Jodi at Perryville – UPDATE #1

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Jodi at Perryville – UPDATE #1:


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  1. I AM SO GLAD TO HEAR THIS. I was getting worried about the isolation and the oppressive heat. I am so relieved that she has a t.v. and has human contact. This is wonderful news. – Thank you for sharing.

  2. Yes the truth n nothing but the truth from our side… much info and THANK YOU…SJ….self defense in jail take note haters SHE survived that day and will survive anything. That,s the lady SHE is unbroken then now allways! White shoes well that is our color…innocence. Trust me on this if SHE can take that heat in a courtroom then SHE can take any heat. And You will get mail…I know and have told HER…I can wait…a bit…LOL…really I do miss HER amazing words. So wonderful SHE now has visits…WE are blessed by HER and G,ma,s are the best…that I do know. As for HER P pals well hell they know what a ray of sunshine SHE is …DUH. Perryville is now a much better place for all who are there and will get better…but We don,t want HER there for long…If You,r worried about HER…then bust a nut a do what You can to bring HER home and then We can fix this broken system and bring real justice to all. Yes I do worry and why not this is a person who means the world to me….and am so proud to tell any that I do LOVE HER. As We all know ….to know HER is to LOVE HER for who SHE is. May all soon get mail from HER…but PLEASE don,t share unless it,s O.K. with HER….that,s called RESPECT……..Take care all and hold JODI in Your hearts as SHE holds Us in HERs.

  3. What a wonderful UPDATE #1 of Jodi at Perryville, especially about her living conditions:
    …FACT [9] CLASS: Jodi takes a mandatory class that deals with self-defense ….
    …That will surely be a very popular class with everyone at Perryville, she should do well …
    …Wouldn’t it be something if Jodi is totally exonerated, all Constitutional Rights reinstated, released for time served, move to the state of her choice, and claims her right to obtain a concealed carry permit, and vote in elections, and candidates of her future choices for U S President?? …Or, run for a political office herself, she would do well …… (((Jodi is innocent)))

  4. I’m so glad to hear that the guards are humane and supply ice to help with the heat and all the rest of her progress. I only wish I didn’t live so far away so I could visit her.

  5. If I was Jodi and exonerated I would want to get the hell out of the US, for safety reasons and bad memories. I would love her to choose to come here to London, that would be simply amazing!

  6. Thanks so much for the update on our Jodi, SJ!!! That makes me SO HAPPY that conditions for Jodi are SO MUCH better at Perryville!!! That is wonderful news!!! The most wonderful news of all is when we all hear that our Jodi is FREE!!! I hope that will be very, very soon!!!


    (((TEAM JODI)))


  7. Thank you, so much, SJ for this wonderful update. It is true that i have worried about Jodi, with the 115 degree heat in Arizona. Am thankful that She is doing well with good conditions, and also, not isolated.
    I am thankful for what She has to enrich Her life as much as is possible, She deserves the very best. I care about Jodi, and hope for Her Freedom, very soon. A total Exoneration.
    I wish that i could visit Her, but i am uncertain as to the flights and destinations for Arizona.

    Jodi Arias Is Innocent – Free Jodi

  8. Jodi’s haters are so annoyed with these positive facts that they’re denying them — just as they denied everything about the appellate fund’s matching-gift drive until its last week, when they suddenly realized that all the numbers were true.

    • Yes, I saw that, alan. They are annoyed because their own happiness depends largely upon Jodi suffering. They would like to see her chained to her cell wall and fed bread and water. It’s just the kind of miserable human beings they are.

      • It’s like a “snide remark” contest over there…seeing who can come up with the most hateful and sarcastic remark. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an intelligent conversation, just one nasty juvenile remark after another. They consider themselves all very witty when they actually sound like a bunch of immature teenagers. But, boy, are they ever having fun. They’ve managed to bond together into their little gang of emotional bullies where they get together each day to hate on Jodi and anyone who cares about Jodi. And the irony is, they somehow think they’re the good guys. Go figure.

        • Justus, we all appreciate a smart ‘burn’. It’s the idiots that think they’re smart in spewing hatred out of pure hate that are boring and show how much of an idiot they are.

          There have been comments about me, SJ, Maria and some others that I actually laughed and found really funny, Those are the ‘burns’ that I enjoy: the witty ones.

          As one of my favorite comedians has said (Jeff Ross) “I only roast the ones I love”, I truly believe that those who know how to ‘roast’ Jodi and her friends are the ones that actually DO care for us. 😉

          (((((Good genuine roasters that love to hate))))) ♥

    • Alan, did you expect anything other than how they are reacting. It surprises me that most of the haters didn’t agree on the death penalty, thus they should have been happy with the sentencing but they can’t seem to move on! I don’t get it! Seriously!

      We remain supporting Jodi because she’s our friend and we would never turn our backs on a friend. What’s their reason? Can’t they just find someone else to hunt down and stalk? (<—- ironic remark, I don't wish that sort of hatred and witch hunt for anyone else).

      I feel so sorry for them. All they have proved is that they are a nobody if they let go of Jodi.

      • I asked them about their obsession on the Argument for Reasonable Doubt FB page and all I got back was a bunch of stupid remarks (surprised? no) asking “why are you obsessed?” They just don’t get it (probably because they are a bunch of morons). I explained that we are trying to reverse what we consider an injustice while they are just having fun hating. They still don’t get it. So screw them and their hateful stupidity!

    • They can deny all they want. It doesn’t mean these facts ^^^^^ aren’t true. Jodi has (THANK GOD!) a lot of friends with whom she communicates regularly and of course let’s not forget those who go and visit her. So, what SJ posted is first hand information. Haters should learn to just suck it up! 😉

  9. In sum, everything is better for Jodi at PV than at Estrella, except for the heat and her extremely limited phone privileges — and the latter will improve before too long. And the above otherwise excellent summary didn’t even mention one last thing: now she can get real letters, not just postcards, including photos and Internet prints relating to her and her case.

    • Yes, Alan, and like so much in Jodi’s circumstances, this is a double-edged sword. No doubt, the hecklers and haters will spend their last dime to print and mail the garbage that is online to her, thinking they can actually influence Jodi and her legal appeals. Or mess with her in their demented ways. I find it interesting that most won’t post current photos of themselves. I’ll venture a guess, that their negative obsessions over a situation over which they have zero control, shows on their faces. You know I laugh when I read where they’ve written to Jodi’s neighbors thinking they can somehow come out on top in that little card game! HA! I’m guessing some of them have acquired pen pals for life…..

    • Hopefully she can take college courses as well while there. She is bright and might as well get her education started while she is there!

    • Hey there Cat, we usually try to avoid naming haters’ sites. Why give them free advertisement?

      Alan was referring to a FACEBOOK haters’ page called ‘Snooper Drooper’ group or something like that! Trust me, not worth your time! I once visited that page out of curiosity and noticed that all the rejects and social retards were gathered there. :mrgreen:

      Rasna Admin – TEAM JODI

  10. Vinnie Politan (yuck) tweeted the playful pic of Jodi and TA with her hand gesture along with another one where it looks as if TA is attempting to push her over a cliff. In both pics, they look to me like they are just having fun and playing it up for the camera.

  11. The pics are all together like a montage or whatever it’s called. There is also Jodi’s booking pic and then he has this tweet – which means – I don’t know ……. 🙄

    Vinnie Politan ‏@VinniePolitan · Aug 17
    #JodiArias photo revealed for first time by radaronline from upcoming murder made me famous on reelz.

    • dunno why he says ‘upcoming’ – my understanding was that the Reelz thing happened Saturday the 15th.

      eh, maybe not tho, lol
      I don’t watch TV anymore and never had Reelz anyway, but it seems to me everyone was saying the Jodi episode was to air on Aug 15

  12. Just saw a photo of a lynch mob with a certain sister real low to the ground….must feel at home there. Crew from both juries and the det….WOW what a pro….but no tiny…must have been in hateville. Now I would ask of them….what by law should happen to you when appeals set HER free. To become pals/friendslovers? with any victims family let alone a so called victim to me screams treason of the system…or have they not heard the word objective…duh. Seems to me they picked a side long before any verdict and did all to bring HER to harm….that,s as unAmerican as it gets.And do their smiles bring their smiles bring that ABUSER back…nope. I for one hope he gets a fair trial for all the EVIL he has done.To bad for steve or estabon or what ever name it uses he did,nt use his glasses in that case….LOOK det. i.ll tell you what to do…think…say….now go home and for fuck sakes don,t tell that big mouth wife of yours ANYTHING…..WTF…he did whaaaaaaaaaaaaat!

    • I saw the same photo Wayne. (I saved it,t oo – you never know 😉 )
      It was disturbing for many reasons. Yuck being the first one.

  13. Dr. Horn on Day 3 and his exaggerated decomp ..
    1:49:02 JW: Okay. So on June 12th of 2008 after doing your report, you found that there was no gross evidence of significant intracranial hemorrhage. Is that right? And I’m looking at page 4.
    Horn: Yes, um page 4 of my report.
    JW: Okay, and when you talked about significant intracranial hemorrhage, you’re talking about bleeding through the brain, is that right?
    1:49:25 – Horn: Right, and at this point the brain is really nonexistent – it’s almost – you can’t examine it – it’s become liquid.
    JW: You can’t examine it at all?
    Horn: It’s very difficult.
    JW: Okay, well but didn’t you actually take slices of the brain, and I’m referring to page 7?
    Horn: Yes, so it is soft and it’s not liquefied – it is still present but it’s soft.
    JW: Alright, so you were able – it’s still there right?
    Horn: Yes, it’s always there. It’s just the state that it’s in. 🙄

    • Here in a matter of minutes?? (not sure of the timing of this) Dr. Horn goes from: “THE BRAIN IS REALLY NONEXISTENT…..IT’S ALMOST…YOU CAN’T EXAMINE IT….IT’S BECOME LIQUID”

      To admitting that he actually took slices of the brain and admitting that it really is not liquified and admitting that it really is still present….

      HELLO ??????? Does anyone else see a pattern here??????

