Jodi’s pre-sentencing interview Part 2/10 – May 22nd, 2013 [REPLAY]

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Here’s part 2 of 10 from Jodi’s pre sentencing interview with 12 news anchor Mark Curtis – from May 22nd, 2013:

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If you missed our earlier post featuring the JAA Appellate Movie, click this link to watch it.


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  1. Good Morning Everyone, It’s Betsy 🙂

    I’ve been really really busy with the family but I am reading and will get to that later on. Wow, looks like we’re the the first ones up here today! How about that lol. Love to our girl Jodi , I’ll be back when the chores are done this morning.
    Until then have a Blessed Morning All. Betsy 🙂

  2. I can’t say it enough times: Jodi is so graceful!

    It is funny that people portray Jodi as ‘Alex Forrest’ (the obsessed woman from the movie Fatal Attraction). And Jodi is right: travis made her look like this obsessed stalker just so he can hide the real reasons she was around: because he wanted her around and because he constantly invited her to be around!!!! I call these kind of actions from men ‘pussy actions’! If someone wears the trousers he should at least honor them! 🙄

    Unfortunately, Jodi was very overly permissive with travis! She let him get away with things only because she loved him so much. And of course, travis took advantage of this and used it against Jodi and treated her with such disrespect.

  3. Pandora, just remember though,

    You know what is really sad but oh so true for every human being on this earth whether a person believes in God or not, myself included? It is what God says happens to us when we judge others! I have seen it happen over and over! The saddest part is when it happens to someone you love, even after you have forgiven them for judging you!!! The verse is:

    ““Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2 For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” Matthew 7:1-2

    In Jodi’s case, with so many people judging her, I wonder how they are going to feel when either their self or someone they love would be in the same situation as Jodi!

    • Spot on Marja! Judging Alert: What goes around comes around. 🙂
      I wouldn’t want to be in Martinez’s shoes would you??????

  4. This is an “oldie but goodie” and it seems so much like Jodi’s relationship she had with Travis!


    (((((JUSTICE FOR JODI)))))

    (((((FREE JODI ANN ARIAS, AZ!!!)))))

    (((((TEAM JODI FOREVER)))))

    Yes, Jodi, everything is going to be alright!!! You will see!!! 🙂

    • HA! I love it! “The sun is shining like a red rubber ball!” Jodi will be alright, she has proven that. 🙂
      Too bad for the thousands of Haters all sealing their own fate. There still is HOPE though, they could turn it all around but so far I haven’t seen one of them that showing any signs of it.

  5. I can’t help but notice in almost every interview with Jodi how calm and confident she is and how she answers every question. Even when she doesn’t answer a question, she still answers the question.

    As for how did this perception came about depicting Jodi Arias as Alex Forrest from “Fatal Attraction”, you can thank the media, particularly HLN, for that. Day after day, night after night, for 5 months last year they pounded Jodi Arias again and again and again. They brought on nothing but Travis Alexander sympathizers and that’s not just the ones who worked for HLN. They had every Tom, Dick and Harry whom they identified on-screen as “friends of Travis Alexander.” Now, if I were cynical, and I’m not, I would say that they probably cared more about getting on TV than they ever did about Travis, if I were cynical.

    We’ve all heard that expression “there’s two sides to every story”. That’s what this website is and any other website or blog that shows support for Jodi Arias. We’re rebutting the largely pro-Travis Alexander media and majority of people in the United States who believe Jodi Arias is in the same league as Hitler and Pol Pot. I don’t have a problem with someone or groups of people saying that they support Travis Alexander. I don’t have a problem with them creating websites, blogs, pages or even charities in honor of Travis. They have every right to do so. But so do those of us who support Jodi Arias. We are entitled to the same protection of laws that they are yet somehow they feel so threatened by us that whenever we want to put up a blog or a website or a Facebook page, what happens? We are met with harassment, attacks and abuse and threats of censorship. Why do they feel so threatened if they’re so confident? Why are they so angry and hate us so much?

    • Time to STOP thinking and spending time on haters. Put your energy on Jodi’s Cause.
      Becasue at the end of the day it’s what you yourself said: there’s TWO SIDES to every story.
      And we are clearly, wholeheartedly, 100% on Jodi’s side.

