Chris & Sky Hughes – The Mormon cover up continues – [2013 RE-POST]

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Check out the re-post below from March 30th 2013. It covers my thoughts on Chris & Sky Hughes — and includes video from their respective testimonies at the evidentiary hearing from trial day 10 (Jan 29th 2013), together with relevant clips from Alyce LaViolette’s testimony.

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It’s gotta be said. Chris & Sky Hughes are the ultimate pair of lying bastards — and in that regard, they’re a perfect match for each other.

So when it came to the trial, they were ultimately faced with these 2 distinct choices:

[1] Helping Jodi by confirming TA’s mental & physical abuse of Jodi AND other women, together with their knowledge of his pedo-related antics and his age of attraction… or…

[2] Helping themselves by flat out denying everything they know, and denying everything they discussed in their email exchanges with TA.

It must have been a very difficult decision to make (not)… but they ultimately decided to help themselves and, in turn, keep all their Mormon chums happy. After all, why would they want to tell the truth about TA (and help Jodi) when it wouldn’t benefit them socially or financially?

As I stated in my original post back on January 30th… Chris Hughes already confirmed he’s firmly on the prosecution’s side, so sure he’s gonna do all he can to fly the flag for them, including stating to the media (on behalf of Martinez) that the TA letters were forged – even though he knows they were not. He knows, having seen some of them, that they’re genuine. He even wrote to TA to tell him he wasn’t treating Jodi right.

The email exchanges also specifically discussed TA’s “age of attraction” when it comes to children, which (as far as I recall) Sky was somewhat surprised at. This ties together the earlier pedophile rumors pertaining to TA and his preference for small boys, pigtails & 12 years old girls, does it not?

In fact both Chris & Sky Hughes emailed Travis telling him he was being abusive to Jodi back in 2007. This started to come out again in Alyce LaViolette’s direct testimony – despite repeated & futile objections from Martinez.

Check out the 2 specific video clips below from Alyce LaViolette’s testimony from last Thursday, where the “You Crossed The Line” email exchange & content is discussed specifically — including TA’s ongoing mistreatment of Jodi… his well known prior treatment & manipulation of other women… Sky’s statement that she wouldn’t even let her own sister date TA… TA’s “childhood issues”… and a bunch of additional information that Martinez certainly didn’t want disclosing for obvious reasons…

Alyce LaViolette video clip #1:

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Alyce LaViolette video clip #2:

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Then watch this very interesting Chris Hughes testimony – from the continuation of the evidentiary hearing on January 29th (Trial Day 10)…

[hdplay id=142 width=500 height=300]

The video below (up to the 14:00 mark)  includes Sky Hughes’ testimony from the Evidentiary Hearing, February 13th (Trial Day 18) — followed by Kirk Nurmi (starting @ 22:00) calling for a mistrial based on his “Greatest Hits” list of numerous counts of prosecutorial misconduct & court order violations by the state.

Taking into account Sky met TA (in 2001) prior to her marriage (in 2002)… at which point  she would have been in her early 40’s and TA would have been 23… the only question Jennifer Willmott didn’t ask her was how many times she slept with TA before and after she got married. The answer would have been interesting to say the least…

[hdplay id=58 width=500 height=300]

Finally, here’s an excerpt from yesterday’s USA Today (click here for full article):

What was not mentioned in court Thursday was the history of the emails. A defense filing from January 2011 details the efforts Arias’ attorneys went to obtain them. Initially the prosecution told the defense attorneys that there were no available text messages sent or received by Alexander and then was ordered to turn over several hundred.

Furthermore, according to the filing, the case agent, Mesa police Detective Esteban Flores, told the defense attorneys that there was nothing “out of the ordinary” among Alexander’s emails; about 8,000 were turned over to the defense in June 2010, including the Hughes emails.

The 2011 filing details the email contents, including “A response from Mr. Hughes … wherein he asserts that he believes Jodi would be his (Travis’) next victim and that Jodi was just another girl that he (Travis) was playing.” Alexander allegedly replied by saying “I am a bit of a sociopath.”

Other emails from Sky Hughes, the filing says, say that Alexander considered Arias to be a “booty call,” and said “How he, Mr. Alexander, was abusive to Jodi and … how he was beating her emotionally in part by making out with her without giving her a commitment.” And there is an email from another woman Alexander was seeing at the time “wherin she complains of Mr. Alexander’s conduct making her feel used and dirty.”

How much of those emails make it into testimony remains to be seen. Chris and Sky Hughes have already testified for the prosecution regarding an earlier allegation of misconduct by Martinez, but the topic of the emails was not discussed. They could be called back.

Chris & Sky Hughes… they wouldn’t be able to tell the truth if their lives depended on it.

Luckily for them, it doesn’t.

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      • Just take a moment and think of the actual situation. Opinions aside, imagine what actually happened. Did she act in self defense after getting slammed on the ground? maybe. Is this just a little more than most of us can comprehend because we haven’t experienced it ourselves?

        If he did lose it and go off on her we will never know. So what are we supposed to believe?

        Giving her the benefit of the doubt may be important. U never really know what someone is going through in a relationship and most do not document it. I hope that someday justice is served and the truth comes out. Liking her is one thing, which I understand, but it’s the details that really matter. This was a complicated trial. You can never judge a book by its cover.

        • Well said, Capsman.
          No one knows for certain what goes on in any private relationship.
          Each relationship is potentially enormously different from any other relationship, because each relationship entails not only two unique people with ways of relating that are unique, but also because any two people relating to each other are bringing facets of their personality, aspects of their being, and conscious and unconscious dynamics__ that are only triggered and manifested in THAT PARTICULAR relationship.

          No matter how much anyone believes one knows another person, no one can ever know exactly who that person is, and no one can, with certainty ever exactly predict anything about anyone.
          Even any individual can never entirely know one’s self, nor be able to know how one might be with absolute certainty.

          And what you say about people having a hard time comprehending something because they haven’ t experienced it is right on point. It is easy to have strong opinions as to how something should or should not look like or be, but unless a person has been oneself subjected to extreme rage attacks, and the threats and/ or actual violence that accompanies it, one does not have an adequate enough idea of what could be.

          • Amy, I agree. It’s more easy for people that have been in a violent (either physical or verbal or even both) relationship to understand the pain and scars (the ones that show and the ones that don’t) that those kind of relationships ‘leave’ on people… As you said, most of the time it is never documented or reported. For many reasons. I think the most strong reason is because of the love they have for the abuser. They are afraid that if he/she is reported they will lose him/her. It’s crazy, I know! But haven’t we seen people do the craziest things in the name of love? They’d rather stay in a violent relationship and be with the one they love rather than walk away from it…

    • I repeat, Jodi needs to tell the truth. She is the only true hero here. The truth is that Travis was killed by two Mormon Mafia for what he was doing. She almost died trying to save his life. She is a hero because no one would be willing to die to protect their family. The Mormons are very powerful , and they will kill her and her family. She does not care about herself, it is her family. So she says all these stories so her family is safe. Let Arizona protect your family, think of yourself Jodi.. Let everyone know you are a true hero. they can not argue with you, the facts are all pointing to the Mormons. So before it is too late say the truth, that you were willing to die for your family and this will finally set you free.

  1. Chris & Sky Hughes… they wouldn’t be able to tell the truth if their lives depended on it.

    Luckily for them, it doesn’t.
    Well, you may say that again!!!! LOL! Nothing like a selective memory. UH huh Uh not sure well, maybe, uh the day of, the night before, Uh huh, well I talked with someone from Martinez’s office, OH yes I did talk with him when he came to the hotel the night before. Spit it out HUGHES! You know the TRUTH! Tell the Truth!!!

    • R. love,

      You said it right for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You go, girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

      (((((R. Love)))))


      (((((Team Jodi)))))

      JODI ANN ARIAS IS INNOCENT, AZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Set her FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Where’s the ‘like’ button???!!!!

      Yes, R.!!! Selective memory or just plain not being able to learn the ‘script’ and ‘lines’ out by heart… Sloppy homework done by both Hughes!!!

      – “Honey??!! What does it say here?? Does he mean that I should say I spoke with him prior to the trial or not?”
      – “Duhhh, I think he is saying that you should say that you spoke with his office and just to be on the sure side, imply you spoke to him but don’t actually say it! He will ‘lead’ you to the right answer”

      Pfffff…. GMAFB!

  2. Every time Alyce is about to give the summery of the e-mail, kermit jumps up and objects. Might this be to aggravate Alyce so she can lose her train of thoughts? SO he can keep her from actually telling the jury what she read in the e-mail? I think YES!

    Kermit! You’ve crossed the line! 😉

      • I wonder if someone has taken the time to count the objections martinez made. How many were sustained and how many were overruled.

        Same with the defense team….

        It is no surprise that the statistics would show that most of the objections – sustained or overruled – were in favor of martinez…

        Naughty Sherry! SMH!

  3. As for the Hughes? I am going to re-watch those videos later. I don’t think I have the patience to listen to their lies right now.

  4. Jodi, I’m so proud of you, concerning how you are handling this. And, I feel sorrow that you have had the experiences with Travis and this whole thing, you’ve had. What a horror!!! I’m praying so hard you can feel hope for your future and continue to grow and develop. a friend

  5. Have to say no comment on the Hughes already got into trouble for that one hope she can get some answers out of them if she can get them in the hot seat in court GO JODI GO and I hope she can keep this new witness save from the madness

  6. oops there I go again with my Typing save is safe but save is a good word to got to save her to got to save Jodi as well

  7. They mentioned the roommates wonder if she will put them in the hot seat as well along with the rest of Travis friends who when on TV to tell there lies and collect money in the name of there saint Travis

      • I really do hope that Jodi does subpoena the roommates as witnesses. It would be quite interesting to hear them telling us how it was living with travis. How many women ‘visited’. How many times they heard travis yelling at Jodi. How many times they witnessed his anger, but most of all: how was it knowing there was a dead body in the next room, smelling it and living with it for 5 days….

