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Check out the insightful re-post below (written by SirLips) prior to the first trial verdict, April 2013

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Before I start, let’s be clear on why this case is such a big deal. You may think that people care because a man lost his life, that shouldn’t have had to die. You may think it’s important because it’s a death penalty case and a woman may lose her life. You may even think it’s become such a popular case because of the involvement with the “weird” Mormon faith, young good-looking people or the high drama prosecutor. None of these things are the real reason.

Hundreds of young men died during this trial, no one paid much attention to them. It’s not about the death penalty, last year 43 people were executed and 3,146 people were on death row waiting to be executed, yet entertainment media was not dramatizing each of them 24/7. I would guess that there is not a single national entertainment media rep that had heard of JM, gave a shit about the fruity Mormons or needed to travel to AZ to find good looking victims/accused people. No, none of these things are the reason this trial has brought on the attention of the masses.

“So”, you may ask, “what are the real reasons”?

I believe there are 3: The first is S the second is E and the third is X. It’s that simple. Sex. Sex sells and the entertainment media jumped all over it. Ass humping, cock blowing, pussy eating, salad tossing, “tie you to a tree and ass rape you” SEX.

So, now that we know why most people are here, or “over there”, please allow me to tell you why I am here… Justice.

Its cliché, but it is the truth. I have not and never will consider this to be about “justice for Travis Alexander”. He is dead. I do not believe there is such a thing as justice for a dead person.  No matter the outcome, the dead person will still be dead. A guilty verdict will not change that. I suppose some may think this is wrong, but then I suppose those same people must think that the person is waiting in the after life for redemption. How else can the dead get justice? Well I don’t believe in god. I don’t believe in the after life. Sorry, but I don’t believe in fairy tales about a carpenter that did magic tricks like walking on water or turning water in to wine. And, if there IS a god, I doubt that this wonderful God would say “murder is soooo wrong, that if you do it…I’ll murder you”, regardless of what some HUMAN poet wrote in a book 1600 years ago and labeled it “the bible”. (or, the lizard alien man from zooloo, if you’re Mormon)  Call me a dick, but at I’m more concerned with the living. I believe in humanity.

So, I’m looking for justice for the living. A small part of that is for the Travis Alexander family, a small part of that is for Jodi Arias and her family, but mostly it is for our society.

This case, because of the huge amount of public access, has given me an inside look at how our justice system works, or doesn’t work, depending on your point of view. There are a lot of aspects to this case, a lot of personalities and a lot of rules to consider. This truly was, in my opinion, the “perfect storm” of cases.

Anyway…back to the sex: (I gotta keep the readers involved)…

So, are you all ready for the MASTER DEBATE? Juan has RAMMED his own testimony down the juror’s DEEP THROAT’s. The Judge has SCREWED the case up. The defense has  PULLED OUT every stop. Now the jury gets to decide who is FUCKED. Trust me, regardless of the outcome, someone is going to feel like they got fucked.

(now back to our regularly scheduled program)

My need for justice is simple. I take it very serious that MY laws are being used to judge this defendant. This legal system is run in my name. Just as it is ran in your name. We are the people they are taking about in “We The People”. This is real, this is OUR law.  I have the right to voice how this system should run. I would go even one step farther and say I have a responsibility to voice how the system is run. I vote. I chose these laws. I created or help maintain what was already created in the law when I became an adult in this society. We are a republic/democracy. I paid these people that are working for “us”. This is my responsibility.

I have never spoken out about it, as I didn’t know. Now I have a chance to know. So I have a responsibility to speak up if it is broken.

If a person is convicted unjustly, and I stayed silent, I am no better than a bomber in Boston, a Ricin letter sender or any other murderer. We have to get this right, don’t we? It’s not enough to just let the jury members take the responsibility of this. That’s not fair to them. These court cases are being decided by juries deliberating on behalf of all of us. Supposedly (wink wink) they will not read this until after the trial, but maybe the next juror on the next trial will read it now.

So here it is, my “voice” after seeing how things really work: “Holy shit balls, this thing is broken! Not cracked, not chipped, its full on drunk bitch falling off the bar BROKEN.”

My message to the prosecutor, defense, Jodi and Jury:

The prosecutor: I almost feel like this is a practical joke or a reality series on MTV where it involves real people but most of the drama is staged for entertainment purposes. Is this guy for real? Who hired this guy to yell at a defendant? Who asked this guy to manipulate the questions to get a specific response? Who decided this guy, above all others, should become executioner? I sure as hell didn’t. It’s not his job to “punish” her.

Juan Martinez - Jodi Arias Is Innocent - com

I hear Pro Pros saying things like “how do you expect him to treat a murderer”? What? Go back to bed, your mom is getting cold, hillbilly fucktard. I expect him to treat her like EVERYONE ELSE. She is not guilty until AFTER the trial is over, if ever. He is an officer of the court, if he doesn’t internalize this as a core belief, he shouldn’t be in that position. Is this part of his “master plan”? Somehow he will elicit a wanted response from the witness or the jury? We have a name for that, it’s called a “trick”. If you have to use tricks, then you should not be prosecuting murders, rapists, terrorists or jay walkers. I don’t care if it works or not. Your job isn’t to “make” a person guilty, your job is to prove a guilty person is guilty.

If this means that sometimes a guilty person walks, so that an innocent person doesn’t get convicted, FINE. I would rather release 1000 murderers than convict 1 innocent person. You don’t have to like this, but you also don’t have to live in this country. Pack your shit skippy, get on a boat, and head across the big pond to a place that doesn’t have these ideals. These are the ideals of a free country. If an innocent person gets convicted it is “society sanctioned murder” and just because I don’t pray to Buddha, doesn’t mean I don’t have morals or ethics. Murder is WRONG, and that would be murder.

(since the prosecutor doesn’t listen very well to long winded rants, I’ll shorten it up for him)

Mr. Martinez, I did not hire you to convict Jodi Arias. I hired you to provide facts that prove she murdered, so that a jury can convict her. You are NOT the jury. You are an officer of OUR (that includes Jodi Arias’) court, if you can’t do that, find a new job. You have a talent, its just not intended for this setting.

The Defense attorneys: Unlike the prosecutor or the judge, you did not have a choice in taking this case. I commend you for your efforts. I can’t say I agree with everything you have or have not done. But I think you played the hand you have been dealt, as good as anyone could have. The fact is, your case really doesn’t mean much to me. I don’t care what Jodi said, she lied, and so now we cant trust her. (I would have lied too…I would have done a better job, but the fact is I don’t blame her for lying) In fact, If she had not lied, I still wouldn’t trust her. She is trying to save her life. That would be enough reason for me to lie, anyone that says they wouldn’t do the same is….lying.

Jennifer Willmott & Kirk Nurmi - Jodi Arias Is Innocent - com

The truth is, this case is only about the state proving that certain things happened, not the defense trying to prove they didn’t. If the defense can “disprove” things, that’s all the better, but it is not needed. You have “disproved” several things and added GREAT doubt to many other things that I may have considered “proof” until you gave us an alternative to consider. You did your jobs.

Jodi: You are a fruitcake. LOL. But, so am I. Strange behavior doesn’t mean shit to me. Do back flips, cartwheels, and handstands all day. What does that have to do with this trial? I didn’t know that flipping your hair, doing hand stands and/or singing shows anything other than you are different than most people. I wouldn’t have done these things, but I’m pretty sure I would have done something else most people would have found “strange”. THE GOOD NEWS… We don’t convict people just because they are the tilted picture on the wall. Truth is, put the magnifying glass on most people, like they did you, and your actions would probably seem pretty damn vanilla. (keep in mind, we live in a country where 14% of the population believes in Bigfoot…look it up)

Jodi Arias - Jodi Arias Is Innocent - com

You killed a man, or at least you tell us you did, and I believe that is probably true. I am not convinced it was not self-defense. (Re-read that, the wording is very important). You may have murdered a man, you may have planned AND murdered a man, you may have been set up by aliens and the farmer with the mask on from Scooby Doo… But no one has shown me proof of any of those things. I would find you not guilty of Pre-meditated murder. I would find you not guilty of Felony Murder. I would find you not guilty of Murder 2. I cannot answer, until instructions are read on Friday, if I would find you guilty of Manslaughter. At this point I would find the self-defense theory as possible, so I would acquit, but I am still not 100% clear on the “over kill” instruction with self-defense. I do believe that it is possible that the overkill can be explained with “snapping”.

I used the example of Mel Gibson in the movie “The Patriot” as a good example of how a person could start swinging and just not be able to stop…not out of hate, but out of an accumulation of feelings all pouring out into one displaced and uncontrollable action. This is a good man that has been pushed to the brink. He is a good father. A good lover. A good friend. He also is a brutal killer, when the emotions finally catch up to him and he has to defend himself and his family.

I don’t know if you are this “good person”. How could I? I don’t know you. It’s not our job to judge this about you anyway. We don’t find people innocent/guilty just because we think you are good/bad. As humans, we will guess and assume, but that has nothing to do with this trial.

Jury: I sure wish you could read this, but you all had to “pinky swear” not to, so I’ll pretend like you can, just like I’m sure some of you are pretending like you can’t.

Think of the evidence on a scale. Does the “hair color change” alone prove guilt? Of course not, so we give it a 10 % chance that it was real proof. Can you convict Jodi JUST on the gas cans, if there was no other evidence? No, so we give that a 20% chance that it proved murder. Can you convict Jodi on the gun theft alone? Of course not, so lets say that would be proof 70% of the time. You DON’T get to add up 10+20+70 to get one piece of evidence that is 100% proof. There is a chance 21% chance that each were all wrong. If that chance is 1/10,000 then it’s Possible. 100 items that turned out to be real proof 99% of the time, is not enough. You only need 1 item that shows 100% proof. What is that item? If you don’t have 1..just ONE, then you cannot convict.

The Jurors - Jodi Arias Trial - Jodi Arias Is Innocent - com

Look at it this way:

Your job, as OUR jury, is not to consider what is “probable”. You are tasked with thinking about what is “possible”. These two words may seem similar. They may even mean the same thing to some. However they could not be more different from each other.

Is it POSSIBLE that Jodi didn’t pre-meditate this crime? I don’t care if you “think” she did it, I simply ask that you be honest with yourself and ask that question….”is it POSSIBLE?” You find it “very hard to believe”, that means it is possible. You can say to yourself “it is extremely unlikely”… but that means it is possible.

Is the Jodi arias story “probable”? It does not matter one bit. You are not asked to judge this based on what’s “probable”. The story only needs to be “possible”.

What are the odds that ALV was correct on her diagnosis of abuse? 1 in 5? 1 in 10? 1 in 100? If it is 1 in a million, that means it is STILL “possible”.

What are the chances that Dr. S was correct about PTSD? 1 in 10? 1 in 100? If it is 1 in a million, then it is STILL “possible”.

What are the chances that Dr. D was WRONG? 1 in 5? 1 in 10? Even if she gets it wrong only 1 out of 100 times…It is still possible.

Say it with me jury…”IT IS POSSIBLE, regardless of how improbable.”

In our court of law we have another name for “it is possible”. We call it “reasonable doubt”.

Thank You SJ for inviting me to post today’s lead post. Regardless of what people on “the other side” may think, this site is a great thing. It provides for thought provoking debate. Critical thinking about the legal system and a place for those not bitten by the hate bait entertainment media to just say what is on their mind without being attacked by small minded, mean and ugly spirited people. We all thank you!

