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Remember back in February 2013?… Jodi’s cross examination?… when she basically ripped Martinez a new one for 5 days in row and effortlessly stamped dickhead on his forehead countless times?

Here’s Mark Geragos’ take on Martinez’ piss poor performance during that period – and what we can all “learn” from it:

Following on from that, here are a few factual observations posted in the site by a law student (from Feb 2013) :

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

1. JM is a painting-by-numbers type lawyer; more a mechanical grafter than natural talent.

2. During XE, his method dictates that one must keep the witness on an extremely short leash, allowing yes/no answers only, without elaboration. This indicates fearfulness of losing control, due to a lack of ability to intelligently improvise on the basis of any unexpected information which may emerge.

3. However, there are some major problems with following this rule of thumb too rigidly:

– A) in order to paint a coherent mental picture of the guilty scenario for the jury via only yes/no answers, the formulation of the questions put becomes extremely important. To do this properly, one must have a masterful command of the facts, a vivid imagination, unbreakable focus and a clinical command of the language in use. JM is rather weak on all 4 here, but ‘compensates’ by hardly listening to the witness and persistently trying to modify his questions after having gotten the answer. He thus wastes energy fighting the witness instead of skillfully eliciting the testimony required to prove his case.

– B) the witness, if allowed to elaborate, may inadvertently offer evidence favorable to the prosecution. It appeared to me that several times he has thoughtlessly prevented JA from helping herself to more rope (pun intended).

– C) if done in an over-emotional manner (JM’s voice often cracks up with frustration) in front of a jury it comes across as bullying or unnecessary hostility, thus generating reactive sympathy for the defendant.

4. He lacks grasp of the English language, often struggling to find words to express himself. JA is well ahead of him on this front and has the (for JM, infuriating) knack of making it painfully obvious by fixing on the subtle difference between what he said and what he wished he had said.

5. He appears to have a short temper and something of a sensitivity about being Hispanic, as seen by his accusatory jibe that Nurmi thinks “all people with Spanish names are the same” after innocently mixing him up with Flores early in the trial.

6. He would evidently benefit from having assistant counsel but apparently ego does not admit this. Possibly connected to his hinted inferiority complex.

7. He is not enjoyable to watch and his excited voice not scoring points will grate on the jurors ears, so they tune out his noise as much as possible.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Overall, maybe Martinez’ “issues” could also be connected to him being the seventh of eight children born to illiterate Mexican farm workers. But then again… that’s just speculation on my part.

Update: No trial today (Friday) due to the Porno Bishop being adverse to Superbowl traffic. The AZ State Circus returns to town on Monday morning.

In the meantime, and as always…


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



Never question it.

Never doubt it.

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  1. LOL, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, PRICELESS!!
    Right, baffoon will go on and on because he’s enjoying the circus he’s put on.
    He wants this circus to stay in town.

    • He should just pack his little clown car with his clown minions and move on. His clown act has gotten so old. No new tricks! Lazy bastard! LOL.

      • Barnum and Bailey wouldn’t even hire him!
        DAMN, I couldn’t agree with you and Mark more. Baffoon is actually a compliment to the
        hourse’s ass. : )
        He IS absolutely an insult to all prosecutors, AZ, and USA!

    • R. thanks for the video. Very educational.

      It’s actually quite sad to see people blindly following a cult that ‘thinks’ for them. What’s worse than having your freedom of speech taken away is your freedom of thoughts taken away.

      One can mute a human from speaking their minds BUT when someone is muted from thinking for themselves, well that is raw brain murder.

      The first video I saw reminded me of the rock classic song ‘Hotel California’ by the Eagles and particularly the lyrics that say:

      “Last thing I remember, I was
      Running for the door
      I had to find the passage back
      To the place I was before
      “Relax, ” said the night man,
      “We are programmed to receive.
      You can check-out any time you like,
      But you can never leave!”

