Martinez: “Overwhelming evidence of attorney-ethics violations”

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Check out the Michael Kiefer story below, published Feb 13th by AZ Central:

If these allegations can be proven by witness testimony – backed up by credible evidence – this would positively affect Jodi’s appeals, and may well go some way towards overturning Jodi’s wrongful conviction.

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“Attorneys for Jodi Arias have asked the State Bar of Arizona to reinstate a bar complaint against prosecutor Juan Martinez, saying there is overwhelming evidence that he violated attorney-ethics rules during Arias’ 2015 trial.

The 37-page objection to the complaint’s dismissal was filed Friday.

The appeal contends that Martinez leaked confidential information about the case and its jurors to two women attending the trial as social-media commentators. As a result, the attorneys claim, the identity was leaked of the sole juror who voted against sending Arias to death row for murdering her sometime-boyfriend Travis Alexander.

The objection also alleges that Martinez, a deputy Maricopa County attorney, had inappropriate communications with another juror whom he had discharged from the case.

Karen Clark and Ralph Adams, who specialize in attorney ethics, filed their initial complaint against Martinez in early 2017. Legal counsel for the State Bar, which licenses and disciplines attorneys in Arizona, dismissed the complaint in January without sending it on to the Bar’s probable cause committee, which could recommend sanctions against Martinez or refer his case to a disciplinary hearing.

juan martinez jen wood trial affair ethics complaint

If sanctions or a disciplinary hearing occurred, either could impact Martinez’s long and lauded career and could affect Arias as well. Any findings against Martinez could affect the status of Arias’ appeal of her conviction and life sentence, which have not yet gone before the Arizona Court of Appeals for review.

The objection filed Friday was addressed directly to the probable-cause committee. The objection is public record and was obtained by The Arizona Republic.

It alleges that:

  • Martinez engaged or attempted to engage women with whom he had flirtatious or outright sexual relationships to get information about jurors or leak confidential case information over social media. One of his alleged lovers, a social-media blogger, bragged to at least two others that she helped Martinez dig up negative information about the sole juror who refused to vote for a death sentence. And curiously, that juror’s name was revealed minutes after a mistrial was declared.
  • While the second Arias trial was underway, Martinez carried on an inappropriate telephone and text-message relationship with a juror who had been dismissed from the case. The woman alleges that Martinez pressed her for information on what other jurors were thinking. Martinez claimed he quickly ended the correspondence, which the woman debates.

Clark and Adams’ allegations are supported by interviews with four key witnesses. Their appeal contains documentation, including forensically authenticated real-time text messages between one of Martinez’s alleged lovers and a friend with whom she carpooled.

Karen Clark has a track record as an ethics lawyer. In 2004, while acting as counsel for the State Bar, she secured a disbarment against Ken Peasley, a well-known Pima County prosecutor, for prosecutor misconduct. It was the first time in the country that a prosecutor had been disbarred, and Clark’s findings led to two murder convictions being overturned.

Working with Adams, who is also her husband, she succeeded last year in disbarring Kirk Nurmi, Arias’ lead attorney, largely on the fact that he had violated attorney-client privilege by writing a tell-all book about the case.

Martinez had begun writing a book — now published — about the Arias case during the 1½-year hiatus between Arias’ first and second trials. A Bar charge against him on that count was dismissed, but Clark also wants that decision to be reconsidered.

After the dismissal of their initial complaint against Martinez, Clark and Adams conducted their own interviews and included the transcripts of those in their appeal.

The document also includes hundreds of pages of other material, including records in Martinez’s personnel file from 1990 and 1991, when he was reprimanded first for inappropriate and unprofessional contact with secretaries in the office and then for making an inappropriate sexual remark to a female attorney.

