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Check out the insightful re-post below (written by SirLips) from April 2013.

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Before I start, let’s be clear on why this case is such a big deal. You may think that people care because a man lost his life, that shouldn’t have had to die. You may think it’s important because it’s a death penalty case and a woman may lose her life. You may even think it’s become such a popular case because of the involvement with the “weird” Mormon faith, young good-looking people or the high drama prosecutor. None of these things are the real reason.

Hundreds of young men died during this trial, no one paid much attention to them. It’s not about the death penalty, last year 43 people were executed and 3,146 people were on death row waiting to be executed, yet entertainment media was not dramatizing each of them 24/7. I would guess that there is not a single national entertainment media rep that had heard of JM, gave a shit about the fruity Mormons or needed to travel to AZ to find good looking victims/accused people. No, none of these things are the reason this trial has brought on the attention of the masses.

“So”, you may ask, “what are the real reasons”?

I believe there are 3: The first is S the second is E and the third is X. It’s that simple. Sex. Sex sells and the entertainment media jumped all over it. Ass humping, cock blowing, pussy eating, salad tossing, “tie you to a tree and ass rape you” SEX.

So, now that we know why most people are here, or “over there”, please allow me to tell you why I am here… Justice.

Its cliché, but it is the truth. I have not and never will consider this to be about “justice for Travis Alexander”. He is dead. I do not believe there is such a thing as justice for a dead person.  No matter the outcome, the dead person will still be dead. A guilty verdict will not change that. I suppose some may think this is wrong, but then I suppose those same people must think that the person is waiting in the after life for redemption. How else can the dead get justice? Well I don’t believe in god. I don’t believe in the after life. Sorry, but I don’t believe in fairy tales about a carpenter that did magic tricks like walking on water or turning water in to wine. And, if there IS a god, I doubt that this wonderful God would say “murder is soooo wrong, that if you do it…I’ll murder you”, regardless of what some HUMAN poet wrote in a book 1600 years ago and labeled it “the bible”. (or, the lizard alien man from zooloo, if you’re Mormon)  Call me a dick, but at I’m more concerned with the living. I believe in humanity.

So, I’m looking for justice for the living. A small part of that is for the Travis Alexander family, a small part of that is for Jodi Arias and her family, but mostly it is for our society.

This case, because of the huge amount of public access, has given me an inside look at how our justice system works, or doesn’t work, depending on your point of view. There are a lot of aspects to this case, a lot of personalities and a lot of rules to consider. This truly was, in my opinion, the “perfect storm” of cases.

Anyway…back to the sex: (I gotta keep the readers involved)…

So, are you all ready for the MASTER DEBATE? Juan has RAMMED his own testimony down the juror’s DEEP THROAT’s. The Judge has SCREWED the case up. The defense has  PULLED OUT every stop. Now the jury gets to decide who is FUCKED. Trust me, regardless of the outcome, someone is going to feel like they got fucked.

(now back to our regularly scheduled program)

My need for justice is simple. I take it very serious that MY laws are being used to judge this defendant. This legal system is run in my name. Just as it is ran in your name. We are the people they are taking about in “We The People”. This is real, this is OUR law.  I have the right to voice how this system should run. I would go even one step farther and say I have a responsibility to voice how the system is run. I vote. I chose these laws. I created or help maintain what was already created in the law when I became an adult in this society. We are a republic/democracy. I paid these people that are working for “us”. This is my responsibility.

I have never spoken out about it, as I didn’t know. Now I have a chance to know. So I have a responsibility to speak up if it is broken.

If a person is convicted unjustly, and I stayed silent, I am no better than a bomber in Boston, a Ricin letter sender or any other murderer. We have to get this right, don’t we? It’s not enough to just let the jury members take the responsibility of this. That’s not fair to them. These court cases are being decided by juries deliberating on behalf of all of us. Supposedly (wink wink) they will not read this until after the trial, but maybe the next juror on the next trial will read it now.

So here it is, my “voice” after seeing how things really work: “Holy shit balls, this thing is broken! Not cracked, not chipped, its full on drunk bitch falling off the bar BROKEN.”

My message to the prosecutor, defense, Jodi and Jury:

The prosecutor: I almost feel like this is a practical joke or a reality series on MTV where it involves real people but most of the drama is staged for entertainment purposes. Is this guy for real? Who hired this guy to yell at a defendant? Who asked this guy to manipulate the questions to get a specific response? Who decided this guy, above all others, should become executioner? I sure as hell didn’t. It’s not his job to “punish” her.

Juan Martinez - Jodi Arias Is Innocent - com

I hear Pro Pros saying things like “how do you expect him to treat a murderer”? What? Go back to bed, your mom is getting cold, hillbilly fucktard. I expect him to treat her like EVERYONE ELSE. She is not guilty until AFTER the trial is over, if ever. He is an officer of the court, if he doesn’t internalize this as a core belief, he shouldn’t be in that position. Is this part of his “master plan”? Somehow he will elicit a wanted response from the witness or the jury? We have a name for that, it’s called a “trick”. If you have to use tricks, then you should not be prosecuting murders, rapists, terrorists or jay walkers. I don’t care if it works or not. Your job isn’t to “make” a person guilty, your job is to prove a guilty person is guilty.

If this means that sometimes a guilty person walks, so that an innocent person doesn’t get convicted, FINE. I would rather release 1000 murderers than convict 1 innocent person. You don’t have to like this, but you also don’t have to live in this country. Pack your shit skippy, get on a boat, and head across the big pond to a place that doesn’t have these ideals. These are the ideals of a free country. If an innocent person gets convicted it is “society sanctioned murder” and just because I don’t pray to Buddha, doesn’t mean I don’t have morals or ethics. Murder is WRONG, and that would be murder.

(since the prosecutor doesn’t listen very well to long winded rants, I’ll shorten it up for him)

Mr. Martinez, I did not hire you to convict Jodi Arias. I hired you to provide facts that prove she murdered, so that a jury can convict her. You are NOT the jury. You are an officer of OUR (that includes Jodi Arias’) court, if you can’t do that, find a new job. You have a talent, its just not intended for this setting.

The Defense attorneys: Unlike the prosecutor or the judge, you did not have a choice in taking this case. I commend you for your efforts. I can’t say I agree with everything you have or have not done. But I think you played the hand you have been dealt, as good as anyone could have. The fact is, your case really doesn’t mean much to me. I don’t care what Jodi said, she lied, and so now we cant trust her. (I would have lied too…I would have done a better job, but the fact is I don’t blame her for lying) In fact, If she had not lied, I still wouldn’t trust her. She is trying to save her life. That would be enough reason for me to lie, anyone that says they wouldn’t do the same is….lying.

Jennifer Willmott & Kirk Nurmi - Jodi Arias Is Innocent - com

The truth is, this case is only about the state proving that certain things happened, not the defense trying to prove they didn’t. If the defense can “disprove” things, that’s all the better, but it is not needed. You have “disproved” several things and added GREAT doubt to many other things that I may have considered “proof” until you gave us an alternative to consider. You did your jobs.

Jodi: You are a fruitcake. LOL. But, so am I. Strange behavior doesn’t mean shit to me. Do back flips, cartwheels, and handstands all day. What does that have to do with this trial? I didn’t know that flipping your hair, doing hand stands and/or singing shows anything other than you are different than most people. I wouldn’t have done these things, but I’m pretty sure I would have done something else most people would have found “strange”. THE GOOD NEWS… We don’t convict people just because they are the tilted picture on the wall. Truth is, put the magnifying glass on most people, like they did you, and your actions would probably seem pretty damn vanilla. (keep in mind, we live in a country where 14% of the population believes in Bigfoot…look it up)

Jodi Arias - Jodi Arias Is Innocent - com

You killed a man, or at least you tell us you did, and I believe that is probably true. I am not convinced it was not self-defense. (Re-read that, the wording is very important). You may have murdered a man, you may have planned AND murdered a man, you may have been set up by aliens and the farmer with the mask on from Scooby Doo… But no one has shown me proof of any of those things. I would find you not guilty of Pre-meditated murder. I would find you not guilty of Felony Murder. I would find you not guilty of Murder 2. I cannot answer, until instructions are read on Friday, if I would find you guilty of Manslaughter. At this point I would find the self-defense theory as possible, so I would acquit, but I am still not 100% clear on the “over kill” instruction with self-defense. I do believe that it is possible that the overkill can be explained with “snapping”.

I used the example of Mel Gibson in the movie “The Patriot” as a good example of how a person could start swinging and just not be able to stop…not out of hate, but out of an accumulation of feelings all pouring out into one displaced and uncontrollable  action. (Click here to see what I’m talking about.) This is a good man that has been pushed to the brink. He is a good father. A good lover. A good friend. He also is a brutal killer, when the emotions finally catch up to him and he has to defend himself and his family.

I don’t know if you are this “good person”. How could I? I don’t know you. It’s not our job to judge this about you anyway. We don’t find people innocent/guilty just because we think you are good/bad. As humans, we will guess and assume, but that has nothing to do with this trial.

Jury: I sure wish you could read this, but you all had to “pinky swear” not to, so I’ll pretend like you can, just like I’m sure some of you are pretending like you can’t.

Think of the evidence on a scale. Does the “hair color change” alone prove guilt? Of course not, so we give it a 10 % chance that it was real proof. Can you convict Jodi JUST on the gas cans, if there was no other evidence? No, so we give that a 20% chance that it proved murder. Can you convict Jodi on the gun theft alone? Of course not, so lets say that would be proof 70% of the time. You DON’T get to add up 10+20+70 to get one piece of evidence that is 100% proof. There is a chance 21% chance that each were all wrong. If that chance is 1/10,000 then it’s Possible. 100 items that turned out to be real proof 99% of the time, is not enough. You only need 1 item that shows 100% proof. What is that item? If you don’t have 1..just ONE, then you cannot convict.

The Jurors - Jodi Arias Trial - Jodi Arias Is Innocent - com

Look at it this way:

Your job, as OUR jury, is not to consider what is “probable”. You are tasked with thinking about what is “possible”. These two words may seem similar. They may even mean the same thing to some. However they could not be more different from each other.

Is it POSSIBLE that Jodi didn’t pre-meditate this crime? I don’t care if you “think” she did it, I simply ask that you be honest with yourself and ask that question….”is it POSSIBLE?” You find it “very hard to believe”, that means it is possible. You can say to yourself “it is extremely unlikely”… but that means it is possible.

Is the Jodi arias story “probable”? It does not matter one bit. You are not asked to judge this based on what’s “probable”. The story only needs to be “possible”.

What are the odds that ALV was correct on her diagnosis of abuse? 1 in 5? 1 in 10? 1 in 100? If it is 1 in a million, that means it is STILL “possible”.

What are the chances that Dr. S was correct about PTSD? 1 in 10? 1 in 100? If it is 1 in a million, then it is STILL “possible”.

What are the chances that Dr. D was WRONG? 1 in 5? 1 in 10? Even if she gets it wrong only 1 out of 100 times…It is still possible.

Say it with me jury…”IT IS POSSIBLE, regardless of how improbable.”

In our court of law we have another name for “it is possible”. We call it “reasonable doubt”.

Thank You SJ for inviting me to post today’s lead post. Regardless of what people on “the other side” may think, this site is a great thing. It provides for thought provoking debate. Critical thinking about the legal system and a place for those not bitten by the hate bait entertainment media to just say what is on their mind without being attacked by small minded, mean and ugly spirited people. We all thank you!