      TEAM JODI ♥ ♥

    • Hi Raja,

      Good points… but I wouldn’t worry too much about the pedo-huggers antics and their ongoing mental inability to comprehend & process basic facts.

      They are easily led social misfits… clueless… perennial underachievers… plus they typically operate at several levels below us. This is what happens when you’re not properly taught the difference between right & wrong at an early age. They are therefore best avoided and left alone.

      As for — “Why do they feel so threatened? Why are they so angry and hate us so much?” Simple. It’s because of our overall superiority coupled with them knowing that they’re in a battle they can never win. That must be difficult for them.

      Team Jodi

        • Hey tonysam! Nice to see you around! IMO, those ‘dolts’ never did follow the case! They just found a reason to hide behind a penname and be themselves: hating, bitter, clueless, useless individuals! Unfortunately they have not ‘died down’ and because they don’t have anything new to say, they are stirring up last years’ shit. —Yawn… boring…

          Only a few actually DID watch the trial and can have a healthy discussion/debate about the case without taking it to personal levels and attacks. Those people have my respect because although I don’t agree with them, they are entitled to their opinions.

          As for the rest of the annoying sheeple? What can we do? They’re like those pesky cockroaches that are hard to get rid of…

  6. Jodi tweet:

    Said the juror: “I can’t serve in this case. Looking at that man, I know he’s guilty.” Said the judge: “Ma’am, that’s the prosecutor.”

  7. I think if Arpaio had lived in Germany during WWII he would have been first in line volunteering to work at one of the death camps. He might have even risen to commandant. I’m watching a program about Maricopa County chain gangs. One of the inmates sassed Arpaio and Arpaio sent him to lock down for 30 days. My feeling was that Arpaio would have had him executed if he could have gotten away with it.

  8. Cyber family,
    Jodi is in Court at the moment. Oral Arguments but no one seems to know about what.

  9. T.G.I.F. peeps!

    I’d like to inform you that by the middle of next week we’ll be wrapping up the letter project and sending it. If there’s still someone who hasn’t requested their name to be signed along with the other supporters’ names, hurry up and tell us.

    Rasna – TEAM JODI

  10. There were so many random weirdnesses in the trial that we’ve talked about and scrutinized.

    But one just popped into my head awhile ago that I don’t think we’ve ever really discussed:

    Does anyone have any thoughts on why – during one of the very few times (compared to how many times he was on the stand) that Nurmi had an opportunity to cross-examine Flores – Nurmi asked Flores about Dustin Thompson?

    Nothing came of it. If I remember correctly, it seems like Flores may have said he had no recollection of Thompson. You know how he was anytime he didn’t have Martinez leading him through what he was supposed to say. Whatever was said was nothing worthwhile.

    It just now struck me, though, to wonder why Nurmi asked. Why would he bring up Dustin Thompson? Thompson had nothing to do with the defense Nurmi had laid out, so why ask about him?

  11. Could someone help me with some questions please?

    Who all did Jodi tell she was going to Arizona or to visit Travis? And did Darryl take back saying that Jodi told him she was going to Mesa?

    Is it for certain that the specific Ford Focus Jodi rented could have only contained a 13.5 gallon gas tank?

    Did Jose Baez say that he thought Jodi’s jury made the right decision in a guilty verdict?

    Was there proof that Jodi made phone calls from within Arizona?

    I would appreciate it if someone could answer these questions for me. Laters for now.

    • Hmm… Martinez sort of tricked Darryl into *agreeing* that Jodi dropped by on her way to Mesa, but yes, he backed out of that trap when Nurmi gave him the opportunity.

      Don’t know about gas tank, or anything Baez said about Jodi.

      Yes, Jodi started making phone calls before she was out of Arizona.

      • It sounds like Darryl told Prosecutor Juan Martinez that Jodi told him she was going to Mesa, but then told Kirk Nurmi that Jodi didn’t tell him that. However, it sounds like Jodi said that she only had 2 gas cans on this trip. Did she indicate in anyway that she had a third gas can? Thanks for your help Journey.

