Don’t cry for me, Juan Martinez

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Joking aside for a minute — which is sometimes hard to do when talking about Martinez — but it really is gonna take a truly monumental effort of epic proportions on his part to prove pre-meditation, and to prove it beyond (and to the exclusion of all reasonable doubt) to all 12 jury members. And the fact is, with the tools he’s got to work with, he ain’t gonna be able to do that. Plain & simple.

The haters and the TravisTown pedo-huggers had better get used to that – and fast.

Martinez could cross examine Jodi every day (excluding Friday’s) for the next 6 months, and he still wouldn’t manage it. The burden of proof is (and always will be) on Martinez to prove what he thinks happened. No amount of showboating is gonna cut it in this grossly overcharged fiasco.

But to his credit, he is giving it his best shot. After all, that’s what he does. That’s his thing. And even though his aerobic-style antics continue to wind us up with effortless ease, we can’t really fault him for that. Kirk & Jennifer and doing their thing… Gloria Esteban is doing his thing (even though nobody knows what that is, including himself), the judge is doing her thing… as is the court clerk, the stenographer, the live broadcast crew, the eye rolling goons is the gallery – and everyone else involved. And yes, Martinez is doing his thing too. He’s on a mission… and so are we.

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The thing is, before you can convince anyone of anything, you have to be 100% convinced of it yourself… and this is where Martinez struggles. He knows this wasn’t pre-meditated murder… as much as he’d like it to be… so he has to put on an act and pretend it was (he did the same in the Doug Grant trial – click for info). This explains (in part) his continual losing of the plot with poprocks, tootsie pops, hair colors, baptisms & diary stuff.

Personally, I don’t keep a diary… but if I did, I’d know that at some point (somehow) someone else is gonna end up reading it. And with that in mind, I’d only ever write about general stuff that I’d be ok with being generally known. If I were Jodi, I certainly wouldn’t have written about catching someone else jerking off to pictures of kids (whoever it was) – and for those same reasons. So yes, just because it wasn’t written in her diary doesn’t mean it never happened.

But at the end of the day… and several weeks from now after the “Jodi Arias reality TV show” is over, and the relevant dust has finally settled on this trial… it’ll be largely remembered as the trial Martinez lost. It happens sometimes when you overcharge a case without any conclusive evidence. Just ask Jeff Ashton… he knows that only too well.

So as I said a last week

And armed with very little aside assumption, speculation, hearsay, hot air (and a few photographs), it’s ultimately gonna come down to Jodi’s word against Martinez’. And despite the valiant efforts of the little guy to turn this into a pissing match — there’s just no way all 12 jurors are gonna be convinced beyond all reasonable doubt. He knows that already. He’s known it for a long while. So has everyone else.

So let’s not stress too much over the verdict. Why? Because it’s already been decided. It’s just gonna be several more weeks before it’s “officially” announced.

And if you’re still getting worked up & stressed out every day over Nancy Grace and her ongoing BS coverage, I have a simple solution for you. Stop watching her. Simple as that. Just shut it out, remove yourself from all negativity completely and quit wasting your energy… whether it’s NG, JVM, VP, some other website, some haters’ comments or anything else. The same applies. Rise above it all.

Stay positive and keep the faith, as always.

Remember… We are Team Jodi – and WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS.

You can mark my words on that.

Have a Happy Sunday!


Team Jodi

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  1. SJ, I absolutely applaud your loyalty and standing up for Jodi. I do, however, respectfully disagree that all 12 jurors have made up their minds. I am sure some have. While Juan digging into the details is annoying and boring at times, he is not trying to prove pre-med right now. He is attacking her credibility and trying to prove she lied about Travis’s behavior. I hope that makes sense. I bring this up with the upmost respect.

    • Hi IJM,
      Thanks for posting… but I never said all 12 jurors had made up their mind… and I very much doubt any of them have at this point. All I’m saying is the verdict has already been “decided”. It’s just gonna be several more weeks before it’s “officially” announced.
      Team Jodi

      • I agree with you but not as far as I think you are going with it. I think that those
        Jurors likely have opinions about the death penalty, particularly relating
        to women and further than that, beautiful women. Little will change their minds
        on that issue if they are not willing to put a beautiful woman to death, whether they
        realize that’s where they stood before they walked in the door or not. Jodi
        has certainly not changed minds against her with her poise and sincerity. She surely
        has not made herself one that is easy to kill.

        Respectfully, that being said, I am not overly cocky that she will
        walk away from this. Things like those magazine messages
        will paint a picture of manipulation even if its common practice
        in prison to pass messages that way. I do not feel she will get death, but
        as I said to people when they condemned her before the defense
        even had a chance to start their case, its not over yet. I am eager
        to see the psychologists take on things and the DV expert.

          • Hi IJM,
            What I mean is the verdict itself will ultimately be a positive one for Jodi and for Team Jodi.
            It’s like if you’re just about to hit your thumb with a big hammer – you don’t need someone to tell you it’s gonna hurt… so it’s a bit of a foregone conclusion.
            Team Jodi

          • I had understood SJ to mean that by virtue of the overreaching prosecution and his poor presentation, Martinez has already “sealed the fate” of the decision, i.e., this blunder of a case has already been decided.

