a river….I have stood up to 30 + officers and before that 30+ W.O. officers and went toe to toe with a Capt. in Our military and WON…because I believed in My cause….try it sometime fat boy…stand up for what you know is the right thing to do. So this is how tiny WON by having …HELP from a thing that could care less …his words again…dang it’s the Gov…times up for today…..oh fat boy did you steal My letters I sent to J.W….just asking boy.

    • Thanx, but I don’t NEED to READ. I saw the sham trial, all of it. When frog and horn teamed to sucker punch nurmi with the “gunshot last”, the WHOLE case for Jodi was LOST. Why didn’t the slouch take over lead and continuously pounce on horn? It was nurmi the slouch giving it away, just like NOW. He can’t sell that shit, and he can”t “give it away, give it away, give it away, now”
      No Thanx

  7. JODI was set-up from the very beginning …….. I’m pretty sure if I smacked the stupid out of Nurmi there wouldn’t be anything left.

  8. Got up to the chapter where he explains that he, ”doesn’t like Ms Arias”….

    Nurmi protests too much, methinks…. his rant is no more than a feeble attempt at damage limitation; well NURMI the Damage Has Been Done. No, he doesn’t have to like her, BUT, As Her Lawyer he Should NOT Have Voiced it in court in his Closing Argument and he KNOWS IT.
    NOTHING he can say, no matter how long he rants, can excuse what he SAID.

    What he Said was the icing on the cake for the Brain Dead Jury who lapped it up.


    Thought I would provide a few passages for Mister Nurmi. They just made me think of him. 😉

    “He who conceals hatred has lying lips, And he who spreads slander is a fool.”
    Proverbs 10:18 NASB

    “”May a slanderer not be established in the earth; May evil hunt the violent man speedily.””
    Psalm 140:11 NASB

    “Whoever secretly slanders his neighbor, him I will destroy; No one who has a haughty look and an arrogant heart will I endure.”
    Psalm 101:5 NASB

  10. Only when hell freezes over would I read this garbage! I’m sure that nurmi was inspired by nancy grace! 🙄

    We’ve read, heard and seen so many ‘anti-Jodi’ bullshit to last us a lifetime. What could nurmi possibly have written that we haven’t heard already! He can shove his book up his ass for all I care. SMH.

    All he proved was that he IS indeed a lowlife unethical POS.

  11. I would like to take a moment to pay my respects to a kind, loving friend of Jodi’s and ours. David Allen lost the battle with cancer last night. He was there for Jodi at her trial supporting her, representing us all that couldn’t be there and reminding her that she is not alone.

    R.I.P. David Allen. You will not be forgotten ♥

      • I am very saddened about Davids passing. We emailed each other several times and I must say that he was a very kind and sincere man. I pray for his family and I know he is in a better place. Fly with the angels Dear David.

    • He was such a sweet decent loving human being. A true gentleman, a kind soul and a true friend and supporter. I am heartbroken.

      R.I.P. Davil ♥ ♥ ♥

    • David was a lovely man, I was very shocked to hear of his death, I knew he wasn’t well but didn’t know he had cancer. Such a tragedy that his life had to be cut short by this terrible disease 🙁
      RIP David, you will be missed.

  12. Fair well David and watch over Her from above and We’ll do Our very best to undo this injustice. As for fat boys vile it shows just how he did all to fail Her. In over his head, well get out of the pool. This parade of pity he’s on shows how he failed Her. Proof of his up to no good…how i think it happened….She stabbed him from behind…..WTF look at the wounds….on the right side and imagine doing that with the weak hand…just try it and it’s rather odd to think any could do such w/o the person turning around and landing You a good one …remember he trained as a wrestler for 15 yr.s. Now imagine that he had a bear hug on Her…but failed to capture Her left arm…..hence the wounds saying get off of Me…NOW! Most wrestlers use a hold or choke hold to win. And oh get his next book to find out another version of how She did it…duh! we were not there but look to the facts and scene…it shows Her truth….but one does need REASON to see that. Seems fat boy is trying to top tiny….and that says it all. But I’m sure his book will show a higher court that he should have been removed long before trial…..

  13. Nurmi didn’t save her – juror 17 did. Had it not been for Juror 17 she would have got the DP. Fat lot of use Nurmi was..

  14. In case you have too much hair, just wait till you reach the part where he tells us the many reasons she couldn’t have possibly forged the confession letter but then tells us, in spite of all those reasons, that he believes she did forge it. Un-friggin’-believable!

  15. Well fat boy has to cover his ass and that still takes a lot of doing. Well as for the letter…She did not have to FORGE his own did She….seems the cult of t-dog loves a man who preys on children…3 times is not a mistake…..but when one sees their vile it does show why they cling to a PEDO….just like …..!!!! Fat boy NEVER did his PAID DUTY and he tells Us so…..TAX $$$ stolen….I’d say so. That trial was all about his greed and wanting to write a book? And tiny is really going to have to do a rewrite to out do the vile of Imagine if he had hated Her 10 out of 10…..WOW seems Her letter to THAT judge spoke truth once more. And thanks to fat boy We now know his true evil ways…az. must have very big gutters…..enjoy the light fat one as it shows your darkness….POOR TRAVIS the fake man and abuser….now Dr. kn is on your side…..seems abusers stick together like they smell of …._ _ IT!

  16. I have reached Chapter 49 in Nurmi’s book.

    Despite the fact I vehemently disagree with his personal opinion of Jodi and the things he has said about her, I urge people to read Chapter 49; he doesn’t agree with the tactics Juan Martinez used, he doesn’t agree she premeditated it and explains himself well.

  17. Yes Heather, agreed that his analysis is worth going over. He sure isn’t much of a writer though. I wouldn’t have paid for this document.

    • Yes, it is, Judy. He explains what his thoughts were leading up to the trial, and how they have changed since, which will be in his next book. He isn’t a seasoned author, we know, but he did go to great lengths to explain, which he did quite well at considering all the ins and outs of what happened was far from being a normal capital case, and how the media, not forgetting the antics of JM, were like a solid brick wall to penetrate. To cover all angles making sure he got understood by everyone, wasn’t the easiest of books to write and in this respect I don’t think he did such a bad job..
      In fairness to him I do think people should read it, (even though I fully respect and understand the feelings of others who don’t want to.)

      After reading it I do have a respect for his passion and dedication to his job as a Lawyer; taking personal feelings out of the equation is not easy to do for anyone.

  18. Nurmi’s second book pertaining to this one, a trilogy of 3, titled, ”From Trial to Mistrial”….. Sounds hopeful.

    As I said previously there are things he said that seem to contradict himself and there are things I very much disagree with on what he wrote about Jodi..
    No doubt about it, writing this book was no easy task. He did have a very difficult job and reading what he says shows this; one really mustn’t forget that making it so difficult for him as a Lawyer, was JM and also, Jodi herself.. and I do believe the only choice he had was to save her life, but that isn’t to say he couldn’t have done more; I’m sure we can all in retrospect see things he should have said and done…

    BUT we mustn’t forget the Brain Dead and Rabid Jurors; would whatever he did or said have truly altered what they had their minds set to – before the trial began? I don’t think so. I really don’t.

    • Oh and before the haters get to my comments (above this), yes, I do see my typo. Not a couple of sentences, mind, not like Horn. Just one word.

  19. I just hope by putting Nurmis’ book on here for free doesn’t cause problems for Sweet Jodi. I am not sure about the law, but I think it could be copyright infringement. Please correct me if I am wrong. (((Free Jodi)))!!

  20. Opps as in She did not have to forge his words on 12 year olds did She……! Now i do find it interesting how haters tell the world She didn’t like to shower….well seems a certain state makes that rather hard…hey az. one can heat water with the …SUN! Now show Me one photo where She appears like She doesn’t clean…NONE out there…haters. But fat boy then goes on about wanting to be alone as She reads or does Her art……OMG say what….who reads alone or does art alone…EVER BODY! Now I would ask any who do You think should have been 1st. chair…J.W. or the sofa king? Yes I know this was J.W. 1st case but it seemed to Me it was his 1st. or LAST! How does one counter tiny in and out of court,make him own his words….as in …seems as memory problems go you(tiny) have got them in spads and are you on trial or is it your time line is a bit backwards as in first is now last. In any debate all one has to do is let them rave on and then say did you just say…62 sec.s impossible…well let Me show you just how wrong you are! At 6.2 ft. 250 lbs at the time and…OLD I can do all that was done and more in 42 sec.s again and again. There you go jury …the big lie from the state,and why would they do that when they have the …FACTS? Lets be real here did k.n. ever do right by the defendant? I say NOT.

  21. To set the record straight:

    SJ DIDN’T put Nurmi’s book online. The book was already online and JAII only provided the link to the site where it was published.

    Last time I checked, sharing another site’s link is not a crime. If posting a link to another site is a crime then that means that everyone around the world is a criminal because we post links to songs & clips – that are not ours – on our social media pages every day.

    Have a nice day.

    Rasna Admin – TEAM JODI

    • Thank you for clearing that up. But you know how things go: whatever others don’t like or disagree with, they’ll always blame SJ, whether it’s his fault or not. I just love SJ’s scope in dealing with all the idiots that jump to conclusions and blame him for everything:

      UNFUCKWITHABLE (adj.) when you’re truly at peace and in touch with yourself, and nothing anyone says or does bothers you, and no negativity or drama can touch you. (I saw this on fb and think it’s exactly the perfect word for SJ’s attitude to bullshit).

