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From AZ-Central 11/21:

Laurence “Kirk” Nurmi, the attorney who defended Jodi Arias during her two criminal trials, has agreed to be disbarred rather than face disciplinary proceedings for writing a book about the case before Arias completed appeal of her conviction and life sentence.


In October, the Attorney Discipline Probable Cause Committee of the Arizona Supreme Court authorized the State Bar of Arizona to file a formal complaint against Nurmi for revealing attorney-client privileged information about Arias and her case in his self-published book, Trapped With Ms. Arias, which he released a year ago.

Last week, Nurmi filed a consent agreement saying he would submit to a four-year suspension from practicing law. After such a suspension, an attorney would have to reapply to the Bar for membership. The consent agreement had not yet been accepted by the presiding disciplinary judge of the Arizona Supreme Court.

Immediately after the announcement of the consent agreement, the Maricopa County public defender, James Haas, lodged an objection to the Bar because the agreement did not specifically order Nurmi to cease violating ethical rules with regard to the Arias case. Nurmi’s book, supposedly, was merely the first of three volumes he intended to write about defending Arias.

Karen Clark, an attorney representing Arias’ interests in the Bar matter, also objected to the proposed consent agreement, writing that Nurmi may have admitted “intentional and knowing disclosure of confidences,” but had not shown remorse nor taken responsibility for “repeated and intentional acts of dishonesty, deceit and misrepresentation of his knowing and intentional violation of court orders.”

Nurmi filed his new consent agreement accepting disbarment Monday. Presiding Disciplinary Judge William O’Neil had signed off on it by late Monday afternoon.


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    • Hey Justus,

      Congrats on first post!!!!

      Just like in school, I love Cliff’s Notes!!!!!
      Too bad we can’t make a T.V show with THETRUTH!!!

    • Too bad for Monica that she is unable to stand back and look at the bigger picture in this mess. Look at everyone’s track record that was involved in trying to portray Jodi Arias as a Witch Murder. The media helped promote this campaign to completely ruin the life of a young woman who suffered domestic violence at it worse. Sorry for those who refuse to take Travis Alexander’s own words and actions of abuse and try to hide it under a VEIL of deceit and corruption. Monica needs to WAKE UP!!!! She reminds me of Scoopy! Like I’ve always said follow the trail of $$$ and you will find the truth about this case. Self defense is NOT a crime. Simple as that! …….Of course, unless someone is trying to cash in on the misfortunes of the unfortunate. The prosecutor was out to make a name for himself and all of the puppets in this circus trailed right behind his slimy little a**. IMHO

      Kirk Nurmi was as abusive as TA imo. One of the worst. ……..smh

    • It’s a shame that ill-conceived opinion now passes for news…

      “There is no doubt in my mind that Nurmi believed his position 100 percent. He is smart, logical, thorough, and would not risk his license if he did not believe in his position.”

      And this…

      “Arias destroyed the life of Alexander and negatively impacted the lives of not only his family but of her own. With this latest turn of events she continues to negatively impact those that were directly involved in her case. Both Nurmi and Martinez were assigned to the Arias case. Both did their jobs and left everything on the field. Both incurred the insults and the wrath of many. Both are intelligent, committed and successful attorneys.”

      One might excuse this by saying that she’s not actually a journalist, just a lawyer trying to pass herself off as a journalist. But the fact that she IS a lawyer and therefore knows (or should know) full well that what Nurmi did is ethically reprehensible, she still defends him and claims he’s just another of Jodi’s victims -it’s despicable! She is stating that Nurmi losing his license is Jodi’s fault rather than a result of his own bad behavior. She, like so many airheads out there, believes Jodi has such power that she can get the Arizona Bar to do her bidding, without merit, against an “intelligent, committed and successful attorney”. SMH!

    • It makes me laugh really loud seeing the stupidity that some people exhibit! Monica is nothing more than a dumb bimbo that couldn’t keep up a conversation if her life depended on it!

      How can Jodi possibly have ruined Nurmi and Martinez’s lives? Did she put the pen in their hands, offer them paper and told them to violate the ethics rules?

      Did Jodi tell Martinez to be corrupted and have unprofessional behavior over the course of at least 11 murder cases in the past decade, including Jodi’s trials?

      Martinez violated three Supreme Court rules governing the conduct of attorneys by:
      -Engaging in unprofessional conduct.
      -Using means that have no substantial purpose other than to embarrass, delay, or burden any other person, or using methods of obtaining evidence that violate the legal rights of such a person by, among other things, improperly attacking the defendant.
      -Engaging in professional misconduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice.


      • I am a firm believer in “An Eye for An Eye”, but, Nurmi got off easy.

        He should be in jail so he can experience what JODI experienced. Nurmi didn’t save Jodi’s life, Juror 17 did.

    • Monica Lindstrom is a catty POS. She should work in an arena more suited for someone who demonstrates such a low caliber of professionalism. She isn’t dedicated to law. She uses her credentials as a way to profit in the crime-entertainment and gossip business.
      I’m so happy this time Jodi had the power to prevent at least one lawyer to continue to abuse his power and exploit the vulnerable.
      …. And I bet many people in the legal profession do not respect Monica Lindstrom and consider her a cheap sell-out and a money-hungry vulture.

