Judge Pickles — going far, getting nowhere…

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Following yesterday’s brief yet predictably uneventful hearing at the AZ State circus, here’s how Judge Pickles attempted to summarize everything:

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Make of it what you will.

Remember (just in case you forgot) — WE ARE TEAM JODI – AND WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS.

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Team Jodi

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We Are Team Jodi ---- And We Will Be Victorious!



      • THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THIS TRIAL IS THAT WE ARE THE GREATEST TEAM AND “Never back down. and jodi can get though this battle knowing she is not alone in this fight no matter what.
        we are team jodi and we will be definately be victorious at all cost.

  1. Tsk, Pickles got another sunburn.

    I didn’t get a chance to see yesterday’s trial footage, but commenters are right – Jodi looks cute with a bun in her hair (at least from what I can see from the back). Kind of like a ballerina!

    • Plus,she looked so much younger,like a teenager.She has such a small cute nose and face that she looks gorgeous in a bun,I dont think we had ever seen her wearing her hair like that.
      And unfortunately there isnt much of a footage,just a 4 minute video 🙁

      • Jodi was rocking that bun I loved it. ♥ and I agree it so reminded me of a ballerina. I just love how she continues to hold her head high and won’t give in to the hate. People tune in just to see her in prison stripes so she turns that around and puts her hair in that great bun and looked so graceful. 🙂

      • Personally I think it is completely unfair for someone to be able to have the genetics to pull off looking that good while using cheap generic shampoo and generic hand lotion for their face. And also IMO she should always stay close to her natural hair color. She is simply a natural stunner.

    • I like the bun – it was cute.
      My heart breaks though knowing she has shackles and seeing those high security body guards.
      It just seems so over the top to me.

      She is such a strong women.
      I hope she keeps her head up – she’s got a ton of supporters here rooting for her.

      Forever Team Jodi.

      • Yes the 3 guards so heavily armed is so over the top but the are trying to placate the public who gets off on seeing her in the shackles and so heavily guarded. Like she’s Public Enemy #1.

      • I’ll never get used to seeing her in shackles and the guards monitoring her every move 🙁 She is NOT dangerous.Period.

        Team Jodi For ever and Ever ♥

        • Maria, it breaks my heart to see her in stripes and shackles but you have to admit she does it with style and grace. Only a truly innocent person can pull that off. Three heavily armed guards really??? for what?? Jodi is 5′ 5″ or 5′ 6″ 120-125 lbs. and shackled at the hands, waist and feet how dangerous can she possibly be. They must have done it for the a-holes at HLN they seem to really get off seeing her like that. There has to be a very special place in hell for those bastards!!!

          Ray A. Chastain in Harrisonburg Virginia.

  2. Hello my family. I am 3rd! They only showed a little clip of Jodi on T.V. at her hearing. Her hair was up in a pretty Bun. I hope she is doing o.k. I think of her everyday, but don’t know what else in my limited power I can do to help her other than to keep supporting her and letting her know that we still care. Hey Marrianne, I answered you on the other post the other day but it didn’t go thru for some reason. But I wanted to say hello and I am sending you and everyone lots of love and kisses, Jesse Meow!

    • JESSE, even your being here,talking about her is vital to Jodi finding true Justice one day.Unless we put all our voices together,we wont be heard!!
      I suggest you also join some FB groups (secret ones are the best 😉 ) where there are great conversations taking place daily and people are also doing many things to help Jodi.We’re all a big cyber family!

      • Hi Maria, I plan to send Jodi post cards as well to let her know that she has our support. I thought it would be a good time now to send her something uplifting. At one point Jodi said in an interview that she had so many postcards during the trial that there was a huge pile of them in her cell. Then Jodi said that the guards took them away. I don’t know if she ever got to read them or had the chance to reply. Anyhow, you are sooo right and that is why I keep coming to this sight! I hope you are doing well sweetie. Love ya, Jesse

    • Hi Jesse, Maria, and all Jodi Supporters,

      My computer broke the other night. It is now at the computer hospital. I am going to try and keep up on my phone. If u don’ t hear from me as much, I am doing best I can.

      Did we find out if there was any vacating DP? Anything good come of this for Jodi? Will they give time until January?

      Thank you

      • Hey Marianne!
        No,we pretty much find nothing out. Just that there will be another hearing in August and that Pickles(the Judge) INTENDS to start in late September. Yeah right…

  3. That is exactly what I thought, she looked pretty from the back with her cute little ballerina bun! Love ya, Jesse

  4. Good Idea GeeBee2! Cyber hug to you sweetie! I am pretty exhausted so I am going to go nighty night now. I will check in later with everyone. Love Ya, Jesse

  5. Hi everybody. Sorry I’ve been away so long. I’ve had tons of stuff to deal with, much of it I had no interest in dealing with, but that’s life I guess. I hope everyone is doing well.

    Anyways, I’ve done some research on the cost of this trial and uncovered pretty much the true amount of money spent. To say I suffered a bit of sticker shock is a major understatement. It turns out that so far Maricopa County taxpayers, like myself, are out just a shade under $4 million. If Kermit and that other asshole Bill Montgomery decide to go forward with seating a jury and retrying the penalty phase the amount will probably double. So that’s $8 million fu@*ing dollars, some of which is my hard earned money, spent on this complete farce. Un fu@*ing believable! I feel like I’ve been robbed.

