June 4th – Celebrate The Day!

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Today marks the 5th anniversary of a very special day.

It’s the day Jodi successfully defended herself against the vicious & unprovoked attack TA unleashed on her.

Thankfully Jodi won that battle. She was the potential victim… but she successfully turned the tables on her attacker, and justice for TA was well & truly served that day — (click here for proof if you still need it).

So let the events of that day be a warning to any other self-righteous bastards that think they can verbally & physically abuse women and get away with it. Because the fact of the matter is… in the cold light of day… most of the time you can get away with it… but sometimes… well… you just can’t.

“Jodi you are my new HERO! I just finished watching the end of the prosecutions ridiculous attempt at a cross and you stayed calm, cool and collected. I am in your corner. You stand for every girl who has ever been used and abused by some creep I can tell you are a very intelligent and sweet person. You cannot measure a person’s worth by their worst act. Yes I know what you did was wrong, but I know it was done for a very good reason. I wish you all the best of luck and know we are all beside you!” – Jesse

With all that in mind, here’s a clip of  Jodi talking about the Survivor t-shirts she designed, during her allocution on May 21st 2013:

[hdplay id=226 width=500 height=300]

Click here for further details. 100% of the net profits generated from the t-shirt sales will support other survivors of domestic violence, and go to Non-profit Domestic Violence organizations selected by Jodi.

In summary, I’ll leave you with this:

We are here for the long haul.

We are proud to stand behind and support Jodi Arias.

Always have done.

Always will do.

Nothing will ever change that.

Survivor Day - Justice for Jodi Arias 6-4-2013



Celebrate Survivor Day – June 4th!

Team Jodi

If you would like to help Jodi by way of a financial donation via check or PayPal, click the Team Jodi link below for further details. All donations go directly to the Arias family…

We Are Team Jodi ---- And We Will Be Victorious!



  1. My prayers are with Jody and her Family today.
    May she be vindicated and walk a free woman somehow, someday. I believe in miracles, they DO happen! Peace to all.

      • Yes you do. In honor of being first on the 5th anniversary of pedo free day you get a full gallon of shit and lies from the Alexander family, Juan Martinez, Baby Doc and Dr. I never saw a live patient Horn.


  2. The latest is that Locks of Love is getting Character assassinated (Bullied). I don’t even know what else to say.

    • Oh why does this not surprise me. See how self those people are?

      I don’t care if Charles Manson is donating his hair. Kids with cancer have a lot more to worry about than whose hair they are wearing.

      The kids need hair – let them have it. Just like abuse victims need a shelter, let them have it too. Does it matter if Jodi is involved? It shouldn’t.

      Good grief!!!

      • They are now attacking Locks of Love? Are you kidding me? What lunatics. I’m now convinced that these people hate everybody and everything all the time. That is their entire world – hate. Their whole existence is based on it and they seem to embrace it like they would a long lost pal. They are totally consumed by it – obsessed may be a better term.
        If Satan himself came out tomorrow and said he waned to donate his hair to Locks of Love I’m thinking LESS people would have a problem with that than they do with Jodi donating her hair. What the hell is wrong with people? I wonder, do you think that if Jodi said she is going to sponsor a starving child in Africa that the kid would get death threats too? These folks are just plain out of their fu@*king minds. If it keeps up this site may soon be the only sane place left on earth to speak your mind.
        Thank you so much for the safe haven, SJ!

        • Jeff in mesa, indeed it is insane. Their hatred has blinded them and they cannot think logically. It is a sick sick world we live in.

        • Now that just pisses me off, I’ve donated my hair 4 different times over the years.

          Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

        • Such people are invested in perpetrating their lie absolutely so they will try to make the truth fit their lie rather than being sincere and acknowledging goodness, love and a kind spirit. They will insist upon taking away her right to be human because it is actually such hateful people that are a very real sort of killer; they may not kill physically, but they will try to kill the reality of Arias’ soul, being, spirit – actually they will try to destroy reality itself, and it is pathetically ironic because those same people who try to use their concept of God as a convenient guise and motive
          for hate and for actually killing another human being, don’t have the integrity to realize that God is synonymous with existence and truth itself and includes all life—- the point being that all human beings are in a real way indivisibly of and in God or Truth’ being, so Arias can not be irreducibly, defined or delimited. It is impossible to define any human being or life because existence surpasses and transcends all categories. Those hateful people insist that they can define and delimit God and think there can be something outside of God. God or Love is all inclusive and cannot be degraded into a tiny concept that is a caricature; similarily Arias can not be degraded into a caricature. Shockingly though, this is what the media has done; they depend on caricature because truth demands totality and totality will expose the truth. I like the comment posted earlier by SJ, I think, which stated something to the effect that can not those hateful people understand Arias already has the status of human simply because she already is human. I also appreciate Wes’ posting of Bertrand Russel’s essay on righteousness actually being a false coin and being a disguise for an outlet for sadism on a convenient scapegoat. So much of the problem coming to light with this trial is that many people insist upon splitting reality into dichotomies and separate compartments. On the Pitchfork site there was an excellent essay about such dichotomizing. Also, perhaps widespread the world over this untrue and ultimately dangerous dichotomy persist in notions like God vs devil, good vs evil, and incredibly in this day and age, we still have major world religions that don’t include women in their criteria for holiness. I guess the Arias trial still shows that ignorant people believe Eve is to blame for it all. In general, many people are products of immature, superficial conditioning that distorts their psyches’ and perception and makes them incapable of seeing the truth.

          Perhaps it was the sinister intention to make sure the jury did not receive a more total picture when in court the Domestic Violence expert and defense team were not allowed to let the jury hear the actual literal content of the emails, and instead the domestic violence expert was only permitted to give an abbreviated summary of them. One would think that in a court of law specifics, exactitude and literal content matters. In a world of law exacts words matter, yet the jury was not allowed to know the literal content of the emails. I believe the jury might have been more fair to Arias if those emails had been heard.
          I consider that whole episode to be misconduct on the prosecutor’s side and a deliberate attempt to conceal pertinent evidence from the jury. I read about this on Occupy HLN in a recent blog about Travis’ violence.

          • You state some really interesting points. I too find it troubling that a death penalty case would disallow primary evidence regarding domestic abuse, and require experts to skirt around what exactly they are trying to explain. How is limiting the literal content of information that was in fact said verbally, as well as documented, disallowed? While the main experts, Horn and Flores were permitted to deceive the jurors by lying about their verbal and documented information. ? Why require the jury to put a puzzle of domestic violence together (or not) by limiting what an expert can say about a subject of their expertise when your a defendant fighting for their life? Yet permit such experts as Horn and Flores to distort their original expert opinion, in an effort to obtain the win?

            One cannot call it justice, when you cheat, lie, and distort the truth, inorder to win, We cannot say we have a fair system when the defendant is not permitted to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Furthermore, why would we permit the possibility (and likelihood) of bias to permeate the jurors by requiring them to “read between the lines”, or not. When one is required to “read between the lines” in order to discover the “possibility” of domestic violence, being a viable factor in the cause of death, one is given the opportunity to guess and even to hide their potential bias by conviently deaming the information “less” important than it is.

            For instance, the one juror who admitted having her mind made up right after opening arguments, was permitted to disregard the defense experts because they were limited in what they were allowed to discuss. Prejudice occurs within a jury when a defense expert has to present their opinion by way of sublimal messages, instead of being forthcoming. That biased juror was given a free ticket to “hide” behind the evidence and disregard it, like it was non-existent.

            • Color Purple, I agree with you and appreciate how well you stated your opinion. For some very curious reason the judge made it so easy for Martinez to get away with stretching inuendoes and fabricating lies, which even though contradictory contentions resulted, Martinez was able to so overwhelm the jury with vagueness and ambiguity that he could get them to believe that things mean whatever he says they mean even though obviously they did not. Martinez was able to fool this jury by his strategy of obfuscating and minimizing the relevance of facts and context by doing away with and eliminating explicitness. Obviously his intent was to bring about the very situation which resulted—you phrased it aptly “conveniently deeming important information less important than it is.” That is exactly what he wanted the jurors to do, misread everything.
              As deplorable as Martinez’s behaviour was, the pressing question is how on earth could any judge with integrity let him get away with it? I feel like the trial was set in the world of the Mad Hatter and the queen of hearts.

              • When JM came out so aggressive, I questioned in my mind whether or not the defense should go in with the same vigor. However, they had a lot to consider and I am certain they were fearful of offending people because of the manner of death. With that being said, the manner of death definitely required an aggressive explanation. I believe that Jodi was complacent in providing details that really explained what type of person T.A. was. Though I do not want to talk badly about his character because I believe he had a side to him that struggled, I clearly picked up that he was egotistic. I also found it very, very, disturbing that he captured Jodi’s heart through his church. Once this was established he went on using her, while seeking a young virgin wife to marry and have children with. I find it disturbing that Jodi related at times, that they were o.k. with the sex relationship hidden from the public. I do not believe Jodi nor T.A. was o.k. with it. It was awful of him. He benefitted both in his work and in his church by lying and all this lying fell on her, like she was a stalker, like she made him have sex, like she was a drug he could not get rid of. When you isolate a person, make other people believe your something your not, and play these love/hate games, with a person who cares for you, you are the aggressor, the abuser, the stalker. This needed emphasized more clearly and should have been addressed by way of the defense showing the pictures, talking openly about the abuse, showing the form of Stockholm syndrome, which is apparent in the interviews and interrogations, and facing it straight on. The truth prevails and is more apparent in obscure places. The defense was limited in too many areas.

                J.M. did not win because he told the truth. Ironically, he won by the same behaviors Jodi fell for in T.A. He showed his masculinity and aggression. This made the jury believe they would not want to go against him, so they complied. He made the jury believe he was smarter than the experts by yelling and repeating questions in different formats until he got the answer he wanted. In other words, he manipulated the jury to get them to think like him. Then he closed with a calm voice, as to say, “now we can talk, just you and I”. In my book, that’s called a scam.

      • Agreed MB.

        I know people who have benefited from Locks of Love. In my opinion they should encourage inmates to donate. The comfort having hair can bring a patient is amazing.

    • True.There are no words to describe their hatred. Especially when children are involved..I agree with MB,I wouldnt care whose hair it is or who donated money(in case of other charities).As long as the act is an act of selflessness and solidarity,nothing else matters.
      The haters have shown their true colors long ago,cant say I’m that suprised.Unfortunately,this is our world…

    • Oh my gosh Marianne!! That is AWFUL! Where did you see that? Something needs to be said to whoever is degrading such a wonderful organization. I’m floored.

  3. Good nite family Good nite Jodi its the 4th and it has been 5 long years but you are still here and you have survived and that’s all that counts. See you tomorrow

  4. Before June 4th, not even in Jodi’s worst nightmares would she have ever seen what would happen that day.
    I could mentally imagine Jodi driving to go see TA. Smiling, happy, excited (she was in love – isn’t that how we feel when going to see someone we love?). Even, during the time they spent together that day, she would never be able to imagine what horror she was about to face.
    And in a matter of seconds her carefree love and innocence of heart turned into a terrifying, horrific nightmare.
    In terror, she faced the man that she adored ready to harm her – to take her life.
    She reacted to her human nature instincts: fight to stay alive – what we all would have done in her situation.
    She was blessed with life. She survived.
    Today IS a celebration. It is a celebration for life itself.
    Jodi is alive because she deserved to live. Jodi is alive because she was granted life against the evil and wicked man that never respected her, appreciated her and took all her love for granted.
    Today, we celebrate Jodi.
    On this day I am sending Jodi all my positive energy, my love and my prayers for her odyssey to end very soon and for her to be able to reach her Ithaca (freedom).

    • That was a lovely post, Pandora 🙂 We’re all thinking of her today and always of course, but today 5 years ago she lived.

      • May “God ” always be with you” I believe in “YOU”…. 🙂
        God will ” help you , I know he Will!!”:)
        Jodi is innocent ” ” Jodi is innocent ” Free Jodi!!!

    • Oh Pandora!
      That was perfect! Absolutely perfect. I will join you in sending positive energy to Jodi 😀 and in the hugs. (((((JODI)))))

    • And she will in fact reach Ithaca one day.After having fought with all the monsters,growing more wise and mature.And we will be expecting her just as Penelope was expecting Ulysses with open arms.

  5. Good Morning family!

    SJ is right.Let’s celebrate Survivor Day!Let’s all be proud that Jodi fought for her life and won.Even though June 4th was a day she will regret for the rest of her life,I personally am of the belief that this was her Life’s Purpose.To endure all this pain so as to bring light in the lives of many.
    She was freed by the worst mistake of her life,in a very heinous way,yes that may be true but oh well Travis….sometimes Karma gets you sooner than you think 😉

    Bottom line,WE ARE ALL HERE FOR HER.We are PROUD of her,she has come a very very long way.Had it not been for June 4th,Jodi wouldnt be the Jodi we all know today,a woman who has matured through all the hardships and the knocks she has been given.

    We have your back,sweet angel.We join our prayers today that you have found or will find peace of mind one day.And we WILL keep fighting with you,FOR you.

    • Good Morning Maria!

      Today I celebrate Jodi and all other Survivors of DV. I pledge to myself and you all to try to affect positive change. To find ways to help educate our teenagers about DV and how to seek help.

      ~~{{{{ ♥ TEAM JODI ♥ }}}}~~

    • Dear jodi , 🙂 “I ” stand with you ”
      All the angles are with you……….,
      I’ am praying FOR YOU . God bless u~~~~~~~-:)

      We love you ……..:) ……….,

  6. Jodi,
    You are a survivor. Locked in a den created by rats and run by snakes. I hope you celebrate the fact that you survived today. You told the truth, you did nothing wrong but live a man who only loved himself. His right hand always knew what his left was doing. He was not worthy of you but your loyalty, something his own family knows nothing of. Your loyalty protected him and others. Your only crime was Surviving. How else could you have done an incredible act of brute strength and a passion only someone who was fighting for her life could have done. You are only where you are because you survived. Be strong. Your life has value, you are worth 10 of any of them. The blood profiteers. You survived. Because of you, many women will survive and are alive today. June 4th. Survivors Day. Hang on. You are not alone

    • I’m impressed by your writing: “Locked in a den created by rats and run by snakes.” and “the blood profiteers”.
      There is a powerful literary quality to them.
      Sadly, what you write is literally true also.

  7. Today during the exact time that it is believed that Jodi first began to defend herself, my family, friends, and fellow domestic violence survivors are going to release balloons with pieces of paper inside that contain links to this site. We have so far over 50 people in our neighborhood who will be doing this as well as various other neighborhoods across our city. Because we are Jodi’s supporters and not haters we have kept this as quiet as possible as not to alert our local media of what we are doing. Please haters do not think we are doing that because we are scared to publically support Jodi Arias because that is not the case, the reason for this is many of the woman gathering at my neighborhood tonight are in hiding from their abuser and having the media here would put their lives in danger. We are also taking a collection tonight for Jodi to be applied to the charity of her choice. I visited a domestic violence shelter this afternoon in preparation for this. When my daughter and I walked in I noticed a little girl sitting with her back to us. I encouraged my daughter to take her one of the toys we brought for the kids. When the little girl turned around I saw the left side of her face had been badly burned. Tears began to fall down my face as I talked to her. She is 3 and a half. I soon learned that she had been burned by boiling oil, her father had grabbed the pan off the stove and attempted to throw it at the girls mother. The mother jumped out of the way not knowing her daughter was right behind her. The mother has severe burns on her arms and legs. I am told the mother and daughter will need a lot of reconstructive surgery and will have many months of pain associated with it. Before I left the little girl came up to me and as I bent down to talk to her tears began to fall again. The tiny girl reached up wiped my tears and said ,Will you tell your friends about me. Tell them there are other little girls like my neighbor who still have to live with their daddy’s who hurt them.” I promised her I would tell all of you about her. You know how when adults are talking and kids are playing near you don’t think the kids are paying attention to the adult talk but what this little girl said as I was standing up I knew this baby had seen more in her 4 years then most adults ever had. She said that lady you and my Mommy talked about is my hero, we were talking about Jodi Arias. I really began to cry then and she looked at me with the BIG BLUE eyes that I will never forget and said, Tomorrow when you let those balloons go say a prayer for my Mommy that she will be able to smile again she cries a lot. ” She gave me a big hug and thanked me for her baby doll. When we got in the car my daughter dove into my arms and said Momma I now know why you are fighting so hard for Jodi and people like her.

    • Oh, Jennifer! I am so happy to hear about the balloon release today! I wish I could be there! That is seriously so, so awesome.

      That story about the little girl brought tears to my eyes. 🙁 You are such a blessing, Jennifer!

      • Thank you Rachel. I try to do what I can to help others because at times I have needed a shoulder to cry on and others where there for me. That little girl broke my heart. Last night she sent a picture she drew with one of the adults that she drew for me. I hung it near my bed so every night I remember that while my children are safe in my home millions of children are out there living in fear every night.

    • Jennifer, you are such a wonderful person. Thank you for sharing that story, and the little girl will be in my prayers as will everyone else who is a victim of DV. The balloon release is a great idea.

      Happy Survivor Day.

      • Kira,
        Thank you.
        I send balloons to my Mom and another person each year on their bdays and the day they past away so I thought it would be a nice idea yesterday also.
        The little girl has touched my heart in a way that I cannot explain. I am trying to find a place for her Mom near me so we can help her get to and from her doctor appointments and such. The shelter lets people stay for quite sometime but she will eventually need to get back on here feet and get an apartment. Thank you for your kind words.