Clark and Adams’ current allegations are supported by interviews with four witnesses: the blogger’s former business partner; the freelance television journalist who carpooled with the blogger; the blogger’s ex-husband; and the dismissed juror, who went so far as to text nude photos of herself to Martinez…”


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UPDATE: The JAA Appellate Fund total currently stands at $115,769.81 — so let’s be sure to keep the momentum rolling throughout 2018, so the fund total can push on towards the ultimate target of $250,000. That in turn will help towards covering all the legal fees associated with appealing Jodi’s wrongful conviction.

All donations via go directly to the fund. It is also the ONLY website authorized to collect donations.

In addition, please DO NOT, under any circumstances, donate through any other website or Facebook page/group claiming to be “official” and/or acting with Jodi’s approval or authorization. The same applies to any “Jodi Membership Clubs”, groups or fake Trust funds that have been set up. These sites are bogus – they continue to steal money from Jodi’s future – and they should be actively avoided. If you are aware of any such sites, please help Jodi by clicking here and reporting them.

And remember… each day that passes takes us one day closer to Jodi’s release date…

we are team jodi - and we will be victorious

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Make no mistake.

Believe it.

Prepare for it.

Be part of it.

Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

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  1. Well Well Well!!! it seems I spoke a little too soon about this huh! This guy’s “Teflon Juan” profile is about to crumble badly!!!! Clark and Adams appear to have the goods on this dope. I am sure Journee would have loved to hear this!!!!!
    From what this sounds like, Clark and Adams are trying to hit JM with two separate counts.. the current charges AS WELL as the original complaint being reinstated.
    Pandora.. here’s some more material for you beautiful!!!!!!! I smell another video :)))
    Lastly, it appears that JM is about to be added to the #MeToo movement when these female attorneys finally speak up. #CAN’T WAIT

    • Kermit is more like Pigpen than Teflon Juan. He is not clean and slick. He is a dirty mess and his dirty tricks are piling up so high around him, soon he won’t be able to move and his superiors won’t be able to ignore them any longer. I hope.

  2. rats can at times get away with it…but SOONER or LATER. Why would az continue to back this rich shit…surly it made a lot of $ on lies…so let it pay for them lies. And so funny how them shits who back that rat still do …why would that be??? CULTS work that way and them things are as cult as it gets…hail t-dog abuser of women and children….so called educated things who must know better could care less as long as the get to destroy others….their dog of a man got what he deserved as ALL abusers do. Hard to believe so many still back such evil that was dear travis. I must say when they want they can go gutter on others…EVEN children! Just like their t-dog. A known child abuser…from it’s own MOUTH! No one forced that thing of a man to say such evil. Me thinks soon We may make history in az. and bring justice back. As for the haters…well move to another land if ya can find one to take your kind. LOL! She via Her lawyers will set this right….to ask anything less makes Me wonder about the minds who have a need and greed for wrong doing. Today We on Her side send Our love and all the best to a unbroken woman……and a very big ….wish for all rats to receive justice and the sooner the better. Wonderful news SJ keep up the great work….I feel the love of all who work for Her. P.S. some things say I …Griz am a bit of a hater on haters…GUILTY!!!but only cause they HELP Me ….I just use their hate to show them how fucked up their minds are. debated a few of them things and talk about weak minded and rather sad. they know it all as no other but when it comes to facts…OPPS. Try never to use facts with them as them facts work for Our side. All 3 of these haters are …men…? but each one has been WRONGED by a woman….LOL. Did their women walk out on them or never called back or did She see She had made a big mistake by falling for an ABUSER. How odd these men fear women when on this planet it the men one should fear! Take a very close look at this case and see how when the hater failed at destroying Casey Anthony they for sure were going to destroy the next young woman on trial. In my life I would never have thought so many in America could be so vile and evil and most go to church…that mighty sick indeed. And why hate Her for a fail of a man???…..There are many good men in America but travis was never one of them…talk about fake to the max…but for awhile it worked rather well as he abused others.

  3. ((((Arizona free Jodi)))) she was railroaded by this court that includes the judge, Juan, the media, Nurmi, everyone outside the court house.

  4. He is disgusting! Everything about him is disgusting. His time WILL come, sooner or later. Lady Justice has been blind but let’s keep hoping that a miracle will happen. Martinez’s savage rape of her has been going on for too long.