        (the roommates might have not been buddies with travis BUT hell, I’m sure they knew what was going on in the house they shares…)

    • I wanna see those roommates on the witness stand!
      Zach was ready to faint while talking to Nancy Grace, imagine him being questioned 😉

  8. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 2 hr
    Jodi Arias sentencing trial pushed back to Sept. 29 via @azcentral

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 4 hr
    Jodi Arias jury selection pushed back to September 29.

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 6 hr
    Sorry, the hearing remained closed and Jodi Arias fled before we could get the camera set up. Shoulder-length ponytail.

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 6 hr
    Correction: Jonathon Mena Cobian and John Mitchell Mena are the Mena brothers. State dismissing without prejudice, meaning they can recharge

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 6 hr
    At this moment, however, the Jodi Arias hearing is closed.

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 6 hr
    Jodi Arias reportedly cut her hair and donated it. If we get in, The Arizona Republic / will bring you first photos.

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 6 hr
    Meanwhile, waiting to get into the Jodi Arias hearing across the hall from the Mena brothers hearing, which hasn’t started yet, either.

    • Since Jodi cut and donated her hair l will as promised do the same, I’ll be getting it done this upcoming weekend. I would like to take this opportunity to challenge anyone with hair long enough to donate to please do so. There will be before and after pictures posted to my facebook page.

      What a great way to show some support for Jodi.
      ((((((((((JODI)))))))))) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 🙂

      Ray in Harrisonburg Virginia.

        • My understanding is that they were letters written by Travis, to Jodi. Assuming he did not send her copies rather than originals, it stands to reason that Jodi was, at one point, in possession of the originals. Maybe he wanted them back, or maybe he wanted her to destroy them in front of him – or maybe she gave them to someone else. Maybe she made copies before she gave up the originals, or maybe someone else had copies and cared enough to send them to her.

        • My computer suddenly died last year, right when my life hit a rough spot and I missed more than I realized. From what I saw online, I find it even more interesting that suddenly nasty NG shows up in court right when Hughes is on the stand, sweating and drinking water, talking about the letters and the emails. It was the only time she was in the courtroom. Why is she and HLN always in the middle of everything? Why haven’t the letters been published online so that people can make up their own minds if TA was the author? All I found so far were bits extracted from NG. (((Thanks, R.Love)))

          • I’ve heard/read a few quotes from the letters here and there – couldn’t tell you where. Those were exclusively rather damning references, made by Travis, to his abusive treatment of her. Nothing about pedophilia. I don’t doubt it’s there, I just haven’t seen or heard it quoted anywhere. I think there were ten letters in all.

            • After catching up, it seems to me that JM prevented the truth from coming out in the courtroom and HLN did all it could to prevent it from coming out in the media. The short clips taken from them and shown are about Jodi wearing boy’s briefs and her wearing his shirt with his initialled cufflinks – Nov 06, and TA admitting that he had hit her in the face – Mar 08. Sounds like Travis to me. The one shown to Hughes in court must have been bad, the way that Sky reacted to it. And it must have looked like his writing to her.

              • Carol, where did you read this? Woah, I don’t think I’ve read them. Or maybe I don’t remember reading the extracts.
                Link please? 🙂 ♥

                • I’m sorry that I can’t seem to copy links but if you Google Nancy Grace National Enquirer, they are the fourth and sixth sites listed.

                  The sixth one listed, “Letters from Travis? – Transcript” is the first interview on Jan 16th. About half way through it, discussion with Walker about emails begins and she has tidbits listed there. NG – Please tell me you are not going to publish this crock”.

                  The fourth one listed, a You tube clip “Nancy Grace Fake Abuse Letters Peddled by Sandy Arias to NE” just has the tidbits again on the screen.

                  IMO this just sucks that those two nimwits decide what’s real and what’s not.

    • Carol, I believe that the original letters are destroyed by now. Why hold on to something when there is no intent of handing it over to help Jodi…

      • Jan 16th transcript – NG & Walker, Senior Editor of National Enquirer

        – NG asks if they could reproduce letters for handwriting expert to compare and Walker answers – well, yes …
        – NG asks if they ever produced originals and Walker answers – they claim they have been destroyed.
        – Walker – Well, we could publish the photocopies.
        – NG …” interesting they’ve come to you to publish them”……… “Apparently they’re trying to taint the jury.”

        Jan 17th – State rests it’s case and court takes a long break.

        Jan 29th – Day 10 – trial reconvenes after break and Hughes takes stand, and NG sticks her nose in the courtroom. (only time NG is in courtroom).

        Feb 18th – Day 18 – Sky Hughes testifies.

        NG has follow-up interview with Walker & refer to 1st interview as a couple of months ago.
        Walker – says they were shown to an expert and that’s why they weren’t admitted, and that the originals don’t exist anymore, “so now all we have are electronic copies”.
        NG – So all they gave you were a stack of emails?
        Walker – Basically, uh huh.

        Tainting the jury …….???

        • There was a story that Jodi’s mother tried to sell a couple of the letters to the Enquirer. The inference – from “tried to sell” – would be that they turned her down. Wouldn’t it?

          • Walker doesn’t discuss money but that Jodi through her mother wanted some of the letters published because of the abuse to Jodi and the deviant behavior of TA that was in them. He said in Jan 16th interview that they hadn’t published any yet, so it sounds like NE still has some of them. If it is true that Sandy has them and Jodi wants them released, I would say the heck with NE and NG and I would get them published somehow. FUNENG. Stop the cover up!!

            • I love where NG tells us that she’s an avid reader of National Enquirer. Why am I not surprised? I’m sure that’s where she gets most of her “facts”.

              And, yes, “…trying to taint the jury.” I nearly fell out of my chair, dumbfounded, when I read that one.

        • I read that whole transcript last night. Guys, I could actually ‘hear’ that obnoxious nancy grace voice and accent!!!

          Just reading that made me think: INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY… ya right! pfffff… nancy disgrace made sure to dub Jodi as guilty even though the trial was far from over… sheesh! Talk about poisoning the people…

          In the transcript is doesn’t say anywhere that Sandy asked for money for those letters. She said that Jodi wanted people to know that she was a victim of often abuse by travis. That’s all…

  9. this is good news there wont be a verdict until around Christmas now i hope JODI HIRES HER LAWYERS BACK i know some don,t like K.N JODI needs Jennifer to give her powerful closing right before CHRISTMAS she will save JODI LIFE JODI NEEDS THEM BOTH ONE MORE TIME THE JURY WILL NOT GIVE JODI DEATH AND HER FAMILY RIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS

  10. There is so much more to this story that has yet to be told. Yet that hasn’t stopped many people from presenting opinion as facts and purposefully inciting hatred towards Jodi Arias, her family and supporters. Whenever I talk to people about this trial, at least the ones who are sane and rational, I say to them that Jodi Arias could be your daughter. She could be your sister. She could be your friend. She could be YOU.

    Do I believe that Jodi Arias was abused by Travis Alexander? Yes I do. Was it physical? Probably. But even if there is no evidence of physical abuse, that still doesn’t completely rule out other kinds of abuse. There’s verbal abuse, psychological abuse and all other types of abuse that many men will attempt if they feel that their intended victim is vulnerable and does not have the strength or will to defend herself.
    But everyone on this earth has a pressure point and if you push people enough, they’re going to reach that point where they finally say to their abuser “I have had enough!” I think that Jodi finally reached that point when Travis tried yet again to abuse her and this time Jodi wasn’t going to be the victim ever again. I don’t believe Jodi pre-meditated Travis’s killing. Some people have said that having sex with him that day made him more vulnerable to be killed. I disagree. She could have killed him while he was sleeping. Why didn’t she do that? Also, if you look at Jodi’s background, there is no history of violence towards other men. There’s no criminal record. There’s reportedly a history of some abuse in her family growing up, but there’s no evidence that Jodi abused anyone although she did say that when she was a child she kicked a dog and later regretted doing it. I’m not for kicking dogs, but you can’t equate that with the kind of well-documented abuse of animals from someone like Geoffrey Dahmer which preceded his killing of human beings.

    As unfathomable as it is for me and others to believe, Jodi loved Travis. I think that there’s a part of her that still does love him. I don’t believe that she ever had any intention of murdering Travis. I believe she was scared to death and fearful for her life and she grabbed something, anything, to defend herself and at some point shortly after that is when she went into “shellshock”. Many people say “Why didn’t Jodi call the police?” or “Why did she just leave Travis there to die?” Those are logical questions, but unfortunately we’re not dealing with a logical situation here. When something like this happens to someone like Jodi Arias, your entire central nervous system is completely thrown out of whack and you don’t think logically. It’s similar to how someone reacts to being robbed at gunpoint. Most people go into shock and they can’t even remember what the robber looked like. That is why oftentimes the eyewitness details of crimes are unreliable.

    In hindsight, it would be very easy for me or others to say that Jodi should have immediately called 911 and told police that she killed her boyfriend in self-defense and was genuinely in fear for her life. Had she done that, I doubt that there would be as much anger and criticism of her as there is today. However, as I pointed out, unless you’ve been in that situation, you really don’t know how illogical it is. I have absolute faith in Alyce LaViolette as she’s been a woman that has dedicated over 30 years of her life to helping raise awareness for domestic violence and the victims and survivors of it. If anyone knows anything about abuse and where to spot it, it’s Alyce LaViolette. She put so much out on the line for Jodi Arias during this trial and I believe that if she had any doubt of Jodi’s innocence, she wouldn’t have risked her reputation or name by testifying on her behalf. Juan Martinez does not like Alyce LaViolette because unlike most of the women he has encountered, she didn’t take any of his crap. Neither does Jodi. And Juan don’t like that.