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Never question it.

Never doubt it.

Prepare for it.

Leave your thoughts & comments below…

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  1. Sirlips, I agree with your article and you did a wonderful job except for one sentence. “Well I don’t believe in god. I don’t believe in the after life.” I do believe there is a God. In fact it has been proven to me many times in my life. If I’m right in my beliefs than I benefit from my believing in God but being wrong won’t hurt me. If you are right so be it but if you are wrong, you stand to lose for an eternity. As for me, I would never take that chance. There truly is a God and He is alive and working His Miracles each and every day. God is with Jodi. Unfortunately, there also is a Devil and he will go to all extremes to put doubt in people minds about God. Don’t fall for him. Sorry, I’m only concerned for your well being and future. I do respect your personal beliefs but please just consider the possibility. Think about it. ♥

  2. Good morning Team Jodi! Even though there is no trial going on, I am still here every day and I am not going anywhere! The fight for our girl will continue no matter what! (((Team Jodi)))

  3. Gary Hebert governor of Utah signed into bill yesterday the use of a firing squad if the lethal injection was not available. Unf~ing believable!! Perhaps next they can cut off their heads.

    Needless to say he is a Mormon.

    • Needless to say there in lies the problem. . .he is a Mormon. They’ve got their greedy grips on AZ and now Utah, or vice versa which ever one would want to put it. Disgusting cult. That just is one more thing that lets us all know there truly is a Devil. Never Doubt it. He never sleeps.

    • Very tragic and disgraceful.
      Such brutality and inhumanity encouraged and condoned by ignorant people.
      Such violence and cruelty. Sickening.

    • Never trust a man that believes in ‘an eye for an eye’. next thing you know, they will vote for torture methods that they used in the middle ages: boiled eggs in underarms, feet feather tickling, stretching devices… Shaking my head. I thought that humanity was progressing but it seems that many are back peddling all the way to the dark ages…

    • Is everyone aware that the firing squad is one more step deeper into the mormon thing? It replaces blood atonement which is currently illegal. However in the current mormon literature there is visible mention of their goal that they yearn to be able to return to their purer doctrine as it was preached by Joseph and Brigham. Please remain alert. In fact, do more than that. Read on their own websites, share and discuss what you find. We all need to educate our selves regarding what to expect to come in the near future. Use your votes wisely and educate friends and family.

  4. I’m still stuck on the gmail chat between TA and Jodi on May 26, 2008. I really want to know what transpired before that that had TA in such a rage. What happened in the days after to have Jodi even consider going to see him?

    • I’m going to try to read it several times before I come up with my thoughts on this matter. I just don’t know.

      • The problem I have with it is we don’t know what happened before, during and after this exchange.

        I did go back to Nov. 20 tweets to see what Dr. F said to see what may have happened. The one big red flag was she stated they were both suicidal at that point. Now this was 10days before TA died. I’m going back to 11/19.

        • I agree with you. It appears there were other conversations going on around this exchange.
          What is apparent is they were not good for each other. Really bad mixture.

        • That confounds and confuses me, too, Cindy.
          I wish things like this wouldn’t surface in dribs and drabs. Why wasn’t this allowed to be in evidence. AND where are the D__N ‘missing’ Journals belonging to Travis. They must hold a lot of clues to this story.

          The only thought that seems pertinent (after reading 3 – 4 times) is that Jodi may have confided in someone about her concerns about the way Travis was conducting his life, and it created a problem for him with that person. That is the only thing I can think of to make him so fuming angry.

          I still go back to the interrogation transcripts, and the WHY DID she decided to concoct a story.
          She was under a lot of pressure, yet she was desperate to not have his name dishonored.

          • I for one am infuriated that Det Flores kept hammering at Jodi (one of the most unselfish people I’ve heard of) that she was being “selfish” not to disclose everything she could think of to “the family” (in the letter he was practically FORCING her to write to them)so they could get “their closure.” He was relentless about that, and he was the one being selfish. Jodi was legally “innocent” at that very moment, if I understand that concept in the law. What does such a character trait label have to do in a cour of law? Has anyone ever been convicted for being “selfish?” That’s like convicting her for “lying” which is exactly what they did. Being selfsh is an opinion at best. It is not “fact based evidence”

            I thought it was most cruel to pick one of her most commendable traits and attempt to take away part of her good qualities by turning it inside-out and labeling her with it. Flores had to be trying to “trick” a written confession out of Jodi. Then later on, it turns out that Jodi is “taught” that she has no mitigating circumstances. WHAT?

            When I think about that dispicable man, who hides behind his “silence” I see the prize stallion head in bed, when the guy in “The Godfather” woke up. I think someone was sending a “message” to Flores. The son’s unfortunate death seemed to have something suspicious about it, like so many deaths in that time frame. There was a whole lot more lying that Flores was about to be expected to do, thus the message as reinforcement.

    • It appears to me Travis was the Master Manipulator. Very skilled at turning everything around to make Jodi feel guilty when she shouldn’t have. He had two sides to him one strong dominant abusing manipulator and then the pathetic lying loser side. Funny he called Jodi the scammer. Always turning his own behavior around to blame on Jodi. Travis didn’t care about anyone or anything but what he wanted. Who wouldn’t check up on some one they loved and had been intimate with? Especially, if they got the feeling that something else was going on with this person? I definitely would. I think Jodi was checking up on Travis extra curricular activities and found out how sick he actually was. Jodi loved him but could see that it was not worth the effort to try to be with him. She was trying to move on. What was it that made her go back by to see him? There is more to this story that has not been presented, as we all know.

      • R. That is what I keep saying. There is more that was not let in. Just like this whole gmail chat. Thank you JM… I’m not sure how much more we will come out. I fore one really want to know why TA lost his temple recomendation again….. Who went to the Bishop?

        I just thought of something Deanna had access to Travis’s house. She could have been the one who stold his journal, deleted the e-mail to Lisa. She was just sitting in the wings waiting for him. I have to laugh at the sibling saying she was the only one he loved….I’m welling to bet that she had something to do with him loading his temple
        Whatever again. She did something and then skipped town 2 weeks before he died.

        • We must be related! I, too, have always thought Deanna was in this (along with the Hughes Duo) up to their swirly eye balls! 🙄 In fact they should have been at the top of the Suspect list IMO. Maybe Deanna is the one who had been in Travis FB page at some point and time. Maybe she slashed his tires. Why else would they all lie like rugs? Why else would they tamper with Travis computer? And who in their right mind would believe anything that would come out of the Lying Bishops mouth? He had to have his own attorney come to court with him because he knew he was going to stick his foot in his mouth from the get go! Might I add a Mormon/LDS church appointed attorney!?!

          And off track here. . .who would ever buy into the PrepaidLegal/LegalShield crap after what has happened to Jodi Arias. One who had worked/promoted for them. Same thing with being a Mormon/LDS church member. . .who would want the kind of treatment that they have dumped on Jodi! Liars, Scammers, Vengeance Seekers. Phffffft.

          • Oh R. There are a few of us that ? Deanna….
            I have always said the $$$$ know exactly what happened!! Since they seem to be throwing things out there why not the letter that Travis wrote to Jodi that JM said was a fraudulent. Oh and the email the $$$$ sent to TA. Let us see it all…we do have a right to………

        • Isn’t it strange how all these young people keep dying all around this clique ring. Way low affect is displayed. I can only equate it to a Stepford Wives sort of flat reaction. This is definitely not natural. It’s like they’ve all had brain surgery. Something’s been “snipped.”

        • Well, I think of their clique as being “The Garden of Eden,” and TA being the silver tongued snake. He was irresistible. Deanna’s daddy seemed to be among the higher ups in the church. Travis was beyond their controlling him, and he had to be stopped somehow from doing more serial harm, to the young women, and to the image of the church. He had a collection of enemies for sure.

          (As Horn would phrase it _”He would have to have had.”)

          • Great point. . .as if they had undergone a deep brainwashing cult seminar. They had 5 days as the story goes. Five days went by and no one was searching for the lost Travis. Also, many convenient suicides surrounding this whole tragedy. Just very strange. Everywhere I look I have seen REASONABLE DOUBT and also people profiting off of his death. That would make me wonder WHY?????

      • R. I have lived with this type of person once upon a time. He would abuse me emotionally every single day, sometimes push me around for good measures, treat me like shit and when other people were around he’d be the sweetest, most angelic person ever. People would tell me “You’re so lucky to have such an awesome person in your life”. I never even tried to tell people the real devil he was behind closed doors. They would have never believed me anyways… That’s why I truly understand what Jodi was going through with travis. He was an awesome person when around others and he was a total asshole when he was only with Jodi.

        ‘Beating’ her down (emotionally and physically) and making her feel that she was not worthy enough.

        Those kind of men are MASTER MANIPULATORS.

        • Thankful you survived Pandora. Travis’s own behavior did him in, not Jodi. How many times have we all said “We Wish We had Known Her BEFORE”. Jodi needed true friends to lean on for advice, not lying and conniving scammers! Jodi was struggling hard to remove herself from him. . .he was an addictive poison for her. She is much better than he ever thought of being. SMH

          • Here’s my opinion from what I’ve noticed in most cases, but in this case there are two.

            Travis knew she was done with him, but begged her to come by before seeing her new boyfriend. So many times when women do that they are either threatend or murdered.
            HE was the one that didn’t want the break up and that enraged him.
            He was in deep trouble with his religion and he knew what could happen.

            By this time I’m sure Jodi was aware of what could happen to him.
            In most phone conversations with TA, she wasn’t nervous.

            But, when she spoke with him before going over there, she was a wreck, as Searcy put it.
            So, he was in a rage because he knew Jodi would be just fine without him.
            Plus, you can’t leave out the fact that he was in trouble with the “church”, probably was in fear for his life from them.
            In all of it Jodi thought she could help him.

            She didn’t realize the danger that he dealt with from the church and she didn’t realize the danger of TA’s anger when he knew he was losing her.

            • Wait – are you saying that Jodi talked to Searcy when she was on her way to TA’s on the night of Jun 3?

              Where’s that coming from?

                • Not then, not that I’ve ever heard. I’ve only heard about the time she drove up to where he had his RV or whatever, up in Vegas, because she was upset that she and Travis were fighting.

                  THAT’S when he talked about Travis calling her, yelling at her on the phone so that Jodi visibly ducked.

                  That happened when Jodi was still living in Mesa.

                • Journee,
                  I sent you a post, but guess it got lost in space. : )
                  I don’t know where or why I thought it was before, but like I told seabird,
                  I don’t mind at all when you tell me I was wrong.
                  I sure thought that was the case, don’t know why. Guess I just got
                  mixed up.
                  I am more prone to ask because I have a hard time keeping up.
                  Thanks for reminding me.

                  Some time I have to go back and review, which I hate. It’s very depressing, especially the interrogation.

            • Hello Aly, The idea has been floated that someone threatened to report TA to the Bishop. Whether it was Jodi or someone else wouldn’t matter. Whether it actually happened or not wouldn’t matter. His precarious circumstance itself was enough to have him on the verge of a rage of fear. The threat was there, and even if he didn’t get wind of it, he knew it was coming because he knew he deserved It. And he knew what the mormon culture “demands” for causing his Heavenly Father to be very disappointed in him.”