      ((((SJ)))) ♥ ♥ ♥

  22. O.K. KIRK NURMI is MENTALLY ILL! Read his chapter on …The LETTERS…so 10 letters were sent out but a magazine gets found…and how would any know just what was used on a copy…pen/pencil….it’s a COPY! Now only one person can ever prove anything written is a true copy…the writer…and if their DEAD….good luck on that….see U.S. Constitution… do We know that’s the original…who among Us was there? Anyone talk the writer lately….John…is that Your writing….one must compare writing to known writing in ALL aspects and from what I’ve seen…B I N G O….seems like t-dog had a paw in that letter JAII posted. Kirk why are you helping the STATE then and now….so after failing to save Her ,you can now save Her. Imagine any lawyer telling a client…FIRST I’ll lose the case,then I’m gonna SAVE You….don’t worry.cause I sure don’t…does that not scream from his rather odd logic. But as he says I was going to do as I wanted….I’m the lawyer here…TRUST ME! Hard to read such vile and hate,just imagine this is what one has to call their …LAWYER! Talk about a WTF situation to be in…

    • Nurmi pulled all this crap on her and then reports her resulting responses (yelling, crying, etc.) as some mental, emotional and moral deficiency in her. That’s sick! I too would be yelling, stomping my feet and crying in desperation if I was faced with this kind of arrogant SOB as the person who was supposed to be saving me from being murdered by the State. The fact that she came out of all this still intact, with the positive and loving attitude that she has, is a miracle (and speak volumes for her true inner self). I doubt any of those hateful people out there could have done as well.

      • I totally agree with you Justus. Having to sit months after months and listen to people making her out to be a monster w/o being able to stand up and defend herself takes a lot of inner strength. I think if I was in Jodi’s shoes, they’d have to gag me to prevent me from standing up every other minute defending myself.

        ((((Jodi)))) ♥ ♥ ♥

  23. I’m happy that I can read Kirk Nurmi’s book for free right here. I wanted to read it but I really didn’t want to pay for it.
    I’ll probably read Kermit’s book also but there is absolutely no way I’ll pay for that.

    I want to read what was going on in the minds of these two people during the entire ordeal.

    I’m on Chapter 15 currently.

  24. PLUS nurdie puts in print in his own words that he believes that there was NO PREMEDITATION on Jodi’s part!!! So, why didnt he debunk frogs theory??? There was so much reasonable doubt in this case!!! The jurk is so lame!!!

  25. I’m on Chapter 42 and I have to say that I wanted to believe that Kirk Nurmi did the best he could but now I have serious doubts. He even mentioned what I presumed was this site when he mentioned a website where the “Cult of Jodi” drank the Jodi Arias Kool-Aid.
    Nurmi sounds as if he would have been very happy if Jodi received the DP. He comes out and says he did not like her from the time he met her and he never believed it was a self defense case.

    He complains that Jodi treated him like she was the boss and he worked for her, which the way I see it is he did work for her although not exclusively as Jodi demanded.
    He bashed the daylights out of Yreka California, Jodi’s home town when he and Jen Wilmott went there to talk to the Arias Family who Nurmi also has no like or use for.
    Interesting read.
    I don’t know how you can defend someone in a DP case if you have such hatred for them.
    This is just the first book of 3. Holy smokes.

    • This site and the people posting here in 2013 (and currently, of course) shone a light on the Reasonable Doubt this case reeks of and have done much more serious work on many aspects of this case than Nurmi EVER did! So he should keep his irony and bitterness and SHUT THE FUCK UP for good, if possible.

    • Thing is: Jodi was the boss! He had the responsibility to listen to her and proceed as Jodi wished. Only if he was 100% sure that what Jodi was asking for would harm her case should he have not agreed w/ her BUT sit down and explain his reasons! Not call her ‘difficult’. It speaks volumes that just a few weeks that Jodi took matters in her own hands so much evidence that was ‘buried’ came to surface! If Nurmi had done the job he was paid to do from the getgo, the outcome would have been so much different.

      Fuck Nurmi. Worthless piece of shit. I really hope he does get disbarred. By disbarring him, it’ll save other defendants having the misfortune to be stuck with his bad representation.

  26. The letters….O.K. is k.n. telling the world that he hid child abuse from the authorities…..? Tells Us first he showed the letter to the U$e$…WTF is that but a cover up. As soon as he got that letter he should have called the law…..and to all the haters,may I remind you idiots that She RISKED Her life to protect that troubled young man…because of …LOVE….very common for the abused to protect the ABUSER! Was k.n. in …LOVE with someone? How did he not know that CHRIS AND SKY were as deep into abuse as their t-dog or did they even care. Lets just sweep this UNDER the rug or did the HUGHES get help for their children…I’m asking here…DID YOU? Often I wonder if t-dog’s DNA was tested in a crime data base what would We find……Seems he loved to take trips and explore new things……when the dog’s away , boy does he play. Remember world his mouth said those words of hate and vile and evil….towards a child…..God forgive him. As the bishop said …that young man has a lot to answer for……indeed he does…..

  27. Seems to Me this case was NEVER about a crime but more about …THE MONEY….both male lawyers cared more for the wants and needs of CHRIS HUGHES and PPL then ANYTHING else as these two things went out of their way to PLEASE him….ALL ABOUT THE MONEY…SHE killed his best earner….opps FRIEND! Or should I have said….BAIT,as t-dog knew how to pull em in…now God knows what happened to ALL his money…but gone it was…really who borrows from EVERYBODY? ATTENTION all line up at ppl to trash JODI…did it not look like that on HLN as they read from the same playbook. This I don’t buy Her word on the stand…SHOW the world where She lied…..or shut up(Thanks Maria) Real easy to spew that vile when your life is not at risk…Hers was and She stopped them 4 times to MURDER Her….if that’s not a WIN what is …all they ever wanted was to kill Her and shut Her up. Such is their true evil…think of it…could their TRAVIS have abused their sons and would they even care…one has to wonder…

  28. Chapter 19…..READ that and ask Yourself could tiny do better…as in talk about vile and hate. This thing wanted the DEATH PENALTY for WORDS…read what he says. And if people WANT to help who is this thing to put the blame on Her. People give for all sorts of reasons put the blame on them.If She asked for help and one does…whose fault is that. The poor old man…B/S…I say that speaks of k.n.s jealousy….I saved You….where is my Thank You……That thing of a lawyer failed Her and justice…..and trust Me,kirk you would not want to hear about My family or what I think of you. Most families have issues….to bad HLN don’t show em all.

  29. So the mob will spew on dr.phil…..or more FAKE DR. Well ask that family this …boy…..out on the court house displaying the Roman sign for MURDER….bro steve and tanish….what’s up with that? And sister sam who is a police woman telling the court and the world how she planned to MURDER a woman with no evidence at the time just pure hate and vile….strange actions for someone who works for ….THE LAW. And ask the u$eS…have you taken your boys to a Dr. to see if they were abused by your dearest friend…why not just in case. And the family waiting to intimidate the jury as it walked by each day as if they didn’t do enough of that in court from the front row…..SHOW BOATS in a SHOW TRIAL….wake up AMERICA these two faces will destroy Your nation. But I’ll say this…boy did he say in right…t-dog as that is what he was…A DOG! As for the haters why is it what I post upsets you so? Does the TRUTH hurt so bad…wanting 12 yr. olds is nothing but what a PEDO…and that is the only question phil should bring up…Now just what was so wrong with that young man to want a child in that evil way….EXPLAIN! Well We all know that phil can be bought…talk to …O…on that after all it is all about the money…or as his dear friend would say…hell i’m making more now off that guy then i ever did then……all about the money…..and haters We know that to…and each day there is more MONEY. As for copy right on books Well it seems only one side does fair reviews….all legal too but I ask you this folks …how much did he work on Her case as he worked on his book and on the tax payers dime. Wow I just remembered this is an add for tiny to push his vile and hate as he lost to a …WOMAN….Did She not shut his MURDER via the state…4 TIMES! This world needs more women as Her….and as for the abusers….just stop ABUSING! Get help… up and find help….tiny take some advice from phil….take a time out. Oh P.S. to a hater…a few years back My Dr. thought I had cancer…WRONG…gee just as wrong as tot doc and dr. typo…see world some docs are not so great.But if I get cancer….I’ll be sure and let you know and make real sure My WILL is honoured…as all wills should be.David I will take up your cause as it is just and noble…..Bless You.

    • How does Dr. Phil plan to explain to himself, his wife and audience that his upcoming guest believes that it is funny and okay to abuse women.

      “You say it yourself, “The T-dogg pulls chicks.” …..And you do. I have never before gotten involved in your love life, but it has both saddened me and concerned me how you have hooked up with the ladies and gotten into their hearts only to prove disinterested in the end. But this is none of my business. So I never said anything, I just laughed because the emotional turmoil these girls go through aside, it is kind of funny. : )

      T-dogg, you add all that up … and what would you think? My thoughts were that this was just another girl that you were playing with and who would end up heart broken like so many others. For example … Brandi. She was another girl that you called to flirt with recently. She was going to NY with friends. You call her in the middle of the night and talk her into going to Sup Saturday which she did, and you didn’t even throw her a bone. Now that’s funny and all, until that girl is sitting in your living room confused as all hell, pouring her heart out to you, expressing her love for the guy who when you add it all up, in my mind anyway, couldn’t give a rat’s about her.