  5. Of course , I know we have always been right (without a doubt) but when I read the article describing Scoopy’s love fest with the slimy Frog I had to Laugh out Loud! There truly was a broom closet in that court house romance! I’m amazed at how desperate Scoopy was to be used by that toad. I can visualize Journee shaking her head with disgust. All of this is totally wrong. This trial should’ve never happened. Wake Up Arizona ! Your tax dollars are being sucked out of your pockets by evil weasels. Free Jodi.

  6. I think I finally understand what everybody was saying on JAII about the lone holdout juror being harassed and threatened as I was curious how this would have been public. I had been in the dark a little about how this would have happened since the jurors were never publicly seen or known.

    “The appeal contends that Martinez leaked confidential information about the case and its jurors to two women attending the trial as social-media commentators. As a result, the attorneys claim, the identity was leaked of the sole juror who voted against sending Arias to death row for murdering her sometime-boyfriend Travis Alexander”

    Here’s two questions.. If that juror would have been harmed IN ANY WAY… would JM be criminally responsible for the injuries she sustained as a result of his info leak?
    Also, can JM be sued by the juror for emotional distress caused by the info leak as a result of this complaint being won by Clark & Adams? Somebody might want to pass this second question on to that juror as she might be interested in hearing that answer!!!

  7. Lance good point but a moot point because only a prosecutor can bring a case to trial if allowed by a judge…weak judges allow just that. In the grand jury trial ONLY the prosecution has their way to spin a case. say a real det. was on the scene and looked at the body and asked a few questions…as in why the lack of defensive wounds? Would not any det. have done work as a street cop and seen a few aftermaths from fights? The lack of large wounds to the hands or forearms asks the question…was this the victim or the attacker? Just a few questions to the gang of friends that just happened to BREAK IN the house would inform all there….did this guy know how to fight? was he ever violent in ANY way? Did he train at fighting (as the punching bag was in the back ground…LOL!)And remind all about covering up…! Now imagine telling that tiny rat…I really do not think this is a case of murder but more a fight that got out of hand as one would not stop as another defended themselves…many times. My god man there is blood all over the place as it shows someone determined to win at all costs…..ya PPL! Well the rat can say Iam bring a charge of murder and you det. had been join the show. Think ANY det. would take on a prosecutor and keep their job. We have seen how they work together have We not? When a man who took an oath to protect all goes to a home to fake a shelf tilt with his HANDS…that says how weak and corrupt this case was. Did She use her hands to stand on any shelf at any time. Hln showed how it was possible to stand on the shelf with ones FEET! TWICE…and by a man of 6.2 ,210 lbs. Now we know why the minion used it’s hands for master. As for a lawsuit, well only if the courts allow….nice system to protect the leaders and minions. Just imagine if She had the resources that the rat had then imagine Her going up against him in court…We have seen her shutting that lawyer down many times with Facts and logic. She never made him look like an idiot as did many others…the rat was the master of that….he owns idiot. Has any ever seen such a trial where a prosecutor was made the fool so many times??? The joke of the bar……A rat walks into a BAR and the find a worm up its ass……take a close look at its face and see a rat…but rats do get trapped.

  8. Wow, just wow. Teflon Juan is getting challenged again….hopefully it won’t slip off him this time. It is bloody unbelievable that a prosecutor is protected for behaving the way this man has behaved for years. He’s ethics are below bottom. And the worst part of it is that the lawyers continue to protect him. It is great to see that Adams and Clark are pursuing this further. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that someone up the chain has some ethics and stops this man from hurting more. Jodi definitely did not have fair hearings. If it had not been for juror 17 she would have faced the ultimate. Juror 17 had integrity and guts. Outing her was so mean and dangerous. No one should get away with that.

