Jodi’s Attorney’s file Motion to Dismiss (10/1)

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In the midst of the current jury selection debacle, Jodi’s attorney’s (yesterday) filed a motion to dismiss the DP based on misconduct by Juan Martinez, Esteban Flores and wife (Corrina Flores)… together with additional documented issues relating to witness intimidation, verbal abuse & harassment of witnesses & defense counsel, Brady violations, evidence withholding & tampering, social media tweets relating to sealed hearings, video postings, questionable activities from MCSO’s deputies & detention officers — and a whole lot more to boot.

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Click here (or click the pic below) to launch the 50 page motion (PDF document) in a new window.

Jodi Arias - Motion to Dismiss - October 1st 2014
Jodi Arias – Motion to Dismiss – October 1st 2014

The detailed motion is covered from pages 1 thru 23. The exhibits & docs referred to in the motion are listed from page 24 onwards.

It makes interesting reading for sure.

Jodi Arias - 2014

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    • Congrats on being first Journee! I think SJ should bring back his ‘first comment gifts’ as they were a success back in 2013!

  1. Also, just wanted to chime in I still love JW. A lot of articles bash Jodi’s defense team, and I get KN being under scrutiny, but it is clear to me that JW works hard for her. This motion is great. JW rocks!

    • TaDaa! Congrats to #1 Journee and #2 and #3 Vicky! Way to go!! 😀
      Now everyone try to remember that Corrina Cares About Herself!!!!! LOL 🙄 giggling gleefully

      • Then we should give ((( Nurm))) a big hug but I hope they are all working together. It will only benefit Jodi if they do. IMHO. I’m thankful for all their hard work.

      • On page 12 it says “Ms. Arias had a manila envelope with her, marked “Legal Mail” and addressed to undersigned counsel “Jennifer Willmott.” This makes me think Jennifer wrote this, even though she’s signing for Nurmi (as first chair, I would presume.)

        • You go by the signature line. It says its written by L. Kirk Nurmi . JW signed the document “for” him. If she had authored it, her name would be under the signature line. It may have been intended for her to sign for him so that both attorneys names would be on the motion, and that is why she was addressed as undersigned counsel in the document. That’s my experience.

        • Interesting point. However, if JW wrote this motion, then (IMO) she wrote all the other motions, too, since this is very similar to the others. Namely, it’s well-organized and well-argued, but in terrible English (exactly as KN speaks) and with not even minimal proofreading. I doubt JW would be so slipshod on proofreading her text.

          • But if you listen to them in court, JW had problems with kermit objecting ceaselessly and she would have to keep rewording her questions, while Nurmi had a better track record for asking questions that toadie couldn’t object to. He has more experience with the law than JW but JW is better with people, IMO.

    • Jennifer was so much better than Nurmi during the first trial. I love Jennifer Wilmott too, Vicki.
      She definitely seems to care much more than K.N.

  2. WOW, WOW and WOW Mr. Martinez this is serious. Frankly, it is beyond serious I would have run away to. Shame on All of YOU! Your actions are disgraceful and in my mind “criminal”! All of these people presumed to be Officers of the Law (except for one???)? Thank you DT for doing a wonderful job! HooRay for You!! (((((JODI))))) Praying for you Jodi . . . Stay Strong! 😀

  3. Tweets from today’s Hearing:

    MaryEllen Resendez @maryellenabc15 · 1 h
    I am told Attys didn’t like the lucky 7’s answers to ‪#‎JodiArias‬ jury questionnaire. ‪#‎abc15‬
    MaryEllen Resendez @maryellenabc15 · 1 h
    Attys will begin interviewing potential jurors Monday 10:15am — 45 minutes alloted for group.
    MaryEllen Resendez @maryellenabc15 · 1 h
    #JodiArias hearing is short lived — 7 more potential jurors excused — down to 169 in the pool.
    MaryEllen Resendez @maryellenabc15 · 2 h
    Will be in court this morning for #JodiArias #abc15

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 2 h
    Hearing is over #jodiarias
    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 2 h
    Nurmi asked for more time to question jurors…Judge says 45 min is enough but will give more time if necessary #jodiarias
    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 2 h
    Jurors will be coming in on Monday at 10:15am MST #jodiarias
    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 2 h
    7 jurors have been released #jodiarias
    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 2 h
    They are striking jurors right now #jodiarias
    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 2 h
    If Nurmi reclines anymore he’s going to fall backwards #jodiarias
    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 2 h
    Jen Willmott and Juan are here so let’s go! #jodiarias
    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 2 h
    So far the hearing is open. Nurmi has arrived #jodiarias
    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 4 hς
    I’m headed to courthouse for the 8:30am MST pow wow for #jodiarias. Not sure what’s happening so I will update when I arrive

  4. Since this is also currently news, I wanted to mention this:
    I hear that there is a desire to protect the name of St. Mary.
    I say that surely, any organization that has ” St. Mary in its name, MUST know who Mary Magdalene was.
    Surely they know the teachings of Jesus Christ in regard to it.
    Pope St. Francis says that he believes in, ” the infinite mercy and patience of the Lord Jesus Christ.
    Personally, I believe it is a sin to prevent any human being from exercising the opportunity to do good.
    An organization may feel judgmental about Jodi Arias, feel uncomfortable, victimized, and perhaps find the association abhorrent and repugnant__but if one cares about the true signification of the name Mary in relation to God, then surely one should aspire to rise to the ideals promulgated by the New Testament, and take this opportunity to pratice the tenets of one’s faith.
    This is a fine opportunity to rise above the confines of the ego and embrace the higher law of love.
    The aim of Christianity, [ and most all religions]
    is to change darkness into light.
    In fact, the first words of Genesis are, “God said let there be light.”
    [Jodi Arias has no option of remaining anonymous when she raises money for charity; she is required to account for where any money goes………No one can know what is in a person’s heart, no matter how much one insists otherwise………………If acts of charity also happen to be considered mitigating factors, that is because they rightly ARE mitigators….Proponents of the death penalty have created the very process which operates upon the weighing of mitigating factors……
    Detractors of Arias know very well that even if she were to do no act of charity, they would use that against her too.
    Again, the name of Mary, in the context of Christianity, keeps company with Christ’s refusal to exclude ” sinners”.
    ………………….(It is my understanding that the official stance of the Catholic Church is that it denounces the death penalty……so it is safe to assume that it likewise endorses all endeavors to attain and demonstrate mitigating factors.)

  5. That is an excellent move by Jodi’s attorney; the motion to dismiss is superb. She has been punished too much already in my book. Hang in there Gorgeous don’t let them get You down Jodi.

  6. Very well written by DT and very alarming to read all the criminal acts that have gone on by, like R. Love stated, presumed officers of the law!!! That is a real shame on all of them!!!

    After reading the above, “Jodi’s Attorney’s file Motion to Dismiss (10/1)”, I seriously think that some people need to be ARRESTED for tampering with evidence and yes, R. Love that IS a crime and VERY disgraceful!!! I think Team Jodi knows which persons I’m talking about!!! Why hasn’t something been done about this already???

  7. It’s very hard to read Corrine’s tweets, but one of them is about someone wishing it was kermie that was stabbed in the back 27 times. It must be so hard to be in a courtroom with him all day.


  8. I read the motion and kudos to the DT!! I do think that there are 2 more matters that should have been added to the motion (although it would turn it into the size of a whole encyclopedia set if all the doc proof were to be added in the EXHIBITS section):

    1. The facial expressions that we all witnessed throughout the trial made by the alexander family, travis’s friends and supporters. When there is a jury panel in the courtroom the spectators are advised to have a ‘poker face’ (no expressions at all) during trial. If they can’t keep a ‘poker face’ they are advised not to be present.

    Facial expressions can disrupt or corrupt a trial. In Jodi’s case the constant smirking, nodding, shaking heads with disagreement, ROLLING EYES, crocodile tear crying, hiding when inappropriate photos were exhibited and all the bad acting definitely influenced the jurors (especially when you see a juror mouthing the words ‘I’m sorry’ to alexander family members)… They all knew that this case was going to be stressful and emotional. If they couldn’t keep it together after their first ‘meltdown’ then they shouldn’t have returned to the courtroom.