    The more we find out about Travis Alexander, the less flattering his personality profile is. Travis was a playa and a womanizer, but that didn’t make him a criminal. It’s not a crime to be a playa or a womanizer. It IS a crime to be an abuser which many people here including myself believe that he was. Travis Alexander was living a double life and did everything that he could to conceal his true identity as well as his relationship with Jodi Arias to his rich, WASP Mormon friends. We know that even Chris and Sky Hughes knew what kind of person Travis was like behind closed doors no matter how hard they both try to cover it up now. We know that Travis Alexander and his friends had an interest in guns and there is even video footage of Travis shooting a gun months before he died. Is it possible that he had a gun in his possession? Absolutely. Is it possible that said gun was used to kill him? Absolutely.

    After Travis died, his death shocked and stunned many of his friends and family who were completely unaware of the kind of person that he was in private with Jodi. Some people like to point out how Travis never treated any of his other ex-girlfriends like Jodi Arias. They weren’t like Jodi and they certainly didn’t look like Jodi. I’m convinced that all Jodi Arias was to Travis Alexander was a sex object, a human blow-up doll to use and abuse at his command and when he no longer required her services, he dumped her like a piece of trash on the side of the road. Great guy? I think not. He was a punk and from what we can tell, he was pretty good at being able to give motivational speeches and talking a lot about himself on his blog. I knew I didn’t like Travis Alexander the first time I heard his voice and i remember thinking to myself “You smug, arrogant son-of-a-bitch!” He was completely full of himself and I’m sorry, but just being honest here, aside from being handsome, I never saw what Jodi or others saw in him.

    Why would Travis Alexander keep going back to Jodi Arias if she was so evil and such an obsessive stalker? My question for Travis would be why didn’t he get a restraining order against her? Why didn’t he just stop writing, calling and seeing her? Why would he let her into his home the night before he was killed? It’s pretty obvious why: she wasn’t a threat to Travis. Most people don’t let stalkers into their home.

    Having said that, my thoughts and prayers go out to Travis’s family for having to endure what they have went through the last 6 years. I know how many of you feel about Travis Alexander’s family on this website. I respect your opinion. However, I make an exception to them as opposed to the other so-called “friends” of Travis Alexander because they are blood and they lost a brother after losing their parents as young kids. I don’t like some of their courtroom behavior either and I disagree with what they say about Jodi, but I feel that attacking them personally is cruel and I’m just not going to go there. I’m sorry if this offends anyone here, but that’s just how I feel.

    The last thing that I want to say is to remind people out there that Travis’s family isn’t the only one suffering. If anyone out there who is reading this considers themselves to be a Christian or a spiritual person, I think it might not be a bad idea to say a prayer for Jodi’s family tonight as well and to keep them in your thoughts. Her family has also been through enough for the last 6 years, even more so because of the multitude of hatred and threats of violence that have been leveled at them in just the last year alone. I don’t think any of that does either side to this case any good especially for the prosecution. By the end of this year, this trial will be over and we will all know Jodi’s fate. My prayer and hope is that whatever happens that we can all respectfully agree to disagree with those who are against us and to hopefully learn something from this entire experience to help us grow as people. We seek justice, not revenge, and we will never give up our pursuit of justice until we have at last achieved it.

    • Day 17 – Jodi direct testimony following sex tape being played. Bullfrog giving Pickles a lesson on her job:

      Nurmi: There’s no mistake in what we’re talking about here, right?
      Jodi: Yes – No, there’s no mistake.
      Nurmi: What was that a reference to?
      Jodi: Um, that was a reference to a photo shoot that he wanted to do, um out in the woods somewhere and um, he had a fantasy that he’d had for quite some time, since before I met him, where he wanted …
      JM: Objection, lack of foundation. How does she know …
      Nurmi: She’s describing it you honor.
      Stephens: Approach.
      Stephens: Yes.
      JM: Okay.
      Stephens: I’ll allow another question. Sustained.
      Nurmi: He wanted to do a photo shoot of what?
      Jodi: He wanted me to dress up like Little Red Riding Hood.

      • Because this comes up again – a few times as I recall – I’m not defending JM when I say that I think what’s going on here is JM protesting Nurmi’s habit of disputing the objection in front of the jury. Granted – JM’s as out of line as Nurmi there, and it SHOULD be Stephens correcting Nurmi, it definitely shouldn’t happen with the regularity it did. But it wouldn’t have if JM hadn’t been objecting every four seconds, lol.

        • I have never heard an attorney speak to a judge in that tone before. IMO she should have called them to the bench and established that she was the one in charge of the courtroom and not him.

      • I really wonder why Sherry allowed martinez to disrespect her and her courtroom without warning him that he was out of line and that if he didn’t shape up there would be consequences. Not only in this occasion but generally throughout the trial. It’s seriously disturbing. Most of all, she let the whole world know that she is incapable of doing her job… Talk about committing professional suicide…

  11. Motion for Request for Camera Coverage and Modification of May 21/14 ruling filed. Brooks on HLN was calling for the cameras to be allowed back in today. Might be that stinky station wanting back in.

    Thanks RB for the minutes.

    • Notice how they’re so concerned about the public’s interests. Pffft! Hypocrites! And how is it they think televising after the trial each day is different from televising it live. Idiots!

      • Oh, but that way they can only show the parts they want us to see – and it will also give them time to polish up their snarky commentary.

        • My word, also it will give the jury plenty of time to review the trial in their homes and get the media’s view on the whole thing. Oops, I forgot they would never watch that would they!?! SMH

  12. I’m not sure what the judge is hoping to accomplish by not showing the sentencing trial until a verdict is reached. It seems the important thing is to find 12 jurors and some alternates who are not terminally contaminated (God only knows where they will be found) and then protect or prevent them from hearing the “snarky commentary” (as Journee says) and other hateful media each day. The hateful commentary will go on each day whether or not the trial is shown but the judge has got to make sure the jurors are not watching and listening each night. I know she has ruled she will not sequester the jury (which the defense has requested – more than once, I believe). But, sequestering the jury, to my mind at least, is the KEY FACTOR, whether or not Jodi will have a fair sentencing trial. I say show the trial live like before but SEQUESTER THE DAMN JURY as soon as they are chosen.

    • Plus, it would help if the Alexander clan are seated so the jury can’t see them grimacing, rolling their eyes, shaking their head and fake crying all day. Put them in a room with closed circuit TV and let them watch it from there. I know this is not going to happen but their shenanigans need to stop. Maybe, Nurmi can sit facing the Alexanders and object each time they move a facial muscle. LOL

    • I think banning the cameras was a crumb she tossed to the defense, knowing she’d deny their motions for change of venue and/or sequestration.

      • I agree, Journee, but I don’t see the value of Stephens gesture (which the defense team must have seen through immediately) if the jurors are going home each night and watching HLN, checking out Twitter, reading Justice for Travis (or whatever) or just goggling “Jodi Arias.” And, Judge Stephens issuing a warning to the jurors not to watch TV or search for Jodi Arias trial information at the end of the day’s proceedings is useless or even laughable. I just don’t see the value of banning the cameras when there will be plenty of information about the trial each day, just not the actual trial proceedings. HLN, other “real” new agencies, the “divas,” some haters and some supporters will be “reporting” each night especially on Twitter.

        • IIRC, Nurmi filed all three motions at the same time – ban the cameras, change of venue and sequester the jury… feeling that the three together might help to secure a fair*er* setting for the retrial.

          And IMO, what Stephens *should* have done was what Perry did for the Anthony trial: pull the jury pool from a different venue, relocate them for the trial and -by necessity- put them up in a hotel where they would be sequestered.

          When she only agreed to ban the cameras, I thought (and I think I said) she only did that for HER OWN benefit. She was tired of seeing herself crucified daily in social media – by BOTH sides.

          The *possibility* of dampening the conversation in social media, and thereby *maybe* easing the social media pressure on potential witnesses, is about the only advantage for the defense that I can see at this point, absent the other two prongs of Nurmi’s three pronged motions.

        • She should have resigned to keep the little dignity (if any) she has left. Even if she had made up her mind about Jodi (even before the trial ended) she should have kept it to herself and should have been impartial.

          All her actions reeked ‘anti-Jodi’.

    • Imaging those ghouls on HLN celebrating cameras back makes me sick, but I agree that delayed coverage will not improve Jodi’s chances for fairness because as you say, they will all be tweeting and talking and spinning it their way. The defence team has always abided by the trying the case in the courtroom rule, with the exception of Jodi’s interviews while JM has used the media from day 1 to try his case along with him every day.

  13. I have heard they are going to pick a jury from 100 people in AZ hummmm interesting where are they going to find 100 people who do not watch TV get on social media on the internet we do not live in the 1800’s you know and worse thing is they could have people wanting to be on the jury to finish what the other jury could not and give her a death sentence that what they are looking for a jury that can do that and as for the camera’s in the court room we know they are one sided with there take on Jodi, for me I want to see how bad JM and the judge will be to her when she is her own lawyer now … I want to see Chris and Sky back in the hot seat and her questioning them… I don’t want someone telling me what they think in the media … I want to see 1st hand what is happening and judge for myself … I have no problem with camera’s in the court room broadcasting the trial but I would prefer them to KEEP THERE MOUTH SHUT TILL AFTER THE TRIAL IS OVER

    • I think I read that there will be three groups of 100 people – staggered at two hour intervals to fill out juror questionnaires that will be evaluated by the court and both sides to weed out who to release and who to call back.

    • I agree about the cameras, TWT –

      I have NOT liked being in the dark about everything with all of these closed hearings.

      But it was a defense motion to ban the cameras, so I guess we’ll have to roll with it….. the only way it might get turned around is if Jodi herself says the camera banning was Nurmi’s idea and she’d just as soon let the cameras roll. And you KNOW what they’ll all have to say about that! Even if she gifts HLN with their fondest wish, they’ll use it to say she just wanted the attention.