    As far as Judge Pickles, she could learn a thing or two from the judge in the Zimmerman trial, Judge Debra Nelson, about how to keep her courtroom from turning into a three ring circus. I thought she did a good job of moving things along in an orderly and timely fashion. She didn’t take any shit from the attorneys either and kept them all in line. Basically the complete opposite of the way Pickles ran this disaster. Here’s a helpful hint, Judge Sherry Stephens; the prosecutor is NOT in charge of the courtroom, YOU ARE!!! When a date is finally set for this I will be attending as much as I possibly can. Both in support of Jodi and to see in person what my tax dollars are paying for. I just hope I don’t run into that piece of shit Chris Hughes. I do so hate that fu@*ing guy.

    • Jeff!!!!!!!!!!!!
      We missed you around here,actually I was wondering the other day where you might have been.
      You know,the taxpayers like yourself have NO ONE else to blame but Kermit and the Alexander family! They are the ones that never settles for a plea deal and even now want to push this thing as much as they can JUST to make sure Jodi gets the DP! It’s atrocious!! Wasting all this money on a DP which will AUTOMATICALLY go to appeals; thats what the haters dont get! Jodi herself tried to avoid all this for multiple reasons.She even tqeeted about this again last night.Here it is :

      Jodi Arias ‏@Jodiannarias 11h
      The State rejected my 3rd request for a plea to settle quietly and less expensively. Off to retrial we go. Sorry, taxpayers.

      So,go figure….

    • Welcome Back Jeff. I so agree about Judge Nelson she ran a tight ship and on the day Don West was cross examining that awful witness for the State he lightly raised his voice at one point b/c he (and me lol) were incredulous with her conduct and from the Bench the Judge told him to lower his tone. And I was like OMG where was she when Kermit was verbally abusing witnesses and screaming at the top of his lungs.

    • Jeff, well said! Although I am not an American and it is not my money taken from my pocket, I can totally understand and sypathize with you because -even with our situations being totally different – in my country too the government is stealing us blind every day and that is frustrating!

    • Jeff, there was one big problem with Florida and it is so glaringly like Jodi’s case. It’s been lost in the media coverage. Defence Attorney O’Mara said in an interview that in his thirty years of practice, he asked for sanctions against the prosecution once. In the GZ trial, he asked six times for sanctions against the prosecutor for discovery violations, the same type as in Jodi’s, cell phone info they said didn’t exist. Trial was already started and they were still receiving discovery. Not to mention that Angela Corey fired the IT guy, who just wanted the truth to come out. It’s an extremely concerning pattern for DAs to engage in. Trial by ambush, that’s what everyone will receive at this rate.

    • Welcome back Jeff!

      I agree, it’s an embarrassment how much they are spending to put a battered woman to death, and during a time when the economy is still trying to recover. Never have I seen a state so eager to throw money away to pursue INJUSTICE and cruel and unusual punishment.

      I found out along the way that Jodi’s jury was not sequestered because of money. Ok, so 55k out of what, $8,000,000.00 is a big deal? Since when? I don’t see anyone asking Kermit to sit down and stop wasting taxpayers money with his constant objections and abusing witnesses on the stand – including his own. If Kermit had respect for the law, there would have been plenty of money to sequester a jury as the trial would have taken about a third of the time it had to because he kept running his damn mouth.

      It’s so sick and disturbing, it really is.

      • Checked out your site. Wonderful. Signed your petition to take Nancy Grace off air. . .more of us should sign. The media should be ashamed of themselves for the injustice they have done to Jodi. Jodi is innocent.

        • I’ve signed the petition too.
          Nancy Disgrace aggravates me to no end.
          Nancy belongs in prison, she was a lousy prosecutor and she’s an even lousier journalist if such a term can be applied to her.
          She bears the responsibility for what the media hounds did to Jodi.
          I hope they take her off the air.

      • “Sandy: You know, I’m so happy that they released this statement, because, you know, to Jenny’s point earlier when I watched the interview, I was amazed. This juror had so much sympathy for Travis Alexander and believed Martinez’s account one hundred and one percent. It made me realize, did she even really take into account Jodi Arias’s circumstances, and that she too, was in fear for her life?
        Drew: Yes, Jeanine I wonder, if in fact, Jodi thought she was in the middle some sort of violent crime, but I got to go everybody. I’m out of time.”

        Could Jodi have possibly thought that? Tick, tick…

        • God, I caught a few seconds of Drew w/ Demarte and some blonde gushing about how much she adores Demarte, how gorgeous she looks on tv. These people never tire of jerking each other off. They shouldn’t be separated by boxes on the screen, they should be shown wrestling each other in a big vat of manure and oil.

        • See, that statement just pisses me off. “…though…”? What does he mean, “…thought…”? The idiot is basically implying that she’s delusional & thought she was being attacked when she wasn’t. She isn’t an effin paranoid schizophrenic… AHHHH, I hate that guy!!

  6. Good afternoon my cyber family. Hope everyone is having a great day.

    Hmmm, judge pickles.. where to start!?
    “..I cannot determine if that is realistic..”, oh sugar! You were living in lalaland throughout the trial, how can you be able to see anything realistically!
    If pickles had an inch of self respect she would have already dismissed herself from this trial knowing that she made a mockery of the justical system. She is audacious. She is so cynical still believing that she has the upper hand in that courtroom!

    As for Jodi, I can’t seem to say it enough: what a beautiful woman she is! Her natural beauty blows me away! How many women can pull off her looks without a hint of makeup?
    Her hairdo yesterday was so classy and she rocked those stripes!
    It was very soothing to see her again. Jodi is always so graceful.

    Keep on fighting girl! We are here to support you no matter what!

      • Oh you know, dealing with the wonderful and open minded folks that call themselves our “society”.

        Other than death threats, e-mails and phone calls to my family/friends/employer and your general illness wishes…yah..other than that, ive been good.

        I can tell you that these folks are lucky that i have children. If not for fear of them getting pulled into this, we would be seeing this escelated to a whole new level and HLeN would truelly have news to report on.