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Team Jodi

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  1. Thank you SirLips. I enjoyed and appreciated your post. Although, I do have respect for your beliefs or non beliefs we do share the same on the reason Jodi’s trial has become such a popular one. It is a sad state of affairs in our society today but has proven to be so true. I loved your directions to Martinez, the Defense team and the jury. Thank you for writing your thoughts down for us all to ponder on!
    Wonderful Job. 🙂

    • Hi R -LOVE — > missed you !!!
      I love the above post !!
      -Just stopped in to write to Jodi here.
      – reading all posts from the last couple weeks.
      ——( Team JODI ) ROCKS !!!!
      Madeline <3

        • I know. =) was so happy. I so needed it.
          Great new on Good Friday =)) YAY!
          My mom and sister were all gathered around.
          I am happy to know ,she is focused on her next trial. I was so excited.
          She did say …do NOT…RETIRE in Arizona !! Bc ,I told her I always wanted retire in Arizona.
          After this trial — I said no thks. She said she was happy to have people in her corner. =)
          She will not be writing ,due to her case. Working on her case. ___
          I have been sharing links to FB pages. However ,I have been quite / not posting –
          SO , expect me to be back posting here.
          (Too many people ,I don’t know who to trust.) On FB.
          I wonder if she ever received my postcards bc they did have stamps. They also had printed flowers on them. ??? I am going to get the plain post cards. Xxoo -(((( TEAM JODI)))

    • R. Love,

      You are welcome.

      I dont post here anymore, after my family and I started recieving threats because of my opinion on this topic.

      However, i doubt anyone will mind if i post a few thank you and let people know, i am still here, i never left.

      (Its very hard for someone as outspoken and longgggg winded as me to not reply sometimes)

      Have a great day


      • We are thankful for you and your wonderful opinions! Sorry for the threats to you and your family. “They” never cease to amaze me. . .SMH! I knew you were here somewhere. 🙂 But they will never stop us from seeking justice for JODI!!!

      • Thanks, Maria. I just wanted to see if he really released the garbled grammatical abortion that is his first sentence. Once again, no proofreading. A less slovenly writer would delete the first four words.

  2. SJ, thank you so much for re-posting this great post written by Sirlips.

    A lot of you might find his writings to be too ‘raw’ or even maybe ‘offensive’ but that is what I always loved about Sirlips: never sugarcoating, always witty and yes! why not? even raw! Sirlips always had a magical way of expressing his opinion and thoughts! He is the second person that had made me waiting eagerly to read his next comment… 😉 His ‘smarts’ combined with his fantastic humor made his posts a delightful treat for soar eyes!

    Although his post above is addressed to the ‘rights for justice’ of the American citizens, I absolutely agree on every single thing he wrote. Either we are Americans, British, Canadians, Greeks, Australians, Russians, from Timbuktu or any other place on this earth we all have one thing in common: we choose a handful of people to represent, exercise and honor our rights. These people ARE our ‘voices’. When we see injustice we must speak out and let these people know that they have crossed the line and let us down!

    Jodi’s case is an excellent example of the American Justice system being raped over and over and over again. Will we be bystanders and not try and stop this? Will we just allow a few knuckleheads, power-craving, ‘win at all costs’ egotistical nobodies shit on a Justice system that was once named the most fair system in the world? I personally won’t stand and watch without raising my voice.

    Many will say: ‘What the hell does she care? She should look at her own country’s problems and leave America to Americans”. I could, couldn’t I? But what would that make me? A selfish person that only looks out for her own well-being and doesn’t care about anyone or anything than her own. That’s just not me.

    Not only will I speak my voice when I see injustice in my country but I will speak my voice every single time I hear, read or see injustice in any part of this world that I so much care for and love. Either it’s Jodi’s case (fighting for her life because she was bold enough to stop an abuser) or the Ukraine crisis or the children in Africa dying of hunger while the rest of the world is stuffing their faces or the tragic loss of all those Malaysians (which we still don’t know what actually happened to them) – I can go on for hours and hours…

    I WILL NOT turn a blind eye.

    Stop crucifying Jodi and start crucifying those that mock the justice system and are getting away with it squat-free.

    This is NOT another soap opera people! This is a person’s life at stake! This is real life! Jodi Ann Arias acted in self-defense. Hate her all you like – love her all you like, it’s your prerogative. Just don’t mix up the meaning of justice and injustice based on your feelings for someone. Today it’s Jodi; tomorrow it could be you or a loved one. Wouldn’t you want a fair trial? Wouldn’t you want justice in all its glory? Think about it.

    ~Peace out!

    ((((Jodi)))) ♥

    • Hi Pandora,

      You nailed it there for sure. Well said!

      I hope SirLips rejoins us at some stage to carry on with his awesome commentings. Hopefully he’ll do that before decrepitude sets in, lol.

      In the meantime though… we’re not living in America… but we’re not sorry…

      Team Jodi

    • I am with you 100% girlfriend!
      Yes, us two have been mockd and attacked just because we had the ‘audacity’ to become involved in this case taking place in the USA. ”How dare they?” they said. ”Aren’t there murderers in Greece they can go and fight for?” they said. Well, guess what??? The Greeks girls are here to stay!!! I am proud and blessed to have met a person like Pandora who is just like me, when it comes to certain social issues such as legal injustices.

      We speak out when we see rights being violated. It doesn’t matter where one lives; if it did matter then I guess organizations like the United Nations wouldn’t have been founded. When has people working together, caring about each other, fighting united against something, crying for someone else’s misery become reprehensible?

    • Thank You Pandora, very kind of you to say… pulled me out of retirement to say a few quick “Hello”s. thank you

      • Sirlips! I am so glad you are here! I have missed your comments! Hope we see you more often! 🙂

        A hug just for you:


  3. Sirlips, if you are still reading here, I just wanted to tell you I really miss your funny yet brilliant comments! 😉 Hope I see you around someday soon!

  4. I’ve always tried to imagine what Jodi is thinking, what is going on inside her. The extraneous players, subjects or persons, I never gave much credence to. It is her own way of thinking and feeling and her attitude towards herself that interests me most. With that in mind, I recently wrote a poem called “A Poem Towards September 8”, and recorded it here:

  5. I really think that this case is opening eyes all over this country. It’s such a sad state of affairs that this poor girl got railroaded in this manner. I truly believe Jodi will be a transformative figure when it comes to our justice system here in America. Think of brave Rosa Parks who stood up and said “I’m not going to take this anymore!” I believe Jodi is going to be the one who stands up and says it. She’s going to be the one that causes this whole crooked corrupt justice system to change. For the good of this country we all need to get behind her. She truly is a person everyone knows about and is talking about. Just look at how the whole country was talking about Jodi just a few days ago when that criminal pulled that nasty prank on her. Jodi still gets the ratings for the networks so they jumped on the story. I think as more and more people realize how horrible this situation is the more will march with us. I feel that Jodi will help lead us with her example of being so kind and sweet. And never once has she cursed or said anything bad about those persecuting her. Just like a certain man who was persecuted and killed who turned the other cheek and in fact asked god to forgive them for they didn’t know what they were doing. I feel so strongly for Jodi in her plight. I can’t wait for the day she goes free. It will not only be a victory for her but also a victory for justice and freedom! I hope that after she is free she will continue her leadership role for those who are wrongly convicted and persecuted.

    • 90% of the time, I am not as optimistic as you Corrine…. I’ve seen people changing their minds but I have also seen people NOT wanting to listen to anyone who even utters the words ”Maybe she didN’T premeditate this and does’N’T deserve to die.”
      There’s a LOT of hatred out there. A LOT! There’s A LOT of ignorance out there. There’s A LOT of eager blindfolding and brainwashing and A LOT of reluctance to step away from one’s comfort zone of cliches and labels.
      90% of the time I think of other more ”black and white” cases like Darlie Routier who is still in prison on Death row, though one would think that awareness should have been raised by now and that poor woman should have walked free a decade ago.
      I do wanna believe in mankind. My 10% wants to believe that we will create momentum and that Jodi’s story will finally be heard. That she will be set free. We are not animals after all. We don’t walk, travel, or live in herds. Or do we?

      • I read the comment of Maria above, 4/24/14, 8:24am about the woman (in Texas) Darlie Routier, on Death row & should have been released years ago. ..I Googled: Darlie Routier & then I was directed to The Darlie Routier Case & the site: fordarlieroutier dot org …I went there & saw the incredible picture of the woman with slashes (& to her throat) & read that the prosecution argued that was self inflected (I think that is ridiculous, she was attacked by the intruder). ..I also heard (online) the 5 minute 911 tape & read 911 transcript. …Then I Googled around to: darlie routier jurors. …Found the listing: Juror regrets Routier death sentence…Saw his name as Charlie L Samford & read that he voted NOT GUILTY but allowed other jurors to change his mind. ..Then I somehow got to Google: affidavit of Charles L Samford …(written 5 years later) …I read the short affidavit (although it is an unsigned copy) & he explains how the jury was only shown the incriminating (MEDIA PRESENTATION taken by a news reporter) of the graveside birthday party (joyous with no visible mourning) but he said the jury was not shown the police video of the graveside [[[serious mourning ceremony taken just before the MEDIA video presentation]]]. …I remember seeing that media video years ago but never saw the exculpatory police video on TV. …. …..The MEDIA is trying to being a new Branch of Government favoring prosecutions, (IMHO).
        …Darlie Routier & Jodi Arias & God knows how many others are totally innocent. …

        • Yes WLopez, these and so many other reasons why Darlie should have been acquitted based on Reasonable Doubt. Yet, she has spent a good 18 years of her life incarcerated. As for 2014 she is on death row, awaiting execution. SMH…

  6. Totally agree!
    Justice for the living, not for the dead.
    Travis is no longer with us, it doesn’t make any difference to him what happens to Jodi.
    Travis’s family is out for revenge, not justice. They are revenge-seekers and hate-mongers.
    I watched on youtube a wonderful story of reconciliation where a mother had a meeting with her slain son’s killer in prison, to clear the air. She didn’t hold any grudges against the killer, she had forgiven him long ago and came just to talk to him. She did not cuss him out or anything, they just had a normal talk, she asked him about his family and such. And in the end she shook his hand. No anger, no desire to kill her son’s killer. She showed good character.
    With the Alexanders it’s a whole different story, they are filled with hatred and want quick revenge, they want an eye for an eye. And I just can’t feel any sympathy for them! They are not deserving of my sympathy, because they are angry and want to inflict misery on others because of their loss. They can’t understand that revenge is not the answer to their problem. If they want to heal, they need to forgive Jodi and stop being such butt-hurt jerks all the time.

    • Truly Alexey, I believe the Alexander Clan were not as close to each other as the media portrayed them to be. I imagine they are at each others throats often. Sympathy for them. . .not anymore. They do not want to know the truth. It is obvious now that they have $$$$$ dancing in their eyes. ka ching!

    • Their minds are so fucked up because of their ugly childhood. I sympathize with the child in them. They all hide a deeply hurt child who came innocent into this world, only to grow up in miserable conditions by meth-addicted parents. They all hide such intense suppresed anger which pours out, often grossly misplaced (think of Tanisha’s hate campaign against ALV, for instance).
      The child in them is the only part of their personality I feel sorry for and I care about. Other than that, no. No sympathy for them. I hope they get counselling because there are traumas they need to start working on and start healing- Travis’ death surely messed them up further.

    • Alexey, I totally agree with what you wrote! Unfortunately, the alexanders and co. are looking out for revenge… Will any outcome of this trial bring back their brother/ friend? Will it make them sleep better at night? Will it make travis a ‘saint’ again? Will it bring peace in their hearts? No, no, no and no.