      We are trying just a bit too hard to impress the boss……


      • The way these folks mince words is epic! From the expert witnesses to the damn Mormon bishop! Watching DeMarte (and drinking heavily….kidding 🙂 as she can’t seem to remember quite how many hours she worked on Juan’s death wish….Nurmi lets her settle at between 50 and 100 hours at $300/hour. It’s moments like those when Nurmi should have pinned her. Oh, and remember her “stolen laptop”?

      • Preach it, girl!!!

        “Horn: Right, and at this point the brain is really nonexistent – it’s almost – you can’t examine it – it’s become liquid.

        Yes, so it is soft and it’s not liquefied – it is still present but it’s soft. ”

        Those 2 sentences ^^^ say it all. I’d really like to hear a hater’s POV on this. Or….maybe not.

        Horn -just like so many other experts who lie under oath in many cases across the USA- is one disgusting POS! Lying when as an expert you should be setting the example of what it means to be taking the oath seriously. When you KNOW that the Jury RELIES on YOU to HELP them because they themselves can’t make heads or tails since they are your average person. Experts caught lying should receive heavy heavy punishments. They are not only a disgrace to their profession, they are a DANGER to the Judicial system and our society in general.

        • You are exactly correct !

          And this is the exact reason that Dr. Horn’s testimony will be front and center in the appeals. IMHO his testimony was meant to influence the jury into believing the state’s theory and it worked. His testimony is so critical to the state’s case so much so that without it they would not have prevailed in my opinion.

          Experts are not allowed to just guess or give a speculative opinion that has no credible evidence to back it up. “IT MUST HAVE” penetrated the brain is not sufficient bc it opens the door to other possibilities. As does his other statement referring to whether or not the dura mater was perforated that it “WOULD HAVE TO HAVE BEEN.” And what other possibility do we have that DOES have credible evidence to back it up????? We have the other possibility that the bullet did NOT penetrate the brain just as Dr. Horn’s own original autopsy report credibly backs up. Which possibility has the evidence backing it up?? Only the position that the bullet did NOT penetrate the brain.

          As an expert his opinions are held to a higher standard. His opinion must be within a reasonable degree of medical probability. Well I guess the question is : when you say the bullet “MUST HAVE” penetrated the brain is that a reasonable degree of medical probability ??? NO WAY !!! Where is the credible evidence of that??? There is NONE !!! And changing your position years later is not credible bc it is not based on any evidence whatsoever !!! I believe that the reason he chose those specific words are for the exact reason that he did NOT have any credible evidence to back up the assertion that the bullet penetrated the brain and thus he was relegated to answering with a pathetic “IT MUST HAVE” instead of answering with a positive and definitive “it did penetrate the brain.”

          These two positions 1) bullet penetrated the brain and incapacitated TA and 2) bullet did not penetrate the brain and did not incapacitate TA are not even equal possibilities…Only number 2) is a genuine probability IMHO based on all the facts and evidence on this specific matter – Dr. Horn’s autopsy report made just days after the body was found, the earlier testimony of Det Flores in the Chronis hearing, the state’s long held position that the gunshot was first and did not incapacitate TA, etc…The evidence all points to the bullet NOT penetrating the brain, period.

          I believe that his testimony on this matter will come back to haunt the state’s case. It must be seen by the appellate judges for what it was – to sway the jury into believing something that never happened in order to back up the state’s case. And in doing so JODI ANN ARIAS WAS DEPRIVED OF HER CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO A FAIR TRIAL!!

          Remedy: Reverse and remand for a new trial or if the judges find this case so egregious they very well may dismiss with prejudice


      • 1) TA’s home during June in Mesa, AZ would have had to have been air conditioned, no way around it, period.
        2) We don’t know what the cooling temp was in the home (or at least I don’t know) but I am guessing that it was cranked down quite a bit. It is HOT HOT HOT in Mesa, AZ in June !!!!
        3) As a side note: that begs the question as to why the roommates did not smell anything since the ac was no doubt running and circulating throughout the home…but if the home was well cooled at a low temp it could possibly explain the delay in smelling the body…just my speculation here
        4) this may also explain why after supposedly being there 5 days that the body wasn’t more decomposed than it was noted on Dr. Horn’s autopsy report which was noted as “moderate decomposition”

        Every body decomposes uniquely depending on many different factors including temp, location, etc…

        I believe that the appellate judges will look at the original autopsy as the best evidence of the condition of TA’s body and brain. Anything modified years later with NO corroborating evidence would most likely be thrown out as not credible. The original autopsy made clear that the body was in the state of moderate decomp. Dr. Horn was fully able to take slices of the brain for examination and he found no trauma or foreign objects or bullet fragments. He describes an undamaged brain. He further found no tears, perforations, or penetration of the Dura Mater and stated that the Dura Mater and the falx cerebri were “INTACT.” There was good preservation of the cerebral symmetry with diffuse green-gray softening of parenchyma due to decomposition.

        Jennifer Willmott: And in there- so… So in this part of your report, after going through these sections, again you say, “it does not reveal the presence of grossly apparent trauma.” Is that right?

        Kevin Horn: Right.

        Jennifer Willmott: So, by taking through these sections, again, you don’t find any evidence of trauma or like a bullet tracked through the brain.

        Kevin Horn: Nothing, so clearly (inaudible). No hemorrhage, no foreign bodies, no metal fragments, right.

        The state’s position for years and years was that the gunshot was first and it did NOT incapacitate TA. In fact this was testified to in the Chronis Hearing by Det Flores and this is how they obtained the death qualifying aggravator. The state’s position was only changed after Jodi Arias changed her defense stance to a self defense…then we have a cascading of changing stories and excuses as to why the gunshot really wasn’t first, but last and changing stories as to why TA was incapacitated instead of NOT being incapacitated as they claimed for years and years….



        And Dr. Horn’s equivocations on the stand were IMHO nothing more than speculative opinion about one possibility as to what happened….”IT MUST HAVE” penetrated the brain…..’IT WOULD HAVE TO HAVE BEEN” referring to whether or not the Dura Mater was perforated….his testimony opened the door for other possibilities so IMHO he basically put forth a speculative opinion that was more prejudicial than probative and it swayed the jury into believing something that has no credible evidence to back it up…and his excuse that it was just a “TYPO” is just that IMHO…an excuse…with NO CREDIBLE EVIDENCE TO BACK IT UP !! It is laughable in my opinion.

        He further stated in his testimony “IF A PERSON’S LUNG IS NICKED…” then blood can be coughed up out of the mouth….THIS IS A NON NON STATEMENT THAT CONFUSED THE STUPID JURY….It was IMHO meant to sway the jury into believing that Travis Alexander’s lung was nicked…IT WAS NOT!! AND DR. HORN NEVER STATED THAT!!!! There is no such notation in his autopsy report indicating such…but he did examine the lungs and made notations of the condition of the lungs. If TA’s lung (s) was nicked it would have been noted, period.

        So again we have Dr. Horn making equivocations on the stand making it sound as if he is stating that TA’s lung is nicked but in reality Dr. Horn makes no such statement at all and in the process he is IMHO influencing the jury into believing something that never occurred. Why did Dr. Horn need to bring up the possibility of “a person’s lung” being nicked??? Well, again IMHO, bc the state could not have the jury believe that TA was standing at the mirror and sink coughing up blood from the gunshot wound. So they had to have someone come up with an alternative as to why and how the blood was coughed up at the sink. And again we have Dr. Horn seemingly verifying the state’s theory… but not really…he never verifies the state’s position if you read carefully his exact words on these important matters regarding the brain, dura mater, and lungs of TA. They seem like they are just speculative opinion as to one possibility.

        Dr. Horn’s opinion must be within a reasonable medical probability. His equivocations don’t sound like reasonable medical probability to me at all and I don ‘t believe they will sound like they are to the appellate court judges either. They merely offer up one possibility to the jury and are more prejudicial than probative.

        These possibilities offered up by Dr. Horn are not even equivalent to the alternative possibilities IMHO…they are not just as likely as the alternative, in fact they are far less likely than the alternative possibilities….those being..the brain was not penetrated, the Dura Mater was not perforated but it was “INTACT,” TA’s lungs were not nicked, TA was not incapacitated….. as these truths are backed up with real, hard evidence put forth by the good Dr. himself and the state’s own witnesses.



        • Well stated, BB! Yes, the jury, the media and the public all fell for that BS. I even heard Jeff Gold (who is himself a lawyer and should know better) that the blood at the sink was caused by a nick to the lung. And between Martinez and Horn, they also managed to convince that whole ignorant lot that the blood from his right ear (which could have only happen while he was alive) also came from a nicked lung. 🙄

        • BB, I believe that the shower would have been one of the coolest parts of the house and I wonder where the nearest vent to the shower would be. On the other hand, the way that TA lived his life as one big lie, his roommates really did not have a lot to do with him – I think they only ate together a couple of times. They weren’t at the house that much that week and that’s all the excuses I have for those two dummies.

          • Dwight, T-Dogg wasn’t leaving for Cancun for another week. He complained in his journal about the heat in AZ so his bedroom area would still have the air running until he left, if he was planning on doing that.

        • Re: AC

          Mesa, AZ temperatures for 2008, from:

          Month Average Maximums
          High Low Max Min

          May 96° 61° 107° 51°
          June 105° 70° 113° 59°

          Interpolation: Low/High for 6/1/2008 was about: 65.5 -100.5.
          Lets say for 6/4/2008 the range was 66 – 101.

          This may have necessitated heat in the morning and AC in the afternoon/evening.

          During this time of year (over a month here in DC area), sometimes I just turn off the Heat/AC because I get tired of going to the thermostat 2-3 times/day.

          Therefore its possible the AC was kept off in the morning and only turned on in early afternoon as the temperature rose toward 101 later in the afternoon.

          Re: Stench of 4-days dead body:

          Contrary to popular belief a dead body does not always stink and the bowels are not usually evacuated on death. It depends on a lot of factors. Travis had been dieting to lose weight and may not have had much food in him. Add to this the shower possibly washing away surface bacteria and the limited ventilation of a shower enclosure and the closed room door and its easily possible the stench would not have been noticed until entering his room.