  1. Thanks for posting Justus. I just read this….. All I can say is WOW!!

    Is this woman serious????

    So Nurmi wants to claim that Jodi put out ALL of the confidential evidence that they EVER spoke about and violated her own attorney client privilege in the process…. REALLY???
    If that was indeed the case, WHY WOULD HE NEED TO WRITE THE BOOK if Jodi had already spoke about it in public interviews!!
    This guy saw $$$$$$ signs…. PERIOD!

  2. What a joke! Ok so it’s Jodi’s fault that Nurmi wrote a book and broke attorney/client privilege. Jodi gets blamed for everything. It’s so ridiculous. It’s really 1 of the dumbest things I’ve heard. Everyone knows Nurmi tried to get off the case time and time agaiIn. When are people gonna wake up?

  3. I’ve been waiting for a long time to say this:


    It shouldn’t come to us as a surprise that he agreed on his disbarment w/o putting up a fight. He displayed his indifference about practicing the law all through Jodi’s trial. Even the few times he actually tried to defend Jodi, it was with low spirits and lack of effort and determination. He put more passion with the ‘gold’ digging of his nose rather than defending Jodi.

    Yes, he did try to be released from this case in many occasions but since his motions were denied by the freak judge, he still was ethically, morally and professionally OBLIGED to give his 100%. Not only did he do the opposite but he exhibited w/o hesitation his dislike for Jodi PLETHORA times, with his ‘best of’ being the “9 out of 10 days…” statement he used in his closing arguments! How the hell did he expect the jury to respond to that since he practically was saying “Well, I hate this bitch, do whatever the fuck you want but don’t come back with an innocent verdict!”

    I sit back and think, what has become of humanity?! Is it all about the money? Nurmi holds no values or redeeming qualities whatsoever. He is a selfish, smug, shamelessly individual in all he does and says. He slavishly worships money and will walk over dead bodies to make as much as possible. He holds NO PRINCIPLES, has NO ETHICS, has NO MORALS, and surely has no idea what the words ‘honesty’, ‘loyalty’ and ‘trust’ mean.

    And having the balls to say so, I will go ahead and do so: Nurmi was ‘hit’ by the worse, painful and most scary illness of humanity: cancer. I would have thought that by being gifted a second chance in life (after he won that battle against cancer) he would see life in a different prospective: would want to do good, would want to become a better person, would want to pay it forward to other human beings, would want to make amends for all the people he did wrong by. NOPE NOT HIM. Instead, he became ruthless, ungrateful, inconsiderate, money-grubbing, GREEDY, soulless.

    Kirk Nurmi is a sell-out to his profession. He sold out the whole institution of justice. He sold out his colleagues. He sold out his soul. And what for? To write a ‘tell all’ (??? It was all lies from A to Z) book about his client – Jodi Arias – who he swore to defend, protect and be loyal to. ALL IN THE NAME OF PROFIT. I wonder how he looks into the eyes of his family and friends after his disgusting show of dishonest and unethical character. If he was someone I knew or a family member, I’d be very very embarrassed to say so.

    I end this by saying: KIRK NURMI IS SELFISH BY NATURE. There is no salvation for people like him and he is solely responsible for whatever the future serves him!

    This is just a small victory since there are many more battles to come but it does give us hope that maybe – just maybe- the justice system does has ethics and will see the unfairness that Jodi has endured.

    …..drops mic.

    ((((((Jodi))))) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    • You are so awesome Pandora!! That was tremendous and so true! You haven’t been on here that much lately! I miss reading your posts all the time. I hope all is well with you!

      • Hi there JD! It’s true, I’ve been M.I.A. for the longest time! I’m so sorry about that! When I came back from my trip to Montreal in mid October, I had a lot of things to do around the house to prepare it for winter. Then I had nothing to say about the elections (at least here at JAII) and so I waited for that to finish and very recently I’ve been working on a furniture project that has been taking most of my time. BUT I am here now, ready for winter and almost done with my project!

        ((((JD)))) ♥

  4. Lance Harrison, to answer your question from the previous thread, I didn’t mean to imply that Nurmi’s first book isn’t grounds for a civil suit. I guess my thought was that to publish a second after being disbarred for the first would make any civil offense contained therein look worse.

    I don’t know much about tort law and don’t have time to research it right now, so I’m not sure exactly what specific torts would be involved. One of the first ones that come to mind is breach of contract. But in Jodi’s situation, with Nurmi a court-appointed lawyer paid by the state, was there a contract between them? Another possibility, of course, is libel. But collecting damages for libel requires showing injury to reputation, and Jodi if anyone is the proverbial “libel-proof” plaintiff. Nurmi could argue her public reputation is already so bad that nothing he said could make it worse.

    The most plausible injury for which Jodi might win a lawsuit seems to be damage to her legal situation. All kinds of stuff in Nurmi’s book is sure to make her look worse to appellate judges or to a possible new jury. But how one could quantify such injury into a money award, I have no idea.