        • Jennifer, you are a kind heart. It makes me happy to know that people out there do give a damn and don’t turn their heads the other way. I applaud you, my dear.

    • \What a great idea – fantastic.

      The thing is this : the number of real haters is quite small.

      The number of ignorant people is very large.

      • That’s a wonderful thing to do, Jennifer!

        Why oh why is there so much abuse in the US? That poor little girl, very sad. I wish the man who did this, the worst.

        • Its odd, there is just so much abuse in the US, surely everyone knows at least someone who has been abused, yet these people who hate make a mockery of it and say Jodi’s lying.. that doesn’t make any sense.

          • I think part of the reason the U.S is so violent is that the culture promotes a false version of individualsim. Whereas true individualism consists of authenticity, respect for the uniqueness and right of each person to be fully and naturally oneself without interference, imposition, threat, subjugation, restriction, oppression, coercion,censorship—– instead much of the culture extols a perverted Darwinian brand of individualism which is really a lust for power, which often turns simultaneously into desires and needs for domination over all others in every conceivable area of life, such as the family, the school, the work place etc.. Sadly this false individualism thrives on and exists through such a cultures need for endless hierarchies because people invested in ego and power trips need to define themselves vis a vis others. Much of this culture depends upon a false notion of self and worth dependent upon vying for a top rank in whatever hierarchy. Much of this culture worships and insists upon the notion the notion of status, rank and position. Such devotees are furious if any person tries to assert their expression of self- authority, self dignity, or self validity against or outside of or irrespective of the power and status structures fostered and put in place by status quo systems which serve and perpetuate vested interest. The education system inculcates a value system and insists that people definethemselves

            • (I accidentally hit the post button before I meant to.) ……that people define themselves through comparison as to how ambitious they are as if ambition is the ultimate value, and that people define themselves through competition and how they stack up against others. The education systems insists that people define themselves and others, and categorize themselves and others according to how they perform in specific instances and specific times. Everywhere there is an investment in labeling, and categorizing.
              When people meet people usually the first question is ‘ what do you do?’ In the workplace people are exploited as commodities; likewise often in relationships people are exploited as commodities. Jodi was exploited as a commodity. Much of this culture, to use some of the younger generation’s parlance, values the player over the played. Somehow now many people don’t recognize using people for sex (while fully knowing that the other person is looking for love and their hope in it is why they are there and don’t leave,) and the narcissistic gratification from it, is actually a real form of abuse, a profound form of abuse!
              The U.S’ s perverted form of individualism insists ‘each man for himself’, ‘look out for number 1’, and prides itself on the so called self made man who smugly looks down upon and chides and castigates a person who can’t afford healthcare or treatment forcancer as a person who is not ambitious enough or hard working enough. Corporate greed is running this country and enslaving and commodifying people and turning then into things; no longer are employees personnel– they are human resources.
              The root of evil is comparison; its offshoot is ambition, its false god is ego.
              Much of the reason some people hate Jodi is because she dares to be a true
              individual; she dares to insist that she has a right tofight

              • (Again I accidentally hit the postbutton too soon.) …….Jodi dares to insist that she has aright to fight for her life and truth and justice. The media like HLN are barely more thanglorifie

                • (I can’t believe I keep accidentally hitting post.) ….. glorified high school gossips whose severe bullying is part and parcel of the whole bullying ethos this false notion of individualism perpetuates. Jodi is not seeking the limelight; she is trying to survive against all odds. The same idiot media that berates her for doinginterviews and twitter and using makeup arethe samepeople who use makeup and thrive in the limelight. You sexist media, would you chide a man for wanting to look alright on t.v..
                  Society, especially the lynch mob, tries to destroy the real individual.
                  Jodi is the true individual.

                • Amy what you have said is unfortunately so true 🙁

                  Jodi IS the true individual. And she’s hated for it, so disgusting.

                • Amy
                  excellent comments
                  some comments by me on


                  individualism is mainly used as a political ploy to fragment aggregations of the population to weaken any challenge to the collective power of the ruling class
                  we don’t as 300 million individuals each drive our vehicles on an individual, separate, different side of the street

                  competition can be ok within limits
                  however, as it is mainly used in the us, competition and individualism are manipulated to work together with fostering greed and envy, and artificially created scarcity, to weaken cohesive challenges to the collective power, and hence affluence of the ruling elites

                  universal health care exists in western europe, canada, australia, new zealand etc

                  in the us health care in not used as an force for the welfare of the entire society, but is as a vehicle for exhorbitant commercial profits, including bribes liberally dispensed across the entire political machinery to keep it that way

                  the us spends about one in six dollars on health care for about two thirds of the population

                  in those other countries, about one in twelve dollars is spent to cover their entire populations

                  the difference, which amount to a twelfth, amounts to about one and a quarter trillion of the us annual 15 trillion GDP

                  the us ruling class, and hence their political machinery or assets, recognize health care as a huge source of profit, in which free competition can not exist, because of the huge power differences and vulnerabilites

                  in simple economic terms there are no substitutes, ie two pound of oranges will not substiture for mending a broken leg, or delivering a child

                  if you want to know how the us health care system stacks up against the rest of the world look no further than —


                  the us ranks 38th, between slovenia 39th, and costa rica 37th

                  however, it is in first place
                  blow the trumpets
                  Expenditure Per Capita
                  the pharmaceutical industry, the medical equipment and device industry, the insurers, the hospitals,
                  etc etc live well

                  but don’t be mistaken that all that expenditure leads to a long life
                  the us is 33rd

                  these are important side issues during this hiatus

                  i am posting also about JODI

    • Great idea Jennifer.Although looking it from an environmental standpoint,it is not very friendly 😉

      What can I say about that little girl?It broke my heart just having to read her story,I can only imagine what you must have felt looking at her sweet innocent face…

      • Maria, I agree about the environmental standpoint. I know Jennifer means well but I hold Mother Earth and all the lovely creatures dear to my heart. Balloon releases are dangerous…I have a home right on the ocean and I find countless sea creatures and birds washed up, dead on the beach because they have become entangled in the balloon ribbons.

        Jennifer thank you for helping those in need. You are indeed a saint. 🙂

        • I totally agree Dorothy. There has to be another way to honor Jodi. She loves every living creature and would hate to know that anything suffered and died because of her.

          Maybe instead of a balloon release with info to this site, they could put fliers out, or have a candle lighting with fliers available.

          • Little Bird,
            With the fliers we would be promoting cutting down the trees the creatures live in. There are not many ways to do anything with out harming some life form. I did a lot of research and chose balloons that were safe and non harming as well as biodegradable. The pollution from your car that you drive everyday does more harm then the balloons will do.

        • Dorothy,
          Thank you for your kind words. I just do what all people should do and that is help others when they can. I covered the animal issue when I first wanted to start the balloon releases and I met with environmental protection agencies and the people who teach at the university and they gave me the type of balloons to use and the paper to use.
          The balloons I got take no time to decompose. Anyone who has children and uses disposable diapers does much more damage to the creatures then the few balloons that we released do.

      • Maria already covered that. They are biodegradable. And they had no strings on them. The paper was also a special type that is safe for the earth. I checked with some environmental people at the university near us and they said it doesn’t take long for these to decompose. It takes longer for a take out wrapper that 99.9% of Americans get when they eat out then it takes for these balloons. I was concerned about birds and other animals as well.

    • OMG, Jennifer, now I’m a wreck. What a dear little girl. I hope she and her mommy get the very best reconstructive surgeon and never have to see the man who did this to them ever again.

      • The man is in jail with several counts and was already on parole so he wont be out anytime soon. And I along with the staff at the shelter got the University to care for them for free and a surgeon to do their reconstructive surgery for free. I have talked to her Mom a lot and she was too scared to leave this man. And what gets me, and reminded me of Jodi, is she never told a soul about what was going on and no one ever saw the bruises. When she was at the hospital they found several broken bones that had healed the wrong way. I just cry after the phone calls with her.

  8. With all that being said and despite my feelings or thoughts on Travis Alexander. Today is going to be a rough day for his family and people who were close to him. We need to keep them in our prayers today because their pain has to be greater today then any other day of the year. I know many of you wonder how I can say that after the way they have talked about Jodi, her family, and us supporters. I can only say that I try to treat people as I wish to be treated. I haven’t done that many times in the last few months and feel bad for the ill thoughts or words that I have had for people who see this case differently then we do. If I want to make a change in the violence that occurs today in society I need to start with myself. Though I do not see this case the same way the prosecution and Alexander family does I know the pain of losing a loved one and I am keeping the friends and family of Travis Alexander in my thoughts and prayers. There has already been so much lose in this case I think the back and forth between them and us needs to stop because it isn’t doing wither side any good. I think today is a good time for the violence and bad acts between each other needs to end. I do not think Jodi or Travis would condone this behavior from the people who love them most.

    • Good morning Jen. Thank you for saying that.
      Today will not be a good day for Jodi…yes she defended her self. Thank God she was not the one in the body bag…But I still believe she was not the one who killed Travis. She is living in hell…No matter how we all hate the ACTIONS of Travis towards Jodi..he was a sick young man who needed help. So let today also be the day that his friends and family also realize that they DID NOTHING to help this young man…justice for Travis??? There will never be justice. for Travis ….Travis is dead you are only trying to find a way to rid yourself of the guilt you hold in not helping him when he was alive.

      So go ahead and morn for the man he could have been..if only you had cared enough when he was alive..But look around because the person who killed Travis walks among. You……

      Jodi I will hold your hand and let you cry…Please never forget that we are here for you….

      • So very well said,cindy.
        Yes,it’s true.He was a sick,sick man.Nobody except Jodi cared.Or even noticed.Nobody except Jodi listened or wanted to try and help him.That’s why they all scream at the top of their lungs now.To cover up for the silence they had built between themselves and Travis while he was alive.Too bad life doesnt give second chances,folks.Now it’s too late.

    • ♥ Lovely posts Jennifer.

      Personal feelings aside I do pray that the Alexanders find forgiveness in their hearts.

    • The Alexander family are also the victims of domestic violence.

      I feel sad for them – trapped in their mistaken belief, hating on an innocent woman.

      It’s just the same for the family of Meredith Kercher, who cannot even bring themselves to read Amanda Knox’s book, the refusal to contemplate the truth.

      Looking at several cases brings perspective.

      The fact is the “femme fatale” is a myth. I just found another case from history today, while waiting for a dental check-up – Claudine Longet

      • Very true, geebee2. Until the siblings acknowledge their abuse and realize that they too are survivors, they will never begin to heal or to forgive. They have not forgiven their parents, or themselves, and they will never be able to forgive JA without that acknowledgement. Every day that they demand and pray for JA’s death, they kill their deceased mother by proxy. This will keep them in their own self imposed hell. I saw so much barely supressed rage in Stephen Alexander when he gave his victim impact statement that I could only be concerned for his wife and child. A father so emotionally damaged will pass on the fruits of his despair to his child.

      • The only way the TA clan, et al, will feel free is when they forgive and understand. I believe that they are hanging on to this for profits sake more than anything. I understand that the TA family lost a brother to a terrible tragedy but it’s five years of harboring the anger and hatred and not accepting that Travis had played a BIG part in his fate. As long as the money is pouring in they will push their campaign of hatred into our society. This is something that I find absolutely appalling. They have NO problem profiting from their brother’s death. They will stop at nothing, ruin careers and good reputations with this hatred. For that they should be ashamed. The hatred that festers within them will destroy them all eventually. As long as they continue along the path they have chosen, one that is void of love, forgiveness, understanding, compassion and empathy I will not feel sorry for them.
        My heart bleeds for Jodi.My thoughts are with HER today

      • I just watched a show about her not long ago. But money helps a lot. Jodi does not have
        the financial back up. I have been looking at other cases also an the ones with big
        money do a lot better in court.

        They showed people in Aspen CO that are still very hateful against Claudine Longet
        which bothered me to hear the nasty in the tone of the voices still after so many years.

        People are just ugly an will not look outside the box of the MEDIA. When people can quote
        almost word for word what I heard on JOKE NEWS they are not informed they are

        “There’s a gullible side to the American people. They can be easily misled. Religion is the best device used to mislead them.”—– Michael Moore

        You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger.
        ———————————— The Buddha

  9. Rebecca64

    Yesterday you wrote

    “One of the problems with this case was there was no real search for the truth. The misconduct of the Prosecution put the defense In a terrible position. The Judge had no interest in handling Mr. Martinez and the Defense couldn’t.”

    And never a truer word was spoken.

    If you go back and review the state’s case in chief, it is absolutely amazing. JM never put together a line of evidence or a narrative that pointed to the actual commission of the act. He flung a bunch of disconnected stuff up there and that was it. During opening arguments a prosecutor will tell you what he believes happens and how he will present evidence to to prove that. He will then present the evidence that shows, beyond a reasonable doubt, that his claim is true. But JM didn’t do that. All his evidence showed was that Jodi took a trip and TA was killed. HE DIDN’T EVEN SHOW WHO DID IT. He then lay in wait for the defense. A smart judge would have probably ruled against JM on the Rule 20 motion after his case in chief. This one didn’t.

    Now, JM’s actions were probably based on the knowledge that to claim self defense, the defense had to put Jodi on the stand, and she was starting at a disadvantage due to both the media publicity and some of her actions after June4, 2008. But the rest of his case was centered around obfuscation and, to a certain extent rattling defense witnesses, and consistently harping on the fact that Jodi, at some stage lied.

    So in fact what JM did, very craftily was convert this case around from being one where he had to bear the burden of proof, to one where the defense had to bear the burden of proof. That is not how things should be, and his theatrics in court had so confounded the issue, that no amount of aseptic reading of jury instructions by the judge could be an effective cure.

    If you will notice, by the jury instruction he has a duty to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that this was not a case of self defense – and he never even addressed that issue. There was no argument from JM about why this was not self defense, no evidence to that end, no nothing.

    And I believe that the judge should not have allowed this to happen. I don’t know what remedies she had available, but in the cause of justice, there has to be some way in which a judge can instruct an attorney to do what he is required to, or the jury that the attorney has failed to do what is required.

    So I believe that sly as a fox, JM exploited every aspect he could and the defense walked right into his trap. JM has a reputation of being an aggressive cros examiner, and from what I have read his actions in this case were no different than those in others he has tried. However the defense put up witnesses who basically crumbled under his bullying pressure. Once he got Samuels to admit that he should have re-administered the PTSD test – Samuels was toast. His derision of ALV was pathetic, and even though she stood up to him in the beginning, his whole charade with the Snow White story was such that a skeptical tainted jury wrote her off as just so much mumbo jumbo. By the time he was done with those two, I believe that, in the atmosphere of this court, the defense was toast.

    And so I don’t know how the defense, or why the judge, let this happen – but this case became one where the defense had to prove innocence, and that is a damn hard thing to do – which is why the law doesn’t allow for it.

    I have often wondered if his real reason for choosing DeMarte for the rebuttal was to send a sort of subliminal message that said – look here’s how much I think of their expert – a psychologist with 1 year of experience is all I need to disprove it.

    So given the twin pillars of a caustic media and a compliant judge, I believe JM played this case like a fiddle leading to a complete and utter travesty of justice.

    And as a prosecutor, that is not what he is supposed to do, however the County Attorney, being an elected official will take a win any way he gets it. And that is a shame.

    • You lare correct. The legal system, which has little to do with justice and fairness has become a game to be won or lost by either the Prosecution or the Defense. It is a debate, not a trial. When the Prosecution “wins” society cries out with either ignorance or with a naive sense of security, “Justice has been served.” Sometimes the truth has unfolded, but often truth remains in question. When the Defense “wins” society cries out, “!Justice has not been served. We know that sometimes that is true, but the societal bias, and the concept of searching for the truth, has long ago faded away Al.

    • Al,
      Your statement, “He then lay in wait for the defense” I agree with. I’d like to add “then ambushed”.
      JM should of never won this case in rebuttal phase and IMO that where he won it. All his witnesses were called to prove Jodi lied. I’ve always will feel JM used DeMarte to deliver the sublinminal message Jodi is a sociopath. After her little trick of let me tell you more dirt on Jodi, the defense’s case spiraled downhill. Did Geffner help? A little bit…exposing Horn “so called” typo. I’m not sure the jury heard anything past JM saying he was a “hired gun.”

      • The jury’s mind was made up from the start. That is why JM put on a deliberately shitty and shoddy case. He didn’t have to do anything ethical or competent because the media did his dirty work for him.

        This is what happens when you don’t sequester a jury.

        • tonysam,
          From what I have gleaned from the juror and alternate juror comments, 99 days out of 100 I feel the same way you do. 1 day out of 100 days, I hold on to the hope…. maybe.. just maybe a few tried hard not to the let the media circus affect.

      • That little shit-ass troll is worse than a snake waiting to attack its prey—because the snake is at least hunting its meal or defending itself. But, that fucked -up little turd, Martinez just lays there on the judges lap and attacks for no other reason than he’s a hateful, demented, utterly satanic, little demon that’s spawned from the asshole of Satan himself out to make a name for himself no matter whose life he tromps on

    • I completely agree. He so successfully flipped it around, and the judge was so compliant, that one of the jurors even said afterward that she just didn’t think the defense had proved their case. I think it was number six. Well the defense doesn’t have to prove their case. The state has the burden of proof. But that was completely lost on the jury. Unbelievable.

      • The more I listen to Jurors #6 and the alternate the more I’m convinced they had their mind already made up before one stitch of evidence was even produced. JM’s theatrics and CONSTANT use of that awful crime scene photo was used for dramatic effect and to sway these jurors. Juror #6 was asked again last night about the verbal abuse and she danced around it.

