Prosecutor Fail – the long and the short of it…

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Going on Martinez’ performance to date, we all know what a below-par prosecutor he is… and how Jodi has run him ragged all week… but it’s always good to see all his shortfalls explained in detail.

With that in mind, check out the following overview of Martinez – kindly posted here yesterday by UNF – and see how many you can relate to.

The final score from last week: Jodi 5 – 0 Martinez.

Note: His “issues” could also be connected to him being the seventh of eight children born to illiterate Mexican farm workers. Enjoy…

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“Some notes on the performance of prosecutor JM (by a non-US law student):

1. JM is a painting-by-numbers type lawyer; more a mechanical grafter than natural talent.

2. During XE, his method dictates that one must keep the witness on an extremely short leash, allowing yes/no answers only, without elaboration. This indicates fearfulness of losing control, due to a lack of ability to intelligently improvise on the basis of any unexpected information which may emerge.

3. However, there are some major problems with following this rule of thumb too rigidly:

– A) in order to paint a coherent mental picture of the guilty scenario for the jury via only yes/no answers, the formulation of the questions put becomes extremely important. To do this properly, one must have a masterful command of the facts, a vivid imagination, unbreakable focus and a clinical command of the language in use. JM is rather weak on all 4 here, but ‘compensates’ by hardly listening to the witness and persistently trying to modify his questions after having gotten the answer. He thus wastes energy fighting the witness instead of skillfully eliciting the testimony required to prove his case.

– B) the witness, if allowed to elaborate, may inadvertently offer evidence favourable to the prosecution. It appeared to me that several times he has thoughtlessly prevented JA from helping herself to more rope (pun intended).

– C) if done in an over-emotional manner (JM’s voice often cracks up with frustration) in front of a jury it comes across as bullying or unnecessary hostility, thus generating reactive sympathy for the defendant.

4. He lacks grasp of the English language, often struggling to find words to express himself. JA is well ahead of him on this front and has the (for JM, infuriating) knack of making it painfully obvious by fixing on the subtle difference between what he said and what he wished he had said.

5. He appears to have a short temper and something of a sensitivity about being Hispanic, as seen by his accusatory jibe that Nurmi thinks “all people with Spanish names are the same” after innocently mixing him up with Flores early in the trial.

6. He would evidently benefit from having assistant counsel but apparently ego does not admit this. Possibly connected to his hinted inferiority complex.

7. He is not enjoyable to watch and his excited voice not scoring points will grate on the jurors ears, so they tune out his noise as much as possible.

[ atm, a hung jury looks to me the most likely outcome ]”

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Remember: We are Team Jodi, and WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS.

Ain’t that the truth…

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  1. Pre trial this seemed like an open and shut case. I knew little about it because I don’t watch trash tv like 48 Hours etc. When I started to pay attention to the evidence it didn’t add up. Martinez I think has done a horrible job. His questions were in circles as Jodi said and I typically was left wondering why he was beating on irrelevant points. IMO he did this over and over and the jury is likely confused.

    He had to PROVE premeditation. I believe he failed at every piece of evidence.

    Renting a car in a different city to get the best rate. I have done this. Fail

    Putting license plates upside down. Yea that would be smart to not attract attention. Fail

    2 or 3 gas cans. Bottom line is who cares. Why would she borrow from someone who she knows would be questioned if this were suspicious? Fail

    Stealing the gun and bringing it with her. The coincidence of the same caliber weapon I’ll admit is problematic. I even think its possible she did bring the gun, but if she had the gun and it was premeditated, then she did a pretty lousy job of using it. Remember he was asleep all morning. Gun to head – bang bang – done. Fail

    Taking the gun, rope, knife whatever – after the fact. Not premeditated. Fail

    Waiting around until 5:30pm for the killing when a roommate would like be showing up soon after work. Fail

    • This is actually a pretty good post. Did he ever mention whether she called him or contacted him at all before she got there? Like, did she drive 15 hours and show up at his doorstep completely unannounced? I don’t remember him saying that and if she did say to him that she was going there or thinking about going there, then I am inclined to completely agree with you.

        • Thanks for clarifying! They certainly spent a ton of time on things that had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE CASE and less time on important factors like that. Ugh.

          • Even if she brought the gun from her grandparents house, she could have brought for her own personal protection. However, if she did bring it, and took it in the house, then that is a problem, kinda.
            Couple things I learned yesterday. She said her cell phone battery was running down, so she turned off her phone. This creates a pretty big problem, because it appears to me that her cell phone was off during the time she went to visit TA, and dor quite a while until she was far away from his place. There is (I think I heard) about a 22 hour window where her phone quit ditting off of any tower. Makes it seem as if she was tryingto make it seem she wasn’t in the area at all. What she shoudl have done was checked into a motel, left her phone there on a charger, and then drove. 🙂

          • Jackal,

            Sorry im commenting up above you but the thread ended. About the phone dying – I don’t see that as much of a problem as other things. Seems like the cops are over thinking it to me and she was just saving her battery. You think she really planned it knowing cell phones would ping? Seems like stuff that only cops would know but maybe Im being niave?

          • JC – many people know that cell phones ping from towers because when you are traveling somewhere without a tower you don’t a signal and they many know from media coverage of the issue. Juan said there was absolutely no proof she was in Az except for forensics and photos. (I am paraphrasing). Hope that helps.

          • I think it would be a bigger problem than things like bringing extra gas and the other stuff. I mean, anyone might decide to take extra gas. Who cares? But who doesn’t charge their cell for a long trip? I don’t know. That one worries me more than the other stuff.

          • I guess that seems like the one thing at all that seems like a hurdle.

            I mean, you can say maybe the gun, but is there proof that it was the same gun? There really isn’t.

          • It just makes it look like one more thing that she did to try and cover her tracks, and this owuld have been done before she got to TA’s house. This would be about the only thing I can really see that would support the pre-med charge, besides the gas cans. I would assume she never took the 3rd gas can back to walmart, I think she burned it in the desert with her rope etc…

          • Nothing to do, but, imply that there was a case…. by, hypnonauseating, the bored, comatosed, jury….. and, all the Sheeple, that, the carnival trick, prostitutor, could, entrance, by such, doublespeak, …even to the point of admitting by recant, and reversal, of prosecutorial format, after proving himself, and, the other two stooges, guilty, of perjury, and, conspiracy….. …Snidely… Edgrrr…

      • Sorry I can’t find a spot for this, but I understand the trial will go for another month or more, is that correct?

        • The truth is, you can’t know. Right now, the defense will have a chance to redirect examine Jodi, then the jury itself will be allowed to ask Jodi question, then once the defense rests its case (I’m assuming Jodi is their last witness), the prosecution will be able to call rebuttal witnesses to go against whatever was brought up in the defense…….with each witness being under direct, cross, then redirect examination. Then they will have closing arguements.
          There is no real way to know how long that will take. There is no way to know how many rebuttal witnesses will be called and how long each will be on the stand. He could call one. He could call ten. Who knows.
          So yeah….it could be another month or more….or less. Jodi probably will not be on the stand much longer though.

      • Hardly a provable, “case, ” whatwith, reasonable doubt, proven by the three stooges, every day, their conspiracy concealed the reasonable doubt, they proved, even before the socalled, trial… the extent, all three stooges, concealed exculpatory, evidence, also, proven, by the need to reverse the charges, and, recant the perjuries, they, made up, in the first place; before the Spaz, ratted out the other two, stooges, to, force them into anothery perjurial antic, to, launder, the previous one, adding up to, a fraudulent, extradition warrant, a perjury, also, before the court, and, further perjuries, trying to, lie their way out of it all…. Do note, that, the “defense,” never petitioned the two governors, waiving, the accuseds,’ right to competent representation, to, rescind the fraudulence, of the at law, outlaws….. …Snidely…Edgrrr…

      • Lets not forget the palm print in blood .. Which had a combination of his and her blood.. And the hair clumps with follicles also belonging to Miss Arias… The is other evidence beside ths pictures.

        • So, who’s footprint dud they find on the blood? It was a shoe. Not a sock n not a bear foot. Jodi was wearing the socks n TA was barefoot. Who’s shoe print did they decided to throw out of the evidence ?? I blv it was easier for them to pin it on the most obvious then for them to extend a wider investigation on the case.

          • How in the world did Zach leave a boot print? Even if he stepped in blood when he “found” TA wouldn’t the blood by dry after FIVE days? This Zach guy, for me, is just as suspect as Jodi.

            • Moreso, because, he had the horsepower to nearly decapitate Travis…. Jodi, did not…Jodi, was taking pictures, otherwise, she could not have dropped the camera… after, she had already taken the pictures of the other three, who were at the kill scene… as evidenced by the distance between the subjects, and, the camera… and, because, the killer was standing in wet blood, placing him there at the time when the blood was wet… and, he, did not call the cops….because, he is the killer; there, in wet blood; and, Read, Berger v. United States, for the regulations regarding interstate kidnappings, by prosecutors, slithering under color of law….establishing, his appearance, with the five day later, feigned discovery….when the blood was dried…. two visits, one perpetrator….. Edgrrr…

          • So, Zach, Dustin and Deanna are in on it.

            Zach did make a point to say he had been in Travis’ medicine cabinet…which I don’t understand why TA would allow that.

          • BeeCee –
            Do you know where the medicine cabinet was?
            Most are in the bathroom, but am confused, because if he had gone to Travis’ bathroom prior to discovering Travis dead, did he not notice Travis dead in the shower at that point?
            Not to mention the smell.

            I find this so odd…

          • M,

            I believe Zach was stating that he had been in there before in case they found his fingerprints. Which, they must not have looked very hard or they might have found them. I don’t think he ever stated he went in after Travis was dead.

          • I thought that too as soon as I read that in the report, BeeCee.
            It is also odd that he was comfortable enough to grab things from TA’s medicine cabinet, yet he insists that they never hung out together, knew very little about the day to day activities, even said, “we’ve never even eaten together since we’ve roomed together”.

          • I do find it very odd that they weren’t close and yet he would get into the medicine cabinet. Maybe they should have asked him what medicines he would get..????

            And i wonder what the supplemental report about Ashley Reed Thompson’s interview says? And did Dustin James Thompson ever come back in for an interview? Or did they just totally drop the ball? duuh, we know that answer.

            (I finally saw in the report his middle name, I hadn’t noticed it before, my bad, so, as I thought, he is NOT the mortgage fraud person because that one has a middle name of michael and a different age)

            • Okay thanks for clearing that up! Another poster and I thought they were one in the same. So Dustin is out and about but not a Travis supporter as far as we know.

          • Yes JC. He is out and about AND when I checked earlier this week he WAS listed as a friend of Deanna Reid on facebook!!!!

          • Lets get real people!! I think most of us have come to the realization that no one else was in on this except Jodi. She has admitted it. Doesn’t mean she will be convicted but it is hard to read some of the comments on this site stating that other people were involved. Jodi admitted to everything involving killing ( in self defense). The stabbing, putting him in shower, cleaning the scene, shooting him in the head, slashing his throat, taking the gun, camera in washer, cleaning blood off her hands, having knife in her hand, changing clothes, maybe putting knife in dishwasher and covering up what she did. Do you still really think SOMEONE else is in on this? SMH

            • Itsjustme,

              There is a real possibility that Jodi was framed. She has only vague memories of events and even though she has confessed, she has some real self esteem and her psychology is very unique. There is a Mormon camaraderie aspect to this. A member of the LDS church was doing things that would make the church look bad, and it’s very possible there was a conspiracy to use Jodi as a patsy to take Travis out. Mormons are shady. Jodi has also given 3 different versions of events. It’s possible she truly doesn’t know what happened that day, which would be consistent with her not even being involved. This is not necessarily what I believe, just saying there are endless possibilities.

            • itsjustme, I have seen your hateful posts on twitter regarding Jodi and I think you should just stay away. You don’t get it that this is a place where we can talk conspiracy if we want.

            • Wh

              at are you; nuts…???

              The Sasquatch, bigfoot, standing in wet blood, is the killer, and, the distance from the camera to the killer is proven by the pictures taken by the photographer, Jodi….Are you going to pretend thast, there were no people on the other ends of the foot pictures; as in, two, plus Travis, plus, Jodi…. I can count to four;’ can’t you….??? … Edgrrr…

          • Itsjustme,

            I am totally entitled to my own speculation and opinion. I don’t go around bashing people when they have an opinion different from mine, if you notice, I do get testy when people like you are telling others what to think or post, or telling them they interpret something wrong, because it is different from YOUR interpretation. If you don’t like the conspiracy comments here, then by all means DON’T read them.

            And that would be a YES. I do think Deanna Reid and Dustin Thompson had something to do with it.

            And a little tip for you.. You keep linking this website to your name when you post. That spot is supposed to be for YOUR website name. Otherwise people might think you are affiliated with this website.

          • They should have taken his shoes in for investigation. They could tell when or about when he stepped in it and IF he see’s blood ALL over WHY in the hell did he step in it at all?
            The moment he saw blood he should have called 911, he KNEW something was wrong and at first he said Travis was dead in the bedroom. That’s a lot different then in the shower.
            Have they questioned these guys at all?
            In the very beginning Jodi said that they should check the roommate or roommates.
            I AGREEE!!
            Someone is getting off big time with this.
            Billings looks guilty to me and it’s not my imagination.
            I wonder how close the neighbors are. Did anyone see or hear anything suspicious during those 5 days.
            This is the most suspicious crime I have heard of in my life time.

            Ryan said she was normal.
            Gus said she was histerical.

            • Because, he was at the site, in wet blood, and, in the site, when the blood was dried… Who says, dead men, tell no tales… when, their blood, proves who their killer was…..??? Ditto, the ejected brass, landing in dried blood, proves the gunshot, was last….. causing the Spaz, to, recant his lies at law, of which his thyree stooges, scammed an interstate kidnapping, at law; now, admitting their conspiratorial perjuries…. and, making the extradition, void, due to the suborned, perjury, recantation….. Edgrrr…

      • How much, is being concealed, by, the Gestapo, and, the D.A.s’ Office, to, save face, for this fraudulent process….??? You think that in seven years, they, do not know more, thet proves, Jodis,’ innocence…??? The photos, fraudulently used as evidence against her, prove, her distance from each photo subject, and, the bloody bigfoot, bootprint, proves, Travis, was a dead man walking, while, Jodi, took the picture wherein, Travis, was, bleeding out….. How, could she be, in, two places, at once, and, how could she, overpower, a martial arts kickboxer, in the seconds, between the entire total of pictures, claimed to be, in one minute and fifty eight seconds…total time…??? … Snidely…. Edgar…

      • The pictures, prove her distance from the three subjects, proving that, there were four people, minimum, at the kill site, so, how could she, be, in all those places, at the same time; between second, separating, the delusions, the prostitutor, needed, to, claim, her attendance, actually, meant, guilt…..??? Only there, on the twilight zone….. With, every bogus question, the Spaz, was in effect, testifying, in his perjurial antics,’ mode…… Snidely…… Edgrrr…

      • With the pictures, she took, proof, by the fact she is in none of the pictures, and the States,’ claim, that, she dropped the camera, means, she was the one taking the pictures… and, was by the pictures proofs, about ten feet from, each subject, and, she could hardly be in all those places at the same time… so, the construed evidence is that she, was proven innocent by the pictures; otherwise, why isn’t she in any of them….??? The delusion that the black sock foot, “proves,” to be hers, is ludicrous, and, that distance from the camera, also exonerates, Jodi…. Snidely… Edgrrr…

    • I do agree with you Jeff.And If Jodi is the one that stabbed him like that,i can understand the black out.If she was scared for her life all she could do subconciously she saw the knife where ever it was left.bedrm,bathrm and had to make sure he wasn’t getting up to kill her.She would have had to be out of her mind to even be able to pull this off.SCARED OUT OF HER MIND. But the room mates and the odor really throw me off as well.And the 911 call that was made from friend of TA seemed awfully calm,to have just found a friend dead.There was three people there when that call was made.silence in the background,2 of them were girls…..And a girl made the call….it seems to me that the girls would be to emotionall distraught to make that call.I would be screaming so loud,to find ANYONE dead.Is Jodi still trying to protect someone…maybe her own family ????? Something just isn’t right here.

      • Who in their right mind would confess to everything she did on the stand, possibly spend the rest of her life in jail if they didn’t do everything? So you are saying she is LYING under oath to protect someone?

        • Someone trying to protect their family? Someone who has been warned that if they tell more, their family will be hurt? Someone who isn’t lying because she really did black out and doesn’t remember? Just possibilities …

          • So she is lying under oath is what you are saying? She could get the death penalty for this and you still think she is covering for someone. Who is going to hurt her family? She admitted the ninja story was false. Why doesn’t she tell her family to move and change their names rather than risk going to death row?

          • Did Jodi actually call them “ninjas” or is that just HLN’s stupid word to describe burglars? I don’t know why it always annoys me when I read the phrase “the ninja story.”

          • I’m pretty sure “ninjas” is the pro pros sites and HLN term.

            Also, how in hell is she going to protect her family and get them to move without government help while the dumbshit Flores didn’t even believe her?

      • Jodi, poor thing. I do not know if it was premeditated. If she was set up somehow and there’s others involved, then that is a really bad situation for her…I think that the missing diary pages can turn out to be a very good thing to the defense…

    • Also about her Grandfather’s stolen gun:

      1) Yes, Jodi was living with them during this time period and DID have access to to the gun.
      2) Jodi was living with her Grandparents during the time the gun was stolen.
      3) Jodi was aware that her Grandparents had called the police about the stolen gun (among other things)
      4) Jodi was aware that a police report had been filed, naming the exact name & caliber of the stolen gun.

      Are we all in agreement with these 4 facts?

