Jodi’s re-trial scheduled for September. (Will run into 2015)

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Following on from yesterday’s hearing… Judge Pickles apparently took the bold step of setting a penalty re-trial date of September 8th.

The next sealed status hearing has also been set for Friday April 11th.

Taking into account another few delays, plus the retrial being slated to last at least “a few months”, I very much doubt that even if the re-trial ever goes ahead, we’ll not have any decision from it until well into 2015.

Here’s the latest from Fox 10:

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  1. I dunno SJ – this guy answering the questions (didn’t catch his name) seems to be one of those people who lacks a firm footing in ‘time’ – kinda like Dan Freeman and Gus Searcy. His time guess-timates are vague and inaccurate. For example, saying Jodi testified for ‘nearly two months’ – she took the stand on Feb 4 and finished on Mar13, so a month and nine days by the calendar and actually only 17 days on the stand. Saying Martinez’ conflicting case was set to start yesterday when it doesn’t start for two more months…

    I don’t think I’ll take his word for how long the retrial will last.

  2. Bryan Foster says at one point: “This jury is ‘supposedly’ not going to know anything about the case” —–> key word of importance ‘supposedly’. NOBODY BELIEVES that there is going to be a jury unbiased! The only one that believes in that BS is pickles. She lives in her own perfect LaLaLand. I also am sure that she thinks that she has been doing the awesomest job ever in that courtroom! ROFLMFAO!

  3. I wonder what’s up with the ongoing involvement of ‘presiding criminal judge’ Welty. I mean, I know he stepped in to mediate the conflicting trial dates issue. But I wonder how/why it is that Nurmi has filed a motion to Welty’s court that *includes* (among other things apparently) a motion to drop the intent to seek the death penalty.

      • What would be awesome is that if somewhere in the state of Arizona they could find a Honest, Fair and Considerate Judge who could not be swayed by the Martinez Joker. One who would say ” Hey something has come to my attention that really don’t add up.”
        Surely to goodness, there is one amongst them. Surely.

  4. I think it would be awesome if Welty can rule to drop the death penalty – then there’s no need for a retrial at all. Sentencing can proceed and we can get on with the appeals that are Jodi’s only hope anyway.

    • It just goes to show what the State is willing to do in order to get a win……..Win at all costs, lets not let a little thing like the truth (Jodi is not guilty of premeditated murder) get in the way of a win and execution.

      Ray in H-burg Va.

  5. I don’t see how they can make such a draconian decision to ban the mitigation specialist from the prison. Another example of denying the inmate her rights. The art work is nothing new and there is evidence that the defense has her artwork on file. This will impact other inmates who the mitigation specialist represents as well. The prison officials need to take another look at this decision. What next!

    • I think it’s to make Jodi feel totally cut off from her case,and isolate her.
      The state of Arizona ,justice system is straight out,abusive.
      They lie, cheat ,steal, whatever gets Jodi Arias a death penalty. That’s not enough.
      They refuse to give her a change if venue. Refuse to change her lawyer. Refuse to sequester this new jury. If they feel ,the same pressures,from the Alexander’s statements,and media biased as the last trial did, she is going to have another Biased trial. Now,Take her contact from her attorney’s away. Un believable!

      TEAM JODI WILL NOT STOP BELIEVING THAT JUSTICE FOR JODI,WILL HAPPEN!! Give love and you will get it back. <3 <3 (((((((JODI)))))

  6. Beyond ridiculous. We wondered why she was banned from the jail and here’s our answer. She was doing her job. A dangerous pinwheel drawing escaped from jail. Please! Hopefully, she will get this matter cleared up and she can get back to work helping Jodi.

          • I am confused – I thought the mitigation specialist at the first trial was Sue Studola?

            Anyway, Scoobygurl, the mitigation specialist would be the one to pull together information to be used during penalty phase, not the one to present it herself. And it turned out, thanks to the bully prosecutor, that the only person to peak for Jodi during penalty phase was Jodi herself. Darryl would have, was there ready and waiting, but Nurmi had a temper tantrum with Stephens let Martinez get away with threatening Patricia and decided there wouldn’t be any mitigation witnesses – I think that was AFTER he and Jennifer tried to quit the case because they weren’t being allowed to defend their client, but it might have been just before.

    • R. Love,

      Maria DeLaRosa is not only working with Jodi at that jailhouse but with other inmates too. That means that she is prevented in helping the other inmates that need her too:

      “Legal experts say that keeping the specialist from seeing Arias and her other jailhouse clients deprives them of their constitutional right to a fair trial.”

      ‘Raynak argues that banning De La Rosa from her clients in the jail could present trial issues for all those defendants, because they are entitled to present mitigation in their cases.

      “I personally find it outrageous,” he added, “because Maria is beyond reproach and is one of the finest mitigation specialists I’ve worked with.” ‘

      Chill out joe!

      (passages taken from article: )

  7. I believe the mitigation lawyer was Maria Delarosa..the gal with the flashy jewelry sitting in the back of Jodi’s lawyers during court.

  8. Obviously Sheriff Joe A. takes it seriously. I am surprised that the mitigation specialist would not have access to anything she needs from Jodi. Perhaps the issue is that she didn’t indicate she had the art work as part of her legal brief and they found it themselves and made the determination that she was smuggling it out. It all sounds pretty crazy to me. If it was one of her friends I could see their problem but not one of the legal team. Guess I have a lot to learn about the law there.

    • “Smuggled”?

      How could one seriously believe that guards on duty (and security at monitors) did not observe the hand-off of the drawing when De la Rosa took possession of it?

      • ‘Smuggled’ LMAO!!! Are we talking about a cardboard drawing or drugs and weapons? SMH!

        Very good point, whichtrial? ! Where was ‘big brother’ when Jodi gave Maria the drawing? Taking a cig break?

        (((((((((Maria the smuggler)))))))) GMAFB, ffs! The woman did NOTHING wrong!

        Message for Maria DeLaRosa: Maria sweetie, they have yet hit another lower than lower! You did nothing wrong, girl! We all love you and are greatful for all you do for Jodi! We are right bere backing you up! IMO, you being the target is just another fucked up way of them attacking whoever is on TEAM JODI!

  9. You got me on that one whichtrial. I have no idea what those people think in that jail. It is all too crazy to try and understand. I hope they don’t get away with it. They have stepped over their own legal boundaries as far as I can see. Will be interesting to see what the Judge says.

  10. they want to know what she is selling because she has a lawsuit against her from the family. Any money she has collected so far or collects she will owe to Travis”s family.

