Jodi’s pre-sentencing interview Part 1/10 – May 22nd, 2013 [REPLAY]

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Here’s part 1 of 10 from Jodi’s pre sentencing interview with 12 news anchor Mark Curtis – from May 22nd, 2013:

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If you missed our earlier post featuring the JAA Appellate Movie, click this link to watch it.


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  1. And to Everyone who comes to read our posts just know that we will NEVER EVER stop until JODI is FREE and the TRUTH is TOLD. Our prayers of love, concern and support will protect her from the hate and lies that have been cast upon her.

  2. Jodi never ceases to amaze me.

    She is facing the DP or life imprisonment and yet she always finds a way of seeing the best of things: “…I’m going to take what comes to me…. I intent to make the most of it and to see what I can do to help other people…”

    And you know what? People can say that Jodi is the worst person in the world, they can make her out to be a cold-hearted woman and they can hate her until they turn blue.That doesn’t change anything. At the end of the day, truth is that she can’t undo what has happened as much as she (and we) would like that to be possible.

    So Jodi chooses to dedicate the rest of her life in helping others. That is commendable in my book. A person’s worst fuck up (that can’t be reversed) doesn’t mean that we give up on that person! It doesn’t mean that we lock someone up and throw away the key.

    I am all for giving second chances, no matter what. And I know – FOR A FACT – that Jodi’s heart, personality and soul aren’t even close to her worst actions. She is kind, considerate, loving and giving. And when Jodi is freed: me, my family, my friends and my community will take her in with no judgement of her past. That’s what it’s all about: second chances!

    And for all those people that have had their hatred blur their hearts and judgement, if you get into a bind, if your actions are way worse than your hearts and souls, I will be here for you too…

    ~Peace out!

    ((((Jodi)))) ♥

  3. I look at her and I do NOT see nor have I EVER SEEN a cold-blooded, calculative psycho murderer. Sorry (haters) but I don’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and please, get over it! It’s been over a year, ffs!)

    Just as when I look at Travis Alexander I see no Saint but a very very disturbed individual who was all about the facade. He was hollow inside (Greek saying), he was an ”empty vessel”. He was a NOTHING.

    Jodi is a kind-hearted person, she keeps her poise even when her world is falling apart. That shows courage and dignity. Her abuse by Travis certainly ”taught” her how to keep her feelings inside and not show how she’s breaking inside.

    I love the fact that she didn’t cry in any of those interviews (except the post Verdict one where her eyes were tearful…) She showed to the world that abused women can hold their head high, because they truly are SURVIVORS!

    • Jodi is the person that I try very hard to be, always strong no matter what they throw at her, and always puts others before herself. She always holds her head high, even in full restraints and stripes, only a truly innocent person can do that.
      I am proud to say that Jodi is a friend of mine…………not too much I wouldn’t do for a friend.

      (((((JODI))))) ♥ ♥ ♥ 🙂

      Ray in Harrisonburg Virginia.

    • You’re totally right. He was a shell of a man who had created a facade, a masquerade but he was able to manipulate Jodi. He learned that skill from his family of origin. Travis was a living example of an ‘Adult Child of Alcoholics’. People with Jodi’s vulnerability are easy ‘targets’ for these sorts of people. She was compassionate (still is) and wanted Travis to get help for his obvious issues.

  4. In the first minute of this video (that Marja shared) they talk about how the brainwashing techniques are extremely effective. Does this not answer the questions to all who wonder why Jodi kept coming back to Travis? It does for me. He had a very strong hold on her mentally. Travis was the dangerous one not Jodi. I’m not saying that Jodi was perfect because there was only one perfect human to walk this Earth and that was Jesus. But even though she has lived through this nightmare she has continued to show love and compassion for others. She is not a danger to anyone but it is apparent her truth is a damage to the Mormon religion. Another thing that struck me was how this one woman asked her Bishop “Where is the Love in all of this?” His answer was a blank stare.The Mormon religion is a scary one. Has anybody ever mentioned the name of Travis’s Bishop? If not, why?

    • Hmm, I don’t remember his Bishop name ever being mentioned.
      And yes, I agree with you: the Mormon religion (ahem, cult!) is scary and disturbed.

