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Well peeps… you asked for it… and even if you didn’t, it’s here anyways!

Written by long time supporter, Jade — it’s an epic 19,000 word detailed expose’ on Jodi’s trial… the jurors… the corrupt justice system… and how the facts (when properly analyzed) totally decimate Kermit’s permanently piss-poor case against Jodi.

Definitely well worth reading.

Click here (or click the banner below) to read “Justice Denied: Why The Jurors Got It Wrong & How The Facts Decimate The State’s Case Against Jodi Arias.”

Read - Justice Denied - Why The Jurors Got It Wrong & How The Facts Decimate The State's Case Against Jodi Arias . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



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  1. OMG I’M speechless. I just can not come up with the words to describe what I’m thinking. Brilliantly written and truly truly expresses everything that each of us have been fighting for.

    Thank you so very much !!!!

    Thank you SJ….

  2. Jade, now that I am having a drink and not shaking as much. (wow that didn’t sound right did it. ) You brought something to my attention that I never thought of before. The DT has never tried a DP case before. Omg now I understand why KN was trying in every way he could to get off the case. I’m so very sorry for thinking it was Jodi’s inability to trust him. So it was a walk in the park for the fucking prosecutor. A judge that never presided over a death penalty case and a ST.

    You are right KN and JW have fire in their eyes. They are taking the prosecutor down and you know this case will be over turned. I’m just a simple person just like people on the 1st jury and I could figure out that things just didn’t add up.

    • LOL I can’t figure out how we have gotten all turned around. I’m here and your there kind of thing!!! Typo Elf must be playing with us!!!
      Anyhow, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the cover up and injustices that have been done at every turn. The Frog needs to go to prison along with his side kicks. I am simple right there with you and this has been totally simple from the very beginning for us!!! What is wrong with those weird people?? Jodi is innocent! Period!!! ((((((JODI)))))
      ((((((R & Cindy with the Simple Minds 🙂 ))))))))

      • I’m here I’m here…Omg I think I just stepped on the Elf… well he was getting useless anyway…

        Well anyway. I wondered about a lie detector test. I was going to ask but like normal I got sidetracked. I wish the DT would have gotten one. But then again….

        • R.Love I’m going to respond on this page to your last post. Jodi is right between my boys in age so I keep thinking she could be my daughter. From what I have read and heard she was a typical teenager at that time. Girls tend to be very moody during there teen years. It’s hormones. I’m not sure how bad her parents were but Jodi is a very sensitive person. You just never know how things are going to effect a child. My two boys are as different as can be. My oldest son is all you had to look at him in a Stearns way and that was the punishment for him. My younger son…well I think you could have beat him silly and it wouldn’t phase him in the least. But I didn’t. I did have a wooden spoon. LOL. But never used it.

          I thought it was so over the top of the frog to bring up Jodi telling her father to f… off or what ever wording it was. So what! She was 16.

          I really think Jodi’s brother said it best when he said his parents did the best they could.

          • 🙂 My daughter is close to Jodi’s age and the oldest of my two. Extremely hard headed, hard worker, my dare devil and very opinionated 🙂 just gotta love her!!!! My son is a few years behind her and very easy going, hard worker, thinks before he does anything and keeps his thoughts to himself 🙂 and of course I just gotta love him. They are very different but very centered in their beliefs and work ethics. Daughters are difficult to deal with probably because we have walked in their shoes before them (we know too much), so I can relate to Jodi speaking to her Dad like that in a fit of frustration. I can remember speaking in a hateful way to my Father and then regretting it immediately. . .thank heavens I didn’t have to have the World read (or hear) about my smart mouth. I think it is pretty normal to have an outburst from a teenage daughter so I haven’t thought two seconds about it. I know Jodi didn’t mean any disrespect to her Father she was most probably in a frustrating situation and it just happened. Amazing how different our children can be and how one thing works with one and doesn’t with the other. I am positive Jodi’s parents did everything in their power to help their children turn out to be good positive adults they just never could have imagined that their daughter would have met up with the Devil himself. She never would have gotten to see day light if they had only known what her future would hold. Sad. I think they have done a wonderful job with Jodi because just knowing all that Jodi has been faced with in her life she has shown nothing but being a loving, kind, considerate, compassionate young woman. The Alexanders should be thankful for the kindness and love she was always giving to Travis in his disturbingly sick life. As I have said before, Jodi was his only true friend.
            May God Bless Her and Protect Her!!!!