      Even assuming that Jodi DID steal the gun, why in the hell would she proceed to drive from CA to AZ to use her grandfather’s gun to kill Travis, *KNOWING THERE WAS AN OPEN POLICE INVESTIGATION GOING ON REGARDING THE BURGLARY*? That makes absolutely NO FUCKING SENSE!

      Jodi is a very intelligent woman, and I find it utterly ridiculous to even think that she was dumb enough to use a stolen gun (that police were actively searching for) to kill Travis! Sorry, I’m not buying it. I think the fact that both involved were .25 caliber is just a very unlucky coincidence.

      • That is a good point. Similar to the license plate and gas can issues. If she was premeditating, she really sucked at it. And I don’t see how she can be that dumb.

      • Wouldnt it be nice for the real thief to come forward and turn over the gun somehow, even if anonymously? It might save this girls’ life.

        • yea ecept the haters would say it was all a set up. LOL And so would Juan. We can only dream 😉

          • oh yeah, that would be nice.

            I won’t happen though because I think whomever stole her phone to get access to her family contacts/address then stole the gun to frame her once they knew where she lived….

      • Using Grandpa’s gun made plenty of sense (if this was premeditated).

        1. It’s not like she and Travis lived in the same city, where the cops use the same data base. Police aren’t that coordinated from one state to the next.

        2. Jodi says her money was tight, so it was better to use her funds on car rental, gas, etc.

      • The box of bullets, remaining, were different than the bullet, that, Travis was shot with; minor dis-creep-ancy, on the prostitutors, noncase…. Then there’s the matter of all the gun related, home invasion robberies, in Mesa, that, Jodi; being jailed; couldn’t have done, either… How many, included the same, .25 caliber gun…..??? …Snidely….. …Edgrrr…

    • Totally agree with you Jeff!!!
      Unless Martinez feels he did prove premeditation and a prior violence episode the ”I’ll whatever you in the nose,Travis” msg!!!LOL LOL LOL! EPIC FAIL señor Martinez!!!

      • LOL! @ Maria I have to chuckle every time I think of the Fact that JM actually used that text to show that Jodi threatened physical harm to TA. I’m sorry, I didn’t realize he died by a punch in the nose.
        That had to be the lowest of many low points in JM’s failed cross.

    • Jeff you make great points, especially waiting so long to commit the crime, all the while having ample opportunity beforehand. Hopefully Nurmi brings those points out as well.

    • Ok devils advocate though… don’t forget she’d driven much or most of the night and was up late with Travis when she got there, so they were both sleeping all day, not just him. When they woke up they did the sex thing so she wouldn’t have killed him at that point until later.

    • Regarding the knife in the bedroom: If only Travis had not brought the knife up to the bedroom
      to cut the rope, Jodi would have not killed him……….This is my assumption.

      • Travis also had to cut the duct tape (used in the sexcapade photos) off his arm before taking his shower & having shower photos taken.

    • As far as her phone being turned off. If she had a crappy plan, she might have just left her phone off because she didnt want to have to pay the huge roaming costs? Is there huge roaming costs between states. (I live in Canada where we definitely can get a crappy plan where you start getting charged the minute you get two miles from home depending on the towers you ping. We often have to call in and get the charges removed because they are redic. and last summer when we went Minn, ND, and others we bought a plan so that we were covered and woudlnt have to pay extra for all that pinging>)

      So… could she have shut it off to keep any extra charges off of her phone? I charged my phone in Costa Rica, and we had a nice bill for the 20 minutes It went unnoticed that it had “turned on” during charging. I can see her lack of funds as a reason to not let her phone just randomly roam til she was back on california ground.

    • I have one question for anyone following this trial, well maybe more than one but they are all related…do you all agree that the gunshot to his head happened first, which Jodi said it did and if so how is it possible that this man was able to tackle her and fight with her? How is it possible for a person with a bullet in the brain to continue to fight with anyone?

      • If you believe the ME then no he couldn’t have been shot first. I suspect there will be an expert witness that says differently.

      • Sorry, this is going to be a long post but bear with me it might be interesting. I’m late coming to this site and have a bunch of comments.

        Amongst gun enthusiast the 25 ACP (which is the caliber used here) is called a “mouse gun”. As the name implies the thing couldn’t hurt a mouse. Just to put it in perspective (and this would make sense to gun enthusiasts, engineers or mechanics) the 25 ACP delivers 64ft-lbs at the muzzle. That is the amount of energy required to lift a 64lb weight 1 foot. Like lifting a suitcase onto the weigh scales at an airport. The gun actually delivers less energy than your average 22 bullet, which is something one would use to hunt squirrels. Furthermore the 25 ACP bullet is a full metal jacketed bullet, which means it doesn’t flatten and so causes less damage than a normal soft lead bullet. Actually Jodi’s attorney who raised the issue about the arrow was right on the mark. An arrow can cause more damage than a 25 ACP bullet.
        I personally think the ME was full of it. There are numerous documented cases of people moving around after being shot in the head. The issue really is a question of what the bullet hit, or passed through and we don’t know that.

        Using the right kind of expert and documented evidence of other cases the defense can blow that right out of the water.

        So I went back and listened to the testimony of the forensic blood spatter expert. Based on that I think I can posit a plausible scenario. Remember this is all speculation, but if a plausible explanation can be provided then circumstantial evidence MUST be weighed towards the defendant.

        Just as is claimed, Jodi shoots TA in the head and he continues to barrel through and knock her down. She’s winded and he gets up and stands over the sink accounting for the blood spatter there. She get up and grabs the knife (which by my theory would have to be in the bathroom). He knocks her down again and she starts flailing. This causes the incision type wounds on his head and the parallel cuts on his back. (Those are not stab wounds) . At this point they are both on the floor and this accounts for all the low level impact type spatter around the waste basket and other wall areas. The struggle probably makes them move all around the floor accounting for all this low level impact spatter. She gets away and moves down the hall to the bedroom. He follows rubbing up against the hallway walls leaving the high level swipes. She stabs him in the entrance to the bedroom and probably slits his throat there. The drag back to the bathroom and its done. Blood patterns actually support this scenario.

        I think all that water sloshing, washing etc was just a freaked out person trying to clean the scene. Sort of like a kid who breaks something and tries to clean it up and glue stuff together and then just gives up an blames it on his imaginary siblings “I don’t know” and “Not me”.

        Given where the arguments sit at this moment after the prosecutions main case and the defense so far, the defense ought to be able to launch the premeditated part of this right out the window.

        • Al thank you for that post and all the insights on the gun!I actually can see that your scenario could be the one,although sometimes I believe we’ll never get to hear what trully went on that day.

        • Al, ita with you on the ME and your explanation fits with the forensics. The prosecution changed their theory of the order of wounds to make it a DP case. They wanted to show that TA suffered from all the stab wounds so that it rose to the level of the dp. I think it’s possible the shower was still on during the struggle, doesn’t make sense that either one of them would turn off the shower in the middle of this. Pure speculation at this point, but makes more sense than JA trying to clean up with a small plastic glass.

          • TB, The shower was probably on and may have sloshed some around the bathroom. How about the water on the carpet at the entrance to the bedroom. I guess TA could have been dripping, but he would have had to have held a lot of water through the struggle. We know Jodi did some weird, inexplicable stuff like the camera in the washing machine and the knife in the dishwasher, and the rope etc. So why not the washing down as well?

            Still doesn’t prove premeditation. This is all after the fact.

            BTW, about the memory loss. My Dad was a decorated WWII vet and he had absolutely no memory of the action he was awarded a medal for. In talking to his old army buddies I found that a lot of them had a general sense of the horror of combat but no real memories of what they did. Strangely enough they could remember what other folks did, but not their own actions.

            I wonder if the mind has some way of turning off such experiences.

        • My father is a gun enthusiast and said pretty much the same thing. He said one is better off with a taser than a .25. It’s a bit more ferocious than a bb gun.

      • The point is that no one has answered yet…. how did the bullet wind up in his cheek if it in fact went into his brain as the ME stated? He stated they had to dig the bullet out of his cheek and it had gone in through his forehead above the eyebrow. It may have just grazed the brain. He stated it had to go into the brain because the brain is right inside the skull however the brain was already mush so he could not track how the bullet landed where it went.

        • Head tilted away from the angle of the shot. The shot nows goes through the fron part of the brain past the back of the nose, though the sinuses and into the cheek. May be a little deflection as it passes through the various bone segments.

        • And also (on cross) I believe the ME stated he had taken tissue samples of the brain for analysis – thereby negating his earlier comment about the brain being “all mush”.

          Team Jodi

          • Personally, I found the ME to be a bit evasive of sorts on this topic. I think like someone else posted, he came off as if he didn’t like being questioned about this, he was afterall, the ME. How dare the defense say he couldn’t be right! I didn’t really like him (ME).

            I posted early on, I always thought the shot came first. To envision JA going into a stabbing frenzy just doesn’t make sense to me. Why stab when you can shoot first?? If, according to the State’s theory of pre-med, why would anyone stab first if they had a gun. Doesn’t make any sense at all.

        • And what happened to the gun when Jodi shot once. IF so!!!
          Why have a gun if it isn’t going to protect you?
          Why not shoot more times?
          Where is the gun and did they check for finger prints on the gun and camera.
          One palm print of Jodi’s makes no sense and a clump of hair?
          Did he grab her hair?
          If so was there hair still in his hand. Those pants really don’t look like the ones in all of her other pictures.
          Yes, you will take the blame if any of your family lives are threatened to be torchered, just like you would run out in front of a car or bullet to protect them when not threatened.
          This is a mob dow there after Jodi and her family and she knows it.

          • Aly- Wow that is so simple, yet I think the first time I heard it. Why did Jodi only shoot once? I realize she said she dropped the gun once she shot him and he plowed into her, but If she got a knife, why not the gun to shoot him again? It seems to me the knife was a weapon of opportunity.

          • Kmiller,
            But if she dropped the gun, looks like he would have picked it up. NO?
            Was the knife more convenient. I just can’t picture or make sense out of any of this.

            • In her 2nd taped false testimonial interrogation with Detective Flores (her first day with orange jail suit) Jodi said the intruders took a shot at her and the gun jammed. It has been claimed that when people lie, they fill in with some truths to keep track of their own story…. So, it could be that the gun did really jam, or maybe only had but one bullet…. If the latter is the case, that point alone could get her off from premeditation…. Why would someone take a gun, plan to kill someone, and have but one bullet?

    • Jeff please add this to your aforesaid analysis to complete the picture: The prosecution thinks that first wound happened back at the shower or right by the shower, that was a wound to his chest and that after he was stabbed in the chest, they think that was the initial wound, he made his way down that hallway towards the bedroom. While he was struggling with his life, he was trying to live, trying to breathe, she could have been stabbing him in the back nine times as they headed back to what he thought was refuge, back to his bedroom at the end of that hallway, where it enters the bedroom, this is where the prosecution thinks that he had his throat slit. He was slit from ear to ear, literally right underneath his chin. He had his jugular vein and his carotid artery both severed along with his wind pipe and then he somehow made his way back down that hallway back to the bathroom where he final died before the gun was then used by Jodi to shoot Travis through his, already dead, brain which would introduce the gun and leaving evidence traceable back to Jodi’s Grand dad. FAIL !!! Let me hear from you when you see this, I’d like your opinion:

      • According to that prosecution theory you seem right he would have had to crawl back to the shower. But we have a photo of him being dragged (supposedly) back to the bathroom down that hall. So the prosecution is saying I think that she dragged him back, and then shot him in the head just for good measure. This by someone with zero history of violence and to someone they clearly were in love with.

        Hence why I’m here. I can’t buy that line.

        • I agree Jeff, dragging from killed position at entry to bedroom back down hall only logical. I guess the real question why not gun first if that is what she brought it for only to not even use it to kill him. and make sure she left evidence to the gun that prosecutor alleges was brought by her that could link her to her family.

          • Jeff, you seem to be well up on this case do you recall anyone attributing the blood on the back of the sink and mirror to aspirated blood and if the DA is saying it is, how did it get into the wind pipe unless knife punctured same. I only heard heart sack and and large heart vessel was punctured. I firmly believe gun was first and DA had to make it look last whatever way possible to not speak to Jodi’s claim of accidental shooting first. Hopefully defence will bring expert to refute ME on the brain that allegedly liquefied and when challenged changed his story to say it had jello consistency that was sliceable and with that ME still claimed that there was no way of knowing if the bullet passed through the brain. Besides that, ME changed his story to this effect ex post facto and the lead detective said so. smells in Denmark to me. Defence should move for mistrial for prosecutorial misconduct.

    • I have a question about the person critiquing Juan. A non-US law student that has never prosecuted a death penalty case? I don’t mean to upset anyone but come on! Like it or not, Juan has years of experience and put a mother of two on death row. This non US law student – that probably doesn’t know much about AZ law is going to critique him? I am laughing right now. We need a post from someone with DP experience or an experienced US attorney to critique him

      • I posted my own personal observations of the man at work, particularly in XE, based purely on what I picked up from the trial transmissions. The editor here autonomously ‘elevated’ it into a new thread – maybe that is what you disagree with?

        However, my comment had nothing to do with the specifics of AZ law (about which I know precisely zero), but the generic methodology, aesthetics and (lack of) style/skill in a particular lawyer presenting his case. And yes, I feel perfectly free to critique him or anyone on this, irregardless of other opinions. Can you point to something unfair or inaccurate in my comments?

        You say you are laughing at the (self-evident) fact I have never prosecuted a DP (or any other) case for the state; well, it is said that little amuses the innocent, so enjoy the chuckles!

        For comparison, I would of course also be interested in hearing the sober analysis of an experienced attorney on JM’s performance, if you know where that can be found at this stage.

        Finally, as you mention JM’s ‘track record’, here’s a genuine question for you — if the state ‘wins’ by securing a DP conviction against an innocent person, was that a good or bad prosecutor? (Please check for some food for thought on that one.)

      • Itsjust me, you do realize that the mother of two on death row killed her husband who was IN A WHEELCHAIR and clearly defenseless and weak?

      • I think where Martinez is making himself most vulnerable to possibly losing this case for the state is when he, knowing that this was meant to be a staged suicide in the shower with the gun that failed to kill Travis, that he (Martinez) had to go a 180 degrees to make the gun last and not the murder weapon at all, to keep from giving Jodi’s claim to self defence credibility. Martinez, by taking this position, leaves to many questions unanswered, possibly leaving reasonable doubt in jury’s mind.

      • Justin time From speaking to a Lawyer who use to be a Prosecutor He didn’t think much of Martinez, he was out of line many times, and although he is passionate about getting a death penalty case he does not think that he will. The Judge is very inexperienced, because she allows too much of a circus atmosphere in her courtroom, does not sustain certain objections that should have been and also keeps stating rephrase the question..The fact that he put a woman on death row is meaningless due to the fact of the case itself. Also the resources the Prosecution has are way beyond that of any defendant. This person worked for Frank Hogan a very well known District Attorney. He thinks Juan Martinez over reached is very scattered and does not stick to important issues gets lost. The case is much easier for the prosecution due to the fact that Jodi Arias lied twice, and her behavior was strange and to some will be seen very negatively flowers to the Grandmother, going to see another boyfriend etc. As far as premeditation that remains to be seen but, Personally I do not believe that she stabbed someone 27 times & planned this with a room mate living there. He could walk in any time. The other theory is she shot him, and since the Gun shot wound did not kill him she start stabbing him this looks like a domestic dispute gone very wrong. He thinks she will get life without parole but not the death penalty.

    • The defense needs to bring Travis’ old boss up on the stand and say what he knows: Travis not only wanted Jodi to dress & talk like a 12 year old, but also that Travis had “a vicious and uncontrollable temper”, which he didn’t indicate too well in his testimony.

      Juan Martinez is just a flat out sycophant liar — huge ego in a tiny body, hence the Napolean’s Complex. HLN is just another arm for the prosecution, as well, brainwashing millions of Americans via propagating falsehoods and invoking ad-hominem.

      DEFINITELY sign the petition to boycot HLN.

    • I know people who carry gas when they travel its not a big deal. I also think that spending your formative years with drug addicting parents and I am sure seeing violence and I am sure not knowing how to resolve conflict without resorting to violence I believe Jodi when she says he got pissed off at her for dropping his camera. How would things have played out if he killed her? He knew she loved him and took advantage of. I know Jodi did not want to do this to him. These things are not so black and white ad my mother was being beat she never wrote it down could not tell anyone and when she finally left he tried to murder us because he still wanted to control her.

    • i told, Jodi, to decline the opportunity, to be badgered, by refusing to be hypnonauseated, by the Martinez, marionette, to, let him badger his own smoke and mirrors, to, implode, without, her for a victim of his carnival side show. Too bad, she, helped him convict her. where was the motion to dismiss, when the prostitutor, repudiated, his own, lies at law, and, doublecrossed the other two stooges, whom, all three had to recant the perjuries, they submitted, to validate, an interstate, kidnapping, under color of law…to make, voidable, the legality of the perjury devised, three stooges, exculpatory evidece, concealment, and, nullify, the foundation, no longer existing, whereof, two governors, relied upon the now, proven perjurial antics, recanted, by the three stooges…??? Since the socalled defense, got a three million dollar, State bribe, announced in the middle of the bogus trial, there was no motion to dismiss, to make void, the voidable, soap opera, therefore, no motion; no defense, so, the three stooges, backpedaled, their lies at law, =s if, they had some credibility, no matter how many lies at law, they floated; while getting away with their criminalities, at, law….to continue their soap opera, backwards, without a bleat from the braindead judge, socalled defense and, stacked deck, jury…. Where’s the Federal Bureau of, Instigation, arrest, for all these at law, officers of the kangaroo court…??? .All these reptilian illiterati, lizards at law, extort a salary, for their sworn perjurial oaths, bring nothing to the job, and, get, indemnified by the supreme court, …??? …..Edgrrr… Free Jidi, and, imprison all these reptiles….. Grrr….

