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For any delusional pedo-huggers still out there — craving justice for their dead & abusive pedo-idol — here’s a quick reminder for ya’ll:

Justice for Travis has been served - Jodi Arias Is Innocent-com

Consider yourself enlightened.

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In other news…

Following on from the predictable events of yesterday, check out the post-sentencing videos below, featuring Jodi Arias, Jennifer Willmott, Sandy Arias + a general summary from CBS5…

(Click on the pic to watch the video in a new window @ CBS5AZ)

To start with, here’s Jodi straightening out some of the lies & BS spewed forth by the inbred Addams family:

Jodi Arias - Sentencing - 4-13-2015

Jennifer Willmott:

jennifer willmott post sentencing jodi arias 4-13-2015

Sandy Arias:

Sandy Arias post sentencing jodi arias 4-13-2015

CBS5AZ Special Report:

This covers the overall gross stupidity of allowing the jurors in for sentencing. Having said that, some of them did make a half-assed attempt to wear the infamous “body-bag blue” in support of their POS pedo-idol. Judging by some of their attire, it’s really amazing what you can buy for $1 at Walmart these days…

CBS5AZ jodi arias post sentencing 4-13-2015. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

So… with the longest, biggest & most comprehensive judicial fuck-up in AZ’s history finally over — and Jennifer mentioned in the video abovewe can now start to plan & forge ahead accordingly with the next stage of our mission, and finally get JUSTICE FOR JODI.

It’s gonna happen. Make no mistake.

To access every court document & motion relating to this trial, click here or click the Court Docs link from the main menu at the top of the page.

In the meantime folks, and as always… we plough on regardless

Jan-21 jodi arias

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And finally…

If you would like to help Jodi by way of a financial donation to the JAA APPELLATE FUND, click the Team Jodi link below for further details. All donations via go directly to the fund for assisting with the legal fees associated with appealing Jodi’s wrongful conviction. is the ONLY website authorized to collect donations.

In addition, please DO NOT, under any circumstances, donate through any other website or Facebook page/group claiming to be “official” and/or acting with Jodi’s approval or authorization. The same applies to any “Jodi Membership Clubs”, groups or fake Trust funds that have been set up. These sites are bogus – they continue to steal money from Jodi – and they should be actively avoided. If you are aware of any such sites, please help Jodi by clicking here and reporting them. Thank you for your ongoing support!

We Are Team Jodi ---- And We Will Be Victorious!



Never question it.

Never doubt it.

Prepare for it.

Leave your thoughts & comments below…

Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

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  1. The three cows jutting their hideous mugs into the camera after Jennifer spoke need to be put out to pasture. What a foul looking gang of idiot bitches.

    • Trixels, those 3 are very disturbing women. They are ruthless haters. The one that looks like devil (dark haired one) was the one kicked out of court a few weeks ago.

      I just hope they go crawl under the rock they came out of.

  2. SJ,

    Thank you for always putting up the videos right here so we don’t have to go searching for them and for everything you’ve done and do for Jodi and all of her supporters and, especially, for providing this “safe from the haters” site for all of us here at Team Jodi’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are wonderful and AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!! Thank you staff of SJ also for everything you’ve done and do to assist SJ in getting the job done!!! You are also wonderful and awesome!!! I only know of you, Rasna!!! 🙂


    (((((SJ and RASNA)))))

    (((((TEAM JODI)))))

    • Marja, I totally agree with you! The time, effort and passion SJ and admins have put into this site since 2012 is priceless.

      And we will have this site for the years to come until Jodi is freed. Each day that passes is a day closer to freedom for Jodi. Most clueless morons might think that Jodi will spend the rest of her life in prison but they couldn’t be more wrong: Appeals will uncover all the corruption that prosecutor, state and judge tried to sweep under the rug.

      (((Jodi))) ♥
      ((((SJ & Admin Rasna))))♥
      ((((TEAM JODI))))♥

  3. Hi Marja!

    Thanks for your comments, and for your (and everyone’s) ongoing support. It’s a team effort behind the scenes 4sure, but we are definitely here for the long haul… we’re here to get JUSTICE FOR JODI… and every day that passes takes Jodi one step closer to freedom.

    Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

    • Why is it that everyone on Travis’ side wear blue??? Even the ballons they release are blue. Maybe to honor the blue bodybag? LMAOOOO!!! Maybe to show that deep down they know the world is a better and SAFER place with one abuser and pedophile less 😉

      • I’m confused about who made up the royal blue lynch mob in the jury box. Some reports I read say they were all from this retrial except #17, and I also read or heard that there were jurors from the first trial and alternates. I’m wondering which is true.

        • All 11 from retrial and 3 from the first one. The camera was on them for a few seconds, their faces were clear. That Marilou woman with the spiky hair is the one that stood out in particula. Cant remember the names of the other first trial jurors.

      • Yes, Maria, the blue they wore is the shade of ‘bodybag blue’. Or it represents the cliché color of boys: the color of gender that travis liked to wank off to: little boys.

        As for the jurors in the jury box? It just goes to show who actually was biased from the jurors. But of course they attack juror 17 because as it is perfectly said: “The best defense is a good offense”. So by trying to cover up the 11 sell outs they attacked the 1 juror that actually took evidence and reasonable doubt in consideration. Go figure….

      • I think this was a travesty of justice whereas the state kept contradicting itself but gees that’s a little harsh.

      • The world is certainly much safer without Travis. Not one of those so called “supporters” would have been happy with him dating their daughter, sister or friend. Skye Hughes said she would have been terrified if her sister had been dating him. What does that tell you? Skye knew he was an abusive man.

      • Well maria, you wondered: “Why is it that everyone on the Travis’ side wear blue???” …The TV cameras showed the family boo hooing, & all that was seen was their blue backsides.
        …When I saw that, I GOT THE PICTURE of what some “brothers” do when they want to identify with so many of their “brothers” in jail. They wear their pants falling off & showing their drawers & butts & no belt. …They do this to identify with their “brothers” who get arrested, & the cops remove the “brothers” belts as they are being transported & they have no way to hold up their pants.
        …And when the TV camera focused on the blue butts, boo hooing to the judge, I just had to identify the blue butts with (some) of the the “brothers” pants falling off. .
        …I apologize to all the “brothers” for comparing this to them. …Blue butts = = pants falling off.

    • Al, You need to get yourself back here to JAII.

      Your leave is over, and you are late for duty.

      You’ve been conscripted as one of the Commanders
      Along with BB.

      You and I and BB quit before we were finished.
      Turns out work did not get done for us.

      I’m ready to pull out all the stops.

      The lethargy is putting us all in danger.

      By the way, is anybody equipped to deal with “JusDaTruth”
      My vote says he’s a bad influence, and he’s an abuser.SJ

      • SJ I make a mess of computer typing. I’m doing the beg for forgiveness then ask for permission to you, and I do apologize. However I’ve scattered tons of compliments for you and you work to make nice.

        If you don’t forgive me, we might be in trouble. Our country is hibernating. As you well know, today was another ho hum, what’s a person to do day, and it is the last I can watch go down the drain. When absoluytely nobody seems to be responding in the midst of a crisis. That’s the only time that I gather p enough courage to spring into action. Otherwise, my low self-esteem tells me there are lots of people out there that really know how to do lthings If I tried to do something I wouldn’t know how.

        You have loads of talent that has been attracted to your amazing website. I personally believe that God has been using the synergy in this site to begin fixing some things up. My biggest excitement is that I have noticed that “THE TRUTH” is beginning to claim this site as its home! We are becoming brave enough to state things as we see it, and call it out if we need to. This site is shining a bright light on ugly things that people haven’t wanted to ackowledge. Going through this trial four times, we peeps, together have learned what a cult is. Not just as a word, but what actually happens that is not good. That is just one example of many, many, educational experiences that make us more complete people. I have designate your Cindy Jewel as the Poster Child for all of the good that goes on here.I’ve been on here for a few years, and it is beyong special the miricles of change I witness happening in the members. They accually began teaching other whatever it was that the group was tackling. It’ls like those birds in the UK that began to teach each other how to access the cream that would push the bottle cap up in the freezing weather. Anyway, last MARCH Al, BB, some others and I, started searching and keeping a record of any bits and pieces we could find across the internet. Then it expanded with discussions led by Al and BB, and startling ideas began to be revealed about analyzing and strategizing. We were looking for legal loopholes and out of the box ways to access legal guidance regarding Jodi’s trial and the prosecutorial cheating that was going on. I think the time is right to get back to where we left off, and get aggressive and creative about using the law gives, and drill into that case to crack it open. I was devastated today when I went online and literally found mounds of humans who had simply rolled over and said: Because they said so. I have never had a chance to comunicate with you personally. I don’t really know what the site “rules” are. I have just known that I know how to behave myself, and pray that I wasn’t stepping on any ritualistic toes. Well, I haven’t been scolded, so I think that’s a good sign. I’m big into collaborative processes, and so just by employing my own style, I noticed that really amazing personal growth was happing in anyone at the sight, and the rate of growth has been escallating at least since MARCH 2015 when All, BB and I had done some collaborative work. I would assume the communication we were having is out there somewhere in the archives. You might be able to find it to get an idea what we were up to. A couple of my personal campaigns are: “Stop the hiding.” and “Stop the Cheating.” As in:Just stop it. Just stop it for good. and Just Stop it now. Stop it for ALL OF US.

  4. Good morning Team Jodi! While yesterday’s decision was expected, that doesn’t make it any easier. At least the circus over and now Jodi can get on with the appeals. This too will be a very long hard road.
    That being said we are TEAM JODI we will always be here for Jodi no matter how long it takes. And what she needs now is funding for her appellate attorney. I can’t speak for anyone else but I am going to do what ever I can to raise funds every nickel counts and she needs LOTS and LOTS of nickels.

    Well it’s 0600 time to get out the door and off to work. Y’all have a good day. =)
    (((((JODI))))) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
    (((((TEAM JODI))))) ♥ =D

    Ray in H-burg Va..

    • Hi Ray!

      You’re 100% right regarding the appellate attorney fund raising. I’ll be making an announcement regarding this later in the week, together with forward plans.

      Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

    • IMO, What Jodi needs is some person or team of persons who are passionate about moving our whole country forward by shining a bright light on the Lies that we are EXPECTED TO SWALLOW w/o question. It’s like TA “guilting Jodi into changing her route to see him first, against her better judgment. then continue to Utah, afterward.

      Al and BB in particular, plus others of us, back in March, 2015 began brainstorming various ways that an appeal case could be compiled, organized, and presented.

      Without needing to invent bad names for it, we all basically acknowledged that Jodi’s trial was miserably haphazzard, mismanaged and ineffective. I call the sort of “Experts” respponssible for this result:_ “Card Carriers.”

      By this I mean, arrogant, educated in a box, reside in a box, and never ever think outside that box. They don’t collaborate, they don’t co-educate. They just flash their degrees and wait for the deep bows of reverence and awe.

      SJ’s “Stable” is filled with the opposite of that frozen outlook. On this site are some of the most brilliant human resources to be found. The most humble, yet brilliant minds and hearts on the entire Internet. Currently, There is active collaboration in seeking clues, and pulling toghether as a team to find out how they fit in.

      Back in March, 2015, Al and BB were instrumental in leading brainstorming to determe how to prioritize information for the best reception from grumpy, sour appellate judges. We were literally plucking informnation from througout the documented trial evidence and shoveling that information through a matrix, and categoring the cumulative impact of evidense, vs. individual impact. It was a lot of fun, and it made all of us smarter. Some of us were catching the “smart” from others who really knew what they were doing, and WHY. Most importantly, everybody was willing to bring along others of us so that we all understood the angles of the process. There developed an interesting philosophical duality of approach between BB and Al.

      BB was a hold out for Due Process. Al’s emphasis was the cumulative weight of the evidence. I came to recognize the strength and weakness of each side of the coin. It was a revelation to me.

      They were both correct. But when you factored in whether an issue theoretically would be viewed by a “Martinez” or a “Sherry Stephens” it was easy to collaborate over the “Risk Management” of going one way vs. the other, to make an informed decision for optimal likely outcome I spent the morning today writing my positive experience with collaborative input and feed back, but alas, I was humbled for putting too much emphasis on my own thinking_so my finger slipped and slapped me back down to size.

      Kind of too bad because I did write a lot of praise and acknowledgement about the tremendous pool of talent that has been drawn into the cozy home that SJ has createcd that attracts such gifted, motivated, and ethical personages : – )

      My prayer for the appeals is to have somebody come forward because they are in love with the law and yearn to do something to show how broken it is due to cheating. My prayer is for that person to be so darn proud of what they are doing, that they can hardly wait to show the rest of us the simple solution to surmount, rather than Cave to what we are told is inevitable The biggest LIE that we “folks” are EXPECTED to believe is that it is foolish for us to think we can alter the course ahead, because there is NOTHING we can do about it.

      I refuse to believe that it is impossible, under the lying cheating circumstances of the trial, for Jodi to be released within the next few months.

      FOR CRYING OUT LOUD_ THE LAWYERING HAS BEEN DONE FOUR TIMES OVER. The trial is ILLEGAL on the face of it. (Is that Prima Facia?)

