Jodi suing Kirk Nurmi over his incompetence and “Tell All” BS book

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Jodi Arias: An Argument for Reasonable Doubt:
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Turns out that during Jodi’s trial, Kirk Nurmi proved himself to be about as useful & unethical as Hillary Clinton. And that takes some doing.

A few excerpts from yesterday’s AZ Central article are listed below.

You can also click here (or click the pic below) to download the 43 page court document in PDF format (opens in a new browser window). The suit asks for punitive as well as compensatory damages – and disgorgement of Nurmi’s book profits.

It makes interesting reading for sure…

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“Jodi Arias sues former defense attorney over tell-all book”

Jodi Arias, whose obsessed trial groupies clogged tabloid TV and social media with tales of salacious intrigue and courthouse snark, filed a civil lawsuit Tuesday in Maricopa County Superior Court against her former defense attorney, L. Kirk Nurmi.

Last November, Nurmi surrendered his license to practice law after a Bar complaint was filed by attorney Karen Clark on Arias’ behalf because of the book.

Clark also has filed a complaint for Arias against the case prosecutor, Juan Martinez, in which she alleges Martinez fed information about the Arias trial and a holdout juror to a blogger with whom he was rumored to have a romantic entanglement. That complaint is still pending with the State Bar of Arizona.

The current lawsuit against Nurmi was filed by Clark and Ralph Adams, Clark’s husband and law partner.

It claims Nurmi violated attorney-client privilege by revealing details about Arias and her trial against her wishes. It also pinpoints passages in the book that it claims are personally disparaging to Arias, or in violation of the rules of ethical conduct for attorneys.

The suit also claims that Nurmi was obsessed with the sexual aspects of the case.

In a joint statement sent via email, Clark and Adams said, “Mr. Nurmi’s self-published book about his representation of Ms. Arias revealed confidential and privileged information, and violated his most basic ethical and fiduciary duties to Ms. Arias. What he did was knowingly and intentionally wrong. His book violated his duty to protect confidential information and also contained false statements about Ms. Arias and gross misstatements about her case. He wrote the book in a selfish attempt to ‘redeem’ his public image and enrich himself to the extreme detriment of Ms. Arias.”

“Mr. Nurmi is now disbarred for ethical violations concerning his misconduct involving Ms. Arias,” the statement said. “The civil suit requests compensation for the damage done to Ms. Arias and that Mr. Nurmi disgorge all profits he received from the public media promotion and sale of his outrageous and self-serving book about Ms. Arias and her case.”


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UPDATE: The JAA Appellate Fund total currently stands at $115,026.18 — so let’s be sure to keep the momentum rolling throughout the remainder of 2017, so the fund total can push on towards the ultimate target of $250,000. That in turn will help towards covering all the legal fees associated with appealing Jodi’s wrongful conviction.

All donations via go directly to the fund. It is also the ONLY website authorized to collect donations.

In addition, please DO NOT, under any circumstances, donate through any other website or Facebook page/group claiming to be “official” and/or acting with Jodi’s approval or authorization. The same applies to any “Jodi Membership Clubs”, groups or fake Trust funds that have been set up. These sites are bogus – they continue to steal money from Jodi’s future – and they should be actively avoided. If you are aware of any such sites, please help Jodi by clicking here and reporting them.

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Make no mistake.

Believe it.

Prepare for it.

Be part of it.

Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

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Jodi Arias: An Argument for Reasonable Doubt:
Read it here >



  1. Putting aside who the plaintiff is, everyone should agree that this sort of lawsuit should be taken VERY seriously!
    It will ‘break’ or ‘make’ a new chapter in the judicial system. If nurmi isn’t severely punished then it gives the ‘green light’ to all attorneys to act unethically and with malice, disclosing private information that is client-attorney privileged for profit and personal gain.
    We all should be scared! Next time an attorney writes a ‘tell all’ (lying) book, it could be at the expense of our or a loved ones life and reputation.
    Yeah, yeah… yadda yadda yadda… we know how hated Jodi is… but what Jodi is doing right now might help YOU or a loved one in the future. Keep that in mind.
    Karma is going to be in that courtroom where this civil lawsuit will take place and she will serve justice not only for Jodi BUT for many other future plaintiffs that will be taken advantage of by their attorneys…

  2. Happy Jodi Arias is doing this, Bravo Jodi! Kirk Nurmi was a huge disappointment. Hopefully it will not turn out like the rest of the trials we have suffered through with her. Prayers for Jodi as always.