    • Unless and until there is a judgement in their favor – which there has not been – Travis’ family members have no claim to anything.

      I think maybe it was just the way the drawing changed hands that was against the rules at the jail. Remember the protocols described by Jodi when Martinez was grilling her about the magazines?

      • Hello Journee,
        I’m new and trying to get a hang of this so please bare with me, please. I heard about Ms De La Rosa’s “smuggling incident” a few days ago. Of note was the fact that prior to her taking Jodi’s drawing out was ANOTHER mitigation specialist that was smuggling booze, needles, etc, to her lover in that jail. He is in Mexican mafia. they described it as her double life.
        Do you think the jail was on heightened alert due to other woman’s actions? This seems like a lot of hot air for just a drawing. thanks, Sandy

        • You could be right, Sandy – I hadn’t heard about that.

          I kinda thought maybe it was just good ol’ Sheriff Joe trying to keep his name in the news, and knowing that anything to do with Jodi’s case would get him a mention on CNN.

    • Just to set the records straight:

      Jodi’s not running a business from jail, ffs. She’s able to have access to paper and purchase color pencils, and if she wants to release her property to someone outside, she can. What that person outside chooses to do with the drawing is their business. I can’t understand what all the fuss is with Ms. Maria DeLaRosa and a drawing! Jodi released a drawing to Maria. It then becomes Maria’s property! End of story.

      Wristbands: ‘All of the proceeds from the sale of these wristbands will be deposited into the JAA Appellate Fund’.

      T-shirts: ‘With your purchase of a Survivor T-Shirt, 100% of the net proceeds will be donated monthly to a non-profit organization that assists survivors of domestic violence’. (for obvious harass-free reasons the organization is not named)

      If anyone has any questions about Jodi’s ‘supposed millions making business’, I am more than happy to answer them.

      Remember peeps: WE ARE TEAM JODI – AND WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS in our quest for JUSTICE FOR JODI!


  11. missy m,

    No offense to you or anything because I know you are just stating an unfair fact…

    but, The ONLY thing OWED to anyone in this nauseating, farce, circus of an unjust trial, is to Jodi Ann Arias which is JODI ANN ARIAS’S FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    JODI ANN ARIAS is INNOCENT and none of this whole BS should even be happening and I hope and pray that the info will come forth sooner than later to prove Jodi’s innocence and FREE her!!!!!!!!!!! It is LONG OVERDUE!!!

    That is my prayer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (((((JODI ANN ARIAS))))) (((((TEAM JODI))))) (((((JODI’S FREEDOM)))))

  12. Hi there everyone!

    While we’re on the topic and speaking of profits and taking advantage of the Jodi Arias case, let’s make a list of those who jumped on the opportunity bus and made some $$$.

    1. hln tv channel: using this case to make millions upon millions of dollars.

    2. Paula Abdul wannabe: jane velez Mitchell – Wrote a book about Jodi and this case and is selling for the ‘non-profitable’ amount of: Hardcopy $17.43/ Paperback $21.92

    3. Lifetime channel: Made a movie and aired it EVEN before the trial was over. Wonder how much moolah they made from that…

    4. travis alexander’s family fund: raising money for travel expenses, food and accommodation… This fund was still up and running even after the trial was over. I wonder if it is still running as we speak?

    5. The cashes’ travis fund: SMFH… I wonder where all that wonderful money went? And what was the cause? Cha-ching – pocket?

    Am I missing anyone else?

    Just saying….

  13. George Barwood posted about an hour ago: “I will be on air for 5 to 7 minutes soon after 12am ET.
    First slot in Vinnie Politans show today. One-on-one interview. About 3 1/2 hours from now.”

    (Of course he meant 12 pm ET.)

    • Why on earth would he do that? Doesn’t he know that the ONLY reason HLN hosts invite dissenters on their shows is so the rest of the crack team can spend the rest of the show ridiculing them? And then pass the footage off to the rest of the hosts so people can spend the whole day ridiculing them?

      • crap – now I have to turn on the hated channel!

        I wonder if geebee flew himself to the US for this? Or if they’re doing a remote from UK? Anybody in the loop?

  14. Good luck George, I agree with Journee. They are setting him up. Maybe he feels he want to try and convince some viewer of his views. But you can bet that HLN doesn’t care about that. Ratings is all and controversy brings the ratings to HLN.

    • 1 on 1 is already over and didn’t go well for George, IMO… he wasn’t ready for questions. Not that he doesn’t have answers for those questions, but he wasn’t ready with them, seemed to hmm and haw.

          • =) Hey ,haven’t watched him ,yet but on his fb pg ,closed group ,( nice people.) )
            —Had to come back to where I left off here ….. been busy then …my back , like seized up! LOL 38 again ,and I’m falling apart from moving and flipping a house. ??? Who knew ?? It was hard ! Sarcasm/// ohhhh

  15. He at least did get out that the prosecution changed their story and the issue of the typo. That’s all I can say for positives.

    • I guess another positive was that there weren’t any moments worthy of replaying the rest of the day and evening.

            • My first thought was I wish they were talking with our Journee!!!! I’ll let you know when I hear it. . .having to listen to a lot of their crap first.

              • eh – no- see my note below about nervousness. I know that from experience. I was asked to do a spot on the ‘living’ segment of our local news back when I was doing faux finishing. Didn’t remember to say half the things I meant to say, didn’t remember to smile either. At least GB doesn’t have THAT particular problem today, lol.

                • Journee u are a fact finder! LOL I love public speaking,I have a big mouth ! =) hahaha
                  In order to be on these shows you have to be quick on your feet, interrupt others and smile a lot ,ALL at the same time! =) Someone who is quick ,and knows all the facts.
                  I have to go check it out.
                  Peace —–
                  TEAM JODI

              • Second thought, I don’t think I could talk with them. I would defiantly be flustered like George appears. Dave Hall received no jail time and will have to pay an undetermined fine and if he behaves himself he will get it all wiped off and his slate will be cleaned. No surprise.

                • There are so many facts to go over about why we think she should be free it is hard to sum up in 5 seconds of air time with the HLN jokers. They do not want to hear the truth about the death of Travis Alexander they only want to profit from his death, much like his friends and family. They do not want justice but they seek vengeance. If Travis was the saint that they portray he was he would show mercy to Jodi and set her free. He alone knows what really happened. I really believe that Jodi has no memory of his death only a fight. IMO he started the whole tragedy by his abusive ways with Jodi and his also other conquests. Travis led 2 different lives and he was guilty of abuse and Jodi is only guilty of protecting herself from a vicious attack by Travis. Jodi is innocent.