          If the AC intake (usually only one) was down the hallway outside Travis’s room and the carpeting made a good seal under the bedroom door, the tiny amount of air that drifted out of Travis’s room would be diluted by air from the hallway, downstairs living room, foyer, etc before going into the fan, and blowing out into other rooms. While this may seem like a worst case scenario, I believe my assumptions are pretty typical.

          In summary, I believe its still debatable whether the roommates could have smelled the body decaying until they opened Travis’s bedroom door.

          I re-read Flores’s report and he wrote that “The home appeared clean and in good order. There was a strong odor associated with a decomposing body all over the home.” But this was after the roommates had already discovered the body and probably left the bedroom door open while waiting for police. Depending on the density or odor, the leak rate under the door, how close the roommates came to Travis’s door in the 4 days while the door was closed, and how many times they left and came back (which is when they would be most likely to notice it), its plausible they did not notice any odor until the outer mausoleum (lol/bedroom) door was unsealed and Travis’s 3/4 tomb (lol/shower) was open to the rest of the house.

          There’s also the “Saint Travis” theory whereby his body was incorruptible (did not decay).This is one of the indicators of sainthood by the Catholic Church. I’m Catholic so I’m up on these sort of things – lol.

      • Sorry BB

        Yes it didn’t take him long to change his testimony on the decomposition issue and buring cross the same day when Jen brought up the details of his report, the brain was almost non-existent.

        Horn Testimony Day 3 – Lohr no sidebars
        On Direct:
        32:30 JM: Sir, one of the things that we know about this case is that the body was in its home for a while – for days – before it was actually discovered. So was there any decomposition that was associated with the body and are we looking at any in this particular photograph (right hand) or was it other parts of the body?
        32:43 Horn: Yes, there was a state of what we would call intermediate decomposition or the middle stage of decomposition and it involved the whole body ……
        On Cross – same day:
        JW: Okay, and when you talked about significant intracranial hemorrhage, you’re talking about bleeding through the brain, is that right?
        1:49:25 – Horn: Right, and at this point the brain is really nonexistent – it’s almost – you can’t examine it – it’s become liquid.

          • Thanks for that clarification..

            The net effect is still the same,,, he does a reversal on everything he had just stated about the brain being nonexistent, etc..

            It appears he had a habit of doing reversals as we all know even YEARS LATER !!

            It was just a “TYPO”

            not credible in my opinion at all !!

    • here is a brain during decomposition – granted his was protected by a skull but is still an example of what the brain would look like in 5 days at room temp and tell me who could make a proper examination except to exclude a large bleed. Caution the video is graphic, this the last I will say on the matter

      • That video is not applicable at all and, frankly is quite silly since a brain would never be sitting out in the open during decomposition and there was NO evidence of any insect activity. If anyone has a strong stomach and would like to see what a really decomposed body looks like based on medical facts, this is the site that I quoted earlier. I included the part about the other internal organs because the bad doctor was able to examine these organs at autopsy and descriptions of same are in his autopsy report..

        Postmortem Changes Overview Definitions, Scene Findings

        Internally, organs disintegrate at different rates. The pancreas, adrenal glands, and gastrointestinal mucosa show marked autolysis early in the PMI (see the following images). Indeed, with its digestive enzymes, the pancreas may show early breakdown of its vasculature; to the inexperienced examiner, seepage of red blood cells may mimic hemorrhagic pancreatitis.

        The uterus and prostate resist decomposition the longest, owing to the amount of fibromuscular tissue in these organs.

        The brain turns a pink-gray color and undergoes liquefaction over a period of weeks. Fat may also liquefy, as seen in the following image. Small, white calcium soap granules may develop on the epicardial and endocardial surfaces of the heart, and the intima of the vasculature turns a dusky purple as a result of red cell hemolysis.

        Contributor Information and Disclosures


        S Erin Presnell, MD Professor, Co-Director of Medical and Forensic Autopsy Section, Department of Pathology, Medical University of South Carolina College of Medicine

        S Erin Presnell, MD is a member of the following medical societies: Alpha Omega Alpha, American Society for Clinical Pathology, College of American Pathologists, National Association of Medical Examiners, American Academy of Forensic Sciences, International Association of Medical Science Educators

        Chief Editor

        Stephen J Cina, MD Chief Medical Examiner, Cook County; Clinical Professor of Pathology, Rush Medical College of Rush University Medical Center; Clinical Professor of Pathology, Northwestern University, The Feinberg School of Medicine

        Stephen J Cina, MD is a member of the following medical societies: College of American Pathologists, National Association of Medical Examiners, American Academy of Forensic Sciences, Arthur Purdy Stout Society

        • Taken from Travis Alexander’s Autopsy Report – describing the organs that are affected first by the decompositional process:

          The body is opened by a standard Y-shaped thoracoabdominal incision. All viscera occupy their appropriate anatomic relationships. Subcutaneous adipose tissue ranges up to 3.5 cm in thickness over the abdominal wall. Serous surfaces are smooth and glistening throughout.

          The oropharynx is grossly normal and unobstructed. The esophagus is of normal caliber with a smooth, white mucosal lining. The gastroesophageal junction is well defined. The stomach has diffusely flattened mucosal surfaces due to decomposition and the lumen contains approximately 25 mL of brown partially digested food fragments. No areas of ulceration, erosion, or hemorrhage or scarring are present. The small and large intestines are unremarkable. The appendix is present. The lobular tan pancreas is diffusely soften due to decomposition without areas of fat necrosis, gross hemorrhage or space-occupying lesions. The pancreatic ducts are indistinct due to the decompositional process.

          The 950-gram liver has a smooth intact capsule, covering variegated brown to black autolyzed parenchyma. No localizing masses, lesions or areas of hemorrhage are evident on external or cut surfaces. The intrahepatic and extrahepatic ducts are patent and of normal caliber. The gallbladder is collapsed and empty. The gallbladder mucosa is autolyzed.

  14. Horn’s testimony on the call with Flores changed imo as the trial went on…

    Day 3 – 1:26:40
    JW: After the autopsy, um, he would have been free, Detective Barientoas or Detective Flores would have been free to call you if they had follow-up questions, right?
    Horn: Yes.
    JW: I mean, in other words, you just don’t do this autopsy and then forget about it?
    Horn: That’s right.
    JW: Okay, and so um, and you certainly would take Detective Flores’ calls if he called you?
    Horn: Yes, I would.
    JW: And in fact, at some point you did speak to Detective Flores later didn’t you?
    Horn: I may have, I don’t recall. (checked his reports)
    JW: Okay, well he’s considered what we call a case agent. Are you familiar with that term?
    Horn: Yes.
    JW: And that means that he is like the point person for the investigation, right?
    Horn: I believe so.
    JW: As far as the police agency, if you had needed to say anything, it would be Detective Flores or the case agent that you would say it to?
    Horn: Right, or if I needed further information I would contact that detective, yes.
    JW: Okay, and he was always open to you as far as you know, right?
    Horn: As far as I know.

    Day 53 Testimony
    JW: Well, you’re aware that Detective Flores said that you told him the bullet wound was not immediately incapacitating?
    Objection – mischaracterizes the evidence – overruled.
    Horn: I don’t recall that, no.
    JW: Okay, are you aware that Detective Flores said that you told him in particular that the gunshot would not have completely incapacitated someone?
    Objection – improper impeachment – lack of foundation – relevance. Sustained.
    JW: And according to you, you don’t recall having any conversation with Detective Flores, is that right?
    Horn: That’s right.
    JW: Uh, ever – after the autopsy?
    Horn: No.

  15. Yes, this shows the cascading of the changing stories from Dr. Horn…he goes from “I MAY HAVE” (had a conversation with Det Flores) to : He never had a conversation with Det Flores, ever….

    YEA, RIGHT !! LOL!!!

    Just like he went from Dura Mater “INTACT” to Well, Golly, Gomer, that darn bullet there jus must of gone through that darn brain, right???

    And Well, shucks ya’ll if a person gits their darn lung nicked it just could make them there spit up blood….surprise ! surprise ! surprise !

    And Shazam !! Did I say the Dura Mater was “intact” well golly gee I guess I just made an oops ! Shame, shame, shame……


    • seriously, it is so childish to continue when you are obviously attempting to address me and considering the obvious fact no one has even bothered to do even the slightest research before typing. He well may have been conscious and talking after the shot, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D—Ariz.) was shot in the head and responsive(just to give one example) right after. No one except people present can say for sure his condition after the shot. You are wrong, wrong, wrong and just won’t drop it. It is a no brainer because very little was left. The body itself was in intermediate decomposition, but different organs decompose at different rates, brain and liver are the fastest. Please research, the biggest disgrace is actually attacking with NO true facts, example someone told me I was wrong he only had 1 hole no exit, the report states no exit because the bullet did not leave the body, but the report and x-rays clearly show the second hole in the skull, report calls it re-entry(which it is)but I believe she did not understand the way it was worded, Just like Alice said, not everything is black and white. If Horns report was wrong they would have brought in another expert, yes he made one typo, get over it.

      • Debbie, I have researched the decompositional effects and sequencing on internal organs. I also worked in pathology for over fifteen years transcribing path and autopsy reports.

        Decomposition of Internal Organs – Comparison of T. Alexander’s Autopsy & Referenced Medical Journals and Sites

        1st Reference Source: Forensic Medicine and Toxicology – author R.N. Karmakar – page 116 & 117

        Overall changes seen:

        “The soft tissues, particularly the thoracoabdominal organs are changed into blackish, semiliquid pultaceous mass.” (macerated; softened; nearly fluid). “Separate identity of individual organs cannot be made out at this stage.” (1st ref) Fat may also liquefy. (2nd ref)

        TA: “The body is opened by a standard Y-shaped thoracoabdominal incision. All viscera occupy their appropriate anatomic relationships. Subcutaneous adipose tissue ranges up to 3.5 cm in thickness over the abdominal wall. Serous surfaces are smooth and glistening throughout. In addition to the previously described right hemothorax, no other scant accumulations of decompositional fluids in all other body cavities.”

        Sequencing of Internal Organs and Referenced Changes:

        #1. Larynx & trachea – color change – first reddish – then green – cartilages separate from one another.

