Justice For Jodi Arias (Part 2)

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Following statements this morning from Sandy Arias, Jodi Arias and Jennifer Willmott, Pickles, as expected, returned a LWOP (“natural life”) sentence. It’s basically taken 6 years to get to where we could have been 6 years ago. Go figure.

So… with the longest, biggest & most comprehensive judicial fuck-up in AZ’s history finally over, we can now start to plan & forge ahead accordingly with the next stage of our mission – and finally get JUSTICE FOR JODI.

It’s gonna happen. Make no mistake.

And just to clarify my earlier point again:  There was never a “victim” in this case. There was a potential victim (Jodi), and there was her abusive good-for-nothing POS pedophile attacker (TA). One of them is dead (due to their antics), and the other one is not… and that’s the way it’s gonna stay.

To access every court document & motion relating to this trial, click here or click the Court Docs link from the main menu at the top of the page.

In the meantime folks, and as always… we plough on regardless — cos’ we’re fucking awesome…

We Are Team Jodi!

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Never question it.

Never doubt it.

Prepare for it.

Leave your thoughts & comments below…

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  1. Reposting from previous page:

    Judge Stephens,

    you are a useless POS judge. No wonder haters and supporters alike despise you. When Jodi wins her appeals, when your laughable BIASED work on this case is proven you’ll realize how vain and futile your dedication to the lunch mob was. No brainwashed sheeple is gonna be there for you when your reputation and career will be down the drain.

    • Only problem though is jodi goes to the back of the line for appeals. If she got death there would be a automatic appeal which could’ve had her out within 5 years.

    • Hey everyone, don’t be dissappointed. Everybody knew what Judge SS would do. Now the State pays for Jodi’s legal bills for the appeals. You all did a great job. This process flushed out all the liars. Now Jodi will have a full life, some of it behide bars and some of it out. I really believe she will get out in less than 15. But while she is there she can keep shouting loud about the abuse and make her paintings, Travis family loses all the way around for being such monsters. Now they will get to go to all the appeal hearings and there won’t be any media coverage. In addidtion to appealing the verdict, I’m sure Jodi’s team has plenty of reason to appeal her sentance as well. The first jury said that they felt Jodi was abused and JSS did not mention that she considered that in weighing the mitigating factors. Overall, today is a day to celebrate!

  2. Well, it’s something we all expected. My question is , how the hell did JSS read over 150 letters in 10 minutes….?

    • speed read…she didn’t give a hoot about those letters…she already had her mind made up from day one of the criminal trial…IMHO

      • Martinez, HLN and a group of Mormons painted Jodi as a lying, remorseless, sadistic killer. The uneducated public (including the jurors – man, what a bunch they were) and 99% of the media never questioned Martinez’s story even though he purposely misinterpreted everything Jodi said and did to make her look guilty. He portrayed everything in the worst possible light. She was guilty in most people’s eyes even before the trial was half way through because of how she was demonized.
        Now, there’s a chance to right this wrong. Hopefully, she can get a brilliant lawyer who will work his or her ass off fighting for Jodi. I don’t know if Martinez will be the prosecutor again when she gets a retrial but it seemed to me he was fumbling more and more as the trial went on.

    • Pandora, LOL she has had this all neatly sitting one her desk since the mistrial. Why the hell even have today’s circus….well except for the voters…yup looking a head!!!

      • Exactly! More money for the Scammers! Preaching Lies and Deceit!
        I wish I had never heard about the Mormon LDS Church and their cult! Pfffffftt!


      Let them fade into oblivion. Their lynch mob followers will move on to other trials to satisfy their soap opera voyeuristic needs forgetting about them. No spotilight, no money, no nothing.



      • YES we are here for the long haul!!!!!!!
        One thing, the TA supporters are still not happy. They wanted Jodi dead. Doesn’t that just say it all about their kind? The media doesn’t seem to be happy either. Never enough for the scum of the world. Jodi did not attack the Alexander family. There was a child who was crying out and Jodi looked back to wait for everyone to be quite before she continued to speak. Good for her. She did not glare at the Alexanders but she did bring up the lies that his own sister had stated in the court room. Good for her. FREEDOM WILL COME FOR JODI ARIAS!

  3. No matter what: That 1 day will never define Jodi’s whole life! Jodi is a beautiful soul, a misunderstood person, a target for everyone’s hate.

    No matter what: Jodi is fucking awesome and whatever anyone can say, she will never be half as bad as the alexanders are or the lynch mob in whole.

    Fuck the alexanders, fuck JSS, fuck the mormons, fuck the prosecution, fuck shitzona and fuck you travis alexander!

  4. Sandy is giving an interview and she is supporting the alexanders wishing them healing… THAT is what a good person is! The alexanders could get a few pointers from Sandy.

  5. I wonder if Jodi’s statement will be used against her in the appeal. I would not advised her to basically admit guilt.
    Just my opinion.

    • She never admitted guilt; she stated that Travis attacked her, and she defended herself against him, because HE was trying to kill her.
      There is NO ‘admission’ of guilt, because she is not guilty.
      It was entirely a case of her defending herself from being killed by Travis.
      It makes perfect sense that now, after SEVERAL YEARS have passed, that she is regaining at least some of her memory.

