Jose Baez discusses the Jodi Arias trial

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Check out the video below, featuring Jose Baez discussing Jodi’s trial.

Interesting stuff.

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    • This question is for the administration, and please know that I mean no offense here. I was googling her name to get an update on the trial; I’ve been following along on HLN when I can, and I saw your site and took an interest to look into it. Without having to go through the entire site, because it looks like you guys have been busy, I’d like to ask at this time with the facts presented why you believe in Miss Arias’ story(s)? My boyfriend and I disagree on this matter-he feels sorry for her, I don’t.

    • BeeCee- So glad to see you are calling them lemmings. All of the sweet little lambs are taking a sigh of relief. Rumor had it they were starting their own web site so they wouldn’t be compared to the haters.

    • Nope, no proof at all. No proof filing for a motion for expungement, no mug shot showing that it someone other than Travis Alexander, no nothing just more baseless claims from Haters Love Negativity channel.

      • MB,

        Say it was true, that it was his brother, and that’s why this story has evolved from person, to friend, to sibling… does show how the family wants to hide negativity at all costs. If it is true, they didnt want to answer to it because it was a brother and that would not make travis “picture perfect” image look good.

    • I LOVE THE VIDEO! It’s based on fact and speaks for itself. It’s public record, so all the haters can cry me a river for all I care. All the sh*t they’ve been slinging around all of this time and NOT ONE document to back their BS up! Let’s see your documents haters. That’s right, there are NONE…. I’m sure coming to the realization that their “friend” and “family member” was simply NOT who they thought he was, must be very difficult and I truly feel for them, but at some point, they really must take all those pamphlets out of their asses and think for themselves and LOOK at the facts. The sooner they come to accept that it just might be possible that they have been led astray like everyone else who knew him, the sooner they will find healing. And, if they do have evidence to prove this far fetched stolen identity stuff, then I will concede and say to myself “wow…..what a weird coincidence!” But, it won’t change my mind on the facts of this case. In my mind this is about abuse against women and how far we HAVE NOT come on the issue.
      Do you think the haters will shut up with their slander against Jodi and anyone who supports her now? Probably not…….KEEP DIGGING FOLKS.

      • AWE COME ON REALLY???? It was removed? I bet if the Dave Hall stuff is cut out, the video will meet their standards.

        • Ya I hope they remake it an just leave off that end an put on the Bad Bad Boy whatcha going to do now song instead !

          • It just had the whole Arrest Report in it page by page an would highlight things as it went down the line but at the very end they went to that Dave Hall’s FB page an found a picture of him hunting an told him something like Shame on you for killing animals for sport God says we are not suppose to do that something like that. But I agree the guy kills everything that moves an posts it an holds up dead animals like he is a great hunter. But at the end it did say your a real piece of shit. So I am guessing that guy probably reported it as harrasing him.

            Which that JODI HATER site did that same thing with their made up version of the day an kept calling that Bryan Carr names so I don’t see any difference really an I bet it is still up on U TUBE ALSO which is WRONG ! even tho I know Bryan Carr is stirring up trouble an Jodi does not even know him U TUBE is letting that bashing go on so that is BULL CRAP !

    • Now they are saying that “Travis was pushing her away” in the sleeping video.

      RIGHT! She was the one who sat up – he didn’t push her away. If he had, would he still be holding her hand??

      Who are these quacks?!?

    • Body language is complete Bull crap. It’s entirely made up the same way scamming psychic hotline talkers make up BS to enthrall people, it’s the same method.

  1. So, this dude on JVM was some kind of investigator and said that the court records were never entered?? Then, how was it found???

    • Jon Leiberman is not only a hypocrite, he is an outright liar. These are court documents, filed and preserved by the county of Riverside in California. They are part of the public record, people just can’t face facts.

      • Quite frankly Jon Lieberman needs a chill pill, everytime he’s on with Jane Valez Mitchell I think he’s going to come through the TV screen.

        While I’m talking re: the J. Arias case and while I think what happened to Travis is definitely awful, I do believe he was a sexual deviant, he used Jodi in such a vile way and she just snapped, I do believe that.

  2. I am floored. They will take any and all friends of Travis’ on their show and believe every word they say about Jodi as fact.
    They have a report in hand, printed from an online record and pass it off as lies, slander, a last ditch effort from Jodi supporters to trash Travis’ name.
    I’m sick to my stomach. This is wrong. This is not a game people, this is Jodi’s life.
    I am ready to go to war for Jodi

    • ME TOO ! especially since I read on the HATER”S SITE we are all going to HELL over here. WTH? they have the BIBLE all turned around. Throwing Stones before you even are sinless is how I read it an not to do that. Which means to me you better know for SURE ! for a FACT. An the FACTS are not even all out yet the day the friends find TRAVIS an they are all pointing FINGERS an crying JODI DID IT? before they even seen the wounds ? that screams BULL CRAP TO ME!

      • Not only that, but I’m a heathen as well. LOL Yet one of those dimwits had the nerve to say that she wishes Jodi could be burned alive at the stake.

      • The most IDIOTIC part of this whole thing to me is that if they TRULY believed in their “Book” and their Faith, they would KNOW THAT T.A. IS IN PEACE NOW and would not want any part of what they are doing to the person who is STILL ALIVE. He knows the truth!

        Where in any bible, or philosophy anywhere does it say that such saintly people as T.A. live in eternal hell and are miserable, and need thousands and thousands of people to fight for them AFTER they are dead, or when they die, until justice is served by killing someone else for revenge?
        If they believe that he was such a great person, then wouldn’t they believe he was in peace right now?

        Their actions are not in line with what they preach. Sorry to say.

        • To me they believe in The Almighty Dollar and Their Faith is questionable, Since it seems more Satanical their hate mongering is an indictment on their idiotic Religion.

        • I don’t either normally someone had posted a link an it took me there tho an I had read several very nasty comments about all the people on Jodie is Innocent site an a whole lot of comments of cutting of Jodi’s head an burning her an Death to Jodi an Nothing Less an on an on it is very morbid an horrible. Yes I understand that Travis had a UGLY DEATH but if it was truly SELF DEFENSE then I don’t care how a person dies………… the fact that she does not remember the KNIFE an slashing an stabbing then I am not 100 % sure she even did all that stuff. She agrees she shot him an really did not mean too it just went off an then she was not even sure she did shoot him. Besides he was on top of her by then after the linebacker stance an running towards her. After that comes the FOG. An I believe that can happen. Others do not just hope some doctors can verify this.

          • Thanks Rhonda and I agree with you. This world is so full of hate, that makes me so sad. People are so blind by hate and don’t want to see facts and truth. All I know is that one day they will ripped what they sowed and when they beg for mercy, none will be given on to them. “Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Get away from me, you who practice evil!'” Matthew 7:23

    • I know, right? Anyone can call into their show, claiming to know Jodi without any proof, talk as much shit as her as they want, but COURT RECORDS from the PUBLIC RECORD are suddenly a lie? Yeah right!

      • Right, like that psychic that saw JA two weeks before TA’s death, when JA wasn’t even in az at that time and we’re lower than that.

        • That so called intuitive woman w/an accent..She said on her first interview on Dr Drew…She would never forget his big beautiful blue eyes as they cried during her message to him. Uhhh his eyes are BROWN in every photo I’ve seen. And “they” continue to have her on.

  3. I’m absolutely DISGUSTED with HLN right now.

    They need to get their hands on the mugshot. No one will be satisfied until that happens.

    Travis could have told the pope he was a victim of ID theft; doesn’t mean its true. Travis was selling PPL and this is a nice story to weave to get people hooked and bought into it. The story he fed of the amount of time it took to be expunged is impossible. But to the average person who doesn’t know any better it’s an amazing service the snake oil salesman had access to.

    Biggest load of horse manure EVER

    • Here’s what I think – I bet they marched right into the police station, took one look at that mug shot and realized they couldn’t use it. Because it IS Travis Alexander. By all means, they are invited any time, any day, to prove the public record wrong. I just don’t think they can.

      If they had all this “proof” that it was someone else, I’m sure they would have brought it to the table tonight. They would have been waving it around like Fifty Shades of Gray trying to pretend that boyfriends raping their girlfriends are ok.

      They have NOTHING, and they are exploiting the public’s general ignorance about expungement to dismiss evidence that Travis has a history with the law. It’s ironic, isn’t it, because they’re always screaming about how there’s “no proof!” but when proof is brought, they reject it.

      • They have absolutely nothing. The truth is right there for the world to access. So, until they can refute what’s public record, I sure ain’t buying their story of identity theft.

        • Here’s the thing, if the record was expunged the charges would show as “dismissed.” Plus there would be a paper trail of court documents showing the filing a claim for expungement, ect. And it certainly wouldn’t have been taken care of “within the hour.”

          • Hello MB and all Jodi supporters.. I am new here as far as posting but I have been reading all the the posts. (lurker?).
            I wanted to address the expunged issue. Here in my state “expunged” means completely wiped off the record. You would not be able to find this case. When a case is dismissed, the judge dismisses the case and it still shows up on your record. I used to work at a bail bond company and and I know most of the procedures. Expunging a record is a long process and is not very easy to do even if a case is dismissed. Love this site, and I argue with most of my family about her innocence due to the fact that I believe it was self defense.

      • Exactly because the mugshot would prove it and if they had really any proof to debunk it, they would have. It’s like just because I heard it on HLN it must be true. And if it really isn’t TA, then who are they protecting and why? It is a record open to the public.

      • gee, u’d THINK they’d investigate this better. goes to how u how low they’ll go.
        i just dont get cnn, hln, etc. being so one sided?!
        who does it benefit?
        if u look at jodi’s side of things ur trashing TA?
        it’s weird becos just listening to TA HIMSELF he mentions rape in a positive light, mentions a 12 yr. girl having her 1st orgasm, tying a woman to. tree, ETC., ETC.

        MOST TIMES, wouldn’t those b fighting words for women activists, ETC.?!
        INSTEAD, MANY women, etc. SUPPORT those actions?

        doesn’t make sense to me. i realize she confessed, she is guilty, but… HOW can the above things be ignored by any rational person? MITIGATING CIRCUMSTANCES at the least.

        • Yes, Frank, that is what concerns me so much about this case. There are so many people on mainstream media who claim to be advocates for the abused – yet in this case they are lobbying on behalf of a pedophile and wanna-be rapist (at least we hope he is only a wanna-be and not more). The facts about TA are being completely ignored. The words that Jodi says are recognizable by others who have been in abusive relationships (myself included) and I see quite a few of us here. However, the mainstream brings on people who claim they “work” with abused women and “they” are outraged over what Jodi is claiming. The funny thing is – they were outraged before Jodi even testified! So… what is the outrage over? Nothing in this case makes sense. And as someone else mentioned – why is it so radical to be here, looking at the evidence without a load of hate and crying guilty before it is proven?

          • Most advocates for the abused on CORPORATE TV are Hypocrites They are not Sincere in fact they are very two faced. Their behavior is so obvious The Lady on Court TV stated Jodi was only a booty call. NO this Person BETH K is the Real Booty Call for her Corrupt Boss’. Imagine a person who says this, she is a Lawyer and makes such a statement. The Angry Mob Mentality that has been so well executed has something behind it. For Instance never or rarely another side, The Reason they had Casey Anthony’s Attorney on was to discredit Jodi Arias and show everyone.See this guy who defended Casey Anthony is the only one with a different opinion. Remember how much you hated Casey, well here is your chance for vindication.