      • But, yanno, this latest motion – which will have to be heard in oral arguments, and will require the responses of both state and defense – might very well be a media attempt to take advantage of Jodi’s new pro se status. Perhaps they hope Jodi won’t be able to – or won’t be inclined to – mount an effective argument to their motion.

      • “Even if she gifts HLN with their fondest wish, they’ll use it to say she just wanted the attention.”
        Very True!!! You can certainly say that again!! No matter what she does they will put a negative twist to it!

        • You’re right R.! Anything Jodi does, they will find a way to twist it around and make her look like a horrible person. SMH.

  14. This is off topic from the post but I need to make a clarification, so bear with me, please:

    Whenever you are not sure if Jodi endorses a website or a facebook group, PLEASE ask Jodi before joining.

    A reminder:

    If you would like to help Jodi by way of a financial donation to the official JAA APPELLATE FUND. All donations via go directly to the fund for assisting with the legal fees associated with appealing Jodi’s wrongful conviction. is the ONLY website authorized to collect donations.

  15. Well, last night I finished reviewing the Hughes in all of their glory! It never gets any easier either! I still have the same opinion I had of them from the first go around! They both would rather climb a tree to tell a lie than to stay on the ground and tell the truth! They are a REAL Piece of WORK! Very suspicious couple. SMH once again.

    • Am I the only one who was bothered by Chris Hughes being able to say on the stand that Jodi had killed his best friend in cold blood? Why did the DT not object? Just wondering? Would it matter? IDK.

      • The defense didn’t bother with the objection because the jury was not present.

        But, yeah, it bugged me too. Especially since I believe he knows otherwise…. just like Nurmi told him that he (CH) knew the letters weren’t forged.

    • The Hughes and the Truth are sworn enemies. You know what they say about the eyes of a person, right? They’re the mirror of the soul. Looking into the eyes of them both, it’s clear that they have dark secrets when it comes to Travis and Jodi. Secrets that would’ve changed the whole course of the trial. I’m certain that they’ve witnessed Travis’s abuse towards Jodi many times. But that’s how it is with these kind of people: they have no morals. They’d rather see Jodi get the ultimate punishment than reveal the truth.

      • RASNA,

        YES, indeed, the eyes are the windows to the soul!!! You can tell a lot about a person just by looking into their eyes, ESPECIALLY, if they are lying!!! It’s amazing! 🙂

        Excellent point!!!



        (((((TEAM JODI)))))

        (((((JODI ANN ARIAS)))))


        FREE JODI ANN ARIAS, AZ!!! The WORLD’S EYES are upon you!!!

  16. Thanks Journee, I hadn’t realized the jury was not present! How unfortunate! I believe even they would have seen the Hughes for the liars they truly are.
    I couldn’t believe he would call Travis his best friend either? You know the best friend who never bothered to check on him for 5 days even after missing a very important conference call and also a trip? The best friend who took his journals and computers to clean them up of any damning information to the PPL, Mormons or Hughes Clan. A best friend who has made a large sum of money off of this whole tragedy. Wonder what Travis would think of their so called friendship if he was still around today. I bet their friendship would be nonexistent. I believe Chris and Sky Hughes were cutting all ties with Travis Alexander. Some might wonder why but if they really think about Travis and their relationship with him , it is not hard to figure out. Somehow I don’t believe the best friend crap!

    • OMG, well said gf! Well said!

      And by the way, Travis didn’t have any friends. Narcissists DO NOT have friends: only people they use to cover their own emotional narcissistic needs. It’s no coincidence he badmouthed people during that sex tape, saying they ”are soulless” , people he used to work with no less etc… I’m sure the minute the Hughes would stop serving his egotistical purposes, Travis would walk around badmouthing them too. And of course I have no comments re: the Hughes especially their behavior after Travis died. I’m just gonna roll my eyes the Samantha way, like this ———– 🙄

        • I know (laughing out loud!!!!) and I’m still trying to recover from Pandora’s eyes rolling around until she could see the back of her head!!!!! Too Funny!!!! ~~~~~iiiis!!!!! I wish my eyes could roll around like Maria’s and Pandora’s! LOL!

      • I don’t know the circumstances of Vinnie’s departure from HLN and his taking on a local early morning show but I do hope it’s because he has a conscience. I actually liked and admired Vinnie back in the days of CourtTV when the discussions were about law and the justice system, not an all-out attack on the defendant. I then witnessed this deterioration of moral values over these last few years. I’d like to think he’d rather work in a semi-obscure position (probably for less pay) than to continue with what he was doing.

        • Justus, Justus you are way too nice. That man became so cynical and nasty particularly with Jodi, I wanted to punch him right though my TV. The way that he and his buddy Brooks were acting they were both very sad that he was leaving his Jodi bashing career at HLN behind him. Now the next person to go must be Brooks, please.

          • I know Carol. Like I said, Vinnie deteriorated into this nasty s.o.b., completely forgetting the vow he once gave, under oath, to uphold the Constitution of the United States. He seemed to be selling his soul to fit in and keep his job. I’m just hoping that looking back on it all, he regrets what he did. That would be the best karma of all. Mike Brooks also followed in total lockstep. He used to be interesting to listen to as he explained law enforcement views and procedures. But he also became this opinionated bastard. Nancy Grace, of course, was always the annoying bitch she is today, although I think she may be getting away with even more. (And, as a side note, did you know that Nancy’s married name is Lynch? 🙂 )

              • One more side note: I was reading the comments to the articles announcing Vinnie’s departure from HLN and it was interesting. Even those people who absolutely adore Vinnie and enjoyed watching him through Jodi’s trial, have no use for NG, JVM or Dr. Drew. Sounds like even people who swallowed HLN’s BS are starting to see through those three loonies.

              • I do not know any of these people form ”back in the days” – if it hadn’t been for Jodi’s trial I would have never ever known they existed but I will have to agree with Carol. my good sweet Justus, you think they have conscience?

                Vinnie Politan was making me physically nauseous the few times I happened to watch clips of him. I don’t know if his survival or his family’s survival depended on this particular job/post he had (I’m pretty sure he could find a job elsewhere, leaving HLN if you morally disagree with what they do is not the end of the world) , but I believe he ”had it in him”- know what I mean? He must have derived some sort of pleasure by doing what he did, otherwise he deserves an Oscar because he sure pretended pretty well!

                Like Nancy Grace. You gotta have these lower instincts, you gotta love crucifying and destroying people’s lives/reputation etc etc…. It’s like tabloids and ”journalists” working for them, knowingly publishing lies about celebrities, tearing them apart, paparazzis going on wild chases——- these people have no conscience.

                • I’m only hoping that some of them have a conscience, maybe one laying dormant at the moment but slowly stirring in the back of their minds. I never understood how all of them turned like that. Beth Karas and Jean Casarez were always so even-minded in their delivery but even they slowly went over to the dark side. (I don’t know the circumstances of Beth’s departure but I also hope she left because she reached the limit of what she would do to keep a job.) Maybe none of them have awakened yet but it seems they can’t all be without a conscience. Back in the day, Vinnie, Mike, Beth, Jean, they all seemed like such reasonable and intelligent and principled people. Same with Lisa Bloom and her mom, Gloria Allred. I really admired both of them for the work they were doing, particularly Ms. Allred’s work helping women. Then I saw them giving their opinions during Jodi’s trial and all that was destroyed.

    • Does anyone know what this means? I read it in the original articles (June 16, 2014) about Vinnie’s departure from HLN:

      “It was reported that Time Warner is considering merging HLN with Vice.”

      I though HLN had already merged with vice.

    • Two words for Vinnie Politan: “good riddance”. HLN has become the TMZ of cable news in the last 5 years. Politan was one of many personalities at HLN whom throughout the Jodi Arias trial and even the Casey Anthony trial proved why so many of them are out-of-work lawyers.

      • Vinnie Politan does the morning news everyday 5-7 am on the NBC affiliate here in Atlanta now. It’s nothing like HLN and he’s actually very good at it.

  17. Received this and wanted to share with you all. Although it does not have anything to do with Jodi’s case it does say MUCH about the mindset of our society today. Sad.
    There’s a new petition taking off on, and we think you might be interested in signing it.
    Roger Goodell (@nflcommish): Set Consistent Punishment Guidelines for NFL Players Who Commit Violence Against Women
    Sign Gretchen’s Petition
    Ray Rice, a running back for the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens, was just issued a 2 game suspension for hitting his partner in the face so hard he knocked her unconscious.

    This is just the most recent example of the NFL’s persistent and serious problem with players committing violence against women. Of 32 teams, 21 have players that have been charged at some point with domestic or sexual violence.

    What’s even more appalling is how the NFL chooses to punish players who commit these crimes. While Rice sits out of the first two games of the 2014 season his teammate, Will Hill, will be suspended for six games for marijuana use. In fact, the NFL consistently hands down stricter punishments for breaking the substance abuse policy than for committing violent crimes against female partners and acquaintances.
    Comissioner Roger Goodell has acknowledged the NFL has a domestic violence problem and said it’s the responsibility of the NFL “to do some things to combat this problem.” One thing the NFL must do is establish consistent, mandatory disciplinary procedures for violations of the league’s ‘personal conduct policy’ similar to the mandatory minimum 4 game suspension players face if they violate the substance abuse policy.
    When the NFL doesn’t take domestic violence seriously the league is sending a message to its players, its team owners, and its fans they shouldn’t either. The NFL is telling women, one in four of which will be a victim of domestic violence, that what happens to them, to quote Ravens head coach John Harbaugh when asked about Rice’s actions, is “not that big of a deal.”
    If the NFL doesn’t start taking violence against women seriously now, when will it ever? It’s time to hold the NFL accountable for what it does, not what its Commissioner and others say it will do.
    Please join me in asking Commissioner Goodell to create consistent, mandatory disciplinary consequences for players who commit domestic violence and sexual assault.