  2. I tried envisioning Jodi’s version of events and I can make it work. But when I try to envision the savage attack hater version I strike out. I can’t get from calmly taking pictures to her suddenly shooting and stabbing like a psycho. There simply is NO evidence she is a psycho. There is plenty of evidence she was in love and had plans in a couple of weeks to see him after Cancun. I simply can’t buy that she did it because of such jealousy that she couldn’t stand him going on that trip and so killed him and an extremely violent manner.

    • I can’t make it work either, Jeff. The inconsistencies for me are the throat slashing (which seems like a message killing – ie – be quiet), the smell of decomposition for so long, and Jodi’s lack of history of any type of violent behavior.

    • i do NOT want jodi to get dp, etc. becos i feel ta was a major jerk, etc. she will get so,ething, most of us realize.

      BUT, jeff, et. al., ur theory is wrong. i’ve had at least 2 girlfriends get into my house uninvited, come at me in a SUPER RAGE destroying things they kno i cherished, etc. both ended up involving police, one court. all becos #1, i was NOT gonna take somewhere (cos i found out she was begin. to cheat). the other cos i broke up with her and SHE was plan on marriage. it is a pretty similar picture, happens to many sans the murder. BUT during altercations like that, things can happen. injuries and death… and these girls were super strong and hard to control. 1, becos im not trying to hurt them while defending myself and 2 their adrenaline.
      what i learned, let them flail, etc. and try to leave asap. dont defend ur stuff! AND THAT IS WHAT THE LAW EXPECTS US TO DO! not fair, but…

      • Frank I had a girl attack me physically so I know what you mean. But my head butt and your broken stuff does not come close to this event. The prosecution wants us to believe (and many do) that she was calmly taking pictures and then started slashing and shooting. I have only known one time that has happened and it was in a movie – Psycho.

        • Jeff, I KNOW. However, I think the prosector will try to convey that Jodi had gone with the gun and ONE LAST CHANCE for TA. Again, this is the prosecutor’s fabrication! She waited until he was vulnerable and sated, naked in the shower posing for pictures- then, knowing that there was NO future between then, stabbed or shot Travis in a savage, premeditated attack. The likelihood of this scenario? ZERO. But it provides DOUBT for those who don’t want to consider the TRUTH. As far as Jodi being smarter than the ‘mistakes’ committed (if one were to buy into the prosectors LIES), one could argue that, while premeditated, she ultimately lost her cool while perpetrating the crime. She was in a furious rage. For instance, if they try to insinuate that she’s ASPD, such episodes of unbridled rage would be characteristic. However, I don’t think that’s true, but the case against Jodi isn’t hopeless- that’s why we have to be STRONG and VIGILANT. Don’t underestimate!

            • What works, is the prosecutorial tapdance, arguing, up and down, contradictions, of the same claims, negating his own devised, non evidences….as if, either is sustainable; given, his contrived, questionable questions. only, meant, to, hypnonauseate the Sheeple….. Baaaa…. Snidely… …Edgrrr…

      • That is the best thing to do in a bad situation is to LEAVE even if you just go outside where people can see an hear you. WITNESSES then. If your in the country an no people around get to your vehicle an just LEAVE. If you can’t then well it is self defense either way but now a days you can grab a phone or something an record call someone let them hear what is going on another witness.

        I can’t believe Travis was so scared for his life in the shower ? an she took him down in rage like the Media is portraying anyways. I just do not think she would drive that far have sex all day an then FLIP out.

        But I can see him tired of the play play an want her to leave an is aggravated about the camera being dropped an a fight starts. If I had never heard his condescending voice tho on that tape I would never have known really what type of MALE he was an reading his BLOGS also helped bring more insight to me what type of MALE he was. He was not a good MAN I am sorry. He knew what he was doing was wrong in so many ways but taunted Jodi for more an more but yet telling his nice Mormon Friends what a freak she was. He was so mean an disgusting. Jodi had enough that day an was not going to be hurt this time. He to had time to run downstairs instead he did not.

    • I can’t begin to overstate the importance of that sex tape and text messages of destroying the prosecution’s crazy stalker theory, a theory pushed by Travis’s friends only because Travis himself LIED about his relationship with Jodi so as to not be outed as violating Mormon proscriptions on premarital sex.

      I never believed it was murder one at all, and there is nothing in the world that proves premeditation or motive. None. Zip. Nada.

    • Yes Jeff, NO evidence of her being psycho. JM yelled at her and tried to get her riled for 5 days, and still couldn’t so much as get her to raise her voice. I have never committed a violent act, but If that had been me, I can’t imagine that I could have remained calm.

    • Of course, nothing computes, because, the stabbings, and, gunshot, were in the second crime, to, launder the, perjuries, of the precision kill; as if, such, hysteria as feigned in the second crime, actually had any relevance, other than a feeble attempt, to, launder the precision kill, of crime one; as is proven by the fact that dead bodies, don’t bleed; affixing, the crime, number two [actually ], was five days after the blood oath, blood atonement, previous earlier, soap opera…. Read, the coroner / Medical cause of death, statement, heart stab, ear to ear, throat slice; and, no mention of the soap opera of crime number two [ literally ] Edgrrr…

  3. I know Jodi is innocent but it seems HLN already has made up their minds. They say shes incosistent and a liar. They say shes crying because she knows she is gulity. what happened to innocent until proven guilty? If the jury is smart this is what we will hear. We find Jodi Arias not guilty.

    • Ben, and they turned those tears of fear into her smiling behind her hands. Are they CRAZY???? No matter what, even if she didnt covercher face to cry, they would’ve looked for something else.

      • LC – like we have all said, she can’t win for losing with the ignorant masses that spew sh*t on a daily basis.

      • the fact that they managed to twist her tears around made my skin crawl.How can the MISREPRESENT a woman frantically sobbing???I’m starting to have serious thought that THEY are the sociopaths.Thank god,I live on the other side of the world and dont have to put up with them on my TV set lol!

        • Everyone in the world knows that prosecutors are by and large completely sick and twisted sociopaths, now whether or not people like to face that truth openly is a very different question.

          Fuck the government!

      • That really makes me upset as any one that has cried very hard knows you can’t breath through your nose because it is running so yes your teeth would show because your trying to breath through your mouth an sometimes you get those deep breath things I don’t know what they are called but it is like you start hyperventilating an your nose is running.

        • I think it was simply her “cry face”. When I cry, I make a similar face. It is really unattractive, when I do it around my hubby, I cover my face, lol!

    • I really hope so, Ben. The media has already found her guilty. I do not think they have even considered the evidence, they’re just judging and condemning. I get so infuriated when I see these shows like in-session, Nancy Grace, Dr Drew, etc, etc. They only care about ratings. they’re heartless. After this trial is over I will not watch any of those shows again.

  4. Hi, can someone please explain what it would mean if there was a hung jury? Like, would Jodi have another trial, and have to go thru all of this again? Or would she be acquitted? Thanks!

    • From Wiki Answers:


      What happens in a hung jury situation?
      The judge will usually instruct them to continue deliberating. Depending upon the length, the expense and/or the difficulty of the trial, the judge may encourage the jury to resume deliberations for a longer rather than a shorter time. Once the judge determines that jury is still hung then the judge will declare a mistrial. In a criminal case, it will then be up to the prosecution to determine whether to retry the case or drop the charges.

      A retrial after a mistrial is declared does not constitute double jeopardy (i.e., trying someone twice for the same crime). In theory, the defendant could be retried unlimited times until a verdict is reached. In practice, it would depend on the breakdown of the vote at the time of deadlock. For example, if a case is deadlocked 11-1 in favor of conviction, it would be more likely that the prosecutor would seek a retrial than if the case were 11-1 in favor of acquittal.

      • Forgot to add my apologies to KMiller for posting this answer to a question.

        As the labeled “shit stirrer”, by KMiller, I hope that my providing an answer to a question is allowed, and
        not misinterpreted as “stirring shit.”

        I do hope my “shit stirring” answer is somewhat helpful.

      • There is recent precedent in the US for a third prosecution (securing conviction) after two mistrials in which the jury both times (9:3, 7:5) voted in the majority to acquit.

        U.S. v. (Hal) Turner, 09-cr-00650, U.S. District Court, Eastern District of New York (Brooklyn)

        This trial appears to have been a highly politicized and rigged affair. Appeal now pending.

    • DD, it all depends on the prosecutor whether or not to try the case again. Guess we know how that would go. From what I’ve heard about other cases where the jury couldn’t reach a verdict, both the pros and defense question the jurors so when the case is tried again, they can correct the mistakes they made. Not a legal expect but I hope this helps.

      • Prosecutorial criminalities, are, employment, for lizards at law, to see to it, you no longer have assets, worth embezzlement; therefore, making you guilty, in accordance with the doctrine, ” innocent, until proven, broke…”.. Snidely… …Edgrrr…

    • Omg Doug Grant committed suicide AFTER being convicted? ?? Is this what your saying? ??? I know Dougs WIFE committed suicide n he HELPED n thats how he got manslaughter, but I didnt know he also took his life.

      • Oh no, sorry, his business partner did in Oct 2011 2 days before his trial fro mail fraud or something. My bad. Although, Doug Grant was prosecuted by JA, and they is alot of questions and evidence that was hidden, as shown in the video link above.

  5. i usually do not like that shrink, dr. jeff gardier, BUT today he BACKED JODI for yesterdays testimony! i could not believe it. and neither could, i think it was super pig, mike brooks. left him speechless. he was pausing, etc. HA!
    so, the experts coming should bring jodi some much needed relief and corroboration.

  6. 4. He lacks grasp of the English language, often struggling to find words to express himself. JA is well ahead of him on this front and has the (for JM, infuriating) knack of making it painfully obvious by fixing on the subtle difference between what he said and what he wished he had said.

    5. He appears to have a short temper and something of a sensitivity about being Hispanic, as seen by his accusatory jibe that Nurmi thinks “all people with Spanish names are the same” after innocently mixing him up with Flores early in the trial.

    I find these points really interesting because I read an article about Martinez yesterday that gave a bit of information on his background. He is definitely insecure about points 4 and 5. From the article:

    “The seventh of eight children born to illiterate Mexican farmworkers, he immigrated to California when he was 6. He says he resolved as a youngster to learn English: “The people around me who were successful spoke and read English well. You didn’t get far if you couldn’t do that.””

    I linked to the article in the comments yesterday, but here it is again for those who missed it. It’s got some Kermit goodies in it, including references to his temper and mistakes that he makes in court. The article is from 1999:

    • Thank you, Kira. He did the same thing he is doing on this trial. In open court–sometimes with the jury present–he tossed out allegations that made headlines, but often weren’t confirmed by testimony or evidence. He won that case, he thinks this is the way to win any case??? He’s now unbeaten in 14 murder trials, I wonder how many of the 14 are injustice convictions and lets pray that THIS one wont be his 15th.

      • It was an interesting article. I think that the prosecution’s experts and the fact that the defendant claimed to be sleepwalking (yeah, right) are what really won the case for Kermie. The author did not seem too impressed with Martinez in general.

    • Then it’s time Kermit is put in his place….and I hope this is the case to do it.

      It’s not like the case where the woman killed her husband who was IN A WHEELCHAIR….

      Hopefully the juries pay attention to facts and not his twists and lies.

  7. SJ, thanks so much for posting UNF’s AMAZING analysis; it describes Martinez absolutely perfectly! Personally, I was immediately turned off by his crudely arrogant and aggressive ‘come-out-of-the-gates-swinging’ style of questioning Jodi. I can’t imagine how awful it must have been for the jurors to have no choice but to watch and listen to him. I sure hope, in the courtroom, the jurors picked up on all the same things that we did at home. If I was on that jury and hadn’t seen any of the pro-prosecution media bullshit, there is NO WAY I’d be able to be able to find her guilty of Murder 1… or maybe even Murder 2, for that matter. IF anything at all, I’d only consider Voluntary Manslaughter or Involuntary Manslaughter.

    This is a terrific article explaining – in layman’s terms – the differences between Murder 1, Murder 2, Voluntary Manslaughter, and Involuntary Manslaughter, and it includes example scenarios of each charge. I’ve always thought Martinez over-charged Jodi with Murder 1, but after reading the definition, qualifications, and examples of Murder 1, I just think he’s completely lost his damn fool mind… What a vile & petulant little man!

    • Thank you for posting this. It is a great reference.

      Does anyone one know what term (number of years) does Manslaughter carry in the the State of Arizona?

      • Bystander, I ran into this: Sentencing for AZ Murder Cases: Sentencing for murder in Arizona varies depending on the severity of the crime. The state of Arizona has strict mandatory sentencing laws that apply to murder cases, although they do allow some room to increase or decrease the sentence depending on the circumstances in some cases. For example:

        1 DM) 25 yrs if person murdered was an adult, or 35 yrs if person was under 15
        2 DM) 16 yrs, or 6 yrs more or less, depending on the circumstances. If you have been previously convicted of 2nd DM involving a deadly weapon then you may be sentenced to 20yrs, give n take 5 depending on the circumstances.
        Manslaughter) carry more widely verying sentences, which may be increased if the homicide is considered “dangerous offense”. I have seen anywhere from 7yrs -21yrs.

        Hope that helped. I didnt want to give out false information.

  8. I have heard part of the phone audio between Jodi and Alexander, and watched parts of Jodi’s
    subsequent testimony.
    MY verdict, without a shadow of a doubt: JODI IS INNOCENT, NOT GUILTY. IT WAS A

    CLEARLY, initially Jodi not being a lawyer, was unaware of a complete legal justification of self
    defense to Alexander’s homicide.
    SHE fought back, instead of likely being killed.
    I’M not sure the technical sections used by the Defense, but a quick search of Arizona’s Law shows section 13-404, read in conjunction with section 13-405, MAY be the relevant sections used:

    WITH all due respect to Jodi’s feelings towards TA, I look at Alexander differently. I see Alexander as an violent sexually exploitative deceiver, who consciously alternated between hot and cold towards Jodi, thus keeping her unsettled. Affection and attentiveness one moment, violence, by deed and word, another. It’s a well known pattern towards battered women, designed to subordinate and exploit them in various ways.
    EVEN now Jodi is still held by her feelings. of love for Alexander.
    BEFORE meeting Alexander I suspect she was innocent of the nature of such a violent predatorial males.

    NOW she is in this this terrible ordeal, this trial. My assessment: she is incredibly brave.
    All I can do is watch and let her know that I among others support her and know she is innocent.
    KIRK Nurmi is a superb, experienced, well prepared, smart trial lawyer

    PROSECUTOR Martinez, is a prosecutor without a shred of prosecutorial integrity, a despicable, malicious, vindictive, sanctimonious individual, committing a continuous stream of prosecutorial abuses: misquoting her testimony, mischaracterize her answers, cutting off her testimony, making unsupported in court slurs on her character [ “rambling” answers ], the list is voluminous.

    AS for Judge Stephens, in particular during the Martinez’s cross examination of Jodi, in my opinion, Stephens has abandoned her duty of impartiality, and equality between the parties, to conduct a fair trial before the law, and according to the law.
    She has permitted a stream of outrageous, and unrestrained prosecutorial abuses by Martinez. She has de facto joined with the Prosecution.

    THE elephant in the room is the polytheistic patriarchal Mormon religion, based in, and including, polygamy, and the structural subordination of, and violence towards, women. How much this played in the events, or in the formation of Alexander’s psyche is unknown.
    BUT violence towards women is endemic. Congress just passed the Violence Against Women Act.

    JODI, I, pray for strength for you, and that a Not Guilty verdict on all counts is the rendered.

    • Excellent post, Wes! I agree with everything you said.

      Judge Stephens HAS abandoned her duty!

      It’s a relief to read what you wrote about Mormonism. I’ve read it described as ‘patriarchal’, which I feel minimizes the misogyny that Mormonism breeds.

      I was just reading about the Violence Against Women Act. I guess it was enacted in 1994 but had lapsed in 20011 and was just re-instated. It has also been amended to include the lesbian, gay and transgender community.

      • ITA! JM was awful but the judge is even worse. There were countless times that JM was allowed to rephrase/recharacterize Jodi’s testimony and the judge did NOTHING. When Jodi was describing Travis as a “linebacker” and JM kept asking her if his head was down or not. She kept saying that she did not know but he was allowed to consistently say “That’s what you just told us, isn’t it”. NO!!!!!!! That’ is what YOU just told us Mr. Martinez. I wonder if the jury finds him as painfully obnoxious as I did. His tit-for-tat performance grated my nerve to the nth degree. I would have tuned him out VERY early on!

    • Amazing analysis, Wes, love your post!

      I would add my wishes that sexual education in school should concentrate on sexual exploitation prevention.
      How many poor Jodi’s are out there, how many callous exploiters claiming this sort of abuse is consensual?

  9. Well said,, author of this post!!! 🙂
    JM is an idiot and I am pulling for Jodi Arias 100 percent.
    I am so glad cross is over… lets now let her lawyers set it straight. Can’t wait ti Monday!!!
    Go Defense!!!

  10. Just signed the petition but have a question. Is the fact that the jurors are not sequestered between trial times pertinent in an appeals claim? Seems to me that alot of issues with this case should be helpful for winning an appeal. I don’t think the judge has handled the trial fairly and the DA is a jerk and being allowed to get away with way too much. I am also concerned with this area being saturated with a Mormon population that is biased against the defendant. Hard to get a fair trial in my opinion.

    • (I think) unless it can be proven that there was juror misconduct or juror tampering, the unsequestering is not an appealable issue. It would be grounds for a mistrial though and a verdict being overturned. But I don’t think it could be raised as an appellate issue after the fact though or they would have sequestered the jury in the first place. I guess in a lot of trials, jurors are allowed to go home. They can’t talk to each other about the trial until deliberations though so they are sequestered in that way.