      I don’t know why I did it. I’ve never done it before, with all the girls you’ve left spell bound and depressed, why now? I guess because she was here in my home. I could look in her eyes, and see perfect love for you mixed with pain and confusion.

      I know the good T as well as the bad T, and you know me. So I have seen a lot of gals get gutted in your wake.

      Also, I know the “A” word was used (abusive) which is a strong word by the way. I think what you term rough around the edges Sky and I would term abusive. So it’s just a terminology thing, but abusive is probably not the best word. Lets just say rough around the edges. You know you are rough around the edges. I know it, Sky knows it and Jodi knows it. Anyone who knows the T-dogg knows he is rough around the edges.

      I felt so sorry for Jodi thinking you were about to gut her, I was trying to salvage her. But I was wrong in doing so, and wish I would have kept my trap shut and not got involved at all.

      I really do hope you can forgive me Travis.

      • And what would Robin think of this taken from that one email? I doubt that she has heard anything worse in all her work with dv victims. I have heard her say so many times that dv is not just physical, and that verbal abuse is more harmful.

        “what a freaking whore, cheap whore, corrupted carcass – I don’t know how a heart beats in such a corrupted carcass, Hitler had more of a conscience than you. I’ve never dealt with a more solid form of evil, he accuses her of going on to the next dick, he tells her your words are worthless, he hates her, she’s caused him more pain than the death of his father, she’s a rotten lunatic, he’s never dealt with a more solid form of evil, she’s nothing but a liar, she lives a life identical to Satan, she’s a three hole wonder, she ought to get tips for givings BJ’s, she never loved him, she’s got a slut’s job, who freaking cares about you – you’re worthless, you’re a bitch, your lies make your life worthless, you’re taking up people’s air, you don’t care, you don’t know what horror you’ve caused me, you’re a laughing stock, you don’t care about anything but Jodi, he blames her for a lot of the pain that he feels in his own life, he tells her that he was nothing more than a dildo with a heartbeat to her, you’re demented.”

        • “Look, here’s my problem with the whole thing,” he says. “I believe that when you are talking about depriving someone of their liberty in America, that is an extremely high standard and it should be an extremely high standard.” There are different levels of truth, and in criminal cases, the verdict has to be unanimous and the evidence has to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. “That’s a standard that you have to meet before you take somebody out of the world and put them in a cage in America, and that is a very high standard and it should be a high standard. And therefore, law enforcement must not only avoid impropriety, they must avoid the appearance of impropriety. They must have clean hands throughout an investigation, arrest, charge and prosecution of an individual.” – Dr. Phil re Avery

          I hope he brings this up with tiny.

  30. NOWHERE in OUR COUNTRY is it a crime to defend ones self from a life threatening abusive attack. I find it weird that when women finally have had enough and stand up for themselves,saving their own lives, our FAILED JUSTICE system decides to abuse them even more by trying to totally destroy them. WHAT ON EARTH IS WRONG WITH OUR LAW? Have all of them become corrupt and lost their focus for TRUE JUSTICE???? Did they not take an oath to Protect and Serve the citizens of our country? Not Lie, Wrongly charge someone, Tamper & Delete evidence, Botch investigations, Persuade the masses by convicting someone on the media before a trial has even begun, Profit for their own personal benefits and then hurry to print their fictional garbage at the expense of the taxpayers????? NO it MUST STOP!!!There are many who have been guilty of profiting off of Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander’s tragedy. Travis was mentally disturbed (IMO) and needed help desperately. Where were those people who claim to LOVE him? Why did they not help him then? The members of TA’s church, family and OH SO un-devoted friends have made it their life goals to destroy Jodi for only surviving Travis’s abusive behavior. They all knew of his behavior but lied time and time again. His own words proved what he was about. Money, Strange sexual encounters with MANY!!!!, self promotion at any cost, scamming in work and religion and definitely mental & physical abuse if not more. IMO these people who have supported his abnormal behavior are only holding him to HIGH standards to make themselves appear to not be completely ignorant. They fell for his lines. . .I would find that embarrassing too. Poor People. All of them have profited off of his death, even his own family. The scam continues and those pitiful people still are struggling to make Travis to be someone he never was or could be. It is them who keeps the tragedy spinning, not Jodi. What kind of people do such things???? I’m thankful Jodi is a survivor. smh

    The last word does not come from the likes of corrupt individuals but from the Lord My God. The media should be careful who they decide to profit off of. We will for ever have to answer for ALL of our deeds in this life. Is the Almighty $$$ worth losing your souls for eternity? Not for me. God protects his children and Jodi A. Arias is in my forever family. ♥ No human is perfect. Learn to forgive and go and help others that are being abused by our systems, there are too many.

    Psalms Chapter 37
    27 Depart from evil, and do good; and dwell for evermore.
    28 For the LORD loveth judgment, and forsaketh not his saints; they are preserved for ever: but the seed of the wicked shall be cut off.

  32. Thank You Carol…and R. Love….lets see just how Phil and Robin handle this opportunity to let the light shine…..maybe …O…will show up for this one. Or is it going to be a hate fest. on Jodi. Maybe brother steve and sister tanisha can do the thumbs down pose for the mob/cult of t-dog….history knows that as the MURDER sign…how fitting for them to want justice as they ruin justice…for all. But know this …SOME will do ANYTHING for money….stay tuned. But it will be on record so let them open the mouths and speak his truth…like the oh so funny eddie snell who seemed to THINK that all needed a good killing…and my what a TRUE hate on for women that dog had…PROUD of it too….who knew that church had stand up….

  33. I’m praying and hoping Dr. Phil might rethink having Mister Toad on his show. It might bring more viewers but is it worth bringing himself down to the level of Nancy Disgrace and that other Dr. who likes to profit off of the misfortunes of those less fortunate. If he does it will certainly be interesting to see if he is self-promoting himself (like them) and pandering to the money grubbing vultures who want blood and $$$$ instead of TRUE JUSTICE or will he actually be seeking the hidden truth from this prosecutor. Dr. Phil will see fast he will be dancing with the Devil himself. The toad will never speak the truth about anything. How will tiny toad explain writing and publishing a book about this case? The Maricopa County taxpayers should be interested in hearing his creative excuses. Send in the clowns, why not…….. 🙄

  34. To the haters who view this site…..DON’T TALK OF HATE ,VILE, and EVIL, look to your sites for that. Who just had to leave t-dog body up on the screen in court for way to long,until the judge told him to take it down. Who tried to sway a jury from the front row? Who stood up in court telling the world how She planned to MURDER Jodi and this was a cop? Who flashed the Roman MURDER sign on court house stairs with a look of glee.What two stood before a jury calling for the death sentence…even though they knew that was not allowed in their speech? Who photo RAPES a young woman any chance they can…? Often I hear from haters why did She not just run…SHE DID!…..why so much force…..She used what was needed to stop his wrath…of 27 wounds why is only one deep? Why only one shot if it was last…jammed?…it takes a split sec. to clear any jam…I know. Why not just bash his skull with the .25,as that makes a bigger wound then ANY .25. Look to the wounds on his hands,why to small and shallow if he was defending himself,looks more like he was grabbing for a …knife. No wounds to forearms…how strange is that….forearms used,defence mode, not used on the …ATTACK. Look to their past to see their truth….one loved violence as one did not. Did this so called man of faith not BRAG of abusing Her as She slept in a chair…what kind of thing does that….and tell Me do you think She lied about when he abused Her as She lay in bed? I really wonder about folks who praise him…what kind of evil is that…..Dr. Phil You are about to open PANDORA’s box and trust Me they are using You as they use all…it’s their style. Do the right think and ask the hard questions and seek truth and don’t go PITY PARADE for t-dog…the mob/cult does not need more members…..just as the world needs more evil. They shame that troubled man….and the facts show his darkness well……too well. Who speaks such evil towards children? Ask them.

  35. Just noticed a Jan 15 Nurmi tweet: “So tragic, I wish he and everyone fighting #cancer all the best !”

    Still clueless about English.

  36. Hi everyone!! Have you all heard the taped conversation between Jodi and Kareem. You can listen to it on Anyways I’ll sum it up for everyone. They talk about Kareem’s video, the radio and tv stations she gets, what she eats for breakfast. Kareem tells her how he got a lot of hate on Twitter because of the video. He jokes that they are the 2 most hated people in America. Jodi says haters are gonna hate and says she is getting so much LOVE that she can’t even respond to it all. Kareem tells her how the haters can’t stand it when he calls her his little sister. He says they did a parody account of his video and Jodi says he should be flattered that they took the time to do that. Jodi seems to be in great spirits!! Kareem tells her he’s gonna visit her soon and Jodi tells him she can get contact visits soon so he says he gonna give her a big hug!! Of course the media is blowing it all out of proportion. Definitely worth listening just to hear Jodi’s voice!!

    • After this stunt, I expect PV will throw Kareem off the visitor list for a long time. And good riddance, in my opinion, since he’s been a terrible influence on Jodi.