      I refuse to accept that the prosecution is within its right to remain involved and meddle with Jodi’s case any further. Their next step HAS TO BE to face their own trials. It HAS TO BE UNACCEPTABLE, absolutely UNACCEPTABLE for this past trial to ever be forced to accept the lies of the prosecution and take the burden of proof, and the burden of remaining frozen in time, when:

      JUAN MARTINEZ (and his cohorts REMAIN UNTRIED CRIMINALS AT LARGE. Jodi should NEVER have to remain incarcerated just because those criminals haven’t dealt with their day in court. The two are entirely separate and distinct issues. The one now being of such criminality that IT HAS NO CAUSE TO AFFECT THE OTHER. Jodi’s is the cause that should now be catered for.


      Since when does our Constitution allow a state to make up the rules as they go along, unhindered by justice and existing law, just because they say so? WHERE IS THE PERSON SO ANGRY WITH BEING SHUT OFF FROM THE PROCESS THAT THEY WILL JOIN ME AND OTHERS TO LEARN AS WE GO AND GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS UNRIGHTEOUS, UNHOLY MESS In the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. We have played dead and let ourselves be forced to pretend that our fake president has the right to be acknowledged as such. HE, TOO, IS ILLEGAL. Nurmi was criticized for defending his client AS IF the injustices were Inconveniences. As he should be criticized, but what has changed. If we continue to accept WRONG, as if it were RIGHT:________________

      W E W I L L L O S E E V E R Y R E A S O N O U R V E T E R A N S S P I L L E D B L O O D

        • It’s up to AZ.
          Their governor, their sheriff and judge.

          They are elected and the people want them so they
          will be elected again.

          • Yep _Sure does sound right likely that somebody forged this, or copied (perhaps traced) these here words directly from those lawyer drawn documents that the Sherry Stevens Cutie uses to keep telling Jodi “No” she won’t grant any of Jodi’s motions, because. Jodi

            Jodi doesn’t deserve them. I think that’s what she said. I think she went and just flat out told that nice Mr. Nurmi NO NO NO NO NO!

            Well, it right likely surprises, or baffles me, that in these here courts, these real fancy suited lawyers get to just write basically the the same thing on each of these special documnents. I would think they would have to think of something new and catchy each time, or that nice Lady judge would tell them they are not allowed to COPY. They have to write something new. So I guess that sweet Jodi Arias wanted to make the nice judge happy. And Jodi done gone and wrote something nice about how YRica has almost no places to drink, you know, drinks. But when this real nice Jodi girl asked a nice person who lived there, where she and her friends should go to relax. Well, now I’m all mixed up. That local person done told Jodi that she can get a fine MaRGARITA, from the town’s popular restaurant called Margaritaville. Well Jodi was as confused as I was, because Jodi done told that local person on the street, that they should be ashamed of them self fvor lying. This fancy Lawyer Dude from out of town who knows what he is talking about and always tellss the truth, well he done said that any body who says that place is called Margaritaville is LYING. Well there sure are a lot of stupid people on those streets around Casa Ramsos. Cause every durned local kept saying, NO NO NO NO, All the local pjeople lwho live in this itty bitty little town, well they and we ALL all call that there restaurant Margaritaville. That’s becauyse they are the absolutely ONLY restaurant in this little town that serves Margaritas. I notice tourists sometimes call that place Casa Ramos. When we locals hear that, we have to choke back laughing ’cause it’s so like putting on the hilgh life pretense and makes them out of place in this little comfy town. I heard that Juan Martinez fellow, he’s the real short one, well he is saying that he wants to prosecute anyone that calls our local place Margarittaville. He says that would be a lie. He ought to know. We think he might be Jodi’s lawyer, or maybe that other big guy is her lawyer. The big guy didn’t like it when the locals called that place Margarittaville, either. I don’t get it. I never knew it was bad if you talked about a place by it’s nick name. It’s not like the place is a person or something. We heard that on the internet, you can still find places wherre people will lie and tell you are not allowed to call it Margaritaville. On the those trial movies there’s this one that shows all these stuck up guys with serious frowns so us locals will respect them. so theyre going around trying to trick a local into calling Margaritaville by its stuck up casa namos name. If you do that by mistake they get real gruff like you just pulled a gun or comething. They shout at you and say what did I just hear you call that place. You can’t do that. NOBOBY is allowed to call that plase Margarittaville from now own. That short man over there, he be bringing you up for perjury charges befo yo damn feet hits da ground. Dats Da rule now.

            • I’m sorry, Aly, But saying passively “:whatevrer you say, dear” Stuff IS NOT DOING IT FOR ME. ANYBODY who is feeding sofa fugglies into this forum like “how long and hard”

              the road is going to “have top be” How slow it “has to be” how we Have to wait at the back of the line for permission.” how we have to raise tons of money, Because we HAVE to have lawyers. We have already done all of these things.

              DO you people have a memory problem? Do you really NOT remember how it was ALWAYS the lawyers who SCREWED THINGS UP.

              Jodi is our Focus. But we have allowed ourselves to be KEPT IN THE DARK FOR SEVEN WAY TOOO LONG YEARS
              be. How it going to take to get Jodi out when we have an entire basket-full, of lying, perjuring, subborning, evidence, tampering, evidence destroyers, waiting to be arraigned and sent out of our sight for prosecuting so we can concentrate our efforts on Jodi. I want to get some peopmle together who are ready to be serious about enforcing the laws we already have on the books IN OUR COUNTRY I CANNOIT Possibily express my absolute disappointment and letdown over the POLITICALLY INCORECTLY CHOSEN INERT PASSIVITY, AND SOMEBODY HAD BETTER HAVE THOUGHT OF APPOINTING A LEADER AND CREATING A PLAN WITH OPTIONS

              I will be very disappointed if peoples’ first best idea is to “Throw money at the problem.”
              I want to see the creative genius that is over there in SJ’s “Stable” to throw themselves into l This effort. That is something I could get into.
              Who is in charge of visual effects, which inclludes the way we present ourselves as a cohesive group.

              And if there isn’t a Chart committee, creating HUMUNGOUS CHARTS to make our ploints VISUAL You will all be fired, and I’m going to tell Jodi on YOUS.

              What on earth is going wrong here! Did Juan Boy threaten to

              “bring everybody up for purjery before YOUR FEET can hit the ground” ?? If you don’t go somewhere and hide. Well Damn it. I’m too old to have anythning to loose. Some other of yous guys out there must be old enough to risk it all, too. WE CAN”T DO WHAT WE SEEM TO BE DOING. I don’t think the “Bishop said it, but when he had been flown is is when I heard it_”WE ARE NOT BEING WHO WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE”
              That probably came from the Mormons, But they don’t get EVERYTHING WRONG,

              Just most of it, and the part they get wrong is extremely dangerous. Our whole Darned Country is in danger because of it.

              So Who is going to take the lead? Who is going to set up headquarters?

              Barter for cheap room rates for a bunch of under-funded, but over-zealous
              screrwballs who promise not to trash their place, but bring them
              TONS of publicity and “P R”

              This is a paraphrase of a threat JUAN actully made against a defence witness.

              NO NO NO

              “If you so much as DARE to Testify AGAINST those BRADY violation EVIDENCE destroying

              Cindy Jewell. To me you are a shining star. You have learned more than anyone might know since your association with JAII.. NO, you don’t get a FREE compliment. I need to depend on you to find out what the heck has gone wrong her. Who is the best person to fix the organization. Here’s a tool. Jodi found Arizona’s list of guideline regarding how to be an effective Public Defender. It’s the Dummies guide for the inexperienced.

              Somebody needs to get a hold of a collection of those PROTEST VIDEOS THAT RAN IN MISSOURI IN THE WAKE OF THE WHITE COP SHOOTING THE BLACK DUDE WHO WAS CHARGING AT HIM. Im thinking of using it to create some clips of what our dear citizens might be witnessing again in real life if the side for good is brushed off and discounted. No deals where Martinez has to be within sight or hearing. Its called Schitzophrenogeneisis: Someone who makes those around him CRAZY.

              Head honcho needs to make sure If we have opposition to deal with, as opposed to making quick work of dismissing Juan as an indighted fellon so we can get Jodi out very, very, very quickly. There is absoilurtely NOOOOOO excuse for delay. edour list of “Needs” will get who is going to get Michael Keefer up to speed. We need him. We need to create enough of a legal uproar the he has meat to extend our agenda into Federal fiascos. There’no excuse for philandering. Simply: STOP DOING STUFF that is on the books as illegal. JUST STOP it already , and not shorter. If our legal actions are opposed, our agenda list will necessarily get longer, not shorter.


      • Very moving and true seabird. . .where are the people who are outraged by this miscarriage of justice? Where is our Government? Why are they allowing these particular cult like community to change their laws to protect their guilty? OOOHhhhhh I’m so sick and tired of people turning a blind eye to this. It is time for the guilty to pay their corruption to our society and laws.
        It might just be one of them next in line to be wrongly accused and convicted. Then who will save them? How will they feel when the media tries them on the internet and television? Lying, trashing and degrading them for ONLY PROTECTING THEMSELVES FROM AN ABUSER, what will they do then????? It is going to happen. Arizona better wake up those that aren’t brainwashed they are being over taken by a very devious group of hate filled people. Their plan is to take over the country, never doubt it. They come pretty darn close here lately too! Scary times.

        • Yes R. Love. It has to be stated. It is challenging to grapple with the concept of “rights” in a democracy. The easy answer would be to prosecute a religion that practices what are to us old timers unthinkable, and should be eliminated. But _ woah, well where did freedom of religion just go if we did that. And where are we left standing, if in the name of religion, a segment of the U.S. population wanted to practice polygamy. Well, that has happened, and it’s coming back around for them. they are trying to “normalilze it” by showing TV shows with Sister wives, etc. For me, the line now is hopelessly blurred, because I feel like both sides should have the right to their chosen way of wife. But wait, if you think it out to its extremes, we will end up with unexpected and certainly unintended consequences. So maybe if each preference group has its own closed off territoty within which to play out their own preferred ideals. But wait, how to you place border that keep people from falling in love with people on the other side. And worse, by creating hard boundaries, how can we keep from falling into Hate with persons from the other side.

          I am forced to believe this general potential for fall-out can only be resolved by inventing something so new and diffenrent that we have never even thought of or used it yet. But there is still no indication, even, that it could be an actual solution. Not even a temporary one. I am now wondering if God had in mind for us to purposely keep ourselves segmenmented off into multi-islanded groups, forced to adapt to whatever culture was their birthright. That brings us full circle. I did not know that this far into our history we still had such magnitudes of complex issues that they literally are not yielding to any meaningful solution whatsoever.

          Well, that above susiness stumped me for now. So, trying anotherway out (because this “stuff” is what the Jodi case is really about. Krakauer’s non-fiction_ Under the Bannaer of Heaven.

          God and the elder of the Lafferty Brothers (pologamous mormons) are having lots of transactions about now. God keeps insisting on Ron’s paying attention to “Revelations” God wants Ron to receive and carry out. (The date actually is 1984, not 1894 as I would have expected.) Yep, we’re talking about the 1980’s in general.
          So Ron Lafferty is convinlced that God has told him to accept a new Revalation. God even gave it a catchy name for Ron to use to teach it. It’s called the “Removal Revelation.” So I’m just playing around with this to see if it has any possibility to resolve issues from the 1st paragraph that had me stumped. From the sound of it, this newest revelation gave these guys a lot more ways to go out and have fun. So we’ve learned from Jodi’s case, that if you go “hunting for anytthing that gets in your way” That seems to mean you are on a mission, and you get to kill somebody, but I guess you won’t be blood atoned for doing it, cause God told you that God wanted you to Remove that person that was pretty much getting in God’s way, and just basically makling it inconvenient for God to get his work done. OK I think I’ll start skipping around to the more important stuff here, because this looks like its Just sort of word for word out of Jodi’s trial.
          During a public speech soon after his 1841 arrest5, he (Joseph Smith) vented his anger (I think this must be Steven Alexander’s bro.) by prophesying that retired governor of Missouri Lilburn Boggs _the Saints’ Despised Nemesis_would “die by violent hands within one year>”
          On the evening of May 6, 1842, Boggs was reading a newspaper in the study his Independence home when a gunman lurkingoutside shot him four times through a window. Two balls hit Boggs in the nedk; the other two pierced his skull and lodged in the left lobe of his brain. Everyone assumed that he would die, and Boggs’s demise was reported in newspapers across the country. Most of these papers speculated that the assassin had been a Mormon bent on fulfilling Joseph Smith’s prophecy. The handgun used to shoot the ex-governer was discovered outside Boggs’s study where it had been tossed into a puddle. An investigation quickly determined that the pistol had recently been stolen from a local store. The storekeeper told the sheriff, “I thought the niggers had taken it, but that hired man of Ward’s _ the one who used to work with the stallion _ he came in to look at it just before it turned up missing!” The “hired man of Ward’s The one who used to work with the stallion_he came in to look at it just before it turned up missing!”