    • Regarding the gas tank, research online indicates that all 2008 Ford Focuses have 13.5 gal tanks. I did find a couple of ads online for 2008 Focuses with 16.7 gal capacity but then someone pointed out that both of these cars also had ads elsewhere in which 13.5 was listed. As far as that particular rental car, no one has proven it was 13.5 (which I find odd because I would have expected Martinez to beat that one to death in his gas can theories.)

      My big issue with the gas cans is the Tesoro purchases. According to the iron-pumping lady from Tesoro headquarters in Texas, all three transactions were for gas totaling a little more than 25 gallons. She testified from exhibit #635, some corporate record I presume (which we never saw and I can’t find online). And it just seemed suspicious to me the way Martinez asked her about the three transactions. He asked her about the number of gallons on the two transactions we have receipts for and she gave the exact number of gallons but when he asked about the transaction for which we only have a credit card statement entry, she gave an approximation of 5 gallons. And Martinez says “or thereabouts, right?” It was like she was estimating the number of gallons based on the total purchase and the price per gallon. I want to know how exhibit #635 proves all three were gas purchases.

      Jodi never said she had more than two gas cans.

      • Justus,
        JM was at his sneakiest when it comes to the gas evidence. I thought I had all the testimony before but he actually starts with Darryl. He goes through the Pasadena receipts and the receipt from Winnamucka NV and during this questioning he speculates that the tank could be 12 gals, Nurmi objects and he is overruled. It is how JM goes through the receipts first with Darryl and then with Jodi that is the problem. The receipts from Pasadena and Tesoro are not that different from each other but Tesoro is slightly more. As the evidence with Jodi comes in, JM finally conceded after a bench conference that the capacity of the tank could be as much as 15 gals. If you add up the Pasadena receipts, they would easily fit in the car and 2 cans. Tesoro would be .25 gals over the capacity of a 15 gal tank and the two cans, but that gas was pumped at 4:00 in the morning. JM spreads this evidence out and purposely confuses the issue the way he decides what is put in the car and what is put in the cans. Nurmi straightens that out in his redirect of Jodi. Also, the fact that the receipt for the gas can is for a kero can which is blue and holds kerosene was never discussed in the courtroom.

        • Day 24 2 of 3 – JM Cross of Jodi – beginning at approx. 02:30 – JM refers to tank as “over 12 gals”
          and then “at least 12 gals” – Nurmi objected foundation – bench conference – and then because of the Winnamucca receipt for 12.175 gals and Jodi’s testimony that the car was probably not empty when she filled it and she didn’t remember if she filled it completely, JM conceded “so it could be that the tank was 15 gals of gas”. Nurmi objected Foundation and he was overruled. Jodi answered “that’s possible”. That’s how the evidence about the tank capacity came in.

        • This is great, CanadaCarol, on your 6/21/14, 4:32pm & the 6/21/14, 7:29pm posts. …I played it several times & it is exactly what you say, that the prosecutor conceded: … “so it could be that the tank was 15 gals of gas”. …(he meaning the capacity of the car tank) … This is so important because the LARGER the car tank capacity, the MORE IMPOSSIBLE it is for this prosecutor to realistically accuse her of lying about her ability to put the aprox 25 gal of gas, purchased that day 6/6/08, into the empty (it must be assumed that she was running on fumes) car gas tank (aprox 15 gal capacity) & into the empty (two 5 gal gas cans aprox total 10 gal capacity). …I think even down-under in Australia, the Aboriginal natives could figure out how to pour aprox 25 gal of gas (purchased 6/6/08, into a car gas tank of aprox 15 gal capacity & into two gas cans each with aprox capacity of 5 gal). … … …25 gal goes into ..15 & 5 & 5 === 25 total capacity of the tank & 2 gas can containers. …She did not need the third gas can, she did not have a third gas can, she told the truth. ….IMHO …. … IMFxxxxxxHO… …. ……. … ……….. ..