  18. Just some thoughts:

    1) The death penalty is slowly but surely being phased out in the United States. More and more states are moving away from capital punishment in favor of lifelong imprisonment for criminals for a variety of reasons. When you add in the recent cases of botched lethal injection executions, which ironically were implemented as a less cruel means of punishment as opposed to the electric chair, the odds exponentially increase that there will be a greater outcry against capital punishment in America.

    2) It occurs to me that many of Travis Alexander’s so-called “friends” were nothing more than hangers-on and they have shown their true colors throughout this entire trial. If they truly, genuinely cared about Travis and his family, they wouldn’t be taking it upon themselves to exploit him and his name through various media outlets. We all know who the usual suspects were during this trial. We saw their familiar faces on a weekly basis, sometimes on a daily and nightly basis, where they were given carte blanche to attack and bash Jodi Arias without any challenging from the journalists and commentators. I’d like to quote a great philosopher who once said “Judge not lest ye be judged.” All of those people would be remiss in passing judgments against ANYONE, let alone Jodi Arias, before taking a good, hard look at themselves in the mirror. They are using Travis Alexander and exploiting him similarly to how charlatans like Al Sharpton are using and exploiting Michael Brown. It’s the same thing.

    3) I was disheartened and beyond disappointed when George Barrawood chose to sell out and appear on HLN. I could never in good conscience ever appear on that network. It would be like doing business with the Devil as far as I’m concerned and no amount of money or air time could ever sway me into allowing myself to be played like that by HLN. If they ever contacted me, I would personally tell HLN to kiss my ass.

    4) I am always overwhelmed by how compassionate, passionate and committed to truth and justice the way so many of you are here. I know that some of you have a lot going on in your lives and some more than others, but I just want to take this time to let you all know that I appreciate everything that you do and that you are the difference-makers and the dreamers who will someday play a huge role in securing an innocent woman’s release from prison. Thank you.

    • Quote from TA’s Apr 24/08 ppl training speech: “My sister, to this day, thinks I am a scam artist. Every time I see her she makes some sort of comment about that. In addition, she also asks to borrow money every single time I see her. Not a good approach if you need a buck or two by the way.”

      • Very interesting find, Carol. I had a feeling those sibling relationships were not so lovie-dovie like they make out. I wonder which sister that was. I wouldn’t necessarily expect employed police officer Samantha to be begging for money but who knows. If not her, then for either of the others it would be like the pot calling another pot black.

      • Yes CanadaCarol, great find. I’ve always believed the family was never as close to each other as the media led everyone to believe. Thing have never added up, only in the fairy tales. There were so many story tellers all grabbing their chance to spill their fantasies on the media airwaves! Fifteen minutes of fame! The truth will come out.

    • WOW Raja! We all think you are pretty special too. It all comes down to the fact we believe in Jodi Arias Innocence! The truth will be heard, come Hell or High Water and I believe Maricopa County has seen both! They just need to wake up from their MEDIA COMA!

    • Seeking justice for Jodi and the devotion we all have to her is what binds and will always bind us together. We are all equally important , that’s why Jodi always says she loves each and every one of us ♥

    • OMG!!!!! I was just watching this on the news, yes it even reached all the Greek TV news stations.

      I’m at a loss for words… A poor man lost his life and a poor little girl will eternally be scarred by this.

      • let’s not forget that the deceased man is the instructor who should have said NO (one comment on an article suggests “Darwinism at work”)

        I first thought that he’d been shot in the head, but a (slightly) more in depth article says the recoil sent the gun flying out of the girls hands and it was the gun itself that hit the instructor in the head.

        • Very sad. An Uzi should never be put in a child’s hands. Apparently they aren’t thinking straight about many things happening in AZ.

    • After almost seven years of claiming self-defense and their attorneys tussling with prosecutors over 911 calls, half-brothers Jonathon Mena Cobian and John Mitchell Mena were finally cleared of all charges Wednesday in the shooting deaths of three gang members who attacked them in 2007.

      Four times, the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office tried to charge the brothers with first-degree murder, and four times judges said no. One judge found the prosecutor had committed misconduct.

      On Aug. 12, a Superior Court jury acquitted Cobian, 27, and Mena, 25, of several murder and aggravated-assault counts and deadlocked on the rest.

      County Attorney Bill Montgomery said last week that he was unsure whether to retry the brothers on the deadlocked verdicts, which included two charges of second-degree murder.

    • Dreaming of the day jodi’s appeal will be successful due to prosecutorial Misconduct.
      It will be Karmic payback day 😉

  19. Something I’ve been thinking about lately…consider the following conversation between Travis and Jodi:
    Travis texted Jodi at 1 am that he had just sent her an email and Jodi didn’t get up to read it and respond (out of consideration for her sleeping grandmother).

    Travis (next morning): “You couldn’t get off your lazy butt to read it could you. That’s the sociopath I know so well. It freakin figures.”

    Jodi apparently apologizes, trying to appease him and de-escalate the situation.

    Travis’ response: “I don’t want your apology I want you to understand what I think of you. I want you [to] understand how evil I think you are. You are the worst thing that ever happened to me.”
    Question: Why do we only have access to Travis’ side of this conversation?
    Could it be she was emailing and he was texting (or vise versa)? If they were both texting each other, wouldn’t Jodi’s side of the conversation be there with Travis’? Do you suppose they exist and we were just never made privy to them?

    One of the reasons I ask is because “some people” think that without Jodi’s side of the conversation we don’t know if she was provoking him (even though Travis’ own words indicate she was trying to apologize – go figure!) And, of course, this type of thinking process is just one more indication (even though they adamantly deny it – to themselves as well as us) that they demand Jodi prove her innocence. The most reasonable explanation of what was happening in that conversation (she was trying to apologize) is tossed aside and Jodi is required to disprove the least reasonable explanation (she *provoked* him into saying “I don’t want your apology”). Excuse me!

    • I was understanding that the emails and texts had be ALTERED by some of Travis’s “best friends”.
      Well, to that I say “Uh OH!”. Things are never what they appear to be in The Twilight Zone!

    • From ALV’s testimony:

      Before this there is text message from Jodi telling TA she has something to tell him and she doesn’t want to leave it on his voicemail.

      May 26/08 – 3:21 = 9:17 – 6 hour tirade or rant.

      TA – I sent you a response to your dire conversation, that I hope you read because you need to read it. Maybe it will spark human emotion in you, something that only seems to exist when it comes to your problems. But everyone else is just a part of your sick agenda. By the way, your pic comment in Danny Jones makes you look like a pure whore, even more to the people who know you. You should be embarrassed by it. If he knew what I knew about you he’d spit in ur face. Sow (sic) culd everyone else. I have never, never in my life been hurt so bad by someone. But why do I even say it because you don’t care. It doesn’t serve your evilness. You couldn’t get off your lazy butt to read it could you. That’s the sociopath I know so well. It freakin figures. I don’t want your apology. I want you to understand what I think of you. I want you to understand how evil I think you are. You are the worst thing that ever happened to me. You are a sociopath. You only cry for yourself. You have never cared out (sic) me and you have betrayed me worse than any example I could conjour. You are sick and you have scammed me.
      Jodi: I don’t have an email from you. Which email did you send it to?
      TA: Ur facebook.
      Jodi: Hmm, I didn’t get an email notice about it but I’ll check it now.

      After this message they moved on to instant messaging, Exhibit 275 – sixteen pages in length. JM objects to looking at the exhibit. to be cont’d

      • May 26th Instant Message from ALV testimony:

        She could only give examples of character assassination contained in this message:
        – what a freaking whore
        – cheap whore
        – corrupted carcass – I don’t know how a heart beats in such a corrupted carcass
        – Hitler had more of a conscience than you,
        – I’ve never dealt with a more solid form of evil.
        – he accuses her of going on to the next dick
        – he tells her words are worthless
        – he hates her
        – she’s caused him more pain than the death of his father
        – she’s a rotten lunatic
        – she’s nothing but a liar
        – she lives a life identical to Satan
        – she’s a three-hole wonder
        – she ought to get tips for giving BJ’s
        – she never loved him
        – she’s got a slut’s job
        – who freaking cares about you – you’re worthless.
        – you’re a bitch
        – your lies make your life worthless
        – you’re taking up peoples’ air
        – you don’t care
        – you don’t know what horror you’ve caused me
        – you’re a laughing stock
        – you don’t care about anything but Jodi
        – he blames her for a lot of the pain that he feels in his own life
        – he tells her that he was nothing more than a dildo with a heartbeat
        – you’re demented

        ALV – And it goes on. Some repeats of the same kinds of things, some talking about her values, but basically more of the same. But it goes on for sixteen pages, single-spaced. Not all of them are name-calling but they are certainly tearing her character apart.

        ALV then speaks of TA’s writings about how he suffered as a child from verbal abuse at the hands of his own mother, which she determined to be very severe verbal abuse. There’s a direct link if you look at role modelling and families of origin. In addition, the only consistent risk marker for people growing up to become perpetrators is that they have been exposed to domestic violence in the family who raised them. You can’t speak the language of mental health without some help.

        ALV – At some point, Jodi talks about their sexual relationship in this message. For her the sex made the relationship seem more special and that the more she complied, the more satisfactory that sex was, the more he wanted her and the closer she felt. It was the closeness and time they spent together.