      (this song actually talks about mind-control)

      • It’s such a tragedy and shame that so many people__ all people, really__ are influenced, controlled and trapped by conditioning that rules their thinking.
        And this is especially so regarding religion__ and that includes pretty much everyone, even atheists.
        So much is ‘made’ to be innately dangerous to a person’s psyche, that one can not even allow oneself to entertain certain thoughts or doubts.
        And obviously this cause people to be unhealthy to varying degrees.

        ( I saw the Eagles in concert, and was very glad I did. I haven’ t seen many concerts, but they were definitely one of the best groups ever.)

        • Because of the very hard work of their young missionaries who are really clueless about a lot of the deeper secrets of their church, I’ve learned that is the fastest growing church in the world, in places like Africa. But I’ve also learned, in large part thanks to the internet, members are leaving the church by the thousands. Sadly a lot of them leave with no faith at all.

          I had to check the population ratio as it seemed based on the people in this case, that the majority of AZ citizens must be Mormon, but learned that they make up something like 4% of the population. In Utah, it jumps to 60%. Home of Dave Hall and the Hughes.

    • In my mind I replace the word church with TA and think of the witnesses in this case, and it sounds like newcarabu is talking about them and their testimony. The defence should get him on the team to interpret it for them. That Eagles song is a favorite of mine, but had never listened closely enough to pick up that it is about mind control.

  2. Tapping foot impatiently…….Ok so we are thinking on the scenario that the good friends that came in and discovered Travis dead in his shower were all part of an orchestrated. It has always made perfect sense to me and why it took so long for Travis to be discovered. They had a major cover up to do. I still can’t forget Dave Hall and wonder if some hoe he is not involved because he was a real blabber mouth to begin with. And if like we think Mimi is his sister (?), it might not be Deanna and her gang but
    Mimi and her gang involved.

      • I do need someone to go behind me and clean up my errors. 🙁 I just didn’t want you all in a corner all night! Oh hummmmm. Broom Hilda is hitting the sauce again and I didn’t want her to lose her train of thought……..

    • Hummm but then Travis would have had to do something to her…. To get Dave pissed enough. I don’t know?? I’m still on the Deanna road or the cashes…I still think he did something to one of their Boy’s. But Deanna was still in the picture and I’m sure she was having some form of sex with her. Hummus since TA was having sex with all these girl and some he picked up God knows where, just maybe he gave Deanna a std.

      • NOT saying Mimi was part of the murder – just that she WAS part of the cover up. Mormons killed Travis, more Mormons were recruited to cover it up, and still more were called upon to ‘investigate’, to alter evidence, to commit perjury, to bully defense witnesses inside and outside of court, to scream and stomp around like a deranged chihuahua in a court of law, and perhaps even to deny every last defense motion for mistrial. Mormons rule Mesa AZ

        • Travis did do something to her if he was leading on a string of women and trying to date her at the same time. Ole Dave wouldn’t think it was so cool if one of Travis’s latest members of his harem was Dave’s sister now would he. I could see that ole red face blowing up like a blow fish right now! EHHHH he would be angry. It was ok to mess around and brag about Travis’s conquests and I believe they all knew what Travis was about but not if it was one of their sisters. Travis had to have fought with a man or men because of the bruises on his hands were from punching someone many times hard. He had a knock down brawl with several people who were extremely upset with him. Heck maybe it was the porno people coming to collect on money he could have owed them. Maybe he promised them pictures of himself and Jodi and was going to profit off of those pictures. . . kind of deal. So many ways to go with this other than Jodi did it!!!! Jodi is INNOCENT!!!

          • R.Love there’s a lot of investigation, IF they would have done one, would PROVE Jodi didn’t do it!
            These is a HUGE cover-up and I hope they find out how to uncover this SO that Jodi can go home.
            I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the mormons didn’t pay the jury.

        • yes, yes and yes!

          Notice that the leaders the Cashes and Miss Deanna conveniently weren’t in the gaggle of friends discovering the murder. Cashes left early for Cancun and Miss D had moved back to Riverside two weeks earlier. Jodi just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. it took them a few days to come up with Jodi must have done it because you know she was blah blah blah.