            • R. Love that was just lovely and I pray that Sandy and Bill read what you wrote. They have had to take some hard knocks during the trial. But they are Good People. They will do anything to save their daughters life.

              How dare the FROG useing something so normal that every parent has gone through.

              Well his days as a free man are numbered. I think that every News media knows this and that is why there is a blackout on this case. IMHO..

              May God bless you Jodi. You are a amazing young woman!!!!

              • Yes Cindy, I agree, Jodi’s parents are wonderful people and great parents. They have held their heads up high through the most horrific times of their families life. God will Bless them all and they need to hold on to that!!!!!
                There will always be light at the end of a STORM and what a STORM it has been for them! SMH ♥♥

        • Yea, takes a while to get through it. The boot print in the bathroom has always bothered me, from day one! I’m still scratching my head on that one. So many things just don’t add up, as Jade points out well.

          My favorite part is that we now have a new nickname for our beloved TOTDOC – Amazon Queen. Thank you, Jade – that made my day!!

          Just for you Amazon Queen 🙄

        • The article written well. I agreed with the analysis that there was too much time spent on
          domestic violence in the first trial.I think the same thing is happening in the retrial.Jodi was used
          by this man to satisfy his sexual appetite, however, the state chose to put a halo around his
          head and make him a saint.This image will be difficult to remove with all the publicity
          surrounding this trial.Jodi needs family and friends who knew hear and vouch for her.I hope
          her parents testify on her behalf.She has a family that love. her,let them speak at the trial.Jodie
          Arias is no threat to society.

    • Seems to be a lot of rumblings going on out there the last week or so. Maybe people are waking up and deciding to right some wrongs.

  3. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Jade, you have said everything I have been thinking and feeling throughout this mess. I was riveted, and relished every moment of reading this well thought out indictment of JM, Flores, and Horn – the three amigos of perjury and deceit – and most of all the STUPID JURY !! If I had the names and addresses of all the jury from the criminal trial I would mail them all a framed copy of your post so they could put it on their wall of shame and let it be a reminder daily of how massively stupid and moronic they were to believe anything that came forth from the mouth of the little “la rana” Thank You for writing this !!! 🙂 🙂

  4. Hello SJ, can you possibly tell me where I can locate the archives of posts so I can go back and read Jade’s much earlier post regarding the photos that is mentioned in this brilliantly exquisite article that was posted today? Thank You for All that you do each and every day for Jodi 🙂 🙂

    • BB,

      You can just scroll up the right side of the page until you come to the Posts Calender. At the bottom of December you will see << Nov (which takes you to November and so on). Each month will have the previous month located at the bottom of the calender. Just click on any date to see the posts for that day. If you don't have the exact date you're looking for it may be very time-consuming to find Jade's post. I'm not aware there is any way of separating/ viewing all the posts of any individual poster at one time.

    • At right of page below news, etc. there will be a drop-down menu for archives. There is also a calendar at the bottom of the listings, scroll down to it at right; better to use drop-down instead for older stuff. Thirdly, in the jumble of names also at right, you have a shortcut to certain topics. Try clicking on “Bill Montgomery” – therein is an old mention of the Milke case; interesting comments ensue.

        • Hi cc53! Journee suggested the drop-down because it is time-consuming to use that calendar. The jumble of names is modified from time to time, naturally.

          I wrote a comment in response to Jade’s excellent piece, but it’s in the barn right now.