              His situation was by no means trivial. Whatever goes on in their temples has to do with very solemn, sworm secret oaths. Blood Atonement IS the required remedy for breaking the oaths you have sworn to God. And TA did this in spades. If someone tries to trivialize TA’s behavior, as I have heard it said that Travis didn’t have an enemy of any sort. Well, that is simply not the case. Travis had acquired a whole lot of enemies. Some of them over the PPL situation. Some over defiled women. Some over embarrassing the Church, and tarnishing its image.

              was just one more arrow from the quiver that he had brought onto himself. But being a psychopath, he had to project his failing onto someone else. My sense is that nobody would satisfy as the sacrificial lamb, absolutely nobody but Jodi.

              During the oral reading of the “emails,” I heard the word “betrayed.” I think TA had accused Jodi of betraying him. This most certainly was intollerable for TA to absorb and surely fueled an absolute rage within TA. He was in free-fall at this point, desperate, and more dangerous by the day, nay even by the hour. This is the perfect storm brewing.

              And there is more to come. Jusdatruth had some very interesting things to say, and then I lost the feed yesterday. I am not subscribed to a Twitter feed, but I thought I could at least read off it.

              I really, really want to get that back. Everybody involved since day 1 was getting their name associated with which ever were the lies that they had told, and who it was that had put them up to it. TRUE? Who Knows. But it sure did set right just like it “fid dit.”

              • seabird,
                No, I didn’t mean Jodi threatened TA.
                I meant he was probably afraid already. He had already been in trouble.
                I’m sorry if it sounded that way.

                • I think what I’m trying to say is that YES, he knew it, Jodi never threatened him.
                  So he was in fear of that PLUS afraid of losing Jodi. She was going to leave him. As much as people making him to be a real ladies man, was probably only because he was a single Mormon.

                  I believe that Jodi was ready to go on with her life

            • Absolutely Aly. For the majority of us, who would be called “Gentiles” by the Mormons, we could never imagine the very real possibilty, for Morlmons, that our Church would really and truly have us killed (executed.) It just seems incomprehensible. However, that is the reality that TA knew he was justifiably facing. He couldn’t control his addiction, and didn’t. But there was an end of the road that he could not avoid.

              From a psychological point of view, Travis was getting next to zero sleep. Just look at him, especially his exhausted eyes and his latter pictures with Jodi. Nobody can completely avoid sleep and not loose mental faculties because of it.

              Look up that video of TA’s last motivational gig. It was maybe two or three weeks before he died. He and Chris Hughes were in Colorado together. The skied all day, and who-knows-what at nilght. But they were both exhausted into a state of giddiness.

          • Dr. Haitt and his family, who had taken so immediately to Travis when he first turned up in Mesa, came to be demeaning toward about Jodi behind her back.They criticized her for being too quiet and shy. Comparing her to TA’s riotous, hillarious behavior that kept them entertained.

            TA used to spend regular Sunday dinners with the Haitt’s and their two sons. But TA had only brought Jodi to their Sunday dinner with him on a couple of occasions.

            The inner circle would talk about Jodi not being up to Travis’ “caliber.” Then Chris popped up with something like: Oh well, if something did come of the relationship down the line, that would be OK, because TA was such a great “builder of men” he would be able to bring her up to his caliber.

            Dr. Haitt was the clique’s plastic surgeon. I have always thought he could be the one who slit TA’s throat.

            I would lilke to see some good close ups taken of that cut before it was “enhanced” for jury viewing. I’ll bet it was a fine piece of work.

            So interesting that TA was such a remarkable “find.” he had little education, and would sit around BYU with a back pack passing himself off as a BYU student to attract “Chicks.” Some high caliber specimen!

            • You brought up a good point. . .with such a little amount of education. . .why would people buy into his scam. I just never have seen what they saw in him. For me he came across as a scammer and fake. . .in everything I have read or seen about him.

              • R. perhaps due to the fact that we are older we can see right through him.

                I find it interesting that in his rant to Jodi he stopped to say he was sorry that his R wasn’t working…. I remembered something, Jodi prof read something for him, worked with him on one of his writings.

                I would love to get a hold of more of the g-chats and emails between them.

                I also want to know why he lost his temple again. Who went to the Bishop? I know it wasn’t Jodi because he would have come after her long before then May. I also know he wouldn’t have gone…… Deanna?

                • That would be my first guess or some one related to her. Liars, Liars everywhere how will we know? All hiding behind that secretive veil. Gag!

              • Aly, I don’t mean that specifically, Jodi, had threatened TA; the same as that is not what you are saying, either. We agree.

                What I am saying is that TA was brought up in the Mormon church, so he had to have known that his chosen behavior was so egregious and unacceptable to church leaders, that they would be FORCED to take drastic action. As in Atonement.

                Even if TA had proof positive that Jodi did NOT snitch on him, it didn’t matter one way or the other. Snitch was going to happen because he was out of control, and he knew it.

                The behaviors he, himself CHOSE to perpetuate, had already placed him in a desperate position vis a vis higher up church leaders.

                -Bishop Vernon Parker had been brought into this mess and it was all over the networks. If these people take themselves as seriously I think they do, Travis had put himself at the end of a a dead end road. By “Church Logic,” he would be forced to atone.”

                He really didn’t have any way out of his situation. Again, my speculation is that he had made enough enemies for a committee to have been assigned the task of making this embarrassment go away. That look on his face, sitting on the shower floor is exactly the “OH SHIT of someone who knows they’ve been Check-Mated. It’s the church’s rules. All Mormons who have worked their way up to “Elder” know exactly what to expect. This was a very big deal in Mormon land.

                Plus, there was a rumor that SOMEBODY had snitched on him to the Bishop.

                Cindy, TA is majorly sleep deprived because of his lifestyle, and he’s backed HIMSELF into a corner, just waiting for the Mormons to prepare his going away party to Planet KOLOB. Of course he’s irrational and crazed. He has to be hating himself for becoming so addicted that he absolutely could not just stop his behavior and go on Probation to make amends.

                And remember, since we have been following him via Jodi, HE ALREADY HAD TWO STRIKES, AND NOW STRIKE THREE! Think he might be prone to desperation raging?

                IIRC: Jodi was NOT supposed to have been there. Sky had one of their sons set up the rondeveaux for Jodi to be romancing with Ryan Burns in Utah. It was TA who interfered with that set-up by calling Jodi on the road and changing her plans. That’s what happens when you get all secretive and the lines of communication get crossed. Transparency is my motto.

                We can all be grateful that Jodi did not get dragged into the middle of these dangerous people’s affairs. She was considered an outsider.

                • seabird,
                  You are so right, SO mix that fear from the Mormons ( he knew it would happen and knew how horrible it was, anyway that fear along with losing Jodi is what put him in a rage.

                  IF that’s what happned!!

                  Did they check gor his fingerprints on the gun??
                  IF I knew that was going to happen, I would kill myself first, wouldn’t you???

                  Jodi had nothing to do, but get mixed up in a completely CRAZY religios mess.
                  They say in their Bible not to kill, but an attonement is OK.
                  HOW CRAZY IS THAT?
                  Plus, no matter what they call it, it’s murder!!!!

    • He sure put the guilt trip on her. Note the difference in writing style between him and Jodi. Jodi’s writing was very careful, with few spelling errors, and with mostly complete sentences. TA was barely literate. What a mismatch.

      But of course the tone of the messages was key. Travis was just horrible, laying guilt trip after guilt trip on Jodi, while Jodi was practically apologizing for existing.

      What disgusting scum he was. She was way too good for him and for that awful cult religion she got herself involved in.

  5. I think that Sirlips makes some great points, but I also disagree with him about God and feel that a lot of his general tone here is snarky which tends to turn many people off who want to discuss this case. There have been many enlightening, factual discussions here and elsewhere to demonstrate Jodi’s innocence. Yet there also have been some comments made that I feel hurt Jodi Arias in the long run and add fuel to the perception that some have about this site.

    I understand the temptation to lash back at those on the “other side” that attack Jodi and all of us, nor am I suggesting that we take abuse from anyone. We need to defend ourselves like Jodi did. But sometimes we have crossed the line with hurtful and insensitive comments and while these don’t occur the majority of the time, when they do I think they hurt Jodi’s cause more than helps it. When we generalize and stereotype, it brings us down to their level and I know we’re better than that.

    Some of you have expressed that you’re not religious and I respect that. I consider myself to be more spiritual than religious and I’m not an advocate of organized religion, but I do believe in the power of prayer and that God’s hand had a role in Jodi not getting a death sentence. Many people have expressed disbelief at how Jodi Arias could not receive the death penalty. It has more to do with belief as in belief in God or belief in faith and the power of positive thinking.

    Keep doing the job that so many of you are doing by focusing on the facts and bringing to light many of the issues that a lot of people don’t know about. If we continue to do that and maintain a positive attitude throughout this journey, we’ll achieve victory and secure justice for Jodi Arias.. It’s that simple.

    • Great post, Sirlips.

      Noel, I wish I had more time now to respond to you in greater depth. Maybe I will be able to at some point.

      I understand that certain stated beliefs, attitudes or comments may scare people away, and I certainly agree with you that the ‘other side’ is a “well-organized, well- financed machine.”

      I understand the value of being pragmatic, but I also recognize and applaud the authenticity of this site _ JAII.

      Real people have warts and flaws, but real love comes from those places every bit as much as real love comes from sunny, pretty places, and sometimes even more so.

      The JAII site__ I mean this in a good way__ is a strange hybrid. This site has members who literally know Jodi, and are in actual regular contact with her.
      As much as members DO recognize the Alexanders’ pain, they also care about Jodi, the very REAL cared about and loved one, that for years, the Alexanders have wanted to have executed by the state.

      As much as people here wish to be gracious, and do feel compassion for the Alexanders, people here can not PRETEND that their anger and protest __ against the very people who have wanted her executed__ is not legitimate. It is legitimate, and it is REAL love.

      The internet creates a strange phenomenon of making a private and public reality appear simultaneously.

      We all understand that mainstream media depends upon its ability to create a facade.

      The JAII site is not a public relations site, and can not possibly be, because by its very nature, the site makes the private public. But even more so, JAII can not function as a public relations site, because real hearts are invested in a real person.

      Perhaps there could be a public relations site, somehow, somewhere else, but the JAII site began from, and has its living roots in, a real voice.

      [ I like, and am reminded of Sirlips’ statement: “I have a responsibility to voice…”

      As far as God and religion goes, I respect others’ beliefs, but personally I consider Love to be God, and prayer to simply be an attunement to Love.
      ( At- one-ment with the Spirit [ old terminology was ‘ghost’] of the Whole.)

      Actually, I believe reality IS God.

      I was very happy to see this posted recently on Jodi’s twitter page, @Jodiariasupdates

      “All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream.”
      ___Edgar Allen Poe

      • Amy, well said. This site is Jodi’s non-blood family haven. There ARE a lot of people here that speak with Jodi constantly and have become really close to her. Many others write to her. many don’t have any communication at all BUT Jodi knows each and every person from this site. Whether they post every day or once in a while, she knows them all by name!

        It’s not a coincidence that many don’t like JAII: many detest that Jodi actually does have friends and people that support her and are not scared of expressing their opinion in public. They detest that their vileness doesn’t reach the main page. This is not a debate site, this is a site dedicated to our friend Jodi and our mission is to point out every single unjust made towards Jodi.

        SJ has made this safe haven for us and for that I will always be indebted to him.