          ….Before I get too far, I would like to say that I find it much more easy to view the videos on YouTube when I Google: Jodi Arias day 24 & scroll down to find Jodi Arias Trial day 24 afternoon session Part 1 ….47min 09sec Youtube video. …And, at the 5 minute point it talks about what you referred to with the 15 gal car gas tank CONCESSION of PROSECUTOR. … … …I point this out because I have had EXTREME DIFFICULTY viewing the videos on this great (jodiariasisinnocent) site. …It just seems that when I call up a video, sometimes I can not fast forward or fast reverse to review certain points, … I have to start at zero & play the entire video to the end. … I rather go directly to Google YouTube & can view it is so easy, IMO. …
          …. …. … ………. ………………
          … … …Now back to the gas tank & 2 gas cans: I know she may have purchased a little more than 25 gal that day, but there are several things that make it possible to still put it into car tank & 2 gas cans. …. …1) A gas tank with its filler pipe to the gas cap also can hold gas in that filler pipe, if one tops off the tank. ..You can put aprox 2% or more, of gas into the total listed capacity of a car gas tank. …And, if one scenario favors the defendant & one scenario favors the prosecution, the jury must go with what favors the defendant, that is the law. … …2) A 5 gal gas can is not always a 5 gal gas can. …What??? …That is right, I had (& have) a red plastic gas can for 20 years & thought it was 5 gal can but, reading recently the embossed (red on red) lettering, it says Sears 5 1/4 gallons. ….So Darryl said he loaned her two 5 gal gas cans….maybe he was wrong, where is the proof that it was exactly 5 gal cans?? … … 3) Even if a gas can says it is 5 gal, that is only the GUARANTEED CAPACITY that it can hold safely. …A jury cannot imprison a person for topping off the 2 gas cans. …The jury must go with the scenario that favors the defendant, that is the law. … … …4) Did the jury know that a fuel pump at a gas station is not a guaranteed measuring device under all conditions?? …The gas companies ((warns)) not to top-off but, if one turns the handle on & off & on & off , etc etc, to top-off, I believe the accuracy is not guaranteed to be perfectly accurate, & the company is not going to cheat themselves, so you may get charged for 25 gal but may only get 24.9 gal out of the pump. (IMHO) …How would you know to complain, they would say: did you try to top-off ???… You should not do that ! ! … … …5) I have read that the gas pumps measure gas flow mechanically (analog) & then convert that measurement to digital & transmit it to the credit card company, that is a possible slight variance & they are not going to cheat themselves. … … …. … 6) I have read online that the large tanker gas trucks that deliver gas to the stations use temperature compensation when pumping gas into the ground tanks. …So, that is probably pretty accurate. … But, the gas pumps that pump gas into the cars are not temperature corrected at all. …And in very hot temperatures in a desert this could be a significant error in favor of the oil station. …. … …7)The jury or the appeals court judges should allow Jodi to have the possibility that she spilled a few ounces of gas while topping off the tank & 2 gas cans. …Nobody asked her & she did not remember how or what sequence she filled anyway. …. …. And, 8) The prosecutor tried “ad nauseum” to try to get her to explain exactly how & what she did & the exact sequence, but who does the same thing the same way all the time, especially in her FUGUE STATE of confusion. ….The 2 gas cans were presumably right there next to the gas tank with all caps off, so what the heck difference if she pumped some gas into the tank & then the pump had to be re-set for another transaction & then she pumped some more gas into one can & then the other, then topped off the tank & then topped off one can & then the other. …After 5 years how can she remember what sequence she did anything?? … … … …(((Jodi is innocent))) & one heck of a lot more truthful than most on the prosecution side. IMHO. … …I am WLOPEZ4JAA or also …. also a good link to check out thing is the …good for converting liters to gallons, US Liquid, & vice versa & convert almost anything to anything. … [Sorry for long post].

          • JM focused on the times of the receipts and the dollar amounts but did not total the gals. He did question Jodi why she would prepay $40.00 for the car and then prepay another $20.00. Both times (Pasadena and Tesoro) there were two prepaid receipts and one at the pump. She really didn’t know when JM asked her but she had said she is not good at maths and I think all the numbers he was throwing at her on the stand was confusing her. Nurmi straightened it out I thought in redirect. Myself, I have never been able to judge how much gas I need to get to return a rental car with the same amount of gas as when I picked it up. Also, she was splitting the expenses of this trip to PPL and her photography so she may have wanted to have two receipts for tax purposes. As for Tesoro, I wonder if the night temperature made a difference and without the receipt, I believe it was an estimate made by the witness. Jodi definitely did not get any benefit of doubt that she was entitled to with this jury.