    2. The Hate campaign that the alexander family, the hughes’s and the hall’s started by giving interviews anywhere they were invited and slandering Jodi while the trial was in process. Knowing that the jury wasn’t sequestered and they ‘might’ (is it ok if I roll my eyes?! ) have stumbled upon some of those interviews.

    I’m not even going to get into the social media frenzy and madness done by them…

  9. I was wondering if CASH has been vocal at all about the upcoming retrial of the penalty phase?
    I know that Dave Hall has been silent ever since he made an ass of himself last year at the state park.
    Anyway where I am going with this is: the Mormon church must hate all of the attention the gang of idiots brought to the church with the trial and the salacious details of Travis and his love for anal.
    I cannot imagine the church being thrilled about the Hughes’ shining a spot light yet again on Travis the church elder and his absolute disregard for the sacred covenants he pretended to abide by. I refuse to sweep that under the rug; sex before marriage being such an abhorrent sin it was second to murder. The true measure of a man is not what he does when everyone is looking, but what he does when no one is watching.
    I am going to guess the Hughes’ both keep their fat traps shut this time.

    • Although, watching their red faces sweating away with their fake smiles is rather entertaining. LOL Let them put on their clown masks again, they deserve an encore performance. They are such dedicated friends and true supporters of Saint Travis. 🙄 Coughing, Gagging, ugh. Hope they learn their lines better; ” Uuuuuuhhhh, Well….., Duhhhh, I’m not sure….., Well maybe….., Uuuuuuhhhh…….Well, Travis was my best friend ever a perfect Saint he was”. 🙄 Shake that bottom line $$$.

      • SO TRUE, R. Love and so disgusting at the same time!!! I really kind of wish Jodi was still representing herself because I was just waiting to see how THEY would act when Jodi questioned them since Jodi knows their TRUE COLORS now!!!! I would have LOVED to see that in PERSON!!! Oooh, what a SIGHT that would have been FOR SURE!!! DARN!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • I saw a tweet from Mr. CASH yesterday, part of their never-ending campaign to get everyone’s emotions to lynch mob mentality. And of course DH is going to spend as much time with his old buddy JVM as she will give him. It’s easy when you are not asked any hard questions, but are simply given a stage to spew your hatred with the host backing up your every word. Not a word about his new problem with goblins and the law.


  10. HLN’s glossing over of this motion was really quite something. Jackson didn’t mention that his business card is now part of a court motion while he was ranting away. Corrina is just a budding producer and no mention the tweeting of sealed evidence which had to have come from her husband. The fact that her mother is a prosecutor and her husband the lead detective, you would think she would know better. Sheriff Joe’s interview was just a normal interview and on and on. Of course, scoopy was on praising on Juan.

  11. In “How to Get Away with Murder” last night, a murderer, with hunting experience, describes how to kill an animal by slitting its throat (to put it out of its misery quickly apparently).

    Man: “Once the knife is by the juglar, you slice…in one swift motion and then well, it just becomes about waiting for the stillness which happens quite fast if you’ve done it correctly.
    Lawyer: “And this technique…this very humane, painless way of killing an animal…Is that how you murdered your wife?”
    Man: “Yes, that’s correct.”

    Later, the ME is trying to decide if the same person killed 2 women.
    ME: “The first murder, a laceration across the neck was done by someone with a knowledge of anatomy.”
    Lawyer: “And the second murder?
    ME: “The numerous sharp injuries were messy, inaccurate. They hit bone. The killer knew nothing about anatomy.”
    Of course, it’s just fiction.

    • Someone correct me if I am wrong – but wasn’t Bryan Carr the guy who sort of latched onto Jodi for awhile, said he visited her regularly – showed up in court a couple of times I think – said Jodi was romantically involved with some other woman at Estrella and they wanted him to father a baby for them? Is he the guy?

        • Why are you apologizing? Don’t be silly! I’m not even sure it’s the same guy. If it is, though, Jodi denied any friendship with him.

            • Interesting but not unique to him. I think it’s been the prevailing ‘something else happened’ theory all along, one he could have picked up here or any number of places – including Edgar’s earliest rants.

              The throat wound and the belly wound would support the theory. But the chest wound doesn’t, I don’t think. Anyone looking to stab someone in the heart wouldn’t sink a knife into the RIGHT side of the chest, would they? That’s always bugged me.

              • Journee,

                It was a right-sided chest wound that nicked the blood vessel going into the heart.
                “A 1&1/2 inch oblique stab wound at the paramidline right chest, with penetration/perforation of the costochondral junction near the sternum at the level of the 3rd & 4th ribs; the wound extends to a maximum depth of approximately 3&1/2 inches with penetration of the superior vena cava near the base of the heart, with a small amount of hemorrhagic in the mediastinal soft tissue and the pericardal sac of the heart…”

                OR, are you talking about the second wound to the right side of chest: “A deep transverse 2 inch incised wound across the lower right chest below the nipple…”.

                I agree the wound below the right nipple wasn’t likely to reach the heart (unless it was done with a long-bladed knife or sword or screwdriver, etc.)

                One thing I hadn’t noticed before was the right jugular vein & right carotid artery were severed but not the left jugular vein & carotid artery. I thought that neck wound would have severed those vessels on both sides but apparently not. It might indicate Travis lived a little longer than he would have if those blood vessels were severed on both sides.

                Also, the description “with a small amount of hemorrhagic in the mediastinal soft tissue and pericardal sac of the heart” (above). Is this a description of the amount of bleeding from the penetration of the vena cava? I don’t know but if it is it doesn’t sound like much blood loss. Again, it might mean Travis wasn’t weakened by this chest wound as much as Dr. Horn suggested. He would definitely be weaked quickly if the blood was gushing from the vena cava but it’s hard to say if it was or not. Doesn’t sound like it was from Dr. Horn description but I may be misinterpreting it.

                • I was talking about the first wound you describe, the stab wound that cut the vena cava. I suppose someone with the knowledge of a surgeon could have made that wound, with the intent of delivering a fatal wound that wouldn’t kill immediately – so that Travis might suffer more in his death. But blood atonement specifically calls for a stab to the heart, slitting the throat and cutting open the belly (to disembowel). The gestures that mimic these acts are part of the ritual to be sealed to the temple, so they are quite specific. Any good Mormon should know that a stab to the heart would be to the LEFT of the paramidline.

                • Hi R. Love,

                  I’ve read some of MissPJgirl’s stuff. I know she believes Travis wasn’t killed in his home and the crime scene is staged. She, too, believes the neck wound is a ritual cut. But, I haven’t gone deeply into her blog.

                • This isn’t my area at all, but what about the obvious: R-sided wounds made face-to-face indicate a left-handed assailant? Also, way back when, I remember reading a Mormon poster who said blood atonements haven’t taken place for more than a century.

                • Alan – ‘face to face’ people engaged in a struggle may or may not necessarily directly in front of each other. And I still wonder at the significance of the fact that the sharp edge of the knife was upwards.

                  Mormons have a public story which, according to ex-Mormons, differs significantly from what is true.

                  And then there’s Flores, whose experience as a homicide detective in Mesa first led him to think that Travis’ neck wound might suggest a suicide.

                • Yes, Carol – there are those Ninja Mormon girls!

                  And let’s not forget the SWORD that was used to disable them!

      • Yep, Bryan Carr. One weird dude…. He had attended court once or twice and maybe being in a close proximity to her triggered his ”fantasy world” so he started going to the media with his the-Mormons-did it conspiracy theories, saying how he was her friend and had visited (which he never did). 🙄

  12. Watching (sort of) “A Time To Kill.” Two white guys rape a black man’s 10 year old daughter. The black man (Samuel L. Jackson) then blasts & kills the 2 white guys with an automatic rifle (lot & lots of bullets) after they are arrested by police. A lawyer (MathewMcConaughey) defending the black man, asks a DT member: “Can we keep the pictures of the 2 dead guys out of the trial?”

    Does anyone know if Jodi’s defense team tried to prevent Travis’s autopsy pictures from being shown. I think it’s been mentioned before that those pictures would have a difficult time being introduced into a Canadian court b/c it’s known that horrific pictures influence how jurors view/perceive the defendant. DT needs to keep Travis’s pics out next time if at all possible.