  5. This is one of my favorite interviews with Jodi, I’ve re-watched it many times.
    She looks very confident and upbeat despite all the (unjustified) adversity coming at her from the haters, which shows how strong and poised she is.
    I admire her for that, I would have crumbled under pressure if I were in her shoes.

  6. To all Jodi supporters:

    As most of you already know we are in the process of completing a fund-raising project for Jodi. The project (letter) will be signed by Jodi supporters whether it be their real names or usernames. So, if anyone wishes to be part of this project and have their name written along with the other supporters names, please let us know.


    • RASNA ADMIN – Feel free to add my username ((WLOPEZ4JAA)) to the Jodi Arias fund raising support letter.
      …Last year when I got my username through “DISQUS dot com” I had to add a suffix for my real name so I choose 4JAA, …. it means “For Jodi Ann Arias”.
      ….. Even though I support her self defense explanation as totally truthful, I still believe that other things may have happened that day either before, during or after her self defense against Travis, while she was in a terrified FUGUE state of consciousness (just like she said). …
      …..And, I believe one or more “others” walked through the scene & changed things around. … … And, someone placed the “spent shell casing” on top of the small blood patch. …It was sort of like the “magic bullet” was “planted” on the gurney that was thought to have carried Gov John Connolly, who was also shot in the JFK assassination conspiracy, to totally change the logic of the sequence of events to snooker/trick the country in believing there was only one shooter, the patsy, Oswald. ..And,((If)) Oswald was a shooter, there was other shooters. …It was a presidential coup d’etat, ….IMHO. …(((Jodi is innocent)))…

    • Been away for a few days, not by choice. No electricity for 3 days, knocked out by twin tornados. Both of them missed me by less than a half mile, the closest one by a quarter mile. About 15 families that I know lost their homes. I’m still here. You can add my name to the list.

  7. In my opinion there has been a great injustice done to Jodi Ann Arias. She should not have been given a conviction of First Degree Murder. She was in a relationship with Travis Alexander and this relationship held domestic abuse towards Jodi. On June 4, 2008, it was a life or death situation for Jodi. She fought for her life. It was a case of self defense on Jodi’s part, so I feel the death penalty should be taken off the table. I firmly believe because it is a case of self defense, Jodi should receive nothing more than probation with time served.

    • Oh Tom! I absolutely agree! I have been saying the same thing time after time after time!!!!! SELF DEFENSE IS NOT A CRIME!!!!!!!

      • Hi Maria,,,,Thank you so much,,nice to see you as well. I do try to come into the groups as much as possible. I run my own business, as well have a family, so don’t always have as much time to spend in the groups as I would like. It is great seeing all this support in the groups for Jodi. She needs us more than ever now. I will be picking up the 200 flyers I am having printed at the printers tomorrow. They will be delivered on Saturday, weather permitting. Lets hope we are able to get a few good size donations from this. Take care and thanks again 🙂

  8. Hey everyone! I’ve been working so much and haven’t been around a lot. I just wanted to stop by and show some love and support! <3

  9. It is a shame that Jodi did not have a stronger defense team working for her because if she had, I don’t believe that she would have been convicted of first-degree murder. Some people like to point out that Travis Alexander had no criminal record in his background, but neither did Jodi. If you look at her history, there is no history of violence against men in her background. And it always amuses me to listen to holier-than-thou types like Dr. Drew Pinsky talk about what a threat Jodi Arias is. How many people died who were on Dr. Drew’s “Celebrity Rehab” show? If you think about it, he’s responsible for more deaths than Jodi Arias.

    Also, I seem to recall Travis writing on his blog about how he was the only one in his family who did not have a criminal record or hadn’t gone to jail or prison. He may have been a self-made man who admirably pulled himself out of adverse conditions, but I think that you could also make the argument that he and his siblings were genetically predisposed to criminal behavior.

    • I’m no fan of Dr. Drew, but he’s not responsible for the deaths of those people. He USED them, he used their suffering to make himself a celebrity. But every one of them died of a ‘pre-existing condition’: addiction.