  5. I can’t find Horn’s original autopsy report, nor the revised one. I could be wrong, but didn’t I read that he has now revised it to further his lies? Anyway, as I recall, the original autopsy report had at least 3 sections or paragraphs that confirmed the dura mater was intact and/or the brain was not penetrated. I don’t recall Jennifer jumping on all those different sections. Regardless, how the jury believed the language in the one section that was exposed to be a typo is beyond me. This jury probably would not have even absorbed Horn’s lies even if Jennifer had attacked all the relevant sections, but I hope she does expose and attack it all for what it is this time around. This truly has been the most unfair trial I have ever seen. I don’t expect this judge is going to overturn the verdict. Unfortunately. Very unfortunately. We can only hope the court of appeals acts swiftly and is fed up with the abhorrent antics of Martinez and delivers swift justice for not only Jodi, but for Martinez, Flores, and Horn as well. Maricopa County and Arizona need to be told loud and clear that perjury and disrespect of witnesses and evidence in the courtroom and in the entire process will not be tolerated and the consequences (hopefully to include disbarment, prison time, and permanent loss of jobs and licenses) should be the highest allowable under law for Martinez and his cohorts. I am not going to hold my breath.

    • D,
      I also hope that exposure of the blatant perjury, evidence tampering, etc. leads to ultimate justice. This whole farce makes me want to throw ice cold water in everyone’s faces and say, ” WAKE UP HERE PEOPLE!” Are they all so in cahoots with one another that they can’t see the forest for the trees? Are they so selfish that they do not want to admit they messed up, made TONS of mistakes? Does their need to save face supersede all that our justice system represents? Shame on them.

    • D, if you Google Travis Alexander Autopsy Report murderpedia has a PDF version of the original autopsy report. I have never seen the revised report and have always wondered how he corrected that “typo”. 🙄

  6. Good Morning to all. I ran across a little tidbit this morning that I thought was very humorous. The word in the dark world is that not only are Jodi’s journals full of lies but during the time she was going to represent herself she spent her days entering new entries. Now I normally do not report back what I have read on the dark side but this just had me rolling on the floor with laughter. SERIOUSLY???

    • I know, Cindy. The ignorance is altogether funny, fascinating…and frightening. These people just write whatever pops into their head without much thought given to other data. They know the truth so please don’t confuse them with facts. As a matter of fact, if you do give them facts they will drive square pegs into round holes in order to either dispute or explain those facts. They first come up with the answer and then invent the circumstances to validate that answer. (Lazy lazy thinking.) For instance, do you think these nitwits ever thought through that for that to have happened, first Jodi would have had to acquire the original journals (through a rigorously documented chain of custody), be given a series of different writing instruments and allowed to write, hour after hour, all over the evidence? Then she would have to convince her defense team that they also should engage in this evidence tampering. No, that kind of simple logic goes right past them because they have to be right, for the sake of their frail egos, even at the expense of any analytical thinking (and even at the expense of another human being’s life).

      What amazes me even more, beyond the fact that each individual nitwit can develop such nonsense, is that the rest of the nitwits just go along with it. I don’t see any of them saying “Hey, wait a minute, that doesn’t really make much sense.” They themselves may see the absurdity but they just skim right past all that so they can get to posting their nasty remark of the day.

      • I think a lot about how these bizarre minds must work. If I worked as a an FBI profiler and were asked to give a general profile of these people, I think one of the first things I’d talk about is the fact that they seem to so easily believe that killing the man you love because you can’t have him is a very common motive among women. Since when??? The one thought that comes to mind is that these images of sociopathic vixens are prevalent in soap operas and I suspect that every one of the soaps has at least one such woman so as to add drama. One part of my profile of these lazy thinkers would be that many, if not most, watch soap operas and have had that idea drilled into their subconscious, that there is a plethora of such women out there and Jodi is just one of them. (Remember the woman on YouTube who, standing in her bedroom hugging the bed post while watching the TV, nearly had an orgasm when the guilty verdict came in? Someone tell me she doesn’t watch soap operas. Ha!)

        • Justice F I hope you know that I don’t believe anything I read out there. I ran across that this morning and all I could do was laugh because it was so asinine that someone would even say that.