      The only thing I see is that they are making all this about is the money… I am sure they have made thousands of dollars already: enough for their travels, accomodations and hair stylist rendevouz (they gotta look their best on tv, right? Cause that’s what matters)… Not once have I heard anyone of them saying that the money raised is going to go to any organizations helping others in true need.

      It is pitiful seeing selfish people making a profit over something so devastating as death (especially when it’s one of their own people’s death). Shame on them all. And that is why I personally don’t feel for that family & co…. I would have respect for them if I saw and had proof that that bloody money was going to causes that would have made a difference in their lives if more people gave a shit: REHABILITATION CENTERS, CHILD ABUSE CENTERS… stuff that they lived in their lives and should have paid it forward and not sit and seek for revenge.

  7. One thing that has bothered me about the so-called St. Travis is: to lead his “girlfriend” into his faith where he takes a part of the baptism into his Mormon faith and then proceeds to take her home and have his sick way with her ( which of course was against their beliefs). WHAT IN THE WORLD!?! Jodi had so many mixed signals flying at her no wonder she really didn’t know which end was up! Travis was mentally-ill IMO and extremely devious in the way he treated Jodi. Jodi fell him, hook, line and sinker! AND out of nowhere, Travis is made to be a SAINT???
    It is apparent at every turn in this whole circus that Jodi has been ABUSED, MISGUIDED, MISINFORMED and no wonder, yes, she did tell a few lies to save herself from this horrible ordeal. Who would not have, as sirlips said. There is not one person on this Earth today that would not have done the same thing. Jodi should be a FREE woman today! FREE JODI ARIAS ARIZONA!!

    PS Sheriff Adolph Arpaio every time you are interviewed you come across as being an even bigger idiot as the infamous Martinez and Pickles Duet. Stop placing all of the Media blame on Jodi she is not the one jumping in front of a camera all the time. . . . .and when Jodi did she just didn’t know any better. She wasn’t the worldly person that you are. What’s your excuse Old Man!??? . . . . .oops I should have gone to VENT!

  8. A most excellent post from Sirlips. I sure do miss him.

    The only thing he wrote above that I would take exception to is this:

    “I hear Pro Pros saying things like “how do you expect him to treat a murderer”? What? Go back to bed, your mom is getting cold, hillbilly fucktard. I expect him to treat her like EVERYONE ELSE.”

    Martinez DID treat Jodi like everyone else – anyone, including his own witnesses, who offered a notion that was contrary to his position was treated to the same screeching and stomping and bullying.

    • Yes, I noticed that too – sometimes that deranged midget lashed out at his own witnesses if they stepped out of line with their testimony.
      Sirlips pretty much said it: Martinez manipulated the questions to get the answers he wanted to hear. He oftentimes asked loaded questions and demanded a yes or no answer (like: have you stopped beating your wife – yes or no?)

    • Well, Journee, with respect, there are quite a few things in SirLips’ post that I don’t agree with. I don’t agree that Jodi is a fruitcake. I don’t agree that she “told” us that she killed TA; she didn’t. I don’t think that she “may” have premeditated doing so. I don’t agree that the DT “played the hand they were dealt” as well as anyone could have played it. And it’s just false that “guilty beyond reasonable doubt” means “innocence is impossible.” On the contrary, the jury instructions say that absolute certainty is not required, and the jury must convict if they are “firmly convinced” of Jodi’s guilt. Innocence must be not just possible, but a “real” possibility. Still less is it true that at least one piece of circumstantial evidence must be “100% proof” of guilt; there is no such rule. Legal inaccuracies like these are counterproductive in the long run, since they don’t make our side look good.

      • If only the jury had not been so hypnotized by Martinez, the Alexander Clan (with their Drama ~~~~iiiiiis), the real truth had been presented about Travis, the autopsy had not been botched IMO the jury would have found Jodi innocent. There was no premeditation. This was self defense and should have never gone this far. It was a 3 ring circus orchestrated by Martinez and continues to be.

        • Also, as I have stated before I do not believe Jodi is responsible for his death. IMO Someone else came in after she left and finished him off. Who did it??? Who’s bloody boot print was at the scene? Was Travis shot first or last or not at all? Why did 3 people commit suicide after this event? Why was Jodi the only one accused of this murder? Why would Martinez not want to find out what really happened? Why does Martinez not want the real truth found out? Is that not his job? Who is he covering for? and Why? $$$ FREE JODI

          • I agree with you others were there at some point. I’ve sat down and looked at, thought about it, and tried to recreate and act some of this out with my wife. I’ve come to 3 major scenarios for the event. #1. Jodi and Travis only. #2. Jodi and Travis and other/others entered after the violence started. #3. Jodi and Travis and other/others entered before the violence started. I’m leaning towards scenario #3. All of the scenarios take into consideration that other/others entered the crime scene after it was over and before the body was found. Jodi took responsibility for his death on the stand but I think she maybe feels it’s her fault because she thinks it wouldn’t have happened if she wasn’t there. So why do I think there were others there? Travis didn’t put himself in the shower IMO. My wife couldn’t get me moved by herself either in a re-enactment. That leaves two options. She had help or somebody else did it and Travis didn’t have marks suggesting he had be dragged to the shower. I know the fireman’s carry has been discussed here but it is obvious Travis was on the floor for a while by the bedroom. Have you ever tried to pick somebody up off of the floor when they are passed out or drunk. It would be the same as a dead person. How would Jodi have gotten him into a fireman’s carry position from flat on the floor? I might be 100% wrong on all of this but it’s the way I think it happened. If I had been a juror that is what I would have been looking at. For Jodi to be the only one charged and for them to convince me beyond reasonable doubt she did all of this premeditated, NO WAY.

            • I want to add I don’t think Travis died by the bedroom. I think he died between the sink and the shower. I think that is where the small puddle of blood by the shower came from. The last of him bleeding out.

              • I don’t think he died at his house period. I think he was taken somewhere else to be killed. I think the crime scene was staged also after whoever brought Travis’s dead body back to his house and “placed” his body in the shower. You can tell it’s a staged crime scene by the bathroom sink – there are absolutely NO blood spatters on the mirror and all the items to the left of sink are all positioned so precisely. Whoever brought his dead body back stepped in the staged blood – oops – and left their boot print! Did you notice when Kermit was questioning Jodi he said, was that your “FOOTPRINT”??? He was trying to brush over that it was not a footprint but a large BOOTPRINT!!!

                • Mary, CSI Connor testified that there WAS blood on the mirror, in an aspirated pattern like that on the sink, it just didn’t show up in the photos because of the nature of mirrors, the flash of the camera, etc.

                • It was a she, Heather Connor – I think she tried to point out where the blood was in the images JM was showing, but no, I don’t recall that there were photos specifically showing the blood on the mirror. It was aspirated, she said, so a mist of it, little speckles.

                • I’ve been wondering about the blood patterns and marks in the crime scene also. Does anyone know if the CSI people did an ultraviolet scan of the flooring from the shower area to the bedroom and of the sink countertop? It is my belief that even though blood has been wiped or washed and in some cases even been painted over, it will still show up in an ultraviolet test. I’d be curious to see how many sets of boot/foot prints it would have revealed. That may be the only way to know exactly how many people were in there. I’ve seen nothing or heard nothing about a test of this type being done and it amazes me that they wouldn’t have done one. Instead they placed the whole burden on Jodi instead of trying to find everyone else. If you would like to know more about this you can google Ultraviolet Blood Forensics and read about this type of test.

                • Farmer Lonnie, I believe the crime scene was pretty well botched from the start. If they had any of the ultraviolet forensics done I’m sure it has been lost in the shuffle! Personally, IMO it would have been a wonderful idea!!!!The crime scene now has been destroyed and the house was reconstructed in its place. Convenient isn’t it?

                • Sorry, I forgot to give Detective Flores credit for that. His wife Corinna is very proud of him. UGH! and WHY????

      • Chris,

        The very first question that Jodi was allowed to answer on the witness stand (Martinez objected to the first two as irrelevant) was Nurmi’s question “Did you kill Travis Alexander on June 4, 2008?”

        And she replied “Yes, I did.”

        When Sirlips said she *may* have planned and committed a murder, the very next thing he said – in the same sentence even – was that she “may have been set up by aliens and the farmer with the mask on from Scooby Doo…”. His POINT was in the next sentence: BUT NO ONE HAS SHOWN ME PROOF OF ANY OF THOSE THINGS.

        We can Monday morning quarterback the defense team from now on, but we have to remember that much happened behind the scenes that we will never know. We don’t and can’t know what their limitations were. We do know that the state changed to ‘gunshot last’ just days before the trial. Everyone talks about how the DT should have had their own crime scene analyst, their own medical examiner – BUT THEY DID NOT KNOW they would have to challenge the ‘gunshot last’ theory. For four and a half years the state had been saying the same thing Jodi said – gunshot came first. Might the DT have scrambled to get someone while still presenting their case in chief? Maybe – but Stephens would have had to approve the expense as well as the potential delays. Maybe they tried but she wouldn’t allow it. We just don’t know.

        • Sorry — my mistake, I guess, on Jodi’s saying she killed TA. I was under the impression that she said she acknowledges she must have done, but doesn’t remember it. If she can’t remember the end of the fight, how could she state that she killed him, unless he died from the gunshot? Did he? Obviously, I don’t grasp how these statements are consistent.

          Re DT. It at least knew for years that it did not have Horn in a deposition stating gunshot first. Right? Such a deposition would have cost nothing — $0. And in retrospect, doesn’t this look a lot like Nurmi sloppiness — just like not even proofreading motions submitted to various courts, or statements to the press (see above on this thread)?

          I agree that much probably happened behind the scenes before and during trial that we don’t know. If my criticisms are unjust, I apologize. But I’m not wrong on the law of reasonable doubt, which SirLips misstated.

          • Horn’s autopsy report does not say that TA died of the gunshot wound, but rather from “sharp force trauma to the neck and torso” — that is, knife wounds. Therefore, if Jodi does not remember using the knife — as she said and I believe — then it is impossible that she knows she killed TA, even if it is true. So, if she said she killed him in answer to Nurmi’s first question, that is probably because Nurmi coached her to do so, as a sort of opening concession. But, unless my memory deceives me, she was allowed to give more accurate statements later. So I would not describe her whole testimony as “telling” us that she killed TA. Rather — on legal advice, if I am right — she admitted or conceded that she probably did, or must have, but still said that she doesn’t really know. Correct me if I’m wrong!

            I have the impression that Jodi tried hard to follow her lawyers’ instructions right up to the end, and yet to still always tell the truth. To do so is a credit to her and typical of her character. Nevertheless, her answer “Yes, I did” to the opening question “Did you kill TA?” seems to me at best misleading given her later testimony. Therefore, if I am right, her lawyers’ advice to give this answer was poor. I know of another way in which she was given what I see as really bad advice, but I can’t elaborate.

            • Chris,

              With respect to Jodi’s statements about being responsible for TA’s death:

              Check out Trial Day 25 of JM’s cross. I would like to know your opinion about the way the prosecutor put words in Jodi’s mouth about the knife wounds and the manner and time of TA’s death. She repeatedly states that she cannot remember what happened. He says words to the effect that he’s not asking her what she can remember or what she believes is the truth, rather what she BELIEVES happened. Nurmi objects repeatedly to this line of questioning and is over-ruled.

              She agreed with JM on several points; that what he described is probably what happened AFTER having stated that she could not remember. She was weeping throughout the testimony and seemed to be acquiescing to JM’s assertions only to get him to stop badgering her.