            And although the jurors have not yet made up their minds–in part because they swore to wait until all the evidence is in–they will eventually see this writing on the wall and vote for Jodi, undecided now, as many of them still may be.

            • Except for the hypnonauseating, carnival trick, programming of the comatoasted, Sheeple, and, brain dead judge….. Snidely….. Edgrrr…

        • Not sounding like a broken record, but the magazines primarily point to flaws in Jodi’s character, that she would be manipulative and deceitful. If that’s the case, it isn’t pretty, but this doesn’t establish motive or premeditation, both of which are next to impossible to prove in this case.

          Even the ME’s testimony is full of reasonable doubt because of Travis’s body’s decomposition.

          The case is an Epic Fail.

          • Hi Tonysam, Although the magazines did in fact belong to Jodi, she was never asked if the handwriting inside it was hers. She was asked if they were her magazines and if she knew what the numbers were for to which she answered they looked to be page numbers. Martinez was all about her getting the magazines to the outside but didn’t ask if in fact she wrote anything in them.

            • Preconvictions, should not inflict punishment, alleging, such presentencing, dictations; precluding, the right to aid in ones,’ own defense, by whatever means….. Edgrrr….

          • What reasonable doubt due to the decomposition of the body? There is dispute, I think, about the order in which Jodi attacked him, (shooting, stabbings, throat cutting) though there is no dispute that the near-decapitation was the ultimate cause of death.

            • The cause of death, as, noted by the lead Mormon defective detective, to be, a blood oath, blood atonement, ritual assisted suicide, in need of laundering, by a five day apart, crime, supposedly, to, indicates, that , that, soap opera, was enacted by the same person [s]….with, superficial stabbings and, a five day old, gunshot, that, never bled because dead bodies don’t bleed… yet, within the perjuries, of loaded questions, Martinez, alleged as proof, of “one crime.” Edgrrr….

  2. SJ, Did you also have a site for Casey Anthony? I read that on a NG post. If so, you may have been right there, too. Just wondering.

    • Hi BeeCee,
      I always stay positive – and to that end I have never seen anything other than a positive outcome here for Jodi.

      The difference between “us” and “them” is clear. We are actually watching the trial every day and taking everything in, while they are watching NG/JVM and (being unable to decide for themselves) they are allowing the media to decide for them.

      The grass on this side of the fence is definitely greener… while you can hardly see the grass on the other side of the fence for BS.

      Thanks for your support!
      Team Jodi

  3. Just curious, does anyone know of a link or video posted anywhere of Juan Martinez’ actions in other trials?

    I was just wondering if he really acts that way in all his cases. Cause, I just am not seeing this brilliance that people say he has.

          • No it isn’t a dumb question. There are so many posts now on this site that it would probably take days to go through them and get all the information. I try to remember that when I find myself repeating the same things over and over…maybe that’s why some other posters think I say the same things, LOLOL. I know I keep correcting people on the letters… HAHAHAHAHA


      • I was thinking the same thing…I feel it is very disrepectful not to address her by her name. It futher demeans her as a human being, which is probably his point, but very juvenile and unprofessional. Mr. Mtz. lost me today…his voice was sooo fulll of ANGER it was GROSSLY ANNOYING and it was difficult for me to continue to listen to the afternoon sesssion. I hate NG, JVM, and the rest of the bunch. What happened to due process? And Joey Jackson…what is up with him? Isnt he a DEFENSE attorny? He needs to stick to what he is not side with popular opinion. I do respect his insight when he is playing defense but I dont like him sitting on the fence.

    • Yes, I’ve read there are YouTube videos of Martinez actually grill previous defendants. People (on another site) have talked about watching them to analyze his style.

    • A hypnonauseating carnival trick, hypnosis, in lieu of evidence, is, the wannabe serial killer, prosecutors,’ “Jack the Ripper,” delusion, with no risk to himself; just program the Sheeple, to kill, who, should be confined in a straight jacket, to, end his dancing with the stars, audition…. …Edgrrr…

  4. Thank you, SJ, for saying what I have been trying to say on this board about this case. Quite honestly, this case is a mess–on both sides. It just doesn’t make it as a death penalty case and should never have been tried as such. I don’t believe in the DP anyway, but since it exists in AZ, it still doesn’t make it as a DP case.

    Jodi isn’t a Wendi Andriano, the defendant of one of Martinez’s most prominent death penalty cases, who clearly premeditated the case and had a motive to boot and received the death penalty. There was no doubt AT ALL Wendi Andriano killed her dying husband and had a clear motive for doing so. It was also every bit as vicious as Travis Alexander’s, and even worse because Andriano’s poor husband was dying of cancer anyway and was very weak and relatively defenseless. With Jodi Arias, there is reasonable doubt everywhere and nowhere comes close to murder one. Martinez cannot establish premeditation, and he clearly can’t establish motive, which is truly needed if you are going to convict somebody of first-degree murder and sentence him or her to death.