          That was the first time I saw that clip and I was just ready to reach through my phone and slap her silly. I think.your right about the soapse. I have a very difficult time with people in my own family over this. Not one of them watched one minute of the trial. But they tell me I’m crazy…I just ignore them. How intelligent people can believe everything take here on the news is beyond me

          • Of course, Cindy. I know you would never believe such rubbish. And I too have friends who think they know all about the case simply because they followed it in the media – and that I must be out of my mind to be defending a cold-blooded killer. I think we are all hoping a bit, not only for Jodi’s vindication, but for our own as well. (I want so very badly to be able to say “There, see, I told you so!”)

        • To me, what they’re determined to believe of Travis is far more telling than what they’re willing to believe of Jodi.

          That they would continue to insist on his ‘goodness’, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary, all but explains why they have to paint Jodi as the evil one. These are the women who married guys like Travis and STILL blame the wicked temptresses who stole their husbands away.

          • Journee that was very profound. I totally agree with you. I truly am beginning to believe that they are jealous of jodi. In there simple minds she is the same woman who took their husbands away from them. Sick, sick. I’m not relating to their thinking at all.

            I don’t like people that aren’t willing to look at the whole picture.

            • In the early days of watching the trial, when I was still just trying to take in all the information, listening to the evidence presented (and sometimes finding it difficult to *stick to the evidence* because I found the prosecutor SO reprehensible, it was practically reflex to come down on Jodi’s side) I was conversing with people over at Huffington Post. The majority of the had already decided on Jodi’s guilt, but there were a few who were, like me, still just trying to take it all in, sort it all out. We tried to carry on intelligent conversations, even with people who were already convinced, because different points of view can be instructive.

              Anyway, I met a few such women there – the women I described in my post above. Their ‘dear’ ex-husbands were now hopelessly entangled with women who were ‘sociopaths’, their poor sweet men TRAPPED in these destructive relationships just because they were powerless to walk away from all that hot sex.

              And when I’d point to Travis’ abusive language, and ask how anyone could think it was okay for ANYONE to speak to ANYONE that way, they’d act like I was from another planet – because obviously EVERYONE talks like that when they’re angry.

              I’ve lived fifty-eight years on THIS planet, thank you very much, been angry at people and had people angry at me and have even heard angry words between others — NEVER EVER heard anyone speak to anyone the way Travis spoke to Jodi.

              But THESE women lived in a world where it was NORMAL to speak that way in anger. So, like I said – it was their attitudes about Travis’ behavior that told me the most about them.

              • I agree, Journee. That they can so easily look past Travis’ behavior because they believe that’s normal, they must live a horrid existence and, as I’ve said before, I could almost feel sorry for them except they are trying to get us to join them in that world where you hate people you don’t even know and gleefully pray for their death.

                I also believe it’s the flip side of the same coin. Whenever one class of people is oppressed, those who are oppressed will often side with the oppressing class, like some sort of socially-ingrained Stockholm syndrome. Look at how often women verbally go after and scapegoat “the other woman”, particularly with the word “whore”; it always seems to be the other woman’s fault. This is probably an offshoot of subconsciously refusing (self-preservation of ego) to even contemplate that their husbands would actually leave them if it weren’t for some sort of external witchery. You often see this behavior in teenage girls because females have been taught early on (again subconsciously) that other females (particularly young, attractive, intelligent, talented females) are a threat to their emotional, and oft times financial, well being. Other women are secretly the enemy.

              • I agree. I’ve never heard of such extravagant verbal abuse either, even in books or movies. When I heard what Travis said, I thought: well, this is a fairly binary choice. Either he’s calling her all these names because they’re true — she really is a monster, as the media says — or this is one extremely screwed-up guy. Not much in between.

  7. Regarding the appellate attorney: does anyone know if the Arias family has considered contacting Alan Dershowitz to see if he would consider taking on this case at a reduced rate or pro bono? If not, I think someone who is actually close to the family members might mention the possibility to them.

    I watched an interview with him several years ago and understood him to say that the money he made representing paying clients in their appeals paid for the indigent clients he represented in THEIR appeals.