    Another obstacle to a civil suit is that I doubt Jodi has any money for a retainer, so it would have to be on a contingency-fee basis. That means as much as 40% of any award would go to the lawyer. And the first $32,000 of Jodi’s remaining share would go to restitution for the Alexanders. Still, since the article says Nurmi was paid $1.3M, he may have a lot of it left.

    All of this is just speculation on my part. I have no information, and anyone who does probably isn’t allowed to post it here. For all I know, Jodi already has a civil lawyer ready to sue Nurmi now that the bar complaint is over. But if she doesn’t, she at least knows 4 or 5 good lawyers who are on her side. So if a civil suit looks like an option, I’m sure one of them will help her find a good tort lawyer.

      • Thanks Alan.

        I don’t think there really is any “considering” for her to do. This guy needs to pay up. In fact, maybe he should cough up the total amount of the Alexander restitution AT LEAST!
        I apologize for bouncing so many legal questions off you. I actually thought you had a legal background of some kind by your thoughts and answers. The amount of malfeasance in this case is approaching HISTORICAL standards.
        Regarding the blame, this reminds me of a post somebody made some time ago that why don’t we just blame Jodi for everything else… the election, global warming and not enough pot pies at Walmart!!!!!!!! lmao

      • I would hope that Ms. Clark would stay on for this for several reasons:
        First, she sounds like a solid, moral and aggressive attorney who fights hard for her client… something that Jodi could always use as we all know.
        Second, she could probably use some contingency money as any attorney could for her work.
        Lastly, she may even lead Jodi to another private attorney somewhere down the road who becomes instrumental in her next trial.
        I would hope that Jodi has reached a point where she has gotten so fed up with all the bullshit that people have literally dumped on her regarding trial costs, disbarments fake legal gossip passing as news, etc. that she can finally say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! and start fighting back.
        I believe there is a sizable chunk of money in this whole fiasco that she is now entitled to civilly and she needs to take the fight to them. I would even go so far as to suggest that after the Alexander $ is repaid, maybe Jodi’s family should get some unless they have stated that it should go to the fund?

    • If I understand correctly, Nurmi first worked on behalf of Jodi and then transitioned into having his own practice while he was still defending her. Since he was working for her as a private-practice lawyer ( I think) would that strengthen the argument that Nurmi did indeed have a contract with Jodi?

      Also, since Monica Lindstrom regularly writes a column called “Legally Speaking,” which I assume results in the public believing that her statements are based on legitimate legal arguments, and well- informed reasoning, assessment, etc., and since I assume Lindstrom still is licensed, ( though I don’t know if she actually practices law, can Lindstrom herself be held liable for the content of her article? Can Jodi sue her or can other members in the legal profession sue Lindstrom, since not only is she drastically prejudicing the public against Jodi and likely diminishing the ability for Jodi to ever get a fair new trial?
      And also because, especially in Maricopa county, politics and public perception is so powerful that an article like Lindstrom’s can possibly cause the Bar to be complacent and comfortable with not punishing Martinez for his book since they feel the public doesn’t care about Jodi’s rights and elections and careers depend upon politics?

      • Great Points!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        I would love to hear the answers to these from somebody who knows. As I said in another post, it’s about time the system flips the script and starts making these people pay.. both legally and civilly.
        I think Jodi could take some of this “bad money” and do some good with it

      • “Can Jodi sue her or can other members in the legal profession sue Lindstrom, since not only is she drastically prejudicing the public against Jodi and likely diminishing the ability for Jodi to ever get a fair new trial?”

        I’m not sure about that but she’d be able to argue that she’s protected under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution: Freedom of Speech.

        Having said that, of course everyone is entitled to sue if false and damaging statements have been made about them.

        This Monica Lindstrom is dumber than a box of rocks. Period.

      • I think JodI should sue all these assholes especially the Hater loser Network one by one and take everything they own including their kitchen sink.

        The Alexscammers can’t sue JODI for wrongful death, no matter how constipated Samantha looks, so they’re just gonna have to keep beggin

    • Thanks so much for all the info Alan. I really do hope that she sues him. He is making thousands of dollars off her name and HE as well as MARTINEZ are the ones that should have kept their mouths shut and their fingers up their asses (so they won’t be able to type) as long as Jodi’s appeals have not been heard. They know the law! They just think that they’re above it!

  5. Pogo that long ago cartoon said it so right We have met the enemy and it is Us….remember tat worm and your pal the rat. So why would a worm give up AGAIN? $$$…sound right? But just who gets to pay for the rat…Tax payer$…he could care less. They should have a taste of show trial justice but could they ever find a fair jury in the land of cain or blame the woman? How odd if and more like when She win $ from the worm that the family gets it’s cut…why not let it ride on an appeal to a real court. No faith in the system from that crew. The new handle for their bro must be …PAYDAY! So much for all them so called wins….But hey there worm boy I to got a cancer story….seems My dr. ratted me out to my abusive family over a court case they wanted to win at any cost to Our Mother. In court on the stand I was told i may have a fatal cancer…news to me i though…but i put a woman first who i believed in and knew i must do all to save Her. We lost to that family of her and the system…but i watched over her like a hawk for the next 17 months till she passed. at times one MUST put others first. i never wanted to be involved again with anyone and then i saw a young lady who needed help….Game on haters….We have put Her first and always will.