    My main concern is with the makeup of the jury. How many people on that jury are Mormons? I know, Jodi is one, but most of the Mormons I have known have a very strong “eye for an eye” mentality when it comes to crime.

    If she somehow gets death, I am confident it would be overturned on appeal.

      • I just don’t believe in the DP, even for somebody like Wendi Andriano. You are correct about the two children she had. One of the reasons Marjorie Orbin didn’t get death in her case is because her husband Jay’s family did NOT want her to receive death because of her son, Noah. Marjorie has LWOP. Her case was also extremely easy to prove premeditation and motive.

        Only the most egregious cases, the most obvious cases, the ones that would hold up on appeal should receive the maximum punishment. Of course we know with forensics, police misconduct, faulty witnesses, and such that NO case is foolproof.

    • Hi tonysam,

      This is the info I posted back on 12/21:

      A panel of 12 jurors and six alternates were sworn in Thursday for the Jodi Arias murder trial.

      Seven women and 11 men, ranging in age from a male who appears to be in his early 20s to several of retirement age..

      During Thursday’s jury selection process, defense attorneys Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Wilmott argued that the prosecution was “systematically excluding” women and African-Americans.

      The jury appears to be all white except for one Hispanic male.

      Prosecutor Juan Martinez argued that race and sex had nothing to do with striking the jurors. He cited a couple of women who had previous domestic violence incidents, one female who said she needed to be “100% sure that a person was guilty,” an African-American woman who said she thinks the death penalty is akin to murder, and another woman is married to a preacher.

      An African-American man was excused because he recognized one of the defense attorneys as a client at his after-school program.

      Judge Sherry Stephens ruled the prosecution showed no bias in their decision to dismiss the potential jurors


      Team Jodi

      • I can understand not wanting women who have been victims of domestic violence, the man who recognized one of the defense attorney’s, and the preacher’s wife as they all have the potential for bias. However, dismissing a juror because she has to be 100% sure that a person is guilty before feeling comfortable voting for DP is flat out ridiculous. After all, isn’t that EXACTLY how a juror is supposed to approach things? Any prosecutor who strikes a juror for this reason clearly lacks faith in his own abilities or, and I feel this would be the case with Martinez, he lacks faith in the evidence he’s working with to prove guilt without reasonable doubt.

        As much as Martinez acts like he believes Jodi is guilty of the charges he is trying so hard to convict her of, he knows she is not. He’s been around for a bit so I’m fairly certain he has developed a keen sense of when a person is guilty or not. He’s pulling out all the stops to crack Jodi, to no avail. Anyone with half of a brain would be able to spend 2 minutes in the same room as Juan Martinez while he does his thing and size him up with enough accuracy that they could cock block his cross examination with ease. Which, much to my utter delight, is exactly what Jodi has done and continues to do.

        He tried relentlessly to degrade her, make her feel ashamed of herself or dirty for her sexcapades with TA by repeatedly mentioning their explicit details in his examination of her. Example: he’s trying to get her to admit that she missed a baptism of someone so she could bang Travis ( I think, anyway as it’s hard to tell where Martinez is going with things at times) and she asks what day or when he’s referring to and he responds with something to the effect of “This day, the same day you wanted a lollipop inserted somewhere” or something close to this. Damn, I wish I knew exactly what he said and it’s too much to go through to find the minute mark and video link. Did anyone else catch that? Whatever, my point is, he’s ruthless in his efforts to crack her and it’s simply not working. She’s not only refusing to take his bait, she’s finding her own subtle and sometimes not so subtle ways to throw it back at him.

    • Someone asked Beth Karas about Mormons on the jury, and she said that she thought it was unlikely. The defense gets strikes during jury selection and apparently they did ask potential jurors if they were Mormon.

  5. SJ, I’ll be singing “Don’t cry for me, Juan Martinez” all day! And “Gloria Esteban” made me spit out my coffee laughing!

  6. Can someone help me with a question? I thought jodi said during direct that she saw Matt before Darryl on the road trip but on TV they said this was new information. Anyone know which is correct?

      • I know Debbie I thought so but someone on HLN said that was new info some how. Maybe she went back to Matt’s after Darryl’s – sorry cant remember for sure if she said that on Thursday.

    • It was new to me that Jodi saw Matt as part of her trip. Maybe that’s what HLN was talking about. Does he still post here occasionally? Hope so!

      • Not as far as I have seen MsChan. He is on the witness list so would likely have been told not to communicate on the internet at the moment.

    • Hi Dog, I watched the trial on thursday and I am pretty sure Jodi was never asked if in fact the handwriting in the magazine was hers. She was only asked if she knew what the numbers were for and she answered that they looked to be page numbers.

    • Yes I agree with you both, I don’t think he asked if she had written the messages, he just tried to imply it by repeating they were her magazines. I’ve seen quite a few comments already though from people also implying Jodi wrote these messages and now looks manipulative and deceitful. I just wanted to throw it out there for ‘those’ people that she likely didn’t write the messages.