        TA: “The trachea is in the midline. The thorax is well developed and symmetrical.” “The oropharynx is grossly normal and unobstructed. The esophagus is of normal caliber with a smooth mucosal lining.”

        #2. Stomach & intestines – putrefactive changes from enzymes – diffuse patch of redness – colliquative changes (excessive liquid discharge or liquefaction of tissue). (1st ref) Other potential artifacts of decomposition simulating antemortem illness or trauma include rupture of the stomach or esophagus (2nd ref)

        TA: “The gastroesophageal junction is well defined. The stomach has diffusely flattened mucosal surfaces due to decomposition and the lumen contains approximately 25 mL of brown partially digested food fragments. No areas of ulceration, erosion, or hemorrhage or scarring are present. The small and large intestines are unremarkable.”

        #3. Spleen – becomes soft, pulpy blackish mass.

        TA: “The 150-gram spleen occupies its usual anatomic site, with an intact, smooth and glistening capsule covering predominantly liquefied autolyzed dark purple to brown parenchyma. “

        #4. Liver – becomes soft flabby and reddish – deep blue if congested – green if bile is oozing or blue-black from percolation of intestine – accumulated gas forms vesication (blistering) – honeycomb appearance known as foaming liver.

        TA: “The 950-gram liver has a smooth intact capsule, covering variegated brown to black autolyzed parenchyma. No localizing masses, lesions, or areas of hemorrhage are evident on external cut surfaces. The intrahepatic and extrahepatic ducts are patent and of normal caliber.”

        #5. Pancreas – becomes softened and haemorrhagic.

        TA: “The lobular tan pancreas is diffusely soften due to decomposition without areas of fat necrosis, gross hemorrhage or space-occupying lesions. The pancreatic ducts are indistinct due to decompositional process.”

        #6. Brain – putrefaction starts at base and under surface – first soft and pulpy – then reddish-grey liquid mass. (1st ref.) “The brain turns a pink-gray color and undergoes liquefaction over a period of weeks.”( 3rd ref)

        TA: “The 1525-gram brain is covered by thin, clear, delicate leptomeninges. The dura mater and falx cerebri are intact. There is good preservation of cerebral symmetry with diffuse green-gray softening of parenchyma due to decomposition. Multiple serial sections of autolyzed brain do not reveal the presence of grossly apparent trauma, foreign bodies, or previously existing natural disease. The atlanto-occipital articulation is grossly normal .”

        #7. Lungs – small pale scattered vesicles appear on surface, gradually coalescing together – ultimately become softened, collapse & reduced to smaller mass.

        TA: “The lungs weigh 340 grams left and 280 grams right. The upper and lower airways are patent and of normal caliber. The pleural surfaces are smooth and glistening. The parenchyma is autolyzed dark purple red, exuding moderate amounts of blood and intermixed frothy decompositional fluid. There are no areas of induration, consolidation, hemorrhage or gross scarring. The pulmonary vessels are patent and of normal caliber.”

        #8. Kidneys – gas bubbles of different sizes appear on surface – surface becomes dull – consistency & architecture retained for long time.

        TA: “The symmetric kidneys weigh left 150 grams and right 125 grams. They are similar. The capsules strip with ease from the smooth, softened red-brown autolyzed cortical surfaces. The cortices are sharply delineated from the medullary pyramids. The calyces, pelves and ureters are unremarkable. The renal vessels are patent and of normal caliber. “

        #9. Adrenals – cortex softens, medulla liquefies and gives the gland the appearance of a cyst.

        TA: “The pituitary, thyroid and adrenal glands are grossly not remarkable apart from autolysis.”

        #10. Heart – occurs comparatively late, becomes soft & flabby – chambers appear dilated & remain empty.

        TA: “The 300-gram heart occupies its usual mediastinal site. The external configuration is unremarkable. The epicardial surfaces are smooth and glistening. All major vessels arise arise in their approprirate anatomic relationships. The coronary arteries arise normal ly and are distributed in a right dominant patterns with no significant atherosclerotic stenosis. The myocardium is diffusely soft green-gray due to decomposition without areas of hemorrhage or gross scarring. No abnormal communications exist between the cardiac chambers. The cardiac valves have thin, pliable leaflets. The valve circumferences are approprirate to the caliber of the cardiac chambers. The valve cusps and surfaces are free of fusion or vegetations.”

        #11. Gallbladder – resists putrefaction for long time.

        TA: “The gallbladder is collapsed and empty. The gallbladder mucosa is autolyzed.”

        #12. Bladder – resists putrefaction if empty.

        TA: “The urinary bladder contains no urine. The mucosa surfaces are flat and pink-tan.“

        #13. Prostate & Uterus – resists putrefaction for a long time – fibromuscular and last organs to putrefy.

        TA: “The prostate and seminal vesicles are unremarkable.”


        “It is also important to note that the internal organs of the deceased will begin to decay in a particular order; beginning with the intestines, which as well as holding bacteria also hold various levels of acidic fluid which – when unable to circulate – begin to eat through their surrounding tissues. As the intestinal organs decay so too do the liver, kidneys, lungs and brain. The contents of the stomach may also slow down the rate of decay if there is undigested food in and around that area.” Gross Examination and Findings

        “Other significant factors affecting algor mortis include the body location (eg, shade versus sun), clothing, and the habitus of the decedent. A cold tile floor would promote body cooling as a result of conduction. Obese individuals and heavily clothed individuals would be expected to lose heat more slowly.”

        “Decomposition is a process of endogenous autolysis and putrefaction, primarily from intestinal microorganisms. The bacterial flora disseminates, owing to the fact that the body no longer has a functional immune system.”

        “Internally, organs disintegrate at different rates. The pancreas, adrenal glands, and gastrointestinal mucosa show marked autolysis early in the PMI (see the following images). Indeed, with its digestive enzymes, the pancreas may show early breakdown of its vasculature; to the inexperienced examiner, seepage of red blood cells may mimic hemorrhagic pancreatitis. The uterus and prostate resist decomposition the longest, owing to the amount of fibromuscular tissue in these organs.
        The brain turns a pink-gray color and undergoes liquefaction over a period of weeks. Fat may also liquefy, as seen in the following image. Small, white calcium soap granules may develop on the epicardial and endocardial surfaces of the heart, and the intima of the vasculature turns a dusky purple as a result of red cell hemolysis.”

        In Summary:

        Adrenals – considered 1st or 9th, but all agree that gastrointestinal tract is very early due to enzymes and bacteria, with intestines first in majority of reference material.

        Brain is quite far down the list and Alexander’s brain was normal green-grey in color – not pink-gray or red-grey per reference material.

        The words – unremarkable, usual, normal and appropriate – are used a total of eighteen times just in portion of autopsy report used in this comparison.

        Tile floor can cool body – Alexander was enclosed on three sides by white tile.

        • Horn painstakingly described the 4 wounds to the neck, 7 wounds to torso, 4 wounds to hands, and 4 blunt force injuries with measurements and anatomical positions, per normal protocol. He describes wound of entrance of gunshot per normal protocol. He describes with measurement the rim of marginal abrasion surrounding the wound. He describes location of bullet with per protocol. He measures the subcutaneous fat and measures stomach contents, but when it comes to the bullet tract, other than the entrance wound, there is no mention, measurement or anatomical positions for the two supposed wounds to anterior fossa.

          An autopsy report follows a certain format: Pathological Diagnoses, Cause of Death, External and Internal Examinations, Gross Examination of Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Digestive/Hepatobiliary, Genitourinary, Hematopoietic, Endocrne, Musculoskeletal, and Nervous.Systems. Microscopic Examinations of Systems, Toxicology specimens & Final Summary. The pathologist or medical examiner dictates his Gross descriptions while performing autopsy. This pathologist clearly described in his dictation, the leptomeninges (thin, clear, delicate) and then describes the dura mater and falx cerebri as intact.

          What happened? Did he suddenly forget protocol or was he too tired from measuring all the other wounds.

        • Excellent comparison !! Shows that TA was in a moderate decomp just as Dr. Horn’s report reveals…the brain was not liquified and he was able to take serial slices and examine them and reported no damage or bullet track or bullet fragments whatsoever. It was an undamaged brain per his autopsy report.

          It is so helpful to see the comparisons side by side like that to really understand the difference.

      • Well, Debbie, here I am attempting to address you…LOL!!

        Debbie here are some of the facts reported by Dr. Horn:

        Per Dr. Horn’s autopsy report June 12, 2008:

        **Decomposition: Moderate
        **Dura Mater and Falx Cerebri “INTACT”
        **There is good cerebral symmetry with diffuse green-gray softening of parenchyma due to decomp
        **Multiple serial sections of autolyzed brain do not reveal the presence of grossly apparent trauma, foreign bodies, or previously existing natural disease
        **The wound track perforates the anterior frontal skull near the superior orbital bone and TRAVERSES the right anterior fossa without gross evidence of significant intracranial hemorrhage or apparent cerebral injury
        **The projectile re-enters the facial skeleton near the midline and the wound track terminates in the left cheek
        **No gunshot wound of exit
        **The wound track trajectory is right to left and downwards

        NO WHERE in his report does he give any corroborating evidence to back up his assertion years later that his original reporting of the Dura Mater being ‘INTACT” was a mere “TYPO.”

        He describes an undamaged brain, period.

        From testimony of Dr. Horn:

        Jennifer Willmott: And in there- so… So in this part of your report, after going through these sections, again you say, “it does not reveal the presence of grossly apparent trauma.” Is that right?

        Kevin Horn: Right.

        Jennifer Willmott: So, by taking through these sections, again, you don’t find any evidence of trauma or like a bullet tracked through the brain.

        Kevin Horn: Nothing, so clearly (inaudible). No hemorrhage, no foreign bodies, no metal fragments, right.

