Justice for Jodi – The JAA Appeals Movie

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 Thanks to Journee & Pandora for the planning & production of this movie on behalf of Team Jodi.

On May 8, 2013, Jodi Arias was convicted of first degree murder in the 2008 death of her boyfriend, Travis Alexander. The Maricopa County, AZ jury that convicted her was unable to agree on whether she should be sentenced to life or death. In most states, the court ruling would have defaulted to the lesser sentence of life in prison, but Arizona allows the prosecution to make another run at the death penalty. The retrial of the penalty phase is currently set for Sept. 8, 2014. Meanwhile, Arias has been kept in solitary confinement at Estrella jail in Phoenix since the day she was convicted.

Jodi Arias stood before the jury and took responsibility for the death of the man she loved, saying she’d undo it all if she could, but that she acted in self defense. In the United States, it is not a crime to kill in self defense. The law recognizes that life fights for itself, survival its only imperative.

But, as you may know, neither the laws supporting self defense nor evidence of abuse/battery serve to advocate for women in actual trials. When intimate partner violence culminates in a woman killing her abuser, 75-80% of those women are either convicted or convinced to plead guilty, and sentenced severely. Often more severely than abusers are sentenced in the deaths of their intimate partners.

Many legal pundits across the country have weighed in to say that this was clearly a domestic violence case for which Arias was grossly over-charged. We agree. We believe the crime scene itself testifies a violent struggle between two people. We believe the testimony of domestic violence expert Alyce LaViolette, who read hundreds of pages of written communication between Jodi and Travis and concluded that Travis was abusive, volatile and escalating.

We believe Jodi was still in denial that Travis would really hurt her, or she would not have gone there that day. The violence was still a fairly new element in their relationship. There had only been a few incidences of physical abuse in the preceding months. In her mind the violence didn’t come from the Travis she loved and she did not report those incidents. But the most recent incident had involved a Travis so enraged that he choked her until she lost consciousness. So we believe Jodi had good reason to be very afraid, to take an angry Travis at his word when he said he was going to kill her that day. We believe that when Travis said those words, Jodi’s LIFE took over and fought for ITSELF.

We believe Jodi is not guilty of first degree murder.

But we’re not writing to convince you of that. The law says only twelve people get the deciding votes on whether someone is guilty or innocent of the charges against them, at the end of the *fair*trial* also guaranteed by law.

Jodi Arias did not get a fair trial. If the five month trial in Maricopa County Superior Court is any example of how justice is done in this country, we’re all in trouble.

Judge Sherry Stephens allowed Travis Alexander’s family to ‘testify’ from the gallery, sitting in the front row, just a few feet away from the jury, sobbing and making faces. One sister in particular was caught on camera several times a week, rolling her eyes for the benefit of the camera that was positioned in the jury box. If the camera saw it, the jury saw it. That’s not supposed to happen. That’s a sixth amendment violation in that it was ‘testimony’ delivered directly to the jury, with no opportunity for cross examination by the defense.

Then we have the prosecutor, Juan Martinez, who stomped and shouted and bullied witnesses, even his own witnesses when they dared to go ‘off message.’ This same prosecutor also gave every appearance of suborning perjury, first from the lead detective on the case who contradicted his own sworn testimony from pre-trial hearings, then from the medical examiner who contradicted his own autopsy report – all in support of the prosecutor’s new theory of the crime, which he announced just four days before the trial began.

Martinez got away with using vague references and sly innuendo which should have been completely lost on the jury, because they alluded to events about which there had been absolutely no testimony, malicious gossip promoted by one particular network and spread like gospel over the internet. Did Mr. Martinez trust that the un-sequestered jurors would disobey the judge’s admonitions to avoid any and all media discussion of the trial? It’s clear that at least one of them disobeyed, because there were juror questions (in Arizona jurors are permitted to submit anonymous questions to witnesses) taken directly from televised programs the night before.

If you are wondering how the judge allowed all this to happen, you’re not alone.

The news media has always sought to capitalize on ‘sensational’ trials. Provocative headlines sell advertising, after all. And we’ve all watched the steady decline of journalistic integrity as it was sacrificed to the priority of making money. Even so, it was grotesque and very disheartening to watch the apparent glee of broadcasters as they discussed the Arias trial. This was a tragedy, after all. A man lost his life and woman was on trial for hers and these people were making extreme ‘reality TV’. They could say anything they wanted, and did. They were all too happy to offer 15 minutes of fame to anyone who cared to step up to the mike and say something bad about Jodi. It didn’t have to be true, it just had to be bad enough to feed the beast, to arouse the bloodlust of their viewers and bring them back for more.

The viewers, in turn, went to the internet. If the so-called ‘news’ media turned the trial of Jodi Arias into bloodsport, the internet’s social media turned it into an unprecedented corruption of our judicial system.