  9. I guess it is a good thing that it is a moot point but I would still let that juror know that her options might open up if this complaint is won and JM is proven to have leaked her personal info which, I would imagine, would make him civilly liable for her loss of privacy and the resulting harassment unless AZ blows that too!!! JM could literally get punished from three sides.. the Bar, Jodi’s appellate defense team and possibly the Juror 17. I think all of that press and attention from the trial went to JM’s head and he started to get sloppy and we are now seeing evidence of that which is becoming almost overwhelming.

  10. My how hateville is having a shit fit so many experts…NOT…walmart did pay out cash for things they NEVER sold back in them days of 2008. As in paying out for STOLEN ITEMS. That is fact! az. has really no rules on guns in fact there is no problem in the U.S. buying FULL AUTO firearms….there are so many around…legal and not so legal…even old joe LOST a FULL AUTO M-16….and a handgun or so…wow some cop that is…and such RECORDS! The state must PROVE it’s case…not the defendant…or then ALL police shootings must be deemed MURDER…till they can prove otherwise…but we all know how well that works as police can speak of MURDER in open court as sam….the dear sister did! Seems being an idiot blinds one…take a very close look at his wounds and show even one that looks like he ever tried to save himself…good luck on that. At least 4 times She fended him off if not more. As he attacked her at least 4 times and even more. Ask any in law enforcement to show any other so called victim who had so many wounds on them but just very small ones on the hands that would have been used to try and take the weapon …but nope no big wounds where they should be as no wounds at all on it’s forearms a very common way of protecting one from harm. This shows who was on the attack as who was trying to stop who… they Dr. lawyer police the wounds must make sense…on this the state FAILED…as they played BOTH SIDES!…FIRST…LAST…COULD A….SHOULD A….WOULD A …..or anything for the almighty win at any cost. they claim t-dog was the sad victim….well for a man it was sad and very fake. But this She was his master and controlled him……how is that even possible for such a great man …a leader of mankind the one who would change the world…..Please stop LOL…soon. he was as his pals did say a PLAYER… even they know he was an abuser and a user and were just fine with that. In a world where only men count then they have no problem…but the real world needs women to stay the course.Show Me an island with only men and I’ll show You an island of bones sooner then You think…men do embrace violence as did this rather weak minded man. To his mind women and children were things to abuse and use…not just not another good guy….. As for the rat…why would it do such n such…have you seen this shit in action as a judge fails to do their JOB of controlling the court. Talk about CONTEMPT of the court and not only a prosecutor but the judge. What a system that needs a change.hate never works for any……

  11. Lance you may have a point regarding juror 17 and possible action she could take if he is found in violation. If if if ……somehow I think the scrutiny at this particular time of awareness may prove to be helpful. Sure hope so.

    • Judy, that is exactly what I was thinking when I was writing it. As much stress and anguish that Juror 17 had to deal with because JM possibly dropped her private information to a chatty blogger, I would think and hope that the law swings both ways in AZ. I would also hope that one of those female attorneys would add JM to the #MeToo list.
      I would be willing to bet that JM will get punished for at least one of these issues if not all of them as we all hope.

      Apparently, Jodi has finally asked the same question that we have been asking here for years. Her latest Twitter feed asks, “Why does the AZ State Bar refuse to hold this attorney accountable for his actions despite the mountain of evidence against him?”

  12. So the jury who took an oath relied on the experts….LOL the states experts …who got caught many times in many lies…how can that be when this case was a open n shut case? Seems to me her experts stood up very well even when ABUSED for a needed win at all costs as the judge aided the rat. So just what is an expert…take dr. death….who was far from an expert on plain english or took to being an idiot when asked any question. It’s a wonder the rat didn’t hold her hand as she tried to lie! And such hate comes at such a price…opps the so called expert didn’t know what pay she got for her lies and hate…. For an expert or any other who dares to comment on this case they had better be able to back up their words with facts and reason and logic…hates rush to your websters and look up 3 words NOW! I use Coles as websters is rather lacking at times. Why are these things so upset that a young woman is fighting for FREEDOM and JUSTICE and doing all to right an INJUSTICE????? Oh no 3 more words them things need to look up! As for the rat …what does it fear IF! it did right by the …..RULES! az. remember you are often over ruled by higher courts….and very soon may be AGAIN!