      • The term ‘responsible’ refers to his position as an authority, to ensure the very best treatment for his clients. He failed to provide them with that and being a malignant narcissist he would find ways to avoid his ‘duty of care’ to his clients. One could argue correctly that it was their addiction that led to their death, but overall, he failed in his duty which he was responsible for. This is an ethics issue, not a legal one. Pinsky also fails in the ethics department in his coverage of Jodi’s trial. At one point he was so angry he called Jodi… ‘Jodi Alexander’. Being ‘subjective’ as a counselor requires that he step back and let someone else take over the case. This same issue appeared directly in Jodi’s trial as well. Judge Stephens was ‘subjective’ and should have passed the case to another judge.

    • Travis also wrote that he ‘hated his whore mother’. Like all of the Alexander siblings, they are in denial of the severity of the addiction(s) and abuses that were going on in that family. Travis did not ‘escape his dark past’ as Chris Hughes asserted. Travis internalized those behaviours, attitudes and abuse and Jodi saw some of that ‘displaced’ on to her. By extension, Jodi was the same type of ‘whore’ his mother was. He held Jodi in such contempt for her sexuality yet he was unable to say no. I’m not surprised as he was addicted to porn and masturbation. The propensity for addiction and abuse to run in that family is obvious (to me anyways). The probability that Travis really was abusive with Jodi, and we all know he was, was very high. He was not the person he pretended to be or presented himself as being.

      • Billy, unfortunately most people go by the saying ‘don’t speak ill about the dead’. I don’t agree! Someone that was the ‘devil incarnated’ while he/she was alive doesn’t mean that they are now proclaimed ‘saints’ just because they died.

        A shit is a shit either it’s fresh or it’s stale cold….

      • Travis suffered from the Madonna-Whore complex. He was ”a study case” of that complex, imho.
        I bet a shrink could write an essay on him through the study of his behavior towards women and the way he so blatantly used to categorize women: they were either sex toys he had no respect for OR virginal brides-to-be to whom he felt he had to raise up.
        And as a saying here goes: ”Whom you fu*k, it is not necessary for you to love. Let alone, to respect”

      • Billy, I would like to add Travis’ quote about his mother to my reasonable doubt document. Do you have a link to that document so I can point to a source (and not get hit by “liar, liar, pants on fire” barrage.)

    • ”Solitary Confinement is an extremely dangerous place for any human being.”

      I wish more people like this Civil Rights Attorney would speak up against Solitary Confinement in Arizona and its consequenses to the human mind and body.

      One more reason to make us even the more determined to raise the funds for Jodi’s appeal.
      The hope that she will be able to afford an appellate attorney must NOT be taken away from her!

      Coldcase, since you posted this: let the admin know if you wish your name to appear on the letter we’re sending.

    • So many ‘red flags’ raised. I hope something good comes out of this case! Human beings are human beings with human rights anywhere they are! Isolation is not the solution… we don’t lock up people and throw away the key, ffs! That doesn’t help!

  10. This song just came to my mind today. Jodi would never ever ask for anyone to go out of their way to help her but she does need us! Our justice system has failed her, people who she put her faith in failed her and we must make this right. Our country can not turn a blind eye to the injustices that have happened to her. Free JODI!

    • R, if only people knew how noble Jodi is and how much ‘in debt’ she feels to all the people that stand by her side and support her. She is an astonishing human being! If only some could put their hatred aside and look at the human being Jodi is – take some time to get to know her – they’d be amazed at how much of a wonderful person she is…. ♥

      • So true Pandora! Jodi is the extreme opposite of what the “media” , Travis’s friend and family and the prosecutor have portrayed her to be. It is not fair that they have drug her literally through the mud with their lies to promote themselves at her life’s expense. Heartless people indeed. Jodi has shown her love and compassion for everyone. I am thankful she survived Travis’s vicious attack. ((((((JODI)))))

        • Hear, hear to both of you girls! ^^^^

          Jodi is indeed a remarkable human being. I wish more people had the chance to talk to her, to communicate with her- they’d be amazed by her kind-heartedness, her wits, her unconditional love for everyone and so many other virtues she has.

