Justice for Travis? – it’s in the bag

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To the clueless clowns out there still yelling “JUSTICE FOR TRAVIS!”, I have a message for you today…

Justice for Travis has long been served… and here is the proof:

Justice for Travis has been served - Jodi Arias Is Innocent-com

Let this be a warning to any other self-righteous bastards that think they can verbally & physically abuse women and get away with it.

Because the fact of the matter is… in the cold light of day… most of the time you can get away with it… but sometimes… well… you just can’t. The photograph above is testament to that fact.

We are Team JodiWE WILL BE VICTORIOUS… and we are proud to stand behind and support Jodi Arias.

Always have done.

Always will do.

Team Jodi

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  1. SJ! That is some photo up there.

    You must be in the mood to send the haters a message what with all the nasty comments and death threats going on behind the scenes.

    I bet this will really get them going as they fail to see that they are abusive also.

      • Yes, inappropriate. Must be careful not to stoop to HLN level in discussing this trial. Pls. use restraint. Let’s stick to trial procedure and facts. thx

        • I wholeheartedly agree, it’s a bit much and it does feel a lot like stooping. It immediately reminded me of those creepy pictures the TT post all over their FB pages with Jodi burning in hell, or Laviolett and Samuels in suggestive poses together….don’t need to be like that, right!

          • I think you should take that off – it’s going to hurt Jodi in court. They will probably use it to show the new jury.

    • It certainly IS some photo! The haters probably DO realize they’re being ignorant and abusive but simply don’t give a crap! Hmmm… reminds me of a certain Prosecutor. Just sayin’.

      Well, sometimes enough is just ENOUGH! There will always be abusers and there will always be victims; hopefully, by some small miracle, even ONE victim will get the message loud & clear: “No matter how scared you are and no matter how much you love him: It might just come down to this photo one day for you… So who’s it gonna be in that body bag, him or you? GET OUT BEFORE YOU HAVE TO MAKE THAT CHOICE, OR GOD FORBID, IT’S MADE FOR YOU!”

      Thank you, SJ, for giving me a safe place to say this.

      • Hi Ashley,

        You called it for sure. This is what happens when you push someone too many times. You come off second best. I hope that’s the message the pic sends out rather than it being twisted around (JM-style) into something else.

        Team Jodi

          • I also swallowed hard when I saw it.

            Then, I thought of my life. While I was with my abuser, the one person I trusted to tell (because she lived 1000 miles away) told me to LEAVE. She said, Please leave before YOU end up in a body bag.

            I tried, I was unable.

            My saving grace was when my husband murdered someone ELSE before he killed me.

            Ashley hit the nail on the head.

            • ((BIG GIANT HUGS))

              Renee’, I’m sorry you had to go through that. I feel like we’re cut of the same cloth; we think so much alike! I don’t know if you heard my backstory, but it came out at like 3 am one morning a few weeks back after a particularly maddening day of testimony. It’s the first time I’ve ever told it in its entirety, it just started coming out and wouldn’t stop.

              I hope you don’t suffer Survivor’s Guilt. It could have been you, but I thank God, Allah, the Hindu God floaty-thingy, the Father, Mohammad, and every other religion’s version of God that YOU’RE HERE TODAY, writing, talking with us, getting pissed off and seeing your Redheaded Side coming out ;-), saying stuff that makes my sides hurt from laughing so hard, and just BEING YOU. YOU are priceless, and I’m SOOOO beyond glad that you’re here and I had the privilege of “knowing” you.

              All my fellow Jodi Supporters… WE STICK TOGETHER. WE HAVE EACH OTHERS’ BACKS. WE EARNED OUR STRIPES TO BE WHERE WE ARE TODAY… We EARNED our lives, and I’m sure as Hell glad you’re all here today!

          • Thank you, Cindy. It’s my history, and from my perspective. I had just reached a point in my life where it was so awful that I thought, “Shit, at least a body bag is a way OUT.”

        • Ha I was shocked but also felt like yaaaaa. They have Jodi’s private parts
          up all over the place like they are a prize for them to look at every day.
          An they have to look at them every day as some of them are their profile
          pictures ,Twitter. etc.

          So the body bag did not offend me in the least. But I do understand all
          the ones that have that softer side. I am a pretty rough around the edges
          was a over the road trucker driver for years so nothing really just shocks
          me like it does some softer people.

          I hope an pray they will back off from harassing you ADMIN an I truly
          hope our side here are not out there harassing them? I do not do that.
          I do try an spar at times on News Blogs but I get nowhere most the time.

          So I have gave up an stay here most all the time now. I love this site
          an think you have done a great job with it. I do feel badly that the haters
          are badgering you though as you keep this site really HATE FREE so we
          don’t see that ugly people that come here to SPAR with us DAILY. But you
          see it I think people forget that. ((((HUGS))) JUSTICE FOR JODI !!! ♥

      • “Well, sometimes enough is just ENOUGH! There will always be abusers and there will always be victims; hopefully, by some small miracle, even ONE victim will get the message loud & clear: “No matter how scared you are and no matter how much you love him: It might just come down to this photo one day for you… So who’s it gonna be in that body bag, him or you? GET OUT BEFORE YOU HAVE TO MAKE THAT CHOICE, OR GOD FORBID, IT’S MADE FOR YOU!””

        Well said Ashley! Well aaid!

        Maybe one abuser will “get the picture”.

    • There are several people I haven’t seen in a while or maybe they changed names and I didn’t catch it.

      but, i need to get caught up on life myself and haven’t been posting as much either, lol.

    • I was thinking about her too. I figured, being closer to this than most of us, it may be getting her down a little bit as it has for many. Personally, I realized I was spending a lot of time with the trial so am making a conscious effort to walk away and know that I can watch, read and post later. (I work from home so sometimes its hard to discipline myself.)

    • Hi BeeCee, I think when it comes down to law enforcement taking action, they only really seem to be bothered if it’s a threat or comment with specific racial undertones. Other than that, they’re not too concerned over the countless death threats & hate messages being thrown around.

      Your thoughts?

      Team Jodi

      • I think it’s like domestic violence, they aren’t too inclined to do much unless there is a “credible” threat…it’s all in how they interpret. Personally I think if someone tracked me down and threatened my life or my family that is a credible threat.

        Now, how exactly do THEY determine “credible” is beyond me. According to my sources even within PD’s even if there are written SOP’s (standard operating procedures) it seems the written laws are interpreted differently by different officers. It’s probably worse in small departments.

        • People don’t understand that the police have no legal requirement to protect you. They are first and foremost an investigatory body. Good cops do more than that but many don’t.

    • If this ONE guy was caught, why can’t something be done about the harassing that is being done on Amazon re: ALV’s book. Thy should ALL be held accountable for their actions! It is one location where an investigation could be focused. The police should be notified. If something was done and charges were pressed against this handful of people, it may get the “media’s” attention and spread a message to the GAJILLION haters doing this mob style hatred. Maybe it would make them think before they foolishly jumped on the bandwagon.

      • Hi Dorothy 🙂

        I really don’t think AZ cares or would even want to spend the money on something like that. And I don’t think PD’s are inclined to do anything other than what would affect their own communities. In ALV’s case, she lives in CA (I think) so they don’t care. And Amazon is not located in AZ, so again, they don’t care. It is sad. I was wondering if this whole thing was reported to that bullies website that was on another page (someone said they help people who are being harrased, I think.)

        • Hi cindyp,
          I just googled Alyce’s name and see that has a petition to keep ALV from speaking at domestic violence seminars in LA. I read their terms of service and the petition is in violation. I tried to find a way to contact but…couldn’t figure it out. I feel so helpless. The EVIL is spreading like wildfire! I am SO afraid of how this is affecting Alyce. I am in tears.

          • I do not think the petition will have any impact. ALV is well known in her field and now that more news stories are being bold and telling the truth about cyber stalking (and calling it for what it is) I don’t think worthy organizations will bow to these cult/hate groups. Let’s keep the faith, in spite of the darkness. 😉

            • Thank you cindyp,
              I needed that boost…I feel so saddened and defeated by their hatred. Why am I taking it so personally?

              • I feel the same way – for me it’s because it reminds me how I was treated after abuse came out. And then I feel defeated cuz I try to think the world and people are evolving and then all this ugliness comes out and the adult bullies so I think; wtf did I even bring children into this world? Then one of my beautiful daughters will remind me; mom remember you are bringing us up as soldiers for good and light. This is our world too and we don’t like to see it filled with such horrible people, that’s why we take it personally.

                • cindyp-
                  Thanks for sharing that. I too sometimes worry about my daughter growing up in this world, then I think, what would the world be like if there were no people who shining the light.

      • Of course LaViolette can sue–she can sue both and Facebook for failure to enforce their terms of service policies.

        This is NOT free speech at all here.