          The “hired man of Ward’s” was an accomplished horseman from Nauvoo named Orrin Porter Rockwell._He had arrived in Independence a couple of months earlier, then he quietly slipped out of town immediately after Boggs was shot. As it turned out, the reports of B0gg’s death were premature. Somehow he recovered from his severe brain injuries. The papers were right about the would-be killer though Rockwell was almost certainly the would-be assassin and he was a mormon. Afraid of nothing, and fiercely devoted to the to the prophet. Rockwell was already becoming legendary for his willingness to spill the blood of those who had wronged the church, therefore giving them an opportunity to atone, for their sins_ a career that would become his life’s work and inspire admring mormons to christen him the “Destroying Angel” and the Mormon, Samson.
          Although Joseph may not have ordered Rockwell to shoot Boggs, it was commonly understood by the faithful that it was the Saints’ sacred duty to assist in the fulfilling of the prophecies when the opportunity arose. Once Boggs’ death had been foretold by the prophet, nobody needed to tell Porter Rockwell what to do. Few inhabitants of Missouri, (and perhaps even fewer Saints up the river in Nauvoo) doubted that the attempted assassination was the work of Mormondom’s Destroying Angel,but neither Rockwell, nor any other Saint was ever brought to justice for the deed.

  5. Just a comment on this mess and maybe a suggestion.
    1.Please correct me if I am wrong, but I understand that Jodi will be remanded to a Womens Prison Facility about 30 miles from the current location. Also a completely different enviornment from a Sheriff’s jail that she has been held her for over 5 years. With that being said, it is possible to send funding direct to her Prison account, for those items needed to survive. The key is to remind her, that people still care, and that she is never alone as time goes by. J-Pay is one way or I think Money Orders addressed to the inmate through the Arizona Department of Corrections. Not sure on this part.
    2. The second thought is a Federal Appeals action and funding that may be needed. The only concern is any Law Suit filed by the TA family attempting to get that money from Jodi. We wouldn’t want monitary support to fall into the wrongs hands.
    Finally, as so many have stated, this trial was a circus witch hunt by the state for revenge and money. Not Justice, The judges decision sends a clear message that its ok to rape and beat women on behalf of the state of arizona. Jodi did what she had to do to survive. Now we must not forget that she still need support in her daily struggle to be free in America. Funding will be sent once the dust has settled and she adjust to her new home. Time to focus on the new mission and appeals process. Time to do the right thing. Time to move forward. Send Jodi a post card if you can or a couple quarters for a candy bar would be nice thing to do. Support and Defend Jodi’s Rights under the US Constitution. Best of luck.
    Sgt Paul

    • Sgt Paul, thank you for your kind words.

      I am sure that SJ will put up the information needed for contacting Jodi and helping her out financially for her everyday needs and for her appeals.

      It’s good to know that we can now write Jodi letters instead of those measly tiny postcards.

      Plus, finally I am happy to know that Jodi will be fed much better instead of that pukey crap that looks like diarrhea that sheriff joe feeds the inmates at Maricopa county Jail.

      P.S. Unfortunately, from the day that Jodi was restricted from any contact, all her mail was kept and not delivered to her. It seems that sheriff joe wanted to keep something that was Jodi’s. He will never get any postcards with so much love written in them as our wonderful Jodi did. I am wondering though: is it legal to withhold mail? Isn’t that a violation of our rights? Those postcards were our and Jodi’s lawful property. I think there are laws about stealing mail. Just saying.

  6. Good Morning SJ and all. I agree yesterday was expected but still a hard pill to swallow. I’m still totally shocked that JSS would allow the jurors after being released from this casejust sit in the jury box displaying home bias they always have been.
    I was so impressed with Sandy Arias, not only what she said in court but in her interview. I was taken back by the fact that Jodi’s family saw evidence of abuse but was never allowed to testify. I have a question of the time frame of when they saw the marks on Jodi. Was it when she lefted Mass to move back home or was it after TA was killed? If the was after TA was dead Rryan B you have some explaining to do. You would have seen these marks on Jodi.

    Now I think we all had the WTF reaction with Jodi’s memory yesterday. I know I sure did. But I look at it two different ways. 1. Go back and listan to what Jodi said. She did not say I remember my cutting his neck. She did not admit that. 2.
    Does Jodi truely remember anything or has what has been told to her over and over become a faults memory?

    I do hope the media and the Alexander’s have sucked their last penny out of this case. They all need to move on.

    I pray that Jodi got a good meal for the first time in 7 years and she was able to sleep. God Bless you Jodi….

    • I have the same questions, Cindy. False memory, false “confession”? Something’s not right. I think there are many clues to this in Jodi’s testimony, the interrogation, her own written words, and more. Of course as always, I could be completely wrong. I just don’t believe Jodi belongs in jail, but I’m not exactly sure why.

      • Good morning Sandra. To me it’s always been the evidence. It just does not make sense. But there has been much debate over what Jodi said on the stand and what the evidence tells us.

        We have to come to we have to come to terms with the fact that Jodi does have a mental illness. Now what expert we each choose to believe is up to each one of us.
        I personally do not believe Jodi killed Travis…

        • The Evidence: Well I stumbled upon some evidence that the Reason that Jodi was accused of Lying about there being a restaurant in Yreka is because Martinez sent his goons in and HID/Eraced any Evidence that those locals DO refer to Casa Ramos as MARGARITAVILLE. There is a trial video that shows Martinez having one after another of his “Detectives” asking people on the street if there is a restaurant in Yreka, or the entire county and the people always say NO. Well, that is a cleverly worded and orchestrated (L I E) Martinez is the LIER, Not Jodi. I found a collection of people who were approached that all laughed at the idea that folks would deny that the Restaurant is almost universally and affectionately called Margaritaville as a nickname by the locals.

          It’s going to be a nuisance to try to dig out the various parts and phases that will reveal just how this heist was pulled off, but I’m going to find a way. This is a deliberate and underhanded and lethal game that Martinez is playing with innocent peoples’ lives. This definitely qualifies as CHEATING: Mr. Martinez CHEATER; CHEATER; CHEATER STOP CHEATING NOW! STOP CHEATING PERMANENTLY! YOU DELIBERATELY SET ABOUT DESTROYING AND HIDING EVIDENCE that Margarittaville is what the local people of Yreka call the restaurant licenced as CASA RAMOS.

      • From here:

        and more specifically here (which you can also jump to from the article above):

        In the mind of a person with Borderline Personality Disorder, feeling creates fact. “Truth” is fluid, shifting to accommodate emotional needs. Whole blocks of memories can be freely ignored, rearranged or reinvented at a time.

        What is perceived by the world as ‘lying’, by the person with BPD, isn’t lying at all. It is telling the truth their brain has constructed to accommodate their emotional needs.

      • Sandra, Cindy, Journee: it is a proven fact that people that read and see a certain thing over and over (that they don’t actually remember) could trick their minds that it is what happened. They start believing that it is their memory and not an image of what happened planted in their mind because of the constant reminder and reports that they review.

        So, I too think that Jodi doesn’t actually remember what happened with the knife and the throat. It’s just images that made her think she did remember. Especially if she had seen any horror films with similar scenes: that would make it easier for her to create a similar scene in her mind.

        • I’m like Cindy,
          I either don’t want to believe it and I’m not that way. If it happened and
          everything was answered, then I could accept it.

          None of it made sense to me and I can’t change my brain that quick,
          I get a headache.

          • Just a thought on this statement she made yesterday about the knife in the throat…it could be that after this much passage of time, her memory is slowly bit by bit coming back to her so she apparently now has a memory of the knife going into his neck and him being conscious…it also could be that her mental illness over time has convinced her of some memory of this but it is an implanted memory or false memory…it could be either…however, at this point we just need to accept what she says unless and until we get some hard evidence to the contrary…it doesn’t make her previous testimony wrong or false…she testified she could not remember…well, now apparently she has some memory of this specific action…however, the important thing to note about this is that she still states unequivocally that she was being attacked and she was trying to get away from him, not the other way around. Self Defense !! So this is the important point here on that…Jodi’s Mom stood strong on that as well saying it was Self Defense !! Good for her…


            • BB, yesterday Jodi stood up and got a few things off her chest and on the record that she felt needed to be stated. She knew that there was no use in begging for mercy from JSS so she used her time to say what she felt needed to be said. One of these things was that she intended to testify to that memory of the neck wound in the retrial. We will never know if she had other memories that have come back and she would have testified to. That could be partly why she needed her to testify in the closed courtroom. Dr. Samuels and other experts, have testified that memories may or may not come back to her and over time. There was really no reason for her to stand before the judge and the world at this point and admit to that memory if it wasn’t a new and real memory that she wanted to be part of the record as she wanted to be as truthful as her memory allowed her to be.

              • I agree, Carol. The simplest explanation is that some bits of memory are coming back over time. I believe she was there and was attacked three times in that bathroom and finally went nuts on him with the knife. Maybe she’ll begin to remember more, such as where that final battle took place and how he ended up in the shower.

            • aActually, reading occasionally on AZ Central, I believe Phoenix is having a big problem involving pedophelia.
              That was certainly a weird woman who bought TA’s home. That’s judging by the things she was saying in her media Interview, and the article that was written. I wonder what Tot Doc’s diagnosis would be of that woman’s mental condition.

              Without her really grasping the sinister implications of TA’s “condition” that woman was romanticizing the glory of her “owning” a piece of celebrity. She actually was turning the essence of the “spirit” of that place from a horror crime into some benevolent protective angel with which their family was co-habiting and (cringe) that TA’s spirit was hovering around her SON as protection_(Yea, sure HE was.) I would bet that with her way of thinking, that family is just one more that is enthralled with the “CULT.”

              Are we noticing some THEMES being recycled?

              • Heavens yes! I thought when that first came out, I would hang a garlic necklace around my son’s neck and lay a cross in his hand for protection. They are really in a bad way. 🙄 They also reproduce like rats. SMH

                • lol R. Love.. they are required to have many children.. the cult takes 10% of their earnings in tithes.

        • She wouldn’t need a movie reference –

          she’s a visual person, much of her artwork comes out of her head (as opposed to models or photos)

          her mind could easily create the movie

        • Okay: I need your indulgence, whoever tries to read these ramblings. There are things I feel I must write, even though I don’t understand what they mean or why. I believe Sandra, you have had similar experience regarding Jodi.

          For some reason I can imagine the scene on the tile in that bathroom as if it were real, and I was myself in that tiled room; with Jodi, but not being Jodi. I know, it’s weird and surreal.
          It seems to be in semi darkness; there seems to be an “other” presence as I “experienced” what Jodi, herself, articulated.

          In my state of surreality: She never said that SHE was holding the knife.

          She never said that SHE dropped the knife.

          In my mind I was experiencing that Jodi (I, myself in my mind was standing in as Jodi, now ) and “WE” never held the knife; (I know, I know.)?

          The experience that happened (“to me”) was the experience of a SOUND. No experience of the sensation of something held in the hand.

          There came the sound of a metalic knife, a knife that was dropped, cllinking when it hit the tile floor.

          I never had an internal sense within myself that Jodi, as in her physical self, had anything to do with the knife. Someone else who was there had used the knife, and after the knife had served its purpose, whoever had used it, released it, or dropped it; where upon there followed the SOUND of a knife; accomodating the laws of gravity, it dropped, and it clanked. Then nothingness. Absolute nothingness. (Please don’t take this seriously. If you are who is meant to “know it,” I suppose you will recognize it.)

    • Hi Cindy!

      Sandy was awesome! It just goes to show the ethic and morality that all Arias’ and friends have in comparison to the despicable and vile character all alexanders and their posse have.

      It’s true that they didn’t allow Sandy to testify during the first and second trial. Bill also wanted to testify. Again, he wasn’t allowed to. I don’t know why but I really do hope that the only reason was to protect them from martinez’s bullying and attacks.

      As for the bruises on Jodi? Oh, I know about those since last summer when I had spoken to a person that had seen them. This person went into details telling me that he found it weird that Jodi wore a turtleneck shirt right when she got back from her trip. He said her neck and was shocked that the fingerprints from travis’ attempt to strangle Jodi were so visible. Again, he was not allowed to testify under oath about this… truly sad. I just wish that they had documented this back then, by capturing it on pictures or filming it.

      • Who was the “THEY” that prevented Sandy and Bill from testifying?

        I’m just trying to get a grip on who is controlling this melodrama.
        Who is in the “drivers seat?”

        • Seabird, I’m willing to bet that it was Jodi herself. Her father is not in good health. We all have seen what disrespect JM displayed with anyone that testified for Jodi. It was not in their best interest. You know those tapes that they have of DT.F talking to Jodi’s parents…..well JM would have used them against them. IMHO

      • I keep reading: “Not allowed; Not allowed; Not allowed.
        I’m going nuts. ONCE AND FOR ALL _

        I want to know who is it that “IS ALLOWED” to control this process?
        It certainly does not seem to be the defence side of this “game.”

        Something is VERY wrong here.
        This FEELS like playing Monopoly with a four-year-old.

        That age kid simply does NOT get the concept of the purpose of having RULES to follow to make a “game a game.” Otherwise it is EXPLOITATION. Pure and Simple!