        These are the facts. These are the facts that the appellate court will take into consideration along with his changing stories and equivocations on the stand in his testimony.

        the bullet “MUST HAVE” penetrated the brain….this is NOT a reasonable medical probability but is speculative opinion NOT backed up by any evidence whatsoever

        “IT WOULD HAVE TO HAVE BEEN” ….referring to whether or not the Dura Mater was perforated….this is NOT a reasonable medical probability but is speculative opinion not backed up by any evidence whatsoever

        “IF A PERSON’S LUNG IS NICKED” the blood can be coughed up out of the mouth…is NOT a reasonable medical probability but is speculative opinion not backed up by any evidence whatsoever

        NO EVIDENCE EXISTS to back up his years later assertions on the stand and this is EXACTLY why he was relegated to using such pathetic speculative terms…

        These statements IMHO were made to sway and influence the jury into believing something that never happened in order to prop up the state’s fairytale theory…

        My question is why would a supposed unbiased Dr. have any motivation to do such things??? He has no motivation. So who does??? Answer: only the state has the motivation

        I have to run right now…but I am sure we will talk again, Debbie 🙂

  16. Let’s go crazy and imagine Jodi gets released tomorrow at 11:00 am from Perryville and walks out of the prison a free woman.
    Where does she go first?
    Where will she live?
    Where will she work?
    Who will she date?
    I wonder if she would stay on the west coast or if she would come east. The east coast although somewhat interested in this case but not at all obsessed. Most of my friends and co workers have never even heard of Jodi Arias, imagine that.

  17. SJ and TEAM JODI thank you so much for providing all that awesome info about Jodi’s status at PV.

    Just so you know, news outlets are taking your post and are using most of it as their own! They’re too pea-brained to even change it a bit! LOL! But it’s awesome to know that they rely on us here at JAII to make a headline about Jodi! 😀 At least we know that what they post are facts and not bs that they usually do when they don’t use our info! 😉

  18. Hi Maria. I haven’ t had access to my computer so I’m late, but I just want to wish you a happy birthday. I hope you had a good day.

  19. I wonder if Jodi is in “classification” and might be moved to another facility or different section of Perryville in the near future. I seem to remember that new prisoners are evaluated for a 3-12 months and then routed out to different facilities.

    Maybe if she behaves and “toes the party line”, she could get medium or minimum security which is more like a dorm atmosphere.

    Btw, does anyone know if the story about her Skype calls with a few 15 year old girls recommending they get fake ID’s is true? Or was that just one more bogus news story? If its true, I wish she hadn’t done that. That kind of thing works against her.

    • Sadly Michael I believe this is true. I wonder too if that will work against her but no more than talking to the Detectives without an Attorney, having bullshit Council, granting interviews, and her allocution statements. These might all work against her BUT I believe if she had good Attorneys they could have provided better arguments as the “why”. We know for a fact that she did it, that fact is not disputed. I don’t buy into the Ninja’s and Mormon Mafia conspiracy theories but there are reasons why a normal woman would be driven to kill. Even if the Jury believed only 80 % of her testimony which is reasonable there is room for reasonable doubt. Needless to say this should have been a conviction for 2nd degree murder nothing more . There is no way in hell this was a 1st degree murder conviction. Jodi herself says she believes she needs to be punished but for a woman with no history of violence and no criminal record this is insane. The Jury, shame on them bought into the emotions of the family and JM courtroom antics. Better Attorneys would have shut him down and called Judge Stephens out on allowing this kangaroo court to proceed. I cannot believe that not even 1 of the jurors could have been swayed by Jodi’s testimony. I for one thought she handled herself very well under the pressure and was believable. I cannot believe not one of them could see this. I guess this is a prime example of mob mentality at its best.

      • Cat:

        Do you have link or a reference to the video in question because these are slanderous accusations if not true.

        If there is no proof, once the accusation is made public, the accuser should have to provide the video that evidences their accusation.

        Maybe the accuser/perpetrator is afraid of being convicted and sued for slander because, like many Jodi statements, they misquoted or mischacterized her staements.

        It’s easy to suggest that Jodi would be a bad influence on underage girls, but it was not Jodi’s responsibility to prevent this.

        • Michael,

          Are you talking about the incident with the underage girls? I think that was total B.S. and Jodi had no control over that. – They lied about their ages. I believe if there were something there the press would have been all over it. I was merely pointing out things that went wrong with this case and trial.

          Speaking of B.S. I watched that Reelz nonsense about Jodi. Utter nonsense. I really don’t know how folks can get away with this. Most of the “facts” they portrayed were not the way things happens and were bought out in the trial. That’s an hour of my life I will never get back.

          • With all the video of Jodi presented by the media/government in this case, if the accusations were true, they would have presented video of it. The fact that they have not indicates that it is not true so its likely that its just another case of their evidence tampering or a complete fabrication designed to malign Jodi and her supporters.

      • I think most of them were stealth jurors with an agenda. And those same were probably bullies who intimidated the rest, just like the mentality we see on the hate pages. They weren’t just seeking justice; they were seeking “Justice for Travis”. (They also knew the fate of the Anthony jurors who came in with a verdict contrary to public opinion.)

    • Dwight:

      Do you have a link or reference for Travis’s journals? I don’t think I’ve read any of them.

      I noticed Jodi’s phone was also missing (lost/stolen). It makes me think someone or some people were stalking both of them. If they could “borrow” their phones and return them (e.g. like replacing them someplace where the victim would have reasonable doubt as to whether they were “borrowed” or just mis-placed), The perpetrator(s) could then clone the phones and have access to their calls (listen in and possibly make calls). This suspicion probably increased the stress level in their relationship with each suspecting the other(or their agents) of doing it.

      • Michael, Jodi thought her phone got stolen in Yreka when she was at a restaurant from her grandpa’s truck. It was found later by her aunt and was admitted into evidence as the phone sex evidence.

        • Thanks for the link, Dwight.

          Here is a Web-Sleuths exchange regarding the tire-slashing:

          Original sentence:
          JA: “I did not and would not and would never have slashed your tires.”

          “Interesting that she said, “never WOULD have slashed your tires” instead of “never slashed
          your tires.” ”

          This reply is typical of anti-Jodi posters, biased, wrong, extraction of what they want and ignoring the rest.

          The reply leaves out Jodi’s “did not” and “would not” and doesn’t even get the phrase they wanted to quote right:
          “never WOULD” [Lambchop] versus “would never” [Jodi].

    • Dwight, TA bought the diamond ring for a girl named Linda Ballard who he started dating when Deanna was away on her mission. He wrote to her a couple of months before she came to let her know he wanted to see other people. The thing about the ring is that TA asked Jodi if she had seen it and she said yes, and that she would explain. It seemed to be resolved between the two of them after that discussion. If you google TA and Linda Ballard you can see that she looks just like him except female. She decided not to marry him because of his occupation, at least I think that was her excuse.

      • Dwight, this is the conversation I was speaking about regarding the ring. TA also mentioned it in his journal:

        03/18/08 06:17:28 Incoming Hey I’m too sleepy to come over tonight. Sleeeeepy…
        03/18/08 08:32:29 Incoming I’m cuddlier.
        03/18/08 20:33:37 Outgoing Do you have any idea what happened to that diamond ring in my drawer?
        03/18/08 20:40:51 Incoming What daimond ring???
        03/18/08 20:55:03 Incoming Ooohh… yeah. I have it. I’m so sorry. I’ll explain. Don’t be mad. I’ll get it to you after work. Again, I’m really sorry. I’m sure it caused you stress.
        03/18/08 20:56:33 Incoming I’ll tell u what happened after work. Don’t stress, don’t worry, and please don’t be mad.
        03/18/08 21:01:38 Outgoing I’m not mad. Its cool.
        03/18/08 21:07:43 Incoming Phew! Thank u! It’s really dumb what I did but I’ll tell u what happened. The ring is fine. What time are u leaving?
        03/18/08 21:08:19 Outgoing I dunno
        03/18/08 23:09:19 Incoming I just now got out of there. Call me.
        03/18/08 23:26:55 Incoming What time would u have be ready?
        03/18/08 23:28:06 Incoming What time would u have me be ready (I mean)?
        03/18/08 23:32:35 Outgoing Be ready in 20 minutes

        TVA Journal Entry – 3-18-08
        “Well a lot of things have been lost. I lost my journal so now I’m writing in this one. I lost my IPod. Hopefully it is around. Hopefully it is around here somewhere. I lost a diamond ring but apparently Jodi took for some reason. So it’s found. “

            • RL, I just know what is in this journal entry of TA’s that I took note of. This was the weekend that TA and Jodi went to a convention and Deanna was babysitting Naps.

              “Well, a lot of things have been lost. I lost my journal so now I’m writing in this one. I lost my IPod. Hopefully it is around here somewhere. I lost a diamond ring but apparently Jodi took for some reason. So it’s found. My roommate think’s he lost his camera but it is in my BMW. He didn’t lose it but what is it doing in my BMW? So I left on the seat so he can see it. I locked the door and hid the key so he will see it and then have to ask me to get it out with some explaining to do. Anyhow I have errands to run so I better run.  TVA”

                • I agree. Deanna has always appeared to be guilty of something besides being a creative liar imo. 🙄

              • So it was A-ok for TA to have his room mates camera in his car without them knowing it but he wants to make Jodi appear to be a thief to his “friends” . . . it appears he was always stirring up trouble with everyone IMO. Did the room mate owe him money and he was holding the camera as collateral (?) or was he holding it for black mail (?) . . .or what was his deal I wonder. What was the explaining about? Oh. . .the tangled web of deceit Ole TA was weaving, what a treasure he was.

              • I find it strange that it was considered A-ok for TA to take his room mates camera and lock it up in his car without the room mate knowing he had it? Seems he did it and had some questionable motive or otherwise why wouldn’t TA have asked to use it. Wonder what TA thought needed to be explained? Were the room mates into extreme photography also? TA seemed to always be spinning a web of deceit whether it be with his “friends”, Jodi, room mates or the rather long line of ex-girlfriends. . .he was a real treasure wasn’t he. Hmmmm

                • It didn’t seem like a very friendly thing for him to do – put it on the seat – lock the door and hide the key. I thought maybe he was pissed because he thought his roommate had been using his car when he was out of town. Not a very friendly atmosphere to live in.

                • It certainly makes me think he had many enemies, whether he knew it or not. He was too full of himself, that is one reason I have always found it hard to see how the fairy tale of his “Sainthood?” has been believable to the sheeple. They have really had to stretch the truth haven’t they.