    • I didn’t see that part,
      The station broke to commercials..
      Why would he ask to be taken off?
      It’s over, isn’t it, as far as his part is over?

    • Well if we believe her testimony in the criminal trial at that time she said she could not remember ….just bits and pieces of a knife dropping, etc… but not remembering stabbing him or cutting his throat…that was nearly 2 years ago so things have changed overtime and more memory is coming back to her…that is what I am concluding from her statement today….it was self defense and this was part of it…if you have ever read the Herr Speights’ Innocence Essay that explains in detail the knife fight and how it could have occurred and explains every wound on TA’s body including the neck wound….

    • She sounded very angry when she said that today.
      Could be anger at so many people who have put her where she is today.
      After all she has been through I hardly blame her for her anger.
      Oddly, I do NOT believe she remembers ANYTHING about what happened to Travis in June 2008.
      Wonder why…the facts, as we know them, do not fit the crime scene nor do they prove Jodi was there.

      • Carol,
        You’re right
        “The facts as we know them, do not fit the crime scene nor do they prove
        Jodi was there.”
        I’m trying hard so hard to figure out somethings that just don’t add up.

        It’s like a puzzle that’s missing more than half of the pieces!
        I hope that the appeal judges are damn good and can help Jodi.

        The fact she was taken straight to jail, and they just went with the
        “everyone is pointing the finger at you” doesn’t work with me.

        7 years in jail and not knowing what was happening, no bail, I just
        still can’t wrap my head around it.

        • Last time, Jodi said she did it. Jodi said she did it in self defense. You may not be able to fit Jodi’s words into your own narrative, but Jodi makes her own decisions. Sorry, but you got to give her credit for her willingness to own the responsibility of self defense.

          • Johnm, please understand that I respect your right to your own opinion. But damn you do not respect anyone else’s. So please explain to us that do not agree with you step by step minute by minute how Jodi did this?? You have the floor now….

            • Jodi made her case. You can call Jodi a liar, you can say Jodi is mistaken. I choose to accept the events as Jodi states them.
              It’s clear to me cindy jewel you need more info than I could ever give you. Few will EVER alter their personal view or narrative. I’m sure a few altered their view today as Jodi augmented her words to include the throat cut.. So yes I don’t respect Carol Handy nor anyone who thinks that Jodi didn’t do what she says she did, You cindy jewel think respect is necessary, I respect those that I want or am obligated too. Just like everyone else.

              • The name is Jewell. I don’t need your respect Johnm. Do Not ever tell me what I know or don’t know about this case. Please stop being such a bully to those of us who have different thoughts then you.

              • johnm –

                If you do a bit of reading up on BPD, you’ll learn why it’s possible to believe that Jodi is telling the absolute truth as she knows it while simultaneously realizing that she may not have been there at all when Travis died.

                • Thank you Journee.
                  John we are on the same team here. It’s not that we don’t want to believe Jodi it’s just that the evidence we have talked about for over 2 years does not fit with what she is saying on the stand.

                  Please take the time to look at BPD.

              • The fact that I look at a crime scene, evaluate the evidence given at trial, the evidence not given at trial, the information given at interviews by people who were at the scene and others interviewed by and with the police, questions that were asked by attorneys and those questions ignored by attorneys, cross examinations that get no where is how I arrive at my conclusions. Evidence not verified by both sides (not just the prosecution), lying detectives, lying medical examiner, lying prosecutor, indifferent judge all lead me to believe that this was a contrived arrest, trial, conviction and sentence.
                In bold words, in a lifetime of interest in the underdog, this is the first and only set up person I have ever witnessed. I knew this could happen, now I know it did happen.
                The defendant should not have testified, period.
                The defendant should not have been allowed to plea bargain, period.
                But she did both and that was disastrous for her.
                Her attorneys were of no help whatsoever, none of them.

        • Aly et al,
          If the crime scene told the right story we would not have to be scratching our heads now. It should all make perfect sense, and it simply doesn’t make any sense at all.

          • Really Carol,

            I heard 5 days he was dying and she did nothing!
            NO!!! 5 days went by with a dead body in the house and the roommates did nothing.
            So, they didn’t testify.
            5 days??? His friends didn’t come by.
            5 days and no one called to say HEY where is Travis?

            How many checked on him at all? NONE!!

          • Well, Aly, I just do not believe from all I’ve learned over the past several years, that Travis died on the day the prosecution said he died.
            The timestamps are not an accurate measurement of time because Travis new camera didn’t have the capability to put time/date stamps on pictures.
            (When they were taken remains to be seen perhaps we will learn about that later, maybe no)t.

            So if the roommates didn’t smell anything till Monday and it takes about 36 hours for a corpse to smell, then I would say Travis died late Saturday or Sunday.
            So, when the roommates information is taken into consideration, Jodi wasn’t there.