            • R. I saw that last night. Not sure how I feel about this one. Haven’t seen the news this morning but I’m going to bet that he’s going to be doing some desk duty for a while. He disobeyed his superior command to stand down.

              Only in AZ. If you cant shoot em run them down…… What’s next??

              • Get THIS……a 30 yr old man from a small town in my home state came home for the holidays after a divorce . Not much to do in small country towns during the holidays, or heck ANYTHING really.

                Apparently he and a couple of former classmates played pool at some Lil beer joint until closing time (2AM) and he left in his own car. He drove near the interstate is that runs through the town and stopped at a 24 he convenience store. He walked in and picked up a RED Bull energy drink.

                Now if his mind was elsewhere, which I can see, he walked out of the store with the what? $4.00 DRINK? Without stopping to pay. (I accidentally did that with a coffee once
                but they knew me and had me pay for it the next day.)

                Well, apparently in this stupid little town that’s reason enough to involve 4 local police and sheriff’s office cars, and state highway patrol to chase n you down for! (It’s real close to the exact spot Tim MCVEIGH was stopped by a highway patrolman ) but DAMN they can’t all be b McVeigh! So, they chase him down, he pulls into a Walmart empty parking lot. The end result is the kid ended up dead, shot to death over $4.00!!!!

                Guidelines need to be rexamined! EVER call isn’t McVeigh, or Manson for Petes sake! At some point reasoning must begin to enter in. The police chief in that town is my best friends step son when my friends husband died he became a big bully his father would have been ashamed of! Nothing like a southern small town cop with a badge and a gun! I drive 10 miles out of my way when in the area as to have cross where that man is! Now that kid may have indeed had a gun, I don’t know . My point is the chase should never have started for that small deal… could have been a complete mistake and he then panicked! ……but b that’s just me……

            • I do not believe the thief was in the right. . .no way. . .but is that how the law officers should behave?? WHAT ON EARTH HAS HAPPENED when no one questions their actions. There was a better way to apprehend that thief IMO!!!! 😯 How did they know the rifle was loaded? They couldn’t have.

                • Wonder why they just didn’t let him kill himself (suicide appears to be a common happening in those parts) ? Just disturbing to actually se their mind set. SMH

        • Am I the only one who has become FIGHTING mad here?

          WE absolutely have to do what you said Jodi and her parents did.
          WE MUST take an intrusive STAND and cause this Outrage to become


          Does it strike anyone that the time is ripe? We are entering AN ELECTION SEASON>

          WE ARE the news: That means we should not have to pay to get our Message Out.

          “They” should be manipulated into recognizing and joining our cause: To Stop the Cheating.
          Stop it now. Stop it for good. No excuses. No turning back.

          CHEATING MUST BE MADE TO HAVE C O N S E Q U E N C E S _ and (keep it simple)

          We WILL NOT be manipulated into (” Throwing Money at IT.)

          If we are ever to TAKE OUT COUNTRY BACK It can’t be about MONEY.
          It has to be about WHAT IS FAIR; and WHAT IS RIGHT!

          This is the only site, to my knowledge, that was “born” to support (NO, NOT MONEY) a grass roots TRANSPARENT COLLABORATION TO STOP THE CHEATING.

          the FOLKS are SICK AND TIRED of having their simple dreams and goals in life

          CHEATED AWAY!

          • Thank you, Cindy. If it is true that Jodi and her family made that choice, I am 100% for it.
            That is the change that MUST happen.

            If someone, or some “thing” from the other side is forcing our positions,
            THAT is what MUST STOP!

            We have had ZERO control over the past seven years. That makes US SLAVES to the “System.”

            If ever there was “A TIME” THE “TIME” is N O W

            What is needed is TONS of IDEAS

            Silly ones, serious ones. Dopey ones (like SNOW WHITE) hA HA. i just typed “Snow What”
            But_ Guess What that is just the sort of thing we want to capitalize on.

            We want EVERY ONE to be aware of the “STUPID”_ such as JUAN and the Snow White Fiasco he created. We need to turn this crap into ONE NATIONAL That Folks will remember when they go to the poles. We could actually start laughing again. :- )

    NEVER DOUBT IT! Others might move on but here we are and here we will stay! All my prayers and positive thoughts go for JODI ANN ARIAS!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ARIZONA YOU GOT IT WRONG AGAIN!!!!

    Deuteronomy 31:6 – Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the LORD thy God, he [it is] that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.

    • Hi R.! Oh ya! We’re here for the long haul. I just hope that the haters will ‘heal’ 🙄 and move on. There’s nothing left for them to do. But then again: they were never in it for supporting their ‘saint’. They were in it for the hate, the bullying and the attacking.

      I just want them to remember: if ever (which I don’t wish for them) they get stuck in a situation that they can’t do anything else but defend themselves using all means, they will hope people like us ‘whacko’s’ are around to support them when all the world is against them.

  8. One thing that bothers me is why, oh why didn’t JSS sentence Jodi after the first trial and we would be past this stage of their game? It was so apparent to the world her feeble mind was made upp from the beginning. I’ve always thought JSS and Juan have certainly cashed in on this fiasco. This was a done deal behind closed doors before it ever started. I’m proud Jodi finally stood up for herself and called them out for their lies. What in the world was JSS talking about this was all planned. There was no premeditation AT ALL by Jodi Arias! She fought for her life and WON!! I’m sick of the LIES FROM THE OFFICERS OF THE LAW IN ARIZONA!!! SCUM BAGS!

    • R. You know I agree with you. Yes, it should have been done with 2 years ago. Arizona tax’s payers, you have no one but the state and the Alexander’s to blame for this. You know those people that didn’t give a flying fig about how much it was costing each of you. They sucked over $3,000,000 in donations. But left you with the tab for this trial as they collected the rest of their donations and scurried out of town/the state. Hummm. You would think they could at least given back some revenue.

      So when that tax bill comes in the mail don’t put the blame on Jodi.

      • And now, so as to thoroughly rub salt in the wound, the Alexanders are going to ask Jodi to pay restitution for their expenses accrued while attending the two trials that they insisted upon. Total unadulterated insanity!

        • The Addams family are seasoned experts when it comes to prostitution… but there gonna get nowhere fast with restitution.

          Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

        • They’re asking to cover expenses which the $2 MILLION in donations should have already covered!! But not if those donations were used for trips to Disneyland, Mexican maids and new boats! SMFH! 🙄 🙄

    • R., it was all about politics and ‘dough’ (cha-ching). Elections, likes and fame. Not about justice. Not about the law. Not about reasonable doubt being the biggest factor.

      Premeditated: MY ASS! Nobody and I mean nobody would have planned such a piss poor murder! And topping it off by leaving evidence incriminating them behind! 🙄 Especially knowing how brilliant Jodi is. If she had planned to put travis in a blue bodybag I am absolutely sure that she would have used many many other ways to do so w/o getting so messy: Poison, paying someone to do it, shooting him in his sleep, cutting his brakes, etc… and she would have absolutely never have left anything behind putting her there!

      Judge sherry stephens needed an excuse to give LWOP and this was the only thing she came up with. If in the first trial the jury had heard all about travis’s dark perverted side, I am sure it would have never gotten to premed M1. Worse case senario? M2.

    • While that does seem to make more sense in ways, because the “punishment” phase was deadlocked by the same “jury of her peers” under the law, it was not lawful for a judge (any judge) to circumvent the process and set the punishment themselves. As part of our guaranteed “due process” , we / she was entitled to a punishment finding by a “jury of HER peers”.

      The thought of our forefathers being we aren’t guaranteed fairness for SURE, if we haven’t been afforded a shot at being judged by people from the community. Not people who may go right to the highest possible level of punishment because they are m”trained in the law ” and feel they are superior to just anybody off the street. Again the original plan being the laws should be applied equally the same for each of us no matter who we know, our race, our family ties, our income ect.

      Not that our forefathers vision isn’t circling the toilet bowl certainly. Because in fact it is!

      Just MHO….

  9. She as much admitted what I have maintained all this time, and that is she went to the lengths that she did lying in the police interrogation because she was covering up for Travis. This insane trial, which never should have happened, was all about covering up for him. TA’s family and friends will continue to lie in order to protect him. This doesn’t make sense to people who do not understand how cults operate.

    • That whole county is full of members of that cult then. Who has ever known a jury to come back all dressed in the same color and be allowed to make a display like they did. Only a group of Liars for the Lord! I would think that our government would be investigating their above the law behavior! Unbelievable any where else in the US. The things that JSS allowed the family to get away with is criminal. They showed absolutely no respect to her or her court room. Always feeling superior to anyone and everyone else. Pathetic.

      • I really believe Jon Krakauer would be a good person to write about this case in an objective manner because he has written about the cultlike LDS before.

      • Yes, R. Love, and how on earth did that many jurors get picked who ended up wearing blue ribbons??? I wonder if they are all Mormon and if so, that is very fishy, don’t you all think??? Thank God juror #17 managed to get picked!!!

      • It is going to come back to bite JSS in her behind….it was a mistake, an error to have that demonstration in front of the court BEFORE RENDERING HER SENTENCE !! There was a biased demonstration allowed to occur in the courtroom apparently with the full knowledge and permission of JSS…this is wrong and should be noted on any appeal…just like the other demonstrations that happened continuously throughout both trials…what it does is this: It puts Judge Sherry Stevens on a side instead of remaining impartial and adhering strictly to the law and evidence is shows Sherry Stevens bias and that can not be allowed in our courtrooms…the defendant has a constitutional right to a fair trial and to a fair rendering of judgment….both of which Jodi did NOT get….it will be one of the voluminous appeal issues……


        We are supporting you 1000000000000% !!!!!!

    • Jodi’s first two lies were made because it’s totally normal: she was scared. She was shocked at what she had done. She wanted distance herself from the killing. She should have came clean from the getgo. But instincts kick in: How many people do we hear that will go to the cops saying: hi, got some coffee? I’ve got a story about how I killed my abusive boyfriend to tell you.

      She knew that she was doomed! Who would believe her? Especially in a mormon cult community? She killed one of their own. She was an outsider.

      And it has been proved that whatever she says or does is not believed:
      She cries? She’s faking it. She doesn’t cry she’s coldhearted.
      She apologizes? She’s lying. She doesn’t, she’s coldhearted.
      She states her regret? She’s faking it. She doesn’t, she’s coldhearted.
      It’s a lose-lose situation. Whatever she does or says is used against her.

      As for not outing travis in the first trial? I wish she had. It’s such a ‘tell’ that victims and abused women will protect their abusers just because they love them. Unfortunately, Jodi was too stuck on protecting travis and his good image, instead of outing him for the motherfucker he was!

      • Fear was part of it, but mostly she was protecting Travis’s reputation on earth and the afterlife. The same reason his friends came up with the stupid jealous stalker narrative. The media completely overlooked the Mormon angle outside of the sex stuff, so people never got a very good picture of this case.

  10. I believe if there was premeditation it fell on Travis Alexander. He is the one who had a master plan in place. He had gotten by with bullying and lying before. It never entered his mind that things might not go the way he had planned. I am thankful every single day that Jodi was able to protect herself from his aggressive and abusive attack. Travis is the one who premeditated. He knew Jodi knew to much about him and she was moving on, away from him. TA never wanted his secrets to be revealed but thanks to his loving family and friends and the blood thirsty money hungry State of Arizona his true colors were brought into the light. Now the world knows the lies that the media and social media created only to protect the memory of an abuser.

    OH, BTW not sure what in the world his sister was saying but there is no truth that anyone from Jodi’s side would have ever sent her pictures of her dead brother. All for drama. Absurd. If she received pictures, it came from TA’s side, doing what they do best stirring up crap. She just fell for their tricks. Sorry. Jodi would never do such and thing and none of us would either. Period.

    • It’s sad that ALL the alexanders have made people question the mormon cult and find it highly non-credible. It’s one thing to disagree with a cult and a totally different thing to always see lying, unethical members.

      No, not all mormons are pedos, liars, unethical but it seems that the number of these respectful people is in the double digit…

      • What they tend to be is all about how they appear to the public. They are all about the group. Anybody who poses a threat risks their wrath.

        • Thanks TonySam, I have been trying to figure out what was the “something” you were trying to tell us.
          I think “I GET IT, now”

          Yes, TonySam. These sort of distinctions are what I wrote about, bringing my black and white thinking to a screeching halt. I could not think of a fix for our Democratic Dilemma, but at least I sure did realize that there is a Dilemma.

  11. Posted on Twitter
    #JodiArias can receive mail now at:
    Lumley Unit
    Jodi Arias – 281129
    P.O. Box 3300
    Goodyear, AZ 85395
    United States

  12. Prosecutor Martinez the not very funny Clown said this at Monday’s circus matinee, what the family “can’t get out of their mind is the brutality as she dragged him down the hallway and put a bullet in his head” and to ignore Arias’ claims of remorse during and after her trials.