          • At least we THINK the Cashes were already in Cancun…seems to me, remembering reading here that that was not dead certain…that they could have still been around.

            Anyhow, still believing TA died late Thursday night or early Friday morning (taking interviews and detective notes at face value…their first recounting) these groupies had only Sunday to Monday evening to cook up a story.

            Not one of them KNEW Jodi had been there Wednesday. The bunch of them just threw it out there and it stuck.

              • Yes, and Enrique said his girlfriend noticed Travis’ CTR ring and watch on the kitchen counter…then the house was locked on Thursday evening and he had to get in an alternate way.

                Oh, they sure had the world by the tail those days in June 2008… and let it fly right at Jodi Arias.

                • Dave was on JVM show and he said a lot about hearing about TA and the people that were going to Cancun and those that were there, but I can’t find that interview anywhere.
                  THEY have a way of covering up even things that were on the media early on.
                  His story was something likehe was going there, then heard about TA, but went anyway and that they all talked about it in Cancun.
                  That was strange because he didn’t act like anyone was in a hurry to get to TA.

          • Your right, people needed to remove themselves and be gone from the area before the dirty deed was committed and finished. The Cashes told 3 different stories if I remember right about their where abouts. Jodi if she was there was there by accident and they had not planned on her being there. After the fact, Jodi was perfect for them to blame because the other girls were already jealous of her (thanks to Travis )plus they wanted her gone and to pay for ruining their St Travis. Although, truthful, Travis & Deanna should be thanked for that. These young women are very deserving to be on a suspect list but not JODI!!!

            • Travis was to blame for his own death and ruined reputation not Jodi, not Deanna and the others. He did that all by his “lonesome”! I have always felt Mrs. Cash was jealous of Jodi too and I do not mean in a big sister kind of way. Mr. Cash is kind of slow in that area. Well, I will leave all the worms squirming away for a awhile. Squirm you little lying worms! Never DOUBT IT JODI IS INNOCENT!!! AND WE ALL KNOW IT!!
              ♥ May God Bless Our Dear Sweet Jodi Arias!♥

              • R Love, you are absolutely right that JODI WAS THERE BY ACCIDENT ! ! !
                One of the Hughes boys was supposed to set her up to hook up with Ryan Burns in UTAH. She would have been there instead of with Travis, had TA not called & “guilted” her into coming to see hm first.

                Somebody must have had quite a shock to walk in & find her there. They would not have recognized the rental car in the driveway.

                • that’s why the sims cards are missing..they could prove Travis called Jodi .guess he sorta had to behave himself in Cancun. ticking time bomb there.

                  emails from Travis to Jodi were probably wiped off his computer by cashs.

            • Yup. The told a different story about their Cancun trip every time they were asked. You know what people say: When you lie for a living, those lies tend to catch up with you. Losers….

  3. Poor Travis. All these best friends, loving family members, co workers, fellow Mormons and flocks of admirers, yet if it wasn’t for Mimi who knows how long he would have laid there.

    • Not for Mimi to worry about, the guys (roommates) had already started noticing the smell by Monday morning, surely looked in and then…. the plot to blame Jodi begins….Mimi was a later part of the story which actually set Jodi up.

      Not sure I feel for ‘poor’ Travis, one lives on the edge continuously and the chances are great that they will fall off the cliff one way or the other.

    • I was being sarcastic.
      He has this flock of admirers yet no one bothered to find out where he was or even that he had not answered his phone for days.

      • Ha! Trixels, you are absolutely right!

        Now after travis’s death, they all seem to claim that he was their best friend, very close sibling. Hmmm, I don’t know about you guys but if I don’t hear from my friends or my close relatives for over 24 hrs, I call to see if everyone is ok. We even see it here at our safe haven: if we don’t hear from one of our friends, we start worrying.

