Juror #17 Exclusive Interview + Verdict Day Court Minutes

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Check out the video below. It features a 11-part exclusive interview with Juror #17 by 12 News’ Brahm Resnik.

Click here (or click the video screen below) to watch the interview in a new window at AZ

Juror #17 interview - jodi arias retrial verdict

Following on from that, click the link below to read the recently released Court Minutes from March 11th, which fully detail the courtroom events of March 5th (verdict day), and Kermit’s repeated attempts to have Juror #17 removed and replaced. Makes interesting reading…

Click here to read the MARCH 5TH COURT MINUTES (8-page PDF document)

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  1. This Maricopa County is a strange place. They have a Sheriff who’s just some sort of vile, corrupt person who keeps getting reelected. The police departments seem to be full of lying, evidence manipulating, corrupt officers. A County Attorney’s office that seems to be a cesspool of crooked, incompetent prosecutors, a Medical Examiners office full of examiners with no integrity. A court system with incompetent and clueless judges (JSS and Mroz being shining examples thereof) that churn out death sentences at a record pace (most of which are overturned for error).

    Yet the citizens of the county march right on along acquiescing to all the corruption carried out in their name. Makes you wonder.

    • Chris Hughes Interview on TCR during the time that the first jury were in deliberations. The interview is 2:55 hours long and difficult to listen to, but found the following statements by him to be very stinky in light of the fact that in truth, everyone on the state’s side knew that the computer was full of porn evidence.

      1:23:30 – in Cancun and got a call from Dave Hall that TA was dead. Next day they were on the phone to investigators – Jodi Arias did this.

      1:24:06 – when they get home from Cancun, Chris calls “Sean, TA’s webmaster and he was my web master as well. And I said Sean, do you have Travis’s pass codes to get into his blog. And he said yes, and he knew Travis had been found dead and everything, and so he said yes, it’s this. And he sent me the pass codes. So I tried that same passcode on his g-mail account and it let me in. Because at this point investigators, Flores, told me that they weren’t really looking at Jodi. They were looking at some other people. I said to Flores it was Jodi, and he said, no we got these other people. … He was really just trying to put everybody off. They knew it was Jodi, almost from the get go, but they were just trying to disorient everybody. ….. Good police work. So I got so upset at that, not knowing he was doing police work. So we came home, I called Sean, got the information and got into his email because I was determined to find proof that Jodi did this. And here’s what we found. We found, obviously that May 26th. Oh, and by the way, we read every email, EVERY email between Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias, and most other emails between Travis and other girls. And we read every line of Google chat, and there were LOTS of them between Travis and Jodi. And just as side note, never once did Jodi ever say anything about pedophilia or abuse. “

      1:43:30 – “and we were being careful about who we told, you know, that we had access to the emails. Oh and by the way, we called the investigator and said hey, you might want to look at these emails, and he said how did you know about those emails? And we said, oh we have his codes, and you know, relinquished all the codes, and they locked them down from that point forward. (143:50) We never – we didn’t make a copy, we’ve not had access ever since. And also, an interesting side note in a hearing that occurred a couple of years ago, it was suggested that maybe Sky and I had, you know, deleted some of those emails.”

      Host – “Oh please”.

      “Yeah, our thing was, okay first of all, g-mail doesn’t delete anything, uh um, second of all, why on God’s green earth would we ever delete anything? It’s all in there, pointing towards Jodi Arias.

      Host – “Right”.

      “You know, my wife actually took the stand, and it was so great. She’s just so good this way, but Nurmi asked her – why did you access Mr. Alexander’s email account? And she said something to the effect of, well because we knew that Jodi Arias did it and we were looking for evidence that she did it, and we found it. You know, and she kind of threw it out there. Objection – you know tried to get rid of that, but..

      Host – “Right”.

      “But there’re interesting back stories.”

      1:56:00 – “Why did they have to change that story? Here’s why. Because it was discovered at a hearing years ago, that computer analysts went and looked at Travis’s hard drive, and there was ZERO pornography of any kind. And I, personally, in 2010 talked to the guy who analyzed Travis’s computer, and I said, so nothing – no man, no woman, no child nothing? Nothing Chris, I’m telling you squeaky clean, like one of the cleanest computers I’ve ever seen. And I said, yeah, but he could have, I mean people can wipe their computers clean, right? You know, they’ve got the software you can wipe it clean. And he goes, oh yeah, oh yeah, Travis – he could have done that and I would know. He goes when you wipe your computer clean it leaves a scar. There is a scar, and I don’t remember if he said this or I kind of understood it this way, but like rings in a tree, you know. You can see every time that hard drive was wiped. And I’ve asked him was his hard drive ever wiped? And he said, no Chris. He said that hard drive was squeaky clean. It had never been wiped. It was in pristine condition. There was nothing on there and we all know, that anybody who is a pedophile has – you know – you’re going to find something in their – on their computer, in their attic, under their bed – somewhere. There’s going to be some bread crumbs. “

      • So what was in in the attic that was given to the Alexanders by the woman who purchased the house? Apparently Flores didn’t search that attic very well. . .like all the other things he didn’t pay attention to. Hmmmm

        • I’m amazed daily by the trail that the Hughes have been involved in. Is it just me or does anyone else find that strange? Quack Quack.

          • No,
            It isn’t just you R.LOVE!!
            From the interviews in the beginning, I felt something was strange with Dave Hall
            and the Hughes, plus the room mates.
            That’s why I’ve never been able to believe anything that group has to say.
            Not only strange, but how the rest are not talking and they know what happened to TA.
            REALLY, no investigation, just all started lies about Jodi.

      • WOW! They VERY well could have deleted things…like emails THEY sent to TA! I bet the BIGGEST reason for them getting on TA’s account was to make sure there was nothing there which would point fingers in THEIR direction. Seriously! Who would even THINK to access someone’s account AFTER THAT PERSON WAS MURDERED unless they had a direct involvement in the crime. SEEMS VERY FISHY!

        • It sure does sound fishy, Dorothy; and there they well hanging out at the retrial nearly every day; makes one certainly scratch one’s head.

          If the roommates have found the body a day or two before the 9th of June, then they have lots of time to check with the ‘boss’ as to what to do. Hmm!

      • How could Chris Hughes ‘know it was Jodi Arias’ (as he says in an interview); unless he, Chris Hughes, was there?

        • That is what I always have thought. I wonder how he is so SURE it was Jodi? I really have never seen two more guilty looking people than those two. Yet the sheeple have been led around by their noses by these couple of scamming connivers, IMO, allegedly.

          • If one puts one’s feet in Jodi’s shoes, and she recognized the 2 H’s or someone else, would she identified them?

              • So do I R. So do I!!!! Funny how Sky showed up in court from Utah?

                Just mind raceing here: why did they move from CA. to Utah?? I’d like to see that “ranch” they live on. It must be a heavily Morman area.

              • I pretty much see it the same way.
                Jodi had to see that the world was going one way and it wasn’t the right time for her to be honest with them – they would have crucified her twice!
                She has to feel safe and she has to know her family is safe before she can come to the reality that only she and whomever knows…

                • Someone, I thought it was Chris Hughes brother, but David Hall was on JVM.
                  He said before he left to go and meet up with everyone in Cancun, had got a text or call that Travis had been murdered.
                  He said he flew on down to Cancun after letting them know about Travis AND they talked about it.

                  I can’t find this interview any where but it was on the Jane Valdez Mitchell show.
                  I thought it was so strange that they talked about it before meeting up with them in Cancun and still stayed in Cancun.
                  He said they talked about it????
                  They didn’t come right back OR the one leaving left anyway after hearing about Travis.

                  Did anyone else on here see that. It was at the very beginning when we all started hearing about it
                  There is really something strange from the very beginning and I’ve always thought
                  there’s more to this and it isn’t Jodi.
                  It was yje interviews in the very beginning!!!