        Of course Dr. Drew and his Gingersnap head bobber were still aghast that people believed the verbal abuse.

        My thoughts are with Jodi today.

      • What can you expect from a bunch of idiotic, biased-from-the -start, turnip-brained morons who bought that fucking trolls pack of lies hook-line-and-sinker.

      • And it is unbelievable that the judge whose role it was to oversee everything, didn’t make sure that the jurors knew about and understood that the burden of proof does not rest on the defendant. The judge should have attained definitive proof that the jury understood tha tfundamental key point before the trial ever got under way.

    • Reading all your comments I find this entire charade nothing more than sad.Sad and sickening.Because it is about a woman’s life and it should have been about neither Martinez nor his ability to implement good ‘tricks” or not.He should be serving the duty that was allocated to him in a non-fraudulent way.Which he doesnt. It is only sad when we have to parallel courthouses to theatres,Prosecutors to actors.
      Society may cheer on Martinez’ success but the few sceptics do see what a dirty game this has been from the start.And I still admire Nurmi and Wilmott that didnt choopse to play dirty-even if it cost them the case.At least,the ”good guys” remained as such.

    • As a judge SS should have admonished JM for his over-the top- theatrics, his constant bullying of the witnesses, his underhanded tactics, and his—as well as his witnesses—- lying….none of which she did! As a judge she should not have been biased—–which she was so noticeably biased towards the defense that even a sightless person would’ve been able to see this. And, as a judge she should have sustained the objections –and calls for a mistrial —all of which were legitimate reasons—- as made by the defense ….which she didn’t! That is one-sided this trial was from the very onset! IMO SS should be permanently removed from the bench and the troll disbarred, what happened in that court would not have happened were a true judge been on that bench and took control of that courtroom——instead of allowing a court jester and his cronies run amok like The troll and his henchmen did!

    • Al, I have enjoyed reading your posts for quite some time. You are very well spoken. May I ask, are you in the legal field?

    • I’ m sure that it has already been discussed a lot, but Martinez more than obfuscated about what constitutes premeditation. He slyly fooled the jury by defining the word in such a way that anything could be considered premeditation. Uwittingly and maybe with some good faith since the prosecutor and judge after all were ostensibly supposed to be honest and knowledgable about the law and how to apply it, so the jury in some ways were tricked by Martinez’s selling them a definition of premeditation that wasn’t the true definition of premeditation but a false attribution that could be applied to everything under the sun. Many times in the past I heard Nancy Grace try to brainwash people by insisting that a person only has to think about and have an intent for the briefest instant in order for it to be considered premeditation. Of course such a definition is absurd since unless one was say a zen master or martial artist, or mystic, everything everyone does is usually done with at least the briefest forethought preceding it. Activities as basic as urinating or eating are accompanied by at least a scintilla of forethought and intention. The devious subterfuge the prosecutor applied to the definition of premeditation is shameful. The jury relied upon his spurious definition because they trusted that a lawyer would give a truthful definition of the law. The jurors did not even understand the sentencing instructions of the penalty phase. Those trusted to convey to laymen the rule of law and its ramifcations
      not only failed to communicate adequately, but also in the case of premeditation, failed to communicate honestly on purpose.
      And the subterfuge and deviousness Martinez applied to the hypothetical obtaining of Alexander’s gun and substituting it for a prior gun he never proved to exist in the first place, and slyly pulling the wool over the jurors’ eyes by selling them on a false definition of trespassing and felony murder by pretending there was breaking and entering when she was already a welcome guest etc… the way Martinez commited such subterfuge by altering and perverting definitions of law so that the jury believed they had to follow what Martinez pretended to be the law—– all that disgusting, underhanded, disingenuous wicked trickery so he could have the satisfaction of killing a young woman. The legal community should not let Martinez get away with lying about definitions of the law.

      • I wasn’t clear in my expression; when I used the term good faith I was saying maybe the jury was acting in good faith- I know Martinez was not acting in good faith.

    • I blame Judge Stephens for a lot. She should have put a stop to his blathering on and on about Snow White and told to move on. He did that so often with just such bull crap and he did it with almost any defence witness starting the Gus Searcy, who I have since found out is quite an amazing person in his own right, I honestly don’t know how Martinez has so much of the public fooled.

  10. OK another great post..Al. JM never had to do anything but bully the defense witnesses. He couldn’t even keep the events straight. So Jodi is faceing the DP for lies she told…to the during questing five years ago. This is more then a shame …. it’s injustices.. It will be interesting to see how the 20th. plays out. They will never be able to find a jury and will they want to spend the $$$? The good people

    of AZ will not go for this.

    Don’t you wonder at times what JM,JW,KN are doing these days?

    • I think that JM is walking around Phoenix kicking puppies, stepping on kitten tails and slapping babies.

      Sorry I couldn’t resist.

        • Judge Shit Stain is probably driving the little demon-spawn around town with him in his car-seat with the ” I am the prosecutor” squeak-toy attached to it!

      • lol,Danielle.Since he spent the entire trial,sitting alone,staring at the wall & screaming insults or incomprehensible words during lunchtime(thanking one of our old posters here,sorry I cant remember who but I remember laughing so much when reading that post).You can certainly imagine him,cant you?

    • cindy jewel, I read an article the other day in which Bill Montgomery, Martinez’ boss, said he believes he can find an unbiased jury in arizona. He stated they had 4 million people and a million taxpayers and he could not believe everyone knew about this trial. Like Larry Seidlen said “sometimes people will lie just to get on a jury”

  11. Today was a sad day for Jodi. Anyone with a brain can see that a very violent fight took place that day and one of them was going to die. If it had been Jodi who died I just wonder what type of support there would have been for her? I agree with Cindy that the family and friends did nothing to help a very twisted, troubled young man. Instead of encouraging his behaviour they should have been encouraging him to get help. I believe that is why they are all being so vocal now, to cover up their guilt for knowing TA had issues and for doing nothing about it. No doubt about it, TA’s lifestyle was going to catch up with him eventually.

    It does seem that it was Jodi’s purpose to go down this road.

    I can’t believe these people would attack Locks of Love. I try to see the best in people and give them the benefit of the doubt, so that’s why I’m surprised. Why isn’t some news channel covering some of this behaviour? I no longer watch HLN (spit) but I can pretty much guarantee they wouldn’t be covering it.

    • You know that people who are abused tend to attract one another. Travis was abused as a child and Jodi was abused. There is a cycle as ALV brought out. Jodi always wanted to please Travis. That is her nature. She is a care taker. She loved the little boy with in him and wanted to take care of him. She tried to help him. But she also knew too much about him. Travis was living a lie and his world was crashing. down arould him. I will take a guess here and say that Jodi might have said something to him about his lifestyle and his issue. That is perhaps what started his attractive that started long before the shower.

      Where does hate come from? Why is it that all of us can see what a truely troubled young man Travis was and no one else’s seems to. Everyone one of Travis siblings should be seeking help instead of filling their days and hearts with hate because if they continue down this road one of them might be the next person in a body bag…

  12. The only real evidence was a dead body and a lot of blood. Jodi had a gun in her hand as she said. I’m sorry but until I see it in black and white in Jodi’s own words I will never believe. She killed Travis ………

  13. SJ, THANK YOU for giving us somewhere to celebrate “Survivor Day”
    Goodmorning to ALL and (((((( Jodi ))))))

  14. Even though I just wrote one yesterday, I am going to write another postcard to Jodi today. I know it must be so difficult for her. I want to lift her up and tell her we are calling this “survivor day.” She is stronger than I ever could be.

    • The guy at my post office is really nice but he’s talkative. Since I’ve been in there often and they measured the label for me so I know where to write and where to stop writing and we cut out a piece of paper that size LOL. So he was like is this family or a friend. Well I assumed they read them as soon as I left LOL. So in my head I was like okay there’s a line behind me do I explain so I’m not lying or do I lie? So I just smiled and said my friend. And then he was like we’ll I hope you don’t have to do this for years. I was like me too, thank you. All I can think is when they figure out who Jodi is they’re going to want to know if I really know her!!! LOL

      • Haha! That is funny. I would’ve just said friend too, lol. That’s really nice of them to measure the label and whatnot for you 🙂
        I need to order more postcards! I just used my last one.

        • I’m picking some out now. I love how zazzle lets you order just one at a time even though it’s a little more expensive. But sometimes I don’t want a pack of a certain one. For my niece I got a couple of 10 year old post cards. I only need one of each LOL.

          They are really cool at the post office, they know me now. The funny thing is one man can work the meter and put in the postcard price of 33 cents. The other man and woman can’t figure that out and charge me the full stamp what is it now 46 cents. I don’t argue. I just thank everyone and continue on my way. 🙂

      • Aww…I like his comment so much.He may be talkative as you say (in Greece being talkative usually also comes with gossiping 😉 ) but at least he had sth so sweet to say to you. And yeah,you were right to call Jodi your friend.We may have never met her but she is pour friend,our sister.Our family.

  15. I’ve been writing my letter to the owners of HLN and it’s taking longer than I thought bc there’s a good bit of dirt to dig up. I mean I have so much on Dr. Drew he has his own letter and a second letter going to NAMI. But I keep finding myself writing the one who yells the loudest isn’t the one who is right. That’s how I feel w all of these people. They may be able to yell louder but that doesn’t change the facts.

    I hope Jodi’s doing okay today.

  16. Good Morning Peeps!!
    SO sorry I have been MIA. Summer is here and My family and I have been getting this party started!!
    Summer fun in the day and school at night has had me so busy, but please don’t think that it means that I have forgotten you all or support Jodi any less!
    We all support Jodi here, and agree that she is innocent. Some of us do disagree on what happened that day on June 4th. I do believe Jodi was a victim of DV, there can be no question of that. The proof of that is completely UNDENIABLE. But I am with Cindy Jewell. I have always felt that Jodi DID NOT KILL TA.
    Of course I completely respect the opinion of those of you who believe that the DV was what led to the killing that day. After all, the point is, Jodi is innocent, we ALL agree that Jodi is in jail today NOT because she is a killer, but because of a huge combination of lies, a disgustingly lazy investigation, a cult of conspirators, and a kangaroo court.
    Today I celebrate that Jodi will have her day of freedom. We are here, and we support her and along with MILLIONS of other supporters we BELIEVE in her INNOCENCE. We will not give up, and we have just begun this long road to freedom.
    I do believe TA’s death was a result of the asshole he was in life, he was a fake, a fraud, and a pervert. He was a user an abuser, and that day on June 4th someone came for retribution. I also celebrate that that someone does not sit comfortably today. They KNOW there are those of us who won’t believe Jodi did this, and I hope to GOD some day by some MIRACLE the undisputable truth comes out.
    I fully intend to use today to reflect and reaffirm my efforts in any way I can to help in the fight for Jodi’s freedom, and try to give her strength with my show of support until that day comes.


    • kmiller, I’m with you and cindy too, everything points to it, which is why her self defence didn’t stick.. she’s in the most shocking of places.

    • Cindy Jewell, Kmiller & Heather1, I’m of the same mind. Speights provided an excellent explanation for self defense, but I don’t believe this was the case. Seeing the police interrogation video, I believed Flores forced a false confession out of JA. I’d like to know how much exculpatory evidence the prosecution left out of this case.

  17. Hi SJ and MB, That was so sweet of you to put up the post that I wrote while I was watching the trial. It really came from my heart! ” You can not measure a persons worth by their worst act” Lots of love and hugs and kisses, Jesse

    • Hi Jesse. Your post was awesome and summed up totally the thoughts of many thousands of people.


      Team Jodi

    • Jesse, it’s so true I would not want to be measured by my worst act in life (so far). I don’t even want to be measured by my best act LOL, too much pressure! I would hope to let my unguarded day by day moments speak for themselves.

      It’s a shame Jodi’s friends were too harassed to get up in court and tell people about the everyday Jodi just who she was day by day.

      • I know. Jodi really seems like such a sweet girl. I really hope her friend Patty has a change of heart and does not let those threats sway her from doing the right thing and she stands up for Jodi. I know that her ex boyfriend is ready and willing to speak on her behalf. Also in an interview I saw with him he said that there are plenty of other people that are ready and willing to speak for Jodi. I hope they will and they won’t let the haters win. Love ya, Jesse

  18. Is Jodi’s fave color purple? Is that why the Survivor on the shirt it purple?

    So if we don’t have the shirt should we wear purple today?

    • Purple is the color of support for DV victims. I think wearing purple would be perfect.

      I received my Tshirt this morning. I plan to wear it to the Homeless Dinner I volunteer at on Tuesdays.

  19. This may sound weird but if we knew Jodi’s favorite color we could all wear it on her birthday. I forget what color ribbons her family was wearing at one point. Yes JM I do have a problem w my memory LOL.

      • It is, its obscene, I don’t know how Jm sleeps at night, the whole world could see his despicable antics. Everyone knows he didn’t prove premeditation.. even the haters??? How can they NOT?

        • Just like the rest of the Turd Alliance, the little rat-faced fucker hangs upside down from a rafter or ledge in his underground cave—-plotting out more lies ad evil.

  20. I hope the new jury has seen her interviews bc she is so serious when talking about abuse and telling people to document everything and keep proof. She’s very smart about it now and why would she take the time to learn if she was lying? Also creating the shirts.

  21. How ironic that HLN Robin Meade is about the wrongly convicted Jeff Deskovic. They gave him 16million but he WILL NEVER get his life back! I think of Jodi. She’ll miss a lot and she’ll never have the experience of being a mother : (( THAT can never be bought, they will never be able to pay her back for her life. I wish they could see this before its too late!

      • Oh ok thanks! I’ll chk my email. Im in CA, isnt it coming from CA? I dont know, I just wanted to wear it today but ill just wear purple too! ; ))

  22. Hey guys I keep wondering, what is it about us as individuals that we were able to look beyond what we were being fed on the news and see that TA was an abusive, lying, narcissist,and to see the inner beauty and sweetness that is Jodi?

    • BevM, It’s because we are intelligent enough to see beyond the bull-shit that the media was /is force-feeding down the throats of the masses and strong-willed enough to think for ourselves. As to why we see JODI’s inner beauty and sweetness—again it’s because of our intelligence and also our ability to be compassionate and read beyond the façade that the media would have us believe. (PS, these abilities also give us the means to see TA for the piece of shit that he was and to see that that little imp JM is a totally demented, demonic, shit-wad! Did you see the scowl on his face when the jury came back hung —if that’s not the face of a true demon I don’t know what is…….[.unless it’s the face of my ex-wife when she realized she wouldn’t receive anything when the divorce was finalized! :)]). I hope this helps to clarify why we are able to do these things

      • yes, I remember that face too. He was SOOOOOOO upset. He would’ve cried! He doesn’t care about all that money that the state is using , he WILL go after Jodi until he gets the DP.

        • He is one sick, demented, motherfucker who will stop at nothing to get his way. He needs to be exterminated immediately! Does anyone have the number to Orkin exterminators?

      • Yes Duke you are right. We are free thinkers and know when we are being handed a load of crap. I did see that look on JM’s face when the verdict came in. He was PISSED!!! At that time I was still watching a bit of HLN and I almost tossed my cookies when NG had the GALL to say that he showed no reaction. That twat is living in a fantasy world.

    • I was lucky enough NOT to live there and know absolutely nothing about the case,which by the way hadnt even started being tried. I just saw a comment ”Will Jodi Arias be the next Casey Anthony?” .I googled,read as much articles as I could find and from the get go I got this weird gut feeling (literally.when sth is ‘off” I get this weird sense near my stomach).

      I thought to myself that if this woman was capable of such a violent crime then that man must have done sth terrible to deserve such a death.All articles were against her,so I took a shot and typed the words ”Arias innocent” and guess what ?? 😉 🙂

    • Hi BevM, a very thought provoking question!

      There’s many things that set us a part from the clueless masses. It has been said that we have the brightest, most brilliant minds posting here, and I agree with that.

      But I also believe that we have the biggest hearts posting here too.

      Where most people might see the way Travis treated Jodi and go “oh, that’s a shame” and turn away without wanting to involve themselves; very many here FEEL the wrongness in a very visceral way and want to find a way to bring about positive change. We just don’t think or form the opinion that what happened was wrong, we KNOW it, FEEL it, in our guts.

      I also think it takes a lot of self respect too, for our posters to want to own their own minds and draw their own conclusions without expecting someone else to give them the answers. I have always contended that my mind is my own, I think what I want to think, not because “someone on the tv or Internet” says so, but because I trust my own capacity to find my own answers. Although I cannot speak for any other poster, I am sure others feel similarly.

      All these elements combined create what we now know as Team Jodi – an Internet consciousness like no other, spearheaded by SJ – an outspoken and compassionate man who deserves a world of respect.

      We will not submit, and we will not give in to the demands of the television and online bullies. We are Team Jodi, and we will be victorious! 🙂

  23. Yes he did explain it well, but what really fascinates me is that we came to this conclusion on our own and then congregated here with other like thinkers. It’s so wonderful that even though I am sure we have many difference and beliefs, we are all here for the same purpose, and it’s very enouraging to know we have this place to share and discuss our thoughts.

    • I know Bev, I just feel empty sometimes. I feel like I cant sit around and do nothing. But what, WHAT, can WE do?

      I know a lot of us feel that way. Iv came up with an idea but dont know if it’ll work or if it’ll even be a good idea.

      ****** I posted it up on the VENT page, for those who have the password if they can go read and see what others think??????