  13. Did we know that Travis’ writings are now a book for sale on ($4.99)? It’s called “RAISING YOU: STUMBLING BLOCKS OR STEPPING STONES, The Roadmap to a Better You”. So far it has 5-stars (37), 4-stars (1), 3-stars (2), and 1-star (3). And, of course, the comments under 5-stars is enough to make you wanna puke.

    • Very informative article. Related story at bottom entitled Radical Mormon Jihad links these brothers to Ezra Taft Benson, grandfather of the ‘cartoonist’.

      “Both Ron and Dan cite Benson as a figure influential to their politics. Dan actually requested that Benson intervene in his excommunication proceedings and later subpoenaed Benson to testify in his defence at the murder trial (motion quashed).”

    • I’m not sure Tara understands what she was allowed to do even to this day. She wrote: “You can use social media but can not talk about the trial.” It’s more than talking. She wasn’t supposed to watch or read or listen to anything about the trial either. The way she seems to understand it would make watching, reading and listening OK.
      As for Tara not seeing any remorse from Jodi. She obviously was daydreaming the day Jodi was crying and the tears were dripping off her chin onto her shirt or maybe she put it down to Jodi feeling sorry for herself. Plus, any juror that thinks they can read a defendant’s or anyone emotions by looking at them is not very bright. Sometimes you can, sometimes you can’t and sometimes you’re dead wrong about what they’re feeling. But, you hear jurors do it all the time. “Their eyes were so cold” “They looked disinterested.” And, you know defendants are aware they have to cry or look sad or remorseful b/c there’s a chance they’ll be convicted for not displaying the “correct” emotions during trial.

  14. Enrique Cortez on NG explained why they couldn’t detect any odor. His only explanation was that it was a big house, the bedroom was big and there was a loft between their bedrooms. He did nothing to explain why the detectives smelled it as soon as they opened the door. NG just accepted this and moved on. Normally, she would have ranted and raved for at least 10 minutes how that was impossible.

    • It is impossible! Never could have happened. Brings up horrible memories of when my freezer died full of fish. . .It was in my basement and we have 3 stories it was unbearable! Also, with AC on it would have been through out the house in minutes , if not seconds! 🙄 Another thing that bothered me was the absence of fly larvae on the body. It was just like some one had him in a refrigerator for 4 to 5 days. Explain that one Enrique Cortez and Nancy Grace. Duh? Huh?

      • I agree! It’s totally impossible for a body – in the middle of AZ heat – to NOT smell! Even around my area where it’s all forest woods you can smell a dead animal (and it’s outdoors!) from a long distance. Imagine a closed house! I’m sorry to be blunt BUT a 5 days corpse of a human being must’ve stank sooooooo much that it would have been unbearable to live in that house!

        Please remind me someone: Where was the dog? If I remember correctly, he was in the house! Dogs’ sense of smell is 10x stronger than humans! The dog should’ve been going crazy! Especially smelling his ‘master’!!!

  15. I’ve added one more piece to the “Judicial Injustices” section of my “Reasonable Doubt” site, calling out Lifetime Network. And in that same section I added a link to a page entitled “Lifetime Movie: What They Got Wrong”. I just finished watching it so my current list is still a work in progress. (I bought the DVD, not because I wanted to give those SOB’s my money but because I wanted to be able to watch it (when I felt I could actually stomach it) in order to create a list of all the things they got wrong.)

    • Justus,

      A lot of movies have their script posted on the net. Can make it quicker & easier to go through. Plus, you can just copy any quotes you need easily. But, I don’t know if Lifetime movies would have their scripts posted b/c of their “lower than dirt” quality.

    • Good Job Justus! ♥ Once again you covered it very well!! I hope you can recover from watching that poor excuse of a made for t v movie. I never watched it, I knew it was packed full of lies. 🙄

  16. I just read a tweet where one juror watched ‘the movie’ over the weekend after he was admonished last week. I guess he didn’t want to be on the jury. At least he was honest, which is the second best thing they can be.


  17. What is the worth of a soul?
    Jesus said that a human soul is worth more than the whole world. “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?
    Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?” (Mark 8:36–37, NKJV). There’s nothing more valuable—a soul is eternal, and its worth is beyond measure.

    Those who find themselves wanting the death penalty for Jodi should stop and think are they sealing their own fate also. Jodi Ann Arias is an innocent young woman. . .what would be wrong with showing her mercy? There is Reasonable Doubt everywhere. . . those of you who are throwing stones, opene your eyes. It is never too late to make a difference in your life or someone else’s.

    • Unfortunately R, many people have forgotten what kindness, sympathy and forgiveness means. They crave for revenge in the most ugliest, vile way….

  18. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 24m 24 minutes ago
    For further Arias coverage, follow @TrialDiariesJ, @jeffgoldesq, @WildAboutTrial.

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 25m 25 minutes ago
    This show is in town for the next two weeks, folks, #jodiarias jury selection. I’m out of here for now.

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 30m 30 minutes ago
    Another female on the potential Arias juror pool says she doesn’t think highly of psychologists.

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 39m 39 minutes ago
    A woman with a European accent says she would just go along with the group as to her decisions. #jodiarias jury selection continues.

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 42m 42 minutes ago
    Follow @jeffgoldesq for fashion commentary on Jodi’s look today.

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 45m 45 minutes ago
    The “comedian” is asked if he watched coverage of the Arias case. “No, I watched the movie,” he said. He is asked to wait in the hall.

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 46m 46 minutes ago
    Next group up. A man in a pink shirt quips, “Lots of smiling faces,” as he enters. Looks like we got us a “comedian!”

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 50m 50 minutes ago
    She’s still in the mix.

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 58m 58 minutes ago
    Hmm, this juror wrote on her questionnaire that the death penalty is imposed too seldom. Still says she hasn’t made up her mind re Arias.

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 1h 1 hour ago
    Juror 95 enters the jury box for her individual questioning on her comments that Arias acted oddly after arrest. She brings up the headstand

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 1h 1 hour ago
    Nurmi is reading from the questionnaire of a juror who describes Arias’ behavior as odd. He wants individual voir dire. Martinez objects.

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 1h 1 hour ago
    Five of the seven potential Arias jurors in this first voir dire group are dismissed. The two survivors are to return Oct. 16.

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 1h 1 hour ago
    Another male juror candidate saying the only penalty for first-degree murder is death. We’ve got both ends of the spectrum.

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 1h 1 hour ago
    Martinez objects to Nurmi telling jurors they have a right to and are expected to act on their own opinions and beliefs. #jodiarias

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 2h 2 hours ago
    Nurmi tells the jurors that it’s ok not to believe in the death penalty. “There are no wrong answers.” Duty to deliver their own verdict.

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 2h 2 hours ago
    Kirk Nurmi is at bat, ready to take his cuts at this first group of seven potential Jodi Arias jurors.

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 2h 2 hours ago
    Another potential Arias juror tells Juan Martinez that he just can’t help but talk about the trial.

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 2h 2 hours ago
    Martinez asks a female juror if she still suffers from depression, asks a male why he doesn’t believe in the death penalty. #jodiarias

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 2h 2 hours ago
    In jury selection for the Jodi Arias retrial. Juan Martinez is questioning potential jurors.

  19. Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial · 39 m
    The female juror speaking now came in with a backpack twice her size. What’s in thurrrrr? I gotta know. #jodiarias

    Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial · 41 m
    One of the older female jurors is wearing her beats by dre. It’s hard to hear in this large courtroom. #jodiarias

    Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial · 47 m
    Juror 35 “Mr smiling faces” said he saw the #jodiarias movie. He was asked to go out and chill in the hallway.

    Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial · 49 m
    1 juror walks in and says “look at all these smiling faces”. I was scowling though. He has hot salmon shirt on. #jodiarias

    Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial · 51 m
    Next jurors on their way in #jodiarias

    Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial · 51 m
    Juror 95 is asked to come back on Oct 16th. #jodiarias

    Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial · 60 m
    I have missed Nurmis soothing tone. #serenitynow #jodiarias

    Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial · 1 h
    She believes the death penalty is given to seldom. She has no opinion if #jodiarias deserves the death penalty or not.

    Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial · 1 h
    Nurmi asks why she answered that #jodiarias actions were “odd” after arrest. The famous interrogation room head stand was brought up

    Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial · 1 h
    Juror 95 is here. Attorneys will question her based on her questionnaire. #jodiarias

    Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial · 1 h
    Judge calls for juror 95 to come in next. Juror 34 showed up early and is being put in this next panel I think. #jodiarias

    Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial · 1 h
    Juror 5 and 69 are asked to return on Oct 16th. Rest are excused. #jodiarias

    Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial · 1 h
    The photocopier spews forth multiple salmon pages as we wait with the sizzle. Counsel is at the bench. #jodiarias

    Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial · 1 h
    No further questions. Sizzlebar. #jodiarias

    Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial · 1 h
    Nurmi is talking to the religious gal now. I correct myself there is 7 jurors not 8. #jodiarias

    Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial · 1 h
    Nurms could use some new fitted suits. #pantsbesagging #jodiarias

    Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial · 1 h
    Nurmi and this male juror continue to discuss the death penalty sentence issue. #jodiarias

    Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial · 1 h
    Nurmi is questioning one juror who thinks death is the appropriate sentence. He did a partial left handed chicken wing move. #jodiarias

    Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial · 2 h
    Juan is done. Nurmi is up

  20. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 34 s
    This juror believes in DP and wants an explanation from #jodiarias but as of now she deserves death #excused

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 8m
    Individual questioning of a female juror that has seen coverage of trial. #jodiarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 10m
    #jodiarias does have a supporter here in the front row

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 24m
    Back in courtroom waiting on another round of jurors #jodiarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 29m
    Oh! Squeal! #BethKaras is here #jodiarias

    • Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 4 m
      Young female potential juror says she doesn’t know much about case #jodiarias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 13 m
      Nurmi got slow after lunch #jodiarias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 18 m
      6 jurors are back to finish up from before lunch break #jodiarias

      • Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 18s

        Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 1m
        The juror with childcare issues says she’s willing to pay for daycare. She stays the other one is dismissed #jodiarias

        Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 3m
        A juror has told judge her employer needs her. Another one has childcare issues #jodiarias

        Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 6m
        6 jurors are now in the box #jodiarias

        Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 7 m
        Sidebar….1 juror was let go she was the one that couldn’t change her mind about DP #jodiarias #next

  21. Juror 82 got to stay. She’s the one who’s sister in law was friends with Jodi, and ALSO the one who said she knew 2 people who were stalked and killed. Monica Lindstrom says she seemed to be trying harder than most to stay on the jury.

      • Jeff Gold just commented that Jodi’s royal blue shirt is sheerer than he realized – speculates she wore it for potential male viewers. What an ass.

            • I don’t think I’m going to make it through this thing. I really don’t like any of them much, but Gold has been especially creepy today. I may have to wait to see it for myself.

              • And it looks like we may not be able to count on Kiefer through jury selection.

                He tweeted this when they broke for lunch.

                Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 6h 5 hours ago
                This show is in town for the next two weeks, folks, #jodiarias jury selection. I’m out of here for now.

                • Troy didn’t even go. I don’t mind him. I know Maria doesn’t like him, but I find him okay. We’re left with scoopy and her friends and now BK is in town. Next NG & JVM will be moving in front of the courthouse with their tents.

                • The only decent person we relied on to keep us updated (Kiefer) is out so we’re left with the trashy ones. Great, just great! 🙄

                • She is probably the best one. There is a cutie from LA, but all he was covering this morning was the double chocolate that he had on his chin that no one told him about.


                • Lindstrom has written: “I’m emotionally fine with the death penalty.” Not exactly hating but it’s pretty cold.

                • She’s a former prosecutor as well as a former defense attorney – I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s encountered a few of the ‘worst of the worst’.

                  I am not *completely* opposed to the death penalty — when there is positive PROOF that someone is a mass-murderer (like MeVeigh) or a serial killer (like Dahmer), I think I could agree to it as a juror – if this country ever again figures out a way to do it humanely.

        • Jeff Gold is a creepy guy! He doesn’t like Jodi and tries to ‘save face’ by making 1 or 2 nice comments.

          The only person I respect is Michael Kiefer! He is what a journalist should be: neutral. He sticks to the important stuff. He has never stated whether he is pro or against Jodi. I like that. Nowadays, that is really rare in journalism!

          ((((Michael Kiefer))))) ♥

  22. You’ve probably seem Kiefer’s (2nd tweet at the bottom) but it almost sounds like he’s getting tired of all the hateful bullying of Jodi. Whatever, I loved his question. To me he was saying just b/c you believe in the death penalty, you don’t have to vote for it automatically. There were 4 jurors on Jodi’s first trial who must have said they believe in the DP but they didn’t vote for it when it came crunch time.

    Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer · 7h7 hours ago
    Nurmi tells the jurors that it’s ok not to believe in the death penalty. “There are no wrong answers.” Duty to deliver their own verdict.

    onelonetraveler ‏@onelonetraveler · 7h7 hours ago
    @michaelbkiefer How in hell can you qualify to be on death penalty sentencing phase if you don’t believe in the death penalty?

     lissaredshoes retweeted

    Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer · 7h7 hours ago
    @onelonetraveler So you only qualify if your mind is made up for death?



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  23. Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · 4m 4 minutes ago
    Court still going-Parties arguing over an interview of a defense witness that resides in New Zealand #JodiArias


  24. Tweet for alan regarding the literacy of lawyers. Note how Mr. Gold wasted one of his limited twitter characters on an unnecessary apostrophe.

    Jeffrey Evan Gold @jeffgoldesq · 9m 9 minutes ago
    #JodiArias let’s her hair down at end of this long jury selection session. Bring out the wine and cheese.

  25. Scoopy on JVM said the interesting jurors from yesterday were a psychologist, the woman who knows Jodi’s family and the woman who saw her do the headstand. Most are being dismissed because they are too rigid on either side of the issue of death penalty, not too many people in the mid-ground that they need.

  26. Monica tweeted that it seems like most of the jurors that made the cut so far seem to be women. Someone tweeted to her that that may not be good for Jodi.

  27. HLN coverage of the motion was that according to JJ and MB dismissed the video and tweets as non-existent or made up by Jodi supporters. JS, your site got some attention with the art and the letters of donation, which again, really must be made up by the supporters.

    JVM’s coverage of Corinna’s video and tweets was that JVM found the video to be “bizarre” “happy music” , in other words not impressed, but they could not confirm that it belonged to her. Lisa Bloom was the guest who took most issue, with the others saying it happens all the time. Lisa said if the detective’s wife had done this, “she was a complete idiot”, but that it can be easily fixed by just asking the jurors if they had seen it. JVM called the tweets bizarre, but didn’t mention the subject matter, ie the lead detective and part of his investigation, the prosecutor, the judge’s assistant, the jury, evidence from sealed court hearings about that jury, the defence and prosecutor’s decisions about the sex tape, the issue of the “forged” letters, the Hughes’ emails and their access to Travis’ ………

    JVM seemed surprised that there was such a thing as a hate campaign against Jodi, when their network is right in the middle of the whole thing.

    🙄 🙄 🙄

    • Really???? She was surprised??? Wasn’t she the one that day in – day out bashed Jodi, was sarcastic all the time and spewed her venom about Jodi??? Jaaaaane!!!! Were you hitting the bottle again? Have you forgotten? I can find tons of videos proving that JVM along with NG and VP were captains of the hate campaign!

    • “There is nothing more dangerous than liars who believe their own lies and think they are telling the truth.”
      ___ Prabhuji

  28. Canada Carol, I saw that segment on the video by detective’s wife… my opinion, they (HLN) left out the most important information –that would be the tweeting from the detective’s wife. That info left me with the greatest impact— from her attempts to influence the public. A comment other than that is to read a face book comment on the other site from a woman who would like to see Jodi stabbed 29 times. I just couldn’t believe my eyes that I was reading that. This woman is supposed to be a loving upstanding family person. What the he__ is that? I cannot help but think how much trouble our world is in because of the hatred that consumes people. Don’t usually comment but have been here since the beginning. I just had to point out that. I was so taken aback!

  29. The atmosphere is feisty this morning. JW is questioning and Juan is objecting. Sidebars. Jodi tried to speak and kermit shut her down. I hope that was not in front of the potential jurors. Juan seems to ride JW with objections all the time.