    • I’m just stopping in for a quick minute while taking a little break from my job. I just wanted to say one thing for you to think about Noel. Some of us who have posted here since the very beginning have never said a hurtful or insensitive word about the other side. And yet, we were targeted, bullied, and victimized. Some of those people stopped posting here and never came back at all because they were so scared. Strangely enough, it was more often those of us who didn’t say hurtful or insensitive words that *were* bulled and victimized. While those who said terrible things here were left alone (those people are no longer here now). Anyway, just food for thought.

  6. I enjoyed re-reading Sirlips. I’m with R.Love and cindy on the power of prayer. I think it’s a prerequisite
    to abandon God and/or religion if you follow “Critical Thinking”. I’ve almost died or been killed 5 times and I have a form of belief in God.
    I do agree with Sirlips, WE are responsible for those ” fucktard hillbillies” including frog and pickles. It’s our responsibility to change the system, and through experiencing how bad az is at Jodi’s expense ( and every other victim of the system) we gonna need God’s help, the task is too huge.
    Sirlips, if you are out there, come back and say a few more syllables, it’s been too long!

    • Yes johnm I agree the task is HUGE.
      On the religion thing. . .so many get turned off by the big corporation religions and I do too. It is simply easier to have my own beliefs about God and acknowledge him in all I do than to become a member of a large corporation where money is the center of it. So many have been led astray from the simple truth.

    • I’m no fan of JM or JSS either, but using language like “f**ktard hillbillies”, as amusing and accurate as it may be in some cases, hurts us in the long run more than helps us.

      They are a well-organized, well-financed machine over there and they’ve got the media on their side which can be a powerful ally, but the one thing they don’t got is the truth and facts. That is why it is left to those of us here and outside of this website to bring people the truth, the facts and evidence that counters what they saw and heard in the courtroom, on the television and the Internet. There have been people on this website that have done the job that the media used to do. Whatever you’d like to call it, media bias, laziness or something else, they succeeded in getting lots of people worked up yet they failed in providing us with fairness and accuracy.

      Sirlips was correct in his astute observation about the media’s predilection towards sex. Sex definitely sells. All you got to do is go back to the Monica Lewinsky scandal in 1998. The media covered that story non-stop for months while at the same time there were some of their own and many Americans who were criticizing the incessant coverage while at the same time those very same critics were the ones watching it and helping to deliver ratings to the news networks. The same thing happened with the Jodi Arias trial. HLN could cover lots of other cases and trials, but they focused almost entirely on this one because of the elements of sex, violence, religion, etc. And if there’s one thing the media and many audiences love, it’s a villain. Think about the Super Bowl and World Series for a moment. How many times have people complained about the New England Patriots or New York Yankees being in the Super Bowl and World Series so many times? Yet those are the very same people who helped make those games some of the most-watched events in television history.

      Go back to the Casey Anthony trial. That case didn’t involve two lovers, but a mother and her child. You had a missing child for months and a mother who many thought was involved with her disappearance. Never mind the fact that there are many kids that go missing in this country every single day yet we never hear about them on HLN. And, whether people like to admit or not, race and class does play a role in the media picking and choosing missing kids stories. There is something called “Missing White Woman Syndrome” which was dubbed by social scientists to explain the media’s obsession with covering stories on white women who disappear as opposed to non-white women. I think the same can be said for missing white kids, too, especially ones that come from wealthy or middle-class areas. HLN, particularly Nancy Grace, spent months doing everything they could to portray Casey Anthony as an evil, uncaring, cold, vicious murderer of her child. Then after she was found “not guilty” and Jodi Arias came along, they forgot about Casey and focused on their newest target.

      One major difference between Casey and Jodi is that Jodi has given numerous interviews and testified in court whereas Casey did neither. She was more of a mystery and an enigma and remains so to this day while Jodi is more willing to talk to the press and unafraid of confrontation. If there’s anything that can be said about Jodi Arias, it is that she isn’t afraid to deal with the media and while some might see that as monopolizing time to be in front of the camera, would they prefer she stay silent and not respond to the many things being said and written about her? Think about this for a moment. Suppose that Jodi Arias declined all press interviews and remained silent for the past couple of years. The very same people that are criticizing and attacking her today for being a “media whore” would be criticizing and attacking her for not responding to allegations, thus only proving that she’s guilty. It’s a bogus argument and one that can easily be deflated like an NFL football by a New England Patriot. It’s that simple.

      What about those on the prosecution’s side that monopolized their own time in front of the cameras? How many times have we seen them appear on talk shows and documentaries about this case? And, this might surprise many of you, but I have absolutely no problem with this. I see nothing wrong with Travis’s friends and family appearing on television and making their case. They have every right to do so. I just think that Jodi’s friends and family should be able to do the same thing and be able to rebut the prosecution’s claims and allegations along with Travis’s friends and family whom haven’t always been truthful or accurate. There are two sides to every story and all we’re saying is to let both sides have their say and then let the audience make up their own minds and conclusions. It’s that simple.

      • Interesting comments Noel. The media led the way through the first trial to tar and feather Jodi and her family. Out of that came vicious threats. If I was Jodi’s family, I doubt that I would have gone for a media interview knowing that we were back in the days of the Romans and the lions. I would not have had any problem with Travis’s friends in the media either if they had not been part of a witch hunt. I agree that Jodi couldn’t win with the media. If she gave an interview she “loved the spotlight”. If she hadn’t been interviewed she would have been tared and feathered for her “guilty behaviour”. There was a complete loss of control from the beginning in this case and it is what it is and it needs to be appealed.

        • If I was Jodi’s family, I wouldn’t have gone on HLN, but I would have chosen other media such as Fox News, MSNBC, etc. to rebut the B.S. that was coming from various media sources such as HLN and various members of Travis’s entourage.

          The fact that Jodi was out there all alone to defend herself in the media didn’t help her cause. Sure, she had websites such as this one and various pages on social media, but those lack the power of images and sound that television has. Viewers were pummeled day-after-day with non-stop bashing of Jodi Arias on HLN and memorializing Travis Alexander. You can’t deny that this doesn’t have an effect on some viewers especially those who are uninformed and drink from the Kool-Aid.

          Some of Jodi’s friends tried to come out and support her, but once they received significant backlash in the media and on social media, most of them stayed out of the limelight after that, which was unfortunate. I think a lot of them were cowards and it disappoints me that they betrayed Jodi at a time when she needed them to be there and they weren’t.

  7. According to Debra Milke’s support facebook site, Maricopa county had 145 death cases going on at one time. Pima County had 10. So Maricopa really finds that a viable solution for getting rid of the problems in society. I wonder how many times they have got it wrong. Now the good Mormon state of Utah has backed up their methods of killing people with the firing squad. What makes them different from the third world countries that do this? Not much.

    • The lucrative “Prison system” is not to be ignored as a core part of the growing problem.
      They have contracts and unions, and guarantees to fill x number of beds. The whole thing needs to be investigated as it is breeding ongoing fresh corruption, and putting down deep roots.

      I can only hope I am under
      informed, but I detect no signs of there being any restorative measures in place.
      Contrariwise, it seems to be a system that would drive even animals insane. Ironic that we have so recently been addressed by all manner of highly paid psychologists. These people should be sounding the warning. They darn well know better that to proffer that humans can live under such conditions that offer no hope and no companionship and not end up with a growing population of the insane.

      I suppose they will be able to put those firing squads to good use. We are digging ourselves into a hole we may not be able to get out of.

      Sadly, seabird

        • Thanks Amy. One of the greatest gifts I see emerging from the notariety of this trial, is that it is shining the spotlight on cruelties that people found it easier to ignore than to correct. The horror of our prison population is beyond my comprehension. I expect that it will be a topic Jodi turns her talent toward, once she has this current crisis behind her.

          I don’t know how she is able to hold up as well as she does.

      • According to Amnesty USA, in April 2012, “The National Research Council concluded that studies claiming that the death penalty affects murder rates were ‘fundamentally flawed’ because they did not consider the effects of noncapital punishments and used ‘incomplete or implausible models.’ A 2009 survey of criminologists revealed that over 88% believed the death penalty was NOT a deterrent to murder.

        The murder rate in non-Death Penalty states has remained consistently lower than the rate in States with the Death Penalty. The threat of execution at some future date is unlikely to enter the minds of those acting under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, those who are in the grip of fear or rage, those who are panicking while committing another crime (such as a robbery), or those who suffer from mental illness or mental retardation and do not fully understand the gravity of their crime.”

      • I found it was interesting that the Sheriff’s family members run the jailhouse commissary. I would think that would be major conflict of interest for the Maricopa County taxpayers. His family is cashing in all around with their prison system and until the taxpayers stand up firm against him they will continue going down the drain. Someone explain to me why else a 83 year old man would still want the Sheriff’s job . . .he and his family are profiting enormously by his “job”. The “higher powers that be” in Maricopa County also have profited by his employment.

      • Seabird, prisons and jails were made to put the unlawful people in an environment where they would teach them wrong from right, help them to become a better person and eventually get them ready to be released into the free world for a second chance.

        Of course there are some inmates that are too dangerous to ever be released again and that’s fine: prisons and jails are a closed society with many privileges that can provide many things the ”free world’ can too.

        Jodi is not among the dangerous people. She had never got in trouble with the law (except for being a teenager and doing what ALL teenagers do: smoke a doobie, plant a pot… 98% of the population in the world has done that).

        To be facing LWOP or even 25 years before being able to be released is a very harsh punishment. Especially for a woman that fought an abusive person in self defense, fearing for her life.

        Just so you can actually see that Jodi was a target for politics and personal ‘wins’ as well as a victim of revengeful people, please read this new post at the facebook page “Why Was the State of Arizona Trying to Kill Jodi?” ASHLEY ELIZABETH EIDE CASE – In fact, all the cases at that page are an eye-opener and shows how unfairly Jodi has been prosecuted.

        • Thank you Pandora, I just found your article link. That’s exactly what I’m looking for to get an idea of what has happened to us and how we can make things much, much better.

          I was looking for you anyway. Yesterday something was posted by “Jusdatruth” (I think) It was packed full of stuff I really wanted to get back to analyse, related to documenting all the lies that were being told among a cast of about 50 in the Jodi Arias trials. And it claimed to be able to connect the dots between the lies and those who were “making them lie.” It’s all gone and now I wonder if I dreamed it. The killers that were named are exactly who I would have expected. Of course, since I lost that article, I didn’t have time to check it closely before it was gone.

          One of the specifics I do remember I had already found on my own, and have confirmation about it.

          It concerned the “Margaritaville” lie that Jodi is supposed to have told. Just as I had suspected, a couple of locals stated that indeed Casa Ramos DID have a nickname the locals used. Because it was the only place in the tiny town that made Margaritas, sure enough, they called the restaurant “Margaritaville” But there was tons of stuff in there that involved all the major players and backed up that they were lying, and who “made” them do it. There are many other things that shouldn’t go on here. You always seem to know about everything, so I’m am hoping you can tell me how to get back to there from here: I think I was on the website of

  8. Thanks SJ for re-posting this amazing post. I was a bit late to this show…opps SHOWTRIAL….but from here on am in HER corner.As for ..snapping…well just get in a FIGHT for Your life and don,t snap…R.I.P.! Any who has ever faced another who seeks to…KILL YOU BITCH…knows what I,m talking @. And DON,T ever wish for such a thing to happen…one split sec. either way and you.r DONE. SHE fought for HER life that day…..he doomed himself by his DARKNESS and RAGE and WRATH and HATE…think not …well just READ his OWN WORDS. THIS INJUSTICE MUST BE UNDONE for JODI and for ALL who BELIEVE IN JUSTICE…thanks …Sirlips for having the courage to stand up for JUSTICE.

