Jodi’s pre-sentencing interview Part 3/10 – May 22nd, 2013 [REPLAY]

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Here’s part 3 of 10 from Jodi’s pre sentencing interview with 12 news anchor Mark Curtis – from May 22nd, 2013:

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If you missed our earlier post featuring the JAA Appellate Movie, click this link to watch it.


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  1. Today I sent a letter to Medford. I thought it would be nice to include a book of stamps also. I would like to encourage everyone else that sends a letter to Medford to try and include some extra postage stamps inside if possible.

  2. What can I say about this fantastic woman? She has so much grace and kindness. If it was me and I was asked about juan martinez? Oh, I think I would have lost it on camera!

    Jodi is a brilliant, loving, kind woman and sheeple can drag her through the mud all they want (until they turn blue) but not enough mud in the world can hide her beautiful soul!

  3. Ok, this is off topic from the video but I’d like to ask:

    Earlier I was chatting with some friends and we have a question: was the alarm system at travis’s house ever inspected? Did they check out the data? All alarm systems have a database that records time and date of all codes punched in. Was there any activity between June 4th and June 9th? Was the alarm system controlled and monitored by any security system company?

    • I don’t think it was discussed at all, Pandora, beyond Mimi & Co. having to call Taylor Searle to get the code for the garage door. Don’t remember any reference to it in Flores’ report, either.

      • This was an important thing and if they didn’t investigate the alarm system then the investigation was incomplete and sloppy, IMO. It was well known that many people amongst travis’s friends had the security code, going and coming whenever they wanted. This is a RED FLAG, IMO.

        • But if everyone knew and used the same code, what information would they have gotten from looking at the alarm logs? hmmm someone who came and went when the roomies weren’t home?

          • Possibly. Or after taking the roommate’s statements seeing if the log activities (if any) were in sync with the statements…

            • Maybe Corinna Cares About Herself would know the answer to that one. LOL Everyone knows that Detective Flores kept no secrets from his wife (or anybody else with a camera). And with all of his expert detective work (wink wink) I’m sure he would have thought of that. SMH

  4. Of all the abusive things that JM piled upon Jodi, the way that he displayed those most intimate pictures of Jodi’s body to the whole world is the worst in my eye. Totally unnecessary to the case but intended only to cause her total humiliation.

    • Carol, yes. Totally unnecessary! What purpose did those nude pics serve besides portraying Jodi as a slut? And you know what really bothers me? That most people that were ‘soooo shocked’ with those pics are the ones that have their own portfolio of nudes stashed away in a box waaaayyy back in their closets! Talk about hypocrisy! pffff….

      • I can’t understand why those people were so shocked – I see nothing wrong with the nude pics – it’s not against the law, and if Jodi saw fit to have them, it’s her business and nobody has the right to judge her for that.
        And besides, we don’t know what kind of pictures Martinez has stashed on his computer. Martinez is so quick to judge others harshly, but I bet he doesn’t apply the same yardstick to himself – so typical of a psychopath that he is.

        • Yes Martinez is a mean, nasty self righteous b*#t*#d. I really have to believe that what he dishes out he shall receive. His day is coming. Soon I hope. . . tick tock Mr. Martinez

    • He wanted to humiliate her , to dehumanize her, to make her look not only as a slut but as someone so dirty and disgusting that apparently deserved to be treated the way Travis treated her.
      What is even sadder is the fact that not only did Martinez try to portray her as such, but that he managed to convince the 12 jurors as well as a large part of the followers of this trial.

  5. A.B.A. said lawyers can look at jury twitter and Facebook accounts I hope Jodi lawyers know about this that judge better let the lawyers see the new jury accounts or they better fight it until they win it this could be good for Jodi

    • Jury selection is one of the most important parts of the trial, IMO. I don’t know how it works in AZ (must reasearch) but in FL – in CA trial – Casey’s defense team hired a specialist to help out with the jury selection and had a team of law students check out the potential jurors fb, twitter and in general social media pages!

      I agree Shannon, the lawyers should fight tooth and nail for this.

  6. Apparently, in Phoenix it is an every day occurrence to change records and facts. I suppose it is who you know. Saw this on the MSN site.

    pop culture
    in depth

    Next story

    With heat and humidity, areas will be ‘unsuited for outdoor activity’

    Previous story

    Multibillion-dollar bill looms from climate change

    VA ‘Brought Patients Back to Life’ to Disguise Wait List Deaths

    VA hospital records: ​The Phoenix VA Health Care Center in Phoenix, is seen in this Monday, April 28, 2014, photo. AP Photo: Ross D. Franklin
    ​The Phoenix VA Health Care Center in Phoenix, is seen in this Monday, April 28, 2014, photo. The Wire 1 hr ago | By Ben Cosman of The Wire






    Records were changed at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs facility, according to a report from CNN.

    Workers at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs facility covered up the deaths of patients who passed away while on waiting lists, according to a new report from CNN.

    Pauline DeWenter, a scheduling clerk at the Phoenix VA, told CNN that “‘Deceased’ notes on files were removed to make statistics look better,” and that “at least seven times since last October, records that showed that veterans died while waiting for care … were physically altered, or written over, by someone else.”

    Records were changed, DeWenter said, to hide the fact that patients had died during lengthy waits to schedule care appointments at the hospital. In other words, she said the VA was in the business of “bringing them back to life,” to avoid looking worse than it already did.

    CNN reported in April that as many as many as 40 veterans had died waiting for care, and in late May the VA copped to long wait times, extending the limit to 30 days from 14. On Monday, the U.S. Office of Special Counsel released a report that confirmed extensive misconduct and dysfunction at VA facilities.