    • That MORMON factor could work for Jodi also as she stated he wore his Religious Garments often an would just pull them down for sex ? I would think that would really be offensive to a true Mormon. After reading what those garments mean to them. Can they ask a juror what their RELIGION is even ? I would think they would not want majority of one Religion in a jury box that could effect a outcome.

      • Or it could not just found this …………………Mormon juror cases go back to 1970, and involve concerns that Mormons are more likely to apply the death penalty and that they would biased in sex, obscenity, and Mormon-victim cases and in matters with Mormon witnesses [3].

  11. signed the petition, #37, we need to get to 65 i think. I also left a comment!
    take a second, click the link!

    (petition link above)

  12. SJ,

    I am on Jodi’s side and believe that she defended herself from the abuse of Travis. I also believe that Juan Martinez and his style of cross-examination and his behavior this entire trial is despicable, however, the comment of:

    His “issues” could also be connected to him being the seventh of eight children born to illiterate Mexican farm workers.

    isn’t really called for. My father is a defense attorney who would NEVER behave the way that JM has, in fact we have discussed his behavior many times and laughed at his antics. My point is, that my father also is the 8th child of mexican farm workers, and they may also be called “illiterate” but that comment of yours was very rude, and racist. It is unfortunate that mexicans are often the butt of people’s jokes and always seem to be the first group of people that are blamed when talking about employment issues. This is tiresome and completely uncalled for. I am sorry that i am ranting but you can make your point about JM without playing the race card.

    Sorry if I have offended anyone.

    • My apologies because I didn’t at all mean for that comment to come off as racist. The main post references Martinez’s hypersensitivity to being Hispanic and HIS actions of calling Nurmi out for being racist when Nurmi made an innocent mistake. I was highlighting where Martinez’ hypersensitivity on that issue may have stemmed from. Also, the main post discussed Martinez’ weaker grasp of the English language than Jodi. He isn’t a native English speaker, so he natually is going to have a harder time with that.

      Absolutely no offense meant to your father or anyone else of Hispanic descent. My comment was for Juan ONLY.

    • His race, the amount of Children in his family has absolutely nothing to do with his style & typical courtroom antics. People just want to insult him so in their ignorance they stoop to below the belt commentary.. Firstly there is plenty of white trash and being illiterate has absolutely nothing to do with someone’s moral Compass. It is a Racist remark, there’s plenty of white trash..Intelligence is a search for the truth, These types of remarks are made in anger . You can be highly intelligent & uneducated and you can be educated into stupidity. This remark was made about Jodi Arias , she is a High school drop out Mexican joined a cult, I have heard this. Martinez being Mexican has nothing to do with typical prosecutorial misconduct. The whole trial is a circus due to the ineptness of this Judge.

      • You’re going off on a tangent that had nothing to do with what I posted, so there’s no point in explaining what I meant to you.

        • I was responding to MARI the person who posted a complaint with regard to this statement.
          His “issues” could also be connected to him being the seventh of eight children born to illiterate Mexican farm workers. I did not see your post but have read and heard many derogatory comments in reference to Martinez being Mexican as an excuse for his vulgar display of nastiness & egotism. In short he is a really bad prosecutor.

      • I agree that I am also highly disturbed and unimpressed with Judge Sherry, as it has left this a terrible gong show.

      • I agree with that I take HIGH OFFENSE when the other side continues to say she is a HS drop out so she is not intelligent. Oh she dropped out in 11th grade does not make her lazy or stupid i did the same thing an continued on to very good jobs with a GED. I have never been on welfare or food stamps. An it seems to me Jodi was not a lazy young woman either.

        So we all take OFFENSE to some things in life. An some people are just RUDE no matter what race they are. WE hope the Nice an Caring ones show up more in Life than RUDE an Lack of Empathy ones do in life in a Race or People in the world.

        Not saying anyone is RUDE here just that JM lacks some empathy but then his JOB is to be mean an demanding I think. That is his choice he must ENJOY it or he would not be in that line of work.

        • He is very over the top and he twist and misquotes Jodi Arias I am sure Nurmi will address this.
          He is not very likable, but apparently the Judge lets him run the court room bicker like a little tyrant with the defendant. His questions are monologues. He also lies & twist the truth. I couldn’t follow him half the time & he screams rants & rages, since he is a johnny one note prosecutor ANGRY!!
          But he is the reason I had empathy for Jodi when I heard him I was appalled & i truly believe some of the Jurors will feel the way I do. He just wants to kill the girl and win his case. He is morally vacant.

          • I so agree I would be so horrible on stand I would actually have to bite my tongue I do not do well with over aggressive men or women it is just not in my nature too take a lot of over the top rudeness or twisting of words. I don’t know who Jodi took that for so long. I am glad she did not just BLOW UP an I think that is what JM wanted was more aggression shown towards him so the jury could see something more.

  13. Yes, Martinez totally bungled his cross. But here’s what I want to know – and maybe I missed something and somebody can help me: he never really got into motive. He just said she bought gas cans, took Travis’ photo, ran through the closet, threw a gun in the wilderness. Has he ever specifically said what her motive for premeditated murder supposedly was?

    Jodi has been saying that Travis was abusive, etc. Now, to me, somebody who has been abusive and demeaning might be a candidate to be killed with forethought. Yet Martinez did everything he could to paint Travis as a decent guy and knock down all of Jodi’s testimony about abuse etc. Wouldn’t premeditation be easier to prove if it was shown that Travis was an abuser? Right now the jury is thinking, “Okay, Travis maybe was a real nice Mormon boy and Jodi was lying about his bad side. Mmmm. Why would she kill with premeditation a nice guy???”

    And finally, another thing that killed Martinez was his inability to explain why, if Jodi went to Mesa to kill, she waited all damn day to do it, and do it at a time where it could easily have backfired. She could have shot him at any time while he was sleeping and then got the hell out of there.

    Martinez thinks he knows it all. Truth is, he knows little. MOTIVE is the KEY to this case. Nobody plots a murder without a reason – and Travis going to Cancun with Mimi Hall is not a motive to plot to kill him. It’s a motive to make his live miserable after he got back, like women have been known to do (ha ha), but to kill him? I have never heard a motive from Martinez.

    • He’s hinted at jealousy over Travis seeing other women. However, the facts don’t support the jealous, crazy stalker theory peddled by Travis’s friends and taken at face value by Martinez and Detective Flores. They were all conned because Travis was a manipulative liar.

    • Jealousy makes no sense either way. Only for psycho women in movies, or for enraged possessive men.
      It looks like she was trying to once again renew this idyllic love he had brainwashed her to believe in, turned on her again as he might have done with that punching bag of his (she seemed to be obsessed with that bag and mentioned it to the detective I think) when she dropped the camera, etc.
      The blanked-out overkill makes sense too: all the abuse that was repressed before exploded.

  14. Jodi was running away from travis, she had to defend herself. I use to be in an abusive relationship, anytime i ran i was chased and threatened and if i tried to get to a phone my abuser would rip the cord out of the wall, so if i tried to get to a door i was stopped. the reason for pulling the cord out of the wall and stopping me from leaving was so i could not get help in any way. my ex did not want the cops involved, oh by the way the abuse i endured was behind closed doors no one and i mean no one knew about it.

    • I hope you are safe and recovered.
      Jodi was abused too.
      Were you aware of the abuse while it was going on?
      She seemed to have blanked it out of her mind and journal when it was going on.

      • While I’m not wb blueorchid, I’d like to try to answer the question of whether or not you know you’re being abused while it’s occurring, if that’s acceptable. I was in an abusive relationship for 13 years, 10 of which we were married. There was no physical abuse towards me for the first 6 of those years. However, I now realize that by banging things, breaking doors, slamming his fist into walls, etc., he had already “conditioned” me to accept physical abuse when it first came, that such behavior is a form of physical abuse. I did not realize it then. I had also been emotionally abused, which I was also not aware of. It’s very insidious, and begins with small things designed to destroy one’s self esteem. The physical abuse began gradually, also, and I was convinced that I was clumsy, or it was mostly my fault. I was convinced that I pushed him to be angry because of the way I was. He could be very kind and flattering for times, and so, in my mind, I was convinced it *had* to be my fault. Also, everyone else thought the world of him.

        I have looked back at email exchanges I had with a group of friends online, which was private, from the years 2006-2009, and it appears that there were times when I was aware something was not right and I complained about him. I rarely dared to put it in writing. There was one incident where I documented a conversation we had in 2007 and sent it to a friend for her interpretation. I left out the part where he pushed me at the end in the version I sent her, however. I have also had long conversations with friends about times I spoke to them and they knew something was wrong. But, as I saw in my own words, within a week or a few days, I usually wrote again about something wonderful he had done, and how much I loved him. Seeing that 2007 account was alarming for me in the spring of 2011, 4 years later, when he had just been arrested for trying to kill me.

        It’s not that I blacked out the abuse, but I rationalized it. I was constantly searching for a reason why he had these problems. I thought it was depression, for a time. Then, I thought it was hormonal. Then, I thought it was an intermittent cardiac condition (atrial fibrillation which he was diagnosed with at the very end of 2009), and really thought that was the answer. I looked for times he had been angry and assumed he was having an atrial fibrillation event that had not been diagnosed. Since he was often very nice, my mind could not wrap itself around why he was often so cruel and awful and even abusive.

        During the last year we were together, I caught him masturbating to gay porn on a few occasions. I then assumed he must have been gay all along but hiding it from his oppressive father who would never have accepted it. I thought perhaps that was what made him angry. I even talked about that theory with friends. By then, I had no friends other than people I met online who I could talk to late at night, as he had isolated me from everyone.

        One of the other confusing parts of all of this was that he often talked about men in the news who were abusive in an angry manner. He never hit my face, gave me a black eye or a split lip, and those men were vile to him. But pushing his wife down the stairs or punching her, that wasn’t vile. It was as if he could not reconcile the two. After I read Lundy Bancroft’s book “Why Does He Do That?” and read about men in his groups who had “class” distinctions between abusers themselves, I began to understand that concept better.

        He was also extremely vain. I remember a time in 2009, for his birthday, when he asked me to take his photo at dinner. I took at least 25 photos, but none met his acceptance. When we got home, he was angry at me for not being able to capture his likeness better and it was my fault that I couldn’t. He almost destroyed my phone in his anger. So, I can relate to Jodi’s final account of what happened very well. It always seemed to be minor trivial issues that brought about his extreme anger, and even that never made sense to me.

        I don’t know if any of this can really make sense to a person who wasn’t abused but whenever I talk with women who were, we all totally “get” it.

        • Thank you, Also Abused.
          Rationalized it. It makes perfect sense.
          The fact that the abuser distinguished ‘ranks’ among abusers in order perhaps to exclude himself is also so insightful.

  15. Dateline is talking about Jodi an Travis right now central time anyways ………….of course Travis’s friends are on there the most so far that I have seen.

    • I expect the same old b.s. Maureen Maher of 48 Hours was fed with.

      Not a bit of truth, all about protecting Travis’s reputation, and, by extension, the Mormon church.

  16. I’ve been following this case as closely as I can. I don’t know if this will get posted because I’m not exactly “team Jodi”, but I’m not exactly against her, either. I’m sort of neutral at this point. I just decided to try and see if I could get some questions answered from the viewpoint of people who think she’s innocent because I’ve already heard from those who think she’s guilty.

    There are some things about Jodi’s behavior that I find suspicious. I’m wondering if anyone can help clear this up for me. So much of her testimony on the last day of cross examination contradicted the forensic evidence found at the scene. Is that not significant? She said the gun casing did not land in a pool of blood after she shot Travis even though she was being shown a picture of it laying in a pool of blood where it had landed. She said the picture was wrong. How can this be? Am I missing something? I am really confused by this. She did not say what happened to the casing, all she said was “it didn’t land there” while she was seeing a photograph of it in the spot it landed. Was she saying that maybe someone picked it up, put it in the blood and then took a picture? Maybe a roommate or someone else?

    She also claimed that Travis was running at her in the bathroom right before she shot him. The position she said he was in was very strange, especially the position of his head. The head tilt just seems a very strange way for someone to charge at another person. People don’t hold their heads in a position like that normally. If she shot him because he was running at her and they are in a bathroom, he must have been very close to her when the gun went off. Jodi says he was very close. The evidence from the gun wound, though, proves that he was more than two feet away from her, which is farther than Jodi claims that he was.

    Also, how is it that Travis, who was a big man, body slammed her twice during this attack, she hit her head and had the “wind knocked out of her” yet the only injury she has to show from it is the hurt finger? That definitely confuses me. If she was pushed around that much and that aggressively, there should be injuries.

    I also am curious about the pedophilia claim. The only evidence there is to that accusation is Jodi’s word, and we know she’s lied a lot in the past. I just don’t know what to believe when there is no evidence other than what Jodi says. What do you guys think?

    At this point, should we pay more attention to Jodi’s testimony or the forensic evidence? I’ve always been the kind of person who goes with the evidence because people lie and forensics don’t. I’ve been reading the comments, though, and you guys are making some good points so I was wondering what you had to say about all this.


    • Lizzabeth,

      I’m not trying to be mean but for starters it might be helpful for you to spend time on each page of this website and go to the menu bar and select edit: search. do a search for the things you have issues with.

      “She said the gun casing SNIP I am really confused by this.” Spent gun casing are very bouncy on tile when one steps on them or bumps them.

      ” The head tilt just seems a very strange way for someone to charge at another person. ” Not if they are aiming their shoulder at the person for maximum hit strength.

      “yet the only injury she has to show from it is the hurt finger? ” The boney finger injury was not from that day.

      “pedophilia claim.” Look up Travis’ handwritten letters that the prosecutor would not allow into evidence. If they really were forged the prosecutor would have wanted them as evidence regardless.

      Forensic evidence? WHAT forensic evidence???? the photos and the alleged palmprint are the only evidence..there WAS NO stalking

      Forensics are only as good as the PERSON doing it.

      Of Medical Examiners, there are plenty with more experience who would testify with different opinions.

      • The bullet one is so easy now. As the first attack, there would be no blood on the floor when the casing hit the ground. Then there were stabbings – blood on the floor. Anyone hits that casing in the struggle and it lands on top of some blood.

      • BeeCee,

        Thanks for the tip about the search bar! I had to laugh because I work behind this website helping weed through the hate comments etc and had NO IDEA I could use that feature. Thank you 😉

        • no problem! i originally tried using the search box up to the right on the page, but it didn’t work how I wanted.


          I bet you are EXTRA busy now deleting hate comments….not even counting the ones that have undertones of hate but still stay up.

          • No, it’s not a problem… and we don’t mind really because we are getting lots of great new comments and support for Jodi!

          • BeeCee,

            Okay remember when Zach Billings said in the flores report he saw travis for the last time on a Thursday?

   In this video at the 2:40 mark, he answers that same question with a totally different answer.

            And he seems nervous? What do you think? More nervous than any of the other friends we have seen talk so far anyway.

            • Mine too BeeCee LOL. Someone sent me that link. I’m thinking I should pay more attention though to what the people we suspect say in the media now though 🙂

          • huh. Zach did say he saw Travis the Sunday before he was killed in this video.

            I can’t decide if he looks nervous or not. I thought Chris hughes looked really nervous on the stand for the evidentiary hearing….that was evident to me.

            I’m not sure about Zach. i would need to see more video of him I guess.

            I can’t finish it….I want to whatever her nose through the monitor.

            • LOL! Me too. I just watched his reaction for that question too and a few seconds afterward to look at his general demeanor. Will check the flores report again though.

              He could just be a nervous person?

            • He said the last time he saw Travis was on Thursday morning ( page 7). Earlier, I think he was interviewed more than once, he said both He and Enrique saw travis four or five days before the day they found him.

              Asserting Thursday in the police report then saying Sunday on NG is odd to me. I don’t know.

      • Lizzabeth In response I can tell you forensic evidence is what cleared OJ Simpson. Many people polluted the integrity of the crime scene prior to any Detectives being Present it could have been kicked etc. This happened so quickly the Gun used was not sufficient to kill him so most likely he fell on her she panicked start stabbing him in the back & things got worse. The Battle of the experts is always going to be JUNK Science.
        Facts NO ONE plans on Stabbing a person 27 times, If she planned to kill him she could have done so by shooting him in the head while he slept. I believe the pedophile thing, I think he had these desires that he did not act on, Firstly NO BODY HAIR BIG RED FLAG IN PSYCHOLOGY wanting her to look like a little girl Deviant behavior, Hatred of woman sexuality problems objectification screaming over petty things, The Boys Underwear Huge Red Flag, that is all in the literature by psychiatrist. The Letter was not a forgery it was a copy not allowed in court because it was not an original. Hypocrisy of Religion. His relationship with Jodi is that of a Pedophile not boyfriend there’s tons of literature on this. In the Story I know my first name is Steven. The Pedophile in that story molest little boys but also picks up adult woman has sex with them. The guy was a deviant, I do not believe he deserved to die but what I personally object to his the Mass media behaving like a Blood Thirsty Lynch Mob. These Programs have psychics coming on etc.
        Juan Martinez also constantly misquotes what Jodi Arias says he adds or subtracts he was all over the place abusive & he is known for being deceitful to win a case. Not a nice Man, to abusive. The Judge has NO CONTROL over the courtroom she is a joke. If you listen to the tape He states he raped her multiple times her response is very strange. This is a control Freak She must date a Mormon. NO HISTORY OF VIOLENCE, her last boyfriend testified to that. Her Family in my belief were obvious child abusers which contributed to her low self esteem & more went on then wooden spoons. I also do not believe that Mr Travis only had sex with Jodi who knows what was removed from the place prior to police. His Room Mate lived there that is another very important aspect of this crime The Room Mate was not scheduled to be away and could have walked in anytime.