            • That is exactly what I believe too addition, I have always felt that when Jodi left Travis home, that Travis was still alive…hurt and injured, but alive…and I have always felt that other people (possibly the roommates and others) came in and “finished” him off and staged the “scene” the way that it was eventually found…and that would explain so much that didn’t get explained during trial…and don’t forget in the Flores report the one roommate didn’t go to work that day…he stayed home and left later in the morning and came back later in the evening…nothing about those roommates made any sense…after reading the Flores report, I put them in the same category as I would a “hit man” for hire…for some reason known only to some individuals someone needed and wanted Travis to die…and that day was a perfect opportunity for it to be done…hopefully an appeals will bring more truth to the surface…the Flores report has some of the early testimony from all of them and it has more truth in it when it was taken at first, than when they had time days later to keep changing their minds about some of the things…One thing that I learned early on in this case was that with their religion, they have to act in a certain way or face some dire consequences and I feel that Travis life was taken by powers of beings way beyond what Jodi or may of us know nothing about…

      • No, she did NOT sound angry. She even had to pause for a few seconds to hold back her tears before taking out that sentence.

        • Maybe not angry, but she had had it.
          The was that the Alexanders treated her Mother through this,

          Jodi had apologized to all of them and they said it wasn’t senser.

          They sit on the stand telling their lies and no one straightened it out
          and I think that’s what Jodi wanted to do.

          Tell them who’s fault it really was. Jodi didn’t want any of it to come out, but they were so hard
          headed and SO what happened wasn’t Jodi fault OR her families.
          Jodi’s Mom was always respectful to the Alexanders and to the cout, but the Alexanders weren’t.

          So I believe she was just setting it straight to them and saying why this all came out
          and also INSIDE she wanted to let them know, she was so done.
          How many times does she have to apologize, when they just mock her anyway.

          It was a time for someone to stand up to them and she felt she should be the one.
          Not angry, just specific!

          • I agree Aly. Jodi spoke the truth and she dared to stand up for herself. Way to Go Jodi! She paused long enough to have some peace and quite, which she deserved, then spoke the truth as she knows it. They complain about everything single thing Jodi says or does. Jesus Christ, himself, could not make those people happy. The Alexanders have proven them selves to be every bit as abusive and disgusting as their late brother. They showed respect for this court process. In fact, they proved they feel they are above the law in all ways. JSS helped provide superior feeling for them, over and over again. Funny, they never showed her any respect, either. One thing I know is their brother was one sick and abusive person. Nothing like they claimed him to be. I base that on his written words and from his vulgar mouth. One SICKO!

              • That’s true R.Love
                She may not have planned to speak, but then decided what have got to lose.
                None of them respected her family at all and I was so proud of her the way that she did it.
                It was like I was going “You Go Girl!!!”
                and I meant every word of it.
                She was profound in what she said and wanted them to get it.

                I can see positive things in her life, even though she may be in prison because
                that’s the way Jodi has been and besides, like her Mom said they can’t
                take away her beautiful soul.

                I agree!!!

    • Cindy, that was a first for me too…it must have initially been subconsciously suppressed and her memory has somewhat returned since she testified in the first phase of the trial.

    • Cindy, I believe that from what she said, it must have come back since the first trial. Although she stumbled a little, she was saying she would have testified to that in 2014 or the retrial.

        • The conversation really needs to be about dissociation If you have experience with its effects, it is easy to understand. You have not watched the retrial so you do not have the benefit of Dr. Geff’s testimony who really explained her mental state as clearly as anyone could. Testing did not show BPD, but the interviews with others who brought it up as a layman’s diagnosis were frequent enough for his clinical impression to include rule out BPD, not a diagnosis of same. Totdoc Death does not know what she is talking about. She really doesn’t even know a lot of the evidence of the case and some of the really basic history between Jodi and TA.

          • I think you are on the right track, Canada Carol. Psychological dissociation seems like the exact and correct explanation for Jodi at the present moment in time. Trying to make a mental environment that that she can exist in, at least that is what I quickly learned. I’ll read more, for sure. It does make sense out of what seems senseless.
            To think Jodi is psychologically A-OK is to deny reality. She definitely needs some psychological help at Perryville, and I hope that can provide that for her. Nothing she says or does right now should be viewed as correct or normal, after all, she was just thrust into an unknown hell.

            • Carol, I was speaking of June 4th and what happened in the bathroom. Her mind could not accept what happened to her and TA and the protective mechanism of dissociation that her brain began to learn at age five to cope with trauma took over and she checked out for a few hours it seems.

              • …it seems?
                We do not really know what happened to Travis.
                Until the day we find out the WHEN and WHY of Travis death, do we have a choice but to hope she gets help with her own life? I do not assume anything.
                Do we REALLY know what all the answers that were involved in Travis’ death?
                It doesn’t look that way to me.

                • It seems I should not have used the words “it seems”. What I was referring to was the number of hours that she was in a completely dissociate state. I am not sure how long it was before she found herself in the desert. I only can guess that from the testimony it was a few hours.

          • Dissociation…that is the word I was searching for…rather than subconsciously suppressed…unless they mean sort of the same?

          • To be fair, Totdoc does have a good knowledge of the latest theories of BPD and that part of her testimony with Nurmi was interesting and educative. The two often go together as they both seem to be linked to the limbic system of the brain.