  9. Many times I have expressed my admiration for Sirlips brilliant mind. Many times I have expressed that he is highly missed and his awesome and witty comments with a brush of sarcasm always hit the nail on the head. I really do wish he was around to share his point of view on the re-trial fiasco.

    If memory serves me correct, this is one of my favorite posts/comments Sirlips had written.

    Even today and now that we are only waiting for the sentencing (we all know what JSS will decide) all that Sirlips wrote back in 2013 still stand that this trial was never about ‘BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT’. On the contrary Jodi’s verdict and conviction was based on ‘likes’ and emotions. Never on what the law demands: PROOF.

    Thank you SJ for re-posting this excellent post.

    This is what we all must always have in mind: “Your job isn’t to “make” a person guilty, your job is to prove a guilty person is guilty.”

    (((((Sirlips)))) ♥
    ((((TEAM JODI))))♥

  10. Hi everyone,
    Just some “food for thought” about email, text and chat messages.

    While they can be traced back to the individual sources, or senders…
    they can never 100% prove it was in fact that person that sent them.

    simple example, your phone rings and you have 5 close friends over visiting,
    if you ask someone to answer it for you and they do…then its obviously not you answering.

    you have some friends over playing on your computer, you have a chat program turned on.
    someone messages you for chat and your friend happens to reply, then again its not you,
    it is just your chat name. (to the other person they could assume its you)

    same with email, someone could send email from your computer,
    who ever it is sent to would assume its from you.

    just something to think about.
    ~ friend in canada~

        • Hi cindy,
          I was not trying to insinuate anything, i was just throwing that out there.
          but yes, it could have been anyone on TA’s computer or cell phone text messaging
          or even emailing.Jodi. and unless you have voice or video with them you never know for sure.

          • Shawn….this is consistent with every other text message and gmail chat that he has ever had with Jodi. I’m really trying to be nice because we here in the US have freedom of speech….

            Have a good night…

            • Cindy,
              Do you have something against Canadians? Believe me, they are wonderful people. We only have one “bad” person in Canada. A hag who pretends to be a writer. Or, do you know something about Shawn that I don’t know? It seems to me he’s been trying to be helpful in every comment he’s sent.

              • CC53, heavens no I don’t have anything against Canadians. I was trying very hard to be nice to him. Reread his post……I’m sorry but it came acrossed as someone else could be ranting at Jodi in the gmail chat.

                I’m in a ugly mood so I will say good night….

                • No then. . .there goes the last nerve! 😆 I think Shawn just made a valid point that I certainly did not think about. But ♥Cindy♥ was right when she stated that the gmail chat thing we have been reading is pretty “standard T-Dogg talk”. I’m thinking it would be hard to duplicate, also. No harm done. . .OH and cc53 I loved your dog cartoon!!!! It reminded me of my grand doggies! We certainly have a lot of great Canadians on here! ♥ Thanks for your thought Shawn!

                • Cindy, I saw your point there (no offense Shawn). After Martinez alleging that Jodi wrote some of those texts to herself (not Travis writing them), it puts us on edge when someone alludes to anything similar.

                  But, to address your point, Shawn, Jodi was Travis’s dirty little secret, so I doubt he would have let anyone else use his computer to communicate with her. And, for the sake of argument, let’s say he did. Do you think that person would say he was addicted to her and talk about sex? Remember, Travis told everyone he was a 30 year old virgin.

          • Shawn, good morning. I do understand what you were saying and yes anyone could have been on TA’s computer. But as I stated the ranting and words used were very consistent with other text and mgs. TA has sent Jodi.

            It is not my intent to be rude to anyone here. Nor do I have any thing against Canadians..
            Sorry but that was funny….seeing as I live in Mich.

  11. Most recent tweet from Kiefer, accompanied by a photo of him sipping (presumably) espresso from a demitasse cup with a foreign looking street scene behind him:

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 10h 10 hours ago
    Somewhere in Italy in the journalist protection program. Here they never heard of Jodi Arias, just Amanda Knox.

    • Michael is probably suffering from a touch of PTSD himself. He sure is hated by the “other side.” You know he and Maria De La Rosa were in cahoots to save Jodi (or so the hate rumor goes). At least, he kept his sense of hunor. 😆

      • Right and the funniest part of that is, I don’t even think Kiefer was ever “on Jodi’s side.” He just disliked Martinez’s “prosecutorial misconduct.” But the people on “the other side” were too filled with anger at his attempts to report on what was occurring in court without bias to ever even consider that

    • Wow, Maria, just wow! Thank you for posting that. Debra is still a beautiful lady even after all that she has endured. Her speech was very moving and heartfelt and brought tears to my eyes. She is very gracious. I don’t know how a person can ever recover from 22 years on death row and the loss of her son. But I truly wish her all the very best in the world.

      I hate hate hate the death penalty. In my opinion, it serves absolutely NO purpose whatsoever. How this woman was convicted and sentenced based on the word of a corrupt cop and a whole bunch of ridiculous circumstantial evidence, I will never quite understand.

    • May God Bless you and keep you, Debra. And may He fill your baskets overflowing with your well deserved recompense for your immeasurable suffering and pain….

    • Thanks, Maria, for posting the video!!! I, too, am sobbing!!!

      Yes, we love you, Debra and may God bless you and be with you all the rest of the days of your life!!! One day it will be Jodi, free and speaking like Debra and I can hardly wait for that day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will be GLORIOUS for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



      ♥(((((Team Jodi)))))♥

  12. Montgomery ….

    “The denial of our petition for review is a dark day for Arizona’s criminal justice system. By refusing to review the Arizona Court of Appeals unprecedented expansion of Double Jeopardy and adopting the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal’s misconstruction of the case history, aided and abetted by selective citations to the record by the Defendant, the Arizona Supreme Court has deprived crime victims, particularly Christopher Milke, of their rights to fairness, due process and justice.”

    Overturning an outright setup lie-replete conviction is a “dark day for Arizona?”

    You piece of subhuman low grade similitude of sewer sludge. You should be hogtied, thrown in the back of a watermelon truck and shipped to Mexico.

    Arizona will have new owners when Milke, J-17 and Jodi get justice. Then you’ll know what a dark day is !

    • Maybe it is good for Montgomery to realize the Arizona Justice System (that they have created) is in a very Dark Day. We certainly knew it and so did Debra Milke and her attoneys. Time for true justice to be brought to the light Arizona. Don’t stop now! Keep fighting for Justice! Clean up the mess you have allowed to happen. FREE JODI ARIAS FOR TIME SERVED!! NOW!!

    • Montgomery got his “justice,” — the two people who actually KILLED Debra’s son are on death row. Neither one of them would take a deal to spare their lives and testify against Debra. If they had taken that deal, they’d be out roaming the streets by now. But neither would agree. That should have told Montgomery all he needed to know.

  13. I can’t believe what I am seeing on Drew Pinsky’s show. He is making excuses for murderer Robert Durst because of his psychological problems, yet he was ready to hang Jodi Arias who really was an abuse victim.

    What a sexist piece of shit Drew is.

  14. Very good news for Milke. it is horrible that it took so long.

    CC53 & R.Love, thank you.

    I honestly think Americans are great people also. I can assure you i am not a bad person at all.

    I can only imagine you get a lot of those evil, no good for nothing haters trying to be nosy..
    but I am definitely not one of them.

    i am not very smart when it comes to the US legal system, (but it does seem to be very broken)
    i like to share my thoughts on things that i do know, especially if it might be helpful in some way.

    ~friend in canada~

    • We appreciate and love having every ones opinion on things that have gone right or wrong with all of this. Some times it is just hard to deal with not really knowing where some one is going with their thought process. All of us suffer from severe frustration from the injustice that has happened to Jodi Arias (and many others) in our country. How did things get so W R O N G ? Why have we let the media orchestrate such a horrible mess? Why do people continue to be blind to the obvious facts of this case? Why has Arizona become set on destroying so many lives at the expense of their tax payers? Innocent lives. Is it all about the money and their BIG profit by the ruin of people’s lives? Your ideas and opinions do matter to us and we do appreciate you. Some days it is just easier for some of us to let it all soak in than others. ♥ Thanks Shawn.

      • R. Thank you. You are right I lost my last nerve yesterday. I do apologize Shawn. I could give a long explanation as to why I responded so negatively to your post. But I wont. It was not meant as a personal attack it’s not meant as a personal attack. What you said is true and yes it happens every day. Perhaps I did take what you said the wrong way.

        • No harm done. . .I’ll probably be the next one that needs to take a walk! 😆 We just have to laugh to keep from crying all the time. When I think what the State of Arizona is allowing to happen to Jodi Arias, it is disturbing and disgusting. I get a sick feeling everyday when I allow myself to realize what an injustice they have committed against her and it is continuing. This could very well happen to someone in our own families. WHOA!!!! We can not continue to let this happen to innocent people. SELF DEFENSE IS NOT A CRIME! PERIOD! I mean there are people on there pedestals that need to be locked away for life BUT IT ISN”T JODI ARIAS!!! How many more lives will they be allowed to ruin??
          What actually does the DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE DO?

          • R. That is a good question!!! I’m beginning to question every thing. I guess it comes down to not what you know but “Who” you know and how much money
            you have!!!

            If Jodi had money she wouldn’t be sitting we she is right now. Guilty people go free everyday.

            I ask myself and pray every day, am I missing something am I too bias then I’m missing something?? How can all the corruption in this case be over looked??

  15. When I’ve had a little bit of time to spare lately (longish soaks in the tub to ease my tired muscles after 12 hour work days), I’ve been read Scott Peterson’s appellate brief. I didn’t follow that case at all, to be honest, other than reading a few headlines here and there. Reading the brief (which is ANYTHING but brief), I assumed the attorney who authored it must be court-appointed and a novice because well, it’s incredibly boring and most of his issues are repetitive (IMHO) and not well-presented. I was shocked to learn that he’s a very experienced appellate attorney since 1981. Perhaps he’s just too old?

    He does have one valid issue regarding the publicity surrounding the trial (which could be translated to Jodi’s case), but he doesn’t even put them first. It seems CA has no page limit on briefs. I would hate to be the poor law clerk having to pour through that. The last thing you want to do is bore appellate justices to death. In preparing for the appeal in my divorce, I read about 1000 briefs and several books on the subject, listened to speeches of appellate justices about what they liked/disliked. I’m truly shocked at just how boring this brief is.

    I haven’t yet read the prosecutor’s response in Scott Peterson’s case, and I also haven’t read the appellate rules in AZ. But I truly hope whomever authors Jodi’s initial brief is able to put together something more compelling.

  16. Guys, I had never watched the Appellate Movie until tonight. I’m so sorry. I wasn’t reading here much last summer when it was posted. Wow! Well done. Journee, Pandora, anyone else that contributed … you did an amazing job! It made me a bit teary-eyed though, I have to admit. (I wish I’d had advocates like you guys behind me!)

    But, I have to say this, what I liked the most is that you stuck to the fact that Jodi didn’t get a fair trial. Even the people I’ve talked to who don’t believe there was abuse (which, as you can imagine, bugs me like crazy) or that it was self-defense still agree that the trial was just horrendous and a complete mockery of our justice system.

    We need to get this out there!!!

  17. Gee, hope I’m not posting too much tonight. I’m chatty Cathy LOL. It’s the first time I’ve had a small burst of energy to even post anything. I just wanted to address something that was talked about during the last few days (can’t even remember exactly when) about how none of Travis’s friends showed up looking for him for 5 days as it relates to something I went through quite recently.