          • What I do when Youtube freezes when I try to fiddle with the time too much, is stop it and arrow back and arrow forward and sometimes it loads right where I was or at least I am able to set it to the right time again.

          • IMO the worst part of JM’s theory of premeditation as far as the gas cans is concerned is that Jodi stopped for gas in Buckeye and Desert Centre on her way to Mesa as was her custom it seemed and also in NV keeping all receipts and paying with credit card. How can that seem devious to anyone?

    • Ryan,
      I know you usually drop by briefly or to just ask questions but I am assuming you’re 100% in Jodi’s corner so in case you haven’t noticed we’re doing a fund-raising project for Jodi.
      Do you want your name included in it?

      • I would like to be a part of Jodi’s fundraising project, but I do not have any money to provide right now Maria. Yes, i am in full support of Jodi’s innocence.

        • One of our projects is a letter which will be sent to a Foundation we believe will help. That’s why I asked if you don’t mind our including your name in the list of supporters signing .

  12. JM referred to Mesa in his questions to Darryl about Jodi borrowing the gas cans but when asked specifically about what Jodi said his answer was that “she said she was going on a long trip”.

  13. Everybody (especially those who doubt that Jodi was wrongfully convicted) should read this article in its entirety, it’ gives an excellent insight into how the judicial system in Arizona works:

    in Arizona, the police lie to quickly solve cases, the prosecution routinely withholds evidence and overcharges suspects to increase conviction rates and the poor cannot afford good attorneys to fight this injustice and have to serve long sentences for something they didn’t do.

    • Incredible article, Alexey! I’m going to add a link to it at the bottom of the ‘Judicial Injustices’ section on the reasonable doubt site. This is a total outrage and something definitely needs to be done about the way our judicial system (and I think Maricopa County just leads the way) is slowly eroding under egos, power struggles and job security. Maybe Jodi’s case will open a path for that to happen. As I’ve said before, this whole saga has become much bigger than even Jodi. It’s now about corruption in the justice system as well as erosion of our so-called news media, death penalty, domestic violence, misogyny and double standards. Hopefully this will bring all this out into the light.


    “If you are a knuckle-dragging hater – or a TravisTown pedo-hugger – then do not waste your invaluable time here. Your post will be deleted and you will be banned.”

    What’s there not to understand? Unless you’re incompetent of reading – in which case I’d propose you start off with the basics: ‘Chicka Chicka Boom Boom’: “A told B, and B told C, I’ll meet you at the top of the coconut tree.”

    Don’t get me wrong. It’s absolutely amusing to read all your pointless, brainless, moronic comments that pend for approval – striving to make it to the main thread. BUT it’s even more entertaining when I put my boot up your asses and ban the hell out of you.

    But for once, I’ll make an exception:

    Pedo-hugger Carley Richards says:

    “I think you people are just as phyco as she is. whats wrong with you ?are you so starved for a real life and identity that you would support a lying whore demon crazy whack=o like Jodi ? really ? I hope they hunt each one of you down and give you the needle just like shes gonna get; before you have a chance to reproduce little whack-os just like you. GET A LIFE CRAZY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!”

    Hmmmm, let’s all pause for a moment here. So this insult of a human being is calling Jodi supporters ‘phyco’ (not my spelling, I’m just copy/pasting what she wrote), asking what’s wrong with us, telling us that we ‘starve’ for a real life, spewing all her hatred about Jodi and wishing us and Jodi to get the needle… The best part though is when she tells us: “GET A LIFE CRAZY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!” :

    A lurker & definitely a stalker that has so much worthless time on her hands to make up an e-mail address, to think of something ‘exceptionally intellectual’ to write, knowing all along that it will be deleted is telling us to get a life… and calling US crazy! That’s a whole new ‘cray-cray’ for me!

