Jodi’s pre-sentencing interview – Part 10/10 – May 22nd, 2013 [REPLAY]

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Here’s the final part from Jodi’s pre sentencing interview with 12 news anchor Mark Curtis (AZ Central) – from May 22nd, 2013:

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      • Ugh! A typical Travis groupie! Maybe she should spend more time cleaning her house than displaying hateful behavior in front of her children. No wonder hate is growing by leaps and bounds in our country. I will dedicate this one to the blind and uneducated followers of Travis Alexander.

    • Notice how she dolled herself up and struck poses for the camera, but didn’t bother to tidy the background at all….

    • This is totally disturbing. This woman should be ashamed of herself. Chanting “die Jodi, die” in front of her children and then after hearing the verdict acting as if she won the first prize in a lottery ticket… it’s unbelievable… it makes me wonder: what was in it for her?

      What is wrong with people? Seriously, this woman should be ashamed of herself! SMH.

      And ya, she should close her tv and start picking up that filthy pigsty she calls a bedroom…

    • I am soooooooo tempted to call that woman a bunch of names, but I’m gonna try and tame my evil twin and not stoop low.

      This is sad, just plain sad. Tape all the crap you want, but don’t post it on the WWW, ffs!
      This video is indicative of how miserably boring and meaningless their lives must be. And how much suppressed anger they must have, building up inside them for years and years and it is gushing out totally misplaced.

    • God, that woman should use her time better doing some upper body exercises and making her bed before filming. Her clapping and squealing remind me of a recent trip to the zoo–sea otters are my favorite exhibit!

    • Well, isn’t that special? So wonderful to see a loving mother passing on the joyous pastimes of hatred and sadism to her children. Some people should not be permitted to breed. But, try as I must, I can’t bring myself to be surprised at her behavior. It’s nice to see she made herself up for the camera though. But as my grandma used to say, “You can put as much lipstick as you want on a pig, it’s still a pig.” I can’t help but wonder though – how would she act if one of her kids ended up in an abusive relationship and had to defend themselves the way Jodi had to? Or what if they were the abuser and killed their partner? Would she be cheering then? I think not. More than likely she’d have to watch other sickos like her cheer on the conviction of her child. Karma can be a royal bi*#h.

    • This was a total injustice. How can someone be convicted with this much doubt? It really makes me question how our justice system works. Should no one have the right to defend themselves?

      Should she have been completely victimized twice over? I watched the whole trial and just don’t get it. The comments on this site really enlightened me (and i just started reading). Evaluating the case piece by piece is critical but few really look at the details.

      It is a messed up world. Something needs to change and change quickly.

      But I have hope that things will change. Since this case got so much publicity, at least it might get a few to really start thinking.

      • Capsman, unfortunately people don’t like taking the time researching and looking into things. They prefer having everything ‘served’ to them. In Jodi’s case, HLN and a couple of ‘trustworthy’ (being sarcastic) news channels had made such a huge propaganda in convicting Jodi before her trial even had began. This propaganda made them millions of dollars and made many people more sheeple than they already were…. (example: look upthread to first comment link).

  1. Forgive me if this has already been brought up, but it seems the media tacitly admitted the jurors were watching the news coverage when they said Jodi was using ” reverse psychology” on the jurors when she said she preferred the death penalty in her post conviction interview with Troy Hayden.

    How could this ” reverse psychology” work on the jury unless they were watching the interview?

  2. Re-post from previous page:

    I’m thinking a lot about the obsession people have with needing so badly to believe Jodi is guilty, the lengths and mental gymnastics they are willing to go through in order to convince themselves that she is. (The rationalization is astonishing.) And I think it has to do with the underlying, rarely-spoken-of, misogyny in our society. I’m think that people (particularly other women) want their subconscious misogyny validated, that women are basically manipulative, evil witches and therefore a threat. Isn’t it interesting that when a husband cheats on his wife, the wife’s anger (name-calling, etc.) is often directed at the other woman (who may be just as much of a victim as the wife.) You can particularly see this in teenage girls. Women desperately want her to be a monster (particularly because she’s young, pretty, intelligent and talented, in other words, an extreme threat.) Jodi is certainly a threat in a misogynistic society but not in the way these people have so carefully rationalized in their conscious thoughts.

    • Ha – Justus I answered on the other page. The language of my reply was a little – er- salty so I won’t type it again.

      • I totally agree with you, Journee. The flip side of the same coin is the idea the men are totally helpless when it comes to sex. (My own father told me that women actually control the world from the bedroom.) Look at how women in the middle east have to live in private (albeit cloth) prisons because men can’t control themselves if they see so much as an ankle. Even the bible promotes this concept in the story of Samson and Delilah. This perceived weakness in men is, of course, all part of the misogyny, justifying certain behaviors, attitudes and customs.

    • Justus, watching the video Herbie put up, is the perfect example to what you wrote.

      It’s really a shame that we live in the 21st century and there are people that think the way they do. It’s not enough that there are a lot of misogynist men around, there are also many misogynist women too. And their judgement is based on outer looks, profession and talents.

      They hate anyone that they can’t ‘reach’. Anyone more successful in life than them is a threat… and their mentality is “If I can’t be like that, nobody should”. Pffffff…..

      • My grandest hope is that someday all these people have to eat their words (and maybe take a look at their horrid behaviors). Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the people who burglarized grandpa’s house developed a conscience and stepped forward? (Although these misguided misogynists would just convince themselves that she obtained one some other way.) Wouldn’t it be wonderful if some of Travis’ friends (or dare I say siblings) would step forward with what they know of Travis’ temper. (I can’t believe there are only three people in this world that have witnessed it: Jodi, Desire Freeman and Dan Freeman; and I’d bet my life that his siblings have certainly experienced it.) Even the young vandals who possibly messed with her license plates stepping forward. And this, by the way, reminds me of a question that’s been rumbling through my brain for a while now: I wonder if the defense team investigated in Pasadena as to whether there were other instances of flipped license plates; I wouldn’t think Jodi was their one and only victim. Were there other people pulled over in Pasadena? (I’m very suspect of the DT investigation especially after reading Jodi’s comments in her motion to dismiss Nurmi.)

        • The Hughes emails spanning over 01/29 – 01/31/07

          ALV was able to summarize these emails from his closest friends’ perspective:
          – was that he had issues with women,
          – information about his treatment of other women,
          – information about his childhood which the Hughes believe has greatly affected him in his relationship with women,
          – other specific women and how he has treated them.
          – his ill-treatment of Jodi
          – more in-depth information with regards to TA’s refusal to look at his childhood and that maybe he needed counselling.
          – TA’s response was that he felt he was greatly affected but was afraid to look at it because he thought it would make him look weak.
          – TA speaks of a woman named Brandy that he treated badly but didn’t feel bad about it.

          I counted 36 objections just to get this into evidence.

        • During the time of Sept 2007 there were 11 women, Krachelle (sp?), Ragan, Nicole, Denise, Shaytana (sp?), Maria, Matilda, Krista, Deanna, Lisa and Jodi who were all sexting/texting TA, all of them apparently unaware of each other. Some of them were married and some were mormon.

          I’ve known men to be able to juggle a couple of women, but this seems to be a chaotic and dangerous way to live. No wonder he had a little gun in the closet with low impact bullets stashed away and a lock on his bedroom door. It’s just the kind of gun you would use to scare away someone who has been slashing your tires, and sending that weird Mormon letter. We know it wasn’t Jodi and TA knew it wasn’t Jodi or he would have said something about it in the rants over all those months.

          We know 18 year old Lisa who he had just started dating in July had a boyfriend with a past with the cops and then there was Dustin. This list doesn’t even include the peripheral women like Ashley who he had been friends with for 3 years.

          That makes more sense to me than JM’s bs.

          • Any story that could be thought of would be better than Martinez’s fairy tale. There has to be more to the story. You know one based on actual facts and the REAL TRUTH! We do not live in WONDERLAND like most of these people in Maricopa County!!!! You know we are in the REAL WORLD here!!!! We are not blind. We can not allow the injustices to continue as they are right now in the Arizona Justice system. They have no justice. They are relying on lies and deceptions. You know I would think that Travis’s family would REALLY want to know the REAL TRUTH!

          • I don’t understand how these women that were ‘played’ by travis didn’t speak up. They could have offered this information with an affidavit. SMH.

          • Taylor Searle on NG Dec 9/11 about the tires:

            NG: Well, isn’t it true, Taylor, that one night, all of his tires were slashed. He got them fixed. He moved his car the next night and hid it somewhere else. And that night, the tires were slashed again.

            SEARLE: Yes, that’s the way HE TOLD IT. HE NEVER REALLY PRESSED THE ISSUE on trying to pin it on her, but in his heart of hearts and those around him he told, that he assumed it was her, BUT REALLY DIDN’T WANT TO KICK UP DUST BY GOING AFTER HER FOR IT.

            Since he was a Mormon “virgin” up to his eyes in women, some of them married Mormons, I guess he wouldn’t want the cops actually investigating it. Just pin it on Jodi – easy out.

        • Justus, as good as that sounds, unfortunately people that knew facts that would have helped Jodi during the trial didn’t step up then… I don’t think they’d have a change of heart and ‘talk’ now…

          • I’m afraid you’re right, Pandora. If they have any conscious at all it will start eating at the back of their minds as they stare into the darkness at three in the morning (not that they’ll necessarily do anything about it.) Those without a conscious have already sold their souls and deserve the life they’re getting in return.

  3. Jodi obviously is feeling remorse and is still horrified about what happened. She is on trial for her life just the same; she must walk a fine line.

    If she opens up without restraint about how sorry and remorseful she feels, she risks giving the impression that she could have killed TA for the reasons that the prosecutor suggests. She takes as much responsibility as she can publicly. And we do not see her blaming TA. But there is more to this story than the prosecutor’s (multifarious) allegation(s) that she decided to kill him weeks earlier and then began a knife attack while he was enjoying a shower.

    If Nurmi could have found a way to focus to a greater degree on the .25ACP accidentally firing, perhaps the trial(s) would be over by now, having ended more in Jodi’s favor.

    She explained in court how she came across the handgun while she was cleaning. She was beginning to elaborate on its being sometimes loaded and sometimes not, but there was an objection.

    Did TA forget that the pistol was loaded? Is that why he charged her?

    Could that possibility make Jodi’s story more believable to those who doubt her?

    Has Jodi not been able to testify adequately about a tragic inconsistency in how TA maintained that weapon? She did say on the stand that she didn’t know herself whether or not the gun was loaded at that point. She touches on that uncertainty through other testimony about the gun being sometimes loaded and sometimes not.

    The prosecutor went to great lengths to try to convince the jury that the .25ACP – which he continues to refer to as the “murder weapon” though he claims NOW that she fired it after he was dead – belonged to Jodi’s grandfather. With these two claims he sidesteps testimony about the manner in which TA kept his handgun.

    IMO it shouldn’t be so difficult for folks to seriously consider that TA could have had a small pistol hidden at home. We know he was secretive about certain things – his behavior with women was not above board. And he was known to have an interest and some skill with weapons – he would go off target shooting with rifles.

    Jodi knows she was defending herself. In the aftermath, she obviously wasn’t clear about her right to self-defense and could not recall anything of the knife fight when she was making up cover stories. I’m sure Jodi feels remorse for misleading everyone in this aspect of the tragedy as well.

    • Whatever Jodi says she’s always going to be criticized (in a not good way). She’s damned if she does – she’s damned if she doesn’t…

      Why is it so hard for people to believe Jodi when she says that she would take it all back if she could. If she knew that her visit to travis would end up the way it did, she wouldn’t have ever gone to visit him. How many times have we done something and have said: if I had a chance to go back in time, I would and I’d do things differently. Well, Jodi says that she would have NEVER went if she knew what would follow…. and I believe her. Why wouldn’t I?

  4. Does anyone think Jodi’s lawyers might be able to do anything with my observations that Travis couldn’t have been dragged into the shower? And that, combined with the unidentified foot print and odd curved trail of blood, it seems like someone else visited that crime scene before Travis’ body was ‘found’ on Jun 9? Couldn’t it throw a wrench into the state’s case to suggest that there’s evidence the scene was tampered with by someone who has not spoken up?

    I am thinking of writing to Jennifer – if anyone else thinks in might be worthwhile. (lol, I probably only need a *little* shove).

      • And, why did they not use that evidence at the very beginning?? I’m sorry but sometimes I have just wondered who Nurmi is working for. I believe Jennifer has always had Jodi best interests at heart but not Nurmi. I would not trust someone who made such a HUGE insult against me (as he did Jodi). Journee, it couldn’t hurt so Shove, shove, shove!

            • It appears she does not get all of her mail only postcards, so under those circumstances it might be better to go through Jennifer.

                • there not suppose to hold anything back from her now she is her own lawyer now and if they do she can use against them

                • Journee, I have read many of your posts and I almost always agree! I absolutely encourage you, and anyone else to send your thoughts to the defense team, and anyone else of authority! If anything, it creates a “paper trail”. And right or wrong, it simply does not hurt to take a swing! I admit to being nervous about a lot of the stuff I have done! But I always think, what’s worse than being nervous or even being wrong? I think you know the answer to that!

    • Journee, I think it’s a wonderful idea. Jodi is still being advised by her attorneys even if she represents herself. So go for it!

    • I copied and reformatted my reasonable doubt wiki site, printed it and mailed it to Maria. She got it to Jodi. First I did ask Maria because Jodi reminded me twice just how busy Maria is, apparently not wanting to overburden her with carrying out favors for her.

    • it would have been interesting If Nurmi had brought in a replica shower and a guy dressed in gym shorts and asked Martinez who is close to Jodi’s size to see if he could drag him across the floor and put him in the shower in the time that they say it all happened. When he couldn’t do it, the prosecution’s case would have went down the drain. Of course he would have objected and not done it.

      • I would have liked to have seen a mannequin in there, showing exactly how those nine knife wounds could have resulted from Jodi trying to get Travis off of her. (I think Nurmi did an amazingly amateurish job. Without even any law degrees I think we could have done a better job of defending Jodi.)

        • I agree. With movies, animation, and demonstrations available for the jury to see before and during the trial there needed to be something displayed in the courtroom to negate all of the misinformation the jurors received from other sources. Getting Lil Juan to be a part of it would have been huge. If he did it and failed the prosecution is screwed. If he refuses to do it then it can be pointed out that he refused to prove to the jury his theory. He would have had to have completed the task in a very short time without leaving any scuff marks. I think this would have been a crucial turning point in the case, IMO.