              JM had also (earlier the same day) played the part of her interview with Flores wherein she explained that TA had reluctantly participated in a photo shoot while he was shaving back in January, then decided afterward that he liked one of the photos so much that he had put it on his Myspace page. She had told Flores about that while quickly shifting gears, (obviously due to nervousness) and spoke during that interview about the June 4 shower photography in the same breath, even in the same sentence.

              JM insists that what she said to Flores was that TA was very reluctant to do the June 4 photography in the shower. She responds that JM has it wrong, that TA”s reluctance was at an earlier time. JM plays the video for the jury FOUR or FIVE times, each time cutting off the part of the sentence that includes her statement about TA’s use of the photo on Myspace. JM is behaving like an evil Rumplestilskin here, trying to get Jodi to agree to his spin. It is very similar to what he did to ALV, when he presented a completely false version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs while demanding that Alyce make statements about his Martinized version of the fairytale.

              Jodi won’t give in to JM and Nurmi keeps objecting that these are two different photoshoots. Jodi can’t seem to focus enough to say that obviously they ARE TWO different events because he had actually used the photo from the earlier shoot on a web page. Finally she tells him to stop cutting off the end of her sentence on the video and he plays the whole thing to include mention of the Myspace photo (the fifth or sixth playing ) but by that time, she was exhausted and deflated, and the jury had heard his doublespeak BS so many times that they probably all had headaches.

              I believe this earlier browbeating is what broke Jodi down so that she was willing to accede to JM’s version of events later when she was questioned about the fight. He had already demonstrated that he was more than willing to badger and that the judge would allow it over any and all objections by her attorney.

              JM always knows exactly what he is doing and is willing to look like an idiot, which is his ace-up-the-sleeve wild card. Nurmi and Willmott obviously could not believe their ears and eyes when they saw his twisting not just of Jodi’s courtroom testimony, but of previously RECORDED statements. Who would venture to do such a thing? They weren’t ready for Rumplestilskin, but what decent person would be?

              • Martinez manipulated Jodi’s testimony to his advantage and the judge did nothing to put an end to his line of questioning. He was putting words in her mouth, asking her leading questions. I believe Martinez said something like “you slit his throat, didn’t you”. Jodi said that she didn’t remember, and Martinez said “then who did it?”.

                Well, it’s not Jodi’s job to investigate crimes and answer such questions, it was Flores’s job (but he was too lazy to do a good job), so you should be asking him that question! Like who made that bloody shoe print.

            • I’m sorry, Chris. I wasn’t trying to argue or pick a fight with you.

              You’re right. After that first ‘yes I did’, Jodi backed away from any firm assertions that she killed Travis, later agreeing that she ‘must have’.

              Did she take the stand and swear to tell the truth and then make a false confession in the very first words she spoke under oath? Maybe. But I don’t see how that would be any different from the guilty plea she tried to enter a couple of years prior…. or any different from so many people who make false confessions under duress or plead guilty to crimes they didn’t commit to avoid the stiffer penalties a jury might hand out.

              There’s no doubt Jodi was under duress. Samuels testified that he and Nurmi convinced her to admit she’d done it. But was it *just* their persuasion that convinced her, or were other pressures coming to bear? Ashley Reed’s death, for example, or any number of other things that might have been going on and we will never know about?

              • No problem. I think we probably disagree only about SirLips.

                I believe, as I’ve said before, that the story Jodi told on the stand was all true as far as she knows it — at least “nothing but the truth,” though perhaps not “the whole truth.” I therefore wouldn’t call her opening answer (of which I was unaware) a “false confession.” Probably Nurmi told her to answer that way. But in light of her later fuller account, a more accurate answer might have been “I guess I must have,” or ” I don’t deny it, but I don’t remember the end of the fight.”

                I do think you’re entirely right about what Rumsfeld called “the unknown unknowns” — what we don’t know we don’t know. We should all remember that Jodi still has major restrictions on her freedom of expression. Her case is far from over, and her mail is all read and phone calls (I believe) recorded. Whenever she can speak freely, I expect she’ll be able to reveal some things that will put various matters in a new light.

                • I suspect it may be that Nurmi was supposed to ask the question in a different way, and he’d gotten distracted – on this most important day – by Martinez objecting to his first two questions.

                  The first question was his usual polite “how are you doing today?” – seems he asked that of a few people but I could be wrong, I know he always politely greeted witnesses on the stand. Martinez objected as to relevance.

                  His second question was “Did you ever expect to be in the position you find yourself in today?” (or words to that effect) Again Martinez objected as to relevance and this time they had to go to sidebar.

                  I *suspect* that Nurmi was *supposed* to ask Jodi if she was RESPONSIBLE for the death of Travis Alexander on June 4 of 2008. And I think that, to that question, Jodi probably would have *honestly* answered that she was. Because I think the only reason she tried to plead guilty is that she does feel responsible, at least in part, for Travis’ death.

                  But that’s JMO.

              • Journee,

                I agree with you and Chris in the fact that I think Jodi felt responsible in some part for Travis’s death and, therefore, she felt justified to answer “yes” to the question did you kill Travis? The part in which I think she felt responsible is the fact that she was ONE of the persons involved sexually with Travis, therefore, being involved in him breaking his vow of chastity! However, we all know that Travis had broken this vow way before Jodi came along, while he was with Jodi AND after he and Jodi broke up!!!

                • A big part of why I say that is what she said in her letter to Ryan – when she told Ryan that she was never a threat to him, she said she was never a threat to Travis either, except spiritually.

                  But there are other ways to consider it too –

                  In the intruder story, she said she left while he was alive and never called anyone to help him.

                  And in the story she testified to, she went there despite better wisdom, she didn’t leave after the temper tantrum in the office, she didn’t leave when he was chasing her down the hall and she didn’t leave after the gunshot.

                  I believe she thinks Travis would be alive if she’d made different choices, so she holds herself at least partly responsible for his death. Survivor’s guilt.

                • Also, since Travis broke his vow of chastity continually I believe the Mormon church could not turn a blind eye any longer and, according to their beliefs (see attached link), they had to take action! I read, from this attached writing:


                  that in the case of serious sins, it is the murder of the sinner and the literal mixing of his blood with the earth that results in forgiveness.

                • As usual hindsight is 20/20. 🙁
                  If there is anyone who might find themselves in similar situations and has that gut feeling to turn and run away before it gets to bad they need to remember what happened to Jodi and run. Never let anything get to this boiling point. It could have been any of us at anytime of our lives. Never think for one minute that it could never happen to you because we KNOW different. One could find themselves looking across the table at another Martinez and then we all know where that will take us. We have to protect ourselves today and not rely on the justice system. Self defense is not a crime but never let it get to that point!

                • Yes, Mary – blood atonement is another explanation. And, if Jodi knows or believes that’s what happened, her own participation in his spiritual demise is something she would hold herself accountable for.

                  And there’s another thing regarding blood atonement – a bit touchier subject and may even make it seem possible that Jodi was part of some premeditated act against Travis, and I’m pulling things from a few different directions here so bear with me.

                  We have Travis’ rant against Jodi on May 28th, the one he showed to Searle, and no explanation as to what set him off on that rant. We have Jodi ‘losing’ her phone – the one that had the phone sex recording – and no testimony as to when she lost it. Now, maybe she lost it before May 28, and that’s what Travis was ranting about.

                  But maybe she never lost the phone at all. Jodi’s little brother, Carl, said that Jodi planned to blackmail Travis with it. Maybe not exactly blackmail, but maybe Jodi tried to use it to force Travis to get help with his issues – maybe that’s what the rant was about. And when Travis didn’t capitulate, maybe she DID take that recording to someone else. She just wasn’t prepared for what the outcome could be.

                  And after Travis’ death, when the fingers all pointed at her, she didn’t want to erase the recording or destroy the phone because she might actually need it later, but she didn’t want it to be found in her possession either. So she hid it where it could be retrieved later. We’re told her aunt Sue ‘found’ the phone when she was cleaning out Jodi’s grandfather’s car.

                • Very interesting Mary. Things at the crime scene actually seemed to go along with the Blood Atonement ritual. It could be possible. It always brings up the unanswered questions in which we all long for the answers!
                  Was someone else at the crime scene after Jodi left?
                  Who is the owner of the bloody boot print?
                  Could there actually have been intruders who broke in on Jodi and Travis?
                  Why did the Hughes take it upon themselves to clean up Travis (Deanna’s) computer?
                  Why did the Hughes leave town so fast after a “very special close” friend was “murdered”?
                  Why did the Hughes tell so many different stories?
                  Where was Travis’s body for days before he was found?
                  Who placed his body in the shower?
                  Why was there not any fly larvae or bugs of any kind on the body?
                  Why did the roommates not discover his body for 5 days? Maybe he wasn’t in the house?
                  Why did they not look for him for 5 days?
                  Who broke his neck and why was it not mentioned on the autopsy report?
                  Why would a Medical Examiner lie on the stand? Typo? please….
                  Why is Prosecutor Martinez so determined to alter facts to meet his fairy tale story?
                  Why is this Judge Pickles permitting Martinez lead her around the courtroom by her nose and then badger witnesses?
                  Why would Detective Flores and his wife be proud of themselves for him not investigating a crime scene as he should of? and brag online to the world to see?
                  Why are the Alexander’s and the Hughes profiting from their brother’s and friend’s death?
                  Why would the Mormon church let Jodi sit in jail all this time to protect the memory of someone who had totally brought shame to their religion?
                  Of course, I could go on and on but everyone here already knows the unanswered questions. It is why we are here to find out the truth.

          • I agree that deposing Horn and thus preventing him from changing his tune in the middle of the trial would have been a good strategy, (but he’s a weasel, he would have come up with some lame excuse).
            Then again, noone knew that Martinez would stoop to this level and would practically suborn perjury from Horn. In hindsight it seems rather obvious, but it wasn’t obvious at that time. A murder trial has so many facets to it you just can’t cover all the bases.

            • Martinez LED Horn towards the answers that he wanted… kind of circling like a shark, starting further out, circling ever closer. Horn started out quite firmly saying he could not determine the order of the injuries. By asking the right questions, he was able to pull Horn closer and closer to the conclusion that the gunshot had to be last.

              That’s why Horn looked so shocked when confronted with his own words about the dura mater in the autopsy report – by then Martinez not only had him quite certain that the gunshot had come last, but that Horn himself had known that all along.

              I don’t know that it would have made any difference if the DT had him in sworn testimony to the contrary prior to that. Didn’t matter with Flores.

              • Yes, I agree. I believe I said here a month or two ago that although the DT made some serious errors, including failure to depose Horn before trial, probably none of them affected the outcome. Martinez had that jury in his hand, and not even Daniel Webster would have changed their minds. Soon after the verdict came in, I emailed Jennifer to say it wasn’t their fault, since they had clearly raised reasonable doubt via Alyce. I’d like to see the defense attorney who could overcome the combination of that prosecutor, that judge, and that jury, especially given the stupid hearsay restrictions that Jodi herself filed a motion to overcome.

            • Journee,

              What is your source for your statements with respect to what Jodi’s brother might have said about the phone recordings?

              I would like to point out that if a person wanted to temporarily “lose something”, placing the item in another person’s vehicle would not be a “safe” bet, even if that truck belonged to a person in whose house one were residing.

              I believe that the loss was unintentional because 1) she misplaced her cell phone charger in a similar manner during the fateful trip, and 2) the first phone went missing for two years; was rediscovered because her aunt was cleaning out the truck, (not because Jodi “remembered” where it was and instructed her Aunt to retrieve it). 3) She deleted photos from TA’s camera and did not remove it from his house.