    • Jeffrey Evan Gold @jeffgoldesq · now 14 seconds ago
      Juan speaks objections over Jennifer’s objections to speaking objections repeatedly in #JodiArias .#Chauvanist 🙂

    • So kermit and pickles are back to their old selves again!!!! It’s like a fucking wrestling ring in that courtroom: with Juan and Sherry being the tag team! WWE SMACKDOWN!

      And kermit should learn some manners! Fucking aggressive frog! If he was like this since he was in school, I’m guessing he got his ass whipped by the other children there quite often! Nobody likes a whiny bitchin’ frog!

      As for pickles? She’s just a lost cause all together! Useless and unprofessional!

    • Katie Conner @KatieJConner · 8m
      Judge Stephens is now even questioning potential jurors #jodiarias #travisalexander #juanmartinez #abc15

      Katie Conner @KatieJConner · 26m
      Correction: female juror says she has been charged before with domestic violence. #jodiarias #juanmartinez #TravisAlexander #abc15

      Katie Conner @KatieJConner · 29m
      Juan Martinez questions female juror about how she was a victim to domestic abuse #abc15 #jodiarias #juanmartinez #travisalexander

      Katie Conner @KatieJConner · 42m
      Martinez up now. Willmott objects before first question was even asked #jodiarias #abc15 #JuanMartinez #TravisAlexander

      Katie Conner @KatieJConner · 59m
      Juan Martinez objects for third time in first 15 minutes of questioning. She seems to be getting frustrated #jodiarias #ABC15

      Katie Conner @KatieJConner · 1h
      Willmott is questioning jurors today. Not Nurmi. Martinez has objected a couple times already #jodiarias #abc15

      Katie Conner @KatieJConner · 1h
      Judge tells Arias attorney “We could have enough jurors by today.” #jodiarias #abc15 #JuanMartinez #TravisAlexander

      • Katie Conner @KatieJConner · 3m
        One juror is brought in for solo questioning. Willmott questioning him now. #jodiarias #travisalexander #juanmartinez #abc15

        Katie Conner @KatieJConner · 4 m
        No jury selection for Thursday, Friday or Monday. #jodiarias #travisalexander #juanmartinez #abc15

  30. Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · 11s
    The job of the attorneys is to get potential juror’s thoughts and beliefs so yes, I am serious @am77933250

    Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · 5m
    GREAT question! “What do you associate with her name?” referring to #JodiArias. way to get insight into juror’s thinking

      • Maria – almost no one pays attention to NG anymore. Seriously, even the die-hard haters know that NG can’t be bothered to learn the facts of ANY case.

        Coming to Phoenix is probably her best shot of getting a few more viewers.

    • STOP THE TRAIN! SAY IT ISN”T SO! Of course, they are in need of more clowns. . . Maybe her face will be painted with a happy face (no that would help).

        • Monica Lindstrom @monicalindstrom · 2 m
          Have to say JM is amazing with his memory and these jurors #impressed #jodiarias


          • And then:

            Damn, JM is good. He asks a question & picks up on language patterns to get the answers @mikelindstrom would be impressed #jodiarias

          • props for his skills don’t amount to respect, though, maria

            she’s a lawyer who’s worked both sides, she would pay attention to what attorneys do well – she just praised Jen a few minutes ago

  31. Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 7m7 minutes ago

    The “Uncle Si” guy says he has no problem with the court schedule as long as it doesn’t conflict with Veterans Weekend events. #jodiarias

    He thinks one of this bunch looks like SI from Duck Dynasty.

  32. Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 3m3 minutes ago
    I’ve spent the last week sitting just feet away from #jodiarias and honestly, she never, ever shows any emotion

    Dave Erickson should watch the trial. She is trying to pick a jury.

    • And Monica Lindstrom agreed with that statement. 🙄

      Have they watched the freaking trial????
      Why should she start crying/show emotions, FFS? It’s the Jury Selection!

      • Jodi is doing the right thing. . .give them a stone face. It doesn’t matter what her expressions are right now, just don’t give them fuel for their fires! They have watched the trial that was held in the media and amongst themselves. . .that is were all the facts got their start. The truth has not been heard yet.

        • She may be doing it purposefully – lots of comment last week about how stricken she looked when so many were so apparently against her.

        • If she smiles, they say she’s up to her same old tricks, if she cries they say she is faking it and if she tries to remain passive, they say she shows no emotion. It reminds of an old fable about people never being satisfied.

          • Exactly Carol! They will never be satisfied with whatever Jodi does.

            I’m sure that Jodi is so scared and feels so humiliated. She’s like on exhibition and she is not allowed to speak, to show emotion, to turn around and look at whoever is sitting behind her… She has to sit still and hope that people don’t vote to kill her! Does anyone really think that she is feeling great and peachy????!!!!!! GMAFB!

      • It is pathetic that they don’ t understand basic psychology; Jodi has had to cope with enormous burdens past, and present and will have to for the future, and her psyche has to regulate energy so she can cope.
        Those people make no effort to understand; it’s all a big gossip party for them.

  33. Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 4m4 minutes ago
    “Can you give any consideration to Travis’ history, or is it too late for that?” – #JodiArias atty Jennifer Willmott to prospective jurors.

  34. Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 4m4 minutes ago
    Jennifer Willmott really hammering the questions about the “eye for an eye” opinion of some of these prospective #jodiarias jurors.

    Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ · 8m8 minutes ago
    Willmott is taking her time asking a female juror about clubs, jury service in past, how they feel about DP etc. #jodiarias

  35. Lindstrom said earlier that they have to come out of this phase of jury selection – panel interviews – with a minimum of 38 jurors. They need 18 for the final jury, and each side gets 10 strikes during voire dire.

  36. Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 4m4 minutes ago
    #JodiArias jury selection today is 30 mins past lunch recess. The growling in the court isn’t just Juan Martinez… it’s stomachs.

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 6m6 minutes ago
    This group of prospective #jodiarias jurors has been questioned longer than any other thus far.

  37. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ · 7m7 minutes ago
    2 out of 6 stay on so far and they are keeping the rest for further questioning #JodiArias

    Beth Karas ‏@BethKaras · 7m7 minutes ago
    Questioning of today’s second panel of potential jurors in #jodiarias is almost finished.

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 7m7 minutes ago
    Of these 6 prospective #jodiarias jurors, 2 told to return on October 16th

    Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ · 9m9 minutes ago
    Wow that was long line of questioning. Sidebar

    • Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 28s
      This juror remains on…#jodiarias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 2m
      Juan makes a joke and the juror says this doesn’t affect her at all #jodiarias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 3 m
      This juror also says In questionnaire the lead prosecutor may like the limelight based on news coverage story #jodiarias

      Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 5 m
      This juror saw the verdict in media. This is same juror that may find the photos disturbing #jodiarias

  38. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ · 6m6 minutes ago
    This juror also says In questionnaire the lead prosecutor may like the limelight based on news coverage story #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 6m6 minutes ago
    Martinez asking woman if she ever saw him on TV signing an autograph. She says she saw it on the news. #jodiarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ · 7m7 minutes ago
    This juror also says In questionnaire the lead prosecutor may like the limelight based on news coverage story #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 7m7 minutes ago
    She says its not so much the media coverage but that her friends were always talking about it. #jodiarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ · 7m7 minutes ago
    This juror saw the verdict in media. This is same juror that may find the photos disturbing #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 8m8 minutes ago
    Juan Martinez now grilling a prospective #jodiarias juror as to whether previous media coverage will influence her.

  39. It gets to be a big blur for me, but that sounds right. They are making progress, and then the final strikes come.

    HLN was just talking about our Jodi. She is on Pinterest and that has JJ and guests thinking that this could be a problem, in that innocently jurors could be exposed to the pages of stuff on Jodi.

  40. Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 10m10 minutes ago
    Remember this guy is the same one who said he believes in an “eye for an eye.” #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 12m12 minutes ago
    Duck Dynasty Lookalike come on down! You’re the first prospective #jodiarias juror to be questioned one-on-one following the recess

    Don’t want this guy.

  41. Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 3m3 minutes ago
    Members of Travis Alexander’s family in the front row of the courtroom. Been here every day since #jodiarias jury selection began.

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 5m5 minutes ago
    Two from this juror group excused by judge. #JodiArias atty Kirk Nurmi now questioning the remaining 10.

