Kangaroo Court – afternoon session

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Leave your comments below on the afternoon session & verdict at today’s AZ State Circus…

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Penalty phase starts tomorrow @ 10:30 am JT.

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      • I am uncertain how to post on here but will give it a go once more. First, my son is home for the summer. He was away at college and he cannot get over Jane V., Nancy G,, especially Dr. Drew., and the absurd after hour HLN show that keeps replaying the way they think the murder was committed. I told him we live in a cruel world that actually does like to “persecute” people. My son does not understand how the family of T.A. could go on any of these shows, knowing how they are exploiting T.A. With that being said, I will say once more that the case was media driven and Juan literally repeats the exact words of some of the commentators on these shows. This is not hard to prove as these shows are on tape. The defense can use this as well as numerous other things Juan did that is unbecoming of someone in his position.

        Also everyone needs to realize that had this relationship occurred in Jodi’s town, with her friends and family present, everyone would have been telling her that this guy is “crazy” and “using” her and they would have told her the relationship is going nowhere because of his secrecy. Now that word “secrecy” brings to mind another point. While the prosecution kept telling the jury how Jodi was approaching people to make sure they were aware the two of them were an item, it was quit clear to me that she did this because they were in fact an item and he was hiding it. I do not see the abnormalcy in her attempts to make people aware of the fact. Even Clancy admits that when Jodi talks to her in the restroom, Jodi tells her that she is not mad at her but upset with T.A. did not make it clear. I think she had a right to do this. Also, I find it interesting that the ex girlfriend was sent to his home when he was out of town, to check on his dog. When she arrived at the home Jodi was there baking cookies. I have to wonder if he knew the two would meet there. My point is that I do not think he was so innocent. He was hiding the relationship, made her look crazy, all the while he kept the relationship going, and on and on.

        There are many, many, things I found troubling in the case. For instance, Juan acted as though Jodi taped the phone conversations so she would have something to back her plan of murder. Could it not have been that she was going to the bishop with all his lies? Or just simply that this is clearly what the two of them did? I mean he did send her a picture if his penis……? Also, Nancy and the great Dr. Drew (not) said Jodi copies the behaviors of everyone she is around. Well, lets think about this a moment. If the two decided to part and we know the “double flip off” she received from T.A. Prior to the move. We also know about the mean text messages she received. But let’s consider that Jodi follows T.A.’s lead and they were going their separate ways. He has a date for his upcoming trip and Jodi has been talking with Burns via phone, trying to move on. Point is, Jodi was passive and may have felt inferior to T.A. So she may have followed his lead….moving on. She was trying.

        Also I did not see the hair dye as a big problem but I am surprised that the defense did not state the obvious…. Jodi tells the jury that she was hurting financially. Hello? Maybe she decided that the hair dye was too expensive. Who has not been there before. I also found that going back to her normal hair color and moving was an expression of “moving on” and “letting go”. She tried. It appears to me that T.A. was not letting it go. I just wish she liked herself enough to not go back but that weakness falls in the pattern of abuse.

        Finally, I don’t think the murder was planned. I do feel she put him on a pedastol and that he had a big ego that she fed. I think that job they were both connected to was her bread and butter and she tried to keep peace with him to save face in the work environment. I do believe she tried to withhold the facts about their relationship so she would not make him look bad. I believe she “checked out” mentally and was scared to death of acknowledging to herself on a conscious level that she actually did this.

        I also think that on some unconscious level Jodi was tired of the abuse, which I feel was mostly on an emotional level. She may have had a thought or two of killing T.A. Just as he may have had about her, just as many people do daily, but then move on. I think that when he went after her, she did fear for her life and “checked out.” This was a person who clearly was seeking a future with this guy in the beginning of their relationship. She was seeking a spiritual path. Wanted children. Wanted respect. Had an eye for beauty, as we see in her art and love for photography, as well as her desire to learn and grow intellectually, and he abuse all these gifts she had.

        Again I will say, I do feel T.A. was also growing and/or trying to and the two together were toxic. It was a toxi relationship because she had a passive personality that sought approval and love, while he was a person who had demons inside him that he revealed only to her. He was the aggressor. He knew she was passive. The whole thing is very, very, sad. Yet, again I will say, very winnable on appeal.

        One final note, Nancy always states the “I want to make a difference” on her commercials. Well, she just may have. Last I heard, she was not part of the prosecution team….. But just go back and watch the trail and her shows…. He repeats exact words, proving the prosecutor misconduct. I also just caught juror 8 on the great Dr. Drew (not) and he states it was hard not to hear about the case because it was “everywhere”. Clearly the jury should have been sequestered.

        • Thanks, Color Purple, for the thoughtful note. We, too, are feeling the sadness regarding Jodi being villianized to the extent she has been, in the media. I will always wonder, what did he say to her, what transpired in that last photo of his face? The look in his eyes was hatred, anger. Anyone can see that – Totally agree, the jury should of been sequestered. This was not a fair trial. All of these people at HLN have used her, too – it’s how they’ve all made ratings and paychecks the past several months. My older daughter and I both see (and understand) how horrendously TA used her, can you imagine how this effected her (likely already low) self esteem? I think she loved the guy (as well as any 20 something can love); he played her. Of course she had choices, but in your 20’s I’m not sure when in love with someone, that you are able to close the door on someone who has your heart. The maturity just isn’t there, a lot of the time. We’re keeping our good thoughts for Jodi.

        • Welcome Color Purple! Please keep posting! You have great thoughts, and ideas! Awesome post!

        • Wow you really have some great thoughts. Those are all things I have thought about too, but you put it all together so well. I agree with you totally!!

        • there should be one thing and one thing only ,” A RE-TRIAL ” . those responsable for using Jodi as a scape goat need to be found and found quickly ! under the US constitution there should be some info to create another go , there is corupt levels of personel and court officials at all levels . Jodi there will be some one out there that will turn this around for you ! take care and God bless and a thousand cuddles .!

        • Color, well said. The sad part about it is so many people look at things as black or white. When it comes to human feelings there is a whole lot of gray area. They are judging Jodi on every little thing she does or doesn’t do. We would all fail in this area put under a microscope. Wow! The great Doctor Drew is now saying how he has compassion because she is sick. What a hypocrite! And juror #8 told it all. His mind was made up way before all the evidence was presented and you can bet your ass that he watched HLN during his time on the jury. If this man can drink (extreme DUI) and then get behind the wheel of a car and put others lives endanger, I can’t believe a word he says as far as not watching the media.

          • I lost a great deal of respect for Dr. Drew and his crew. I would have respected his professional opinion but he was just so off the charts mean. At first when I was watching his show I could not wait to hear from “his” jurors because I actually thought they were unbiased but then the one juror stated how they were talking to T.A. family and doing lunch together and it became clear to me that his show was just a rating boost. I was very troubled by the manner of most of his quests as well. He even tour down the professionalism of the wittnesses that had many years in the field of psychology. I found that very deceitful on his part. He gave more credit to the “human lie detector” than he did of people with clear professional expertise. Speaking of the “human lie detector”, what a load of crap. Hello? We are five years from the actual traumatic event. Should we have the same emotions and expressions as we would five years ago. ? Lol. She is not God.. The great Dr. Drew (not) can not say he has compassion now. He can never wash away the impression he left with me during this case. He should be ashamed.

    • I believe Jodi SNAPPED after Travis used/abused her. The press would have you believe he was an eagle scout, murdered in cold blood, as he delivered food baskets to the poor and elderly! The jury should have been sequestered, so there are legal grounds for an appeal. But, Jodi WANTS the death penalty!!! This show of courage probably pisses off the prosecutor, the family and the angry mob more than the actual killing itself! While Travis begged for his life, Jodi will march proudly to the death chamber!

  1. Dwayne Cates said on TV defense could’ve argued it might’ve been more cruel to have 1 stab to heart and then it takes 15 to 20 minutes to die.

    Maybe true but defense was in a very tough spot today.

    • defense had an extreamly tuff trial when its srar of the show makes defending her a ridiculousness circus. She had a great defense team but she just wouldn’t listen. Now where in the last phase maybe just maybe there should be an apology if there is anything going to save her from DR…Just Think about it

  2. All we need is 1 juror to disagree and the DP is off the table. I think I’m correct.
    This has got to be the most horrible day for Jodi ever. I feel so bad for her.

  3. I’m sick. i would like to see DP for the automatic appeal, but I don’t want to see it considering how rigged this whole trial has been. IDK how an appeal would go (after reading about other appeals denied for women protecting themselves from abusers/murderers).

    • same here cindy.The only ”good” thing coming out from a possible DP is that the State gets to pay for the appeal and since Jodi has no money maybe that would be a relief for her family but who would really trust the State after all this farcical trial we’ve been witnessing all along?
      I have mixed feelings,I dont know what to expect,pray for or hope right now.All I know is that it feels that I’ve been sleeping since last Wednesaday and having a nightmare.
      I want Justice for Jodi for once!!! Please God make it possible,I dont know how just do it!!

      • Let’s keep praying for someone with a conscience (preferably from the jury) to stand up and shout at the last minute “THIS ISN’T RIGHT!!” I keep praying, visualizing and hoping for that to happen.

    • They are sick and creepy. I stopped watching them shortly after the trial started and I saw how bloodthirsty they were.

    • cindyp — I so agree with you. Isn’t ironic that JM can lead a prosecution based on the fact that Jodi may have spilled blood. But isn’t it scary that we live in a country where prosecutors can drink blood and then portray themselves as heros of our rights. HA!

  4. if she gets the DP does that mean she will be locked up for 23 out of 24 hrs in her cell? I can not imagine having to live like that 🙁

    • Yep. Also, no contact with any human flesh. Her family cannot even touch her. Her visits will be behind glass. No trees, only sky and walls for a few hours a week. Alone. No other prisoners near her.

      • I’m off to google info about Amnesty International.
        I’ve been flabbergasted.
        I’ve been confused.
        I’ve been dreadfully upset.
        Now – I’m pissed too.

      • GOD, I hope she doesn’t get the DP, even if she has to pay for her appeal !!! We can raise money, we have to do something !!!!

      • It’s possible that with Juano shipping every felon in AZ off to Death Row, jamming the prisons full, filling the coffers of the prison industry and ensuring his job is safe, that Jodi MAY have a cellmate. Maybe. Other than that, everything I mentioned is standard with Death Row.