    • Did you notice how the write-up claims she’s not showing any remorse in the conversation. It would seem that for these bubble heads if she isn’t continually crying and saying she’s sorry that she’s cold hearted. No laughing and no happiness allowed for the rest of her life. Otherwise she’s obviously not remorseful.That’s how shallow their thinking is.

        • Of course she has. But those people need for her to be a monster to justify their own behavior. She could show her remorse until the end of time and they wouldn’t believe her. But they claim if she isn’t showing it till the end of time, that’s further proof that she’s a monster. It makes one’s head spin.

  37. Ok, confused. I read an article a few days ago that said Jodi was sad and depressed, had no life, no joy, no friends, and lived like a dog in a cage. Now I ready that she is happy (for the most part) and upbeat. Which is it???? It just goes to show you how the press is able to twist stories to please their audiences. Can’t wait for the Dr. Phil shit show.
    Long live Jodi !!!!!!!

  38. How many people would believe this World to be a BETTER one without NANCY DISGRACE poisoning the airwaves with her pathetic attempts to sway the sheeple for her own self promotion?

    I’m for one and tired of her never ending lies and abuse of innocent people. It needs to STOP!
    What a bitter and hate filled woman. SMH 👿

    • The media is getting to be nothing but poison, lies and trash everywhere. They apparently think America is full of people without brains. . . . SORRY. . . .WE ARE STILL ALIVE AND KICKING!!!!!!

      I WILL FIGHT FOR JUSTICE FOR JODI ARIAS WHO HAS BEEN WRONGLY ACCUSED, CHARGED and CONVICTED by LIES and LIARS who concealed, deleted and tampered with evidence.

  39. I for one am so glad to hear Her voice….there you go haters…still UNBROKEN and will be. Nice to know She has somewhat better food and has kept Her humour….haters gotta hate….LOL Yes they do. As for pinching babies well I can see that from them…who in their right mind brings a baby to a show trial….was that baby rented? But the mob has always brought babies to their lynchings…go on line to see just such vile…they do abuse babies and with a smile as they MURDER someone.That is what She was up against on June 4 2008 and that is what She is up against now…pure evil. What won’t the haters do to bring Her harm…but now We surround Her and will do all to bring an end to this injustice for Her and all who DO BELIEVE in justice…and My how odd that juror #8 is with the cult….and WAS all along. Some folks get off at abusing others and pushing hate vile and lies….and speaking of dave gaul what a creep and very dangerous man….allowing anyone to film in front of a live firing line…SHAME on the NRA. And dave are you happy you loaned t-dog that .25….just asking dave…he does protest way to much…

  40. For several reasons, I can’t say everything I know or guess about this episode. But it includes the following:

    1 A reasonable person who listens to the phone call will conclude, in the circumstances, that Kareem arranged its recording. Jodi couldn’t record it, and prison staff have no motive to leak it.

    2 Kareem is a liar. He claims that he did not leak Jodi’s handwritten letter about his video, but he did.

    3 Kareem implicitly calls Jodi a liar. He has said he never believed her to be innocent. But according to her trial testimony, she is, since she acted in self-defense. He says he believes her to be guilty of “second-degree manslaughter,” a nonexistent crime.

    4 Kareem understands the psychological issues no better than the legal ones. He says if Jodi’s PTSD (supposedly half the topic of the video) had been caught in time, the killing wouldn’t have happened. The defense presented PTSD as an effect of the killing, not a cause of it. It was put into evidence to lend credence to Jodi’s traumatic amnesia and to help explain her behavior after 6/4/08 — not to explain or excuse the killing.

    5 Kareem, or someone using his name, has posted lots of anti-female remarks, such as that “most women are nothing but gold-digging hoes.”

    Jodi seems to view Kareem as a friend, and that is her prerogative. To me, however, he looks like a dishonest, self-promoting, misogynistic nobody who has done Jodi very little good and perhaps serious harm. We must hope that she does not now lose any of her hard-earned Perryville privileges because of suspicion that she helped plan this harebrained video-promotion scheme. In fact, to call it “harebrained” insults the intelligence of hares.

    • According to a January 24 comment on “The State versus Jodi Arias” site, Kareem will be at the Dr. Phil taping. That can’t be good and could be a potential disaster if he gets on the show.
      If Dr. Phil’s staff did any in-depth research on Martinez, Chris Hughes and Tanisha, he could put the 3 of them on the hot seat for their behavior during the trial but I don’t expect that to happen.

    • Jodi testified that during her time in Mesa she felt suicidal and that she would shake like a Chihuahua when Travis got angry with her. Gus Searcy testified that Jodi visibly jumped when Travis called her during her visit in Los Vegas before moving home to Yreka. In late 2007 Matt McCartney was so concerned about Jodi that he called her mom suggesting that she might be bi-polar and that she needed help. He did this after he had received a call from Jodi after she had just had a fight with Travis.
      Jodi testified that she would even shake when she was in CA and he called her to argue with her. Jodi was suffering from startle response, anxiety and severe depression during her time in Mesa.

      People with PTSD experience persistent symptoms of increased arousal such as insomnia, irritability, hypervigilance, and exaggerated startle response.

      Women are twice as likely to develop posttraumatic stress disorder as men, and children can also develop it. PTSD often occurs with depression, substance abuse, or other anxiety disorders.

      • U.S. National Alliance on Mental Illness – Mental Health by the Numbers

        •Approximately 1 in 5 adults in the U.S.—43.8 million, or 18.5%—experiences mental illness in a given year.

        •Approximately 1 in 25 adults in the U.S.—10 million, or 4.2%—experiences a serious mental illness in a given year that substantially interferes with or limits one or more major life activities.

        •Approximately 1 in 5 youth aged 13–18 (21.4%) experiences a severe mental disorder at some point during their life. For children aged 8–15, the estimate is 13%.

        •2.6% of adults in the U.S. live with bipolar disorder.

        •6.9% of adults in the U.S.—16 million—had at least one major depressive episode in the past year.

        •18.1% of adults in the U.S. experienced an anxiety disorder such as posttraumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and specific phobias.

        •Among the 20.2 million adults in the U.S. who experienced a substance use disorder, 50.5% — 10.2 million adults—had a co-occurring mental illness

        Mental Health Commission of Canada

        In any given year, 1 in 5 people in Canada experiences a mental health problem or illness, with a cost to the economy of well in excess of $50 billion.

        Only 1 in 3 people who experience a mental health problem or illness — and as few as 1 in 4 children or youth — report that they have sought and received services and treatment.

        Just because someone suffers from PTSD does not mean that they cannot be put in a position in which they have to defend themselves. Otherwise, there would be a large population of both our countries who would be deemed unable to fight to protect themselves.

        The other sad truth is that there is still such a stigma attached, that many people do not reach out for help.

  41. I’m so sick of people using Jodi for their own selfish reasons. Anyone who truly cares about Jodi would never try to make $$ or get their 15 minutes of fame off her. I think people like that are way worse than the haters and that’s saying something!

    • Jodi seemed very excited about Lefty’s video and the fact that he had registered to start up a non-profit called Real Entertainment Justice Against Domestic Violence. I really don’t think that Lefty is doing this to make money. There are easier ways for him to make money than for him to become “the most hated man in America”.

      • I too believe that Lefty is sincere and is not in it for the money or fame.
        I think he is very courageous to put himself out there, exposing himself to incredible hate and vicious assaults on his character.

        Although Dr. Phil’ s show provides a lot of information about numerous subjects, I have always considered him to be an huge bully. Also, I highly doubt that he voiced any sort of concern regarding the danger to the constitutional rights of the populous when a prosecutor and a public defender publishes books against an individual who has not even had her first appeal. I am certain Dr. Phil knows that is not o.k.

        Regarding Nancy Grace and Dr. Drew:
        Has it occurred to the people who hate Jodi, that Nancy Grace and Dr. Drew have actually benefited Jodi’ s cause in some ways by enabling Lefty’s video and message to reach an enormous audience, plus many news outlets are featuring the story.
        The result of this massive exposure will surely cause some people to become more receptive to the idea that Jodi is not guilty as charged, and was indeed abused.

        Slick Dr. Drew and Nancy Grace spewing her vitriol while simultaneously posturing in a bathetic display of emotional distress over what she considers an insult to Travis and domestic abuse survivors, certainly knew that they had the option of ignoring the existence of Lefty and the video. Had they chosen not to do shows on the video, they would have done Travis supporters a real favor.
        Drew and Grace express outrage, disdain, contempt; yet where is there integrity?
        If they had real integrity they would have entirely ignored the video.

        Obviously, I support Jodi and believe she acted in self- defense, but I just want to emphasize to the Travis supporters, that Nancy Grace and Dr. Drew cared far more about ratings and money than they cared about the Travis supporters. Grace and Drew are the real manipulators, the real

        • ( problem with my device so I had to post before I was done)

          ….. exploiters.

          Moving onto a different topic, I want to comment upon Kirk Nurmi’s appearance on the Nancy Grace show. Nurmi’s main ‘contribution’ to the discussion was his focus upon Arias’s genitals, specifically Arias’s grooming of that region.