        • From ALV’s testimony:

          Jodi’s journal entries May 26 – 30th after TA’s tirade – Exhibit 592 – Again JM objections+++

          May 26th – Jodi talks about this tirade and calls it “classic rude” – she doesn’t give detail about all these names (minimizes), Jodi writes about a pattern where he gets pissed off, he goes off on her and then they make up. She writes about it happening every few days – there’s a good period of time and then there’s another blow up. Jodi compares TA to her own father – athletic physiques, both opinionated, both republican, and then she says (objection) and they both make rude statements and then find ways to make up for it. Jodi writes about a two-hour chat they had “and I let him get it out of his system.”
          May 27th – Jodi writes about meeting Ryan Burns and about taking a trip to see him. ” Great news” she writes, and about making plans to go on trip to Utah.
          May 30th – Jodi is writing about the trip. She’s going the following week and she’s excited because she is going to spend a couple of days with Ryan, but she’s also hoping to his some national parks along the way.

          There must not have been anything in Jodi’s words back or JM would have let us know.

                • I believe if we could see Jodi’s answers back to him they would have been displaying her kindness and trying to calm him down. JM wouldn’t want those to be shown. I wonder if he had talked with his “best friends” before that 6 hour rant. @@ ~~~~iiiiis !!

              • Carol, omg!
                It happens to me too, I can’t watch that part of ALV’s testimony and recently when I was working on a project regarding her testimony and TA’s verbal abuse, I had to type those same words you just did ^^^^^, I too cried my eyes out, I felt physically nauseous (I always get that weird sense in my stomac when it comes to things that appall me)

      • I have wondered – suspected – the message she didn’t want to leave in voicemail, I’ve wondered if she needed to tell him that she had lost her phone (the one that had the phone sex recording) She never did tell us when she lost that phone.

    • This a typical narcissistic behavior. Jodi wants to move on and he can’t stop her and so he turns it into abusive and verbal attack. Trying to break her! Trying to demean her.

  20. Bless Jodi Ann Arias! My heart and prayers go out to her everyday for the tragedy she is living through! Never have I stated that I believe Jodi to be perfect. . .there was only one perfect person to walk this Earth but Jodi has never deserved the abuse that Travis, his friends and the Arizona Justice System have put her through. May God Bless Jodi Everyday Forever More! ((((((JODI))))))

  21. Ok. I have a question (or maybe several). Why did we not hear anything about Travis’s Bishop? Is he a big secret too? Why have we been kept in the dark about him? Seems as much as Travis friends proclaimed he was trying to walk the straight and narrow walk with his religion; and that Jodi was an evil devious temptress (FALSE) he would be one who could shed some light on that. What kind of religion upholds one of the ministers (or saints whatever they call themselves) to perform a baptism for a new young adult woman and then turn around that very day and pretty much have their way with them? Did Travis confess that to the Bishop? SMH Sure is hard to figure out this heartless, hate filled religion that they all belong to. I just can’t wrap my mind around it!! 🙄 Such a strange religion, one that will not support one of its own members in the middle of the worst days of their lives.?. EVEN if Jodi was guilty WHICH SHE IS NOT why would this so-called religion not surround her with love and forgiveness and do everything in their power to help her??? Their own church member TRAVIS ALEXANDER was abusing her and they knew THAT!!! 🙄 Are they only a religion to protect their earth bound monetary funds?? To avoid the IRS?? Is that what this religion is about? MONEY?? I hate to clue them in but when they die they will not be taking their money to the home planet they think they came from! Where is the love for another human being?? WHERE? Just trying to figure it all out. They are certainly not shining a good light on this so-call Mormon religion IMHO!

    • Sky Hughes told Dr. Drew in one of their interviews with him that the bishop knew all about Travis – whatever that means – Drew did not follow up this statement of hers. Bishop Layton was his name.

      • The way I understand it is that when one of the church members is not living the righteous life that they are told to( no sex before marriage) then they must go to the Bishop to confess their sins. I believe Travis had done that. Jodi was not the only one he had sex with apparently. His “friends” conveniently forget to mention those facts. When the church members continues to live a life of sin and unrighteousness then they would need to taken through a ritual in front of other church members in order to “save their soul?”. That is where the blood atonement would come in which is where the member has their throat cut from ear to ear. In the Mormon history you can find where this was pretty common practice (back in the early days) but THEY SAY that does not happen now. 🙄 Travis had been misleading many different people in his short life and also misrepresented himself in many areas of his life. Not just Jodi. There were many different people who could very well have had it in for Travis. Things were catching up with him. That is why I have so many unanswered questions. I do not understand why the jury would not have wanted these questions answered but I suppose JM did a good job of seeing they were kept in the dark.

        • I wonder just how many objections he made throughout the trial. No one could count that high. Here say & relevance were his two favorites. A witness is talking about abuse and he objects as to relevance…:roll:

        • Bishop Layton. Interesting, I haven’t seen his name anywhere or even heard of him. Well, I find it disturbing that Sky Hughes is so “INFORMED” about Travis’s confession to the Bishop. Truly, one would think a private discussion with the “Good” Bishop Layton would have been confidential, yet it is almost like Sky Hughes was there and confessing for Travis. How thoughtful of the virtuous Sky Hughes. Don’t we all need thoughtful, giving and forgiving “friends” like SKY? NOT! Gagging and Puking. She might have her herd of blind sheeple fooled but certainly not me.

          • Bishop Layton then must be the one Travis went to after his sexcapades with Deanna…
            He never went to any Bishop during his relationship with Jodi. This is why he freaked when Jodi confessed to her friend Rachel how far they had gone.

            • Because he had already been in trouble once for not abstaining from sex , and knew he’d be in deep shit if he had to confess to the same sin twice (that’s what I meant ^^ )

            • Deanna and TA went in 2005 and they had different bishops. They both lost their temple (? some-things). I don’t know if it was Bishop Layton back then. How much, I wonder, did the church know about his not so secret life.

          • IMO, travis was a con-artist. He conned the women of his religion/ cult. He conned the members of his religion/cult. He conned his friends in believing he had everything coming up roses although he was struggling financially, he was struggling emotionally. IF he had gone to his bishop and his bishop knew all this, then they should have helped him. SMH…

            travis was a very disturbed person (I am saying this with all the sympathy that I can have for an abuser). His religion/cult, his so called friends, his so called beloved and ‘close’ family turned a blind eye?…. WTF???? Nobody tried to help him? Jodi did! Many times and what did she get in return? Verbal & physical abuse from travis and hatred from his friends and family!

            How easy it is to blame others for your own fuck ups! That’s what travis’s so called loved ones did: they blamed Jodi because they just didn’t care while travis was alive… and when it was too late they had to ease their conscience… I hope they have nightmares for the rest of their lives! I hope travis shows up in their dreams asking them why they didn’t care when he was still alive!

  22. Arguments leading up to May 26th that ALV testified:

    Apr 19th – TA sends a number of texts where is he upset because he thought she had criticised his speaking ability, and not helping him. Jodi is trying to take things down a notch.
    Apr 20th – TA sends a very nice message about what he thinks of her and compares to the women in the club.
    May 9th – 10th – was the text message to Steve that accidentally went to TA and he rages:
    TA – You and your steve cover up make me freaking sick. You are liar to the core of who you are. ”
    Jodi – I was just trying to move my business to a more private venue. You brought it up. The fact that I’m a single girl talking to some guy is not sick. Being completely honest about him w/you was a mistake.”….
    TA – Why don’t you have him come and (F word) in the woods. …….then a different part of the same conversation –

    Jodi – not even sure if I’m going which is why I didn’t want Angela to get Joey’s hopes up too soon. We will go eventually…. I haven’t forgotten about my obligation to you and I’ve been consistently checking back on all of my applications.
    TA: Please stop – I have not even begun. You are gong to start to be held accountable for your shiz. You have pissed me off in a way you never should have and until now I have given you a lot of mercy. But you have pissed that away and times are fixing to get tough for you. What is taking so long
    Jodi – Good night.
    TA – I am not going to be having a good night Jodi. If you are going to insult me make sure you learn how to do it. Sometimes ignorance is bliss I guess. …..(more rant)
    Jodi – I know. I am very sorry for all of the pain we have caused each other. Most of it is my fault because of the decisions I have made. I am sorry you have suffered. Sorry sweetheart. As a result of it I never meant to hurt you in any way. Hurting you makes me feel more sub-human than I ever though possible. I love you ….
    TA – I am sorry to, I love you.

    (This rant of his lasted 3 hrs 13 mins over a text message to another man)

    May 10th – text message exchange about Wayne Dyer and TA and his temper and how his fury scares him. Jodi speaks of her self-esteem and that she feels she was the innocent porn star who now feels lousy about herself. TA compares her to other women sexually and there is no equivalent.
    May 10th – sex tape.
    May 22 – Jodi writing in journal – about a conversation that they had talking about separation and that it will be good for both of them. Talks about Laws of Chastity and he is offended, and asks who she is seeing to get her kicks. Jodi responds she did not freak out when he was seeing Mimi, but that she was not seeing anyone. She writes about TA talking about his undying love for Mimi and that she feels okay with it and did not freak out about it. TA apologises to her and tells her to leave his love life out of it. He is frustrated by things not going well with Mimi. Jodi writes very positive things about TA and that it is sad that they are parting ways but it will be good for both of them.

    The one thing that I see other than the thought of him losing and losing control over Jodi, is that Jodi says she is following up on her job applications and TA starts with the pressure. She owed him money for the car.

    ALV – Abusive men – the more powerlessness, the more fear and more rage. When you lose the power, you lose the power to control.

    The next text argument is May 26th.

    • WOOHOO I did it……Happy Friday to my cyber family sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but I’m here everyday just to keep up with what’s going on. All the BS going on over at FB is making me crazy……..I mean D A M N why can’t people get along none of the BS is doing Jodi any good AT ALL. Just my two cents, thank GOD for three day week ends!!

      Ray in H-burg Va.