    Last fall, I became really good friends with a guy and we hung out all the time. We were a lot alike in the way we thought about things and he was new to this area as well. We chatted all day long about everything and anything, and hung out many nights. He was the kind of person that everyone loved (not like me in that respect — people either love or hate me) and he helped so many people in so many ways. He was truly, one of a kind. He very quickly became my best friend in the world and he really changed my life so much for the better. (My fiance loved him too, by the way.)

    One night in early November, we planned a group night to see a band. I last spoke to him at 6:10 p.m. and he was planning to leave the house at 6:30 p.m. I was sure he’d get there before me. In fact, when I got out of my cab, I saw a bus pull up and expected him to get off it as the timing was right. But he never arrived. You could set your watch by him. If he said he was going to show up at 7:45 p.m., he’d be there. Or, you’d get a text that his bus was late. When he didn’t arrive by 8 p.m., I was getting very worried, especially because he wasn’t answering my texts. There were people there who had known him a lot longer than me and later, claimed to be his “besties” for a few years. They didn’t seem to be anywhere near as worried as I was. I couldn’t understand it.

    When it got to the end of the band and he still hadn’t been heard from, I was literally beside myself. I didn’t sleep all night, sitting by my phone. I kept hoping I’d get a text saying he got sick at the last minute and fell asleep, but in my gut, I knew it was something else. By morning, I was contacting everyone we knew in common. No one seemed to be as worried as me. I’d called the police, every hospital, etc., etc.

    Finally, I posted on FB about it and also, sent a message to his sister, who I didn’t know and who lives in another state. Meanwhile, a friend on FB sent me a link to a police article about a man of his age who’d been hit by a car at the intersection where he lived at 6:40 p.m. I knew it was him. My heart sunk. His sister contacted the local police and they told her what had happened. He had been hit by a car on his way to meet us. He was in a coma in the hospital.

    For the next two weeks, he remained in a coma. I have a little medical understanding and recognized the severity of it from various signs I could see, but I wanted everyone to keep hoping and praying. Although I’m not religious, I’m a big believer in the power of prayer. Ultimately, it came time to unplug the ventilator, and my friend was unable to breathe on his own. He passed away, surrounded by his family, peacefully.

    But, what struck me about those two weeks was how people literally crawled out of the woodwork to claim they were his “best friend” and they were “entitled” to information about his condition. People actually went to the hospital BEFORE the doctors and his family said that he could have visitors and then, told one another how to get in. It was atrocious. They just showed up there! His sister’s number was on the wall and they took it and texted and called her repeatedly. No one seemed to understand that his family were in terrible grief; that they were here from another state, staying here in a hotel, and going through hell; not to even mention that his parents are elderly and barely able to cope with the grief through their own physical ailments. But they are wonderful people! Even when they said he could have visitors, but only 2 at a time, and to show up in the evening after his family left, people would just show up at any old time, and in droves, laughing and joking in his room. People posted things on FB and tagged him so it showed up on his wall, before his sister had a chance to fill distant family members and lifelong friends in about the latest information. Everyone seemed to have lost any sense of tact. They wept in his room and acted like it was going to kill them if he didn’t wake up — all in front of his poor family who felt compelled to comfort strangers, when they could barely comfort themselves.

    Where were all these people when he initially disappeared? Why was I the ONLY person who actually worried, if I was (as people accused me of) just his most recent friend who hadn’t known him for all the 2.5 years he’d lived here and spent sooo much time with him?

    There was so much anger and jealousy from many that his sister kept me updated and that she wasn’t responding to them and filling them in. She was asking me to convey messages, and to be her messenger, because she only wanted to have to text one person. She had to deal with doctors, try to find other doctors for second opinions, do her very important job back home from long distance, AND keep other family members apprised. She didn’t need to also keep all of his friends apprised when I could do that through the internet. The only reason she chose me to talk to is because I’m the one who sounded the alarm and so, she knew me first (and of course, because I was never harassed her). I think I’m one of a small minority of those who knew him who actually realized this was a family tragedy, very personal to his family, and that, if they had wanted to, they could have told us absolutely nothing. They didn’t owe us, his friends here, a thing. So, these other “friends” called me a bitch or accused me of knowing more than I was telling them!

    He died right before Thanksgiving and his family took him home to bury him — which was done very quickly, because they’re Jewish. They threw a memorial service here a month later, so that we could all pay our respects. How wonderful! I’m glad a lot of people came to that, for his family’s sake.

    But the phony nature of some people showed even then. One woman volunteered to finish a tribute book for his family and didn’t. We rushed everyone to get their quotes and photos in. I stayed up all night to format them and get them to her the way she wanted them. But she just didn’t get it done, even though she told me she would. She only glued in quotes/pictures to 1 page. Really? 1 page? That was it? And she had told me the night before she had 3 helpers over. That was all they managed? I don’t know if she ever finished it, to be honest, and I’m still too angry to even try to find out. She got very mad at me because I said I thought she should have finished, or turned it back over to me to finish, because I would have stayed up all night. It was supposed to be done and I would have finished it, even if I got no sleep at all before the memorial.

    At the memorial, she acted like it was all her idea to do it and she’d send it to the family later. It actually was another woman’s idea. That woman (whose idea it was) couldn’t be at the memorial as she had brain surgery and she wasn’t able to do as much as she had hoped. But she got no credit. I didn’t even want any credit. But I did work very hard on all the photos and quotes. All the other woman had to do was glue them into a scrap book. But she could have given some credit to the woman whose idea it was — especially since that woman was recovering from freaking brain surgery!

    Well, that woman (the one who didn’t finish the book) has never spoken to me since. Our friend who died had a social group and his mother asked me to keep it going. I originally asked her to help me — along with others — because it takes many many people to even approximate all that he did socially. But after me saying something about the tribute book, that woman dropped out without even telling me. I guess she didn’t get enough glory? And she had originally made a comment that I was his parting gift to her — a new friend. Yeah, well, I guess that was until I called her out on what I thought was not good behaviour in not finishing or telling me ahead of time so I could do it! Then, I became a bitch.

    Anyway, I’m just telling this story because I don’t find it as strange anymore that Travis’s many many friends didn’t wonder what happened to him for 5 long days. I learned the hard way when my friend died that many people just don’t really care about anyone but themselves. But then, after a tragedy, they’re a martyr! They were his very best friends, don’t you know? They’re heartbroken.

  18. It is unbelievable to me that the close friends of TA did not come by his house and actually go up to his room and bang on his door and open it or have it opened to find out if he was all right. TA, as we heard through testimony, was full of energy and had lots of stamina….did a tremendous amount of work in PPL….so when he had an appointment and then simply didn’t show up and didn’t send responses to emails, texts, etc., you would think someone would be concerned enough to check on him even if that meant driving over to his house and check it to see if he was there….this has never made any sense to me and then of course we have the revolving door roommates apparently who have no sense of smell…none of it adds up and it smells to high heaven !!

    • I have always believed the room mates knew what happened and were instructed to plead ignorance. Don’t get me wrong I do believe Travis and Jodi had a horrible struggle and she did fight for her life but still feel someone else came in after the fact. Will we ever know the truth? I believe Jodi does not know what actually happened to this day.

    • Loved your story. Made me remember this quote:

      Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: ‘What? You too? I thought I was the only one. – C.S. Lewis

      • R. How true that is!! Don’t tell SJ I knocked out of the corner. I bad!!

        It has never sat well with me that NO one missed TA. But when the decided to check on him they pointed the fingur at Jodi who was 1026 miles away as far as all of them knew. Or did they know something else?? Come on people a different car with a upside down plate from CA is sitting in the driveway??? Daaaa 2+2 is not 0.

        If no one had heard from me in 2 days you better believe they would be pounding on my door!!! Someone is a big fat lied…..

        • HA ha they can call me Pete and Repeat! These comments to go around the barn and back again can drive a me crazier than I already am! 😆

        • Great point, some one would have known what was going on. . .2 + 2 = 4. Hmmm I’m guessing that is a pretty good starting number for the people involved in this tampered and contaminated crime scene. Oh hummmmmm

    • BB my comment to you went to the barn first 😆 . I feel the roommates were instructed to plead their ignorance. I do believe Travis and Jodi had a horrible fight and struggle but then some one else came in after the fact. They have never made sense for me. They should have been on the suspect list along with the many other finger pointers. IMO

  19. Something I have observed which has bothered me for some time and I don’t know why.

    The throat wound on Alexander couldn’t possibly have been any closer to being right under the chin.

    I won’t post any here, but of all the images I looked at of throat knife wounds, I couldn’t find ONE that was similar. They were always lower down in the region of the adams apple or below. Also it’s not that easy to make a clean razor-like cut on a neck. Other images also bear that out.

    Alexander’s throat cut was almost surgical. I don’t think even if Jodi was straddling him as he was laying face down that the laceration would be where it is or be so unusually “surgical.”

    I don’t know exactly what this means. But when something is almost one-of-a-kind, it certainly has to be considered as to why.

    • Isn’t it strange Jade, that the autopsy is still the object of so many questions?
      Dr. (and I hesitate to use that title for this man) Horn knows a great deal more about the circumstances involved with Travis’ death than he has told.
      He should be sanctioned for his poor, inconclusive, misleading report and his testimony to the same.
      No doctor, under any circumstances, is suppose to ‘make up’ or ‘leave out’ vital information – even in an autopsy.

    • Jade, I’ve always been bothered by the location of the cut, directly under the chin, and that it would be described as her slicing his throat “ear to ear”. Who, in their attempt to kill someone, slices under the chin? And that “ear to ear” is bullshit to anyone with eyes (and a brain) so how dare the media describe it that way, over and over and over.

      • Yes, it’s just something that doesn’t seem to fit. It the laceration was even another half inch higher up, it would have had to actually cut the chin.

        Even Nicole Simpson wasn’t cut like that, and Simpson sure would have had the ability and strength to make a one slice cut.

        The engineered autopsy photo makes it look like it was done with a chain saw. But it really shows how high on the neck the cut was.

  20. People do not like to be ‘accused of a crime they did not commit’.
    These people may begin to feel ‘guilt’ because of two factors:
    1. They feel they could have prevented the incident.
    2. They feel they were in some indirect way responsible for the incident.

    As you so profoundly noted above, Seabird, the two detectives took Jodi’s grieving, her love for Travis, the feeling she could have done something to prevent the incident from happening, and turned it inside out to make her write a letter to the Grandmother that would relieve that woman’s grief. That is in and of this self, unforgiveable. The two detectives played on Jodi’s obvious grieving her friend’s death by trying and succeeding in making her feel even more responsible for the incident.

    After so-so-so many hours of interrogation she suggests that they should be able to find blood in the rental car. Asked where, she suggests various parts of the car; but when they looked no blood was found in that car at all!!!
    They told her they had her fingerprints, palm prints in blood her hair. All lies. But the police are allowed to lie to a suspect! They are allowed to get a confession any way they can.
    This injustice to suspects should be stopped now.

    The detectives created a story that Jodi may have come to believe!
    That is the sin of this case, that the detectives directed Jodi to ‘imagine’ how she could have killed Travis.
    How is that a confession? For days and days Jodi explained it wasn’t her, she wasn’t there, she would never hurt Travis, she didn’t know how or who killed Travis.
    She needed to see pictures so she could understand better.
    She said two intruders came and she left.
    To end it all Jodi had capitulated.