          That intense focus is emblematic of the misogyny that has driven this case from the outset. That misogyny which is encapsulated in that ‘symbol,’ that focus, is the truer source of the hatred towards and scapegoating of Jodi Arias.

          • I agree Amy. It is about misogyny.
            I hope nurmi and frog sensationalize themselves into legal hell. To think we may have to thank frog and nurmi for f*cking up so bad writing books, that they trigger Jodi’s freedom. I hope their fame and fortune serves Jodi well. No press is bad press eh frog?

          • I forgot to emphasize that Dr. Phil too has enabled the massive exposure of the video. Thanks to all of them, how many millions of people are aware of the video and it’s message? People who otherwise would probably never have known of its existence or message.
            ….. Thank you for spreading the word.

    • Thanks CC53 for the interesting article!!!! Just had to laugh….. ♥

      Sarah Bradley, a spokeswoman for Sock It Forward, a group that provides the homeless and those less fortunate with brand new socks, told ABC News that she does not approve of Trump’s pick for Vice President.
      “A Donald Trump-Joe Arpaio ticket is like if Hitler came back to life, merged bodies with Satan and then chose evil incarnate as his Vice Presidential running mate,” Bradley said. “As someone who lives in Phoenix, and deals with the homeless problem there on a daily basis, I can say without a doubt; everyone would be much better without Sheriff Joe Arpaio.” Bradley continued, “The criminal justice system in Maricopa County is a joke; it’s a never-ending revolving door

    • That disgusting piece of news even made it to the Greek news. I was having lunch one day when Arpaio’s fucking face popped on my screen. No comments….. I never thought highly of Tramp (quite the contrary actually, and sorry if I’m offending anyone’s political views) but NOW I believe he’s got more scews loose than I had expected.

      🙄 🙄

  42. If my memory is correct, wasn’t Trump pro Jodi on Twitter telling her: Jodi, make a deal!!!? And tweeting that Martinez needs new glasses. Perhaps if he’s President he will issue a full pardon. Wouldn’t that be sweet !!!!

  43. Say what did I just see that trump reached the bottom of the barrel…..joe…WTF. Hindenburg 2…can You feel the heat? Back on earth…how is it they screamed NO SECRETS in a trial… tiny held back a lot of secrets called evidence…oh well it was all about the …WIN and maybe a BOOK DEAL…all about the money…ask ca$h u$e on that. But there were secrets in that trial thanks to the 500+ questions from the jury and the judge hid the things who asked the questions…but why would they NOT want the world know who asked the question….of hate,vile and mockery…..OWN your words. And does any question from any juror not break a rule of any court…do not talk to each other before you retire to decide on a verdict…questions allow them to talk with each other on the case and express their view and to sway others or bully them. Are grand juries not secret and allow the state to go wild…..was that ever a reason for being secret….Remember that once a person is charged with a crime then there are MANY who THINK?…they are…see the MOB. But have them put their life or freedom on the line…..0…that’s the no. you would get on that. Griz prove She was innocent…..hmm when did that change….GUILTY until they prove their INNOCENCE….that’ the mind set We are up against. So there You go NEW RULES…charged = GUILTY now prove You are not…hmm maybe America should bring back trial by combat….t-dog attacked Her and lost….I’ve seen tiny attack Her and he was stopped…..imagine that She was allowed to question each juror about their question….. Who do You think would have won. The haters should worry about SECRETS as they have a way of coming OUT! Oh by the way brad smith now thinks the shot WAS first…Thanks boy….

  44. Fake….well that’s what joe and trump REALLY are…..but if only they would run hand in hand off a cliff…az got lots of them and speaking of fake systems…..DONALD …joe needs you…prove to the world what crazy really is P.S. just when are your boys gonna man up and join the military.

  45. God Help the United States of America….Trump’s friends are Palin and Sheriff Joe…, I can’t believe it. And now he is using money to manipulate the vets and others. Crazy…..Sheriff Joe will go down in history as one cruel piece of crap. I knew nothing about him until Jodi ended up in his jail. Thank God she is out of there at least.

  46. I’m really confused, I have read so many posts about how great Nurmi is. Now I just see how bad he is. I don’t know if Jodi is guilty or not. It’s really hard to support someone when it’s up and down on the people who were her lawyers. I honestly can’t make a decision. I will say this, people on this site really are her true supporters. I have nothing but respect for u all.

    • I think a lot of the explanation for the ‘up and down’ towards the lawyers__ and I’ m focusing on Nurmi in particular, is because a lot of Jodi supporters believed that Nurmi, as a public defender, must surely have his client’ s best interests in mind, so many supporters were willing to give him the benefit, willing to believe he had good intentions, despite Nurmi’s poor performance and many dubious decisions.
      Not until after Nurmi did everything possible to destroy Jodi via his book, did Jodi supporters truly learn of the extent of Nurmi’s malicious and undermining intentions.

      I don’ t know if it has ever been the case that a public defender has published a book meant to destroy his client and her defense, let alone publish it before the client has had her appeals.

      And the prosecutor is also publishing a book against Jodi, also before she even has her appeals. I also believe such an action is unprecedented.

      So, regardless of any member of the public’s attitude towards Jodi, I would hope they will be very alarmed that people who swore an oath to uphold the law, are now acting so reprehensively.

      • ( Near top should have read “were willing to give Nurmi the benefit of the doubt.

        P.S.: Jodi supporters wanted what was in Jodi’s best interests, so supporters criticizing various aspects of the lawyers’ decisions and performance, we’re never motivated by an intent to disrespect the lawyers. The supporters were just concerned that the lawyers be as effective as possible in their roles.

  47. ♥ Welcome to you Amy kay. Keep reading about this trial and you will see how easily it was for this circus trial to spiral out of control. It shouldn’t have happened to begin with. Botched investigations, deleted, concealed and tampered evidence, friends and family lying with untrue accusations of and about Jodi, a defective detective in a hurry to close a case without investigating it thoroughly, a prosecutor trying to reinvent himself into a Golden Idol for the masses to praise, a inadequate Judge who had never sat over a DP trial before, an attorney floundering in his own self pity and not wanting to represent his client and then the MEDIA spinning this Fictional Fairy tale into a tsunami of TOTAL INJUSTICE and openly condemning Jodi before the trial began. YES, please keep reading, Jodi needs more people to see what really happened in this tragedy. Jodi Arias is nothing like the Media, friends and family of Travis Alexander has accused her of. She has shown great sadness and remorse over everything that has happened to Travis even though they all have questioned it. She loved Travis and tried to protect him at all cost, even sacrificing her own life to protect his deep dark secrets. Unfortunately, the prosecutor and the family and friends wanted all of Travis’s secrets out in the open for all to hear mainly for their own personal gain. Make no mistake they are getting filthy rich with their nonsense. I’m sorry that those friends and family did not help their brother and friend when he was spinning out of control and they all were WELL aware of it. It is sad that he has been nothing but a meal ticket for them his whole life and still is. It has been a wonderful lesson in how to love and care about people who are in or come into our lives. Always extend a helping hand when we see our loved ones struggling. Stop and think of others before ourselves. Do something positive to change someone’s life for the better. Treat others the way we would want to be treated. We might never have that second chance to do the right thing. ♥ Let’s set this record RIGHT – Jodi Arias is innocent, SELF DEFENSE is not a crime ANYWHERE!

    As Always Sending Positive Love and Prayers for (((((((JODI)))))) ♥

  48. Another disgusting piece by Monica Lindstrom:

    It amazes me how these people jump at any opportunity to report every friggin’ detail about Jodi if it suits their personal gain and then claim she’s seeking the spotlight. Hey, Monica, you idiot, you’re the one putting the spotlight on her. She didn’t ask you to do that. So if she doesn’t deserve the spotlight, it’s real simple, stop doing it!

    Is this woman supposed to be a reporter? If so, all I can say is, WTF?

      • She is one of the main media vultures trying to make a buck off of Jodi. Jodi is in prison and minding her own business, what’s your excuse Monica? Your the spinner in this mess, still on the cash train. . .kaching kaching on down that track.

        I worry for anyone who reads Monica’s articles and takes them for the gospel. She has problems. The first being she doesn’t realize she has problems…..

    • Couldn’t agree more Justus!!!!

      Monica Lindstrom, you DUMBASS!!! Stop writing about Jodi, stop mentioning her name, FORGET ABOUT HER once and for all! LEAVE JODI ALONE! And THAT’S how all of you fucking haters are never gonna have to hear the name Jodi Arias ever again! GOT IT? But I guess you’re all too obsessed with her to do that! Mother fucking HYPOCRITES!!

    • Monica Lindstrom doesn’t want people focusing on Jodi Arias?
      So when Juan Martinez’s book comes out next month, can we count on Monica Lindstrom to not do any interviews, not write about, and not talk about that book, which of course is primarily about Jodi Arias?