  42. Rain Shine ‏@RedTailspin · 4m4 minutes ago
    #Canada & #Mexico & most countries in the world wouldn’t kill #JodiArias but #Arizona will. So strange & different. More like 16th century.

  43. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ · 4m4 minutes ago
    This female potential juror says this experience is causing her anxiety

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 4m4 minutes ago
    He did say that he’s anti-death penalty but if someone in his family was a victim of this type of crime he might feel differently #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 5m5 minutes ago
    One prospective juror, a man, says he believes a life sentence for #jodiarias is the appropriate one

  44. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ · 4m4 minutes ago
    She says she’s a trauma nurse and she sees this all the time and this trial won’t be a problem for her #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 4m4 minutes ago
    Nurmi’s questioning of the prospective jurors is very slow, very deliberate

    Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ · 4m4 minutes ago
    #jodiarias is watching this juror very intently

    Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ · 5m5 minutes ago
    A young female was in an abusive relationship from 18yrs old to 24

  45. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ · 4m4 minutes ago
    This potential juror says if it’s 1st degree with cruelty it should be a DP case. He said he’s listen to all the evidence #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 4m4 minutes ago
    Prospective #jodiarias juror says religion should not affect opinion on sentence, “Religion has nothing to do with the facts of the case.”

    Don’t want this guy.

  46. Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 3m3 minutes ago
    When asked by Nurmi, prospective juror says he can grab remote and change the channel if #JodiArias coverage comes on television.


  47. Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 4m4 minutes ago
    Female prospective #jodiarias juror recounts her own domestic abuse. Emotional moment in a pretty rote proceeding.

    Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ · 8m8 minutes ago
    Another p. juror (female) who was in abusive relationship #jodiarias

  48. Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 4m4 minutes ago
    Nurmi questioning older woman who says, “Just because you killed someone doesn’t mean you automatically kill them.” #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 5m5 minutes ago
    The prospective #jodiarias juror being questioned right now is a former Chicago cop and prison employee who once worked on Death Row.

  49. Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 4m4 minutes ago
    15 minute recess. #jodiarias I need a coffee IV stat.

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 5m5 minutes ago
    Juror:”If you go to jail for life you should stay there.If the judge says she can get out after 25 years, I’ve a problem w/that” #jodiarias

    (This was the older woman.)

  50. Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 6m6 minutes ago
    The judge’s video ban in the #JodiArias sentencing forced the coverage to Twitter. I’ve tried to be as descriptive as I can be. Hope it’s OK

  51. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ · 4m4 minutes ago
    This female juror that experienced DV, her husband was in prison at one time

    Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ · 4m4 minutes ago
    Juan is questioning a p. Juror who’s mom is a psychologist #jodiarias

    CBS 5 News ‏@CBS5AZ · 5m5 minutes ago
    Many of the potential jurors questioned today were victims of domestic violence. Most of them were not sent home.@jbarrycbs5 #jodiarias

  52. KTAR News on 92.3 ‏@KTAR923 · 4m4 minutes ago
    JM started questioning 3rd panel of the day and then there are 4 more jurors to be questioned individually before court recesses #jodiarias

  53. Stephen Collins the actor which played the Minister in Seventh Heaven has been accused of sexually abusing children, even an eleven year old girl started over 30 years ago. His estranged wife reported him to his therapist and police in 2012 and it is just getting out. Anyone else heard that? Wonder if he is a Mormon?

  54. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ · 4m4 minutes ago
    This male juror knows his stuff. He answers questions well #jodiarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ · 10m10 minutes ago
    Ha! Nurmi is slumped and reclined so much in his chair #jodiarias and Jen are taller sitting next to him

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 4m4 minutes ago
    Prospective #jodiarias juror, the domestic violence victim, tells Martinez about her ex who ended up in prison, “He’s an idiot.”

  55. Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 4m4 minutes ago
    Martinez finished with his questions. Sidebar called. 6 jurors make it to the next round on Oct. 16th. #jodiarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ · 4m4 minutes ago
    Sidebar #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 4m4 minutes ago
    Juan Martinez is really drilling down into this prospective juror’s position on the death penalty. #jodiarias

  56. Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 3m3 minutes ago
    Potential #jodiarias juror says she watches @NancyGraceHLN. Nurmi asks,”Will her derisive & unflattering comments affect your impartiality?”

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 4m4 minutes ago
    Domestic violence victim makes it through to next round of jury selection. Checking on whether the former prison guard did. #jodiarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ · 4m4 minutes ago
    Voir Dire of a female witness #jodiarias

    Beth Karas ‏@BethKaras · 4m4 minutes ago
    Eight more jurors made the cut to return for final round on 10/16. So far, 41 are returning. Day isn’t finished. #jodiarias (everybody else says 6)

  57. Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 4m4 minutes ago
    I will occasionally catch Travis Alexander’s sister glancing over at #JodiArias. Arias never looks back at her.

    Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ · 4m4 minutes ago
    Potential juror said she doesn’t think released after 25 years is long enough

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 4m4 minutes ago
    So far the most used phrase today, “an eye for an eye.” #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 4m4 minutes ago
    This prospective juror also said on her questionnaire that she’s a death penalty supporter, “eye for an eye.” #JodiArias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ · 3m3 minutes ago
    Potential juror says “you can’t believe everything you hear” #jodiarias

  58. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ · 4m4 minutes ago
    Juan tells juror “you can tell yourself this woman over here is a murderer”

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 4m4 minutes ago
    The good thing about when Kirk Nurmi speaks is that I never get any older… because time stands still. #jodiarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ · 4m4 minutes ago
    Nurmi is explaining she will just vote life or death and judge makes final decision if life w/ no release or life w/ release #jodiarias

  59. Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ · 4m4 minutes ago
    This female juror remains in the jury pool #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 3m3 minutes ago
    Lawyers now conferring with judge. The woman who watches Nancy Grace awaits further questioning. #jodiarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ · 4m4 minutes ago
    This woman also says she saw reenactments on HLN (After Dark) #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 5m5 minutes ago
    Juan Martinez now questioning #jodiarias juror… “You accept it was an especially cruel crime, do you feel death penalty is appropriate?”

    Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ · 5m5 minutes ago
    Juan tells this woman “not only is she guilty of murder it was especially cruel” Nurmi objects but Judge overruled #jodiarias

  60. KTAR News on 92.3 ‏@KTAR923 · 4m4 minutes ago
    Final juror of the day is sat and questioning has begun #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 4m4 minutes ago
    Lawyers conferring again with judge. Looks like the Nancy Grace viewer made it to the next round. Told to avoid media. #jodiarias

  61. Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 3m3 minutes ago
    And that’s a wrap! #jodiarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ · 3m3 minutes ago
    Jury selection returns tomorrow at 9:30am MST around 8 are coming in morning

    KTAR News on 92.3 ‏@KTAR923 · 3m3 minutes ago
    Some jurors are coming back tomorrow but a large number are being told they are no longer needed #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 4m4 minutes ago
    Woman excused. #jodiarias

    Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ · 4m4 minutes ago
    This juror says her parents are ill and she needs excused #jodiarias #excused

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 4m4 minutes ago
    The final #jodiarias juror to be questioned today has entered the courtroom. Hesitates when judge asks if anyone spoke to her about case.

    Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ · 4m4 minutes ago
    Last female juror of the day says her co worker are yappin about #jodiarias

  62. I don’t know what the best makeup of the jury would be. But, I get a lot of hateful tweets & it seems women who (appear to) use their real name want Jodi to die. They’re not hiding behind a twitter name (or handle), they want people to know who they are and Jodi should die, according to them. In fact, most of the people that responded to me early on wanted her to die. Lately, I’ve had a few more moderate people say life in prison for Jodi would OK with them. These people may not be hard core haters though b/c I’ve been directing my tweets recently toward the people of Arizona (or trying to).

  63. Reading all the tweets I am wondering: how is the jury pool going to be fair when social media, tv and journalism is stirring up the pot about Jodi again…

    People are going to hear things! They are going to want to read about what they experienced in the courtroom… they will be tempted to read replies and comments… they will be tempted to talk with their family and friends about their experience with the ‘HOTTEST TRIAL IN USA’… they are going to watch the latest gossip on HLN or any other trashy tv channel…

    Do you think for a minute that this will be a fair and impartial jury? Even if the jurors want to be unbiased, it is IMPOSSIBLE! If they are not sequestered, there is no way that they can avoid any conversation or news referring to the trial and to Jodi.