                  I’ve searched agan for it, but can’t find it.

                • Aly, I didn’t see that interview BUT I wonder if the Cash’s were in Cancun BEFORE everyone else? Wasn’t it a GROUP thing and they were supposed to travel together? If this was the case…that they arrived earlier to Cancun than the others, why would that be? Was it planned for them to be out of the country when the body was “discovered”? And like Carol Handy said above “How could Chris Hughes ‘know it was Jodi Arias’ (as he says in an interview); unless he, Chris Hughes, was there?”

                • Dorothy – there were two groups, according to Gus. Travis was in the second group, and CASH were supposed to be there at the same time he was because Mimi was supposed to babysit their kids. I suppose it’s *possible* that CASH were to be there with both groups. But, between the two of them, this story about already being in Cancun when they heard about Travis is only one of four different versions of the story, and the only one in which they were already in Cancun. They were also awakened by a phone call in the wee hours of the day they were leaving for Cancun, and they were also already on the plane when they got the call, and the name of the person calling with the news changed too.

                  So who knows?

              • R. Love, I have thought that she was threatened from the start. People talk about Jodi having to have lied about killing TA under oath, thus committing perjury. If the scenario of the intruders was the truth and threats were made to Jodi AND her family THAT would be reason enough to go along with the self defense claim. I honestly believe Jodi did NOT kill TA. She was NOT supposed to be there when those intruders arrived to kill TA. They HAD to involve her. The MOST OBVIOUS thing that leads me to believe that someone else besides Jodi HAD to be there is because there is NO WAY Jodi could move that body into that shower. No fucking way on Earth! I tried to help my 89 year old neighbor get up off the floor after he had fallen. He wasn’t a big guy and he was helping me as best he could…but even though I am quite strong, I couldn’t do it. There is NO WAY she moved that body into that position alone or even at all. IMO.

                • That’s why the FULL investigation should have been done.
                  They would have known by phone records and everything else if they had not judged Jodi so quick.

                  Say for instance, they COULD have all still been in AZ/

                  Did they question the roommates, the Hughes’s, the girl friends of TA and interrogated each one like they did Jodi.

                  People that don’t keep up with this story are shocked when they hear the room mates were there, even though they admitted OR at least were there to open the door for the girl and others “looking” for Travis, even though there was blood in plain site, Travis’s keys and wallet on the kitchen counter, his car in the garage?

                  So many, many other things that lead to others and not Jodi.
                  She IS protecting her family and maybe friends, Plus she didn’t want to get into details about her’s and Travis’s sex lives, BUT to save someones lives she would say self defense, 2 years later.

                  They say that she is lying about everything else, EVERYTHING!!! But, they believe her when she said she killed him.

                • Dorothy,
                  My husband fell and broke his femor.
                  He slipped and fell and we couldn’t get him up. Our friend Collen was here and between the 3 of us we could not get him up PLUS our shower is a lot larger then the one in Travis’s room.
                  Like you said, No fucking way on EARTH could she have done it. NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • That is the way it looks, to me at least viewing everything from a distance.

              For the sake of herself and her family, at some point very SOON she is going to have to tell all, good and bad, to an Appellate Attorney.

              We may not learn about it, and the vicious interneter/twittervultures will never hear about it, but it will happen. That will begin Jodi’s road to Justice.

                • I doubt if things will be very transparent during the time appellate attorneys are working on the appeal and it will take them a good long while to finish it; there are so very many issues to consider.
                  I think we will have to wait patiently until they submit the appeal to the court, to know where they are going with the case. They will have intimate knowledge from Jodi that they will not be inclined to make public.
                  They will not want to jeopardize their appeal.
                  At least to me it makes common sense to view it that way.

                • Carol, it’s almost like Jodi is worst off for not getting the DP. If she had she would have had be placed in the front of the line. It damn well not take 22 fricken years to get this over turned.

      • Thanks, Carol.
        Chris Hughes is now using the technique used by the prosecution side during the trial of saying one thing but meaning another. See his tweet of March 15/2015 (below) – in response to an old Sept 26/ 2014 tweet that someone passed on to him recently – where he states: “I’ve never touched his computer.” He’s saying he never PHYSICALLY TOUCHED Travis’s computer to indicate that he never searched it. Why is he talking about going into Travis’s email and GMail on talk radio and denying it on Twitter? Why is he lying when it’s on tape? I’ve heard it myself. There’s something very wrong with this guy and it not just that he’s a fucking gossip. He’s covering up something.

        Rain Shine @RedTailspin
        Y did #ChrisHughes/#Skye search #TravisAlexander’s computer after his death & b4 police took it –
        2 protect TA or CH/SH What was so important – Sep 26

        Chris Hughes
        @cshughes Follow Follow
        @RedTailspin @Starr_lala we didn’t. I’ve never touched his computer, in life or death. Nice try tho.
        01:46 PM – 14 Mar 15

        • CC53 –

          gmail can be accessed via the web, all you need is the google ID and password. It wasn’t necessary to touch Travis’ computer to read his gmail and g-chats.

          • Journee,
            Yes, I know. That was exactly my point. I didn’t express myself clearly, I guess. Hughes was trying to give the impression that he never went into Travis’s computer when he said “I never touched his computer.” He never had to physically touch the computer. He got Travis password and was able to get into his computer online from wherever. I think Hughes was still in Cancun. My point was that Hughes had no reason to lie on Twitter about accessing Travis’s computer b/c he had already stated he had gotten into Travis’s computer on talk radio. Do you understand what i mean? He just had no reason to lie. So why did he? It’s too bad we have to use language to communicate. So much is left to interpretation and the ability to express oneself clearly.

            • eh – no, I’m still confused. What did he lie about on Twitter?

              He said on the radio that he got into Travis’ computer? I thought he said he got passwords and got into his email? I am looking for the post, now.

              What DOES strike me as odd is that he suddenly responded to a six month old tweet to say he never touched the computer.

                • Yes, Dorothy I read that.

                  I am just not finding, in the transcript of the call posted by CanadaCarol above, where CH said he got into Travis’ computer. Only that he got into his email account – which, as coldcase53 agrees above – can be done via the web without need to access Travis’ computer.

                  So I am not seeing how the tweet is a lie that contradicts what was said on the radio show.

                • Okay – just reread cc53’s post to me above and SHE has misunderstood what *I* said.

                  The password that was given to CH would have enabled him to access Travis google account ONLINE – where all of his emails and google chats would be archived. That password did not and COULD not have given him remote access to Travis’ computer. Something altogether different would have to be accomplished to do that – not saying CH couldn’t have done that, just that nothing said in the radio show suggests that he did. So the tweet doesn’t contradict what he said on the radio.

                  cc53 has indicated that she doesn’t have gmail, perhaps doesn’t understand how it works – but any gmail account can be accessed from any computer as long as the password is provided. Google/gmail doesn’t then re-route you directly into the account holder’s own computer, it just lets you access the data archived for that account.

                • Oh Journee, I see… I think by “getting into Travis’ computer” there is a vagueness of understanding…Having open access to email account might be misconstrued as access to computer…?? Altering/deleting emails and or looking for/altering/deleting info that may implicate them could have been their intention when they accessed the email account? Some people may just use “access to his computer” mistakenly rather than using the phrase “access to email account”.

    • Strange indeed, Al. Great summary of Maricopa corruption. It’s a bizarro county. It’s like a movie where the main character comes into Maricopa and begins to realize something is different about the people there. They think differently and act differently than “normal” people. They seem to be incapable of any deep thought and see everything in black or white with a tendancy to think the worse of people in every situation and want to punish people in the most severe way. There is a lack of compassion in everything they do. It’s one scary nightmarish place.