    • yes and lets hope the county does not take Flores off his seat in the trial to do it …. ALV ‘s in trouble just like poor ashley 🙂

  2. good morning to you all
    During my lunchbreak, it is 01;45 here now, I browsed a bit on fb and looked on the other site/side
    I am still shocked, speechless and saddened from what I just read.
    There was a message saying AV had reported herself to the er this past weekend.
    I am just appalled by the reactions posted ….. I should have taken a screenshot, can not do it from work

    maybe someone else could take some screenshots?
    feeling terrible for AV -> sending her loving thoughts

    • Oh no, wonder what happened, besides the horrible stress and treatment she is getting. Maybe she had a severe anxiety attack, sometimes when that happens you actually think you are having a heart attack. I can imagine the comments being made about it.

          • It was a friend of hers who reported she went to the ER suffering from anxiety and palpitations. That occurred last week on the day she had to leave the court, by the way.

              • I noticed a woman in the courtroom yesterday I’ve never seen before that was seated in the area with the mitigation attn just in front of where the public sits. My intuition says it was a friend of AL’s there for support. Did anyone else notice her? I only saw her once, but I didn’t watch much of trial yesterday I had other things I needed to take care of.

          • she is my age could have been heart burn something she ate need to take medication need a break how many of you have said I’m sick dont want to go to work or school anything to not do what someone tell you your going to do

    • Maybe someone is poisoning her…I wouldn’t put it past them (the haters) to do something like that. I hope she has a personal bodyguard…as I wouldn’t trust the Mesa police or any other AZ police to TRULY protect her. Yesterday she looked quite ashen.

      • wouldn’t you if you and JM scream and dancing around like he has to pee and makeing you brain go into mush…..

        • I think I was probably ashen myself just watching it…I know I had one of the worst headaches I have had in a LONG time.

      • I would never drink that water they have in PITCHERS sitting there not ever if
        I were in a trial like this where so many people are actually this hateful for
        witnesses just saying what they believe or diagnosed.

  3. Goodmorning SJ, yeah… I have a feeling they’ll be pissed about the “” post today, it’ll probably make it on HLN too. But you know what, your 100% right, that’s what can happen when you treat others like shit.

    PS. I haven’t made a donation either, but I will today. For Jodi and all battered women suffering in the world.

      • Darn and I have to miss part of it….

        Monday….she went to school with my older son…

        I hope that people become more aware of the dangers of domestic violence and the dangers of firearms. I just want to get the resources out there for people that could benefit from information about domestic violence,”

        Police in Oakland County say Lorian Handy, 33, was shot and killed by her husband Jason Handy, 37, after an argument during which she tried to leave the house, WXYZ out of Detroit reported. He then turned the gun on himself

    • Just a note – I found this site because of hln. (I guess I should give them credit for that.) Perhaps the more times the site is presented on t.v., then more decent people will find their way here. 😀

    • Good morning, Everyone (and congrats to today’s 1st, Bren! Perhaps a trip to AZ may be your prize! just kidding… ).

      Thanks for sharing that link, Jon. Does anyone know that guy’s name? Those of you who have screen shots of hatred should send them to him.

      And any attorneys here… how do we start a cause to not allow hate speech and slander be ‘freedom of speech?” I mean, ruining someone’s life is not right. ALV is NOT on trial!

    • Jon,
      I am SO relieved that someone is looking into this! I wish there was more to that video, I wanted to here the rest of what he started to say.

      • Me too. the media is out of control. they whip people up and incite violence. something has to be done. it’s only going to get worse.

        • Jon, “it’s only going to get worse” Is a scary thought and almost unimaginable. I don’t understand it and I am frightened by all the hatred.

          • I’m scared too. Look what they did to Casey and Zimmerman and now Jodi. Someday somebody might get hurt or killed. it’s scary.

  4. Morning Everyone!

    Last nite on hln (they don’t deserve caps) the deducing duo – vp + mike b. Have added david otunga ( a harvard lawyer? + wrestler) to their ‘let’s-solve-it’ team. There was a lot of monkeying around with the usual touchy-feely action, except, this time between vp and do. They are such a mess with their ‘bold accusations’. I feel they are trying to ‘help’ mr. 3rd person through their suggestions that offer ‘possibilities’ that he can talk about in court to add to his already existing ‘possibility’ repetoire (sp?). They are seriously hell-bent on sending JA to the gallows come hell or high water.

    hln might as well build an arena for themselves and all their blood-thirsty spectators, add some real hungry lions and throw in all the ‘guilty-becoz-they-know-so’ people, and clap and cheer when they are torn limb-by-limb by the starved lions (media)!

    Good. Now, that it is off my chest, I can have my breakfast. Sorry, for venting this early. Aaarrrggghhh.

    • Good Morning, Introspective! I was channel surfing last night and decided to just stop at the hln after dark show. The two guys were running around like damn fools. From what I saw they made up their own ‘scenario’ of how slowly everything must have happened, looked at the time stamp of the first photo, then said, ‘that proves it! And the defense put this together, not us!’ Honestly they were like children playing cops and robbers then they expect people to take them seriously. And the sad reality is that there are ‘adults’ who believe them.

      We all have a right to vent (goodness knows I’ve done it a few times here!). Enjoy your breakfast. 😀

      • Thanks, Cindyp! It was truly ridiculous. Also, it seems there is an over abundance of touchy feely stuff on the prosc side – everytime! Too weird.

    • Introspective,

      I stopped watching that channel but I don’t think they should
      be able to do those shows on the trial while the trial is on
      going? WTH they are not forensic experts an the few clips
      I did see they make sure it is all for JM. I do not see how
      they can do that? All of them are so against Jodi of course
      they will be one sided. I did watch the night Jose Baez was
      on of course to see what he said.

      An of course he stated FOLLOW THE PHYSICAL EVIDENCE

      Which to me says after the gun shot. Jodi does not remember
      therefore it is possible someone else was there to carry out the
      stabbing an slashes. An especially the neck which would make
      sure that a sinner like Travis would go to heaven without that
      slash he would be in hell according to doctrine that is.

      So the gun shot was in Self Defense an we want a Acquittal or
      time served. Not a Death Penalty case in my eyes.

      They can not prove Travis did not attack her. People want to say she had
      no wounds? no one looked at her NAKED after that day? how
      do we know she did not have bruises an a concussion from hitting
      her head on the tile at least 2 times hard ? we don’t know
      everyone is guessing after that head shot including Jodi.


    Yesterday, when questioning Alyce about the shooting of Travis Alexander:

    Source: Youtube video – Jodi Arias Trial: Day 44: Part 7 @ 01:23/15:00

    Martinez: “She said she pulled the trigger. Correct?”
    Alyce: “Correct.”


    March 13, 2013 – Part 1 (Youtube)

    Martinez: “…that’s when you shot him in the face. Right?”
    Jodi: (pauses) “Yeah, that’s when the gun went off.”
    Martinez: “No (indecipherable)you keep saying the gun went off. The gun was in your hand. Right?”
    N.B. Jodi never admits to intentionally pulling the trigger in spite of Martinez’s attempts.

    Jodi Arias Trial – Day 20 (17:33) Youtube video

    Jodi (speaking to Nurmi): “…he kind of got low and grabbed my waist, but before he did that as he was lunging at me, the gun went off. I didn’t mean to shoot or anything. I didn’t even think I was holding the trigger.”

    Did Martinez made a mistake, or did he intentionally misrepresented Jodi’s testimony so the jury would hear that Jodi intentionally shot Travis and then hear Alyce agree that Jodi intentionally shot him.? It may be enough to change a juror’s mind and send Jodi to death row unless Jennifer Willmott (or someone else) noticed what Martinez did.


    • This has been JM tactics throughout the trial ! Mischaracterize the testimony to fit his agenda.and the concern I believe the jury will deliberate on what their brains remember and NOT have access to the actual transcripts of the testimony . It becomes a debate amongst jurors as to whose memory is the best . They will likely only have access to the actual physical evidence . ( been there done that 3 x on jury)
      It will be interesting to hear their questions today.

      • I agree. You can’t play a 9 second tape and take it completely out of context. Just like a few weeks ago there was an audio tape going around of “Travis’s last words”. He said something like.. “…that’s no way to live, I would rather be dead”. They made it sound like he was talking about Jodi. If you listen to the entire tape he is giving a speech about the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE!!!!!

      • You can clearly hear on the tape that JM is asking leading question from AL on a topic that she was not hired to investigate

        also any gun if it “go’s off” its by pulling the trigger but it does not mean that it was intentionally

      • When the jury is in deliberations, they can request that specific pieces of testimony be read back to them. They have to go back into the courtroom and the court reporter reads it to them.

    • I think what Alyce was testifying to was what JA told her about the gun, knife, shooting and where things were and happened. And if I am understanding, same was different than JA’s testimony.