    Good luck with that!

    • The ‘justice’ system can PRETEND.
      It can pretend no one is pretending when or if a jury member takes a vow, but pretends to be impartial.
      And even if a jury member truly intends to be impartial, one can not really know IF he is impartial, since after one has already been influenced, how can a person ever definitively know whether or not unconsciously he is influenced?
      How can a person pretend he has not seen what he has seen, nor heard what he has heard?
      When in a court of law, a prosecutor ( knowing full well what he is doing), can say and do things that he knows are not legally admissable, ( and he certainly counts upon their impact upon the jury), the judge, ( whose job it is to make sure the quest for truth is protected), can pretend that telling jurors to ignore or not factor in those inadmissable ploys, can enable jurors to vacate the contents of their consciousness.

      There is no disembodied “I” separate from reality. Reality is all of one piece, and likewise an individual and his consciousness are all of one piece.
      The person trying to separate himself from himself, is attempting the impossible.

  64. Sadly, I think it will be nearly impossible to find an impartial, fair jury. It seems to me that everyone so far has formed an opinion or knows something about Jodi Arias or the trial. How can they be fair? Sadly they can’t. But maybe this will be good for Jodi in the long run, it will be good for Jodi’s appeal.
    (((((JODI))))) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    Ray in H-burg Va.

    • My lovely brother Ray, it might be good for Jodi in her appeals but imagine how it must feel, knowing that you are one of the most hated people in the USA (and not only). There are waaaaaayyyyy worse crimes made out there that don’t even make it on the news.

      And the humiliation knowing that people judge her whole existence from this single thing. One would think that people would actually sympathize to a woman that fought for her life in self defense – not wanting her dead… It goes to show how naive people are when it comes to humans standing up for their lives! They only understand what Jodi must’ve went through ONLY if they’ve been in the hands of a manipulating abusive person!

    • And we all say AMEN to that one CC! We are there with you, JODI, all around you. . .feel our LOVE! We send our love, concern and sincere prayers for you . . .we are HERE. . . we are there. . . we are everywhere . . . ♥
      WE ARE TEAM JODI!!!! People from all around this world are supporting you JODI never doubt it! We will not STOP until you receive your FREEDOM! ♥

    • May JM get diarrhea in front of the entire media and may they all tweet about it!
      😀 😀 😀

      On a more serious note, yes we are HERE FOR YOU JODI!

    • interesting link, good find and thanks for posting. So true, the internet torch and pitchfork mobs definitely adds fuel to today’s mobs on the streets and court house steps.

  65. If you get a chance check out the execution of Cameron Todd Willoughby in Huntsville, Texas. He was convicted of burning his house down with his three children in it and put to death. The fire fighters called it a satanic killing based on the pattern of the burns in the house and on his Megadeath posters. Later as he sat on death row, forensic fire scientists revealed that the pattern was due to a “flash fire”. A jailhouse snitch initially stated that Todd confessed in jail. This man recanted and then changed his statement again and has now recanted again. Totally unreliable and using the system. Well Todd was executed. Now the preponderance of evidence indicates he was not guilty. But the execution of course makes it final. This documentary was on Front line last night.

    • David Milgaard, one of the more famous Canadians wrongfully convicted, spent 23 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit before his innocence was proven. Thank God we did not given him the death penalty. There are too many more just like him.

    • Tragic. Ironic that the real criminals and “Satanists” are the ones doing the accusing and executing.
      Maybe there are such studies already in existence, but I would really like to read a book of research on the varied people who accuse and prosecute people they call “Satanists”.
      And I would like to learn how many, if any, of the accused, could ever be considered to actually fit that description.

  66. Saint Malachy ‏@MalachyHasRisen 7m7 minutes ago

    A very credible source revealed to me that juan has been matching his ties to jen’s panties. #jodiarias

  67. Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 6m6 minutes ago
    Nurmi wearing black socks with huge yellow and pink polka dots. I think they’re his “lucky” pair. #jodiarias

    I think I know those pair!

  68. Dave Erickson @ericksonvision · 6m 6 minutes ago
    10 minute recess. #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision · 8m 8 minutes ago
    Kindergarten teacher makes it through to the next round of #jodiarias jury selection. Too bad for the kids, I’m sure they’ll miss her.

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision · 9m 9 minutes ago
    The woman works with kids who need help w/reading. Lovely demeanor. Congenial even though Martinez has the warmth of a rabid dog #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision · 13m 13 minutes ago
    Hey, if I was 5 I would totally want this chick to be my kindergarten teacher. Very cool under pressure. #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision · 15m 15 minutes ago
    The #jodiarias juror is clearly a teacher. Martinez asks if she’ll treat people on the stand like her kindergarteners in a time out.

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision · 17m 17 minutes ago
    Even when he’s trying to be nice, Martinez always seem to sound condescending. #JodiArias

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision · 18m 18 minutes ago
    Martinez is now up to bat. #jodiarias #juryselection

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision · 19m 19 minutes ago
    Juror, “I feel I can be fair. Some cases the death penalty was right but I can be fair.” Very nervous. Stuttering a bit #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision · 25m 25 minutes ago
    Nurmi is now starting to explore the prospective juror’s views on the death penalty. #jodiarias

    DaveErickson @ericksonvision · 25m 25 minutes ago
    At least she’s honest about having seen news coverage. I mean, who can honestly say they’ve never seen anything about #jodiarias on TV?

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision · 28m 28 minutes ago
    “Saw the (media) coverage like everyone else did.” Claims hasn’t read any commentary about trial. #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision · 29m 29 minutes ago
    Kirk Nurmi first up to question this woman. Like #jodiarias he too is dressed in black.

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision · 30m 30 minutes ago
    3rd prospective #jodiarias now in court. Tells judge co-workers asked her about the case over the weekend. Says she hasn’t talked about it.

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision · 31m 31 minutes ago
    Next juror called in. Already kicked out. Adios mi amiga. #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision · 34m 34 minutes ago
    Whoa! Kid makes it through to next round. #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision · 35m 35 minutes ago
    Martinez is once again questioning the #jodiarias juror… trying to get him to clarify his views regarding testimony contrary to beliefs

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision · 38m 38 minutes ago
    To give you a visual, the juror is 23 but looks a bit like an Iowa farm boy. Like a teenager. #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision · 40m 40 minutes ago
    Judge says to juror, “You said you would judge testimony differently because of your views on death penalty. Is that accurate?” #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision · 42m 42 minutes ago
    Nurmi asked guy about his ability to listen to both sides, judge interrupts, has lawyers approach. #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision · 44m 44 minutes ago
    #JodiArias dressed in all black, like Johnny Cash or… Jodi Arias.

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision · 45m 45 minutes ago
    It can’t be easy for ANY person to sit alone in this courtroom being grilled by lawyers they’ve seen on television. #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision · 47m 47 minutes ago
    The guy did say on his questionnaire that while opposed to the death penalty it’s still something he could impose. OK. #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision · 51m 51 minutes ago
    Nurmi’s turn now to question this prospective #jodiarias juror. Kid looks like a frightened puppy.

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision · 52m 52 minutes ago
    Says his view on death penalty WILL affect how he hears the evidence. I don’t see this dude making it through. #JodiArias

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision · 54m 54 minutes ago
    Martinez, “Are you philosophically opposed to the death penalty?” Answer: “Yes.” #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision · 55m 55 minutes ago
    This guy is very quiet. Not sure if that’s his personality or if he’s nervous because 26 people are watching him… including #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision · 57m 57 minutes ago
    Martinez is trying to get the prospective juror to answer how he will deliberate if he hears testimony that he knows isn’t true. #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision · 60m 60 minutes ago
    Martinez, “If someone from LDS is on the stand and they say A) but you know B) is true, how will you handle that conflict?” #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision · 1h 1 hour ago
    Juror is a 23 year old Mormon with a grandfather who is a court-appointed attorney. #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision · 1h 1 hour ago
    1st prospective #JodiArias juror being questioned now. Young, clean cut guy. Looks nervous. Martinez begins.