        • Well, (Justus Forusall), I totally understand how many of the knife wounds could have occurred. …I still believe that the final stabs & cut to neck could have been delivered by someone else who came upon the scene during the fight or after Jody had escaped the apartment. …And they adjusted the scene & probably put the sheets & camera (which was unknowingly, in the sheets) into the washer.
          …If Jodi did deliver many of the initial knife wounds (in her perception of self defense), I believe it is because he was first, accidentally shot as she described. …She did not know that he was actually shot at that time, but thought the bullet went into the wall as she testified. …But she did realize that he was bleeding as he went to the sink, leaning on it with both hands & I believed she tried to help him.
          …And, getting too close, & as he realized that SHE had injured him, he grabbed her clothing. …ALV had testified that Jodi told her that TA grabbed her sweater (at some point, maybe at several points) but AVL was blasted by JM. …Actually I think that Jodi told ALV, it was her clothing (not her sweater) that he grabbed. …It was NOT an error for ALV to be ridiculed, …on whether it was her sweater or her clothing, but JM did try to show ALV to be in extreme error. …It was her clothing that Jodi said that he grabbed onto, …at some point(s) .
          …Now, at the point, with clothing grabbed, (if anyone reading this comment) found themselves in that position & saw a knife right there on the sink, wouldn’t YOU grab that knife so TA would not grab it, especially if he was holding onto YOUR clothing???? ..(An ongoing fight))?
          …And, just as Jodi truthfully testified (IMO), she had to get him to release her clothing ! ! ! …
          …You, me, or anybody would have to use that knife to get him to release the clothing by small shallow jabs while she was in the back of him (or under him) & he still holding on.
          …When he turned & tried to grab the knife with his free hand, he grabbed the blade several times & she kept withdrawing the knife each time, NOT stabbing him. …Those hand wounds were NOT defensive wounds. …The other hand wounds were probably her stabbing at her clothing trying to cut her clothing free from his “adrenalin fueled” grip, & that hand was in the way & got cut. …More cuts & stabs were necessary to get free from HIS grip.
          …So, the gist of the question that JM asked: …were you holding the knife when you were shooting him?? …. And she said an affirmative “No.” ….And, he accused her of having to GO GET the knife. …He was trying to set her up for premeditation, & trick the jury into believing HIS scenario. …Well, that turns around the scenario of what she testified & that is his ((circular reasoning)) to introduce HIS scenario, which she can not explain because it is HIS scenario. …Google: circular reasoning. …The judge let him get away with all of his circular reasoning.
          … … (((WLOPEZ4JAA))) …The jury was snookered/tricked IMHO… ((Jodi is innocent))

  5. Latest tweetingz from Michael Kiefer r.e. today’s hearing:

    Team Jodi

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 12m
    Judge Stephens says she will only listen ex parte if it is a new complaint. We are tossed from the courtroom

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 13m
    Jodi Arias says she wants to make her record ex parte, that is, privately with Judge Stephens, who asks if it relates to her attorneys. Yes.

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 15m
    Jodi Arias wants to represent herself.

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 16m
    Jodi Arias is presenting her own motion.

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 28m
    In court for a Jodi Arias hearing. It’s open. The retrial is just a month away.

    • Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 8m
      That’s it for the day. Next Jodi Arias hearing is Aug. 13.

      Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 9m
      Jodi Arias has more to say: she is asking for evidence from Mesa PD for her investigator.

      Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 11 m
      It’s official. Jodi Arias is now her own lawyer. Jennifer Willmott and Kirk Nurmi are advisory counsel.

      Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 12m
      Judge Stephens tells Jodi Arias that if she wants lawyers again, she will not be able to fire them again. “There will be no do-overs.”

      Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 13m
      Juan Martinez says he is only concerned as to whether Jodi is voluntarily representing herself.

      Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 14m
      Judge Sherry Stephens to Jodi Arias on being own atty: “I do not believe it is in your best interests…I strongly urge you to reconsider.”

      Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 16m
      Judge Stephens warns Jodi Arias that there will be no delay of the case if she represents herself. It will start Sept. 8.

      Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 18m
      Jodi Arias briefly represented herself during her pretrial when she wanted to file motions against the advice of her lawyers.

      Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 20m
      Judge Stephens is asking the usual questions of Jodi Arias as to representing herself. Looks like it’s going to happen.

        • Me too. But can it get any worse? Wonder who her investigator is? My prayers will stay with her I just wish she had the best representation that she deserves right now!!!! SMH

      • This is such a BAD idea I hope she reconsiders, my prayers are with Jodi.

        (((((JODI))))) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 🙂

        Ray in H-burg Va.

        • It might be a very bad idea unless she knows things we do not know. All we know is We Are ON HER TEAM!!! Through thick and thin we will fight for Jodi Ann Arias because WE ALL BELIEVE and UNDERSTAND THAT JODI IS INNOCENT!!!! PERIOD! Our numbers are growing too!!!! ((((((JODI)))))

          • I’m all for what every she wants to do. If you look at this situation cant get any worse than it already is now she can do more than just sit and let someone say words like dirty little secret or I don’t like Jodi in front of a jury. She can now stand up stand strong and I will stand with her come hell or high water

      • I can’t say I saw this coming. I’m surprised and a bit worried about this decision. But I’m behind her 100% whatever she decides to do.

      • Well, it worries me. Worries me a lot. But, then too, Jodi has alluded more than once to things she thought should have been done, evidence she wanted to present, witnesses she thought should be called, and ‘her lawyers decided not to go that way.’ Maybe this is the only way she can present the defense she feels she needs… by making Nurmi sit down and shut up.

        I am wondering if, with Nurmi and Willmott staying on as advisory counsel and Jodi officially lead counsel, if she can still get, say, Jennifer to examine witnesses. I mean, with Nurmi as lead, he’d call the shots on who got to go to the podium. Maybe Jodi can too? I hope?

      • Maybe this is the only way she can get control away from Nurmi whom I think did an abominable job in the original trial, particularly in the area of investigation, and the things he seem to focus on were way off base. Why wasn’t he pounding home the pause at the sink? I think the bunch of us, even without any law degrees could have done a better job. Maybe because we care? I hope Jodi is discussing this with Jennifer and Maria and I hope they concur. What is most interesting is she’s asking for the evidence from the Mesa PD for her investigator. Can she possibly introduce new evidence in this trial or is she only allowed to use what’s already been admitted?

        • And why wasn’t he pounding home the difference in ammo type? (Was that even brought up during trial, other than just what was stolen at grandpa’s house?) These, and other things, should have been the central theme of closing arguments. (I’m going to be really pissed if among the Mesa PD evidence are two red gas cans and no blue kerosene can, seized from her car when she was arrested.)

              • There were text messages and the sexual phone call, emails and torn pages from her diary, and the fact that he paid for her move to Mesa from Monterey after they broke up without making a commitment to her once she did, etc. to show TA’s control over Jodi, without her having to detail her relative comfort or discomfort with each and every sexual act or posed photograph.

                The MAIN reason to have shown the sexual antics graphically SHOULD have been to set up the probability that Jodi was telling the truth about the rope and how the knife ended up in the bathroom/bedroom as a defensive weapon of opportunity.

                …but Nurmi forgot to ask about how and where the rope was cut, and then NEEDLESSLY drew the jury’s attention to the fact that he’d “neglected to ask”. GMAFB.

                The sex tape could also have been played to the jury privately, as Jodi wanted, which would have been more appropriate to this self-defense case than making it FRONT and CENTER – as one would in a “crime of passion” plea.

                CSI evidence and photographs taken with TA’s camera in the bathroom should have been front and center in this self-defense case IMO.

        • Justus I agree with you. I don’t know if this is a good idea or a bad idea BUT I am sure that Jodi knows what she’s doing. She must have her reasons to do this. I support her decision. I am glad that she will still have her attorneys as consultants. 🙂

  6. world
    pop culture
    in depth

    This is on the MSN Home page

    Arias to represent herself at death penalty trial

    This Jan. 9, 2013 file photo shows Jodi Arias appearing for her trial in Maricopa County Superior court in Phoenix. AP: Matt York
    PHOENIX (AP) — A judge ruled Monday that Jodi Arias can represent herself in the upcoming penalty phase of her murder trial, where jurors will decide whether she is put to death for killing her ex-boyfriend.

    Arias, 34, was convicted of first-degree murder last year in the 2008 killing of Travis Alexander, but jurors couldn’t reach a decision on sentencing. Under Arizona law, Arias’ murder conviction stands, and prosecutors have the option of putting on a second penalty phase with a new jury in an effort to secure a death sentence.

    Arias, who has long clashed with her defense lawyers and tried to fire them previously — asked Judge Sherry Stephens to let her serve as her own lawyer during the second penalty phase, and Stephens granted the request.

    Arias will now have the task of arguing a death penalty case just four weeks from now despite having no legal experience and no college degree or high school diploma. Arias got her GED in jail.

    Her defense lawyers will remain as advisory counsel as she argues the case. Defense lawyers and the prosecution refused to comment on the latest developments.

    Arias’ feud with her attorneys intensified after she gave a series of media interviews following her conviction in May 2013. Her lawyers have tried to withdraw from the case, but the judge has rebuffed their requests.

    The case captured headlines worldwide and became a cable television staple with its tales of sex, lies and a brutal killing.

    Arias admitted killing Alexander at his suburban Phoenix home but claimed it was self-defense. He was stabbed nearly 30 times, had his throat slit and was shot in the forehead. Prosecutors argued it was premeditated murder carried out in a jealous rage when Alexander wanted to end their affair.

    A new trial to determine the sentence is scheduled to begin Sept. 8. If the second panel fails to end in a unanimous decision, the death penalty would be removed from consideration. The judge would then sentence Arias to spend her life behind bars or to be eligible for release after 25 years.

    • I’m amazed at the way this report is written. And still the truth is avoided.

      “The case captured headlines worldwide and became a cable television staple with its tales of sex, lies and a brutal killing.

      Arias admitted killing Alexander at his suburban Phoenix home but claimed it was self-defense. He was stabbed nearly 30 times, had his throat slit and was shot in the forehead. Prosecutors argued it was premeditated murder carried out in a jealous rage when Alexander wanted to end their affair.”

      At least he admits that it was a cable television staple full of tales!!!!! To bad he left out the part where the jurors could watch it on TV anytime they wanted.

  7. While watching a program today I was reminded of the Sam Sheppard murder trial of 1954 (the true story upon which “The Fugitive” was loosely based.) The following is straight out of Wikipedia ( See if it sounds familiar.

    The murder investigation and the trial are notable for the extensive publicity. Some newspapers and other media in Ohio were accused of bias against Sheppard and inflammatory coverage of the case, and were criticized for immediately labeling Sheppard as the only viable suspect. A Federal judge later criticized the media, “If ever there was a trial by newspaper, this is a perfect example. And the most insidious example was the Cleveland Press. For some reason that newspaper took upon itself the role of accuser, judge and jury.”

    The local media ran salacious front-page stories inflammatory to Sheppard which had no supporting facts or were later disproved. During the trial, a popular radio show broadcast a report about a New York City woman who claimed to be Sheppard’s mistress and mother of his illegitimate child. Since the jury was not sequestered, two of the jurors admitted to the judge that they heard the broadcast but the judge did not dismiss them. From interviews with some of the jurors years later, it is likely that jurors were contaminated by the press before the trial and perhaps during it.

    The U.S. Supreme Court later called the trial a “carnival atmosphere”.

  8. This is just for FUN but I found it reminded me of the power of sound (rumors) which were able to bring in the crowds. . .visualize the Farmer as HLN and the media and then the cows are all of the jurors and people who are in the Hate club. Did the cows stop to read and educate themselves about the mysterious sounds coming from Farmer Derek. . .NO they just blindly ran up to hear more! LOL

    • I’m with you, Carol. I’m usually the peacemaker but this trial and that particular network have brought out the angriest side of me. I do not suffer fools gladly and between HLN and the rest of the angry, hateful sheeple out there, I cannot hold my tongue. I was afraid of how the media and the public would jump all over this and they did not disappoint. Those on GB’s discussion group are lecturing us on how we need to stop supporting her because that’s just encouraging her to think she’s so smart. We are apparently supposed to best help her by putting her in her place, let her know she’s not smart enough to fight for her own life.

      • “Those people” think the smartest thing she could do is let the same attorney who failed her the first time around, who showed little interest in the case, did a piss-poor investigation, who doesn’t like her nine days out ten and doesn’t mind sharing that with the jury, yeah, let that person represent her in her attempt to save her life. Right… But, of course, that’s what “those people” would do in her situation because they are idiots.

        • Now they have kermit’s latest squeeze Trial Diary lady on. PUKE, they’re joining forces. Did not they learn anything from the judge’s ruling? I am angry today, very angry with them.

          • And members of the upcoming jury pool are most likely watching this crap because they don’t know they are going to be part of the jury pool. But, apparently, people are so incredibly honest and would never lie to get onto a high profile murder case, that we aren’t supposed to worry about a tainted jury.

        • What do you do when you are in her situation? If you cannot trust your attorney then what other alternative does she have? She is a very intelligent, competent woman and if anyone can do it, she can. But she shouldn’t have to be making that choice. Where is her Cheney Mason?

    • I’m with you, I finally learned, no more HLN . It’s really takes to long to get over the pain HLN inflicts with their attitudes.

  9. So Jodi will have a say in jury selection? Let’s hope they can find people who did not grow up watching soap operas (it should be a question for them in this particular case) and who see HLN as the TV tabloid that it is. Saying HLN is tabloid TV is probably an insult to tabloid newspapers.

  10. Will the “underdog factor” help Jodi as she goes head-to-head with Juan Martinez in her sentencing trial? Martinez, after all, has 30 years experience and is willing to use threats and intimidation, innuendo instead of facts, bullying tactics and deception. It seems like such a one-sided affair. Will at least one juror have some sympathy for Jodi in this unfair fight. Studies show that normally people tend to hope for the underdog. But, so many people watching/following this trial have been influenced (I’d say brain-washed but it’s difficult to tell if all the people opposing Jodi have a functioning brain) by HLN and other media. One would be hard pressed to find another young woman on trial who has been so vilified by reporters and reporting agencies who seem to have lost all objectivity in regard to Jodi. I’d love to see Jodi kick Martinez’s ass but realistically if she does the best she can and hangs in there with Martinez (even in a losing battle), I’m really hoping she wins the respect (and vote) of one courageous juror.

  11. Kiefer’s follow-up article on yesterday’s hearing clarifies one point:

    “in court on Monday, Nurmi told the court that he and Arias had different defense strategies.”

    That’s what I figured was happening. She had to make him sit down in order to present the case SHE feels is necessary to her defense.

    • In Nurmi’s defense of Jodi we have seen him focus on battered woman’s syndrome and the control TA had over her. It backfired:

      The jury evidently concluded that Jodi allowed her will to be so broken by that man that she was eventually taken over by the basest emotions possible.