Internet discussion groups have long provided an environment where people felt a bit too free to be their worst selves, to behave online in ways they’d never behave in real life, to speak to faceless strangers online in ways they’d never speak to a stranger on the street. During the Arias trial, the impassioned seekers of “Justice for Travis” took it to a whole new level, in some cases even taking their bad behavior out into the real world.

It started with harassment and threats to Jodi’s friends and family. As the defense case progressed, the ‘seekers’ moved on to harassing and threatening defense witnesses. Harassing and threatening witnesses is a felony. “Freedom of speech” they called it when over a thousand people flocked to to write scathing reviews of a book they’d never read, just because it was co-authored by Alyce LaViolette. They lobbied every business and organization she was affiliated with to drop her and distance themselves from her. They called her office and left death threats on her voicemail. She ended up in the emergency room when that tidal wave of venomous hatred hit her.

That was witness tampering on a scale never seen before, and had the effect of intimidating anyone else who might dare to take the stand on Jodi’s behalf. Two witnesses did, in fact, decline to take the stand during the mitigation phase, citing intimidation. We would be surprised if the defense team hasn’t encountered this same obstacle while trying to prepare their case for this upcoming re-trial.

The judge was aware of all of this. It was all over the news, after all, and Judge Stephens had meetings in chambers about it. It should have been grounds for an immediate mistrial, but the trial proceeded. Now Jodi Arias stands convicted of first degree murder and may face the death penalty.

We hope you will agree that this precedent cannot be allowed to stand. Social media cannot be allowed to corrupt the judicial process as it has in this case. Jodi has the same rights as you and I to a FAIR trial. But at this point, she needs a good appellate attorney to secure the fair trial she was denied the first time around.

This conviction stands, with very limited sentencing options: life or death. All that is left is a retrial of the penalty phase. If they say “death”, the state is obligated to fund her appeals through the public defenders office, if there is not already an appellate attorney retained to take over. If she is sentenced to life in prison, the state is not obliged to fund her appeals. Either way, it would be prudent and preferable to have a GOOD attorney retained and ready to hit the ground running as soon as the court hands down a sentence.

Arias’ family has set up a trust fund to finance Jodi’s appeals. We hope you might see fit to contribute to the cause.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


The JAA Appellate Fund

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Thank you in advance for your support.


Team Jodi

We Are Team Jodi ---- And We Will Be Victorious!



  1. I had the priviledge to watch this first, immediately after it was finished.

    All I can say is that I could not be more PROUD of Pandora and Journee- they have proven what being loyal to a Cause means and this small project also proves what great things can come out of team work.

    Thank you ladies! ♥ ♥ ♥

    ((((((((( TEAM JODI ))))))))))

    Everybody SHARE SHARE SHARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. A few technical issues came up and some comments from our friends unfortunately couldn’t be saved. Please be free to repost.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.


  3. Journee really put all her effort in this. If it wasn’t for her text, there would be no video. So, I personally would like to congratulate Journee for her excellent work!

    I would also like to give credit to the rest of our friends that helped us with text corrections and additional wording.

    I personally would like to thank my friend Maria for helping me out with the photo’s that were collected and the music!

    Finally, if it wasn’t for SJ, all this would not be possible! SJ, worked behind the scenes: converting a powerpoint into a video, putting it in the site, making a seperate page for it and getting it up in youtube too.

    So, yes! It was team work! A TEAM JODI project!

    (((((TEAM JODI)))) ♥
    ((((Journee)))) ♥
    ((((All friends that helped out))))) ♥
    ((((Maria)))) ♥
    ((((SJ)))) ♥

    ((((Jodi)))) ♥

    • I would also like to thank R. Love for her initial idea which inspired the production of this awesome video and to everyone who helped even in the smallest way!!! That’s what team work is – everyone working together!!! That’s why we are Team Jodi!!!


      (((((TEAM JODI)))))

      (((((JUSTICE FOR JODI)))))


      (((((FREE JODI ARIAS, AZ)))))

      • I believe that we all are very pleased with this and Journee, Pandora and SJ have done a wonderful job. We are all very pleased and we will be praying for Jodi to get the positive help and contributions needed to help her with her fight for justice. The bottom line is Jodi is innocent of the crime she has been accused of. It is not a crime to defend ones self from a vicious attacker. Travis was not the saint that he has been portrayed to be by the media and the prosecution . . . far from it! Jodi has paid for her part of Travis’s death. The truth is Travis is responsible for the outcome of this horrible abusive attack.

    • And the Oscar goes to…………… LOLOLOL!
      Again, good job people!
      Now it has to go viral 🙂

    • (((((PANDORA))))) ♥
      (((((JOURNEE))))) ♥
      (((((TEAM JODI))))) ♥
      ((((((((((JODI)))))))))) ♥ ♥ ♥

      Ray in Harrisonburg Virginia.

    • My love to Journee, Pandora and maria for making the video possible, I cry each time I see it.