      • I don’t have the vent password, I guess I haven’t been here long enough to be trusted as part of the inner circle although I did have the first password. I’ve been here since early February though. Sometimes I feel like I’m on the outside looking in and as though I’m outside here talking to myself, lol.

        Oh well. It is what it is…

        • Hey Bev I don’t have the password either But I’m going to continue to post her in support of JODI no matter what. So don’t feel left out okay as all of our posts are important whether they’re on the vent page or here!! (Personally I hope the haters see what I think about them and the rest of the Turd Alliance!!!!! ) 🙂

          • You are right Duke. I pretty much did all the venting I needed when they first set up the vent page. Then it got compromised and I didn’t get the new password. From this point on I agree with you. Anything I have to say the haters are welcome to see. It just saddens me that I am no longer trusted with the password. I have no idea who compromised it but obviously it was a troublemaker. I would have liked to read what LC posted on the vent page. I won’t always have time to post much for the next couple months because summer is so short and between yardwork, trying to sell my house, and work, I just can’t devote a lot of hours to being inside sitting at the computer.

            Make no mistake though, my belief in Jodi will stay strong!!!!

            • BevM I had a password to the first vent page, but I realized that was its purpose, to vent…I hung out too long, without truly venting and figured I had “vented” in my own way right here all along. I didn’t want to abuse the page by “hanging out” I had been out of sync with the guttural language after having been on my best behavior here for so long that…I figured doing some laundry would get me back to my old vulgar self (the laundry had been piling up because I was so devoted to the trial) …well when I returned there were two new vent pages and I guess I didn’t need to vent enough to ask for the password again…I am good right here. I say what I have to say, how I feel.I hope I don’t offend anyone. I hope those who post on the vent page won’t write anything but venting…then I won’t worry too much about what I’m missing. 🙂

              • Why not make it all password protected then we wouldn’t have to listen anyone outside, and they won’t hear us and get all offended and mess with names?
                If we go all silent then there is nothing to hate.
                Strategists can prepare strategy without the whole world and his dog watching.

  24. I have to be completely honest. I started watching a little late and I knew right away it wasn’t premeditated. Oh gosh here goes. I’m 33 7 mths older than Jodi. I have a higher than average IQ. I’m on disability. I have bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder among other things. I’m on a shit load of meds so it brings the crazy down a lot. So I’m almost normal, but I’m not so normal I’m not fun.

    So I was watching w my Mom this is before Janeen DeMarte came out and Dr. Drew was saying she was borderline. I just turned around and said this wasn’t premeditated. Mom was like why? I said if a borderline premeditated this they would have had a better plan.

    So it was obvious to me that something happened that Jodi wasn’t ready for.

    • Now I don’t know if she has BPD the defense said no and then yes but if she does there’s no way that was her plan. From the very start of her drive there.

      • The defense after having received the verdict they did,used the BPD comment to say ”ok,if you want we too can play by your rules” .Sorry,for the simplistic explanation,that’s how it sounded to me.Like,ok YOU claimed she has BPD,we did NOT. But since the jurors chose to believe YOU,ok we can comply to your rules and assume she does.
        I dont imagine Nurmi or Wilmott believed or had actual proof by their own experts that Jodi does in fact have BPD,otherwise they would have used it somehow to her defense.Remember Dr Samuels said he has some suspicions she might have BPD but then he leaned towards PTSD due to all the proof based on the tests she took.

        • Yeah, they still left us without really knowing if Jodi has it or doesn’t. If the jury knows anything about it, it doesn’t really qualify as anything like insanity. It’s just something to take into account. People w BPD don’t go around killing others, they’re not dangerous so it wouldn’t really help the defense that much, it just sounds bad bc it’s a personality disorder.

          I think in this case PTSD would be so much worse. She just had to defend her life from someone half her size! How is she supposed to remember everything when she was just trying to get him off of her and get away from him?

          • Danielle, Nice to meet you! I am on disability with Bipolar and GAD and PTSD. The latter not from abuse but rather from having my beloved husband die in my arms (bloodily) after a long battle with myelodysplasia.

            I am also heavily medicated to, as you said, “keep the crazies down”. My DH was proof that there are good, gentle, honest, caring men out there. He was no saint. No one is; but we were together for 25 years and loved every minute of it.

            I just realized that we are the “crazies” Dr. Spew talks about, LoL!

            • Oh my gosh I am so sorry. It just reminds me that you never know what people have gone through to be where they are. I’m sorry it’s so late. I left and came back and then left and came back. Hopefully I will see your name soon and get to talk to you!

              • Danielle, yeah, it’s was rough. He was in hospital and refused further treatment. He hemorrhaged and bled out while I was holding him.

                They had to give me scrubs to drive home in because my clothing was soaked in his blood.

                I was bipolar since my teens but only diagnosed after DH died. Without him as my rock, I really went off the rails. I’m like you, I don’t get truly manic. I get hypomanic: can’t shut my mind off, can’t sit still, can’t sleep. That or I get suicidally depressed. I’m on a med cocktail that works as best anything can, now, but I do OK so long as I limit the stressors in my life.

                Following Jodi has been traumatic for me. Even though I wasn’t abused, her story brought my PTSD to the surface. I’ve been dealing with flashbacks and nightmares again.

                I tear up when I think of Jodi, as bright and social as she is, having to live in isolation. I hope and pray to gods I don’t really believe in, that she comes through this sane.

      • Really? I was afraid to say it bc I thought no one would take me serious afterward. I mean I don’t feel like everyone feels like that but I know these disorders come w a stigma and a “price”. I don’t know if Jodi has BPD and the fact that Dr. Drew diagnosed her wo every meeting her makes me so mad!!!

        I also believed abuse right away w TA and his 2 lives.

        • Yes, I have BPD. I never really told anyone. My BF asked me (jokingly) if I have that after watching Dr. DeMarte. I got really embarrassed. Anyways, not sure if Jodi has it for real or not, but if she does it’s something else I have in common!

          • That would be cool to talk to you more! If you want you can ask for my email address. I’ve actually never met another person w BPD – that I know of I should say.

          • Vicky I get a little worried, so many BPD’s? Are you sure its not some crazy labeling you because he has to find something other than you’re a normal human being?

            • Heather, I was being treated for frequent panic attacks and I was diagnosed by a doctor with BPD. Unfortunately, I don’t have health insurance anymore so I am not being treated any longer. 🙁

              • Mates/riends, I have C-PTSD too, you are not alone, C-PTSD is frequently mis-diagnosed BPD.
                We are all drugged up to the eyeballs.
                And now I feel like an alphabet lol.

        • Having a disability is not a crime nor is mentioning it. I think every one on this site has the intelligence, common sense, and compassion to not judge you by what you have but to accept you as you are ——a person who is willing to speak out against injustice and who’s supportive of a young lady who has not been accorded justice due to a wholly biased and corrupted prosecutorial team. So do not fear us as we are all here as one —-even if our opinions may vary—we are all TEAM JODI!!!!!

        • RLS412, Vicky and Danielle: please do not in any way feel bad about yourself for any psychological problems or disorders you have. They don’t define you and they don’t explain who you are. I know that there is a lot of research stating that bpd is likely linked to being brought up in an environment that is abusive, disfunctional, unhealthy, etc.. There is research stating that bpd have often been victims of trauma. You have nothing to feel embarrassed about. No one grows up in a vacuum; to an enormous extent different forms of mental illness and personality disorders occur because people had no choice but to try to adapt the best they could in crazy or unhealthy or antithetical circumstances. Dr. Drew and his cohorts are extremely ignorant people. Just because they possess a little bit ofinformation

          • I constantly press post by mistake before I am ready….Just because people like Dr.Drew have a degree of knowledge and information does not mean they have the wisdom and
            understanding and depth of being required to interpret that information and realize what that means in context. As T.S Eliot said, facts lie. Diagnoses about mental health have a lot to do with trying to get a handle on an approach to treatment, or maybe a starting point, or an angle to most productively work with so that the person can be helped. Symptoms, disorders, diagnoses are only the tip of the iceberg— the actual person is a real valid being
            who transcends any kind of definition. I find Dr. Drew to be a fool and despicable. I also find him and people like him to be dangerous because their ignorance about human depth and complexity has the effect of further reducing this culture’s depth and complexity. I am truly appalled at how ignorant and shallow Dr. Drew is. I did not know that he is not a psychiatrist, nor a psychologist, nor a psychotherapist, but in fact is an internist. I believe much of the public does not know this. One of the best books I ever read is called “The Insanity of Normality”. It describes how society and its various institutions like organized religion and unnatural ideals, in society’s striving to impose and enforce an artificial man made ideal of normality, actually causes people to become sick. Also since society is sick because it promotes artificial values and ideals as being what constitutes being normal, ironically the people not considered normal are in many important ways the saner because they tried to remain authentic, natural, and tried to maintain their integrity.
            Being diagnosed with bpd does not mean that you are a bad person or less of a person. There are mental health experts who dont even believe bpd actually exists; instead they think it is a convenient label for someone who has severe symptoms.
            DR. Drew’s shameful stigmatization and caricaturisation of people says everything about him and mostly nothing about them.
            People can only know other people through love and empathy. My definition of love is “to allow to exist”. People like Dr. Drew don’t allow for the depth of being a person is because he doesn’t have the depth or integrity to recognize it.
            In sum, it is probably the so called normal people that do the most harm.

            • Hi all have not posted in a few as we were moving. Amy I must say I love your post; So well said, so articulate and well thought out! I have read it a few times and have had my daughter read it. We are a family of musicians and I have been told all too often that I walk to the beat of a different drummer and have been ridiculed, lectured, and berated by family and friends for not being normal. I appreciate you putting these thoughts into words to share with us. I am going to look for the book you mention today. Thanks. 🙂

              • Cindyyp, you’re welcome. I think being your self, being authentically who you are is one of the primary purposes of existence.
                I am paraphrasing Osho who said that when a person dies God is not going to ask ‘ how come you weren’t like Jesus or Moses; instead God is going to ask, how come you weren’t you.?
                Also, I think of a John Lennon song where he sings I don’t believe in Jesus, Buddha, karma, Elvis etc…..I believe in me.”
                Another quote by Osho: “Creativity is the greatest rebellion.”
                It’s cool that you are a musician; I wish I had musical talent but I don’; my interests are creative writing and visual art.
                Good luck in your new home.

        • Danielle, your having the courage to say it gave me the courage to say it. The more people talk about mental illness, the less the stigma.

          I live in a small town and I’m afraid to tell people about my mental illness. If they know I’m on disability, they assume that it’s because of my back and knees being shot. I limp, and I use a cane fairly frequently.

          There’s been too many stories of celebrities going whacko and the cause is always bipolar. I don’t spend money I don’t have, I don’t steal, I’m not violent. Any violence I want to commit is against myself. Luckily, since we finally got my meds right, that very rarely happens anymore.

    • Thank you for sharing something so personal Danielle. That’s why I love this site, everyone has a different background but we are all able to see the same truth. Everyone’s experiences bring a different view…but we all KNOW that Jodi is innocent.

      • You guys are all so sweet! I didn’t read this yesterday bc I was working on some letters and I forgot to read “up”. I call myself crazy all of the time, but I know I’m not. If I was crazy I wouldn’t annoy myself so much LOL. I would just go w it. This has been going on since I was a teen. I’ve been to a lot of docs and when they finally said bipolar and started me on meds, well you always have to try a bunch until you get them right I started feeling better. I’m seriously bad under stress and have a memory either an exact I can tell you word for word what happened or I can’t tell you what we were talking about. But we have to make fun of it – my friends and family. Bc sometimes it’s really funny and other times frustrating.

        I don’t know if Jodi has any of this stuff but it did make me mad that Dr. Drew was diagnosing her without having ever met her!

  25. Ahem….is this thing on?

    Fathers/Men – love your daughters. Teach them that they are beautiful and valuable. Show them how a real man treats his wife. Let your daughter see you kiss her mother. Open her car door. Take care of her when she is sick. Teach your sons by example. Teach them that men are physically stronger than women and that they should never take advantage of that fact. They should use that to protect them not harm them. Teach your sons to be good husbands.

    Mothers – Teach your daughters that they should respect themselves. Teach them how special they are. Show them how to behave with class and dignity. Teach them what is and what is not acceptable behavior from the men in their lives by example.

    End the cycle of abuse at home! Women who are taught that they are treasures by their father do not look to a man to give them their value, they already know it. These are the women that walk away. I wish I had been given this gift. It took me a long time to see my own value and I had to make a lot of mistakes along the way. But for the grace of God we could all be Jodi. I certainly could.

    • Great thoughts there tnlucy. Unfortunately we are surrounded by haters who pray for the death penalty. I saw a woman with 2 daughters in her photo saying this. I wanted so much to ask her if she would pray for her daughters DP if they got caught up in something like this.

      Having raised a natural daughter and 2 step daughters I believe I have met my calling and all 3 are independent and strong. I do not take sole credit for this, but I contributed and am proud of them and of myself for succeeding.

    • tnlucy, thanks! I have two daughters 4 and 1years old. Im constantly thinking of this and I tell my husband all the time. I also did not have a good relationship with my father and don’t want my daughters to go through what I went through. Thank you for the encouraging words. : ))

    • So true tnlucy.If only parents taught their children that first you must respect and cherish your own self and most importantly you must respect all other human life.Then the vicious circle of violence,any kind of violence would end.

      • Yep, Jodi did not have that strong male figure and you can look at her pattern of men and see she was searching. I did it too. So sad. You rarely see women with strong loving parents getting sucked into situations like Jodi did with Travis. It kills me that no one saw her potential and what a good soul she has until this travesty. There is just so damn much wrong with our society. Loss of family values is at the heart of it all.

        • I’ve often thought if Jodi would of had one close female friend that she could of talked to on June 3rd it might of made a difference. You know…that one person your close enough to that you can call and say OK I know I’m about do something stupid and go see an my old boyfriend. The type of friend that doesn’t judge, loves you with warts, and tells your making a stupid mistake but cares and understands you nevertheless.

    • Beautiful post tnlucy, thanks for sharing! <3

      I agree, the best medicine is prevention and the way to do that is to allow women and girls to foster the self respect necessary to live happy, healthy lifestyles. This simple act pays itself forward as those women teach their children self respect, and so forth.

  26. A lot of inmates sit in jail and do nothing. Jodi is trying to help people and make a difference. I don’t understand why most people can’t see that. I guess they are blinded by their hate.

    I think today is a sad day. Not just because it came to the point where someone had to lose their life, but because Jodi’s life was forever changed that day. She has spent going on 5 years in jail, and now she’s possibly facing the DP or LWOP. Even if she is ever freed, she will have to go into hiding from the lynch mob. It’s heartbreaking. Jodi is an incredibly strong human being to stand strong through all this. I will be thinking of her today, as always.

    • ”A lot of inmates sit in jail and do nothing. Jodi is trying to help people and make a difference. I don’t understand why most people can’t see that. I guess they are blinded by their hate.”

      Exactly.Jodi continues to be this caring,thoughtful,loving person she was when she was free.She cant help it,it’s her innate kindness and generosity of spirit that make her wanna reach out and help even when she is the one who is in need of help,too.
      And to think that even her attempts to relieve people’s pain,even her plans to make this world and the prison’s world a bit better for the other inmates were mocked and ridiculed by the haters…

    • I agree. 5 years is a very long time… I wonder how the outcome would have been different if Jodi had obtained great legal representation early on. It really just isn’t not right or fair. Imagine if Jodi had been a millionairess with a trust fund. In that case, Jodi wound be free, albeit having survived an awful domestic violence experience.

      @LollyGirlLou on twitter

  27. Okay I have a question for the legal eagles on here please. It seems James Holmes pled not guilty by reason of insanity and the judge accepted his plea. This man walked into a movie theater and shot up and
    killed a bunch of people. Does this mean after all the testing he goes through he will be free to walk?

    • From an article:

      If jurors find Holmes not guilty by reason of insanity, he would be committed indefinitely to the state mental hospital. He could eventually be released if doctors find his sanity has been restored, but that is considered unlikely.

      If jurors convict him, the next step is the penalty phase, during which both sides call witnesses to testify about factors that could affect why Holmes should or shouldn’t be executed.

      The jury would then decide whether Holmes should be executed or sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole.

      • Okay Jeff thank you but I now have another question. If the judge has already accepted his plea (which he has) why would there be any reason for a jury?

        • He accepted the plea. That is not the end. Now they do an evaluation where the accused must cooperate or he gets no expert witnesses at trial. A jury decides whether to accept the plea and put him in a hospital or reject it and choose life in prison or death penalty.

          • Oh okay Jeff thank you for your reply so very much. I am Canadian. We do not have the death penalty. I do not know a lot about laws.

      • Jodi supposedly killed Travis to save her life, Holmes walked into a theatre where people had gone for a little entertainment and killed all of those people that he did not know and she could get the death penalty and he could be put into an psych unit? wow, that really makes sense. our justice system sucks. Above I said supposedly because I can’t figure out how she could have done this murder and dragged him back to the shower not b/c I doubt she was defending herself.
        I cannot stand what Nancy Grace and HLN are doing to try to continue the Jodi fanfare. Nancy is a mean witch. My son has a band and one of his band member’s wife lives next door to Nancy in Altanta, Ga or somewhere near Atlanta.. He has been around Nancy many times and says she is a really nice person and not like the tv personalty. I don’t care, if she can do this on tv and try to ruin people, support them being killed and lies non stop, to me she is not a nice person.
        I cannot believe this whole trial and what is surrounding it. I hope she does not take a plea bargain and take life with no appeals. I believe that one day this verdict will overturned and she will be free.