  7. This didn’t really hit me until a few mentioned here recently that Nurmi is usually a defender specializing in cases where the defendant has been accused of a sex crime. Well then I started thinking of the fact that his previous partner was released from the case because she/he represented someone who is involved in this case. This is the motion:

    “This motion is based upon the grounds that the office has previously represented an individual in this case and further representation of Ms. Arias would run the serious risk of violating and/or disclosing confidential information obtained from our former client, may be directly adverse to the former client and may involve the use of information relating to the representation of the former client that would be to their disadvantage.”

    So which one of the guys in this circus was represented by this defender who works sex crime cases? Remember SJ posted that one day how he/she felt there might be some sort of
    child porn ring connection in this mess. Wonder if we could figure out WHO that was?

    • Beecee Kmiller,

      Im confused. So Ashley Reed who is alive now and in support of travis who left the myspace mesage is alive.

      Ashley Thompson, who took the order of protection out, born in 1982, is deceased?

      • No Ashley Reed IS Ashley Thompson. Her myspace page is Ashley Reed, but it is registered to AshleyNThompson. It looks like she changed it after the divorce. The court doc is listed above which shows she had an order of protection against Dustin.

          • Thanks Kmiller, I wondered when the facebook post was…I suspected it was before the Ashley Reed died in 2010. now, if we can just figure how she died.

            i believe they are one and the same person.

          • Kmiller, JC..etc. On Ashley Reeds facebook (same pic as the myspace profile) her last public update was January 21, 2010. I can’t tell if there are any others.

        • I dont think its the same Dustin.

          But the Dustin Thompson in question is not on the closed facebook group meaning he’s not in that circle of 1200 some odd friends and family of travis.

    • I think the facial structure looks the same.

      what date did the Ashley Reed post on the facebook page?

      I’m trying to determine if they are the same people.

      Do you know for sure if the one on Facebook has posted after 2010?

      I can’t see it. I wish you could send me a link privately HAHA

      • BeeCee,

        Oh the one on facebook is the same pic she used on myspace. but the group is closed. I assume that if this is the same deanna she didn’t take down her profiles ( if she is deceased? I assume the group was formed when the case broke… I can’t see what she wrote or when she wrote because it’s a closed group.

        • On Travis’ Myspace page under ‘friends’ is it just coincidence that Jodi Arias is the first name shown or can the order be arranged by favorites or something like that?

  8. Deanna was the one who travis had to hide Jodi from, who travis complained to his grandmother about, who owned the computer travis was using, who has travis dog now, per his will. And yes the one who saw Jodi baking cookies in Travis home and acted odd.

  9. You could try doing a google image search, it might bring up more info. You go to google click on images then drag and drop her picture from the facebook page,,hit search.

  10. Isn’t it unbelievable that ABC News finds it incredulous that there are people who support Jodi? I felt like we were being mocked. I felt like that brave woman in NE was being mocked. This is just awful!

    SJ, I have a question for you though. Do you think if the state of Arizona had charged Jodi more reasonably with, for example, manslaughter, a jury would be more likely to find her guilty? And, if they had done so, do you think there would be quite such an uproar about this case and a media frenzy?

    • My view is that when a person goes against the majority, because he believes that it is the right thing to do, then it shows that he has a genuine moral backbone. Many people lack a moral backbone, and they find it very easy to follow the majority in order to gain affirmation, etc.

    • Yeah, it was a restrained mockery, but mockery nonetheless. And, just look at what they chose to quote: “you are truly beautiful,” and other comments with that flavour. That’s deliberate, and, without providing the larger context, makes it sound like a fan club. What about the majority of comments here, which delve into nuanced problems related to gender, violence, law, journalism, and the mob mentality? Those, of course, get no air time.

      Just like complete sentences, with a subject and a predicate and helpful punctuation are no longer the norm, neither are complete thoughts. Who has the time for that? It’s a real struggle for anyone not to just give in and turn stupid. Goodness knows there’s an upside to giving in: lots of company!

    • Hi AA,
      Yes, they have grossly overcharged this case. Martinez usually does, as documented in the Doug Grant trial here –

      Also, not forgetting that the general public love a murder/DP trial, and all the ra-ra that goes with it… as do the media with all the extra millions of $$$’s they can rake in based around their biased & BS fuelled coverage of it.

      Team Jodi

  11. I just posted this on the state versus Jodi Facebook page – it will probably get pulled:

    “Arias could not outrun Travis from the bathroom, to the door. Travis was faster. That is why Arias ducked into the closet. Also, it is very unfortunate that the gun she picked up is a Mickey Mouse-like gun with almost no real firepower. It is a little stronger than a BB gun. In many cases, the .25 caliber bullets simply bounce off a person’s head, thus making the person many times more angry. In a serious conflict, in close proximity, shooting someone with a .25 caliber is probably the worst thing that a person could do. The person who is shot will probably experience a massive surge of adrenaline, while the bullet may only do superficial damage. Also, to shoot someone with a .25, and then try to fight the person with a knife, is an unthinkably stupid idea. If Jodi had gotten her hands on a regular gun, with real firepower, she probably would have taken Travis down with the first shot. And, there would be no need for the knife fight, and all the mess, or even the scatter of physical evidence that was left everywhere. Most of what people are calling “horrible” – the knife wounds – resulted when the .25 caliber gun failed to stop Travis. If a person were to plan a real attack, then naturally he would need a real gun, with real lethal fire power. And, he would take his shot from a distance, or while the victim is asleep. There would be no need for a knife fight. And, there would not be a scatter of bloody evidence left all over the house. Also, the gun would be acquired in a manner that is not detectable. And, it would be disposed of afterwards. Actually, simply trying to engage someone in a knife fight could produce alot of noise, and attract attention.”