        To have your ‘bestie’ or brother not contact you for 5 fucking days, have him miss out on a work conference and a work trip, isn’t enough?

        And you know what is more pathetic than HLN using Jodi for profit? These people claiming to love travis who jumped on the money train and have made a bundle out of his death. Greed is not a virtue..

        • Pandora, you have a great point. Travis was not close to his family except for grandma. I think he saw Samantha the month before he died. I have always been confused about Mimi’s behavior. TA must have had daily contact with her after all he wanted to marry her. He would not stop talking to her even if she had the just friends talk with him. If I were going on a trip with someone I think if I were not able to get ahold of him after 2 days I would be at his front door wondering what was going on. How many times did she call him?? I’m with Journee Mimi was sucked into it after the fact. Cover up. (not her words).

          • You know, at first I was shocked at how people could live with a decomposing corpse for 5 days and not smell a thing. I tried to make “excuses” for them like ok maybe the air-conditioning helped or maybe they are hard-working people who just come back home only in time to go to bed and wake up the next day and leave for work again… Then something didn’t add up. We have all read articles etc of people describing the penetrating and at the same time distinct smell of decomposition. Given that my job requires me to go to many different houses every day,I started thinking that the minute you step into a confined space you immediately notice the change of air – meaning when you walk outside where the air s clener and you suddenly go into a house you notice the smell of food or of a room poorly-ventilated, the smell of someone sleeping and not having opened their windows….Stuff like that. So I thought to myself, there’s no way these roomates didn’t smell a corpse while walking in and out of that house. Or a phone ringing ona counter and Travis not picking up. Even if the phone was silenced, it would still be on vibration and would make a noise.

            So, I started coming to the conclusion that one of the roomates must have gotten worried and possibly went to check on travis by opening that master bedroom’s door. Voila….. Blood everywhere. Instinctively, you just a couple of steps, curiosity (even if it’s a morbid curiosity) gets the best of you and you gind yourself STEPPING on some of that blood, leaving a perfect bloody bootprint behind….. 😉
            Then you share all freaked out and THEN you start thinking they’re gonna accuse YOU of having killed your roomy. What followed next is easy to be inferred.

  4. I just thought of something. Jodi’s broken finger. The thing that JM said she lied about because she didn’t seek medical attention. I am pretty sure Jodi didn’t have medical insurance. Why didn’t the DT pick up on that????

      • Even if she didn’t have insurance and went to emergency room there were no doubt bruises that would need explaining. Travis could not have wanted his abuse of Jodi to come out that way…in any way.
        How could they, either one of them, explain the injuries she must have had had?

        • I agree. Been there done that. You lie… But 20 years ago the didn’t press you as much. But now days they do. We got DV victims all the time at the hospital and in 2006. If it was questionable the was a cop around. Travis wasn’t stupid…

          • Abused women rarely seek medical attention. And when confronted about bruises and other injuries they often lie.

            A close family member admitted that to me quite recently while I was talking to her about jodi. She just looked at me and said : I never went to the ER either. Only once coz I needed stiches. And when my colleagues would ask, I would lie. I was too embarrassed to admit I was being abused and besides, nobody would believe me. he was highly-respected by everyone.”

            Simple and chilling as that. I am amazed 21st century society is blind to DV and worst part is that there are women out there ready to hate and hold on to their disbelief rather than realize Jodi did what all battered women do.

    • I put a lot of blame on the Mormon cult, the false illusion of PPL’s ponzi scheme, and Chris & Sky Hughes for “using” Travis up.

      You tube: (“Travis Alexander last speech before death (in Colorado with David Hughes”)

      Took place April 2, 2008 (just 2 mo. before he died) – creepy.
      He’s had only a few hour’s sleep in two days.

      Same total lack of sleep the day he died, June 4, 2008
      TA told Roommate he’d been up all night peforming a protection “ritual.”

      Probably spending all night, most nights devoted to his addiction at this point, too.

      Jodi Arias was the only person that was truly on his side & genuinely cared about his well-being. She KNOWS who he truly was, warts & all. She loves him unconditionally anyway.