    • I’m sure he was nervous – at least I would assume so, or I don’t think there’d have been so much chuckling (but then maybe he was laughing at Vinnie).

      It’s hard to anticipate the nervousness you’ll feel in those circumstances.

  16. Good grief, look what happens when I don’t pay attention. Missed it all. HLN will do their best to make us all look like crack pots but if they would pay close attention to the facts they might actually resemble a news station. We could all pray for the day they give up sensationalizing the news and destroying people’s lives and actually make a difference in our world today.
    Hope George studies up before the next round.

  17. I think it had its good moments and others not so much but how can one possible explain why Jodi is innocent in 5 minutes, especially when time is taken up deciding whether George has a crush on Jodi. I applaud George for trying; I’m sure it took a great deal of courage to face that crowd. And maybe, just maybe, he’s opened the door for some type of conversation with HLN. They’ve indicated they want to hear from us screwballs who think she’s innocent. Let’s see if they mean it. If we could just bombard them with reasonable explanations about why Jodi lied, why she didn’t lie on the stand, why her story makes infinitely more sense than the State’s, how the State changed its story, how the medical examiner’s report is supposedly just one big type, how the crime scene fits Jodi’s story and doesn’t fit the State’s, how you can’t try to kill someone just because a Walmart transaction couldn’t be found.

    • Justus, they say they they want to hear our POV on the case but give anyone willing to talk 5 minutes of airtime! What the hell is someone suppose to say in 5 minutes?

      If George had enough time to speak I am sure he would have said much more. He does have an enormous amount of knowledge on Jodi’s case and has invested hundreds and hundreds of hours researching.

      Dear HLN, give someone a real one hour interview – enough time to discuss at least a few topics about this case and the circus trial… but they know that that would ‘hurt’ them… I’d love it if George had enough time to turn the tables and ask the ‘specialists’ (black humor) a few questions as it seems that all of them at hln are ‘knowitalls’…

    • ‘backasswards’? Not such a ‘cool’ word, IMO! What does she even mean with that?

      Hey nancy, here’s a cool -not invented- phrase that suits you perfectly: fugly venomous trashy useless piece of shit!

      • She was discuss how she thought they should kill a dog (pit bull) because he mauled a young child. I’m sure she is an expert in animal behavior now.

    • LOL, that’s not a new word, honey. That’s a backasswards way of saying ass backwards, lol. (although, IMO, it looks a little more sideways than backwards to me,)

      I’m am proud of George for getting up there.

      Kinda wish, if he was going to dive in there with something concrete from all of his research, he’d have gone with the back wounds instead of the gas cans. The gas can/Walmart explanation is too extensive and convoluted. With the back wounds he’d have a better shot at a sound bite sized explanation. Even the ME testified that a wound that is longer than it is deep is an incised wound, not a stab. ALL of the back wounds were shallow CUTS, incised wounds, not stabs.

  18. I have to say in retrospect I admire George for trying too. The one thing that was stated is that he has credibility. He was nervous I am sure and of course they cut you off as soon as you are going in a direction that they don’t like. Sound bites don’t relay the whole story.

  19. HLN treated George like an ignorant child. They know along with everyone with more than two neurons that there will never be a jury that is not biased hearing the retrial. She needs a successful appeal and here’s to hoping that she makes no plea agreements. The woman was abused by this man and HLN has the nerve to patronize George for his opinion? I think it’s safe to say that the chance of her case being reported fairly is as good as pigs flying.

  20. There are only two explanations for the chaos at the crime scene. Either Jodi was defending herself with a knife against an attack or Jodi is a monster.

    Here’s the monster reasoning: “She’s obviously a monster because of the way she killed him and she killed him that way because she’s a monster.”

    This is the kind of circular thinking we’re up against.

    Why not “The way she killed him is because that’s the kind of thing that happens when someone holding a knife is defending themselves from an attacker.”

    But to this the dissenters would say “There’s absolutely no proof that he attacked her.” But what these circular thinkers don’t get is that there is even less proof that Jodi attacked him. And that’s what is required to convict someone. I know, they think they do have proof: she stalked him, she stole a gun, she was obsessed and a dozen other pieces of unproven junk evidence fed to them by HLN.

    • Justus, this is taken from an excellent essay by Richard Speights (whoever hasn’t read it, IT is a must read):

      Innocence: An Argument For Jodi Arias


      Richard Speights

      Can A Woman Defensively Stab A Man In The Back
      While Standing Face-To-Face With Him?

      Have a friend stand to your front and face you. Then have your friend bend at his hips, wrap his arms around your waist like a football tackle, and simulate an attack by pinning you (be gentle) against a wall. Simulate holding a knife in your left hand, and then make a series of nine stabbing motions onto your friend’s back (be gentle). You will be stabbing in the exact spot as Alexander’s back wounds as reported by the autopsy report. The wounds you simulate would be uniformed and concentrated, because your friend’s body is stable in that he has his arms wrapped around your waist while pressing your body against a wall. If you were actually stabbing your friend’s back with a knife, you would be producing wounds identical to those found on Alexander’s back.

      Here’s the link:

      • Except I think GB was more on the money with his analysis – ‘chops’ not stabs. She was essentially hitting him with the knife, not stabbing.

      • Something I will never understand is why the defense didn’t go over the crime scene with a fine toothed comb. How about a mannequin about Travis’ size and someone Jodi’s size? Demonstrate for those people how those wounds came about. That is pivotal to her defense. If he is wrapped around her in any fashion, that is not defending himself against an attack; he is attacking.

        And what about the aspirated blood at the sink, a very clear indication that there was a pause in the fight. According to the State, Travis turned his back on his attacker and then let her “stab” him in the back nine times while he turned the faucet on and off. It makes no sense!

        Why wasn’t her defense team driving these points home?

        • Two thoughts – well, actually three (see my reply to your post below about ‘snapped’).

          One would be money for the experts. The court was in control of what expenses would be authorized for Jodi’s defense.

          And it could be that the defense team didn’t really realize that the crime scene supported Jodi’s story – might have been afraid that they’d be stuck with information that weakened their case.