  6. Was out yesterday, so just seen the wonderful news of Nurmi’s disbarment!

    Now I wait for Martinez’ turn, then I will be very happy!

    Yes, Both did it, Both should be disbarred, JM should be Jailed.

  7. Because of his disbarment I find this rather concerning, can he write further books?

    ”Immediately after the announcement of the consent agreement, the Maricopa County public defender, James Haas, lodged an objection to the Bar because the agreement did not specifically order Nurmi to cease violating ethical rules with regard to the Arias case. Nurmi’s book, supposedly, was merely the first of three volumes he intended to write about defending Arias.”

    • Heather, I too was wondering the same thing. I hope someone can help us with that. I hope he’s ‘cock-blocked’ and forbidden to write his sequel bulldust fictional part 2 & 3. From reviews that I have read (and NOT by supporters or friends) most of them wrote that his 1st book was boring. js.

    • My prediction: Jodi will sue Nurmi over the first book, and the settlement of that lawsuit will include his pledge never to reveal confidential information again. But whether he can still be sued for breaches of confidentiality committed after he’s disbarred, I don’t know.

  8. Ok. So two corrupt people got caught running amuck in Arizona, which proves how corrupt that state really is. The question is can this be used to adjust the sentence imposed by that idiot judge Stephens.
    Keeping in mind that Ms Jodi read a statement of correction admitting to the event.
    How can a Self Defense case, be twisted and so corrupt that the Defendants Attorney and Prosecutor were both allowed to violate rules of law. The bottom line is Jodi did NOT get a fair Trial and that needs to be fixed.


  9. Who knows what it will take to free Her…seems no state ever wants to own up to wrong doing. This is like being in a bowling ally…as the pins or minions do fall. I wonder if at the rats trial will any bring up the fact that it’s minion faked that shelf tilt….proving that a shelf can be tilted if You really work at it. For a det. to be lead by the nose or HAND and do the bidding of the master seems unreal. Why use a mans hands to tilt it….was the jury that bent to have bought that lie? HLN proved one could stand on that shelf…no problem and over proved it by a man of 210 lbs. as He did it twice. Was the rat worried She spoke truth….when the state fakes evidence that is one big problem for all. shows a real lust for death. I wonder how many times that the worm met with the rat and …TALKED….to me more often then not they seemed to work the case together….J.W. might just agree. But then they …BOTH wrote books….greed knows no bounds. Were they not paid enough? And where are az tax payers screaming pay your own bills BOY….as that book is his doing as are his actions. Can the rat not pay his own way,was the book not that unsuccessful ? ….what’s next free lifts for it’s boots??? Wonder if he will take the stand wearing a belt to keep him from running off at the mouth or making threats…DO YOU WANT TO SPARE WITH me…some one get me a box to stand on. Time for judges to do their jobs….do justice …judge by fact and reason and control Your courts. All judges can over ride any jury but it takes guts to do the right thing. The same as just walking by as a person is attacked ….IT IS YOUR PROBLEM TOO! When any see wrong then speak up and try to right that wrong…..unlike haters who pile on like demons.

  10. My understanding was that the $32,000 awarded by JSS was for restitution which covered costs of the family for travel, etc. during the trial and that there was a wrongful death suit filed as well in the event that she came into money somehow, like selling movie rights. I have a feeling that if she sued successfully, the family would quickly swoop in. His being disbarred though certainly should help Jodi with her appeals.

    Even though Nurmi went to his private office, he was still paid through the Public Defenders Office. You would have to be an attorney to figure all this out.

    • I don’t believe a wrongful-death suit was ever filed. That is not surprising, since I saw a legal encyclopedia entry according to which the Alexander sibs have no standing in Arizona to file such a suit. The parents could sue, but they are dead, and Travis had no children. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong about this.

      • I’m not sure Alan. The media reports on May 8, 2013 were that one was to be filed.

        “Alexander’s siblings also released a statement through the Phoenix law firm of Buesing, Hernacki & Beckstead PLLC, in which they pledged to file a wrongful death civil suit against Arias. “

        PK seems to be as confused as me.

        Published on Jun 22, 2015

        “This is an update to the Jodi Arias case. Today the judge ordered her to pay $31,000 in restitution to the Alexander family. On the day of the guilty verdict two years ago, the Alexander family attorney announced that they would be suing Jodi Arias for the death of their brother. It wasn’t clear whether the amount awarded in court today was separate from this or whether there will be a separate civil lawsuit coming.”

        • Thanks for the links, CC. I can’t resolve the apparent contradiction between the encyclopedia entry and the law-firm statement. I will ask Jodi about the situation next time I write her; maybe she knows something definitive. Otherwise, I have no way to find out, since it’s almost impossible to get any information out of her lawyers, past or present, and I don’t know any other Arizona lawyers.

          Still, I’m betting the supposed wrongful-death suit is a dead issue. Maybe the BB law firm just made a bad mistake. If not, why haven’t they filed by now?