    • When she first started covering the trial, she was doing her job like a professional reporter should: reporting the facts and avoiding ‘taking sides’… well, after a while, she became like those rag ‘reporters’ are: whatever sells, even if it’s bs! 😉

  49. Warning, I am about to lose my shit and go into crazy bitch mode:

    How I ended up involved in all this Kareem drama bullshit is beyond me. It seems that some of the Super Dupers will do anything and twist anything and believe anything that suits them just to have a reason to bash me. So, this is coming from straight from the horse’s mouth (my mouth!):

    Back in January 16th 2015 (one year ago) I had sent a few e-mails, pm’s to rappers and Rock bands trying to find someone that would be interested in writing a supportive song for Jodi. I sent a message to Snoop Dogg, to Ice-T, Rage Against the Machine’s singer, etc. Among the messages I decided to sent a message to ‘Lefty’. I had heard he was going to Jodi’s trial and said ‘What the heck! I’ve got nothing to lose.” So after half a year passed Lefty decided he would write a song about Jodi and came to me asking me what he should write. I told him it’s his song and he should write whatever expresses him. I did tell him that if I was to write a song I’d write about Domestic Violence… That was it!

    Now, how some dumbass fucking idiots think that I was the songwriter, the ‘person plotting behind the scenes’ is beyond me!

    What I have to say to those fucking morons that have NO FREAKING LIFE is to back the fuck off. You don’t know me. You have no idea who I am, what I do and what I struggle with just to get through one day! NO FUCKING IDEA! You’d have slit your fucking wrists juggling with what I juggle with on a daily basis, you fucking pieces of shits!

    I am so sick and tired of your fucking harassment, bullying, slandering. I am not your punching bags you fucking abusers!

    When I was around more often you bashed the fuck out of me for not having a life. Now that I’m not here on a daily basis you bash the fuck out of me thinking that I’m somewhere in a dark place scheming and plotting about Jodi stuff. NO you dickheads! I am working LONG FUCKING hours, dealing with personal shit and trying to stay ‘above water’!

    Go fuck yourselves, you fucking useless, lifeless freaks of nature! I don’t want your pity, I want you to fucking leave me the fuck alone!

    I will NEVER EVER EVER stop supporting Jodi. She is in my life for good and I am not about to move on. She’s my friend, my ‘sister’. Get it through your fucking thick skulls! So back off!

    If you feel like bashing someone, start with yourselves! Isn’t it really lonely not having any stalkers? Because all you fucking cunts that have no life except sitting behind a screen slandering and bashing others are the TRUE STALKERS AND ABUSERS!

    And to my dear friends that sent me all those ss’s from the S.D. page, thank you but no thanks! Please stop! I don’t want to know what they are calling me or what they are blaming me for.. It’s not as if someone will post sth saying “Pandora is such a nice greek girl” LOL! No, I know that they hate me over there and as long as I don’t have a clue what they’re saying, that one less burden in my life…

    So, to all you Super Dupers that want to bash me, blame me, slander me, STOP. JUST STOP! Enough already. I am sick of you. All of you! And no, I haven’t snapped. I have just had enough! ENOUGH! You’ve had your 3+ years of fun! I know that you are getting some cheap thrills because you have pissed me off! Go ahead and celebrate! Celebrate being fucked up so much that you have lost any contact with humanity! Shame on you! I’m glad you’re not my friends or family! I’d be ashamed of being near you! Fuck off.

  50. I missed You Pandora…..what a come back….<3…..Please add My FUCK YOU haters…the sickest ,most evil fucks that have ever roamed America…isis a threat…LOL the real threat to AMERICA is that cult of travis. Any mental illness has nothing on them….they love to hate….what a true waste of flesh…..bow to the tiny one who is nothing but a joke…the win is really the …money. The U.S. has always had scum as this mob/cult… on one they are nothing…proven on June 4 2008…an abuser/pedo met a true American and lost. Ever wonder why the mob/cult support an abuser/pedo…..he WAS just like them….one less abuser/pedo so they must scream louder…..I do hope that Dr. Phil and Robin know they are joining a mob/cult and the old …I didn't know ain't gonna work this time. To these fucks ,don't ever stand behind the flag…stand up for it…..and never praise a vet who beats women ….track palen I'm talking to you boy….stop the pity parade and man the fuck up! Ya the mob /cult should worry …a lot…because We will never stop loving Our Jodi…and We will right this wrong. I've been asked…what would You do if one of them haters showed up on Your door step…well first the thing would have to slither up …17 stairs…LOL I love 17! Then when I met them I'd let them call 9-1-1..they would need it…17 steps is a long way down and My street is real busy..even on Sundays!…but really I never worry about gutless fucks. And if any want to see gutless fucks tune in to Dr. Phil..I know I will as I have no problem outing abusers and will. I for one like that video…well made. Do I agree with all of it …hell no….as really I see way more joy on that families face when they are hurting someone …just as dear brother did…often. Pandora You are surrounded by LOVE…..ALWAYS!

    • I too like the video and think it is well made.
      I don’ t entirely agree with all of it either, since my firm belief is that Jodi acted entirely in self- defense.
      Still, I do consider the video beneficial in many ways because it will help to get the message out that Jodi is not a monster, and that she was unfairly charged, and people should re- evaluate their opinions on her case and take a deeper look.

  51. Pandora, just know those creeping stalkin fucktards twits have this obsession with you for years! They want you, they want to be you! You are a bright light of intelligence, beauty, fairness and a true woman warrior! All the qualities they wish to possess !! The twits arE OBSSESSED/JEALOUS of you just like they are of JODI!!!!! Just smile , tell them they will never b ( #1 Pandora)

  52. I tried to post last night on my laptop but could not get through. Apparently, Jodi is now on lock-down because of the leaked telephone call??? WTF !!!!
    Can someone confirm this?

    • I saw that Wayne/GRIZ (above) tweeted that Jodi is in lockdown. I’d kinda like to know where he got that information, since a prisoner in lockdown is unable to communicate – so it didn’t come from Jodi – and the administration at Perryville isn’t as media hungry as Idiot Arpaio.
      So WHO, pray tell, got the information that ‘Jodi is in lockdown’? And from whom? Sources please?

    • Nope. Jodi is not in lockdown status. Jodi is not responsible for any phone calls that are leaked or for whatever anyone else does on the outside. At least at PV they have the common sense to realize that! Not like sheriff joe that was always trying to cause drama out of any situation concering Jodi so he can get his 15 min! 🙄

  53. Oh, and yes Pandora we all know you are responsible for Global Warming, the unrest in the Middle-East, basically crime everywhere and the drug epidemic.

  54. Good article which criticizes Kirk Nurmi for violating ‘client confidentiality.’

    article found at:

    “Kirk Nurmi’s Roll In The Jodi Arias Mud”
    posted by SHJ (Scott H.Greenfield)

    On Twitter at @ScottGreenfield

    (I hope he doesn’t t mind me posting his twitter address. He included it on the site so I thought it might be good to include it.)

    • Thanks, Amy! That is indeed an excellent article, and here is a full link: The writer correctly states that Nurmi’s conduct is “inexcusable” under the ethics rule, as I explained here a while back, though he doesn’t go through the possible exceptions. Neither he nor any commenter disputes that Nurmi should be disbarred for the book. Indeed, he calls for book-burning as well.

    • “We all have stories, really cool, titillating stories, we learn during the course of our representation. And we take them to the grave, because that’s what our duty to our clients demands.

      It doesn’t matter how awful, how horrible, how inappropriate your client was or is. It’s not your story to tell. Kirk Nurmi is a disgrace for having done so. He should be disbarred and the book should be pulled from the shelves and destroyed. A criminal defense lawyer is not entitled to give up his client’s confidences no matter what, and it is an intolerable affront to the profession that Nurmi has done so. There is never an excuse to trash a client, no matter how bad she is. Never.”

      • Amen to that. In my view he has damaged his own client and doing so while she is appealing her case..inexcusable !! And this is all based on his own perception of things, his own feelings, his own view….WORTHLESS !!!!! There are always two views to every story, two perspectives and so Jodi is now put in a place where her own lawyer IMHO is throwing her under the bus to make a buck and she has no way to respond or defend herself against this book.

        He is not a psychologist or psychiatrist to sit in judgment of Jodi or her manner…

        This book IMHO is proof of KN arrogance and self-centered egocentric narcissistic need to be front and center in this story…his need to make money, toot his own horn to the detriment of his own client is exhibit number one of his incompetence and ineffective assistance of counsel IMHO !!

        The question is will the appellate courts do anything about this???

        Will they do anything about any of the many violations of her constitutional rights??

        I believe that the state courts are hopelessly void of any backbone…mindless blobs, there to rubber stamp the lower court decisions….only in the federal courts will she get a fair shot IMHO..

        We could only hope for Jodi to have a great appellate attorney like the one handling Steve Avery’s case…she is a superhero to the wrongfully convicted…and she produces results…


        • Chapter 5:

          “The day MY life changed forever”

          MY, MY, MY, MY, MY, MY, MY, MY, MY, MY, MY, MY, MY, MY, MY, MY, MY, MY, MY, MY, MY…….

          Seems to be all about you, doesn’t it?

          • 💡 for Nurmi: Try helping someone in need without wanting anything in return. You know, no recognition, no money, just do it because it is the RIGHT THING TO DO ❗ Stop thinking of yourself all the time. Hard concept for you to understand but maybe you should give it a try.

  55. I have to check to see if the poster of the article is actually it’s author. I noticed another name on the site when I went back to check.
    My device has poor reception at the moment; hopefully I’ ll be able to find out right away.