          June 4th is NOT indicative of Jodi’s nature. On the contrary, it is indicative of what is hidden in ALL of us: when attacked, we FIGHT for our life. It is Mother Nature, it is an INSTINCT. Primordial, yes. But part of ALL OF US, nonetheless.

      • Pandora
        I too feel that Jodi needs help and would like to participate in that effort. I have been a supporter for some time now, but have not posted anything because there are a few issues I’m still on the fence about and I didn’t want to get chewed up. I still have questions that have never been answered. Mainly, what is the explanation for the secret message in the magazine that Jodi tried to sneak out of the prison. That has bothered me and prohibited me from putting my total support her way. If anyone has the explanation, please let me know. Also, whenever I try to address the prosecutor’s actions when Jodi was on the stand, everyone always shuts me down with “Well, if she had answered the questions and not been so aggressive and snarky, maybe he would have shown her more respect.” How do I defend that? I am so confused and want to get involved with her defense, I just need some answers. I see her as a vulnerable young lady who does have many good qualities, but I sometimes think on this site she is made out to be a perfect saint, which none of us are capable of being. Please help me.

        • Linda hi!

          It’s ok to have questions and you won’t get ‘chewed up’ by us! Lemme see if I can help you.

          I actually don’t know what “message in the magazine” you’re refering to. Either I’m not aware of something like that ever happening or it’s just another rumor. Can you be more precise? When did this allegedly happen?

          As for Jodi’s behavior and manners on the stand? I have never seen such a respectful, civil, well-spoken, person under such pressure and stress as Jodi was. Not once was she aggressive nor snarky. Those people that have stated that, either NEVER watched the trial (and only watched HLN) or they lack in understanding english. On the contrary, martinez was verbally attacking, abusive, snarky, ironic, aggresive not only to Jodi but to all witnesses (even his own, if they went ‘off script’). So next time someone states something like that, ask them to be more specific. You know, some questions can’t be answered with a yes or no and some people can’t function when they are being verbally attacked.

          All the media acknowledged martinez’s aggresiveness and even other attorneys stated that (about his behavior) when they were being interviewed.

          Check these links out:

          “I would not have let the cross-examinations go on for that long,” said Fields, the retired judge. “It was just badgering and bullying the witnesses in an attempt to ruin their credibility. It crossed the line.”

          “Usually when men like you are screaming at me or grilling me or someone like Travis doing the same…. it makes my brain scramble.”

          I hope I was helpful but please can you explain to us what the “message in the magazine”, that you refered to, means?

          • Pandora,
            Thanks so much for your kind response. I am trying to clear my head so that I can throw my total support to Jodi and get involved. The incident of messages in the magazine I am referring to happened on Trial Day 21 when Martinez had his so called “Perry Mason” moment and presented coded messages in two magazines Jodi was giving to Anne Campbell (Star and Digital Photo Pro) in which she supposedly wrote to someone that they needed to get to her asap because what this person was saying was directly contradicting what she had been saying for a year. I have never heard of Jodi addressing this, nor have I heard of her defense team addressing it. This is the reason I need answers. My heart goes with support… I just need clarification on that point.

            Thanks for all you do for Jodi.

          • I totally agree Pandora with how well Jodi did on the stand. I can only imagine the amount of pressure she felt during those 18 days. I felt she showed Mr. Martinez great respect, especially considering how he was yelling at her,, grilling her, getting down right nasty in my opinion. I was sure rooting for her the whole time and she didn’t let me down not once. I feel Jodi deserves a lot of respect with how well she did. Thanks, Tom 🙂

        • We never really got an explanation about the magazines – just one of dozens of questions never asked or answered. To me, the message in the magazine wasn’t all that sinister. We do know, after all, that Jodi changed her story while she awaited trial – from the intruder story to the story she told on the stand. Lacking any other explanation, I assume the message referred to that.

          As to Jodi’s demeanor with Martinez, she gets nothing but kudos from me. Jodi answered every question that WAS a legitimate question, gracefully managed to sidestep saying ‘yes or no’ to questions that were not ‘yes or no’ questions – no matter how stridently the prosecutor insisted they were. And she deftly and politely avoided his linguistic traps. I don’t know how she did it, how she held up for days on end. I can’t watch the man for five minutes without wanting to reach through the screen and throttle him.