    In addition to being ordered to hide deaths, DeWenter said that she often “tried to work these scheduled appointments so at least I felt the sickest of the sick were being treated” and was “making life and death decisions.”

  7. did you hear in gilbert AZ 20 dogs died in kennel the owners of the kennel lied and said the dogs ran away read the story everyone wants the to owners of the kennel to go to jail SHEIFF JOE APRILO ON THE case if the owners are the reason the dogs died they need to get J.M. he will nail them if they killed the dogs go TO AZ NEWS AND FACEBOOK IT GREEN ACES KENNEL

    • Well, I am a very animal friendly person. …I remember years ago in New Orleans, my hometown, there was a fire that burned down an entire wooden building complex. …One business was an animal hospital & kennel. …Probably 99% of the animals died in their cages, sort of like little prison cells that Jodi Arias has to live in. …But, the animals were only in cages for a few days for needed medical procedures while Jodi is in her cage for ? ? ? ? however long ? ? ?
      ….But, there was a retired religious person who lived in one of the apartments, a Priest (I think). … He was awaken by his pet cat going crazy because of smoke coming into the apartment. …The Priest jumped up & ran out into the hallways warning the apartment residents & saved many many lives. ….But, his wonderful pet cat who was 24 years old was still in his apartment behind the closed door!! …..Yes, the Priest could not get back to save his own wonderful heroic cat & the entire building was destroyed. ….(((Oh, by the way, the fire was caused, according to the news, by something that went wrong in the laundry room, not connected to the pet hospital))).
      ….When anyone reads what I am saying here please remember that I believe that Jodi Arias is an extremely pet friendly person. …And, the UNTRUTHS told about her on the Hate Lovers Network news media about her not being kind to two animals, in two incidences ((surely to try to bias pet friendly jurors)) is so ABSOLUTELY EXAGGERATED. …I compare Jodi to the Priest who lost his cat in that fire. …The Priest tried to, & did do, a good thing & his cat died. …Jodi tried to do many good things in her life & her dog, & that cat, (she was cat sitting for) did not die, but still many people hate her so much & make up stupid stories to SNOOKER pet friend people to trick them into hating Jodi.
      ….I am sorry for those pet owners of the 20 or more dogs & animals that died in Arizona this week & Jodi is sorry also. ….But please deny any “accolades” to sheriff joe. …. …The AZ NEWS said that sheriff joe wants an investigation as to who is responsible for the dog disaster because the air conditioner for the dogs broke down. … Sheriff Joe is all over the news about the dogs. …
      ….Does Jodi or any other prisoners have air conditioning or even a fan, or the ability to live in a larger cage??? ….Sheriff Joe, I say to you: next time you look into the eyes of Jodi, I pray that you will see the reflection of St Joan of Arc, because Mademoiselle Jodi Ann Arias is “HER” Living Shadow. …And, St Joan of Arc is Jodi’s Guardian Angel. …. Joe: investigate yourself ! ! ! … ….Joe: it is the same desert heat & incredible discomfort (without air conditioning) that killed those dogs, as it is the same desert heat you submit to prisoners & provide or deprive them of comfort. ….IMHO … IMFxxxxxxHO …..

      • I GOOGLED: New Orleans Magazine Street pet hospital fire 2002 …. …to refresh my memory about that last comment I posted. …I got a few things wrong, the hero, was an elderly gentleman named Richard O’Connor & his ((hero 26 year old calico cat was named Ophelia II)). ….And he also had 18 of his own pet cats lost in that fire, Aug 30, 2002. …I don’t know where I got the idea he was a retired Priest, might have been another article I read. …And, I thought I read somewhere the fire started in a common laundry room but I may have only assumed that. …But, I think this article says it started on second floor & there was a large renovation project going on. …About 50 pets lost & 70 saved. …An eight alarm blaze on a three story building & the article says that the fire hydrant on the corner was completely inoperative (no water) & took 45 minutes to run more fire hoses from down the street.
        …….If that don’t work, it is on Google. …..
        …………The main thing is that sometimes bad things happen in life & most all the time it is from just an innocent situation and just an accident, ((or a sudden self defense)). ….So also, is the growing belief & realization that Jodi Arias started her day 6/04/2008, waking up & having no plan of any harm to Travis, but to just complete her friendly romantic visit & to start the next part of her trip. ….Sometime bad things just happen from situations of good intentions. …
        ……….If the Sheriff Joe plans to investigate this ((probably dog death accident in Arizona)) I feel that he should also start his own parallel investigation of treatment of his own ((((in-caged human being prisoners)))) who statistics show that over 4% of them are absolutely & totally innocent or overcharged. …

        • Once again you are so right WLOPEZ4JAA! Sheriff Joe should look in the mirror, although he probably won’t have a reflection.

  8. Dear HATERS

    I have so much more for you to be
    Just be patient

    From the album: Timeline Photos
    By MC Magic


    (((((JUSTICE FOR JODI)))))

    (((((FREE JODI ANN ARIAS, AZ)))))

    (((((TEAM JODI)))))

  9. Jodi is a very strong, brave and courageous woman who has held her head up high no matter what has been thrown at her. I am proud of her and will continue to support her until she regains her freedom.
    This one is for you JODI! 🙂

  10. This part of the interview is for those who still believe Jodi spews venom and has no remorse. She keeps her true opinion of Martinez to herself, is very careful to NOT insult or throw mud at him AND (hey, you haters!) listen to what she says about Travis’ family. FFS, she has shown and expressed remorse countless times. Are people deaf?????

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