    • Yeah but if she is telling the truth about never having fired a gun before – how would she know what’s a powerful gun vs what shoots like a BB gun? And even if she ever fired a gun, people with no true gun knowledge probably wouldn’t know the difference anyway.

      • Hello Cathy,

        If we assume that Arias brought the gun, and we assume that she drove 1500 miles, in order to use the gun, then I think that it would be safe to assume that she would have tried the gun out before using it. And, if she did try the gun out, then she probably would have immediately noticed a general lack of fire power.

        Also, if a person types in .25 caliber in Google, the first results shown are posts discussing how bad the .25 is, and why it should not be used for personal protection.

        “As a firearms instructor, I always give this advice to officers that ask about carrying a .25. “Carry it if it comforts you, but don’t ever shoot anyone with it because they may become very angry and do you violence”

        “Oh, and about the .25auto… Stay far and away form them… They are unreliable guns, and the cartridge itself is very weak when it comes to stopping power.”

        “A .25 caliber handgun is too small for personal protection use. When I teach my personal protection classes, I always advocate that my students carry a 9mm or higher handgun for protection”

        “A .25 is useless, go for a .380 for your mother.”

        “Even so, these sub-calibers should only be used as weapons of opportunity as they are only better than nothing. Back in the day the raison d’être for these pocket pistols was that no one wanted to get shot, ever even with a miniscule caliber. Today that may still be true to some degree but you have predators who abuse substances such as alcohol, marihuana, crack, coke, meth and steroids and guess what? They are so pumped up that even a 9x19mm may not stop them quick enough.”

        “If you shoot someone with a .25 and they find out about it they will be very mad. Possibly could die from infection later.”

        So, if Jodi had planned everything, and she either tested the gun, or asked another person about the gun, or did a single Google search on the gun, she would have immediately discovered that it is the wrong kind of gun.

        • “Yes, in theory the .25 can be lethal. But so can a rock when used to strike someone on the head repeatedly. As previously stated here, the ultimate desired outcome, should one be forced to use a weapon, is to neutralize the threat as quickly as possible. And that is where the .25 is lacking.
          There are numerous documented cases where someone was shot with a .25 and was not aware of the fact until the shooting stopped and it was pointed out to them.
          If one were able to empty the weapon into the subject and each round hit a vital organ or were head shots, you might have a slightly better chance. But do you want to risk your life while trying to stop an attack on you person? I don’t.”

          • “Can it be lethal? Yes. But the important question is can it stop an attacker quickly enough to prevent them from killing / seriously wounding you? And for that, the answer is only about 20% of the time, according to data on real shootings. Even the .22 lr has a better stopping record than the .25 Auto. So can it kill people? Yes. Can it do it fast enough to actually save your life? Maybe. But with only 20% odds that the first shot will quickly stop an attacker, I would not want to bet my life on the .25 Auto”

        • according to the little bit I could get from mylife it says he was born in 1982 and currently resides in mesa az. before that lived in tempe for at least two years. I don’t have an account and not about to get one lol.

          • really, I wish we could find out if poor ashley died in adverse circumstances…or if she was murdered, car accident, what have you.

            I have gone as far as I can with this search at this time. I will try to find out her cause of death…unless SJ can somehow find that info 🙂

          • Just to clarify, This is the girl (ashley) who thought that her ex (dustin) should be investigated for the murder of Travis? She called in anonymously at first or something? just a recap from people who know more about the past of this. I didnt come into it until about 3 weeks ago.

          • Shan- yes that’s the one.

            Ok we don’t know if the Ashley Reed who died in 2010 is the same Ashley Reed on TA’s MySpace page for sure but this is what we do know:

            *The Ashley Reed on TA’s MySpace is Ashley Thompson THE Ashley Thompson Who is/was married to Dustin Thompson. Her page is Registered to Ashley N Thompson, and she speaks of Dustin in one of her comments on TAs page.

            *The Ashley Reed who died has the middle name Nicole, the same Middle Initial as TA’s friend Ashley Reed.

            *The Ashley reed who died was born Feb. 26th 1982. She would be 30 2 days from 31. The Ashley on MySpace is 30 also, but we don’t know her DOB.

            *The Ashley Reed who died had her Funeral at the LDS church in Mesa Arizona. And we know Ashley on MySpace was Mormon and lived in Arizona.

            I still cant say I’m positive this girl is the same one who is dead, but the similarities are many. Im still trying to figure it out.