      • AL is not a detective. She is a Demostic Violence Expert. So what if she got a couple of details wrong regarding where he was shot, where the knife was… those were NOT things she was concerned about or focused on. Easy to misinterpret!!

        • Well he’s going to say that anyway, about any defense witness. He would say it about Mother Theresa. That’s what bullies do.

    • It might have been more accurate for me to say: HE CHANGED AN ACCIDENTAL/UNINTENTIONAL SHOOTING TO A DELIBERATE SHOOTING (instead of murder).

    • About par for the course. This is right up with his tactics vis a vis the testimony of Dan Friedman.

      He converted Dan’s testimony of Jodi left Mesa after Dan’s conversation with Travis to Jodi left Mesa after Travis told her to.

      I really do hope the jury has access to the actual testimony rather than having to rely on their memory, or that of JM’s.

      • Al,

        Can Jennifer W. have that testimony read back today during redirect? That’s what I’m hoping for. Just read it back, loud and clear, and expose JM now, while all this is fresh on the juror’s minds.

        • TTFTO

          I spent some time thinking that through. I’m just an armchair attorney, so I can’t quite figure this out, but I keep running into a foundation problem on just reading it out. That would be akin to the attorney testifying and that is not allowed. The rules require you to have a witness to be able to introduce evidence. That is why JM had to get that guy from CA, Menendez to introduce in all the receipts.

          So if she wants to get this in she’ll have to think of a smart way to get it in. She could of course always re-call Dan Freidman to the stand and then just play the testimony back to him, and ask him about it. To get it to ALV she’d probably have to ask it as a long convoluted hypothetical, which probably looses its impact. That poor jury doesn’t need, or probably want, any more of those.

          But I do agree that the defense needs to call JM on all his mischaracterization. May be she can do it in closing. I just don’t know.

    • I think Alyce had it in her notes that Jodi told her “I pulled the trigger”. JM kept referring to ALV’s notes and the recorded interview that JM had with ALV….I think in that part of the JM’s questioning he was comparing…but maybe I’m wrong…

  6. A little cold with the leader post there SJ, old buddy.

    As a wise guy once said anger is the enemy of correct understanding.

      • Ahhhh is that the idea behind this post? To take the heat off ALV?

        I have to admit I was a bit taken aback by the post. I struggled with it while in the shower this morning, and cried a little. Here’s why:

        Like most battered women, I truly loved my abusive ex and never wanted him to be harmed in any way. I wanted him to change, sure, but that never happened (well, other than that he got worse). In our final months, when I was in the process of trying to get away from him, I learned that he had a wife I never knew about who died under mysterious circumstances in CT in the mid 90s. A few months later, after he was arrested for trying to kill me in FL in 2011, I learned that the only ex-wife I knew about had a restraining order against him in NY in the early 90s. I also learned that he had another ex-wife/girlfriend (not sure which, but she used his last name) in IL in the very late 80s/early 90s who had been missing for years. After he was released on bond, he moved right in with a mistress in FL in 2011. He attempted to hit her a couple of months later. With the help of a friend, she threw him out. She tried but was unsuccessful in getting a restraining order against him when he came back to her apartment a week later and tried to break down the door, but took off before the police arrived. The next woman he had move into our house (before our divorce was final) was apparently arrested a little over a year ago (in 2012), and charged with disorderly conduct with him as the complaining witness. These are the women I know about. How many more are there?

        I also learned after his arrest that he was a convicted felon who had embezzled millions of dollars from family and friends in the mid 80s claiming he was investing their hard earned life savings in a trading investment fund that he was running (which was never registered and he never followed any appropriate procedures or financial regulations. He was actually buying himself Corvettes, going on expensive vacations, and wining and dining women with their money. He apparently devastated and financially ruined many of these investors.

        It’s reasonable to assume that over the course of aobut 30 years, this man ruined many many lives, in many states. It seems he may have killed two of his wives, tried to kill another, and seriously abused yet another. In between, who knows what he actually did to other women, and perhaps some men (since he also slept with men). I went through some of his stuff from the decade we were married after he was arrested and lost track of women he’d been involved with when I got to about 70, but there were many many more. It was too devastating for me to continue looking and counting. In addition, during the 13 years I was with him, he ruined the reputations of many other people that I knew about, including our next door neighbour, several of our customers, or basically, anyone who dared to cross him and/or not worship at his altar.

        He’s still alive and will turn 59 this year. His father is still alive and in his late 80s. It’s reasonable to assume my ex could live as long. How many more lives will he devastate in the next 30 years? How many more women like me will never be quite the same person, full of life and hope, that they once were? How many more women will he get away with abusing? How many more will he kill? Drew Peterson was under suspicion before my ex, and yet, they’re about on par with each other for restraining orders and suspected murders.

        If he’d lived much longer, would Travis have developed a similar life path? It’s hard to say. But after thinking and crying bout your post, SJ, I finally got it, I think.

      • BeeCee, “maybe it’s better if SJ and the site take the heat”…I think there is SO much hate it will only add MORE fuel to the fire…but that’s my opinion. The haters will not READ the blog below the pic…they will, most likely, look at it as a death threat and turn the message around… maybe I’m wrong, hope I’m wrong.

      • Cindy,
        Went back and read it. Ashley does make a point.

        It’s just that there is a person who is dead. And as nasty as he was, I for one at least wouldn’t wish that on anyone. So even though one reaps what he sows, the whole thing is a tragedy on all sides.

        As Gandhi once said “The pursuit of truth does not justify violence on one’s opponent.”

        • I do understand what you are saying and I have a son TA’S age…No I do not wish anyones death …..I honestly think perhaps it was a wake up call… the abuse in this case…

      • No one is justifying violence. But if someone attacks you, you have the right to defend yourself. It’s wrong for people to blame Jodi. Travis had choices, and he should have gotten himself help instead of hitting women.

    • It may be cold, but it’s the truth. Let’s face it, HLN and all the people on those other sites don’t want justice. They want revenge. Travis Alexander was an abusive monster. I feel sorry for what he went through in his childhood, like so many people do. His parents were extremely violent and abusive. But he was turning into his parents, and he wasn’t getting help.

      • It’s soooo rare they get help, so very rare.

        And we really don’t know the true death toll of any one abuser. So many abuse victims — even if they survive their abuser — either kill themselves or turn to drugs/booze or die from stress-related illnesses. Many more become unproductive panic ridden shadows of their former selves and feel they might as well be dead.

    • Al-
      With all due respect, I don’t see SJ’s post as anger, so much as the reality. As you may know, I am a former Social Worker with 30 years experienced, most of which was working with abused children, many who came from homes wrought with Domestic Violence. As Ms. LaViollete testified to yesterday, there was little research and or services available to domestic violence victims until the 90’s. I began my career in 1985. I could tell you true accounts of abuse to children and women that would make your stomach turn. While other’s are in cushy offices making lots of money, us Social Workers and Psychologists like Ms. L are in the trenches taking care of victims that society would like to turn a blind eye too, because we live in a world where money and glamour are the most important. The statistics on DV and the deaths of woman and children each day in our “civilized” nation are staggering! Most women and children in these situations are the ones that end up in the morgue.

      As parent’s of young girls and women, which both you and I are, this picture should be shown to them to let them know they can in fact save their own lives!!!! Not anger, empowerment. The state of our country is far worse than when I began my career and that is a big reason I ended my Social Work career. Being in the trenches takes it toll, and now one of the few people who has been brave enough to stay in the trenches (Ms. L. ) is being harassed and having death threats. I suppose the abusers would like all of us Human Service professionals to just go away and let them have free reign to abuse with impunity.

      I say show the pictures a thousand times! Let good people empower our children to recognize abuse, and to protect themselves. I am so tired of seeing the news each day that covers the deaths of young women at the hands of thier partners ie: Alexandra Kogut, Yardley Love, Stacy Peterson and the list goes on. Rightoues anger is needed by our Society, now more than ever.

      End of my rant for now, and I still enjoy your posts. 🙂

  7. JM is a bully. It makes me wonder what he is like outside the courtroom. Is he like this in his personal relationships?

  8. Ok I joined this page because I am a guy and I am not saying what she did was right but from what I am reading and seeing on tv . The guy was a sicko who used this woman for sex played mind games with her and then toss who away like a used condom. And the cycle kept going on and on and on until she had her breaking point and crazy things like this happen . She needs help not jail time and this is a lesson for both men and women do not play mind games with claim to so called love. That word is a very strong word a action verb .

  9. Heard on hln after dark…

    “You’ve heard of the movie ‘Girls gone wild’? Well, in this courtroom, the ‘Prosecutor has gone wild’! Why is this judge not controlling the Prosecutor? His questions, some of them have been asked and answered, they’ve been argumentative, and the defense attorney’s may be on a siesta! This should be absolutely reduced! I would take that prosecutor up to the mountain top and read him the riot act! He is taking way too long. He thinks he is doing a COMMERCIAL ON MARTINEZ!”. – Judge Uncensored – Judge Seidlin.