    • Debbie, It doesn’t make any sense to me how these people get to possibly walk away from the DP. Well, I guess its because they plea INSANITY!

      Like Andrea Yates; Four years after Andrea Yates faced the death penalty for the drowning deaths of her children, a second jury found her not guilty by reason of insanity. In Yates’ first capital murder trial in 2002, jurors convicted her of murder and recommended a sentence of life in prison. That conviction was overturned on appeal last year after it was shown that the state’s psychiatric witness presented false testimony. In the second trial, jurors deliberated for 13 hours before finding that Yates did not know her crime was wrong because of her long history of mental illness.

      So, the conviction was OVERTURNED on appeal due to the STATES psych false testimony. Sound familiar (Flores & Horn). Hopefully they will see that this was the case with Jodi and the conviction gets OVERTURNED too.

      • Also the state’s baby doc testimony is probably a lie, or at least perhaps the court could rule she was not competent in her evaluation. An IQ test? Really?

        • oh yup, I forgot about her, Jeff. That’s how credible HER testimony was. She was another one, my God….. the nerve Martinez had to bring her up there and get away with it!! WOW!

          • I took Spanish in grade school for 6 years but I was never very diligent at learning it. By baby docs standards if I do a self help on line course and pass I could then claim to be an EXPERT with 6 years of experience!

            She pisses me off almost as much as Martinez.

  28. Watched the interrogation video again this morning where Jodi talks about the masked white American intruders, male and female. I have to say it is the only account of any of her stories that I actually believe. In the alternate stories, you’ll notice that she can’t seem to remember things probably because things happened differently. Certain parts of the intruder story just couldn’t be made up. How could she be so ingenius to make up that “elaborate” story and remember it, but not any other story? I know a lot of people here believe the self defense story, and I’d go so far as to say that she truly is defending herself now against something bigger than a 200lb. man, but that story is not quite as creative as the intruder story. She had a lot of time to come up with something better if she is the great manipulating liar that these people want to make her out to be. She just says she doesn’t remember, or she was in a fog. That’s what I do if I have to lie, and I know I’m not the only one! No one wants to hear the truth, and no one believed it anyway. Wow, and Flores was never on her side, and I think she knew that before she even told him the truth. I also can’t ignore Travis’ response when she called him to tell him she was driving to Mesa. He asked, “So, what made you change your mind?” He did want her to stop by and see him. There was a conversation prior to her trip. I wonder if those phone calls could ever be retrieved somehow. I so wish she would’ve called a lawyer, but the innocent rarely do. I noticed Flores kept receiving texts or calls during the interview. I’d love to know what was said. Probably telling him to get her to just finish the story, or they were telling him what to say. He never asked what the gun looked like, nor the knife. I’m not a police woman, but why does my instinct tell me that one should definitely be asking these questions? Who the hell cares if he didn’t personally believe her story? He is an investigator, he should investigate every avenue. Then, he can be confident that he did a thorough job. But I’m almost positive someone somewhere knows him, or pays him to do this to innocent people. How could people be so naive to believe that there aren’t any crooked cops out there? Only women who have experienced DV know how a cop will turn on her, and be on the abusers side. I remember a story about a woman who shot and killed her abuser husband and he was a cop. I believe she also spent time in prison for it too. She had no where to turn. All his cop buddies and his boss would’ve been on his side if she ever reported him prior to her finally taking the law into her own hands after years of severe abuse. The police are supposed to protect you, but you can’t even trust them. I once had a cop give me advice after a car accident. He told me to basically commit insurance fraud. My family has had other crooked cop experiences as well. I know there are good cops out there as well, but we need to be aware that there are some who are very bad and abuse their power. Anyway, Flores isn’t the only crooked person in this whole scheme, of that I am so sure. I wish I had a ton of money. I’d hire a team of private investigators to expose this whole operation, and get Jodi and her family into witness protection. If only a millionaire out there could help her. I just know the other side is run by the almighty dollar. More like billions of dollars. I also caught something else very interesting and I don’t know if I’m just imagining this, but she mentioned ‘cash’ twice in that interrogation. They were taking cash from both her and Travis’ wallets. Made me think of Chris And Sky Hughes. Wonder if that was an acronym their little circle might’ve used affectionately at one point. Perhaps she did know more than she was letting onto, but could not tell for fear of what might happen. But maybe she was revealing subtle clues as to the identity of the players involved in Travis’ death. I’m sure if a “hater” caught wind of my words, hatred would be spewed in my direction and I’d be called crazy or something, but I just don’t care. The truth has this annoying habit of always hangin’ around.

    • I blv the intruders story too, Marie. Everything makes more sense, everything falls into place. I also wish I had money to help her out. I feel like someday, somehow the TRUTH WILL come out. I hope its not too late though.

      • Yes, and don’t you just love how Flores kept saying how her story didn’t make any sense to him? Ha! Well, that’s not really Jodi’s fault if he can’t make sense of things, is it? The fact that he immediately called her a liar speaks volumes to those of us who have unfortunately been force fed bullshit at some point in our lives by a domineering man. We understand the language, but just can’t speak it. I swear I don’t think if I hadn’t gotten to know so many men like that, that I would not recognize them for who they really are. I wouldn’t be able to catch onto their controlling games. I’m grateful for those difficult lessons.

    • Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.

      I just found this quote, I love it.

        • I actually believe the first story. The one where she says she wasn’t even there. The police had way too much time to stage the scene and plant evidence of Jodi being there. Jodi felt compelled to testify because she was told that the evidence existed. She is such a nice person that she will give the police the benefit of the doubt that she was there. There was truly no evidence that she could have ever been in Arizona, unfortunately she didn’t have any legal representation when she was questioned.

  29. I don’t FB or twitter But if someone could tell JODI Happy Birthday from me on her birthday that would be nice. I’ll be out of the country in July—going to Czech Republic.

  30. Psalms 46:10
    “Be still and know that I am God”

    John 14:27
    Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth , give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled , neither let it be afraid.

    1 Samuel 16:7
    “Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

      • Me too Danielle, sometimes it’s hard to be still and let God, we tend to get impatient and try to do on own and boy do we make a mess. lol But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. Isaiah 40:31

  31. I have on so much purple today that I could pass for Prince—that is if he were bald, and had a single ab where a six pack used to be ::) GO TEAM JODI!!!! And let’s stop all domestic violence in its tracks!

    • I know it’s a serious subject, but thanks Duke, you made me laugh out loud with the Prince comment. I needed that.

      • Glad that I could make you smile Marie! DV is a serious subject and one that should be addressed and taken in to account more than it is. No one—-female nor male– should be subjugated to the effects, etc., of DV…..and no one should be punished for defending themselves from their abusers—-even if they have to take their abuser’s life to do so.

  32. in the whole story, someone should really start looking at the money trail. note that Chris and TA are both “preacher” which use their charisma as revenue generator. Their reputation / image is every thing for them. Just for thought, what would Chris do if he ever found out that his good pal TA was under pressure from Judy to tell the truth about his sexual addiction? Also whom do you think would know in TA entourage that Jodie was coming to town? Usually you follow the money and you find the reasons.
    I still can not explain how they can force jodie to put herself in a corner with a life sentence in a box, but remember those people are really cunning and she was a prey. The statement from the Jury foreman also had some interesting content (the jodie pre 6/4/2008 is not the jodi of post 6/4/2008, she lied to try to escape the consequences of her act like anyone would have, and more…)

    — how do you explain the below? from dropout / nobody to con artist.

    Chris and Sky were married in July of 2002. They enjoyed a 10-day honeymoon at a 5-star resort on the beach in Cancun, Mexico. Two days after returning, they rushed off to the LegalShield Convention where they were recognized for having earned more than $100,000 in LegalShield in a 12 month period of time. In less than 3 years, and from scratch, Chris was able to earn a six-figure passive income! He and Sky, with the help of an amazing team, have gone on to build their personal income up to more than $50,000 a in one month!

    Look Who’s on the Board of Directors for Legal Shield, Formerly Known as Pre-Paid Legal Services: University of Akron School of Law Dean Martin H. Belsky

    • I agree with all that Steve Fisher.

      Also remember Travis knew Skye first. I do not put it past them to have a ongoing affair.
      This would make Skye the evil an horrid woman she is too Jodi. After seeing Travis
      now becoming more an more into Jodi.

      The strange thing is the time Chris an Skye both describing the scary night Jodi an
      Travis stayed over. An Just the 3 of them Chris,Skye an Travis stayed in their BEDROOM
      for over a 1 hour an half maybe even more said Chris. An they thought is was so
      scary that Jodi who is Travis’s gf come looking for him? She was listening on the
      other side of the door says Skye? really who the hell would not be! an matter of
      fact I would be thinking they have this huge home an all 3 are in the master bedroom?
      WTH are they doing in there? not for a few mins but over a hour an probably longer
      they both stated that.

      They said Jodi was so scary? they were so scared they did not know if they should
      leave or not ? maybe their children were in danger? REALLY! ok but then they went
      to sleep? oh they were so scared they went too sleep with the children sleeping etc.

      If no one can see that is the biggest LIE of them all then they can’t see anything. Who
      the hell goes to SLEEP if you are actually thinking someone in your home may hurt
      your children? NO ONE that’s who because it was a big lie. About them being scared
      all the drama for TV for HLN an the SHEEPLE that FOLLOW an they BY GOD BELIEVE
      that crap too.

      The young woman was attractive enough to find any man in life an was moving on.
      Travis was not gaining any ground on the VIRGIN WIFE they were not interested.

      Makes me wonder why ? because some people know a Snake Oil Salesman when
      they meet one. Jodi bought a 9mm after the fact an that was because she was scared
      of someone out there. Something more to the whole thing. I hope it comes out somehow

  33. It is still beyond me how they can look at Jodi and say no she’s not abused she’s just saying she is and turn to someone else and say oh yes she was abused but she hid it very well.

    • Personally,even if I didnt believe the physical abuse took place(which I wholeheartedly believe btw) his despicable words in those messages,e-mails etc would suffice to make me wanna acquit this woman for having snapped and defended herself.Period.
      NO person should be treated the way Jodi was.Not even verbally.It is just not acceptable if we are to call ourselves humans,made in God’s image.

      • and the way he used to “joke” about her in front of his friends and right in front of her face calling her a slut and whore. Then saying terrible things to her, she starts to leave and he calls her back into his life and the cycle starts again. It’s like he spent so much time controlling himself and trying to be the perfect guy in front of everyone and then w Jodi he took out all of his frustrations. She just continued to love him. Ugg..what a guy, I don’t mean that in a good way.

      • I agree with your whole post maria. Furthermore, it adds up to emotional and psycological abuse, some may call it mental abuse. And in a lot of cases it is more damaging than physical abuse. I think Alyce LaViolet even talked about this very thing.
        This kind of abuse is certainly nothing to minimize. It needs to be brought to the forefront.

    • That’s called selective vision and hearing —-the haters see and hear only what they want to hear and don’t want to see and hear anything that even remotely involves the truth.

  34. Here is my opinion for what it is worth. Today being Jodi’s survivor day, what if it had been the other way around? What if Jodi had been the one that died and Travis had lived? Jodi would have been put on trial, like all domestic victims are. It would have been told to the courts by many of Travis’s friends that Jodi was a stalker, she was always letting herself into his home through the doggy door, there was something strange about her, something wrong with her, they just couldn’t put their finger on it. Travis would still be thought of as a virgin, because that phone sex tape would never have been entered as evidence by his defense. Travis would tell the court that Jodi went into the bathroom while he was taking a shower and started attacking him, he fought her off and a knife fight ensued, ending tragically with her life being taken,, the verdict would have been self defense and he would likely have walked out. Why do I say this? Because that is the way it goes in domestic violence cases often. The woman is somehow always at fault or the man if the woman is violent. Nevertheless, the victim is always the one that winds up on trial. We live in a very sad society as a whole.

    • If that were the case,I hope we would still have the sexually explicit photos of June 4th so that his I’m-a-virgin- tower of cards would be shattered along with all the other claims of his.Plus,his disgusting messages and e-mails.
      As we have mentioned before,we didnt embark on this journey hating Travis’ guts.HE made us hate him.

      • Oh no Maria those photos and perhaps even the camera would be long gone before any investigation in the home ever took place, can almost guarantee that one. You can bet though that all the emails that were not allowed into evidence by the prosecution would have been brought in if Travis were the one on trial.

        • Maria, The Mormon Mafia and the Turd Alliance would have cleared that house from top to bottom of anything that would’ve incriminated that shit-wad Turdis Assexander before any cop ever got there—-even to the point of possibly disposing of poor JODI’s body! You see how they’re hiding evidence, etc., now —in order to make that shit-ass Turdis look like some kind of saint

    • I wonder if the world would have even heard of it or if it would have been swept under the rug. TA seems like he could clean up after himself very well.

      • You are most likely right Danielle we would have never heard of it, it would be just another man kills girlfriend or ex girlfriend that has a small one inch square in the paper never to be seen again.

  35. Hey Sirlips,
    My heart is a little heavy today, are you out there?
    I need a little smile….:-)
    Are you writing one of those novel length post, filled with mind boggling thoughts?
    Or are you just taking a breather?

  36. Hey everybody, Q: What’s the difference between horseshit, the troll, the judge, the Me, EF, baby doc, TA, the haters and the Assexanders? A: Horseshit isn’t worthless.

  37. Although this day is a celebration to those of us who love Jodi and are so thankful for her survival…I just know that Jodi’s heart is broken today. She loved Travis…all of the good…and all of the bad. If I know her character like I think I do, I believe she’s spending today crying and praying. We can celebrate the fact that her beautiful soul is still with us…but we need to uplift her in postive thoughts or prayers today…so she can feel at peace and feel our love surrounding her.

  38. I made a respectful tweet to Jodi on my twitter to commemorate this five year mark today.

    Anyone that has a twitter please support, or Re tweet it if would like to to show more haters that good, true and professional people do support Jodi Ann Arias,

    the link is here

    if you care to

    God Bless Jodi and her family…


  39. I just happened to be looking at the court entries and noticed that someone had filed a motion for release of jury questions and judicial remarks (it was done a few days ago).

    I wonder who that is, and why now?

    I also wonder if the judge is going to release them at this stage?

    The problem of course is that there are some question that either the attorneys or the judge or all involved found inappropriate, and I wonder whether or not the release of those questions at this stage is likely to be another contributing factor to the possible tainting of the jury pool?

    For instance, I have often wondered about Nurmi’s comment about the sexual orientation or hair style of some witness. Given that none of that ever was put in front of the jury, what led to that comment? And I’ve wondered if Nurmi wasn’t referring to some jury question that was deemed inappropriate by the judge?

    Why someone would want them released at this stage escapes me. I would guess that in due time those questions and judicial remarks would be released, but they are sealed for a reason, and this trial isn’t really over yet.

      • Today as I reflect upon the anniversary of Travis Alexander’s death, I recognize the magnitude of this human tradgedy, that will forever alter the Individual and Family Life Cycles of not one, but two families.The untimely death of the Alexander’s brother, Travis, can never be understood or satisfactorily resolved by the siblings. Travis was their brother and they loved him. The Arias family will spend the rest of their lives attempting to understand how this could have happened to their daughter, grand-daughter, and sister Jodi.Their grief will always be present.After all is said and done there is no bright future that they can share with Jodi. They have lost their daughter. Many people are responsible. Certainly the media, most particularly HLN, who crafted and instigated a trial riot, creating division and dissent among the public.In turn these commentators have been rewarded with pay-checks and praise by many trial watchers. They are ethically and morally bankrupt, operating without a conscious. Some dined with the Alexander family, while daily calling Ms. Arias names, and crying out for justice, all of this under the guise of supporting the Alexander family. They lamented that the jury failed to give the Them “An Answer and closure.” They ignored the facts, the jury answered, but they could not stop.Instead they invited the jurors to share their personal thoughts with the world, all under the pretense of supporting the Alexander’s and the hundreds of Travis’s “Dear Friends.” HLN commentators preyed upon a needy and vulnerable family, who in reality they could care less about..Soon they will move on to a new trial and the Alexander’s will be alone, angry, empty and sad. And then there was the Prosecutor, who turned the trial into his personal version of “Psycho,” showing the pictures of the deceased over and over and over again, inflicting repeated trauma on all present in the courtroom. Did he need to show the crime scene photo’s? Of course he did, but he used no discretion, eventually showing them for shock responses, rather than for juror understanding. He yelled, threw things, bullied, intimidated, mocked the witnesses, engaged in personal character assassination, and stabbed them in the heart professionally, all in front of the world to see. Yes he did these things in a Court Of Law. On the grounds of the Maricopa County Courthouse he posed for pictures with his supporters and signed autographs. When the Defense cried out for help,restoration of decorum and decency in the Courtroom, Judge Stephens ignored their pleas. Who do I hold responsible? You Your Honor. Yes, I blame you.You knew this trial was at risk to become not only a circus, but a Travesty of Justice.You knew this before the trial commenced.You did nothing to stop the injustice and you did nothing to protect Ms. Arias. You did not sequester the jury and chose instead to daily ask the silly question of whether or not they had seen any media or been approached etc. It was useless rhetoric and you knew that. You knew that legally you could get away with that, so you did nothing. The question in life is not whether or not we can do something, but rather should we. You allowed the Prosecutor, the media, Mr. Alexanders family and yourself to taint the jury. And in the end, what did you do? You started to cry. And now you will preside over a second penalty phase. Don’t cry Your Honor. After all, you live down there in Arizona, Capital of Wild West Law And Order. If you can not get the jury to put Ms. Arias to death the first time, the law allows you to convince another jury to kill her. Ms. Ariad did not get a fair trial.