          • Kmiler, I am 98% positive it is the same girl now.

            here are the guest book postings from the funeral home:
            Mark and Terry Reed – March 9th, 2010 at 3:59pm – Email SNIP
            Glenn and Alison Driggs – March 9th, 2010 at 4:19pm – Email SNIP
            Christopher James Reed – March 9th, 2010 at 4:43pm – Email SNIP
            Brookly Bigler – March 9th, 2010 at 5:28pm – Email SNIP
            Jenny and Kirk Reed – March 10th, 2010 at 3:38pm – Email SNIP
            Russel & Becky Lisonbee – March 10th, 2010 at 5:55pm – Email SNIP

            now, go to to and look at the friends who have posted on her a photo.
            here is a snip
            Mark Reed Ashley…. any place where you are there is chaos! (And spilled milk)
            August 9, 2009 at 4:24pm
            Ashley Reed hahaha! true…
            August 9, 2009 at 4:54pm
            Becky Reed Lisonbee Which nieces/nephews?
            August 9, 2009 at 5:36pm

            some of the same people.

          • Ok, so my whole purpose is this episode was to see if Dustin or Ashley were the clients that caused Jodi’s attorney to drop from her case because of conflict of interest….i don’t know if we can find that out.

            Since there was a protection order between the two of them involved. Perhaps information came up in the protection order.

          • I do wonder why there are no minute entries for the Ashley dustin family court case. Could it be because she died before it was complete.

            i also see that this was the first entry so that may be why. Hmmm, what were they hiding?

            9/18/2008 SDS – Sensitive Data Sheet – Restricted Access 9/22/2008 Petitioner

          • Ashley Reed died on March 3 2010. Victoria Washington was listed as one of jodi’s attorneys on March 11, 2010 minutes. Then for the April 6, 2010 minutes Victoria washington is no longer listed with Kirk Nurmi.

            Any thoughts??

          • I agree there are “alot” of things way off …. you guys are great, i learn so much more each time i visit the site.


  12. I am so happy to find this website of like-minded supporters of Jodi. I’ll preface my remarks by saying I’m so sorry for the death of a fellow human being. However, with my whole heart I do believe that Jodi acted in self-defense. I worry about her well-being and hope with all of my heart that she will be found not guilty by reason of self-defense.

  13. Good evening SJ! Loved reading this lol

    Now that Juan Mtz got a taste of Jodi I trully belive he knows he lost the case. He knows so much is expected out of him that he’s beyond lost. It’s more of a show than anything and it’s too much for him to handle. The haters might turn against him too and that will show us the flip floppers.

  14. Guys and gals,

    We were talking last week about getting moneyorders for Jodi and her family. I mentioned to you before that I had purchased several of her pictures and wound up in contact with her friend assisting her with ebay. Anyway, I was able to obtain the address through the friend. If you want the info please Email me at

  15. I’m having a hard time understanding something… why doesn’t she remember the stabbing? This could help her, if she can give SOME details – I worry that the jury will be suspicious!

      • This is true. My mother’s father Killed a man in my mother’s presence when she was 8. She has only began recalling the details of that event in the last 10 years. She is 54. It has been so hard for her. She was always the perfect Sunday school teacher/ PTA MOM. She is now a barely functioning alcoholic.

    • The jury must be convinced that Travis had Jodi so mentally out of it that she had NO clue what she was doing once she saw violence coming. They have to believe that she was like in a trance — because Travis messed her mind up with previous abuse, bullying, and put downs. This is what can happen when a person suffers PTSD: they can’t even remember snapping out and the details of it.

      The “triple over-kill” aspect is important in deciding the verdict. Causing extra suffering in a crime is held against you: it gets you a much tougher sentence. But if you can prove a person made you snap to the extent you don’t even remember over-killing them, the prison sentence may be much lighter.

      Saying that you remember all the stabbing, remember cleaning up, etc. comes too close to admitting that you KNEW you could have stopped at one stab or shot and RUN to call the police. That sounds to close being intentionally evil. The sentencing for this would be the harshest possible.

      So the less Jodi remembers, the better.

  16. Its wonderful how humans can support each other in a positive manner and offer hope to all involved. Thank You.

    I have been taken aback by how people bash her family because they support their family member. That’s what family and unconditional love is! Jodi’ family really seem comfortable with each other and yes they may smile and talk amongst themselves, but so what!!
    Alexanders’ family sit and glare at each other. The sisters offer NO SUPPORT to one and other and the brother in-law acts like a buffer between the two. This is very telling to me. Self-centered comes to mind. Just like Travis lived his life.
    I find Jodi’s Mom and Aunt brave and honorable and I am 100 % sure they are exhausted and sad beyond belief. When her Dad and little brother came to court I cried! He is so sick but still tried to be there for his little girl. How powerless they must feel.
    I do pray for them and Jodi as well. To me this is so so sad.

    • imo people on this page have an evolved brain and are in touch with their humanity. I am appalled by the hate messages from these reptilian brained humans.

    • Honestly, I can only imagine that it’s extremely difficult for his family. They thought he was the perfect brother. They adored him. They looked up to him. He was their idol. First, they lost him and now, they are hearing things about him which do not gel with the side of him they knew. It must be absolutely devastating for them. While there’s much of it they can deny, the phone sex tape and the text messages cannot be denied. In order to process stuff like that, their hatred for Jodi has to come out. They have to blame someone. Let’s try not to judge them too harshly and be compassionate for all they are going through. What their brother was like is not their fault.