      I am glad they had their time together. They have each suffered tremendously. God is teaching others through their mistakes. Their pain & humiliation will be the rain that waters our dried up hearts to soften and humble us on the journey forward.

      • True words seabird. Truly I haved wished a thousand times Jodi had never given Travis the time of day. He was undeserving of her kindness and devotion. But God does not make mistakes. God is teaching all and everyone should wise up while they are able. Of course, I have always thought of Travis as a “tool” so why not a tool for God’s work. You made it sound a lot nicer than I could have. God does have a plan for Jodi for a bright future. She will inspire many in her lifetime just like she has been during this whole period. Jodi is a courageous and strong young woman plus INNOCENT!!!

  5. Except for being on target pegging JM as the ‘clown’ in THIS circus what else has he, Mark Geragos done for anyone?
    Every trial that I am aware he was involved with were total disasters for his clients.
    He is one dude it is best to stay away from, IMHO.

  6. I am very angry. I am angry that it took so long for the defense to fight for Jodi.
    I am very angry with the media for depicting Jodi to be a heinous murderer.
    But most of all I am angry because there are people who try to hurt ordinary people who see injustice in Jodi’s case.
    These people think nothing of digging into someone’s past, not knowing all the facts involved, and viciously put it on Facebook.
    The Facebook I refer to belongs to Beth Karas.
    If you go there to observe, you will find the most incredulous insults against someone they do not even know.
    Not only that, but none of this attack is called a halt by Beth Karas, allowing these individuals to continue their vicious attack and banning their victim.
    People here say, don’t worry, these people are not dangerous.
    These people are vicious, hateful people. Those who are try to bring reason to an unreasonable situation, Jodi’s fight, to shed light on the legal system, those people are maligned and damned.
    This will be my very LAST post because I cannot bear the torment from these people.

    Friends of Travis: you have succeeded. You have stifled two of Jodi’s most dedicated voices.

    • Stay strong, Carol Handy, I don’t know what happened either but perhaps the Travis supporters are being extra vicious today because Mitt Romney just got the “shit eating grin” wiped off his face today when he had to drop out of the Presidential race. …He thought it was: “the third would be a charm” but it is “three strikes and he is OUT, OUT, OUT”. …Thanks you Saint Joan and God Bless Jodi Ann Arias.

      • I don’t have FB, and I’m not used to navigating those pages that are public, but I did manage to track down one string of comments on BK’s page where it looks like maybe four or five people were piling on Carol’s daughter, Cheryl – then I saw one person say something to Carol. Someone also commented that Cheryl’s comments had been removed from the page so I don’t know what their participation in the conversation might have been.

        Here’s what I want to say to Carol and Cheryl:

        Stupid people suck. LITERALLY They suck you in by saying things that are so inane that you can hardly stop yourself from trying to set them straight. That’s why most of us have learned to just STAY AWAY from those conversations. Because those conversations suck your energy and make you focus on the wrong things. Those people are not worth your time or your energy. Let them enjoy their own misery and leave them be.

        Here’s what else I want to say:

        Four, maybe five people commenting there, that I saw, were saying hateful things about y’all? How many of the people over there were saying hateful things about Jodi? And on top of the hate they’re spewing at her, you’re going to deny her your voice of support?

        FB is a cesspool. It’s no place to be if you’re not fully inoculated.

        • OH – and what was the quote from MDLR the other day?

          Something along the lines of:

          Don’t waste your time talking to stupid people. You are not the jackass whisperer.

        • HIs son said that he never wanted to run the first time, has always been a reluctant candidate pushed forward by others.

            • last election I just didn’t think he was the better man for the job

              but if he ran again – or if I was called upon to weigh the merits of any Mormon candidate – I have to admit I could never bring myself to vote Mormon, not because of their ‘faith’ but because of their connection to what I see as a very dangerous, greedy and power hungry cabal.