  56. In the News: Appears The State of Arizona continues to abuse inmates.
    Jodi Arias’ Prison Life Revealed: Friend Talks About ‘Dog Cage’ Life Arias Faces Behind Bars by Heather Tooley, of The Inquisitr dated Jan 18, 2016.
    Jodi Arias is living behind bars, according to a friend who paid her a visit, and is serving time at Perryville Prison in Arizona. Radar Online reports that a visitor who went to see Jodi Arias shared what he witnessed at the maximum security prison she’s serving time at. Rapper Kareem “Lefty” Williams claims that the conditions she’s living in at the prison are like a “dog cage!” Williams said he’s been to the prison “two or three times” and is sharing what he knows about how she is doing. Jodi Arias’ friend says her visiting days are Thursday from 7 to 10:30 a.m. She has two guards at her side whenever she goes anywhere and wears shackles. Williams says that she’s treated like a death row inmate even though she wasn’t given a death sentence. Upon a lengthy security process and surrendering all personal belongings, Williams leaves by bus that takes him to the Lumley Unit. Once there, he’s subjected to another security check and is escorted to a room with other visitors where he can have conversations through a glass wall via telephone with Jodi. Williams expressed concern for the surroundings that he saw Jodi Arias residing in. “When we have our conversation it is like she is being held in a dog cage,” he alleges. “It looks very inhumane. She is in a small metal cage which is like a small room when she is talking to me. Her hands aren’t cuffed but I can’t see her feet. She is in a single cage all by herself. There is a whole row of cages for the prisoners.” Arias’ visitor claims that Arias is allowed only phone visits, but might be able to meet with people face-to-face in February. He doesn’t think this is bothering her much. He said she’s actually gained 4 pounds since she’s been in prison.. The devoted friend went on to say that she maintains an exercise regime and wears a ponytail each time he visits her. Jodi Arias’ prison life is good when it comes to buying food at the commissary. Williams says that she is “well taken care of, but doesn’t have a [prison] job.” If there’s one thing that doesn’t sound bad about how Jodi lives in prison, it’s how she eats. Just last week she ate a chicken fajita dinner, Williams shares. When it comes to socializing, Arias “has no friends,” Williams claims. “She keeps her distance. Jodi has a lot of fan mail. She gets about 60 to 70 letters a day. She doesn’t have a lot of time to do stuff. She is still drawing. She is a busy girl,”

    End of news report.

    • Kareem did not say Jodi is “residing” in a dog cage, only that she is in one during visits. Some of Kareem’s other statements are false, like the one about the shackles. That ended months ago.

  57. To all who may ask….am I…@333wgriz on twitter….well I do not tweet….in fact I do not know how to tweet. If not for to help Jodi I would not even be on the web but a long time ago I repaired P/C’s and still didn’t use them. LOL. I work for Jodi and Her family and all who stand by Her side. She knows more about Me then anyone on this earth and that’s a lot of post cards and letters….O.K. the mail rooms know Me as much and tend to …LIKE ME….can You hear the haters scream where’s that phone no………FUCK YOU haters. Now I do view @333wgriz when it’s not blocked…duh!..and some of it is good as some of it is not…good…all I ask is …DO RIGHT BY HER….so My friends at JAII do right by Her…PLEASE…ALWAYS for Her We work. And as for …THE VENT….thing…FUCK NO ONE on this earth can vent as ME…..ask the Can. army…about Griz and His vents…LOL. But when the vent is right….own it. Now get ready for that match fund….but let Me get a few more K’s first…and do not forget some ones got a birthday soon. And who ever that is they spelll moch butter thin eye….that’s how Jodi would know…=) ” I would”….LOL.

    • I personally know that Wayne does not tweet and does not have a twitter account. An imposer indeed has made a twitter account using Wayne’s name. I had a ‘follower request’ from this account and when asking Wayne he said it wasn’t him. So of course I didn’t accept and deleted the request.

      I know that Wayne has been loyal to Jodi from the beginning. And continues to.

      So to whoever is pretending to be Wayne: haha! Very funny 🙄 – NOT!

      Sometimes I wonder: are all the stalking haters kindergarten level in their IQ? Act like the age you are, for the love of all gods! Sheesh!

  58. That’s what I don’t understand about haters running with the Jodi on lockdown story. Why would she get in trouble from a recorded phone call? Doesn’t make any sense, it’s not like she has the capability of doing that. smh

  59. Thank You Pandora….can You hear the haters scream….FAKE,FAKE,FAKE,well it’s true t-dog was one very big man boobs and all. As for old GRIZ being fake ask the mail room..s. They know Me very well as I make their job interesting and that’s not just the spellling or My grammher…what is it with these red lines? Thanks to Me and many others they had to hire more mail room staff…see haters We care about folks. Soon the new match fund will arrive and take note haters one day closer to appeals and FREEDOM. My the black hearts that will go …POP like a weasel or should I say RAT…tiny rat. Now bring on them CONTACT visits….Bless Our Jodi and all Who believe in JUSTICE.

  60. “Criminal exonerations hit a record high in 2015 due largely to district attorneys in places such as Houston, Dallas and Brooklyn, New York, setting up units to review cases where the legal system may have acted unjustly, a report released on Wednesday found.

    There were 149 known exonerations in 2015, where the exonerated defendants served on average more than 14 years in prison, said the report from the National Registry of Exonerations. That topped the previous recorded high of 139 in 2014.

    “There is a coming to terms that this is a regular problem, not just something that happens once in a while and unpredictably,” said Samuel Gross, a law professor at the University of Michigan and editor of the registry.

    Among those exonerated, 58 had been convicted of homicide, including five people who had been sentenced to death, it said. About three-quarters of the homicide exonerations included official misconduct, it said.”
    AUSTIN, Texas | By Jon Herskovitz

    I can only imagine how the numbers would jump if Arizona did a review.

  61. If anyone was undecided about Kareem Williams, his denials that he recorded Jodi’s phone call to him or posted her letter remove all doubt. He is a self-promoting liar who has done Jodi little, if any, good and possibly significant harm.

    • Alan, I agree with you. I kept quite when all were singing his praises about the release of the song. I thought, ok that was cool. When the telephone call was released I thought whoa wait a minute WTF. Why would he do such a thing??? It is pretty clear to me listing to the tape he is looking for fame at Jodi’s expense. It is so sickening the lengths that folks will go to in order to make a buck off of her.

      SHAMEFUL !!!!!!!

  62. It would be interesting to know the circumstances of the other two Nurmi-defended death penalty cases. I know one got death and the other didn’t. I wonder if he made any effort to get less than murder one in those cases or does he just assume anyone he is defending in a death penalty case is probably guilty and therefore his only job is to save their lives (which I think he does a pretty lousy job of at that, considering how close Jodi came). It would be interesting to hear from those inmates regarding how he treated them.

  63. Maria what a true article….this just blame the woman.b/s and that’s what it really is. Abusers are drawn to the cult of t-dog sites and for good reason …they are ABUSERS. Anyone who stands by a THING who talked as t-dog is worse then he ever was. And by his own mouth he was evil and vile and proud of it to. No one has lied more then his side….and why?….so they can shut Her down. They speak of MURDER they who wanted to MURDER Her via the state. Are there any real judges in America that will stand up to evil from this mob headed now by tiny and all the way to the bank. Why is it America will not allow nations of the world to judge it’s military…unless them nations are more then willing to go to war….Russia , China , N. Korea….but the world asks….why such injustice on Her own people and what’s with the death cult….LWOP is a round about way of killing…or should I say the traitor’s way…READ YOUR CONSTITUTION…..nor cruel and unusual…..So how many nazi’s walked free short years after the war? Tens of thousands and some sent America to the moon. Folks can learn from the past….proof that being with evil…TRAVIS…does not make one evil. Now I for one will not say that lefty used Jodi…I’ll leave that up to Her. And how could it ever hurt Her in any real court…why would they even care. But We do know that some judges were never fit to take the bench….and all because he needed 15 min.s of fame..but got outed for his very odd viewpoint…guilt was never in doubt…that must follow him for the rest of his days. Good.

  64. I certainly hope that Jodi is not punished for the call, but if she is, Jodi will handle it like the strong, brave woman that she is. Even the haters acknowledge that Jodi could not possibly have done it. Both sides seem to agree that Lefty will not be able to contact her again. If that is true, then Lefty will be the loser.

    Jodi was put on trial twice, and she was sentenced by the State of AZ. I doubt that a prison would pay any attention to a handful of loud-mouthed, obsessively hated-filled letter-writing loonies. They know Jodi better by now than that bunch of sore losers, who did not get the outcome that they so craved after.

    Lefty is a rap singer, not an expert in DV and he is the first to admit it. He believes that it was proven in court by the experts like Dr. Geffner and Ms. ALV that Jodi suffered from PTSD. The psychological testing carried out several psychologists is proof. He did what he knows – he wrote and sung a rap song about DV and PTSD because he believes that Jodi is a victim of both. If haters need the text book definition, they should watch the trial and actually listen to the testimony of the experts called.

    Lefty talks the language of rap because it is a part of his life and livelihood. He also admits that and is trying to soften his language in certain situations, but that is something that can be accomplished overnight by anyone.

    The callers, both haters and supporters were all attacking him at once, shouting and swearing. The women callers were using language which sounded much worse than the man they were making the accusations about. These are the mindless people who watch NAG and Pinsky, and who make up the shrinking group of haters who will eventually shut up about it. The vast majority of the population would never watch their crappy shows. But Lefty’s song about Jodi is out there forever.