      When the prosecutor badgered her outrageously during cross examination, (there were not enough objections to questions asked and answered or to assuming facts not in evidence) the jury saw just enough haughtiness in Jodi to imagine that a “Basic Instinct” or “Psycho” scenario had occurred.

      The jurors were so stressed by the burden of their duty and by the out of control courtroom that the spectacle of lurid sexual images only served to put them over the top. Thus it became impossible for them to consider that doubts they had of premeditation or intent – and surely they had some – were actually reasonable.

      • This spring, there was a case in my city where a judge found a woman not guilty of 2nd degree murder for the stabbing of her husband because she was a battered woman. It is a very legitimate defence anywhere except AZ. Why did the guy in NV get 15 years for killing his girlfriend and dismembering her? I have never been so thankful and proud to be a Canadian.

    • I’m not clear about this part:

      “Stephens also told Arias that if she decided at any time that she needed attorneys, she would appoint them. But she told Arias that if that happens, it will be final.”

      Appoint NEW attorneys? Or reinstate the ones she has? I’d think new attorneys would call everything to a screeching halt – which is presumably why Stephens denied Jodi’s motion to fire Nurmi last summer.

        • Well CanadaCarol it is hard to report with MUD all over your face. 🙁 She should be hanging her head in shame, but not in Arizona!!!! Sin is only for a select few there. Poor thing. . .oops (what am I thinking) Poor Children and Spouses of these selfish hate filled people! I suppose the FROG enjoyed his time up on his lily pad! SMH

  12. Tara Kelley just tweeted that she is going to appear on JVM tonight ” to briefly talk about Jodi’s decision to represent herself”.

    Hmmm, can we say MEDIA WHORE?

  13. I think this is not a bad decision for Jodi to represent herself,I think she can easily match wits with Marteniz,but I think jury’s have a harder time with defendents doing this. Defenitely thoughts and prayers go out to Jodi.

  14. Does anyone think there is ANY chance that Judge Stephens would give Jodi a chance at parole after 25 years? She would lose her job at the next election, wouldn’t she? Without all the negative publicity against Jodi, 25 years might have been an option. But, thanks to HLN and other media, there’s no chance that will happen now. I’d love to see this issue brought up in court. Politics and justice don’t mix.

    What kind of a system rewards officials with advancement only when they are hard and unbending towards unfortunate people caught up in the “justice” system? Want to advance? Never show mercy or compassion towards those before you in court.

    But, due to issues like this one and the unfairness of the trial, Jodi’s chance of a successful appeal has got to be very high.

    • Coldcase, I do think that Jodi could get a chance for parole. It could happen if the jurors or the judge realize that INTENT was never proven.

      Premeditation was only SUGGESTED by the circumstantial “evidence”. INTENT was only suggested by JM’s much-strutted and oft-screeched moral indignation.

      PREMEDITATION and INTENT are NOT the same thing; that needs to be made very clear. JM was able to conflate the two through supposititious arguments. They MUST be examined separately. As JM knows only too well, if one of the two begins to crumble, so will the other.

      • Only the judge gets a say on whether there’ll be a possibility of parole.

        And in AZ, the law says premeditation can happen in the instant before the act. That’s why I’ve always said the 5 jurors who voted premeditation only (as opposed to the 7 who voted premeditation AND felony murder) couldn’t get around the neck wound. They might’ve believed that the fight started as self defense, might have believed heat of passion even, but believed she had to have decided to kill him when she cut his throat.

        (and, of course, I’m of the opinion that Travis was already dead when his throat was cut, might have been dead for awhile even…. when someone ELSE cut his throat)

        • I intended to mean that if the jurors hung on the penalty because of concerns about premeditation/intent, the decision would of course be sent to the judge, triggering a greater examination of same from her perspective.

          As far as premeditation in an instant is concerned: If she BELIEVED that he would kill her IF she didn’t stop him with a lethal wound, then her preconception is in accordance with the preservation of her own life.

          It’s not that I don’t believe that premeditation in an instant could occur; it is known to happen unfortunately all too often (WOULD apply to heat of passion), and is seen to occur during the commission of other crimes as part of a cover-up.

          The five who didn’t vote for Felony Murder might not have because they saw the circular reasoning behind the charge. Speculating further: They might have felt it was moot to lodge a complaint to the court about its legitimacy since they were all finding her guilty of premeditation and indeed because some among them felt that the Felony Murder charge applied.

          • The main reason I suspect that of those 5 jurors is the juror questions. At least one person on that jury seemed to be giving Jodi every benefit of the doubt. Maybe more than one but definitely one. Remember the tiger question? The dura mater question? There were others but those two stand out.

            I really thought the jury would hang in the guilt phase because of those questions. When they didn’t I had to wonder why. The jury instruction about premeditation and the neck wound was the only thing that made sense to me.

            • Jury instructions with respect to Premeditation:

              “While reflection is required for First Degree Murder, the time needed for reflection is not necessarily prolonged, and the space of time between the intent or knowledge to kill and the act of killing may be very short. An act is not done with premeditation if it is the instant effect of a sudden quarrel or heat of passion” .

              Premeditation is required for FDM, but not SDM. If SDM is found, then jurors must decide if is the instant effect of a sudden quarrel or heat of passion. If they decide that it is, they must find Manslaughter. If they are not certain whether it is SDM or Manslaughter, they must decide Manslaughter, but they cannot choose both SDM and Manslaughter.

              Journee, this discussion reminds me of the one we had with Mark on the “Website Rules” page. In one of his comments he said, in effect, that he couldn’t guess what the jurors had been thinking, given all of the possible scenarios that were presented by the prosecution. That is how I feel about their verdicts also.

              • But I’m not just talking about the jurors who set aside Martinez’ circular silliness.

                I’m talking about the juror(s) whose questions showed a strong leaning for the defense. (I remembered another one: Asking Horn -given his profession- how much experience he had with people who survived gunshot wounds to the head.) I’m looking for the reason why that person or persons (I like to think more than one, especially given the peaty phase split in the DP qualified jury) got from leaning towards defense to convicting her of M1.

                • I’m not sure of the timing of jurors’ exits vis a vis the Qs, but is it possible that they were dismissed?

                • Journee, there is an interview out there with Tara who said that there were members on the jury who believed that Jodi was abused and that’s why they couldn’t reach a verdict in the penalty. So, why they chose to still go with M1 is something I don’t understand as well. At least one of them was also thinking about the evidence and how stories kept changing so their rationalization to believe everything the prosecutor and state witnesses handed them in spite of all the lying and covering up is puzzling to say the least.

                • Eh, Carol –

                  IMO the only reason to pay any attention at all to anything Tara says is to catch her slipping up about her and other jurors doing things they weren’t supposed to be doing.

                  She talks to whomever and says whatever to prolong her feeling of importance. She was not present for deliberations and can’t speak with any authority on what happened in the jury room while she played cards with the other alternates.

                • It did seem as if Jodi had a decent chance for a Manslaughter conviction last year based on the abuse that was in evidence. Some of those questions (tiger/bear was excellent) did indicate that critical thinking was taking place.

                  But if their thinking (the five who only voted for premeditated murder) was as you suspect, Journee, they didn’t fully comprehend the Instructions with respect to an instantaneous decision and how that would NOT be premeditation according to the Jury Instructions. (The Instuctions’ wording is telling as it is referred to as an “instant effect”.)

                  And a decision to inflict a lethal wound in the midst of a violent fight would not be one that would fall into the “short period of time” category. It would be instantaneous, as it would in “heat of passion”, i.e. the “effect” of an ongoing situation. There appears to be plenty that the jurors missed or decided to overlook while deliberating, such as the Instruction that what is suggested about character cannot be proof of having committed a crime, (but the prosecutor is permitted go on about lying or cheating all he or she wants) and that what a lawyer maintains should not carry more weight than any other person’s testimony, and in particular, they seemed to have ignored the absence of evidence not being evidence, which applies to the unfortunately missing Walmart return receipt for the kero can that was purchased with cash.

                  With respect to the Felony Murder conviction, the jurors had to believe that Jodi was either unwelcome in the house or started the fight (at some point became unwelcome) in order for them to have voted for that conviction, just for STARTERS. (And the thing about that Felony Murder charge is that there are no lesser includeds.) I think that conviction was found mainly based upon the predigested hearsay that had Jodi sneaking into the house.

                  I think that all jurors should be given a reading comprehension test, even if it seems obvious that they can read, and a recording should be available in the jury room for any of the jurors to revisit during deliberations (at the least). Some are weak readers (though they might write effectively) preferring to learn aurally, so if they hear something enough, they’ve GOT it.

        • Do you really believe that pickles (she is going to be the judge again right?) would decide for parole after all the bullshit she allowed to happen in her courtroom? I highly doubt that she can be fair. She is a ‘Juan Superstar’ fan 100%. It was obvious all through the trial that she didn’t like Jodi nor was she willing of giving Jodi a fair trial. I really do hope she loses her job. She is a danger to the justice system… (another one that I truly wonder how she sleeps at night… but oh ya! heartless & soulless people don’t have a conscious).

          • Pandora, I can only hope that if the jurors have so many DOUBTS that they cannot agree, that the judge will go with those prevailing winds. But as I have no understanding of the general AZ mentality, I don’t know what to expect.

            • I am also not sure about the possibility of parole at all right now because Journee just reminded me about the “no parole” rule; yet it was reported so many times over the last year that the judge would have the latitude to sentence Jodi with the possibility of parole if the decision reverted to her.

              • I suspect reporters are just picking up JM’s flag, making sure potential jurors believe that a life sentence means she might get out.

              • And I guess 25-life might still be on the books as a sentencing option, but under current law there is no mechanism to implement it for capital offenders.

  15. Well, that was 55 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back.

    Those who opted not to watch JVM: smart move. You didn’t miss anything you’d want to see. Tara was on the phone and said nothing worth the effort of a phone call.

  16. You know, I think maybe this move might be Jodi’s way of taking ultimate responsibility. Her way of saying

    “For better or worse, it’s all on me.”

    • I also believe that Jodi has learned, all too painfully, that Nurmi’s heart is not in this, and that the jury in the first trial could sense this.
      Jodi may have come to understand that the only way to “connect” with the jurors is face to face.

      • It’s a way for her to really connect with the jurors and not have to be cross-examined by the bully. The talking attorneys say that the judge and even kermit will have to work hard to protect the record for Jodi and it may just make his job much more difficult.

  17. I feel like it goes back to something I’ve said before. Kirk Nurmi didn’t want to take the case from the beginning, his passion isn’t there for Jodi’s case. When somebody does not want to do something, they generally do a half assed job at the task at hand. I think she feels stuck and wants to do what she feels is best for herself. I support her decision whatever she decides to do! But as I have also said before, Jennifer Willmott, IMO, was very dedicated to the case and fought so much harder than Nurmi did for Jodi.

  18. I saw JVM talk about how TA “allegedly” attacked Jodi , and how ” we know that’s all a lie it never happened”

    How the BLEEP does that Hag know what really happened in that bathroom? They just fuel hate against poor Jodi because it’s what their rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth fan club wants!!!

    So in this country, not only will domestic abuse survivors be railroaded by the courts, you’ll be ” slut-shamed” by Hate line News.

    This is all very sickening 🙁

    • Pushing her rag as a “primer for what’s coming up” she has absolutely no scruples. Jodi is going to load the jury with men and then sexually seduce them, blah blah. Tara the alternate, however, said the split last time was non-gender specific. They seem to hate the idea so now I will take comfort in their discomfort that this will be good for Jodi. The first question she needs to ask potential juror is do you watch HLN. It truly is a network with no ethics.

      • So Tara was either telling us about deliberations in which she did not participate, or she was telling us about conversations the jurors were not supposed to be having prior to deliberations.

        • If JVM knows all of the facts about this tragedy then maybe she should be placed on the witness stand! Was she actually in that house the night Travis died? How else would she be so knowledgeable? Let her prove her base for all her “alleged facts” on this case. Put up or shut JVM! We all know her “facts” are based on rumors from very questionable people. HLN should be banned! Stop corrupting our country with lies HLN!

          • Applauding! Right on girlfriend!

            Thinking about it, both JVM and NG should be the prime witnesses as to what happened that night! It seems they know best! Pfffff… a drunk and a bully… (rolling eyes the samantha way…)

            ((((R.Love)))) ♥

        • I was reading the screen info Occupy captured on Tara last night. It’s quite obvious how involved she was with the family, cash and hln during the trial. Tweets during the trial. It certainly was fortunate that her number was called and she did not have a decision on Jodi’s fate.

          There is something seriously wrong with JVM when it comes to Jodi. This over-stated sexuality that she conveys onto Jodi does not come from Jodi but from her over-active imagination. She got her “facts” from the haters on the courthouse steps while she was frying her head in the AZ sun all day. What a waste of paper that trash must be.

          • The first adjective JVM threw out to describe Jodi when she was pushing her book on the air was “slutty”. She is totally focused on the “Jodi as evil seductress” angle of the witch hunt, as if someone assigned it to her. So much for JVM demonstrating any respect for women. (All those HLN talking heads ignored what Jodi said on the stand about TA having had more sexual partners than she. Jodi added that it was over a longer period of time.) Among educated people the world “slut” no longer carries much meaning in a serious sense, because there is an awareness of how sexist the term is. But I don’t doubt that JVM’s intention is to use the word the “old-fashioned” way, and to have it taken that way.

            Btw, Carol. You didn’t mean ca$h, did you? (There could be folks visiting this site who might take what you wrote the wrong way.)

  19. I never understood why Jodi Arias became the most hated woman in America. There are women who have done far worse than Jodi that don’t get nearly the amount of media coverage. Even all of the stories that have been done this year on mothers leaving their children in hot cars to die hasn’t gotten as much coverage as Jodi Arias even when there is no news to report.

    I remember watching HLN last year when they did multiple re-enactments of the murder scene and I made a comment that it was starting to look a lot like “Clue: The Movie” with the alternate endings of “what really happened”. It became ridiculous, even laughable, how desperate HLN reached to score ratings. Because, at the end of the day, that’s what this is really all about: ratings. HLN doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Travis Alexander, Travis’s family, Jodi Arias, Jodi’s family, you, me, the jurors, etc. They do a piss-poor job of reporting news over there and at CNN. In fact, I still think that CNN is reporting on the Malaysian plane that went missing. This is the same network that brought on so-called “psychics” who claimed to be talking to the deceased on the plane who could tell them the exact location of the plane crash. This is why I watch FOX News and, apparently, why most viewers do as well which is why CNN and HLN consistently get their asses kicked in the ratings by FOX News.