      • Maybe now that she remembers it would do her some good to finally tell what happened that day no matter how bad it sounds at least the truth might finally be told

    • With PTSD, memories can come back over time at any time. Things that happened to me at 5 yrs old didn’t make it to the surface until I was in my late 30’s. I had all of the PTSD symptoms but no recall as to why. It is different for everyone. Sometimes, all it takes is a sound, or perhaps a smell, a whiff; to bring things that have been buried deep back up to the surface of memory.
      I for one was in awe of our Jodi today.
      I only listened to Jodi, her mom and JW. The rest were ignored.
      I have no sympathy for any of them, especially Travis.
      I ask myself why that is? Does that make me cruel?

  6. I am just in tears and my heart breaks at this whole, long, unjust trial but I am SO proud of our Jodi for calling out the outright lies against her!!! Way to go, Jodi!!! I am proud of Sandra also for speaking for her precious daughter!!! The day is coming when everything that has so conveniently been covered up will be exposed and TRUE justice will be served to EVERYONE involved!!!!!!!!!!


    (((((TEAM JODI)))))

      • Oh, they aren’t done yet…..wait for it…..can anyone say civil suit ???? Afterall they need to be compensated for all their emotional distress that they have had to endure and you know Jodi is responsible for all of that even though she offered to plea this out from the get go….so who insisted on trudging through not one but two trials???? Huh??? Who insisted???? They will never get a penny from Jodi….never….but they will get the satisfaction of seeing Jodi walk out of prison one day after the appellate courts get done with this shameful case… least I assume they will still be around….and IF they were so concerned about their dear brother then why oh why didn’t anyone check on him in the 5 days while he was there dead in the home???? Really???? What was the real relationship between him and his brothers and sisters???

  7. Sandy did a excellent job. Jodi you never ceased to amaze me. I’m not sure what was going on with JW but it turned out. I’m not totally sure what the hell was going on with KN. At this point I don’t care.

  8. Sandy did an excellent job, speaking out for her sweet daughter – we all know how difficult it must have been for her to address the court while feeling the Alexanders’ evil look on her.
    We LOVE you, Sandy.

    I am PROUD of our girl, too. She stood her ground and set the Alexscammers lies straight. I, for one, have sworn I will never give up on Jodi. She is my sister. On to appeals!

    • Yes, she indeed stood her ground and clearly stated that the killing was in SELF DEFENSE !!! This is not a crime….the perjured lie to secure a death penalty aggravator is going to come back to haunt the prosecution…the lying by DF in the Chronis hearing can not be allowed to stand in a “the ends justify the means” mentality….despite the fact that Jodi escaped the death sentence this does NOT change the fact that but for the lie that secured a death aggravator, this case would have been a standard murder case and the jury would NOT have to be death qualified which changes the entire context within which this case was tried….Jodi did NOT receive a fair trial from an impartial jury and the state lied to try to win a case and make it into a death penalty case when it was never a death penalty case to begin with….APPEALS COURTS WILL RECTIFY THIS INJUSTICE !!!!

  9. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 4m4 minutes ago

    One reporter says the Alexander family left the courthouse through a back door and got into a chauffeured car.

  10. JSS is an idiot, hmmmm two weapons????? You use as many as it takes to stop your attacker. Nancy Fuckface should be accountable for polluting the minds of the weak. I would suggest that if some folks don’t buy this perhaps they will understand media is the tool that elects Presidents in the USA by polluting minds by this same tool and it works. Hmmmm ya think?

  11. Hey Tanisha,
    THANK YOU for PROVING what a CLASSLESS vengeful redneck you are!!!!

    You couldn’t resist tainting the one precious second Jodi’s family and friends had to yell at her how much they love her? You had to swoop in and yell “Burn in Hell” ????

    FUCKING PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS that what your church teaches you??? Hey, I don’t pretend to be a religious person coz I am NOT, so I have no fear of what God may do to me or my soul. But YOU are in deep shit, “dear” once you get to meet your Maker 😉

    • Tanisha is a piece of shit, no good low life, coward, thief, drug addict, lair, bully, etc… Karma is a real bitch in life and believe me she will get her’s in the end because she hasn’t changed. Her true color came through today on CAMERA…..

    • Tanisha is a waste of space. She sickens me. Now that she doesn’t have the trial to keep her mind occupied, she will no doubt be getting up to no good and end up in trouble with the law AGAIN.

  12. Hello My Team Jodi Supporters,

    I have to say I wasn’t shocked by JSS ruling. We all knew that was coming. Sandy Arias if you read on here, ” We truly love you and your daughter and will stand behind her until she is released.

    As for those saying that TA had supporters… Let’s just get this straight. They have a duo behind a screen creating FB pages for murder trials making money off of people ( they reside in another country, I think AU maybe) and these idiots have created this LYNCH MOB MEDIA FRENZY because uneducated people are too stupid to read and listen to the FACTS. They are not criminal experts, psychologists, lawyers, DV therapist etc…. just a bunch of low life’s sitting home watching the trial.

    Playing the” pity me party “worked for the Alexanders…. now the gravy trained has stopped…. GET A LIFE and some THERAPY…. IF THE ALEXANDERS WERE CLOSE TO THEIR BROTHER TA DON’T YOU THINK THEY WOULD OF TALKED TO HIM DAYS BEFORE OR TRIED DAYS AFTER THE MURDER? They didn’t give two rats asses about him until he was killed so they could collect money. Once they seen how much they could milk the world they knew they landed a FREE RIDE…..