      We are Team Jodi!

      Love to everyone on here! oxoxoxox

      <3 <3 <3

    • OMG, Justus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the BEST, BEST, BEST news that I have heard for a long, long, long time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!! FINALLY, the TRUTH is coming to light!!! OMG, I am just estatic!!! Thank you, Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      (((((JODI ARIAS IS INNOCENT!!!)))))

    • The REAL movie better come out this time. They need everyone here to proofread their script. At least there is a shot at reality, hope they don’t blow it.

    • Let’s not rush to any conclusions. I wouldn’t believe a word Radar Online says unless someone confirmed it. And by someone I mean either Jodi herself (through the people she speaks with on the phone) or through her legal team or family.

      • I agree. There is nothing more that I would love than a movie coming out that is based on Jodi’s side of the story. But (sorry to piss on your parades) I will hold back on my enthusiasm until it is confirmed by either Jodi, her family or the legal team.

        (still crossing my fingers that it’s not a hoax)

  4. Incredibly well done Journee and Pandora,Maria and SJ! I’m so happy you’ve put this together! It will surely help Jodi! Thank you ALL!

    • If that’s the guy, he did Murder in Coweta County with Andy and Johnny Cash. THAT was down the street from me, and that WAS the REAL deal, no major embellishments as I recall. Great movie, scary.

    • Haha!
      As usual, haters have jumped the gun and are dead wrong – the guy is legit!
      BTW, despite what haters are saying, Jodi is not doing it for the money (because she can’t get any royalties from this movie), she just wants to get the truth out, to clear up any confusion with regard to the case.

  5. Justus,

    Oh, and when I searched Splash Hit Productions it does come up about the movie here:

    So this is another news place! 🙂

  6. Great movie!
    Kudos to Pandora and Journee for putting it together!
    It exposes the US judicial system as incapable of affording a US citizen a fair trial. Jodi was given a modern day witch trial, which isn’t going to fly with us!
    BTW, I really hope that Jodi gets her story out through that movie that she’s going to help them make.
    I know that haters have their panties in a bunch over it because they can’t stand the thought of anybody exposing Travis as a batterer and a woman beater, but that’s who he really was, and they should learn to deal with it! Haters can throw tantrums but they can’t whitewash history – Travis must be exposed! Enough of these lies about him being “sweet”, that’s poppycock!

    • Sweet????????? WHEN was Travis Alexandert sweet? GMAFB!!!!
      Hmm, let’s see:

      ” rotten lunatic, laughing stock, corrupted carcass, worthless, 3-hole wonder, cunt, skank, bitch, whore, slut…. ”
      ” So either fess up or feel the wrath. No matter how bad the truth is I promise you the punishment will be better than the lie.”
      ” “You couldn’t get off your lazy butt to read it could you.”

      YEP, he was sweet all right!

      • And yet, he hated Jodi using the words ‘poop’, ‘crap’, ‘fart’…. pffff. I guess a ‘prim and proper’ lady should have used ‘faeces’, ‘defecate’, ’emit wind from the anus’ instead !!!! 🙄

        The hypocrisy!!!

        ((((poop, crap, fart)))) 😀

        • It was Lisa who wasn’t supposed to use those words in front of Travis.
          Oh, yes!! TA= King of Hypocrisy!
          I guess since we don’t give a SHIT about him gf and since he’s dead, we can get it out of our system, RIGHT?!?!

          POOP, FART, CRAP!!
          POOP, FART, CRAP!!
          POOP, FART, CRAP!!

          ((((( Pan, I love you honey )))))

  7. LOL!

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 10m
    Prosecutor Juan Martinez just told the court that he has been called for jury duty June 19 and asked how to get it deferred.

    • Too funny! Can prosecutors be in a jury?

      OMG! Just for laughs sake (or maybe not), imagine martinez in the jury! He’d probably vote for the DP for someone that was caught DUI !!!! Jeez! Plus, I am sure that he would interrupt every so often calling: OBJECTION!!! 😀

      • LMAOOOOOO! THAT’S what I thought too!

        That :

        1) he’s so used to yelling ”Objection!” every 2 seconds that he wouldn’t be able to kick the habit and that he’d embarass himself doing that from the Jury Box!
        2) That all the questions he would submit as a juror would finish with ”RIGHT?????”

        Can anyone come up with more of those ^^^ ?? This is SO funny!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

        It ain’t gonna happen though…

      • What really cracked me up is that he was asking HOW to get it deferred –

        Because PROSECUTORS typically think of jurors as people who are “too dumb to know how to get out of jury duty.”

  8. Justus,
    The other day you asked about the capacity of the rental car. The capacity of the car came in through the prosecutor. Very disturbing when you consider that this was one of the bigger reasons the jury convicted her of premeditation. Below is the testimony concerning the gas and gas cans. The time used is from Lohr’s No Sidebars. I hope you take the time to check it out.