                • I think he’s saying that his roommate left his camera in T.’s car and T. wants to know how it got in there so he’s forcing his roommate to come explain it to him. Seems to me like a more healthy approach would be to just ask his roommate, “Why is your camera in my car?” But this way T. has a sense of power over his roommate, maybe create a little stress in him. I’m somehow reminded of the “cute joke” he played on Jodi making her keep running forward to try to get in the car. A game of control.

                • Travis: ” My roommate think’s he lost his camera but it is in my BMW. He didn’t lose it but what is it doing in my BMW?”

                  According to Travis’s journal, he didn’t put the camera in his BMW and is wondering how it got there.

                  Some very strange things were happening at that house. It looks like someone or some people were “gaslighting” them (trying to aggravate and “set them off”). They were playing “musical chairs” with everyone’s “cherished itmes” – lol.
                  I believe someone or some people were stalking both of them. It would be nice if they do some of Jodi’s time and/or Travis’s death while they’re at it.

          • I don’t know, but if I had been cleaning a guy’s house who I had been sleeping very intimately with for a long time and came across a ring, I have a feeling I would think it was for me, especially when that person was in the habit of talking about marrying girls, of course, without any real commitment behind it. Jodi was not the only one that he did that to – Deanna for years didn’t know the truth about their relationship. At the same time he was moaning to CH & SH about his breakup with Mimi, he was also moaning over losing Lisa and obsessing over wanting to talk to her for days. But that didn’t stop him from making the moves on the 19-year old he had just met. That is just one week of his life. Very, very confusing for all of them, maybe even T-dogg himself at times.

  20. Does Pickles still have a job? Whenever I see other judges in high profile cases, they are always professional and they run a tight ship. Pickles was like half asleep during the trials!

    • She was incompetent! And the proof to how dangerous she is to the Justice system: that both the haters AND the supporters think she did a poor job, LOL!

      • She’s a bobble-headed idiot !!! She was the sidebar queen and the laughing stock of the judiciary…the only thing she cared about IMHO was making sure her 70’s hairstyle looked the exact same every freaking day !!!! BARF !!!!

        She allowed all this mess to go on unabated and even was cheerleading for the state making sure the jurors had a front row seat during the sentencing so they would know that she was really on their side and had no intentions of ever considering anything by LWOP !! You know having them all sit there during that sentencing and having them crying on que and sniffling and rolling their eyes and all color coordinated and all to make sure that she was following the standard of showing no bias as an impartial judge, NOT !!!!

        WAKE UP ARIZONA !!!! VOTE HER OUT OF OFFICE !!!!! It could be someone you know next time in front of this IDIOT !!!!

        • There were so many sidebars I started to think there were saying salad bar. Perhaps she should have set up a salad bar there.

    • Oh my! She was/ is a disgrace to the judicial system! I seriously feel sorry for the next defendant that will have the luck ( 🙄 ) to have her appointed to his/her case.

      I can actually picture Judge Belvin Perry and Thokozile Matilda Masipa taking turns slapping the shit out of JSS.

  21. It has been stated by idiots that the difference between the Lifetime Movie and the “Murder Made Me Famous” episode is that the first was fictional while the latter was factual. Oh, yeah? Where’s the proof that Jodi sent Lisa the Shameful Whore email? Where’s the proof that Jodi slashed Travis’ tires? Where’s the proof that Jodi crawled through a doggie door? This is all hearsay and rumor but they want to call it all factual? First degree idiots!

    • First degree idiots indeed! (I like that coined term btw)

      Martinez never provided proof about oh so many accusations he made against Jodi. And the sheeple took his word as facts. Which is both sad and alarming in my opinion; bc it appears that it doesn’t occur to these people that if this manipulation and disrespect of the system is done so openly and blatantly, then they too are in danger of having their rights trampled in case they ever get into trouble.

    • So here’s an example of type of comments we see from the other side, demonstrating nothing more than judicial ignorance. This is in regards to there being no proof that Jodi slashed Travis’ tires or crawled through a doggie door (as depicted as factual in “Murder Made Me Famous”).

      “I never once during court hear say she never did the tire slashing, or sneak thru doggie door. The defense never let her go there. They use other tactics to try and show doubt.”

      This crap (and the rest of their crap) reeks of “she didn’t prove her innocence”. These people believe it was the defenses job to disprove what the State was accusing her of when it is now and always has been the job of the State to prove that events couldn’t happen the way she said they did. And the only arguments I hear from those people is she lied about it (therefore we don’t even have to listen to anything she said) and she didn’t run right out the door. And I can only assume the reason they have no ability to understand why someone would stick around after they just accidentally shot someone they love is because if they had just accidentally shot their loved one they apparently would run right out the door because that’s the kind of uncaring people they are.

      • Correction: “I never once during court hear *bleep* say she never did the tire slashing, or sneak thru doggie door.”

        (Beware of placing anything within angle brackets in your comments because they and their contents will be removed by the posting software.)

      • Those people are dominated by hate. Even if the truth hit them upside the head, they’d not change their minds.

        Evidence (and Jodi’s testimony) did show that Jodi was at travis’ house the day he died. There is nothing to connect that anything was premeditated.

        The media was toxic. They started targeting Jodi before the trial began. By the time the trial had started, most people were brainwashed so intensely that it was already ball game over for Jodi and fair trial. Most of them didn’t even bother to listen to the testimony or weigh the evidence. Their minds were made up.

        And Justus, you’re right: it’s the prosecution’s job to prove guilt beyond ANY reasonable doubt. Not the defense team. All martinez proved was that he could prosecute using antics, bullying, ‘hot air’ bullshit. It’s madness that he tried for the death penalty without ONE solid piece of evidence. Let’s not forget all the evidence that the prosecution tried to hide because it would prove that Jodi acted in SELF DEFENSE.

        The prosecution’s bullshit seeped into the jury. They with their turn said “Hmmmm, it’s not beyond reasonable doubt BUT close enough”… 🙄 (Gee, I wonder what the judicial system would become if all jurors decided based on their emotions..SMH).

        Let’s just say that Jodi’s trial – besides being a witch trial – was an act of COWBOY/ FRONTIER JUSTICE.

      • Those without any judicial understanding believe if Jodi didn’t deny the hearsay and rumors (even through there is no evidence to back any of them up), they must be true. Pure ignorance mixed with confirmation bias. But I’m sure their understanding would quickly change if they or their loved one was ever on trial.

    • Justus, I too found this to be crap. And I have the same doggie door that Travis had. It’s electronic and can only be opened when the dog approaches the door wearing a special collar. I remember someone saying that he did not lock the slider because of the doggie door, that’s true you cannot unless you install a special lock. Again, B.S.

  22. This is interesting…

    ” ‘You were probably standing above him in the shower when you shot him’ -Esteban Flores, during the first interrogation, Yreka July 15, 2008.”

    Note that Flores’ theory at this point is that the gunshot was first, long before Jodi even admitted to being there but on the stand he claims he based his gunshot first theory on what Jodi told him.

  23. I disagree that it takes 36 hr to smell the decomposition of a dead body. Have you ever walked into a ICU unit of a hospital after a Code Blue?! When a person dies their nerves relax and they loose all of their body fluids. This is a horrible smell that you can only relate to someones passing! Same goes to walking into Assistance Living Centers to front desk and smelling that horrific smell! That indeed is the smell of death that over powers the entire building. When you smell this stench you automatically know that someone has passed! Sad but true! Have you ever not taken yr kitchen trash out that has meat wrapper like pork, beef, chicken or fish from the night before?! GAG!!! The smell will punch you in yr face/nose the following day! AC running at 70 and with a trash lid on it! Noway did those roommatesand their friends not smell the stench of dead for 5 days. All they needed was to investigate the horrific stench was by following their nose!! Nothing adds up with that bunch or the crime scene investigators! It sounded like to me dic flores knew alot about travis in life by some of his rude comments about travis while he interrogated Jodi. Dic flores was a mormon and from the same church, right? Flores made snide remarks about travis about TA being a player , misleading the young mormon girls with no intent of a real commitment. Didnt sound like to me that flores had any respect much less liked travis. Made me have the feeling that flores knew travis before his demise

  24. There is the usual bunch out there working overtime to slander Jodi (as well as us). The latest has to do with the above status report. These know-it-alls claim that according to their brilliant research Jodi is still in step II of the ADOC Step Program and therefore Jodi is lying about her privileges, claiming she is receiving special treatment. What these know-it-alls don’t know (because they are so quick to jump on the first thing they can find to validate their hateful thoughts) is that Lumley has its own step program and Jodi has graduated into Step III. I would suggest they read the following and if they have an integrity at all, correct their slanderous posts:

    • Dwight:

      Do you have a source for the blood on the floor mats?

      As I remember, the floor mats were missing (not bloody) and there were red (not necessarily blood)stains on both front and rear seats This could have been from, for example, someone drinking red fruit punch soda and spilling it.

    • SJ:

      What is Vent for and how do you geta password?

      Michael (“Who is like unto God” [Oxford English Dictionary of Saints], if you prefer – lol).

  25. The following is one person’s answer to some of my 24 questions on the Reasonable Doubt site. I am reposting this as a prime example of confirmation bias, where you start with what you already believe and then work backwards to get the answers that fit.

    1. Why stage the gun theft as a burglary such that the police are immediately called and a record is created? Why not just “borrow” it? It might not be discovered missing for months and it probably wouldn’t be known exactly when it went missing.

    Answer: A valid Question, but the answer is probably as simple as Jodi lacked the resources to get a gun. She had enough sense to change the bullets as they would easily trace back to her grand parents. Lets not forget that $30 was taken as well a DVD player. If you remember her testimony – she left Daryl Brewers house, only to return to give him the remote to his DVD player. In his deposition, Daryl stated that he bartered the gas cans with Jodi, for a DVD player that she gave him. Why would she do this rather than just return them? Perhaps to dispose of the cans to better cover her tracks and be able to maintain her original story that she was never in Arizona.

    2. Why, in her master plan to murder, would she change out the bullet type for one less powerful?

    Answer: Jodi changed the bullet to not have it trace directly back to her Grandparents. Your question in flawed in that she only had one bullet, that is not true, she only fired one bullet after stabbing him.