    • Hi RL,
      I removed your earlier comment as it was too off topic and not particularly relevant – although your points were noted. But I agree with you overall. The objective here is justice for Jodi. I think it’s a bit late in the day for me to try and keep everyone happy with my posts & comments. I call it like it is. It’s the best way.
      Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

      • HA! That’s fine SJ, you can’t hurt my feelings! I’ll just be over here in the corner on the stool of shame with my little pointy hat! 🙂


  3. It is interesting that the plaintiff’s claim is that it is her lawyer that insisted on the self-defense claim, not her. He insisted that the case be handled that way. It is also interesting according to this info that Ms. Wilmott and Ms. de la Rosa didn’t have permission to ensure mitigation was researched completely as he was so sure he would win. He was lead council so they had to do as he said. He really has made a mess of things hasn’t he. I always thought he was obsessed with the sexual aspects of this case and went way overboard with the personal photos and information. Karma….is working its way around.

    • As I understand it, Jodi didn’t want to go for self-defense (even though it was self-defense) exactly for the same reason she lied for two years and why she was willing to plea to second-degree, so that Travis’ life (as well as her own) was not subjected to public scrutiny (especially the vicious scrutiny it got). She was remorseful enough about what happened that she was willing to take her “punishment”, even if self-defense didn’t call for such a punishment.

      But then cold-hearted hateful people are incapable of understanding that. Probably because they themselves would never think that way.

      • Justus Forusall Not to mention, self defense cases RARELY turn out in favor of the victim. I personally know of a self defense case where there WAS documentation–and plenty of it! 911 calls, hospital records, temporary restraining orders, even the testimony of the victim’s children. (Let me make clear, when I am saying “victim” I am speaking of the lady who was abused, not the a**hole who abused her) She was convicted anyway, and pretty harshly too. The reasoning? “She should have left him if she was truly being abused” NOT THAT SIMPLE. I have been there, abused mentally, emotionally and psychologically, with a little physically thrown in for good measure. NOT THAT SIMPLE TO JUST WALK AWAY. Justus, if more people had understanding hearts and were less judgemental, like you (and many others who are active on this site) the world would be a much better place….. SweetMelissa <3

        • Melissa,

          It seems that people have always put the burden of proof for DV on the abused. I can’t speak for other countries on this but I have heard of many cases in this country where the abused has all of the evidence in the world and still the abuser walks away. That is the system’s fault!!!
          I will agree that the abused should seek outside help to make that decision to break away and then the abuser can be isolated. I do know that many police depts. have automatic arrest protocols now for domestic violence calls.
          In Jodi’s case, all of the abuse situations that she has described occurred with no eye or ear witnesses which leaves only her word which courts of law have problems with if there is no visual evidence to document.

  4. I would say I think we all knew this was coming. Jodi’s civil attorney is really good. This should be real interesting because Nurmi has said he will fight it and I think he is going to lose and lose badly. Any justice system does not tolerate the release of attorney/client privileged info no matter the defendant. Pandora is absolutely right on this as this decision will be watched NATIONALLY. I would also hope that this decision brings Jodi the financial justice that she needs and that Nurmi pays every cent. If I remember correctly, Nurmi was a sex-crimes attorney for the most part and had not defended a murder case such as this if at all. How did the PD office put him on this case in the first place when they may have had somebody better in that office?

  5. This is certainly going to help Jodi with her appeal totally incompetent , lying, untrustworthy, lawyer , who jeopardize her case , and never had her best interest at heart…I too am baffled as to why the defense stragegy was against Jodi s will , what was her claim ? but nonetheless ,Nurmi turned out to be quite the snake, I Personally agree that its quite possible that NURMI and JUAN was working against Jodi from the getgo..(my opinion) quite sad..

  6. Pandora…so very right You are…as always! This case is about JUSTICE 4 JODI but also about JUSTICE 4 ALL. We all need a fair and just system……or all are at risk. Should not even haters not want to see a greedy lawyer get justice…don’t worry soon the rat should have it’s day in court…can’t wait to see that meltdown! This worm of a man? showed who he really was….sick! and a real abuser of women as that t-dog. One just has to view him at trial to see a rather sad and very weak thing of a man…with a finger up it’s nose in search of a clue..or brain!…..To think that men who Gov. allows to work for justice can be so crooked n evil makes one question the justice system. Often I tell others that it was just a show trial and only to destroy a woman who stood up to Her abuser…most have wished Her well. This was about saving her from a corrupt system but now it’s way more then that…if this corruption is allowed to stand then all are at risk. That any hope that We fail shows what real evil is! And now We get to see a worm squirm……….maybe it’s pal the rat will help …..two $ grubbing shits who betrayed a justice system and all the people. We all should …CALL IT LIKE IT IS……always…it’s called free speech…..but if one takes an oath then that’s called treason and a crime. WINNING!

  7. I’m very happy this law-suit has been filed.
    When it rains, it pours.
    I don’t know if anyone here has seen the latest report by Tammy Rose. It includes very damning evidence against Juan Martinez.
    It’s titled “Sex, Lies, and a Little Bit of Video.” #JodiArias

    I wonder if what Juan Martinez did can be considered jury-tampering? Just because he didn’t succeed in getting the death penalty doesn’t negate the fact that he, in my opinion, tampered.