          • Edward———Sadly it is true. I encourage everyone that posts here and lives in Maricopa County not to vote for Judge Stephens or The District Attorney. They need to be thrown out of office by the voters.

    • If I was a betting person, I put all my money on the media filing for them being released.
      The bad hair cut question came from a juror…being ask of Samuels. The sexual orientation question I felt was pointed at AL. I could be wrong on that one….but the social media was saying she was anti-men.

      • The juror who admitted to posing the bad hair cut question said some like he submitted to show Samuels he wasn’t buying the gobal amenesia. Not his exact words but, pretty much what he meant.

        • The juror who asked the haircut question was juror #8. You know, the dumbass that got the DUI. I guess he thought he was some kind of comedian. That’s how serious some of the jurors took the testimony of witnesses. Dude was a complete ass.

            • Juror 8 was the drunkard that went home and his wife was raising all kinds of hell about the trial and he said that she almost threw something into the tv because she was so mad…

              Sounded like his “wifey” was probably mad as hell everyday when he got home from trial and gave him a mouthful about what she thought about the trial…

    • I think the sexual orientation comment had to do with Kermit’s not-so-subtle implications that Alyce was biased because she was in love with Jodi. Nurmi was calling him out on his unprofessionalism.

    • Every time I think of going back to facebutt, there’s another reason that pops up why I shouldn’t.

      Thanks for the heads up!!!

  40. I finally finished my HLN letter to it’s Mom and Dad. (Turner and Time)

    I feel like I just wrote a mid term paper I did all of this research.

    I’ve got my Dr. Drew letter done and my gov of AZ letter done. Next I have another one About Dr. Drew but that’s to an org and that’s going to take a lot of work but I’m halfway through. I also have a couple ideas up my sleeve. My black ink should be here tomorrow.

    I also have to write to Capital One bc they have the best customer service!

      • LOL I like writing nice letters. I don’t think people usually get the compliments they deserve. I like to write a nice one after I spend an hour on youtube and reading HLN transcripts for my unhappy HLN letters. I feel like I just studied for a test!

    • coldcase53…

      re-cap of Jodi’s lawyers filing with Montgomery on February 20, 2013 about striking the death penalty and other things including Flores and Horn’s perjuries…

      I just don’t understand Montgomery…why didn’t he rule on that previous filing before the trial got this far?

      Is it because of election year?

      • Truth Seeker——thanks for passing that on. I am sure re-election has something to do with his behavior. I am beginning to believe the State will face problems with this case down the road. I hope and pray there is no deal cut with the state agreeing to give up her right to appeal.

    • I loved their respond.After all,it was the State and their ignorant Tot Doc that accused her of suffering from BPD.Now,let us play by your rules 😉

  41. it looks like they will continue with the trial

    from court doc today


    • They have to prepare, regardless, because these notices have to go in way in advance. Which side filed this notice? Is Martinez bringing in more weeping Mormons or is Nurmi bringing in more voices to speak on Jodi’s behalf?
      Or are these witnesses, do you suppose, for the ‘mini trial’ case review thing they have to do before they proceed to penalty phase.

    • The Alexander family lives in California. The taxpayers of Arizona will pay for a new jury for Jodi. Dave Hall is on HLN ranting that “we” the family will not go for a plea bargain, “we” want death and if there is a mistrial the 2nd time around, “we” the would consider life without possibility of parole. What the heck? These mormon and PPL people in Arizona are crazy If the da wants to be re-elected, the people of Arizona may be more concerned about taxpayer money being spent on things that will help the state not spending millions because the ta family wants their revenge plus arizona seems to have a hell of alot more crime problems than a woman defending herself against an abusive boyfriend who is trying to kill her. The state needs to do something about their border patrol problems and the drug lords killing innocent people. Juan would be afraid to take on those cases with his ranting and raving, he would be afraid they would get him.. Nancy is talking about a secret plea deal and that there is no way Juan would go along with that but juan does not make that decision. This all just makes me sick.
      I saw Tanisha was partying away at seaworld after the trial (pictures oon facebook) They don’t seem so grieve riden to me, I do think they want money and to keep this going means more money to the family.
      I hope from this case comes the dissolve of HLN, Juan Martinez is somehow found guilty of prosc. misconduct and more, Flores and Horn are found guilty of perjury and most of all Jodi is given her freedom and she makes a wonderful life for herself. But until all of that happens I am angry.

      • Dave the Pig Hall is not “we.” He’s not a family member. He’s a famewhore coattail-riding douchebag.

        • LOL, I suppose it could be said that Dave was potentially in line to BECOME a family member of Travis, since it was his sister Mimi that Travis had decided he wanted to marry.
          Of course, Mimi obviously had better taste than her brother, so it wasn’t going to happen. But Dave was apparently hoping!

          • and wouldn’t it be something if it was he that coincidentally went to see Travis the same evening after Jodi had left to confront him about wanting to deflower his sister on that coming up Cancun trip…and yada…yada…

            • Dave Hall (along with CASH )does protest TOO much.So much that it’s suspicious. If he loved TA so much,if TA was the best ‘catch’ how come his sister didnt want to have anything to do with him?Coz he wasnt marriage material,that’s why.Coz Mimi Hall was clever enough ,unlike her brother.,o see what a scumbag he was.
              And hell,no!! He is NOT family.Dave Hall,save the drama plz! You’re not convincing anyone except your stupid TA’s supporters.

        • I heard him on JVM last night it was sickening. She was just as bad with all the “WE”. She was bemoaning that the poor Alexander family have been going through this for five years and they need relief she said “WE” need justice. I love how in the HLN propaganda machine justice only =’s Jodi getting DP.

      • Hello, everyone! Reading all of your posts made me very emotional.
        Congrads to each and everyone of you for sharing your love, your care and support to Jodi.
        I personally am very proud and honored to be a part of this internet community and although we all come from different places in the world and probably will never meet in person, we have become family. A family that shares thier love for Jodi and supports her in any way we can.
        I would like to hug each and every one of you but knowing that it is not possible it doesn’t upset me because after all you are already in my heart!
        ((((((((((((TO ALL OF YOU)))))))))))))))))))

  42. Hey, folks. Well, I don’t really know how to say this, but there’s just so much hinky stuff going on, on the Internet, with regard to this case that I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    I have always believed that Jodi is innocent. I’ll tell you why I believe this. I am a domestic violence survivor and there were a few times that I tried to fight my abuser. Whenever I did, my abuser took complete control and I lost the battle…at least for the time being. Ultimately, I came out a winner because with the love and assistance of my family, I developed the courage to move on. I do not believe there is any way possible in the world that Jodi was responsible for the death of Travis Alexander. He was much stronger than she and could have grabbed that weapon from her in a heartbeat if that was really the case.

    I’m not sure why Jodi decided to take the fall and admit to killing Travis (even if in self-defense.) I hope I get to live long enough for the truth to come out.

    Anyway, I have a very dear friend (who, by the way, is not a subscriber or poster of this website, and doesn’t even agree with my theory of this case) tell me that I am now being talked about on an alternative website by a poster who says that my FB profile is one of a person whom I have never even heard of, supposedly because she has the same avatar on her FB profile as the one that I have here. It’s funny, in a way, except for the malice that seems to be behind the poster on that website. This is just too much for me to contemplate, especially since I don’t think I’ve ever posted anything harmful or hateful.

    Anyway, I’m old, I’m tired and I’m going to bid you all adieu. Keep the faith, friends. I’ll always think of you.

    • SD…

      You might want to consider changing your avatar so you want be in any way connected to the hater on FB that is using the same avatar…

      There are so many other beautiful avatars out there to use that they haters aren’t using…

    • You don’t have to leave, SD. 🙁 People on the internet can be crazy. Don’t let them get to you. Just ignore the haters and if it is on FB, report them for stealing your identity. Don’t stay away too long, SD.

    • We appreciate you and want you to stay. <3

      Keep the faith SD, no matter what "they" say you are always welcome here!

      Oh, and if any regular posters are reading this, and you are on Facebook, please lock up your profile so that "friends of friends" cannot see you. I think this post is confirmation that they are interdicking on Facebook to find our posters and harass them.

  43. Hi Team Jodi! How are you?

    Well, this morning I mailed 2 postcards to Jodi. I mentioned this website on one of the postcards, but I didn’t really have a lot of space to say a whole lot. I hope that she gets them soon. Last Saturday I got the postcards from the local post office. They are blank 4″ postcards with a special “Forever USA” sailboat stamp already attached to it. I hope that these are deemed acceptable by Sheriff Joe and his posse.

    As you can gather, I never did hear back from Dr. Drew regarding my response to him. I can’t say that I’m surprised. He used to be a very compassionate, kind and caring man, but the day he decided to become a hater and join the rest of the clique on HLN he sold his soul and sold out.

    • Hey JM! Hope your day was great. I also mailed a postcard to Jodi today. I ordered a bunch from for cheap and they have a ton of designs. Last week I sent her a cat postcard, and today and yesterday I sent some cute floral designs. I haven’t heard back yet but I also haven’t gotten them back return to sender, so that must be a good sign.

      • Can you share the mailing address that we can send the postcard to so that Jodi will receive them? I read over the rules on the jail website but it said you needed to have her inmate number as well for it to get to her. Please share the correct address here or i can give you my email if you don;t want to post it here.

        I don’t remember which one of you it was, but I re-tweeted to the pinkski that he should answer or respond to your well laid out question to him.

        please the postcard addy someone?



      • I big THANK YOU to everyone mentioning Zazzle to order post cards. I’ve been wanting to send Jodi a few and their selection is amazing. I spent about an hour on their website today going through the selection…lol

        Also on a side note I finally got my avatar to show up so a big hug to all the patient posters who keep posting the gravtar info/links.

    • It’s so important Jodi keeps getting the support she needs via postcards. I know she will be grateful!

      And I agree about David Drew Pinsky (I refuse to call him ‘doctor’).

      • Oh my gosh his name is David?! I should have known. I have no luck with Dave or Davids! Maybe one will prove me wrong someday. But one of them is a cousin so it hasn’t happened in 33 years lol.

    • JM,
      your letter was absolutely perfect.But did you really expect he would reply? COWARDS and liars dont usually have the guts to confront people who have irrefutable proof or stand their ground. The whole lynch mob consists of people who are terrified of someone breaking their bubble.

      • Maria, I’m not surprised that Dr. Drew did not reply. He knows that what he’s doing is wrong and that makes him even less of a man to me.

        There is a difference between a “mistake” and a “wrong”. A mistake is when you forget something or you do something that turns out to be wrong, but at the time you didn’t realize it. But when you do something and you know it’s wrong and you realize it’s wrong, that’s not a mistake. Dr. Drew knows better and shame on him for aligning himself with a bunch of haters and bigots.

  44. I think at this point in time, barring a complete mistrial or a plea deal, Jodi would have a better chance at fairness with a coin flip on the DP. Due to prosecutorial misconduct and media intervention, rather than convene a new jury from the same poisoned well, AZ should hand Jodi over to another state then conveniently fall off the map of the United States. I say let’s sell that parcel of land for less than the Louisiana purchase. I’m sure Mexico would be glad to have you.

  45. I’m a bit late to the celebration of “survivors day” but wanted to say I am so grateful that Jodi made it out alive. I am saddened to think of how many others in the same situation Jodi was in five years ago today, have not. I hope this day becomes an annual celebration for survivors and that by next year more young women will have gotten out of abusive relationships as a result of Jodi’s courage and the courage of Alyce Laviollette to tell it like it really is, despite being threatened by hateful and vengeful people. So happy survivors day to all survivors of domestic violence.

  46. I’m probably going to turn this into a blog post tomorrow, but I wanted you all to be the first ones to read it. It is called “6/5/13: 5 Years Later”.

    Tomorrow will mark the 5-year anniversary of Travis Alexander’s death. Personally, I never understood why people celebrate anniversaries of people dying. Maybe “celebrate” is the wrong word to use, but I just think that it would make more sense to remember someone’s life or even their birthday instead of the day that they died.

    We will likely be inundated with a never-ending stream of tributes to Travis Alexander on more than a few television networks tomorrow. We will likely hear about how wonderful of a man he was and how tragic it was that his life was cut short by Jodi Arias. This is to be expected and I believe that they have every right to do that. However, I’d like to use this day to acknowledge Jodi Arias as well as the many other survivors of domestic abuse all around the world. Then there are those who are victims of domestic abuse whose voices have been permanently muted because they were beaten or tortured so senselessly that they died. I’d like to acknowledge them as well.

    If you approached this trial and analyzed it through the prism of black and white, it would be easy to presume Jodi Arias as guilty. But as we all know, the world is not black and white. It is gray and if you approached this trial and analyzed it through the prism of this color, it is easy to presume Jodi Arias as innocent. Yet there are still a lot of people including many women who refuse to believe that Travis Alexander was abusive towards Jodi. Moreover, they don’t seem to care if he was and, sadly, make excuses for his bad behavior. These are just a sample of some of the ones that I have heard:

    “Well, c’mon! He was a guy! Like YOU would turn down sex?”
    “Sure, Travis wasn’t an angel…BUT”
    “Jodi was stalking him! He wasn’t stalking her!”
    “She made him do that sex tape!”

    And then there are the ridiculously insane comments that I have heard from pro-Travis zealots like how Jodi made a physical gesture in court like she was slicing her throat in front of the jury or she gave the middle finger to someone in court. Even a few of the people on YouTube who support Travis Alexander were honest enough to say that this was ridiculous. But this is what we’re up against on a daily basis and Jodi and her family especially are. Nobody in the national media as far as I know is loudly standing up for Jodi Arias and defending her from these bullies that attack her. I know that Jodi can hold her own as she has demonstrated, but I think that it’s still nice to know that somebody has your back.

    If Jodi Arias was this demonic, evil, heartless, crazy witch that Team Travis has made her out to be, then why would Travis even consent to having her in his house, let alone have sex with her? Even Michael Douglas’s character in “Fatal Attraction” got to a point where he wanted to have nothing to do with Glenn Close’s character. And, last time I checked, no bunnies were ever harmed by Jodi Arias. Also, let’s get another thing straight here: Travis repeatedly texted Jodi, called Jodi, emailed Jodi. If someone is stalking you, you don’t keep responding to their messages or contacting them. You tell them to knock it off or you’ll get a restraining order against them. And then you shut down future communication with that person. Travis did none of that. Instead, he kept coming back to Jodi. He kept coming back for more. Yes, so did Jodi, too, but I believe that she only did so because she was misled by Travis into thinking that he loved her and a long-term relationship was in the cards. And even when that was clearly not going to happen later on, I think that Jodi’s need for affection and love overrode whatever apprehensions and fears she may have had about pursuing a relationship with Travis.

    Jodi didn’t kill Travis because she’s a cold-blooded murderer. She killed him out of fear. She killed him because she had internalized all of this emotion and it all came blasting out of her that fateful day 5 years ago. It is very easy for us to speculate what Jodi should have, could have done. We weren’t there. It is impossible for many of us to know what it’s like to be in the shoes of a domestic abuse survivor. Unless you’ve walked in those shoes, you’re not qualified to offer any reasonable explanation. You’ve got every right to express your opinion, but if you haven’t been there you couldn’t possibly understand. I learned this after talking with a few domestic abuse survivors.

    What is especially disturbing to me about this whole case is how many people in the media are getting a perverted, vicarious thrill out of this. It is beyond disturbing to listen to them attack Jodi Arias, make fun of her and her supporters and go out of their way to find people who want to see Jodi die a violent, painful death. Some of them say things like “Travis didn’t choose death so why should Jodi get to choose?” My response to that is “Jodi didn’t choose Travis’s death. Shit happened beyond her control.” Also, if you want to be blunt about it, perhaps if Travis Alexander had left Jodi Arias alone instead of pursuing her like a canine in heat time and time again, he might be alive today. Just a thought.

    The people on Travis’s side preach to us about taking personal responsibility for our actions yet they continually refuse to place any blame on Travis Alexander. Everything is Jodi’s fault. Was it Jodi’s fault that Travis “Love ‘Em And Leave ‘Em” Alexander used women and especially Jodi until he discarded her like a piece of trash when he no longer needed her? Was it Jodi’s fault that Travis referred to himself as a “dildo with a heartbeat” and her as a “three-hole wonder”? How would any of these women that defend and support Travis like to be referred to as a three-hole wonder by anybody? Or how would they react if their husband or boyfriend referred to himself as a “dildo with a heartbeat”?

    The more people find out about this case, the more people side with Jodi Arias. I am confident and optimistic that the truth will win out before all is said and done.

    • Excellent!

      Except, unless you are privy to information that many of us have been looking for, TODAY – June 4 – is the anniversary of Travis’ death.

      • Sorry. I meant to say June 4, 2013. Yesterday was a long day for me. I’ll correct it when I post it on my blog later today. Thanks!

    • Tell the haters that Duke said meet me in dark alley or an open field and I’ll take personal responsibility for putting my foot in their assholes so far that they’ll be able to taste my shoes laces every time they swallow. And that goes especially for the troll and his cronies, the HLN idiots, and the Assexander clan! (YO haters, how’s this for taking on personal responsibility?!!!)

      • meant to say tell the haters that Duke –meaning me—said meet him—meaning me again —in a dark alley or an open field

      • Duke, you don’t happen to live in Baltimore, MD. I have some people at my work that constantly make jokes to me about my opinion in this case.