        • If someone had a knife and you feared they would attack you, you might want to grab them (if you were big and strong enough), to hold them in an attempt to keep that knife away from your face, but that WOULD NOT explain why the nine slash wounds to his back were shallow, when they could have been deeper IF there had been any INTENT on Jodi’s part to harm rather than to defend. And why was she still able to inflict those shallow slashes if he had some degree of control over her in a bear hug? The likely answer is that he had his hands around her throat; his hands apparently were not pinning down hers if she was able to slash him at all. His hands were obviously ELSEWHERE.

          After she heard the threat to her life, she likely grabbed the knife. The knife could have been in the bathroom for two reasons: To cut the rope, and/or to cut off the duct tape and body bug that TA removed before showering (the tape ended up on the floor and “tan ropish” fibers were also found on the bathroom floor).

          Jodi’s version of events had him attacking her twice before she would have picked up the knife: the body slam when he stepped outside the shower after she dropped the camera, and the takedown, which set off the gun after he chased her through the closet.

          The more I see that “dragging shot”, the more I believe TA was alive at that point. That photo may have been taken after the accidental gunshot. Someone else commenting here last year pointed out that his neck muscles appear to be taut in that shot, as if he is holding his head up and trying to get up. And could he be grabbing at her there? She testified that when she got up after the lunge takedown, that she remembers TA grabbing at her clothes. That person who commented on the “dragging photo” thought that the blood could have been from the gunshot wound, since if from the neck, would have been a much larger pool.

          • Yes, I agree which trial – he was alive in that picture. It was taken prior to the knife struggle.

            And I think the ‘butt shot” – the headless accidental photo – happened when Jodi dropped the camera. And the ceiling shot happened when Travis paused – after Jodi took off down the hall – to pick UP the camera and examine it.

          • whichtrial?…You wrote: “And why was she still able to inflict those shallow slashes if he had some degree of control over her in a bear hug?”

            Could it be he was on top of her in some fashion, maybe not even straight on but at some angle? (Again, just about any position can occur during such a violent battle.)

            I presented “nine knife wounds” argument to dissenters and what I got back was that she was slashing his back to torture him as he crawled down the hall trying to get away from her. And then continuing along that line of reasoning, when they reached the bedroom she stooped over, pulled his head back and slit his throat to finish him off. Interesting how some minds work (or, should we say, don’t work).

            • Justus,

              If he had been on top of her, say on the floor, it begs the same question as it would if he had her pinned against a wall – he obviously wasn’t accomplishing the “pin” by holding both of her arms against the wall or floor, so where were his hands and what were they doing?

              As for the “following him down the hall scenario while he crawled”, one would have to prove that she could have inflicted those slash wounds at such an angle – not only the surface incision but also the penetrating angle of the wound itself – while in a position above him. If she only meant to “torture” him at that point, that question needs to be answered along with this one: Wouldn’t he have been screaming, since, if he could have crawled, he would not yet have been inflicted with the throat wound? Why would a murderer intentionally risk creating this magnitude of noise in the light of day in a suburban neighborhood, at a time when people are returning home from work and are out walking their dogs? And one would have to prove that she had murderous intent, would have to believe the stalking rumors and the gossip-riddled hearsay. Would have to believe that she could have overpowered him with just a knife when he was nearly one hundred pounds heavier and skilled in fighting, while she was slight and had zero fighting technique.

              From a logical standpoint, it makes sense to me that TA was wounded but not incapacitated in order for the knife fight to have moved from the bathroom to the bedroom. That is what the written autopsy report and the aspirated blood spatter in the sink suggest, and what the state had to overcome, since Jodi was claiming self-defense and an accidental shooting. They decided to ask the jury to believe that, after all of the noise that would have been generated by a knife fight, (screaming, slamming sounds and perhaps even the dog barking) the “perpetrator” risked apprehension and capture by firing a gratuitous last shot into the deceased.

              Looking at the physical crime scene evidence from the standpoint of her being guilty of a premeditated attack many times, I come to the same conclusion again and again: It does NOT work. Neither does the circumstantial evidence add – most of it is not even neutral; it is exculpatory. E.g.: Gas cans were NEVER a secret, the rented car was NOT a secret from anyone. The state knows that the gas cans were not secreted, hence their distractions with a third, chimerical gas can. (Come on, she returned it, she gave it away, what does it matter when they were NOT procured undercover in the first place. It makes no sense at all that TWO of them are above-board and the third one – AH HA! is the rub.) The only thing that JM can accomplish by hounding everyone with receipt totals and a third can is to make some specious argument about Jodi’s character. It might be impressive lawyering, but it shouldn’t suffice as probative when it could result in the death sentence for a defendant who is making a legitimate claim of self-defense in court.

              The inherent problems in proving premeditation resulted in the “knife first’ scenario being put forth by the state after four years of insisting that it was the other way around, but such a scenario would not have carried its own weight UNLESS vehement assertions that the defendant was a “lying liar” were ALSO constantly bellowed in the court room. It was likewise crucial to the jurors’ buying the “knife first” scenario that they heard the phone call interviews with EF and saw those interrogation videos. This is where the case became extremely murky for the jurors, because in showing the jury that recorded material, the state was able to insidiously create a powerful prejudice against Jodi by utilizing the false facts (in a “twice-cooked” recipe) that were put to her in interrogation in order to obtain a confession, long before the investigation had concluded.

              So, in effect: From the point that Jodi had been Mirandized and said she understood her rights, the interrogation procedure morphed into a virtual “performance” on the part of LE for a later jury, to whom the Q&A could be presented as a bona fide exercise in fact-finding.

              Two crucial examples of inaccurate “facts” put forth in the interrogations that were likely later conflated in the juror’s minds with actual evidence in court are her palm print on the wall in blood, “mixed with his” – [not a palm print, only the side of her hand, and no blood, not mixed with his – it was some other bodily fluid], AND the erroneous assertion to the defendant that the ammunition matched her grandfather’s gun, since they had found “the shell casing” [it was an FMJ, not a hollow-point bullet, and in fact did NOT match the ammunition that was in her grandfather’s stolen pistol].

              While the state’s version would not quite fully congeal for the jurors, JM was able to imply, in many not so subtle ways, that any confusion they might have had could be written off to Jodi’s continual “lying”. But it should MATTER TO EVERYONE that the state’s case does not add up, and it ALWAYS WILL MATTER.

              How could the jurors NOT have felt browbeaten by the state’s over-reaching, intimidated by the sarcasm, and nauseated by their confusion over the charges and the factual evidence? The phone interviews and interrogation tapes were prejudicial in this case, because no forthright attempt was advanced in court to clarify what was accurate about EF’s assertions to Jodi – i.e. where and when “interrogation technique” was utilized in his questioning of her and when it was not.