  13. just saw a lovely photo of Jodi and her family online. It’s recent and she looks great and so does her family. She is holding Angela’s baby….awesome.

    • Hey Judy! It’s a great family pic. I’m so glad they were able to visit Jodi and got to spend time together. It’s nice to see the smiles on all of their faces!

  14. Jodi’s recent work history found at the Arizona DOC web for records at Perryville Prison.
    Appears she is still working in the Store/Warehouse area.

    2018 Data below applies, is case anyone was interested..
    02/12/2018 STORE/WAREHOUSE Worked 73.0 hrs at 0.5 cents
    01/29/2018 STORE/WAREHOUSE Worked 72.5 hrs at 0.5 cents
    01/16/2018 STORE/WAREHOUSE Worked 72.5 hrs at 0.5 cents
    01/02/2018 STORE/WAREHOUSE Worked 71.0 hrs at 0.5 cents

    Our Best Regards to Miss Jodi in her Fight for Freedom.
    NEVER Give Up.

        • I agree with Justus. I remember after the sentencing, the haters and fake news were discussing what her wages would be when Jodi got to work and it was less than a dollar an hour. They were worried how she would pay the family what pickles awarded them. Looking back, they sure were wrong about their predictions. They had Jodi in maximum for at least five years before she would be eligible for work duties. That pic with her family wasn’t in their realm of possibility for Jodi and it sure was good to see.

  15. Yes I thought it was a really nice family picture. That is the first one I have seen of Jodi in a long time that is a natural picture of her and family. She looks well too.

  16. Jodi is really putting in the hours at that warehouse although I know working is better than not working in prison. Always good to be active!!
    Anybody know where this picture can be seen?

  17. 0.5 cents thanks to amendment 13…..not enough to put a person in prison they need to make a slave out of them too….if only to please traitors. Ever wonder why America still allows slavery even now? To please the south ya all…seems 600,000 deaths still could not end slavery. az. thinks it is above the law….when really they ABUSE Americans all the time in the name of injustice. Now as for any hater calling out Us…odd how We only have to use t-dogs actions or his cults actions to show how evil they really are. he called attention to his pedo ways as well as his violent ways. the family who could care less about brother dear only until there was $$$ to be made. he told them this or that all the time and yet none ever called the F.B.I. or the police…what kind of friends or family are they…the worst? Oh I forgot it seems even t-dog did not believe his own …B.S….as he kept in contact ……if only to use and abuse.

  18. What a sweet little babe Angela has and her auntie Jodi does look well and happy to be with her family. Is that Angela’s husband or her little brother who isn’t little any more?

  19. Thanks Alan & JD. I found it.. She looks fantastic!
    Sounds like the family is able to make somewhat regular trips to AZ to see her which is always good news!
    Does anybody know when Jodi’s Nurmi lawsuit comes up on the AZ civil court docket as well as the JM bar complaint? I would hope these cases will be heard this year unless there are a lot of stall tactics coming although the way Nurmi was talking in the Missing Pieces segment, he couldn’t wait to argue this!

  20. I’m not that old so I only recently heard of this and am nearly finished reading a book about it: a book that attempts to show she is guilty, but I was convinced she was innocent before I was even 1/4 finished reading it. Yes, its just that compelling. I was astonished that there was NO consideration to the emotional abuse she received (being kept at a distance as a sex toy by a manipulative two-faced womanizing sociopath–yup pretty sure he is) or the seeming normalness of Mormonism (which to me seems utterly insane–no problem with violence or being greedy, lots of problems with being seen with a certain boy or girl–nutty! OMFG). This is a good case of religion vs woman. I’m going to write an essay on this next semester.