        • I think CNN is following social media, twitter and FB, not realizing only 3% of people post anything at all on Twitter and only the most vicious personalities are motivated to spew opinions. The internet leans heavy toward extreme outrageous anonymous comments. CNN is moronic enough not to realize any of this, they think they’re actually tapping into the general pubic. They are NOT.

      • I read that TA’s brother called for the mug shot and it’s being sent to JM.

        I can’t say if that’s true or not. If the records aren’t entered into evidence, I don’t know that the mug shot will see the light of day.

  4. Can I change my name to “Even more Confused than the original Confused”???

    I don’t get any of these shows that everyone is talking about, are they viewable online somewhere? I’d like to see what they’re saying about these criminal charges.


    • the transcript should be available online in the next couple of days. Not sure if they show it online though.

      • Boo. So are they acknowledging the records are real, but it was actually someone else and not TA, or are they saying the records are not even real but “made up”?

        • LOL 😉 Okay they say the arrest records are real but that travis was a victim of ID theft, his brother, and the record dates that on march 7 2002, shouting match with fred lopez. 9 days in jail fine and restitution 3 years probation. ordered to stay away from store and fred lopez. the records state this.
          In comes Shanna to explain: she says that it was his brother who stole it says the family giving fake info when arrested. Then a lawyer comes on and makes a comment that if the record were indeed travis, the defense would have entered it as evidence. ( He speculates.)

          • I think it was more than a shouting match, look at the original charges-battery with serious bodily injury, battery on spouse/exspouse/date/, battery on peace officer(Fred Lopez?), battery on emergency personal(ems was called?), This is more than a simple shoplifting charge and a tussle with store security. Yes more speculation, blah, blah, blah, maybe we should get that psychic on here to voodoo the real story.

          • Which Brother? Isn’t one a police officer? Seems like one of the LE family members would have set the record straight long before Travis’ death.

    • fomerly known as Dog, you can go to hlntv and watch it online, just click on watch now to see the current on air show.

    • Dog……HLN is not on air in Canada, but you can stream it live from the internet at a few places. (Trust me you don’t want to, but It’s basically the same crew we used to have here on Court TV channel in Canada, before they switched it to Investigation Discovery. I miss being able to watch the trials on TV, but not if it means listening to these friggen idiots like Nancy Grate-On-My-Last-Nerve, and Dr. Spews-a-lot and Vinnie Polyester-Pants.
      I would encourage you though, to at least find some of their clips on you tube so that you can get a sense of just how disgusting these people are. Nancy Grace has been accused of causing 2 suicides because of the way she purposely (allegedly) sways the world to hate people.
      Can I get admin permission to post a link that streams HLN online for Dog? Or would that be a “No-No”?

      • I am in Canada and I get HLN, it’s part of my programming package. Which after this I am thinking I should cancel it, watching the bobble heads is starting to give me heart burn! lol

        • Really? I have Cogeco, and I can’t get HLN. It’s kind of like the BRAVO thing. We finally have Bravo here but the programming is like 6 months behind the U.S. Your HLN is live, just like the U.S.?
          So maybe zantac and a benzo before watching…..LOL
          I really can’t stand the bobble heads either.

        • I have the same Canadian Packages. I hate HLN now. I am ashamed that I watched it and now get pleasure from hating it.

  5. All his friends keep saying how he was pushing her away and how he hated her, blah blah

    That seems like complete baloney to me! Those messages he sent her a few days before he died, in which he called Jodi a whore and accused her of not caring for anyone, and said that he was nothing more than a dildo with a heart beat… those messages indicate he felt hurt and upset, which means he actually still seemed attached to her or to love her or whatever.

    The opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference. He did not love her, he would not have been so upset with her.

    Also, yeah, I believe Jodi when she said he was abusive, and her self-defense, to me, is justified. But let’s also try to remember Travis was a victim of his childhood. He had a terrible one (so did Jodi). Maybe if both Jodi and Travis had been able to get proper guidance and help, none of this would have happened. All of this seems like a vicious cycle of abuse that resulted from childhood, and just kept going, for the both of them, and it all seems very unfortunate. Both of them are victims.

    Travis is dead. Bashing someone who is dead seems really wrong to me. The only important thing now is whether or not it was self defense (I believe so). It’s not necessary to hate on Travis or his poor family, who really had no idea of what was going on between him and Jodi, they are grieving the loss of the Travis they knew, not the loss of the Travis they didn’t no. If I were them, I’d be devastated too. Plus, they have Travis’s friends trashing Jodi to them (they are more likely to believe the friends than Jodi because they probably really do not want to believe Travis did show anger).

  6. ~ ~ ~ Candie says:
    March 11, 2013 at 7:39 pm
    I’m absolutely DISGUSTED with HLN right now.

    They need to get their hands on the mugshot. ~ ~ ~


    The family has said that a relative stole Travis’s ID and used it when committing the crimes. It’s not HLN’s job to get their hands on the mugshot. That job should be given to the person that leaked this story. Without a mugshot, how could they be sure it was Travis?

    Put the responsibility of the mugshot where it belongs.

    • There is no “leaked story” here, its information that is freely available to any member of the public. It was Travis Alexanders responsibility to have this matter cleared up IF (big IF) in fact it wasn’t him. He had how many years and how many lawyers at his disposal to have the matter cleared up and removed from the court system? But he didn’t do that, did he? Why not?

      • Maybe “leaked” was a bad choice of words. Let me change it to released. Someone released the story, true or false, WITHOUT A MUGSHOT. You just said the information is available to any member of the public. Why didn’t they get a mugshot?

        Have you ever had am untrue story circulated about you?

        I’m not saying this isn’t true. I just want to see a mugshot of Travis.

        • I went to the Riverside Superior Court site myself and entered the information, there is no mugshot available. I have also requested copies of all the files associated with this case that are available from that site. I ordered them on Saturday to be sent to my email but as of yet I have not received them.

          I have had untrue stories told about me, yes. But this is not a matter of someone spreading rumors. These are court documents of actual events. What I do find interesting is that TA’s family have made several different statements about this now… first, it wasn’t him, it was not this particular Travis Alexander at all, it was a completely different person. Then it WAS this TA, but some unknown stole his identity. Then it was his brother that stole his identity and committed these crimes. Now we’re hearing the records are completely fabricated. So many different stories, and they call Jodi Arias a liar???

          • HAHAHAH, omg Dog, beautiful.
            Didn’t even think about all the stories the family has given.

            Those in glass houses…

          • EXACTLY ! how fast they change the stories an more times then JODI ever did. But yet it is ok for them to PRAY AN WISH DEATH on JODI. NO matter how Travis died it is not a DEATH PENALTY case to me. I have not seen premeditation in this case proven!

          • Okay but Dog, are we even sure it is his family that is saying these things and not just someone trying to feel all important by claiming they were speaking to a member of the family?

    • keep it real –
      If you were able to make any sense at all, would you honestly tell me if it WERENT Travis and it was someone else pictured in this mugshot that the HLN cast wouldnt be jizzing all over our screens flashing it in our faces to prove us wrong (or themselves right)?

      I’m convinced Nancy Grace would’ve just put the mugshot of Travis’ brother on the screen for an hour had this arrest really been a case of identity theft.

      Point blank, HLN knows its true, Travis has a record! And the only way to avoid speaking the truth is to dance around it blindly.

      Sadly, it sounds like people (like you) will just take HLN’s word for it.
      What a sorry excuse you make for the media – no wonder they get away with this lying, biased bullshit.

      • Posted part of this right as new thread opened :

        Exactly. Looks like all these siblings are used to lying to each other and everyone else around them. Sorry. Not trying to slander a dead man, my heart actually breaks for his friends and family. That being said, when you die, your secrets do not die with you and clearly Travis was just as competent of a liar as Jodi was. This has been proven to the jury already by his virgin deception and his lying about his ongoing relationship with Jodi. That is if we are being honest with ourselves. . He lied to just about everyone in his life. If anything it appears he was most honest with Jodi. I think this was Travis’s arrest records as he lived there during the time and after moving he returned periodically. If they had proof it would have been provided on air : FACT!!! The MySpace comment about not breaking the rules of your probation just solidify that for me. The fact that statement also includes a joke of him trolling for young boys is just extra creepy. But I’m sure that is just a coincidence as well. Just a joke right?

        I can’t imagine how hard it is for his loved ones to not only loose him but to additionally learn that they didn’t know him like they thought has to be devastating

        • He was a better liar than Jodi. Jodi is a lousy liar. Travis was a world-class b.s.-er. He conned everybody into thinking he was something he wasn’t.

      • “If you were able to make any sense at all, would you honestly tell me if it WERENT Travis and it was someone else pictured in this mugshot that the HLN cast wouldnt be jizzing all over our screens flashing it in our faces to prove us wrong (or themselves right)?”

        Yes exactly. They’d be gleefully waving the mugshot around smiling like the cat that ate the cream.

    • I don’t believe a word of the spin. If it was identity theft, it would have bee noted.

      The Travis cult’s people really need to shut up and let the legal process take its course. They are doing NO favors for him and his family.

  7. Yeah baby, it’s ON….! Sorry, but they created this themselves. No way I WANT to disparage a dead person, but when a living person, not convicted of anything, is slandered mercilessly, it’s just wrong. And when these people, if they have a shred of intelligence, KNOW there’s some kind of cover up going on….and they just don’t care…I just contacted TMZ….!

  8. Unbelievable! First JVM announces the arrest record and that they have been WORKING ON THIS ALL DAY and that they have found THERE IS A CATCH, then….. low and behold!…. up pops Shanna Hogan, who JVM says brought this to HLN’s attention. And Shanna tells her ID theft story and ……..there you go, folks…..there’s your proof that Jodi supporters are lying, shameful, slanderers of the dead. :-).

    Wow…they worked on this ALL DAY?? Then one of their experts waves around a copy of the arrest record, which they probably down loaded from this site, and claims:THIS REPORT WAS NEVER IN THE RECORD!!
    Oh really?

    Well, that settles it then……..they must all be exhausted from all that research that TOOK ALL DAY!

    • They worked on it ALL DAY, and once they realized it really was Travis, they had to bring Shanna whatshername in to pass around the family lies.

    • How hard they work on anything is proven by the lack of any quality in that show LOL

      They really don’t have a clue.

    • Shanna Hogan’s writing career just went down the toilet over this case…Too bad because she wrote a good book on the Marjorie Orbin case.

      There is nothing worse than being completely discredited, and Hogan has done this to herself by stupidly believing what Travis’s friends have told her.

    • Yep lol she worked on it ALL DAY and all she came up with was the same stolen identity claim that has no proof to back it up. No documents showing that he filed for expungement, no mug shot showing it wasn’t Travis, no nothing. You’d think, with all the resources HLN has to do investigative reporting, that they would easily refute the public record by bringing a handful of independently verifiable proof that it is in fact, not Travis. But they can’t.