        • I am not at all ‘ up on’ politics, but I heard that some other ‘ players’ in the game have ENORMOUS amounts of money available to fund an opponents campaign.
          It disgusts me how much money is spent on campaigns; why can’ t that money be amassed for better purposes that can actually help people.
          And I totally disagree with having presidential elections every four years. I think it should be at least every eight years.
          I know the short terms are supposed to safeguard democracy, but I question whether it does ___ but certainly the enormous waste of time, money effort, and switching and retraining, and loss of and exchange of experienced people__ and then fact that the new people are forced to operate under the agendas of people who are of lesser rank, but far less accountable to the public.

          [ I wonder how many states allow a person to get re- elected over and over and over the way Arizona allows Arpaio…. I wish some people at the Superbowl will protest against him.]

          • (And Romney is not running because he thinks there is no way he can win when he is up against someone who has such enormous financial resources to fund a campaign.)

    • It is hard trying to fathom all the hatred. The information age has breathed life into anonymous soulless individuals that have NO self respect, and are only interested in attempting to trigger emotion in others, or subjecting others to their attitudes to bolster their conceit. and around and around the egos go. While disdain is also here it is tempered, that is the difference. We only have here or our private lives to express ourselves for Jodi. Most everywhere else is fraught with hateful opportunists. We all know them we all have experienced them and we all encourage everyone to stay away from them. It is a bunch of angry life that feeds on darkness, it won’t change, just like we won’t change.
      You don’t need to try and express yourself to them Carol, you have us, so express away!

    • Carol, I am sorry that you have been harmed.
      Beth Karas has a moral and ethical responsibility, as a person and as a professional, to monitor the content of her page and enforce guidelines so that people can not cause each other harm.
      I know everyone here appreciates you and your daughter.
      Your voice, and your daughter’s voice have been heard, and have been making a difference for the better.

    • Carol, I’m sorry you and Cindy have been targeted. Especially when you have never provoked anyone of them or even spoken with them. It goes to show that they might hate us BUT they can’t stay away from us. That’s their M.O. : to attack and intimidate Jodi’s friends and supporters into backing away from Jodi and disappearing.

      I have been in your shoes multiple times. And Journee is right! They almost ‘sucked’ me into their trap: I replied, tried to defend Jodi, my friends and myself. I even went to their vicious sites confronting them. You know what the result was? More people boarded on their hate wagon and attacked me. I can only think of 2 or 3 people that actually were civil and kept out personal bashing.

      I know that your anger right now is stronger than reasoning.

      I advise you to:

      1. Step away from your computer, take a deep breath, do something that relaxes you and then re-think of this more rationally.

      2. Don’t reply to them, it will fuel the attack.

      3. If you don’t visit those vile pages, sites, blogs then truth is that you don’t know what they are saying, thus they don’t exist. Don’t spend your energy in reasoning with haters. They are not in it for supporting travis, they are in it because they are plain bullies. They enjoy targeting and bullying other people that don’t agree with them because they are insecure about themselves.

      I hope you take my advise. Because I’ve been in your shoes and acted opposite of what I advised you to do. Result? Wasting my time, taking away my positive energy. If they want to debate me about the trial that’s fine and dandy and I’m all for it, as I have had amazing private conversations with a few and agreed to disagree with total respect of each ones personal life.

      (((Carol & Cindy))) ♥ ♥ ♥

    • Oh my Carol!! Please don’t abandon the FREE JODI ship! We value your thoughts and opinions, I have looked forward to reading yours and Cheryl’s ideas and insight into this whole trial and tragedy of horror! The Hate has pretty much caught us all off guard because it is not in us to think like the Haters. They are consumed with their hatred, vile thoughts and we should leave them to themselves were they will eventually self destruct! I to have dared to look at their evil but I will not go back. They are extremely dangerous people and stay away from them!!!! Take a break but please come back . . .we value you and your daughter, as does Jodi!!
      Never underestimate what your support means to Jodi. . .she loves each one of us for anything and everything tiny thing we can do to help her. Your very thoughts might even be an important part of her receiving her Freedom so hang in here with us!!!! (((((((((Carol & Cheryl))))))) ♥ ♥ ♥ God will protect us ALL!!!!!