    Jodi, you will always be remembered, and never give up faith. Glad to hear you already have your next team of lawyers working on your appeals ( according to Sandy interview outside the courthouse). NO MORE FUCKING POSTCARDS… now you can receive letters…. Thank you for calling out JUAN and FLORES and SAMANTHA …

    As for all those on this site, thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and awesome discussions.

    Time to get this party started so Jodi can walk FREE…

    JSS you are a coward JUDGE
    KN you are a real prick
    Jenn thank you for your stellar time and passion on this case

    • You know Fujuan, Samantha said it all when she said she has dreams of him screaming for five days for someone to come find him….. That is guilt talking, because their family was not close at all and just think he even had “friends” and roommates and no one was aware he was dead for five days, no one had gone looking for him at all… says a lot about them all now doesn’t it?

      • Yes, it does say a lot about the family and his so called friends and roommates. Where was CH today and his pathetic wife SKY?

        You cannot tell me that his roommates didn’t know anything or smell anything. WTF they didn’t have to testify is a bigh????? that still remains unanswered…

      • Guilt talking all the way. I’ve said the same thins time and again. It’s is GUILT that makes them so passionate for their sick “Justice for Travis” , because they feel guilty that before June 10th they did NOT GIVE A SHIT about their brother.
        They’d better find a damn good SHRINK. They ALL need one desperately.

  13. Hey I’m so mad at KN right now but I’m just wondering why he chose to do this today. Is it not possible that it could fall under more an effective console for the appeals?? Or maybe he is a DH.

    • because he’s a piece of shit attorney and has wanted off this case from the ” get go”…. she doesn’t want to do any more work for JODI now that his name is out there and he has made a ton of money off of this case.

      You didn’t hear Jenn asking to be off the case. Jenn did say on a live interview that Jodi already has her appeals attorneys and they are working on the next phase. Jenn and KN are trial attorneys not APPEALS.

  14. To the Aunt that claims she quit her job in Cincinnati to support the TA ; your a fucking liar….. People around the world support your pathetic family who didn’t give a shit about TA otherwise they would of been in contact with TA every couple of days. But they were to busy doing drugs, stealing and scamming the system.

    I am in contact with my family daily just to make sure they are all doing well because we all live in different states.

    Now, lets focus on the positive and support JODI on her appeals, and FUCK THE ALEXANDERS and giving them attention…. the gravy train has stopped for them…..

  15. Jodi Arias Updates @JodiAnnArias ·
    “Believe me, not everyone who can cry on demand is necessarily grieving.”– Abigail Van Buren (a.k.a. Jean Phillips)

  16. …and after all these years glad this axiety is finally over. Now Jodi can focus on her next journey of appeals. Can I get a meowing right along? Hehe 🙂

  17. Did anyone else besides me notice the three snoops when JW was being interviewed after the trial was over? The old craggy faced dark haired one tried to have her nose right in there.. They were the same three that were removed from the trial by JSS one time .

  18. My dearest Jodi,
    Forgive me for my silence. It’s just that it’s nearing that time for my son to graduate and we have two ferrets and I was told by several people that ferrets were not allowed in Kuwait and guess what? I never gave up believing that God, through Jesus his son and the Holy Spirit, all three working together, I got a YES from a lovely lady called Karen who went out of her way to meet with the authorities concerned and Karen will be doing their Import Permits for our Sita and Gibson who will travel with us back. This is what has kept me away and I’m really sorry. Yes, I’ve been down, worrying but I also prayed and prayed and prayed and because of that small faith that I have in me, my prayers have been answered.
    I pray, that someday, the Lord will offer freedom to you too. I will continue to pray for you, that you break all bonds of fear and isolation that exist behind those bars, that you will receive support from your inmates, family and friends and prison staff too, that they will show compassion. I pray that you will find it in your heart to forgive the jurors, judge and those mad prosecutors.
    Jodi, the Father above knows your heart and if He forgives you, then no one can judge you. I pray that God will continue to give you patience and hope in whatever you go through and someday, there will be someone out there who will give you a second chance.
    Please, do not trust anyone in prison and the less you say to anyone, the better. Trust no one, but God and live with hope that someday He and He alone will set you free.
    Love you always,

  19. Yes it has Maria and now there is criticism for lack of emotion from Sandy and Jodi. There are people in this life who do not show emotion on their sleeve. There are many stoic types out there. Add to that scenario that everyone wants them to get on their knees and grovel so they can kick them while they are down.
    There is one thing I wonder and that is why Jodi chose to bring out something that she says she would have told the court had she continued on the stand for the retrial. That is that she remembers stabbing Travis in the throat – now. In my way of thinking something like that would not have got her points with the judge.

    Of course there is the other way of looking at it too. She already knew she was going to be sentenced to natural life. I still wonder why she wanted to put that out at this late date.

    Jennifer Willmott was a class act today as I feel she always is.

    • I don’t expect the haters to utter a single good word about Sandy or Jodi. Nor do I expect them to hear past the words “slitting his throat”. I don’t understand however why it seems that there are supporters asking why Jodi said what she said. It’s not up to us to judge if it was appropriate or not, by the way – Jennifer was there, next to her. If Jen allowed it then it’s fine by me.

      There’s only ONE reason Jodi said what she said about the neck wound: to remind the Judge (and the world) it was SELF-DEFENSE.