    Direct Testimony – Day 19:
    1:15 – 1:32

    Cross Examination – Day 24 (2 of 3):
    00:39 – 04:00
    17:35 – 30:12
    32:00 – 44:00

    Re-Direct – Day 27 (1 of 2) & (2 of 2)
    44:50 – to end of Part 1)
    beginning of Part 2 – 8:30 mins

    Rebuttal – Tesaro evidence which you have.

    The testimony is full of speculation and foundation objections from both sides, some overruled and some sustained.

  9. The story of a supposed movie deal is spreading and I’m guessing without any verification. And one supposed news outlet,, is presenting it as another Jodi Arias lie. What’s wrong with these people??? They don’t check their facts or their sources but are right up there ready to defame anybody they don’t like? News media credibility and objectivity in this country is quickly going to hell.

      • I don’t understand WHY on Earth they are blaming Jodi for that????????
        But then again…. they blamed her for more outrageously stupid things that were also fiction so go fugure!

        • WHAT???!!!! You mean to tell me that Jodi ISN’T responsible for Global Warming???!!!! 🙄

          You see the news media spreads the lies & rumors just to get ‘hits’ and ‘views’ on their pages and then when they’re outted, they play the ‘shock’ card and blame it on Jodi!

          Why doesn’t RadarOnline and all those non-credible news outlets tell us what their sources were? Can’t do that cause it’s confidential??? Ya, I guess that’s what their reply will be… pff!

      • Where did you read that it was a hoax, Maria? I also saw something like that but it was on a hater site and they are infamous for spouting a lot of crap they know nothing about. I’m inclined to believe it is a hoax but by the other side simply trying to stir up trouble. RadarOnline needs to come clean with their sources.

        • Time out, Justly…. I proved that the conviction was a hoax, as the prostitutor has, recanted the lie that she shot him, first… to gain the edge… without which she could have not done the rest of it. I posted a dozen times that the blood never dried in twenty minutes, but, four or five days, after the ritual suicide. Got that; ritual suicide, concealed by the Bishop, who could tell us, who, ratted Travis out, to trap him between his piety and his perversion. He chose to be a man, to face his agreed to fate; blood atonement ritual, as per secret doctrine law, and, covenant, agreement…proving a four or five day gap, between separate crimes, and, in no way, one premeditated , one crime; as obviously, nobody did the precision kill, then sat there for five days, waiting to figure ways to incriminate themselves, or, and, to kill him again,when, anybody could have walked in….Also, Travis’s picture proves the Blood Atonement, he was facing, as the fear in his eyes, proves it…. Jodi, sit this soap opera, out, and, let the spaz, implode, without your help. Edgrrr….You have the right to remain silent, and what you don’t say, can not be used against you. I once asked you if you knew you weren’t guilty…. now would be a good time to let the spaz prove you aren’t. as he’s been forced to recant the gunshot first soap opera, by concealment of that fact, that you shouldn’t have been arrested to begin with; and now, proven a hoax, because the spaz, has about faced his formst, even though he scammed a conviction based upon that now recanted hoax…. If you had a lieyer, you’d be home by now…. Edgrrr…I suspect the govern – mentals, have cut off, my correspondence…. Grrrr…