        But, hey, enough of that dribble. Works great, homes great, kids are enjoying summer. I even made it out for a bit of fishing last week. So things are good here.

        Just wanted to say hi to everyone and hope things are good with you and yours.

        • (((((SirLips)))))

          I have missed you.

          If you have gotten death threats, law enforcement is supposed to those seriously. I’m sure you have contacts, but that is what mine have said.

          I hope you keep doing well.

          • You can read some of the crap they are saying for your self, They even started a website dedicated to me! Dumb Fuckers.

            So, according to everyone i am just supposed to stop posting my opinion and they will get bored and go away. Which of course they have…but that doesnt seem right to me.

            How/why should they win, simply because they are willing to threaten others? Sure, i could stop it, i have stopped it, by not saying anything for a couple months, but really is that the country we live in now? It doesnt seam right, and NO ONE is going to do 1 shit thing about it.

            Anyway, i should probably go back to keeping my mouth shut, wouldnt want the mob/witch hunters to see this and get their pitch folks all worked up again.

            • Sirlips, I agree with BeeCee. If the are harassing you in any way you should consider pressing charges. Whatever happened to Freedom of Speech?

            • Welcome back sirlips!

              I look at it this way – we will be the ones remembered for our courage to stand against the wave of hate. When we look back to other times where social injustices happen, it is the supporters of equal rights and the fighters for what is right that get a place in the history books. The haters are a dime a dozen, and they will be condemned for their abusive bullcrap and as time goes on kids will be taught not to be like “those people.”

              I agree our country is going the way of the shitter if Internet bullying is going to keep people from doing what is right. I’m sorry to hear that you and your family has suffered for standing up for what you believe in.

              I’ll understand if you don’t post much, but you will come back to open arms if you ever want to. Thanks for stopping by!

              • I agree 100%.

                It is extremely frustrating for me, as i do not back down to threats, ever. However i must now because they are talking about my kids/family.

                I am going through a custody issue with my E-wife and i dont want this to effect that. I am a coach, and 1 ass fuck threatened to email the league i coach YOUTH sports in, and also contact the parents of the kids I coach.

                Its 100% harrasment, sure. Its illegal, i get that. But how do you stop it, when they hide behind a computer screen and website? I cant even figure out how to find who owns the site. Its hard to ask a court to stop someone, when you dont know who that someone is.

                Dont get me wrong, i have NO ISSUE with them arguing with me. Disagreeing with me. Calling me every name in the book, etc… Thats their right. But i do have a problem with someone actually making real word trouble for me just because they disagree with my beliefs and opinions. In the end, I have no choice but to just walk away, keep my mouth shut and head down.

                And to think, i served our country so we could all have/keep our freedoms. Its heart breaking.

            • SirLips,
              I saw that website, I’m sorry this happened to you. I don’t think they get your sense of humor. lol I’m glad you have an understanding G/F and friends. Creating that site was really low and I hope the person who created it reconsiders their actions and takes it down. You have a good heart and I’m happy to be your cyber friend.

            • SirLips, I googled and saw that horrible website. I did not stay long there or read too much (except for your reply to them). I am very sorry this happened to you. I always enjoyed reading your posts.
              I hope you find some way to make them take down whatever they have posted about you. I am also sorry that your family and friends and your work have been caught in this.
              I call it an ‘under the belt’ blow and that is NOT COOL!
              Your smart and funny comments have been missed!
              Stay well and be strong!

        • Sirlips
          good to see your post. Now if only Al would write some words of wisdom and Journee would let us know how she and Lucy are doing I would be happy.
          And Wes thanks for the Steven King links -Am now reading 11/22/63- never got around to it before

        • Good to see you Sirlips. Take care of yourself. There are some crazies out there. I hear what you’re saying about freedom of speech. Something that’s difficult to get back once lost.

          Reminds me of these wise words:

          “First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out—
          because I was not a communist;
          Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
          because I was not a socialist;
          Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
          because I was not a trade unionist;
          Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
          because I was not a Jew;
          Then they came for me—
          and there was no one left to speak out for me.”

          ― Martin Niemöller

  7. Is there anything more useless than that judge? I’m trying to think, maybe a paperweight? Nothing firm, nothing decided, tentative trial date. She could have phoned it in. I only hope that Jodi received some small pleasure from the outing, a break from her solitary confinement, the opportunity to interact with people.

  8. Question for lawyers : in the DP retrial, what phases do we have?
    Is it just state calls witnesses, then defense calls witnesses, and that’s it?
    Can there be juror questions?

    • geebee2, I also have the same questions. None of it makes sense and it really doesn’t seem fair that another jury could decide a penalty for a case they didn’t hear in its entirety…especially one that was as lengthy as this one AND a death penalty case to boot! I asked the same sort of thing when the jury couldn’t decide on the penalty…How is this going to work? How is this even fair? I have yet to find an answer. I hope SOMEONE will explain how this is remotely legal.

  9. Honestly! I have wondered throughout this trial HOW ON EARTH DID SS EVER BECOME A JUDGE???? (Sorry I just HAD to yell that and get it out of my system) I seriously think she is waiting for someone to tell her what to do (ahem…like…oh maybe…um…JM?) She seriously doesn’t behave like any other judge I have ever seen. Although I am glad that she didn’t come to some rash decision. she comes off as a bit of a moron, in my opinion. I hope this extended time works in Jodi’s favor…even though I think Jodi should be free and I believe someday she will be. I will continue to follow my belief that Jodi is innocent and I await the day she walks away from this fiasco with her head held high as she has done from the start. That jury should be ashamed of themselves for coming to that verdict and I hope at least one of them reads my words and realizes that their verdict has caused a victim to become prisoner. I seriously think they did not even bother to pay attention to the defense case…they had their minds made up before the defense began. I am sickened by them, the judge, all the shenanigans that went on, JM’s behavior during this trial…ALL of it. This is what our judicial system has come to and it is embarrassing and horrifying.