    I’m sorry to get off subject. I thought people here would want to know about this in case they didn’t.

    • What part did the judge know and my have played in all this mess surrounding Juan Martinez. I sure hope what he did will free Jodi

    • I probably should have read this first. According to the article, it appears that any court would view Jodi’s victory in a lawsuit as a roundabout way of profiting off of the crime although that still sounds wrong because she is not profiting off her crime.. she is suing for damages against somebody else who profited off her case. That has to be a major distinction legally. The only answer I can think of is that Jodi cannot receive ANY $ whatsoever from anything having to do with her case with her only recourse being the punishment of Nurmi by the court. If that is indeed the case, hopefully, the court can strip Nurmi of his gains and give them to charity.

  8. Well evil does what it must to feed it’s greed…….imagine a court fearing a person gets a fair trial and if Jodi wins money then a rather good appeal…and do not forget the family of money grubbers that will also gain off their ..just a good guy brother …by the tune of 20 %…time for another trip! Remember a time when America was proud of folks who stood up to injustice…1776…1812…1861…1917…1941…1950…but now how dare one ask for justice…CHARGED = GUILTY! Not ever in My world …I work only for her and Her cause as any who believe in justice must….when I heard she was bringing that worm to justice and I was so proud of Her….maybe the worm should have the rat sit by him in court so they could ..WORK…together as they did in the past two trials….Did any not notice how the worm seemed to help the rat many times?

  9. If I remember one of her other lawyers before Nurmi was upset with his decision to use self defense was her name Washington. I to on the second day of trial did not like him. He will be known as the lawyer who picked his nose in court. Time to pay for your actions Nurmi. Juan Martinez info is also in the spot light again. Wish the best outcome with this. FREEDOM FOR JODI

  10. Monica Lindstrom’s remarks about Jodi’s ability to get punitive damages are confused. Her example of a criminal writing a book about the crime relates to “Son of Sam” laws, which exist in most states despite possible unconstitutionality. Here is a general survey including the text of Arizona’s, from which it’s obvious that it has no possible application to punitive damages:

    The other way criminals can be blocked from profiting from a crime is via civil asset forfeiture. I doubt any reasonable judge would see this as relevant to punitive damages, but with all the prejudice against Jodi, you never know. But as I said, there could be no legitimate objection to awarding such damages to the trust fund.

    Lindstrom also completely omits the most obvious damage Nurmi’s book did to Jodi: to her chances in future legal proceedings, like her appeals and possible new trial. I don’t know how to quantify such injury, but you could start by estimating extra legal costs due to a diminished pool of lawyers willing to represent her.

  11. What is the real problem with justice in MOST states….do they crave the win at all costs that much….after all it’s how most in a corrupted system gain! They who lose get the boot…so do all to win …LIE ….DESTROY….HIDE….and FAKE evidence…seems most tax payers love that system…until it finds them! To many this was the greatest crime of all time…just read what they post….to defend a man who enjoyed speaking of the rape of children…joke? or no joke for a man of faith that is pure evil! But yet so many high n low back this thing to the hilt…makes one wonder what goes on in their lives. How could any person be expected to stand up to this wall of hate and vile that She has faced…but stand up to it rather well indeed! Why on earth would any fear her so much……look to t-dogs brother and his outright lie about waking up at night fearing an attacker….BULLSHIT to the max…was he not trained to KILL via the military….can he as many not keep a loaded weapon under his pillow…what does he have to fear! But there he was calling for a jury to destroy Her as it was against the rules of court and a judge ALLOWED it…did all the family not break the same rule to get their revenge on Her? This She may gain if awarded $ to fight a wrongful verdict…s in nothing but a way to destroy justice or what’s left of it! She has a RIGHT to an appeal….and a right to justice no matter what any state passes as so call law…America had a 4 yr. case on that from 1861…to 1864. States bow to the U. S. not the other way around. I must wonder how many leaders have EVER read the CONSTITUTION …as it seems very few have…such is a lust for power. That worm or that rat have nothing to fear IF they only did their jobs…..if not let justice be done on them. Yes at one time She wanted him on Her case…but did She ever get to pick a lawyer that She wanted…few can as that costs big money! The one law for the poor and one law for the RICH!…thing. But one does not have to go to far into his book to see he was there for a payday and his true hatred for a young woman…one should ask was he EVER really working for Her? Yes from what I understand She would have taken a deal…..but from what I have seen She never had to do any such thing as the evidence points to an attack via travis as She fended him off. There are no real defensive wounds on him as only a few small cuts are on his hands and they seemed to have been CLOSED when he got them! When a person covers up as in any fight to ward off hits from any objects be it hands feet or weapons they would use their forearms…but not old t-dog a trained fighter. Odd how any logic that side uses to explain any wounds does not stand up to …LOGIC! mr d. b. explains the wounds to the back from when travis placed Jodi on his shoulder…not just try to make sense out of that…and good luck. If one places another on their shoulder and then wants to harm them all they need to do is launch them over that shoulder or bring em forward to slam them into a floor. But to think She could have placed any wounds on the same shoulder is nonsense…as She is now protecting it! As for the other one…just try to reenact that…She would be way to low. But I must say that the other side will believe any thing and then say it for the win…now imagine if any hater was charged as She was…does it ever matter to the system if they did if after they have been charged…seems not! So one is now faced with DEATH or a deal if they can make one….50/50 …hmm who would not want that? To her ALL killing is WRONG as She so stated as She spoke to a jury that was ready to take Her life…2 votes down and 1 to go for the state win. This that many do say…i would never make a deal…innocents are never put to death….in what world do they live in??? That She was ready to take punishment for surviving an abuser speaks volumes to Her worth…to bad more men and women were not as accountable. Yes on that sad day She did take another life…to save Hers…is that not the measure of a just person? How many times did She beg for him to just stop…and the very least 3 but maybe MANY more…..I know full well how that feels in a fight…as I faced such a long time ago. Unlike Jodi I was not alone as My best pal just stood by and let me get attacked 5 1 or 6 young men as over 30 others stood by as I was almost killed…..such is OUR world that these things happen and it is OUR duty to stop such. Once more She defends Herself but this time She does for Us all it’s a thing called JUSTICE…and none should ever fear JUSTICE…and if so that speaks to their evil ways.