    • It’s called, damage control, and, requires infiltration, into your camp; and pretending to care… If in fact, anybody gives a damned, gather up all the five years of reasonable doubts, I have posted; none of which has been refuted, or, entered into the process; either on the net, or not… and, ask yourselves, what quasireligious for profit prophets, cabal, has the influence to burn a girl, for their “secret,” blood oath, blood atonement rituals, and, controlls the trolls in Arizona government… The spastic prostitutor, has just reversed format, for his next bag of tricks, to vacate the lie that he badgered the other two stooges, to conceal, so as to scam, an interstate kidnapping, and tacitly voided the bogus conviction, by recanting his lie… What’s the braindead judge and, two million dollars bribed defense, got to do about this 180 about face rescision of the lie; now to go off on another mental safari, with the opposite lie, as if, “Facts; we don’t need no stinking facts.and, who cares about thev three stooges, concealment of exculpatory evidence, they swore to, now, abandoned, for the opposite allegation. Wht hasn’t the bogus convoction, now been vacated, because of the prostitutors,’ confession ? Why haven’t the other two stooges, been interrogated, about the spastic badger, browbeating them into the conspiracy, and, why have they sat the opplosite conspiracy out, while the spaz, floats a contradictory lie, for the second time at polar opposites, while hanging the other two stooges, out on a limb…???. And how is it that you all, have not jumped on this proof of Jodis,’ innocense…??? .The concealed and reversed, socalled evidence, is the fact that the gunshot was in the four or five day, separated, crime, as proved by the time it took for the blood to dry, after the precision kill, and, the claimed combined blood, handprint, but, concealed fact that without shooting him first, there’s no way this mouse could do any of it against a martial arts kickboxer…. Proof that the separate crime was a coverup for the killing, is the fact that the pistol ejected brass, landed on dried, not wet blood, or, it would have been smudged, and or, covered in blood… Proof that the gunshot was long after death, is that the stabbings and gunshot, didn’t bleed… So, in light of these proofs, which only have to be, reasonable doiubts, the spaz, cops to his con of the first soap opera, and, burns the other two stooges; proving that there is no honor among thieves… What is the their defense to concealment of these admittet proofs, now, repudiated ? With the verdict floundering on lies, where’s the new arrest, and the new trial ??? Fat chance, since the prostitutor has tried this non case, backwards, trying to dispel the reasonable doubts, the three stooges have concealed, and the doublecrossing prostitutor has essentially indicted the other stooges with, as if they shouldn’t rat the spaz out to the brain dead judge, to how he badgered them into concealing forensics proof that the gunshot, that didn’t bleed, was four or five days, into the “Let’s set Jodi, up,” for the precision kill; as if the precision kill and slaphappy, stabfest were actually done by the same perpetrators…. Do youse guys, get any of this as proof, when all it has to be, is, reasonable doiubt ? Why, if not exactly on point, has the spaz, wimped out on the lies, good enough to dupe two governors, into an interstate kidnapping at law, good enough for a two million dollar ransom demant, good enough to get the Blood Atonement, concealed, good enough, for the brain dead judge to overlook, and, now, cowed down, to doiublecross the other two stooges, whose complicity backed him up, and, embezzled five years out iof an innocent girls,’ life; now, to, continue in reverse format, without missing a tap, of his dance…. Read my thousands of other posts, on ever website, I could find, and, send packing, in five years, nonstop…. Then, ask the prostitutor, who forced him yo recant his lies, thus, voiding his verdict; so, where’s the vacated verdict, and, acquitable, with prejudice, as the refuted format, proves reasonable doubt, and, Wonderland, Arizona, can get their obstruction of justice civil suit, underway, for letting their hypnonauseating prostitutor, not, play his silly games, with other persons,’ lives Have the confessed perjuries, been put to the two governors offices, to see how complicit they’ll be, about the confession of the need to float another lie, before the comatoasted braindead judge…??? Did you get one percent of this; good, one percent, constitutes, A, as in 1, reasonable doubt… Free Jodi, and, imprison all of these panderers to all those LSD voters…. Edgrrr…

  10. Journee and everyone did well, I thought. This Movie is Good, and I have put it on my Twitter, FB, and Google +. There should be a Movie from Jodi Arias perspective on TV – Her Real, Story!

    In hopes that there can be a difference, and a change in perspective. – Team Jodi –

    • Jo, welcome to our family!

      Another equally important link for you to check out (if you haven’t already 😉 ) is this:

      It’s Jodi’s Appellate Fund, if you (or anyone you know who might be interested) can afford to make a donation it would be awesome!

      Stop by more often 🙂 🙂

      • Jodi doesn’t need to appeal, with a motion to vacate the verdict, based upon the prostitutors,’ confession, of reversal of format; proving that the verdict was scammed, by the three stooges, conspiring to imply Jodi, shot, Travis, first, to gain the advantage, to do the rest of it; now rescinded, by the prostitutor, now doublecrossing the other two stooges, to claim the opposite, which, opposite proves, the mouse could not overpower the martial arts kickboxer… and proven that there were no gunpowder particulates in the combined blood handprint, proving that,Jodi, never fired a gun,, nor, gain supermouse horsepower, enough to nearly decapitate, Travis…. Also, proven by no blood from the gunshot, wound, because, dead bodies, ritually drained of their blood, do not bleed…. Reasonable doubt gallops in this here oater, pilgrims, let’s get to the point; Jodi, needs to shut up and stop trying to escape the seeming futility, that has generated, tales, not consistent with the evidences to clear her; if she’d just shut up…. so, Jodi, knock it off; you are not helping those who have proven your innocense; now, inadvertently, including the spaz, who’s recanted his concealments, and, tampering with the evidence, to now, slither, off on another soap opera, without a bleat from the other sheep at law, and the braindead judge, who’s condoning the confession by the spaz, of a need to change format, despite, the conviction he has in the bag; all, fraudulent, of course…. Where’s the dismissal, with prejudice, since, the reversal, proves, one way or another, reasonable doubt, as even the spastic shucking and jiving, cannot be right both ways, opposite and equal to one another… …. And, why the hell are you claiming that you shot him first, when the blood and the brass, proves, you never fired a gun, and therefore never did any of it… and the prostitutor has been ordered to recant his lies, to embark upon another soap opera….?? ? This was a sacred rite, suicide, you had no part in… I sent you “The God Makers,” and, “Under The Banner of Heaven,” books to get you to wise up, and, you continue to let us all down, with bullshit stories, despite the forensics proofs that you had no part in it…. Sit down, shut up, and, watch the spaz, implode, as he tries to explain, by what right he can claim that his new soap opera, has not been trumped by his three stooges, criminality….which he has, confessed, invalid; for which he wheedled a fraudulent conviction… that’s now inadequate in trying tpo commit your murder…. Trust me, Sunshine, Travis is not waiting for you , and, who’d givec a shit, if, he was…??? Your pal, for another, twenty years…. Edgrrr…

  11. I wonder where the letters are that Travis Alexander wrote to Jodi that JM claimed were forged? I don’t think they were forged and how did they just take JM word for it that they were forged???