  2. I’m listening to Dr. F. and the tweets did not give her testimony the weight that it deserved. The emails between the Hughes and TA is certainly revealing to the truth, not the phony baloney coming out of their mouths these days.

  3. Okay I am on day 6 listening to Jodi’s secret testimony….they start out with clearing the courtroom except for the Alexander family and the attorneys and then the jury comes in….then just minutes into her testimony the camera shows a shot of the public seating area and the Alexanders are all gone so no doubt that they made another demonstration in front of the jury and all stood up and left when Jodi started to speak…..

    • BB I’m not sure who it was but some one brought them up yesterday!! And they say Jodi is running this trial. obviously no one is. Oh wait me thinks the Mormon church is.

      I don’t know how better to say this but way to much BS is going on. I thought the Casey Anthony trial was bad this has surpassed any trial I have ever heard of.

        • Bill, it’s as if we a reading a never ending mystery. It’s getting stranger by the day.
          I’m not sure if I’m just turning into a old lady or what. But all of this is getting more then my simple little brain can understand. I sure don’t like the world we live in right now.
          Is it just AZ that is so corrupt or is this wide spread throughout the U.S.?

          The only thing I know for sure is Jodi did NOT get a fair trial. No one had to tell me this I saw it day after day.

          Now please someone tell me what court case has a member of the jury ever been investigated for not voting the way the other jurors had. This is just insanity.

          • That’s a good question Cindy. I don’t know of any where they have questioned the juror about their decision after the trial is over. Weird.

            • R. Love I really am getting upset over all the crap and the investigating pets going on. I read a propaganda article this morning that has really made me wonder who is behind all of this.

              • Exactly me too. . .but I just consider the sources and laugh! God has His Hands in this so I feel like we can just continue to pray for Jodi and the real truth will surface. The people who have made it their life mission to destroy innocent people will have to answer here on this Earth and also to God Himself. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t plan on standing in that judgment line any where close to them. They will self destruct, just give them time. The worms are squirming the hotter it gets. 😆 Just gotta laugh at that. ♥

                • It is Cindy, especially when people we love very much are being abused right in front of our eyes. Nothing about this has been easy to digest. In fact, I have often felt sick to my stomach over it all. It hurts to the core but God will protect His children and He has proven that. Prayer works and that has been proven by Juror #17 with her honesty and strength. We have to continue to pray for Jodi, her family and Juror #17. The evil will have the rug pulled out from under them. Just hope we will be able to live to see justice for all involved in this. Justice will be served, never doubt it.

            • They wre just trying anything and everything they knew to get her off the jury and replaced with another where it was close to “odds-on” that a replacement would see things “their” way

      • The family’s demonstrations in front of the jury….eye rolling, crying, shaking heads, smirking, etc…and certainly most importantly the unison demonstration where the entire family/friends stood up in unison and marched out of the courtroom during Kirk Nurmi’s closing arguments will be ground for appeal….Kirk no doubt made a record of the family’s demonstration on the record for the appellate court….the family is too stupid to understand this or they never would have done this…..

        • It is bizarre to me that people who have a rather ugly past, such as several of the Alexanders are so quick to judge and condemn an innocent woman. Yes, I understand they loved their brother but after seven years they should be able to stand back and look at his horrible behavior. It was unacceptable. Maybe in Maricopa County or with the Mormon/LDS church abusing a person is a way of life but it certainly isn’t where I come from. It is disgusting. I’m sorry that Travis lost his life before he was able to make a change for the better but he brought on his own death IMO.

          • Several times in the first trial, the Alexanders should have been warned any more of it and they wouldn’t be able to attend any more.
            NOW, this time they act even worse and yet she’s never told them they couldn’t attend any more.
            Are there any other judges that are going to agree she’s done te right thing?

  4. It is amazing to me while listening to Jodi’s testimony how anyone could sit there and listen to her and still want to kill her….you can tell that she has no ill will in her and to see her on the stand…..she always seemed accommodating with her boyfriend(s) and always working hard and always concerned with others and always kind to others….how can you listen to her and see her and want to kill her?? The 11 jurors and the previous jury should be ashamed of themselves…….

    • BB this is far beyond reasonable thinking. Most of the jury had a agenda goin in. They wanted to make a name for themselves. It’s obvious with what they’ve said in their interviews. From day one when they went out to the house someone was calling the shots. This whole case has been corrupt!!!

    • BB,
      It really is odd the way some haters react to Jodi. It’s not just being pissed off or angry at her. It seems to be much deeper but probably more related to who they are than who Jodi is. I hope Jodi understands (and I expect she does) that many, many people are hated online by strangers who are “disturbed.” I see her the way you do. She’s bright, strong, pleasant, resilent, accomodating and always seems to think the best of people (sometimes to her owm detriment). She’s also has a great sense of humor which was displayed when she was on Twitter (with assistance from a friend) although some did not realize when she was making a joke.

  5. everyone on here watch day 15 at the end you will see Jodi siting Jennifer and Maria talking with Jodi all three were smiling it was the best thing to see god bless Jennifer and Maria not just for their hard but for the way they care for Jodi so deep and we all do too I pray Jodi walks out of prison one day and everyone is there including K.N Jennifer, and Maria I just hope that once Maria and Jennifer are off the case that Jodi will be ok I hope that what every they tell her before she leaves that Jodi listens I don’t think that they will never forget her I think JODI changed their lives in good way I think for MARIA AND JENNIFER saying good bye to Jodi is going to be hard and for Jodi to K.N.NOT so much will don’t think

    • DO NOT underestimate KN feelings for Jodi.
      He fought like hell in the retrial for Jodi’s life. None of us knows what went on behind the scenes. Just like we learned from Jose Biases book.

      • Cindy, you make a good point about Nurmi and Jodi. I never thought about it this way before. But the way the cockroach would accuse professional witnesses of “Having feelings for the defendant,” Nurmi would definitely need to walk a fine line not to give an impression that could be used to harm his case. Being a sex crime specialist I can imagine that most of his cases are with male clients, so working with a female client, might make him feel awkward.

  6. Hi I need to let you know that Timewilltell needs to take some time away from all this madness… Its killing me knowing that I cant hear from Jodi anymore. If she is alive and well…. With all the things said on the internet their going to get someone killed or worse drive someone to take there own life. This damn HATE need to stop. I remember Jesus had his haters what did he do he said forgive them father they know not what they do. Prayers to all that still support Jodi and to the ones that do not you will be judged in the end for your actions go back to Gods 10 commandments. Please JSS show mercy when you make your decision on April 13. Life with the parole. 🙄

      • You know I had that thought also but then I thought to hell with that. That’s what they want us to do!!!! I will agree that what is going on now is beyond crazy. Perhaps I’m just some simple hick from Mi. but I’m not buying into all the bs they are saying is going on from Jodi’s cell. If it was then someone wasn’t doing their jobs. Boy that Jodi sure has some magic powers…. Or maybe she’s a mob boss?? (just kidding). This gets more rediculous by the hour…

        Hey Arizona taxpayers…their waist there wasting your money on investigating the wrong people….

  7. It sounds to me that juror 17 was most likely the ONLY member of the jury who didn’t know the details of the case PRIOR to this phase of the trial. She sounds honest to me about that. I wonder… if each of the OTHER jurors was interviewed separately…what would be revealed about how much THEY knew prior to being seated on the jury. I understand that there was a questionaire they each had to fill out prior to jury selection, but a person to person interview may reveal more than they divulged on that questionaire. Liars tend to slip up. Juror 17 was VERY consistent in her replies which is a sign that she DID NOT LIE…I hardly believe the other jurors stayed away from the details of this case prior to the trial. Also, Juror 17 seems to be the only one who followed jury instructions, followed the law regarding deliberations, considered mitigating factors. The others seemed to have disregarded mitigating factors…some right off the bat…pfft voting for the death penalty IMMEDIATELY prior to even deliberating. That indicates closemindedness, in my opinion.