  12. Alan’s points are very interesting. The damages question is interesting because this is a defendant suing her attorney for this violation. Jodi didn’t write a book obviously. I would love to know if the damages can only amount to the earnings from the book exclusively or also to the potential punitive (future) damages to her appeal as Alan mentions. I remember Nurmi did this to cash in on the case publicity and to also help pay for cancer treatments. Nurmi could literally be forced to file bankruptcy after this is over. Hopefully, a filing would not legally block Jodi from collecting this $.
    Another question I have is.. is it possible for Karen Clark to get this fast tracked somehow in AZ (I know.. GOOD LUCK!!) since Jodi’s unknown appeal clock is still ticking? Also, several thousand dollars of any judgement would go to TA family for restitution settlement. She would be able to eliminate this debt and totally focus on the appeal fund.

  13. Can somebody find out what the AZ law is that governs this? I believe that this is a huge point because Nurmi made a significant amount of money on this book and his appearances. That money would be a HUGE boost to her fund. The only downside to this is he has likely spent a good portion of it as well.

      • I have to admit that it is also somewhat surreal that a British comedian can be SOOO good at pointing out things that are broken in America… this guy is flat out hilarious. I will also point out to those who may not be familiar with the basis for the three strikes law in the U.S. drug laws. It was created in the 1980’s after the very prominent death of a college basketball star(and my childhood idol) Len Bias at the Univ. of Maryland. One of the creators of the law was interviewed and stated that the law was a mistake because they based it on the wrong formula of “crack” found on any suspect which was a few grams. You can watch this on the ESPN “30 for 30” episode entitled “Without Bias”

  14. Well very glad to see victims of abuse standing up for others who have walked that path…the just leave….well L.A.P.D did just that during the L.A. riots…so law enforcement does know about leaving…as they do for waiting when it comes to any mass shooting…seems in all cases they do wait…then when if fear of THEIR lives for any reason do the over kill big time as in NYC on a sidewalk as 5 police unloaded 95 / times at a man hitting him only 19 times and thus killing him…but it was the wrong guy…wonder if they are on death row or doing LWOP????? And this on a side walk in NYC surrounded by stone buildings can We say duck! But in Canada We had a young lady who did phone Our police…R.C.M.P. (FED,s) to ask for help with an abuser…and while they talked to each other and mocked Her they didn’t know that the phone was still open! Time to make all the system accountable??? I would say so…fire every one of the 900,000 police in America and one would be surprised how fast You could replace them…ask L.A. who brought back law n order…not many military folks would pass up a job to be a cop….and just make em follow the rules of the military when they are…..can any say LEAVENWORTH? A few that crossed the line in IRAQ know what I,m talking about! The main reason for few S/D cases winning in Our systems is Our hate for females by Our societies…Ask any woman of 18 have they ever been abused by a man…100% YES…and that.s 100%…all one has to do is open Your eyes and ears to see n hear that…..a boy fucks around and he.s a hero…a girl does the same and look out girl…know any faiths where women lead? Know any nations where women make up the leadership? We excuse a man of faith for speaking of the rape of a child as travis did 3 times and blame Her for making him do that …it was part of their fantasy ….some think that…a WTF moment for sure…listen to her as She hears them words 3 times and then ask just what any normal person would think of a man of faith saying such evil and why…If it talks like a pedo …..but wait now he was just a good guy who only wanted to get married and have a family…and at the young age of 30 had failed at every relationship he EVER had as the Women saw something in him to make them want to leave him…and fast…somethings not right with that boy….listen to that boy and just what he said…and ask why any would back such a thing. Justice does not ever crave a win but only JUSTICE..based on facts…reason and logic. But my how hate does love to get it,s way. One can believe the world is flat or 6000 yr,s old but can they back it up with facts. I ask the LDS why travis was not kicked out of the faith…well We can not do that to the dead…as I said but odd how You can bring the dead into the faith……two faced or what…think most in that faith have not heard dear travis speak as a pedo….3 times and still they back him to the end. Or should I say the man never does wrong as the woman always has…..seems some see Eve in all women…from the get go Woman face such hate n vile…..but i have faith in justice as She is a Woman who does not fear any……as it must be. If the worm and rat have done wrong then let JUSTICE be……they who have a need to give it should expect it!