    • These are the letters that Travis Alexander purportedly admitted being a pedophile, but JM alleged that they were forgeries and FOUGHT to keep them out of the trial????? Hmmmmmmm!!!!!

    • I don’t think anyone knows where they are, Marja.

      In the court docs link in the header, the documents pertaining to the letters (if I remember correctly) don’t really charge that they are forgeries, citing other reasons why they shouldn’t be admitted as well as saying that they can’t be authenticated.

    • Marja – when you ask “how did they just take JM word for it” – which “they” are you referring to?

      Because, since the letters were excluded, there was no testimony about them in open court and PRESUMABLY the jury knew nothing about them.

      WE saw Chris Hughes talk about them and call them forgeries when he was on the stand in an evidentiary hearing that was televised…. but that evidentiary hearing wasn’t really about the letters or Jodi, it was about Martinez’ conduct.

        • I dunno what the judge thought about them, but during the evidentiary hearing Nurmi told Hughes that a handwriting expert had indeed said the letters appeared to be in Travis’ handwriting. (no handwriting expert would say for SURE without seeing the original document because elements like the pressure of a stroke wouldn’t show up in a photocopy). I don’t think DT took Martinez’ word for anything.

          • I agree!!! I also was thinking that didn’t Hughes go through Travis’s documents before anyone else? Maybe he has the originals but why should he have them? They should have been turned over to the court, shouldn’t they?

            • Hughes searched TA’s computer. The letters were hand-written so I don’t think they could be found on his computer docs.

          • Journee, do we know where the original letters are?

            As for travis’s laptop? chris hughes had it for about a week (if memory serves me right) before turning it over to the authorities. If you ask me? He had ample of time to ‘clean up’ anything that was not appropriate… 😉 — And yes! If someone knows about computers, really knows, they can permanently delete stuff that will never show up…

            • The only word Ive found on the location of the original letters is that they were destroyed – that comes from the National Enquirer article about Sandy Arias’ attempt to sell them two letters.

              National Enquirer is like TMZ and RadarOnline – BUT they’ve also broken some big stories that turned out to be true (like John Edwards’ mistress) so who knows?

              I’ve been under the impression that Chris Hughes actually had the computer for longer than that, but maybe I was mistaken.

              What I don’t get is WHY NO ONE EVER ASKED THE QUESTION: How did he come to take possession of Travis’ computer before the police sealed the scene after Travis was ‘found’?

              • OMFG! You are so right! How DID chris hughes get his hands on the computer if he wasn’t in the house after travis died and before it was sealed???!!!!

                And we all know that the computer was in the house!

                • After TRAVIS DIED…. A guys bootprint in wet blood, clearly puts a man at the scene, and a girl, in the black sock, both proven by the distance from the camera to the two… proving four people at least, at the scene; all, accomplices, at least, or, the guy walking in sticky blood would have called the police… Edgrrr…

              • No, wait, back up —

                *I* have always thought that Hughes had Travis’ *actual* computer – as opposed to Deanna Reed’s computer (which, if memory serves, WAS collected when the police searched Travis’ house) – that it was Travis’ REAL computer that gave Hughes access to Travis’ emails.

                But what Hughes definitely DID have until he was required to turn them over to the police was Travis’ journals. And the same question applies – how did he get them after Travis died and before the scene was sealed?

                • Yes,the computer they found in TA’s house was Deanna’s. So Hughes of course would claim he had Travis’ computer from a long time ago (but why would he anyhow?). As for the journals, he would claim the same, that he had them for some reason long before Travis was dead. WHY? WHY????? I can find no reasonable explanation, why would someone have his friend’s journals and computer, ffs?

                • Which brings us back to the two ninjas dressed in black. Ta Da!!
                  I always thought Chris and Sky Hughes would have been the ninjas.. While Mr. Hughes was setting the crime scene his lovely wife would be stuffing the sheets and camera into the washer, then they would grab the journals and computer as they went out the door. A couple of days later Travis is discovered by some extremely smart ( ? ) roommates. Not saying they are the ones but I have always felt they are guilty of way more than we know. Hughes might have been looking for pictures of his son or wife on Travis’s computer. What else would he be looking for other than pictures of his son or wife on it???? Oh wait. . . Maybe some under the table business dealings , too. Wasn’t there mentions of money laundering go on at one time? They had to clean their trail. Very devious couple!