  11. On this special day, I’d like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving, wherever you are in the world. I hope you enjoy a wonderful day, full of family and friends (including the ones you don’t like), great food and great memories.


    Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

  12. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

    Make today a special day and open your heart and home to friends and neighbors that are alone on this day of giving. Pay it forward.

    ((((Payitforward)))) ♥ ♥ ♥

  13. To all on JAII, HAPPY THANKSGIVING….remember that time ,truth, and facts are always on Our side. Very nice to see more and more minions blessed with justice. The more the better for all who stand for fairness and justice. Each day She gives thanks to all who give in any way.

  14. On “One America News” today, an interesting story about a Houston-area man, David Temple, wrongfully convicted of a 1999 murder of his wife & unborn daughter.
    …On google I found: “Unreasonable Doubt: did Kelly Siegler Railroad an Innocent man…” …Then I see in the first paragraph that Kelly Siegler, prosecutor, became a successful “STAR” on the reality TV show “TNT’s Cold Justice. And google says the “Cold Justice” show is now cancelled. I observed her picture & how attractive & young (& inexperienced) she was when she first prosecuted this innocent man. …And, thinking back on my observances of successful young & pretty women prosecutors (well, I am age75, & most all women are young & pretty). …But is there something that some young & pretty female prosecutors do the minds of jurors to convince the jury to (incorrectly) believe the defendant is GUILTY & disbelieve any other explanation? …There seems to be an exponential rise in the number of successful women prosecutors in past years. …(IMHO)…
    …Surely there are many CROOKED male prosecutors but usually they are not young & pretty & inexperienced & don’t want to jump into reality TV shows.

  15. As one of the newest members of JAII, I would also like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving wherever you may be in the world. I would hope that many more people will hear THE REAL STORY like I did when I came here, thanks to Justice4Jodi and the fantastic “cliff notes” which break it down as simply as possible. Please extend my wishes for a peaceful Thanksgiving to Jodi as well.
    As Alan and others have mentioned many times, Jodi needs material help as much as emotional help. More $ is on the way!

      • Thank you R Love… happy to be here!!
        I have thought about writing Jodi but it seems that she has so many people corresponding with her that it must take her forever to get through even a small amount of mail, especially if she is reading every letter. I sure hope that she has some help!?

        On a somewhat related point, Pandora cites Friday as International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. If anybody wants to see what inaccurate media scrutiny and gossip and rumor can do to an innocent man, watch the A&E series “The Killing Season” which airs on Friday evenings on that network. I watched the first six this weekend…. FASCINATING! it centers around the clustered murders of prostitutes and drug-addicted women on the fringe beginning with the Long Island murders. The issue then expands to literally the whole country and mentioned how territorial and private different law enforcement depts. can be when they have unsolved murders.
        The similarity is.. when you have a case that the whole country and/or world becomes interested in, innuendo, gossip, rumor and false leads become common because people need to have answers/reasons for what they are hearing or witnessing without any regard for evidence!!
        Just thought I should share

        • Sound like an interesting series. I’ll have to check it out. Jodi tried to answer everyone who writes her but it’s a difficult task for her. She loves to receive mail and would love to hear from you but don’t be hurt if she doesn’t write back right away. It helps for her to know we are out here for her.

        • Another great tv show to watch is called BULL. It has to do with jury selection and how the jury plays a part in trials. It’s a very interesting show. The way the jurors were chosen in Jodi’s trials is the total opposite of what a professional would have chosen. just sayin’…

          • I am actually saving that show for the summer when everything is in reruns. Several of my summer shows have since been cancelled.. i.e. Aquarius and I figured I would use that as a replacement. I have been on two juries in my time.. both drug cases. I was able to voir dire out of an attempted murder of a police officer trial around the same time of Jodi’s

            In case anybody wants a little chuckle, how about this.. I was surfing through my LinkedIn page and went into the “who you may know” section. About two-thirds of the way down this list, who do I come across?….. Janine Demarte!!!. Don’t ask me how???????
            I would not have known who the hell she was unless I had been on this site. This woman actually believed she knew more than three defense experts with nearly 90 years of experience!!!!!!!!!!! As sad as this case has been, that shit made me laugh!!

            Another article about Nurmi… Apparently, he wanted to be disbarred because he had been burned out by the trials. He admitted that he wrote the book for money to deal with his cancer diagnosis which I think we all could have guessed. Jodi’s lawsuit should be successful and Nurmi should have to pony up some of that cash.

  16. kelly as any other prosecutor is paid to railroad folks …all about the win. see ok. and it’s enshrining the d/p into its Constitution…WTF is that!!! They who rule over Us seem to think they OWN the law and Us. If any railroad any they should get the EXACT same punishment…ASAP. They know the law more then any yet the would abuse the law! Appeals,pardons,mercy….did they ever show it for any of their victims as they lied cheated hide destroyed and faked evidence. They who hold power must be more accountable then all.Remember a police officer in a certain court telling the world of her MURDER plot….now this woman is officer of the year. Who in their right mind would ever trust her to do a good job….?And this person took an oath to do right as the other things for the state.Well some times them trains do back up and crush the folks running em….TOOT TOOT…rat,worm, and to think they both wrote a book of hate…has that ever been done by the defense as well as the prosecutor…EVER!? Shows what a show trial that really was….no wonder justice hides Her eyes.