              TA’s rant at the end of May was generated in part because Jodi boldly took issue with the fact that her substantial assistance was not acknowledged in TA’s writing project whereas another woman friend of his had been respectfully mentioned. I believe that by sticking up for herself in this particular matter, Jodi had finally called his bluff about how he represented her to his friends. She had not known the DEGREE to which he was secretive about their relationship; was genuinely surprised that he’d left her out.

              Further, he was not accustomed to her standing up for herself or her public image. It was a signal to him that she had found terra firma. He was only too aware that he himself was at sea. She stated in testimony that he became more verbally abusive when she moved to Yreka though she was also to testify that she had believed the physical attacks would stop when she relocated.

              I believe that she was truly surprised to realize that he did not even want their FRIENDSHIP known. She had openly showed up at his house during the day to clean, etc. She had thought it was only the sexual aspect of their liaison that was supposed to be “undercover” once their commitment was “off”. So when she called him out on his failure to acknowledge her writing assistance, he had no satisfactory answer for her.

              The conversation also went into other realms, including her urging him to pursue the help that she was recommending by giving him the pamphlets. He also admitted to spending the night with friends who had children, which is something else that Jodi called him on because he’d said that he wouldn’t.

              By the way, I believe that TA was terrified of her starting up a new relationship with any man, especially someone in the same business. She would have easily guessed that. She didn’t need to scare him further. In fact, I don’t believe for a second that Jodi even wanted power over TA. If she had wanted to mess with him emotionally, she could have devised some means to do it after she found out that he had duped her by getting involved with Lisa A. while still frolicking in bed with Jodi – a relationship Jodi didn’t even know about until it had ended. She may have wanted to reassure TA that his secrets were safe with her when she decided to visit in June, so that he would be more relaxed about her going off to Utah business meetings on her own.

              I am guessing that Jodi just happened to like Ryan for Ryan and hoped TA would finally be okay with her latest choice – when and if she actually formed a committed relationship with Ryan – since she knew that TA had developed, for his part, a serious interest in Mimi.

              Going forward, Jodi did not appear to want to be the only one who knew of TA’s conflicts. She evidently did NOT want the responsibility or the pressure (she did allude, on the witness stand, to playing along with some of his antics to help him to feel normal) – hence the pamphlets and urgings for him to share his burden with a professional.

              • Re: The first phone. It was lost before the road trip. Jodi testified to that. The phone being found after two years affected her case a great deal. If she had hid it intentionally, wouldn’t it have helped her to “find” it sooner?

                • I dunno – it was ‘found’ within a couple of months of Jodi’s decision to plead self defense.

              • Carl said it on his Facebook page.

                The ‘friends with children’ were most likely Chris and Skye.

                I don’t think she ‘wanted to mess with him emotionally’. I think she was seriously concerned that he needed help he refused to seek and might have tried to force his hand.

                Some of us are just still looking for answers to those questions R. Love posed. Jodi’s testimony just doesn’t answer them.

                • Are you saying Carl used the word “blackmail” on his FB page with respect to how Jodi considered using the phone sex recording that TA had wanted, (<—she testified), i.e. to push him into therapy?

                  BTW, I also read or heard last year that her brother had allegedly said something about Jodi wanting to record the phone sex in order to play for and thus put off other women – and that is why I am skeptical of another ulterior purpose, allegedly emanating from Carl, that Jodi might have had for recording the phone call.

                  So I don't believe any of it.

                • As far as “messing with him emotionally” is concerned, threatening someone that you will betray their confidence about their emotional/sexual, financial or any other sort of problem in order to force them to get help amounts to “messing with them” in my book.

                  Sorry, Journee, I just don’t see that Jodi would roll that way. I don’t think she has it in her to operate with that type of leverage. That is why I gave the situation with Lisa as an example, even though it is quite different. My point was that a “power play” does not seem to be consistent with Jodi’s nature. Would she perhaps have warned someone? Maybe. Most of us have an impulse to warn others if we sense that they are in direct danger. Could she have confided in someone in a position to help? I also believe that is possible.

                  As far as trying to answer the questions that R. Love raised, Jodi’s time on the stand did answer this one:

                  Why is Prosecutor Martinez so determined to alter facts to meet his fairy tale story?

                  He could not have gotten Murder in the First Degree convictions unless he convinced the jury that the gunshot was last and that Jodi is a bigger story-teller than he is.

                • whichtrial? you said:

                  “If she had wanted to mess with him emotionally, she could have devised some means to do it after she found out that he had duped her by getting involved with Lisa A. while still frolicking in bed with Jodi”

                  which suggested to me that she had a goal of messing with him, out of some vendetta, and I was saying that messing with him wouldn’t have been her goal. It might have been the fallout, but the GOAL was to get him the help he’d promised to seek.

                • I think the answers are hidden under a boulder in Goblin Valley. Why else would someone destroy a national park? Ooops (fingers in ears again eyes closed)lalalalalala 🙂

      • Chris, I believe you are confusing what I said. I don’t know much of the law, I was giving my thoughts on what the law should be, and what the laws of the USA are. Each court has a different take on them, and they rule based on their interpretation of that law. This, in a nut shell, is why I say our legal system is BROKEN.

        You are correct that AZ law says they can use circumstantial evidence to show proof, and that they do not need to be 100% POSITIVE of any single item of proof. I was simply saying that i believe this is wrong…or..bad…may be a better word.
        I believe if you are going to use an item as “proof” it needs to be just that…actual PROOF. Proof, to me isn’t something that is 1-99% its always 100%. I know this is an extremely hard burden, but we are talking about taking away a person’s freedom and in some cases life. We have to get it right.

        My example about this, which I did not explain in my original post very well, is that a bunch of 10% evidence doesn’t equal 100% proof.

        Think of it this way:

        I am going to reach into my front pocket (wink wink)and describe something for you…

        It is ROUND …hmm….what can it be?
        it is HARD….ok…that could be a few things…?
        It has a HEAD on it!

        Ok, now you figured it, right?

        Yes, it’s a quarter. Um, you were thinking it was a quarter…right?

        Each item alone may give you a 0-99% hint/proof/belief at what it really is but in the end, it’s not PROOF, unless its 100%.

        You probably thought, like most people, that after saying it was “hard” that there was a 10% chance that it was a Dick. then when you heard that it was round…you probably thought 50% it was a Dick…and when you heard it had a head on it…you were convinced it was 100% a DICK. This is the error when we add up things that are not proof to make a 100% proof. You need only one item to prove anything, but it has to be of the 100% variety.

        To me, this is the same thinking people use to claim 100% belief in Religion. There is NO proof. We all know there is NO proof. Yet, many very smart, very intellectual, very reasonable people will claim they have 100% proof. How? They bring up a bunch of “little things” that they have added up…to get the conclusion of proof. The miracle of life, the grass, the stars, the beauty in things….they add all of these up to make, in their mind, a 100% proof of their belief. I respect that a great deal, even though i do not believe in this. However that is a personal choice…Our courts are NOT. We have to use the strictest rule of scientific fact find as we can.

        There is no place for feelings, or beliefs or “what ifs” in a court room. And, on top of that, this burden of proof should NEVER be on the defense. It should sit solely on the prosecutor.

        Chris, im not sure what part of the post i wrote, that you disagree with? I didn’t get a chance to read the entire thing again, and then your full replies, but i appears there is a difference in opinion on if i think Jodi admitted to killing Travis.

        The answer is YES, she did. That is fact. We can banter over why, and i would tend to agree with your reasons above, but it doesn’t matter, she DID admit to killing him.

        And i believe it is the truth also. I was not there, but beyond reasonable doubt, i believe she killed him. I only base this on the information I have heard and seen. This “guess” would also potentially change if I was able to hear and see all of the information from behind the scenes. (Which is another topic all together)

        BUT, that is not why she is on trial…She was accused of MURDER. And a specific type of murder. She never admitted to MURDERING him. I do not think she murdered him. I have some guesses at to what really happened, but as far as this case and its legal standing, i dont need to know what happened, i just need 1 piece of 100% proof that she MURDERED him. They never provided that, therefore she, in my opinion, should not have been found guilty of murder. It is not up to the defense to prove she didn’t murder him, it is up to the prosecutor to prove she did.

        Since the smurf couldn’t, he played the “add up the guesses” game. When finished, many people thought he was holding a dick…alot of us thought he may have a quarter, shit…it could have been a nail or bolt, but none of that really matters to me. I only need to know that “I don’t KNOW” so I would/could never find her guilty of the crimes she was charged with. AND, I believe that is really what the law of the USA should have found also.

    • Hahaha
      I like it!! 😀
      Though as Justus said, some hater might rear-end your vehicle. But that’s a risk worth taking!
      I think you can order custom bumper stickers at zazzle.

    • The bumper sticker would need to be distributed mainly in Maricopa County and I feel that it really would cause drive by shootings! If I lived there I (or my evil twin) would have a strong urge to place them on vacant cars at the Walmart parking lot and maybe even the Sheriff and Police vehicles. . .of course when no one was looking . . . LOL hmmmm I can see it now FREE JODI ARIAS bumper sticker on the back of Sheriff Arpaio’s cruiser.
      Picture: cell phone beeping away “Detective Flores this is URGENT. . there is a Jodi Arias sticker on my bumper. . .I want the heads of the people responsible for this. How will this look to the PUBLIC?” Flores responds, ” Golly Gee Whiz Sheriff, I ‘got no’ idea how that could have happened. . I’ll call my wife and see if she can tweeter away about it. Corinna Cares, she’ll find out.”
      I love your idea James. 🙂 The world is watching you Arizona ! ! !

      • Haha,
        I Imagine Martinez riding around Maricopa in his rust-bucket with a bumper sticker that reads “FREE JODI ARIAS”. That would be so cool!

        BTW, Carina Cares is the biggest misnomer ever (should be Carina Selfish Bitch)

        • We could start a campaign to rename her: My suggestion is, of course, Corinna Cares About Herself . . .who will be next. . . (just for fun and to keep her name out there for people to appreciate her and her helpful ways. . .hehehehe). . . .

    • Wonderful idea! I would put one on my car with pride! Just let some hater come after me for it! I’m not afraid! You have to stand up for what’s right no matter how much people intimidate you!
      My friend Jeff did for months and he was harassed so much that he had to take his blog down. I sure he did it to get a moments peace. Well I’m not afraid, the haters have mocked and harassed me too and I won’t back down. Not now. Not ever. I’m in it for the long haul. One day we will be victorious and justice and freedom will win the day.

    • Justus, that’s a wonderful page you have there I’ll be proud to tell people about it. I get so tired of bringing this case up to people who always respond negatively about Jodi. So many people have bought into the nonsense the media and Martinez put out there. We need pages like yours to help open peoples eyes. This way we can win more and more people over to Jodi’s cause. You can’t keep the truth hidden forever and someday everyone will realize what an injustice this is.

      • Thank you, Corrine. I appreciate your promoting the site. I too got tired of trying to explain this to people. Now I carry with me little slips of paper that have the title and website address on it and when I see I’m not getting anywhere I hand them the slip and ask them to please go read.

          • Great idea,
            Alas I don’t live in the US, so me scattering them in Russia won’t do any good.
            Those of us who live in Arizona may try though.
            I like your site, you make great points and a good case for reasonable doubt! Everybody whose mind is not tainted by prejudice and hatred should read it.

          • Yes Justus, What a wonderful idea ! We must keep trying to get the truth out for the whole world to hear. . .we will stop at nothing!!! Many people have formed their opinions without knowing the real truth and do not want to listen but they might actually pull it up on line and read it in the privacy of their homes. . .and then they will know the truth! Everything we can possibly think of will make a difference. Clapping hands Justus!