  47. Hi how is every one? I’ve been off the site for a week, one of my elder dogs has been very ill.
    Nevertheless I’ve been thinking a lot about our poor Jodi, planning to write letters for help in her defense and appeal,
    or any other work you guys decide would be helpful to her case.
    I’m trying to catch up on the posts of the last week, are there any news about her defense team and strategy?
    Please refer me to past posts or updates. What should the strategy be? Which prominent lawyers could help who might be understanding of domestic abuse and media persecution? Where should our efforts focus?

    • Right now we’re compiling information and I’m hoping to get at least a youtube video off the ground.

      If you have any other ideas, that would be great too!

      • as a tentative brainstoriming idea only

        instead of, or maybe in addition to, one big youtube video a series of shorter videos. during which you can develope and hone your skills, and ideas on how to present such video material

        maybe someone skilled in this area can assist

        i presume it’d need to be entirely scripted, critiqued by the team,

        and perhaps some, or maybe no, liason with k and j ?

        it could be approached thematically, chronological, in summary, etc

        does a youtube inevtiably open you up to unrestricted comments from haters biased and irrational attacks ?

        maybe not allow any comments at all
        i believe that’s an option ?

        otherwise, it wouldn’t be moderated, as is done here

        that’s some initial tentative ideas


        here’s some of the first results, which i have not reviewed

        Brainstorming is a group or individual creativity technique by which efforts are made to find a conclusion for a specific problem by gathering a list of ideas spontaneously contributed by its member(s). The term was popularized by Alex Faickney Osborn in the 1953 book Applied Imagination. Osborn claimed that brainstorming was more effective than individuals working alone in generating ideas, although more recent research has questioned this conclusion.[1] Today, the term is used as a catch all for all group ideation sessions.

        maybe just dump the brainstorming method and discuss it
        maybe there some good elements in brainstorming that might be used ?

        there’s my 5 cents worth

  48. Guys, I want to help doing just whateverrrrrrrr. It doesn’t matter what. My only problem is, I am a nitpicker and I have to go detail by detail so that I have it right. Just let me know and walk me through it.

    • Hi cj!

      Are you up for some youtube video brainstorming? I think it would be great if we could find public domain images/music, anything that can be put into something awesome for Jodi.

      What do you think we should put in the video? How best do you think we can present the information of this case?

      Let me know. 🙂

      • Did you have in mind something like a ’48 hours’ show –perhaps shorter– presenting what happened with her case?
        Compounding all what her defense team and witnesses have presented, ( non-sense premeditation, cult and domestic abuse, self-defense, PTSD ) plus what has been done to her by the botched investigation, the media, the haters, the prosecution, the judge and jurors, and now another unconstitutional new jury selection for the penalty phase of this biased verdict?

        • Yes! Or maybe something movie length, like Michael Moore would do. I know he’s not everyone’s favorite, but his style seems to appeal best to the mainstream media. I’d like to put together something that the average person can learn a lot from. Let’s face it, most people NOW don’t want to take the time and trouble to read and collect the info, let alone in coming months and years when interest in the case starts to fade so we want it to be something good that will stick with people and get them to want to get involved. If a legal fund ever gets set up, we could burn copies of the DVDs and all proceeds would go to that.

          We might even have to put together a series of videos/movies, as this case has been bungled so bad we will have to untangle it all and address each point. So if you are detail oriented, this might be up your alley!

          • Even though I am not a MM lover, I do LOVE the idea of a Michael Moore style documentary about the flaws of the so called Jodi Aria trial. I wish I had some technical expertise I could contribute, but alas do not.

  49. HI EVERYONE!! I know its late but I wanted to let Jodi know I love her today!! I want to thank her for being brave enough to do what so many in her shoes could not. I thank her today for picking her life over her attacker
    I want to let her know there are people millions of people who KNOW what happened to her was NOT right. I want her to know there are people who will never stop fighting for her. She was put in a position that day that NO ONE should ever be put in!! She feared for her life and chose to live in the face of ultimate terror. I lveyou Jodi and We are all so glad you had the strength in you spirit to fight that day. You give all victims faith that they too can have the strength to fight back. Have peace this day Jodi > You did the whole world a great service that day. You have prevented this travesty that unfortunately happened to you from happening to someone else GOD FORBID a child. We are truely blessed to have you in this world with us and I thanks god everyday your here. Sleep well tonight.

  50. Dear Jodi
    If you are reading this, know that there are many other women who have been in your shoes. The world is currently more anti-female than it has ever been. Travis Alexander so clearly got the bulk of his ideas about sex from internet porn-sites – disgraceful demeaning, misogynistic scenarios where women are treated worse than cattle. The ‘man’ made laws that rightly prevent child-pornography, hateful racial speech and general acts of violence, nevertheless permit a cyber-world of heinous acts against women, all under the false notion that these ‘actresses’ are adults. They are the abused girls and women of a culture that does not understand that when a woman is not loved and cherished, and used for the consumption of sex alone. she quickly has no choice. Her natural loyalty leads her instead to become like a loyal dog, that stays out of devotion and natural instinct, and knows not how to flee.
    I understand your pain, for like so many women, I have known what it is to have my heart and soul eradicated, while I became an object- bonded through what I presumed was ‘love-making’ and unable to free myself through my own misguided loyalty.
    Whatever opinions people hold about you; the fact that they can simultaneously praise Travis Alexander as a ‘great guy’, speaks volumes of the sickness of our world.

  51. Good morning all! Just discovered last night that TA’s birthday is the same as mine. How depressing! Saw the Hall boy on tv last night saying that their going to honor TA on his B/D by doing something nice for someone. The funny thing here is that it looks like TA only did these things when other people were there to witness it. Self glorification! The real test here is what you do when others aren’t watching. I really believe that TA was quite the con man. If you watched all the videos of TA he was always the center of attention. The one that doc spew always shows is the one when Jodi is laying on TA’s lap when he is telling his story about his near death stick up. They made it seem as Jodi was bored, even though it was like 12:30 or 1:00 in the morning. Do you think she just might have been TIRED!

    HLN just can’t stop crucifying her and others. They have to be stopped.

    • They will stop when the $$ dries up. They will go on to their next big story. They will onsite hate as they have always done. TA’s family and friends will be the thing of the past. The cash flow will be gone. They will have to live with their guilt that will eat at them untill they either become hollow inside or kill themselves

      Jodi will be sat free and the real killers of Travis will spend however. long it takes looking over their shoulders ..So Dave, Chris, Sky and a few more keep flapping your lips and digging your own holes.

    • No, that’s good news, Tim! Then instead of us all moping around on Travis’s birthday, we can celebrate yours instead.

  52. Good morning …Al no dead head today?

    OK I want to take a trip back to 6-9-2008. Details. F upon looking at the crime seen didn’t believe that one person could have done this. His word’s .. Now how the heck did all the “friends” that found Travis just come up with Jodi on the 911 call? Everyone knew she had moved back to CA. 1000 miles away.
    Who knew she was there? Why would SH’s brother fix Ryan and Jodi up? His sister didn’t like Jodi.
    These are the simple questions..

    Now back to JM last tail of events ..Jodi stabed TA in the showed you know the wound to the cheast. The one that would reander anyone else incapable of moving let alone getting out of the shower and looking in the mirror. Then she slit. hi neck ear to ear and then dragged all 200lbs. of his dead body back into the shower. Oh don’t forget she shot him in the head in the shower after he was already dead.

    What trial and evidence did this jury see cause I guess it wasn’t the same one I watched for 4 months. KN and Dr. S why did you make Jodi change her story?
    If anyone can answer my question perhaps I could get a good night sleep. I’m beginning to think I have a Body.

    • Cindy, hi!
      My exact thoughts!
      IMO, TA was murdered by others. Yes, maybe Jodi shot him (but it wasn’t a death wound). Sth else happened that involves his so called friends and they framed the ‘outsider’ : Jodi.
      There is no way in hell Jodi could have dragged ta and placed him in the shower. WTF? Do they think that we would believe she has the HULK’S super powers??
      It is frustrating that so many people believe that she could have these super powers and did everything in a matter of less than an hour (killed, cleaned, put the clothes in the washing machine, etc.).
      Jodi was half across the state when ta was being murdered.

    • I am suspicious too that there were more involved…these are some lingering things that I have questions about…


      What about the man’s shoe print dried in blood at the crime scene…why didn’t they mention that in trial much???

      And why would Dave want Jodi dead so bad???…he is making a big stink on HLN about it…

      What is he afraid of or wanting to hide???…he sounds desperate on HLN…

      Did he possibly go over there to confront him…just coincidentally…right after Jodi left that Wednesday evening…to argue with him about he had better not try deflowering his sister on that trip they were supposed to go on???

      I always thought her statement to Flores was odd in that she is bringing up an “innuendo of sex” into the statement and it wasn’t even needed to be brought in at that time…She told Detective Flores that she didn’t want the trip to be anything more than just friends…(sex was on Travis mind and he must have been pressuring her to have sex on this trip…maybe she told her brother…and he decided to “nip” it in the bud)

      What is he afraid that Jodi will remember from that Wednesday evening???…that Travis was alive when she left???

      Was it really Jodi pants leg with the stripe and the sock foot seen in that photo???or was it someone else’s???

      These are just a few of the things that I keep thinking about and when I see those idiots on HLN they just reinforce my thoughts…

      • Truthseeker1111,
        DH, CASH’s ALEXANDER’S are wishing for the DP just because they’d like to vanish all the encriminating evidence once and for all, which happens to be Jodi’s memory. If she gets it back… they are going to be in trouble!!!!
        Jodi’s memory loss of that day is what is keeping them out of jail).
        (BTW, sorry if I am making up words, LOL. Is there such a word as ‘encriminating’? It sounded all right to me! ).

        • Pandora…
          Actually…that’s what I thought too from day one of reading the Flores report…something just never sit right about the Flores report with me….I know that report by heart…and it is obvious that many are afraid of what she will remember…

  53. MB hi!
    I read above about your interest in making a youtube video supporting our cause. I am sure that whatever you put together, it will have music to go along with it. Well, everytime I read sth about martinez, flores, HLN or the alexander clan in our posts, automatically the song ‘Killing in the name of’ by Rage Against the Machine keeps playing in my head! Especially this lyric: “Some of those that work forces, are the same that burn crosses”. When I remember (seeing in video’s) the masses of murderers (haters) ranting for the DP and this comes up in my head “And now you do what they told ya, now you’re under control”.
    I have no idea what you are aiming for but as an alternative rocker I kinda was thinking of sth loud that ‘screams’ to the haters “wake up people, learn to think for yourselves”.
    It was just an idea..

    • Can you share the mailing address that we can send the postcard to so that Jodi will receive them? I read over the rules on the jail website but it said you needed to have her inmate number as well for it to get to her. Please share the correct address here or i can give you my email if you don;t want to post it here.

      I don’t remember which one of you it was, but I re-tweeted to the pinkski that he should answer or respond to your well laid out question to him.

      please the postcard addy someone?



      • Hi Lolly,
        Unfortunately, due to the fact that I live in Greece and therefore can’t send Jodi a postcard, I do not know the mailing address for Jodi.
        Once someone from the admins sees your post, they will contact you.
        From what I understand, it is best not to share Jodi’s inmate number anywhere exposed to the public eye because the haters are always lurking and I am sure that they would take advantage of that kind of info and send hate mail and that is one thing we don’t need. We try to protect Jodi, as best as we can.

        • Pandora…my friend was telling me yesterday that he is flying to Greece in a few weeks…he says that it is beautiful there…you are lucky to have such a beautiful place to live…I grew up in Florida and I still think of that as a beautiful place to live…I’m not so lucky anymore…live in a yucky environment now…I dream once again for the waves, ocean sounds, white sandy beaches, and the breezy environment of Florida coastline…me just has to dream on…LOL…

          • Truthseeker1111,
            Hi! Not to toot my horn (did I say that right?) but Greece is a beautiful country, rich with ocean, beaches, mountains, amazing ancient sites and it’s a damn big shame that the politicians here are such filthy, gready, corrupted SOB’s that they have driven us to the state we are today (bankruptcy, unemployment and misery).

    • They are playing up the hypocrisy of Martinez case. The State hired an inexperienced and apparently incompetent baby doc to do anything to win their case. But that also disqualified the death penalty. I believe it is unconstitutional to kill someone with a mental disorder. Montgomery is playing politics like the conservative asshole that he is and I hope it blows up in his face.

    • Did anybody read all the comments by the haters at the bottom of the article? What a bunch of whining babies. The funny thing is that most likely 99.99% of these people didn’t know TA. They of listened to HLN and looked at the photo and cry for the abuser. If they would take the time and do the research they would see things in a different way. They don’t realize how this trial was totally manipulated by a corrupt prosecutor and his cronies. They seem to want to hide their heads up their asses and not see the injustice of the way this trial was handle. It is more than just trying to get Jodi an innocent victim justice, but it also has a long lasting effect on how our judicial system works.

        • I’ve tried endlessly on other boards to point out some substantial issues with this case and Jodi not getting a fair trial and your immediately dismissed as some nut job. Of course I expect this when you had a hack like Dr. Drew spewing out all this crap about how Jodi supporters obviously have some “issues”.

  54. Good morning, Team Jodi!

    I am sorry to see you go, SD. I understand, however, due to the amount of hate and fuckery out there. I personally refuse to negotiate with terrorists, and that is EXACTLY what the travis Taliban attempt to do. I find it best to not even look at what they are doing. They can threaten all they want, but in the end, they are about as relevant as travvies little over-used and abused penis.

    Have a wonderful day, everyone!

    • (((Renee))) I miss you! I feel like I haven’t seen you as much here lately 🙁
      I’m very fond of your PMA in this post, though!

    • ((((((((Renee)))))
      You’re so right.They are terrorists.And just like extremists,they refuse to listen to anything that doesnt comply with their rules and sick ideas.We cant fix stupid,now can we? I totally respect people who choose to engage in posting comments back and forth with the haters,trying to make them get some perspective.I personally stay away to keep my mental health as balanced as possible(not that I think I will ever be the same after this trial).

      • I know I will never view the American Judicial System the same if Jodi Arias doesn’t get vindicated.
        She lashed out because she was being abused by a man and wound up having to kill him.
        Sad, but true.
        A man lost his life in a tragedy which he built himself. So, so sad, but true.

  55. Good morning Team….

    I have been dealing with a personal situation that I will not post details about in chat. It’s a difficult time but certainly not as grotesque a time as Jodi is having.

    I hope everyone is hanging in there…:-)

  56. Did anybody read all the comments by the haters at the bottom of the article? What a bunch of whining babies. The funny thing is that most likely 99.99% of these people didn’t know TA. They of listened to HLN and looked at the photo and cry for the abuser. If they would take the time and do the research they would see things in a different way. They don’t realize how this trial was totally manipulated by a corrupt prosecutor and his cronies. They seem to want to hide their heads up their asses and not see the injustice of the way this trial was handle. It is more than just trying to get Jodi an innocent victim justice, but it also has a long lasting effect on how our judicial system works.

  57. Team Jodi, I have an idea. I am not in AZ but as I have mentioned before had a friend there who was shot in the head by her long time bf. he had been abusing her for some time and when she called the cops they didn’t believe her cuz he was a good ole boy. He even locked her in a closet for 3 days to punish her. Anyway she did not die after being shot in the head and it was considered attempted suicide cuz that’s what the bf told cops. When she was Ina coma her sister went to stay there and kept tryi g to convince anyone and everyone that the bf did it. No one believed her until finally a detective (who kind of listened from the beginning do he was different) heard her wake up long enough to whisper that her bf tried to kill her. The detective then looked I to his background and found enough to convince him that this guy was bad and finally arrested him and he’s in jail now.

    So my thinking is, maybe we could all do a letter writing campaign to various detectives, attorneys and private investigators on AZ and perhaps we could find someone that will help find the truth. I guess we need someone in that area to compile a list of investigators and PIs to write to, and a coherent list of reasons we could present in our letters to tell them why we think this case deserves further investigation. In addition, I have already written to false confessions dot org, but if any legal eagles here could also get their attention I’m sure more input would help.

    • Is this idea too naive to warrant a response? If so, please let me know and I will drop the idea and not waste my time, but if valid then it would be nice to know where I can find a list. (Google search sucks these days so its not like I can look this stuff up like I used to be able to.)

  58. Amy

    above you made many very enlightening and insightful points

    you were having fun with posting your comments inadvertently

    no concern; i think it read better in parts, as a serial 🙂

    you also rejected the myth of the self made man
    i agree
    i imagined the life of a self made man


    conceived himself, gestated himself without a host mother, suckled himself, created an entirely new language, educated himself from information he created afresh, had no interaction with any others, including parents and other companionship which might have affected his odyssey of self creation, never walked or drove along roads made by others, he created of his own volition all the nutrients for life he needed ie he grew and ate all their own foods, from seeds and animals he had created of his own volition, since to do otherwise would diminish his journey of self creation, did not live in a house or
    society with customs and laws created by others, read no books or listened to no television or radio broadcasts, read no newspapers, as such contained the repository of knowledge and wisdom, of that culture, not his, and married no one, or had no friends who might have influenced him, he had no children, he died


    others have made comments about the self made man

    Luck is not something you can mention in the presence of self-made men.
    E. B. White

    A self-made man? Yes, and one who worships his creator.
    William Cowper

    He was a self-made man who owed his lack of success to nobody.
    Joseph Heller

    • Wes, I really enjoy your posts. Your imagining of the self made man is right on the mark. To me, everything is inextricably related to everything else; reality is one interwoven fabric.
      I have been thinking about how the Jodi haters/ Jodi supporters is like a yin/ yang dynamic where two seeming opposites arise together because they are really complementary aspects of one whole.
      I also appreciated your further comments on health care, competition, and your astute remarks about the U.S.’s ruling class using the ploy of keeping people separate so that they don’t have power as a collective force.
      Now we see the same ploy with the biased media not printing comments from Jodi supporters, not covering the defense side in a fair or adequate way. I was really surprised to hear that HLN deletes comments from Jodi supporters even when there is nothing offensive in them, but just simply convey support for Jodi. I was a bit shocked too when perusing a hater site in order to glean information, I read a post where a woman smugly, triumphantly proclaimed how only three Jodi suporters called Dr. Drew. However much Drew was responsible for giving that impression, it is mind blowing and scary to think that people are so unsophisticated in their ability to assess a situation, that that woman actually believed only three supporters called in, rather than realizing that three is all the Dr. Drew show allowed on air.
      Even if someone is not interested in Jodi Arias, a person should be interested in safeguarding his own freedom and right to expression, so Jodi’s situation
      should give them pause and alert one to the ever increasing dangers to civil liberties everywhere.