    • Instead of a “COMMERCIAL ON MARTINEZ”, it should say a “COMMERCIAL ON THE PROSECUTOR”. He loves to talk about himself in the third person and reference THE PROSECUTOR.

    • Thank goodness for “pundits” like Seidlin and Linda Baden (can’t remember her full name), but the fact that they appear on that RIDICULOUS “After Dark” show and go along with the nonsense of the show, makes me kind of disappointed in them. But they are all in it for the buck, aren’t they?

  10. I’m glad JW had the evening last night and this morning to organize her thoughts and think about everything. I really don’t think she was expecting JM to finish yesterday. Although she did a great job, I thought she sounded a little unprepared.. like she was put on the spot.

  11. in line with todays introductory comment, Justice for Travis ?

    Violence Against Women Act

    The Act provides $1.6 billion toward investigation and prosecution of violent crimes against women, imposes automatic and mandatory restitution on those convicted, and allows civil redress in cases prosecutors chose to leave unprosecuted. The Act also establishes the Office on Violence Against Women within the Department of Justice.

    In February 2013, the Senate passed an extension of the Violence Against Women Act by a vote of 78-22,[8] and the House of Representatives passed it by a vote of 286-138, with unanimous Democratic support and 87 Republicans voting in the affirmative.[9] The extension was signed by President Barack Obama.[10]

    there is also a wikipedia hyperlink at the top of the article

    Outline of domestic violence


    • I’m going to make a statement here and I hope that people also remember I was raped, abused both physicaly and mentally….I know that 99% of the reported cases of abuse are reported by woman..but men are also abused… with children….Men just do not report it….

      • You are so right. From time immemorial they have just called them “hen-pecked” husbands. Most of those so called hen-pecked husbands are just abused.

        Intra-personal dynamics is a strange thing between couples and in cases where, as ALV stated, the balance of power goes out of kilter, for whatever reason, one side or the other can be the abuser.

        The abuse of children is probably a lot more widespread than we care to admit. And it is one of the most dastardly acts of mankind, to prey and torment the weakest and most helpless amongst us. I truly believe that somewhere, somehow all of these abusers will meet the pain they have inflicted on others.

    • I just wish that act truly helped victims. Unfortunately, what it transformed into is a slew of nonprofits with a board of directors who make 6 figure incomes, 6 figure bonuses, and do nothing but fundraisers, attend seminars, and hand out phone numbers to victims. When the victim calls those numbers, they get another list of numbers to call. When they call those numbers, they get some other numbers. Eventually, they get the same numbers they called in the first place. No one can help.

      After my ex was arrested and I was living in a house with no transportation and I don’t drive, I couldn’t even get a ride to the grocery store. I couldn’t get a lawyer to help with the divorce even when I was destitute. When he turned off water in the house, I couldn’t get any help.

      There’s no real help for victims. There’s just a DV rat wheel the nonprofits put us on of calling for help. Then, they inflate their stats of how many victims they “helped” by citing the numbers of calls they got even though all they did was hand out more phone numbers. But the President of the National Network to End Domestic Violence can make over $1 million??? And the The National Center for Victims of Crime received $2,803,936 in grants and spent $2,041,252 on salaries, compensation and benefits.

      Don’t be fooled, folks. Don’t contribute to these big organizations.

  12. Good morning friends…

    We can ALWAYS count on SJ to pull no punches and shove the shit right back up the asses that deal it…LOL WTG!!!

    In other news…I heard Massengil will be checking in for a lobotomy and has left his brain to science so they can work on a cure for stupidity…


  13. I feel all of the thread topics have been fair until, today; this thread is not fair, effective, but, not fair. If one

    were to believe justice was served because TA is dead, then you would have to believe in the death

    penalty for Jodi. IMO anyone new that is objective that views this site will think this is a TA hater site.

    • AG

      It’s not hatred, It just sending a message to abusers : if you abuse a woman, you may end up dead.

      Shocking but true.

      Unfortunately it’s usually the woman who ends up dead.

      I’m fully behind this. Shock tactics do work. The same as with drink driving.

      • Speaking of fair, is it fair to make a Twitter account where the avitar is Jodi’s private parts and name it jodiariasanus?

        • AMEN Renee!!!

          Is it fair that the new catch phrase by these bastards when they want someone harmed is now that they will do “an Arias” on them?????????????

          I agree with Kira…F them!

          • Thanks, Janeen!

            “If one were to believe justice was served because TA is dead, then you would have to believe in the death penalty for Jodi”

            Ummm…no. Killing an abuser in self-defense does not justify the death penalty.


      HERE ARE SECTIONS 13-404 AND 13-405

      13-404. Justification; self-defense
      A. Except as provided in subsection B of this section, a person is justified in threatening or using physical force against another when and to the extent a reasonable person would believe that physical force is immediately necessary to protect himself against the other’s use or attempted use of unlawful physical force.

      13-405. Justification; use of deadly physical force

      A. A person is justified in threatening or using deadly physical force against another:

      1. If such person would be justified in threatening or using physical force against the other under
      section 13-404, and

      2. When and to the degree a reasonable person would believe that deadly physical force is immediately necessary to protect himself against the other’s use or attempted use of unlawful deadly physical force.

      B. A person has no duty to retreat before threatening or using deadly physical force pursuant to this section if the person is in a place where the person may legally be and is not engaged in an unlawful act.

    • Hi A.G. Your posted comments (up to this one) have been good. I guess we’ll have to agree to differ on this site suddenly being a “TA hater site” as you put it. Remember though, nobody on this site does any hating. Sure enough, comments can always be twisted around to fit, just as Martinez tries to do… but we are not here to ruin people’s livelihoods… put people out of business… nor do we wish AIDS, cancer & leukemia on families or their children… or threaten to kill people we don’t agree with. And by the way… self defense does not carry the death penalty.

      Team Jodi

      • I do not feel she is guilty. I didn’t make that comment to debate, but, I get on here everyday , and this morning seeing the picture of the body bag..made me emotional. I don’t think it is right what the media and the hater sites say about Jodi. My views on this trial has turned my dad and my husband into team Jodi.

  14. Wow about the picture! Frankly, we don’t need to stoop to the hater’s level. I know I would prefer not to have pictures like that on this site. But, who am I…

    • I have to agree with Nicole,I feel like this is such a sad ending for a sick man.I have struggled with my own issues…Growing up with a paranoid schizophrenic father there was alot of violence.I have had to come to terms about how very ill he was.My mom,the polar opposite..kind sweet loving,but a battered woman.I knew fear and anger.I had to take a long hard look at myself as I have struggled in intimate relationships.I wish Travis and Jodi could have gotten help before this happened.Is there a message of something else we could be giving instead of rage and sideways frustration?I have hated how unfair and injust this has been.I have to believe its all for a reason.Ill stop rambling ..I needed to feel safe here,But seeing this above has made me very uneasy.Thanks….So many great people on this site..So smart!

      • the golden rule:
        treat others as one would like others to treat you

        and then there is the reverse statement of the rule, the old testament rule perhaps,

        as you treat others, so they will treat you
        ie an eye for an eye
        it’s sometimes formualated as “payback’s a bitch”

        there’s a huge disconnect, or void, between the international formulation of the rule, and the domestic formulation of the rule

        when the twin towers were bombed, the response, although muddied by extraneous factors, was NOT a tepid, well i wouldn’t treat you that way, but to go on a huge killing spree of retribution

        now, i didn’t want to introduce politics into this matter at all, but it seemed to be a well known example of the old testament rule

        but payback, in the extreme, is an essential aspect between nations

        it’s domesticated in a nation’s internal laws, so that the state has the monopoly of coercive power, exercised in the us, imperfectly, according to law

        but to my mind, and as encapsulated in arizona’s self defense laws stated does not have accept being killed by an attacker, one may may, in the circumstances as set out in the sections quoted above, kill their attacker

        that’s justice

      • Michele,

        There is reason for hope. If the media giants will see this case for what it is, and report more on what Alyce LaViolette tells us rather than what Juan Martinez says, people could really learn a lot about domestic violence and tragedies like this could be avoided!

        • You are so right, TTFTO. I honestly wish that would happen. It does look like, in the end, there actually IS a chance that USA Today and Washington Post may do a story like that. I think I will send both emails of “ideas for stories.” Also, (even though I no longer watch them), CNN does have a link for “Ideas for Stories.” They are not run by the same guy that does HLN, so maybe they would do a story like that… a long shot, but worth a try.

      • My life growing up is similar to yours but, the opposite, my mother is paranoid schizophrenic and my

        dad was the sweet and somewhat normal parent.

    • I was shocked by ‘justice was served’ picture too at first but after pondering an instant understand it and agree with it.
      It is not a ‘Travis hater’ statement at all.