    The thing is that we know what HLN thinks of Jodi Arias and all of us. Screw them. Trying to persuade them is like talking to one of the anti-Arias kooks. You’d have better success persuading a brick wall. What we need to do is to focus on the evidence and what we know are facts from the trial. So many people here have done a great job of doing that on their respective blogs and websites. They can’t refute evidence. They can’t refute facts. That is why their rebuttal is to attack personally and dodge questions. All they can do is attack and smear and their entire foundation is built on a stack of lies and deceit. Witness the multitude of attempts to defame, mock and ridicule supporters by impersonating them on various websites and spreading lies and rumors about them in deliberate and malicious attempts to personally harm their reputation and character.

    You don’t win cases or the hearts and minds of people over the course of time by being a bully or an obnoxious asshole. You win with passion, conviction, facts and truth. And having a positive attitude amongst it all certainly helps, too. I don’t have a problem debating someone who disagrees with me so long as it is an intelligent, mature discussion where we each respect each other’s opinions and beliefs. What I have a problem with is people talking down to me or behaving in a way that is obnoxious and rude. I wish not to take any part in that and I refuse to do so henceforth.

    The way that I see it is that we got the facts on our side. So hit ’em with facts because they can’t refute them nor will they.

  20. I THINK JODI NEEDS K.N. AND J.W during the trial they know how to pick a jury JODI is not a lawyer how is Jodi going to look at the photos of Travis without breaking down how is she going to handle everything they both did the best they could they told the judge many times about JUAN and the trial JENNIFER got death threats i hope before the trial starts Jodi will hire them again i think Jennifer can save JODI LIFE K.N. AND J.W. KNOW HOW JUAN WORKS they will fight to save JODI life if JODI DOSES THIS HER SELF SHE WILL GET DEATH IF SHE HIRES THEM BACK SHE GET LIFE I THINK SHE WILL DO THE RIGHT THINK BEFORE THE TRIAL STARTS

    • Shannon, you bring up very good points. How will Jodi not break down when she sees photos of Travis? She will have a very difficult time with JM because he is a seasoned lawyer. He examines witnesses virtually without notes. He knows exactly how to link evidence in the jurors’ minds in ways that are so audacious that most people could be lawyers their entire adult lives and never think (seriously) of his strategies.

      For example, in the midst of his questioning of Jodi about the aftermath of the deadly fight (she hasn’t left the house yet in the narrative), he suddenly starts asking her about the gas cans, insisting that she had three. I don’t think Jodi is any match for his gamesmanship, but I do think she will make an excellent case for herself and write very good arguments.

      • Ah – well maybe watching JVM last night wasn’t a total waste.

        Beth Karas was on (which surprised me, I thought she’d left HLN?) and she thinks this is actually a very smart move on Jodi’s part. Acting as her own attorney, she will have the opportunity to connect with the jury, speak to them directly and present her narrative, WITHOUT being subjected to cross examination by Martinez. She doesn’t have to interact DIRECTLY with Martinez at all. He can (and surely will) still harass her via objections, but even when he does, it will be the judge Jodi addresses in response, not Martinez.

        • I had thought of what Beth K. said about Jodi connecting with the jury and not being subject to JM’s examination. The other stuff Shannon mentioned concerns me nonetheless.

        • Another pleasing aspect is that Jodi will get to object to Martinez’s questions.
          She will have the opportunity to give him the taste of his own medicine and he will have to take it without yelling at her.

          • Oh Alexey, I will definitely enjoy that!

            It’s not so much the objection part but more that JM will have to treat Jodi with the respect he didn’t while she was on the stand. He made a mock of the trial with his antics and badgering the witnesses. If he attacks Jodi who will be defending herself, it will backfire because the jury will see what an abuser he is to a girl defending herself (and w/o his experience). Nobody likes an unfair ‘fight’! 😉 So, watching him bite his tongue and stew in his own juice will be divine! 😉

      • Jodi won’t be there alone, right? She’ll have Jennifer at her side for consultation, both during courtroom hours and then afterwards for strategizing. (I don’t expect Kirk to be around that much, considering that he and Jodi apparently bang heads about defense strategies.) I think while it places a lot of responsibility on Jodi, I think she’s thought it through and talked to Jennifer and Maria but ultimately made up her own mind. And someone apparently gave her the pros and the cons, one of the major pros being not having to have any interaction with that maniacal bully. And another major pro being she gets to give both opening statements and closing arguments. She’s going to be able to tell them her story. And if Martinez wants to interrupt every 10 words, he can certainly look like the ass that he is, controlling and beating up on this woman who’s just trying to tell what has happened to her.

  21. If I hadn’t just bought Sails I would love this puppy. I have three of her prints on order right now waiting for PayPal to process. I will have a whole wall of (((Jodi’s Art))).

  22. I can’t find it on their website but I heard the question of the day to be: should Jodi have the right to defend herself? I thought it was one of the amendment rights that Americans have.

  23. Jodi’s request for change of counsel dated Oct 17/2013 (12 pages) covers the following points:
    – last full team meeting Aug 2012
    – since the 2011 court decision to meet Nurmi’s pay demands after leaving PD’s office attitude toward her and her case changed.
    – his office staff have been instructed to hang up on her instead of even taking a message.
    – no real investigation of her case.
    – 2012 in an unguarded moment Jodi said “I deserve an attorney who wants to fight for me.” His reply was “You’re not entitled to that.”
    – Huge issue for Jodi was lawyers’ refusal to take option of playing sex tape to jurors in closed hearing. Other members explained why. Nurmi – “You’re not going to get your way just because you throw a tantrum.” Jodi describes her reaction as a complete emotional breakdown and court had to be cancelled for the day. Jodi describes anger toward her that day.
    – 2011 confiscated books since cleared and intended as gifts sit at MPD because Nurmi didn’t arrange to get them back for her. They are very important books to her.
    – June 2013 – Jodi requested new counsel and was denied because of Nurmi’s knowledge of her case. Jodi – he has forgotten more about my case than he remembers – e.g. Chaitanya & TA’s sexual liaison in messages, but Nurmi states there was no mention of actual sex in the messages.
    – forgot to impeach three state witnesses, and not Flores and Horn. D.R. for one, denied sex with TA and stated she believed he was a virgin in previous recorded statements.
    – no bonding with Jodi very noticeable to jury – the remark to the jury about not liking her.
    – Jodi has refused his two attempts at visits because he is “curt, rude and condescending.” His pet answer for her questions used ++ times “Do you want me to explain years of law school?”
    – $225.00 an hour – he doesn’t want to give up the case even though his client has not spoken to him in 5 months.
    – JW treats her and her case with respect, but this is her first capital case and she cannot do everything all alone.
    – She is entitled to two attorneys, which in effect, she did not have.
    – She was requesting change of counsel for 1st chair only and was denied.

    So now, she’s first chair.

    • Carol, thanks for ‘refreshing’ our memory as to why Jodi wants to represent herself! Under these circumstances, who wouldn’t?

      • This paragraph from his Bio/Mission Statement on his law practice site speaks of his interest and focus of his practice:

        “Today, while I am a death penalty qualified attorney, that is not the focus of my practice as my desire is to help good people who are either wrongly accused of a crime or who in a moment of weakness acted out of character.”

        He had worked for the public defenders’ office for over ten years and Jodi was his third capital case. He seems to assume that everyone charged with a capital crime is guilty. Certainly not the guy I would want in my corner.

        • Yes CanadaCarol, thank you for updating the long disturbing list of why Nurmi should not represent Jodi. It does make you wonder who is he really working for doesn’t it?
          “Today, while I am a death penalty qualified attorney, that is not the focus of my practice as my desire is to help good people who are either wrongly accused of a crime or who in a moment of weakness acted out of character.” Lies. Who in their right mind would want him for their counsel?

          • Thank you Carol, for bringing so much to this site.

            “Today, while I am a death penalty qualified attorney, that is not the focus of my practice as my desire is to help good people…”

            WTF does Nurmi mean by “not the focus of my practice”?

            Is he saying that as a defense attorney, he handles the death penalty in a tangential way? Or that if he deems a person to be “bad”, he focuses more on the DP? (These would be generous interpretations of what he wrote.) Any regular posters here, even those from non-English speaking countries, could write a better Mission Statement.

            • Victoria Washington said that Nurmi wanted nothing to do with a death penalty case.

              Perhaps he doesn’t feel up to the task? He certainly doesn’t seem to be. Three years at PDO probably gave him a lot of experience negotiating pleas for drug dealers and sex offenders – and not much else.

              Gotta admit, it’s a daunting responsibility.

    • Question, Carol. Re: Second line of sixth bullet point “Other members” – do you mean of the defense team? (Probably obvious but not sure what the letter said about that at this point.)

    • Re:

      – Jodi has refused his two attempts at visits because he is “curt, rude and condescending.” His pet answer for her questions used ++ times “Do you want me to explain years of law school?”

      I guess Nurmi won’t be using that one anymore. And if he tries it now, her response just might be,
      “Did I ASK you to explain years of law school?”

  24. Jodi Arias Updates ‏@JodiAnnArias 5s

    Lt. Eastlund at Estrella wouldn’t let Jodi’s expert witness in to see her and continue a psych evaluation already in progress.


    • Um, if she’s her own counsel how can they deny her that? Acting as her own lawyer should permit her access to whatever she needs for her case whenever she needs it, right? Or is this just the way it is at a Joe Arpaio run jail? I’m not surprised though. When I went to visit Jodi I had to jump through all kinds of bureaucratic hoops before I could get in the door.

      • you do know that JM Flores and Joe are the ones with the key to the doors in that jail and guess what that person giving Jodi a physic test is JM hand pick person

            • have enjoyed posting today will come back and visit more often now that I have let myself out of the closet

          • some thing seen in the grape vine where this shrink did Hursley guy and a lot was left out the one JM was in court with now that same shrink is going to do Jodi now and you can bet you bottom dollar that will look good when he get back in court with ever that happens

    • Not hard for me to believe RASNA. SMH Jodi is up against some very powerful devious people. They will stop at nothing to see that her trial is crooked. They will pull every string and pay whoever they need to, to see that Jodi doesn’t have a chance. This trial should be moved to another state. Take the power away from these criminals of injustice! I will continue to pray for Jodi to have the strength to endure their evilness and for her much deserving FREEDOM. One day they will pay for their crimes of injustice to her and I bet they change their tunes then! Sending Jodi our POSITIVE AND UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!!! Be Strong Jodi we are with you!!!

    • Sounds like a tactic to rattle her. If they mess with her enough, her nerves will be even more frayed than they are now from PTSD by the time of jury selection. Autocratic types like Arpaio are really into diabolical dance moves. She’s gonna have to shake this stuff off.

  25. I was just thinking. I wonder how many times HLN referred to Travis, during the trial, as “The Victim”. It seems to me, in a self-defense case, we do not know who “The Victim” is until the end of the trial. But I guess they already knew and didn’t need to hear evidence. Idiots!…with law degrees, no less!

    It’s similar to that insane petition Tanisha put out there to stop defendants in self-defense cases from saying anything unpleasant about the other person unless it can be proven. And who’s going to decide if it can be proven? Isn’t that the jury’s job? An additional idiot!!!

    • Oh yes, Tanisha’s stupid petition. I’d almost forgotten about that. So what about all the unpleasant things she said about Jodi? I guess that’s ok. According to her you can say anything you want about the defendant without proof and stir up a firestorm of hate,which she had her part in doing, and that is all just fine. But the so called “victim” is off limits, unless you can prove it, of course. Funny, I thought there was proof of “unpleasant” things about Travis. Just look at his texts and emails. If that’s not proof I don’t know what is.

      • But, Jeff, what they want is proof of her innocence. Oh, they vehemently declare that’s not what they want at all. And practically in the next post someone’s asking for proof of this and proof of that. They don’t require proof to declare her guilty. They have speculation that confirms what they already believe. Who needs proof as long as that criteria is met. For instance, they asked for “proof” that Travis expected Jodi to be at their beck and call. I presented them with this: Travis emails Jodi in the wee hours of the morning. Travis then texts Jodi to go read her mail. Jodi, out of concern for her sleeping grandmother, does not get up out of bed and go read his mail. The following morning he reads her the riot act beginning with “You couldn’t get off your lazy butt to read it could you. That’s the sociopath I know so well. It freakin figures.” Translation: “If you’re not at my beck and call you deserve to be ridiculed, called names and generally treated like a piece of shit!”.

        The immediate responses were about how this is out of context and we don’t know what Jodi had done to provoke Travis and that we supporters are always presenting things that prove nothing.

        But they require film at eleven in order to believe that Travis could possibly have been abusive but need nothing more than innuendo to believe that Jodi was the abusive one. It’s mind boggling! SMH!!!

    • I’ve found that attempting to get people who have been thinking in circles throughout their entire lives to now think in a straight line is very very hard work. And I’m beginning to fear that there are a lot of circular thinkers out there.

      • They are a part of society that assumes everyone charged with a crime is guilty and repeat the same foul garbage without knowing or wanting to know the facts. All they are focused on is this ugly vengeance without considering or caring if they just might be wrong. Hopefully, it is a tiny populace with big mouths, otherwise, God help your justice system.

      • This tweet from “the enemy camp” (Justice 4 T…..) – posted 2 hours ago

        Kirk Nurmi has filed a motion to withdraw from the #JodiArias case. Will post updates as they come in.

        • Yah, I was thinking probably Nurmi since it is a motion to RECONSIDER , as in – I know I asked you this before and now I’m asking again and hoping for a different answer.

    • Keifer does some excellent reporting on this serious problem AZ has with some prosecutors who could care less about their conduct because they can get away with it; even be rewarded. Winning is more important than the truth is their motto.

      • I have to agree with Carol. Kiefer is an outstanding journalist. The ‘win at all costs’ motto is something we’d see in a bumper sticker of some prosecutors in AZ. Their thirst for wins has subdued their oath to serve justice. Prosecutorial misconduct is spreading like the plague in AZ and needs to be seriously reviewed by the US supreme court.

        • I heard thru the grapevine he has been getting a lot of hate mail and phone calls and said hes scared here we go again

  26. Sorry everyone, this is off topic but I need to clarify some things, so there will be NO MISUNDERSTANDINGS to people that might be ‘fencing’ here at the site:

    I would like to clarify that I do not run Jodi’s Art Gallery page. I just promote any new additions to the gallery. If you have questions related to the artwork, please submit your questions here: .

    This is for people that ask me about the artwork I promote and when I don’t reply in a matter of some hours (cause I also have a life and am not stuck at my computer screen 24/7) some other non-important people jump on the opportunity to say that I am ‘rude’.

    It is very disturbing to use ‘Jodi’s Art’ topics to attack me for personal issues. Implying ‘agenda’s’ and involving others is plain childish and quite frankly proves the immaturity I have been witnessing for the longest time.

    If someone has issues with me, put on your big girl/boy panties and address me instead of making rumors and gossip about me (which seems to be ‘your thing’) via Jodi’s groups. Stop using JODI and Jodi’s groups/sites for your personal issues! NOT COOL, DUDE !!!!!