  5. Jodi is distraught today. I hope she remembers, in the worst case scenario, the state will be picking up the tab for her (winnable) appeal.


    • Poor baby was a mess.Who could blame her?Did you see her breathing?Irregularly as if hyperventilating.I’m so worried about her mental health.May she find sth to cling on at this difficult time.
      (((((((((We love you Jodi,wish you could feel our hugging you))))))))

    • I know she looked so… she’s just given up!! So distraught. I just kept thinking how it would feel to have people judging you that don’t even know you. Not just HLN and all those idiots on there but the jury. I mean imagine a group of people studying you, listening to false stories and misrepresentations of you and judging you and you can’t say or do anything. They’ve already made an opinion of you and know they are going to have you punished! That has got to be the worst feeling. It’s a nightmare!

  6. A question maybe out of left field:

    Say absolutely all else fails, doesn’t the president have the power to excuse/exonerate people toward the end of their last term?

    • Unless you’re Richard Nixon or a friend of a friend of the president and you happen to have a lot of money, it’s possible but highly unlikely. Even Bill Clinton wouldn’t have had the balls to give a presidential pardon in this case.

        • Yeah, I didn’t know how that worked exactly even though it seemed like a stretch.

          Interesting differentiation between state and federal law btw. Since following this “trial”, I think death penalty convictions should be handled on a federal level. I know any given state’s power is sacred and that’s what makes us a union, but this is too big a deal to play around with like this.
          Especially when more heinous crimes are being let off easy next door – whether next door is so upsettingly close as the same courthouse, a different town in the same state, or the other side of the nation.

            • I’m not advocating consolidation of powers; there needs to be a way to require even application of certain things like the DP for example. I also feel like there is no accountability in the way certain players have conducted their duties to the state of Arizona. Obviously that could be labeled plain old corruption that the federal level sees just as much of, but where does a citizen go to rectify persecution by the state? I’m having trouble understanding how that’s the top and there’s nowhere left to go.

              • Jester, I know what your saying and it does make sense. It would fit, especially THIS case, where the prosecutor, investigator, experts, judge and media have taken advantage of our rights and noone, NO ONE has donr NOTHING about it!!!!

          • how can a jury find this act extremely cruel when they have nothing to compare
            it with ie. the Lochner Case and the case that was settled in the courtroom on the same
            floor where the defendant took a plea for life without parole.

    • Usually governor issues pardons at the recommendation of local parole board.
      Normally done when governor is leaving office.

    • The president can only pardon on federal matters. The governor, however, can pardon on state matters. Remember all the issues years ago with pardons in MA of a criminal who re-offended? They commonly do it on their way out the door too, but AZ Governor already said she thinks Jodi is guilty.

  7. I shall be released….is a song about Jodi …JODI we r here 4 U & will stay 4U….something good will come from all this evil they did 2U…they all have bloody hands

    • Howdy, I’ve just started watching the trial and can’t believe how the railroaded Jodi. I guess they just couldnt stand to see another “OJ” or Casey Anthony outcome. Luck of the draw or lack thereof. Sick.

      • I feel like Jodi is paying for Casey Anthony’s crime. Everyone was so upset that the jury let her go and even though these two cases were nothing alike, Jon and all those clowns kept saying this jury may be like the jury Casey Anthony got and they would let Jodi go too. So being the jury were reading the news on their I phones and I pads, they knew they had to make sure Jodi didn’t get away. We can thank the media and especially Graceless and HLN for believing a defendant is innocent until proven guilty (yeah right)

    • Then you are not watching the same trial. Only a hater would believe Juan that she just cries for herself. Total BS.

      • I feel she has every fucking right to cry for herself after what this nation has reduced her to. I challenge any one to make it through something half as awful and do as well as Jodi has.

        Jodi and her family can cry on my shoulder any time the wish <3

        Go Team Jodi

        Fuck the Haters

    • But remorse for defending herself against someone who tried to kill her? I don’t think I’d have remorse.

    • SReyna do you need the ACTUAL words?? Actions speak louder than words,RIGHT?
      That girl has cried her eyes out every time she is forced to recall upon the June 4th incident,every single time the pedophile’s name is being brought up.She is nothing BUT remorseful! What’s wrong with you people?Are all of you pain in the ass linguists?

      • I, for one, would not apologize for saving my life.

        If a stranger raped you in an alley, and you killed him in defense, would you apologize to the rapist?


        • Right! Jodi shouldn’t have to apologize to ANYONE! Not to TA, not his family, and especially NOT to any piece of shite side haters! For what should she apologize for?! He shouldve kept his hands to himself!

        • Exactly Renee’.

          Jodi will never apologize. She doesn’t have to. And I’m glad because it annoys the living shit out of the haters.

              • I agree w/you, I don’t understand why they (NANCY DISGRACE, JANE, RYAN,VINNIE AND DR DREW) keep saying she shld apologize. She did what she had to and now those frickin idiots ( HLN monsters) can now start bashing the Zimmermans. They are so drama and so full of ca=ca, you can smell them a mile away. I’ll always think of Jodi and her family and what they went thru. These assholes need to just shut up and give themselves a break!!!!! My heart goes out to Jodi……

                • Those idiots will never be happy because even if she had apologized right off the bat, they would have said its a fake apology or she didn’t mean it. No matter what they will never be happy!

        • Please don’t apologize…u did every good thing u could & it didn’t help….ignore the bully s ..stay MUM…..they will have nothing 2 eat…if u don’t talk 2 them

      • I know she has said over and over she wished it never happened. Isn’t that enough? Anyway if she says she’s sorry they’re going to say she doesn’t mean it anyway. She can’t win!

    • Your comment was removed but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what you said. No way would I apologize for defending myself and neither should Jodi. What the hell are you doing here anyway? You have too much time on your hands. Go away twit, you are not wanted here.

  8. AMMaryEllen Resendez @maryellenabc15#jodiarias court watchers purchased t-shirts outside the courthouse that say “Don’t make me go all Jodi Arias on your ass”


        • Well not even Martinez is respectful. He has the nerve to sign autographs and takes pictures like he’s a celebrity. He has a job to prosecute not become a celebrity! If my family member was murdered (heaven forbid) and the prosecutor was walking around being a celebrity and giving autographs I would be all over his ass and would call the D.A.s office requesting a new prosecutor! He’s suppose to be here to seek justice for the victim and do his job and show respect. Goes to show he isn’t doing his job for the right reason he’s seeking 15 min of fame! What an ass!! But his family didn’t say anything nor show their disapproval. Don’t they even care? Or are they seeking their own fame too?

    • We need a T-shirt with a picture of a big oak tree with the phrase: “Brace yourselves, angry red pecker coming your way”

      • Oh no!
        I want a T-shirt with the words ”A little girl’s orgasm sounds HOT”.
        Then we should wear it and parade the streets of fucking Arizona.And when people stop us or try to lynch us then go ahead and ask them ”Do you think Jodi Arias is guilty?” .
        You know their answer!
        And that’s when we get to say ”I guess you wouldnt kill the bastard whose words these are!! ”

    • As utterly repugnant as that slogan is, it also admits a prerequisite instigation…
      They must be morons to conveniently overlook that one…

  9. HLN is crying cause their meal ticket is all most gone.

    I have been praying for just one person …I think it might happen..
    I will be the first to shout a big FUCK YOU JM..FUCK YOU TA’S family..

    Besides the jury gets to go home never to return….

  10. First juan says “2 mins is too short time” during the trial,, Now it’s “2mins is a long long time” during this phase of the trial, so which is it Juan? Juan uses things to his advantage when it is in his favor to do so. Did the jury pick up on this? This jury is brain dead anyway, so I doubt it.

    • I was thinking exact same thing. Didn’t he say it wasn’t long enough for her to run to the closet and get the gun, shoot and stab him? But in court it was long enough to cause him soooo much suffering.

    • I was like . huh?? when the clock came into it . . what kinda clown . . oh nm, it’s jm who will gloat he won a dp with a clock . . apparently the judge allowed it being set up but that doesn’t mean it’s acceptable . was it numbered into evidence? bizaar stuff

    • I think the issue is that JM thought it was too short a time period if it wasn’t planned and she didn’t have the weapons on her. If you look at it that way, he didn’t actually contradict himself, but lawyers ALWAYS twist words. That is what they are paid to do.

  11. In a way if I’m Jodi I want to die. In another way though I want to stay alive just to piss off the people who want me dead so bad.
    So if Jodi gets death, they put her back on suicide watch. In other words don’t kill yourself, we want to kill you.
    I wouldn’t want to be in prison forever. Would any of you?

    • Yes it makes no sense to me. Truly is backwards. She says she would rather die then spend a long healthy life in prison. That to me sounds sane and logical.

      The state however says you are suicide risk and we can’t have you killing yourself, you must be mentally ill.

      So instead, lets spend millions of tax dollars on satisfying some gross blood lust from the sponge family, and barbarians who watch HLN. I bet they wish they showed public executions 24 hours a day. AND this is considered “normal thinking”, and even try to convince themselves that it is righteous They are the premeditated murders.

      Beyond angry and frustrated today.

      • I know the State says we need to put you on suicide watch so you won’t kill yourself……because they want to kill her themselves HELLO that makes no sense!!

    • There was a guy not too long ago in GA that was on death watch and they gave him a razor to clean himself up for his execution and he proceeded to take matters into his own hands and they took him to the hospital and saved his life in order to kill him a few days later. THIS is what’s wrong with our country and I honestly don’t understand it AT ALL!

      • I’m with you Mel and UKJodifan. It makes ZERO sense. It pisses me off too. Why does a supposedly civilized country even have a death penalty? Why are so many people so excited to put people to death? I know that some of those that have been executed deserved it but I’d bet more have not deserved it than have.

        I used to be totally for the DP. I don’t even know who I was back then. The older I get the more liberal I am.

        • Yup! And people say the Romans were barbaric when they would persecute people wrongly, then put people to their deaths in the colliseum. Well hate to be the ones to tell you, HLN are the persecutors and the U.S.are the new Romans ugh! Makes me sick!!!!!

    • That’s a toughy, Joe. I think I could handle 10-20 under normal prison circumstances like having a roommate, job, taking courses, etc. Not that it would be a walk in the park, but enough distraction to be tolerable? But LWOP in 23 hr lock down? I wouldn’t make it.

    • Nope! Iv said it before. For Jodi, I respect her wish and if she truly rather have the DP, then God let it be. I understand her because I would also prefer the DP over being locked up like an animal, thinking about these motherfuckers and how wrong the legal system played me everyday for a very long time.