          • Even if you don’t think anonymous scattering will help where you live, they are very beneficial for handing out when you find yourself in one of those inane discussions with people who don’t know what they’re talking about. It helps alleviate that feeling of frustration.

  9. Just published by Bob McClay, reporter for

    PHOENIX — Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio was in Hollywood on Wednesday to see himself on the big screen.

    He’s there to see the documentary film, “The Joe Show,” at the Beverly Hills Film Festival. “The producer, Randy Murray, invited me,” Arpaio said.

    He said that Murray has told him that he may be walking the red carpet at the Chinese Theater on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. Arpaio joked that walking the red carpet is no big deal — “I have red carpet in my office,” he said.

    Film crews followed Arpaio for eight years. He admitted that he doesn’t like the movie. “It shows about 32 minutes of negative situations that go way back in history,” Arpaio said.

    The sheriff will take questions from the audience after the movie. “Whatever they ask me, I’ll try to be honest,” Arpaio said.

    He said that he did not attend recent screenings of the film at the Scottsdale Film Festival because he thought protesters would show up and cause a disruption. Arpaio said he usually draws protesters when he appears in California.

    “It kind of died down somewhat,” he said, “but let’s see if they show up there. It may be a test to see if they still are concerned with the way I operate my office.”

    Bob McClay, Reporter

    • HAHAHAH Justus! Thanks for sharing. What a waste of eight years!!!! Yes, we are concerned how Arpaio operates his office but I wouldn’t walk cross the street to give him the time of day! (I would be afraid he would arrest me and my evil twin for hitting him with my little ole lady cane!)

      • BOMBSHELL for Nancy Grace: Even Arpaio admits “I will try to be honest.” Does this mean he is not always honest? Does this mean he has never told a lie?? Just wondering.

    • Puke! I could care less what this idiot, poor excuse of a man does or where he goes. He’s a trodden on worm to me.

    • Thank you so much Maria! It has been a great day when we finally see people reporting actual facts! Thank you. Thank you.((((((Maria)))))))

    • Thanks for the link Maria.

      I wonder if any of those stations would have the balls and morality to actually make a public apology to Jodi for all the bullshit they said about her and for spreading more venom, infamy and contempt.

      It is shameful of them not looking into news and getting the facts straight before going viral. They have lost their reliability and have become just another gutter press station… each and every one of them!

  10. Maria, thanks for digging up that article. There is no doubt that Jodi Arias has not had a fair trial and the whole process has been badly tainted by those involved in the system and the media.. The media has become partner to fabrication, lies, unscrupulous and unconfirmed reporting. All those people who feel such hate for Jodi Arias should ask themselves what would they do if it was their loved one who was subject to such treatment by the justice system and media. It is such a witch hunt. We should all be paying attention to these examples of unethical and illegal practices. Right now Jodi is the subject but it could be anyone given a specific set of circumstances happening in their lives. Very scary to see what is going on in this case. Something is very wrong. Lastly I cannot believe how vindictive and mean individuals can be when making comments as in the article Maria posted. It reminds me of the days in history when the Romans fed individuals to the lions. Not much has changed.

    • You’re so right. It’s terrifying. This exact thing could happen to any one of us at any time! One day you’re going about your life then the next you’re locked away accused of a crime. This whole investigation got out of control so quickly. Why didn’t anyone step in and dog a little deeper. It seems to me that no one bothered to look at Jodi’s first story at all. They should have investigated to identities of the asked intruders a little more. I mean if they haven’t ruled out the masked intruders doesn’t that leave reasonable doubt about what happened? Sometimes I wonder if Jodi is just scared and is taking the blame for someone else. It could be. I pray every day that this gets straightened out. This poor girl who has so much to offer the world is locked away . She could do so much with her talents, her compassion, and her desire to help her fellow man. Remember all the things she does for her fellow prisoners? All the things she talked about in court? I believe that’s why the jury couldn’t bring themselves to execute her. They realized that they made a mistake and that she’s a sweet and kind person. I bet if they could vote again they’d let her go this time. We can only hope that the new jury will decide that very thing!

      • I don’t believe the “new jury” can just let her go. She’s been found guilty. All they will do is decide sentence.

        • I certainly don’t know how they can get a fair jury. Here’s what I envision: The first question they ask the jury pool is “Did you follow the case?” The honest ones raise their hands and they are automatically eliminated. That leaves mostly dishonest people (probably haters) who want to be part of sending her to death row.

          And any who actually didn’t follow the case – what if after hearing all the abridged evidence, they don’t believe she’s guilty? They then are in the position of having to sentence someone whom they consider innocent. What a terrible position to be in!

          Or maybe they will only allow on the jury those who already believe she’s guilty.

          • Justus,

            If they were to allow on the jury only those who already believe she is guilty, then they would be allowing people on the jury who “think” they know quite a lot about the case.

            Voir dire is meant to eliminate a “tainted jury”, correct?

            My understanding is that some sort of “mini trial” will be conducted to convince the second jury that Jodi is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, so that that jury “in good conscience” would be able to vote for the ultimate punishment.

            IMO, this is where the prosecutor and the state’s BS case is in trouble. Without JM’s trademark browbeating, revisionism, and supposititious argumentation, all of which takes a vast amount of TIME, Jodi will NOT appear to be GUILTY beyond a reasonable doubt.

            I have believed since the first penalty phase that another trial is the last thing that JM wants. He looked completely shredded when that first jury hung.

            Absent the prosecutor’s smoke and mirrors, it will be OBVIOUS to the jury that this is NOT a death penalty case, AT THE VERY LEAST.


            • whichtrial, My remark about only letting people on that already believe she’s guilty was actually meant as sarcasm. Otherwise they have to convince another 12 people that she’s guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in order to get the death penalty. It would almost seem an impossible task except that’s what I also thought the first time around.

              • Justus,

                I figured your last sentence was a rhetorical statement given your first remarks…so my comment above ^ was not really intended to take issue with you. I wrote the comment because…

                I cannot imagine what a second penalty phase will actually look like. I can only imagine that it will be a train wreck, for reasons we have both stated, and that JM will put it off for as long as he possibly can.

                None of us are surprised at the news outlets’ “dirty tricks” in the meantime, which is turning out to be MORE THAN A YEAR, are we?

          • It doesn’t matter if they believe she’s guilty. She’s already been found guilty. That cannot be reversed except on appeal. And to even get to that stage, she has to be sentenced. After that it can/will take years before an appeal is heard, if she is granted one. I don’t think the second jury can change the verdict of the first jury. Or it seems highly unlikely anyway.

              • R. Love – the penalty phase trial can’t reverse the guilty of M1 verdict, OR the aggravating factor verdict. Scoobygurl is right about that. They will be instructed that Jodi has already been found guilty of first degree murder, and that the first jury also unanimously agreed that the crime *qualified* for the death penalty in that it was excessively cruel.

                They will only be asked to decide whether Jodi should get life in prison or the death penalty.

                It’s just that none of us are real sure what they’ll have to listen to first.

                WHEN the guilty verdict is reversed on appeal, THEN the state has a specified amount of time to re-indict. Since good ol’ AZ decided to re-indict Milke, who’d already served decades, it’s a pretty good bet they’ll re-indict Jodi.

                • GEEEEEZ Journee! Remember my wanting to be positive! 🙂 I am expecting a miracle!!!!! This is all so sad and depressing that sometimes I have to put my index fingers in my ears and close my eyes and hum a little tune like “You are My Sunshine”. Just the thought of Jodi suffering one more minute in that hell hole is driving me batty! That is what I meant by, I prefer to be a little more positive. 🙂 Just sayin! I still love all of you and I did ot intend to come across being ugly about it. ((((((TEAM JODI)))))))

      • Corrine,

        If you recall, one juror said that he could not vote for death because he felt that the prosecutor was “hiding something”.

        This juror must have seen some of JM’s tactics for what they were.

        For example, [referring to the badgering of Jodi Trial Day 25 in my 12:40am comment above ^]
        who among the jurors was thinking about the knife that must have ended up in the bathroom after JM’s exercise in “playback torture”?

        When you turn the world upside down by insisting that something that is obviously untrue IS TRUE, you frighten people. It is especially intimidating when the person perpetrating such is an Officer of a Court, or some other government OFFICIAL.

        The other three who didn’t vote for death may have considered intimate partner abuse in their decision; I think I heard that mentioned in one news report with respect to at least one juror.

        I do feel that Jodi showed herself to be a person of strong character during the entire trial, so I, for one, was able to see past her initial lies, which she testified were an attempt to not only save herself but were intended to protect TA’s reputation.

        And her testimony, together with communications that TA originated, proved her point about his reputation.

    • Judy, Jodi is their goose that made the golden eggs… everyone is piggy-backing on Jodi to make more money… pffff

    • James I love your spirit! They might have to line us al up! FREE OUR JODI ARIZONA! I believe there are a lot of us who wish we could spare her any more pain!!!! ENOUGH ALREADY ARIZONA!

      • R. Love I have dedicated the rest of my life to doing good works in honor of Jodi Arias. By their fruits ye shall know them….

  11. Consider for a moment the deeper meaning of Jodi’s life. Jodi Arias is suffering for the sins of humanity, like Jesus.

    • I understand where you are coming from and it certainly seems that way but even more Jodi is suffering from the sins of Travis Alexander and his followers. . .reminds me of a cult! If one tries to leave there is no way out but death. It also reminds me of a Modern day witch hunt. So many high and mighty people judging and condemning when they do not even know what they are talking about. If they would come down off of their pedestals they might just begin to see what the rest of the world is viewing. Evil breeds Evil. Arizona is full of it right now! As Judy F. stated I’m afraid we are going back to the Roman ways. 🙁

      • R. Love don’t ever let them silence you. There are deeper meanings to the Jodi Arias situation than most people could ever imagine. FREE JODI ARIAS

        • Don’t worry James, I and all of us here are in it for the long haul (if that is what it takes). I pray for Jodi everyday because for me I know that is what will make a difference in Jodi’s freedom and safety. It will take a Miracle but I know that God will protect her and save her from the horrible hatred that this has brought to her. The guilty will pay for their evil, the sad thing is we might not get to see it. I’m guilty of being impatient but I will be here for Jodi no matter what may lay before us. We all here have Jodi’s best interest in our hearts and we all handle it differently. I respect everybody on JAII for their beliefs (we don’t have to all believe the same) and know that through us only GOOD will come from it. Jodi has been blessed by having a wonderful Team pulling for her and we will not let her down! Glad you are on board with us!!! 🙂
          (May I be as bold to say we have some very brilliant minds working for her freedom. And I’m not talking about me but there are too many to mention names. I’m thankful for each and every one of them!!!!!) 🙂 (((((((((JODI AND HER TEAM)))))))))

    • James,

      Jodi is not suffering for the sins of humanity, only one person did that already and that is Jesus. However, I do believe that Jodi is suffering because she was made the scapegoat for other persons who murdered Travis Alexander.

    • Its been a while since i ranted here, so i’ll see what i gots fer yah all t’day.

      I dis-agree James, but respect your opinion.

      I believe she is suffering from the errors of our society and its legal system.

      I don’t believe in Jesus or Buddha or the devil or Allah or any of the other analogies of god or an omnipotent being. I do believe in what I can see, hear, feel and smell. (And not always then) I also believe she is suffering from her own choices.

      Please understand when i say she is suffering from her own choices, this doesn’t mean she deserves what is happening or deserves to be unjustly convicted of a crime that was not proven in court.