  9. Guys, you know this could work out okay….,,,because, there WAS an incident, right? SO, there has to be an incident report. I requested through the Riverside Police, but haven’t heard back. That is also public record.

    This was a a public grocery store. You KNOW there are people out there in the woodwork that if they KNOW what happened, it’s time they crawled out. Especially, since the media will likely pay them!

    The truth will come out….it’s gonna take a little more time and effort, since HLN’s staff doesn’t get paid enough to do work like this! ARGHHH!!!

  10. From comments left on the previous page I get the impression people are screaming “slander” regarding the criminal record? Do they have a clue what defamation is? These are public records pulled from the court system that indicate that Travis V Alexander was charged with certain crimes. Re-posting that information is not slanderous in any way. It is not up to the public to sort through the bullshit to determine if identity theft had occurred or not. They (public) had a name, they had a birth date, they entered the necessary info in to the database, the record was produced. Its as simple as that. If there are extenuating factors to the situation its up to the defendant, the police and the court system to get that all sorted out. They had plenty of time prior to 2008 to do that, the fact that they didn’t leaves one to ask the question “Why didn’t they clear this matter up years ago?”. I certainly would have if someone was dragging my name through the mud.

    • TA did clear it up, remember he had his PPL attorney take care of it in a hour. Guess you get what you pay for. I’m not trying to assasinate his character, but doesn’t the fact that the incident that caused the court record was four battery charges, one with serious bodily injury support that TA could be abusive. Why is it that when someone dies, they all of a sudden become saintly, and we can’t tell the truth about what they were really like.

    • Dog

      Totally agree! Someone stated on another site it’s a different Travis Victor Alexander with the same birthdate and residence in CA! Ha ha ha shit is getting deeper here on the east coast! Then they claim it was identity thief and his brother please !!!!

      How many stories is this family going to produce? Lie after lie !!!!

      FBI Team Jodi for all public records of those involved !

      We are fighting for you Jodi 🙂

      • So I assume this “brother” that stole his identity is going to make an appearance on these trash tv shows and admit it was him that committed these crimes, right?

        • OH no I doubt it. say it were true, having a brother do this still ties him to violence albeit more loosely. If this were true, I dont think that family would want to look anything but perfect, like they have so far.

      • So then this ‘other’ Travis Victor Alexander with the exact same birth date should probably still be alive, right? Let’s find him and see if he confesses, or see what he has to say about being accused of crimes by TA’s family.

        • Are you saying confront/harass someone about this? Yeah right. Nobody here is going to act like that. Real sneaky.

          • My comment (before you blocked me) was sarcasm. I was saying that IF there is another Travis Victor Alexander with the exact same birth date (which I do NOT believe for one second) someone should find him and ask him how he feels about being accused of being “the” Travis Alexander that committed these crimes. Get what I’m saying?

    • Right – it was the pro-Travis side that brought it up (the comment was deleted). All that was posted here were links. People are free to make up their own mind, after all there are people on the Internet who believe that the moon landing never happened, and that the government is run by iguanas from the star system Sirius; so why wouldn’t people pretend that the public record is a hoax perpetrated by the county of Riverside California?

  11. Unbelievable ! Court dockets don’t lie like HLN scumbags! What happen to innocent until proven guilty in this country?

    Really want to add fuel to the fire let’s look up family members and friends involved in this case:) court dockets !

    Fines paid, warrants issued, jail time served, probation etc….. Hahahaha goes to show you what kind of family this really is( liars)! As for the mugshot it may not be available to the public ! Contact Jodi’s attorneys!

    Remember Travis was not close to his siblings! Death brought them together!

    Let’s get to work team jodi!!!!!

  12. ~ ~ ~ Rachel says:
    March 11, 2013 at 8:16 pm
    What happen to innocent until proven guilty in this country? ~ ~ ~


    Stated very well, Rachel! Get someone to produce the mugshot of Travis to prove he’s guilty! TIA

  13. Canadian Justice At It’s Best

    Here are 2 articles about a man who killed his friend who he owed $90,000. The killer was a law student. He stabbed his friend 33 times. He went into a blackout when he started the stabbing. His penalty?
    He received a scholarship while awaiting trial.He served 2 years in prison and went back to law school.

    • It wasn’t a “scholarship” it’s tuition assistance. Every Uni does it. Our media exaggerates a lot and most times behaves like HLN. “You said it so it must be true”

      Too bad its here and not in the US. Jodi would have the opportunity to use this case as a basis to get off real light

      Candie says:
      March 11, 2013 at 9:24 pm
      I left a msg on HLN voicemail asking how he could make to trial without them knowing he wasn’t actually Travis.

      Guess what Quack Drew just asked his panel? Stupid idiots said it’s possible. You have got to be kidding me. If this is the case then the US legal system is seriously flawed.

      Granted, I live in Canada BUT when you’re charged here they verify your identity prior to printing and taking your mugshot. I know this for a fact. I was involved in an altercation that in turn got me arrested. I did not have a drivers license at the time. They would not accept my government issued photo health card. It was all I had. I had to return to the police station with my birth certificate, my high school year book, high school student card and a statement from my family doctor.

      Either our justice/legal system is 100x better than the US or the whole damn friggin thing is a farce

    • LMAO Bee Cee.
      I was so mad earlier but i’ve calmed down now.
      I had to take a chill pill.
      The story keeps evolving.Stranger identity theft, the brother’s in it now, expunges, coverups, youtube video removals

      • LOLOL

        I know…

        And then jackasses come on here to harass us, I don’t go and harass them.

        I can’t believe all the lemmings that are falling for the stolen identity thing.

        • Isnt it kind of pathetic BeeCee, that these people would rather convince themselves of the most outlandish bullshit than face the truth?

          Takes a simple brain I suppose.
          Odd as fuck, if nothing else.

          • yep, it sure is.

            pathetic, small-minded…on and on.

            Their lives are so sad they have nothing better to do…

            There might be a DVM-IV for those people who feel compelled to play devil’s advocate and attempt to twist other peoples words.

  14. Now you guys know if this was Jodi we were talking about, they’d just photoshop a photo of her with an inmate number across the bottom and play it all day long on HLN. I realize a terrible thing happened. But the amount of double standards on soooo many things has just floored me. I”m wondering now if the Mormons own some of HLN….or PPL……

    Okay, DOG, get to work….you know what I mean….:)

    • LOL

      right! a legitimate mugshot, not a fake one.

      Otherwise it’s just shanna whatshername listening to the Liar Gang…

  15. I was watching the Lorena Bobbitt story today, and her case is so similar to JA’s, some of the things that she said, the abuse, the memory lost, etc it was eerie. Only difference, hher

  16. Re. TA’s Record… It seems like HLN and the ‘Sunshine’ Band along with Shana Banana, have this issue totally ‘covered’ right???:-) WOW!

    • Yes and everyone on his show tonight has been a victim of identity theft, because it so common for someone to go to jail using your name.

  17. Hit post before finished, Only difference was her husband survived after she attacked him with a knife while he was sleeping

  18. How can we get the mugshot and incident report? I am ready for a road trip but I need help. Where do I start with this.

    • do you live close enough to riverside, start with sheriffs dept or police dept to get police report, these are public too, but you have to pay a small fee for them. We could take up a collection, I would send you some through paypal.

      • Maybe Jodi’s lawyers can get on it. They would be able to get it faster than the regular public.

        It is possible that they have already looked into it and it was deemed not admissible…

        However, I really don’t think they have done much on the investigating end, I bet they were more concerned about the domestic violence aspect.

        Otherwise they would have checked into Du*tin and A$hley…

        • Regardless if its used at trial or not I still want to know for sure. I said a few days ago how would Travis’ family feel if Jodi was given the DP only to have it come out later that he had in fact abused another female? I guess they really wouldnt care since now we have information that he was charged with battery on a Police Officer and an EMS worker and they want to deny it and bury it.

  19. I’d use my own money to get this info. I am not going to stand by and let this shit continue. My BFF and I are going to talk tonight about taking a trip.

      • If I could walk in and get it, yes. I want to see it. I want concrete proof. I don’t trust anything the media says about this trial. I’m almost certain that someone is scrambling behind the scenes to get this covered up.

        • I wouldn’t be surprised if there are many people who will be trying to get that image…and it wouldn’t surprise me if his cop relatives try to get it hidden…

          I’m not sure they would be able to do that…but they might be able to prevent it from being released due to the current trial and the fact that Travis was killed.

          Perhaps Shanna wannabeawriter realized it was him, so she had to change her story that it was a relative instead of what her original paragraph said.

        • they are. All the online Mugshot databases don’t have on for Travis. There are links on those sites that allows you to petition to have the photo removed.

          Someone needs to walk into a courthouse and get certified copies of everything

          • I don’t put it past our justice system not to verify someone’s identity. If the alleged identity thief would’ve stolen Travis’ ID and either one had a criminal record with finger prints then this whole identity theft BS story would be put to rest. I think, personally, it was Travis.

  20. 1) we need the dude he fought to step up and say if he remembers the man looking like the deceased.

    2) looks like Dr. Drew will have a roommate on but of course for all the wrong reasons. Roommate will discuss the relationship between Jodi and Travis. I’m bummed, I use to like Dr. Drew. I felt he was objective and actually started off objective in this case but now he has tunnel vision and has almost become a bully when speaking of her. Not the behavior fitting of a mental health professional in my opinion.

    • I feel the same way
      I used to LOVE Dr. Drew back in his Love Line days.

      Now….I think he should be stripped of whatever farce of a medical license he has

  21. I left a msg on HLN voicemail asking how he could make to trial without them knowing he wasn’t actually Travis.

    Guess what Quack Drew just asked his panel? Stupid idiots said it’s possible. You have got to be kidding me. If this is the case then the US legal system is seriously flawed.

    Granted, I live in Canada BUT when you’re charged here they verify your identity prior to printing and taking your mugshot. I know this for a fact. I was involved in an altercation that in turn got me arrested. I did not have a drivers license at the time. They would not accept my government issued photo health card. It was all I had. I had to return to the police station with my birth certificate, my high school year book, high school student card and a statement from my family doctor.

    Otherwise our justice/legal system is 100x better than the US or the whole damn friggin thing is a farce

    • Actually they take your fingerprints and run them through the system to see if there are other warrants, and past records. The judge always have a copy of your past arrest records. I got pulled over for a traffic stop and after giving the cop my license, he came back and told me about a ticket I had ten years before. He acted like I was a menance on the road for one traffic ticket and it took him less than 10 minutes to find that.

      • A menace on the road for a traffic stop….thats funny! I was in court with a woman for a threat she said to her brothers boyfriend during a cat fight these 2 ladies had.

        I was stunned by the number of true menaces – numerous guys who were there AGAIN for another DUI! It was mind boggling!

    • If Dr. Drew’s juror it is that K@tie W!ck person, she was never objective to begin with…she thinks she is a professional juror I guess.

  22. Better question for Dustin Dr Drew would be if you shared a wall with him how did you not smell his decomposing body?

  23. Not to highjack the discussion, but I have a question.

    One night last week someone posted on Dr Dippy’s site, calling him out saying that the juror he had in the courtroom, who claimed to be Mormon was a sad and pathetic representative. He went on to say that no one had the balls to say that had Travis remained faithful to his church, he would be alive still today. He offered Dr Dippy to call if he genuinely wanted to know what the rules and such of the church.