      But knowing how evil they have bern to her, and knowing what she wants, they might just come back with the opposite to make her suffer!

      I also don’t get it! WHY put her on suicide watch?!! Are they going to place her on watch until THEY decided to do it???? They want the pleasure if doing it themselves, is that it?! AMAZING! !!

    • Mel no I wouldn’t and I really don’t have that many years left. I do understand what Jodi is thinking and if she does decide to take the DP…then we all have to search our hearts to understand.
      I personally do not think it is going to happen. I have a gut feeling that they had a trade off for murder 11

      • I think if she gets DP, she will fight it. She is still making plans, which indicates she wants to live.

  12. Reposting my comment on other thread—

    I have not been able to watch this yet guys but have read all your commentary. This whole farce sickens me and there is a special place in hell for every LIAR in this scenario—JM, Horn, Flores, Travis’s siblings who didn’t give two shits about him until he was dead with dollar signs in their eyes, all the fools who spout off for money on HLN. They will be wit their buddy in the hot place. The real judge of us all notes EVERYTHING.

  13. These people that are hanging around the court house during the entire day make me sick! Looks like they have nothing to do at all, they don’t work, they don’t study… They have nothing to do except dancing, screaming and being extremely happy if the young and pretty woman gets DP. All I want to tell them is: “Hey lynch mob, forget about Jodi, go get life!”

  14. Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial

    The jurors that left could have stepped out for a smoke. Not sure yet. #JodiArias


    Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial

    Some of the jurors just walked out to the elevators. #JodiArias

  15. Thinking about visiting my uncle in Tucson —but may stop by the weasel’s place to shove his lying ass into a barrel and dump in the desert along the way! Also, if anyone in Team JODI want’s to cuss but doesn’t have the vent page password—myself included—- let me know and I’ll cuss for you! GO TEAM JODI!!!!!! WE HAVE JUST BEGUN TO FIGHT!!!!!!! prayers — and :)’s— always for our JODI!!!!!!!

  16. Well the “GREAT SEAL OF THE STATE OF ARIZONA” is up (what a joke). Anyway, does that mean its about to start back up?

  17. Beth Karas ‏@BethKaras 13m
    Four jurors just left on a break, escorted by a deputy. #jodiarias

    She tweeted this

  18. Watching the O.J. hearing, and let me tell you, what a contrast that state’s lawyer is to Juan Martinez. He is respectful even of O.J., who is testifying right now.

    JM is a disgrace to the legal profession.

  19. Jodi’s in the basement waiting again. 🙁
    No delay time once the decision is reached, straight to the courtroom

  20. hi imma newbie poster but have been reading for a while. can you believe trancy disgrace has on her twitter “countdown to execution?” !!! and ole jane vele-bigmouth wouldn’t kill a rabid possum, but hell let’s give it to an abused woman….sick!

    • Pretty sure the defense was the one stringing this out.

      Remember all defendants have a right to a “speedy trial” unless they waive that right.

      • There were a whole string of public defenders that asked to be released from the case. I forget how many, and it wasn’t until 2 yrs ago that they got all the text messages. etc. JM was trying to hide evidence from the defence.

    • The short version is that there were various problems with Jodi’s defense council; she was assigned court appointed defense instead of hiring a private lawyer. Trial was supposed to start in Aug 2010 but Nurmi wanted off to start his private practice. He ended up staying, obviously, but Wilmott joined after.

    • I read that it was mainly due to JM having other capital cases in which he was putting together lies to murder other people (with the state’s permission, of course).

  21. Ok guys I predict it will be within the next 15 minutes. Smokers always want to take a quick puff before facing a conflict

  22. This trial has been a disaster. The jury watched it on HLN, no one can convince me otherwise, and they sat and watched Travis’s families crocodile tears and long faces right beside them..How much more of an unfair trial can there be?

    • I agree. Total train wreck. I can’t believe this is being watched by the world and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

  23. i’m also thinking this jury has watched HLN every single day and when they saw her want death…..THAT is why they are NOW hung up…..they can’t decide what to do… we give her what she wants or what we want? and they probably know about all the appeals she will be allowed. SO if they don’t want her to have any second chances maybe they’ll come back w/no aggravating factors to piss her off. then pickles (lol) will give her LWOP. oh….ta’s ”family” i notice during trial they acted so mad when cameras were on them, now they act mad when the cameras are not on them….did you see them searching for the cameras when the verdict was read? phony ass ppl.

  24. There’s actually one guy on HLN I actually somewhat like and I don’t know his name. He’s an African American man on a set w a couch with a blonde lady who was a defense lawyer I think. I don’t think he’s as biased. He also tends to explain what they are doing in court and laws simply so I can follow what’s going on better. He’s on now if anyone is watching. He also has a nice voice.

  25. They have reached a verdict..Keeping my hopes that they find it not proven. She cannot get the death penalty.

  26. i already know what is going to be said. doesnt change the fact that it makes me sick they even have the opportunity to do this. i hope they appeal the verdict. that’s what i pray for

  27. Hi All
    a brief visit
    a long post 🙁


    TA attacked Jodi; as he had done when he previously rendered her unconscious, or killed her, with a blood choke across her carotid artery; these and other violent acts and language towards her was part of his accelerating pattern of behavior towards her; she trembled at his wrath when she displeased him

    TA attacked her; she killed him in self defense

    arizona’s law of self defense
    13-404 Justification; self-defense
    13-405 Justification; use of deadly physical force

    13-405. Justification; use of deadly physical force
    A. A person is justified in threatening or using deadly physical force against another:
    1. If such person would be justified in threatening or using physical force against the
    other under section 13-404, and
    2. When and to the degree a reasonable person would believe that deadly physical force is immediately necessary to protect himself against the other’s use or attempted use of unlawful deadly physical force.
    B. A person has no duty to retreat before threatening or using deadly physical force pursuant to this section if the person is in a place where the person may legally be and is not engaged in an unlawful act.







    1. a man A is attacked by another man B
    A fears for his life
    A defends himself as set out in 13-405
    can A use a knife to defend himself and in so doing cut B’s throat ?

    2. a woman X is attacked by a man Y, and X similarly fears for her life

    can X use a knife to defend herself, and in so doing cut Y’s throat ?
    the jury said NO !

    a soldier P in a war zone is attacked by one of the enemy Q

    P knows Q will try to kill him

    can P use a knife, and slit Q’s throat ?

    would it make a difference whether the soldier P, was male or female ?


    the mormons have a reprehensible record of criminality, sanctified within the secretive,
    and deceitful hypocrisy within their cult

    mormonism is a vile theocratic enclave within a constitutional federal democratic nation

    i am told that detective flores is a mormon within the maricopa police, is a brady cop, ie
    who withheld evidence

    also someone said martinez the prosecutor is a mormon

    the judge, and the governor, jump to the orders of the mormons

    while the jury was “deliberating”, the governor, a mormon bootlicker, informed the jury that jodi was guilty

    clearcut jury tampering in case they were unclear as to their orders, or wavering in the directive to convict


    2. When and to the degree a reasonable person would believe that deadly physical force is immediately necessary to protect himself against the other’s use or attempted use of unlawful deadly physical force.




    • Great post Wes . . there it all is . . filling in the blanks with filling stations should not be the diversions .. and the “phase” chit is a cop out claim to say “fair”.

    • Wes-
      You are absolutely correct. This entire trial and verdict has been bought and paid for and or threatened for by the Mormons. This is their MO and is no different than it has been through out the history of the Cult. Jodi has been set up !!!!

  28. We are all here for you angel Jodi,no matter what.

    ((((((((((((((((Group Hug))))))))))))))))))))))))

  29. HLN clock stopped at 1:33:06.

    Vinnie Politan was correct when he said he thought verdict would come in an hour or two.

    • “Vinnie Politan was correct when he said he thought verdict would come in an hour or two”

      JM probably gave him the Jodi death schedule in advance.

  30. Looks like you called this one Ann.

    ((((((((((((((Jodi and Team Jodi)))))))))))))))

    Thanks everyone for sticking around and supporting Jodi. <3

    • I will always support jodie SJ I know she has been the victim of domestic violence and had to defend herself us folks who have and are going through it know when and what others are for real and jodi is one of them on my babies life xx

  31. Verdict has been reached. Just waiting for the actual verdict.
    I am so afraid for Jodi, but will keep my hopes up.

  32. Hey, Maria – THANK YOU for finding me on facebook!
    I just happened to walk in the house after futzing around with my brand new lawnmower I unpacked from box and checked my phone to see what time it was, and saw I had message from facebook, then was futzing to answer you, and then got message that VERDICT is IN, which I WOULD have MISSED, if I hadn’t heard from you, because I would instead have went back outside to try to mow the lawn instead of still futzing with my phone.

  33. I just had a thought. What if Jodi gets the DP and does NOT want to appeal anything? 🙁

    Jesus Christ – this ahole on HLN just said Jodi has left victims all over the place? For real? I think she has SAVED people from being victims!

  34. repost:

    We’re here for the long haul – and we will ultimately get JUSTICE FOR JODI!



  35. I’m hoping that the juror that seemed conflicted during the guilt phase stays strong this time and refuses to agree with the cruel and heinous allegation.

  36. She gets the DP it will be harder to appeal this verdict. She gets life she could get a new trial based on the circus that revolved around her trial. Her constitutional rights were violated by the media in this case.

  37. Andrea,
    If she were to get the DP, she can waive her appeals. That has happened in the past with people convicted to DP. There would have to be a hearing where Jodi would prove she was competent, and did indeed want to die, in which case there would be no appeal. I hope it doesn’t come to that…and Jodi has said she would rather die. But that was right after the verdict, and who knows if she still feels that way. It is up to her, but I hope she doesn’t mean it.

  38. Poor Jodi…..the jury coming back with a decision this fast bodes evil for Jodi. Sorry Jodi has been so persecuted by the herd. She should not receive the death penalty for this and anyone with half a brain knows it. There are just too many blood thirsty sheeple living on this planet…..I’m waiting for the great cleansing that is overdue!!

  39. Moderators- Hey, I just posted a message (for Maria) and I had transposed couple of the #’s in my email address, but it WAS really from “me”, so I hope you can still post it. Thanks in advance.