      I digress for a moment:
      Our legal system has always erred on the side of caution. However to help keep that system fair/level, there were rules built in, to make up for certain people using their own personal beliefs, rather than the combined beliefs of the society, as it was meant. Some of these laws are based on ideals from our founding fathers. Others have been added as the opinions and knowledge of our society changes or grows.

      Here in lies the problem. Our society no longer uses common sense. They no longer use their heads, eyes and ears. The courts are now bound 100% to the rule, rather than the spirit of that rule. The prosecutors don’t use the “what’s right and wrong” test to decide on charges, they use the “what’s the biggest conviction we can get”. The jury has been corrupted by the ideal that IF someone is in court… then surely they must have done something wrong… IF someone has been charged, then surely there is proof they did something wrong…. IF someone is in court, they will lie to free themselves so there word can not be trusted. How is anyone supposed to get a fair trial in a system like that?

      To make matters worse, or legal system is now “for profit”. If we need better roads…then give out more tickets. If we need bigger court houses, then give out more fines. If we want more prisons, then privatize the prison system and let a board of SHARE HOLDERS run the prison company.

      Think about that last part for a second.

      If prisons are the “company”, and then the “product” is the prisoner. If the company wants more profits (like any for profit business) there are only 2 ways to raise profits. Make more money from each product, OR do more quantity. Well, Raising taxes higher to pay for more people in prisons didn’t work, so rather than go with a higher cost per product, they simply raised the quantity of sales. IE, the number of inmates.
      The total number has increased 10 fold since the majority of the prisons have become privately ran, public traded on the open market. Jodi is assigned an inventory number and is sold off from company to company like a bag of grain. Its slave trade 2014. The prisoners arent doing work as slaves, the tax payers are paying for each of them. THEN…the great illusion happens: The society THEN gets mad at the people in the prisons!! Not the corrupt legal system that put them there! Can an entire society be this stupid and naive? Lets add a bit of conspiracy to this, shall we? In 2001 the 3 largest private prison companies paid $45 MILLION to lobbyist groups in Washington. Why in the world would the prison companies be lobbying the law makers? To make stiffer penalties and more laws…which increases their quantity of “product”.

      No single judge has to be “purposely” helping this for profit slave trade organization….they simply follow the law, with a huge amount of pressure to err on the side of “convict”, the same goes for the juries, the defense, the prosecutors. We have helped these prison companies create the system they profit from.

      Think about these numbers. From 1920 to Today, about 2.5x more people live in the USA. Basically our population has grown 250% in 94 years.
      From 1980 to 2005 the population of our prisons has grown at 20 X or 2000%. I wonder what happened in the late 70’s and early 80’s? Could it be that was when most of the prisons and now many many many of our jails became “for profit” organizations? The prisons are now owned and operated by companies that you can trade on the NY Stock Exchange! Think about that…you can now buy stock in people going to prison and make a profit from it!! Jails are now a huge source of income for the local governments. Many, most, jails and prisons have key “for profit” organizations that live off the jails. (food vending machine companies, jail phone system that charge up to $5 a minute for a call from prison)

      Look up ticker “CXW” on the New York stock exchange. Or CRN or GEO or CCA or … many more..

      CXW for example is on the S & P 400, Russel 1000 index and several other indices. Yes, we trade imprisoned people as a commodity on the nation stock markets. And we wonder why the prisons are over flowing? Really? We wonder why people no longer get a fair trial in court, really? And the kicker is that most of the sheep we live with in society think the answer to avoiding this issue is to say “Well, if you don’t like it, then don’t break the law”. I bet most of them would still be plucking potatoes from a rock garden in Europe if there ancestors had that same attitude. Or picking cotton…Or living in mud huts in the tundra.

      Sorry that this isn’t really funny, it has been a while since I spouted off here. I’ll try to dance like a monkey on the next post 😉

      • Awesome post Sirlips! It certainly speaks volumes how everything is all about the money and not about life and rights and laws and justice! pffff!

        Hey! Should I be offended about the ‘ I bet most of them would still be plucking potatoes from a rock garden in Europe’ comment??? I just planted potatoes in my garden! LMFAO!!! – Not offended but I seriously did do the planting!

        ((((Planting potatoes in Europe!))))

      • NO, it’s not funny and very sad. UGH! Thanks for enlightening me Sirlips . . .I had never seen it put so well! No wonder USA is trying to put every one away. . . .I mean I knew it was $$$$ but it sounds like there is no hope for our society. I guess they won’t be happy until we all are skipping our way to hell with a hand basket. Very gloomy. BTW Pandora I love home grown potatoes from the garden! 🙂 LOL

      • A very enlightening post indeed.
        Thank you Sirlips, it is awesome having you here, posting again! 🙂

  12. This is one more song for today that I absolutely love! I hope you find it appropriate. :)

  13. When Jodi is released I am going to take her to Dairy Queen and let her pick out any item on the menu she wants, no charge. Then I am going to take her shopping for some new clothes (all of this is subject to Jodi’s approval of course).

    • I’m afraid that when Jodi is Freed she will have to remain secluded and we will probably never get the opportunity to meet her but it will be a HAPPY Day when we all know she is free and safe from all the hate. I’m hoping she will be able to take a holiday with our Greek friends (and thirteen cats) for a while to get her bearings back. 🙂

      • R. Love! We have enough room to have Jodi come here! I’ll take her 6 months and Maria the other 6! 🙂 I have the awesomest guest room ever! Jodi would love it! And yes! the 13 cats can’t wait either! 🙂

        • Sounds Wonderful! I’m sure you all will be at the top of Jodi’s list!! 🙂 I pray it will be a dream come true!

          • Do you know what the saddest thing is? That although I am a devout daydreamer, I can’t help thinking that it won’t be for many many many years before Jodi is free and we can argue who gets to entertain her as a guest 🙁

            • Think MIRACLE Maria 🙂 They do happen! I will pray, try to be patient
              (I’m not good at that), Watch and Wait and it will happen! 🙂

  14. Hey Sirlips – been a long time since we saw you here. Your ears must have been wringing. Lots of talk about the post from last year. Stay tuned.

  15. Very interesting post Sirlips….the other night I saw a documentary on men in solitary…it was a behavioural modification technique to lock someone in solitary for one year. The men were slashing their wrists just to get to the psych ward. They bandaged them up and sent them back to solitary and on it went. Some had time added and added because their behaviour got worse. Private prisons will do what they have to, to stay in business and so people are treated like rats. There has always been those of us who want rehabilitation as opposed to punishment but every day one sees or hears about mentally ill people getting locked up until the state kills them or until their natural life runs out. Glad you posted Sirlips. I too agree that the decisions we make in life can profoundly effect us. I have made a few myself that follow me to this day. There is so much involved in why individuals make the decisions they do – poor self esteem, desperation, being manipulated….to name just a few. Not always black and white. The justice system is so consumed with the letter of law and not the spirit and intent of the law as you say, people are just being processed like lines of cattle. Your guilty when you start the process and once in awhile you get proven innocent. I do hope that the truth of the hijinks that went on in the Arizona circus come out in the end and that Jodi gets a break. Arizona is pretty strange. Even their Veterans Hospital was fudging the wait list to make it look like they were helping Vets when meanwhile the vets have been dying off before they ever got to hospital, the wait was so long. Not such a good way to shorten the wait list. Arizona’s health care system for vets has just been exposed for the farce it is. Enough of my ranting now.

    • Paranoia strikes deep
      Into your life it will creep
      Starts when you’re always afraid
      Step out of line
      The men come and take you away

      You better stop
      Hey, what’s that sound?
      Everybody look what’s going down

      -“For What It’s Worth”
      The Buffalo Springfield

      [Inspired in part by arrests of individuals gathered on Sunset Boulevard sidewalks in Hollywood, 1967]

  16. Good morning, everyone. As some of you may know, I haven’t posted here in a couple of weeks and I’ve decided to scale back my activity on the Internet for the time being, but I wanted to respond to some of you who have been wondering where I am, what happened to my blogs, etc.

    First of all, yes, both of my blogs have been deleted. However, the decision was mine and although I did discuss it with friends, at the end of the day it was my decision, my choice and to those of you who supported me and contributed so much to the blogs, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Your comments, your support and your friendship meant so much to me. And to those of you who disagreed with me, but still maintained mutual respect between us, I appreciate it.

    That being said, the harassment and bullying that happened on my blogs to me and other commenters is well-documented. Like many people, I dealt with my share of bullies throughout my school years as a kid, but I have NEVER experienced the level of harassment and bullying that I have went through in the last six months. I have never had to deal with my name being smeared and the lies that I have been told about me in the last six months. To say that it has been disheartening is an understatement.

    I have blogged about a multitude of topics and issues over the years and one of them that remains near and dear to my heart is domestic violence and abuse. I think it is a travesty and tragedy that so many men in this country are silent on this issue and for many years I have tried to raise awareness for domestic violence and abuse against women AND men. I support groups such as Men Can Stop Rape and RAINN and have donated time and money to helping these groups. I also have tried to raise awareness for child abuse and have contacted all 50 state governors urging them to pass “Jessica’s Law” which would make a minimum 20-year prison sentence for first-time offenders who abused a child. Those who know me, truly know me, know what kind of person that I am and they know my character. One of the first things that I said on my blog is how “charisma is no substitute for character” and I was relating it to Travis because he was not unlike a lot of men in that he was full of charisma and the talent for making motivational speeches, but how he lived his life was in direct opposition to what was coming out of his mouth. It was empty rhetoric.

    If there is one thing that I can’t stand it is a liar or a hypocrite. Dishonesty and hypocrisy are never in short supply on the other side. They have repeatedly told countless lies and made defamatory statements about me and others which can be and have been proven to be wrong time and time again. Just this past weekend, TMZ ran a story which anyone with a brain could have ascertained that it was 100% false, but the haters, including some in the media, fell for it hook, line and sinker. It is truly stunning to see how low some people in this country will stoop to try and destroy you and your character. The question is: why would these people do it if they were so confident? The answer is: because they’re not confident. They’re scared. Their entire argument has been built on a foundation of lies and distortions which they traffic in day and night. Some of these people truly have no lives which is why they’re able to sit on their butts all day and have nothing better to do than to Google names of people on their “enemies list” and attempt to smear them online and offline. From personal experience, this can be and IS very frustrating and disheartening to go through, but, fortunately, most people know the truth and they place greater emphasis on face-to-face, eyeball-to-eyeball conversations and years of friendship than they do the rantings and ravings of haters on websites.

    Unlike those on the other side, I never put Jodi on a pedestal. I acknowledge that she is flawed and made mistakes. I have discussed this in great length in the past on here and on my previous blogs. And I would in no way, shape or form ever support someone that I believed was a cold-blooded, heartless murderer with evil intent. Anyone who knows me knows that about me. I watched the trial last year and the more I learned, the more I wanted to learn outside of HLN because I felt that we weren’t getting a fair and accurate analysis of what truly happened. I began to dig deeper and do research which is one of the things that led me to this website and I’m so glad that it did because I’m grateful for so many of you who have since become my friends. Even we do not always see eye-to-eye and there have been times on here and outside of here where SJ and I have engaged in some “spirited debate” about a number of things, but I respect him and I appreciate what he’s doing and has done. I honestly never imagined that things would turn out the way that they have and it is true that life has taken me on a most unexpected journey yet I remain optimistic and confident that things will work out.