    My question is, has anyone heard what stance (if any) the church has taken since the evidence has been presented that clearly shows TA was sexually involved with Jodi?

    • Gail

      This happens behind closed doors in all religions! He’s (TA) is no saint! You are to refrain from any type of sexual act or thought until married in the Mormon faith! Sex is sex in my book …… Oral , vaginal or anal ! Someone that knows Travis said he believed Travis had gay tendencies ….

      I read somewhere today TA has seven siblings !!! Only seen three sisters one brother and two brother in laws in court! Where is the rest of the siblings ?

      You would think the pit bull would of checked all TA records b4 pointing and falsely stating information ! Pathetic proceutor !!!!!!

      Maybe someone from Jodi’s family could produce TA record since they are in CA and its their family members life on the line! Would of thought Miss Samantha would of been quicker on her toes to cover this up! Not very savvy Samantha !

      Has anyone checked out the roommates records?

      • Maybe his other siblings are in jail because someone stole their identities? This just gets more and more bizarre every day!

        I guess if they can’t dazzle us with brilliance, they are going to baffle us with BS!

  24. I started watching the Jane Velez show just to see what would be discussed tonight but, as usual, I couldn’t keep it on long and consequently turned it off. Jane was discussing the police incident associated with Travis Alexander and started verbally attacking “Jodi supporters”. I found this particularly offensive-many of us honestly either support Jodi and her right to a fair trial and/or do not want to see her get the death sentence. It’s unfortunate enough that Jane has already concluded Jodi is guilty and sided with Travis’ family and friends who have wanted nothing less than death for her since the beginning of the trial, but she doesn’t need to take swipes at her viewers, too, because we not agree with her or want to support Jodi.

    It’s also too bad this jury isn’t sequestered. In a televised case like this that gets such high degrees of national attention and negative publicity daily, the state should really have considered the risks to jury and defendant in providing for a fair trial.

    • Is it wrong of me to take JVM, NG, Dr.D’s, calling Jodi supports negative things as a compliment? With their behavior regarding this trial, I personally would be insulted if the likes of them actually said good things about us?


        • I don’t give a crap what NG has to say about us. I used to like her, but after this case. I don’t want to see her face again. All she cares about is keeping her job at HLN, even if she has to sell her soul to the devil.

  25. OMG…..Dr Drew has a TA roommate on (Dustin Sumner who shared a bedroom wall with TA) and these bobble heads are trying so hard to put words in the guys mouth…..Dr Drew made a couple of statements and the roommate said ” well, ahh, actually that’s not true “….Dr Drew just went to a commercial to wipe the egg off his face. LOL.

      • Oh…..Dr Drew said ” Dustin, Jodi actually moved in with TA at one point and Travis had to find a way to get her out of his house, right?” Dustin looked kinda uncomfortable then told Dr D that no that wasn’t true. I’m having a senior moment about the other statement, but its worth watching if you can find it.

      • I thought the roommates at the time this happened were Zach and Enrique. Was there a 3rd guy there who also didn’t notice their friend left the dog without mentioning he was leaving for a week! Or the odd odor emanating from his room?

        And did they not once wonder why he left his phone and ring on the counter? They knew who he was going to travel with and wouldn’t they give her a call to see if T dog forgot his phone and maybe needed it overnighted to him?

        Who is so oblivious for so long? Did any friends stop by the house to see why he was not answering his calls or compare notes like who took him to the airport since his car was in the garage? Were they not concerned he was not contacting anyone when his normal MO was to keep in touch with his peeps?

        It couldn’t be they were drinking too much beer as I don’t believe alcohol is allowed … unless that was another dirty little secret these guys all shared.

  26. Can anyone explain how she was able to drag the body as much as is alleged?

    I made my husband lay on the floor and tried to drag him across the room. I’m taller the Jodi and weigh maybe 10 pound more and consider myself in fairly strong. I can lift and carry a 50 pound bag of corn but beyond that I struggle.

    My husband is about the same height and weight as Travis. I could not budge him an inch. I was able to stretch him to where it was hurting his arms and could roll him over using my feet but that took an effort. I doubt I could get him out of the house if he were unconscious and I desperately was trying to get him out.

    How could she do all the moving of him and putting him neatly back into the shower? Even with the burst of adrenaline I would think she could still only manage so much given her strength limits…?

    • Well…my best guess is between desperation , blood and water on the floor.. It may have made it easier to drag him. However, with blood and water I imagine that he’d be wayyyyyy hard to grab a hold of ( slippery when wet.)

      • Wondering, Wasn’t there some dragging down the carpeted hallway too? Or is that just blood splatter and the thought is he was being attacked in that area and came to rest where the tile and carpet meet?

        Yes water – soapy water could make him slide much better….

        Would one have the presence of mind to think to add water to help things along. I doubt I would!

        • I don’t recall there being any “dragging ” marks on the floor there.. There was blood along the walls… I’ll be really honest here, I’m pretty sure that I could drag a body about that height and weight.. HOWEVER, I think it would be a completely different story me trying to attack someone that height and weight , and win.

  27. My facebook posts: (I’m outing myself…:)

    Folks are cracking me up! HLN said what exactly? They read the report, properly stating it was official, downplaying the battery charge (shoving match, ha) and Shannon Hogan upped her story from this weekend, adding now to the that it was a “family member’, thinking that might dissuade us even more from digging on…not…All we want is the truth from an OFFICIAL SOURCE!!! LMAO at that big mouthed Lieberman guy…must be a Mormon lawyer on the PrePaid Legal Plan, cause he does not know what SLANDER is or what EXPUNGEMENT MEANS!! Not for one minute, do any of us want to disparage a dead man, but with the non-stop slander of Jodi Arias, who has not been found guilty in a court of law, we are left no choice. Good God Almighty, HLN is lazy and/or must not be making enough money to actually investigate a freakin’ thing Oh, and I love how someone is posting a mugshot of ANOTHER Travis Alexander! Ha! Silly folks, of course that is not St.Travis. We’re in the process of getting the mugshot and incident report. Because we care about proof, not “hearsay”. If it was a family member,then it only proves a family member is well, not exactly, an upstanding member of the community, or worse.
    a few seconds ago • Like
    He PAWNED off an old piece-of-crap BMW that she was paying him for! Give me a break! The slant is nauseating! This “friend” has offered NOTHING . And what would the body language experts say about this guy’s non-chalant response when asked about pedophilia! “Uh, he was into personal development and read scriptures” Really? That’s ALL you’d say with a national audience over a potentially outrageous accusation of pedophilia! Somebody tell me I’m still on Earth, and that I’ve not been secretly left on Planet St.Travis! Oh yeah, and sure, what about a criminal record? Just say it ain’t so, right? Just put on those special glasses that come with your pre-paid legal plan – the ones that when you look through them, you can’t see anything like battery, burglary, and robbery charges! Give me a break!

    • WOW that friend needs to go read his COMMENTS on MY SPACE an also the ones he would send to his friends. Really A GOOD MAN jokes about gay tendencies all the time ? really ? funny I do not think LDS would think some of those comments were very funny not at all.

      An why would such a GOOD MAN be hunting for a PROXY SERVER to change his IP ADDRESS so he could SURF the WEB for whatever he wanted to without anyone ever knowing that is amazing. Really ?

      No one wants us to say anything bad about TRAVIS? but wants us to BELIEVE he was PERFECT! an JODI was a VIXEN give me a BREAK ! his own ED SNELL shows his deviant side ! his comments on friends photos shows it also. As in the Mexican girl he is pictured with he says ……….AN this young FILLY is why there should never be a shut down of the border? there are so many more if people would just GO LOOK ! I know good Christian MEN an some YOUNG ones an I guarantee you they do not know what a CREAM PIE IS ! neither did I till I went an looked it up. COME ON !

      • Rhonda, I felt the same about the Eddie Snell character – I was wondering if, had I been there if I would have found it that funny.

        He, to me, came across as just another young guy who thinks he’s all that, trolling for the next young thing that he can get into his bed. (as I watched it I thought – Jodi you could have done way way better than that!)

        I know it was just a character he was playing but even for a business presentation I felt it was a bit edgy for that setting. But maybe thats just my take.

        I did not like the character nor found it funny, entertaining at times, but for that setting I thought the off color stuff was unnecessary.

        • Yes I know too it was just for fun but it showed us that are looking that he did have another side. One making fun of people an degrading people also in fun tho for that but it still proved to me he was capable of being another person. An I also get the feeling of arrogance like he thought he was above most people an he actually did not work that hard to get where he was he was just lucky to be in the right place at the right time an know some of the higher up Mormons. He was putting on a false front for his PPL an LDS friends is what I see.

          This is what I think if he truly LOVED an CARED about JODI he would have left that RELIGION an not tempted her to JOIN it. An then make it obvious she was not the marrying type for him. Knowing that if she joined that CHURCH the sex had to STOP. If he was truly the Godly man these friends want us to believe. He had no intentions of marriage. That is just my opinion tho

          An your so right she could have done so much better I truly feel bad she ever met him an like that one friend of Travis’s even introduced them not because she was new with PPL but because she was a new HOT GIRL there an Travis was always LOOKING is what that guy said..Remind me of dogs in heat. Plus another friend said too Travis would go to BYU with a back pack on hunting new girls that is disturbing to me ? he did not go to college it was just a way to meet girls at the college by pretending to be a student?

    • They are posting a mugshot of a TA from Arizona. If they know so much they would know this arrest was from California NOT Arizona. Fail, try again 🙂

        • Well, I thought I was replying to a post that said they saw on pro Travis sites people were posting a mugshot of a Travis Alexander and crowing “see, it’s not him!” I have seen that mugshot and was just pointing out it is some guy with the same name from Arizona. I can’t even find the post I was replying to now! I guess I’m not good at this posting stuff yet 🙂

  28. Interesting to see if any JURY member got wind of this over their break ! If the media got it within 48 hours and aired it you have to believe one jury has too!

    Three ring circus when someone’s life is on the line! FK u HLN if something happens to Jodi !

    • I keep wondering how on earth the jury can keep from hearing anything in the media during this break. Seems to me there are plenty of above-the-fold headlines plastered on newspapers in the Phoenix area. Seems like they would have to walk around wearing blinders and ear plugs to not see or hear anything.

  29. I don’t necessarily think the roommates are suspicious, other than one of them sure knew him for a long time, and was not offended by his doings which he must have witnessed often. Still, not noticing the smell, not wondering about the dog, the stuff he left behind…It’s possible that since Travis was the landlord, and in the habit of controlling people, that they were well trained to keep their noses to themselves with him, they might have considered him their mentor too at some point and then ex-mentor after they lived with him for a while, which would explain why they wouldn’t even eat together once in a while.

    But what really is strange is that they both said that they saw him after he was supposedly dead,(time of death according to the prosecution time line.) That time line is all based on thinking that the camera date/time was set properly, but was it?, and on Jodi’s presence in the bathroom when it happened then in Utah on 6/5. But the roommates did not see her or hear her, AT ALL, and they were there in and out that day. If Travis thought she intruded on him that day and acted strange (i.e. premeditation), wouldn’t he have mentioned it to one of them?