              The defense team could not possibly have been ready to defend Jodi in the “gunshot last” scenario when it was claimed by the state at what amounted to the last minute. But since, from a forensic standpoint, I never bought it, and from a fairness standpoint, I did not buy wholesale the “jealous obsessed ex-girlfriend” line, I had to see proof that she stalked. (For a ladies’ man to assert that various girlfriends are “jealous” is the oldest trick in the book, and should be looked upon with a fair amount of skepticism.) Not only was there no specific proven episode of Jodi stalking, there was no pattern of it. And a pattern is required to establish stalker behavior. Stalkers don’t move one thousand miles away from their target. A person who responds to text messages, phone calls, and emails is not a stalker. And Jodi testified that she had to take a nap in the Monterey area before she left for the long drive down to L.A. because she had been up late the night before talking to TA on the phone. She stated to one of her friends that she and TA typically engaged in late-night phone calls, even after she’d moved to Yreka.

              Finally, the diary entries are quite telling. There is no hostility or malice toward TA in those journal entries – bewilderment, yes, and depression, yes. But what did Jodi really do? What can be proven? She left Mesa, got a waitress job in Yreka, and lined up photography gigs in the area. That is not the behavior of someone who is obsessed to the point that they can’t get on with life.

              The state’s rickety case swung on five hinges: 1) the eleventh hour change of the gunshot from first to last, 2) confusing M1 charges, 3) the use of phone interview and interrogation tapes in the court room without sufficient qualification [i.e. with the accepted knowledge that Jodi had been lying and the tacit implication by default that LE would not],
              4) various, convoluted interpretations of the legal meaning of “hearsay”, 5) ridiculing and rejecting science out of hand: “…hippocampus”, JM says to the judge and defense counsel during a discussion of Dr. Samuels’ pending testimony (without the jury present), “whatever that is”.

              It seems to me that hearsay rules were likely bent to an almost ridiculous degree in this case. Some testimony was allowed that probably shouldn’t have been, and other things were not allowed when they should have. The biggest example of the latter would be the text messages, that were FINALLY presented as evidence in court, after much turmoil and seeming obfuscation on the part of the state.

              With respect to science being ignored and treated with sarcasm, one should give serious consideration to the fact that if Jodi couldn’t remember killing TA, it would be extremely difficult – nearly impossible – for her to confess to it.

              I know you’ve read most of this from me before, Justus! Just wanted to say that I’ve tried to think this through from many angles and can only come to the conclusion that Jodi is innocent of any premeditation, planning or any murderous intent in the death of TA. On the contrary, Jodi kept trying to understand him from a place of love; continued to give him the benefit of the doubt until the awful, tragic moment when it ultimately became impossible for her.

        • How long was CS help by police? when was Jodi appointed lawyers? That is a very good point that her “team” didn’t visit the CS.
          Watching Nurmi, during beginning of trial, it seemed to me he was putting all his money on a mistrial because flores said gunshot was first. anyone else?
          Nurmi didn’t seem prepared at all. (i.e. when Juan started to play clips of Jodi’s phone call he said, when asked if he objected, “I haven’t heard it yet”) Hello? He’s had all this for years….
          I’m not a lawyer, yet, but he seemed to me very under prepared….. Jodi should of insisted on another lawyer years ago when he left the PD’s office to start his own practice. He’s more invested in THAT then finishing up his PD clients.
          Sorry to vent but his performance left me speechless……

          • I think Jodi did try for another lawyer years ago. It looks to me also that KN carried on “by the numbers” in this case, creating a record as the trial progressed for an appeal, painfully aware that the case was unfairly compromised by the state’s last-minute change in the order of events and by their added-on-by-circular-reasoning Felony Murder Charge.

          • Let’s not leave out, the hypnonauseating, tapdancing, with the stars, spastic, carnival act, side show, mesmerizing the jury Sheeple, in lieu of evidence… It would be wise enough, to open every, killing by Juan; lizard at law, with his antics, at law, side show carnival acts, that, netted, the crooked State, another, Juan the serial killer prosecutor, who, murders his victims, without risk, to himself; making the State, do it for him…. murder, by proxy, Snidely…. In the meantime, the Spaz, should be required to wear a straight jacket, while, tapdancing with, his staged performance….. daring the duped, to do anything, about his antics, at, law….. Snidely…. Edgrrr…

  21. HLN is now covering the Pistorius trial and going on and on about how the prosecution changed its story. Funny we weren’t hearing about that during Jodi’s trial. Oh, that’s right, they already knew she was guilty so in that case it didn’t make any difference.

    • I know it’s nothing but gut wrenching to watch HLN and its ignorant behavior but I’ve also come to realize that these people need to be watched. They are a very destructive force doing great harm to our justice system. To just ignore them I think would be foolish. I’m not saying everyone should be watching…just that, from time to time, I will be reporting on them.

      • Justus, I agree, the HLN schmooze crowd is a dangerous bunch and they should not be ignored, because many people do not see them simply as BSing “entertainers”. They freely characterized Jodi as a “psychopath”, a “sociopath”, a “pathological liar”, etc. during the trial, and continue to do so whenever they feel like it, in spite of the fact that none of the several psychologists who evaluated her and/or evaluated her test results came up with findings even close to that. The HLN show hosts and most of their “experts” are so awful that it’s frightening. Unfortunately, their offensive behavior is no longer shocking, but that sort of “reporting”, or “commentary” or whatever the heck they think they are broadcasting needs to stop because the HLN network’s tag line is “News and Views”, not “BS and Hyperbole”.

  22. I know of someone who corresponded last year with the producers at Jupiter Entertainment who were then creating the Oxygen program “Snapped”. For three months my friend explained in lengthy emails, as clearly as possible, why the State’s story is so full of holes and why they should be looking at the big picture (prosecution, HLN, social media) which is where the truly award winning story lies. This person, after much trepidation, even agreed to be interviewed. And then, after months of cordial responses from Jupiter, they suddenly stopped. And you most likely saw that two-night piece of crap they aired last December.

    • See – this is the kind of thing that makes me (and some others) believe that there’s some powerfully influential money actually writing the ‘for public consumption’ script – for law enforcement, for the medical examiner and the prosecutor and the judge. The media is just happy to go along with it because it’s a money maker.

      The media could flip it the other way and still make money, it would still be a ‘sensational tale’. Somebody doesn’t want them to.