      Justice was served because for once in a blue moon a victim of domestic violence managed to fight back her attacker and he ended up dead instead of her.

  15. Well expect another attack, they have now set their sights on Jodi’s twitter account. I can’t believe they are not even hiding that they are using facebook as their platform to orchestrate the various attacks.

    And nothing can be done….that sickens me the most!

    • We have all seen the attacks against Alyce, we now know that they have serious ramifications (Alyce needing to go to ER), and we know there were many meetings in chambers regarding them.

      But what will done about them? I fear nothing, and that is where a bigger problem lies. If this lynch mob is not confronted for their actions and made to face the consequences, they will do this again and again, each time pushing the envelope. (we all know that abuse escalates)

      They will see this as a feather in their cap and their next victim the sky is the limit!!

      That’s frightening when you sit down and think about it!!

      • Gail,

        Yes, it really is frightening. I’m afraid of the damage they’re doing to our justice system. Do you remember the jurors from the Casey Anthony case were threatened and harassed? Now in this case, every single defense witness is being harassed. In the very least, somehow we’re going to have to address how these high profile cases are handled.

      • It is sickening, Gail. It distresses me b/c I see comments like in one of the posted articles where an ex-judge says he doesn’t think anything can be done about people expressing their opinions. HOWEVER, these are NOT opinions for opinions must have some basis of knowledge. The cult-speak is of hatred, ruining people’s lives and has an intentional purpose of intimidating witnesses. And they cannot be stopped for intimidation because, apparently, that is only a crime if it is done by the prosecution. A new law needs to be added or an amendment to the witness intimidation law needs to be added; especially in televised trials.

        • Agreed, they are not opinions. They do post their opinions on their own sites and tweets, and silly petitions, that is their freedom of speech. But flooding social media, business and professional sites to harass, bully, slander and stalk a witness or a defendant is not freedom of speech. Trying to silence people who beg to differ is not freedom of speech.
          Posting intimate pictures of the defendant obtained illegally is not freedom of speech. Inciting people to kill the defendant or her defense team is not freedom of speech.

  16. My inexperience with various social media tools has become quite evident. I TRIED to post on the Sandra Webber’s blog this morning..TWICE. Both times I believe it was lost. My age is beginning to show…LOL My 17 year old would have had it posted in seconds…I am PISSED about it!

  17. SJ- Is it true that there is still at least one more witness for the defense who is from the phone company or
    something to that regard? Could more phone records or voice messages from Travis to Jodi become the long awaited smoking gun?

    • Willis,

      In the original witness list the defense provided there was a witness who was cellmate of Jodi’s and also another ex girl friend of Travis’.

      However, things may have changed over time. I don’t see where the defense has filed any supplemental witness lists, etc. Also I believe the defense may, if they so choose, recall any of the witnesses that were on the prosecutions list.

      • They need to recall Mimi Hall and Lisa and ask them how they feel now that the evidence has shown Travis cheated on all of them with multiple girls. I bet at least Mimi is livid about that. They both seem like good girls that just fell prey to TA’s manipulations. It makes me so angry!!

        • I don’t think MiMi cares, she said in court she liked TA but not romantically. As for Lisa, I think there was more to her and TAs relationship than she was willing to share in court to keep “face” as a good girl. One thing I would hope they both realize is that they were both manipulated by TA into thinking bad things about Jodi that we all now know THROUGH TAs OWN WORDS are not true.
          P.S.— When Juan was trying to say yesterday that Jodi went to TAs UNINVITED and she say TA with Lisa in the kitchen…remember, Jodi had left over food from her restaurant, a favorite dish of one od TAs roommates. She called and told the roommate and asked if he wanted it, he said yes and so she brought it over. So, she WAS INVITED over, maybe not by TA but by one of the guys living in the house – – So take that, Juan!

  18. SJ-
    A picture’s worth a thousand words. Thank you for standing up to violence against women. I posted some weeks ago about the fact that TA’s fatal mistake was assuming his victim would not fight back in the WAR he started. In that post, I pointed out that when one starts a war, even if it’s in thier own home, they must be prepared to die because WAR is ugly and people die. Abuser’s “get away with it” , because they start a war against people, usually women and children, who they believe are weaker then they. Thankfully, Jodi proved this abuser wrong.

    Thanks again for standing up for those who often have no voice.

      • SJ-
        Thanks. Please post, post and post away! I just posted a response in the above thread as to why we need to see these pictures and share them, to empower our children and women. Time to get Domestic Violence into the lime light instead of in the closet or bathrooms of abuser’s homes.

        Now I need to take a break for a while because I’m so upset that people can’t see your post for what it is…like I said above, this type of thing takes it’s toll on those few of us who devoted our life and careers to helping the helpless in our society.

        • Hi TR, I’m glad to say the vast majority of posters can see the post & pic for what it is… and maybe there are a few fence-sitters that won’t come here again. No probs. But far from letting that picture “divide us” (as someone mentioned earlier), I would say it’s having the complete opposite effect.

          Team Jodi

          • Excellent post today SJ. Its exactly what I’ve been feeling for quite a long time. I don’t advocate murder, but I do advocate defending yourself, and if that means you have to kill your abuser, then so be it. There would be many more women, and children alive today if they would have.
            I know there are abused men as well, so I’m not taking sides here, just saying that the majority of abuse victims are women and children. It makes me sick how many women are in jail right now because they defended themselves. Its time for us, as a society, to take a stand and demand that the laws be changed to substantial prison time, for predators!
            We also need to include with that sex crimes. All to often, rape or molestation is treated with a wink wink, nod nod, boys will be boys attitude. What the hell, do we are civilized humans devalue our women and children so much that its ok for them to be treated and used as sex toys for adult men…I am thinking more and more that sexual deviance should be a crime, as more often than not, it encompasses a victim. Trying not to be a prude, but being involved with the fight against pornography, I see first hand what it does to families. Mostly affecting women and children, which is almost identical to domestic abuse and violence. Many sexual deviants do abuse victims, sooner or later. Its all about grooming your victim, making them believe what they are doing is normal, healthy sexual behavior, and pleasing their predator is a goal they should obtain and value. Some predators do respond to therapy, but the majority do not. So if something isn’t done within the legal system, I’m afraid this situation will become more and more prevalent. As we see by the haters on TA’s side, they will fight tooth and nail to cover up the reality of this. They have to, its their way of life….just saying, it must be, otherwise why would they defend a sexually deviant abuser…

            • Great post melvis-
              Glad to see other’s continuing the fight against the things in our society that devalue women and children. Nothing prudish about it. I would classify it as noble and respectable.

    • Beautifully said TR. Every time I think of Travis body slamming Jodi or pulling those extreme fighting wrestling moves, I am repulsed by the idea that abusers believing abusing women and kids somehow proves them to be “real men.”

      Abusers are cowards. That includes the Travis Taliban.

      • Thanks MB-
        Yes they are cowards. I have seen too much of it in my career and lifetime, that sometimes I think I need to just go hide myself out somewhere and leave it to the next generation to fight the good fight, because I’ve done the “hard time” for 30 years as a Social worker. I am however concerened that the next generation is lacking the passion to fight for those in our society who are vicitms. That is why I have so much respect for all of you on Team Jodi, that you are continuing the fight under circumstances that you recieve threats and vitriol from the cowards.

        Keep up the good fight!!

    • It’s not illegal for Jodi to have a Twitter account and I actually follow her. But I don’t think it’s the smartest thing for her to have either. Are the Tweets really her thoughts that she is giving to that Donavan person to post or is Donavan posting them on her own with or w/o Jodi’s permission?
      Regardless, I wouldn’t have it if I were Jodi.

  19. Also, does anyone have a link to a purple ribbon image that says anything about Jodi? I would like to post it to facebook, twitter, etc. I have found plain purple ones but I didn’t know if anyone here had one they could post. Thanks!

  20. Sorry I’m late guys, I had the same WTF reaction when I saw the picture, but I totally understand the message that is being portrayed. It’s shocking, yes it is, but maybe the only way to get people to wake up to the realization that domestic abuse is prevalent, is to shock them. This body bag is far too often filled with a loving and scared woman. We can turn away and not look at it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. I have never been pro death penalty, but after everything we’ve seen in this trial, I feel that any man (or woman) that abuses his girlfriend, wife, mother of his child, and the male equivalents of each, deserves to be in that same bag.

    Also, from all the flak we get from Travis’ crowd, this was bound to happen sooner or later. Fight fire with fire. I don’t think we’re stooping to their level as we’re citing the truth, and we’re not threatening any of them.