    • The jury in their decisions have said it’s okay to RAPE, CHOKE, SPEAK OF 12YR OLD LITTLE GIRLS IN A VILE EVIL SEXUAL WAY, HAS A SEXUAL PERVERSION TOWARDS LITTLE BOYS and the list goes on & on! This guy lived a double life but it seems no one gives a rats ass! Soon as anyone talks about his double life every1 screems they are victmizing the victim-SHUT THE FUCK UP!! That was/is her defense I hate to say this but I think the DF Team was way over their heads and even after having 5 years to prepare! JM got away with murder!

    • They don’t, they are probadly watching HLN…..You can’t tell me that they haven’t seen, heard or commented on this trial. They!!!!!!! are the liars!!!!! Somebody.put some tape over Nancy Disgrace’s mouth, in fact a paperbag would be better, that way we don’t have to look at that nasty face. Jane too

      • The ONLY reason why this case has gone the way it’s gone is because of the bloodthirsty media and bitches like NG. Had the media never latched on to this case and had it not gone national the way it did, they would have taken her plea and got on with business as usual.

    • Bin Laden would have gotten a fair trial … GUARANTEED! If he didn’t there would be so many groups speaking up about it … will there be groups ….. other than this one speaking up in Jodi’s behalf!?!?

      These jurors should be ashamed!

    • Isn’t THAT the TRUTH, Mel! Augh!!!!
      This is revolting (i.e. their ridiculously biased verdict on aggravation) but at least now that creepy state of AZ can foot the bill for her direct appeal and the appeal may happen SOONER instead of later.
      At least I hope that silver lining exists….

  40. Of course! !!!!! ASSHOLES!!!! FUCK THEM ALL!!!!

    But you know what, if sye gets the DP, she’ll automatically get that appeal ON THE STATE right?!

    • AZ is famous for spending our money on BS. Numerous trips in recent years to get bitch slapped by the Appeals Court of the Supremes, leaves the idiots in charge unchanged in their search to be the biggest asshole state in the country.

        • ((((maria))) She sure did. They can hate her all they want, but all these assholes deep down wish they had the poise, dignity and grace she has in just one little finger. Jodi makes me so proud. For being a woman, for being a survivor and for being such a strong mujer latina.

          • I am so proud of her in the way she kept her poise….very proud of her. You wait and see, I/m watching that ugly Jane, she is so disgusting, the shit that comes out of her mouth is just that, to think they get paid for all the bashing and bullying. And that fat porker w/the blue shirt, that’s on now, he needs to shut the f up. I am so angry at all of them, by them you all know who I mean. I will always stand up for her Jodi. Does anyone know if she reads our comments?

          • (((((((Sil)))))))
            yo también hablo español pero ahora es demasiado tarde para mi,ya son las 3 de la mañana,me voy a noniar.Los quiero mucho.Nos vemos mañana!!!

            • un dia de estos tenemos que platicar mas a gusto. Que descanses querida. Mañana sera otro dia que tenemos que sobrevivir. 🙁

              Un besote y un abrazote tambien!!

              Te quiero mucho!! <3

              jajaja! yo no pude poner todos los acentos!

  41. I am absolutely fucking speechless!! I really was hoping this shit would be over! Now we’ve got to listen to the Alexander’s….

      • you are so right. and they will be on all the shows, they will be reaping in the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$. One of the sisters had mention that the siblings were all not that close, so what is the big deal? They just wanted to be on tv so people can feel sorry for them. Yep, you got it right, you hit the nail on the head, they are just white=trash. Life is not going to be ez for them. Karma does come around, so watch out HLN dimwits.

  42. Not surprised but so angry.

    I could hear in their voices when they came back with the M1 verdict that the jury were blood thirsty HLN viewers.

    This really is a kangaroo court.

    • I don’t know…Jodi is as tough as they come. After this trial and 16 days on the stand…Jodi is amazing. I don’t know how she can’t break down considering this jury seems so against her..

  43. I just want to hug her tightly. I don’t think she did it at all. How many admit to crimes they have never committed??? She is protecting her family. This was like some sort of mob hit and they threatened her with the killing of her family if she talked. She does NOT fit the typical killer and a cruel one at that.

  44. Everyone in the U,S should be very afraid to even go out there front door anymore. You could be charged with a crime and be innocent and this could happen to you.

  45. Extreme Cruelty has been proven so the DP is on the table.

    Oh God! I can’t believe it. Hopefully, she will not be put to death. There is still one more phase to go.

    I will pray for you tonight Jodi.

  46. They’re going to give her the DP. If they wanted her to have life, they would have stopped now and let the judge sentence her to that.

    At least she’ll get an auto-appeal. Fuck the simpletons on the jury. Fuck Martinez too.

    • I don’t think the jury will give her the DP. They found her guilty. With that mindset, I don’t see how anyone could not find that it was extremely cruel. I just can’t see them giving her DP after sitting in that room with her all this time.

      • But even if they hadn’t found it cruel today, the judge would have handed down either a life sentence with no parole or a life sentence with parole after 25 years. Why take the extra step if they don’t want death?

  47. This verdict is no surprise. Those people want Jodi dead so bad it has consumed them. I hope the jury can live with what they’ve done.

    Love you Jodi.

    • The jury sound like they have convinced themselves they are doing the “right” thing.

      They obviously want her to get the DP. They could have been done today if they just wanted her to get LWOP. The Judge has not made a secret that she loathes Jodi. She is obviously going to give her the harshest sentence.

      Does the Judge have to avoid the news and social media? She must be watching HLN and know what would happen to her career if she did anything that looked slightly favourable to Jodi.

  48. I would not want to be one of those jurors . . they will find themselves in predicaments they are going to have to prove some day . . when they get boxed in with no way out like a rat in a maze with no open doors . . they will whine like lil bitches . . why me?

  49. look the same fat slobs are standing outside the courtroom. i didn’t know arizona was full of so many hillbilly white trash

  50. I have an idea about HLN. They’re owned by Turner. I love writing letters when I am happy about something. But, I hey why don’t we start a letter writing campaign to Turner about how horrible HLN is? If we send some classy and intelligent letters and flood their office they may ignore us or we may get some attention.
    Turner Headquarters
    Contact Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. at the following address:
    One CNN Center
    Atlanta, Georgia 30303
    Phone: 404-827-1700

    • I will do it. Thanks for the address.. (BTW I think the take written letters to heart more than emails and phone calls.) Also, I’m not sure of this but, I always thought Turner was a gentle kind of guy. I guess I’m wrong, huh?

        • Turner did contribute a billion dollars to start the UN Foundation, and one of the UN goals is fighting to stop the DP worldwide. It’s not a good idea to find out how he would explain himself & his network on the DP at least.

      • Oh gross me out! At least if we write to turner we’ll be going over his head. But thank you for the article bc I can address the issue of ratings and other issues that he thinks are good that aren’t in my letter. The only reason these shows have high ratings is bc the trial would still be on during the shows.

        Thank you again for the article!

      • Oh my gosh this letter is great! This can be used against them. It’s almost like a present. I know nothing at all about the law but I am a good writer and “anything you say can and will be used against you” LOL. I can twist this around. Sadly though, the ratings are good.

    • I’m in. I’ll write and make phone calls.

      Sadly, I think the only thing that will make a lasting difference is if their ratings start to drop. If the station keeps making money they are going to continue doing what they are doing.

      • I agree, but will still write. But seriously – the LAW needs to step in and stop this raping of our judicial system! The media is NOT judge and jury!

    • I always do letters to politicians and businesses instead of emails or phone calls. I love writing to businesses when I get excellent service. I think people don’t get thanked enough. I also write to my PA politicians regularly and I’m annoying to them LOL. I write about equality for my Uncle who has passed away and every letter gets a picture of him.

      We should make the letters personal and pick out a specific thing that was very offensive. I think they’ll be on my letter circuit. I write to some politicians about every 3 mths, maybe I’ll add Turner LOL.

      • I write to my politicians too Danielle.

        One time I sent a postcard to my U.S. Senator with my father’s picture on the front and a message that had something to do with how the law would effect my father. I got a call from his Chief of Staff wanting to talk with me about the postcard that I sent.

        I tell you a personal, handwritten letter can be very powerful and it’s more memorable. Also, it helps to keep the letters short and to the point.

        • I like to keep my letters to one page or a page and a half and I always use a little bit bigger font because I think it looks nicer. I will make the margins smaller to keep it on one page if I have to. If I can write a card I have a lot of note cards (I love stationary) but I am terrible at spelling! My handwriting is also so messy.

  51. I’m not surprised. This jury won’t be happy until they give her the death penalty. They probably love being on a high profile case and want to keep it going for as long as they can. If this jury was actually interested in weighing the evidence they would have never come back with a M1 conviction.

    Jodi will have more options with a death penalty sentence. I kind of like the thought of the state having to pay for a conviction that will most probably be overturned on appeal.

    • They will mitigate factors to keep Jodi from the DP, such as if she had a hard childhood etc..Then the family can deliver impact statements.

    • Victims family gets to speak, Jodi as well as her family gets to speak. Prosecutor explains why she deserves to die and defense discusses why she should not

    • truth,
      The defense will show mitigating factors, reasons to spare Jodi’s life. Witnesses can take the stand on her behalf to plead for her too. (family, etc) Also at this time, the victim impact statements will be read. This will be both the state and the defense arguing about life and death. The jury will have to decide on the sentence after hearing all of that.

  52. I don’t know about anyone else but it really bothers me that Travis’s family and friends have used this trial for their 15 mins of fame and sympathy. This really bothers me.

    • Hells Yeah it bothers me! They will rot in hell with their soul-less selves. They are evil and praying for somebody’s death WILL come back to them as karma tends to do. But, doesn’t it say somewhere (in the Bible, i think?) that wishing someone’s death is evil? Cuz i think it is.

      • cindy they did more than wish it…they acted on getting Jodi put to death…no different than if they used their oown hands….they have Jodi’s Blood on their hands & God sees it

  53. Travis is digging out of his grave now looking for a 12 y/o girl to give an orgasm to so he can hear it.
    Sick fuck.
    Karma is a bitch Alexander Siblings, Judge, Martinez, Detectives, ME, Tot Doc, Jury, HLN and all you haters out there.

    So many gutless people in this world.

  54. Thank God she will prevail on appeal.

    It doesn’t change the fact that jury is a group of sick, cowardly fucks.

    • Well said. They disgust me.

      I’m sure the performances tomorrow will be puke-worthy. “Travis, our beloved brother and friend…now where’s the money?”