    Being a dv survivor, I found it interesting how near the end of the program when the discussion actually came around to the topic of dv, the women haters could not agree amongst themselves as to reporting and leaving the abusive relationship. If they had paid any attention to the expert testimony, or even do a little research of their own, they would know that “statistically only 25% of physical assaults perpetrated against women are reported to the police annually”.


    They would also learn that “Domestic violence does not end immediately with separation. Over 70% of the women injured in domestic violence cases are injured after separation. “


    Finally, what difference does it make when someone becomes a supporter or why? Personally, I don’t believe that support for Jodi should be judged in such terms, and I do not believe that Jodi would. The accusation that they threw out there about Maria Delarosa just shows how ridiculous they are. I wonder how they can stand to listen to themselves, because it was torture for me to get through that show with that bunch of cackling whackos. King Jordan should change his show to have only one screaming caller at a time.

  65. Wow to know who they are is to gaze upon the face of evil…sister police is officer of the year? What for ? did she in open court tell the world of wanting to …MURDER…before trial? Same as a judge saying ..Her guilt was never in doubt….Just what is going on here. They took an oath did they not and betrayed same…that is called treason…the highest crime there is…bar none. With folks as these none are safe. Evidence doesn’t lie unless it’s cooked up…first is now last and the fake shelf tilt….even when HLN showed a man could stand on that shelf…100 lbs more then Her. See the post on an ARMY OF juan… see what he does to win…ANYTHING…and yes I read that also Her guilt was never in doubt…but would any bet their life on that…SHOW ALL how it was done and just one mistake….DEATH ROW THAT hour for you…I do not ever have to prove INNOCENCE….they have to prove guilt….and can there ever be doubt when one wants to take a life….can any undo that evil. I know most if not all of the jurors broke their oaths…listen to their lack of proof they love to show their hate…proud of it to….so there it is …America…12 idiots who get it in their sick minds can ..MURDER anyone….as justice could care less.After all the jury is never wrong and We the people bet Our life on it. Talk about cruel and unusual indeed.

  66. Has anybody heard the podcast by Vinnie Politan titled Jodi Arias must die. What a waste of time. Spewing his hate. Good thing he’s not on HLN anymore. In typical hater fashion he plays some of the recorded phone call between Jodi and KW. He says how she still has a life even though she’s in prison. She wouldn’t be enjoying prison as much if she was on death row. The jury should’ve put her to death blah, blah, blah. Also says how he doesn’t wanna bring up her name anymore. So if they don’t want to bring up her name anymore than don’t. Oh wait they can’t stop. As Sandra Webber always says they just can’t quit Jodi! They don’t stop cause they know Jodi is the only way people will listen to them spew their hate. They make me sick! Well that was 20 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back. So don’t anybody else waste their time listening to that hater. They’re so pathetic!

    • Even after all this time, Vinnie never fully recovered (mentally or physically) from Casey’s not guilty verdict.
      It still gives him sleepless night. The guy is a professional cunt. Enough said.

      Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

      • Ha! Wasn’t Vinnie fired from HLN? That proves that he was ‘lower’ than the lowlifes at HLN…

        “The guy is a professional cunt.” 😆 SJ, at least he’s a professional at sth! 😀 😀 😀

        Wonder what kind of stories he’s covering these days and what station hired him. They must be feeling like royal suckers right now for putting him on a payroll!

    • It’s hard for me to believe that I once had respect for that man. Of course, that’s back when court coverage was about teaching us how the justice system works and not about declaring the guilt or innocence of the defendant for use as reality show entertainment. It mostly started with the Casey Anthony case and went completely off the rails with Jodi’s case. If you haven’t had a chance to read this, here’s transcripts from HLN on the night of January 2, 2013 at the end of the first day of the first trial, before we’ve heard even one word of evidence:

      • Thanks Justus for posting that. It’s so ridiculous. Jodi was convicted before any evidence was in. No one could ever tell me the jury didn’t watch HLN or the local news.

        • And what really disturbs me is that these are two females spouting this misogynistic bullshit. They’ve obviously swallowed all the propaganda about women that’s been handed down generation after generation. Friggin’ sheeple passing themselves off as professionals. Disgusting!

          I have a book that could actually act as these people’s bible. It’s called “The Natural Inferiority of Women”, 310 pages filled with quotable (and ugly) pronouncements about women made over thousands of years (and still being made). (I dare anyone to compile such a list of quotes about men.) Here are the names of the various chapters that classify all these quotes :

          1. What is Woman?
          2. Her Lesser Biology
          3. Unclean and Disgusting
          4. Insatiable as the Grave
          5. Evil is Woman
          6. The Wise Man Will Avoid Them
          7. The Law of Obedience
          8. Beat Your Wife
          9. Women Are Masochistic
          10. The Virtuous Woman
          11. Educating the Female
          12. Woman’s Contemptible Weaknesses

          Is it any wonder why so many women have absorbed this crap and have thereby been given permission by the masses to say ignorant and hateful things about other women? Just listen to Nancy’s guest who says Jodi used sex to overpower Travis. Where does that come from? Was she there? Did she interview Jodi? Did she know Travis? I suspect not but she apparently knows all about it because she’s been taught just how women are. Conniving and manipulating, using sex to get their way so she doesn’t need any firsthand knowledge of Jodi and Travis’ relationship – It’s already obvious to her. And this is a woman who calls herself a professional when all she’s doing is spouting the party line. Again, disgusting!

  67. “Person With Asperger’s Who Made Viral Video With Service Dog Shot Dead by Police” (in Arizona)

    “Detective Esteban Flores, of the Mesa Police Department, confirmed to AZ Family that officers responded to a suicide call at the same residence two years earlier. When officers made contact with Clark on Thursday, he told them he had a knife and was going to hurt himself, Flores told the news outlet. “When [he] made contact with them [he] approached [two officers] with the knife, extended it out, and they felt threatened,” Flores said, adding that they fired their duty weapons. The incident is currently under investigation.”

    Hmmmmmm, I wonder how detective Flores feels about self defense and what he actually defines AS self defense.

    According to Flores the officers felt THREATENED by a young DISABLED man so they shot him down… Police officers are suppose to be trained to deal with these special situations. They are suppose to remain calm and logical and use as little force possible when needed: for example, a taser…

    So let’s do a little comparison:

    1. Police officers (PLURAL) are being justified (BY FLORES) for killing a DISABLED person because they FELT threatened and acted in self defense….

    2. Jodi killed a HEALTHY, DOUBLE HER SIZE, w/ knowledge in KICK BOXING, ABUSIVE man (proven multiple times) IN SELF DEFENSE when her life was actually threatened (travis saying “I’m going to kill you bitch” while hurtling towards her) but this same fucking detective (FLORES) tried to get Jodi the death penalty…. He said he never believed her self defense claims…

    So I ask you, what sounds to you more realistic? Trained cops that are allowed to carry a gun killing a thin disabled man (24 yrs old) in self defense OR a young woman killing her abuser in self defense???

    Sounds to me that Flores just made his case: he has NO SENSE WHATSOEVER about what a threatening situation is and what self defense is… He just proved that all he was aiming for in Jodi’s case was the thrill of the kill because a mormon man was killed. Didn’t matter what the reason was, didn’t care if Jodi was struggling for her life when acting in self defense…

    Here’s the whole article about Flores’ ‘team’ in action:

    I am totally disgusted by this. Flores is a DANGEROUS PIECE OF SHIT that should be demoted to sharpening pencils…. I really do hope that his DOUBLE STANDARDS come to bite him in the ass!!!!!

  68. Samantha Alexander was named the 2016 Police Officer of the Year in Carlsbad, CA.
    I guess the Carlsbad police department forgave her for embarrassing every honest, thinking police officer in the USA for her unprofessional performance IN FRONT OF THE JURY at Jodi’s trial. She made a mockery of the justice system with her eye-rolling, crying, shaking her head, shielding her eyes and walking out of court as a protest. Makes me wonder what kind of behavior the other cops in Carlsbad were up to if Samantha was chosen officer of the year.

  69. This pertains to Juan’s book.

    In his book Juan writes, Cortez said that he couldn’t remember for sure but he believed that the last time he saw Travis was when he got home from on Weds evening( between 6 and 6:30 pm normally). Juan then adds to Enrique’s statement He recalled that Travis was downstairs and talking on the phone perhaps a conference call.

    In Enrique’s initial report to Flores, Enrique never mentions anything about seeing Travis downstairs and talking on the phone.

    Since Juan added his part of Enrique seeing Travis downstairs talking on the phone Juan is trying to fill in for the readers what he wants them to see.

    ….but if Juan charged Jodi with murder because of the photos that show Travis to be dead at 5:32 pm on Weds June 4th, 2008 why is he adding lines to an official report in his book that basically contradict his belief that the photos prove Jodi was at the crime scene and killed Travis?

    Based on the addition of the lines by Juan, Juan in his own admission is taking Enrique seeing Travis still alive past the time and date stamps of the photos thus proving in Juan’s own book by Juan himself that Jodi did not kill Travis, but that Travis had still been alive between the time Enrique returned home from work.

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