    3. Why visit friends in the rental car if its purpose was to travel in a car not connected with her?

    Answer: Jodi was atempting to hide from those who knew her and her car in Arizona. That’s why she traveled at night, and left in the evening. No one knew much about Jodi in Utah, and she was driving a non descriptive car.

    4. Why borrow gas cans from someone who will mention them to someone, should he ever be questioned? Why not buy gas cans with cash in no-man’s land or in some large store where she’d be just one of many customers?

    Answer: She lacked the funds to do so… further in her plan she never intended to admit that she was ever in Arizona.

    5. Why tell Ryan she’s on her way if she’s already planning a six hour trip to Mesa and then at least another 10 hour trip to Salt Lake City? What kind of alibi is that?

    Answer: Her lie is the answer – she told Ryan that she got lost and fell asleep. She hoped that would be something the police would be able to questions and dismiss.

    6. Why go to the trouble of removing license plates to hide her presence at Travis’ house when it would have been infinitely easier to just drape something over them or park down the street? Wouldn’t a missing license plate draw even more attention to the car?

    Answer: Anyone who has driven the interstate into Phoenix knows about the red light cameras all over the freeways. Her intent was to have that photo ticket thrown out if she was accidentally flashed by one of these cameras. It is also easier to say that someone tampered with her plate than placing something over the plate itself.

    7. Why didn’t she kill him upon arrival at 4 am? She’s already going to be late getting to her so-called alibi

    Answer: Jodi needed to know at the time that she got there that none of Travis’s roommates were home and able to detect her.

    9. Why have sex with him and leave her presence all over the crime scene?

    Answer – as she said in her police interview, her “presence” is there because she has been there numerous times. She thought that answer would stick.

    10. Why have him take time-stamped photos of her and then not think to take the camera with her? While he was taking those pictures, was she really supposedly thinking “I’d better throw that camera in the washing machine before I leave”?

    Answer: She couldnt take anything out of the house that belonged to Travis, including a new camera that he just purchased. Everyone knew that she was a photographer, and that was too close a link to her. The washing machine was a way to try and destroy the camera without taking it. She knew his body was going to be discovered and so would the camera.

    11. Why would she first attack a man who has 16-1/2 inch biceps and at least 70 pounds on her using a knife if she supposedly came with a gun?

    Answer: Her intention was to kill him. Firing multiple times into him could be heard by neighbors or roommates. She figured to stab him while the water is running and when he was the most vulnerable; naked and wet.

    12. Why, if she planned to stab him in the shower, does she not do it during the 40+ seconds he is standing with his back to her?

    Answer: She stabbed him when she felt best that the opportunity presented itself.

    13. Why after supposedly stabbing him in the shower does she let him go stand at the sink?

    Answer: I believed she continued to stab him as he staggered to the sink. That entire movement took seconds.

    14. If Travis had enough in him to go from the shower to the sink, stand there turning the faucet on and off while Jodi is supposedly stabbing him in the back, why didn’t he just turn around and smash her a good one?

    Answer: The medical examiner report says that the stab in his chest was ultimately fatal. Shock and disorientation would have kicked in immediately He didn’t leisurely walk to the sink, he was struggling with a woman who was trying to kill him. He was trying to fend her off. He lacked the strength and power to “smash her a good one”.

    15. How would anyone, except the one who is controlling the attack, have the option to stop, stand at the sink and mess with the faucet?

    Answer: Again – you are making this seem as though a matter of minutes occurred between the first stab and the walk to the sink. The distance to the sink from the shower is about 3 steps. This entire murder took 64 seconds.

      • Detective Flores, Incident/Investigation Supplemental Report, 8/27/08, Page 9, Paragraph 5:

        “Once in the bathroom area, I noticed large amounts of blood on the most northern sink and mirror. Some of the blood appeared deluded as though water had been spilled on it for a short period of time, while other sections of the blood spatter appeared to resemble heavy arterial spurting. I noticed the inside of the sink had a combination of both deluded blood with heavy spatter on top of it.”

        And then he continues: “This indicated the faucet had been running initially, then turned off as the person continued bleeding for a few seconds afterward.”

        I don’t remember hearing anything about Jodi’s blood being in that sink.

        • They didn’t do DNA testing or did they? And Jodi did have cuts on her fingers. There wasn’t enough time between the photos for him to have spent much more than a quick second at the sink. Hater station had different people act it out in their replica of the bathroom and closet. The actors could do it, but just.

          • I would hope they would have at least swabbed the faucet handle for DNA if they’re trying to figure out who was in that bathroom and who turned the faucet on and off. If they did and it was Jodi’s blood I’m sure we would have heard about it from Juan.

            Travis did stand there long enough to aspirate and bleed considerably into the sink. It doesn’t take very long to turn a faucet on and off. (And, remember, according to the State he stood there long enough to let Jodi stab him in the back nine times without reacting.) If you see blood running down your face wouldn’t your first impulse be to turn on the water to wash it away. Maybe it was at this point, looking in the mirror at the damage, that he blew up for the final time.

            And it seems to me that all those reenactments rely on the hypothesis that the “drag photo” is the end of the fight. To me there’s nothing to indicate that. I believe the battle is still in process.

            • The blood at the sink was not from the stab wound to the chest. It was from the gunshot to the head which was first. The stab from the chest could not have produced blood in the mouth. This is why Dr. Horn equivocates on the stand and makes this non-non statement that is nothing more IMHO than speculative opinion without any evidence to back it up…”IF A PERSON’S LUNG IS NICKED” then blood can be coughed/spewed from the mouth…this statement is worthless speculation about an anonymous person…it is meaningless but it was meant to sway the jury into believing that TA’s lung was nicked and therefore the blood at the sink was from that injury…nonsense…his lung was never nicked. If so, where is the evidence of that in his autopsy report…THERE IS NO EVIDENCE !!!! So if we have the gunshot first as everyone including the state agreed with for YEARS and we have no nicked lung as there was none, then the only possible source for the blood that was spewed out of TA’s mouth at the sink had to be from the gunshot. Which was first !!! All this other talk about a stab wound to the chest producing that blood has no evidence to back it up. So their theory falls apart completely and so does the person’s theory that answered all your questions. And btw, Jodi did NOT lack the funds to buy two gas cans LOL!!!! She had money in her accounts. And again people can SPECULATE ALL THEY WANT, BUT WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE ????? THERE IS NONE !!!

              IMHO :):):)

            • If I see blood running down my face and I know I am being attacked, I run the hell outta there! Or away from my attacker (what Jodi did by trying to hide in the closet. Smart move? No. But a move to run away no less).

              NOW: if I AM the attacker, if I have the upper hand in this fight knowing I can easily overpower a tiny little woman because I am taller stronger more muscular PLUS I am a narcissistic SOB who thinks he’s Adonis or something, then yes. I pause in front of the mirror to see the damage done to my pretty cutie perfect face (yuck) thinking I am invincible.

            • Looking for the timing that hater station did, I came across this clip of Jose Baez giving his opinion on some of the scene. I agree with his opinion that the majority of the stabbing had to have occurred at the end of the hallway for the reasons that he gives. The shallow wounds on his back are more consistent with her reaching around while he is on top of her. No one would just stand anywhere while being stabbed repeatedly. Kermit made some comment about the end of the hallway looking like a herd of wildebeest had been there. By the way, when Mike tried to do his re-enactment, he did go over the time by a little. That photo interpretation could be wrong in a couple of different ways.


              • And my final word for now, during retrial, Kermit with his star witness go through the two x-rays of TA’s skull, front to back and right to left side, and compared them to the bullet hole above his eye, the bullet in his cheek and new evidence about what appears to be a bullet fragment that was not brought up before. What he didn’t point out was any damage to the skull from the bullet because there isn’t any to point out.

                Retrial Day 2 Part 1 of 4 at 19:35 minutes


    • I believe that the question #13 above: if she did those shallow stabbings to TA’s back as he was presumably going to the sink, in about 3 steps or 3 seconds, was because he was holding on to her “clothing” and pulling her & dragging her by her clothing. …Why? …Because one hand was probably going to operate the faucet & he had only one hand to hold her clothing, with her probably in back of him, and (Jodi) being pulled/dragged. She had to immediately make him let go of her clothing because in 3 seconds he would surely turn around, and grab her with his other hand & be able to have both hands on her throat & neck (regardless of whether the accidentally fired small bullet skirted around his brain or fully entered into his brain). … …An muscular adult male could do this if he is FURIOUS ENOUGH, EVEN WITH AN (accidental) BULLET INSIDE OF HIS BRAIN. … ((In my opinion, it is just common sense)).
      …((Please correct me if I am wrong)) but I seem to remember that she did communicate Travis holding her clothing at some point during the chase & struggle but it was ridiculed by prosecution because it was re-told through one of her defense professionals either Samuels or Laviolett. …And, I think it was re-told in court as “her sweater” but Jodi told it as “her clothing not her sweater”, so it was ridiculed as not believable to the jury. …In my humble opinion.

    • Thanks Justus, reminds me of their remarks, “You just can’t fix Stupyd.” 😆 One almost gets the feeling they were right there when TA lost his life. . . could they be eye 🙄 witnesses… SMH At least they are good for laughs every now and then.

      • There’s a helluva lotta mind reading going on here. It’s what people do when they’re confirming their bias. First they decide “the truth” and then they make up what’s going on in other people’s heads as their evidence of its truthfulness.

      • In Virginia (I don’t know about California or Arizona), as of 1984, they take your name and drivers license number when you buy ammunition. If California has the same law/policy then there would be a record of any ammunition purchase by Jodi. I don’t believe she swapped out any ammo. I believe the pistol and the ammo were Travis’s.

    • 1. She lacked the resources to get a gun????? REALLY ????? Jodi bought a gun later, hello ??? Anyone home there ???? She had money in her accounts !!!! Review the testimony !!!

      2. And you know this how??? 1) never any evidence to show that Jodi was involved with the burglary, period!!! 2) police detective from Yreka testified that they had numerous break-ins in that very area in that same time period….