    (The more you you try to hurt me; the more strong-willed I become. So either peace out or piss off!)

      • There are certain people that are cowards and while trying to attack me (because of their personal issues), they hit below the belt using Jodi and her Artsite as a target. I can handle with their ‘low blows’ but when it comes to attacking me through Jodi… that crosses my line of tolerance!

        JODI is OFF LIMITS in their sick games!

    • My limited experience with Jodi Art has been nothing but very positive. I needed assistance because I was new to buying online and the person (not Pandora) kindly assisted me through the process. I used the contact button on the screen.

      I also want everyone on this site to know this is the only site that I make comments on in case somebody is messing around with my name out there. I hardly ever visit other sites even to read their nasty comments.

      • Carol, you are doing the right thing! I am trying to stay away from all that fb madness and other non-supportive sites.

        It seems that some people can’t do without drama shit stirring bs! 😉

        My message above is not for any of you guys here, it has to do with certain people that claim to be Jodi supporters but in essence like stirring up shit when it comes to specific Jodi support sites…

    • I tried to put the link up on fox news in AZ and it does not work so I will explain what I heard they said she was getting her art work out of the jail thru Maria and now they are putting a stop to that and a lot of other crap was said that just because she is her own lawyer now does not mean the jail is going to give her special treatment that is they will let her use the phone and have visits 6 a week

      • Timewilltell, Jodi releases her artwork to others, meaning that Jodi doesn’t have any right over the artwork after it’s released. We’ve gotten accustomed to all the crap bullshit that the press writes. It would be a real big shocker to me if I read something in favor of Jodi. All the talking heads can hurl harsh verbal abuse at Jodi, all they want – truth is that they say what they say for the ratings; as we know: ‘give the people what they want’.

    • Pandora, dear –

      You really need to disabuse yourself of the notion that there are any ‘fencers’ still engaged in conversations about the case. Anyone who doesn’t have an opinion one way or another has long since moved on to hotter topics. The people who tell you they are on the fence only do so to keep you in the conversation – to get you to let your guard down and say things that can be ripped apart or ridiculed by the Travis-ties.

  27. What amazes me, and not in a good way, is why some people deliberately cause harm to another human being in one way or another, either by words or actions, and think there will be no consequences for their hurtful words or actions!!! There is ALWAYS cause and effect in this world just as there are actions and consequences determined by the actions!!! If you have good actions you will have good consequences and if you have bad actions you will have bad consequences, yet people continue bad actions toward a fellow human being over and over and over!!! I thought people would have learned by now that sooner or later what goes around comes around!!! What goes around may not come around quickly but it ALWAYS comes around!!! When you deliberately hurt another human being in one way or another, I don’t care who they are or what they’ve done either – it doesn’t matter – what comes around for the person who did the hurt will not be pretty and it will be the same as for how that person hurt the other!!! That is when they scratch their heads and think, oh, yeah, I see now why this is happening to me because this is what I did to that person!!! It’s too late then, they will get what they dished out!!! I have seen this happen to so many people in my lifetime over and over! Some, I tried to warn them of this but they didn’t care and went ahead with their evil plan against another person anyway! Then a few days, months or possibly years later I saw the exact same thing happen to that person that went ahead with their hurtful actions to another person!!! I just don’t understand this? I can only think that some people must live in the moment and don’t consider lasting effects, I guess!!!

    In Jodi’s case there are going to be SO MANY people who will experience the coming around of their hurtful actions to her!!! You WILL see this and remember me saying this!!! The SAD part is that Jodi has to suffer NOW because of all these people’s hurtful words and actions towards her!!! That makes me really sad AND ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jodi, just remember, all that is being done by people to hurt or harm you WILL come to an END one day and hopefully SOON!!!! In the mean time, remember that all the people who stand behind you in love and support get hurt when you are hurt and we will defend you to the end no matter what anyone says or does to hurt you and we will ALL be victorious!!! One day there are going to be MANY OTHER hurting people, not by our words or actions but by their OWN!!!

    Stay strong, Jodi!!! We, all here at Team Jodi, love you and are behind you all the way to your FREEDOM and after!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (((((JODI ANN ARIAS)))))

    (((((TEAM JODI)))))

    FREE JODI ANN ARIAS, AZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Marja, nicely said. What I don’t agree with is that those people that deliberately hurt others over and over and over in a form of ‘revenge’ or ‘payback’ or I don’t know what else are the people that when shit hits their fan they say: “Why God? Why did this happen to me? What have I done?”…. They do not sit a moment to think of all the hurtful things they have done.

      Karma – or as you said ‘consequences’ – do not come back in the ‘fashion’ of the actions of those hurtful people. It might come back as something totally different. If someone does a ‘solid’ they will receive a ‘solid’ from somewhere else. If someone does a bad thing, then the bad thing might not be from where they acted but from somewhere/someone totally different. So the next time someone says “Why? Oh why me?” sit back and think and have the honesty to reply to yourself “It serves me right… remember when i did this or that?”

      People that acknowledge their actions (good or bad) and learn from them, are the ones that success in life. They are the ones that alter their style of living . We all ‘fuck up’ but when we do, we should all have the sense to admit to our mistakes and to our bad behavior and try to make something good of it. When we do a ‘solid’ and good deed or action and we are handed something good, we should wink at the universe and continue our good actions….

  28. Pandora,

    Thank you!

    You misunderstood me though when I wrote, “what comes around won’t be pretty and it will be the same as for how that person hurt the other”, I didn’t mean the exact same people would be involved but I meant that the person that hurt another person, in whatever way they did, will have the same done to them by someone else in the same way they did to the person they hurt! Now, if the person who did the hurting acknowledges their bad action/s and is truly sorry for them and changes their style of living for the better then, yes, they probably won’t have to experience what comes around since they realized it on their own! Of course, we all “fuck up” Pandora, but as I said in my post it amazes me that some people don’t learn from their “fuck ups”!!! That is what is hard to understand, you know!

    I just wanted to clear that up with ya, Pandora! 🙂


    • (((((((Marja)))))))) I have missed YOU and your wise words!!! & (((((((Pandora))))))))) Seems you girls have the song just different verses. 🙂

      • R. Love,

        Thank you and missed you & everyone too!!! Agree that Pandora & I have the same song just different verses! That’s a good way of putting it R. Love 🙂

        (((((R. Love)))))

        (((((TEAM JODI)))))

    • Marja, honey, I am agreeing with you. The only thing I disagree is that most people don’t have the ‘nuts’ to acknowledge their mistakes and recognize that there are consequences and Karma visits! 😉


  29. If Nurmi is allowed to withdraw, I imagine that will mean another delay for Jodi since the defense in a death penalty case needs two defense lawyers. Right?

    • I thought he was only serving in an advisory capacity. Since Jodi is now her own attorney and Wilmott would still be on board there would technically be two lawyers. In any case the Judge has already declared no more delays.

    • If they let Nurmi go, they would have to bring in another attorney because Jodi is entitled to two even if they are advisory. Judge says no delays, but someone who cares and has to catch up on the fly is better than somebody who has no heart in it and at best does you no more harm.

        • Maybe this is the reason Jodi is not representing her self now maybe she new he was leaving I have not see any documents on this but that does not mean they are not floating around someones desk to be take a phone shot of and then pass to the media like so much other stuff that got out on HLN he its seems it big news now all over that he wants nothing to do with this that means to be an advisory to her we will find out one way or another in due time

  30. This is a tape of lawyer Jeff Gold talking about Jodi representing herself. Like so many lawyers, “experts,” reporters, he just cannot resist taking a few cheap shots at Jodi but he is not as bad as some. And, what he says is interesting (to me at least) and a little ominous. Interestingly, he does not mention the 25 year option in relation to posssible sentencing.

    • This guy was on HLN a lot so I don’t like him but he does help with some interesting facts. I don’t understand how he and the others can think this is some kind of trick on Jodi’s part. She has been begging for a new attorney (any attorney) for years now and keeps getting denied. On the flip side, how many times has Nurmi asked to withdraw and was refused? Pickles has put everyone in this pickle because she was so stubborn in her rulings. Jodi could have received counsel from another attorney who wanted the job a long time ago. She is entitled to unlimited visiting now Sheriff A.

      • Journee,

        Gold said Jodi will get the death penalty or life without parole. Isn’t there a 3rd option?

        If the new jury also deadlocks on capital punishment, Judge Stephens will sentence Jodi to spend either her natural life in prison, or life with the possibility of parole after 25 years.

        Are you saying the above statement is incorrect?

        • As it stands right now, AZ law does not offer parole to capital offenders. The law could change, of course – which is what JM told the jurors when they asked if there was a chance Jodi would ever get out if sentenced to life. But as Jennifer told them, current law says ‘no – she’ll never get out’.

          Now, Stephens has not shown herself to be a real stickler for the law in this case, but her deviations from law have always been in support of her little toad. At this point, I don’t see her moving away from current law to cut Jodi any slack.

          And she knows the reality is that any number of judges or governors could come along to throw out decisions she has made in this case.

          And we’re back again to ‘In a year the king may die, or the horse may die, or I may die, or the horse MAY talk!’

  31. Today I watched a video where I heard the most heart- breaking comment__ a remark so lacking in insight and profundity__ that it could be made at all, I find incomprehensible and tragic.
    An elderly male columnist was discussing the fact that Jodi Arias is now going to be able to represent herself in court when she must, for a second time, ( because a group of human beings could not decide to kill her the first time), plead to a group of human beings to allow her to live.
    And she, again, has to provide them with reasons which justify her being allowed to live. (As if life itself isn’ t its own justification.)
    The columnist lamented the fact that Jodi Arias is “… going to get to put on her big girl clothes AND GET ALL DOLLED UP, and get a couple of more months of exposure….”.
    It is a comment of this nature that encapsulates the twisted sort of perception that abounds regarding this trial.
    How can human beings misconstrue the nature of the situation to such an extent?

    “It is only with the heart that one can see
    _ Antoine St.Exupery

    • Amy,

      I watched that news clip twice and left an angry message under a different name. I think that male reporter (Montini or whatever his name is ) was sympathetic towards Jodi last year to some degree but he’s been drinking the HLN kool-aid or something. Nasty and snarky and so unprofessional to inject his personal biased remarks into a news report. Jodi is doing what anyone would do if they were in such a desperate situation and his/her life was on the line. It seems about 99% of the reporters, media people, etc., just have to say something derogatory about Jodi. I’ve never seen anything like it before. Even professional, established media people on 20/20 and 48 Hours all seem to be under the HLN-type of smirking, name calling commenting when they talk about Jodi.

      • I do, however, very much appreciate that he did say it never should have been a death- penalty case.
        The smirking aspect of the condemnation is strange. So – called civilization has always had an undercurrent of vicious savagery accompanying it, but, at least until several decades ago, society was reigned in by elements that fostered and sustained a culture that had a surface of propriety, soberness, and idealism.
        When we watch on television, the manners of newscasters from amuch earlier era, and when we read the prose of journalists, writers, and commentators from those earlier times, I think the most marked characteristic is that the culture as a whole was authentically sincere in a way that is completely lacking now.
        Insincerity is the norm now, most especially evident in the people who help to fabricate a mirror of society, but their mirror is more their construction than a true reflection of us.
        The media is so allied with the forces of consumerism and greed for profit, that the notion that anything is sacred doesn’ t seem to exist anymore.
        There is a supersaturation of irony. The idea of a serious, earnest attitude towards life doesn’ t even seem to exist anymore. Overall, the prevailing ethos is that nothing matters all that much.
        Sensationalism without substance is the only thing that touches the public. The culture is so devoid of sensitivity; it even derides sensitivity. There is such an absence ofan aesthetic/ spiritual sensibility in the culture.
        Because sincerity is so lacking, people’ s core natures lack authenticity, and this fakeness is not even recognized. Because there is no commitment to truth, ( now the omnipresent sentiment is that there is no such thing as truth; there are only countless perceptions, and they are all deemed equally legitimate.
        Because the modern media has superimposed a version of reality that far supercedes what is real, what is quietly alive, has no voice and can’ t be heard.
        I think that the absence of what is real has a lot to do with the Arias case. Juan Martinez persuaded people to believe that Arias is an ‘It’; she is not real, so she is not really a human being.
        Martinez cunningly played with this manipulation by contrasting the dehumanization of Jodi with the photos of Travis’s mutilated body.
        All unnatural deaths, and certainly all images of death are so affecting, that Martinez and the media’s incessant showing of the bloody pictures made the death real, and profoundly real__ in stark contrast to the way Jodi was portrayed as an pseudo being, since Martinez’s game was to annhilate Jodi to the point where people believed she had no essence.
        Martinez contrived a Jodi that was empty of human nature and was full of monstrous, demonic evil. He did what he could to portray her as souless because he gave her no identity except as a liar, and he forged her being into a vacant sort of shadow, falsely portraying her as a stalker, an unwanted clinger- on of a man with quality.
        Martinez further lied about Jodi’s reality by depicting her as a woman who a man deemed an unwanted nuisance, an incubus [ or succubus] that sought to deprive Travis of his will and innocence.
        Martinez, and the media followed in step, did all he could to make people believe Jodi was a vampire__ an entity that could only have a presence if it subsisted off of a real presence.
        Martinez constructed a false reality and actually made many people believe that, “she killed him three times over”, when in fact we know that in reality that can never be possible.
        So now we see glib, smirking fools treating Jodi and her plight like a curious amusement, as entertainment. They endlessly examine her like she is a queer, absurd specimen under a magnifying glass. They poke and prod the idea and images they created of her, and laugh and cringe when they believe believe they have actually encountered the truth of her, even though they never met her or had any actual relationship with her.
        The media and the endless idiot ‘ experts’, __
        quite literally___ make Jodi up. They say who and what Jodi is; these people who never came in contact with the actual person, decide what defines her. They make up a definition of her. They decide who and what her reality is.
        Some are deceived by their own perception of her, which really reflects tbeir nature, not hers.
        News articles on the internet which most all seem to only replicate each other, have most recently featured the endlessly copied sentiment of a man who insists about Jodi, that, ” She looks like a vicious psychopath!”
        How preposterous that is is! Not only is she not that__ not only does she not ‘ look it’– ( on the contrary, she looks frail and petite)__ but even more so, appearance is not reality and can not be substituted for it.
        What is genuine _ what is real_ can only be perceived by someone who is genuine. The child’s retort, ” It takes one to know one,” is correct.
        Reality can only be known through empathy.
        Smirky glibness is not a medium for knowing what is true.
        One can only know another person’s being and reality by loving them.
        This culture is so insincere, it doesn’ t believe love and empathy are real and essential. Beyond social niceties, love and empathy are considered hollow sentiments.
        Jesus’s admonition to, ” Love your neighbor as yourself,” is given lip- service, but doesn’ t mean anything. ” Love your neighbor AS yourself, is what Jesus meant_ not as if, but actually.
        But again, no one takes this seriously; they interpret it as empty sentimentality.
        All of Margery Williams, ” The Velveteen Rabbit” is pertinent here, but this excerpt stands out:
        “…..once you are Real, you can’ t be ugly except to people who don’ t understand.”