  15. Tell Me woman just where are all them good police when their pals in blue or these days black take lives wrongly…them police should be the very first to stand up to any and all corruption and wrong doing…remember that det. who sat by it’s rat master then went to the house to do a fake shelf tilt with it’s hand…can you name just one cop who outed him for faking evidence…..police of late have been on a pity parade and now expect the public to back them or ELSE!… did it come to that…and any cop who outs them does so at great risk…..that thin blue line is rather dsangerous! See sister sam on that police woman of the year who did tell all in open court of her plan to MURDER a woman before TRIAL! Has any police person gone after her…is this how a person of the law should act …EVER! Would she ever face Jodi one on one as her just a good guy brother who talked as a PEDO did and lost? We up north are in love with Our Fed. police but that of late is wearing mighty thin…they hate being called police because their roots are pure military as it seems Americas police are bound to be…Ask any this question…why do the police need the word police on their vests???? Have you ever seen a military force wearing a vest with ARMY/MARINE/SEAL on it of late???When police dress and use force as a military then they must be under military command and be held accountable at all times…as for the blue flu when they do not get their way…God help any military unit that tries that……if police are so keen to PLAY soldier then let them join up and play for real…I know police and have worked with police in more then a few ways and call them out when it’s needed. View some of the many videos and ask …is this America??? P.S. and just why did that faith not boot his ass out?????????????? Are they deaf to the words of a pedo????

  16. Nurmi is a joke! He was an incompetent lawyer. I still don’t understand why the dumbass judge never let him off the case. Just another appellate issue.

  17. Well as in the case in the crazy state it’s all about the money…..and talk about a payday for the rat ,the worm tot doc and horn the typo artist…but do not forget ca$h u$e…mr i was his best fiend who really miss him and his scam ways…was t-dogs life nothing but a scam….in his adulthood? Seems he still …loved children if that.s what ya all call love but then he was good at using any n all…rather liked it too. Are lawyers not paid very well in trials…or is the need for greed that much..if so that calls into question the justice system …..ask any lawyer who ever wrote a book on the case they worked on if the lied in any way…sorta easy to prove when they stated such n such in a book…then ask how could one ever trust them at trial….remember it was not their life or freedom a risk…meaning they could do as they please…no matter the cost to the DEFENDANT! Have some forgotten how a young woman with some say no education stood up to a man of much…and made him look like a fool. That rat was put in it’s place many times during trial by a few…proving one can send a rat to school but…it may not take….bring on the violence with threats of a witness and slamming evidence to the floor…..and faking evidence or just plain lying…62 sec. impossible…3 times overkill…so he tested that EVER? And the poor worm never needed any help looking the fool or abuser…9 out of 10….wow was that jury asleep or PLEASED? This will be easy or so they thought…..4 at bats and 4 LOSES! Imagine that! Why would any defend such a lawyer as he defended Her? When one takes on a job they must do the very best they can or should quit…no matter the cost. To force a lawyer to do right seems to be a problem…for all. But then many missed a so called det. go and FAKE evidence during a trial for it’s master…..imagine that! So may say that letter was faked…from JAIL… about world class work…..but then the date was WRONG….a very common thing when the year changes….but was it not looked at before ever outed. Well read the words and think …does the author seem to be under great stress…and remember She never knew if at any time they were watching Her or TAPING Her…..but then look at his broke ass life and failed encounters with all woman…wanted to marry and have children…..WOW…..seems he may have had at least one child from what he did say…3 times! The worm as most men knew the path he was going down…and went there willingly! For greed or revenge…or both. The way he named his book does say it all…and rather proud of it too…no wonder he thinks good of another abuser called t-dog…jerks do love a circle…..and abuse of others. he blames others for helping Her?????????? WTF is that but just a very weak person who tried to make gain off another who needs help to right a wrong?

  18. I just saw an interview with Nurmi on He denied that he violated attorney/client privilege in the book. He said that everything filed in the complaint is false. I think he’s so full of shit. The video is only 5 minutes

  19. My previous question still stands… does anybody know if this can be fast-tracked through civil courts due to the unknown “time constraints” that Jodi’s appeal faces and that any judgment in her favor would be used to by her appeal fund?
    Another question is… does Jennifer Wilmott get caught up in this as a potential “witness” by Jodi’s civil team?