    Jodi left the State in the position of having to conjecture, to bring in ‘phony’ evidence in ‘pictures’, to having the medical examiner, detectives, and other witnesses perjure themselves, and to what end: that all of this ‘phony evidence’ would lead a jury to find her guilty.
    This cannot be the end; all the true facts must be found. The guilty should be faced with their crime. The truth will surface in God’s time.

    • Carol,

      F. kept telling Jodi WE know you did it, we have pictures showing you were there THAT day.
      Jodi asked him are you sure they were on that day, and of course HIM saying we have finger prints
      Like she said she was there a lot.
      He LIED to her over and over again and Jodi kept asking him questions.
      She was very sincere in trying to help.
      He was trying to make her believe that they had pictures of them having sex that day.

      They didn’t have pictures of them having sex that day, did they?
      From the Mormon church she was probably used to this brain washing shit, but Jodi didn’t regonize
      the state was doing the same to her.

      What pictures actually did they have that day?

      The one where she was in braids wasn’t that day.

      When he showed her the picture of the pants that he asked IF she had. She told him that she had 2 pair, BUT she didn’t believe they were hers.
      How can you ask someone if that was their pants and say we have proof, the pants were a different color (of course he said it as because they had to enhance it) how could he tell her that with a straight face, plus from a camera that just went off when dropped and happen to take that picture.

      Also, he told her “everyone” said it was her. That was such bullshit!!

      Where were these “everyone”?
      They weren’t there.

      Also I got so tired of the media making fun of her while she was stretching and standing on her head.
      That wasn’t weird.. IF they could do that they would have. I guess none of them have ever been interrogated for hours and then left alone for hours with a camera on them.
      I get so frustrated!

      • You are so right, Aly.
        In essence the detectives wrote the script for the prosecution to present.
        They confabulated so much of the evidence. As Jade has pointed out in pictures, the dragging photo, which included the pants, is BOGUS!
        Considering how very many hours she was alone in that little room, one handstand, a couple of songs to relieve the tension is completely understandable.
        One thing that keeps my spirits up is knowing the HLN nuts will have to eat their words at some point!

        • Jodi is left handed?
          Were the pictures of the pants shown from the right?
          UGH! I have to look again,
          But, if that person is shown from the right side, then she/he ( whoever ) was dragging him
          with the right side and Carol ( I’m just asking ) the camera came from where?
          Do you know??
          I really can’t figure the camera thing out at all.
          I really can’t figure out a WHOLE lot of things.

          Being on the jury I would have had a lot of doubt in my mind, for sure.

          Sounds like aliens had to be there!!!~

          • They weren’t pants at all. Jade’s post on the evidence (pictures) reveals what the actual picture depicts. It was taken from Travis’ right side, and he is wounded but still alive. What the prosecution depicts as ‘pant’ leg is really a cushion leaned up against a suitcase type object.
            Jodi is NOT in the picture at all.
            The defense should have had someone like Neumeister examine that picture along with the others that were put into evidence which show nothing but blobs.

            • Thanks Carol.
              The more you hear, the more corruption you see and didn’t someone in AZ
              just got off of the DP because of all of the lies from the prosecutors?
              What a damn mess.
              I know I’ve heard them say it’s OK for the police to lie in an interrogation, BUT but damned if the defent lies, their fined and charged with committing a crime, aren’t they?

              Yeah, start out by saying NO LIES from the detective.
              HELL NO, it isn’t right!!

              • Well, there is significant case law about the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic lies that the police can use during interrogation, and also, about manufactured evidence and patent coercion. So, it’s not as if they can blatantly lie about everything and anything. But that’s where many of John Reid’s interrogation techniques blur the lines. We have someone here who’s very knowledgeable about Reid techniques, don’t we? Pardon my forgetfulness. Is it Justus or CanadaCarol?

  21. I’ve been ruminating lately about the letter from Travis to Jodi where he confesses to his sexual obsessions. If I’m understanding the reasoning (?) correctly, it wasn’t let in because it was a copy so it somehow couldn’t be proven to be from Travis. (I don’t understand what being a copy has anything to do with anything.) But then I think about the burglary, with absolutely no proof that it was Jodi, that was let in. I don’t get it. What am I missing?

    • If you’re referring to the ten so-called ‘pedo’ letters, the ones the DT sought to admit were digitally reproduced copies of *handwritten* letters. The DT’s handwriting expert gave the opinion that the letters were most likely written by Travis, but the state’s argument (presumably by their own expert, tho I never heard the state refer to having one whereas KN did, during his cross of CH at evidentiary hearing) was that no one could say definitively that Travis wrote them because they were not originals. Handwriting experts take at least part of their analysis from pen-stroke pressure – the backside of the page reveals consistencies (or inconsistencies) that the front side might not.

      • Journee, didn’t Sandy give the letters (copy’s) to KN?? I know some said Jodi wrote them..ya right Jodi is left handed and you could tell the differencs. So my question is where are or is the original??

        • I believe there was some mention of them being destroyed (the originals). Does anyone remember that?

          If the originals could have been found, they would very likely have been admitted.

            • I have not heard, explicitly, that the originals were destroyed. Only that Jodi could not produce them.

              I’ve wondered whether Travis might have demanded them back, so that he could destroy them. And she scanned them before she gave them back? Maybe?

              She has said she was very concerned about this issue, it was part of their deal that she would keep the secret if he would get help AND if he didn’t stay with certain friends who had a son (guess we know who THAT is, like we didn’t already, now that the one letter has been published). Maybe she scanned copies just in case she needed them, to put pressure on him? My guess. Betting he wanted them back, though – there’s a reason he wrote them by hand instead of texting or emailing.

              • Hmm that’s an interesting thought, Journee. Maybe she gave them back before she left AZ to move back to CA. But, I wonder why she kept copies? In case some child was harmed perhaps?

                The date on the letter is a problem for me though. Was that added later? 1-21-07 That doesn’t look like the same handwriting as the rest of the letter. And wasn’t that before they even officially became a couple?

                • Consider the month of JANUARY in an age when people almost never have to write the date anymore.

                  I was paying my March 1st bills a few weeks ago – old fashioned gal who still writes checks for three of my bills – had to redo one because I wrote March 1, 2014

                  Even banks will take checks with a year old date throughout the month of January, because it takes people awhile to get used to writing the new year.

                • I had the habit of using the wrong year date until I needed to use receipt books daily. Even then I would slip up! No problem there as far as the date goes.

                  It does bother me that there are 10 of these!
                  That may be a reason to be suspicious.
                  Travis doesn’t seem like the type to dwell on a ‘matter’ so serious. If it is only one than there is some credibility.

                • Eh, but if he was desperate for reassurances that she wouldn’t rat him out – or, hey, had misgivings every time he knew he’d treated her badly and worried all over again that she knew his darkest secret?

                  I can see reasons for writing more than one letter on that subject matter, even if the purposes of the letter may have changed.

                • Oh gosh, right, Journee. I am guilty of doing that ALL the time at work and dated letters January 2014 during January 2015 all month long.

                  Carol, I’m not sure ALL 10 of the letters were about the same subject. They just somehow got labeled the “pedo-letters” just as the intruders got labels the “ninjas.” In fact, I’m pretty sure at least one of them was an apology for having been physically abusive to Jodi.

                  What I would find interesting though is if that is the case and he only put things like that in a handwritten letter that could later be denied/destroyed. Texts, emails and voice mail messages can be restored. But handwritten letters can be destroyed and gone for good — even if photocopies are made. Travis sold legal insurance, after all, and presumably talked to people about their legal situations and probably lawyers too. Whenever my ex wanted to do one of his half-apologies (which usually consisted of “I’m sorry for my part in ____,” he never wrote it in an email or left it on a voice mail message. He only said it to me in person and occasionally, on the phone, but only if I picked up the call. He told me some lawyer once told him to never ever apologize in email, text or a voice mail message because that could later be used against him.

                • StillOutThere – yes another important point.

                  Not all 10 letters were about that. Some of them referenced fantasies (state’s argument against them refers to this). I gathered that some of them WERE apologies that served to document abusive episodes (part of DTs argument to admit them). What they had in common was that they were all handwritten.

                • Yep, Journee, as my ex loved to call it “plausible deniability.” If he wrote me a note, he never ever signed his name and only used his initials. He’d never say “sorry” in a card because he claimed that seeing as I had no way to get to the store to purchase a card, his plausible deniability would be shot to hell. By signing with his initial, he claimed, even if I kept the note and tried to use it against him (he was always so paranoid), he believed he could later deny he wrote it.

                  One morning, in the weeks before he tried to kill me, I had locked my bedroom door (as usual, and he must not have felt like breaking the lock again to drag me out of bed by my hair that day), he left me a note that started with “F__KING BITCH C__T FROM HADES.” He usually wrote pretty slanted upwards, but that day, it was as if he used a ruler, because his handwriting was very straight across as if the paper was lined, as I recall. I was getting a bit more argumentative and accusatory with him at that time (stupid move on my part, but I was kinda hoping he’d see he needed help, I guess). That night when he got home, I “dared” to confront him and told him that note ruined his theory of plausible deniability because it showed his abusive language towards me. He told me not to even think of keeping the note and showing it anyone because he would say I forged it. He took it and destroyed it and then said he was going to search to see if I’d scanned it. But, he said, even if I sent it to one of my “f__head friends,” since he never signed it and he had the original, “good luck.”

                  Abusers are cunning, very very cunning.

      • hummm.. how come the media buys these “items” from the state of AZ then charges $ to the public?

        you have rights if you have the $

  22. This is so worth reading! This paragraph really got me:

    “But there was something different about you. Or, more accurately, there was something different about the way you made me feel. As if I was important. As if I was different. As if I was beautiful, incomparable, special. I’d never felt a single one of those things in all my days, and once you made me feel them, I was hooked. I never wanted to feel ordinary again.”

  23. Court Chatter has just posted a pedo letter TA wrote to JA, notice the date on the letter. Are there any examples of TA’s hand writting that we can compare to this letter. No wonder why JM fought to keep them out. I usually don’t suggest sites that I disagree with, but I think this is a must read.

  24. Sorry, this is so long. It’s just to show that Detective Flores fed information to Jodi all through the interrogation. I’ve included examples lifted from the transcribed Interrogation Videos #2 & #3 to show that Flores “contaminated” Jodi’s confession and that he “led” her continually by giving her information. P.S. You don’t have to read all the examples to see what he did.

    “Another challenge interrogators face is their struggle to avoid contaminating the confessions. A confession is contaminated when questions are asked that use specific crime scene data and results. For example, crime scene photos that were not made public may be shown to the suspect. In these cases, a confession can no longer be considered valid because the suspect may have become more ―educated‖ on the crime through the interrogation and simply repeats knowledge learned. As a result, it could appear that the suspect offered a confession when their interests were motivated by a desire to end the interrogation. The imperative must be to preserve the evidence. The article states: ―Investigators must receive answers to open-ended questions without any type of judgment, reaction, or interruption. By allowing suspects to tell their stories without interruption, investigators fulfill the basic purpose of an interview to obtain information.‖ In order words, it is critical that the interrogator allow the suspect to provide the information, not lead them, and not reveal any unnecessary information about the crime.” (Source: Suspect Interrogation: Communication Strategies & Key Personailty Constructs – Jessica Heubeck)

    Video 2

    DF: here and here… it would still leave 18 somewhat hours or something else. This is what people are focusing on. This trip that you took. She left. She took Thursday. Wednesday. This was when Travis was killed.