      • SO who is it??? Who is it that stands to benefit from Jodi seating in jail for protecting herself? Could it be the 2 Ninjas??? Could it be the Hughes? Could it be the Bishop and his followers? Could it be the jealous husbands who had it in for Travis? Could it be a jealous old girlfriend who felt abused also?? Could it be the roommates that couldn’t smell anything for 5 days and so quickly pointed their fingers at Jodi??? Could it actually be PPL (they would certainly have the money)??? Could it be the owner of the bloody boot print at the crime scene??? Who in this World is it??

          • Don’t forget that “Mandamus, does not lie, for the D.A. to prosecute, every crime.” Pandering to all those voters, leverages againt, any adherence of these lizards at law, to honor their oath to protect the innocent… They should all, be polygraphed, to see what other exculpatory evidence, they’ve concealed, and, prove, which of the three stooges, masterminded the gunshot first con, while concealing, the fact, known from the beginning that, the ejected shell, had landed upon five day old, dried blood; proving that, with no gunpowder rparticulates, in the combined blood handprint, Jodi, did not fire a gun, to explain how the mouse could derail a freight train, without, some adequate, leverage, or, help…. and, finally, admitted, what the three stooges, conspired to conceal, as they, perjured, twice, in unison, under oath, back to back perjuries, without, a bleat from the Sheeple… Baaaa…. Snidely…. Edgrrr…

        • I am thinking about this everyday! MY MOM SAYS THAT JODI IS SAFER IN JAIL.
          WHY ??? I agree R.Love =(
          Religion is supposed to bring people together,not.tear people apart.
          — Madeline—-

          • Why….??? Because, the LSD Stepford Wives, know their place, and see the control, their cult center, corporation, has on the lizards at law, system…. that’s why….. despite, Jodi, standing up for their rights……while they cower before alleged , “Saints….” Snidely… Edgrrr….

        • “Full on conspiracy” ?

          I dunno, Justus. Something else happened, something more that answers the unanswered questions about the shoe print and the roommates who didn’t smell anything for five days and the chorus of Mormons in front of Travis’ house all telling the same stories about Jodi – and Travis’ position in the shower with no marks on his body to show he was dragged there.

          I can believe every word Jodi said about what happened that day, but she said nothing that explained any of those things. IF no one else was at all involved in Travis’ death, SOMEONE had to have tampered with the scene after the fact.

          Which raises the question of why? What had to be changed or rearranged before the police were called? And isn’t it handy that, by the time the police were called, so many were on hand to tell those stories about Jodi?

          • You say there wasn’t any evidence of Travis being dragged Journee. However, is that in reference to the marks on his body or the floor?

            • On his body.

              There was a metal frame for the shower door, looked to be one-and-a-quarter to one-and-a-half inches, all the way around – including a metal lip at the bottom that would have bruised and scraped Travis’ lower back, buttocks and thighs all to hell if he had been DRAGGED into that shower immediately before or after his death.

              The only such injuries described in the autopsy report or photographed for evidence were on his left heel and ankle.

              Travis was not dragged into that shower. Either he walked in there himself (which seems unlikely given the blood loss in the bedroom) or he was carried there… by someone much bigger and stronger than Jodi.

              • I’ve always thought the final fight took place near the shower and he got himself in (perhaps with Jodi’s help) and then slid down the right wall of the shower. It’s the only thing that explains his position on the shower floor. If anyone had dragged him in his head would have been logically toward the back left corner rather than the right.

                • That seems unlikely to me – that was a lot of blood on the bedroom floor and I think he was definitely *down* there, that all of the shuffling footsteps around that stain were someone trying to get him up/pick him up.

                  And again there’s the why – why would dying Travis, by now so weak from blood loss that he can’t feel his extremities, be making such a monumental effort to get into the shower?

              • Let’s not forget that there were no blood dragging marks on the floor in the hallway that leads to the bathroom (from the bedroom). Assuming Jodi dragged him there and due to the fact that he was bleeding (carpet blood stain), there would definately be a blood trail on the tiles.

                • I think it’s difficult to accurately read the blood evidence on the floor (hallway and bathroom) due to the flooding. And how could dragging him into the shower account for his position in the shower? Because of the wall on the left side of the shower entry, if one were to drag him in by grabbing him under the arms, he would most likely be lying on his left side with his head to the left. We all agree that he wasn’t dragged in due to the lack of scrape marks on his body which means either someone carried him in (for what possible reason, pray tell) or he got in there while still on his own two feet.

                • Justus, the most plausible and innocent explanation I can come up with is that one of those earnest young Mormon roomies arrived – either before Jodi left or very shortly after – and found Travis. Maybe Travis was dead, or maybe not dead yet but clearly dying. Earnest young Mormon tries to do Travis the favor of blood atonement – this could explain a lot of weirdnesses, including the neck wound that showed no hemorrhage in the muscles or soft tissue. (Horn attributes this lack of blood in the neck wound to decomposition where the lack of blood in the ‘gunshot wound track’ he says means the gunshot must have been post mortem – I think the neck wound may have been post mortem), the absence of blood on a body with 30 knife wounds, (blood atonement calls for washing of the body), the bloody shoe print and the corresponding bloody scuff mark just below the door on the front of the shower — even Travis’ undergarments in the wash are part of atonement ritual.

                  Only afterwards does the well meaning young man realize he’s tampered with a crime scene and left his own evidence all over the place. He seeks advice/help from one or more church elders, who come together to ‘clean it up’ – literally and figuratively – by making sure the house is cleared of anything that might make Travis (OR the well meaning young man) look bad and making sure there was plenty of evidence to point the cops in Jodi’s direction.

                  Not necessarily a ‘full on conspiracy’ – but a concerted effort on the part of a few influential people to make sure everyone looks OVER HERE instead of OVER THERE. Kinda like what the prosecutor did.

                • Many good points, Journee. I will consider them all more closely. However, for now, I still think the simplest (that is, least complicated) answer is that he stumbled in there under his own last degree of volition. I’m sure we agree that in that kind of chaos most anything can happen. One might ask why would he do that but it’s like asking why didn’t Jodi turn left instead of right.

                • I agree that it’s least complicated and agree that in that chaos it may have happened that way.

                  LOL, it just doesn’t answer the questions that nag at me, where someone moving Travis’ body for ‘innocent’ reasons does.