        • Well, Journee, that’s what we get for not joining FB. LOL It certainly has been quiet here lately, hasn’t it. 🙄 Glad we learned how to roll our eyes anyhow! ♥

        • Yes Journee, I did cut my hair, 22 inches of it anyway and I donated it to the same place Jodi donated hers, Pantene Beautiful Lengths they GIVE wigs to people with cancer Locks of Love SELLS theirs to people with cancer. Anyway it is a worthy cause and it’s only hair it will grow back (I hope) LOL
          I tried to post from my phone while at work, I guess I can’t use the phone to post here

          (((((JODI))))) ♥ ♥ ♥

          Ray in H-burg Va.

        • So much BS over at Facebook Journee that it makes one wonder why he/she stays.
          But unless some of us defend Jodi (sadly sometimes by her own ”supporters” ) , FB will be just a haters’ land so…… double-edged sword.


      • Unfortunately, some people forget about Jodi because their over inflated ego’s get in the way. To them, Jodi is a pawn, a puppet, a toy… for their own need to be recognized… because in their true miserable life they have nothing to show… So they jumped on the ‘Jodi train’ to get some popularity and fame. So sad….

  23. Well I guess Mr. Martinez is flexing his muscles after yesterday’s verdict in the Hulsey case. I still find it hard to understand how the judicial system cannot take into consideration a person’s poor mental health in these decisions. This man has serious mental health issues but still got the death penalty. Given that he killed a policeman I think his fate was sealed all along. Arizona is a very gun toting state. The willd wid west and they do not seem to have compassion for anyone down there for any reason. Arizona has experienced a problem with the death penalty drugs and they are still willing to send individuals there – let alone individuals with serious mental health problems. I am also appalled to see the nasty and condemning comments that people make once someone is sentenced. Compassion seems to be a word that is least understood today. I know that the argument is that the person who took the other person’s life did not have compassion but as we see with Jodi’s case there is so much more involved in many of these situations. Sadly, there is no doubt in my mind that Travis Alexander resorted to very abusive tactics with Jodi. By the day he was killed, her self esteem was at rock bottom. You can see it from the pictures. I really think that many people do not understand what abuse can do to you. It corrodes the fiber of your soul. I really hope that Jodi gets a break. Nothing is going to bring Travis back. Sentencing her to death only meets vengeance. The prisons are filling up with people with mental health issues and many are going to get out at some point and many are going to die in there. A humane society would take a sober look at these things and put some resources into improving society rather than providing a cage for them to sit in or killing them. Yes there are some that need to be locked up but even they need help. Can you image what it would be like to be in a cell for 25 years where you aren’t allowed to mix with anyone? I can’t even fathom what that would be like. Anyway, given that the this page has not been too busy, I thought I would take the opportunity to share my thoughts.

    • Hi Judy F..
      Yes, it is frightening and tragic how little compassion there is in general, and especially in regard to mentally ill convicts.
      I know there must be many kind- hearted people comprising the judicial system, but I believe there are also many who are cold, sadistic, and veangeful.
      I think a large percentage of the judicial system does not want to understand how mental illness contributes to criminal behavior because this large percentage of the judicial system thrives on punishing people because it fulfills their sadistic impulses in a way that is sublimated and socially acceptable, and even lauded as righteous.
      I think that the incarcerated are easy targets for people who enjoy hating. Since the incarcerated are labeled as ‘bad’ , the people on the outside have a convenient excuse for condemning them.
      I’ m not familiar with the Hulsey case, but I don’t think Martinez is very in touch with his soul after having been instrumental in the execution of how many people? I’ ll have to research that.

      I would think that after someone is successful in having a human being put to death, after securing a few more executions__ I would think such a prosecutor would be callous and remorseless ( the same qualities they accuse the condemned as having).
      In regard to the Jodi Arias trial, not only is there an enormous absence of compassion, there is also in many people an absolute glee regarding their ability and right to withhold and deny compassion.
      In recent decades the slogan’ ” There are no victims” /”There is no such thing as a victim” has perpetrated a real fraud.
      The truth is that there are victims, but an attitude and slogan that pretends to be empowering and health- promoting, is not only a disguised lack of compassion, but a convenient excuse for denying compassion. It is a slogan that is emblamatic of an attitude that denies reality exactly BECAUSE it does not want to be compassionate.
      I think that the, ” There are no victims” attitude fed into the animosity towards Arias.

      • P.S.: I so appreciate the people in the judicial system who act with integrity and compassion. Without such people, we would all be doomed.

    • Great post, Judy!

      I am not familiar with the Hulsey case but I so agree with what you wrote about compassion.

      Modern society seems to suffer from copassion deficit disorder; we see it every day and unfortunately we see it even in very young children. Is it a coincidence that school bullying is an alarmingly widespread phenomenon? People do not know the meaning of the word compassion anymore and will look down on you if you are ”too compassionate” according to them. Have you ever given some money to a beggar only to be criticized by your friends that you are a ”pushover who can’t see these people are pros and not real beggars?”- well I have and I’m sure most of you too. I have been accused of being ”too compassionate” that I shouldn’t spend time dealing with other people’s misery when I should only focus on myself and so on and so forth…. Now, take this small example on a bigger level and we come to the same conclusion. Society has been devoided of compassion long ago and these are the cruel results we are now experiencing.

      As for the prison system, I have always said that prison must provide DISCIPLINE and REHABILITATION not vengeance.

      • if he wants to interview her witnesses they can set up interrogatories where all counsel can be present…. he doesn’t need to contact them privately and threaten them they way he did Matt and Patricia.

      • I really despise that man. He actually cares nothing about the truth or human life in general.
        If he was confident in his opinion that Jodi is guilty, why does her effort to try to defend herself, her life, and hopefully procure her freedom one day__why does it elicit such a counter- attack from him?
        The answer is because all Juan Martinez cares about is winning, even if that means putting an innocent person to death.
        If Martinez fears that Jodi will succeed somehow, then surely, subconsciously at least__ no, consciously, otherwise he would not be going to such lengths to thwart Jodi__ Martinez, on some dim level must realize that if Jodi’s efforts can be successful, that means there is a real likelihood that his assessment of Jodi’s guilt or innocence is wrong.
        Just simply at the most fundamental level__ as a human being__ shouldn’ t all prosecutors wish in their heart of hearts that all defendants are innocent_ especially in a death penalty case?
        As an human being, shouldn’ t a prosecutor want a defendant to succeed as much as possible so that guilt or innocence, mitigating factors etc., anything that can make a prosecutor know he has obtained the most complete picture possible of the truth— so that his conscience can rest easy when sentencing occurs_ especially when there is a possibility of sentencing a person to death?
        Martinez only cares about his ego and career ambitions, and he seems to have a particular hate for Jodi, because her intelligence and autonomous spirit overshadow his baser motives and his lesser intelligence.
        Over and over, news media, articles on the trial talk about the expense the defence has cost tax payers, but almost never do they report on the FAR greater expense the prosecution has caused tax payers.
        The defense has no choice in the matter; they have to mount a comprehensive defense.
        The prosecution has tremendous choice in the matter; it never had to incur such outrageous expense in the first place. It never should have been a death- penalty case in the first place.
        All Martinez cares about is winning for the sake of winning.

        P.S.: I wanted to post in the near future something I one read on the internet site, ” Spotlight on Law”
        by Rob Roman and Amanda Chen.

        The site includes an article that is addressed to a reporter ( I think Wendy is her name). The article describes how the wounds on Alexander’s back could very well have been evidence of Jodi defending her self.

        *** Even more importantly, the author describes how Juan Martinez himself even stated that THE WOUNDS ON THE BACK DID NOT NECESSARILY MEAN THAT THEY WERE INFLICTED FROM BEHIND THE BACK.

        Martinez himself asserted that the wounds could have been inflicted from an altogether different position.

        • Correction: I was trying to paraphrase from memory, because I don’ t have time right now to provide detailed quotes.
          Actually, the article states that Martinez describes the different ways that the wounds could have been inflicted. I was mistaken when I said that Martinez “stated” ” that the wounds….behind the back”. The article never said that. What the article pointed out was that Martinez made a demonstration that showed the possible positions from which the wounds could have been inflicted.
          I shouldn’ t have tried to paraphrase from memory, but I didn’ t have time to quote exactly.
          I’ ll try to post the exact quotes from the article as soon as I have time.
          The specific article is titled something like, ” An Open Letter to Wendy Murphy”.

    • If he gets their info, next thing you know, Scoopy will be tweeting it!

      He’ll try to intimidate them… We know juanitas ways… 🙄

  24. Aunt Sue made a facebook post about an hour ago. For those that can’t see it cause they are not on facebook–

    Susan D. Halterman

    The Justice4JodiArias website is a scam run by Jason Weber. Jason claims to be raising $ for Jodi’s Appellate Fund. Jodi nor her family has no connection to this website. We have no idea where the money is really going. Maybe to fund JW.. If you choose to believe the lies he is telling you that is your choice. Just know that the only legal place to make a donation is at or by mail to PO box 4556 Medford Oregon. This will insure that your donation is going directly into a legal trust fund set up just for the appeals. No one is taking a cut for fee for this. All money goes to the trust. If you have any questions you can email me on this page. I will get back to you ASAP
    Thank you to all of you who believe in Jodi.

    I’m glad Aunt Sue is continuing to post, cause those guys are bad news!

    • You must forgive me cause I don’t know if the Susan D. Halterman that I quoted is Aunt Sue. There seems to be a Sue Allen Halterman in the mix on facebook and she may be the real Aunt Sue. At this point I’m not sure. But Susan DID make that facebook post. Yikes, I mess myself up sometimes!

    • Johnm, unfortunately, I don’t think those people care. They don’t care about ehat Jodi wants, whatthe family wants and whatthe legal team wants. To them, everyone else is dumb, or not competent to help Jodi out…. They have gone mad. Totally mad… It actually shocks me that the more Jodi and her family and legal team tell them to back off, the more they insist! It’s like those freaking flies that are pesky and won’t go away!