  8. Does anyone need some sunshine sent their way? We have the sun but Spring sprung for a few days but now it’s gone….
    So I guess we will go right into summer in a few months…

  9. Carol,
    See my response to your comment at 7:27am today. Chris Hughes is saying one thing on blog radio and denying it on Twitter. Why is he lying?

    • It was a big cover up from the start, beginning with CA$H and his wife, the morning after they got the call in Cancun. It then spread to the MCPD and they go on a blog radio show and talk about it like that is standard procedure. The conversation that he supposedly had with the investigator and there being ZERO porn on the computer before a hearing in 2010 is highly suspicious and certainly makes one wonder what the hell-o was going on. Also, they told Flores that they had accessed his accounts and they were shut down after that. The whole thing is bizarre!!

      Why is that Mormons lie and PPL executives lie and so-called friends who want to sell a book lie? Also, isn’t illegal to tamper with evidence in a capital case?

      • When did they arrive in Cancun? Why didn’t the DT ask why they got into TAs account.

        Now that’s something new to me. Who said there was no porn on TAs computer before 2010??

        I still think it had to do with the child porn and Chris H. new about it. I’m sure Chris might have sent TA a damning email about it. Think about all the time TA spent with Chris and Sky’s boys alone… Now I can see Sky wanting to kill him. I really think Sky was there on June 4, 2008. Not sure about. Chris. So I guess I believe Jodi’s first story.
        Follow the evidence!!!!

        • By the way, Dave Hall called CH when he was in Cancun? I’ve heard they aren’t friends anymore, wonder why? Dave Hall is another one who has run his big mouth one too many times IMO.

  10. Anyone notices that it always comes back to Chris Hughes?? These two are guilty as hell not sure what for yet…me going down that dark road again… What part in this did Deanna play?? Think the simple thoughts.
    Jodi lived how far away? Why would anyone one say Jodi did it unless someone knew she was there? TA wouldn’t tell anyone. So me thinks one of the roommates either saw her or heard her..

    So has anyone found out why TA lost his temple, what ever it’s called, in early 2008?

    • How about if CH got into Travis’ email and learned about Jodi’s planned trip to southern California and then to Utah? Perfect timing for an Atonement…and blame it on you know who! When contacted just say it must have been ‘you know who’ and away they go…just speculating!

      It has to be something like what I said. Jodi really may (is) completely innocent and even the cops and prosecutor believe that there were more than one person involved.

      I’ve also wondered if they were waiting for Jodi to implicate someone during the trial…

      • Carol could be…but I think it also could have been a “oh hell” Jodi’s here.

        I also had a thought that TA was still having sex with Deanna and she ended up getting pregnant. TA wouldn’t marry her so she left AZ two months before TA was killed. Now how does a good little Mormon girl do about this? When did PIOF talk to her after TAs murder?

        I find it rather odd that after 7 years she isn’t married yet. She isn’t bad looking and even if she had sex with TA who cares. No ones going to tell me that all of these Mormons young adult didn’t have sex.

        Needless to say this is just hypothetical on my part!!!

        • OOH! I love hypotheticals, Cincy.
          Lots of questions, a lot of theories, and those on this site are rational if not more so than the Maricopa detectives and prosecutors.

          That is what detectives and prosecutors should do…THINK!!
          And that is exactly what they didn’t do, they didn’t THINK, nor did they REASON!

        • I’ve always thought that Travis and a couple of CH sons favor each other in looks. 🙄
          If we wanted to, we could come up with a thousand reasons it could have been someone else who did Travis in. It is the “what ifs” that keep us awake at night. . . . .and I bet we aren’t the only ones thinking through the night about it. If only the Defective Detective had done his job. If only.

            • You have a good excuse for having time on your hands. . .you have to take time to heal!
              Yep, I can’t wait to hear the dirty laundry on today’s news flash. 🙄

            • OH my, can you believe he still is at crime scenes? They will never solve anything at that rate. I never have seen a suspect put in a white jump suit before have you? Only in Phoenix, Maricopa County Arizona.

              • R. It was a pretty active run around Mass. Hey I’m surprised they didn’t shoot him. Geez just think a white supremacist living amongst all the Mormons….Oh wait that might makes sense. He’ll fit right back in with Joe….
                Oh I hope he gets JM for the prosecutor. Omg that would be funny.

                Have to admit that PIOF looked different with out his dark suit on. He looked like he’s put some lbs. on. OK I’m not going to pick on him anymore.

                • Ya I am, but I still have some compassion left. Besides I’m beginning to think he’s a pawn in this whole mess. He’s living in his own hell everyday. Not giving him a pass by any means. He’ll be sitting in jail with the rest of them.

          • Oh that’s right..loading my mind. Journee I’m trying to figure out how she fits into this.
            I know the woman scorn bit but I’m thinking it has to be more. I just know they were still having sex before she left. I also can see her trying to trap him by getting pregnant. Just thinking out loud.

            • she may or may not fit into it –

              but anyone who loves her, particularly immediate family members, would have reason to hate Travis

              he ruined her for the life her family raised her for

          • I wonder if he had a ‘going away party’ for her.

            The ‘gang’ at the trial may have given themselves away with their vindictiveness.
            Given others a reason to question their behavior.
            Something is so intriguing about them all waiting to hear Jodi will die; they must be overwhelmed with guilt, is all I can say. I’ve never seen such nasty people.

          • When I started writing this comment, there was a logical lead-off connecting to the thoughts from upstream. Somehow that connection became lost.
            But to pick up mid thought:
            Also just two weeks before TA was killed, he was posting on his the Charlie Sheen version about how the coming year was going to be the greatest year of his accomplishments. More than all his former years combined. Yet it is clear reading the back-story of what his life was turning into, even as he was blogging, musing about his search for a wife who would appreciate him for his inner qualities (a description that fit Jodi perfectly) he was already entering a free fall.

            I think he was using Sky H. as a sounding board when he would email her. I believe that period is when he used the term “sociopath” in reference to himself. Sounds like he was very manic-depressive and being affected by both stages simultaneously. I never picked up on the word suicide, but thinking about his contradictory ramblings that he was posting, the equivalent of Sheen’s rantings about “Tiger Blood” TA was definitely “out there” to the point that he was about to have a breakdown.

            Just like Sky reversed her interest in Jodi, I think TA had reached a point where he was more trouble to CASH than he was worth. That doesn’t say much for the Hughes.

            I believe there are a lot of Mormons that train as counsellors due to high need from the emotional damage done by the cult. If the Hughes even read TA’s blog it was so obvious that he was going into a steep crash, they should be ashamed of themselves for not being more pro-active about an intervention. I think TA was suicidal at the time he was killed. I think he purposely brought the kill upon himself. Talk about “loosing the plot.”

            He was definitely a very dangerous individual the day he was killed. If Dr. Fonsecca had read his recent blog, she had to have picked up on the crisis he was in. But I noticed that w/o exception, no matter their field of expertise, none of the “experts” would comment outside the precice range of information for which the DT had hired them. Didn’t matter whether it was about computers or the person’s mental health.

            So to try to tie this together w/o starting over: TA is blogging about how to find the perfect wife. What the qualities would be, including how he would need to turn himself into the perfect mate. From there, he proceeds to detail to a perfect correlation of what he is searching far, all of the rare and wonderful qualities that all of us have recognized in Jodi. He seems not to be aware of the irony of his ramblings. Jodi is the rarest of the rare. TA even confided to Sky that whoever got Jodi would have won the “wife lottery.” Even there he didn’t seem to “get” the inner conflict he was describing within himself. All this self reflection, and somehow he misses the main point where he is concerned. He already had what he saying he wanted, but he is incapable of “claiming it.” Like the “cake” in the song McArthur Park, “Someone left the cake out in the rain” and He’ll never have that recipe again. God have mercy_Shakespearean Tragegedy for certain.