    Seems he’s still believing in his own made up version of what happened, re; the bullet in the head being fired last. Stephens done so much nodding when the Vicious Sisters & the Mad Aunt & every other Tom, Dick & Harry on their behalf was talking or was it whining? Yes, I have corrected myself that I thought there was someone behind winding her up like a children’s toy, “Nod, Nod, Nod, and Nod”. The reading of the letters was so fast that one good thing about it…is that she’s not a “Newsreader”. As for being a “Judge”! She’s no more a judge in reality than Constance Harm is in unreality, except in cruelty. I said yesterday, how she would sentence & she did it like I said, thinking of the tills ringing in her brain with the beep…beep of dollars, the same with Martinez from books they will sell to the haters.

    Maricopa Justice doesn’t serve abuse victims very well because abusers are looked on as goodies by the likes of Montgomery & Arpaio. In 2013 there was one such case, I’ll just say the abuser was a minuteman…but he was up for molesting 3 girls (very young girls) & showing them pornography & porn videos while molesting them. That would normally, if there was proper justice would have warranted a life sentence. But no, not in the most corrupt justice state in US, no, no, no, for you see being a friend of Auld Bill, you know that Bill I am talking about? You can be treated so leniently…I mean, little girls abused in Maricopa don’t get justice either & these young girls were under the age of ten.

    So the abuser the friend of you knows who? Got the special treatment from you know who? and wait for it didn’t even get half a sentence…or a quarter of the sentence or even nine tenths of a sentence for you know, he was a friend of a friend in the Maricopa County and was happy with the outcome, in fact, very happy. For he only got 10. No I haven’t made a mistake…10…but no I have made a mistake, he got another 1/1/2 year off because he was a con, a “Republican”. Would you Adam & Eve it (believe it)? That is Arizona’s rotten devious immoral justice system laid bare for you…that is why we must stay focused on getting Jodi out of its grip & the rot (you know the names yourselves)? – taken out of its centre to swap places with her. When that job is done, equity will be one word that will mean what it means, “Equal & Good Justice for All”!

      • Thank you Pandora, & thank you for the great work you have done to keep everyone up to to date during the pretrial & I am sure before I came on board. So many great people here with one great cause to free Jodi. I can’t wait for that sweet day.

    • Beautiful writing, jojnjo: this is exactly the sort of goings on that needs to be exposed “at large.” The public need to be aware of the way things that hurt us are “constructed.”

      This site is becoming “THE SITE OF TRUTH.” If the truth is hidden from the folks, those folks are saddled with IGNORANCE. Just think about the hidden meanings in that word. The bottom line is, that the “folks” are deprived of their right to choose for themselves. If they do not know that something exists, Such as Green Eggs and Ham, then they are NOT FREE to choose it, if they so choose, so to speak:-)

    • Thank you for your post jojnjo!

      BTW, Stephens’ nodding was disgusting! So biased, not that it was surprising or unexpected. When she said she hadn’t receoved our letters, I went nuts! They were sent to her on Friday, for crying out loud. I know how many they were and NO WAY could she have read them all in 10 minutes!!! NO WAY. Wanna bet she didn’t even bother???

  13. Jodi did hint in her first trial that she had some memory when she said that TA would not stop and kept on coming and coming at her. In such a situation it can be like an out of the body experience where your body is acting on instinct and you are along for the ride. If a dozen people were watching it each one would have a different recollection. Stress can do strange things especially for the person in the middle of the fight.

    • WOW, so much beautiful imagery in what you wrote. It’s like poetry, and draws a person into the fluid mental world of “options.” Our culture has very little experience with “mind-to-mind” communitation.
      Thank you.

  14. Bobble Head Pickles (JSS)
    Crocodile Tear Fakers (alexander siblings)
    Whiny-voice Lying Frog (juan martinez)
    Biased Jury dressed in ‘BodyBag blue’ color
    Vulture Reporters (exception of a few)
    Hostile and Abusive travibans

    How did Jodi ever have a chance to hear anything else but LWOP? Everyone of the above were ruling and had bonded and duct taped Lady Justice’s mouth.

    • The picture that Jodi spoke about yesterday with the Scamsters doing the thumbs down pose is on Twitter feed. No crocodile tears to be seen – just their stupid smirks.

      • I saw it. Then I puked. They are not worth anyone’s time of day, IMO. All they have been interested in is how they may profit off of their dead brother’s body! They have gone to so many great lengths to profit, it is truly disgusting. They show no grief and BTW neither has POIFlores. Everyone should see them when they aren’t performing in the court room. They have suffered nothing. They have been living up partying as they go and making sure the wined and dined the jurors. The jurors who have fell for them. . .or better yet were part of them are nothing but pawns in their ploy for sympathy. They all are nothing but flim flam scammers! Pathetic that many have followed and supported them in their corrupt behavior. Grief. . .they do not know the meaning.

    • Mind Control is real, and it is powerful. It is just plain wrong to brainwash a person and then put the person you just “altered” on trial for their life.

      I think that qualifies as C H E A T I N G:
      Stop the cheating. Just stop it NOW and AT ONCE.

      I hope we have some poster-makers. We can get them out on street corners in “shifts.”
      But: Keep it Simple :- )

      Like TomySam’s “hints'” she/he was posting_ at first “folks” don’t know what it’s about. Then they get curious. Then they find out, and Change Happens!

  15. Quick Update:

    This is Jodi’s *current* mailing address:

    Perryville Prison
    Jodi A. Arias ADC #281129
    P.O. Box 3000
    Goodyear, AZ 85395

    It’ll change to a different address shortly. I’ll let you know the proper address at that time — but between now & then, using the Perryville address above will be just fine.

    (Check the new VENT #12 page for further info)

    Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

    • Well, I suppose he is relieved. Too bad JSS didn’t grant his wish at the very beginning. I’m thinking part of the plan.

      • Plus, I would like to think that was just one more for the Appeals JudyF.
        I think he knew it would help to be noted in the court room. KN knows he
        has done a good job making a record for appeals for Jodi.

        • R, that’s what I thought, also. Nurmi fought so hard for Jodi in the 2nd sentencing trial that there’s no way he would try to slight/sabotage her on the last day. I agree he did it for her appeals (to illustrate communication had broken down between he and Jodi – whether it actually had or not).

        • Exactly, it was said on the record yesterday for the appeals which will surely include ineffective assistance of counsel…the fact that they could not or would not communicate and that JSS refused to allow any change of attorneys is ineffective assistance of counsel…you can not counsel if your client won’t talk to you or you won’t talk to your client (which I believe Jodi complained about earlier on about KN and not being able to get hold of him or him not taking her calls)

      • The only reason the Judge granted Nurmi to be off the case now is the case is over, Appeals are not done by Defense Trial lawyers, there are appellate lawyers in place for that.

          • Who is in the Drivers’ Seat NOW?
            And what the heck is going on here.

            How is this not CHEATING?

            Let me see: Seven years ALREADY SERVED for a crime she never committed.

            And we’re messing around with negoting is she can serve “less than lifetime” for a “crime” she never committed?

            Has anybody followed the EVIDENCE that there is NO EVIDENCE that she was even there?
            NONE NONE NONE NONE As in ZERO ! That means that Jodi was LIED to to get her “Confession.”

            Yes indeed. She was lied to by none other than the MCPD LIER IN CHIEF: Det. Flores !

            That dang chunk of wall that was carted away_ I read that there was NO DNA found by foreinsic lab.

            Only some mix of liquid from some couple of sources or another.

            How can I find out who is the person that has been assigned to check out Jodi’s case with THE ARIZONA INNOCLENCE PROJECT?

            JODI qualifies: UNLESS she makes the
            MISTAKE of hiring another L A W Y E R

            FYI, Jennifer does NOT qualify as a lawyer. She needs to go back to school, and this time pick a school that actually TRAINS how to construct a case. How to manage a case, and
            most importantly:
            HOW TO PRESENT A CASE: Remember _ No Charts_ No GRADE ABOVE AN “F” Get minds out of the gutter . . .
            That “F” standss for F A I L :As in Jodi’s case will FAIL

            If whoever you are OUT THERE that is driving the train you are throwing
            Jodi under _You will have her blood on your hands if you
            SCREW THIS UP

            There are two issues:

            1. If Jodi hires a lawyer before yous guys have checked out:
            Arizona Innocence Project:
            She will loose her ELLIGIBILITY.

            Do you underatand what that means?
            It means that Jodi will be getting post cards,

            2. Strong possibility there might be a deadline on the amount of time that elapses

            Yous guys need to stand up, move away from those yucca trees, take OFF those SOMBREROS AND PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT IS HAPPENING!

            i’M GOING TO EAT, NOW.

  16. I know that Debbie, new lawyers are for the appeal. But Nurmi isn’t interested in going further re the court date set aside for restitution issues that pertain to this trial.

  17. Just wondering, is there a place now for negotiation ie: reduction of the sentance to 15 years in exchange for dropping the appeals???

    • More fruit: Nurmi isn’t interested. IMO That is Great News. I apologize if you liked his “work.” But the TRUTH site mandates I vote for “I respectfully disagree.”

      Gosh, do I have to vote again so soon? NO NO NO NO NO !
      The goal has to be set at: She must be reased in less than 6 months!

      The lawyering has been done four times already !

      We cannot wait.

      We will not wait.

      If they force us to wait:l THAT IS CHEATING. STOP THE CHEATING AND STOP IT NOW !

  18. Just want to check something. Jodi will be appealing her first degree murder conviction. Yes? That’s what Michael Kiefer wrote & I think that’s what Jennifer stated yesterday although I couldn’t hear the reporter’s question. But, I saw another article this am that she will not appeal her conviction but appeal the length of her sentence. Anyone know for sure?

      • Granted, it’s not the NYT…
        Providing a fresh spin on news, entertainment, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, books, and any and all subjects that concern women. Bustle is an online community …

          • The article states that it is “likely” that Jodi will only appeal the sentence and not the original conviction….No Way !! She will be appealing both and vigorously !! Hello??? There are so many valid appellate issues in this case that the appellate judges won’t know where to begin with their feasting….there are appellate issues in both the criminal and sentencing trials and as a result the validity of the sentence imposed by JSS……they are all inextricably intertwined together….

        • Thanks for the links. I don’t believe for a second that the M1 conviction will not be appealed, and JW suggests no such thing. The grounds for appealing the M1 conviction are far stronger than any grounds I know of for appealing the sentence.

          The main problem with Jodi’s appeals is just lack of money after the two state-paid ones run out. SJ will have news about that soon, as he mentioned earlier, and I will comment too.

  19. Can someone explain to me why matt mccartney never testified. Wouldn’t he have been able to corroborate jodis story and the type of person she is. Kirk nurmi didn’t give his all this case

    • Matt said in an interview that he would lie for Jodi. I’m not sure what else Snarky was holding over his head but he was threatening him just as he did Patti. Matt has a family and they had to come first before him getting himself in a whole mess with the little turd.

  20. Today’s a new day. And I say that there’s no point in worrying about yesterday tomorrow. We’re not going to look backward. We’re going to look forward and, believe me, there’s so much to look forward to. And every one of those rat bastards that took shots at us and Jodi are going to eat crow when all is said and done.

    {{{{TEAM JODI}}}}

  21. Jodi’s new mugshot is up on the AZ Department of Corrections website. She looks so sad. I re-watched Sandy Arias post conviction interview and I felt so bad for Jodi when she stated that visiting was expensive and she would try to visit. I cannot even imagine what this poor girl is going through. She is in the state of AZ all by herself. She is all alone and locked in a cage. I hope she is getting some sort of counseling because this has to be taking a toll mentally.

    • Kiefer is a good reporter and shows no bias and allows JW to answer fully the questions…and this is what a good reporter does…unlike the unnamed “Ron Burgundy” from you know where….LOL !!!

    • Short interview but to the point. I liked how Jennifer answered the questions here as opposed to the other interview wghere she seemed more withdrawn and cold.

  22. Jodi’s new mug shot:…15860.19112.0.23044.…0…

    • A beautiful photo of her. I think she’s especially not smiling because of all the criticism of her smiling before. Plus, she may have been told not to smile.

          • @coldcase53… Jodi looks beautiful in her mug shot but the guards in assholeville were been mean to her. I called the prison to ask them where I could send her money and the prick who answered the phone was a real dickhead. But yes she looks gorgeous and I hope she gets out of that hell hole sooner that later.

          • CC53, don’t be so hard on yourself. What you said was much better then I was thinking. She looks like the day she had..hell!!! I’m sure she had a shower and her hair was wet. Sometimes the “intakes” can be exhausting. Who knows when the last time she had her meds or had anything to eat. It will take a few days to get used to the different noises at night. But it has to be better then where she was. I hope she will be able to sleep, eat and get her meds as prescribed.

            God bless you Jodi…

  23. Jodi is older now and has been through so much that I am sure she understands that a mug shot is just that. Still it is a good picture of her.

  24. Hi there folks. Back from travels to far flung areas.

    So really nothing happened yesterday that was in anyway different from what I expected.

    Couple of random thoughts and possibly some reading between the lines.

    Why did Nurmi want off even on the last day and why did the judge grant it?