      I also agree that competition can be a healthy and rewarding phenomenon if the underlying motivations and the context it is set in are sound.

    • Those damn black hairs bother me to no end. HOW would dog hair get into a shower, yet no other hair? No way… were they collected? Examined? NO one mentions them….

      • Me too!!
        They cant be pubic hair because they were both waxed down there(blushes).
        They could be dog hair(just like cat hair,they can be practically anywhere) but then again all the water running during for example the photoshoot should have made it go down the drain.
        So,all we’re left is that it must be his leg or armpit hair.
        Should it be mentioned though?Or am I missing sth?

        • They should be excluded at a minimum, nothing can be assumed. If they are his fair enough, but why not tell us at least? Why even take a picture of it unless for a reason?
          We don’t even know if they are black or hairy.

    • Well, I can tell you from many years of experience that dog hairs end up everywhere -e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e- including places where the dog himself has never been.

      That said, if they are not mentioned anywhere else, do we know that they are ‘black’ hairs, or are they simply dark hairs? Why can’t they be Travis’ hair? The smudging around them indicates Travis’ body was in contact with those areas of the shower. Couldn’t they just be hairs from his arms or legs?

      I know – and agree – it’s annoying when they don’t bother to answer these questions in court, but if they were Travis’ hairs next to Travis’ body, why would anyone bother to say so, KWIM?

      • Yeah they bother me because they are just ‘there’ and they should have been discounted in evidence. You can’t just have stray hairs in an evidence scene surely not?
        They have to be accounted for.

    • Hi Jaz! Not sure I believe this analysis…but it was very intelligently organized and presented. Thank you for posting the link!

        • It does pose some very interesting questions…that’s for sure. Let’s say that is what happened…I’m assuming CASH or the roommates or whoever could have tortured him for days. But how did Jodi play into the scene? Was she ever even there??? Or was she held hostage for a couple of days? It’s all so complicated.

        • And it does raise the question: where WAS the blood pooling? I mean, I didn’t see any ANYWHERE. So was he drained of blood?

          • No only blood pooling but livor mortis. If he was put in that postition when the JM claims then why didn’t all the blood settle to his lower extremities?

            • Well, according to “the prosecutor” he bled out at the end of the hall. Mmmkay JM…whatever you say.

        • I agree.The infected back wounds and the lack of blood pooling rose some ineresting doubts in my head.I hope there was an MD here among us to help those of us who do not understand the medical mumbo jumbo get a better picture.
          Could he have bled completely out?I know it is plausible.
          Does anyone remember Selena?The mexican american singer?She was shot,just once and was completely drained of blood because she rushed to the hotel’s lobby,which made her heart pump even faster.It only took a few minutes.
          So,I guess it’s possible but shouldnt there at least be a little bit of blood in his body to settle in his buttocks area?

    • I guess it’s autopsy photos night again….Ok,I’ll read it because the first line alone surely caught my eye!

    • I believe they convicted her becaust the throat slash…..I dont see how she could have done that in one swipe……something is very wrong here…..why is Jodi taking the rap? I had not seen these particular photos…..they are shocking and I support Jodi…..Im sure they are intended to be shocking. But Travis could have overpowered Jodi. No doubt. She is not guilty of murder.

    • Very interesting information. Still so many questions unanswered. Particularly, why do the TA supporters refuse to look at information that may lead to killers other than Jodi. If I were a family member, I would want every stone turned over and would not rest until I had seen all the information out there as to what may have happened.

  59. Good Day everyone!! I hope all of my wonderful JODI ARIAS SUPPORTERS are doing well!!

    MB- I love your ideas please let me know how I can help with any efforts. I have been working on some other ideas, and when I get things all mapped out I will post.

    Sending out a very special ((((((hug))))))) to the haters, thanks for keeping us in the forefront of Google, and the hits high!! Your obsession with us is really beneficial, we couldn’t do it without you!!

    The back and forth with Jodi’s defense and Montgomery is quite interesting, and according to this article, the name Jodi Arias benefits Montgomery in about the same way it benefits the TA Taliban and HLN.

    The Pathetic Truth!!

  60. SJ, can I suggest sth?
    Everytime someone new signs in – and to avoid trolls using our names – if they try to enter (sign in) with someones name from this site, maybe a message could come up and tell them “sorry, name already in use, choose another”. I don’t know if that is doable but maybe it could stop the trolls from signing up as us.

  61. I wrote this new poem/sonnet for Jodi today. It is called “Designated Arias”.

    Dearest Jodi, you give so much through art,
    If only your haters had open minds.
    This would also require an open heart,
    Inside its temple the truth ye shall find.
    Your days and nights must be so very hard,
    Alone in your fortress of solitude.
    Ye shall be comforted with my postcard,
    With smiles returning and passion renewed.
    Keep fighting the good fight ’till the bell tolls,
    Believe freedom and justice will prevail.
    You will not be condemned with the lost souls,
    Angels of mercy will free you from jail.
    O, thou art my muse for what it is worth,
    With an angel’s love and chance for rebirth.

  62. Dear Visiting Hater,

    I support Jodi Arias. It is my freedom to do so. Just as it is your freedom to support hate. I would like to say outloud and proud that I will not be silenced. I will volunteer what little free time I have to support the fight for Jodi’s freedom. No words you say and no amount of harassment against me or my fellow posters will scare me away. If I’m silent it just means I am working hard in support of Jodi.

    ♥ Jaz

  63. hahahha Gotta love the defense! Brilliant move on their part to use JM’s witness Demarte, to turn the tables and use it in Jodi’s favor. JW is saying that the ‘expert witness’ diagnosed Jodi with Borderline Personality Disorder, and this should definitely be taken into account. ie: You do NOT put a mentally ill person (with no other criminal offenses on record) to death. Smart move!!!

    • I agree the defense is smart, but I don’t agree Jodi is unstable at all. I know it’s just a strategy, but I can’t be satisfied until this BS conviction is overturned. I am still pretty emotional, and I don’t want to sound selfish, because after all it’s not me sitting in jail, but I just can’t stand the thought of Jodi settling for ANYTHING. I think she has a very good chance to get her conviction overturned. I don’t want her to get scared and fold.

      Take a look at this pic of Jodi’s cell. Look at the bags and boxes of mail! I LOVE IT!!

      • I hear you KMiller … and I want the conviction overturned as well. I’m sure all of us here are hoping for that eventuality. As far as Jodi being unstable, absolutely not!! It just makes me happy that Jennifer W has taken Martinez’j witness and is using it to stymy the potential verdicts for now.

        All that mail!!!!!! She is much loved, our Jodi!!

      • But if she has BPD or not don’t they have to prove she was unstable during the crime? What’s the point of doing that to take the DP off of the table when she can appeal and start a new case? Just having BPD alone does not make you completely unstable 100% of the time.

        • Borderline Personality Disorder is NOT known to make people violent. Just the opposite; they are more likely to be passive and turn any violence towards themselves, not others.

          I am so damned tired of the stigma of mental illness. It is a FACT that nearly 27% of all adults have some form of mental illness. I have suffered in the past with depression, anxiety.

          • I have BPD. Just because I have it wouldn’t get me off of a crime bc I have BPD and I’m bipolar. They’d have to prove I was unstable at the time of the crime. So I wouldn’t make a deal just to get death off the table when I knew I had appeals. Especially after a circus case like this.

            • But I do agree w the stigma. That’s why I was especially upset w Dr Drew. BPD has such a terrible stigma. I almost hate admitting I have it. Bipolar I don’t mind that much. I don’t have the normal depressed and manic stages, I have extreme anxiety/panic attack and depressive stages. But I’m on a lot of meds. It’s a lot of work to stay healthy. I see my doc every month. But I take it pretty serious and take care of myself. The stigma is miserable though.

          • Do you mean that if they used this BPD successfully to wipe out the DP, that there could not be any appeals? Sorry, I’m not understanding.

            • What I’m getting and any legal person who knows please correct me if I’m wrong.

              The defense wants to say Jodi has BPD to make a deal w the state so they will not give her the DP. But if they make a deal part of the deal could be, but Jodi can’t use her appeals now and this is all over.

              That’s what I’m getting out of it and I don’t think that’s a good deal bc I think she should appeal if she can.

              Please anyone correct me if I’m wrong! Thank you! 🙂

              • Thanks for you understanding of it, Danielle. I, too, am interested in other’s replies on this. Taking appeals out of the equation cannot possibly be a consideration.

              • Well Andrea Yates had an illness (she wasn’t given the DP fir that), THEN…… her life conviction was overturned in appeals due to (get this): the STATES phic gave false testimony. So, that’s what I know. (Even thought IMO I blv that the DP SHOULDVE been applied in that case).

                • I dont. In the USA, we do not kill mentally ill people. Andrea killed 5 beautiful babies. Her babies. She was and IS menatlly ill. She should have been found innocent by reason of insanity. It aint pretty but it is true. I am pro life, all life. Oh LC I dig your post, love reading them and your beautiful spirit but I hope we can agree to disagree. Andrea Yates, had amongst other things, Post pardem depression and was hearing voices and was so mentally ill. Sadly her children paid the price for a huband who treated her like a breeding machine and said she was fine.

          • I agree Danielle.I’d be as depressed as I was on verdict day,even more if she considers giving up her appeals right.Why do that when her case is totally eligible for an appealscourt? I pray her lawyers help her make the right decision.

              • Didn’t they (I know I’m sorry I heard this on HLN) the defense made all these motions and hearings to document all of the problems they were having to be sure there would be a lot of room for a good appeal?

                I just think back to KN’s last I don’t even know what it was. He was talking to the judge the jury was out but it wasn’t sealed and he just laid it on the table and told her she let her court have a lynch mob (not word for word) culture from the beginning and they never had a change and he just called her on the carpet. It was so awesome!

        • I hear you Danielle,

          BPD is an axcess II diagnosis. I strongly stand behind the PTSD which is an axcess I diagnosis. Jodi fits more criteria for PTSD. A person can have both an axcess I and an axcess II diagnosis.
          I think the defense is trying to say to the state “Oh, you were correct. She does have BPD. And since you were so brilliant to figure this out and help us help Jody we see she has a mental illness and is insane. As a result she is not a candidate for DP. Thank you so much for your help.”

          Maybe since the state went there this is what the defense can do. The can even say she gets psychotic episodes with her BPD.

          I don’t like it. I think Arizona judicial system needs closing down. But maybe it is a one step at a time process.

    • Ha try arguing that one with haters, I’ve been doing it 4 months. They really don’t see it as a problem…
      Scarily fascist!

      • I’m saying hi from this morning! Nice to meet you! I’m sorry I forget to read “up” the page when I leave and come back!

    • As I’ve said up thread,Martinez cant have it both ways! No way.If he wants the world to think that Jodi has BPD then fine,we can use it against him,RIGHT?

      • Absolutely!! At least get the death penalty taken care of. I think that life is better in prison than on Death Row. If she has appellate courts to get through in the future, I’d rather see her be placed with general pop. than secluded and going stir-crazy. I give the Defense really high marks for this ploy. Also when the Death Penalty is taken away; the new jury might surprise the State with a whole new ‘take’ on what they decide is fair. It would be so much better for them to come to the right decision, rather than let the judge decide Jodi’s fate …. Life without Parole, Or Life!!

        • Yes completely agree, I don’t want her biding her time on DR, I just don’t want her to give up her right to appeal.

          Anyone see NG on HLN the “behind bars” clip? She is trying to turn Jodi’s fellow inmates against her! She is such a disgusting bitch! She can not stand that the women in prison love Jodi. From what I can tell they didn’t buy it, NG just looks like the loser she is again.
          Nancy you can take your glamor shots lens off already, we know what you really look like your ass is FUGLY inside and out!!

          • I think Nancy Grace has finally lost it completely, she is so obsessed with Jodi that she went to the jail to try and make the inmates dislike Jodi also? Has she ever done that before, for any other person she has covered? This completely proves that this case has caused all reason and sanity to go out the window, HLN turned this into a modern day witch hunt for this one girl, how utterly disgusting are they? It is scary

        • From what I understand, regardless of the sentence, for the next three years she will be in death-row-LIKE conditions. 23/7 lockdown, three showers a week, limited time outdoors alone, etc. Those are the limitations for the first three years for a lifer. I’m not even sure whether, in that situation, they get the ‘two appliances’ allowed to those on death row.

          Unless we can pull off some kind of magic, folks, that’s what her life is going to be for at least the next three years.

          • I think so too. How anyone survives in those conditions and keep their sanity is amazing to me. I’m a pansy.

      • JM thinks he can have everything both ways at different times and so far the jury has fallen for it every time! First she’s a manipulative genius and then she’s a stupid liar who gets caught in her lies. Then she’s got BPD during the trial which made her full of rage and during the penalty part she’s just evil. When is someone going to stand up and say make up your mind!?

        It’s like he’s playing a tennis match with himself!

        • Oh I just wrote that to agree w Maria and I’m all the way down here. I’m not getting better at posting I’m getting worse LOL.

        • I believe Nurmi “stood up and said “make up your mind” in closing arguments. The jury didn’t hear or pay attention to ANYTHING the defense said.

          • JM was like the Road Runner. He just ran in circles as fast as possible. Even when they did the cruelty phase. He never even talked about the gun. They talked about the gun being first the whole time. He just talked about the knife in his closing.

            I don’t know why they didn’t listen to the defense. Even if they didn’t like Jodi at least JW made sense when she asked questions. You could follow her train of thought. I loved when she was questioning people bc I could follow her. She had a flow. I felt like JM was just thinking or maybe yelling on his feet in circles then going on in tangents. I had teachers like that in college and grad school who went off in tangents and I didn’t learn much in those classes LOL.

      • The reason none of this makes sense is Martinez never having a strong case. So he lied and did dramatics.

    • I don’t think personality disorders are considered mental illness – in fact I think they are specifically excluded from the category of mental illness.

      • I’m not sure if they’re in they’re own category in the DSM. They’re in w the whole group of mental and behavior disorders.

      • This comes from the Mayo Clinic website:

        “A personality disorder is a type of mental illness in which you have trouble perceiving and relating to situations and to people — including yourself. There are many specific types of personality disorders.

        In general, having a personality disorder means you have a rigid and unhealthy pattern of thinking and behaving no matter what the situation. This leads to significant problems and limitations in relationships, social encounters, work and school.

        In some cases, you may not realize that you have a personality disorder because your way of thinking and behaving seems natural to you, and you may blame others for the challenges you face.”


        • I have read the characteristics of BPD in regard to Jodi and I do think she fits some of the characteristics. It definitely explains why she stayed in an abusive relationship. Understand that just because she may suffer from BPD does not preclude that she killed Travis is SELF DEFENSE.

          • I agree w that. That’s why I don’t think they should take any deals like that. The way I understand if she takes a deal they will want her appeals. I think she’ll have more success with an appeal.

        • Danielle, I look forward to reading your posts everyday! And so happy to read some of the other comments of people not judging people with disorders here!

          • Hey! I just emailed SJ that if you emailed him for my email address it was okay to give it to you! I always forget to read “up” the page when I leave and come back! So I’m kind of rude, I just leave conversations and come back hours later LOL. It’s funny how you do that on the computer but you would never do that in person.

          • Everyone here is so darn cool. I wish that Dr. Douche could read this site and see who supports Jodi and see that we are all different kinds of people of every age, male and female, from different backgrounds, different parts of the worlds, different situations, some of us understand law some of us (like me) don’t at all. We’re practically a random sample of the world. (but not a good statistical sample LOL)

      • Although it has been many years since I took the psych class “Abnormal Psychology” in college, I believe a disorder is in the category of neurosis (in the DSM). and psychosis would be “mental illness” in which you may not be able to distinguish right from wrong. I really don’t know if Nurmi will get anywhere with claiming borderline personality DISORDER as a reason to not give DP.

        • I think it would have to be something like she “snapped” I don’t know what that’s called. BPD is not a disorder that you don’t know right from wrong. I just don’t think they should play w that at all. I’d rather she have an appeal. Of course I’d rather her have more freedom while waiting for an appeal. But from what I hear here and on (I’m sorry) HLN. She has a lot of room for a good appeal. I don’t know that’s what I’m thinking. But I don’t know what else is going on behind closed doors. I would just love an awesome appeal w some other prosecutor who isn’t JM and some other judge who knows about laws :).

      • Personality disorders are on axcess II. They are in DSM. It is not like having a psychosis or PTSD. But people can get wacky and destructive with the diagnosis.