    • Hi Dorothy! Glad to see you back again too!

      I agree, one one hand I appreciate that she isn’t rushing anything; at the same time it’s because of her lack of willingness to get shit done and have control in her own courtroom that has made this trial the circus that it is – complete with a big top tent outside with the media and their faithful lynch mob getting a hard on to see a battered woman put to death.

      Yes, it is embarrassing… it is also horrifying. It is horrifying to me to see our country claim to be so progressive but behaves like any other fundamentalist nation out there.

      I’m looking forward to ice fishing in Northern Europe.

    • I agree with your thoughts about Judge Pickles.

      Whenever I see her I wonder what makes her act like a person who does not have any authority? Doesn’t she dare to make decisions? Is she afraid that she could be criticized? Does she believe that being nice and friendly and allowing the prosectutor to insult a defense attorney makes the world a better place?

  10. Hi, everyone! I just ordered 10 postcards from the USPS website yesterday & will be sending them to Jodi this weekend. I agree with what everyone said about Jodi looking great with the bun yesterday. It’s amusing to me to listen to some of the commentators in the media critique Jodi’s prison garb as if she’s on the red carpet and they’re Joan and Melissa Rivers. LOL

    LOVE the pic of Kermit on the video. 🙂

  11. I am just catching up to see updates on the hearing yesterday and must say I am sickened and disgusted to hear that bullying has now turned to death threats to those who support Jodi. It is astounding to learn each day how much more insane our society is becoming on a daily basis. For the life of me, I still cannot comprehend how people believe that threatening death to witnesses, attornies, and citizens benefits anyone. It does nothing but slowly degrade our constitution and our right to a fair trial, should we ever be involved in the justice system. For those who wished to see Jodi convicted, they got what they wanted and should respect the process.

    That being said, I have researched cyber terrorism a bit and found some interesting sites designed to provide guidance to those being harassed and threatened on the internet. One site I thought was informative was I hope that anyone being threatened is contacting their local law enforcement and the FBI, as is the protocol recommended. No body should fear for their own safety and especially their children’s safety, and I am sorry that some of you are going through that.

    • Yes, that is why we’ve called them the Travis Taliban. Anyone who does not fall into lockstep with their opinion gets verbally assaulted and threatened by people who claim to believe murder is wrong, except when it comes to Jodi or her supporters.

      Insanity is the perfect word for it. These people pretend that they are against abuse and aggression yet exercise the worst of both they are capable of. How hypocritical is that?

      • When this trial started it was about a woman being charged with a very serious crime and people either believing her or not. It was simply about taking sides. Immediately the media took charge,figured the big bucks were in the pursue of a witch hunt so it was a mathematical certainty that everything would follow a ‘downward spiral’ .The lynch mob mentality and the subsequent acts of violence (usually cyber crimes,hopefully and to the best of my knowledge just verbal threats) were ‘stoked’ by the media and the media only!! If your opinion is what is being reported 24/7 as the honorable and right thing to do,you’re gonna lunch anyone who DARES to raise a different opinion.And that’s what happened. I am not saying Travis supporters (ahem….the haters) are not responsible for their actions; far from it. I am saying they are brainwashed and bound to take it to the extremes.That’s what they were taught by all their sources of information!We have to see clearly the bigger picture here and realize our major enemy has always been the media and their one-sided recountal of the events.The sheeple actually reacted in a very predictable way…

  12. What took place in that courtroom could have been done in a series of e-mails. Obviously this pathetic judge hasn’t learned anything and is continuing to be as incompetent as we already know her to be. I don’t care if you’re for or against Jodi Arias. EVERYONE should be for a fair trial. One would think that anyone with a brain and a sense of right and wrong would see that there was nothing fair about that trial. Yes, I know it’s all fun and games when you’re on the winning side, but come on guys, looking objectively at the antics in that courtroom, anyone who believes in democracy and fairness should be able to see that a young woman’s rights were trampled on.

    Odds are that a few people who support the prosecution will be unfortunate enough to either be a part of, or have a loved one part of the judicial system at some point. I’m sure at that time they will want better representation of their rights and fairness in their court dealings. The travesty of justice that happened to Jodi just might come to mind, and then they will wish they had taken a louder stand against the pathetic display that passed for a trial in Arizona.

    • To put this in perspective, Gary Ridgeway, the Green River Killer, was treated better by our justice system than Jodi, a battered woman, was.

      He murders dozens of women and girls, he gets life in prison.

      Jodi kills her abusive, raging, jealous ex boyfriend in self defense and is facing the death penalty?

      There is NO REASON in the world, that this should ever happen. It is absolutely disgusting to me that our society is saying that a man who murders dozens of women and girls is more valuable than a battered woman who killed to defend herself.

      • Yes sugar, but remember back, the only reason the death penalty was taken off of the table was because they couldn’t find all of the bodies without him telling them and, the families wanted their loved ones brought home for proper burials and closure. I think the families had to agree with the prosecutor to take the death penalty off the table. I do get your point. Honestly, Jodi should have never spent another day in jail. Those people never should have convicted her, there were far to many unanswered questions. Why they didn’t realize that JM was lying his ass off, and building a story as he went along, I’ll never know. I am still so angry that I feel like my face turns red and burns when I get started. This was a complete travesty and tragedy.