      Her own words leave no room for speculation : ” He was still trying to attack me. It was *I* who was trying to get away NOT Travis, and I finally did. I never wanted it to be that way, Judge”

  20. Yes thankfully she lives. I have been supportive of her since the beginning and still am, but I think it is ok to question or ask about things. Other wise it is no different than being on the other side where people dare not ask or question. Hopefully I won’t be turned on for raising that thought. If I am well so be it.

    Your point Maria about Jennifer being there is well taken.

    • No more Joe! Things can only get better. It was comforting to hear Jodi’s mom speaking so strongly and hearing that she says her daughter is going to be okay. ♥

      • She will be much better off in Perryville.
        Arpaio is such a sadist, so his jail is obviously far worse than most, but I have read that many jails are worse than prisons.

        • He deserves pink underwear, THAT MAN!!!!! Shackles and chains for the Ole Man Arpaio!


  21. Judge Stephens just went through the motions, as she already knew the moment of the 2nd mistrial what she would sentence Jodi to. probably before that, as she wanted the jury to do it. It was so obvious when about 5 seconds later she sentenced Jodi to LWOP, after Jenifer went though her speech, as well as Jodi and her mother, with no expression, and with the Alexanders during their impact statements she nodded her head like she was listening to them.

    Further what the media commented on was Stevens read her script on the sentence, and the like the jury found, cruel and unusual factor. Like she was trying to show that jury found the same thing. Usually a judge if they are fair and they have truly weighed in on everything, when committing a D over to the DOC for the duration of their life, will go into much more depth about their rationale regarding the sentence, especially given how long they drew this case out. Not just read out a laundry list of aggravating and mitigating circumstances. Jodi was had plenty of mitigating circumstances, to receive a chance for parole. Also, given the fact that she had served almost 7 years already.

    There was a woman in TX that killed her abusive husband and stabbed him over 200 times, and buried the husband in the back yard. She first received 25 years, and then later her sentence went down to 20 years on appeal. I believe it was the Susan Wright case. Of course there are many more cases that are similar in nature, and worse than Jodi’s and where the D had a record.

    However, because of the negative publicity surrounding this case,and was not tried with the right strategy to begin with. Everybody wanting the DP so bad. Stephens could of not have given her anything less, because she did not want any flack or death threats and either did the MC, if she had given Jodi life with parole. Like Jennifer said it was only a hope not a sure promise that Jodi would of been paroled. However, Jodi’s only hope now is appeal, because the whole trial was a sham anyway.

    • Mary, what you have said here feels comforting and hopeful. Thank you.

      I am feeling God’s hand and humor in His using the most improbable
      to accomplish the most unlikely. I see more and more posts that are speaking the language of TRUTH.

      The Circus came to town, and by gosh, everybody wants to see the show. But to their surprise, the SHOW is about shining the light of day on the evil that is going on. The spotlight is picking out the cheaters and the tricksters. It is showing up some very sinister practices for the danger they are.

      More and more people are taking notice of what is being exposed for the ugliness that it is. The tide is turning and hearts are softening. We will be able to return HONOR in our country to its proper role.

      The biggest lie that we are asked to believe is that it is pointless for us to try to change for the better what is happening to us.

      But this cannot be a fact, because in the past few months, I have seen change happen. I have experienced it in my own family and in myself.
      It’s because of the type of collaborative interaction and positive reinforcement that happens right here on this specific forum.

      Thank you to everyone. :- )
      Of course, especially thanks to SJ.

    • Watched both interviews…Jodi’s Mom is so strong….and I am so glad that she didn’t back down when asked about Jodi being a victim…Jodi was a victim she was abused and she as well as others saw bruises on Jodi’s neck and arms, etc…it is just too bad that they did not testify in the criminal trial to that fact…Jen was so gracious as always giving the benefit of the doubt to the judge about why she sentenced Jodi to natural life without possibility of release despite all the mitigating factors and the comparative inequity in Jodi’s sentence compared to others charged with similar killings…she also said something interesting that I have already talked about and that is that she has never seen a jury in the courtroom the way she saw this jury sitting there today…blue clothing, blue ribbons, sitting in the jury box as if they were on official duty…it is outrageous and IMHO should be noted for appeals along with all the other court demonstrations that have gone on in defiance of Jodi’s right to a fair trial…the judge hadn’t sentenced her yet, but here are all 11 of those jurors sitting there crying in the jury box no less with their blue ribbons of support for TA….it is UNHEARD OF just like JW stated in that interview….it is no less biased than the family getting up and storming out during KN’s closing arguments….As someone mentioned already this entire case was a SHAM and will be a feast for the appellate courts and after they have feasted on the plethora of appellate issues in this case they are going to purge this case and remand it back for a new trial or dismiss with prejudice for the outrageous and egregious behavior of the prosecutor and the state for all their misconduct and Brady violations, etc….