  20. Full of shit! and then some…from the get go the reporter LIED….no one let alone that worm saved Her…She did that! And to think he tries to blame Her for his health issues….WOW! he claims his life was threatened by others…but now them others LOVE this shit and his vile book on Her……i was in fear of my life seems to be the standard saying of any man who hates Her…I hear that over and over again. For this thing of a man to want to tell the truth…for a PAYDAY as his buddy the rat did speaks to the measure of just how broken the justice system is! Why take on a case you do not believe in or why defend a person you hate 9 out of 10 days????? Was it all about the $$$ if so why not just pay up all the ill gotten gains. he put Her at grave risk of death by his actions and lack there of…..he is the poster boy of a failed man…but then he seems to believe travis a well know abuser and how does one know that….LISTEN to that so called man of faith!

  21. I would expect the answer to your first question to be no. However, I don’t see the timing problem that is worrying you. My guess is the civil suit will be settled without trial long before the end of Jodi’s state-paid appeals. However, this is not based on any actual knowledge.

    The complaint shows that both Jennifer and MDLR stand ready to testify to various lies by Nurmi in his book, as well as to his cruel treatment of her. That they are on Jodi’s side is one reason why I feel the case is so strong that Nurmi will have to settle.

  22. That’s awesome Alan that Jennifer and MDLR back up Jodi’s side of the complaint. I never understood why the dumbass judge didn’t let Nurmi off the case and let Jen be her lead attorney and have another attorney appointed as her 2nd chair. It’s not like Jodi didn’t have several attorneys before she ever went to trial.

  23. That Nurmi demanded the sex tape be played for the world (because, of course, sex sells) over Jodi’s wishes, and I suspect Jennifer Willmott’s, says all we need to know about Nurmi. His “holier than thou” persona that he parades at interviews and online is hollow, and rather desperate in his quest for….what was it he said? Oh, redemption. I find it odd that he never mentions his wife, and she is named in the suit. But once again, no reporter will ask anything but pandering questions. The wife is allegedly an elementary school teacher, or was. Does anyone know what ethnicity Nurmi is? I sense he has a disrespect for women springing from somewhere. I’m certain Jennifer and Maria will testify to the truth of his actions if the case goes to trial. But I agree the case will likely be settled, and then Nurmi will go on another round of interviews incessantly whining about Jodi this, and Jodi that, as he even said he is the leading “Jodi Arias expert”. Good God, he is disgusting. I regret I didn’t pick up earlier on his seething sexual undertones during trial.

  24. Very perceptive, Sandra! I agree with all your description of him except the last bit about “another round of interviews.” Jodi’s lawyers will surely make it a condition of settlement that Nurmi stop speaking or writing about her and her case — an important result of the lawsuit, since he no longer has anything to fear from the state bar.

  25. Hi Alan,

    My “time constraints” comment originated from our previous conversation on another thread regarding the unknown amount of time that Jodi has left on her state appeals before the clock hits zero and it’s on her dime. The money from this judgment would be pivotal in getting her total where it needs to be assuming there are no legal hurdles that bar judgments from benefiting an appeal and not the inmate. I was also thinking that, according to Nurmi’s comments that he plans to fight this all the way which would lengthen this suit significantly. Like you, I am asking this with no knowledge of when Jodi’s state appeals expire anyway.
    Sandra is indeed very perceptive! Nurmi sounds way too condescending to think that he had as much to do with Jodi’s sentence as the lone juror who flatly refused to put her on death row.
    Lastly, Nurmi can say whatever he wants in public but he has to know privately that he is going to lose since both his second chair and mediation expert are on Jodi’s side. He hasn’t mentioned that he very likely wrote the book to pay for the enormous medical bills that come with cancer treatments and no amount of public posturing is going to change that. I think Jodi actually did the AZ PD office a favor by getting him disbarred as he sounded so weak in his arguments.

    • Hi Lance.
      I think it is most likely that Nurmi had health insurance that covered all or nearly most of his cancer treatments.
      My mother had terminal cancer. She had cancer throughout her body and she also had brain surgery.
      She wasn’t rich and she didn’t have top- notch insurance.

      • I forgot to mention that all of my mother’ s chemo, brain surgery, and every thing related to cancer treatment, hospital expenses, doctors, medicine -all of that was covered by her insurance.
        So I assume Nurmi’ insurance would have covered all of his expenses.

        • PS: Nurmi made at least
          $2.5 Million for his work in the trial.

          Nurmi has unfairly blamed Jodi for the cancer he had, every chance he had. He had been and still is publicising his former battle with cancer and has consistently blamed Jodi for his cancer- even now he is saying the stress of defending her caused his cancer.