  13. New trial date set for Debra Milke on Sept 30. I’m interested to see what happens with this one too. That courthouse is gonna be a busy place if Jodi’s trial is going on at the same time.

    • I do hope everyone will try to support Debra if necessary.

      She is also a victim of domestic violence, but of an unusual kind.
      Her son was murdered by a man (Jim Styers) she had temporarily moved in with when she left her husband.
      He was badly damaged by experiences in Vietnam, he was on medication but also drinking.
      Due to a crooked cop (Saldate) misunderstanding the case, Debra then was accused of being involved in a plot to kill her own son, and framed using a fabricated confession.

      She was very badly represented at trial and after she was convicted.

      The retrial will hopefully be quite low profile – but I’m watching carefully.

      My site is – I made it quite recently, but have been following her case for some time.

    • Great post Jeff! I wholeheartedly agree!

      I loved the bit about Joan Crawford and wire hangers. Oh so true isn’t it? lol

    • They may have reached a verdict but we are ALL still here.This has GOT to mean something. And holding the fort has never been easy Jeff 😉 Thank you.

        • I can already picture myself a few years from now posting about Jodi’s appeals (touching wood! I hope it won’t be long before she gets true Justice)

  14. MB (and anyone else who want to listen to my bitching),

    One thing the bullies seem to have missed in their quest to prevent what they call slander, is that fact that we have kept our frustrations, speculations and venting to THIS website only.

    I have not seen anyone going around purposely trying to ruin anyone’s reputation. I haven’t seen us going out to national news pages or any other sites and posting our thoughts regarding who may or may not have really killed Travis.

    Now, they on the other hand, HAVE purposely tried to ruin our posters lives by contacting and threatening to contact family members, employers, etc. THEY have copied our old posts, which don’t show up on the current page, and THEY keep spreading them around.

    If anything, they are the ones slandering by continuing to bring up our old thoughts and posts and perpetuating them, when if they would just leave us alone, no one would be digging back on any old pages to look at them.

    Kind of like the poster the other day whining about Mormonism. I hadn’t seen anyone discuss Mormons on that day’s page at all and yet they felt the need to bring it up and be offended. Come on, we all know there are good people in every religion, and there ARE bad people in every religion. People need to get over it and realize it isn’t about them…unless it is and they just feel guilty for some reason.

    • You are right GeeBee2. The stuff that was said in the past here was said in the heat of the moment when the trial was actually going on and people were pretty wound up about what was going on. On top of that was the way JM was acting in the courtroom and getting away with it, while the defence couldn’t seem to catch a break. Tell me, what’s the point in anyone going through those old posts and reposting them where they can hurt feelings and rile people up all over again? Many of us might have said things that they regret or perhaps didn’t mean but said them under the stress of the farce of a courtroom. I’m sure I said some things that might have been in poor taste. Like I have said before. People who are up to no good have way too much time on their hands and need to get a life. Perhaps do a little volunteer work or something. Then perhaps they would be happier with themselves as people and have less hatred for their fellow man.

    • BeeCee, I’m always up to listening to your thoughts. I don’t call them bitching either – you’ve made excellent points.

      What we do here at this site, is talk about the trial. And we talk about what is admitted into evidence in a court of law. There is no slander or libel here, just a bunch of folks sharing their opinion. We do not try to pass ourselves off as a legitimate news agency like HLN does. I have always contended that anyone and everyone is free to disregard what they read here and find their own answers. I have never visited the hater sites to try to change their mind, and I never will. That’s up to them to do on their own, it’s not my job to defend my opinion to people like that. If they want to find slander and libel they need to look no further than their own page which is full of nothing but violent, abusive bullshit – against us yes but also against Jodi. What they are doing falls under stalking and harassment, yes even in cyberspace it is an offence on state and federal levels.

      It is richly ironic, isn’t it, that all this time they’ve been asking why Jodi didn’t set proper boundaries in her relationship with Travis. But if we can’t expect total strangers to respect REASONABLE and SANE boundaries without getting the strong arm of the law involved; then how can we expect Jodi to place boundaries that Travis would respect? And they were in a relationship together. So they’ve proven my point – many times over in fact – that people who support Travis are typically abusers who feel entitled to treat people like shit. Nobody sane with stable sense of self is going to give any credibility to a web site that posts some of the most sadistic and abusive content to be found on the Internet. They can go on and post their 15-paragraph abusive rants – it proves that they indeed, are the bullies and abusers. I remember what Alyce LaViolette said about Travis going on for HOURS ranting and raving at Jodi, so this falls under birds of a feather and all that.

      I’m done dealing with them, and I’ve been done. They’re the ones who care about what we think, not the other way around. And if any of our posters do care, it’s because they’ve been threatened. That’s not respect, that’s fear. They wouldn’t know the meaning of respect if the ban hammer fell on them so it makes no difference to me. I will continue to weed them out, and let them suffer back on their reject page like the losers they are.

      • BeeCee and MB –
        I second that! 😀
        All of that.

        And I’ll take responsibility for the things I have said and I have no regrets.
        I didnt force anyone to come here and read what I was writing.
        I didnt track any of those hating losers down and force my opinions down their throats.

        I’ll forever support Jodi.
        And thats a fact I’ve never been shy about.

        • Well right, M, ain’t that the truth?

          People have a CHOICE whether or not they read here.

          This is ONE web site out of millions. If they don’t like what we write, they can always find somewhere else to grow roots.

          They can’t blame anyone but themselves if they knowingly, with full intent, visit a web site and read comments that they know is going to upset them. We have a right to post our opinion the same as anyone else; and if all they’re going to do is complain then they don’t need to read what goes on here.

          I cannot, and I also REFUSE to be held responsible for someone else’s lack of control and poor judgement.