          The *only* defense witness who wasn’t cowed and intimidated by Martinez was Gus Searcy. I think that when Jodi went back to her cell feeling beaten, after her first day of cross examination, she thought about Gus. I suspect she might even have called him and gotten a pep talk, because the difference in her demeanor the second day was striking – she was smiling and confident and not allowing herself to get stomped.

          • Journee
            Thanks for the logical summation. I feel much better. I need to stop engaging in combative conversations with family and friends who think so little of Jodi. Thanks for all you and the administrative team do for Jodi.

  11. Admins, add my name to the letter… it goes without saying! 🙂 — I have a few more names of greek supporters (neighbours) that I’d like you to add (I have their permission). I’ll email you the names!

    (((((Jodi)))) ♥

    • Yep, yep… Goes without saying!
      We’re the Greek cheerleaders, of course we’re gonna be included 🙂 🙂

      (((((((( TEAM JODI FOR EVER AND EVER )))))))))))

  12. Jodi just called. What a caring sweetheart she is! She sounds good, in good spirits and it sounds like she has great rapport with the correction officers. (I bet they don’t think she’s guilty of cold-blooded murder.) She told me that knowing she has so many people out here pulling for her is very very comforting.

      • It’s reassuring to know that the correctional officers there are so understanding!
        When people get to know the real Jodi, they realize that she’s a very nice and kind person.
        The media has tarnished her reputation a great deal so people who haven’t taken the time to find out who Jodi really is, jump to the wrong conclusions about her.

  13. One of the things I admire about Jodi is that, in spite of having been through absolute hell she refuses to become one of those hateful people out there. (Can you imagine how all those self-righteous folks would have handled the same things happening to them?) First the horror of killing the man she loved, dealing with not knowing what exactly happened, fear, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, arrest, spending time in prison with most of the world hating her, having to reveal the most private intimacies about their relationship, having her whole life, her entire body and every word out of her mouth (no matter what the circumstances), all put under a microscope and paraded before a hateful world. And now possibly facing a death sentence. Yet she has not crumbled under that intense pressure to hate. If this happened to any of those people who spend their time hating in the name of loving Travis would be seething with even more hate than they are already expressing. And they call Jodi a monster.

    • Justus,

      I totally agree. We, with less regrets in our lives and with less important things that we can’t undo, get panic attacks, stress, replay stuff in our minds over and over and over about how we should have done things… I can’t even begin to imagine how Jodi copes with her demons! I really admire her for being so strong, for taking responsibility and for trying to do the best she can to become a better person!

      She has been deemed one of the most hated people in America. She has been deemed a cold-hearted murderer. She has been deemed a monster…. A modern day witch hunt….

      Let’s focus on the word monster.

      Can the people that call Jodi a ‘monster’ tell us what they’d call:

      – Hitler (caused world war, genocide, mass murder. 60 million people died as a result of Hitler’s wars. Hitler was the greatest mass murderer of all times).

      -Luis Garavito (Child-murderer, torture-killer, and rapist known as “La Bestia” (“The Beast”). Confessed to killing 140 children over a 5-year period in Colombia).

      -Pedro López (Child-murderer and rapist, known as “The Monster of the Andes”. Targeted young girls, between the ages of 8 and 12. Arrested in 1980 and convicted in 1983 of killing 110 young girls but confessed to killing 300, exact total unknown).

      -Ted Bundy (Bundy officially confessed to 30 homicides, but has confessed to killing 35–36 women in the past, and some estimates run upwards of 100 or more).

      -John Wayne Gacy (Known to have murdered a minimum of 33 teenage boys and young men between 1972 and 1978, 26 of whom he buried in the crawl space of his Chicago home. Gacy was known as the “Killer Clown”).

      -Steven Massof (Massof, who worked at Kermit Gosnell’s abortion clinic, testified that he snipped the spines of more than 100 babies after seeing them show signs of life).