          • Amy, I’m sorry to hear about your Mom. Cancer is a terrible disease and I’m thankful she had insurance to help with her care. Your right Nurmi made a GREAT salary for “representing?” Jodi and she did not cause his cancer. It seems he likes to put the blame on everything and everyone but himself, which is where his problem started. Own it Nurmi! Shame on him. I remember the stress he caused all of us, just trying to figuring out what and the Hello he was up to! I think he got that job because of his inadequate legal abilities. It was like they found the worst of the worst to represent Jodi because they thought it would be an easy win for them. I thank God that they got a surprise. Nurmi was NOT the reason she didn’t get the Death Penalty, what a JERK! Martinez and Nurmi should have to share a jail cell for the next 2 or 3 decades!

  26. I suspect Nurmi made one or both of two miscalculations. (1) He may have genuinely believed that his book did not breach the duties of confidentiality and loyalty inherent in legal representation of a client. In that case, sooner or later, he will realize his total incomprehension of basic legal ethics. (2) Alternatively, as the MDLR quote suggests, he may have thought that his profits from a book would be so high as to justify abandoning legal ethics and his legal license to boot. I expect he now knows that was mistaken.

    In reality, Nurmi is now to legal ethics as Kim Philby is to British intelligence, or as Zimbabwe is to stable currency. If his current lawyer is paid for by his insurance company, s/he will soon advise Nurmi to settle. And if Nurmi is paying his own legal bills, he will eventually realize that it would be much cheaper to settle rather than risk the massive punitive damages he richly deserves.

  27. Alan, I would even add one more to this… I don’t think he anticipated that Jodi would actually go after him after he wrote it. I agree with yours as well. He thought his profits would be high enough that he could quit the PD office and either retire or go lay on a beach.
    Apparently, I stand corrected on his motives as I thought that the book was a financial crutch to assist in his cancer treatments. I firmly believe that this ruling will be pivotal because it literally could pay for the rest of Jodi’s appeal. The irony here is almost funny. Assuming that Nurmi does decide to settle and not spend every dime he has just to spite Jodi, what would be the resulting time frame be on a negotiation/settlement?

  28. No idea.

    I bet you’re right that Nurmi never expected Jodi to fight back effectively. Although he knew she is capable of raising lots of money for legal bills, he may have thought she’d use it all for criminal appeals. And he can’t have anticipated that she would find such effective advocates as Adams and Clark.

  29. Apparently, Nurmi is going to use the defense that attorney/client privilege expired when Jodi testified in court. I may have to ask my criminal attorney neighbor this question although I would only get an answer specific to my state if he does indeed know. I really hope that the provision that Jodi cannot benefit in any way from a financial court ruling does not extend to her appeal fund which she does not have access to. Is it possible that Adams or Clark could answer this without giving away any strategy?

    • From his statements in the two TV interviews, it seems on some counts Nurmi’s defense will be “The three women are all lying.” An unbiased juror would never buy that, but if he can pack the jury with Jodi-haters, maybe it will work.

      I still think he’s just blowing smoke and will soon settle. There’s so much in the book that Jodi obviously never made public (her phone calls, her conversations with Nurmi himself, his interactions with her family, etc.) that to say the lawyer’s duties of loyalty and confidentiality expired or were somehow waived is ridiculous. What he’s been saying in TV interviews is absurd on its face, and Adams and Clark will have no trouble finding legal-ethics experts to so testify, if that is permissible.

  30. The complaint doesn’t say they will testify, but it includes information and quotes from the two women, which could only have come from them. To me this suggests they are cooperating with Adams and Clark.

  31. Hey Alan,

    It seems that somebody is using my name to post here. I know this because I don’t post at 5 AM or 11:30 PM. I did not post the last two entries as I have not posted on this thread since last week(Nov. 13)…
    Anyway, I would have to agree with you that Nurmi has no backup or support for his statements. He has to realize that Wilmott and MDLR know everything he knows. I agree with you that his only option(if you want to call it one) is to go to trial and pack the jury with haters. I will say again that I hope that her appeal fund would be entitled to that money when it is awarded since it is not attached to her in any way.

  32. A Program Note:

    I was watching another A&E 2 hour program on Scott Peterson due to Peterson’s defense team having filed a habeus corpus petition for a new trial.
    During this program, I saw promos for a similar 3-part series on Jodi to air right after the new year on A&E. I can only assume that this is being generated mainly by Jodi’s lawsuit with Nurmi and the claims against Martinez.

  33. Well lets see A&E explain the total lack of any defensive wounds of t-dog…..odd how in a fight for his life all the wounds on his hands seem to have come from trying to grab the knife…and yet no wounds on the fore arms at ALL! Explain that !!! This She had no wounds well some really should see more real fights or be in them…MMA is just a bit FAKE… very violent but yet no deaths in some 20 + yr.s Now when a body is slammed on a floor there just may be no marks on it as the force is SPREAD out……and when a head is thrown to the floor the hair does a real fine job of hiding the mark…who can see a concussion…….not even a Dr. can SEE one w/o x-rays! The just a good guy went to far that day and was defeated….it does happen to they who love violence. Once A & E saw the $$$ to be made they got on board that train of injustice…..see their promo…..vile n sick…but will bring haters in hook, line, and sinker…but this is far from over and most of the mob fear it so…..seems pedos have a LOT of friends out there to back em as do abusers too…and of late they seem to be ALL male…imagine that folks…just good guys doing what good guys do…ABUSE!