                • And of course that is all allegedly. No saying for one second they would do such a thing, just a little scenario kind of thingie like the Lifetime movie. Now that was a big joke wasn’t it! LOL

                • Travis was working on a somewhat autobiographical book (really more like the long version of his ‘inspirational’ speeches) —- he would have needed his journals.

                • In the Flores Report he mentions the one laptop computer and that the evidence list was in a separate report by another officer. Has anyone seen that report?
                  The search was done on the 10th and then secured and released to the family on the 13th. According to Mimi’s interview of his report, Jodi had stolen Travis’s journals but she didn’t say when this was supposed to have occurred. There was evidence from Jodi that Travis’s half of one particular series of emails or text messages had been deleted so who knows how much else was missing. The evidence list should be a court document shouldn’t it?

    • In case you’re having trouble finding the documents – it’s sort of the third section down with the header “Jodi Arias – Court Documents”, includes the indictment, etc.

      There is a paragraph in the state’s argument that talks about the fact that the letters in question are duplicates, and that without seeing the originals there’s no way to know if they are authentic, photoshopped, cut and pasted, etc. But the legal ARGUMENT in that paragraph is that they are duplicates that don’t qualify for any exception that would allow duplicates. NOT that they were “forged”.

      The conclusion of the State’s argument is as follows:

      The ten letters purportedly written by victim Travis Alexander and disclosed by defendant are inadmissible for numerous reasons. They are hearsay, and no exception applies; they are irrelevant, or if relevant, are unfairly prejudicial; and they do not qualify as character or other acts evidence. The fact that defendant has changed her strategy to allege self- defense does not make the letters admissible. Therefore, the State requests that this court grant its motion to preclude the ten letters.

      Again, nothing there about excluding the letters because they are “forged”.

      • Journee,

        I was reading an article in Huffington Post about Jodi’s trial and it stated that the letters were forged and wouldn’t you know I can’t find it now!!! LOL! I have been searching and searching for it!

        Anyway it stated that since the letters weren’t admissible for numerous reasons, like you said, that is when Jodi changed to self defense. The article stated that Jodi then realized she was in too deep it stated?

        It just seemed like JM usually got his way with pickles all the time! I just think those letters were very important to Jodi because she changed her whole plea from the intruders to self defense when they weren’t admissible!

        • She tried to get the letters admitted WHEN she changed her plea to self defense. She said they were important evidence of the nature of their relationship. It’s been reported that at least one of them (FROM TRAVIS, mind you) made reference to his having struck her in the face.

          According to testimony by Dr Samuels, Jodi changed her story to self defense when HE AND NURMI pressured her.

            • Of course, coincidentally (or not), she changed her story very shortly after the *ahem* suicide of Ashley Thompson.

              • I still can’t believe that those 3 ‘suicides’ back then were never investigated. It’s so weird..
                1. Ashley was getting her life together! She had absolutely NO reason to commit suicide.
                2. Dan Freeman’s brother, Joshua, shot himself the day Jodi was arrested.
                3. There was a third suicide around that time but I don’t have any info about that. (does anyone?)

                All these 3 people that commited ‘suicide’ were friends of Jodi’s and travis’s… it makes me wonder if there is any connection to travis’s death…. too weird.

                • All I’ve ever heard was that Gus said there was a third…. not heard it mentioned anywhere else (except, of course, in reference to the rumor itself, with Gus as the presumed source).

                • And Joshua’s suicide has been attributed to the sexual abuse he had suffered as a child and his sexual urges towards kids (?) if memory serves me right. (Or am I confusing something LOL? Sorry, too much information to remember.)

                • ((Pandora)), you asked about if anyone knew about that third suicide related to the Jodi Arias investigation. …Please Google: Sgt. Sean Drenth: Murder by Phoenix Police or Suicide Jodi Arias ……. Lots of info on that subject on Google. … I would love to read some comments on this site about that subject. …Starting to look like the mysterious ((??suicides??)) in the JFK assassination investigation. Remember Dorothy Kilgallen who got an exclusive (private) interview with Jack Ruby (in prison) & she planed (and announced) she would write a book to uncover the entire assassination conspiracy. …… And she suddenly died ((suspiciously & of apparent alcohol & drug combination overdose)) on Nov 8, 1965, at her young age of 52. … …(((Free Jodi))) … (((Is it possible to get a Jury nullification in verdict trial, that is some jurors just refusing to decide on any verdict at all ))) ??? (((Free Jodi)))

                • Were they really suicides….??? Anybody figure out, why…??? The spaz, concealing that, too…??? Edgrrr…

        • A HuffPo article that mentions the letters would most likely have been written around the time of the evidentiary hearing – which I *think* was mid-February. Look at the videos list on the right for a reference to that hearing.

        • Marja – I thought I had read this somewhere but wanted to find out for sure before I posted. Just now found the court minutes confirming it.