    • In that article of the link above…Juan Martinez made a statement that the family couldn’t get out of their mind the brutality as she dragged him down the hallway and put a bullet in his head…

      What I can’t get out of my mind is that someone as small as Jodi even being able to drag someone down a hallway…even a strong muscular male would have had difficulty dragging someone down a hallway…when I was in nursing, people that are debilitated or lack strength are literally “dead weight” when incapacitated…

      I would have liked to see a demonstration of each of Travis sisters having to drag someone of Travis weight down a hallway…they wouldn’t have been able to do it…

  22. If someone posted this I’m sorry. Jodi is now at Perryville.

    For all you f~ing blood sucking morons..the reason for the 3 vans is to protect Jodi from people like you. You know the death threats!!! Oh for the morons who keep asking if Jodi is on death row yet, go back to watching your relatives on Jerry Springer.

  23. My gosh hopefully she can handle it. Prison sux compared to county jail. Unfortunately I havea loved one who dealt with it first hand and they treat u like garbage especially the law breaking sheriff

  24. Good evening, Team Jodi. Today has been a difficult day for all of us especially the family of Jodi Arias. And I would like to take this opportunity right now to speak directly to Jodi’s parents and her siblings: if you can see this message, I want you to know that we love you and we are with you. You are not alone tonight. We are with you 24/7, 365. And we WILL always be with you.

    Today’s sentencing wasn’t what we wanted to hear, but it wasn’t unexpected. We all know that. And it’s perfectly understandable to be disappointed today, but I’m not discouraged because I know that today is the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one. In fact, you could think of this as the beginning of the third act of a play. In the first act, you have the introduction of characters and in the second act you put your protagonist in a black hole where he or she can’t get out. And then in the third act, they get out. Well, today we’ve reached the end of Act II and we’re about to turn the page to Act III. That’s why I’m not discouraged because I’m excited about the possibilities for the third and final act where our protagonist gets herself out of the black hole albeit not without assistance from her family and friends.

    No, I’m not discouraged today at all. I’m fired up and optimistic and to those who say that this is going to be a Herculean challenge or that it’s impossible, I say BRING IT ON. We’re going to get this done, collectively, as a team just as we’ve always done, but we’re going to need to kick it up a notch in Act III, my friends. That means raising more funds for appeals and to help give Jodi and her defense team whatever tools they need to get her out of prison and give her freedom. This means that if you’re going to support Jodi Arias you can’t be a SINO (Supporter In Name Only). We can’t just sit on the sidelines and say that we support Jodi, but then don’t do a damn thing to help her. This is gut-check time, Team Jodi, and each and every one of us, myself included, has to put the past behind us and turn the page because it is a new day, a new chapter and a new fight.

    One final thing I’d like to say today is this: someone once said that a dream is a goal with a deadline. One of the goals that I think we should set right now is a deadline for Jodi’s freedom. I personally want to raise the bar and to set expectations high which is why I’m going to be talking about within the next 10 years. And I know there’s going to be cynics and doom-and-gloomers out there who’ll say that’s impossible, that’s unrealistic, that’s pie-in-the-sky, what have you. They can say whatever they want. I’m not going to stop talking about within the next decade and even sooner than that would be icing on the cake. Team Jodi, you guys know what to do and what we all need to do. Do it. Hope is a good thing and it’s all well and good, but hope is something that you look to when you’re in desperation. I believe that you have to make things happen if you want things to change and that is far more powerful than hope. So let’s start making things happen in Act III and give our protagonist the happy ending she deserves.

  25. I was glad to see Jodi stand up for herself against Tanisha and Juan’s lies. Jodi’s mom’s words were sincere and heartfelt, I thought. Juan STILL had to go into the pedophilia bit, though. He and the rest of the so-called “justice for Travis” supporters are the ones responsible for circulating the word “pedophile”. And yes, Judge Stephens again was emotionless and appeared to be reading from a script. I think she knows this case was a sham, but if she wants to remain a judge in Maricopa she had to give the mob what they expected. I agree though with Carole and many of you….so much still doesn’t fit. I hear Juan is going to be interviewed by Jen Woods “this month”. I wonder if she’ll be accepting audience questions…

    • The best of today:
      THE ONES WHO WILL BE SCRUTINIZED NEXT!!: Juan Martinez, Judge Sherry Stevens, Kirk Nurmi, Detective Flores, Dr. Horn, Detective Melendez…
      It will happen.

    • Juan Martinez interviews by Scoopy, well now………. 🙄 hmmmmmmm
      I guess that will be full of fairy tales for their viewing public.

  26. The odds I gave Stephens of spewing anything other than life in a cage was three tenths of one percent and I stated that was too generous.

    Stephens you old crow feet riddled derelict, you don’t belong in a courtroom any more than carp belongs in a five star restaurant. I said Jodi shouldn’t even give her the satisfaction of saying shit to her. The phony pretense of balancing justice with equity was as pathetic to me as a B actor in an off off off off off Broadway scat film. An amateur who swoons on every word of a prosecutor and sucks his cane at lunch.

    You’re as disgusting as a plecostomus sucking the scum off a sewer. Your inept rulings and obvious penchant for the death cocktail for Jodi was as obvious as ISIL wanting to kidnap and torture an American General.

    Your day is coming when superiors will tell YOU what to do. Only I hope you’re not around to hear it. If there is any justice in this world at all, you will be thrown out on your ass in the next election. You only got 72% of the vote in the last one. Jodi has more to offer society than you do and justice begins as soon as you are history in the fate of Jodi Arias.