  34. Well Wayne, I think we all agree that TA was smart enough to not have any ear OR eye witnesses to his abuse other than to some of his phone calls with Jodi where he literally shouts her ear off. I truly believe that the choking incident that Jodi described would have flipped a lot of people had it been witnessed.
    As I said above, It appears that A&E is doing this series as a result of the charges against JM as well as the lawsuit against Nurmi. This is also the exact situation that I mentioned many months ago in which possible evidence that possibly may not be admitted in a future appeal if they were deemed new evidence COULD BE shown in the media… i.e. hard drive pictures showing her not robbing her own house and bringing a gun etc.
    I would bet that the majority of this series will be devoted to the more recent events including Donovan’s bizarre claims about Jodi that JAII shot down fairly easily in a previous thread.

  35. Lets remind all that dear travis loved guns or so We are to believe dave his dear fiend……now this t-dog could never own a gun….it’s az. folks….wake up cliff ahead. a state that allows full autos to be used for hunting and blowing the NRA instructors head of as he tries to teach a 9 yr old girl to shoot an uzi…another WTF in old az.. Oh this idea she waited till he was AWAKE to shoot him with a mouse gun when She had access to suppressed 9 mm’s that few knew of? dave boy could not wait to tell all that his pal could not own a gun…ever…he does protest way to much…Me thinks! Please remember that even the rat thinks travis had a gun in that house… She was charged with stealing it! Seems the knife never left the house. But folks did see his violent ways…remember the fight over the kitbag and dan n the sister viewing it….and then watching t-dog drive off to make a point of who was in control. his you have not seen my worse as She said I have…then he says not so …him and his wrath thing. Around some he loved to show it. But who in this world speaks to murder as if it was normal as he did at a PPL in Al. ? There he spoke of murder 3 times….and this is just a good guy??? We now live in a world where the mob will do all to shut You down…that’s why We must stand up…taller then ever! Take the scene of the self defense……ever notice how the haters are all over the place…first…last…up…down….head cut off then not so much…bullet in brain then NO hole in durra matter but still bullet in brain…do you believe in magic…..this is the stats case…well if one wants over the top the haters fill the bill. Have any of these idiots ever been in a fight or seen a real fight? Wonder why most of the wounds on the hands are on the outside of them hands as in….. FIST! Or did he put palms to face and start praying. That not protecting ones self but giving up…and we know that old trasis never gave up on ANY woman…did he?????mr book of faith in one hand and hand out for a loan…and this guy made 125 k per year…lol….well with a lot of loans from gals he knew and used …maybe he did. Here is the real deal folks…some have a need and greed to have her guilty as they have a need to protect a known pedo and abuser of women…do not forget to vote pedo lovers this Monday! Never trust a man who says a woman sounds like a 212 yr. old….and to make his point he did that 3 times as if he was proud of such words. LDS of all time…tva…….ask this why has the state such a NEED to lie …are their facts so weak…just test them to see…rather easy! We stand for truth and justice hard to understand what they stand for other then evil. On that sad day an abuser got KILLED as a SURVIVOR was BORN. Why was God not on his side…was he not a saint???? Name the faith or church that hides child abuse as the mormons do…opps seems they all do that……makes one wonder about their faith.he said them evil words and must own them…as he said She would feel his wrath…and told her how he could not be stopped…..well it took many hits to stop him but he was stopped as he attacked again n again…a true continual attack…just as any man on a wrath does. Was God on her side? ….seems so as so far so good as the state failed 4 times to murder her for travis. She still fights abusers and wins…no wonder evil things fear Her and true justice. Look to that scene and see Her truth and the states bold lies. JUSTICE 4 JODI means JUSTICE 4 ALL.

  36. Correct me if I’m wrong but the nobody bothered to go deeper into the roommates after the police found the body. After all, why would any right person live in a house with a dead body in it?

    • For FIVE DAYS no less. I did an experiment at home (I won’t go into the gory details) but after the second day everyone noticed it. I had to end it at the beginning of the third day because, well, the smell was intolerable, and, eminated from a much smaller organism than an adult human. My experiment was only half way to five days!

  37. It seems to me that those who maintain that Jodi is guilty are either: a) religious or b) hate women i.e. are alt-right or fascist. Its not about did she or did she not, its that she is not a Mormon and that she is not a Man, therefore she is evil/guilty/etc.. Its disgusting but illuminating. It seems that polarized politics shows you who the evil people are.

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