    He might be retired – but somehow I think he’d be like my father and try two cases the morning he dies – and I just think it would be worth the time to ask. 🙂

    • He’d be a fine choice if he were interested, Paige, but I heard last year that he’s on record as believing Jodi guilty. In any case, I wrote to him last year to try to change his mind, but got no reply. I think Jodi already has one or more appellate attorneys in mind.

    • Yes Paige, I thought (at one time) Alan Dershowitz would make an excellent attorney for Jodi Arias, but I recall, (( just as commenter above: “alan”, with the same first name as Dershowitz)), recalls that Dershowitz believed Jodi, guilty. …So I went to Google: Alan Dershowitz Jodi Arias …. And, there are several links.
      …One is a Piers Morgan 12:14 min video section, with the 9:15 min start of discussion on Jodi. …
      …But this was in July, 2013, before the end of the trial. …And, Dershowitz ((must have believed)) what he heard on hln & cnn to give his opinion & prediction (on the CNN, Piers Morgan Show), that Jodi WOULD receive the DP & he says: “but she does not deserve the DP”. ..Not even OJ trial sought the DP for OJ. …Of course he still believed OJ is innocent of that double murder.
      …Perhaps some news anchors should ((now)) ask Dershowitz if he thinks the investigators/prosecutor/ME & judge in the Jodi case were & are ((((just as corrupt)))) as the investigators/prosecutors in the OJ trial. …Now that there is testimony of exculpatory evidence being tampered with & withheld from the Jodi Arias defense team??
      …I personally believe that the jury in the OJ trial would have found Jodi “NOT GUILTY” because they knew that (any trial) is not just about the defendant, and not about the poor alleged victim (dead person). …But all trials are about the defendant, police, prosecution, judge, & the entire criminal justice system. …And that the OJ jury believed (AS I BELIEVE) that OJ was not necessarily innocent, but NOT GUILTY because the investigators & prosecutors were trying to ((frame, slam-dunk)) a person who was PROBABLY guilty, but more evidence would be nice. …I believe the glove was found & taken to OJ’s yard & planted. …And, the other investigator should not have had OJ’s blood specimen in his glove compartment, ((improper chain of evidence)). …Especially while the crime scene was still being searched for OJ’s blood, & then they found a drop or two of OJ’s blood on an outside gate. ….That is why the OJ jury did not believe the ((junk in junk out)) evidence. …(IMHO).

  8. Jade,

    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this brilliantly written post.

    It sums up the entire case in a concise, clear and sarcastic way. I had all sorts of feelings while reading.There were lines that made me shed a tear and others that made me laugh out loud. I was blown away, taken aback and left speechless after I had finished it. Sometimes all sorts of emotions come to surface when one finds people who believe in and are passionate about the same Cause as he/she is. And this is what happens to me when I am reminded that this gross injustice that took place in Jodi’s case is something I do not fight for alone.

    There are others out there, MANY MANY others who whether they are vocal or not, whether they are on the social media on a daily basis, at least they ARE on Jodi’s side. And this brings comfort and hope. To us, her supporters and most importantly to Jodi HERSELF.


    Spread this post everywhere people. I know it is already posted in the various Facebook groups.

  9. >>> Quick Update!

    Jodi has now **personally replied** to over a dozen comments posted in her blog at

    To go check them out, click on the links below, then simply scroll through the posted comments to see Jodi’s replies:


    HAPPY HOLIDAYS! :mrgreen:

    Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

  10. SJ, Thank you for adding these links. Otherwise, I would not have known of their existence. I wish Alyce L. could read these words written by Jodi. ALV addressed the topic of cyber bullying and hatred via media in one of her talks. Jodi has an amazing ability to articulate…the first link…WOW! I have a feeling that that very post will one day be quoted by many.

  11. Jade,
    I hope that at least one of the jurors from the first trial reads your words. I wonder how they feel now about their certainty that Jodi premeditated this. Seriously? How they feel that the prosecution proved THAT is beyond me… I hope at least ONE of those jurors comes forward and says, “Had I been given the ALL the facts and not been manipulated by false prosecution testimony, and missing evidence, the outcome of this trial would have been different”.
    I will stay hopeful. I believe that my positive energy will prevail 🙂

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