    If we assume that one of the reason’s for possible relief is ineffective assistance of counsel, that must be first raised in a Rule 32 PCR petition. The PCR petition is preceded by a notice of PCR. In AZ the defendant may retain trial counsel until the filing of the PCR notice. However, f you intend to file for relief based on ineffective assistance of counsel, that issue must be first raised in the notice. Becomes a bit of a conflict of interest if the trial counsel who is filing the notice is also the counsel against whom an ineffective assistance claim is made. So that might be why they had to get Nurmi off the case. Now after they file the notice they have to file a petition. At this stage, if the defendant doesn’t have an attorney the court will appoint one – if requested. However, the court can appoint anyone, including an existing defense counsel. So to avoid that possibility they have to get Nurmi out of there. SO that may be why he was asking for this even after sentencing and why JSS granted it now.

    The other interesting thing was a comment made by JW in her interview (which someone’s linked above). She said (and I paraphrase) – this was always an M2 case. Notice she didn’t say self-defense, or manslaughter, or sudden quarrel or any such thing – she said M2. Listen to her interview – it’s clear as day. I wonder why bring that to the press now – unless it’s a preparatory salvo to show that somehow Nurmi insisted on self-defense. Either that or she just dumped all over her own client, and ……….

    One other comment – that young lady – Jodi needs to learn when to keep her mouth shut. All that nonsense about remembering that throat-knife confluence. What the heck was the purpose behind it – wasn’t going to change anything JSS did. If this does get overturned on appeal, and goes to retrial that’s another statement the defense will have to explain. Oh I know all the arguments about memories resurfacing over time and all that. But what did that buy her?

    Anyhow – appeal and PCR it is. Hopefully whoever’s lined up in the wings is better than her current DT.

    • It was said on the Jodi Arias Updates twitter that Jodi had been advised by counsel that Stephens WOULD sentence her to Natural Life.

      I think she figured she had nothing to lose and that it was the last chance she’d have to be heard for a very long time. So she started calling the ‘victims’ as well as JM out on every lie they’d told in their impact statements. And she got on a roll and kept talking when she should have stopped. The one positive point there is that there was no mistaking the real tears in her voice when she said it.

      • I agree Journee. Really, how could any of us know how it must feel to have gone through the amount of abuse that Jodi has endured? Who knows what we would do under the same circumstances. I wonder if Jodi was allowed her medication for the last 30 days that she was in complete solitude. None of us know how that would be. . .no one. I was proud she finally stood up to the bullies and liars that have trashed her during this whole tragedy. Their brother was no angel and he brought on his own death. Jodi was fighting for her life and I will never believe anything other than that. It is not in her personality or character. On the other hand the Alexander family have demonstrated the same behaviors as their late brother. The people who have tried to turn her into a monster have failed miserably because the one who caused this tragedy is dead, and Travis was the true Monster in this story. He is responsible for his own actions and death. They need to come to terms about their brother. . .he was no saint. Far from it.

        • They are all so broken up they had a party at their rented home with Martinez, Flores and Jury.. pictures show a very lovely home!! The hypocracy shows.

          • Ya ya all see how much they have suffered. I like the pool. I do sounder how some of the people who gave them money that they couldn’t afford feel about that now.

            Oh don’t forget the limo that pick them up from court….f~ing low lives. Partys over take what you sucked from well meaning people and go back to CA.

          • Strange how chummy they are with the jurors, both times. I find that rather odd. Wonder if those particular jurors need to checked out and their backgrounds investigated. Anything for the limelight. Well, they certainly have made me want to use the F word several times today and I don’t mean FROG! Where is all that grief? Party on Alexanders, JM and Ole Deceptive Detective Flores (where is your grief?) the tide is going to turn and when it does we will not hold a party but a true celebration that Justice will Finally Be Done. At no time in all of this has it ever been a time to celebrate anything. There is no way this is over, no way! GOD has a plan, guaranteed. Just you wait and see.

    • I don’t know why you would refer to it as nonsense. Jodi told the truth during all her testimony that she was fighting for her life and yesterday she just confirmed it and that the threat was up to and including the most fatal wound. Jodi first mentioned that she had new memories in one of her interviews with Troy. She said she did not feel it was the right time to talk about them.

    • Jennifer did not “dump all over her client.” In her interview with Kiefer — — she says she believes Jodi’s testimony was true. Presumably, in the other, after-sentence TV interview, her comment that this was “an M2 case” meant that it should only have been charged as M2 (as opposed to M1) — not that it was M2.

      Another relevant point is that neither the Final Jury Instructions nor the current AZ criminal code seem to treat “imperfect self-defense” — e.g., unreasonable belief or excessive force — as manslaughter, as it is in other jurisdictions. So maybe Jennifer just meant that the only true issue was whether Jodi’s belief that Travis meant to kill her or her level of force was unreasonable. However, I have not explored AZ case law on imperfect self-defense.

      Jodi finally told the truth at trial: she acted in self-defense. Nurmi did not “insist on it.” Jodi simply told the truth. I’m not clear, Al, why you have so much trouble believing her.

      • I agree with your assessment Alan…and that was my thought as well that the reference to the M2 was that was the most that should have been charged, not that it was a M2….and Jodi has been throughout the trial and re-trial truthful about what she remembers and this is just a progression of her healing through this terrible incident…..although I can still see the other side of things about the evidence at the scene not fitting together perfectly to show that Jodi acted alone in this….but above all else she continues to state her innocence that the killing occurred bc of TA attacking her and threatening her life and she fought back to save her own life….self defense….and that’s the ultimate truth….and self defense is not a crime….

        • And it is logical if you are saying it was self defense to state that the reason you stuck a knife in TA’s throat was bc he was still attacking you…..the prosecution wanted to say that she maliciously slit his throat when he was no longer a threat when he was crawling down the hallway and that she shot him in the head as a farewell “FU” on the way out the door….none of which is true…so Jodi was defending herself against those lies that stating that the gunshot indeed came first and called out DF and JM for colluding and suborning perjury in order to change their stance from gunshot first to gunshot last and also letting the judge know that she was fighting to the very end even to the point of reacting to his attack with a knife wound to his throat….I have never believed that she meant to slit his throat but that this is what physically took place as a reaction to his attacking her….read that article again from Herr Speights on the anatomy of a knife fight and how he explains every wound on TA’s body including the slit throat wound and how it would have happened in a defensive fight for your life…I posted a link to it on yesterday’s page…

            • Whoever is still wondering why Jodi said what she said on Monday, I have 2 words :self-defense. Simple as that.

              I’m tired of reading comments of supporters asking why. It was Jodi’s LAST CHANCE to say what she wanted to say.

              She called out all the lies and she stated what she WOULD have testified to in the retrial: that after 2013 memories have gradually come back and she is now at a point where she remembers TA STILL ATTACKING her when the neck wound was inflicted. This is precisely why she used the word “conscious” , NOT to sound cruel BUT THAT SHE was STILL in danger,fearing for her life.

          • BB,
            You make a great point that Travis was still attacking. In one or the original reports way back, it concluded that the fight went on until the chest wound and the throat cut ended it. It stated those were the last two wounds. Fits perfectly with what Jodi stated Monday. We talked about that report about 6-8 weeks ago.

  25. Interesting quote from a Kiefer article yesterday:

    “And the criminal defense community, meanwhile, is assembling a dossier on Martinez with the intent of filing a complaint to the State Bar of Arizona regarding his conduct in the Arias case and others.”

    • Yeah, I think the criminal defense community is fed up with JM’s tactics and prosecutorial misconduct…he is a shame to the legal profession, to the state of Arizona, to the US Constitution, and to all free people everywhere IMHO…….bc if this kind of disgraceful prosecution can happen to Jodi it can happen to you so all those with their noses in the air screaming for Jodi’s blood, don’t look now, better watch out bc you or your loved one could be JM’s next target and then and only then will you understand….and I won’t say I told you so…….

  26. Just watched the interview of Martinez. He sure knows how to avoid getting dirty when going through an interview.

    • It is like a senator standing in the well of the senate and making slanderous defamatory lies about someone and knowing that you can’t touch him bc he has immunity….this is the same thing IMHO that JM does in the courtroom that he feels invincible to say anything regardless of whether it is true or not bc he believes that he will never be held to account for it……but during an interview he is liable and so he watches every word he says so to protect his little hiney…and btw he won’t be getting away with it for much longer I predict bc the higher ups have had it with JM and his prosecutorial misconduct….

      • BB you were right about that restitution and the Alexscamsters. FFS their hater mob followers already paid for all their travel and accommodations a few times over. But no, they have to go after Jodi’s commissary pennies and spend some more time crying their croc tears and acting like spoiled brats in some other courtroom.

        He uses his broom closet voice with Burgundy.

        • Yeah, they will in the next few short weeks most likely file a civil lawsuit against Jodi Arias and try to get more from her….good luck with that…she has nothing….but they will do it anyway…..I really hope they can get away from all this and move on with their lives and I hope it will be a time of healing and a time of reflection on the truth of the matter….

            • All they are looking for there…is another chance to whinge for pity in public so as their hater funding will go on for another while. Can they not for once do what most decent grieving victims do & grieve in private & get counselling for themselves? I mean they have enough cried for money to afford plenty of that. To go on they way they are…they’ll only find themselves in an early grave. If that’s what they want, they should go, “Dig”!

  27. OK I said this this morning. Jodi never said that she put the knife in his throat…only that she remember the knife going into his throat. Big differences. Take it as you will.

      • but I think it is just the way she worded it but I think the meaning she meant to impart to the judge was the she stuck him with the knife as she was still being attacked and trying to get away….. otherwise why say it….she has never come back with any memories about others being there….when adrenaline is flowing amazing things can happen and I know that crime scene evidence doesn’t seem to fit with Jodi doing all this by herself but that is what we have and what she says and has been saying with the exception of not having a full memory on that day….

    • Cindy,

      Yes, I heard that when she was speaking too! She said, exactly as you stated, that she remembers that TA was conscious when the knife went in his throat but she did not say when she put the knife in his throat!!! Yes, Cidy, big difference!!!

  28. JM states in his interview that “social media” was involved in this case….yeah is that ever an understatement and hopefully the appellate attorneys are monitoring every word, interview, and hiccup that JM and others like the jurors make in this case for the appeals….yeah, sure as shootin’ social media was involved and it ruined Jodi’s chance for a fair trial that she is constitutionally entitled to bc the judge was too stupid to sequester the juries in both cases and even allowed them to have their electronic devices with them in the court house….correct me if I am wrong on that last point…..

    • Quoting from JM’s interview:

      “….and I think this case here, um, what’s different about it is that social media became SO INVOLVED, I think that that was probably surprising to all of us.”

      We already know that many involved witnesses received threats and bc of those threats would not testify on Jodi’s behalf….hello????? Do we have a brain????? Can anyone say appellate issue?????

      Juan Martinez has just made the PERFECT argument for the appellate lawyers as to why Judge Sherry Stevens erred by not sequestering the juries involved in this case….

      THANK YOU JUAN MARTINEZ !! Have a good day……..

      • So Juan says “social media became so involved in this case.” Do ya think so, Juan? Understatement? Umm, yeah, you could say that. Probably the understatement of the century. He says it was “surprising to us all.” Surprising??? Seriously? What was it that so surprised you, Juan? Have you had your head up your ass for the last 6 years? This case has been a social media frenzy from day one for fuck’s sake! Social media is involved in nearly EVERYTHING nowadays. So where’ve ya been, Juan? Surprised? No, I’m not buying that bullshit. He wasn’t surprised at all. In fact, I’m sure he was banking on it. And when judge shit-for-brains, in all her infinite wisdom, decided not to sequester the jury Juan knew he had things just the way he wanted them – as unfair as possible. No, you can’t stop social media, or any other media for that matter. But you sure can sequester the jury and keep them from it. That’s what any judge with half a brain would have done.

      • Herbie,

        I never “insinuated” anything. It’s an official photo from the scene.
        There’s no doubt it contains a worthless good-for-nothing & abusive POS pedo known as “TA”.
        I see nobody kicking up a fuss regarding all the autopsy pics being banded about – so why do you get so butthurt over the BB pic?

        …….drops mic

        Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

      • This is SJ’s site and we here all understand that we are here for one purpose and that is to support a young woman who has been abused by Travis Alexander in the worst possible way, she was wrongly charged and convicted by people who have absolutely no problem throwing an innocent woman in prison for the rest of her life for protecting herself from an abusing ex boyfriend who in his own words lied, connived, scammed and physically abused her many times. BTW she wasn’t the first he abused but she is the only one to stand up to the sorry group of people he called friends and state him for what he was! The other are worthless chickens. Brainless also. Thank You God that JODI lived to fight for her life yet one more time! We all here are fed up and disgusted by the corruption that has been allowed to go on in a court of law in our country! The media is the worst offender in all of this. Not SJ. Have no doubt, SJ has and will always have Jodi Ann Arias’ life at the top of his list of things that must be set RIGHT!! No Way Will we stand back and watch anymore abuse with out fighting for Jodi’s FREEDOM. Travis was an abuser and frankly the blue body bag might not sit well for some people but it is his right to show Travis Alexander for who he really was. . .one sick and abusive user and scammer who abused and lost! Nothing more.
        Jodi was the VICTIM IN THIS TRAGEDY!!! Never Doubt Our Intentions! We will see her FREE!