  15. This judge is a joke. I resent her.
    She did not have command of the courtroom then and she’s utterly useless, just takes up space. Fire her.
    She failed to keep that rabid dog Martinez on a tight leash while he was foaming at the mouth and harassing defense witnesses and Jodi.
    A good judge would have stopped Martinez from putting the screws on everybody like that. What a travesty of justice!

    • Hey my dear friend….I’m here!

      How the hell are ya honey!?!?!??!?!? Feeling better?!?!?!?


      • Yahhhhh, there you are! ((((((Janeen))))))) I am feeling better, thank goodness. I am at least not sleeping constantly, like I was. Still a few kinks but otherwise ok. I still think I need a good shot of penicillin in the arse, lol. Anyway, I’m waiting on the plumber to get here and fix the leak in my kitchen. You know how it is, always something.

  16. I really have to wonder why the people who don’t believe anything that Jodi said have made any sense out of anything since there are so many unanswered questions. I can’t understand how they could send down that conviction, I really can’t. Like I said earlier, I still get so angry, just thinking about it.

  17. Facts, facts, facts vs lies and speculation from the media and prosecution, where were the FACTS on the other side. Why did the ME lie, why did others lie? What lies behind all of these lies. They wanted to kill Jodi because she lied before. What must they think of themselves? They think they are right. They are not right. They can show no facts. They can make up stories, that, they have done well. I don’t understand this mess that this kangaroo court has spent. A whole spiderweb full of bs.

    • One thing to understand is that the state’s witnesses are actually REQUIRED to lie, to say anything the prosecutor wants them to say. If they don’t, they get fired.

      It’s just incredibly corrupt.

        • No, it’s not hopeless at all. Martinez managed to hoodwink this rather stupid jury, but soon his case will start to fall apart at the seams.

          Quite what will happen at the re-trial is anyones guess.

      • If that’s the case, they should stand up, tell the truth and be fired. Hell, they can find another job. Jodi won’t just go and find another life here.

        • I live for the day when Jodi’s case goes to appeals and Horn gets discredited and disgraced!! I still can’t fathom how he sleeps at nights, doesnt his conscience torture him???Maybe these kind of people don’t have a conscience…

  18. Hey everyone! I read on Fox News’ website where Nancy Grace allegedly made a racist comment about George Zimmerman. Grace said: “Give Zimmerman back his life? He’s out on bond driving through Taco Bell every night, having a churro.” Nancy went on to say, “What I’m asking is, he is consciously eating, gobbling down ring dings behind bars so he can then effectively argue to the jury that he’s too obese?”

    Nancy Grace criticizing someone because they are overweight? Wouldn’t that be like Billy Joel criticizing someone for being a bad driver?

      • I’m sorry, Maria, but I couldn’t let this one go. I have been one of a few people who have accused HLN of racism during the Jodi Arias trial and once again she takes a shot at someone.

    • I know right? Nancy ain’t no slender reed herself; what is she doing bashing Zimmerman for his weight?

      Yes, I agree that dig she made about Taco Bell was probably about Zimmerman being a Spanish speaking Latino. What racist crap!

  19. Question to All: If it isn’t legal to have an audio record of any & all phone conversations, why is there allowed to be a record of text message conversations, which are very similar? Shouldn’t the only thing to be considered admissible in court be time & date stamps, conversation length, etc, but not content? I know it seems like a fine line between email & text messaging, but it just seems like text messaging is in tented to be more private, especially when considering the BCC option… Obviously, screenshots, etc. would be, but I also thought that text messages & even emails were difficult to admit into court since there is no way to price who was sending the messages. Also, I just want to express my frustration with the incredibly lame arguments I keep hearing, such as, “Why did she dye her hair & take all those pictures? To disguise herself & document her planned murder, that’s why?” Well, dips hit, the more obvious inference is that she was going to meet up with a new guy in Utah, so, um, like, well, uh, (sarcasm) she changed her look for Ryan, maybe she was talking pictures to see how she looked, which IS far different than looking in a mirror, or maybe, the even more obvious inference is that she was taking pictures to send Ryan. DUH!! Travis DID call her. There is nothing to suggest that she wasn’t simply taking this trip to see Ryan & made a detour for Travis, who she was a real sucker for, when he called. The gas cans? Even the gun, IF she took it. You take a trip through thedark, open, desolate desert by yyourself & see if you don’t want protection & extra gas. She has shown herself to be very thoughtful, responsible, & careful, obviously she took precautions just like she did when she planned to leave before being arrested (bought a gun & brought a knife of two (not sure)). The point is, people look to hard for something more when the obvious is staring them right in the face. There is no need to look deeper, the situation was what it looks like.

      • Sorry to stay on this, but Jodi doesn’t take lame duck face pictures, or kissy pictures, she has more class & knows how to take a picture. These were obviously quick & cute photos she took most likely to either see how she looked, or, as I believe, to send to someone.

  20. As a side note, seeing as we all loved how adorable Jodi’s hair was, does anyone have any ideas on how wemight send her cute hhairstyle ideas that require minimal hair products? I doubt she can have much other than a simple hair tie, but it might be fun & help her self esteem. She needs that right now.

  21. Late September? Sure. Knowing the pace at which Judge Pickles and the AZ court system moves, September 2017 is more like it.

  22. HEY GUYS!!!!! I just got my computer back and have LOTS to share!!! Jodi wrote me back !! She said HI!! I wrote to the President and I’ll let you know when hear back!! Jodi Had some GREAT ideas and i would love to share them with my friends!!! I thought she looked beautiful with her hair up the other day!! How have all of ou been I missed you guys!!!