        P.S.: I’ m sorry for the excessive length of the post; it takes me a while to try to say what I want to say.
        It’ s crucial that Jodi’ s life be preserved, and that she be recognized as a real human being_ and she doesn’ t deserve the contempt and ridicule that conceal who she is.

        • Amy,

          This is beautiful. Really beautiful. It explains why the haters act as they do. It also points to the horrific character assassination that Martinez, HLN and other media have collaborated on (possibly even an unintentional or accidental collaboration). They have replaced Jodi’s sweet, loving, possibly even naive nature (or overlayed it) with this monsterous creature that repulses or inspires ridicule, in so many.

          Reading your comments makes me think that Jodi has made the right decision in representing herself. It is almost a roadmap of what she has to do in court. She has to tear down this false, hateful image created by Martinez and others and show the jury the real Jodi. She has to say: “That’s not me. That’s a fictional character created by others. Look at me, look at my life. Hear what people that really know me say about me. Don’t listen to this false propaganda.” If she is able to get through to at least one juror, she may be given a second chance somewhere down the road. I know I’ll be cheering for her.

          • Wonderful job Amy.

            I would just like to comment on one of the media’s latest bitches about Jodi.

            Why is she dragging this out so long and wanting to be in the limelight? Instead of asking why has this American citizen being sitting in a Maricopa jail since 2008 waiting for this hell to end? How many delays were at the request of the defence? I remember she lost her attorney Victoria Washington because of conflict of interest and her team had to wait a very long time for the IT evidence. But I also remember that delays were because the family wanted the hanging toad and only him. So really, journalists? Really?

            • Thank you, CanadaCarol.
              The media pretends it is Jodi’s doing; they know full well what the facts and details of the case are, but it is not to their advantage to report them.
              Yes, the media doesn’ t care at all that Jodi had been waiting in jail all of these years, unable to post bail and unable to have any significant degree of self- determination.
              The media persistently portrays so many circumstances of Jodi’s plight as being the exact opposite of what they are; they are indignant at her effort to have control over her own life. They deride her for wanting to take charge of the forces that are shaping and threatening her destiny.
              People condemn her for wanting and needing to put her insight and intelligence to work to save her life. They call her derogatory names and fault her for insisting upon making decisions that she believes are best.
              They insist that she ‘ remain in her place’, which they mean to be below everyone else__ and they insist that she be accorded no dignity.
              They find it repugnant the she tries to exercise self- determination.
              This woman who has almost no control or power is totally misrepresented as having too much control.
              Misogyny is an huge factor in this misrepresentation, but I think many people’s blind worship of those who are in positions of power and authority is equally a factor.

              It think the primary reason the media shows almost no concern that Jodi was in jail for years before her conviction, is because they pretty much could care less about any of the huge population of indigent people who remain in jail for years, regardless of whether their crime be petty or significant.
              The United States has become a place where those who have little money, thus little power, are not only overlooked; they are purposely rendered invisible by the agendas of people who want to discard them.

              I respect this country, but the climate is increasingly ominous as individual freedom continues to be eroded by vested interests, such as a prison system which is becoming corrupt because of its alliance with big business , which is turning the justice system into a money- making enterprise.

              The United States is steadily being dominated and ruled by corporations; its very infrastructure is succumbing to this power.

              I remember a while back that corporations were attempting to have a law passed that would, under certain circumstances, permit corporations to identify themselves as an individual, and assume the status and entitlement of an individual.

              I think the law was actually worded [that],
              “a corporation can be considered to be a person”.

              • I need to ammend what I said about the media; the legitimate media like CNN and MSN do focus upon the polite of the incarcerated, and lately they have been drawing attention to cases where people who were/ are innocent have been unjustly incarcerated.
                And more and more the focus is on people on death row who have been proven to be innocent.
                It is the yellow journalism and tabloid media that neglect any kind of responsibility toward society.
                But mostly, I think the prevailing attitude in this country is one of indifference toward the incarcerated.

        • Amy, these posts are so wonderful, and NOT too long! I always look forward to hearing from you and seeing the Osho quotes.

          Your 4:00am comment is insightful beyond words.

          Jodi has a very difficult road to travel, being so dehumanized by the prosecutor and the media as she has.

          Thank you and bravo, Amy!

          • Thank you whichtrial?. It makes me happy to hear you say all that, and I’ m glad you like the Osho quotes. I always find it hard to resist throwing them in.

    • And these extremely unprincipled, unethical people care not one twit that they are contaminating the jury pool from which the people who will decide if she should live or die will be selected. I know we’re supposed to believe that no one would ever possibly lie about how much they have seen and heard about the case just so they can be directly involved in a high-profile case. However, I can’t help but wonder just how many jurors will already be thinking, “She thinks she’s so damn smart that she can put one over on me and make me feel sorry for her. Well, I know better.”

      • I think it is impossible that any prospective juror could be uninformed about the case; even people from other countries care about and are informed about this case_ the internet reaches almost everywhere in the world.
        And I don’ t see any way a jury pool can not be contaminated. The very fact that Arizona has such a sick_ and it should be considered unconstitutional __ law which allows for another jury to be assembled in order to give the prosecutor another chance to have the state kill her, AND the fact that the second jury is already tainted by the fact that they will know she has already been convicted of murder, certainly will prejudice the second jury from the start. Plus, the fact that the first and second jury was/ is decidedly not impartial__ inherently can not be, because they must commit to being able to vote for death.
        Many studies have proved that is obviously unethical and unfair, because the deck is unfairly stacked against her, since any person who is willing to have an human being executed has a very different attitude about the value of life, what a human being is, and what right and wrong is.
        Not only is the death penalty a wicked practice, it is murder cloaked in another name. It is only done with the intent to make a humanbeing suffer, and too many people relish the idea of ANY person convicted of any crime whatsoever, being made to endlessly suffer.
        Jesus said something like, “Whatsoever one thinketh in one’s heart, in a real way one actually is that. If someone relishes the idea of an human being murdered simply because a man- made law sanctions it, then their nature is akin to the nature of the person who physically carries out the act.
        Then there are some people who don’ t relish the idea of a person suffering or being executed, because the advocate is convinced by arguments of the intellect that in some cases it is warranted.
        The intelllect can distance a person sufficiently from the actuality of the nature of killing a human being, so that their psyche can reconcile it with the belief that the goodness of their nature remains uncorrupted.
        The victims of crime suffer, but the entirely innocent family, loved ones, and especially children suffer undeservedly. They are left with their loved one murdered, and the world offers these innocent people no sympathy.
        A line must be drawn to stop the domino effect of government- sanctioned murder.
        The fact is, the prison system is built upon a foundation that is a real mixture of sadism and vengeance. And the system hardly needs to disquise those motives because the ‘us versus them’ mentality of society rationalizes throwing away captives as if they are garbage to be removed from sight.
        And the evil practice of solitary confinement is tantamount to burying someone alive.
        Much of the world is shocked that such tyranny is taking place in the United States.
        ( I hope I am attributing this correctly:)

        On the Gawker site on the internet, author Hamilton Nolan presents a letter written by a man who was executed earlier this year. The man’ s name is Ray L. Jasper. Although the court recognized that Jasper never actually committed the murder, he was put to death due to a technicality. ( And the person who actually physically committed the murder was sentenced to life.)

        Jasper’s letter/ essay is a moving, insightful rumination about the nature of the death penalty and the political machinery that makes its implementation possible.

        People deceive themselves into believing that the death penalty does not entail murder.

        Because advocates of the death penalty never get their hands dirty, they believe their hearts remain pure.

        I urge everyone to read Jasper’s essay.

        “….If you can not give life as a reward, you can not give death as a penalty. This is simple logic; there can not be two opinions about it.

        If you can not give life to people, what right have you to take their life?”

    • An obviously older news guy on AM radio last night reported that among that ethnic/religious group of the one thousand or more people who are trapped by ISIS forces on a mountain in Iraq were women who had been captured by IS soldiers and were being “used” [in evil ways]. He could have said “treated” or “mistreated” but his underlying mindset is evident – that women are chattel, property that can be stolen from you and “ill-used”.

      Men who are sympathetic to Jodi (mainly because they believe she did not have a fair trial) but who can’t resist making snarky comments about her romantic choices while using words that imply she is overly preoccupied with sex, don’t understand how easily any woman can become involved with a guy like TA. Some (senior men in particular who came of age in the still prudish fifties) men are just plain naive about the lengths that nefarious lotharios will go to when trying to snooker well-intentioned women into casting their good judgement aside. They don’t know about this because what man is going to go on to his buddies about how manipulative and dishonest he can be? Sure, he’ll brag about his conquests and make it seem like he only had to wink to make it all happen – NOT! (By the way, some women are not honest with their girlfriends either about the lengths THEY go to to keep a relationship going because they want their girlfriends to think they are absolutely irresistible to men.) Instead of grasping that a woman can be hooked on the emotional connection with an abuser, the only conclusion some men can come to is that if a woman allows herself to be abused by a man, it’s because she is addicted to the sex. These men think women think the way men do! Hello, women do not think the way men think; get a clue you guys!

      You can see from Nurmi’s questioning of Jodi on the stand that he had trouble understanding the dynamics of the relationship. He kept asking her why she wasn’t “done with this guy”. After posing that question for the umpteenth time, he gave the jury the impression that Jodi was unable to let go for her own internal reasons – not because of any meaningful effort that TA made to keep her hooked.

      Nurmi would only ask Jodi how she felt after a particular event. He didn’t track very well the arc of her feelings for TA throughout the entire relationship – to show how she was reassured by the constant sweet talk and his maneuverings. For example, when she moved to Mesa, TA apparently paid for it, but Jodi was only able to ADD that important information to a response to another question. Why not ask Jodi how his paying for it made her feel, and while doing that, ask about the double message it sent if they were not going to re-commit?

      Of course, Nurmi concentrated on the degrading things, like the porch sex, to set up the battered woman’s defense. But his idea of having Jodi explain to the jury why she stayed involved with TA was to play the recorded phone call in which she recalls the night TA made her feel like a “goddess” in a bubble bath sexual encounter. Willmott probably should have questioned her about the relationship – she could have pulled more from Jodi with respect to the positive behaviors that attracted Jodi to TA. The jury obviously felt that TA was too vilified by Nurmi, while they ALSO had the impression that Jodi was not only too willing to subject herself to his mistreatment but that she actually had engendered some of his self-destructive behavior. Nurmi instead should have handled the expert witnesses (if that would have been possible in their roles as 2nd/1st chairs). .

      Women who are in abusive relationships are not shouting it from the rooftops, for heaven’s sake. Normal women marry men every day who mistreat them. The women often just don’t see the behavior as abusive until it becomes physical, or until they see their children’s self-esteem go into the toilet because of the overstated criticism and shaming.

      And these guys who think that Jodi is a big seductress should listen to Gus Searcy’s testimony about how Jodi dressed (often in turtlenecks) and behaved at business events, etc. He only saw her as business-like. And as far as being “dolled up” is concerned, if you’re a man preparing to plead for your life to a jury, you might want to get a shave, a thorough shampoo and a haircut, and toss in a manicure for good measure.

        • You’re right, Carol, and it’s scary. This is the ever-timeless battle between good and evil and it feels right now like evil (aka “ignorance”) is winning. But we know we have the truth on our side and that’s the major difference. I’m still a believer that good ultimately wins out over evil. It just takes time and effort which I think we are all applying.

          • And I think the world has always been in a very troubled state and this affair is bringing all that ugliness to the surface where it can be looked at and studied. I believe there will be many books written about this case and I don’t just mean necessarily about Jodi, the killing and trial; I mean books about our justice system, about the media’s roll in the justice system, how social media affects the system, domestic violence, women’s right to defend themselves against the brutal treatment so many are still experiencing without having to prove their innocence to a lynch mob. I think this has opened a whole can of worms that needs to be and, I believe, will be studied for years to come. I believe Jodi is making history in more ways than one.

            • Bill Montgomery has admitted that looking back it was a mistake not to have sequestered the jury and that he is afraid that it may become an appellate issue at some point. IMO it’s already there.

      • well said Whichtrial……. sound like my life with men you only find out till its to late. you give them so many chances to change but they never do. I know there are good men in the world sorry I never found one in my life time would rather be single now. Nurmi failed her so bad. no one came forward to speak the truth were did all that money go 2.1 million spent to pros and defend her .can you imagine what that amount of money that they did not investigate what really happened to Travis Jodi loved Travis Love does not kill and to think you would question everything but they just had to make it a dirty little secret what is the secret there not tell us and how tell a jury I don’t like her in closing argument no wonder he want to run and hide and take his money with him I hope she can find the evidence they kept from her they had nothing till Nurmi and the shrink told her to say you killed him and we will save you with a self defense and the jury will see it and let you go not now now how did that work so he want to run now I pray she does a wonder job and what ever the out come is I will still write her and tell her how wonderful she is to have to endure all this

    • Hi Amy! Good to see you back here!

      It’s disturbing that people have taken a like to Jodi’s case because of the context. To most people it’s a ‘telenovela’ with a ‘juicy’ storyline…

      Unfortunately, people forget that this is a very serious thing! A person’s life is on trial. And justice was DENIED to Jodi. It’s sad that the Justice System has royally failed to serve a fair trial and it is even more sad to see the ‘higher powers’ turn a blind eye.

      Watching people chanting ‘die Jodi’ and celebrating the conviction and doing ‘happy dances’ when this is a REAL LIFE tragedy (dare I say, for both sides? – I am becoming ‘mellow’ lately; gotta look into that…) is sad for human kind.

      Savages. Ugly souls. Desperate people trying to find a reason to get up in the morning. Sheeple being ‘programmed to receive’ any bullshit they are fed by the trashy channels that are sitting in their air conditioned offices counting ratings and money – and couldn’t care less about humanity – is plain sad.

      Thankfully there is a ray of hope to the human race when I see people actually thinking. Not only Jodi supporters. Even some of the people that don’t support Jodi are intelligent to actually do some research and to be able to have a healthy debate.

      People start thinking for yourselves! Don’t ‘buy’ everything you are fed to… Don’t repeat what you ‘have heard on tv/ read in the papers/ on the social media’. Actually take the time to research for yourselves!

      • Thank you, Pandora.
        ” Telenovela” is a very apt word.
        I just glanced at the Wickipedia site about HLN, and I saw that HLN’s slogan is, “We’re not the news network; you are.”