  17. Regarding the Alexanders’ supposed wrongful-death lawsuit (which Canada Carol and I were discussing upthread), here are the fruits of research by several supporters.

    First, contrary to the law firm’s statement, the Alexander sibs never had standing to sue Jodi for wrongful death. See Arizona Revised Statutes 12-612.A:

    “12-612. Parties plaintiff; recovery; distribution; disqualification

    A. An action for wrongful death shall be brought by and in the name of the surviving husband or wife, child, parent or guardian, or personal representative of the deceased person for and on behalf of the surviving husband or wife, children or parents, or if none of these survive, on behalf of the decedent’s estate.”

    Since Travis had no surviving spouse, child, or parent, such a suit could only be filed on behalf of his estate, which presumably long ago disappeared as a legal entity.

    Second, no matter who had standing to sue, the deadline was one year after the “final disposition” of Jodi’s criminal charge, which was her sentencing on 4/13/2015. See ARS 12-511.A, 12-511.G.4, and 13-4401. Since 4/13/2016 has come and gone with no suit filed, none ever can be.

    Consequently, it appears that no money Jodi wins in a lawsuit against Nurmi can be seized, except the $32,000 restitution to the Alexanders already ordered by the trial court.

    • I am assuming that this issue is a state by state matter. I have no idea what my state(VA) says about this?
      I would imagine that damages from a lawsuit of this nature would be significantly higher than the $32000 in restitution she owes?

    • Thank you Alan. If the pressitutes would be doing their job right, they would have researched it when they published the articles in 2013 and there would have been no question left.

      Who is looking after the 4th estate when the mainstream media is made up of and run by a bunch of colluding losers?

      • I suppose it’s possible that the standing provision I quoted above was revised between 2013 and now. I didn’t find how to check that online. In any case, because the deadline has passed, it makes no difference.

        • The bill states that a suit can be filed on behalf of the decedent’s estate if “none of these survive”. Maybe that’s why the law office provided that letter back in 2013.

          12-612. Parties plaintiff; recovery; distribution; disqualification

          A. An action for wrongful death shall be brought by and in the name of the surviving husband or wife, child, parent or guardian, or personal representative of the deceased person for and on behalf of the surviving husband or wife, children or parents, or if none of these survive, on behalf of the decedent’s estate.

    • This may be it. Unfortunately, because it’s Facebook, I can’t access it as my company blocked all social media and private email in 2015 after half the company got spoofed.

  18. So he failed to do his job and got a payday….only in America??? That worm of a man never seemed to even try….much more concerned on SAVING Her…from what a longer d/p? Is that not what LWOP is??? If they fail 4 times to murder You via the system and i do mean MURDER! then throw away the key…but hey America You seem to be soft on crime as the Brits had a life and a day…You died in Your cell and were left there for one more day! Just in case….a WTF thing. The worm must put out the books because it will only show him to be an abuser and a fake lawyer that he is. To refuse ANY mail in a capital case as he did twice shows he could care less. i do know that one lawyer did use some information to aid Jodi….hint, not the MAN! How very odd how both men on opposite sides really wrote the same book …were they planning on holding hands all the way to the bank. Has this EVER happened before in any court. All he had to do was his JOB no holds barred. In such matters where it is life or death one does not ask …what to do…or call home…You do as you are trained to do and do what must be done. You must ask the person on trial how they want You to defend them…as that’s Your job if not then quit and take Your hit…You know like getting …DIS BARRED …kinda late wasn’t he on that but then he really hated Her as he has shown time an time again. Who would ever trust this so called man…EVER? Just imagine putting up with that two faced thing as Your lawyer.

  19. Apparently, Nurmi now is saying that he wanted to leave his job and took advantage of the 4-year suspension as his window out for good and that’s why he requested to be disbarred.

    He says he was traumatized…. oh pleeee-ase! Get a fucking pair! He just saw that he was a horrible attorney and wanted out. A cowardly move, IMO. Instead of trying to make himself a better lawyer, he took the easy way out.

    He used Jodi to get out. So yeah… fuck him. I hope Jodi DOES sue him! At least she can pay off the Alexanders and get them out of her life once and for all!

    • I lost all respect for him when he came out with his “9 out of 10 days” garbage. Jerk. . . . a huge embarrassment to his profession.

  20. Has anyone ever noticed that our best thoughts come to us while taking a shower? You know, when you have no access to a computer or paper & pen to write them down. That happens to me… like ALWAYS!

    So while showering earlier, I was thinking how everyone that ‘attacks’ Jodi for whatever happens and says she’s in fault are really big-time hypocrites.

    I HARDLY ever see these people talking about travis. He has been totally forgotten. When was the last time those vile people wrote a tribute about travis? When was the last time they thought about him? When was the last time they kept his memory alive? Never. He’s totally FORGOTTEN! He’d be really disappointed and pissed off if he could see what was happening.