    Sleep well you contemptible courtroom meat head reprobate.


  27. I wish TEAM JODI A GOOD NIGHT! May Jodi receive a peaceful sleep tonight knowing that we are one step closer to Freedom for her. Inch by inch, step by step we will move on. . . .never ever ending…….

    Romans 12:19 Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord.

  28. I have a tale to tell
    Sometimes it gets so hard to hide it well
    I was not ready for the fall
    Too blind to see the writing on the wall

    A man can tell a thousand lies
    I’ve learned my lesson well
    Hope I live to tell
    The secret I have learned, ’till then
    It will burn inside of me

    I know where beauty lives
    I’ve seen it once, I know the warm she gives
    The light that you could never see
    It shines inside, you can’t take that from me

    The truth is never far behind
    You kept it hidden well
    If I live to tell
    The secret I knew then
    Will I ever have the chance again

    If I ran away, I’d never have the strength
    To go very far
    How would they hear the beating of my heart
    Will it grow cold
    The secret that I hide, will I grow old
    How will they hear
    When will they learn
    How will they know

    Dedicated to our Jodi
    Love this song & love Jodi Ann Arias

    • Trixels,

      Oh, WOW!!! Like R. Love said, PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s like the song was written for Jodi!!! Yes, the TRUTH is NEVER far behind as the song states and YES, Jodi WILL live to tell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the song and Jodi Ann Arias also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      (((((TEAM JODI)))))

  29. Once again…

    This was a “Blood Atonement” carried out with ritualistic precision.
    We are asked to believe that Jodi Arias planned this murder and
    then leaves behind her camera that was found in TA’s washing machine
    after it and TA’s clothes had been washed. A camera left behind with pictures
    placing Jodi there that day . Incriminating photos. And we are asked to believe
    this camera was left behind by the murderer. Seriously?
    A person plans a murder, takes pictures, then washes her camera, and then
    leaves it in the washing machine to be found by investigators.
    We are expected to buy this? Seriously?

    “Observancy Is A Dying Art”
    ~Stanley Kubrick

    • Maggie May,

      I totally agree with you and I have always believed it was a blood atonement from the beginning!!! I do not say Jodi lied on the stand either! I believe that Jodi honestly believes she must have done it due to her interrogation by the crooked, Mormon detective, Flores and how he kept convincing her that NO ONE would ever believe her that she did not kill TA!!!

      • I agree!
        Always have believed that,
        IF it had been any other “religion” maybe just maybe it would be believable

        But since this is what “religion” practices this and there were
        so many lies, I am having a hard time believing otherwise.
        No, I don’t believe Jodi lied!

        Why would this church even think that was OK and then try to cover it up?
        They are so messed up!

  30. No one gave two FUCKS about travis to even check on the asshole . Tanisha you piece of shit . Now the bitch is complaining of ptsd and getting government benefits after milking the public for donations. She didn’t even give a shit about the Pedo til she found out about the money she can make . Fuck that whole family. Scum

  31. Very disappointing sentence, but not surprising. Now, this means that Jodi has no chance of ever getting out now?


  32. Not necessarily so Maureen. Jodi will appeal and we understand that this process has begun. A good lawyer or two can find enough wrong with the two trials to wall paper a five bedroom house.

    • AND Judy,
      I think that I might just be happy to use that for my
      It would be a reminder to me about just how corrupt this trial was!
      I would always believe it could happen to any of us.

  33. Your guys’ sincerity and loyalty to Jodi is wonderful. That said, did Jodi really agree to this sentence from the beginning? I know the argument is that it was all a waste of time but I don’t think Jodi agreed to FDM and natural life in prison in any sort of settlement discussion. Did she?

    It was a hard fought battle she lost and there’s one more she may win. Hang in there with her, guys!

    • Do you think she will stick with Jen, or I wonder if she will retain a high powered attorney? Will be too costly I’m sure, and will be hard for her to pay for I guess.


      • Maureen,
        I may be the only one up right now, but I can’t
        answer it.
        There are a lot of smart people here that will know

        I’m not sure that Jen can, but hopefully.
        I believe she would be good, not Nurmi.

    • That’s a good question – I wonder what was offered up during the settlement discussions by Jodi’s team?


        • JDM,
          I read where there was a plea made
          but the state turned it down.
          It was for 2nd degree.

          If I’m wrong Journee will let me know. : )
          I know someone else on here knows.

          • YES JDM,
            There is a third one coming up and if these
            lawyers/judges don’t see WHY there should be an appeal, then
            something is wrong again.

  34. I know that a lot of people are not going to like what I am about to write but I am going to write it anyway. I think that once again Jodi said to much. I don’t think that she should said anything about how the incident happened or that the sisters were wrong about the plea bargain or about the gunshot. I understand that she wanted to correct these things but this wasn’t the time. I wonder if Jodi listens to the advice of her attorneys?

    Not to mention the sisters impact statements were BS. So she should just kept quite. JWs statement was nice and so was her moms.

    • I didn’t mean anything bad by my comment of listening to her attorneys, I was just wondering if they told her what to say and she deviated from it. Even though bough it is hard sometimes the less you say the better. I’m glad it is appeal time because even though lwop was not a surprise the sentence is way to harsh for defending yourself.

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