  11. I would like to know if anyone else has noticed that most of Jodi’s time in Joe’s hotel she really hasn’t been in trouble other then the food thing a few months ago. I even read things Joe has said that were positive about Jodi as a inmate. But ever sense the hung jury all hell has brook lose…

    • Could be they all realize Jodi could very well be innocent of murder, especially after dealing with her on a day to day basis. This is not the typical murder suspect/convicted!! She is far too appealing to people who know her.

      Getting back to the H’s; what would prompt someone to contact the prison and prisoners where she will be and incite them to do something to Jodi?
      Would one not believe that this would be because the inciter doesn’t want Jodi to live and eventually talk? Silencing Jodi to that person means they are off the hook.

  12. OK – I know I should know this. Where is the entire trial video located for viewing? I can’t seem to find it!

    What day is TotDoc??

    Thank you in advance !

  13. Arpaio admits contempt of court, offers public acknowledgement . . . I need cc53 to help me post this article. Most interesting from AZ Central News Site.

  14. Up to Day 7 – Jodi’s testimony – It is amazing how kind Jodi is and how much Travis just used /abused her from the get go….he was so full of himself and so detached about anyone’s feelings except of course his own big ego….it is just too bad that Jodi didn’t have the tools to deal with an idiot like TA and he just took full advantage of her kindness / sweetness…..she was so willing to bend over backwards for Travis and justify his bad behavior in her mind as “okay” ….it is real sign of someone who has been abused….Jodi is so loving and kind and he was such a loser and a phony….

  15. Okay everything that Jodi testified to in the secret testimony was all said prior in the previous criminal trial so I have to believe that she was going to reveal other information later on in her testimony (but didn’t get a chance to bc the court ruling went against the DT and they had to re-open the courtroom to the public) about other people who wanted to remain anonymous – in other words she was going to set the background for their secret testimony and they wanted to remain secret due to threats and such….this is what I have concluded about why she was testifying in secret….it certainly wasn’t for her testimony which everyone had already heard before…..

  16. ♥ GOOD NIGHT (((((TEAM JODI)))))))) !!!!
    Romans 12:2 And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.

  17. On my part it all comes down to this now: I believe only in Jodi’s strength, her intelligence and her . essential innocence, All us seems to me of misguided value and unknowable..

    • On my part it all comes down to this now: I only believe in Jodi’s strength , her intelligence and her essential innocence. All else seems to me of misguided value and unknowable.

      I re-posted my comment because of internet glitches.

  18. Good morning everyone.

    Reading the news on the internet, I came upon the following monstrosity:

    A mother stabbed and decapitated her baby. This is beyond humanity.

    Why don’t we just for a second stop the Jodi wars and focus on justice for this innocent baby that had never done anything wrong but was brutally murdered by her own mother. These are the kind of things we should be taking our anger out on. These are the crimes that should be a target of our disgust and outcry of inhuman evilness.

    If you have the stomach, read:

    (((RIP baby Janiyah))) 🙁

    • Oh Pandora, It is becoming a very sad world. There a cases like this every day in the news and yet I agree with you, where is our anger and outrage focused on?? This young woman had known mental issues. It’s another case that the system messed up. The mother had to be on welfare where was the case worker for Gods sake she already had one child taken away….never ever should she been left alone with that baby. Our system failed once again. There will be more to this story in the days to come and more figure pointing on who dropped the ball and nothing will change.

    • Very, very sad.

      Not sure about ‘evil’ though, Pandora. The article first says the baby was killed by a ‘caretaker’ and later says the mother is mentally ill and had lost custody of the child.

      So I”m not clear on the whodunnit, let alone the why.

      I’m waiting for the rest of the story.

    • I remember people holding candlelight vigils for Travis…. I hope those same people will hold one for that baby angel. But we know they won’t, right? Hypocricy. People seem to want something to hold on to, to obess over, to get passionate about… As long as it takes their minds off of their sad stories. But when really tragic events such as this happen, they turn away.

  19. The taxpayers and citizens of Arizona should demand that Sheriff Joe be outed!! His “admissions” of wrongdoing are just a ploy to avoid any real punishment. Very transparent, you scumbag. I hope he gets his arse sued royally by anyone he’s harmed all these years. Gag….

    • Morning Bystander. Now do you really think anything is going to happen to him??
      Maybe a lawsuit will wake the taxpayers up.
      They can dig just a little deeper in their pockets…to pay for this mans lawlessness.

      • They already have a bunch of those against this yahoo. In fact that’s what this contempt of court is all about. Doesn’t seem to make a damn of a difference.

        Like I said earlier strange place.

    • Arpaio seems to be above Law. He is not above God, though. Or Karma. And when that time comes, he WILL pay for his evilness. He will…..

      He’s 82. Come on already!!!!! 🙄

  20. Someone, SOMEHOW has got to reach this woman and let her know about this site. I don’t think she knows. It appears she is aware only of the butcher brigade webholes and wading through that garbage.

    There are so many people who come here and are surprised. Feelings they had, while enduring all the torrent of the ignorant and sadistic barbarians are vindicated and backed up with logic instead of mindless inuendo. Until they found this site, they thought they were the only ones doubting everything.

    Juror 17 is a model citizen. And anybody should be so lucky to have her in any scenario where they needed someone to see the truth through a fog of lies and staged theatrics.

    We are the wind beneath her wings. She has to know this island of tons of information that validate her feelings and courage so that she can see how right she was. It will give her a home where she will be treated as royalty. She will see the affirmation of her reasons to think as she did has been here all the time.

    I think it will be a record banner day of comments if we ever see the user name J-17.

    How do we reach out to her and show her how special and welcome she is?

    • Jade I loved your post. But I don’t believe that she has internet any more. It’s a very sad day when someone who serves on a jury gets crucified. She was mostly one of the only juror’s that was honest. I’m going to say that at least 8 had their minds made up before they entered into deliberation. So who was it really who wouldn’t deliberate??
      Perhaps someday the other 3 who were bullied will come out and tell their own stories on what went on in that room. It will not happen anytime soon. So I ask this question: why are they investigating #17??

        • Jade perhaps she does. IMO if she does it would be better for now if she didn’t post for her own safety. Way too many crazy people out there and lurking on this site!!

          • She’s trolling through all the worst possible sites right now and reporting those who are keyboard cowards making threats. Nothing could be more daring than that.

            She’s not a person who backs down in the face of threats or bullies.

            She needs to know this site is here for her. Once she knows about it, what she does or how she participates is up to her.

            But at least she will know there are open arms and that she is not all alone.

              • I agree ! I hope juror #17 finds us and finds comfort in knowing that there are a lot of people who believe that what she did was courageous and represents truth in that Jodi did not deserve death in this matter…….

                • I have one objection to what you’re all saying: Juror #17 (God bless her) does NOT believe Jodi is innocent of premeditated murder, like the rest of us. So, I don’t know how she’d fit here..

                  She didn’t think Jodi should be given the DP. But that’s the extent of it. She also believes “Travis was a great person” 🙄 Just saying….

                • That is kind of what I meant Maria, when I said she was a God sent Miracle, Juror #17 didn’t really see how God was working through her. Once she actually sees all of the facts that we all know about. . .she would be certain she made the right decision. You have to remember how she had lies shoved on her by 11 other people. Juror#17 didn’t know all we know. Can you imagine if she did? Travis presented himself to be a great person but then there was the other side we have come to know as T-Dogg. 🙄

    • Just a thought about your questions as to how we can let juror #17 know about this site here…..well, wasn’t her real name published somewhere….if so, (and I do not know what it actually is) perhaps we can find that and send her a short letter via snail mail (once you have her name it should not be too difficult to find her address) and let her know how very much we appreciate her and love her courage and support her…..and let her know about the JAII site….just a thought….