      • Hey you!! I just tried to email ya but I think I hae the wrong email. Could you email me?!!! Thanks!! (((HUGS))))))

      • Hey you!!! Email me tomorrow whatever you need done. The stuff that you need done soon. I have some free time and can work on stuff you need done asap from the to do list from the site And i have some ideas i’d like your opinion on. Thanks your the best!! I hope you sleep well!! Talk with you tomorrow!! (((((HUGS)))))

      • Except to say that Jodi’s trial is more like mixed beach volleyball than Tennis…

        And my latest allocution fantasy is Jodi singing the first verse of Silent Night, then JW sings joins in, then Kirk, then Pickles, then JM and Flores and finally the jury and gallery. It’s a bit like Muppet Christmas Carol!

        All this assumes a trial date of later September, I may have to revise my predictions.

      • Geebee,
        Your patience is amazing when dealing with all the haters. You d not engage them in any way other than logical and calm. It is very hard for them to come back on that. I find it refreshing. Thank you. This site and all of you are good people. We don’t need to bash that Alexander family they are doing that fine on their own. My hope is that Jodi goes free or gets a short sentence so she has a chance at a life of peace and one of love on the outside. It seems to me, she is content in jail. It may just be her sweet personality, one where it doesn’t matter where she is, she is just happy to be alive, help others, laugh and be fun. This is so sad. The ONLY loss in this is Jodi. She lost her life, her chance at happiness. She found about TA too late. Her only option to stay alive was to take his life. I hate when people say, “over kill” you cant over kill. She killed him in self defense. Do I think she snapped and just went wild with the knife, probably exhausted, terrified and alone. You bet I do as IMO, she probably screamed, How could you do this to me, how can you ne such an evil beast Travis, rot in hell. Or something to that effect. I once got so mad I kicked down a rotted portion of a fence. Long after I had kicked it down, I continued to stomp it into the ground. My best friends pet, escaped from a tiny side fenced area, to the eye, the sight of it looked fine but the wood was rotted and a small push and it lifted up from the ground, her indoor house Dog, tiny fellow, just out for potty break, got thru that fence and was run over by a speeding car that didn’t stop. We all have our moments but, Overkill? please you can only kill someone once. Also, Jodi’s sweet self, complete lack of guile and her honesty is so cute. People call her a liar. Yes, she lied but she is far from a “liar”. Sorry to ramble. I hope the case gets postponed for a year. Then the Hughes and Alexander fan base will swindle and the strike while the iron is hot theory will fall apart and their free money fraud scheme dries up. Blood hounds.

    • Krista, I’m glad that Jodi wrote you back, it’s always good to get a letter from Jodi she always sounds so positive in them…….I don’t know how she does it just glad she does. It goes to her strong character.


      Ray in H-burg Va.

    • Krista!!!!!
      I’ve been wondering where you are! Glad to see you’re ok! Welcome back to us 😉

  23. Dear Team Jodi & all of my JAII peeps:

    I want to apologize to each and everyone of you for my earlier post regarding Nancy Grace. As legitimate a news story can be involving her, I realize that mentioning that fact is merely stating the obvious. And I also would like to say that I know that sometimes we can all lose focus and let outside influences or other people affect our judgment or decision-making vis a vis posting on here. Specifically, I am talking about bringing up Travis Alexander and pointing out his hypocrisy, dishonesty and abusive tendencies towards Jodi and other women. I’m not saying that it isn’t important to discuss these, but I am guilty of spending too much time on Travis at times and not enough time on Jodi.

    I started reading and posting here because finally there was an outlet on the Internet that was supportive of Jodi Arias and Jodi herself has publicly mentioned SJ. If Jodi gave this place her blessing, then I was even more happy to be here. And so I would rather concentrate and focus on Jodi instead of other people. Not that I haven’t done that or that most of you haven’t done that, but recently I think we have all let outside influences affect us and while that is understandable, we can’t allow that to let us lose focus on the primary goal: winning justice and freedom for Jodi.

    And I have constantly been amazed at how positive and supportive this place has been ever since I started posting here in May. Many of you have become part of my extended family and circle of friends and for that I will always be eternally grateful. That being said, it hurts and saddens me when I see recent posts on here. I won’t mention any names, but let me just say that I was shocked and stunned to read some of the things that I have seen here in recent days. And, I think that if Jodi Arias were to be able to access this website and read some of what has been written that she would be equally shocked, stunned and disappointed.

    If we are going to ultimately win this case, it’s not going to be done by engaging in the sort of behavior involving personal attacks, smears or unfounded allegations against others. That sort of behavior repels most people and will only wind up hurting Jodi in the long run. I’m not pointing any fingers here because I, too, have been guilty of engaging in this sort of behavior. I have been quite critical of Travis Alexander, as you know, and I’ll never back down from my criticism of him. But I also do not approve of hitting him with a low blow like posting autopsy pictures of him in an attempt to bash him or his family. This to me is no better than people doctoring pictures of Jodi or photo shopping her to demean and diminish her. Simply put, it is the wrong path to take towards helping Jodi and her family.

    I have dissected Travis more than any of the frogs I did in science class during school. I went into great detail about it on my blog if anyone ever wants to read it. Going forward, I want to focus exclusively on Jodi and doing everything and anything possible to help her. Getting her letter this week was a huge motivator. I’m going to be writing her more this weekend and I’ll let you know when she writes me back. I am always amazed at her optimism and positive attitude throughout this whole ordeal. But I also know that even Jodi has had moments of melancholy and fear which almost led to her thinking that dying would be a better alternative to living the rest of her life. Thankfully, Jodi’s cousin talked her out of this and now she is more determined than ever to fight for her life.