    • Carol,

      I don’t know if this is gonna sound cliche but trust me I know EXACTLY how you feel. As my good friend Pandora stated ^^^, both her and me have been in your shoes countless times.

      When I first accessed this site in early 2013, I was too naive to realize where I had put myself into. I started posting with my real name, I shared private things inner thoughts, I would write every thought that would pop in my head without “censoring” it, I would be extremely straightforward when it came to my support and love for Jodi and my hatred towards Travis, his family and Kermit. The feistier I got, the more hateful I got to haters.

      They have accused me of the STUPIDEST things you can imagine. They have dedicated Facebook pages to attack me and a few other loyal friends of Jodi. As I have repeatedly said: they have called Pandora and me every name in the book, they have ridiculed us, they have threatened us, they have tried to break us and silence us.

      I know the saying is Sticks and stones……. but oh my! I KNOW that words hurt too. Immensely.

      There were times I kept thinking to myself: is it really worth it? Maybe I should just keep to posting in private groups and writing to Jodi. No public sites, no public support. You know what????? That thought just flashed through my mind for a few seconds, maybe I entertained the thought of staying away from here for a few minutes (or a couple of days 😉 ) but then I got stronger. Yes, STRONGER.

      When people try to oppress you, when people try to silence you, when people try to break your spirit and make you GIVE UP, it is precisely when you should NOT give up. Because it means you must be doing something good to make them as upset as they sound.

      There are numerous secret/closed Facebook groups with numerous supporters. I know people who have come to me and say “Hey, I wanna support her but as long as it’s not on a public forum” . I’m fine with it, but deep down I believe these people help perpetuate what the oppressor thrives on: stifling and injustice.

      If we were to walk away, if we were to give up on this or any other injustice for that matter, if we were to stop advocating against Martinez the broken legal system and Death penalty, what would become of Jodi??? What example would we set for our children? That whenever difficult times come knocking on our door, we chicken out and ran away??

      Honey, if we were to meet and I would start telling you about drama/attacks/cussing/paranoia Pandora, myself and MANY OTHER Jodi supporters have been exposed to, you’d laugh! Because you would realize that these people are obsessing over something that will soon be over and then they will move on to the next trial. Just like with Casey Anthony. Where are the people who threatened to kill Casey Anthony the minute she’d step out of that courthouse? I guess they moved on hating Jodi’s and our guts 😉

      They need to take a good look in the mirror and realize they are fighting with THEIR OWN demons.

  7. Truly vicious actions taken against real people today.

    For you that love to lurk here…

    No one has posted the addresses of the Reid family .

      • Journee, I have shitloads of screenshots of all those vile people that posted personal info about Jodi’s family, her witnesses, her friends, her supporters and her defense team. Yes, most everything is online thus not private but only an evil person would post the information he/she found online (by actually researching for it) in a group that will not hesitate to use it and threaten.

        But it’s the martinez tactic: Calling people out for shit that he does! 😉

  8. Good morning Team Jodi. ((((Jodi)))).
    I having a hard time with all these friends.
    We all know that Jodi was in the wrong place at the wrong time. No way she killed Travis and JM and his puppets know this all so. They wouldn’t have to “F” with the evidence. So who killed TA and why??

    I find it odd that TA was loading his home. OK it was 2008. But he had to have some kind of income. How much did the guys pay in rent?? Did the DT look into his bank account? What was he spending is money on?? We now know he was into porn, teen and child porn. From what I have heard these are paid sites. He also was on escort site. I’m going to assume that good old TA had a few hookers in his past. So since were going into conspiracy. How about a hooker and her pimp?? It happens all the time. I’m just throwing it out there. I’m still thinking the neck cutting was done by a Mormon. Could have done later?

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