  17. Okay, here’s my theory after looking at the whole picture, and a lot of the details:

    Jody IS covering for one or more others. She is scared for her family because she was threatened that if she didn’t take the fall, they (Mormon mafia) would come after them. Travis was no poster boy for his fellow Mormons, and that fact was becoming more and more obvious. He was out of control and had to be stopped. Was he a pedophile? Maybe. Is there a group of Mormon pedophiles like there was and is a group of Catholic pedophiles? I still can’t completely buy her Herculean strength which supports there was at least one or more others present. I”m suspect of Zachary and Chris Hughes, as I know a lot of you are. I see Jodi taking the fall, scared senseless and determined to protect her family who has been threatened. TA was a threat, so he was done away with. And now Jodi has to be silenced. If this is true at all, I can only hope Nurmi or someone can get her to crack and can provide a way for her and her family to be protected. Her stories and some details have some holes because she is trying to hard to be believable but maybe giving a hint there is more to the story. And the prosecution has had their sites on the target, Jodi, since day one. They won’t even look at anything that does not support their goal. Hence, Gus Searcy’s info and others has been ignored. Thoughts?

    • Oh,and add Dustin Thompson to the mix. Ashley, his now deceased wife or ex-wife, had a really strange feeling about the way he was acting. She appeared very afraid. And he went RIGHT over once he found out. TA’s whole “circle of friends” were foaming at the mouth to throw Jodi under the bus – even the 911 call seems odd with the immediate jump and just the tone of directing cops to Jodi. Every one, especially Chris Hughes, is portraying her as some kind of devil, and that chorus got louder and louder. It became a perfect opportunity to get rid of Travis, who was a potential threat because of his increasing recklessness with women (and only a matter of time if one found out if the pedophilia or other was true), to set Jodi up for the fall.

      Whether it’s a pedophile ring or some money scam, or all together, Dustin seems to have no conscience. We must find out what happened to Ashley.

      • Oh Maggie I completely agree. The tone in their Voices is just bizarre. I would be screaming and crying if my friend (or anyone , for that matter) was found dead, by myself. They all sounded quite nonchelant about it. And what about his dog? Who fed it, took it out? His roommate, who sees him every night never wonders where he is? he never sees the hallways, or the floors? Or does his laundry???

        Just weird.

        Just getting here today- catching up and so far it seems like Josi has held it together today.

  18. to expound on what was posted up there earlier…the document from attorney Washington requesting to withdraw was apparently submitted 12/16/2011 ?? (It was not in 2010 like I thought it might be, brings Steve Bell to mind again with his possible court cases?)

    In addition to the paragraph above, I found it on docstoc this was also in the document:
    “In this case, the information at issue is not (not is underlined in the text, can’t do it here) generally known and in fact is confidential.”

    Really how shitty is that? Washington has information that could possibly help with Arias case by casting a bad light on someone else and she doesn’t do anything with it??

    Do we have the motion from Washington on this site withdrawing?

  19. I saw snippet of today’s testimony; and I liked the way Jodi comes back at Martinez. This lady has spunk, which just may wear down Martinez andl of course, the jurors. The way Martinez is trying to confuse Jodi, the whole fiasco will be confusing to the jurors. Beside, I have said all along the majority of people in Arizona are not that well educated. When uneducated people are faced with extreme analysis they tend to ward it off and make decision that may not be based on reasonable doubt.

  20. Kmiller, if you check this page again I finally located the minutes where jodi’s requested a protective order was denied. I haven’t located the minutes yet where she originally request the protection.


    State’s Attorney:
    Juan Martinez
    Defendant’s Attorney:
    Victoria Washington (2nd chair)
    Defendant: Present
    Court Reporter: Scott Kindle

    Argument is heard on Defendant’s Request for Protective Order. Based on the arguments presented,
    IT IS ORDERED denying Defendant’s Request for Protective Order.

    Do we know what that was about? Is that before she changed her plea to self defense?

    • Wow BeeCee- I had not heard about this! It seems that most people Jodi was locked up with really liked her. Who did she need protection from? The haters, the cult zombies, this is very supportive of our theory, which I strongly still stand by.
      I know web links have been in moderation lately, did you post the link?
      The 9mm gun she bought says a lot too, IN MY OPINION. yea, opinions seem to be getting presented as fact around here lately, lol!

      • I didn’t post a link, I should have, I’ll keep looking for the date of when she applied for protection when I get a chance and then I will post that link.

        I also stand by our theory…I feel you are one of the few people who get that we all have opinions and we do seem to have a lot of people posting their opinions as facts…

        Well, we do know that Ashley Reed died in March 2010 and the denial of protection was July 2010, but we don’t really know if the two are related. I do wish I could find out if Ashley died from something “normal”, or if it was under strange circumstances.

      • Thanks BeeCee- I remember you saying you thought the state might have had their own hand-writing experts review the “infamous letters” and probably once they were confirmed to be TA’s writings, they found a way to keep them out. This documents seems to confirm that. It looks like the state had an expert hand-writing analysis review some things, and they were not wanting the results known.