    Yet even if the date/time on the camera was not set right, the time stamps show that this whole thing happened in TWO minutes — the whole bathroom scene with runnings, gun shot, stabbings. Since some of the wounds show up on his hands, there were several struggles, with gun and with knife. In two minutes?

    So like someone said before here, he might have been just down on the floor and still well alive when the so called ‘dragging’ pictures triggered, and put up a fight for his life later on. Some one else could have given him the coup de grace. He probably had enemies, all now saying he was an angel. I would not be surprised with his record of control, abuse and thievery, that he cheated or stole from some one else other than Jodi. And since we are dealing with a Mormon sub-cult running a business of exploiting, converting and brainwashing vulnerable people, I can see how a blood atonement would fit right in as a punishment for treason of one kind or another.

    • I seem to recall that Jodi said something about not knowing how to set the timer on his new camera….maybe she messed up the date/time when she was trying to figure out how to set the timer…or inadvertantly set the timer to go off later causing some of those pictures of Travis after he was stabbed. I don’t know that much about cameras but its just a thought.

    • I’ll bet ALL of it DIDN’T happen in two minutes. We don’t really know how long the killing took. We don’t even know whether Travis was actually dead in that pic.

  30. Here’s a crazy thought…

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could just say to all the haters, who are spurned on by HLN, the State, and apparently the family in some way,, “hey, you guys take down all the really horrid, vicious photos and parody videos and the such immediately, and we will take another look at the information we have and consider withholding it.

    Think that would work?

    Nope. Me neither.

  31. I heard Dr Dupe say something about having Kobe Bryant on (he who wriggled out of a rape charge!) Did anyone see what that was about…I think it had something to to with Jodi’s trial.

    I had to take a mental health break from HLN for tonight…..ahhhh, Alex Trebeck and Jeoprady….that’s better…..

  32. Yes, like I said we hit a nerve, does this show just how much HLN has been lying in this case. Oh I know what the response will be everyone lies, blah, blah, blah. It’s only if you are scared out of your wits, don’t know for sure what happened, then the lying should make you first in line for the dp. But hey if you just want to make things up and incite a mob lynching, then your conscious should be clean because what’s the big deal.

  33. Team Jodi- (or anyone else that knows)

    I wasn’t able to follow much of the Casey Anthony trial and didn’t look anything up on line. I did see the crazy mobs on some news casts though. Just wondering if the web site for CA was anything like this? I can only assume that great minds were posting there too, and the haters were just as bad.

    Any way, if it was similar, I’m just thinking the haters must have gotten the suprise of their lives when the Not Guilty Verdict was handed down. I suspect the same thing may happen with Jodi.


    • TR,

      Actually, I think a big win would be 2nd degree murder or manslaughter. i think the vitriol from the Anthony verdict may affect jurors now and in the future. Although a total acquittal would be nice. I’m also basing my opinion on the jury make up and questions too.

      • JC…..I agree, although I wish for self-defense. The Haters are going to completely come unglued at anything less than the DP…the blood lust is really disturbing.

      • JC Admin,

        What are the rules in this case? Do they have to either find her guilty of first degree or innocent? Or if they come back with a guilty verdict, do they then decide whether it is manslaughter, 2nd, or 1st?

        • no, they can come back with guilty of 1st degree without the dp.. they can also find her guilty of 2nd, manslaughter, etc.. the verdict will probably decide the penalty.. she wont get the dp, no way. im thinking life without the possibilty of parole, worse case scenario.. but it isnt all or nothing..

      • Thanks JC. I hope you are not correct about the jurors, but I have thought the same thing. Despite all the hateful people out there, I have not given up hope that are still good people who will really do their job and look at all the evidence on this jury. There have been several acquittals since high profile convictions that created a frenzy ie: OJ, so maybe jurors will not be afraid. Or, maybe I am just an eternal optimist.

    • I think you’re right.
      There is no solid evidence of premeditation, only hearsay that she was ‘stalking’ him, and all the garbage about gas cans, rental, hair color, gun which does not hold if jury deliberate on it.
      There is no evidence of premeditation at the site either, why would she have sex with him, why take pictures, why wait until 5:50 when Enrique comes back at 6?

      Not to mention, of course, that Enrique SAW Travis at 6:30pm on his VERY IMPORTANT PPL CONFERENCE CALL while he was eating in the kitchen. Since he must have sit there quietly for at least ten minutes, he must have known that it was a business call, and that Zach saw Travis the next morning 6/5.

      If something was premeditated, it was not in Jodi’s mind.

      • The question I have, and have always had is if she was stalking him, why was he still wanting sex with her? If someone was stalking me, I sure as heck wouldn’t be inviting them into my bed!

  34. On Huffpo there is another “explanation” of the Travis Riverside record. His brother Dennis “claims” that he was into bad stuff and used Travis’ name because he was on probation.

    “That was a time in my life when I was addicted to drugs and was a real mess,” Dennis Alexander said. “I was stealing Sudafed, an ingredient in manufacturing methamphetamines.”

    Dennis Alexander said he was attempting to leave the store when he was approached by a security guard. “They tackled me and beat me up pretty good,” he said. “I was already on parole and would have went to prison, so I used Travis’ name and information. When they arrested me, they fingerprinted me and put it in the computer and found out who I was. They sent me to prison for a parole violation.”

    “Dennis Alexander said he tried to get a copy of the original booking photo Monday to prove it was him, but said police would not give him a copy. “They said they would release it to the prosecution,” he said.”

  35. The story is now on the Huffington Post – the brother, Dennis Alexander, is interviewed and says it was him…who knows what to believe at this point.

    “The public defender who represented Alexander had incomplete records from the case, but recalled that Alexander got caught trying to steal an item valued at less than $50. Lopez tried to stop Alexander, and a physical altercation ensued, lawyer Debra Rice said.”

    • Something is not adding up, he said they put his fingerprints in the system and found out who he was, and the lawyer said the case went through the court in TA’s name, but his brother said he never went to court for that…

      And then there is that comment on TA’s myspace about being on probation… sounds like his family decided his brother should take the blame?

        • Think about it, he said he didn’t go to court for this, well someone went to court, because if no one showed up, a bench warrant would have been issued. There was someone who spent 5 days in jail, and someone paid 515.00

          Butter my butt and call me a biscuit! I am starting to get really confused, what is the heck is going on with that family?

          • Hehe, Gail! Maybe they should think twice with promoting and supporting all the vicious and vile parody videos and attacks on Jodi. People who live in glass houses, you know!

      • I agree, it doesn’t make sense…if what the brother is saying is true about the fingerprints, then TA’s name never should have appeared on the court docs, i.e. the court would have changed the charges to the brother immediately.

    • And nobody remembers, and they degrade JA everytime she says she can’t remember. Who is really behind this crap and why do they want to see JA get convicted so bad. Brother states they ran his fingerprints and found out he wasn’t who he said he was, so why wasn’t this changed when he was in front of the judge. Won’t release the mugshot, but hey if you were anybody else, the mugshot would be all over the news.

    • Not buying it.
      Notice how Dennis also includes this tidbit, “Travis was a gentleman. The furthest thing he would ever do is any sort of crime.”

      Might have well as said, “Travis would never rape or

      Sounds like someone had to go down with their ship…

      • *Travis was not abusive. Travis would never rape anyone!”

        Got my thoughts mixed up and didnt finish before accidently hitting post.

        • Why would he bring up rape, there was no rape involved in the charges!

          Wow, this family puts the ‘fun’ in dysfunctional, and I thought my family was bad… yikes!!

          • He didnt bring up rape, I was just saying, his statement sounded like sugar coated fear to me. Or sugar coated denial.

            Sorry for the confusion Gail, as terrible as his family is (to me), I dont want to put words in anyones mouth.

            • Thanks for clarifying M,

              I am sitting here shaking my head, everyday this just gets more and more surreal.

              Mind you, their reaction certainly speaks volumes of just much their cage was rattled by this.

              • Yeah, that post didnt quit come out how I’d meant.
                Getting late, thoughts arent formulating into text well.

                And absolutely, their reactions are priceless, speaks for itself.
                As if HLN wouldn’t have figured this out over the weekend, found the “correct/real” documents (for both Travis & Dennis), and the mugshot of Dennis and had these images all over their screens tonight!

                So many excuses and unrealistic lies, as someone mentioned earlier (Maggie maybe?), I smell a cover up coming on. Or has it alredy begun?

      • TA was a righteous man and now he is not only walking on water, but actually able to float above. The more crap is see, the more I believe this would not be happening if TA’s sister wasn’t a cop.

    • Wow, HuffingtonPost did an excellent job with the article. It is not biased at all, they are just reporting what they know. I love it.

  36. **TA’s brother admits, He did the shoplifting and used TA’s ID** Breaking news on Jose Baez.. If this was previously posted I apologize. I am being beat up on twitter.
    My friend on twitter just posted this for me. Have a great week everyone. Wow that family is a bunch of liars.
    They want Jodi to die.
    This was said by one of the Members of our Church, the Presidency, He saw a bumper sticker. “Don’t Judge me because My SINS are different from yours”
    All 10 commandments IMO are viewed the same in the eyes of Heavenly Father, although murder is most egregious and requires more to overcome, if at all. You will probably never get to Celestial Being. I am sick to death of this all.

    • The Rat’s Prey

      Just quickly, it is important to have a look at what 2nd Peter 2 says about the prey of these false teachers. We read above that ‘they are like brute beasts, creatures of instinct, born only to be caught and destroyed, and like beasts they too will perish… they seduce the unstable.’ Peter likens these false teachers to animals. In the animal kingdom, predators go after the young and the weak. I’m sure you’ve seen the documentaries. Not pretty! Well, it’s the same here. They go after and seduce the unstable. Paul speaks about this as well in Eph 4:14 saying that some are ‘tossed back and forth by the waves, and blown here and there by every wind of teaching and by the cunning and craftiness of men in their deceitful scheming.’

      So what is the result of this preying on the unstable? The prey are ‘just escaping from those who live in error.’ But some don’t escape. And even those that do escape seldom do it without scars. Stay alert young Christian! For not all that you see and hear within ‘Christianity’ is well for your soul.

      The Rat’s Evil End

      Vs 12 ‘They will be paid back with harm for the harm they have done.’

      Vs 17 ‘Blackest darkness is reserved for them.’

      Vs 20 ‘If they have escaped the corruption of the world by knowing our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and are again entangled in it and overcome, they are worse off at the end than they were at the beginning.’

      While these false teachers may think that they can get away with whatever they like, the reality is that no one gets away with anything. The Phillips translation of vs 13 says ‘their wickedness has earned them an evil end, and they will be paid in full.’

  37. I just got back from a marathon grocery shopping spree. I needed time to cool off! I was hot! after hearing JVM & HLN downplay this arrest. I see a brother is now coming forward… I in the twilight zone or what?

    • Wait, Travis does not have a brother named Dennis?!?! His brothers are Gary, Greg, Steven. Sisters are Hillary, Samantha, Tanisha, & Allie.