        • Re O.J.: Forensic “evidence” didn’t “clear” O.J. The jury simply ignored common sense and a mount of evidence because they had to let a celebrity off.

          And there was a civil judgment against him as well.

          O.J. is rotting in prison near Lovelock, Nevada, and according to this week’s National Enquirer, had a threat on his life.

          • If anything, forensic evidence was highly against O.J. Wasn’t his blood, Nicole’s blood, and Ron’s blood all found in his car? There are several reasons why the jury let him off, but forensics wasn’t one of them.

          • Tony yes it did Henry Dr. Lee showed that all the Blood evidence of OJ’S came out of a test tube, He stated, When you find one roach in the Spaghetti you do not continue to eat it. The Prosecution did plant evidence. The Glove didn’t fit but most damming evidence was the tainted blood. Henry did a superb Job exposing the prosecutions forensic evidence

    • I got the impression on cross, the ME didn’t explain very well why the gunshot was last. He said it was because there was only a small amount of blood in the skull, but also said the bullet passed through the sinuses. My theory is the blood could have drained down the throat or out nose once the sinuses have a hole in them. This is where reasonable doubt could be created as the prosecution has changed their theory. The way JA described the charge by TA fits with the path of bullet, and she wasn’t sure how close TA was. Also no stippling or gunpowder around the wound means there are no gases that entered the brain like the ME said. It sounded like he didn’t want to be questioned about that at all and didn’t explain it all. I believe this started as an argument that escalated to the point of no return. Also JA wasn’t the only one who lied, TA was lying to his closest friends and family. Do we have any proof of JA stalking, slashing tires, hacking his accounts, except for what TA said and told his friends? Lisa did say they called the police when his tires were slashed once, but TA got tired of waiting and left. How
      do you leave and go any where if your tires are slashed? And I still don’t understand how she got him in the shower, I’m not buying adrenline rush. To me her story sounds more plausable then the prosecutions and some things are not adding up. Too much doubt for me to think she deserves dp or M1.

      • “He said it was because there was only a small amount of blood in the skull, but also said the bullet passed through the sinuses. My theory is the blood could have drained down the throat or out nose once the sinuses have a hole in them [ … ] Also no stippling or gunpowder around the wound means there are no gases that entered the brain like the ME said.”

        On what education, training and experience do you base your theories, TB? Dr. Horn has performed thousands of autopsies, and knows what kind of damage a projectile does to a brain, and how/why it does that damage. He’s the one who performed the autopsy on Travis.

        • I have worked with some well known pathologists who could tell you more about gunshot wounds than you could ever believe. Dr. Werner Spitz in his heyday was awesome and a great teacher. I also worked with Dr. Hume, who performed the autopsy on JFK. He would also answer any questions you had, very kind and gentle man. I have a degree in biology and have worked in an inner city trauma center. Sometimes I would have to work in the er and have personally seen people come in with gunshot wounds to head. For example. a women was brought in who had a gunshot to the middle of her forehead from a 38( larger than a 25) and she was very alive, awake and fighting. She did survive. Another time, a man tried to commit sucide by putting a shotgun in his mouth, he also survived. Failed sucides are the worst. Convinced me at an young age, no matter how bad life is, it is worse to suvive a sucide.
          So I don’t believe Dr. Horn. I felt he had a difficult time explaining his expanding gases when asked by JW.

          • Also, I have tried to fit the bullet last scenario. I haven’t been able to come up with a reasonable way to explain how that happened. For example-TA on the floor after stab wounds- she shoots. The only way to match the bullet path would be if JA was on the floor also, or JA puts TA in the shower, then shoots. But the bullet went from left to right-TA’s left side was at the back of the shower when found. I just haven’t been able to see how either way could happen.

          • Thank you for your reply, TB. I didn’t realize that you’ve worked closely with pathologists.

            This woman who survived the head wound from the .38–was her brain perforated? I ask, because, for me anyway, I thought that Dr. Horn explained very well why some projectile wounds to the head are incapacitating and others are not. And, when he said that Travis would not be capable of purposeful activity (i.e., be threatening) after that insult to his frontal lobe, I took him at his word. Because of the shock–as Dr. Horn said–“to the entire brain.”

            Concerning your consideration of the stabbing-first scenario: what is it about the path of the bullet that makes it seem unlikely to you? The bullet went in a downward path, didn’t it? I ask because I don’t know about this kind of thing–how the shooter would have to be positioned relative to the other person.

            It will be very interesting to see if the defense calls on their own medical pathologist to counter Dr. Horn’s opinion. They will have to, won’t they? And also how they will explain the casing on top of the pool of blood …

            Thanks again, TB, for taking the time to explain.

          • The expanding gasses don’t make any sense. All expanding gasses are done when the bullet leaves the muzzle of the gun. Then its just a projectile (unless its an exploding type which this wasn’t). The energy it imparts (shock) is a function of its mass and speed. This is just plain physics. So a heavier object like a crossbow bolt can pack the same energy as a smaller, though faster bullet. So check this out:


    • About the injuries – Jodi wore long sleeves when she visited Ryan in Utah. I’m sure she had more injuries than just the cut on the finger but she didn’t want to call attention to them.

      And welcome, Lizzabeth…nothing wrong with being neutral and seeking clarification :).

    • “At this point, should we pay more attention to Jodi’s testimony or the forensic evidence? I’ve always been the kind of person who goes with the evidence because people lie and forensics don’t.”

      Hi Lizzabeth,

      Concerning the sequence of events on June 4th, I agree with you that we should pay attention to the forensics!

      The ME explained each injury very well. He was adamant that the gunshot wound could not have been the first wound, and he explained why this was not possible. Travis’ brain was perforated. It did not bleed very much. He wouldn’t have been able to do anything purposeful, let alone fight and sustain defensive wounds to his hands. This is Dr. Horn’s opinion, but it’s an opinion informed by science, education, and by years of experience (6,000 autopsies in his career).

      There’s the other point you raised: the clean bullet casing on top of the pool of blood. This is consistent, of course, with the ME’s testimony that the gunshot wound did not come first.

      • Pique,

        I dont trust forensics at all actually. The national academy of sciences published a very long paper going into how ME are biased as they work with the state. CSI is not well regulated. Police departments running their own crime labs was a big critique as well.Basically, it condemned all forensics, how it’s governed, licensed and not regulated. Many wrongful convictions are due to made up evidence masked in the form of science.

        • Pique,

          The link above is not the paper I mentioned. That is about 20 pages. I just referenced something I found using a quick google search but if you are into reading about science, I do have the paper bookmarked 🙂

      • Forensics can be tricky and also a lot of Experts on both sides use Junk Science. Dr.Lee the most revered of Forensic Experts considered the best in the world has done that. So people here Forensics and you can use it both ways. This can turn out to be battle of the experts but since the Room Mate was there I doubt Highly Jodi Arias would plan a murder like this with a room mate living there she could have Shot him in the head in his sleep.

        • OH yea i agree a battle it could be for sure. I did check the shrink for state and found nothing but her licensing info, and I know the defense expert is well respected, peer reviewed, worked in the field of abuse since the 70s and is well regarded. I wouldn’t call her a hired gun. I would agree that the defense computer expert, Lonnie Dworkan was a hired gun. The Casey Anthony defense and independent prosecutor experts were professionals in the industry too.

          But Henry lee? What do you mean about him? I thought he was well regarded? He used junk science before? I’m sorry to hear that.

          • Add thought – When i read the whole attack though by the national sciences, they did say the prosecution has more room to wiggle in all areas and a bit more power then the defense ( due to finances of the client or not and other factors) paraphrased

          • Dr. Lee is excellent you can use your opinion either way in the (there have been 3 Peterson’s) Peterson case He squirted Ketchup in a bizarre manner to disprove the murder. Peterson was accused of murder. this guy killed two woman was very guilty. One was a girlfriend killed in Germany, 10 years later his wife this guy was a deviant very messed up Dr.Lee’s demonstrations were plain just silly. The guy rightfully so went to prison.

    • Regarding where the casing landed, I wouldn’t put all my eggs in one basket. In other words, just because the gun casing was found on the dry pool of blood it doesn’t determine that it landed there. First of all, the three friends arrived before the forensic team, and they could inadvertently move the object. Or possible JA in all the commotion or while dragging TA body inadvertently move the casing. Ask yourself, how can a slim 5’4 woman overpower an athletic, fit, 5’9 man. I cannot imagine how can a JA did all that damage unless TA was shot first, and put out a fight until …

      • I hadn’t considered the day he was discovered, Lidia. Though, it was only one person–not three–who entered Travis’ bedroom/bathroom. Still, you’re right, it’s a possibility that the casing was moved on the day that he was discovered.

        Do you, or does anyone else remember if the casing was stuck to this pool of blood? If they discussed whether the casing was completely clean?

  17. Live chat happening now on
    about the case. One of the reporters was asked this:

    What kind of impact is the aggressive nature of the prosecution having on the jury? Are they showing any emotion?

    For most of the trial the jury has been impassive. Lately they look strained. Yesterday, at least one female juror appeared to be crying.

    check it out now..

  18. regarding the prosecution theory being, for the last 4 yrs, that she shot him first and attacked with knife after, and now that has been switched around, the reporter posted this:

    That was one of the allegations of misconduct. For four years, the state’s theory was that she shot first and then stabbed and that Alexander suffered the defensive knife wounds during the struggle. Then, four or five days before jury selection, Juan Martinez sprung the other sequence on the defense attorneys during a pre-trial hearing. He is a sly strategist.

    • She states she SHOT him first ? she does not remember the stabbing part but does remember dropping the knife or putting it in the dishwasher ??? I think is what I heard or read………… I don’t get this thing here about changing it ?

        • Oh I did not know that? guess it is another ploy to say it is a lie again then on the stand ? well they can prove people can live after being shot with a 25 a guy in Atlanta was shot 5 times in the face an drove away he was a intruder they caught him later not sure if he died or not later but still depends on the person but you can still live.

          Travis could have lived an then the stabbing because after the hit to the floor again some how that knife was in there an she got it an the stabbing or slashing began ? just my theory tho since she can’t remember it.

    • this is so absurd!! i wish Nurmi would stand up there in the middle of the courtroom and defy all that clearly and throw in their faces that it was originally the Prosecution that was backing the shot-came-first scenario!!!

  19. 1. The casing I am not sure how she would know where it landed unless she heard it hit the floor an look. But since she shot him FIRST there is no way that casing could be on top of BLOOD on the floor already? that casing was kicked moved during the struggle on the floor is what I think. Or water that was on the floor could possibly move the casing some. But still it had to be moved to be on top of BLOOD. Also I was thinking after he RAMMED her she fell an maybe on the floor she happened to look left or right an see the casing herself at that moment.

    2. I would guess he was a foot or 2 away when he was charging like a LINEBACKER they do not keep their heads straight forward as a BULL does it would hurt their neck. Travis was a WRESTLER that stance to me was more a Wrestling stance. But the actually HIT was like a LINEBACKER that is what I got from that.

    3. I have been body slammed on tile before I only had some bruises on the back an elbows an a really bad headache nothing real bad. She was just lucky she may have been blacked out for a few moments an does not remember it that happened to me also on a body slam also there are more ways than one to slam a person down depends on where you grab them an how high you toss before you slam.

    4. the photos were a boy in underwear? the room was not touched for 5 days? I am not so sure no one went in there for a full 5 days? He sure liked the spider man undies an a lot of anal sex? I don’t know but I have never dated anyone that wanted that over other things possible religious or not sex is sex. What one prefers I guess. It is strange to me a very religious person would not go by the bible that one is considered unhealthy tho over the other or unclean it may say. Sodom an Gomorrah story.

    5. She already stated all the stories before were BS an she was telling the truth now on stand. She was ashamed to have to tell the truth is how I see it. She did want to plea bargain the family says no nothing less than Death for Jodi an I see the Mormon friends feel the same way Death they say. I am not so sure she did all that damage alone being the throat slashing is a Blood Atonement that is from the old ways of Mormons in their doctrine.

    anyway that is how I feel about it all I do not think this is a DEATH PENALTY case at all. Self Defense I can see that. Everyone keeps saying she should have left. But why did Travis not just go downstairs also when she ran to the closet. He was already mad about the camera I am sure he had to look an see if it was broken or cracked before he went after her. Remember is was wet an soapy from the shower or at least wet so I am guessing she could slip out of that first body slam being underneath him an run for the closet.

    • Mormons are so big on vengeance and the death penalty. What worries me about the case is the makeup of that jury and if there are Mormons there.

      • I would think that the defense (and who knows, maybe the prosecution too) used as many strikes as allowed to keep Mormons off of the jury. I don’t think that the lawyers would want a religious bias in either direction (the risk that Mormons would be mad at Jodi or Travis for not following the tenets).

  20. Cnn in annoying. They say that JM did a bad job because he was up for too long and if you are up for too long then you let the jury get to know the person and it is “hard to put someone to death if you get to know them”. WHAT THE HELL? It’s like the GOAL is to kill her, no matter what….doesn’t matter….just make sure you convince them to make her die. How sick is that? Obviously, they aren’t going to give her death, but why are these people blood lusting like that? Sick.

    • If you go read what the Family the sisters of Travis put on BLOGS out there you will see they want nothing LESS then DEATH they are not ashamed they have posted it a lot of times. An I just heard on Dateline that one fat friend of Travis’s said he would LIKE DEATH too. They want her portrayed as the WHORE an Stalker infatuated with their brother an think he was a SAINT an she went there an killed him. Bunch of crap. I can tell in those photos from the genitals they were going at it hard for HOURS ! no one is that RED an SWOLLEN both of them are–from not having sex geez !

    • These idiots all act like Jodi will be put to death at the conclusion of the trial. It takes at least 15 years with all of the appeals, etc., and many death convictions are overturned eventually. I also laugh at the people who say “Life in prison is going to cost the taxpayers, put her to DEATH and end it!” because either way, she’ll be in prison for a long time.

      • What the hell? Do they know that death cases actually cost MORE than locking someone up for life? Morons. Look it up. With all of the appeals, it actually costs the taxpayer more.
        It doesn’t matter. They aren’t going to go with death any way. I don’t know what the odds of what they will do about some of the stuff, but the odds of death, in my mind, has to be zero. There’s just no way. Even if they convict her of murder 1 and buy the whole story, hook, line and sinker, they aren’t going to sentence her to death. No way. Not with the way he used her. If anything, even if they bought the whole shabang, they could easily see he was just using her for sex, even after she converted to his religion for him….they’ll never go with death. Even if she was “enjoying the sex”, she wanted the love and the relationship. He was a user.
        Now that is if they buy the whole thing. I doubt 12 people are going to buy the whole thing.

      • Kira,I’d be amazed if any of them haters would bother to check such facts.Apparently they are all numb-brained,zombie-like,blood-thirsty,of a low-level IQ as*****s.Sorry for my bad mouth,bit I ‘m totally fed up with them.Let them think of TA as the prey and Jodi as the predator if that what’s helping them get to sleep at night,I’m sure they’ ll be all over the next murder trial once this is over.As for the deceased’s family,I’ve never personally bothered to check any of their blogs(their energy even on the screen is totally negative)but from what I read here they sound equally blood-thirsty.Let them fly their death flags,It aint gonna happen!

    • So the same Dustin who was with Ashley is the same man who was arrested for fraud? Interesting. He went to prison in 2010 didnt he? And Ashley died in 2010?

      • The reporter on the live chat said that Ashley told police she was worried and for them to look at Dustin because Dustin was jealous of Travis, yet Flores dismissed it as a red herring.

      • no, no, no. I don’t believe the Dustin in jail for fraud is the same one. The fraud Dustin’s middle name is Michael and his age is wrong. Ashley’s Dustin is Dustin James Thompson.


        I do hope the reporter on live chat will look into it. Let us know if he finds anything!!!

          • Not sure the Amazon page is his….but I wouldn’t be surprised. I think it would take a court order or something to find out if that is the same Dustin.

            I doubt anything gets done with the Dustin Ashley thing this late in the game.

      • Bee Cee just noted that the Dustin that was married to Ashley is not the same Dustin who was arrested. The middle names were different. So now we are back to almost square one. I searched around for him on the support sites and could not find him. He seems to keep a low profile.

  21. Dave Hall aka gun toting friend of Travis’ is back on tv again, specifically Dateline. When was this filmed? He’s been admonished to NOT talk about this case by the judge.

      • I saw the preview for this last week. I think it was recorded over a week ago. I assume he was interviewed by them, and was paid enough money so he could take the trip to the courthouse.

    • What exactly is he doing to dispel the theory that Travis had a gun? He’s talking about how Travis loved to shoot! Fail.

      • The prosecution is going to contend that the video isn’t proof that TA had a gun, because he had to borrow the gun he was shooting here in this video. That argument tis not going to be very strong. First, as someone else here pointed out, most people don’t disclose the fact that they have a small handgun tucked away for protection “just in case”. Second, the video shows all the guys shooting large, more powerful guns than a 22. Why would TA brink his rinky dinky 22 to a range where is buddies were going to shoot these types of guns?

        • KMiller: I understand all of your points, but it never once entered my mind that Travis ever held a gun, let alone might have owned one before Dave Hall opened his big mouth on TV. This might be good for Jodi in that a juror might say hmm, perhaps he did have a small gun that, along with sex, he never told anyone about it.