    Let me give you a solution to your deepest concern Ms Carley (and to all the Neanderthal ‘Carley’s’ out there):

    Maybe if YOU actually had a worthy life, you’d not be wasting it reading here that you so much hate doing (isn’t this a form of masochism?). So, for all you brain-dead individuals that think that these kind of comments will spook, disturb or agitate us… think again! FYI, the admins of this site get a good laugh at all pointless, flimsy comments like the one our dear Carley made. I really hope all friends and Jodi supporters got a good belly laugh out of it too! 😉

    IN CONCLUSION: “If you are a knuckle-dragging hater – or a TravisTown pedo-hugger – then do not waste your invaluable time here. Your post will be deleted and you will be banned. You have been told. We are TEAM JODI… and WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS in our quest for JUSTICE FOR JODI! Make no mistake.”


    • AMEN RASNA! A-M-E-N!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Let’s back up for second:

      A) CHARLES MANSON:one of the MOST disturbed individuals.He was not only evil but was a Cult leader whose paranoia led to gruesome massacres.
      His crimes will never be forgotten or make people less disgusted by them, no matter how many years pass.
      1) He has THOUSANDS of supporters around the world
      2) There are projects like the ” Release Charles Manson NOW” project
      3) There is the ”Charles manson Fun Club and Memorabilia” site and many Facebook pages
      4) Last year he got married to ”a devoted supporter”
      and so one and so forth…. Just giving a bit of perspective here.

      B) JEFFREY DAHMER: can barely be characterized (at least by me) as a person, as human. He was NOT. He was a talking walking MONSTER. Whoever has read all the details of his heinous disgusting crimes will agree wtih me. He should have been locked away and kept protected by experts and be a study case of extreme paranoia, necrophilia, cannibalism etc etc… It’s unfortunate that he was killed for the sole reason that there was something fundamentally wrong with his brain and many Sciencific Fields would have benefited a lot had we had time to analyze and study him.
      1) There were women who were completely infatuated by his good looks, they fell in love with him and used to write hundreds of romantic letters while he was imprisoned.
      2) His supporters from all around the world sent him 12,000 $ in 1994 alone
      3) He received numerous gifts while in prison
      4) There still is the ”Jeffrey Damher Fan Club” and countless Facebook pages


      We pity THEM and WE wish THEY will never reproduce,because they must be leading miserably one-sided lives if they cannot comprehend basic terms and meanings such as Self-Defense! Or abuse.
      suggest they visit a shrink; apparently their childhood traumas are getting the best of them. Maybe they’re still pissed at Mommy or Daddy for harming them??? Otherwise, all this hatred is unexplainable.

      They got the Verdict they longed for. Now, let us fight for the verdict WE believe is fair. Stay the Hell away from this site, or if you can’t help it at least STFU!

    • Thanks for Monday morning chuckle, RASNA!

      Although, for the most part, I prefer not to give them any attention at all – I have to admit they’re good for a laugh now and then.

    • OMG! What you guys ‘behind the scenes’ must have to deal with on a daily basis!

      This carley chick reeks of desperation to be acknowledged… she’s probably a pushover in real life and finds an outting in hiding behind her screen being the ‘meanie’ for once!

      Seriously, these people are really damaged if they hate Jodi and us so much but at the same time can’t stay away and want to have any sort of contact they can… I pity them. They do need to get professional help.

      It’s one thing to try and debate the case and a totally different thing just plain hating without actually knowing what they are hating…. SMH.

      Now for the fun part!

      Journee, I too spat my coffee laughing while reading Rasna’s post! ” ‘Chicka Chicka Boom Boom’: “A told B, and B told C, I’ll meet you at the top of the coconut tree.” LMFAO!!!!


      It’s only fair for me to also write my favorite 3 words: fart, crap, poop!!!! 😀

      Finally, if trying to spread awareness of domestic violence, to help a human seek the justice she was so unfairly denied and to support her makes me a psycho (or should I say ‘phyco’ – giggling) then by all means, I’ll take ‘phyco’ any day!

      We all DO have a life and Jodi is and always will be part of it. – We’re here for the long haul!

      (((((Jodi))))) ♥
      ((((SJ & Admins))) ♥
      ((((Jodi ‘phyco’ supporters – my friends ♥ )))) LMAO!!!