      • How did this go from a stranger identity theft on Saturday, to now being a brother named Dennis that does not exist? I have to get out my file and see whats going on here….

        • I see a Dennis G Alexander as a related person for the address 4623 Plaza Ln in Riverside on the checkmate report. I wonder if Dennis is either Gary or Greg and his real name is Dennis?

          • I’m losing it! LOL I do have a file i’m keeping, with everything related to the case. I have a rough draft drawing of the floor plan in his house that i recreated using the crime scene photos, google, zillow and the photos from tawnidilly’s photobucket acct.
            I have the police reports, family names and info, im adding more to it every day. I do NOT see a Dennis listed anywhere as a brother. I guess I have to do some more digging!
            (I loved reading Encyclopedia Brown books as a kid, anyone remember them?)

            • Omg Trixels, you rock.
              I think you missed your calling (defense lawyer anyone?).

              Its a possiblity that Gary or Greg is a nickname for Dennis, as you stated.
              Regardless, this story is crazy, but you sparked my curiousity here.

      • Are you sure? Thought his dad’s name was Gary, but could be Gary jr. Wow, so this identity crap just gets crazier and crazier. First it’s a stranger, then it’s a friend, now it’s a brother who isn’t a brother. And they say JA is the liar here. Even she didn’t come up with something this good. And if you can’t admit it into evidence, or have it help her case why is there all this hysteria about it?

    • You need to read the article, and they are not releasing the mugshot unless the prosecutor asks for it. But they would have to under FOI act, it is public record.

  38. Update on the news story,

    “According to Jane Velez Mitchell
    Travis Alexander spoke of being a victim of identity fraud
    when he worked as a motivational speaker.”

    She knows this how?

  39. Here is the first several paragraphs from an article Shanna Hogan wrote. Interesting how one of the people to find Travis was Dallin Forrest. That is never mentioned in Zach’s story.

    ALSO, notice how the article says they followed the trail of blood. As far as I know, there was no blood in the closet!

    Either Shanna has this story wrong or their are inconsistencies among the roommate Zach and Friend Dallin.

    “As 20-year-old Dallin Forrest climbed the stairs of Travis Alexander’s five-bedroom Mesa home, he was filled with a sinking sense of dread.

    It had been days since anyone had heard from Travis, and during that time he hadn’t responded to numerous emails, text messages or phone calls. Even more unsettling, Travis’ car was parked in his garage, and his wallet, credit cards, laptop and cell phone were still in his office downstairs. Yet, there was no sign of Travis himself.

    It was June 9, 2008, and Forrest, along with two of Travis’ friends, had arrived at the house around 10 p.m. to search for the 30-year-old entrepreneur and motivational speaker. When no one answered the front door, they used the keyless entry code on the garage to make their way inside the house and eventually toward Travis’ upstairs bedroom.

    As Forrest approached the top of the stairs, he could hear music blaring from an adjacent bedroom. He knocked on the door and found Travis’ roommate, Zachary Billings.

    “Have you seen Travis?” he asked.

    Billings shook his head. “I think he’s out of town.”

    Travis was scheduled to depart the following morning for a cruise to Cancun, but the girl who was supposed to accompany him had been trying desperately to reach him for more than a week to no avail. After explaining their cause for concern, Billings retrieved a key and unlocked Travis’ bedroom door.

    As the double doors were cast open, a foul order pervaded the air. Later, it would seem strange that no one had noticed the smell earlier.

    Cautiously, Billings peered into the bedroom and headed slowly toward the master bathroom, with Forrest following closely behind.

    Suddenly, a large dark spot on the floor caught Forrest’s attention. On the carpet was a dark pool of a thick, tacky substance he immediately recognized as blood. Forrest’s heart began to race. He continued hesitantly toward the bathroom, following the trail of dryed blood.

    “Oh my god,” Billings gasped as he turned and rushed out of the room.

    Forrest shrunk back in horror when he too noticed the figure slumped over in the shower.

    “I saw him curled up, you know, in the shower on the ground,” Forrest later told police. “I turned. I turned right back around.”

    Backpedaling out of the master bedroom, he ushered the others back outside the house.

    “He’s not alive,” Forrest said, his voice trembling. “Call 911.”

    • According to Shanna Hogan’s book quote “Suddenly, a large dark spot on the floor caught Forrest’s attention. On the carpet was a dark pool of a thick, tacky substance he immediately recognized as blood. He continued hesitantly toward the bathroom, following the trail of dryed blood.”

      I thought it was Zach that said on NG that he walked through the closet towards the bathroom?

  40. This is bullshit. His brother didnt use his name , they just got this bozo to say it was him. We want pictures. But I bet u guys they will doctor up some picture to go with that report….I think only t m z will show it honestly.

    • Finger prints!! But LE will F it up (sorry admin, I am mad) oh it is OUR fault this rumor (uh truth, the record is there and real) TA had to have been finger printed for his Mission., Ask Bella, she will know. I am also Mormon and know. So, then, 4 years after Mission he (or brother gets arrested) Officer: Sorry sir but your prints do not match the prints of Ta we have on file in AFIS, so you cant be him. OR it IS him.

      • Yes, all missionaries are finger printed(mostly in case of emergency, or to identify the body in the event of catastrophe). I am not answering any other question or to anything other than that. I have my opinion of this whole line of questions. One more time. Mormonism is NOT on trial.

            • Good morning and thank you Patty. It’s a time zone thing. Arizona does not move ahead or back. It was around 8:30 when I posted that. I have mostly stopped commenting as the tide substantially turned here, in my opinion. I cannot defend Mormonism; there is no need for me to. It stands on its own merit. Those who will knock it will knock it for whatever reason they deem necessary. I cannot defend Travis, again those who are looking to demean him will find their reason to give their argument validity. I will say I have been open minded about Jodi all along, and I had hoped that that might rub off, but I can see that that has not been the case. I pray always for Justice for all, and will continue to do so. It is painful to hear her testimony and all of the harassment she has had to endure, but it is equally painful to hear my friend diatribe’ against. He is the victim. He is gone. He cannot defend himself. I am angered, but mostly I am just disappointed. I thought this was the one place that fairness, open dialogue and unbiased commentary might prevail, I’m unbelievably hurt time and time again by the tirades and tangents many have gone on. So I choose not to allow anyone else to negatively affect me.


  41. Here is what sister said, before brother came out and took credit for the 2002 arrest and crimes. OMGee. from facebook
    A horrible rumor is being spread by the Jodi supporters that I’d like to put to rest. They discovered what they believed was a criminal record of Travis’s. It was for shoplifting and battery. They, of course, are having a field day with the ‘battery’ part. I brought it to the attention of one of Travis’s sisters yesterday and she gave me the explanation. Someone that Travis knows got arrested for those crimes and gave Travis’s info in place of his own. Shannon Hogan,the author of Picture Perfect wrote a paragraph in her book about it: “On another occasion, Travis discovered he was being fined $515 for a conviction for robbery, contempt of court and assault and battery that he had not committed. When he called the department of corrections to learn the origin of these charges, he learned that a man using his identity had just served six months in jail. Travis’s identity had been stolen.
    “I was really innocent,” he said. “I did not know what to do.”
    Travis called his Prepaid Legal attorney and within an hour his record was expunged.”
    Travis has NO criminal record except traffic violations. (admin/Cathy)

    some man huh? Yea, the Brother. AND so now seester lies, TA lies, brother lies, these arent teeny lies. BIG lies.

    • I agree, especially that nasty, mean looking sister ( Tanisha) who sits in the front row. First time I saw her I thought, meth addict for sure…

      • You guys, come on. The Alexander family did not know Jodi. All they know is what his so-called friends are saying. (I don’t think the Alexander family is even part of Travis’s Mormon church, I am not sure if they are even Mormon).

        You have to consider how they feel. They knew a different side of Travis. They are grieving the loss of the brother that they knew, not the Travis that Jodi knew. Of course they are hurt, angry, upset. They have the right to grieve, to miss their brother. You can’t really expect them to just believe that Travis was abusive toward Jodi, even if presented with evidence, when all his friends are saying it never happened. If they are given a choice of which story to believe, they are going to go with the one that shows Travis in a positive light. They love him. They are grieving. I don’t blame them. They are not being mean or nasty. Their reaction to all this is perfectly normal.

        If I was in their shoes, or even if you were… well honestly, I’d want to believe the version of the story that showed my loved one the way I remembered them and knew them. I wouldn’t want to hear anything contrary, especially after they died. I mean, even Jodi herself stated she wants to remember the good side of Travis. It is why she stayed with him because she had good times with him. Every time she would want to break away, she would remember the good. It made it harder for her to break way.

        His friends are the ones creating the media circus and spewing venom. You cannot really blame his family.

        • I disagree with some of that that one sister the mean looking one has stated on many BLOGS an on her on FB page DEATH FOR JODI an NOTHING LESS an she wants to be there when she dies to watch. I know for a fact she is LDS they don’t like you too call them MORMON”S even tho it is the BOOK OF MORMON which makes no sense to me but I was told that fact. You may need to just look around an see what you CAN READ first on some of that story there I did.

          Yes there would be grief . But Jodi put in a plea before this trial a few years ago. The Family said no. The State said NO. They want DEATH AN NOTHING LESS. It don’t matter if it was self defense if Travis was a jerk an attacked it don’t matter they want DEATH.

          The problem is everyone wanting everyone to believe Jodi is a WHORE an Travis is a VIRGIN an it is Ridiculous ! I can go back on old My Space pages an see that is not true.

          An I am not so sure that Jodi did all the stabbing an slashing parts she can’t remember so how can I say DEATH to JODI or agree with the MAJORITY on this? I won’t an I will not put up with people claiming to be CHRISTIAN an then SCREAM DEATH an BURN THE WITCH an much more horrible things an that goes for all of us on this site also the majority says we are all going to HELL an much worse also for us for being supportive of JODI. That is what keeps things stirred up. This site here actually has a lot less hate being spewed out then on those Travis sites for the other side.

          • Rhonda,

            I definitely believe it was self defense. I was not aware the family said no to a lesser charge, I thought it was just the state.

            All the hate being spewed about Jodi angers me. Nobody knows what happened behind closed doors. They cannot prove she is lying about self defense.

            I was just pointing out that his family are grieving. As for Travis’s sisters comments about the dp, they were extreme yes, but again, Jodi testified she never met Travis’s brothers and sisters, and so I am pretty sure all they heard about Jodi was all the stalker stuff from his friends. Given how he died, her comments, while extreme, are not so unusual for someone who is angry. I genuinely believe his family does not believe it was self defense, and they believe his friends when they say Jodi was a stalker. Maybe if they had met her, they would feel differently.

  42. Now that the world is finding out the entire Alexander family is a pack of Liars, perhaps they will take a plea deal. Except they want to see her DIE! UGH

    “Dont Judge Me Because I Sin Differently Than YOU.” President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, Second Counselor in the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints saw a bumper sticker. General conference

  43. Here is the list of charges Bystander posted:
    March 8, 2013 at 7:17 pm

    Here is the complete Arrest Record for Travis Alexander:

    Criminal/Traffic: Az Admin Office of Courts, FAIL TO PRODUCE EVIDENCE OF FIN. RESP., July 12, 2006.