  21. I am watching Dr. Geffner in the retrial and something comes up on one of the scales about “angry hostile people” and Dr. Geffner says “I’m sure we can all think of someone who is an angry hostile person”… ha ha ha the FROG was the ELEPHANT in the room. Go Dr. G!

  22. Okay am finishing Day 8 and this is with Dr. Fonseca…….I am amazed at the email letters that Sky and Chris Hughes sent to TA and how truthful they were about who TA really was – an abuser of women who gutted women and who was “F’d up in the head” etc, etc, etc ……..everything they wrote in those email letters confirms everything Jodi was saying on the stand and then some… was the truth….and yet, the Hughes are one of the most outspoken critics of Jodi and act as if TA was some angel…such hypocrisy !!!! And correct me if I am wrong, but I do not remember these email letters being read or gone through in the criminal trial…can anyone confirm that? Were these not allowed in at the first trial or did I just miss that part of the trial….

    • I’m on Day 11 of Dr. Fonseca with Snarky and his cross. I was also very taken with how telling the words of those emails were and TA’s back to them. The testimony was very, very limited in the first trial with ALV being able to only summarize certain small parts, not direct quotes. After hearing much more of them, JM got it whittled down to the most benign parts. His constant objection to the emails in the first trial was here say and it kept out a lot of valuable information.

      • Yes, exactly that’s what I thought that most of this was kept out of the criminal trial UNFORTUNATELY….yet at the same time JM was able to get into the trial the unsubstantiated claims of the slashed tires and the gun theft from Grandpa’s house (among other things)…both of which there was absolutely NO EVIDENCE to show that Jodi had anything to do with those things…..Yet here we have hard written evidence from Chris and Sky Hughes that confirms everything Jodi was saying about how she was treated by TA and shows his history of abuse with women…..and those emails from the CASH’s clearly show what hypocrites they are as they knew EXACTLY what TA was doing and that mirrored what Jodi was telling the jury…… would have validated her testimony to the jury….So sad to see such INJUSTICE in this case !!! The DT should have brought in Chris and Sky Hughes in to testify about those letters so they could be used….regardless of how much they would now try to claim otherwise, they should have been made to own up to their own writings about TA….the jury IMHO would have been able to see clearly what they were saying in those emails was true and there would have been no way out their own words except to flat out lie and the jury would have seen right through that ….

        • Are these the emails that were not allowed into evidence because CH claimed he had an expert that testified they are “forgeries?”

  23. Thanks R. and Journee for posting the site. I was just thinking, as I lay in bed this morning, that I want to post the 22 “Questions to Ponder” from the site for the numerous looky loos who go to the site but run away the minute they see one thing they don’t agree with. Here they are:

    1. Why stage the gun theft as a burglary such that the police are immediately called and a record is created? Why not just “borrow” it? It might not be discovered missing for months and it probably wouldn’t be known exactly when it went missing.

    2. Why, in her master plan to murder, would she change out the bullet type for one less powerful?

    3. Why visit friends in the rental car if its purpose was to travel in a car not connected with her?

    4. Why borrow gas cans from someone who will mention them to someone, should he ever be questioned? Why not buy gas cans with cash in no-man’s land or in some large store where she’d be just one of many customers?

    5. Why tell Ryan she’s on her way if she’s already planning a six hour trip to Mesa and then at least another 10 hour trip to Salt Lake City? What kind of alibi is that?

    6. Why go to the trouble of removing license plates to hide her presence at Travis’ house when it would have been infinitely easier to just drape something over them or park down the street? Wouldn’t a missing license plate draw even more attention to the car?

    7. Why didn’t she kill him upon arrival at 4 am? She’s already going to be late getting to her so-called alibi.

    8. Why didn’t she shoot him (or quietly slit his throat) during the night when he was sleeping? Why wait until he’s fully awake with the capacity to then kill her instead?

    9. Why have sex with him and leave her presence all over the crime scene?

    10. Why have him take time-stamped photos of her and then not think to take the camera with her? While he was taking those pictures, was she really supposedly thinking “I’d better throw that camera in the washing machine before I leave?”

    11. Why would she first attack a man who has 16-1/2 inch biceps and at least 70 pounds on her using a knife if she supposedly came with a gun?

    12. Why, if she planned to stab him in the shower, does she not do it during the 40+ seconds he is standing with his back to her?

    13. Why after supposedly stabbing him in the shower does she let him go stand at the sink?

    14. If Travis had enough in him to go from the shower to the sink, stand there turning the faucet on and off while Jodi is supposedly stabbing him in the back, why didn’t he just turn around and smash her a good one?

    15. How would anyone, except the one who is controlling the attack, have the option to stop, stand at the sink and mess with the faucet?

    16. If he still had enough energy to travel down the hallway to the bedroom, why didn’t he just use that energy to stop all the stabbing she was supposedly doing during that time period?

    17. Why did Travis have only five relatively minor wounds on his hands, only one on his dominant hand, and none on his lower arms if he was supposedly defending himself against a knife attack for more than a minute and perhaps up to two minutes?

    18. Upon leaving why wouldn’t she have noticed the license plate was upside down while supposedly screwing in those little fasteners? Wouldn’t it be more possible for someone to notice her squatting behind the car thus drawing even greater attention to her presence? Certainly more likely than anyone noticing and remembering a license plate.

    19. Why does she make cell phone calls in Arizona heading north from Kingman toward Hoover Dam, thus negating the supposed reason for borrowing the gas cans?

    20. Why does she fill the cans in Salt Lake City if their purpose was to hide her trip into Arizona? Was she also hiding her trip from her so-called alibi home to Yreka?

    21. How is it Jodi supposedly came up with the most idiotic murder plan in history (a twelve-year-old could have devised a more intelligent plan than that) but was also apparently able, with all her “caginess”, to fool three experts with more than 90 years of collective experience in their respective fields?

    22. If Jodi was planning to lie about the whole thing under oath on the stand, why during those 4+ years didn’t she come up with a reasonable scenario about what happened during those final moments? (I came up with one within about ten minutes of viewing the crime scene. And I wasn’t even there.)

    Jodi Arias: An Argument for Reasonable Doubt

    • No one except us and Jodi wants these answers law and jurors and citizens didn’t want to face anything that would make them think. They’re into legal murder. A juror states “i caught Jodi lying” and chooses that as grounds for killing her,and is willing to admit that out loud? That example is how they all are, ” just gimme an excuse, any excuse.”

      • So Darryl would not have borrowed the gas cans unless Jodi gave him something???? I don’t buy that…..Was the DVD player she traded with Darryl (IF she even did this – I don’t recall that she gave him a DVD player but she could have) was this DVD player the one that was stolen from her grandpa’s house???? I have never heard that and I am sure that would have been front and center if they had shown that the DVD player was the one taken from her grandpa’s house…am I misunderstanding this?

        • Jodi apparently returned to Darryl’s after she set off that day because she found his DVD remote in her purse. Of course the haters ran with that and decided that the remote must be for the DVD player she stole from Grampa’s house. No proof, and you are right, if that were true we would have heard about it from Juan but, of course, the haters are incapable of reasoning beyond their hate.

        • And, yeah, according the Jusdatruth and his followers, Darryl is the kind of friend who won’t lend you something unless he gets something in return; he’s obviously running a pawn shop out his house. Insane thinking – but who among us is surprised?

    • All your points are correct, Justus, So why did she admit anything to Flores during the interrogation?

      She tried the CORRECT answer ‘I wasn’t there’
      ………………..(this during the interrogation in California and thank goodness it was recorded)…..
      but no one would listen to her. The roommates and Chris Hughes and declared her guilty. The world she lived in had declared her guilty. What on earth was she to do? The tapes indicated she was there for hours and hours relentlessly grilled, pressured, coerced. What was she to do? What would you do in the same situation. What would any of us do?