          • Thanks Cindy. Personally, I would rather see him in the blue body bag than naked giving a peace sign. No one ever considered Jodi and how she has been trashed over and over again putting every degrading picture that they can find. . . which I might add that Travis Alexander took with his own da@# hands!!! Even the State Prosecutor did it, every time he passed by the court projector. Then dared to act dumb and meek and innocent! They all have gotten their jollies off of doing those disgusting things. HAHA JUAN! You are just like Travis Alexander! They haven’t showed her one ounce of compassion at any time with their lies and slander and I will not stand back and read their crap about Travis any longer. Enough already, he is proven to be a low life scum. Bag him.

      • Herbie64, did you find it “reprehensible” that Jodi’s new mug shot has been plastered all over social media with one disgusting caption after the next? Did you find it reprehensible that Maria de la Rosa has been ridiculed with racist slurs and cartoon caricatures that portray her as a cockroach? The time for kissing the ass of those who want to kill Jodi is OVER. Thank you, SJ, you are a great friend to Jodi and always the bomb in my book!

            • Good to see everyone shaking their tail feathers!!!!!
              RAH RAH RASS KICK THEM . . . .IN THE A&& !!
              If I remember it right, I think that is how it goes!

              JODI WILL BE FREE AGAIN!!! 😀

  29. Hi All,

    If appeals court were to award a new trial could the DP be put back on the table if shit goes wrong?. OK I so have to know is Bill Montbunghole a Morman and does he blow Toads?. I couldn’t help to hear the Toad say that he took the case even though he was not next on the call list and was on days off, hmmmm must have been because he heard there was one less Morman in Mormanville Arizona. I am just a Canadian Eh but my guess is the Toad is Morman Fuck too?, Oh, so is the Disco Queen JSS in the cult also?. Makes me wonder how many Jurors were dabbling in the cult. My spidey senses detect a whole lot of fuckery going on in Mormanville County.

  30. Oh, I am sorry if I offended anyone who may be of the Morman LDS Church as I do suspect that some of these folks might be very nice people, but I am just pointing out the wolf pack mentality and if you don’t like it too bad it is MO only.

  31. Jodi, you are a wonderful, strong woman. I have always believed this is an injustice that has been done to you. May your artistic spirit carry you through the tough times and know that we are here to support you through it all. Love, Christian

  32. Morning all!!! Well might I give you who have not viewed JM interview to not have anything in your hands!!! I made the mistake of watching it just before going to bed. Not good!!! 🙄 Tossed and turned all night.

    OK this whole restitution BS is such a joke.
    3 million and counting was not enough for you??? I sure would like to see the house you rented. I’m sure you got a discount on the rent. I’m sure the church ladies brought you food. You all were most likely living better then you would have when you had to go back to your real lives.

    Oh auntie of the Alexanders why on earth did you have to take care of these adults??
    Where were you when they needed you when they were young and living in a battled field?? Your marriage has suffered and that’s Jodi’s fault?? GMFB I can see giving them loving support but these are adults not children. Ever heard: you reap what you sow?? That’s what happened here. They didn’t want to settled so this is what they got. If their lives have suffered it is their own blood thirsty faults. I used to have compassion for you, but I have lost that along the way. Your actions have have proven what class of people you truly are. You wanted it to go all the way in a court of law so it did!!! What did you gain from it?? You didn’t get the out come you wanted so your going after Jodi’s few dollars that’s put into a account at the prison?

    I’m sure you have suffered the lost of your brother no one should have to go through that. But instead of grieving like normal people do you have put a $$$$ amount on his dead body. How much more are you going to rake in before you let it go???

    Go home to your lives. Go home to your children. Your brother is still dead and no amount of money is going to bring him back. Perhaps someday when this is all over with you will realize that no your brother was not a saint but he was just a troubled man who needed help…

    • and when he was alive you didn’t care about him. 🙄 Only what he could do for you. . . his own words. How that must hurt.


    It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

    PS IN HONOR OF TAX DAY TODAY . . . hoping the Alexanders and Hughes are on the top of the audit list!!! What about all that extra money being dumped into the laps? WAKE IRS! There is money to be paid there!

  34. Good morning all. I need your help understanding something…. JW gave an interview in which she stated the defense team did not know of any family that saw bruises that there was one witness only that they could not locate, but Sandy stated in her interview they did see bruises. So my problem is first why didn’t they testify??? No corroboration allowed JM to hammer home the liar bit. Second when there is a retrial this will all be fodder for the prosecution. Everyone needs to take a deep breath and THINK before saying things. Jodi’s pretrial interviews are what cost her in my opinion and that same mistake must not be made again!

    • Jodi did not wish for her family to be subjected to the obvious abuse that would await whoever spoke up for her. Jodi has always put others before herself. . .that is who she is and how she lives her life. That is why she did everything in her power to protect TA’s name and ” fictional legacy”. Thanks to his family and the State of AZ now everyone knows what a truly disgusting and vile man he was. Travis had two sides, apparently. His dark side got him killed IMO. Not murdered but killed by attacking and abusing one too many times. NO PREMEDITATION EXCEPT ON HIS PART!

      • I can understand that she didn’t want her family subjected to the abuse from JM but as a mom I would have gone against my daughters wishes. I would have been screaming at the top of my lungs I saw bruises. I hate to say this but I think her mom failed her a little bit.

    • OK, that’s the interview I was talking about up thread ^^^^^^ where i said I found Jennifer detached and cold. 🙁 To be honest, i expected her to be more passionate about all this just as she was in court. But I guess I forgot this was just a nother case for her…

      • (((((Maria))))) I don’t even know what to say to that. But that seems to be the standered response for a attorney to make. I truely feel they have to keep their personal feelings in check or they couldn’t do the job they do.
        I honesty feel she has more feelings for Jodi then she expressed in that interview. But she also has to be able to walk away knowing she did everything thing she could.

        I know this personally from my brother. I have seen him breakdown and cry over loseing a case not for himself but for his client.

  35. Seems Troy “Punk” Hayden got the first interview with “Teflon” Juan, and not Jen Woods of Trial Diaries. Hayden’s hardest question was pushing him on his private life asking him if he had a favorite restaurant! Good grief…..Why can no one ever seem to ask Juan “yes or no?! ” I’ll be curious to see if bigger media covers Juan now that so much of his cheatin’ ways have been displayed in the courtroom. And outside the courtroom….

    I’m also intrigued by Sandy Arias’ comments. What possible legal justification could there be for her attorneys not to have done everything they could to get ANYONE to testify to physical abuse by Travis? Oh, the shenanigans go very deep in all of this.

    I too hope Jodi does not continue to dig her hole deeper. But sometimes it seems she can’t help it, or even that she wants to. Something’s very wrong, that is all I know.

    • I wonder how hard they tried. OH, I suppose we could ask Jodi’s investigator, but ..well, maybe not. He’s dead. He died allegedly of a sudden heart attack. I believe it was a couple of months ago. Jennifer Willmott appeared to have gotten this news that same day in court on her phone. She was visibly shaken.

      As for Juan having Jen Woods interview him, I would imagine Juan has now had a chance to read some of Jen’s writing. Jen doesn’t appear to have any background or training in any kind of writing, and it shows. I think Juan’s standards, at least for interviewing, are likely higher. But who knows, she may interview him anyway at some point.

      • Well, they certainly haven’t had a problem discussing things behind the scenes in broom closets or behind file cabinets. . .it appeared they had each other on speed dial. . Scoopy always seemed to get that insider news, didn’t she. . .we will wait and see. 😆 Those two voices together . . . .oh my………. yuck

      • Sandra,
        I heard the same rumor that Jodi’s PI died but I don’t think it’s true unless he died after this inteview. Here he (Dorian Bond) is in an interview published 2 days ago. He, like Jennifer, also refers to TA’s death as a “murder.” In fact, he calls it a “brutal murder.” We should check with Nurmi and Maria De La Rosa to see what they thought it was. Did they all think it was murder? Geez….
        Bond states the defense made mistakes but later on also says Martinez and the judge also made mistakes. He said his main job is to work on her appeal and said he will begin to work hard on it now. He also says Jodi will need money if she wants a good lawyer and mentions a lawyer by name – Daniel ???. I think he just mentioned this lawyer as an example of a high priced lawyer. Jon Leiberman, the interviewer, states that “Jodi has raised an awful lot of money” which goes against other reports that she hasn’t raised much. Bond also says there is a possibility he may also work on the Robert Durst case so I hope that he focues on Jodi’s case first.

        • It was the investigator from the Public Defender’s Office that died a few weeks ago, CC53. There were court papers filed that very day to get another investigator from the PD’s office.

          If you’ll think back you’ll probably remember the day, there was a bunch of mysterious emotional flutter, KN and JW seen in the hallways outside courtroom furiously texting, etc.

          • I’m confused. Are you saying Jodi has 2 PI’s working for her or she had one from the Public Defender’s office working on her trial/case and Jodi hired Bond to work on her appeals? What are the names of the Public Defender PI’s? Maybe, I heard them mentioned and just didn’t realize who they were.

            • Jodi hired Bond to work on appellate issues. *I* thought she only hired him last summer, but an interview I saw earlier today said he was hired very soon after her conviction.

              The name of the PD investigator who died a few weeks ago was mentioned in tweets at the time, but I don’t remember it. Nor have I heard the name of the one appointed to replace him.

              • Thanks, Journee. I guess working for the Public Defender’s Office, they keep a low profile. On the other hand, Bond has been interviewed at least 3 times, including once on HLN.

                • Ah, I guess Bond figures he might stand to profit from the publicity, whereas a PD investigator wouldn’t – might, in fact, find it easier to do his job if people don’t know who he is or whose case he’s working on.

        • Oh, I should have clarified. This was Jodi’s state appointed investigator, not Dorian Bond. Although that rumor did get out. Yes, indeed, Dorian is alive and well. LIeberman is just guessing like everyone else. It’d be nice if Jodi could have representation that believed in her, and not just wiling to do a “job” because they are getting paid for it. I’m sensing this with Dorian, but he stepped up to the plate when no one else would, and that counts for something.

        • As to Leiberman’s money comment: I’m expecting a current fund total to be released soon. When it is, everyone will see that, far from Jodi’s having “an awful lot of money,” for her to hire a private appellate attorney her supporters will have to be collectively more generous than they have been so far. Otherwise she will probably die in Perryville.

  36. At the beginning there was a murder. It was obviously a murder since no one stabs themselves multiple times, shoots themselves in the head, jump in a shower stall to die. But the question of who murdered Travis Alexander is as much a mystery to me today as it was when I first learned about it during the trial of Jodi Arias.

    Nothing Jodi says is believable considering ALL the things she has said in the past almost 7 years. Some believe one part, some believe another part, no one believes all the parts. The gamut goes from ‘I wasn’t there’ to ‘I remember the knife going in his neck’. And then there are all the bits in between.

    Kick boxing should have ended any battle with a female, and an angered kickboxer would have done more harm to his assailant had it been a woman than was done to him.t

    There is an answer lying somewhere out there, under a rock buried deep, that has not been found; but as I read on Lawyers On Strike blog, and which I completely agree with, the case was never investigated; that will need to be done at some point, at least I hope so. Sounds like the detective really believes in this case from what he said.

    I hope there is real mental health help available to Jodi where she will be for a while, and I hope she takes advantage of that help. She has been more abused in these years than was warranted. Her lawyers from the beginning let her down. The Law let her down. Almost everyone let her down. She will have to learn to trust again, and that will be hard.

    • Carol, I have to give you a big hug for that post. That was so spot on about some believe parts of this travesty and some believe other parts. So where does this leave us?? The one and only thing I know for sure is Jodi did not receive a fair trial. How did that happen???

      • She most definitely did not receive a fair trial, Cindy.
        Nor did the murder itself receive a proper investigation, Flores and company were a joke, and that isn’t a funny joke either.
        From the beginning there was far too much emotion generated by the public, to what end? Why she didn’t get a fair trial is really obvious, as we both know there was no one there for her in the beginning.
        She was out-of-state, no family, no connections.
        Everyone she knew turned on her immediately. Lawyers wanted no part of her. The community wanted no part of her. The courts wanted nothing to do with her.

        How this could happen in this country of laws is unfathomable.
        Fortunately, the higher courts ARE interested in justice, aware of the bad things that can happen to defendants these days. They look at defendants as human beings. As BB always reminds us, there will be justice in the appeals.

        • I agree Carol…there was nothing fair about this trial from start to finish…it was a “revenge & bury her” trial. It was a murder trial, they murdering her. It was a Justice-less trial. It was a HLN trial & all other media can join in trial. It was a social media trial which showed the dark menacing & all that’s wrong side of social media, the gormless side of social media, the hate side of social media.

          Where faceless idiots/goms (so thick), they think stupid is a good way to be.(Irish slang) on that social media enacted their brains to the lowest denominator to follow the HLN bandwagon’s “Mumbo-Jumbo” without ever questioning it, because they hadn’t got the intelligence to do same. They brains were like trash bins opened up, just talk it & we’ll swallow it. Proper “Plonkers”, the lot of them.

  37. The appeals will take years, and unfortunately they don’t reverse the conviction. Having gone through this for 8 years I know a little about this. Meanwhile Jodi’s life will be a living hell.