      3. Oh, that makes a lot of sense !! NOT !!! So Jodi only wanted to hide the car from people in AZ but could have cared less if people in CA like Darryl saw her in that car…and her own brother who I believe went with her to rent it or people in Utah like good old boy Ryan…I GUESS JODI IS JUST STUPID AND FIGURED THE COPS WOULD NEVER EVER ASK DARRYL OR HER BROTHER OR RYAN ANY QUESTIONS ????? RIGHT, GENIUS?????

      4. She did NOT lack the funds…She spent money on her trip that added up to far more than what two gas cans would cost…are you for real???? Why not try the truth…she borrowed them bc she needed them through the desert and she and Darryl had a habit of taking extra gas with them when they traveled in those areas…DOESN’T THAT SOUND A LOT MORE SENSIBLE????

      5. No one with half a brain would ever set themselves up for a failure like telling someone they are on their way knowing that they will be more than several hours late….that’s just STUPID !!! And Jodi as we all know is NOT STUPID !!! And then to believe you are going to make it all better by making a pathetic excuse like you got lost and fell asleep??? Again, hello ???? Why not the truth…TA and Jodi talked on the phone and as USUAL TA WANTED MORE SEX FROM JODI AND PLEADED WITH HER TO COME OVER….in fact he was WAITING UP FOR HER, HELLO ?????

      6. HELLO ??? WHAT PHOTO RADAR TICKET???? You are now just conjuring up idiotic scenarios….Jodi was trying to hide her presence??? Are you kidding me???? SHE PARKED IN THE DAMN DRIVEWAY !!!! There were roommates in and out of that house all day…..GET REAL !!!

      7. LOL!!! If she was so bent on killing TA that she drove hundreds of miles to do it..then walks into the home with him viewing the computer unaware that she was even there she would have popped him right then and there and ran….oh, no I forgot she would rather spend endless hours getting her back end pounded endlessly by the overweight dudley do wrong pervert then wait some more while he is sleeping after all she wouldn’t have figured it out by then if the roommates were home yet and then wait until he is fully awake and able to take her out with one punch and then take him on in a hand to hand combat with a knife first when she supposedly brought a gun….yeah, sounds about right??? HELL NO !!!

      8. Well, heck where is number 8?

      9. TA beckoned her to come over for that very reason. Jodi could not resist him unfortunately. She had sex with him bc they enjoyed having sex together and Jodi was weak when it came to that with him. That’s the truth. So I guess in your view she had sex with him….why??? She is going to travel hundreds of miles and miss opportunities to kill him quickly in order to have sex with him one more time?? Hello, Jodi is not stupid, even a dunce would know not to do that…

      10. Wow !! You have got to be kidding here, right? Why the hell couldn’t she take anything out of the house that belonged to TA??? If she took his new camera, she couldn’t just get rid of it where no one would ever find it???? Hmmmm….I dunno…And she knew all about cameras and you think she was soooo stupid as to believe that putting the camera in the washing machine would destroy the evidence of the photos???? HELLO ????? Did it destroy the evidence on the camera??? Well, that’s a darn good question, bc we really don’t know what was on the camera, now do we?? I mean after all the state had that camera and you know we can trust them, right?? NOT !!! Let’s see what happened to the original pristine hard drive on TA’s computer??? Oh, that’s right, it was hidden under Juanita’s little skirt until after the trial was over and the sentencing phase began, but oops, it was discovered, damn !!! TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT, WILL YOU ???

      11. OMG… I am belly laughing now…firing into him could be heard by neighbors or roommates?? Really? what happened to your little theory of her needing to find out if the roommates were around before she killed him? HUH??? She figured to stab him when he was most vulnerable, naked and wet?? Well, hell his back was turned for HOW LONG???? And did she stab him then??? OH HELL NO, SHE WAITED UNTIL HE WAS FACING HER IN A SEATED POSITION ON THE FLOOR OF THE SHOWER WITH HIS LEGS UP AGAINST HIS CHEST OR SO GOES THE FAIRYTALE OF THE STATE!!!!!! Give me a break !!!!

      12. When she felt it was her best opportunity???? HOLD ME BACK, BABY??? What better opportunity then when his back is turned in the shower??? HUH??? OR WHEN HIS BACK IS TURNED AT THE COMPUTER WHEN HE IS COMPLETELY UNAWARE SHE IS THERE?? OR WHEN HE IS SLEEPING??? ARE WE GETTING ALL OF THIS YET????

      13. Yea, Jodi being the dastardly killer that you believe her to be is going to let TA go to the sink and examine himself and wash the blood off with water, yeah, right !!! AND HELLO, THOSE SUPPOSED STAB WOUNDS ON HIS BACK ARE SHALLOW SLICES, NOT DEEP STAB WOUNDS ONE WOULD EXPECT IF YOU ARE STANDING BEHIND SOMEONE AND TAKING A FULL SWING AT THEM !!!! They indicate that she was facing him in a struggle and reaching around him with the knife in an effort to make him let go of her….READ THE DESCRIPTION OF THOSE WOUNDS !!!!

      14. Yeah, the stab wound to the chest is and would have been ultimately fatal. But when TA is at the sink he is spewing blood from his mouth from the GUNSHOT WOUND that occurred first as the state and everyone agreed FOR YEARS !!! Only the shot to the head would have produced the blood from the mouth. TA WAS NOT NICKED IN HIS LUNGS. DR. HORN NEVER EVER STATED THAT ANYWHERE!!!! But what Dr. Horn did say pathetically is this “IF A PERSON’S LUNG IS NICKED” then blood can be spewed/coughed out of the mouth. HELLO?? NO WHERE IN HIS AUTOPSY REPORT IS THERE ANY INDICATION OR NOTATION OF A NICKED LUNG !!! That answer was equivocation on steroids and is nothing more than speculative opinion with no evidence to back it up whatsoever….IMHO and if Dr. Horn had evidence that TA’s lung was nicked, then it would have been put in his autopsy report and he would have clearly stated on the stand that Travis Alexander’s lung had been nicked. HE DID NOT!!!! So why say it? To influence the jury in to believing something that never was, IMHO.

      15. 1) the evidence of the “dragging” photo clearly shows TA with his head up and his arm up…DEAD MAN WALKING?? I MEAN DEAD MAN WITH HIS HEAD UP AND ARM UP??? If his throat was cut in the photo his head would NOT be up….HELLO???? And neither would his arm!!!! You are taking the state’s phony theory as fact… IT IS NOT !!!! 2) If Jodi was out to kill TA she would have never allowed him to examine himself in the mirror, turn the water on and off and try washing off the blood…WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT?? Are you saying that Jodi would have allowed that under any circumstances since she is such a cold blooded killer?? REALLY ????


  26. I have read where someone made comment about Einstein calling Gus sobbing about TA being killed beforebody was even found!? This comment has been taken removed from dark side but it said Gus made a call to jm but became very apprehensive when jm wanted to see the phone records. I would also like to knowhow the hughes came in possession of TA journals and was made to turn them over to authorities by a court order!?!

      • Oh Wow.. I didnt know that Einstein was their way of reference to Jodi!:( I thought they were talking about the newest roommate. I thougt the person that called was a man!! My bad!!!!!!:(((( all I know is I do not trust the stinky roommates!

    • Pam, Like everything else, they have the story all screwed up. Gus explains at 7:15 on this video about the call that he received from Jodi at 3:00 AM. Gus called JM’s office as soon as Jodi had been arrested to let him know about what he knew, but never received a call back. Gus was called to testify and while testifying did not want to give out the name of the person who was in the car with him at the time he received a call from Chris Hughes to protect her identity as she worked for ppl. That’s what I remember …

  27. Man survives with bullet in his brain for 30 YEARS after then-wife shot him with a gun he bought for her as a gift

    ….. With her husband fast asleep at 3am, Faith pointed the .25 caliber pistol he had bought her as a gift at his head at point blank range and fired.

    In her police statement, Faith drove around for an hour before returning to find her blood-covered husband still alive and telling a co-worker what she had done.

    • Great find, CanadaCarol, I clicked on it & read that this guy got shot with a 25 caliber into his head & into his brain & lived 30 years, & probably is still alive today with that bullet still in his brain. …And it happened in Abilene, Tx, & that would be about 30+ years ago, around the 1980’s. …Now, I bet many of the jurors in Jodi’s two trials DID READ newspapers in the 1980’s & surely this story of a guy shot into his brain & lived, must have made it into the Phoenix newspapers & TV. …After all, Abilene is only about 600 miles east of Phoenix.
      …If any juror read this story of a man with bullet in head & lived, then they would know for a fact that Medical Examiner Horn had to have been KNOWINGLY UNTRUTHFUL as he persuaded the jurors to believe that Travis COULD NOT have continued to escalate his attack on Jodi if he was accidentally shot first. …He got them to believe Jodi lied about the accidental shot first. …So, Horn is primarily & totally responsible for this jury manipulation, in my opinion of course.

      • I didn’t notice the proximity to AZ, and it certainly would have been big news. What I did notice is that his wife shot him point blank when he was asleep and didn’t wait until he woke up so they could engage in arm to arm combat.

      • You are exactly correct about Dr. Horn. He is the NUMBER ONE REASON that Jodi was convicted based on his equivocations and speculative opinions on the stand that IMHO were meant to sway the jury into believing things that never were. IMHO it is going to be his prejudicial testimony that will help overturn this case…

        Question is why did he do this? He would have no motivation on his own as an unbiased Doctor…only the state would have had the motivation to manipulate and influence the jury into believing untruths in order to win…so there are further questions on how this was arranged and what the arrangement was…


  28. Well, heck I just wrote a long response to all the questions that some one answered so cleverly, Justus… so I hope my answers eventually show up 🙂 🙂

    • It might eventually show up BB, because the response I wrote up-thread at 3:33 pm did not show up till about 8 hrs later. …Then the next one I wrote at 11:51 pm appeared almost immediately.

      • Thanks ! Whoever answered the questions just speculated with his/her biased opinions with no evidence to back it up….The only thing that is supposed to convict someone here in the USA is good old fashioned evidence …however, in this case it was conviction based on supposition and speculation all intended to sway the jury to convict !!!!!

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