        • yep Kmiller, that’s what I think. Kermit would absolutely bring it up to prove she forged them if he could.

          It looks like some minutes are sealed. It is interesting reading.

          Makes me more disgusted with the legal process…it’s just a big game for them on trying to get things withheld…trying to get things thrown out…they don’t care about truth.

  21. I discovered your weblog web-site on google and check some of your early posts. Continue to maintain up the extremely superb operate. I just further up your RSS feed to my MSN News Reader. Looking for forward to reading more from you later on!

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  22. i would more like to comment on the situation i think its terrible how the prosecution and the media degrade this woman i believe every word she says although i do believe she had to lie to authorities due to the fact that arizona is a womanizer state few authorities will not believe the claim of self deffense . i also dislike the fact that they need to believe that she did not love him because it lead to a tragic end but he left her no choice it says in our constitution that we have the right to bear arms if we feel threatened and that she did . i also believe that TA was an obsessed sociopath that emotionally and mentally abused jodi my heart goes out to her and may everything go in her favor . best wishes .

  23. I have been following this trial. I really had not formed an opinion. I know from being in a verbally and abusive marriage that I was completely a the end of my rope. I should have gotten out a long time ago but was completely under his control. As I have been watching this trial I could not believe how Martinez was treating people. I was astonished! I just read the Doug Grant case, it sounds as bad as this is in court. How can a judge let him badger EVERYONE associated in this case. i panic and shake as if I were siting on the stand. Some people can’t be yelled at like that. He could treat people a little better or at least as if they were human. I am really upset that his judge hasn’t done so. I think he lost the jury, no one wants to be treated this way!!! Really?

  24. Where the hell is our fair system of “Innocent until proven Guilty”!!!!
    From the very beginning, that sorry excuse of a human being has treated Jodi with total disrespect!
    He is condescending, rude, and treats her like she is his child and he’s reprimanding her. If I were her, I would plain out refuse to answer anything as long as he is showing that behavior! What the hell could they do, put me back in my cage! I’m just so shocked that the judge has done nothing to address his demeanor! I am sure that if she is convicted of pre meditation, she will end up with a re-trial. He needs to be dis-barred!
    ok- nuff said….

  25. I have to get this off my chest….I’m very annoyed with Juan Martinez! His aggressive demeanor demonstrates to me that he has no real talent as a prosecutor. A pitbull in the courtroom is what they call him. Really, is that suppose to be a compliment? He has little man’s complex and feels the need over compensate with his ignorant, negatively aggressive comments and questions. Don’t worry, if even one person on the jury is as annoyed as I am, which I’m sure they are…you’ll be fine Jodi. He’s making no sense picking on witnesses and inadvertently is helping you with your case. He has too big of a head to realize it until after the jury has reached their verdict. That Juan Martinez is an a**hole!

    • The Martinez Manchurian Marionette, has perjured himself another hypnonauseated conviction, by perjuring into an interstate kidnapping scam, with the other two stooges, his lies at law, of which their conspiracy to conceal exculpatory evidense, netted their con, into an interstate kidnapping, under color of law, and, continuation of their conspiracy, to try the abandoned and non case, as if, forward or backward, Jodi will be guilty, no matter how many lies at law, the three stooges float; even when, all three stooges, recanted their lies, once, five years after the arrest, they each and all, repudiated the lies at law, put to two, governors, in which, kidnapping and holding for two million dollars ransom, was par for the course; trusting, lizards at law, with the established principles of justice….only to admit their fraud, tacitly, by recanting their lies at law…and, proceeding, unscathed, after their admitted and suborned perjury, to, launder their combined perjurial antics, under the noses of the jury dullards, braindead judge, and, socalled defense, as if, at that point, perjuries notwithstanding, Martinez; after just recanting reasonable doubt, proving no triable offense, continued his soap opera, as if, he had any credibility, to, continue prosecuting, with no case… Where was the subsequent arrest, to support the reversed charges…??? Where was the case pretended, after admitting to perjurial exculpatory evidence, to the contrary…??? …Where was the new jury, for the new and reversed allegations…??? Where was the federal superintendency, over the recanted, scam, to, induce two hohum, governors, to rescind the fraudulently obtained interstate kidnapping, at law…??? Where was the investigation for the spastic prostitutors,’ badgering of the other two stooges, swearing to his prosecutorial, antics, at law, as if, all three stooges, arrived, singularly, at the same conclusions, forward and backward, in unison, and, in sync, as if they had some divine right to commit perjury, 180 degrees from the opposite, soap opera, and, perjure again, in reverse…???

  26. Anybody bother to realize that the socalled “defense,” has seen to it that, all these concerns, never made it into court, to represent, exactly what they are; REASONABLE DOUBT….??? See what a three million dollar bribe can do to Jodis,’ overdue process…??? Snidely…Edgrrr…

  27. These old issues need to be revisited, for clarifying the proof that continues to receive concerns, seven years, after the initial frauds, later admitted to…. are still doing the dirtywork of this criminal enterprise… Snidely… Edgrrr…

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