    He was in the spotlight when people made money off of him (by writing books about him or getting ‘clicks’ or ‘traffic’, or selling his stuff) but how many actually did dedicate themselves for Travis and not for profit or fame? Nobody!

    You want to know why? Can you handle the truth (I doubt it)…

    Here’s why: Because deep down travis wasn’t a person you’d like to be associated with. For example, if a friend of yours came to you saying that they had an abusive cheating boyfriend/ girlfriend, what would you advice your friend? You’d tell this friend to leave this fucking cheating abusive bastard/ bitch. THAT’S WHAT YOU’D SAY! Whoever says otherwise, is not a really good friend (“Uhmmm, yeah.. ok. So what if he’s/ she’s cheating on you or ruffing you up. No biggie. Stay with him/her!”)

    And even deeper? How many of you hearing about a person (not travis- anyone in general) that was an abuser and/or a cheater being killed thought to yourselves: that bastard was asking for it! He got what was coming! ALL OF US HAVE!!!! ADMIT IT!

    It would be really refreshing to hear that people that hate Jodi spend their time keeping travis’ memory alive instead of trashing Jodi. Now that’s what I’d call an awesome friend/ supporter of travis’.

    Finally, I’d like to really know how many of you thousands of haters (especially the ones living near travis’ grave) actually spent time going to ‘visit’ him on Thanksgiving. How many of you actually went on Halloween and left him a candy? How many of you visit him on a random day to leave a flower? You know how many? NONE! Why? Because you didn’t even think about him until right now that you’re reading this. Yup. You can deny it just to seem like you care. You can make 100 excuses up for totally forgetting about him BUT deep down inside you know that you never really did care for him. And that’s the truth. (How are you handling the truth right now?! Have I hit a nerve? Good. That means I was right.)

    SO try this: Stop obsessing about Jodi. Stop slandering her. Stop attacking her. START giving a flying fuck about the person you hypothetically care for: travis.

    I’m not making you haters look bad, you’re doing a dandy job on your own. I’m just stating the obvious!

    Have a nice day.

    p.s. I might just be the only one that actually did think about travis today! How’s that for ironic! 😉

    • Amen Pandora!!!!

      I think of Travis everyday and wish Jodi had NEVER known him. Thankful Jodi was able to protect herself from his abusive attack. SELF DEFENSE IS NOT A CRIME ARIZONA!!!! Jodi is a SURVIVOR!!!! ♥

      • You go girl!!! I’m out of breath just reading that!
        I thought you were going to finish with another “drops the mic”!!! I would have fell out laughing!!!!!!!

        I will admit that I have thought about how things would be different if Travis had emerged from that bathroom. This case would not be the same obviously. Travis would be on trial as just another guy who got way too angry and went WAY TOO FAR. 48 Hours is full of stories like this… guy kills girlfriend/wife… covers it up, denies it over and over and usually gets convicted.

        I will also admit that I am AMAZED how Jodi was able to still try to see things from the other side of the argument regarding her case. She was totally willing to go to prison to protect HIM! WOW!!

        I will always have a hard time understanding how NOBODY in Travis’s inner circle (except Sky Hughes to a degree) ever challenged Travis on his behavior. However, I do think that Jodi being “out of her element” in AZ did matter. If the script was flipped and they were up in CA and Jodi is around HER FRIENDS and he is alone, does this story still happen??

  21. Additional thoughts. Facts continue to show that the State of Arizona is Corrupt, Twisted and Abusive, as demonstrated by everything that has happened to date. Just look at the facts associated with those involved. Governor Brewer, Judge Stephens, Prosecutor Martinez, Attorney Nurmi, Law enforcement, Forensic and Medical people, News reporters, and all the rest. The end result is the same. Jodi Arias has been abused again, but by those trusted to protect her. Her US, Judicial, and State Constitutional Rights have been violated and denied. Further as the Holidays approach, once again, and another year goes by, the effort to fix this mess mandates, “We the People”, to step forward and do the right thing. Find the websites, be it US Department of Justice, FBI, ACLU or who ever, and voice your thoughts to right the wrong. This includes sending Miss Jodi a simple Christmas card, and whish her well in her daily struggle, and lets not forget all the others who have been railroaded or all the other states as well. To Jodi, FIGHT for your Freedom and Never give up. Best Wishes.

  22. Now if that t-dog had killed Her and covered it up…i can see him NEVER being charged…and why is that…well that’s only up to the system and My how the system has been proven to work for him, over and over again. one would think this was some world leader or a really great man…but other then a 30 year old who lured them in on all matters…what else was he….seems not much. Just where is all that wealth he MUST have made??? Just who owned the house…BANK…car…BANK…did he even have ANY $ in the BANK? Why would not the exact same mob show up and scream hate ,vile and lies about Jodi….have most if not all stated how Jodi was out to get him …but name one who ever called the police on Her…even MURDER INC. sister sam who is a cop NEVER had a talk with Jodi and asked her to back off her brother. The same crew would line up to free dear travis w/o doubt. Jodi was the very last of a long list of abused women in that troubled mans life….but some of them took to the stand to lie for him also…such was his power over them.t-dog was very good a lying as it was his job and hobby. But may i remind all who may one day be on a jury…who cares what friends You have or what they might say…the facts of the scene are all that matters….just the facts. For any to enter any scene and speak of any crime proves they are unfit. Just how would they know or why such took place? S/D is not a crime so hence no crime scene….but some in our society get paid rather well to … . So very fitting how a user is now used by all who stand by him now as they could care less when he lived…or was PPL only in az….LOL! he wanted to move from his own family did he not??? I too think of him most days and think his evil still hurts people….pity that so called man. She I believe has forgiven him for the most part but i must say it is rather hard to forgive such a person who loved to abuse any and all.