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision · 1h 1 hour ago
    Nurmi wearing black socks with huge yellow and pink polka dots. I think they’re his “lucky” pair. #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson @ericksonvision · 1h 1 hour ago
    #JodiArias just walked into the courtroom. Martinez, Nurmi, Willmott all waiting for Judge Stephens to get things underway.

    • Martinez’s questions under ’60 minute’ and ’57’ minutes’, seem sneaky and manipulative.
      This kind of thing is another reason that re-doing the penalty phase and using an entirely different jury who must totally accept the conclusions of the prior jury__ this is why the whole process is a farce and a travesty of justice.

  69. Monica Lindstrom ‏@monicalindstrom · 4m4 minutes ago
    After being questioned by #JuanMartinez the jurors may feel sorry for other witnesses who suffer his questions #JodiArias

  70. KTAR News on 92.3 ‏@KTAR923 4m4 minutes ago
    Two more jurors left to be questioned individually in Day 5 of the #JodiArias trial, getting closer

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision 3m3 minutes ago
    Guy made it through to the next round. Had a backbone and seemingly unintimidated. #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision 4m4 minutes ago
    Martinez has been so increasingly sarcastic in his tone with this juror, that the juror is starting to sound feisty back. #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision 3m3 minutes ago
    “Once I am set in a decision I am very difficult to persuade otherwise.” – prospective #jodiarias juror to Juan Martinez

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision 3m3 minutes ago
    “If I started automatically with the death penalty (as opposed to life) then why am I here?” – prospective #jodiarias juror.

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision 4m4 minutes ago
    The way Martinez is hammering this prospective #jodiarias juror is exactly how my dad was after I got caught skipping school.

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision 4m4 minutes ago
    Martinez is now questioning this prospective #jodiarias juror.

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision 3m3 minutes ago
    Based on his demeanor and answers, I believe this juror wouldn’t have any problem speaking up in deliberations. #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision 4m4 minutes ago
    Nurmi asks juror if he’d be easily influenced by others in deliberation or if he could express his own views. #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision 3m3 minutes ago
    Says he doesn’t believe the only appropriate punishment is death. Now explains his view to Nurmi. #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision 4m4 minutes ago
    Nurmi tells juror the law requires he consider the person not just the crime. #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision 3m3 minutes ago
    The closest facsimile to what this prospective juror looks like. But seriously, he’s very articulate #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision 3m3 minutes ago
    Man has clearly seen a LOT of coverage on this. Says it won’t affect his objectivity. #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision 4m4 minutes ago
    Guy saw media coverage where the commentators were “swaying” the audience based on their speculation. #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision 3m3 minutes ago
    Like a few of the others, this juror has had co-workers talking to him about the case. #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision 3m3 minutes ago
    The 5th prospective #jodiarias juror is here now. Husky guy, goatee, cool glasses like mine.

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision 4m4 minutes ago
    This prospective #jodiarias juror is outa here. Is it any surprise? Next one coming in.

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision 4m4 minutes ago
    The juror has yet to be asked about her death penalty views, but it’s clear she has strong opinions on the case. #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision 5m5 minutes ago
    Nurmi resumes questioning. Juror is to the far left of the courtroom, #JodiArias on the right… and just now took her first glance at juror

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision 7m7 minutes ago
    Juror says the ONE thing that sticks in her mind is the lack of remorse. Judge now order lawyers to approach bench. #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision 9m9 minutes ago
    Juror bothered that there seemed to be no remorse shown by

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision 9m9 minutes ago
    Nurmi questioning this #jodiarias juror now. Doing a deeper dive on what media coverage she’s seen, and why her impression isn’t favorable.

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision 10m10 minutes ago
    Martinez questioning the prospective #jodiarias juror. “Will you have temptation to re-litigate case.” Nope.

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision 10m10 minutes ago
    Woman says she saw Arias’s post conviction interview on television. #jodiarias

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision 12m12 minutes ago
    #JodiArias jury selection resumes. Middle-aged woman in the box. She has glasses like mine, so she’s got that going for her… or not.

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision 22m22 minutes ago
    Three down, five to go in today’s #jodiarias jury selection. Of the three so far, TWO made it through.

  71. Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision 4m4 minutes ago
    After a 25 minute sidebar, judge calls a recess until 3pm AZ time

    Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision 5m5 minutes ago
    Judge Sherry Stephens still conferring with the lawyers at the bench. We’re still listening to the “white noise.” #jodiarias

  72. Report Jodi dressed all in black. Does anyone know how she shops for clothes? Does she use a catalogue (if they still make them) and have a “shopper?”

  73. Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 34m
    Heard not much is happening at 3pm. Some strikes and probably a wrap for the day. #jodiarias

  74. I love this one (by the intelligent guy whom Juan desperately wants to get rid of): ““If I started automatically with the death penalty (as opposed to life) then why am I here?” (I’d really like to have beer with this guy! I sure hope he makes it through.) He voices the very backward direction this whole thing has gone. Juan first demands that Jodi prove her innocence and now he wants her to prove to 12 people whom he wants to start from the death penalty and work backwards that she actually deserves to live. It’s all so insane!

    • I’d like to see him make it through, too, but I doubt Martinez will let it happen. He’ll be saving a challenge in his pocket for this guy.

      Did you see the caricature Dave put up, briefly? It was a picture of someone else, or maybe just some random cartoon, but Dave said it really looked like him. I was going to link you, but it’s gone now.

    • I also like what he said about the media coverage, that he saw where the commentators were “swaying” the audience based on their speculation. I’d like to think that’s what I would have said. In your face HLN! And you too, Juan!

  75. Juan Martinez, PFFF MY BIG ‘OLE BUTT…………..SIT DOWN, SHUT UP AND QUIT TRYING TO KILL MY FRIEND JODI!!! Have a nice day……..BY THE WAY DO THE LETTERS F U MEAN ANYTHING TO YOU, you little Chihuahua lookin’ dog.

    (((((JODI)))))♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 🙂

    Ray A. Chastain, in Harrisonburg Virginia.

  76. MC Superior Court ‏@courtpio 28m28 minutes ago
    Jury selection for State v #JodiArias resumes

    Beth Karas ‏@BethKaras 4m4 minutes ago
    It appears attorneys are exercising their strikes today in #jodiarias in private. Jury will be selected soon but not sworn until 10/16.

    • Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 1h1 hour ago
      No court tomorrow, Friday, or Monday. See you Tuesday. Enjoy the break, once the train rolls out, it’ll be a runaway locomotive #jodiarias

  77. It certainly is a good thing that people don’t become as ugly as the words that they use. The language they use on twitter makes TA sound like a little old lady at a tea party.

  78. Jodi’s private detective was just on JVM. JVM couldn’t get him to say anything bad about Jodi, or any scoop at all really – except that he is working for Jodi on her APPEAL!

    • Oh, and he said there WOULD be appeals, regardless of the sentence.

      Which is GREAT news, considering the last we heard there wouldn’t be an appeal unless she got the DP and the state paid for it.

  79. You know, Jodi shouldn’t really have to be going through this nonsense of selecting a jury for a penalty phase!!!!!!! There is NO PENALTY!!! This is PURE NONSENSE!!! Jodi should never have been convicted of ANYTHING in the first place!!! I can hardly believe this is actually being allowed to take place!!! SOMEONE in the higher US Court System needs to look into this trial and STOP IT NOW!!!


    FREE JODI ANN ARIAS, AZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • How true Maja! Jodi should have been acquitted, freed with time served! SELF DEFENSE has nothing to do with serving time! She did what every other human being would have done: protected her life! But you know, in shitzona they have their own ‘Lady Justice’ peaking from her blindfold… and the scales of equality? Let’s just say that ‘some hands’ are playing with the weights on them….

      • YES, Pandora, you are SO RIGHT!! Jodi should have been acquitted from day one! She shouldn’t have even been arrested or had to serve ANY time!!! Why doesn’t anyone in the higher courts do something about this??? What on earth is WRONG with the JUSTICE SYSTEM??? If we, lay people, can figure it out, you would HONESTLY think that EDUCATED CRIMINAL JUSTICE scholars could EASILY figure out the injustice going on here in AZ in the JODI ANN ARIAS TRIAL for HEAVEN”S SAKE!!! They need to READ HERE AT JAII!




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