        • And we probably would have never even heard her name mentioned once; she’d have been just another nameless, faceless DV statistic. THAT’S what’s scary…

      • Sadly true…but do the MANY WOMEN who end up like this EVER cause an outrage and light fire under people’s asses? NO! They are swept under the rug. The real victim here was and continues to be Jodi. I can’t get beyond the fact that the evil masses have turned it around. It’s like they (the haters or “justice for travisites”) are pro-partner abuse, pro-domestic violence. I’d like just ONE of them to concede and stand up for the truth…

  21. Travis looks DRT. Dead Right There ! (DRT – TX acronym describing the location of a dead person eligible for a Darwin award).

  22. And you know what? This site is for people who support victims of violence. SJ’s post is on SJ’s site! Not facebook, not twitter, not amazon. SJ didn’t request people copy the picture and post it as an avatar, or download it and print it on a postcard to send. SJ is not asking people to go to other avenues and leave scathing hatred about innocent people.

    Is it “shock and awe”? Yes. But, it is not meant to hurt, maim, harm or cause ANY bodily harm or injustice to any other human being. And that is the difference.

  23. For everyone complaining about the picture:

    This is SJ’s site. This isn’t the first provocative post that he’s made, nor will it be the last. I appreciate that he gets people thinking, even if the topic is uncomfortable.

    Don’t like it, pass the post on by. A new one for the trial day will be up soon enough.

  24. FROM the TA support FB:

    Dave Dytrt

    How can we inflict as much pain on Alyce Laviolettes career as she did on Travis’ family? We may not be able to equalize it but what can we do to ruin her career, legally?

    Like · · 4 minutes ago

    • jesus, I hope alyce lives in an area with a proactive and progressive police department.

      It would cost her a lot of money to go after those jackassess throught the court system…it would be better if “the state” goes after them instead, since we all know what can happen when the state gets something up their ass…they try to give it back, and sometimes to the wrong person!

    • Did anyone respond? If yes that info needs to get to someone who can do something. I tried to find the post but couldn’t locate it.

    • Hey, Dave, might want to try getting a life. You’re not a member of Travis’ family. I’m sure that they’re not going to ruin Alyce’s career? So why the hell do YOU care so much?

  25. I am going to stand by my comment earlier about the picture. I don’t think it’s appropriate, and IMHO, was not necessary.

    I don’t like what Travis did to Jodi. I’ve had the same type of emotional / mental abuse heaped on me.

    But, to me, showing Travis in a body bag (if that’s a real picture), is doing the exact same thing that the haters are doing.

    The one thing I love about this site is that we all seem to be “above” making low blows. We are all intelligent people who look at ALL the facts and make our decisions from there.

    But, of course, this is SJ’s site and he can do what he wants.

    But, in the same vein, this site has been one that we can express our opinions without getting “nailed” for them.

    Let’s keep it that way and not let one picture divide us.

    • “But, to me, showing Travis in a body bag (if that’s a real picture), is doing the exact same thing that the haters are doing.”

      not the same at all.

    • As you stand by your earlier comment, the 1st Amendment stands about us all, stronger and bigger, and it is a tremendous and beautiful idea.

      • Agreed, Phillip.

        I don’t understand how SJ is “stooping to the hater’s level” at all. He’s not lying about anything, is he?

    • I don’t like the body bag picture, I don’t think it helps to act like a hater, stoop to their level only gives them fodder. It is hard not to throw sh-t back but what does it help. If it was my family member in the pic, oh man I just don’t like it at all.

    • I don’t care for it, either, but there have been FAR worse pictures from this case being published all over the internet.

  26. Here we go again, this is posted on state vs jodi FB page

    “How can we inflict as much pain on Alyce Laviolettes career as she did on Travis’ family? We may not be able to equalize it but what can we do to ruin her career, legally?”

    What the hell is wrong with these people? Where do they get the idea they have to right to do this to a person???

      • I have never in my entire life ever seen hatred like this…. my brain can’t even comprehend it anymore.

        And once again, nothing can or will be done about it. Then why do we have laws, if they don’t seem to be able to enforce them???

        • Gail,

          I pasted this quote below, but I’m going to paste it again here because I want to make sure you see it. It’s from Jodi’s twitter page:

          “Nothing has done more to make us dumber or meaner than the anonymity of the Internet.” – Aaron Sorkin

          • That is so true. I used to own an ISP, my customers showed me just what we don’t see in real life. It’s easy to hide behind a monitor and do things that a person would never even dream of doing if face to face with another person.

            • Gail, yes, it’s scary though.

              I read your posts and I can see you’re a person with a good heart. It’s evident.

              It’s scary to read those hateful posts on other sites, because it’s true that those people probably would never say those things in person. Not if everyone could see who they are. But those hateful things are in their hearts, and I swear, it’s alarming to me.

      • Well, I posted yesterday about them going over to alltherapists and healthgrades and giving fake reviews and because those sites are reserved for ACTUAL patients and not haters, alltherapists have taken them all down 🙂 I reported them last night and this morning, they’re gone. Now, if Amazon would get on the same page and take theirs down, that would be great.

  27. Until our antiquated judicial system is amended to keep up with the technological advances, this will remain ongoing and people will have free will to threaten, abuse, debase, ridicule, defile, vilify, etc. via their computers and social media. The laws must change to have behavior such as this a crime chargeable as a felony – with REAL jail time. When the phone was invented, laws were updated with “aggravated harassment” because the threat was over a telephone line. It’s time Washington woke up and included the internet and every disgusting, vile, dispicable keystroke used to impart threats and terrorist tactics/abuses on innocent people.


  28. SJ
    If that picture you have at the top of this page really is Travis Alexander, I have no idea where you got it but you can bet Martinez plans on bringing it into his rebuttal for the shock value and to “remind” the jurors what this trial is all about. He will do anything to win this case,even if it is wrong. He may even use it in his closing arguments.

  29. i have a question to pose here

    we know jodi is innocent, and support her in our hearts and deeds as we can

    now, the question is, why is it that people pay excessively, and disproportionately, more attention to what the media trolls, and troublemakers, say about jodi, than to what is said here, or what is just fair comment anywhere ?

    years ago, i heard the radio talk show psychologist dr joy browne, excellent, raise this question.

    i forget the exact way she mentioned it, but it was along the following lines, 20 to 30 people say you’re doing something fine, but let just one person make an unfair, and snarky, comment, and that gets you

    why are people so vulnerable to occasional negative comments ?

    hey get ensnared by the negative comment

    there’s some psychological mechanism at work here ?

    the media trolls, in this case, use that observation to ensnare some of their audience, although there’s also a huge number of like-minded trouble makers

    of course, indirectly such malicious behavior takes any adverse attention away from them

    clearly, it’s good to know some what might be termed negative information, but people shouldn’t loose a sense of proportion

    so the question is why do so many pay any attention to the malicious garbage put out by nancy grace and her ilk, when they strongly disagree with everything she says

    i’ve never watched her and have no intention of doing so
    everyone here’s given me the heads up on this pile of %^&$

    perhaps my disinterest in media rattlings simply means i’m too old

    • The media is the greatest manipulator of all. My dad is proof of that. He’s 79 y/o and whatever he hears on the news is gospel to him. You could witness a crime take place and tell my dad all the details about it but until he hears it on the news he won’t believe it even happened. My dad is also a very cranky guy where he used to be very mellow. The news media made him that way
      I use to be a news junkie. I was raging all the time and always pissed off. Now I pretty much don’t watch the news and don’t believe half of what they me when I do. The people in my circle can’t believe how my attitude has changed sine I stopped being a news junkie.

  30. I have to say, my first reaction to the leading post and picture was “wow”..and not in a good way. At first i thought that was a little harsh and uncalled for. BUT, after thinking about it and reading the post, i realized this was not “wrong”. In fact i felt a bit ashamed after i realized that i may be falling for some of the hater bullshit that is out there. Here is why:

    The defense has said that Jodi was defending herself from someone that was attacking her. There is NO evidence to say otherwise. If you believe this, as i do, then we have a possible “its him or her” situation.
    The defense should take note of this, and maybe realize they are not reminding the jury of this enough… as even people here are starting to forget that fact, like me.
    He could have killed her. We don’t and Jodi doesn’t KNOW if he would have, but she felt threatened enough to think this could happen. She had passed experiences that showed her that he was capable of harming her. I doubt that he intended to kill her during the time he choked her out, but accidents happen, and he almost did, even if he didn’t realize afterwards or Jodi didn’t realize it afterwards. People don’t know their own strength sometimes and people get out of control in heated situations. SO, Travis very well COULD have killed her. She has the right to defend herself.

    So, now when i look at this picture i don’t think “wow, that’s a bit harsh” i think “that could have been Jodi”.

    Now, perhaps you don’t like Jodi..she is a liar. She is a bit weird. She “screwed around”. etc… (if you believe these things) So, let’s imagine that Travis was actually a “good guy”. He did some “bad things” like cheat, manipulate, etc…but in the end, let’s say he was actually a pretty good guy. NOW, let’s say that was your mom, sister, daughter. He attacked her. Now go back to the top of this thread and look at the picture again. Who should be in that bag, Travis or your daughter/wife/sister/mom? Go on..go look. Juan, now who gets “gets the bag”?