  23. Hey JAIIers!!
    Just popping in to say I’m still here (though I haven’t caught up with your posts ^^^) , I haven’t given up on Jodi (never will! 😉 ) and that I will try to pop in more often…Just like the good ole times! 😀

    It’s just that all those weeks of election posts REAAALLY put me off!!! I felt I had nothing to contribute to all your discussions and that somehow attention was being diverted away from Jodi and what we’re here for. Anyways…Just my opinion of course. No hard feelings LOL!

    Hope everyone’s OK! I’ve missed you all…. I’m looking forward to the Holiday season when I’ll have more free time to hang out with you! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
    You have to admit that Nurmi’s disbarment was an early XMAS gift to ALL of us, right? 😉 😉 😉

  24. Hello Maria,

    Hope you had a very nice holiday break! You haven’t missed too much. Jade just posted this last week when the Nurmi story broke.
    We have been discussing how Jodi’s lawsuit against Nurmi for breach of confidentiality will play out, both financially and legally going forward. Many of us believe that Nurmi WILL PAY DAMAGES which will benefit Jodi’s fund OR assist her in paying off her restitution to the Alexander family. In addition, he will also be forced to sign an agreement which prevents him from writing any future books. .
    Hope that December appellate fund grows significantly in 2017!!!

  25. Please visit justice4travis to see what true evil is and very greedy too…there’s the tas posting her vile once more….plans on seeing the great one in heaven….now what faith does that belong to???????????? Read her words of evil and ask how she will ever heal …well $ seems to help. Why would tas want $ from Jodi ever…how does that make it better. I would think that tas would want another trial…LOL. Well I jest as the only trial that would want was a bigger show trial. But all should ask the question …if GUILT WAS NEVER IN DOUBT as it seems the jury found then why not pull the trigger? Well that’s very easy to explain….how is it no one can speak to how She was found so guilty….even the rat had a very hard time on that as even he changed stories and just had to lose,hide, destroy, and fake evidence.Should Jodi take the worm or rat to the cleaners for wronging Her….well they did wrong Her and THE BAR backs Her up on that indeed. Any money She would get from them two things will go to undue an injustice. And any left over to a good cause. But winter is on it’s way and a family might need a trip….Cancun anyone …AGAIN. His family really explains his evil ways.TRAVIS the SAINT…meet …LUKE..your new boss.

  26. So is JM next on the civil hit parade?!!!!!!
    I don’t think Jodi would mind denting his pockets for being a lying deceitful prick!!!!

  27. Hi Everybody,

    Just found this….

    “Burn In Hell! Travis Alexander’s Sister Rips ‘Monster’ Jodi Arias For Prison Payoff”

    Don’t really know what to say? Even when she does what she is supposed to… She gets demonized?

      • Do note the admonitions of, Bringem to Brighamist YOUNG….. “We would not kill a man, except, out of love, to save his eternal soul,” and, judging by all the other mens,’ wives he and Joseph, “married,” that were already married, to the “believers,” who were out, knocking off wagon trains, to steal their assets, they’d get more love, depending on how hot their wives and daughters were…. and, “Is there a man among us who would not kill his brother, to save his eternal soul?” Jodi had no such motive; getting from Travis, what, when, where, and, how much….. What’s the loss of another wannabe, Stepford wife, in the greater scheme of things….??? This’ll teach them, that when the bishop speaks, the thinking has been done…..Snidely… Edgrrr….

    • While taking the states,’ evidentiary photos, Jodi, was proving at the same time; knowingly, or, otherwise; that she had no part in it, despite the logical bigfoot killer, being the only one there, who was capable of taking Travis, down and out, in the seconds between pictures recorded times…. and, bigfoot, standing in wet blood, and, not calling the police, is tacit enough proof, that, the bigfoot “ninja,” did it; as evidenced by the notable distance, from the camera and, each photo, subject; proving, also, that there were four people, minimum kill site… and, proving that the second crime was a feeble minded laundering of the first crime; as if the precision kill and, the slaphappy,pecking away stabs, that didn’t bleedl, were done by the same person; also with a gunshot, none of which bled, because dead bodies don’t bleed, five days after the kill… as proven by the ejected bullet shell, landing upon, dried blood, five days after the fact, also disproving that the two fve days apart crimes, were, not, one crime, as perjured into the bogus process, by the spastic prostitutor…….. Free Jodi, and, lock them all up….. Snidely… Edgrrr…

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