    Just to clear up a few things, I deleted my Google+ profile and I’m posting from an alternate email address and I’d like to ask SJ to email me here so we can keep in touch. Thanks, SJ! I’d also like to state, for the record, that I have NOT nor ever posted as “James Dean” on YouTube. Someone recently pointed out to me that there were some comments on a YouTube video made by a James Dean that were attributed to me, but this is false. Although I would much rather be compared to James Dean than Jimmy Dean of the sausage variety, it is nevertheless untrue. And while I am annoyed and frustrated at those who hate me and so viciously want to attack me 24/7, I am most definitely NOT afraid of them. Why would I be afraid when I have truth and law and order on my side?

    Finally, as many of you know, the retrial begins on September 8th which happens to be the birthday of Holy Mary, Mother of Jesus. I’d like to close with a quote from Matthew 6:5-12 that states, “And when you pray, you are not to be as the hypocrites; for they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and on the street corners, in order to be seen by men. Truly I say to you, they have their reward in full. ‘But you, when you pray, go into your inner room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in secret, and your Father who sees in secret will repay you.’ And when you are praying, do not use meaningless repetition, as the Gentiles do, for they suppose that they will be heard for their many words. ‘Therefore, do not be like them; for your Father knows what you need, before you ask Him. Thank you for listening. God bless you all.

    • Jeff,

      That was an excellent post and I am SO sorry that you have had to go through what you have at the hands of bullies! People who harass other people online or offline are bullies! Like you said, it’s sad that they choose to engage in bullying with their spare time or full time when they could put their bullying energy to help people instead of harass people! Oh, what a better world it would be if everyone would love instead of hate! We may all not agree on many things in life but the answer is not to bully someone just because they have a different opinion than you! Everyone is entitled to their opinion! Sometimes, someone’s opinion may even change but I don’t think bullying will change anyone’s opinion nor is it right!

      The best way to change things is through prayer as you posted, Jeff! Prayer changes things and changes people! Only God can change a person’s heart, if the person is willing to change. I know some people don’t believe in God, that is their choice, but that doesn’t make God go away!

      May God bless you, Jeff, and be with you as you try to make this world a better place!!!

    • Jeff,
      I am so sorry for everything that you had to endure. I know you won´t surrender to the hatred because your intentions are pure and kind: supporting Jodi. This is ALL we ever wanted. It’s disheartening to witness how our society has turned into an arena full of wild animals.

    • You’ll always be commended for the enormous effort you put forth on Jodi’s behalf. I learned a lot from you and appreciate your positiveness Jeff. Take care of yourself, see you around the bend!

    • Jeff it is so good to see you are back! I was worried about you. You know you haven’t had a bigger supporter than me and I hope everything is going well for you. We who supprt Jodie NEED you in this fight. You’re too I’m important a part of this to not be involved. I think that’s why the haters are so aggressive towards you. They saw how your blog was opening so many eyes and were scared it was going to help Jodi go free . If you want you know how to get in contact with me and I would love to hear from you! The toughest part of Jodi’s fight is still ahead and I for one am glad you’re still with us!

    • As for your James Dean part, someone (a hater by the name of “Pinky”, aka “Howard Gere”), claimed that I was YOU and that I was James Dean.
      It’s unbelievable!
      He or she is very disturbed, judging by his or her comments on youtube and Disqus.
      Apparently he/she regularly visits this site (where he/she picked up my name and probably the names of some other supporters) and thinks it’s one and the same person. Hehe.
      What a loser! Must be living in his/her mama’s basement and on welfare.

    • Jeff, you do what you have to do for your safety and well being! We all know that you are a great Jodi supporter! Keep strong my friend!


  17. Hi Jeff, good to see your post. It is very disturbing to see the level people will go when they have hatred in their hearts. Can you imagine the hatred that Jodi and her family have experienced given what your experience has been. The internet while such a useful tool can be used for good or for destruction. It is like the tale of two wolves. Each of us has two wolves inside us one. One is good and one is destructive. Which one grows in us depends on which one we feed. Many have chosen to feed the seeds of hatred and destruction and others have come forward with great courage to sow the seeds of goodness. I am glad you have closed your blogs. It seems that it was necessary for your peace of mind. Glad you posted.

  18. Jodi Arias: An Argument for Reasonable Doubt

    I am contemplating moving Jodi’s Testimony in front of The State’s Two Theories but can’t make up my mind. Before I do the work, maybe some of your thoughts. Do you think hearing Jodi’s sane story first before hearing the State’s insane stories would be helpful? Or should I just stay with the order in which it is presented in a court of law?

    • Hmmm….
      I gave it some thought but then I realized that if I were an impartial person who has never heard of the case, I’d like to see an equally objective/impartial site where the court order is respected and sides are not taken just because! But because it is actual evidence (or lack thereof) that leads the writer of the site to conclude there is Reasonable Doubt surrounding this case.
      After all, the way you have listed all the bullet points questioning the State’s claims gives the reader an insight into the minds of those who find the State’s Theories absurd.
      Just my 2 cents 😉

      • Justus, you have done a great job presenting it all, I like the way you have done it.
        Go with your first gut feelings! 🙂

        • Thanks, R. I will certainly take into account your very good advice about gut feelings. (I too often feel that works best.) As I mention below I am going to add a side page with background information and based on gut feelings, I may keep State’s Theories first.

      • Maria, I’m working on a page that I want to reference right off of the title page for those folks who didn’t follow the case. On that page I will provide background, that is, what we know from undisputed facts about the relationship, all the way up through the Spring of 2008 and then after 4 June 2008, leaving open the events leading up to Jun 4th. Then I might let Jodi’s testimony fill in what she says happened and follow that up with the State’s two theories.

          • Justus,

            With respect to background on Jodi and TA’s relationship here are some notes I took when looking at her trial testimony on direct:

            Mid May ’07 moves back to Big Sur and staff housing @ Ventana [from Palm Desert]. Darryl not working there then; he’s on [Monterey] “Peninsula”. Matt is there; she shares “Red House” with him and “other roommates”. She takes the job because she’s already made the commitment to Ventana to do it.

            June 29, ’07 JA and TA break up.

            She moves to Mesa after they break up. She testifies that TA is very persuasive in urging her to do so, outlining all of the benefits to her.

            She moves up to her grandparent’s house in Yreka in April of ’08, in order to get back on her feet financially.

            Unfortunately I don’t have a note on precisely when she moved to Mesa but she has stated in testimony that they never lived in the same city when they were “official” in their boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.

            I believe you will find testimony about this on Trial Day 15.

    • My thinking is this: by putting the states so-called evidence after Jodi’s story you’ll make the reader aware of just how silly Martinez, Pickles, and Flores look with their version of events.

  19. Hello all and happy Sunday. It’s a beautiful day here in my little corner of the world. I hope all of you can get out and enjoy your little slice of God’s creation. But always remember that there’s a sweet and kindhearted young woman who can’t. Not because of anything she did but because of a group of people who decided to frame her and lock her away. I’m not trying to put a downer on anyone here but Jodi is always on my mind at least a little bit.
    I’m also so delighted to hear from my friend Jeff. Any day he can contribute to our cause is a good day. He is truly a good an caring man and I know this for certain. Now our friendship wasn’t always smooth, mainly because of something a really nasty and evil person did to me. But I consider Jeff to be a friend of mine and he’s a very gifted writer and blogger. He’s a real asset to Team Jodi. Believe me I’m aware of just what is said about Jeff and myself in certain circles but I could care less. Talk all you want because I know we will have the last laugh!
    There are so many good people here that are working so hard for Jodi sometimes it makes me feel like I’m not doing enough. Justus your blog is so good and I have already told some friends about it. I think it will help change their minds when it comes to this case. It get so frustrating when I try to talk about this case and people simply start spouting the same old nonsense that the court and HLN brainwashed the public with.

  20. I am seeking documentation on the arrest records of the Alexanders. I used to be able to see them on but no more. Any chance someone took some screen shots at some point? Mostly what I need is a full breakdown of who was arrested for what but the actual rap sheets would be great.

  21. I have met Mormons like travis before. full of pride. he was a con man and that company he worked for was a rip off. claimed to be a success but was bumming money off Jodi.

    • It occurred to me this morning, Justus, that it might be best to leave others out of it… because then you’re likely to get people jumping to their defense.

      I think it’s fine to talk about Travis’ failings that were documented by court records, but I’d tread carefully going beyond that (like you wouldn’t, for example, want to quote the poster “Danites Revenge” who visited a few days ago – not that I don’t believe him but since he wasn’t willing to testify it’s just an accusation, KWIM?)

      And I think it’s fine – EXCELLENT even – to put Martinez and his shenanigans under a microscope.

      But to pull anyone else into it – like Travis’ family or friends – I think might end up undermining your purposes with the page. Open the door for people by putting the trial and the evidence under a microscope. Once they get through the door, they can visit us or Inconvenient Truths or All Things Crime to read smack about the Alexanders and the Hughes, lol.

      • Journee, I understand your concerns but I believe an integral part of raising reasonable doubt that Jodi was the initiator of the violence is showing the background Travis came from and the fact that more than half of his siblings (who came from the same background) easily engage in nefarious (and sometimes violent) activities. At first I just listed the charges, without naming names, but it was geebee2, on another site, who suggested I backup the list with references as some readers didn’t believe what I was saying. So it seems my choice is to either leave out that part of his family history all together (not acceptable to me), or to provide sources.

          • Good point, Journee. As you will see above, Trixels has a whole boat-load of documents downloaded last year from the Riverside County website. Trixels is going to provide case numbers and even beyond that, maybe we can find a way to get those documents to me so I can post them directly. Along with case numbers, these should provide proof beyond simple allegations.

            I’m not out to trash the Alexanders (beyond how they’ve already trashed themselves.) I just feel it’s important to show that Travis would have had a great deal more propensity toward violence than Jodi ever would. Reasonable doubt.

      • Also, Journee, I intentionally didn’t put that page on the main line. You will notice it’s not even listed in the table of contents. It’s meant only as a reference for those who insist on verification that I’m NOT just slamming the family.

    • Justus,
      We have the same records. However, I was unaware that Allie is still committing crimes and has arrests from last year! She is supposedly running a business with her husband, a decorative tile co named after Travis called T-Dogg or Dawg Decorative Tile ( I cannot remember ) that was advertising on FB but has mysteriously disappeared.

      • Justus, you can ask an admin for my email address if you want it. I have a lot of documents. I give them permission to give it to you.

      • Justus,

        Journee wrote, “But to pull anyone else into it – like Travis’ family or friends – I think might end up undermining your purposes with the page.”

        I agree.

        TA’s upbringing was brought out in trial testimony. I applied the word “upbringing” rather than “background” since it only pertains to the formative environment for which TA’s parents were responsible, not later activities of his adult siblings, whom TA had not seen in something like four years. Their “background” as emancipated adults is not his, and vice-versa.

        Refuse to be distracted from your original vision and a readership will find its way to other information if they feel the RD site is accurate and fair-minded.

        • After much cogitating, I ultimately cleaned up the source information so it doesn’t look like I’m simply trashing the Alexander family. In addition, at the bottom of the Documented Family History page where the siblings are mentioned I added the following paragraph:

          “But let it be said that there are three out of the seven who did not and do not have rap sheets, Travis, of course, being one. We can expect that Travis was trying to rise above his childhood traumas but that doesn’t mean he might not be especially prone to some rather unpleasant behaviors behind closed doors. And there is nothing in Jodi’s background even close to this so why are people so insistent that Travis could never be violent but have no trouble believing that Jodi could?”

      • Yes, Trixels. According to Riverside County, Allie has two outstanding warrants for burglary, shoplifting and drug-related charges.

        Instead of these people praying for Jodi to be killed, maybe they should be praying for forgiveness.

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