      • It is weird that they feel they have to “Market” helping Jodi like a Brand or Product. I hope they get the wooden stake or the silver bullet, cause it’s like bloodsucking vampires over there.

        • I don’t think it’s weird.

          As hard as it is for us to believe, there are plenty of people out there who know absolutely nothing about this case. Who is Jodi Arias? I’ve heard that a lot. And if there is a way to get to those people with the information which proves that, at the very least, Jodi DESERVES an new trial – a way to catch their attention FIRST with everything that was wrong about the trial she had – then they’re not only ready – inoculated, if you will – for the obvious slant they’ll find if they start to investigate on their own, they’ll have a keener eye for the injustice that was done. (I don’t think there are many unbiased people who could watch JM in action and not see him for the abusive a**hole that he is.)

          A good public relations professional would know how to get that done.

            • No – um – those words came out of my own head, lol.

              When Pandora made the video from my letter, Maria challenged us all to share, share, share – make it go viral! The idea being to reach people who haven’t already formed an opinion about Jodi Arias – right?

              I am definitely NOT saying that Weber is the man for the job, or that he’s going about it the right way. I just think it’s a valid idea.

              • Journee,
                I was reading from jweber’s words how jweber’s Jodi company was compelled to present Jodi internationally as a “Brand” . That’s why I posted my thoughts. The reality for Jodi may be in collecting monies that way. I don’t like or appreciate the label of “Brand”. If you had that same idea, that’s your idea. I didn’t see posts written by you that offended MY person, so sorry, if you thought I was speaking of you, I was talking about weber

                • ah –

                  brand or branding is just PR speak for the *fashioning* of public awareness of a product OR an entity – and the entity could be a company or a candidate or an athlete or a troubled Mormon man who was found dead in his shower.

  25. Guys,
    I haven’t posted in a while, but this is troubling: Jason’s fake support website now lists Jodi Arias as the registrant:

    Registry Registrant ID:
    Registrant Name: JODI ARIAS
    Registrant Organization: JUSTICE4JODI
    Registrant Street: 2105 N CITRUS RD
    Registrant City: GOODYEAR
    Registrant State/Province: ARIZONA
    Registrant Postal Code: 85395
    Registrant Country: UNITED STATES

    He had NO permission from Jodi to do this!
    He basically stole Jodi’s name and used it there, so it now appears that the site is “endorsed” by Jodi.
    And being true to form, he LIED about her location.

    • Perhaps they went with her soon-to-be address? That’s the address for Perryville, which barring some miracle that gets the whole thing thrown out before the penalty verdict, is where she will be after the retrial.

        • or practical? I dunno – I’m still taking a wait and see attitude, and trying to be optimistic. The post that someone copied here a couple of weeks ago – copied from JW’s Facebook I guess? – indicated they’re trying to set up a long term, ongoing effort that will be more closely managed/monitored than one person can do alone (Sue – I’m not even in on what’s being said on FB but from what I’ve seen elsewhere, Sue can be tardy with correspondence – because, duh, she has a life – and that often doesn’t sit will with people who’ve just parted with any amount of cash).

          One way or the other, Jodi will be leaving Estrella in a few months. Even if something causes another mistrial, the judge will have to rule – the state doesn’t get a third bite. Assuming there’s an ongoing NEED to raise money for Jodi’s legal fees, her ‘permanent’ address will be the address given.

            • Yes, Perryville is her next address, and no, she won’t be allowed to do much of anything. She’ll be allowed three ‘appliances’ in her cell, but I don’t imagine computers would be in the offering. And she’ll be in the cell 23/7 for at least the first couple of years (I am hoping that the solitary time at Estrella will count towards that mandatory first three years for capital offenders) – that’s if she gets life. If she gets death, then it’s solitary for life.

      • I understand,
        But why specify her name and address at all?
        I know that earlier the “registrant name” read “Jason Weber” (because I looked it up before).
        Now it’s changed, and without authorization from Jodi. If Jason is running the website, why would he re-register it and put Jodi as “registrant” and “admin”? That’s fraud in my book, plain and simple.
        Jodi needs to be focused on the trial, now Jason’s shenanigans are distracting her.

        • Maybe it has to do with the other things being set up? I don’t know, Alexey. Like I said, I’m still trying to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, here, and waiting to see what pans out. But if they’re trying to set things up truly legit, there might be hoops to jump through, rules to follow, etc.

    • They don’t understand that they are involving Jodi in something that she doesn’t approve or condone! Jodi can get into trouble and she doesn’t even want this! This is totally out of control!

      I really do think that they want Jodi to be troubled. I mean, how can they do this to Jodi when all she should be doing is focusing in her preparations for the trial. Dangerous people…

    • Give them absolutely nothing, and spread the word as widely as possible that Jodi and her family have no connection to that site, they have denounced it as a fraud, and the only reliable place to donate for appeals is

  26. If anyone here has a Kindle, or a Kindle account set up for your computer/tablet/phone – I got a book last week called “Sacred Road: my journey through abuse, leaving the Mormons, and embracing spirituality” by Todd Preston. And I see now that I should have told y’all about it when I got it, because when I got it, it was free and I see that now it is $3.99. But I’ve only just now gotten far enough into it to see where it sort of helps me understand Travis a bit better. It’s one thing to sit on the outside and call them a cult, but altogether different from the POV of someone raised LDS, whose struggles led them to walk away.

    • Sounds so interesting.
      I don’t have a Kindle or a Kindle account, damn! It would have been a very good read.

      • Here’s a passage that screams Travis at me:

        The pain and fear from my childhood added more guilt and shame that I was failing at my marriage. I just wanted to succeed at something, distance myself from looking bad – because that was all I believed I was. I was ashamed of being abused , so I tried to hide behind a tough exterior. My frustration found its release in the form of blame. Blaming others allowed myself to become a victim, and that justified never looking in the mirror at myself. The truth was still too painful to look at directly. Blaming others opened up my right to feel more resentment, and pushed away personal responsibility. Feeling angry pushed away any chance of accessing the spirit of healing.

        Preston, Todd Maxwell (2013-11-17). Sacred Road

        That bit “distance myself from looking bad – because that was all I believed I was”

        How spot on does that describe the behavior of TA?

        • Absolutely spot on. Abusive childhood and Mormon religion. Additionally, TA had ppl’s Law of Attraction that he tried to live religiously. In his last speech, he tells a story about when he starts out with CH as his boss. CH tells him he has to get four new recruits in one week, no if possible about it. Talk about a stressful job. Another story about CH and a convention TA really couldn’t afford to attend because he had just joined ppl and spent money on that and the product material they have to buy. CH’s response to his not wanting to go and to take in the next one, was that there would be no next one. Nice boss…. 🙄

          • Sounds like an interesting book Journee. It all sounds very familiar. And as far as the nice boss. . .choking. . .Reminds me of the old sweat shop owners. . .only the Boss man makes the money. Slave labor. I find it hard to believe that people have fallen for their scams for so long. Get rich quick schemes nothing else. Travis sure didn’t seem to be living up to the lifestyle they had promised him, was he? 🙄

            • A couple of other LDS tidbits that came up:

              A single Bishop would serve anywhere from 200-500 individuals. For some reason, I had imagined a somewhat more intimate sort of relationship – like that of a preacher in a small parish.

              The other bit that relates more to TA, or more specifically to Deanna – her relationship with Travis truly did ruin her life, within the structure and belief system of her church anyway. Not only did he take her virginity and decline to marry her, in the process destroying her chances of marrying another LDS man. And get this, according to church doctrine, the ONLY chance a woman has of entering the ‘celestial kingdom’ is through a marriage that is sealed in the temple. So from the perspective of a good Mormon girl, she is ruined for this life and the next.

                • I do know that they do posthumous baptisms, though – to save the souls of people long gone who were never exposed to the ‘true path’.

              • “To live in the highest part of the celestial kingdom is called exaltation or eternal life. To be able to live in this part of the celestial kingdom, people must have been married in the temple and must have kept the sacred promises made in the temple. They will receive everything our Father in Heaven has and will become like Him. They will even be able to have spirit children and make new worlds for them to live on, and do all the things our Father in Heaven has done. People who are not married in the temple may live in other parts of the celestial kingdom, but they will not be exalted”.

                (Gospel Fundamentals) (from that site above)

                Not a good religion for a woman believing in equal rights for women. Women get to go to heaven through their temple marriage and their husband. 🙄

      • The Kindle app is a free download from Amazon for whatever device you have – computer or tablet or phone – with the notion being, I suppose, that you will then buy books/magazines/newspapers through them. I don’t know if it’s available outside the continental US or not, but it wouldn’t hurt to check!


    Jodi Arias Updates @JodiAnnArias · 3h is the ONLY trustworthy site anyway–owned by the family, connected to a trust fund managed by the family.

    Jodi Arias Updates @JodiAnnArias · 3h
    If you are donating at the Right site, , your donation is considered a gift.

    Jodi Arias Updates @JodiAnnArias · 3h
    So if you try to write off your donation, the IRS is not going to be very happy with you. (Can’t speak for those outside the U.S.)

    Jodi Arias Updates @JodiAnnArias · 3h
    An organization can’t gain 501(c)(3) tax status (aka nonprofit) if it benefits only one person. It must benefit the public in some way.

    Jodi Arias Updates @JodiAnnArias · 4h
    Hey, don’t believe anyone telling you that your donation to Jodi’s appeal is tax deductible. NOT TRUE!

  28. Happy Labor Day! My cyber family, I hope everyone has a great holiday with family and friends, and PLEASE keep Jodi in your thoughts and prayers.
    (((((TEAM JODI)))))
    (((((JODI))))) ♥ ♥ 🙂

    Ray in Harrisonburg Virginia.

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