        P.S.: I, and I am sure most people, know absolutely that all of your involvement in helping Jodi, including the recent art- work situation, has been done with one hundred percent integrity and pure intentions.

  32. I dedicate this song to all of the people who professed to be Travis’s “true” friends and roommates. Thought it describes them perfectly. Why would his family not want to know what really happened to him, would the gravy train stop? Just wondering.

    • (((R. Love))) You couldn’t have found a better song for today.

      Happy World Cat Day SJ, Jodi and all of us!!

      Life is full of little ironies – Today HLN was covering Cat Day and someone had sent in a pic of their cat sitting with a book entitled “Media Ethics”.

    • R. Love,

      Great song and SO true!!! You wonder how many pats on his back Travis got also by those he thought to be his “true” friends!!! Wasn’t someone supposed to have a conference call with Travis the day that Travis was murdered? Did that person check into why Travis did not participate in the conference call???

      • They probably didn’t need to check on why he did not have the conference call because they already knew he would not be able to participate in it. Only IMO. Otherwise, someone would have checked. Period. Like I have said before “with friends like Travis’s who needed enemies”?

  33. I have been pondering the term ‘misogyny’ – it’s ever-more-common usage and, perhaps, mis-usage.

    Merriam-Webster and New Oxford Dictionary both define misogyny very simply: hatred of women. And I don’t believe I’ve ever seen ‘hatred of women’ – as in hatred of womankind – actually expressed in the situations to which the term misogyny has been so broadly applied. Prejudice, perhaps, disrespect, disregard – but not hatred, not for all women.

    A couple of years ago, Australia’s Macquarie Dictionary attempted to bridge the gap between the old definition of the word and it’s more modern usage. The article I read today said the update came as the result of a speech given by PM Julia Gillard, a speech heavily laced with the M word as she railed against a sexist political opponent. To the original definition, hatred of women, Macquarie added “entrenched prejudice of women.”

    I think it’s great that Macquarie stepped up – dictionaries are supposed to do that, aren’t they? Evolve as language evolves?

    But I don’t think “entrenched prejudice of (or against – I’m guessing an Aussie difference there) women” quite hits the mark either.

    I think many of the situations to which we so commonly apply the term “misogyny” have little to do with women at all – more to do with pervasive attitudes of male superiority and entitlement.

    So I went looking today for a word or phrase that more closely fits the situations we’re usually talking about. ‘Sexism’ would be the broader term, of course – but sexism can go both ways. If we’re looking for a term that more closely describes what we see happening in the culture we’ve called “misogynistic”, I think the term we’re looking for is ‘male chauvinism’. At wikipedia, there’s a quote from a study on male chauvinism by Sherwyn Woods, which says, in part:

    “the maintenance of fixed beliefs and attitudes of male superiority, associated with overt or covert depreciation of women.”

    In that phrase you see the ‘depreciation of women’ as a by-product of the attitude of male superiority. There isn’t ‘hatred of women’ there – just a fixed belief that men are better.

    I’ve probably rambled enough. There’s lots more rolling around in my brain on the subject, but I guess I’ve covered the main point I wanted to make.

    • You covered it! I agree that what we are seeing today is the persistence of male chauvinism more than anything else. It’s an attitude that can degenerate into depraved indifference, given certain circumstances.

    • The problem I see with the term “male chauvinism” is that it makes it sound like these attitudes only exist in men. (I know that it doesn’t mean that but it’s easily misunderstood to mean that.) Women also believe women are inferior (perhaps even themselves but, if not, at least women in general.) Just look at the gender of the major population of haters. These women want Jodi to be a monster so that it confirms their subconscious belief that women in general are manipulative and would use their sexuality, if possibly, to take away their man (in other words, they are a threat to a woman’s emotional and – until more recent times – financial well-being). Wikipedia describes misogyny as “hatred or dislike of women or girls”. Another online dictionary defines it as “hatred, dislike, mistrust, or mistreatment of women.” And I don’t think the words “dislike” or “mistreatment” are too harsh in these current circumstances; it doesn’t have to be all out hate for it to affect the way females are viewed or treated.

      • “These women want Jodi to be a monster so that it confirms their subconscious belief that women in general are manipulative and would use their sexuality, if possibly, to take away their man”

        So it’s easier to believe that women are misogynists? Women hate women? 🙂 But where’s the part of that description of the Travisites that forgives his raunchy, despicable behavior and all but elevates him to sainthood? Boys will be boys, after all, they say – he was a GOOD MAN! (puke) IMO, you’re seeing women embracing the standards of male chauvinism (right down to the madonna-whore paradigm) – as women have for eons.

        • I agree and believe it’s all part of the same syndrome. I don’t think it’s easier to believe that women are misogynists, just the contrary. As a matter of fact, I don’t think it is recognized as much as it should be. Jodi’s predicament is bringing it to the surface to be looked at in daylight. There’s no doubt males are thought that sense of male superiority and privilege and females are given the same message. I have a book entitled “The Natural Inferiority of Women”, compiled by Tama Starr, which contains approximately 200 pages of male chauvinistic / sexist quotes over the millenniums about the inferiority of women. I dare anyone to compile even five pages of quotes derogatory about the male gender. These attitudes don’t go away when laws were passed. And women know which side of their bread the butter is on.

            • I believe that most of these people are coming from the beliefs of the Mormon religion. Women are inferior to them. I believe Travis had that mindset just like his friends still do.

              • I think the Fundamentalist Mormons are the last vestige of institutionalized misogyny (in this country, anyway) but that FLDS idea that a man’s path to heaven is based on how many women he marries (i.e., owns) did not just disappear from the collective consciousness of the non-FLDS Mormons when polygamy was outlawed in 1890. It’s subtly imbedded and passed down from one generation to the next, an attitude of male superiority. But I don’t think the Mormons have a corner on that attitude. I don’t know if Nurmi is Mormon but he certainly treated Jodi with a condescending, patronizing disrespect that I doubt he would have used on a man. What about Martinez? Do we know if he’s Mormon? Because he’s certainly got a really bad case of misogyny; it oozes out his very pores. And Judge Stephens seems also to have bought into the idea that Travis was just being a typical red-blooded male where as Jodi was a conniving sexual manipulator of men. Shame on Stephens but I think she is just representative of a lot of women in this country (not just Arizona) and around the world.

                • “I think the Fundamentalist Mormons are the last vestige of institutionalized misogyny (in this country, anyway)”

                  You’re forgetting the Catholic Church.

                • Yes, you’re right, many of the religions, especially Catholicism, still believe women cannot possibly be in a position of power and should always be subservient to men. As a young child I was subjected to a brief period of Catholic teachings. I saw priests (men) referred to as “Father” and nuns (women) referred to as “Sister”. That was a clue for me right there. I saw that females were required to cover their heads in humility while males were not so required. According to Wikipedia: “1 Corinthians 11:3 states ‘Christ is the head of every man, and the man is the head of a woman, and God is the head of Christ’. So a head covering, being a Christian symbol of submission to authority is forbidden to be worn by the man, who is the head. In contrast, the woman is commanded to wear it to symbolize her submission to male authority.” So there we have it, solidified in a book considered the word of God. Can’t get much more institutionalized than that.

                • There are many different religions which keep their beliefs deep dark secrets. The are the Amish, the Mennonites, the Buddhists and on and on. Also, things have happened in all religions in which the higher ups are not proud of but then you have the Mormons who are known for their misogyny and have many different events through out the history of their church where they have taken it upon themselves to punish and perform their atonements on other members which unfortunately caused their death. These are stories that are not heard of very often but they are out there for anyone to read about. It happens when they have church members who have not confessed their sins to the proper authority and made a change in their life styles. God told us very plainly “Love one another” and “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” not abuse others for our own benefits. SMH again.

                • Kate Kelly, Woman’s Group Founder of Ordain Women, a gender-equality activist, who wanted to be ordained into the priesthood was excommunicated from the Mormon church by an all-male panel.

                • During the Crusades when so many men and priests were off in pursuit of the primary Catholic goal of “saving souls”, sometimes the next highest-ranking person tended to soul maintenance in the monastery or convent – the Abbess. But that was not precedent-setting.

                  We’ve seen for the past two thousand years the vast accumulation of wealth and power by the Catholic Church unencumbered by bands of marriage, unchallenged by progeny. It’s always been a “Men’s Club”. And although questions about the doctrinal nature of the Trinity have led to special Councils over the centuries, the Virgin Mother has never been officially included in it.

            • Ah, but deep down men are as in awe of women as they were before they realized that the female of the species was not endowed with the ability to procreate spontaneously, i.e. before they understood that men didn’t simply “spark” the reproductive process, rather that a man has his own specific paternity with each child. After that point, when inevitable questions of inheritance and property arose, everything changed. Women were brought down from the divine pedestal with a vengeance; millennia later, we continue to hear echoes of the initial crash. As time went by, marriage served to protect both parties and most importantly, created families wherein siblings could learn civil behavior.

              Now that we have DNA testing, relations between men and women have again become destabilized; so has the family, and by extension, society. But most men at some point in their lives will find themselves quietly pondering, beyond the reach of politics or judicial opinion, the mystery of women’s ineffable connection with the creative forces of the universe.

              • Yes, I think buried deep beneath it all was a profound sense of awe. But with awe can come feelings of inferiority and a sense of fear. And from that fear can come the need to suppress, oppress, and find ways to replace feelings of inferiority with a sense of superiority and then somehow institutionalize that attitude for several millennia. It’s still present today although it’s now does its dirty work below the surface of consciousness.

                • One way men have traditionally tried to suppress feelings of inferiority is to make themselves emotionally unavailable. This can engender the moth to a flame situation where a woman just tries more earnestly to please. In Jodi’s case, she didn’t insist that TA commit after she moved to Mesa; she went along with his sexcapades and helped him build his business nonetheless. In those ways she carried on as if they were a couple (to her own financial detriment), which of course she must regret now.

                  If only the jury could have put JM’s macho posturings in perspective. Imagine what the trial would have looked like if Jodi had lived in Mesa when this happened. Gas receipts, rental car, license plates testimony, lost cellphone charger (hence turned-off cell phone), Jodi showing up at 4:00am – would never have been evidence against her and her first story about how she “didn’t go near” TA’s house would never have been told. Everyone would have known whether or not she dyed her hair; it would have been pointless to harp on it. If Jodi had never gone back to Yreka, JM would have had a difficult time suggesting that Jodi was the one who stole the gun from her grandfather.

                  And how could the type of bullet found, which was not a match to what her grandfather had in his pistol been so swept under the rug? I guess that happened in the same way that EF sat wide-eyed on the witness stand, informing the court that he and his team had looked high and low for a knife but couldn’t find one anywhere – even in Yreka.

                • It’s so ironic that Jodi’s desire to please her man (something most women are taught to try to do in their relationships, both outright and subtly) is now used against her as some type of borderline personality obsession that somehow “naturally” leads to a motive for murder. (It’s out-and-out bizarre and I sometimes feel like I’m living in the Twilight Zone.)

    • Journee, the word ‘misogyny’ is a Greek word. It’s a compound word (is that the term?). It’s from the words: misos, which means hatred and gyny which is the ancient word for ‘woman’ (gyneka in modern greek). So, I am guessing that they just took the two meanings and added them as the definition.

      In Greek dictionaries, the definition of the word ‘misgyny’ (μισογύνη) is the following:

      Misogyny is an excessive dislike towards women. It could be coming from both male and female. It is considered a form of racism.

      • Pandora, yes, that is the correct term in English for such a word. We are taught early that we get all
        of our good compound words from you Greeks and of course the Latin types too!

        And women distrusting each other – men do the same thing. Some men act sort of pious around women, putting another guy down behind his back for the slightest infraction if they think a woman that they respect finds that guy attractive. And pretty much all men love to game each other and put each other down in front of women to play king of the mountain and just for the sheer entertainment value. So men can be more friendly with each other when they are doing their information-sharing about women, discussing their various attributes, etc.

        Women who are the most distrustful of other women, in my experience, are the ones who have some history with deceit themselves (they know how tempting double-timing can be). Or maybe they observed something of an older family member, so that impression of duplicitous behavior became embedded in their thinking about women. If a girl has an afflicted relationship with her father, she can grow up to be an annoying flirt (as opposed to a good-natured one – there are good-natured flirts who are boys or men as well) as most of us know.

      • Yes, Pandora is right.
        Misogyny is in fact a Greek compound word, meaning hatred for women and we also have another noun ”μισογύνης” (usually atrributed to men but not exclusive to them) meaning him who has hatred for women. (ahem, Martinez!)

  34. It seems all of Travis supports will not even question What If or Could of been. its seems everyone wants to make money off this. . that’s sad and now we have more they are saying everyone is scamming don’t put your money here and don’t put your money there when they do that its looks bad. like on the money being collected for her appeal to get a lawyer to get someone to find the clues needed. she cant remember what happen I tried to say stop this its hurting Jodi then it kept going on and on. this is her supporters doing this in a close group or and open group or a secret group does not matter the Travis supporter are everywhere I’m sorry Pandora you tied to promote her art and they hit you hard I just don’t understand it ….. Sorry Pandora your back home here with many friend and I am back to. Jodi needs us now more than ever. if your on Facebook get ready to be attacked. all I care about is Jodi and I hope she can find someone on her side that will fight for her …. SJ was attack to. so I said stop the crazy stuff your doing. I first found the page SJ tried to keep us safe from the madness outside this site I know SJ would never hurt Jodi. that is all that matters Jodi I will always try to protect her but its endless the hate I’m to old to understand the hate that comes out of these people word of warning if you don’t do Facebook don’t start if your in a secret, closed, or public page expect to get hammered in the ground for just typing Jodi’s name …. Love this place here never left I was on silent now that Jodi has come out of the closet so have I Peace Love for everyone who loves Jodi for the rest glad when I go to heaven I will not be taking that baggage with me don’t think God lets haters in

    • Hi Timewilltell,

      I also saw that FB site last night. It’s attributed to OccupyHLN but it seems a strange tactic for Jason to take if it’s really him. Fingers being pointed. Rumors where the money for Jodi’s painting is really going. It’s very destructive especially with Jodi starting the sentencing trial shortly. Some of the accusations we’ve heard before. It has the potential to hurt donations, I think. I could try to post it here or maybe people just want to check the OccupyHLN FB site. Check the posting from about 18 hours ago and others.

    • No Facebook for me. I believe Jodi is an innocent woman who has been set up to take the fall for others. I believe she did fight with Travis but I believe with all of my heart she had nothing to do with his death. . . no way no how. The people who are responsible for his death will pay if not here on this Earth then when their time comes but I believe they will pay . . .all of them. I pray Jodi will be FREE one day soon.