          • Oh yes, for sure. I think the video will definitely make an impact. I was just saying what JM said and how he will try and make lite of the video, but I’m like you, The video was what first made me think the gun might have come from TA.
            Just because TA had to borrow a gun for this day does not mean he didn’t have his own 22

        • Some of the other posters have posted that the gun that killed TA was a .25…and the gun that the grandparents reported stolen out of their home was a .25…and the .25 can be bought around $50 versus a .22 can fetch around $200 up…

          At first…I thought that the .25 was a rare type gun…so I called around to some local pawn shops and found out that the .25 was more affordable for someone that didn’t want to put a lot of money into a small handgun…they said that it didn’t have as much power as a .22 but it did give a person a “sense of protection” if they didn’t want to invest a whole lot of money into a firearm…and they do sell a lot of the .25 too…

          As far as the rifle range…around here the guys and gals take their rifles to the rifle range…the targets are at a great distance intended for the use of a rifle practice range…

      • I think this video will help the defense rather than the prosecution.And if Martinez tries to imply that just because he ”borrowed” the guys’ guns to shoot that means he didnt own one of his own I’m gonna laugh out loud!(I bought a lighter today from a girl at the next table to light my cigarette=I guess I dont own a lighter nor can you find one in my house,nor am I a smoker LOL LOL)This will be his thinnest argument so far!No,he wouldnt admit to having a ”girly” gun,he was a macho guy,RIGHT?of course he would keep that secret to himself,he was an excellent secret keeper,remember???

  22. Allegations regarding fiancé’s murder

    In March 2006, an article in the New York Observer suggested that in her book Objection!, Grace had embellished the story of her college fiancé’s 1979 murder and the ensuing trial to make it better support her image. Grace has described the tragedy as the impetus for her career as a prosecutor and victims’ rights advocate, and has often publicly referred to the incident.[56] The Observer researched the murder and found several apparent contradictions between the events and Grace’s subsequent statements, including the following:
    Her fiancé, Keith Griffin, was shot not at random by a stranger, but by a former coworker, Tommy McCoy.
    McCoy did not have a prior criminal record and, rather than denying the crime, confessed on the night of the murder.
    The jury deliberated for a few hours, not days.
    There was no ongoing string of appeals (McCoy’s family did not want any). McCoy has only once filed a habeas petition, which was rejected.

    Grace told the Observer she had not looked into the case in many years and “tried not to think about it.”[56] She said she made her previous statements about the case “with the knowledge I had.”[56]

    In response to Keith Olbermann’s claims in a March 2007 Rolling Stone interview in which he was quoted as saying, “Anybody who would embellish the story of their own fiancé’s murder should spend that hour a day not on television but in a psychiatrist’s chair,”[57] Grace stated, “I did not put myself through law school and fight for all those years for victims of crime to waste one minute of my time, my energy, and my education in a war of words with Keith Olbermann, whom I’ve never met nor had any disagreement. I feel we have X amount of time on Earth, and that when we give in to our detractors or spend needless time on silly fights, I think that’s abusing the chance we have to do something good.”[57][58]

    • NG is the biggest crock. The Wikipedia on her tells of the settlements that CNN has had to shell out to families of people that she was deemed responsable for their suicides

      • Yep…. n at the end of the day, shes a horrible person. I hope she doesnt forget her prayers before bedtime. NG has caused a lot of grief n she should start asking for forgiveness, all shes worried about is money money money….

      • I once read on a blog during another trial that it was cheaper for CNN to pay out the lawsuits for NG because the more outlandish remarks she makes it keeps more people tuned into their networks to hear her remarks…and the network ratings go up and up…and when their ratings stay up…the network makes more money…it is a win-win situation for them…

    • Attorney Gerry Spence is very critical of Grace exposes her lies Call her Prime Time Peddler of Hate he exposed that story years ago Gerry Spence Never Lost a case he is honest and taken on some of the most difficult murder cases Very against the Death Penalty and The Medias Lynch Mob. His Book is great
      Blood Thirsty Bitches Pius Pimps of Power. You can read some segments on Google he really Shreds Nancy Grace, Spence is one of the most successful trial lawyers in the United States (he’s never lost a criminal case), is most famous for winning judgments on behalf of Karen Silkwood’s family and Randy Weaver of Ruby Ridge fame..
      He is way more respected then Nancy disgrace Dr.Do Do & They are just Trash TV for real Dumbos.

  23. Mmmm.. I wonder now how bogus previous dateline episodes I’ve watched in the past were. Watching this now.. The people they are interviewing.. The same people who’ve been blasting jodi all over HLN.. Seriously?

    • I agree. Dateline has completely lost any credibility they may have had with me. I had the same thought. Wonder how many dateline episodes I watched and believed because I was ignorant to the REAL facts.

    • I can’t stand Travis’ fame-hungry, camera-whoring friends. Grinning and smiling their way through interviews in that creepy manner…ugh.

        • And of course good old Abe – that guy never misses an opportunity to be interviewed. If there’s a camera, he’s in front of it!

        • But he looks so good in his dead friends suits. Yep that is classy and not at all stalkerish and fetish sounding and weird. No way. (Sarcasm totally intended.)
          Sick freaks.

    • I felt the same way!! It makes me upset, like a fool. We’ve been fooled all these years watching Dateline, 48HHours, and others. All along ‘I’ve” been watching not realky giving much thought to whats really real or not. Well now we know. But it kindda ruined it for me, I wont be able to watch anymore.

      • Me too. I watched all those channels and all of the shows. I now feel dirty kind of, and worry that it wont be long after this trial has ended and Jodi is going to have her story on “snapped” or the other one “dangerous women”.
        How many of those other stories are missing a whole segment ? And you just know they will gloss over the victims culpability in this situation too. I dont want to see this case end up as one of those misleading stories!
        Mostly, I hope she gets a really reduced sentence so they cant do it, as it wont be interesting enough.

  24. I keep praying for her. Hopefully she gain some strength this weekend to face JM on Monday. Poor girl she looks so skinny. I wish we could help her more, but I don’t know how. May God protect her from every evil person who wants to see her dead, specially NG and every one from HLN. And as for TA family, I feel bad for what happened, but they have to understand that even if Jodi gets death penalty, nothing is going to change what happened, and if they are very religious they should apply some mercy.

    • I believe JM is done with cross. Nurmi should recross on Monday. I don’t know if jury questions come before or after that. I like when the jury asks questions, then we can get an idea of how they are thinking.
      But, the good news is, the worst part of JM is over. He will probably not recross unless certain circumstances cause the judge to allow a limited recross (I read that today).

      • I like that the jury in AZ can ask questions too. Ill be a little worried if they have alot of question regarding the gun. If they do I hope they will ask if Jodi knew about the grandparents burglary BEFORE or AFTER she killed TA.

      • I hope so because I think cross was more stressful than anything else. To be honest, I couldn’t watch it for long.

  25. I just checked out Jodi’s BLOGGER site…I don’t know how to put it on this site…if anyone does please do….her BLOGGER entries are not only intelligent but thought provoking….something is wrong here “I smell a dead body in the car”..oops wrong trial….seriously though this is just not adding up to me..there is a missing piece of the puzzle…..very curious to hear more info regarding the girl who died and her X…a scenario could be that the X killed Travis..I believe they did not get along…the girl said her X was acting funny after Travis was found dead….did her x kill her to keep her quiet & then tell Jodi that he would do the same to her & her family if she “talked” about what REALLY happened?….geez if I knew someone really murdered someone I too would take their threat very seriously…..

    • Yeah Jill n if the murder happened right in front of her eyes??!!! Yeah… if I was Jodi, I think I would keep my mouth shut too n take the blame. I would hate that I was on trial for my life, but think about it, would anyone rather die the way HE did?!

        • I cant see why she wouldnt turn them in, unless she really dosent know, because she was incapacitated and unaware during that time. I can see someone accidentally shooting someone, but I cant see someone continuing to stab and hack someone after they were down. Also with how much she loved him, I cant see why she woudlnt have called an ambulance. She isnt a vapid stupid creature.
          There is no history of smarmy violent or criminal behavior.
          Shooting him accidentally makes sense, but the knife wounds… will perplex me until the say i die.

  26. CNN is cracking me up. They are claiming that Martinez is so pedal to the metal that he even goes after his own witnesses. Example being when Flores was on the stand, Martinez yelled at him about the order of the wounds and how he changed his mind, as if that wasn’t for show. They think we are stupid or something?

    • I wonder why they waited until a few days before jury selection to disclose to defense attorneys that he now believed the gun shot wound was last? Well I know, but why he would do that if its all about justice for Travis? Because we all know it’s not. All of these games he is playing make me want to gouge his eyes out. I am watching carefully for reasonable doubt and there is a LOT of it. If the state of AZ is going to put someone to death, it most certainly cannot be done with some tricks and word twister by this over zealous prosecutor to impeach her testimony. The jury has to be SURE. No tricks, not by defamation of character, not by bullying. I want facts and evidence. It’s just not there for me. I want the truth. How would his bloodthirsty family and supporters feel if JA was put to death and years from now some woman came forward saying Travis hit her too? She did very well on the stand, and I’m thinking Martinez is not as good as everyone says. Regarding premeditation, isn’t that what he wants to put her to death for? There are TOO many doubts about premeditation and I hope & pray the jury sees doubts as well. Rant over!

      • It wouldn’t surprise me that NG and her gang co-counsel every night with JM…NG has consistently made public announcement asking the tv viewing audience to call in or email them with any thing about this trial-any inconsistencies-anything she says…and she was bragging Thursday evening that the prosecutor was “tricking” Jodi Arias into admitting things using her own words…

        I am surprised that the judge has allowed JM to continue to use his badgering techniques toward Jodi during the last few days of testimony…

        It is not a fair trial…not at all…

        • In a way, I think it’s good that the judge lets Martinez carry on. All the more opportunitiy for the jury to see that he makes a lot of statements that go nowhere.

        • The judge knows this trial is being televised and all her actions are being scrutinized. She has given great leeway to the defense regarding Jodi’s testimony, and wants to be perceived as giving great leeway to the prosecution also. If Jodi is found guilty of anything and appeals, the burden of proof will be on Jodi for the appellate court to find error in the trial court’s rulings, and the judge is well aware of this. The prosecution is attempting to impeach Jodi’s testimony. The judge is waiting for all of her testimony, including juror questions.

        • I wouldn’t be surprise either, that’s how he got the idea of the video of TA with the semi automatic that TA friend brought to HLN.I don’t know if he still gonna use it though because it could back fire and benefit the defense.

  27. I read that Martinez will not get a second chance to cross examine Jodi unless new evidence comes to light during her re-direct with Nurmi, is this true?

      • Many thanks for clearing this up. Someone here said a few days ago that he could call Jodi again as a rebuttal witness. I’ve never heard of that in rules of evidence, but AZ has some different laws. I hadn’t had a chance to look them up, but they usually follow the federal rules generally, and that would not be allowed. However, he could briefly re-cross her if there is new evidence in the redirect. I doubt Nurmi will raise anything new.

  28. The premeditation theory is based onthe prosecutions theory that::

    1. Jodi ‘disappeared’ Granpa’s .25 caliber pistol weeks before the murder – in preparation of same and it is the same caliber of the weapon used to shoot Travis;
    2. Jodi planned the ‘visit’ to Travis’ home;
    3. Jodi rented a vehicle for the trip at a rental center 100 miles from her home;
    4. Jodi removed the front license plate from the vehicle and turned the rear plate upside down;so the vehicle would be more difficult for witnesses to ID by plate numbers;
    5. Jodi borrowed gas cans, filled them up and put them in the trunk of the rental so she would not leave a paper trail or video surveillance image proving that she had been in AZ on the day of the murder;
    6. After sexual engagements, Jodi lured Travis into the shower on the false premise of taking CK type photos of his newly buffed physique in order to place him in a more vunerable position in preparation for a cold blooded attack.

    Motive: He was taking another woman to Cancun.

    Conciousness of Guilt:

    Jodi cleaned up the crime scene;
    Jodi removed evidence from the scene and disposed of it;
    Jodi stopped before the road block at the dam to clean up in order to aboid suspicion;
    Jodi place a call to Travis’ phone and left a message in order to distance herself from the crime;
    Jodi texted Travis to further distance herself from the scene;
    Jodi threw away her boody clothes.

    All admitted and therefore proves ‘tampering with evidence/scene of a crime” – punishable by prison time.

    Jodi – “it was sefl defense. I was only protecting myself and lied because I was scared.”

    It does not appear that Jodi was the ‘if I can’t have him, no one can” kinda girl, there are no witnesses to come forward to testify that Jodi was an insanely jealous ex-girlfriend although some have suspected that she slashed his tires. (Has anyone ever tried to slash a tire? It takes a lot of strength and it would probably end up n a badly cut hand and speculation is not evidence – so that leads nowhere.)

    Believing the self-defense theory. It is imposssible to believe that she planned to kill him over a trip to Cancun and set it all in motion even before she learned ot the trip. Right?

    • I am Pro Jodi, this is not a death penalty case. i was thrown by one thing and cant get it out of my mind. Your above points, I understand a frightened girl. But JODI, why take a picture of his dead body in the shower? I though that pic was an accident from the camera falling too. She admitted, in court she took it? why? I fear for her now, not DP but Life in prison and I was hoping she could get out of prison, maybe a few more years and enjoy a life, have children and be married, be loved like she so desires and be respected. I am saddened.

      • No, the picture of him sitting was not after the photos of him dead…she did admit taking that one on accident. She did not take any of him dead in the shower.

        • What was his purpose for sitting in the shower?…she said they were only taking waist up shots…but he really looks dead sitting there…his legs are crossed too…

          • It was part of the of the pictures she was taking when he was in the shower. I know people have said he looks dead, but i think the prosecution would have used that. Do you mean his legs were crossed the same way in the crime scene photo of him cleaned up in the shower?

          • His legs aren’t crossed in the picture that you’re referring to. His right calf is up against his right thigh. And he wasn’t dead yet – no bleeding. It was taken accidentally right after the photo of Travis looking straight into the camera (he was in a sitting position for that shot too).

            • Thanks Kira 🙂 I was starting to doubt what I was looking at in that last pic. he looks very much alive to me. His eyes do. If he were dead, his eyes would look much different but I can’t put it into words.

        • I admit I’m confused.

          The faceshot of travis in the shower where hes not smiling i thought was the last photo she took.

          But i guess from the comments, the last pic was of him sitting in the shower where you see his legs but not his face ( I dont mean the crime scene photo either) was the last shot.

          He looks dead in neither to me. ( That was what started this convo I thought.)

          The pic of her dragging him was accidentally taken as was the pic of the ceiling.

          I hope I get it now ; -) LOL

      • No, she didn’t take any pictures of Travis dead in the shower. That was a crime scene photo, you can see the markers on it. Martinez put it up to ask where Jodi was standing while in the bathroom, not to demonstrate that she took the photo.

      • OK, since we’re talking about a few different pictures, I thought I’d provide some references for each one:

        This is the picture that Jodi admitted in court to taking accidentally:

        Travis was still alive here. No wounds on his chest and his legs aren’t crossed (right calf against right thigh). If you go back one picture, you can see that it was taken right after the last “on purpose” shot of Travis’ face.

        This is a crime scene photo that Jodi did not take:

        Martinez put up a similar shot in court (Travis’ leg was visible) in order to ask Jodi about what her position in the bathroom was when Travis lunged at her. The photo that he used (I can’t find the exact one) showed more of the bathroom floor.

      • patty,I read the entire thread and as the others said NO she didnt take a photo of him dead.the dragging photo was taken inadvertently.Scrolling down I saw a lot here are confused although the photos tell the story themselves I dont see why one should be confused as to which ones were taken before,during and after the crime(the last ones by the police).And then it hits me,it’s a term sm used some days ago;second guessing I think it was.Stupid clown Martinez(probably along with Disagrace and the rest)have played mind tricks for so long that we find it hard to understand facts we thought(and we indeed are)familiar with! Stand up against them people,dont let them mess up with our heads!No she didnt take any post mortem pics,that would make her a serial cold blooded murderer and i guess none of us would be here supporting her.

    • Yep. In the end, all of the events leading up to the killing don’t prove motive or premeditation and were easily explained.

      This simply wasn’t a planned killing, no matter how much Travis’s friends try to spin it.

      Travis’s own words blew apart the “crazy, obsessed stalker” theory of his friends who never knew the real Travis.

      If anybody was obsessed in that relationship, it was Travis.

    • Motive: He was taking another woman to Cancun.

      That, IMO, is where the prosecution is failing hardest. Jodi knew that Travis was going to Cancun, and it was a trip that included many of the PPL people. It wasn’t just Travis and Mimi on a romantic vacation. The “motive” is just so incredibly weak.

        • Agree. And in trying to prove she was a stalker, they ended up proving the defense’s case instead.

        • It’s even more laughable when you consider that Chris and Sky Hughes would be on the trip. Jodi knew that they didn’t like her and she was uncomfortable around them. Why would she want to go to Cancun if they’d be there?

      • And those two weren’t even going on a “romantic vacation,” since Mimi made it very clear to Travis she wasn’t interested in him in that way.


    We’re at 49, folks. Doesn’t sound like much, but if everyone here would post it somewhere or send it to like-minded friends, we can get the ball rolling…

    I also point out that the petition itself is not saying she is innocent, or referring to what type of sentence she should or should not get. But rather it is a direct objection to the HLN commentators…on this case, and for the hope that with enough of an outrage, future cases will not be allowed to be sensationalized this way.

    Also, I was thinking with all the great and plausible theories and answers for Martinez’ psychotic cross posted here, we should e-mail the logical and factual explanations to Nancy. OH, I forgot she won’t understand that…lol….

    • I just signed. I believe we are at 53 now.

      Would it be possible to also target the companies that advertise on NG, JVM, Dr. Drew? That is ultimately where HLN’s money comes from. The larger the audience the more HLN can sell advertising for. Just wondering.

    • I would sign but for JVM who I think has tried in spite of the pressure to bring something up on the abuse — I’ll wait to see what she does on recross.

    • I’ve signed and a friend has as well:-) We need to keep putting the link up, especially during the days of trial, where a tons of people who read here, but don’t comment can see it. I think that will also boost the number of people signing it and passing it around to their friends.