    It puts into perspective the “other things” we may or may not feel about Jodi. it doesn’t matter if she was handing ass out like it was candy at Halloween. if she was a sexual deviant or manipulator. If she does back flips and summersaults in the police questioning room… NONE of that matters.

    QUICK, Life or death… Someone is being attacked. Pick who goes in that blue bag. The attacker or the person being attacked?

    My hope would be neither.

    Travis DID NOT DESERVE TO DIE, and fuck you if you don’t believe that. JODI also did not deserve to die. The question still remains if someone kills someone and they didn’t “deserve to die”, then is it the persons that killed them’s fault? I SAY NO! Just because he deserves to live, just like everyone else, and he was killed by Jodi, it doesn’t mean that it is her fault. It is his own fault for being in that situation in the first place. If someone is attacking me, and I have to make a choice, they die. PERIOD. They may not “deserve it”. but that’s what will happen. IT’S THE LAW. IT’S THE RIGHT OF EVERYONE TO PROTECT THEMSELVES.

    We live in a world that wants answers. The problem is sometimes there are no answers. This is why I believe so many people are suckered into religion. As ridiculous as it is, they NEED an answer, so they use whatever they can. This “hate mob” Jodi has after her is looking for the same thing, answers. When there are none, they will go after the next easiest person.

    The only thing that matters to me in this case is “could Travis have attacked her”..”is it possible?”. If so, then she had the right to defend herself.

    (now, pros can probably agree with the above statements, but they don’t buy the fact that she stabbed him, slit his throat and shot him ALL as self-defense. I don’t think she did all of that in self-defense. I think she shot him in self-defense, or stabbed him in self-defense, or slit his throat in self-defense and then “snapped”, either from fear or frustration and anger. So the question is not if she killed him in self-defense but did she kill him AFTER self-defense. The answer is “I DONT KNOW”. And neither does the jury, so they must find her not guilty of the 2 charges in question. This is where I believe the true value of the experts and the “back story” are all valuable. Is there enough patterns to justify the “snap”. Can she be excused for going “overboard” after she had defended herself? I cannot see a justification, even if she “snapped” that would excuse the “overboard”. So at this point I would think manslaughter would be the correct guilty charge. I ALSO believe that this would NOT be FELONY manslaughter. It was aggravated by TA not JA. Jodi, should walk, with time served and probation. IMO)

  31. Good Morning ALL!!

    Guess what ELSE is in the bag? Jodi’s Freedom!!!

    Another great day for Jodi and the defense Team!!

    Kira, Get OUTTA my head! My thoughts exactly, “fuck em'”!!

  32. They are conditioned like Pavlov’s dogs. To believe the concept of innocent until proven guilty takes courage. Free thinkers call it like they see it. One of the originals smelled a rat and proclaimed ” I smell a rat”. Thereafter the witch hunts and mob law went away.

    • This is so true. I am a free thinker. I am not religious and I have been a feminist my whole life. I am married with two daughters. They know how to shoot and they know how to spray pepper spray. I hope they are never attacked and that if they are they have a weapon at hand. I listened to the entire Casey Anthony case and about half way through knew they had no case. It was clearly not guilty by the end. Most people cannot think past what they have to do in when they wake up in the, piss, shit and shave and eat and go to work and come home and eat, watch bullshit “reality TV” or NG and kin and go to bed. Just to start all over again. Our country has become a group of seriously lazy, overconfident, ignorant and hateful people. Many of whom go to church on Sunday. I realize there are likely religious people on this board and I commend you if you take it’s teachings seriously. But so many, like TA’s Mormon hate of women is not something I would ever sign on to.

  33. Is there a full written transcript of the sex tape? I want to read it, I am trying to listen to it, and his voice is not only creeping me out, but making me wanna puke.

    • I made this comment on the new thread, but it is worth posting here:


      Ms. LaViolette was correct!

      at the 33 minute mark, or right around there, he says “its like porking a hot little girl” (right after he says TWICE that she sounds like a 12 year old girl having her first orgasm.

      This pisses me off…………………………. I am now so glad SJ put that bag picture on here.

      • HOW WOULD HE KNOW WHAT A 12 YEAR OLD GIRL SOUNDS LIKE HAVING AN ORGASM???? She certainly would NOT have had an orgasm with him as her partner…

        THAT statement is DISGUSTING in and of itself….and the fact that he “LOVED” it is disturbing on so many levels….

        Perv that he was

  34. I got into a brief debate with a Travis supporter yesterday who was actually to my surprise pretty reasonable. The issue is with the gas cans. Apparently Brewer said and the prosecutor has repeated that she said she got the cans to go to Mesa. But there is some disagreement where Jodi said she didn’t decide to go to Mesa until after getting the cans. While Brewer says she told him about Mesa before.

    I would have thought her telling him she was going to Mesa was to her advantage since it kills that premeditated theory. Can someone clear this up for me?

    • But why would she tell him she was going to Mesa? Didnt he know TA lvd in Mesa, if he did Jodi wouldn’t rub it in his face and tell him she was going to see TA.

      Also, I thought Brewer said she told him she was going to go see HIS sister that had just had a baby. Idk maybe im wrong its been a while since his testimony.

    • Semantics argued by the pros. IMO.

      He is trying to ignore the fact that Travis “COULD” have attacked her. (that’s all it takes..COULD have attacked her) Nothing else matters after that, as it shows she could have defended herself.

      Imagine this. Person 1 decides they are going to murder someone (person 2). They buy a weapon, they build an alibi, they make preparations. Then 2 hours before they plan on killing person2, or maybe AFTER they plan on killing the person2, but they changed their mind and decided not to…then person2 ATTACKS them! In that case person 1 has the right to defend themselves against person 2.

      For all we know jodi planned on hiding a trip to AZ. How knows why? It doesnt matter. She was attacked, or at least “has enough claim to prove that she ‘could have been’ attacked”. Nuff pre med, no felony murder.

      Look at it this way… pre-meditated murder includes the “conspiracy” part. Conspiracy to commit murder is in of its self a felony. If buying a set of gas cans “shows conspiracy” then couldnt they charge EVERYONE that buys gas cans for a long trip “conspiring” to murder? Obviously then in this case it cant stand as a “conspiracy” part of pre-meditated murder.

      You have to show the conspiracy part of “pre meditated murder” to get to that end charge. If the gas can story cant stand on its own, then it doesnt prove anything. We call this circumstantial evidence. This can only be used to reinforce “primary evidence”. However, they are trying to use this as the primary evidence. their juice is weak.

  35. I think Jennifer W. and Alyce were just excellent yesterday. I was really moved. Choked up in parts. I wish they had more time. I think people are seeing it. Jodi was NOT a stalker. Travis WAS abusive. Travis DID attack her on June 4. Jodi DID kill him in self defense. The truth is there, plain as day.

    I’d love to hear what Alyce LaViolette has to say about what role denial plays in domestic violence. Because I think that’s what we’re seeing on the hater sites.

    I’m so sad and worried for Jodi. I’m worried that the jury won’t see it.

    • There is plenty to worry about because this is AZ and you see how they are there. I still have trouble with the gun myself. The gas cans not so much. Certainly not the license plates. If he had a gun, where is the rest of the ammo? did she take that also and if so why? I can see him keeping it up there where nobody would see if. I am sure he didn’t want anyone to see it. Someone who likes shooting as he did has to have a gun. Are you kidding me? I just wish someone would find her grandfather’s gun or turn it in or leave it at the doorstep. Something. It just bothers me.

      • NH,

        I posted this a few days ago, but I’m reposting it for you.

        Reasonable doubt about the gun:

        There were many burglaries in Yreka during the weeks surrounding the burglary at Jodi’s grandparents home. A rash of burglaries is what Nurmi said. Not many by say, Mesa’s standards, but Yreka is a town with a population of only 2,000. Many U.S. high schools are larger than that. So anyway, there were other burglaries, and other burglaries in which guns were stolen.

        Jodi’s grandfather had hollow point bullets and the bullet used on June 4 was NOT a hollow point.

        .25s are very common guns. They’re the most commonly owned gun for home protection. Al, on this site, did a little research, and he said that there are TWICE as many .25 guns in the U.S. than there are motorcycles. So that gives us an idea!

        Travis Alexander’s mother owned a gun. She used it to shoot up his father’s car one time, and his father then turned around and chased her with an axe. Poor Travis grew up in a very violent household. Since that time, both of his parents have passed away. What happened to that gun? Did Travis have it?

        It sounds like you’ve seen the video of Travis and his friends shooting assault rifles out in the desert. The friend who organized those trips said Travis didn’t own a gun so he had to borrow one to go out shooting in the desert. Well, Travis didn’t own an assault rifle, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t have a .25 at home.