    • tonysam, you are my favourite poster on here and I thought you were gone. Glad to see you are still around =)

      This joke of a trial should have been stopped when the jury came back with their nonsensical verdict. TAINTED!

  55. Ok…so now. They found “proven” for especially cruel. This does NOT mean she gets the DP automatically. This is not good, BUT, it isn’t an automatic sentence of the DP. Tomorrow will be important, and even harder to watch, as her defense now will go into mitigating factors and pleading for her life. I still hope Jodi chooses to speak to the jury. It will be her last chance to talk.

    • I don’t know Anna??? I want to agree and I want Jodi to plead for her life but JM will have an opportunity to destroy “whatever” she says & make her look horrible. Maybe it’s best others go to bat for her. I wish her mom & sister would her help in this phase.

      • I dont want her on the stand. I dont believe it matters, This jury wants to be the jury that put Jodi Arias to death IMHO.

        They are tainted.

    • Why should she bother to talk when they didn’t listen to her before?

      Just so they can gloat and make fun of her???

      anna?? I don’t think she should say a damn word.

      • EXACTLY!!
        She took the stand to tell the TRUTH and noone cared to listen or even notice.Instead she got mocked by the jurors themselves ”Why should we believe you now?” Remember those questions??
        I want her to sit there,silent and be the dignified person we all know she is.NO,I dont want to see her begging for her life.Which at this point I dont think she values,sadly.

      • I agree. At this point she has said all she can say to them and dispite all of the evidence they see her as a liar. There will be other to plead for her. She will only be mocked by the haters no matter what she says.

  56. people will say whatever you puppet them to say, Jodi did not look shocked, why would she be shocked they already convicted her, why would anyone including Jodi think anything different would come out.

      • I for one know first hand that this bastard’s evil spirit has shown up in my sleep more than once! He is still an asshole down there!! I guess Hell doesnt make you better LOL!!

        • I agree. I couldn’t watch but just read here what we all knew was coming. I hope Jodi chooses to stay silent. No matter what she says they will call it all lies anyway. I pray that neither her family nor she speaks tomorrow to the jury. A fire needs fuel. Don’t feed it.

    • Amen!!! A bunch of fucking idiots working for a prick of a prosecutor…may they all get burrs up their asses the size of pine trees!!

  57. Karma for the Turd Alliance is going to be a bitch! The Mormon “church” and HLN should all be held accountable for this absolutely ridiculous rendition of the judicial system of this country! And, don’t worry, I haven’t forgot the shit-wads——-JM, the “joke”–I mean “judge’, Doogie, EF, Tot-“doc” and the rest of the Turd Alliance—–all of who have made the American judicial system look worse than the Italian judicial system! All of Maricopa Co and AZ should be ashamed

  58. those “JURORS” have had their minds made up for a long time. They are on a mission to kill Jodi. All of these “Phases” are a waste of time. They are not being fair or doing their civic duty. This is a sham , a disgusting farce. Jodi knows they are biased and out to get her. She did not look surprised at all. The jurors sounded gleeful to say “YES” I agree. UUG! I am sickened.

    • Yea Jessie, I agree. I think they’ve had their minds made up way before Nurmi gave his closing argument. And now Jodi knows it too. She wasn’t surprised, noone was. They willcome back with the DP but thats what Jodi wants. If they do, will she get that appael on the state? If so, it might be the best thing. Im still sad though!

      • They sure did. I think Nurmi and Wilmott thought some amount of fairness would be there and I felt like they were as surprised as I was with the outrageous verdict. This is a farce and the only way to get justice is to get the fuck out of AZ and then put the yellow tape around their courthouse and arrest them all!

        • exactly, the only way she can get out of this is to somehow get a new trial with new, fair and unbiased jurors, and the only way that will happen is if it is out of Arizona! I am still sad, even though I knew this would happen. I am glad to have you guys to talk with! Love ya, Jessie

      • LC those jurors “minds” were made up before the opening statements—-due to the TA, JM and his cronies, and the Mormon Mafia having told them what to do from the very beginning!

        • I served on three juries (just my luck to get picked!). In two of the three, the other jurors had already made up their minds when we got to the deliberation room. This disgusting aspect of human nature is never talked about by the media or the courts. Unfortunately, the most manipulative person on the jury is eventually elected the foreman. That person ends up controlling deliberations. I’m quite sure that Jodi’s jury made up their minds before they even got called to jury duty. If i were an attorney, I’d have argued before the trial started that the jury needed to be sequestered so that they would not fall prey to Nancy Grace and Dr Drew, both of them are covert women haters.

  59. Jodi was ready for what happened today. Today was kangaroo court and tomorrow there will be a circus! All the animals will be out and performing.

  60. Tweets on wild about trial…..

    Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial
    #JodiArias actually looks pretty happy.
    CollapseReplyRetweetFavorite· 3 RETWEETS 4 FAVORITES

    Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial
    #JodiArias is talking to her DP mitigation specialist and Nurmi and Willmott still. No tears are seen.

    Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial
    We are recessing for today, court resumes tomorrow at 10:30am PDT. Thanks for following WAT.

    • ”JodiArias actually looks pretty happy.”
      wtf? They sound genuinely happy seeing this woman suffering.If Jodi wants the DP it’s because of the circus and torture she’s been through that makes her consider this alternative.Ever thought of that?Fuck’em!!

  61. I know the jury reads everything related to this I’m hoping they read this site too. I want them to know that if they give her the DP…I hope they never sleep another minute of sleep due to knowing they are now murderers(premeditated). They claim jodi is guilty of 1st degree, but forget about what it makes them.I hate to even think about this but her death certificate would say “Homicide” as the cause of death. I hope they remember that before handing down a DP verdict tomorrow.

      • Yes, anyone who dies from being put to death by the state has a death certificate that says “homicide” as cause of death.

        • Meant to add that it might have changed, but it was at one time called a “homicide” because it was premeditated murder of another person. As far as I know it is the same.

    • Yep.

      Hey jurors?

      You sentence Jodi to death, then you’re murderers, just as you believe she is.

      Live with that.

  62. UNFUCKING BELIEVABLE !!! Those jurors are more stupid than I though, or this is just ROTTEN to the core !!! This can’t be real, please don’t tell me that out of 12 idiots, at least one didn’t think like us. I SMELL A ROT !!!

  63. Can the Supreme Court order an investigation into the Maricopa County judicial system ——specifically hose involved in the prosecution of JODI?

  64. Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 10m

    #JodiArias actually looks pretty happy.
    Wild About Trial Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 11m

    #JodiArias is talking to her DP mitigation specialist and Nurmi and Willmott still. No tears are seen.

  65. I’m glad she showed no emotion…to me it just shows she knows they are not impartial and are totally undeserving of a response from her-fuck the jurors!!

    • Im glad she showed no emotions either. Thats what they want to see! Fuck them! And when everything is done and over, IF she goes back on FOX, she SHOULDN’T apologize! If they ask her, “do you have a msg for TA family or Juan Martinez? ” She should really say what she feels and send them to HELL on national TV! Give em a reason to keep hating!!!!!

      • She showed no emotion whatsoever. True. But, just wait for the 3-breasted social-media harpies to see in Jodi’s face expressions like “seething” and ” smirking.” They WILL see that, because they have to try so hard to keep feeding their hatred.

        • If she cried they would accuse her of crying for herself–she can’t win with the media or the jury so fuck ’em

          • That’s right. There’s not a single reaction that she could have that wouldn’t be suspect, or that wouldn’t prove to people what they’ve already decided.

            All I see is a human being in a hopeless situation.

  66. I’m willing to bet that Samatha, the Eye Roller, Alexander will go home tonight and practice all her fake crying motions in front of the mirror tonight. Boy, does she know how to turn on the BS when the cameras pan her way in the court.

      • Yep. And I suggest that everyone fasten your seat belts because the TA sibilings are going to turn it up in high gear.

          • I am getting sick already 🙁
            How about Jodi, does she have to beg for her life to be speared?
            This is so degrading to her 🙁

          • You know, the thing that gets to me is the fact they were not close to TA. If that is true, they are really playing this for all its worth to gain sympathy from the Jury. I have found this to be just way too over the top to be sincere. I am trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, but it has become increasingly difficult.

            • Trust me,they arent worth it.Yep,not even the benefit of the doubt.They have proven ”beyond a reasonable doubt” they are all for money,revenge and blood.They cant even remember the person they are supposedly there to mourn.Fasten your seat belts,tomorrow they’re gonna turn on their FAKE FAKE FAKE waterwork!!

              • As soon as the trial is over, I bet they go on a media tour, do book deals, etc……with a big smile yelling “show us the money!!”

                Sad, sad state of affairs we have witnessed with this trial.

                • Bystander: I thought I read somewhere that one or all of his siblings took control or posession of TA house after they finished with the so -called investigation! I’d like to know how fast they sold it? I think the lady of the family that lives there now said it was totally trashed when they moved in. These siblings didn’t even care enough to clean-up their brothers home. Just really weird like everything else about them is!

    • Well right – the judge clarified this by saying that all premeditated murder has the element of cruelty.

      They were supposed to rule on whether it was “especially cruel.” Apparently they say it is, but it’s bullshit because there are worse cases where the perp only gets life.

      • I honestly wonder if the jury actually understands the directions they are given. Do they go through any kind of aptitude testing first? I don’t mean to be rude, it’s just so bizarre to watch a group of adults insist that 2 + 2 = 7:€krn\£*{ in order to execute someone.

      • Just look at Marjorie Orbin. That was worse, and she got life without parole. But her husband’s family INSISTED she not get death for the sake of her child.

        I wonder if he has anything to do with her after all that.

        • Tonysam, what evidence did they have against Marjorie Orbin? I see she, too, is in AZ and based on that alone (and the gruesomeness of the crime) I think she is innocent. I’d like to read more.

    • It could end in either one, depending on what the appeal is on- if the appeal is that the case should not have been considered for the DP then it could result in a different sentence. But if they appeal on something like the ME lying, the jury being tainted, etc, then she could get a new trial. I think she has a great chance, if this jury gives her the DP, of it being changed to a lesser sentence down the road. A new trial? I don’t know, I think the state is not going to allow that no matter what Jodi’s lawyers can prove.

  67. Calling any legal pros out there – I was wondering… from what I see there was NO evidence of premeditated murder. I did see hypotheticals, lies that were shown and bullying from the prosecutor. Well, can the fact that there was no evidence for pm be a reason to appeal?