    After I posted last night about Nancy Grace and read Maria’s response, I literally felt bad. I was embarrassed to be totally honest with you. And even though I have no use for Nancy Grace, Maria’s response really hit me hard albeit in a good way. Maria, you are a gift from God and I just want to tell you that you are one of the sweetest, kindest beacons of light that exist here. Thank you for putting things into perspective and putting me in my place. I really needed that. (((Maria)))

    We have an overwhelming majority of positive, good people here. Let’s not lose sight of the primary goal and not allow ourselves to be seduced by temptation. As Yoda would say: “Once you start down that dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny”. We’re better than that. Think of it like boxing. This is a fight, for sure, and we all want to win this fight. But no fighter is ever going to win a fight if he or she keeps hitting their opponent with low blows. If we’re going to fight for Jodi, then I think that it should be a fair fight and that we should take the high road. And if we do that, I know that we will win this fight and Jodi will be the last one standing. Let’s do it. Thank you for listening.

    • (((Jeff)))

      I think your post about disgrace was fine. It is true, she isn’t worth our time, but I also would never have known she said that without your post, LOL. you kept me informed!

      One thing, I know you weren’t talking about THIS site, but there have NEVER been autopsy photos here that I can remember.

      SJ has a body bag photo, but that is NOTHING compared to the photoshopped and nasty images people created of Jodi throughout the trial and posted online and sent to people. I don’t know who originally created them, but people like caligirl/calibella passed them around.

      (((((all my jodi family, renee, janeen, LC, Hail Mary, SirLips, and all the people who might be afraid to post, I miss you and <3 you all ))))) I doubt the heart will show up, I only got it to work once and now I can't, lolol.

    • ((((((((Jeff))))))))

      Although you are one of the people who came ‘late into the game’ (LOL dont take this the wrong way,I just mean you started posting 4 months after most of us were already here) you have become very important to me and of course to everybody here. You are one of Jodi’s supporters who I can guarantee will never leave her and will keep fighting for the years to come.

      However,let me tell you this: there were no autopsy photos here.NEVER! I am sick of saying this loud enough so that everybody gets it.I dont wanna EVER hear about the body bag- it was a response to all the sick,bloodthirsty photos of Jodi.Period.It’s been months and months, SJ removed it so ;et’s not come back to that,because whoever does is just trying to stir up shit.
      Harsh words have been written about Travis,yes! We dont deny that. How can this be a ”low blow” though when it is documented TESTIMONY that Jodi herself gave in a court of Law? I believe her 1000000% so if she says so,yes whatever she accused Travis of is true to me so I can repeat and comment on it s much as I like. It’s called Freedom of Speech!! But I guess A LOT of people seem to be having a hard time accepting it nowadays(not talking about you).

      Regarding the family,Pickles,Martinez,the prosecution witnesses etc etc,things would get really emotional while we were all watching the trial together (I dont know if you got to experience much of that because as you said you started posting in May).Meaning,imagine watching the trial for months with so many other Jodi supporters,having the luck to be able to post on the site at the same time and share your experience and emotions;it was THE BEST! So ,you know, everyone felt they were safe enough to speak their mind,since we were among friends and like-minded people.This was THE ONLY place Jodi supporters could raise their voices so even though we may have gotten carried away at times,I dont think you’ll find a lot of people who would take anything they said back! After the trial ended, there were a lot of scams revealed so once again,I dont find it irrelevant or inappropriate that people would post their thoughts on that.

      Let’s face it; nobody wants to spend time on his family. Or Travis himself.Or his past.Or his issues.YIKES!!! I’d rather talk about Jodi and how much I love her all day long and praise her virtues but it’s not realistic (to use Pickle’s words haha).Firstly,because we’ll sound obsessed and surreal.Secondly,because Jodi is not a goddamn film star,she is in jail. There’s a case to be commented on and the people who are a part of it; whether we like it or not Travis was one of the 2 people that day;his family are the ones sitting in that courtroom,violating every possible rule of behaviour,starting a hate campaign against defnse witnesses for God’s sake.
      Most importantly,if we talk about Travis it’s because his behavior,his desires,his thoughts,his actions,his dark side,in a nutshell whatever he did and whatever issues he had are all INTERTWINED with Jodi’s situation right now.His name will always pop up every time we need to talk about Jodi’s crime,every time we wanna talk about what MADE Jodi do what she did.Sorry,but people will have to face this.
      I dont believe that we should not ”be speaking ill of the dead”. This is not a f***ing soap opera! It’s a real criminal case. WE AREN’T MAKING ANYTHING UP- we are talking about stuff that were already said in a courtroom.

      And to answer your question, no WE have never lost focus. We are all still fighting for her any way we can and we know why.For Justice!!! Sometimes the road towards achieving our goal may be difficult due to obstacles we ourselves do not place so we have to spend some time overcoming them but Jodi has been,is and will always be the reason we are here.

      (P.S: I am not yelling at you,I am yelling near you LOL. Dont worry and please dont stop being who you really are. We’ve come to know you and love you,dont change now!You are a sweetheart! )

      • (((((((((((Maria)))))))))))) I totally agree with you.

        (((((((((Jeff))))))))) I know and understand what you were trying to say but as Maria stated: it is impossible not to refer to travis when talking about the trial and what went on in Jodi’s life when he was in the picture.

        As for the rest of the people in his family and surroundings? The same thing applies. Besides, Jodi is somewhere where she cannot defend herself and I am damned if I will not try to defend her for all the shit people keep throwing her way!

  24. Jodi Arias ‏@Jodiannarias 7h
    Re; survivor T’s, we’re phasing out the white, redesigning lettering and raising prices b/c we were losing $ on s&h.

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