  21. I would imagine she was considering Travis was borrowing money from her all the time. Not much is mentioned about her work history at PPL I would bet that Justus would have to create a whole new wiki page to account for all the money that Jodi lent TA and I’m not even counting the incidents where he assaulted her when she didn’t have it. The text chain with Deanna shows that she must have lent him approximately $1000 or so and then he goes on about not having enough gas money to get to OKC??
    Does Jodi ever mention anywhere about how much she lent to TA over the course of the relationship?

  22. LDS has a saying…protect the church at all costs……they seem to care more for the so called true faith then ANY person. If a woman is used then for sure they will be ABUSED…..few young women have not been abused by the time they reach 18….Our society seems to think that’s o.k……after all the just a good guy think is revered….just as the bad boy and the player. Very easy to see what a monster t-dog was…just listen to him and view video’s on him…he was so full of himself. People who are close do lend $ or just plain give it….but why would he have a need to bitch about the amount???? Did he think She was an ATM or rich???? Seems he complained about Her and Her PPL commitment….was that because if She made little $ then he could borrow less….did he not to hit most he knew for a loan sooner or later…and yet We are told he was on his way to being rich…..125 K per year or so the family says…LOL.So after all that work he seemed to always do just how rich was he after he was stopped abusing???? Was he even in the black??? My how the other side has this need or greed to make a weak man …great. That LDS does not disown him says much…….

    • Thank you very much Justus for posting this. I never knew Kermit and Scoopy aka Lilypad actually were in a closet together. He really does believe that he can do anything he wants to anyone he wants. Still reading.. but that closet thing cracked me up!

    • To be clear, this is not the original complaint but rather the appeal of the dismissal of the original complaint. The Bar Counsel sounds just as weaselly as Martinez, a real ol’ boys club. And it appears Juan comfortably fits the definition of a sexual harasser, particularly in his disgusting behavior towards Sharee Ruiz. On page 7 it says Ruiz “will testify that Juan came on the her sexually. He constantly flirted with her to the point of harassment, even though he knew she was married. He told her that there was no way that she could be happily married, and that he could ‘change her opinion about marriage’.” Ick!

      • I’m still not quite finished, but this creep was reprimanded twice in the past for sexually harassing his female co-workers. He took this Jennifer Wood person into the bed that he shared with the poor woman he lived with, while Wood’s husband and disabled son were home waiting for her. And then there’s Katie Wick and who knows what she did for what with that perv.

        That would be away more than enough for me, but then there’s the dismissed juror that he tried to sexually manipulate for information, and juror 17’s reputation and safety that he recklessly tried to destroy and put in harm’s way. Jennifer Wood is not much better than her disgusting lover with all her dirty tricks and death threats. The death threats should have been investigated and she should be held accountable. They have put together a rock-solid case against that little monster and it’s just rubber-stamped dismissed. I am so disgusted with that State Bar.

  23. Wow, glad you found this Justus. I scanned over it and it could be a tell all book at the end of the day. Even Katie Wick is named as involved…and juror #3. I am not sure but I think she was the one where they found evidence of a bounced cheque. Teflon Juan was also Don Juan by the look of things. He sure is a slimy little bugger. He really knows how to use people and it sounds like Jen Wood got what she deserved but I do feel for her husband and son. It was good to see that Jennifer Wilmott corroborated that some of the evidence shared was sealed evidence at the time. To me a lay person, the appeal seems to be written very well. It is so horrible to think of the possibility of Juan outing Juror 17’s identity to Jen Wood. I wonder if she (juror 17) had been killed would it have made a difference to them. And would they have been in even bigger trouble now. Appreciate you posting this Justus.

    • Thanks Justus. I now remember how much I loved Cliff’s Notes in school!!!!
      These briefs/complaints are always written by lawyers for lawyers which is why they seem to put you to sleep as a layman. This guy was as big a player as TA(with much less sex)!!! I count about six highly credible witnesses that are cited in this complaint. This is what people in the legal profession call a “slam dunk.” If JM gets out of this, he MUST have mob ties.. LMAO!!!!!!
      I also love how Adams & Clark called out the Bar Counsel too. They seem to protect their own too.

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