    Also, is there any way we can help prompt an investigation into the Maricopa County system? I suggested that all of us write to prosecutorialoversight dot org, but not sure if that would help.

  68. OH GODDDDDDDd! In a way I am glad that I missed it. I am sickened. I am also still angry and mad as hell!!!!!!!!!!! I want to DO something!!!!!!!! I want to get ahold of all of the people who could have protected and saved Jodi. This is just bullshit! This is the biggest bunch of bullshit that I have stepped in in a long long time. I want to DOOOOOOOO something!

  69. Poor Jodi wow what a railroad just can’t get a break. Sick sob’s. I hope who ever posted that the DP will help with more appeals is right. . I just do not know. From the judge to Juan to the very afraid coward jury I hope they will never ever be able to sleep at night. FOREVER!

    • The defense can call anyone they feel will help Jodi, family, friends, Dr’s, etc. I heard that they might use Alyce if it came to this phase, and maybe they will. They have to do whatever they can to convince the jury to spare her life. Jodi can speak directly to the jury too.

      • I really hope Jodi’s family makes a plea for her! The jury needs to see her as a daughter and sister. TA is going to be practically sainted through his siblings, friends, etc. I mean, please, they’ll probably have God call on a cell phone saying that TA is up in heaven polishing his halo. The jury bought into the prosecutions view of Jodi, but they need to see her through the eyes of people that love her.

        Do you think Alyce will help her case? It feels like the jury dismissed her testimony completely.

  70. I am feeling a sense of sadness that I have not felt up until now. The jury voted that the death penalty can be given, if the judge decides to give the death penalty that is. The talking heads have kept saying she shows no remorse. Well forgive me but, if someone was coming at me and I killed them I wouldn’t have any remorse at all. I would say fuck you, you shouldn’t have messed… but then I am me. I think the sadness I feel is because Jodi will not fight the death penalty if it is meted out to her. She won’t even want them to wait and make her suffer for years in jail. She will want them to get it over and done with.
    If ever there was a time for people to come forward and stop this, it is NOW!!! If anyone has seen bruises or cuts on her from TA, they need to speak up NOW!! Fear of repercussions be damned! If you have knowledge and do not come forward, you have a hand in killing her and the blood will be on your head, make no mistake on that.

    • They arten’t going to do it and I hope they realize that theyyyyyyyy toooooo will have Jodi’s blood on their hands IF she is given the death penalty. APPEAL APPEAL APPEAL and fuck the clowns!

    • Debbie,
      The jury found the aggravating factor to be proven, so the DP is an option. But it is the jury who will decide the DP or LWOP. The Judge would have given a sentence today only if the jury had said the aggravating factor was not proven. That is what will happen tomorrow, the jury will hear arguments on both sides regarding the DP., and then decide.

  71. I think everyone connected to the State’s case, including the jury and the media, is going to milk this case all the way to the bank but sooner or later someone is going to f*ck up. The more this farce goes on the more confident I feel about a successful appeal.

  72. Libra,
    If the jury sentences Jodi to the DP, by law, she will get an appeal. All DP sentences are automatically appealed. The bad thing is, she will go right from court to death row. It is not anything like the jail she has been living in, (not that the jail is nice) But on death row, appeals will be filed. It could take many many years, and usually does. The other thing is that Jodi has said she would rather die, so she could waive her right to appeal and say that yes, she wishes to die. I know she has said it already, but I just don’t know how she feels about it now. It’s all so sad and unbelievable.

  73. I’ve gotta say, all you FUCKING TROLLS, if you are out there then you had best leave us the fuck alone. We are in NO mood for your bullshit! Go play with your 12y/os and little boys, and revel in your frucking lies. You sorry son of a bitches are part of the reason that this has happened.

    • Jumping in to say F**k you haters for using our names!!!!!
      And F**K you for making fun of our (((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))
      At least WE are not completelty deprived of emotions,WE can actually feel sympathy and get to love another human being,WE can form friendly bonds with people online even if we have never met them in person because WE have a heart unlike you who are all about the BLOOD!!Shame on you,I hope you will be eternally punished for all your wrongdoings!! May guilt and remorse find you!

      (Thanks Team Jodi for bearing with me,just needed to get it out of my system)

  74. I had to ask if I was safe yesterday, told that I was safe and dammit not but a little while later learned that NO none of us were safe. Stupid son of a bitches

  75. Gotta say, IF I had known something that would have helped Jodi, I would have had the balls to come forward and hln and the rest of the fuckers could go blow themselves. I’d have fought to help someone who needed help. Then I would have hit the sorry bastards in the pocketbvook where they really would have hated it.

    • I would have, too. I would have cherished the chance to bring any and all liars to justice down. And I’m sure I would have found a lawyer who would have loved the notoriety of suing the bastards, too.

  76. Jodi did show remorse.

    Weren’t those assholes WATCHING the trial they were commenting on?

    She said that she wished it never happened, and if she could do it all over again that she wouldn’t go to his house at all.

    HLN is full of nothing but liars.

    • Speaking of Liars – it seemed that once the unjust verdict was in, the media took more free reign to outright lie. One woman on cnn said that Jodi crawled through the doggie door in the middle of the night to murder TA! Another woman on msnbc said, oh, there’s sooo much evidence like she stole the gun, she had the gas cans, there’s no way they can find her anything but guilty! WTF? She was never accused nor arrested for any fucking gun and if gas cans were evidence of premed murder then why the fuck are they still sold? They should be outlawed since they are used for premeditated murder! Oh yeah, and women should never dye their hair cuz, obviously they only do it so they can go commit crimes. Stupid, stupid, Idiocrasy that we live in.

  77. Another letter writing question. So I love letters. I don’t know if this would do any good at all. But since this case was watched all over the world what if we wrote to the AZ government (Not sure exactly who but I can find out) and tell them what we think? We can try to embarrass them. First write to them then write to your own government and say thank God I’m here and not in AZ and when they all meet in the House of Reps or Senate they can all laugh at AZ.

    • Danielle,,
      I’m a letter writer too. I hate to be negative, but I will say that in this instance, even though they could get letters that show disgust with this trial, it will not change anything, nor would it phase them. My guess is that they would go right into the trash. The sad fact is, we are the minority, and the state and the people who tried this case, including the media, are likely getting thousands of support letters and thank yous.

      • I know but I still like to make trouble of myself. 🙂 I’m also writing to my Governor. I just I imagine it would be kind of funny if a bunch of Governors from other states got letters thanking them for their service law wise, bc I don’t agree w my governor usually, and then when they’re all together they can all giggle at AZ. That wouldn’t happen but it would rock if it did.

    • The Honorable Janice K. Brewer
      Arizona Governor
      Executive Tower
      1700 West Washington Street
      Phoenix, AZ 85007

  78. OK. I saw a old interview of Travis sister SA. (cop). She was saying that first person she thought of when she heard about her brother was Jodi …Now where did that come from sense the only person Jodi mentioned was his grandmother.

    I find it very odd that not one of them had ever been to his house. I would love to know how much contact they really had with one another. They sure don’t seem very loveing with one another. None of them hugged one another in the courtroom last week. I wounder who the younger one lives with.

    I have always tried to not say negitive things about them but damn how they have been acting….

    I just can not wrap my mind around any of this.

    • She lied on “48 Hours” or else it was cleverly edited to make it look like she knew Jodi when in fact she didn’t know her at all and were estranged from Travis.

      It was another of the numerous falsehoods that were “reported” by Maureen Maher and her producers, and they weren’t just Jodi’s remarks which were made under extreme stress.

    • Have you seen the name calling and hatred that is directed at Jodi. Come on Doe, seriously! I’d say the name calling on this site is pretty tame compared to that. And I’m 46 just in case you were wondering.

    • Yo doe say what you got to say to me motherfucker! If you can’t say anything positive on this site then go find that other piece of shit fury butt-munch—-and go fuck yourselves! You cowards!

  79. Not surprised by the verdict as stupid and fucked up as it was! I just wanna say I AM PROUD OF OUR GIRL, JODI!!! She didn’t even flinch at that verdict! I hope she was thinking “fuck all y’all, like I didn’t see this coming.”

    Let’s just get this shit over with an move on to the appeal. Anyone actually still wondering what the jury will vote for? I’m not, these people are Kermit’s puppets. God forbid they use their own brain instead of HLN’s.

  80. Speechless. They are all the scums of this earth, the witch burners of the middle ages. No evidence but brainwash, threat, corruption or all of the above.
    Poor Jodi. There are no words for what has been done to you.
    May Travis rot in hell, may all people who persecuted you rot for the rest of their lives.

    • Well said viri!!
      Evidence?What evidence?Tese jurors never cared about any damn evidence! They knew what verdict they would come up with from the start!

  81. Anna

    Tears! Good God this is so unfair I am sick. I am a numbers girl but used to like watching trials but not this one. This is just crazy crazy crazy. So sad .

  82. There are some stupid motherfuckers in the world. Wait, I think most are located in Maricopa Co. That helps us a lot right there. It’s a shame some REAL people weren’t on that jury. This was a bunch of shit and I hope it’s overturned with a quickness.

  83. Bunny,
    It is the final phase, the sentencing. it could last for days though.First will be victim impact statements, but Not only will the defense have the mitigating factors to show, with possible witnesses, including Jodi if she chooses to speak. Then the jury will have to deliberate again on whether or not to give the DP. I just don’t see this being over in one day.

    • Oh my gosh. If I was Jodi I would lose it. I’d just lose it. My Mom just pulled the covers over her head. I’ve got to find a movie for her to watch and pull her out of bed.

    • I posted it below:

      Relevant info:

      All inmates are single cells which are equipped with a toilet, sink, bed and mattress. Each Death Row inmate has no contact with any other inmate. Out-of-cell time is limited to outdoor exercise in a secured area, two hours a day, three times a week, and a shower, three times a week. All meals are delivered by correction officers at the cell front. Limited non-contact visitation is available. Death Row inmates may place two ten minute telephone calls per week. Personal property is limited to hygiene items, two appliances,.

      Pretty friggin’ bleak…

      • I hope that a lot of us write to Jodi. Maybe it will help her to pass the time to correspond with people and she won’t feel so lonely.

      • Yep, that’s my understanding of it. Only getting to bath 3 times a week would put me over the edge! I wonder if TV is one of the appliances?