      -Nikolai Dzhumagaliev (Lured women in a park at night and hacked them with an axe as part of a plan to rid the world of prostitution. Also cooked parts of his victims and ate them himself or served them to other people as part of ethnic dishes).

      -Charles Manson & cult (9 victims, amongst them the 8 month pregnant spouse of Roman Polanski, Sharon Tate).

      -Osama bin Laden/ al-Qaeda (2,996 victims: 2,977 victims, 19 hijackers)

      Now these are people that ARE MONSTER!!!! And if you’d like to see the whole gruesome package of who people should call MONSTERS (and have the stomach for it) take a look at the following link.

      So, referring to Jodi as a ‘monster’ because she acted in self-defense is absolutely insane! Jodi is innocent of what she has been convicted for! Self defense in the american law is justifiable homicide. It is not punished (at least that’s what the law says)! But when ego’s, ‘win at all costs’, politics get in the way of the law, then the law and justice itself becomes a victim of abuse!

      PEACE OUT.

      • So well said, Pandora!

        This has all turned into a huge morality tale – about Abuse – all the way from the abuse Jodi took from Travis, up through an abusive prosecutor working within an abusive system, to an abusive media, to an abusive public. This whole thing has brought all of this nastiness to the surface where maybe it can be looked at and studied. This type of misogynistic abuse has been in play since time immemorial but neither the perpetrators nor the victims have been conscious of it. Double standards like “boys will be boys but she’s a slut” – such subliminal attitudes have made life very difficult for women for a very very long time. Maybe this will ultimately spark discussion and raise awareness (in both men and women) that women have the right to be treated with the exact same respect as men.

    • You know what is really sad but oh so true for every human being on this earth whether you believe in God or not, myself included? It is what God says happens to us when we judge others! I have seen it happen over and over! The saddest part is when it happens to someone you love, even after you have forgiven them for judging you!!! The verse is:

      ““Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2 For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” Matthew 7:1-2

      In Jodi’s case, with so many people judging her, I wonder how they are going to feel when either their self or someone they love would be in the same situation as Jodi!

  14. How wonderful that you talked with Jodi. She truly is a sweetheart. The media, the justice system in AZ, the “friends”, the Detective, the Detective’s wife, the prosecutor, the multitude of Haters and the Alexander family all have it wrong. Jodi is not a Devil, or a witch, or a murderer. Travis was killed by his own deceptive ways and violent actions. Travis was not a saint. If it was not for his violent temper he would be alive today. Jodi is an extremely kind, loving, sweet and thoughtful person who was taken advantage of by many very devious people. The truth will prevail. Next time you speak with her send our love! (((((JODI)))))

    • I will, R.

      Yes, Travis had numerous chances to stop the violence but he was going to “teach that whore a lesson.” It never occurred to him, with his 16-1/2 inch biceps, that he might possibly lose the fight. Funny how a knife in the hands of someone scared out of their wits becomes a great equalizer.

      I wonder how badly his mother got beat up by his womanizing father. I’m sure that’s where he learned his disrespect for women and exactly how to treat them if they should ever displease him.

      • So true Justus. I am sorry for Travis that he had to grow up with abusing parents. So many people do. But, there is no way that I feel he should be able to use that as an excuse for his behavior. If anything, it should have made him be the extreme opposite but as we all know it didn’t. Sad.

        I have stated time and time again that I do not think Jodi was a complete angel. None of us are. We all have done things in our lives that we are ashamed of but we haven’t had to have it plastered all of the world. Jodi did make many bad mistakes, #1 was falling for Travis and his lies, but through out all of this Jodi has rose above her mistakes IMO. How she has had the strength that she has shown is amazing. It is a gift from God. God forgives all that go to him in prayer and ask for his forgiveness. I know in my heart she has done this, it is apparent. God has never told us to go to your Bishop or Priest and confess your sins, only come to him. As far as I’m concerned the Bishops and Priests have enough sins to deal with, without dealing with other peoples. IMO.

      • Oh and BTW, Travis sitting around measuring his biceps is disturbing. It is that comment that lets the world know how into his self he really was. Travis was all about himself. . .he definitely suffered from the ” Me Me Me syndrome”. 🙂

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