    • Yes CC, that is the video that I watched. Did you notice how thoughtful she was, even in her darkest hours, she still has compassion for others. At the end she showed interest in his daughters and great concern for them. I found it heartbreaking to watch him capitalizing off of her misfortunes. One true worthless buzzard. No better than Travis. Use and abuse seems to be the way many of the men roll in Mesa County, AZ.

      • She told him what really happened and he said no one would believe the story about the intruders.
        WHY NOT??
        She said she would never cut anyone.
        She never said that she did stab him and when cross examined by scarky, he said you stabbed him didn’t you and she said I GUESS.

        He said you guess???
        She knows she didn’t and HE and many others know that she didn’t.

        That is all bullshit!!!

        In Durst’s trial HE admitted that he cut the guy up and threw him in the ocean.
        They couldn’t accuse him of that, just the shooting him.

        This IS so DAMN CRAZY what they’ve done and are doing to Jodi.
        Makes me sick!!!!

        I will never believe Jodi likked TA!!

  24. I literally gasped when I read the following at the end of the Huffington Post article about Arpaio trying to side step the hearing next month regarding his blatant contempt of court:

    “Arpaio’s attorneys say the hearings next month would unnecessarily waste hundreds of thousands of dollars of county taxpayer money.”

  25. HI Journee,
    You asked (earlier): “What did he (Chris Hughes) lie about on Twitter?”
    Rain Shine (on Twitter) asked last September 26, 2014 (question expanded for clarification): “Why did Chris Hughes & Sky Hughes search Travis Alexander’s computer after his death before police took it. To protect Travis Alexander or to protect Chris & Sky Hughes? What (Information on the computer) was so important (that they would risk tampering with evidence charges)?

    Chris Hughes response to Rain Shine on March 14, 2015: “We didn’t (search Travis Alexander’s computer). I’ve never touched his computer, in life or death. Nice try though.”

    Chris Hughes denies searching Travis’s computer. THIS IS THE LIE! We know he admitted searching the computer on blog radio but he lies about it now. Possibily, he lies now because it’s been pointed out to him that “tampering with evidence” in Arizona has a penalty up to 20 years in prison or a fine or both. Now, whether searching a victim’s computer in a first degree murder case before the police searched it would be considered tampering with evidence, I don’t know. I also don’t know if he did more than search it. Did Chris also remove or destroy information/evidence? I don’t know.
    The reason Chris Hughes didn’t respond to Rain Shine’s question for 6 months is because Chris Hughes BLOCKS a lot of people on Twitter including Rain Shine. I believe a friend of Chris Hughes found the Sept 26, 2014 question recently and sent it to Chris and he responded to Rain Shine on March 14, 2015.

    • I just wrote a post above but it evaporated.

      You misunderstood my meaning when I said that gmail can be accessed online.

      Any google/gmail account can be accessed from any computer, so long as the proper password is provided. When you key in the password, you are given access to the ONLINE archived data for that account. You are NOT re-routed into the account holder’s computer.

      In the radio spot, CH says he got the password to the gmail account. NOTHING there says he got into Travis’ computer. Just the gmail.

      I am NOT saying CH never got into TA’s computer, just that the radio show doesn’t describe doing that. Remote access to TA’s computer was perfectly possible, anytime the computer was connected to the internet, so it could have been done. But not by way of his email account. Whole different thing.

      • Thanks, Journee. Now, I understand. It appears Hughes may have been telling the truth. Dag naggit. He sure has a way of getting info. “Sean” or whatever his name is, gives Hughes the password to the Travis’s gmail which, in itself, is incredible. A computer analyst tells Hughes there is no porn on TA’s computer. And, Hughes puts Flores on the “right” track to Jodi, after Flores tells him they are investing other suspects. If all this is true, it appears like Chris Hughes was in charge of this case and Flores was his assistant. At least, in the mind of Chris Hughes.

          • According to how CH described him in the radio interview, Sean was TA’s ‘webmaster’ (assuming for PPL) and CH’s also. CH had a hunch that TA might use the same password for various purposes (as many folks do) so he asked for Sean for the password TA used for his *whatever-he-used-a-webaster-for* and tried to for the email account and it worked.

            That’s his story, anyway.

        • Yeah, staying relevant was an important aspect of his CAPITAL plan to profit off the death of his cough-cough ‘best friend’.

        • A computer analyst tells Chris Hughes that there is no porn on TA’s computer?????? How is this possible unless the analyst had physical access to that computer hard drive ?????? Who is saying this? Is this something that is just floating around out there or has someone stated these things??

    • AGAIN WITH THE SEMANTICS !! What is it ?? Is everyone a lawyer?? (According to the above post) Chris Hughes states, “We didn’t search (Travis Alexander’s computer). I’ve never touched his computer, in life or death. Nice try though.”


      So I say, Nice try though !!

      As Journee states above, apparently Chris Hughes already admitted on the radio spot interview to accessing TA’s email account….he apparently got the password to TA’s Gmail account

      This is STILL VERY SIGNIFICANT to this case as I believe we have never been told nor did Chris Hughes testify during the criminal trial as to what exactly he did after accessing TA’s email account?? please correct me if I am wrong on this……in fact, it could possibly be considered tampering with evidence if he deleted any emails from TA’s account….IMHO

      Chris Hughes didn’t need to physically “touch” TA’s computer nor “search” his computer…..he ACCESSED his computer…


      • And like I said, I could be wrong about what Chris Hughes testified to as I don’t recall his testimony from the trial…..if he did testify to what he did after accessing TA’s emails and the DT was not concerned with this then all is well….

        • he didn’t testify at trial – he and Sky both testified in evidentiary hearing on a prosecutorial misconduct motion

          but I don’t think either the state or the defense wanted those two testifying in front of a jury

          • Okay, sorry about my other question I just asked you ….I didn’t see this response….Okay, so they never testified about what they did after accessing TA’s email account?? I would think the DT would have wanted to know what emails they looked at or deleted if any, etc…I would think that this would be very important….after all, your best friend is just killed and the first thing you think of doing is accessing his email account???Why????

            • I know most of this has already been gone over before but I don’t recall much on this issue with Chris Hughes getting access to TA’s email account….

            • Don’t know if it was his first thing that he did after finding out that TA was killed but…apparently he did access the emails sometime after TA died

              • It’s all very strange indeed BB. The link to that blog show is below at my reply to coldcase at 1:21 pm if you want to check it out, although it is almost three hours long and very painful to listen to. The evidentiary hearing that CH testified about this:


                It doesn’t match what he said in that blog interview and he and his wife said so many times in so many interviews that they accessed them and now they are denying it in a reply to an old tweet to Rain Shine. SMH and 🙄

                • No Carol, they CH denied accessing TA’s computer – NOT THE SAME as accessing archived email on the web – THAT’s what he talked about on the radio, accessing email, not the computer.

                • No it is not “just the wording”. To insist that CH accessed Travis’ computer is to say he had access to anything and everything on that computer, like the porn, the book he was writing, any PPL or financial records, etc., and could have erased or changed or manipulated files. THAT IS WHERE everybody’s brain runs when you give them the sentence “CH accessed TA’s computer.”

                  BUT CH DID NOT SAY, on that radio interview, that he accessed the computer. He says he got the gmail password and read his email and gchats. THAT IS NOT ACCESS TO THE COMPUTER. That is using TA’s password to access google’s ONLINE archived data for Travis’ google account.