    Criminal/Traffic: CA Riverside Superior Court, BATTERY AGAINST PEACE OFFICER, March 11, 2002.

    Criminal/Traffic: CA Riverside Superior Court, BATTERY EMERGENCY PERSON/ETC, March 11, 2002.

    Criminal/Traffic: CA Riverside Superior Court, BATTERY w/SERIOUS BODILY INJ, March 11, 2002.

    Criminal/Traffic: CA Riverside Superior Court, BATTERY: SPOUSE/EX SP/DATE/ETC, March 11, 2002.

    Criminal/Traffic: CA Riverside Superior Court, SHOPLIFTING, March 11, 2002.

    Criminal/Traffic: CA Riverside Superior Court , January 28, 2005 – does not list offense.

    There are numerous repeat records for those listed above, but what I have listed looks to be the only ones. All I can say is OMG……..

    Now, it appears there is just the “pushing” charge (battery). By morning the battery on Fred Lopez will turn out to be that Fred collapsed and Travis was performing CPR on him. Does anyone think there is a “team” of pro-Travis supporters sanitizing the internet?

    • cc53, that is the funniest thing I’ve read today! I bet you are correct and they will revise your story with:

      Fred was dead for 30 minutes when Saint T Dog arrived on the scene. Thankfully he was wearing his magic underpants and was able to breath life back into Fred while he simultaneously caught and arrested a fake meth induced brother pretending to be him, without messing up his Eddie Snell wig

    • In the 21 page report, on the last page is License Records, it states that section contains miscellaneous information found on this person. Possible data may contain FAA Pilot Licenses and DEA licenses for prescribing pharmaceuticals.

      There is a “Travis Michael Alexander” listed as having a pilots license. If this section contains information on Travis Victor Alexander, then who is Travis Michael Alexander and why is he listed on this court record?

    • “By morning the battery on Fred Lopez will turn out to be that Fred collapsed and Travis was performing CPR on him.”

      LOL…too funny…Or maybe he was just baptizing him and things got out of hand?

  44. Before I go to bed I would just like to say a big f u to

    Shannon hogan
    The Alexander family
    Kermit Fartinez
    The medical examiner
    Dave hall
    The husband and wife pieces of shit Hughes family
    And all Facebook haters

    Good night

  45. The brother says, It still remains in Travis’s name and went thru the court system like that. YEA, RIGHT!
    PLEASE! I call Bullshit (apologies to admin, I am so upset)

    From the Brother Dennis in Huffington post Article:(so the meth head brother maintains the records are incorrect) Hmm, TA uses this in his Motivational speeches (names are changed to protect THE GUILTY)

    Dennis Alexander maintained the records are incorrect.

    “No, I never went to court on that,” he said. “I figured they ran it concurrent, because I did a 12-month violation on that. I assumed that his name would have been cleared. It apparently stayed under his name.”

    Dennis Alexander said he tried to get a copy of the original booking photo Monday to prove it was him, but said police would not give him a copy. “They said they would release it to the prosecution,” he said.

    Jerry Cobb, the public information officer for the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, which is prosecuting Arias, said his office had no information on the shoplifting or battery case.

    “We wouldn’t have any information like that,” Cobb said. “Travis Alexander’s not accused of anything. He’s a victim in our case and it’s not something I’m familiar with.”

    • Patty, WTH? Brother meth head Dennis who is not listed in the obit for Brother Travis “figured it ran concurrent”? ummm, like he never checked? Gee, What if he was still in jail – would he not KNOW how long he was in for and for what???

      And would there not be a record under his name?

      Is this how poorly our criminal system works. If you use a fake name on a charge it never gets deleted and re-done in the correct name and birthdate? That makes zero sense and is frightening!

      • Rainy, he is listed under Greg Alexander, why the medis and family are adding crazy 1st and middle last names. But Grgory (greg) was listed in obit. Travis was finger printed to go on hus Missiom. As a Mormon Woman, I know this to be a fact. Always fingerprinted, so if Greg, dennis was arrested, said he was Travis, the fingerprints would not match. We all KNOW it was TA and like before when they said the Report was fake, the sister said “some man” stole his isentity and now Dennis Gregory is saying he never appeared for that charge/case Again BS, someone paid the fine, someone did the 5 days. They will not, will not hold you in jail and put you through a trial and find you guilty (was he not there?) and have the wrong person. So, TA just left an active warrant in his name? BS. Look this goes to his Violent temper. His boss said he was violent/temper. He was disrespectful, grabs Lisa’s butt in public and Jodi’s. Lisa felt he was “off, sexually overcharged” what about Jodi. Jodi loved this man and he took advantage of her. He did abuse her, at least mentally and threatened losts of things. When he and she broke up, he still had very fraphic sex with her, degrading or as she said, “so debasing” then quickly added, “but I like it” she cowered to him. She was in love, he knew it and used that against her. IMO, if she went there to kill him, she did a poor job of it. I feel this was so emotional, frantic, some would say overkill. But you can only kill him once. So after the fatal blow, it is misdemeanor abuse of a body, not sure of legal term. The mental abuse alone would cause her to snap. This is no DP.I would love to see Justice for Travis for all he put her thru, I would like to see her get what is coming to her. Yep, I hope not guilty for her and Travis meet his maker and explain why, why he hurt her so. She hurt his flesh, he took her soul. Peace I am done for a while. well Unless needed. Y’all let me know. I am against the DP but after this new evidence of the arrest, the never ending lies from TA’s family and him. And they still want to kill her? Why? Because they are unforgiving liars that use God as a crutch and used Heavenly Father like her used Jodi. To satisfy his own needs. Blek,

    • They’re terrible liars. This is Travis and nobody else who got arrested.

      Hey, it happens. And it happens to be a bit relevant to Jodi’s case.

  46. Ok, well it looks like someone is really monitoring this site closely. The Huff story has be edited and the name is changed to Dennis Gregory Alexander. So if we keep talking about it, sooner or later, they will get there shit together and their stories straight

    • And like I said before, Why is someone getting crazy about this? After all it wasn’t admissible in court, and until they got hysterical no one really noticed. They have been the ones to bring all of this focus on it and now a lot more people know about it. Why?

    • Either way, I’m calling BS on the so-called brother going through the whole court process as his brother, and nothing was ever corrected. It couldn’t happen. And another thing we know for sure now…PPL isn’t worth a damn.

      • I agree KC, once they entered his fingerprints into the system and it came up that he lied about his identity, they would have changed all charges to his name. And wouldn’t he have been charged for giving the police false information about his identity?

          • I would be emailing the journalist who wrote the story, and providing him with all this information.

            Something stinks in all this.

            • That’s what I am wondering. The lawyer said the case went through the court under Travis Alexander, and the court minutes state the defendant was present and he acknowledged his name and birthdate. Did he tell the court he was TA?

              Another thing, he declined counsel, who is this lawyer with the incomplete records?

      • Me too. It’s the biggest load of bullshit ever. Just imagine if Jodi’s sister was trying to cover up for her on something like this – would Travistown believe it?

        I have no idea why Travis’ supporters feel the need to make him into an absolute saint. Just be honest and admit that he wasn’t perfect.

  47. They are full of Shit so I see that they are doing exactly what I thought, Whats the explanation for

    Twas two nights before Christmas, and all through the greater Phoenix area, Travis was cruising for underage boys to make his Christmas more cozy. Have fun, just don’t violate the terms of your probation!

    • Interestingly, Chad Perkins jokingly (?) refers to Travis being on probation. Wasn’t Travis’s probation over by then? He got 3 years probation in 2002. It says at the bottom of the “cruising for young boys” comment that it was written 6 years ago (2007?). Unless Chad knew something that we don’t know.

      I’m not saying I believe the cruising for young boys comment although I can’t imagine saying that about any of my friends. It’s very odd. I’m thinking more about the comment on probation.

      I think Chad needs to be called to this site and given the oath.

      P.S. Did anyone notice it’s 11 years to the day of the March 11 incident in Riverside.

      • If you go back on Chad’s wall an see the comments Travis left him they had a strange relationship. I have been told that is normal tho for people that age. It is a lot of Homo or Gay stuff referring to Butt munching an Homo’s an being gay? if it is normal maybe for in CA not in Alabama though. This is why I wonder if Travis was Bi Sexual an had a lot of rage in him due to he was being pressured to get married by a certain age. An I am sure that is a no no in the LDS community.

        • I saw all the Homo remarks they were screen shot. Very Strange That whole Cult is very bizarre to say the least

  48. On pg five of the criminal court minutes it says (3/11/02)
    Defendant present .
    Def acknowledges the complaint reflects his/her true name and date of birth
    Def arraigned
    Def waives right to council
    Def pleads guilty to counts 1,2

    So what he told the Huff Post was a LIE. Dennis Alexander maintained the records are incorrect.
    “I never went to court on that. I figured they ran it concurrent, because I did a 12 month violation on that.
    What the sam hill hell is going on here?

      • Huff Post is not interested in the Truth they are all part of the Corporate Media. These people are not journalist at all.

    • found this on the state site:

      However, Alexander’s brother, Dennis [Greg] Alexander, says he was the one who actually committed the crime.

      • so its Greg claiming to be Travis. Again, in the court minutes it shows he was in court and pled guilty to charge 1,2. In the HP article he says “he never went to court on that”.

    • If what Dennis or Greg says is true, or partially true, at least as far as it was him who was arrested, I would say he’s got some serious explaining to do to Riverside County DA’s office.

  49. OK, I looked up the alleged brother, Dennis Gregory Alexander.

    He was on probation for having drugs in his possession. Further, he said he had a PAROLE violation. He had a PROBATION violation in June 2000 and the arraignment was in April 2001. He said the court sent him to prison was violating his parole for the Travis incident. However, these dates were BEFORE Travis’ record!

    BTW, he also served time for DOMESTIC VIOLENCE!! I guess the apples on the tree are pretty close together.

    Here is what I have found, I hope the info turns out on here.

    Case RIF082489 – ALEXANDER, DENNIS GREGORY – Probation

    Probation Type: FORMAL Granted: 11/09/1998 Expire: 11/09/2001


    Case RIF082489 – ALEXANDER, DENNIS GREGORY – Related Cases On Calendar

    Related Cases On Calendar
    This Defendant Does Not Have Any Other Cases With Future Hearings Scheduled.

    Case RIF082489 – ALEXANDER, DENNIS GREGORY – All of Defendant’s Other Cases

    Case Number Filed Date Charges Next Hearing Jurisdiction Status
    RIM358199 09/15/1997 PC 273.6(A) None Scheduled SUPERIOR COURT – RIVERSIDE Pending Adjudication

    Case RIF082489 – ALEXANDER, DENNIS GREGORY – Actions & Minutes

    Action Date Action Text Disposition Hearing Type

    06/27/2000 ELECTRONIC WARRANT SENT AT 08:28
    06/27/2000 WARRANT GENERATED.
    06/26/2000 8:30 AM DEPT. 51 EX PARTE HEARING RE: VOP TERMS 01 06 16 DISPOSED

    • So maybe he really did use Travis’s id to avoid getting into more trouble (although, if he was fingerprinted when arrested, wouldn’t have showed that he was not Travis, but Dennis)? But it does seem plausible that his brother did steal his identity, given this record.