          The *judge* never actually ruled about the admissibility or authenticity of the letters The defense simply withdrew their objection to the state’s motion to preclude them – with no objection the judge granted the state’s motion.

          It was the one day in court when Jodi attempted to represent herself, presented and interviewed one witness, subsequently admitted she was in over her head and Nurmi and Washington were reinstated as counsel. Once Nurmi was reinstated he withdrew the objection to the state’s motion, and Stephens granted the motion. Here are the minutes for that day:

        • He didn’t testify at the trial, only in the evidentiary hearing on January 29.

          DT issued subpoenas for Chris and Sky, but I think that was mostly to keep them at a distance and shut them up for awhile. They didn’t turn up on HLN until after they were released from subpoena.

      • That is an OUTSTANDING video made by one of the most outstanding supporters I have ever known: MB.
        MB used to be an admin here.
        MB, if you’re reading this: we LOVE you and you are terribly missed ♥ ♥ ♥ But we know you still support Jodi 100% 😉

        Everyone should share this video, whether you are on FB, Twitter or any other social media out there.

    • I read this book last year, and so did Jodi by the way 🙂
      It’s a very powerful book, it exposes the Fundamental Mormons, casts them in a bad light.
      I liked it very much.

    • Found this video extremely disturbing. IMO I feel this is where all of the Hatred has been coming from.

      And, then I found myself wondering has the name of Travis’s Bishop ever come up? Who in This world is he??? Where has he been in all of this??? Hiding in the Temple?

  12. Jodi,

    I just want you to know that God loves you very, very much! You are His child as we all are His children! God only wants the best for all of His children! He did give us all a free will though. That is because He loves all of us so very much that He didn’t want to force any of His children to love Him back like puppets! He lets every one of us decide for ourselves if we want to believe in Him and follow Him or not! I believe, you choose to believe in Him and follow Him! It does not matter if we have sinned in the past, present or future (we ALL have sinned!)… “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, ” Romans 3:23

    …because God sent His son, Jesus, in human form to take all of our sins upon Himself by going to the cross at Calvary, where He was crucified to death and shed His blood for all of man kinds sins! Jesus did this willingly! He was perfect and NEVER sinned while He was here on earth, but nevertheless, He was condemned and crucified on the cross under Pontius Pilate, anyway! The good news is that He died and was buried, but on the third day He rose again in accordance with the scriptures; He ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of God the Father. He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead, and His kingdom will have no end.

    Jesus has already been through all you’re enduring, Jodi,…and more. We may suffer because of our consciousness of Him, but remember that Jesus endured His suffering because He was conscious of us. His sacrifice saved us….and yours may save someone you love, in His name.

    “He is the propitiation for our sins, and not for ours only but also for the sins of the whole world.”
    1 John 2:2 ESV

    Jodi, I pray to God that He will shorten your suffering and bring to light all the injustices of your trial! I pray that God will hold you in His arms and comfort you every day and night and give you strength and His peace which passes all understanding! I pray that God will be with your attorneys, Mother and Father, siblings, extended family, friends and supporters as we continue to seek justice for you and, ultimately, your freedom soon!

    “So do not be afraid of them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known.” Matthew 10:26


    (((((TEAM JODI)))))

    (((((JUSTICE FOR JODI)))))

    (((((FREE JODI ANN ARIAS, AZ)))))

    • 🙂 You speak the truth as it is! Thank You Marja. Perfect in every word. God will take care of our Jodi and her every needs. It is that simple. It is unreasonable to put ones faith in to following a religion who which is far from the truth. Be not deceived. If we believe in Jesus Christ as our Savior and proclaim him to be our Savior that is all he asks.
      “So do not be afraid of them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known.” Matthew 10:26
      We will not stop until the truth is told and Jodi has her FREEDOM again.

  13. Journee,

    Someone responded to a comment I had made in support of Jodi’s self defense and they said in an interview that Nurmi had said that the self defense was a lie???? Is that true??? I hadn’t heard that??

    • First I’ve heard of it. I don’t believe it. Nurmi could get disbarred for saying something like that in an interview.

      • Any plea by Jodi is indefinable, given the recantation of the three stooges, now, conceded to have been a hoax, to facilitate duping two governors, who relied upon the non existant integrity of each and all of the three stooges, who concealed forensics proofs, that constitute, especially now; being recanted, to have been a hoax, upon where all prosecution is now, voided; since the abandoned evidence, construed against is now proven to be evidence for… a bar to further hoaxes, by these untrustworthy criminal conspirators… Edgrrr… Go home, Jodi….. Don’t get into another hypnonauseating pissing contest with that spastic skunk. Let him badger his own hot air… Sit; don’t beg; don’t speak; don’t roll over, and don’t scratch the skunks fleas… Again, this is your soap opera, to lose…. Watch the spaz implode, with only the jury to piss off…. Edgrrr….

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