    When she went to Perryville she was in receiving for at least 8 hours. When they take the mugshot they are told not to smile and to look straight ahead. After that she had to sit on cold hard chairs until they decided to give her a cell. Lockdown is very lonely, no one to talk to and the girls really don’t know what is happening. The guards really don’t give a damn. To them she is just a number.

    She will get to go to commissary once a month and will only be able to spend a limited amount of money. If she has to pay restitution they will take it out of the money on her books. As in my daughters case for every $100 on her books they take $55. This will go on until the restitution is paid.

    I could go on, but the whole truth is that Jodi is now in the system and they don’t care. The prison system is totally screwed up. The girls are nothing to them. My thoughts are with Jodi and her family. I would never wish this life on anybody. Prison is no joke and the life these girls live is extremely hard. I pray for Jodi everyday. I’m sorry if I stepped on anyone toes. I just wanted to let everyone know that she is in for a hard time.

      • I know they do reverse the conviction. What I meant to say it is very hard to get a conviction overturned. I have been involved with the prison system for quite some time and have meant lots of girls who are serving life sentences. I’m not saying it can’t happen, but the odds are against it happening. Like I said I’m sorry of stepping on toes but unfortunately this is the hard cold truth.
        Some of the girls I know are the Manson family and Betty Brodwick. I have talked to them about their appeals and parole hearings. One women I met was abused by her husband for over 10years she just got out faltering serving 25 years. The stories go on and on. I pray that Jodi will win and that she can get out one day.

        • I know a woman – state of New York – who was convicted of murdering her husband. It took about twelve years, but he conviction was ultimately reversed simply because the prosecuting attorney at the time the case was tried, a deputy DA, was still a partner in the same law firm that was handling the deceased husband’s estate for the couple’s adult children.

          New York declined to try the case again. Last time I saw her was about four years ago and she was nearing eighty then, but she was suing the state of New York for wrongful prosecution.

          • It does happen and my prayer is that it will for Jodi. I guess having a daughter in prison and meeting so many girls I have to harden my heart. I hate that so many girls are in prison because of a man. Their stories ar so sad. I don’t want this life for my daughter or for Sandy’s daughter. My daughter does have a release date and I want jodi to have a release date to.

              • She will be able to visit the library after she is put into ge pop. Books can be sent to her but you have to check with the prison to see where to order them. They are only allow so many books. Where my daughter is she can have 10 books. Anything over that they have to get rid of. What I do is send her books from amazon and also magazines subscriptions.

    • Kris,

      convictions do get overturned. In Jodi’s case there are SO many appellate issues; we remain optimistic and we will continue supporting her till the day she is free. No matter how long it takes.

      As for life in prison, yes – we all know it’s no picnic, we all know things will be tough really tough. But Jodi is a SURVIVOR and judging from how well she had adjusted to Estrella, I know it in my heart she won’t havea hard time adjusting to Perryville either. There were times I was worried about her and she would call and I would realize I was worrying for nothing, coz she was just fine 🙂 She truly is a tough cookie.

      We all need to keep being optimistic.

      • She’ll never be alone in there…for God will be beside her. When the “going gets tough” he will get her through even if he has to carry her. Remember in the pre-trial, I said, she will avoid the death penalty,
        & then said, I thank God in advance, it is still the same for this chapter, God will deliver, & I now “Thank him, in advance”. And it will happen sooner than any of us think.

        PS. I can already see Martinez’s red & disappointed face.

        • I so agree with you. God is in control and HE will carry our Jodi to Freedom. I believe and put my trust in Him. He never forsakes His children. God is with Jodi! 😉

  38. Cathy Russon (Chatty Cathy?) has posted a bunch of photos on Twitter of a party Monday night at someone’s home (with a pool). It includes the Alexander family, Steve Flores, Juan Martinez, Diane Schwartz, Dave Hall, Chris Hughes, jurors from the original trial and jurors from the sentencing trial – all laughing and smiling. I won’t post them but I think they should be saved to illustrate the “team effort” that put Jodi in prison. I don’t know if a appeal lawyer could do anything with these pics or not. Probably not. I won’t post them but I’m going to save a copy for the future. I’m shaking just looking at these photos.

    • CC53, thank you we saw them this morning.
      I would not think it would have been in JM’s best interest to have these taken and then posted all over social media. But who knows it’s AZ after all. Only in AZ.

      • UGH!! I didn’t see them. I don’t even want to , to be frank. Fucking assholes, they will ALL pay for their crimes. Yes, their crimes for what Jodi did was in self-defense and self-defense is not a crime.

        And right now my evil twin is screaming in my ear and is trying to take control of my fingers; she wants to write something bad, reaaaaaally bad! But I won’t let her 😉

    • And who was stacking the deck in the jury pool???? Well, Ker plunk!
      Sure makes me wonder. Great photos but hard to be believe those are the grief poverty stricken family that needed 2 to 3 million to make their way to the court house isn’t it? Hope their contributors enjoy seeing their money being used so wisely.

      • LOL…isn’t that the truth. Nice looking pool.
        Oh well who cares…. But I do hope someone does investigate the 11 jurors from the retrial. You know the same way they did #17. Perhaps start with their bank accounts. JM really thinks he’s untouchable. LOL. Kinda talking out your ass in that interview…..

        • It could be an amusing scenario, if you think of it like a sporting event that has cameras and where cheating has occured:
          once the officials (appellate courts) review the game (trial) they change the score (outcome)! The other team (Jodi) wins. Then the owners (we the people) decide to fire/fine the offending players (guess who?).

    • Luckily, the appellate courts are not just in Arizona!!!

      Wouldn’t you think the pictures will be of interest to an appellate attorney?
      Especially since prosecutorial misconduct, contriving evidence, falsifying reports, etc., will be considered as part of the appeals down the road?
      Don’t you think the celebration will be considered a little over the top, especially considering who the guests are?
      It sure interests my curiosity!

    • And 2 days ago they were saying, they’ll never (while crying) get over his death for all of their lifetimes. Seems they are over him already. He must be turning in his grave looking at their “Slimy Falseness”!

  39. It is over for them and they feel a sense of success and finality after 7 years. This was their brother, loved one, so I get it. Great photos.


  40. Oh boy! Maureen your in trouble talking about great photos here when someone we have supported for a long time has just been sent to prison on a life sentence. Not good thinking Maureen. Maybe on another site but not here. Sensitivity??

    • Tough crowd Judy. I support Jodi and I am sensitive to what the family has gone through. Positive energy.


      • Photos of the “grieving” family partying with the slime balls Juan and Steve. I hope they get the rest of the karma that’s coming to them. Now they want Jodi’s commissary money! To hell with them all! Scum of the earth.

  41. Well I just wrote a post finishing my opinion about the JM interview with Troy boy…but it disappeared so oh well….

    • where are these photos…any link? I haven’t seen the photos and would like to ……
      But if the prosecutor and Detective Flores are partying with the jurors and the family…not so sure that this is what they should be presenting to the public…it is all about the “appearance of propriety” and IMHO that would not be appropriate for them to be partying with these folks…the family and their friends are entitled to do whatever they want but as an officer of the court, Juan Martinez must maintain the standards of his office and must maintain at all times the appearance of propriety and this is a fail in my opinion to be out partying with the family after Jodi is sentenced to Natural life….and same goes for Flores who is still a representative of the Mesa Police Department….sorry, it isn’t right….just my opinion

      • …But this goes hand in hand with what JM stated in his interview and that is that he likes the attention he is getting from the public and finds it flattering….BARF !!

    • I’m not Al or BB, but I’m thinkin’ Flo looks like one drunken Mormon in that one picture and I’m not sure I even want to speculate as to why his face is so close to JM’s lap.

              • Disgusting, isn’t it? not only the party idea but the list of guests too. I refrained from looking at those photos last night but couldn’t help doing so today thinking I wouldn’t be as mad. But oh boy….I AM!!!

                I hope that woman with the baby boy realizes she is idolizing a man who – if alive and around her- may have had sexual fantasies about her son. Yikes!

          • Don’t you think these pictures tell the whole story from beginning to end?
            These pictures say it all…it was always ‘us’ against ‘her’… the mob against the interloper, the outsider, the expendable.
            It was never about the truth and justice.
            It was, and still is, all about the pictures. Tainted pictures! How fitting!

            Thanks, Journee, for posting the link.

            • Yes, it gives the appearance of partiality and bias for the prosecutor and lead detective to be there….there are no sides if you are a prosecutor (officer of the court) or an officer of the law…it supposed to be about the facts and the evidence wherever they may lead and about seeking the truth and justice…none of which was done in this case and you are right these photos exemplify that failure perfectly….

              • I wrote my opinion further up…but will repeat here….it is inappropriate in my opinion for the prosecutor – an officer of the court – and for the lead detective – an officer of the law- to be partying with the “victim’s family” after Jodi Arias has been sentenced to Natural Life in prison…as an officer of the court or an officer of the law it is about maintaining appearance of propriety at all times and this is a fail in my book bc it gives the appearance of taking sides which is wrong for an officer of the court or an officer of the law to engage in … opinion…. JM is not retired, he will be prosecuting more defendants no doubt in the future so this gives the wrong appearance IMO and same for Flores who is still an active representative of the Mesa Police Department….

                • What they could have done is quietly had dinner with their co-workers and fellow attorneys who had worked hard and spent endless hours on the case and celebrated the end of a very long case….okay…but not with the family and jurors giving the appearance of “yea! We won and Jodi will spend the rest of her life in prison!!” knowing that the photos would be plastered all over social media………

                • You are so wise, BB.
                  For all future defendant: Beware!
                  Your rights are not protected!
                  Not with these people in Maricopa County, AZ, USA!

                • But doesn’t this all just prove JM crossed over from being a prosecutor out to seek the truth and justice to something far more personal….he took this case personally and allowed the hoopla of the media and the family and the haters to influence him and it all became way too personal to him….same with Flores…it all became way too personal….once you lose your objectivity you need to let someone else take over bc it no longer is about seeking the truth and justice but it becomes about winning and revenge……and making sure that the defendant gets the punishment that you think she deserves….IMHO

                • And as for JSS…she failed miserably to do her job IMHO and that is to administer justice fairly and in accordance with the law….to ignore the comparable cases that the DT listed and brought forth in their plea for Life with the possibility of release was so blatantly erroneous….there were far more egregious cases where the defendants were REPEAT OFFENDERS and had long rap sheets and JSS can sit there and just ignore that and still give Jodi natural life is astounding…another appellate issue of course, but it is so shameful to have such a blatantly biased judge just ignoring the facts and evidence and failing to do her job….Jodi was trying to tell her that the state had lied about the evidence…the gunshot was first, not last….that JM and DF colluded together to change their story….that she indeed was fighting for her life even to the very end when the knife went into his throat…how else do you explain that a woman with no prior history of any trouble with the law, no prior history of problems with her former boyfriends other than they cheated on her and one had even abused her and still remaining on friendly terms with them….how else do you explain that TA was still calling her, wanting her, using her, and even planning another trip and wanting to see her and planning a sexcapade in the woods, etc. with her…having sex with her that day for hours on end…how else do you explain the crime scene but that it was an attack by TA and she defending herself…like KN said something happened that day……there was NO PREMEDITATION and the scene is proof of that….WAKE UP JSS AND LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE !!!!! This is what Jodi was trying to tell her when speaking to her…but she ignored the evidence and continued her biased course and sentenced her to natural life….the case will be overturned but by then hopefully JSS and JM will no longer be there to mess up other people’s lives….when a judge is in tears over a verdict and ignores the plain facts of a case and doesn’t use the same measuring rod to sentence in a fair way then that judge has lost her objectivity….it has become personal…and this is what happened here in my opinion….

                • BB,
                  I agree 100% with what you said about Martinez and Flores. You summed it up pretty well.

  42. Does anyone know if project innocence is looking into Jodis case? She needs a couple of 1Ls who aren’t jaded and still think that they can change the world!

    • I think they mostly deal with or prioritize cases where actual innocence in the sense I-wasn’t-even-there is involved.

    • Ron, not sure when it was taken but she had a hell of a day and the intake is no party. I think her hair is wet witch would mean she had a shower. I’m sure she didn’t have much sleep on Sunday night. BTW they are told to not smile and look right into the camera.

      She doesn’t look haunting she looks tired…

      • Yeah, but it’s what you read into it, her life situation, her victimization by the media, her characteristic deep thought eyes. You know the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

        • Ronald,
          I understand what you’re saying. If you find that picture depressing (which I think all of us do), maybe we should try and turned it into something posituve, something to draw motivation out of.
          Let this mugshot then serve as a poignant reminder and a reason why we should and must ALL be here for jodi for the years to come : write to her, donate to her appeal fund, keep her in our thoughts and prayers, speak out about the injustice and corruption in her case, start fundraising….You name it.
          Let’s keep our focus.

  43. BB, I’m responding way down here to your last post. That is why his interview was BS. He made it personal and these pictures prove it… But is it it illegal or just not smart?

    • If you are referring to whether or not it is illegal for them to be partying with the jurors and the family?? No. Just not advisable and not in accordance – my opinion – with the appearance of propriety….

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