      • No, I don’t think it was the brother – I think it was Travis.

        The brother STATED that he was jailed on a probation violation for committing the crime that Travis was convicted for.

        YET, that probation violation happened almost TWO YEARS prior to Travis’ incident.

        There is NO other record in Riverside County, where both incidents took place (meth arrest and time for domestic ciolence) for the brother, Dennis.

        Once again the Alexander family let’s someone else take the fall to keep Travis’ image “lily white”!

        • It’s bullshit on the family’s part. Of course Travis had a record.

          Why cover it up? Because it shows their saintly brother had a propensity to violence.

        • The March 11, 2002 incident isn’t on Dennis’ record, right? So it was never “corrected” because it didn’t need to be.

          I think it’s easy to see what’s going on here – Travis’ family is making Dennis the fall guy because he has an extensive criminal record. He can just say that it was him, not Travis, and the supporters will believe it. Dennis has nothing to lose since he has a record anyway.

    • So that is a big fat lie. How could he say he was Travis he had a record so when they took him in they would see that was really Dennis Gregory Alexander on file ? an it was before the other incident so that makes no sense at all. Would only work if you never had a record at all. An it is the same town come on they must think everyone is really stupid !

  50. KYM- MEI might be in AZ this week!!! I’ll let you know!
    Soooo great to chill with you! Can’t believe it had been over a year since I saw you last!! CRAZY! (and really only top 4, don’t give me that!) *KISS*

  51. “They” are blaming Jodi for this now. Somehow she got access to a computer and is using this to help herself.

  52. Chris Hughes is now chiming in:

    Chris Hughes Travis got a letter in the mail informing him he had a fine for assault and battery and resisting arrest (I think that’s what it said). He knew he hadn’t done anything, so he called his attorney and his attorney told him to go down to the station and ask to see the mug shot. It was clear that it wasn’t Travis in the mugshot.
    18 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 4

  53. Attack The Truth
    Earth to the Lying Mormon Church: Quit Falsely, Disproveably Claiming That Your 1890 “Manifesto” Resulted in the End of Mormon Church-Sanctioned Polygamy. It Did Not . . .

    The Truth is the Truth in Season out of Season those records belong to Travis Alexander & The Media as usual is Lying what else is New. We Only Need ONE Just One who knows the dirty Secrets.
    Maybe The Juror who was insightful enough to ask Jodi about The Image Of the Mormon Church
    The Un spoken Truth. There are more records out there and as even Greta stated There is more to this story.

  54. Chris Hughes: Admins, you guys are AMAZING! I don’t know how you keep up with everything! Huge props to Greg for clearing this up, and for turning his life around. Just so you guys know, and I know it’s obvious, Greg is NOT that guy anymore. Indeed it was Greg that gave Travis’ name, and it was cleared up. Travis did forgive Greg and loved him very much. Travis never had a record, and there are ZERO reports of him EVER being violent with any girl he dated. A true depiction of Travis that Jodi gave would be about Cinnabon! That story sounded EXACTLY like the REAL Travis!
    25 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 11

    The State Cuckoo nest site is telling its minions to calm down, Dennis explained it all away. Meanwhile I’m dyin laughing at these mindless sheep.

    “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain”

    • Like I said before, this bunch needs to STFU. They are making fools out of themselves. They are also making idiots out of the media.

      • TOO SAD I guess Its Out There For The Gerry Spence’s of this world and you bet that someone is going to look into that Because there is more, much more to see of this sad saga, These Freaks. I do recall said Travis was a Virgin & Jodi was a Liar.I think there some Pedo Ring going on. I am sure I am not the only one who believes this.

        • Their reaction doesn’t fit the situation. If it is as his brother said, then why the panic? What are they so afraid is going to come out?

          • Right they would have ignored it if it was not true too much cover so I will leave it to thee Merry Bard
            The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

    • If I remember correctly, in da FLORES report it says that Travis was ESTRANGED from his two older brothers, Gary & Greg. I take that to mean they didn’t speak. Ah here it is… From the Flores report it says and I quote” I met with Greg Alexander and Gary Alexander. They both said they haven’t been very close to Travis ever since he moved to Mesa”. So from 2004-2008, his death, Greg & Gary had NO contact with Travis.
      Yet Chris Hughes is saying Travis forgave his brother after the arrest, using his name, fucking up his record. But here it says they didnt speak for 4 yrs. So were they cool with each other or not?
      Oh there is much more to this.
      I ain’t through with you by a damn sight!

    • Sadly, I think Chris Hughes, the Legal Shield org. and TAs involvement in that singles ward are the worst things that ever happened to TA. He wasn’t going to college and was somewhat estranged from some of his family….just like Jodi…..both were vulnerable and ripe for the picking. Sad situation all around.

    • I think anyone who saw Chris Hughes testify at that hearing where he was questioned by Nurmi would agree that the guy has some real anger issues of his own. He was obviously on the edge of loosing it and very arrogant to boot.

  55. So if the jury was actually listening from the beginning of the trial (when Jodi first started testifying), I honestly don’t think the criminal record is even necessary to help find her innocent.

    Today was the first time I read parts of her testimony from the beginning. I did not know there were so many text messages from Travis in which he got so angry with her, then later apologized and told her he loved her. It seems as if maybe he was a bit possessive over her. Like, maybe he didn’t want to marry her, but didn’t really want another guy to have her. I mean, he seemed to get awful upset that she was seeing another guy even though they had already broken up, and he was seeing other women.

    I only started watching the livestream when Martinez was questioning. I had work and class, so I never got all of it. Did Martinez ever bring up all those texts from Travis in which he was angry at her for not sending pictures, seeing another guy, and all?

  56. Listen, if this jackhole says he used his brothers name he would’ve been charged with more stuff cause as soon as they arrest u they finger print u right there at the station and compare them to a federal and state database. Right there ur identity is known. This brother stuff is all b s was Travis and only Travis…someone call t m z

  57. Hey, I’m sure this is off topic, but I’m hoping someone can send me a link or anything about JAs testimony specifically on the phone call she made to Travis that convinced her to go to Mesa? I may gabber missed it, but was this discussed at trial yet? Either side? Thanks for any information.

  58. SJ and team Jodi,

    What are the odds that all of the Arrest record and all the scrambling of “news” outlets, HLN and crap like that got the Info from here? Do you think they used the report access number with this sites $1 payemnt made by a member here? LOL They just dont get it do they. Until we stop the Government from allowing citizens to be shot down by police, Tried and convicted in the Media, Racism, Sexism, Biased Classism in the Justice system. This site will now and forever be here and relevant and Growing! Thanks for the hard work. Me thinks JVM owes a member of this group 1

  59. You know what cracks me up? WE are better investigators than the idiots on HLN.

    I would like my finder’s fee for actually pulling up the brother’s record. 😉

    WHICH, BTW, would have shown an additional charge for providing false identification to the police.

    I’m telling all of you. I pulled up Greg’s criminal record and it does NOT show any additional charges on the record where he “claims” to have a probation violation because of the “Travis incident.” It was TWO YEARS prior to the Travis incident.

    He has two charges – one for domestic violence and the other for possession of drugs. That’s it!!

    Does the Alexander family and the wacko friends not realize that we will not stop until the truth is known??

    • Nicole,
      You have to post that. i posted the other stuff on every media outlers FB page etc, So YOU paid the $1.. I Love it.. You broke the thing wide open. OH tears, you may have saved Jodi’s life.
      Wow You are so awesome.. Well pst your new info on Occupy HLN, I sent it to Dan Abrams. OH wow, so happy you are here,

    • I LOVE it, Nicole! Lets post it EVERYWHERE!!!

      We probably don’t have to since they come here to “snoop”! Plenty to see, come on, mouth-breathers!

  60. Speaking of fingerprinting I was wondering if the whole house was checked for fingerprints. His office, the computer, his phone especially. Was there a forensic report on the house?

    Travis fingerprints should be on his phone, or else someone messed up with it.
    If you assume that what the roommates said about seeing Travis that day was true, then the crime must have happened later, and the camera date was wrong. Travis made his PPL conference call, and the Chris Hughes story sounds suspicious.

    Could Jodi have been there in the night of 6/4, and still make it to Utah on 6/5?
    Or could that conference call be held on Tues 6/3 instead, but claimed that it never happened by Hughes, saying that it was to be held on Wed 6/4?
    Enrique said he saw him make that conference call at 6:30pm one night (said Wed 6/4,) and it was the next day when he came back from work that things looked odd, door locked, dog, furniture moved, cleaner, etc.

    The camera pics date and time could have been changed easily after the fact, then the pics deleted with the camera, and the camera conveniently thrown in the wash. Any computer-savvy person would know that an SD card held within an almost waterproof camera would survive a wash. She could have been framed. Just saying.

  61. So this has become a grand side show in itself. So here’s what I don’t get. If this wasn’t TA, and he knew it wasn’t him, there was an easy way for him to get this off his record. Go on down to the court house, have your fingerprints matched with those on the arrest record and Voila it’s done.

    And I doubt if anyone wants to go around with a criminal record for something they never did. It probably hampers you in many ways from employment to the ability to access or perform other functions.

    In answer to the folks yelling about , if this was real the defense would have introduced it, I only answer, become involved with this page, you may learn something. We’ve thrashed out the issue of the defense being able to introduce this ad nauseum. Personally I don’t believe they can from the point of relevance. But also they may not have known about it. I don’t know what resources they have and what funding the state allows on a publicly funded defense.

    However, be that as it may, I think we’re now flipping over the proverbial dead horse and whipping the other side.

  62. Bottom line…… Law enforcement would have know during the booking process if it was the brother and these charges would have reflected the parole probation issues and Travis’s name would have never entered the system -FACT! This document wouldn’t have been in existence as according to the brother, it’s incomplete and incorrect. Riverside Sheriff dept needs to make a statement considering if the family is to be believed by the media they now look completely imcompetant. It clearly states the defendant was present and spent several days in jail correct? He would have already been arrested, book and charged by the time he appeared in court. Brother claims they discovered his true identity during the fingerprinting process. Hello! Do they think we are stupid??? If the police knew there was a mistake ( which would have come to their attention immediately) I highly doubt they wouldn’t have updated the paper work through out the warrant and court processing. Someone mentioned Greg’s name appearing on the document? Is this correct? If so we need to re examine the forms. Where is it posted? Wasn’t it up other than on the YouTube?

    Major denial as far as this is concerned by the family. I’m wondering if they still think he’s a virgin and all the sex stuff is fake to. Again, I feel for the famiy. I’ve lost someone I loved as well. The hope and denial you feel while going through the grief process is major. Seems like they could be clinging to the person he wanted and tried to be. Clearly they can’t accept he had another life they were not included in. I’m sure that hurts. Lets not stoop to their level by bashing TA or his family. Lets let the facts speak for themselves. Ok. Stepping off my soap box now…….

  63. Can someone jump on Citydata forum , true crime forum Jodi Arias, and back me up [trinity1111]!!. Everyone on there is ready to fry Jodi, everything thinks Travis is a perfect angel, I’m so sick of it. Give some positive feed back for the defense and for Jodi’s character. and some valid points.

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