        • ugh – curiosity got the best of me and I googled the end of the story

          In March of this year, the state of North Carolina accepted Raven Abaroa’s plea of voluntary manslaughter in the 2005 death of his wife Janet. He was sentenced to 95-123 months in prison – but since he’s been in jail since his arrest in 2010, he’ll only serve 4-6 more years.

          • No I didn’t see that one but I did watch the rerun of the Dateline on Warren Jeffs the FLDS Prophet! GAG ,PUKE and THREW UP!! How people get led so far off track is beyond my comprehension!!! Weird, Weird, Weird. SMH So many lost, very sad. OH, and they kept mentioning how he sexually abused “12 year girls” for his own self gratification while his other church members pulled up chairs to watch.. Interesting, Uh? Reminded me of someone. Sick.

            • did you see the one where people are leaving the LDS church they must need to get out the go door to door and ask them why did you leave us

      • I here you R. Love I totally agree with you I hope she has one hell of an investigator to find they people responsible for his death because Flores sure did not do his job well he had to many telling him who to do it and google Nurmi’s twitter and just below that there say the judge has done it again delayed the trial again LMAO on that one no Sept to pick the jury moved to Aug if I read it correctly wish my spell checker word left click and nothing happen so if its misspelled oh well just have to live with it

        • LOL nothing like a sticky keyboard!!! I struggle even when everything is working right. 🙂 I’m sure the latest news will hit soon whatever it might be. They hardly miss a beat to report anything about this circus. Jodi is an innocent woman and she needs to remember that FACT! It is not a crime to defend ones self from an abusive attacker. I do however believe Travis was alive when she left him and some others finished him off. If I was in his family I would not sleep until I found out the TRUTH!! One would think the Media would want to report the truth instead of fiction also! There are guilty people walking around feeling awfully smug and I can’t wait until the Truth comes out! Jodi needs to hold her head up high and rise above these CRAZIES!!!! Hopefully, Jodi has learned her lessons about the vultures in the Media and never speak with any of them ever again. They all have proven that their purpose is not to report the Truth but only to report hate-filled fiction created by a bunch of devious hateful people. Anything to self promote and make a buck off of an innocent person life. Disgusting. God will protect JODI and he also will take care of the guilty.

    • Timewilltell, the past week was a horrible week for me! One moment I’m promoting Jodi’s beautiful talented artwork and the next thing I know, I and 3 friends of mine are accused of conspiracy money scams…. I was shocked!

      Nevertheless, it was all rumors, personal pissing contest issues. Childish and revengeful, IMO.

      Jodi heard about it, freaked out and sent me a message saying that she was sorry and it would all be resolved. Next thing I know: the post with all those awful accusations was taken down…

      Unfortunately, it was Jason Weber who posted it. It just goes to show that abusers, manipulators and bullies never change. It’s actually very sad.

      All I can say about that whole fiasco -although it is not my happening – is that I’d like to apologize to Jodi for having to deal with this kind of bullshit, especially now that her trial is right around the corner and all she needs is peace and quiet to focus on her preparation.

      Karma, Mr Weber…. that’s all I’m saying… Karma.


      • Hey Pandora,

        This scandal is the doing of Jason, Lisa, and Pascal who boast that their $25 a head “exclusive group” is run by Jodi “supporters,” and “nobody can do squat about it,” yet they have public haters in the group and are not helping Jodi. Their accusations against long-time friends of Jodi are hurting her, causing people to be fearful of donating anywhere, and are giving haters more fuel for their fire. Jodi doesn’t need this stress at this critical juncture, nor does she need any more tabloid publicity. It is they, not you, you are using Jodi for their own self-aggrandizement IMO.

      • I hear you Pandora karma it never stops. I even used your words to a supporter that when it comes to interacting with the love for Travis clan, I have to put evil twin in the closet. It does no good to interact with them they don’t care they just love to hate on any one that uses the name Jodi with words of I care. I want to care for Travis and his family and friends if they would only see what we have seen this past year to many unanswered questions who killed him…. I never got a good answer to that and yes Jodi said she killed him only because everyone let her think she did. If Nurmi had done more or we had seen his side but he only gave us fog and show how Travis talked to Jodi. 1 hair one palm print and a photo of a leg and a foot. I want more information that was not told that was not investigated. I want JUSTICE FOR JODI she did not get that they gave her M1 now if Im wrong about all this then I will say oops I was wrong but tell then I will believe she as screwed by a lot of powerful people they took advantage of her

      • It really is a shame that Jason who has done such a lot of excellent work on Jodi’s behalf taking on HLN with Occupy would change so much that it is hurting her.

        I chose to give through Jodi’s art because it is wonderful for me because I love her work, but also because it is a way for Jodi to keep busy (or it was – she’s going to be very busy now) doing something that she loves to do and have a way to contribute. May Jodi have the guidance of wise and trustworthy people assisting her.

      • They think they are ”the best thing that has happened to Jodi” AND ”What have other supporters done?” ——- their words.
        Well, I have some words for them too: conceit, arrogance, power trip.

        Of course Jodi is aware of ther unfair attack we were subjected to.
        It was music to my ears to hear she loves us and knows about all this- coz this is injustice and hell! Jodi has EVERY right to hate any kind of injustice 😉

        The only thing I regret and hate (just like my good friend Pandora) is that poor baby had to deal with our petty cyber drama, in a critical time of her life when she should not even have to deal with anything negative.

  35. I’ve never understood the hair dye issue. It sounds like they are saying her hair was blond in Redding when she rented the car but brunette when she arrived at Travis’ house? That doesn’t make any sense. Where and when between Redding and Mesa did she dye her hair? Did anybody ask Darryl what color her hair was (like maybe, Nurmi)? If so, I’m sure he said brunette. So she is supposed to have dyed it somewhere between Redding and Monterey? Or could it be they are saying that after she rented the car she went back to her brother’s house and did it? Is that what’s being implied?

    • JM was trying to insinuate that she had it dyed in Salinas when she said she was having her nails done…. even came back later to show a selfie she’d taken with her phone on the afternoon of the third. (I think it was the third)

      The thing is, the police report on the burglary in Yreka describes Jodi as having brown hair.

        • Dark like it is now – w/o the blonde at the front that she had in the pictures with her sister. I am guessing it had faded again by the time she was arrested, because it was distinctly reddish during the interrogation tapes.

            • I dunno – I guess to ‘prove’ that she dyed her hair brown between the time she picked up the rental car and the time she took the selfie.

              Colombo was remembering the blonde in the drivers license photo – a xerox of which would have been kept with the records of the rental.

              I’m no fan of JM, to be sure, but I do believe he had it in his head that she’d dyed her hair to go to Mesa – that he got it from the interrogation tapes when Flores told Jodi that neighbors had seen her and she argued that any neighbors of Travis’ that might have known her by sight knew her as a blonde. He got that in his head and from then on he was operating on confirmation bias… Colombo confirmed his bias and he tuned out anything that disputed his bias as ‘inconsistent with the truth”.

              • I just think if it had ever really sunk into his little toad head that there was proof Jodi was a brunette before she ever thought of going back to Mesa, he wouldn’t have bothered with that part of his ‘premeditation’ theory.

                JM was confused -confounded even- by evidence that contradicted what he thought was true. Kinda like Horn was when confronted with his own words about the dura mater – Horn had been wooed into believing something else was true (too busy and too STUPID to go back to his own notes to refresh his memory on an autopsy 1,000 autopsies ago.)

                When DT wanted to introduce those photos of spring 2008 into evidence, he was objecting saying ‘we don’t know these people. we don’t know this dog’ – had no idea they were presenting evidence that Jodi was brunette before her trip.

                JM is kinda like Nancy Grace, he’s not that smart and really doesn’t pay close attention to important details – he relies on pure mean-ness to make his points. Makes shit up and thinks it’s true, just like NG. Like that guy he convicted by convincing the jury the guy had sex with the corpses of the women he murdered.

                • In spite of Juan’s stupidity, he did convince a lot of other stupid people that Jodi dyed her hair. Out on the Internet I see it listed often as a piece of evidence that proves her premeditation. Anything out of Juan’s mouth is apparently considered truth, no proof necessary.

                • Only a fool would belive Jodi had her hair dyed in Salinas. And this subject has been discussed many times here. It just isn’t possible for thow main reasons:

                  1) To turn from a platinum blonde to a brunette (even light brown) takes TIME and many visits to a salon- my fellow girl posters can testify to that, if you don’t just believe me 😉 Getting rid of particular hair colors is really difficult and even if we wanna play along with Martinez’ theory and assume she did it in Salinas in one visit, ummm…her hair should have fallen off by the time she exited that hair salon. NOT.POSSIBLE

                  2) There are at least 3 photos between the time she moved back to Yreka and June 4th: the one with her and Angela, the one with her and Jewels (her dog) and the selfie in the car. She is clearly (regardless of the how brown the hair tint is) a brunette. End of story.

                  The car rental guy sees dozens of people every day, that’s his job! There is no way he remembered Jodi. There’s no way he remembered what to him was a regular day at work some years ago. He must have been blown away when he was called to testify in a murder case (wow, that must have been something in his boring quiet life) and when shown Jodi’s driving license photo he assumed that was the way she looked when she went to rent that car. Her face triggered the memory but a false one when it came to hair color.

      • It makes me wonder just how many other insinuations by Martinez went neglectfully unchallenged by Nurmi. Someone drove her to the rental agency. What color did that person say her hair was? What did Darryl and Matt say, whom she visited before traveling on to Salinas? Didn’t anyone interview these people and ask them that simple question and if anyone of them had validated Martinez’ insinuation wouldn’t you think they would have been served a subpoena to testify in a heart beat? So why Nurmi wasn’t using that same power in favor of his client?

        • Can’t remember if Darryl was asked about her hair color.
          Let’s assume he was, if Martinez thought Darryl was an unreliable witness (or Matt for that matter), why didn’t they ask the girl in Salinas who did her nails? Why DIDN’T they go to that hair salon in Salinas and ask them if Jodi had her hair dyed that morning there? Or go to every freaking gas station she stopped and ask the shop assistants there? Isn’t this a Capital Case? Isn’t this woman facing thre Death Penalty? Now, if the toad Prosecutor wants to use the dying of her hair as proof for Premeditation, they SHOULD have done a PROPER investigation.

          I know, I know….Wishful thinking on my part.

          • I presented this same argument to “those people” and they basically told me that the defense should have brought in those witnesses and, since they didn’t, it’s just one more indication that she actually DID dye her hair. (And these are the same people who tell me I don’t understand how the justice system works.)

    • Jodi’s hair color started to change even before she left Mesa to go home, but by May you have the time-stamped pics of Jodi with her friend, her sister and her parents’ dog. Her hair is differing shades of brown as she was slowly returning to her natural color after 5 years of being platinum blonde. In the text messages to Ryan she tells him that she is no longer a blonde. The only person who has her with blond hair is Colombo who is just plain wrong, because any woman knows that you don’t go back to platinum for one day. One of JM’s Perry Mason moments that didn’t pan out but he didn’t drop it anyway.

      • Then JM tried to use the pic with her sister to prove that she was lying about her finger because it’s shown in the photo. Another Perry Mason moment shot down when Jodi stood with JW to show the jury that when she holds it like it is in the pic it looks the same as it did with JW.

    • look at it this way the rental guy had her ID on it she was blond and 5 yrs is a long time to keep up with all the people they see that rent cars he probable just remember her ID when it came to getting on the stand and telling his side of the story.

    • Journee,

      I don’t think it was posted here but I follow Michael Kiefer on Twitter and he posted it there.

      They removed my comment from this AZ Central article. I suggested the reporters need to be “more objective” when reporting a news item. They should stop their sighing, moaning and rolling their eyes about Jodi trying to save her life. It’s her right. If they weren’t capable of being objective, they should STFU.

      No sense of humor, I guess.

      • eh, yanno, I almost never watch the videos posted with articles, and if a link takes me to video only I page back and go looking for an article to read (if I’m that interested)

        too much playing to the camera, I guess – it annoys me for almost every kind of story

  36. found it CanadaCarol, now that funny with a picture of him picking is nose and posting comments do you think someone will tell him hes tweeting

  37. Regarding dissenters, I think what we are largely dealing with are people (primarily women) who until Jodi came along spent their lives watching soap operas. (Doesn’t that woman in Herbie’s video give you the feeling she watches soap operas?) I think somewhere in their little pea brains, somewhere beneath consciousness, they think this is just another soap opera and, in soap operas, don’t wicked women sometimes plot murders out of pure jealousy and rage? In a soap opera you might expect to see a version of some obsessed woman slaughtering her cheating lover just before they break for the season, leaving the audience waiting in anticipation to see what happens next. The bizarre murder scenarios that these people come up with in Jodi’s case could come straight out of a soap opera.

    • LOL, the hole in the theory is that soap fans wouldn’t miss their soap to watch a trial. They might DVR the trial so they can watch their soap, or they might catch up with the day’s trial online later. But soap fans plan their days around their stories and have for decades, so they’re not gonna DVR the soap to watch the trial. (and not everyone has DVR)

      (oh, and soaps never break for a season or even a week – SOMETIMES they might run some kind of montage show on Christmas, but just as often they don’t. Murders/accidents/deaths/kidnappings -cliffhangers of any kind – happen in the last two minutes of a Friday episode)

      signed – a gal who finally gave up soaps forever when AMC killed off Dixie AGAIN (but then SCANDAL came along, lol)

      • Of course, there is the argument that the networks kind of bailed on soap fans a few years back. Nearly all of the soaps were replaced with talk shows, leaving longtime soap fans looking for other entertainment. 😀

        • “LOL, the hole in the theory is that soap fans wouldn’t miss their soap to watch a trial.”

          In soap operas, the story line is endlessly repeated and worked over in nauseatingly repetitious expository dialog. There is no subtlety. Everything is “inside the box” in a soap opera. If a person is comfortable in that world, they wouldn’t have the inclination or patience for the complexity of this case. In order to understand it, one needs to critically assess its contradictions and study it for what was left OUT.

  38. I some times feel like there is a large building filled with telemarketing females typing out the hate we hear about Jodi must die. I want to see her get the DP. and other nasty comments all the time.

  39. I have wished for a long time that I could write Jodi a letter and know she’d get it. I know no one has the right to kill her, I would of liked her and tried to be her friend if we had only met befor that awful day, Isn’t it something how one moment, one day in time can change lives so drastically.

    • Louella, hi! At the present time Jodi is allowed to receive ONLY postcards. She does receive all mail as long as it’s according to the jail rules. This might help you out:

      We all wish we could have met Jodi before that awful day. Jodi would not be where she is right now if only she had all the loving people that support her, back then.

      And yes, a split second can change the course of your whole life. What is devastating is the things we do that we cannot undo… If Jodi knew what would happen that day, she’d have never pasted the AZ boarder line…

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