                  If Travis got himself there, I’ve still got all these weird pieces to put together some other way! 🙂

                • Journee, if whoever came in behind Jodi . . if they were trying to go through a blood atonement ritual, were they not as guilty as Jodi for not calling 911 and asking for help to save his life? It is obvious to me that someone else was there and helped with the death of Travis or committed the murder themselves and were there cleaning up to remove evidence that they were there. I think that is why Jodi has no memory of him dying because she had already left the house. Jodi could not have done all of the things they are accusing her of. It just isn’t possible. She is certainly not a super human and could not have picked him up and put him in the shower all alone.

                • Lots of other possibilities, R. Love — I was just putting forth my most ‘innocent’ plausible explanation that is consistent with the scene, the surrounding circumstances, as well as Jodi’s story.

                • I knew that but I was just thinking that the crime scene was messed up from the very beginning so we have the Detective and his cronies to thank for nothing being investigated. SO, How will we ever know the truth?

          • Actually, Journee, when I said no “full-on conspiracy” I was just referring to the media/money aspect of this. As to roommates who were apparently used to some disgusting smell coming from somewhere in the house (and each doing nothing about it) or a bunch of hypocritical religious people, I can’t say. There may be a number of smaller CYA conspiracies going on within the bigger picture.

            • But what happens to those CYA conspiracies if ANYONE in the media – including the folks at Jupiter Entertainment – starts publicly asking the kinds of questions we’ve asked here?

              I think they HAD to cover their butts well on up the line.

            • I think there was no point in arguing about the shoe print, or the bloody hand print that never existed, or the roommates that didn’t smell anything, or Travis’ impossible position in the shower –

              None of those issues did anything to support Jodi’s claim of self defense.

              Those might have been important issues if she’d gone to trial with the intruder story, but once she said she killed Travis, those things didn’t matter anymore.

              • Journee,
                I still don”t understand how TA’s roommates didn’t smell anything. Were they ever asked? I just find it hard to believe, I volunteer as an EMT and I’ve smelled decomp,,, It’s hard to ignore.
                What bloody hand print? Are you referring to the bloody palm print of Jodi”s?

                • SandyB,

                  I don’t think anyone ever asked roommates if they smelled anything – how convenient, huh? They were also not called as witnesses, of all people who were ACTUALLY in and out of the house those five days – another how convenient!

                  It was all to be pinned on Jodi! That was their scapegoat! How convenient, huh?

                  Nothing ever came of the anonymous tip that Ashley Reed Thompson called in about her estranged husband, Dustin Thompson, either, but then she “supposedly” committed suicide (not – she was murdered!) three months after she got a restraining order on him? Another person committed suicide also after Jodi was arrested! This is when Jodi changed her story from intruders to self defense! I believe she changed her story out of fear because of Ashley Reed’s murder!

        • Justus…… Cons-piiracies it is, once the govern-mentals, wrest control, of all the pinheads who think the voters, actually voted them in to the organized crime at law, cabal, and, as they grow their fangs and horns, sucking up to the shadow government….while, sneering at real people, they, treat as Sheeple…… Baaaaa…. Snidely…. Edgrrr…

  23. George did a good job. He made good points such as that when your stress levels go as high as Jodi’s were presumably, there is no telling what you can remember. That was live on air and George did well.

  24. Hiya friends!
    I’d like to address this comment about George’s interview with Vinnie Politan at HLN yesterday.

    Although, I have heard that Jodi was against George getting interviewed by that specific channel (who can blame the girl! They have thrown so much mud on her), I need to say that George’s intentions were pure in supporting Jodi. All in all, he did an ok job although the 5 minutes he was given were not even enough for the ‘hello’s’ and introductions.

    And just to make it clear, when we say Jodi Arias is Innocent: we mean of premeditated murder. It was (as George said) self-defense. Thus, Jodi should never have been found guilty of 1st degree premeditated murder. There was also never any real credible evidence presented during the trial to support the ridiculous pre-meditation claim.

    If George was given a good half hour, he would have been able to explain a lot of things about Jodi’s case, the prosecutorial misconduct, the circus trial and how the media – especially HLN – made this case seem to be the worst murder case ever happening in history (rolling eyes). How all the facts were twisted to favor the state and how ‘typo’s’, abuse of witnesses, non-existent evidence, hidden evidence and all the madness anyone can imagine happened and are still happening never were accounted for. This was NOT a fair trial and I for one am glad someone has spoken out.

    If you didn’t catch the interview, here’s the link:

    ~Peace out!

    ((((((((Jodi)))))))) ♥

  25. Thanks Pandora, I got tired of waiting through all of their crap yesterday and missed. IMO they only had George on to try to make him to look like a nut job. I believe that George did a good job under the circumstances. All four of them were ready and waiting to discredit him. Vultures! Low-life scum. They are the main reason that Jodi’s trial has become such a circus in the first place. HLN is a disgrace to the Human Race. If they would give him at least 20 minutes he would have made many good points in but IMO they will never let him speak. Maybe he can be ready next time and the minute they give him the chance he can just go into “Jodi is innocent is this is why I believe it; the prosecutor who is a liar has hidden important facts about the case and also created inaccurate ones, the autopsy was a joke why was a broken neck overlooked and why did they show pictures of Travis throat cut wide open (it was not like that at the crime scene photos), Dr. Horn and Detc. Flores changed their stories, the Hughes lied under oath, who does the bloody foot print belong to, what was wrong with the friends who could not smell a dead body for 5 days, why are there not any dragging marks on Travis body, and no the ticket to Cancun was never for Jodi and she always knew that, there was never any premeditation and what in the hello does a Walmart gas can have to do with anything anyway and then he might take a breath and let Vinnie poo answer him only to be polite. You did a good job George be ready for them if there is a next time.

  26. PSS Also, is anyone else insulted by the way HLN is always trying to make men look like they have a “crush” on Jodi if they show any interest in her case? Do they not realize Jodi could be any of our daughters, sisters, friends, Mothers, aunts, brothers, uncles and Dads and we would show as much disgust with the manner in which this trial has been “performed”? Do they not realize that we are interested in her case because of the Major injustices that have happened to her and we would like to see that she receives a fair, honest trial where the truth is heard? HLN and the AZ legal system have tried to create Jodi into a sex goddess or witch when truly she is just like anybody else trying to live her life in this evil world of today. Anyone could find themselves in Jodi’s shoes and the more we let the media and legal systems stray from the truth we all are in danger. Jodi is not the only person in this mess to lie. Who hasn’t lied before? Who would not lie to protect their family or friends? Jodi was lied to, mentally and physically abused by Travis Alexander and now is being abused by the HLN network and the AZ Legal System. Travis Alexander was no saint and the lies the media have created to make him sound like some noble man is beyond ridiculous. He was a man who had his many mental problems and didn’t care who he hurt as long as he got what he wanted. Thank heavens Jodi was able to protect herself in the end from him.
    HLN does have a Golden opportunity to turn their coverage of Jodi’s trial around by actually bringing the true facts into light. They would make just as much money if not more . . . clean up the mess you have created HLN. Help make this world a better place for all humans.