  36. Reality bites! This relationship was going to end badly for one of them. The person in that bag could have been Jodi and not Travis. Jodi could have wound up buried out in the desert somewhere if she had lost the battle in the bedroom.

  37. Wow!!what a post SJ. At first I was taken aback with it. Like everything I’ve let it sit and really try to understand what I’ve seen. I did my morning routine and as I was almost finished putting my make up on for the day I began to cry. Of course for a life that had to be taken. But for the bags that have contained many women that have been pushed to a climatic ending such as that. I didn’t know how to feel. I may be different then those here who I do believe in the DP for those who it has proven DESERVE to die that commit heinous horrifying acts that have been proven and have been planned. in my opinion. Jodi does not fit that category. I’m torn in what to think about that post. I believe Jodi had to kill Travis or it could well have been Jodi’s bag. I understand what it depicts and it is a powerful thought! I don’t know where my feelings are on that, but I really have to say Thank you for bringing this to the heart, that speaks more truth that could be spoken or written.

  38. No, No No …guys. We are NOT like THEM. Please. This is not who WE are to put up a body bag talking about Justice For Travis. I HATE the NGers and HLN Media and the haters that lie incessantly about Jodi
    and her family and what happened to her. It is NOT a bloodsport. But this posting above and the pic makes us all look as sick as they are! If this is really the endorsement and the majority of folks here like this post, I am in the very wrong place. I am sure some will lash out at me or SJ will remove my post but its wrong to do this kind of hate. Just WRONG. Just as wrong as the haters of Jodi to say vile things about her.

    Why do people not get that? (BTW, I have missed about a month of trial watching because I have been in Costa Rica. (just seen postings here that gave me a good idea as to whats been happening).

    What on earth??????

  39. I agree with much of your post MB, but I think it says that we are hypocrites to applaud the above post. If we cannot see the irony in what we say the haters do, and yet seem to think its nothing more than justice when WE di it OR condone hate and death (as in above, whether its just a figure of speech or NOT), we are missing a BIG message here.

      • Travis’s grave is not being desecrated.

        Justice was served because for once in a blue moon a victim of domestic violence managed to fight back her attacker and he ended up dead instead of her.

        • I did not say it was being desecrated! I was simply asking if anyone here would LIKE to see it desecrated? Anyone who would like to see such a thing is pretty SICK in my book!:-(

  40. Now some anti-Jodi people are vowing to picket Alyce’s office in Long Beach and to send Jodi postcards with a gurney on it. Alyce has already gone through so much and now to have her very livelyhood threatened is almost incomprehensible…

  41. First of all Hate Speech is NOT freedom if speech and does not get the protection there of. Like yelling Fire in a movie theater. What is happening to the Defense witnesses and even Jodi supporters like us is NOT free speech, it is Hate Speech. That being said hard to track down but it is against the law. Plain and simple. Also, SJ the picture didn’t bother me because I too believe Travis got justice served to him on this earth and because if his heinous and degrading behavior is enjoying a not so great Justice in the after life. He is not the King of his own planet, lets just say. I do know this bit of good news. Two things really. One, the are afraid and fear causes people to lash out. Afraid of what? The truth and ALV is handing it to them on a clean platter. They don’t know how to deal other than with abuse. Second, ALV will be fine, she is doing a great job and her career will see an upshot and book sakes skyrocket. Peace to all if you on this site. SJ I too am angry, as I know you are and showing a body bag is not in bad taste but is a way of getting the bad taste out of our mouths that JM, HLN and others have been trying to spoon feed us for months. My only hope is the Jury can see thru all the antics and showboating and lies and find Jodi killed in self defense.

  42. Thank you Sj. We are class acts and will be victorious! Do we sometimes wanna lash out? Hell yes. But we always do the right thing in the end. We are not animals like some people!

    • Amelia, I’m glad to see you and I found some common ground here too! I of course know that this trial has brought out VERY strong emotions from those who post here. The abused women in particular are very invested in this trial as well. Sometimes our emotions can most definitely get the better of us but we should also try to remember to show our best side and not our worst side!

      I do not mean to be so preachy or anything like that, its just that I was raised by a VERY headstrong mother who instilled in me a very strong sense of justice, decency, honor, fair play, compassion, and common sense!

  43. Thank you for removing that picture, SJ. Not only would that put this site on the level of the haters and JM (who pulled that autopsy stunt), but I think Jodi would be very upset with the picture.

    • All the points you raised in your post are invalid – but I thank you for posting anyway
      Let’s move on now. All is good.

      Team Jodi

  44. Wow SJ looks like you’re going to stir up the hornet’s nest with this one. One of the best authors I have ever read said she did not write for stupid or unintelligent people, nor did she dumb her work down to placate the egos of the mindless masses. You remind me a lot about her right now. 🙂

    You know any posters here who are TravisTown pedo-huggers are absolutely and silently fuming right now behind their computer screens. To which I say GOOD – serves them right. They should stuff it or move on already. No amount of emotional appeals is going to prompt me into identifying with the abuser in this situation, or any situation. I know the same can be said for some others here too.

    Whether we call it justice or Darwin, the fact remains that there are SEVEN BILLION people on the planet. SEVEN BILLION. The number is mind boggling, and should make us think twice before anyone pats themselves on the back and pretends that they are above any standard of human decency. The human race requires cooperation to survive, and the abusers out there who contribute nothing but suffering and shit stirring don’t deserve to reap the rewards of everyone else’s cooperative efforts. There’s tons of people who DO want to cooperate, who DO want to contribute good things to society; abusers who inflate their own importance are dull and dumb to the fact that creating a society with a high quality of life excludes them from the equation.

    • great post MB!

      People who say they are on the fence at this point, really haven’t paid attention to the trial, and don’t truly understand DV and life or death struggles.

          • 1: you are discounting the possibility that Travis DID try to attack her with the knife, and since she doesn’t remember, we will never know. That scenario makes sense to me. He is the one who handled the knife and he knew where he put it after he tied her up with the rope. Unless, of course, you don’t believe a single word of what Jodi says about the events that day.

            2: If you looked with an open mind and a perceptive mind, you would see that it is impossible to bend your finger that way when you straighten your other fingers. Try it. Also, when her fingers are all curved in a soft pose, you cannot see the misshapen finger.

            3: it is not a matter of whether or not he ever put her in the hospital if he ATTACKED her that day and she defended herself.

            4: you obviously were not listening very closely to ALV’s testimony about how verbal and emotional and psychological abuse can ESCALATE at one point in time or another…..and possibly result in what happened that day.

            5: if true that he attacked her that day, he got what he asked for, and I do believe he is the one who grabbed the knife. But, of course, we will never know the truth about this case. There is MUCH reasonable doubt to convict her of 1st degree.

        • anon:

          You see no justification for killing him? How about killing him before he kills you. Travis had already choked her to a point of unconciousness previously.

      • Thanks BeeCee <3

        To your comment I'll add that they don't really understand or stopped to think about where we are going as a nation and as a society either. They don't stop to grasp that there are long term consequences to us all once we start giving abusers a pass.

        Look how long we collectively gave bullies a pass – now look how big the problem is. Kids are killing themselves, sometimes each other when the bullshit goes too far.

        Bullying and abuse are not just about one fucked up person. It's about the rest of us that have been victimized by them too. It's about our right to be a functional, healthy person and go about our lives with a sense of well being. Bullies and abusers take those rights from others, and prevent people from performing at their optimum level and achieving the best they can be.

        The human race has nothing to be gained by people being knocked down and told they are worthless if they don't conform to some stupid cultural ideal. It's not healthy nor is it conducive to a progressive society.

  45. SJ: how can I find a trial video of the day that Darryl Brewer testified, and also Sky Hughes? I missed about the first month of the trial.

  46. I’m not going to end up in that bag….got me a therapist to work on my anger issues. Thank you Ms. LaViolette for opening my eyes. And thank you SJ. I think the original post here yesterday was a good illustration and message for abusive men. I once got so angry with my wife that I kicked a looked door down so I could go demean and yell at her some more. (I have never PHYSICALLY abused anyone) In that moment she must have been terrified of what I was going to do next, after such an act of aggression. In my opinion she would have been justified if she preemptively struck me with something, because as far as she could tell I might have been about to attack her. This was in our first year of marriage and she wouldn’t have known what I am or am not capable of.

    Our relationship is very calm now, but I am still verbally abusive towards her. I have to win every argument and I frequently raise my voice. But not since about the second day of ALV’s testimony. It woke me up in a big way! I’m so ashamed of myself for being one of those men. I apologize to all of the survivors on this site for what you have been through. =(

  47. Oh, the body bag was a little much, his life is now over. I was with an abuser for 17 years, I didn’t kill him, I just finally got away, and once I did I never went back to visit. I love you Arias family, however, keep your integrity and not post such horrible pictures.

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