  84. How very f’d up- they are interviewing people who overheard Sandy after the verdict.

    Give her space, and leave her alone- How DARE YOU invade her privacy is such a tragic moment!!!

    Sandy Arias, you are in my prayers. As a mother, I can only imagine your pain right now. Stay strong, and know there are people who care for you too.

    To the vultures- may you choke on your own vile carcass in HELL.

  85. Was the jury mixed up and thought all the emails and texts full of hate were from her and all the nice ones trying to mitigate the situation were from him? Sure seems like it. They are assbackwards.

    • They aren’t mixed up about those they’re just pieces of shit just like the rest of the pro pros and his minions of hell

      • I believe they thought TA was justified since Jodi allowed herself to be abused. From what I see, that is the mindset of many folks in AZ. I once saw, a while ago on some news channel that there is a ‘war on women.’ It sounded so sensationalized. Now I see this, and I was just reading about other women doing life or death row for 1. A woman who was a victim of a home invasion, she shot one of the perps and she’s in jail (according to the pros she masterminded the whole thing…?) 2. A woman’s bf shot their two roomies. While in jail, a friend and fellow inmate of the bf forged a letter claiming it was this woman and falsely admitting she did it. She is doing life. The inmate later came out and admitted he forged the letter. All her appeals were denied! 3. Another woman doing life for defending herself from her husband – lifetime abuse on record. She still is doing life. And the list goes on.

        At the same time, I think it is NO coincidence that there have been repeated and numerous documentaries out about the mormon religion. These are documenting the raping of children, the forced marriages, the men having as many women as they want (it is godly to them), young women being returned to abusive homes, yet no actions are taken against ANY of these men. They hide behind religion and secrecy. No accountability and everyone is turning a blind eye.

        I’m beginning to believe the sensationalism, there IS a ‘war on women.’

    • Oh no the jury wasnt confused! They didnt get anything backwards! Don’t you know that all those emails and texts and phone calls and farts were all part of Jodi’s plan to kill asshat Travis??? And that she was planning to off that vile mother fucker since her birth? Nay, since her conception???? Shows how truly evil she is! My God – strike that- I meant my Joseph! she is Lucifer and now that we’ve dealt with her we can all wait for the second coming in the form of TA! Woo hee I LOFF being a Mormon! We gots good beliefs and they are all true! Heavy sarcasm intended

  86. Jodi’s mom apparently said after this hearing : “I just want to tell Jodi I love her” Someone overheard her in the court room. It’s not over until its over. Jodi has an automatic appeal if she gets the DP. Keep that in your sights.

  87. traviesballs –

    Due to recent events, plus the results of today, we are not accepting new commenters just yet.

    The trolls you see commenting had commented in the past and are just now showing their true colors.

    Sorry if there’s any confusion, and we will assess your posts when we are accepting new commenters.

    Thanks for understanding!

  88. Well, i think I will only listen to defense team thurs- can’t stomach the “siblings” or any more Juan. I hope Jodi’s appeal is quick and all the bs pros pulled will come to light. My mom wryly stated that if the sexes were reversed the verdict would be manslaughter as “it’s a man’s world” sigh

    • I want to be understanding and think of how I would feel if a family member died even though I really don’t want to hear TAs family tomorrow. But if my family member died attacking someone else I don’t think I could be this hateful toward the person for defending themselves. God, I hope I wouldn’t be like that. I think it would test my faith. I pray that I wouldn’t be like that.

  89. This is my first post on this site, however I’ve been reading it alot. I have been following Jodi since her arrest and have come to feel a very close connection with her. I also have been abused and it seems that Jodi and I share the same medical condition of Migraines.

    My question is, not that I think her lawers are incompetent, but why didn’t they put up more of a fight today? Couldn’t they have called witnesses to say that Jodi was maybe in some kind of state of shock or mental anguish, or to say that she didn’t know what was going on when she was defending herself? I don’t know anything about this stuff.
    Is anyone representing Jodi’s family? I don’t need a name, I’m just concerned for them and dont want anyone to take advantage of them. For instance, someone sticking up for their rights to visit Jodi. Talk to Jodi’s lawyers. Maybe someone to advise them on how they can help in the appeal process. Sometimes they like to have a different set of lawyers for family and defendent. Or if this civil case would fall on her family in anyway.

    Also, not that any of you haven’t thought about this, but what the heck is up with (sorry I’m not up on what nicknames you guys use for them) The Alexander Family? Aren’t they supposed to be Mormons? Why are they so for “killing” Jodi. That goes aganist their beliefs beliefs right? I believe in the same faith and we don’t preach anything like that. In fact we teach forgiveness no matter the sin and to forgive even though it may seem like an impossible thing to think about doing. What they are doing and we actually have talked about this in bible study, is revenge.

    Well I guess I should have posted before because I did have lots to say. I’m just really shy.

  90. I wish some big deal lawyer was interested in this and would swoop in and take the case pro bono like they do in the movies

    • My husband tells me, that there HAS TO BE a hungry motivated lawyer watching that WILL want to make a name of him/herself that WILL take the case probono. Who knows, there’s a whole lot of people watching and not every lawyer is afraid of the hate mob.

      • Jose handled the mob and someone else with balls can toooooooo! Now we just gotta find that someone or that someone needs to find us. Where is AA, has anyone seen her?

      • That’s what I keep thinking. Maybe this hero lawyer is just waiting for this next verdict to make their move.

      • LC — I agree with you 300%. As soon as the next and final phase is over, there will be some savvy and brilliant attorney who will become involved in the appeal of Jodi’s case. I watched this trial unfold intently every single day. I was impressed by the dignified and respectful demeanors of Jodi’s attorneys, compared to the smirking, mugging, arrogant, and egotistical style of the prosecutor and the detective who spent 4 months sitting next to him doing nothing except collecting a pay check courtesy of the tax payers. If it were someone of Dershowitz, little kermit JA would absolutely wipe thaty disgusting smile off his face printo if he came face to face with a real attorney. Let’s all hold our judgments for a while. This is a bump in the road – a dissapointing one. But somewhere, there’s an attorney who can see through JM’s sophistry, sarcasm, and vitriol and kick JM’s ass with the law.

    • Most of the big lawyers are men though, and they would readily take a case where the accused was a railroaded man. But a woman? after all the media turned it into a tabloid ‘sex’ case? I wish I could think of one.

    • It has to be a lawyer who isn’t afraid to get into the “ring” so to speak, someone willing to go toe to toe and not pull any punches …. Do What It Takes!

    • As far as the media goes, I hope that Geraldo will keep this story going. He abhors the DP and he is not afraid to say it.

  91. I can’t and won’t listen to all the other bs. My puter is being very very slow and I didn’t even get to watch all of todays court. Like I said earlier I’m kinda glad on one hand because I couldn’t stomacn hearing much more.I was already just sick. I think we all knew what was coming. Now we just have to find a way to fight it. WE have to stick together and pull together. Someone said we need a PI and yessssssssssss we do. We need a bulldog who won’t sit back and take shit from anyone.

  92. If Jodi wants to avoid the DP, she is going to have to change her tune when saying that she wants death earlier rather than later. That is not going to help her in this next phase.

  93. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this, but did you notice that someone from hln mentioned two women jurorers crying? I wonder if it was the same two who were crying before the guilty was announced. We’re the men pressuring them to change their verdicts?

      • I am sad but I am also mad as hell. I want to kick ass and take names. I just wish I could get my hands on some of those people!!!!!!!!!!! They are SICK!

      • Pamela & JC,
        With this jury, I would be more prone to think those tears aren’t for Jodi. NONE of these 12 are on her side or have any sympathy. I don’t want Jodi to say anything that could hurt her appeal. Just ride this out & save your breath to fight another day.

    • Probably, yes. I thought alike. They may not have been able to remember arguments from the defense and might have been belittled in the group. It happens so often.

      • I can hear it now…”Let us MEN handle this, you ladies shouldn’t be worrying your pretty little heads about making decisions.” Assholes, the lot of them.

  94. I am SO glad Jodi showed no emotion.! WHY give them the satisfaction… she knew what was up, and how corrupt this entire thing is.



    I hope it costs 5 million in appeals and she walks.

    • YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those bastards used tactics that should never be allowed in a case such as this. They didn’t offer evidence, they offered theories, stories and, hypotheticals. Pure and utter bullshit!

    • Thanks, Renee. I hope so too.
      She probably is in a state beyond tears now. She looked like she had cried so much already. It’s devastating me to think of what has been done to her.

      • To further that, and I quote, “May all your mothers, wives and daughters get raped in the ass! Fuck you!” -Aileen Wuornos

        • I’d tell them “May the weasel, Doogie EF, JVM, NG, HLN, and the rest of the TA crawl back into your fetid assholes and gnaw away your brains while you walk upon this earth and in hell!!!!”

  95. I can’t think straight anymore. How is Jodi able to take this? Death penalty … the jury basically said that she’s not worth living, that mankind will be better off without her … even is she were just in a small cell for 23 hours a day! Where is the harm in that? I mean, not for Jodi, of course it would hurt her, but those monsters do not care for her anyway. But when they pretend to do it for the rest of the population, there would be no harm in just keeping her alive, right? Though I don’t know if I would want to live like that, and it seems Jodi doesn’t want to, and she had a taste of life behind bars, so she would know … Maybe it really is better for her to die than to spend the rest of her life behind bars like a beautiful little bird in a cage that is not allowed to fly. She can be a little angel in heaven … I’ve given up all hope, the appeal could only change death into LWOP, they wouldn’t give her anything better, and both is horrific.

  96. I can’t look at those phony ass sisters of TA’s anymore…..They keep contorting their faces trying to look like they’re crying…..They’ve had 5 years to get the crying out of their system….They are just too damn phony. I won’t be able to watch their phony testimony against Jodi all they are going to say is she has done such evil to them by killing their fucked up brother. I’m glad he’s dead and its too bad those sisters aren’t sharing eternity with him where they all belong.

  97. What a sad day for all!!!

    I am not sure but I feel that Jodi is sure now what she wants and if she keeps contemplating
    with the idea of DP, she will begin her journey of “freedom”. If she only met all her supporters,
    boy, would she hug every1 here and hold on?

    Nevertheless, hopefully not but if DP is read tmrw, we have to prepare too for this journey.

    If we could turn the clock back, I wish she never met TA and then we would not have known her either.
    Jodi has a spirit of love and passion. When she gave her heart, she meant forever, not for TA to toy with.
    What a beautiful soul, you are, Jodi gal!