      Also – topix – i was reading people’s thoughts on the case there, and many were vehemently complaining about those shows but had varied opinions on the case. The link should be posted there too.

      Anywhere, where people are reading about the case and not acting like idiots.

  30. hey Guys..with the NUMEROUS the posts here we should have reached the 100 mark days ago!!! and with the time taken by the Moderators to present a “friendly & respectable Blog” I think we owe it to not only ourselves but to them…if you truly believe that HLN is going “overboard” on their assumptive opinions please take a few short minutes to sign the is painless…if you can take the time to post on this Blog you can take the time to do this for “justice” as well not just for the Jodi Arias case but for the prevention of these “so-called” professionals to slander a person before they get their day in court…thank you…Jill

      • Thanks! And again not with the intent of disparaging TA, but if you read his own words – from myspace, his blog, his “book” chapters, it describes a person who could very likely have suffered from a variety of personality disorders – intermittent explosive disorder is the first one that comes to mind. It’s not at all hard for me to see him as one who suffered from abuse, and though on the outside, it appears all is well, it just doesn’t work that way. I believe it came out with Jodi for a lot of reasons – probably she was the first or one of the first he had dared to get close to. I believe he too had great hopes in the beginning for the two of them. I believe he described her as “perfect” to some.


        Please remember to sign and send and post on…thanks!

        • Travis had a terrible upbringing and it’s more likely than not that he would have lingering issues in adulthood due to that. His parents were awful people.

          • yeah, how about TA and his physically abusive childhood,etc?
            they just repeated that on cnn’s “sex, lies&audiotape”…
            u kno what those EXPERTS say! if abused ad a child ur more likely to repeat that behavior when u get older. funny, how cnn doesnt repeat THAT!
            and his person writing that book? what, she’s an expert on TA & Jodi now?!

            cant believe jodi cant get $ for all this exploitation! and use toward her defense or commissary account. (she does not, right?)
            cnn,, is BLOWING THIS UP more &. more each day. and getting more & more tv heads involved.

          • Well, not everyone who comes from an abusive childhood ends up being an abuser as an adult. But one does have issues from it, indeed.

            All this media stuff (especially Nancy Disgrace et al) started getting really bad during the Michael Jackson trial. The media made millions off that trial. And when he was found not guilty, they were devastated and lost a fortune in ongoing coverage which Aphrodite Jones wrote a book about. I’m sure the same happened to them during the Casey Anthony trial.

    • The only thing keeping me from signing is that I don’t want to use my real name and address. I prefer to keep my real life separate from my online life. There are way too many kraaazzzziiieeeesssss out there. NOT saying anyone or even most people here are…just saying.

      • I’m in the same boat at you Bee Cee, and also, in an address confidentiality program so I can’t risk putting my address on a petition.

        • Awwww…Also Abused…I’m glad you can meet lots of people here at least. Yeah, you wouldn’t want ANYONE to get your address then. You might want to use a proxy server….well, maybe you are already set up with one.

          SJ can more than likely guess where I am from by where my IP addresses show up from, but i prefer to keep it as anonymous as I can.


          • Thanks for your understanding, Bee Cee. Yeah, the last thing I have left is my address, which is safe. I can’t ever risk my ex getting that.

      • Me as well…the hater sites are already aware of the petition and are posting ignorant comments on their pages. I don’t want any of them getting my real name. If we can use pseudonyms then I’ll gladly sign.

        • i thought about all that too, but went ahead and signed. ill let u kno if anyone hunts me down.
          BUT, if they kill me, not sure I’ll b able to post here then, but I’ll TRY!

          • Well, whatever you do DON’T get a .25 for self defense against the haters. I don’t want to have to go on another trial site that says

            I like 40 and 45 caliber guns.


  31. Thanks for the answers, everyone! Still not completely convinced of her innocence, but starting to see it from another point of view is helpful. I have lots of questions about her but those were some of the biggest ones that were bothering me.

    And I know she’s admitted to lying in the past and says she’s telling the truth on the stand, but she only admitted to lying about things that everyone already knew she was lying about so if she hadn’t admitted to lying about all that, then she would have a big problem. There’s no way to know if she’s lying about anything else. But, I understand being scared if you’re in an abusive relationship.

    Thanks for taking the time to help me out.

    • Lizzabeth in fairness I do not think anyone will ever know the real truth we can only use logic a person doesn’t plan a murder knowing a room mate is living with him, can walk in anytime, stab someone 27 times, forensics are always twisted, usually the prosecution, since they have the funds to spend when most people do not will use forensic evidence but most of it is junk science.. I don’t think this is first degree murder I doubt she will get the death penalty.

  32. Pique, thanks for the reply. That’s what I like about this site. We can discuss things in a respectful manner and offer up different viewpoints. I’ve learned a lot from reading what others have said. The path of the gunshot went from left to right and downward ending up in TA’s cheek. Best way to describe it would be put a finger on your forehead over the left eye and another one on your right cheek and drawing a line between the two points. We can’t know for sure how much of TA’s brain was injured, due to decomp, but for that reason we also can’t say he would be completely incapacitated either. I personally think if he would have gotten medical attention at this point, it’s possible he could have survived. Look at Gabby Giffords, James Brady, etc. It all depends on what part of the brain is injured. Not sure what JA’s defense has in mind, but from personal experience- you could put 5 DR.s in a room, present them with the same facts and they would come up 5 different opinions based on the facts. And yes, thhe women who was shot with the 38, it did enter her brain. I will never forget how scared and afraid she would always look whenever I saw her after that.

    • What’s interesting, is the friends of Travis have remarked in interviews that had travis survived the gunshot wound, he would have possibly been blind in one eye. That tells me that someone having knowledge of this particular bullet wound and Travis discussed the science surrounding the injury with the family. I suspect it could have been Flores as he testified at the hearing to have Jodi indicted for murder, that the bullet wound occured first and was NOT immediately debilitating. He also said in a media interview that there was no way Travis’ injuries could have been the work of ONE person. As soon as Jodi changed her defense strategy, the state changed their theory of sequencing without notifying the media.

      I read about this case for months before trial, and Travistown was emphatic that Jodi shot Travis first! Now they are emphatic she shot him last without question.

      • “. That tells me that someone having knowledge of this particular bullet wound and Travis discussed the science surrounding the injury with the family…..”

        The ONLY person that would/could possibly know would be Jodi, since she was there.


        “I suspect it could have been Flores as he testified at the hearing to have Jodi indicted for murder, that the bullet wound occured first and was NOT immediately debilitating.”

        and according to Jodi, again, the only one that was actually there, she stated,

        “….. the defendant told the police that the
        victim was unconscious after being shot but then crawled around and was stabbed.”

        Page 2, under CRUELTY, end of the second paragraph.

        so again, which was it?

        Hey, don’t be mad at the messenger, I am just going off of documents, along with her testimony.

        Sorry in advance to KMiller again, if this comes across as “shit stirring”.

        • How did the state obtain the indictment for cruelty? ( rhetorical question). Flores lied in a sworn depo and an appellate court may see the issue differently than the lower court judges.

          SHe admitted she lied during the interrogation several times.

          “The ONLY person that would/could possibly know would be Jodi, since she was there.”

          She can’t remember, remember? Do you think it was to her benefit to say she can’t remember at trial? Her not remembering has not helped her case at all. I believe her.

          All the word games, hocus pocus and smoke screens Martinez perpetuated on cross will be cleared up on redirect concerning her memory issues.

          It was not in her benefit to NOT remember.

          • I have a question about the firearm used..I have asked this once before and noone answered. Each and every gun has a “Finger print” that they leave on bullets these are called lands and grooves. Now when most people own a firearm they take it out somewhere to fire to learn how to use that particular gun. The prosecution has accused Jodi of stealing her grandfathers gun. My question is has anyone tried to find spent shells from her grandfathers firearm that can be compaired to the spent shell left at the TA murder scene.

          • It was completely to her benefit to not remember stab wounds. To prove self defense, you are only allowed to use as much force as is necessary and there is no way she could justify why she didn’t have any injuries nod travis had all the stab wounds and neck slashing if she shot him. She had no choice. If she remembered she would have been slaughtered under cross. Her safest bet was to not remember.

          • @ Jennifer, good point

            Re. “lands and grooves” – these are the stretched spiral cuts machined inside the gun barrel (aka ‘rifling’) which impart spin and leave a distinctive pattern of striations on the projectile as it passes through. If the weapon is available, the recovered slug can be microscopically compared to it for a unique ID.

            The used shell casing can also be forensically examined for marks left by other machined features of the gun on firing, e.g. chamber marks (from expansion), breech face marks (from recoil) or firing pin impressions. In this case, to which you referred, a casing found at the scene is compared to one known to have been fired by the suspect weapon.

            Presumably no other (previously fired) shell casings are available here, or the prosecution would be all over it to support their premeditation theory. They cannot prove or state as a fact that she stole the gun from her grandfather, but will nevertheless try to strongly imprint the circumstance on the jury’s mind in the hope that an adverse inference is drawn.

          • Talking about the gun forensics, there are a couple of points that have been missing and I wonder why. Firstly not all guns have the same number of lands and grooves. Secondly they don’t all have the same twist, some twist to the right and others to the left. Lastly the firing pin on guns leave different types of patterns on the primer. Now unless the issue with 25ACPs is that they all have 6 lands, right hand twists and a similar position of the firing pin I would have expected JM to bring out some issues about the similarities on these characteristics between the recovered bullet and casing and the model of gun stolen. Unless they don’t know the model of gun stolen, or there is some other glaring issue.

  33. I find it hard to believe that several newscasts say that “the prosecutor broke down Jodi Arias.” If they all had brains, they’d know that Jodi broke down in tears after viewing Travis’ photos. I would never be able to hold up as long as Jodi has in this court with this prosecutor. He is a bumbling, badgering, nervous, ranting so-called professional who definitely is not the “pitbull of the courtroom” as newscasters are saying he is. A prosecutor can be effective with strength, but he does not have to be abusive. As for testimony coverage, HLN is the worst piece of garbage televised. Two minutes of testimony, six minutes of commercials with breaks in the middle of important statements. The commentary from them is bullying and unreasonable. EVERYONE is guilty according to them. They are not TV journalists; they are simply personalities with nonsense acting ability and poor understanding. InSession gives more testimony and less commercials, but they’re ignorant, as well. Thoughts and prayers, Jodi, for no death penalty.

    • Athena(love your name by the way!) no,Martinez din NOT break her! She was in total control of herself but since he so cruelly decider to flash the dead body’s photos it was only natural that she would break down,which had nothing to do with Martinez’s cross exam but with her facing that ugly sight.Kermit has failed in every possible way,imo.

    • Add to that the Trutv so-called trial coverage reporter on the CNN special giving her own verdict that “Jodi should never walk the streets again” . As any good vigilante journalist should, I take it, just in case the jury were to all fall dead before her coverage of the trial ends.

  34. Gun shots to the head: Survivors…

    There are many many more. Many attempted suicides utilizing a gunshot to the head have failed. Some might remember the Reagan assassination attempt in 1981. White House Press Secretary James Brady was shot in the head and survived. So for anyone to say surviving a gunshot wound to the head is impossible, no, they’re wrong… it is possible.

      • These are just a couple examples. The point is not whether they were paralyzed or vegetable-ized, the point is they survived a bullet to the head, something the prosecutor and the media gossip mongers say is impossible. No one said Travis got up and danced a jig after he was shot, he may have been partially paralyzed, lobotomized, but still able to walk and talk…. who knows for sure.

    • Also don’t forget back in the day, they would perform lobotomies on the frontal lobes in mentally challenged people and mental patients in order to control them better.

  35. Re: 25 caliber gun…FYI

    If it is on sale for $100.00, it is overpriced by about $95.00. I would not want to get shot with a .25 ACP, but if I were going to get shot, I’d rather be shot with a .25 ACP than any other cartridge. I figure that unless someone got real lucky, and I got real unlucky, I’d have a good chance of killing the SOB who shot me before I drove myself to the hospital. The .25 ACP is extremely underpowered, and should be rated as an expert’s tool, not a gun for a novice. Raven pistols are big and bulky in comparison to their caliber. (There are plenty of .38 & .357 Magnum revolvers that are smaller and lighter, and plenty of .380 and 9 mmP pistols that are smaller and lighter.) Their safeties are a bad joke. Carrying one with a round chambered is just asking to be shot by your own gun. Ravens are very inaccurate beyond powder burn ranges. And worst of all, they are terribly unreliable. The best use I’ve found for Raven it to attach it to the end of a fishing line and use it as a sinker. Save your money and buy a decent firearm. That Raven will give you the illusion of being able to defend yourself. And if you are going to be packing iron illegally, you might as well go to jail for packing a serious defensive weapon as for popgun. Doc Source(s): In his famous study on handgun stopping power, Evan Marshall related the story of a hooker who went to the ERcomplaining of severe headaches. X-Rays revealed seven (yes I said 7) .25 ACP bullets in her head. Her pimp got mad and tried to kill her, shooting her 7 times in the head with a .25 A P. None of the bullets penetrated her skull, the just deflected and ran around her skull under the skin. She didn’t even seek medical attention until a week later when the headaches caused by the pressure of the bullets on her skull became annoying. Now that is stopping power for you! HA!! Doc

    • This is the best news I’ve read since this trial began. I really hope these ridiculous HLN shows that masquerade as legitimate news sources bite the dust also. This hate mongering has incited a mob mentality that has ruined the lives of so many people they have covered over the years. Imagine not being able to be seen in public because you fear for your life. They have appointed themselves the judge, jury and executioner before the trial has even started. It’s just wrong on so many levels. As someone with a B.A. in Journalism, I am angry and ashamed of this behavior. Their job is to REPORT THE NEWS, not take sides.

    • I remember years ago when Court TV was TruTV and it was so interesting to actually watch a trial start to finish. I was home sick and caught several days of the Jeffrey Dahmer trial, and later, some of the OJ trial. They didn’t have all of these “personalities” giving their own take on the trials. It was actually a good thing for viewers to see. It’s sad to think how it’s all gone so far awry in the last 20 years and now, it’s become more of a gladiator fight in the Roman Empire.

      • Yes! The Jeffrey Dahmer trial was the first televised trial that I ever watched – I was 16 and absolutely fascinated. It was so nice back then just to watch the trial and not have to deal with “BOMBSHELL! Tonight we talk to Jeffrey Dahmer’s lab partner in ninth grade biology class!”

    • Thanks for the link! MEs are definitely not infallible, especially if they’re working with prosecutors. Look at Dr. G. during Casey’s trial – she’s highly recognized in the field due to her TV show, but Dr. Werner Spitz, testifying for the defense, made her look incompetent by stating that she should have opened Caylee’s skull.

  36. I was reading the Flores police report again…The roommate Zach told the detective that he was in his room with his girlfriend when Mimi and her friend came over looking for Travis…(1) Considering that the detective said that he could smell decomposition when he entered the home…we know the roommates didn’t indicate that they smelled anything what about Zach’s girlfriend…was she ever questioned if she smelled anything? (2)Zach goes to the same mormon church as TA…why does Zach spend most of the time with his girlfriend in his bedroom?…I bet there not just talking in there…I would think that would not be appropriate for the mormon religion…unless they are having sexual relations too and pretending to be virgins…

      • Im not sure about that. The smell of death travels very very fast. In one case that I watched on ID network the body had been in a house for two days and the smell drifted outside with all doors and windows closed. Just like if you ever had an animal die in your wall the smell of the decomposed animal seeps through the wall.

        • This was posted Feb 22nd in the site.

          Link to original comment:

          I have worked in the “death-care” industry for a number of years and have a couple of observations to share:

          I have made thousands of “removals”, many from crime scenes for the coroner. Making the removal of a 200+ pound dead person is not easy (especially from a tub/shower). In fact, just getting a person of TA’s size and (dead) weight on to a gurney (with the aid of a combi-cot equipped with handles) usually took two to four people. So… how could Jodi drag TA down the hallway, make the corner into the bathroom and position TA into the shower as he was found??? I would love to see the defense recreate the crime scene with a replica of the shower, fill a 250 pound bag with sand, and have Jodi attempt to drag it the appropriate number of feet (making the turn of course) and wrestle it into the shower. But, would Mr. Weasel object?…. POP would go the weasel, I’m sure…. If Jodi was able to pull this off, I’m sure she’d remember it, right?

          TA’s body had been de-composing for 5 days…. I know very well what decomp smells/feels like. I’m surprised the neighbors didn’t complain. Especially, during the summer, in Arizona! TA’s condition at that point was what we refer to in the business as “a floater” – double- thick -blue- bag -time for sure. So many aspects of the crime-scene and investigation just don’t make any sense or add up. The roommates – the dog, his car in the driveway etc…

          One last random thought: I also have my doubts regarding Jodi inflicting the “blood-atonement” neck wound. Hardly a defensive wound, IMO. Perhaps, (I know this might sound crazy) but as he lay dying in the shower, bleeding out… what if TA inflicted it upon himself? Of course, that brings up a whole host of other questions… (i.e. where’s the knife etc…) The crime scene just appears “staged” to me.

          Like most of you, I have been obsessed with this case for quite a while now and truly feel bad for all concerned (and that includes TA’s and JA’s families). No winners here but I do hope for Jodi that justice will be served.

          I just sense that there is a much larger story here…

          Team Jodi

        • Yeah, and what about the A/C. Because this was in June, so it was summer time, they had to have the A/C on and the air vents mixes the air from the whole house. Is Very strange that they didn’t smell anything.

    • They were probably having any type of sex, but vaginal, as long as they don’t do vaginal sex with a girl is not a sin, according to TA.