    DF: You were at Travis’s house. You guys had a sexual encounter, which there’s pictures,

    DF: Remember I told you about the camera. That camera was damaged. Someone put it in the washing machine. Ran it through a wash cycle with some clothes of Travis’s, but the card is intact. Remember I told you that card was destroyed? I didn’t want to tell you the truth, because I wanted to make sure those photos were accurate and we can pull deleted photos. I don’t care if you delete ‘em six months ago, we can pull every photo that was on there… pull the little pixels together, get the time stamps, and we can verify those time stamps, and I have pictures of you in Travis’s bedroom with Travis, pictures of him, and it’s obvious you guys are having sex, taking photos of each other, and they’re dated and time stamped on the day he died.

    Video 3

    DF: Mmm Hmm. I know you took pictures of him in the shower, just before he died.

    DF: Mmm Hmm…and the camera actually took a couple of photos by accident during the time he was being killed.

    DF: We have your blood at the scene…your hair with blood at the scene…your left palm print at the scene, in blood. What’s going on there?

    DF: We have DNA matching that hair to you,

    DF: Jodi! You can continue to do this, okay? The records show that you reported a gun stolen… a 25 auto. This happens to be the same caliber as the weapon used to kill him.

    DF: Mmm hmm, yeah, along with multiple stab wounds. Jodi… if you want I could show you some pictures of him. Do you want to see pictures of him?

    DF: You were, because that’s when the blood was left on… the bloody palm print was left on his wall. I don’t know what to tell you. If you were in my shoes and I had this evidence against… against you, what would you say?

    DF: I know you tried to wash him off, tried to get some of the blood off…tried to clean him up a little bit, but you’re even denying the pictures of you being there. There are pictures of you laying on the bed in pigtails.

    DF: The motive is there, jealousy issue…

    DF: Do you have a pair of sweatpants that’s got stripes around the back side with zippers?

    DF: Because I believe you were wearing a pair like that when this happened. Remember I told you about the camera? It was taking pictures by accident.

    DF: The camera was upside down. Flash, another time, camera flashed — looks like it was on the ground. May be it was kicked, look at the pictures, and it’s obviously a female, and one of them was wearing those pants.

    DF: I wanted to know which pictures to show you. What about that one? (DT shows Jodi the photo of Travis sitting in the shower looking at her)

    JA: Is he naked? In the shower?
    DF: Yeah. Yep. Yes, he is.

    DF: These didn’t come out very good because they’re copies. That’s your photos. That’s you! I wanted to cover you up because …

    DF: You can look at the rest of them if you want. There’s a few of them. There’s a few more. I’ll try not to show you…because I don’t want to put you out there like that

    DF: That’s your foot, Jodi. These are your pants. Now it’s off color because they had to enhance it and the color had to change just a little bit. That’s Travis…

    DF: Well this is another one that’s just a copy, but it’s you…same day…all time stamped. First picture… see… the date… 6-4-08 5:22 p.m. The photo of you started, you know, on Travis’s bed about 1:30-1:45 something like that.

    DF: See those spots here? They look a different color because we used a chemical to enhance this. That right there is blood. That’s a mixture of yours and his, and that’s your palm print…of your left palm.

    Video 4

    • Your are so right. DF fed her crime scene info throughout his entire interrogation of Jodi and Jodi then tried to make sense of it and fit the pieces together…like asking about the photos of them having sex…she felt sure they were not taken that day….I have just finished part of the videos on the hearing with BN and ALL sim cards, data cards were removed from all the cameras and BN was never able to evaluate those cameras as a result…WHERE ARE THE SIM CARDS, DETECTIVE FLORES???? Hmmmm, where are they????? I know that this has been mentioned and gone over before here on JAII but still no answers and until we get those answers and those sim cards and data cards we will never know the full truth…likewise all the other exculpatory evidence that was destroyed like the 70,000 files on TA’s computer that were ZEROED OUT !!!

  25. I just read the “Letter” TA wrote to Jodi. You know the one that JM wouldn’t let in…
    The one that DT had analyze by handwriting expert. (As Journee said up above). It deem to be 80% that TA wrote it.

    So if you assume that he did the pieces of the puzzle may be starting to fit. Don’t forget the Night before Christmas post on his facebook page. Then what the new home owner found up in the attic that she gave to the family…. Toys???

    Just coincidence???

      • Oh good someone read it… Yup the cashed.
        I got to tell y’all if it wasn’t them it was someone else’s daddy that day.

        Oh BN what did your Mr.Smith find on TA’s computer?

        Obtw Mrs. Cash has been hanging out on the states page….most likely just trying to promote the book. PR work.

    • That’s exactly what popped into my mind too, Cindy, the infamous attic! Hmmm Okay, so let’s go with the crap for a second that this letter was “faked” back in 2010. How would Jodi have known then that 3 years later, in 2013, during her televised trial, the new owners of Travis’s house would finally come out of the woodwork and talk about what they found in the attic? Oh right, I forgot, those are Jodi’s super powers at work. The same powers she uses to control all of us and even to get little kids in Hawaii to make a video and write notes to her. Why is it that I always forget about Jodi’s super powers? Damn my stupidity. She had a crystal ball into the future and just KNEW the new owners would eventually come out and talk about the toys they found in the attic.

      • I don’t recall that it was toys she found….humm. Ya we do forget about Jodi’s powers…..

        This letter was not BS. TA wrote it!!! The DT couldn’t do a damn thing when the new owner found things in the Attic.

    • Well I don’t know if this letter that TA wrote is posted somewhere but can you tell me where I can read it? I have been deep into watching the videos of the retrial and have missed a lot of the posts here…

      • Nevermind, I found it and read it…..The date is 1-21-07 so this doesn’t make any sense as it should be dated 2008…what do you all think about this fact….

        • To me the date proves it was actually written in January 2008. During the first month of the new year it is a common mistake to write the previous year. If it had been written later (faked), that date would have certainly been written as 2008.

          • Okay, that makes sense…I do that myself…write the previous year when we start a new year…and further I thought that if she were going to fake those she might as well state that TA owned a gun and instead of saying “I want to shoot myself” or words to that effect she would have stated “I want to take my father’s gun and shoot myself with it” ….you know just to cover that TA did own a gun…etc…

            In other words, if Jodi wrote this note or had it written she could have put in more info to cover the gun issue…especially since he says he wants to shoot himself…

  26. Did you all read the so-called manifesto? Um excuse me, but that is NOT a manifesto. That was just what Martinez called it.

    Now that we’ve all seen the letter to Travis’s family, the so-called manifesto, and of course, heard Jodi’s testimony twice, the one thing that really jumps out to me is that — other than the story of the intruders — she has been very consistent ALL along.

    I had been led to believe previously that she never spoke of the abuse at all until she changed her plea to self-defense. (I’m sure I probably picked up that half-cocked notion somewhere on a site I found before I found this one at the beginning of the trial.) The so-called manifesto was written BEFORE she was extradited to AZ, so it was in the first few weeks after her arrest, and within the first couple of months after Travis’s murder. The letter to his family was written around the same time period, if I’m not mistaken. And she was talking about the abuse in both — but minimizing it.

    I very clearly remember (a long time ago) reading from a site about this case that dated way back to when Jodi gave her first television interview — I think that was the Dateline one. Shortly after that aired, that site heated up in its discussion about Jodi. One woman said that her mother knew Travis and his family and that more would come out about him as time went on because Jodi was not the first woman he’d been abusive towards. There was nothing further said about his abuse and I never saw that woman post on that site again. I read pages and pages of it because I was, at the time, trying to discover why so many people had developed such extreme hatred towards Jodi. Now, when that woman posted that comment, Jodi was pleading innocence. She was not talking about abuse. There was no hint that she would ever include that in the trial. But, you know the old saying, that there’s no smoke without fire. That always stuck in my mind. And now, these two pieces show that she always mentioned *some* abuse. She just didn’t really see it as “abuse” per se, back then.

    Only people who understand abuse will really get this concept though. I clearly recall sitting in a lawyer’s office working on my petition for a restraining order the day after my ex was arrested for trying to kill me. The paralegal was going through things he might have done and mentioned him destroying my property. I said “Oh no, he didn’t do that.” The paralegal asked if I was sure because most women told him that. I looked at him sideways, feeling as if he was trying to get me to say things that weren’t true. I told him I was going to be 100% honest and not say anything that didn’t happen. It was weeks or months later when I realized that my ex had destroyed things that meant a lot to me, like the first little table I ever bought — and for no reason. Or a Bible study research book that a friend had given me to help with my depression (I’d long since turned away from Christianity, so the book itself wasn’t where the meaning was — it was her thoughtful gift to me as she was a devout Christian). Or, countless other examples. Heck, 4 years later, I’m still only now beginning to open up about some of the things he did that I didn’t see as “abuse” and couldn’t even admit until recently. That’s the way abuse works. But most don’t understand that.

  27. There’s an article on “The Arizona Republic” website written by Tom Tingle, a court photographer. Go to for the link.

    Mr. Tingle writes: “I knew the verdict would be announced very quickly and assumed I would capture either elation on the face of Arias if she was given life, or despair if given death. But, the second the hung jury was announced by Judge Sherry Stephens, a primeval, guttural sob erupted from one of Travis Alexander’s sisters, Tanisha Sorenson. The pain in her voice came from deep within and permeated the courtroom. My hands shook as I swiveled my camera to focus on her. I knew this would be the story of the verdict, that after all this time and effort, the justice the Alexander family had hoped for, the death penalty, would never be realized.”

    This quote is followed by three large close-up shots of Tanisha sobbing in agony. Tingle concludes with “I tried to keep my own emotions in check, as I realized I had a job to do and kept my lens on Tanisha, whose cries revealed a deep anguish and brought home the reality that this broken-hearted woman would never see her brother again.”

    Imagine for a moment that the jury had voted unanimously for the death penalty for Jodi Arias. Somehow, I don’t think that Tom Tingle would have written about trying to keep his emotions in check while keeping his lens on Sandy Arias, whose cries revealed a deep anguish and a broken heart over the fact that her daughter would be on death row. In fact, I believe Tingle and many of his contemporaries in the media would have cheered and taken great delight over close-up shots of Jodi Arias grimacing in deep despair. They would have had a field day and so would many in cyberspace who no doubt would have followed their usual pattern of creating cruel memes and hash tags on Twitter.

    I’m truly sorry that Tanisha and her siblings will never see their brother again. But instead of aligning themselves with dishonest charlatans and snake oil salesmen who spend so much time exploiting their brother, perhaps they could educate others about the cautionary tale that was the life their brother lived. They could warn fellow churchgoers about how one can publicly appear to have everything going for them, but behind closed doors they are weakened by lethal addictions and emotionally tortured at living a lie. Not that this excuses Travis’s behavior because I believe in taking personal responsibility for your actions and we can either make good choices or bad choices. Travis made a lot of bad choices in his life and he had complete power to break off his destructive relationship with Jodi yet he kept pursuing her again and again.

  28. Thank you SJ for posting this letter…I just went to that other site to read it again and they have already taken it down !!! So thanks for saving that and posting it here !!

  29. And if I am a mother or a father of a child, a boy, that had any contact whatsoever with TA, I would be questioning what might have happened to my child at this point….it is very scary as a parent to think you can trust someone in your church and then find out that they are possibly a pedophile….really scary stuff….

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