    • Wow Rasna, I wish the best to you, as I know it is a labor of love to be devoted to helping Jodi here at JAII. I’ve subjected myself to reading some of the criticisms, now I no longer allow myself. For the most part all the criticisms are the same. These detractors are disturbed with zero tolerance, compassion, or willingness to help others, only interested in the endorphins they self-medicate with spewing hatred.
      Thanks so much again for keeping us safe from that bilge and bile! Jodi’s friend always! johnm

    • “Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.”

      – Charles Mackay, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds 1841

  15. Speaking of haters, last fall my computer got attacked by those worms and I missed some of what happened in Jodi’s case. I am hoping that someone can help me by telling me who the judge is that I have read some of you refer to by a short little name that starts with a “w” that made some kind of ruling. I missed what happened there and would love to read up on it.

    • Hmmm… well, last FALL would have been a settlement conference in late October, which really amounted to nothing because they had nothing to offer that Jodi would settle for. That was handled by a Judge Jim Keppel.
      The judge whose name starts with “w” was probably presiding criminal judge Welty, who made the ruling in February that Jodi’s retrial would have to be pushed back so that Martinez could meet his commitment to try another case (which is going on now, iff I am not mistaken).

  16. It seems to me that Martinez needed to first prove that Jodi attacked Travis rather than the other way around and then, after proving that, go on to prove the attack was premeditated. But, since the crime scene actually indicates Travis was the attacker (particularly the pause at the sink), he came in through the back door, first convincing a brain-dead jury, using smoke and mirrors, that she premeditated it and then, having “proven” that, well, it just followed that, if she premeditated a murder, she was naturally the attacker (no direct proof needed). But then he backed off a bit on the week-long premeditation to throw in that maybe she just got angry just prior to the attack, thus diluting the very evidence he had just used to prove she was the attacker. What kind of logic (not to mention justice) is that?!!!

    • — But then he backed off a bit on the week-long premeditation to throw in that maybe she just got angry just prior to the attack, thus diluting the very evidence he had just used to prove she was the attacker. What kind of logic (not to mention justice) is that?!!!—

      That was an effort to cover all the bases. *Just in case* he’d failed to convince the jury of the week-long murder plot, he wanted to remind the jury that Arizona law says premeditation can happen in the instant before the act.

      I always thought the neck wound was likely the deciding factor for jurors who might have gone with M2 otherwise. Cutting a throat is not an easy thing to do (if the few gory videos available are any indication). It’s hard to imagine a scenario whereby one could commit such an act without having DECIDED to kill.

      • “It’s hard to imagine a scenario whereby one could commit such an act without having DECIDED to kill.”

        Actually a very easy scenario to imagine is Jodi flailing away with the knife, in sheer terror, and his neck getting in the way. And it seems to me, if she was trying to slit his throat, particularly after (according to the State) he’s totally incapacitated, you would expect the cut to actually be down on his neck. Who would intentionally cut someone directly under the chin in order to cut his throat?

        • Someone cutting from above and behind would be my thought.

          Myself, I think the throat cut was post-mortem – citing the autopsy report that noted a lack of hemorrhagic trauma in the tissue (which, in the case of the neck, Horn attributes to decomposition, but when he found no blood in the ‘bullet path’ he concluded THAT wound was post-mortem) AND the fact that Travis’ chest and belly should have been covered with blood from that wound and it wasn’t. He had blood coming from his nose and mouth and ears from the bullet wound, but nothing on his chest from the neck wound. IMO, the neck wound was part of the mysterious something that happened after (along with Travis’ transport to the shower).

    • I think the whole thing boils down to this: Who attacked whom? Even if Jodi had come up with that insane plan to kill the man she loved because he wasn’t taking her to Cancun (ridiculous), even if she spent a whole week planning to murder him, even if she decided to kill him that very day, if in that bathroom he attacked her first and continued to attack her, she still had the right to defend herself in any way necessary. So if the evidence in the bathroom points to him being the aggressor (which I believe it does), then you can drag out all the circumstantial “evidence” you want to prove she intended to murder him, it still doesn’t prove that he did not attack her which is what the State was required to prove. (I wish the defense team would have spent more time on the physical evidence at the crime scene.)

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