    • I agree. I think the media attacked Jodi out of line and continue to do so because Pistorius trial isn’t exciting enough. Jodi is innocent of premeditated murder and defended herself from a man hell bent on hurting her every chance he got. I hope that the appeal goes much better than this witch trial did and that she gets a better judgement. On HLN, I was insulted when they suggested that George was attracted to her. It’s not about how beautiful she is, it’s about how innocent she is of this premeditated murder. Its always terrible when a woman finally stands up for herself, we are constantly shamed for self defense or for being a strong woman unwilling to take crap anymore when our threshold is met. Its ridiculous that she has been so ferociously attacked by the media, the prosecutor, and by public opinion. The prosecutor was way out of line with her and his nastiness produced the results he wanted which is sad.

      • Did you notice that it was Judge Hatchett that said to Vinnie “you didn’t find out what his wife and family thinks about him standing up for Jodi”. It was clear they had talked itall up before George was brought into the picture and then Vinnie at the end acted like he couldn’t understand something coming from the control room. . . Please we are not stupid!

    • R. Love,

      That was an excellent post!!! Oh, and by the way it was put on Twitter by a Jodi supporter name Saint Malachy and his comment about it is, “describes perfectly”!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      YAY – R. Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

      (((((R. Love)))))

      (((((JODI))))) (((((FREE JODI))))) (((((TEAM JODI)))))

      • Uh oh I better get a proof reader to check my grammar for me. . . LOL.
        Love to you Mary and all of TEAM JODI!!!!! YEEPEE It is SPRING! How I wish Jodi could get out and smell the fresh air and enjoy the sunshine!!!! L) She will one day and we will all be doing our Happy Dances!!! We will never give up on FREEDOM FOR JODI!!!

        Just remember it could happen to anyone in this world. . .things need to change!

    • Is anything, a lie, when, programmed by a lieyer, as a legitimate means, to fight a criminally contrived system, which, by the blatancy of their perjuries, vilifies the rule of law…..??? …Snidely… Edgrrr…

  27. Congratulations George for appearing on THAT station. I feel it is a huge step that they even heard two words from anyone on Jodi’s side. Hardly a fair discussion with just a few minutes and with four of them misstating the case all at once, I think you did great under the circumstances.

    (((Jodi Supporters)))

  28. Trial Divas reporting, via Phoenix News Times, that De La Rosa is to be allowed back into Estrella as early as today, quoting De La Rosa’s atty Raynak as saying that the MCSO had backed off and Welty was expected to sign off on it.

    Article says that the drawing was in a sealed envelope addressed to Jennifer Wilmott with a note from Jodi that it was to be used for mitigation.

    Pray tell, if the envelope was sealed, how was De La Rosa supposed to know what it was?

    • And how was the envelope procured without jail personnel knowing what it was to be used for, and without their ascertaining that it in fact had been used for that purpose when the contents (artwork and note) were sealed into it?

      The prejudice continues, apparently, for all to see.

  29. It is unbelievable the time and effort and money that Jaun and company are putting into trying to sentence Jodi to death. It is like Jaun is being prodded and is taking this personally. Is there a underlying motive here to shut this woman up and sweep her away so she is never able to tell her story ever again. This just makes me sick to see how this woman is being treated compared to others just freaking unreal nuff said.

  30. It is unbelievable the time and effort and money that Jaun and company are putting into trying to sentence Jodi to death. It is like Jaun is being prodded and is taking this personally. Is there a underlying motive here to shut this woman up and sweep her away so she is never able to tell her story ever again. This just makes me sick to see how this woman is being treated compared to others just freaking unreal nuff said already. Let’s do what is right,let her out,say good night to Jaun and Sherry and bury the hatchet with his family

    • Dennis,

      Ditto to both of your posts!!! I think that is exactly what they are trying to do, like you stated, to shut Jodi up and sweep her away (by death) so she is never able to tell her story ever again!!!

      The question is “WHY”??? Why do they want death for Jodi so bad? Someone/s sure got rid of other people involved in Travis and Jodi’s lives!!! Why? Why do people usually want to get rid of people who would be able to testify in a trial? My answer is that they are afraid of what the person/s might say? Why would they be afraid of what the person/s might say? It might be the truth! Why wouldn’t they want the truth to be told? Evidently, because the truth would expose the lies and the liars and then they would be in deep trouble and they don’t want that!!! It’s common sense!

      Well, I’ve got news for them! No matter how hard they try to keep the truth hidden by whatever method, the truth always comes forward and prevails!

      (((((JODI))))) (((((FREE JODI))))) (((((TEAM JODI)))))

    • Especially, since the criminal enterprise State, would be duped into, appeal costs, to get this obstruction of justice, into, the superior appellate system….. The Spaz, was ordered to confess his three stooges conspiracies, recanting, the prostitutors, con, to, reverse, to, feebly, unperjure the gunshot first, exculpatory concealment……. and, claim a need to reverse, his prosecutorial format; to, begin his further perjurial prosecution, in contradiction, of, what the three stooges, already perjured; then, to repurjer backwards, without, a gasp, or motion to dismiss, with prejudice; because, of Arizonas,’ perjurial antics, at law; then, also, to move to rescind the fraudulent interstate kidnapping, under color of law….. Who, then, ordered the Spaz, to confess, to the three stooges, back to back perjuries, and, who, ordered the braindead judge, and, socalled “defense,” to waive, that proof of prostitutorial fraud, at law…. Surely, even the three stooges, wouldn’t entrap themselves, so, who, ordered these lizards at law, to, stand down….. and, who ordered the complicities of the “officers, of the court,” to, overlook, such an exoneration, for an innocent person… ??? Snidely…. Edgrrr…. With GLIB-erty and JUST-ice for all…..

  31. What, all these commentaries prove is that alternative theories, exist, which, are more plausible, than, the antics, of hypnonauseating carnival acts, and, those, mitigating facts, constitute reasonable doubt, if not, prosecutorial and, investigative fraud…. so, why is there no department of Federal and State rights enforcement, to force these reptiles, to, obey the oath of office, nobody, twisted their arms to take…..??? Snidely…. Edgrrr…

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