  37. WOW I was looking up infor on the short man JM and this is a must read

    Justice Delayed

    Star prosecutor finds himself on the defensive over fast-track flap

    Comments (0) By Paul Rubin Thursday, Aug 29 2002

    Felony prosecutor Juan Martinez is despised by many defense attorneys, mainly because he relentlessly plays hardball on the job. He rarely plea bargains, seemingly is always in trial, prepares his cases meticulously, and usually wins.

    No matter what Martinez’s adversaries may think of him personally or professionally, though, no one could ever righteously accuse him of being lazy.

    And those on both sides of the fence — prosecution and defense — agree Martinez is just about the last person they expected to get slapped around recently by Maricopa County Superior Court presiding judge Colin Campbell, for allegedly causing a delay of the first-degree-murder trial of David Wayne Carr.

    But it happened at a public hearing May 31 when the powerful judge accused Martinez of “flagrantly” breaking the rules in the Carr case. An angry Campbell then ordered Martinez to prove at a subsequent hearing why he shouldn’t be held in criminal contempt, a charge that can mean up to six months in jail for the accused.

    What did Martinez do to merit such punishment? Did he destroy evidence, lie, or, God forbid, treat the judge rudely?


    Simply put, Martinez was tardy in providing assistant public defender Dennis Jones with the names and addresses of all possible witnesses he might call at Carr’s trial, which had been scheduled for May 30.

    That failure, according to Campbell, meant Jones couldn’t be adequately prepared for trial on time, a cardinal sin in the fast-track justice system championed by the judge and other jurists.

    The case of the Superior Court vs. Juan Martinez, which ended rather tepidly August 5 with a letter of apology from the prosecutor to the judge, underscores the schism between the judiciary and the bar that continues to widen at the county courthouse.

    The contempt case was “settled” only after County Attorney Rick Romley had hired heavy-hitter attorney (and former judge himself) Mel McDonald to defend Martinez. For its part, the court hired John Lundin, a veteran Phoenix barrister who chairs the Arizona Commission on Judicial Performance Review, to serve as “special prosecutor” in its case against Martinez.

    “Juan technically did violate the law by not submitting the names of his potential witnesses on time,” McDonald tells New Times. “But it wasn’t done to subvert justice, and no one can honestly argue otherwise. It was a real-life situation, with Juan working on murder trial after trial, and he and the defense attorney not being able to coordinate on interviews and other things. I didn’t look forward to questioning Juan’s accuser, Judge Campbell, on the witness stand, in front of a jury. But I would have. And I’m convinced we had a winner in this case.”

    The clash between Campbell and Martinez came during a session of the court’s so-called “continuance panel,” a controversial practice that Campbell started soon after he took the helm in July 2000. The panel — actually one senior judge — meets regularly with a roomful of attorneys to consider requests for trial postponements of more than five days.

    (The panel was formed amid increasing public concern about the length of time it often takes to resolve criminal cases.)

    Most lawyers in the criminal-justice system consider the practice of having to plead for more preparation time personally demeaning and rarely in the best interests of their clients. And many judges say privately it irks them that the “continuance panel” has usurped many of the time-tested duties of trial judges, like deciding when it is appropriate to schedule trials.

    On May 22, defense attorney Jones asked the trial judge in the Carr case to issue sanctions against Martinez for not providing him with a list of potential witnesses and other materials. Jones also asked for a four-month postponement of David Carr’s murder trial. The 50-year-old Carr is charged in the July 2001 shooting death of another Valley man whose remains were found in the mountains north of town.

    The request for delay landed the Carr case before Judge Campbell, who was manning the “continuance panel” on May 31. Campbell — who declined to comment on the matter — clearly didn’t accept Martinez’s explanation that his failure to file the witness list hadn’t delayed prosecution of the case.

    Instead, the judge accused Martinez in writing of “willfully” violating the rules of the court. The word willful is important, because, by definition, a person cannot be held in criminal contempt unless he or she intentionally “. . . obstructs the administration of justice, or lessens the dignity and authority of the court.”

    That, says Paul Ahler, the chief deputy at the County Attorney’s Office, just never happened.

    “We were extremely upset over here by what Judge Campbell was accusing Juan of,” says Ahler, noting that Martinez twice has won his office’s award as prosecutor of the year. “Juan is an extremely hard worker who plays hard, but fair. He could conceivably have lost his ticket to practice law because of this. We decided that we had to fight this charge as hard as we could, and we did.”

    In court papers filed in the Carr case, Martinez pointed out that defense attorney Jones himself hadn’t filed a “notice of defenses” until mid-May, “about five months late in violation of the [rules]. Presumably, this is also a willful’ and flagrant’ violation.”

    Martinez wouldn’t discuss the brouhaha, saying only that he’s still planning to prosecute David Carr at trial, now scheduled to start September 10.

    “That’s about all I should comment on,” he says. “I have to work in that courthouse

  38. I find it unbelievable that Dr. Drew or no one that I’ve seen on TV has brought this up. This is for everyone who poo poos the “she dropped the camera,he went beserk” story, or the “the cd’s were scratched, he went beserk”, etc. and probably a lot more we haven’t heard about. I have personally seen this and it puts a person on eggshells, as it seems Jodi was in her phone calls and certainly in person with TA.

    “Intermittent explosive disorder (IED) is a behavioral disorder characterized by extreme expressions of anger, often to the point of uncontrollable rage, that are disproportionate to the situation at hand.”

    • Thanks Maggie for sharing!

      Also, when a person like Travis is leading a secret life (putting on my armchair psychologist hat, thank you very much) the anxiety of that alone could also make someone have a short temper.

      At least when I was with a cheater once that is how they were.

    • maggie, great post. hope the defense is reading, etc.
      how about TA writing to jodi “you are my whore to b used for animalistic sex and u will like it”
      or very close to that quote…

      a mormon? a nice guy? depended on who u were and how TA used you for whatever HE NEEDED from you. TA ‘friends’ were also USED by him, just in different ways from jodi.
      roommates were used to cut TA cost of living, the church was used to portray honesty and cover his guilt, and prob. to trawl for business, etc.

  39. I found an interesting case on the innocence project facebook page. I’m not really sure what to make of it.

    What I have learned is that if I am ever accused of something and I didn’t do it to NEVER EVER feel forced to confess. I guess I have never been that kind of person, but I can see how some people are, even if if I can’t understand why a person would confess if they are innocent.

    (not saying this guy is or isn’t guilty, because i really don’t have an opinion on this one.)

    • AND GET A LAWYER. dont say anything besides DENY.
      cos, they will pick ur life apart. and make ANYTHING u do look nefarious.

  40. SJ if you see this please email me I have a phone number for a journalist I want to get to you. I think that it is time that Jodis defenders get there 5 minutes in front of the camera. I am not that knowledgable on the case to be able to do that. Thank you.

    • I thought there was an email posted around here somewhere to reach the site…..if I find it I will let you know. JC is pretty good at watching the comments…she might see it soon.

    • Wow that would be so awesome to see an hear something besides the opposite of what I hear all the time even tho I did boycott the HLN an IN SESSION just the regular people I know are on Travis’s side I am the odd one it seems. I have to come here so I don’t feel out of place really it is ridiculous this many people on the MEDIA are so one sided.

  41. All I hear is how great Travis was….how many people loved him…. loved to be around him…blah blah blah. If this were true, then why did he lay in a shower dead for 5 days before anyone even went looking for him? It seems obvious to me two people really did love and care about Travis… and that would be Travis himself and Jodi.
    I’m so sick of HLN painting the story one sided…how great Travis was. The man thought the sound of a 12 yr old girl having her first orgasm was hot!! That came from his own mouth. Therefore I’d be leary of anyone who still praises how great he was. ….and I’d keep my kids away from them.

    • Great point ! I know that I would not lay dead here in my house for that long even an I am disabled an alone a lot no family around but a few neighbors. For one thing if I am not online for a few days some friends worry an wonder if I am ok.

      But that whole group he really thought a lot of I am sorry I have been being a troll an I see a lot of really cold hear-ted people that pretend to be really religious an they are not.

      • to ur point, i TOO, have ‘witnessed’ people feigning being religious, etc. AND those people were the first to do something against their, neighbor, fellow man, cheat…
        i GUESS then they gets their sins wiped away? they feel OK, then go on and do it again.

        just my experiences. are all practicing/epousing religious like that? no, but, i am weary of anyone who wears religion on their sleeve.

        • It has been my experience that people who run to church every other day do the most wrong, have the most to hide and need salvation the most. That’s why they run to church so much and pretend to be like ummm…temple leaders. They have the need to be seen as good and pure because in reality they think a 12 yr old girl having her first orgasm is hot.

    • skyw,
      i agree. and TA was a 2 faced salesman. #1 he was selling himself. that was. cheap product with high markup!
      and, yeah, funny when ppl die they r great. BUT, his roommates did NOT miss him for DAYS? sounds like they didn’t even call? what about the dog? what about the smell?

  42. I don’t think Julie Christopher would agree. She said on In Session that TA would have been the first guy she would have thought of to babysit her kids. I sure hope that didn’t actually happen. I didn’t think she was very credible anyway.

  43. Something I’m not clear about.. by all accounts she accidentally shot him outside of the shower, so how come he was found in a contorted position inside the shower? Why go to those lengths of putting him in the shower and, how would that have been done by Jodi? Why not just leave him where he was? Why would she waste time at that busy time of day to do that, when his room mate could have walked in?

    I am suspicious of Travis’ friends and his room mate. I have read that the cutting of the throat is something to do with the Mormon religion. I can’t possibly conceive that Jodi did that. She must have been trembling with the shock of shooting him–how would she be able to lift a dead body?

    There were a full 5 days after Jodi left the building, enough time for anyone to go in there and set her up; none of Travis’ friends liked Jodi because of the lies he told them, so they had a motive.

    • I ‘ve had the exact same doubts Heather and there are still things I cant wrap my head around…

    • good points, and to that end, WHY all the blood in the hallway? ‘they’ keep saying he was incapacitated in the bathroom as soon as he was shot. and that TA could NOT have been chasing jodi after the first wound, which all seem to agree was the shot.

      Defense should bring up, “jodi can’t remember, besides soft tissue injuries, suffered a CONCUSSION, etc. OTHERS had open access to the crime scene. it doesn’t add up that jodi did all this…

      true or not, it raises reasonable doubt.

  44. The more I read about this case, the more, not just beyond reasonable, but way beyond immeasurable doubts I have.
    No version of the deed neither from the defense, from Jodi, nor from the prosecution makes any sense.
    Except…What ever happened to Edgar? He is the only one that made sense.

      • I sent him a invite to please come here I see his comments out there on FB an I truly like his thoughts an views. I do not know him personally or even on FB but I see him when I am snooping around an he stands out as very educated in his thoughts an LONG LONG comments that make a lot of sense to me.

      • Edgrrrr posts on this site up to about early Feb. Can’t search through from top page.
        Kept mentioning in a very creative style that elephant in the closet, orchestrating the whole thing.

  45. i didn’t read ALL comments here, but anyone else see dr. jeff gardier on trutv? saying that jodi was being genuine on stand and that TA with his type of personality was courting trouble?!
    look it up if its online somewhere. bet trutv, etc., didnt post.

    • Yes I saw him he was very good & confirmed my own belief about abuse etc. Very nice Man ,I was shocked but Court TV allowed since they are so prejudice and Pro Prosecution. But they also had the Psychic Lady that woman is really making the rounds.

  46. Talking heads on HLN and NG are so brilliant. They say Jodi turned her license plate upside down so if anyone saw her leaving the scene, they would not be able to make out the plate number. Their theory she loaded up some gas in cans so not to have to stop for gas or be seen near his home….and turned her plate upside down so nobody who saw her leave could make out the number…? Sure… THAT upside down plate was the VERY thing that got her pulled over by cops way later.
    If HLN or NG read this site…next you’ll hear them saying she turned her plate upside down later far away from Travis’ house to purposely get pulled over by the cops and provide proof she was far from his house.

    I looked up Prepaid Legal. It’s a rip off and scam that the people selling it get rich off of.
    Really think about it….who needs readily available legal service? Car dealers maybe…Real estate people maybe………….Criminals for sure!
    Gazillion stories of people who paid their fees and when they needed a lawyer, they got blown off. One guy even said they sent him a drunk lawyer. One guy even said he was trying to stay out of jail. By the time they sent him a lawyer he’d already been in jail like a month and lost his job and home..etc.
    You might not want to make criminals mad at you.
    I’m not so sure Jodi did it….because it seems to me like this Prepaid scam could get the wrong people very mad at you.

    • Are all employees of PPL Mormons? Are prospective employees like Jodi also converted?
      I also wondered if SHE got any legal help from them… It seems that new employees have to purchase the legal insurance first, then find new suckers to get commissions.

      • Jodi is innocent I believe. The prosecuter could not get anything useful to his case out of her. When she finally broke down cuz of his constant bullying, he interprets this as success. He is wrong.

        There is no conspiracy theory that makes any sense. Gas cans..blah blah blah. It means nothing. No proof at all of that. Jodi is handling the situation well. The jury questions are really tough, but she shows an inner strength and answers with confidence. GO JODI!!!!

        This is a big dude, who lost control fairly regularly. He had lots of secrets, and the pressure of Jodi knowing his biggest secret caused him to come at her. Who knows what he would have done had he caught her. I believe she would have been in the hospital if not worse. For sure he was going to scare her silly to make sure she would’nt reveal that secret.

        Thats my take anyway.

  47. There is a Facebook page entitled “Only Idiots think Jodi Arias is Innocent”. I pointed out on this Facebook page that under the US Constitution she is Innocent. She has not been convicted of any crime that I know of. So the very title of this page shows who the real idiots are. Of course they got all mad and blocked me….funny, though such incompetence still exists in our society. Goooooo Jodi!!!

    • Yes, I saw that one. And another is or was, “You Should Be Ashamed of Yourself!” . I have put myself in some of the fray and posted the link for the petition on the HLN boards. I tried very to ignore most of the ignorance, but didn’t quite succeed!

      Fact is the state won’t investigate anyone or any other possibility. I believe only a private investigator or other entity would be the only recourse. I did have a reporter from Arizona Live, I think it’s called, promise to find out what happened to Ashley Reed (Thompson). She is the one who called in an anonymous tip on her estranged husband, Dustin Thompson, calling his behavior strange or suspicious. Detectives talked to her, but I can find no evidence they ever talked to him. She died in 2010, not long after she’d gotten a restraining order against Dustin.

      Yeah, there’s more to this story. But so many who don’t really like to think for themselves and have their own anger or whatever issues are eating up HLN and their hate mongering. I wouldn’t care so much if they weren’t thinly veiled as journalists or if another human life was not at stake.

      Anyhoo, please pass around the petition. We’re at 62. But since it was started just this weekend, folks aren’t as in tune with what’s going on. I am hopeful starting Monday we’ll get it rolling and prove that everyone isn’t buying their profit-centered garbage!

      I tweaked the title a bit, and found I could add Dr. Drew, so there, ha!

  48. Jodi is naive to think talking (before trial or during an interrogation) is going to help. Very few people take their Miranda Warning seriously. Jodi should’ve just said those 4 magic words, ‘I Want A Lawyer’. Jodi is innocent.

    As a Mormon, Jodi was just a tourist. The Mormon Church is based on having many under-aged wives, polygamy. Like Joseph Smith, Travis was con man. Both were into under-aged girls & both were killed.

    The purpose of the Church is: 1. Survival of the Church. When getting couples or ANY counseling, the Bishop thinks: 1. How will this affect the Church? 2. Individual members can be sacrificed for the greater good of the Church. 3. Men are always more worthy than women.
    Mormonism is nothing more than a large power hungry Cult. Has anyone heard of the new TV program coming up on ‘Hidden America’: ‘The Mormons’? The Mormons are very secretive.

    • I too think Jodi was naive. She stated once to the investigator she needed to get her a lawyer first but I almost bet she did not have the money to do that. An it seems she did not watch much tv either as from watching a lot of detective shows a person would know not too say anything until you talk to your lawyer first. Unless you are 100% innocent but even then they can some how twist up some people somehow. Many stories out there about a innocent actually confessing which is crazy to me but it has happened.
      FOUND THE SHOW will be on the DISCOVERY CH I think it said……………

      Hidden in America: Mormons
      Premieres Sunday, March 10 at 10 PM E/P
      Founded by a teenager in the 1820s, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints now has a following 14 million strong in 170 countries. Despite being “made in America,” the religion remains mysterious to most Americans, its beliefs often misunderstood and its rituals kept closely hidden. This special delves into the lives of modern-day Mormons, sorting fact from fiction, to discover the truth behind their faith. From its polygamist and controversial roots, the Church has reinvented itself to fit its modern context. Using perspectives from the faith’s inner circle – and from those forced onto its fringes – HIDDEN IN AMERICA examines how Mormons have shaped the history of America and what role they may play in its future.

    • Well-stated, Yoganao … Travis led a double life, begging her to act like a 12 year old while having a “vicious and uncontrollable temper”, according to his former boss.

  49. I don’t know if it was a good idea for Jodi’s lawyers to put her on the stand. Just saying. My thoughts and prayers are with you Jodi.

  50. WTG Jodi…….today the truth finally comes out!!!!!!

    We are TEAM JODI… and WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS. Make no mistake.

  51. Whoever made this website — what are the odds I can get you to write on my website? I’m an SEO guy, and just made this site about a month ago, and I need people like you. You guys are way intelligent — love this site! E-mail if if you’d like to discuss.


  52. Thanks for the compliment about our comments being intelligent. Most of us found this site because we didn’t like the one sided coverage of the trial on HLN and In Session. We refuse to be a part of a mob mentality who decide innocence or guilt before the trial has even begun. Even when people post comments most of us may not agree with we don’t resort to name calling and bullying.

  53. obviously, she snapped… Still, how on earth could she have cut him so deeply on his neck? I don’t understand — doesn’t that take a lot of power and muscle? Could she have even done this herself?

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