    Please be well all.

  98. From Tonysams’ link. The AZ death row environment, which begins for Jodi, real soon, IMO:


    All inmates are single cells which are equipped with a toilet, sink, bed and mattress. Each Death Row inmate has no contact with any other inmate. Out-of-cell time is limited to outdoor exercise in a secured area, two hours a day, three times a week, and a shower, three times a week. All meals are delivered by correction officers at the cell front. Limited non-contact visitation is available. Death Row inmates may place two ten minute telephone calls per week. Personal property is limited to hygiene items, two appliances,.

    Pretty friggin’ bleak…

    • She may get pencils and books. And she will have access to the prison library, asking staff to get her a book or something. Here is what she won’t have. She will never see a tree again. Or a river. Maybe not even a flower. Only the walls and the sky. She will never be touched flesh on flesh by anyone ever again. No grass. LOUD CRAZINESS 24/7. No hugs and kisses from anyone, not even her Mom.

      And I bet you if you were to have all of the talking heads and screaming crowds psychoanalyzed and were able to elicit truth from them, I’ll bet they would say that this M1 verdict was REALLY given to Jodi because …. she lied. It’s that simple. Of course, we cannot have a society with killing and no prisons, but the fact that this case was WAY overcharged is because of Jodi’s lies. In their minds…. that’s enough to kill her.

      This case is so far over-charged that it is mind boggling. She should have been found guilty of manslaughter, or even M2 and given a prison sentence. She is screwed by the DA about as much as I personally have seen. And since I was on a sequestered jury in 1981, I took an interest in trials in America. Addicted to watching them, actually, to some degree. Here’s the trial I was on. They executed the monster after he languished on death row for 26 years, killing two other inmates during his stay.

      Jodi is NOT a DP type case. Period. She lied. That’s it and that along with the sex made it the perfect storm for NG, HLN, etc.. Blood sells. Sex sells. LYING sells. She lied. She’s gonna die. America is a scary place if you EVER become involved with law enforcement. It’s wrong. It’s evil and I think it is apparently here to stay.

      That’s all right now.


  99. Oh my gosh, I am so worried. If she gets DP: isolation during appeals, in a cell 23 hours a day, meals in her room etc. If she gets LWOP she’s in with some pretty scary people, any one of which might choose to make a name for themselves by taking her out.

    Geez, I just don’t see any good path for her:(

  100. QUESTION:

    Please don’t hate me for asking, but I think I have missed information about TA being estranged from his family. On HLN I see all these pictures of him doing karaoke and such with siblings, so I thought he was on good terms with them. I know his parents did drugs and the siblings became estranged from the parents and moved in with grandmother. That is where they became Mormons, I believe, and pretty much had a normal family life at that point. As adults, most don’t spend a ton of time with siblings unless they stay in the same town, but TA lived in AZ while family is in CA, right?

    Can you please tell me where to read about him being estranged from family?

    • What do you mean siblings don’t spend time together? I don’t care how far away you live from family, if you care about them you manage to keep in contact and also find the time to see them!!

      • There are a lot of videos with him with his family, which is why I am asking about what I read here about them being estranged.

        • Hubby and I only talk to siblings every couple of weeks, one not at all, but aren’t estranged. Just don’t have much in common because of age differences 🙂

          • If they aren’t time stamped then I’m not sure what to make of it except a PR move on their part.

          • It’s in Flores’ report that at least two brothers had not been in contact with Travis since his move to AZ. I have a feeling that he and Tanisha clashed too, because she was in her drug-taking phase while Travis was trying to get her to return to the church (Hyporcrisy much?) She didn’t return until after his death.

            • Thanks Kira I knew it was somewhere.

              I think it’s too convenient that HLN is just now running this video as if it presents what the Alexander family was like. They already know the jury is eating out of their hands, so they’re doing it to make sure Jodi gets the death penalty.

              I have never seen such conniving, narcissistic, death eating sons of bastards in my life.

  101. when the jurors start their interviews . . I bet one would start singing if they thought one of them got more money. They’ll cough up more “real” info to the right buyer when they find out they should have held out for more. Twisted but that seems to be the way things work. There is no integrity when their souls are for sale.

  102. Today was a nonevent, in my view, except for being intensely painful for Jodi, and, on a far lower level, for all of us who watched it. Legally, today’s result was inevitable given the M1 verdict. If you reject self-defense, then of course the killing was extremely cruel — how could it not be? What’s wrong is the M1 verdict, not what logically follows from it. And if the DT seemed downcast today, maybe it was because they knew they were just going through the motions, on the way to real issues.
    The penalty phase, by contrast, is important. With one reservation, I’m convinced, very reluctantly, that Jodi’s better off with a DP. A DP will generate intense permanent media interest, whereas after a sentence of life or LWOP, she’ll probably just fall off the public radar forever and rot in prison. A death sentence will also mobilize a lot of money for appeals, not just from AZ, but also from the many organizations opposed to capital punishment. What is needed is to overturn the M1 verdict — but the comprehensive review of the case and the trial that this will require seems much more likely to happen if a death sentence is imposed.
    Also, I doubt that AZ will ever succeed in executing Jodi, or even that any AZ governor will really want to do so, for fear of the torrent of criticism it might evoke. It’s actually very hard, I believe, to execute people who have appellate lawyers working for them. Consider, for example, radical cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal. He’s been on death row in Pennsylvania for decades, but is flourishing as an international celebrity, with a street in France named for him, and he reportedly even gives college lectures by telephone from prison.
    My reservation, of course, is my fear that Jodi, impulsively or out of depression or an excessive sense of guilt, will waive all appeals of a DP and accept execution. That is the nightmare scenario. To prevent it, if a death sentence is given, everyone who writes to her should plead with her NOT to waive any available appeal ever.
    Tomorrow or the next day, I will post my list of 5 or 6 huge defects in the trial and verdict, which I hope to use to convince some leading criminal lawyer such as Alan Dershowitz to help with appeals. I hope that any of you on this site with legal knowledge will offer any suggestions you have to improve my list. Obviously, there are dozens of justified complaints about the trial. What I want is to select and describe the 5 or 6 worst in a letter short enough that people will actually read it.

    • Chris, here are several points I summarized on a comment on a New-York Times Sunday review by Frank Bruni who referred to the Arias case as a case where sexism is involved against a what he called ‘muderess,’ and mentioned the Amanda Knox case too in his op ed article.

      I am surprised that no journalist was ever assigned to report on the Jodi Arias case. This is not only a case of a young woman accused of murder, and viewed through the lenses of sexism by the media and the public. It is also a case of death penalty, of domestic violence, of Mormon conversion by the defendant to please her abusive boyfriend and join ‘his group’, of PrePaid Legal pyramid schemes that the victim was involved in, of biased HLN media coverage, of police and medical examiner changing their testimonies to suit the prosecution, of the prosecutor verbally abusing no less than three famous domestic violence and PTSD expert defense witnesses, of defense witnesses harassment during their time on the stand (jury tampering,) and death threats on the defendant and her defense team, all happening in Sheriff Joe’s Arizona Maricopa county. Pick any of the topics, I would have thought the New York Times would have liked to investigate it.

      Alan D. probably read that op ed, most likely not my online comment, but has discussed the case on TV a few times. Does not seem at all aware of the real circus and non-evidence involved, has bought into the media version, like all other news outlets who keep getting their news of the case from HLN.

      • Viri,
        I did not know that Dershowitz had yet said anything about the case. Can you give me any links? What you report is sad if true, but I will write to him anyway. He took on Claus von Bulow when the whole world believed him guilty, so maybe he’s still persuadable. I’m also going to ask 3 or 4 other leading criminal-law professors whom I happen to know for recommendations on appellate lawyers. Then I will send my inspirational letter to the ones they recommend and also forward their names to the DT.
        Can you also post a link here to your online comment? Your list of issues is helpful. Please also comment on my own list when I post it tomorrow or Friday.

        • Chris, yes Alan D. could reconsider the case with an open mind, if presented with some points about the case. Thank you for doing this.
          There is no link to my comment, comments on the NYT are not archived; I reposted here to give you some points to consider in your letter.
          Alan D. was on Piers Morgan for a few minutes a couple of times and perhaps on Anderson Cooper or ABC, MSNBC. Can’t remember. He said to Piers then that ‘we do not execute pretty women in the U.S.’ 🙁

    • You Rock Chris!! I wonder if the either male or female defense attorney on After Dark last night would take the case. They both were pretty awesome!

    • Chris, do you think it’s better for Jodi’s appeal for her not to make a statement tomorrow?

      “My reservation, of course, is my fear that Jodi, impulsively or out of depression or an excessive sense of guilt, will waive all appeals of a DP and accept execution. That is the nightmare scenario”
      This is my fear also.

      • I am not qualified to comment. I’d guess the DT can give her good advice on that score. I merely hope that she doesn’t make things worse for herself, as she has sometimes done in the past.

    • Thank you, Chris. As for the 5 or 6 points – I think Viri mentioned some good ones and there are so many throughout this forum. I, for one, would like to see the shoddy detective work taken on. I also believe Jodi’s was a false confession. Just imo, don’t know if it would help the appeal process, though.

    • Thank you, Chris. These are my feeling exactly. She does need an Alan D., whether famous at this point or not.

  103. I’m. Not going to waste my time getting pissed off tomorrow listing to ST TRAVIS family. I would rather pick up dog poop. I don’t even have a dog….

    Can someone answer the question on rather or not Jodi can get mail on death row. Visitor’s?

    I heard something very odd the other day. You can’t. Put a crazy person to death so they try to rehabilitate. then. Now how sane is a person after being on death row for years? This is not going to happen to our Jodi…….

  104. I hope she does speak and says ALL the bullshit she’s been through with Travis, the state of Arizona and Juan Martinez. The lies that have been spread about her are ludicrous. Juan Martinez used a dead mans photographs to pull emotion out of the jurors and they bought it like a kid at a candy store. There was no objective analysis they were ready to find her guilty and now leave the DP on the table. The crime scene photos were gruesome and the state used this to to find her guilty.

  105. I’ve been lurking for months and have a request. I hope it’s not too much to ask.

    Would a couple of you mind drafting templates of letters to Turner Broadcasting System? Of course I would never use your words verbatim, but would appreciate ideas on the most relevant points to cover to get the best results. If I said the things I’m