                  Sorry for the caps, feel like I’m turning blue in the face here and starting to get annoyed at being in the position of defending a couple of people I loathe.. RE READ what I said above:

                  NOT THE SAME as accessing ARCHIVED EMAIL ON THE WEB

      • sorry BB – there IS a difference

        accessing data archived by google on the internet is NOT accessing Travis’ computer –

        again, not saying that CH never accessed that computer, but he did not do it by gaining access to Travis’ gmail account

        • You are right…what I should have said was he accessed Travis’ emails, not his computer…my point was though that it is still significant….do you know what his testimony was regarding his accessing TA’s emails or did he even testify on that subject, if you know????

          • I dont “think” there was any testimony about that –

            there was a bit of confrontation about the email thread that was discussed at trial between CASH and Travis, and there was also a little confrontation about the so-called pedophile letters, but I don’t remember anything about him getting into TA’s email accounts.’

            I’m just a stickler about this issue because too many people have made the leap from CASH read the emails to CASH got into TA’s computer and saying/presuming it’s a proven FACT that he did, when no such thing has been proven. And once it’s presumed to be a FACT that he got into that computer, other presumptions are made about what he did or why he did, and it goes on and on.

            Do I think he might’ve? Yep, Lots of things I think MIGHT have happened. But when I talk about those things I always make it clear that I’m talking about maybes, theories, guesses – never ever calling it a FACT.

            • Yes, I agree…it is not fact that he got into the computer itself.

              but apparently it is fact (by his own admission) that he accessed TA’s emails….so this to me is still somewhat of a concern if we don’t know whether any of those emails were deleted, etc….and I guess that since he was in his PPL group that this could be the reason he needed to see those emails but exactly what emails he looked at or whether he did anything to any of the emails is still a question I have…

              • You might find it interesting – or at least amusing – to watch his testimony.

                I’m watching it now. I skipped direct of him in the evidentiary hearing on 1-28-13, because -hey- I avoid listing to JM as much as I can – but if you go to the archives over to the right, Trail Day 10, part 3/3, starts with cross of CH. And while you’re listening to the first five minutes or so, keep in mind that KN is only trying to pin him down on things that had happened only in the 48 hours just prior.

                Funny as hell, he doesn’t know the answer to anything without Sky to tell him.

                • Finished listening to cross exam of CH on trial day 10, no mention at all of CH getting into TA’s email account

                • Listened to it and Wow was he ever defensive !! Who’s on first?? Can you repeat that?? He says he knows that TA’s letters are fake but claims he can’t remember the context of his own emails to TA about being abusive…I think the DT really missed it by not calling him and Sky as witnesses to bring in their own emails about how abusive TA was to women and to Jodi….it would have been a real hoot to see him try to explain away his own words (same with Sky)….. the jury would never have bought his excuses about his own words……well, I really didn’t mean he was abusive or someone who guts women, etc, etc, etc, he really was just an angel……they would have seen through that…I would have started out by having him read his own email out loud to the jury and then the rest would have been history……..I guess the defense was too afraid that they would open it up for JM to bring in all kinds of….how wonderful TA was and how awful Jodi was, etc,…….

                • Did you just love the part when he was whining about wanting to see the context because

                  I DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT ❓


                • Here’s what he had to say about the pedo letters in the blog interview – different from what he said on the stand – no?

                  1:51:44 – story of pedophile has changed three times and is unrecognizable to the story, and the original story was so repugnant and so repulsive I’m not going to talk about it – I’m not going to give it legs tonight. But that was the first story that Jodi Arias came up with, you know, when she first began to change, you know, first she wasn’t there ……. 1:52:24 that story was proven fraudulent, okay, there’s the fraudulent letters that we’ve heard about and I’m not going to talk a lot about this, but here’s what I will tell you, that it was disgusting and repugnant, and it was looked at by Nurmi’s people, and Nurmi called my wife and said here’s this letter and it had been one-hundred percent verified and validated that Travis wrote this and, we have other refutable evidence that the allegations are true. Okay, well Skye didn’t know that a prosecutor could lie to her, (1:52:59) uh, excuse me the defence attorney could lie to her. Yeah, she’s like, oh my gosh, and so she’s digesting this. Well, we have a friend who is forty years CSI, and we call him up, and I say, hey I need a hand-writing expert because this is nonsensical. There is no – this is just crazy talk, you know. We knew it was nonsense, but we wanted to disprove what it was that Nurmi had said. So we call a friend, and we say we need your best handwriting guy. He gives us a phone number. We call this guy up and we say – I can’t remember whether we called him or emailed him but the communication was – here’s what we were told – it’s a digital copy of a letter – so it’s a bad quality digital copy of a letter. And the first thing he said was, well who has the original – I need the original. We said there is no original. You know, we believe this was concocted on a computer, and apparently, what had happened is – she stole his journals – you know, so they’re out there somewhere – I don’t know where they are. (Host – that’s one of the questions we don’t know where the journals are now right?) 1:54:02 – Yeah, I don’t know. That’s not something I’ve enquired about, but my belief is she didn’t steal all of them, but she has some of them. But she’s in prison – or in jail – someone on the outside, probably, well – it doesn’t matter – but somebody on the outside scanned those letters, creates a font out of those letters, and starts, you know, writing this letter in Photoshop or whatever, just lining it up A,B,C,D – putting the words together. So he says wait a minute, there’s no original and we said no. He says if somebody told you that this has been verified a hundred percent and there’s no original, you were lied to. We’re like no way. Yes, no you were lied to – he says I’m good and I can’t give a hundred percent even if I’ve got the original. 1:54:55 And then we’ve heard through the rumour mill that, you know, that letter was thrown out. Jodi tried to get it in – they said no, this is clearly a fraud – this was thrown out. So that was story number one.

                  1:55:05 Then story number two that she tells LaViolette and Dr. Samuels. Don’t you find it interesting that both LaViolette and Samuels – in their notes – it says that he and I don’t even want to put him in this story, but Travis was at his computer doing this stuff. Okay, and again, I won’t even talk about it, but for those who’ve been following the trial, they both have that in their notes – that Jodi walked into the room and catches Travis on the computer looking at these images – um, doing what Jodi said he was doing. Both of them had that in their reports and both of them said on the stand, oh well, that was a mistake. That was an error – um, yeah – the actual story is that Jodi walked into the room and saw Travis doing that to images that had been – that were on his bed. Right. We all know that’s a lie.

                  1:56:00 – Why did they have to change that story? Here’s why. Because it was discovered at a hearing years ago, that computer analysts went and looked at Travis’s hard drive, and there was ZERO pornography of any kind. And, I personally, in 2010 talked to the guy who analyzed Travis’s computer,

  26. HI Journee,
    You asked (earlier): “What did he (Chris Hughes) lie about on Twitter?”
    Rain Shine (on Twitter) asked last September 26, 2014 (question expanded for clarification): “Why did Chris Hughes & Sky Hughes search Travis Alexander’s computer after his death before police took it. To protect Travis Alexander or to protect Chris & Sky Hughes? What (Information on the computer) was so important (that they would risk tampering with evidence charges)?

    Chris Hughes response to Rain Shine on March 14, 2015: “We didn’t (search Travis Alexander’s computer). I’ve never touched his computer, in life or death. Nice try though.”

    Chris Hughes denies searching Travis’s computer after his death. THIS IS THE LIE! We know he admitted searching the computer on blog radio but he lies about it now. Possibly, he lies now because it’s been pointed out to him that “tampering with evidence” in Arizona has a penalty up to 20 years in prison or a fine or both. Now, whether searching a victim’s computer in a first degree murder case before the police searched it would be considered tampering with evidence, I don’t know. I also don’t know if he did more than search it. Did Chris also remove or destroy information/evidence? I don’t know.
    The reason Chris Hughes didn’t respond to Rain Shine’s question for 6 months is because Chris Hughes BLOCKS a lot of people on Twitter including Rain Shine. I believe a friend of Chris Hughes found the Sept 26, 2014 question recently and sent it to Chris and he responded to Rain Shine on March 14, 2015.

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