The Jodi Arias Trial: Voices of Reason (Part 1)

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Check out the latest video below (by Pandora) — “The Jodi Arias Trial: Voices of Reason (Part 1)”

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    • Might I add, a great big THANK YOU to Pandora and all who have been following this tragedy and offering help in any way possible. Pandora you have done a magnificent job on your videos showing the injustices that happened over and over again. THANK YOU for your never ending devotion and hard work to bring FREEDOM TO JODI!!!!
      Also, THANK YOU to Justus who has been fighting the good fight and supporting Jodi from the beginning.
      Pandora and SJ (as always) your dedication and commitment to TRUE JUSTICE is SUPERIOR!!!!
      Thank You!!!!! ((((((JODI ARIAS & TEAM JODI))))))

  1. Keep them coming Pandora!!!!

    If I remember correctly, Jose Baez already stated during the trial that he thought it was wrong and then Mark Geragos says pretty much the same thing. I see a pattern here!!!
    Two highly respected criminal defense attorneys agree that Jodi did not get fair treatment at all. I would love to hear what the two of them would say now since their remarks were made ten years ago. I am curious what everybody thinks of the ID channel segment, “Missing Pieces” which I mentioned before? The channel decided to place Kareem Williams support video and verbal support on this instead of on the 3-part series…. things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!

    • It would’ve been wonderful if the ID channel had actually investigated on their own instead of relying solely on the circus mess of this trial. Could it be that they read the prosecutor’s and defense attorney’s books? I had to LOL at the Cane Lady calling Martinez her Little Firecracker!!! She summed up the mind set of just about everyone who was on that jury or in the audience. They were all “googly” eyes over him, which I’ve never understood!!! Arizona needs to reexamine the people who are controlling their justice system. There appears to be a SERIOUS PROBLEM!!!!

  2. Hey guys! I’ve got more videos in the making. Terabytes full of documented bullshit that the state of Shitzona pulled on Jodi.

    JAII and I will NOT stop until the media finally starts being fair to Jodi. They are one sided and it’s about time that they have another look and start making their bullshitery documentaries based on facts and not on what Nancy Disgrace or any one of those clowns believed! Nancy literally bullied a woman to death so the ID channel and any other channel should start investigating their sources before spending money on biased documentaries. Just sayin’…

    They should start off from


    ((((Jodi Arias))))
    (((SJ))) thank you for all you do! You are fucking amazing! Love you dude!

  3. Keep up the good work Pandora…..seems the only thing that will solve az.s problems is FEDERAL courts. Why the JUSTICE Dept has not taken on az. by now makes one wonder…are there that many rich folks in az. ? CNN did call them the crazy state…and by viewing that video seems they got that so right. And yet some still back az . all the way…how odd that a man who was in PRISON for 5.5 years does not do all to end az. injustice. But then this man forgives a nation that murdered from 10,000 to 15.000 + POWS…see the movie Hanoi Hilton where a SENATOR does that as they talk about the movie….now if any can show how that day in az. was MURDER then how did two juries FAIL to do their job? DOUBTS after they did wrong by the system they took an oath to do right by as well as the DEFENDANT. t-dog had no defensive wounds…folks must take a real good look and see that they are just not there hence he was on a continual attack as She was fending him off many times. The no. of wounds never matters it’s what they show…and in this case they show just who was attacking who….this She had no wounds or marks means nothing…..but even on that the state had a need to say that a few tiny cuts on Her hand showed an attack on Her part…VERY few knives have hand guards and that goes for COMBAT blades or folders….imagine a hand slipping down any blade only to get a tiny cut…well one would tend to drop that blade real fast. Ever put a nick or small cut on Your hands and not have Your hand spring …BACK? Now at times hands do get cut but it is very rare one does not notice that…But haters must try to slam a knife onto a board and let their hand slide down the blade then measure the cut…..then post a photo to show results…Many would love to see their flawed logic. Look at his hands and where the cuts are then make a fist and see how the wounds are still able to be there …..and it is by far more easy to grab any knife then ward it off…much the same for any weapon used on one. he knew full well how to fight and trained for it each day…..did She??? I would ask of all in America where were You when You saw such injustice during that trial…and some took an oath to do right by justice…police, lawyers and judges and please do not forget the leaders! They stood by and let this injustice happen… the win that important to You? To My mind that is treason…..and they must own it. We fight for Her and JUSTICE for ALL! Can the other side EVER say that…..and My dearest friend Pandora…..We owe You thanks for standing up for justice and Her. And thanks to ALL who stand by Her….for the truth is on Her side.

  4. Pandora thank you. I hope your videos can help others see truth behind so many untruths the media created. The jury should have never been let out to go home and watch this trial.

  5. Another great video, Pandora! Love your vids! I hadn’t seen most of those clips, it was refreshing to see people talking some sense.

  6. When it comes to grand juries, prosecutors run the show. They present evidence, subpoena witnesses, and craft a story most favorable to their ends. The non-adversarial nature of a grand jury proceeding means that prosecutorial abuses can more easily go unchecked — there simply are no other attorneys present to challenge them., Whenever i think of this trial my blood literally boils …and to add on top of that to have lead defense attorney who didnt like , care , or believe in his client , media bias , so called friends who turned against her , i can only imagine how she felt , like having no where to turn to, that feeling of hopelessness…why oh why have so many turn a blind eye to this injustice !???what if she was your daughter /sister? we will fight till the bitter end..never give up .

  7. Janet is so right when it comes to grand juries in the US. The format is supposed to be a FACT finding hearing to determine whether enough evidence exists for an official indictment. Prosecutors have the floor to themselves and have a tremendous advantage.
    I also noticed on the series that that the actual struggle itself is still not portrayed correctly(as we know it) even 10 years later. I would imagine that this is partly due to Jodi’s mistaken initial description of TA’s attack as a “body-slam” instead of a “football tackle” which Jodi obviously testified to later. The rest of the struggle is usually reduced to her shooting him in the face and then her stabbing him in the shower which was already ruled out during the trial. The fact that the knife wounds were “oblique” in nature which means they were shallow and at an angle. This matched Jodi’s testimony perfectly that he was on top of her. Does anybody else think that if the struggle was portrayed according to Jodi AND ONLY JODI, that this case takes a serious turn in her favor?

  8. As far ads grand juries being corrupted well thanks to the fed.s on that……the reason they are held in secret is to PROTECT the ACCUSED…from the lynch mob…s. The Founders wanted ALL trials to be fair and made sure that grand juries only put to trial based on facts and reason…once one is accused of a crime then some think there is GUILT! The old why would they charge a person if they were innocent BULL SHIT!!! Very much like the if they have ever LIED then they will lie ALWAYS…and yet idiots vote for the biggest of the LIARS…….go to ANY church to see how well they lie! If one did not know better then You would think there are no united states as they THINK they are so independent …..but news folks FED. law TRUMPS state laws….100%…They had a little war on that and the states LOST…even The U.S.S.C can not over rule that LAW unless they want to be tried by their betters……no American is entitled to a civil trial in all cases….ask any lawyer on that. Try to harm America and one is lucky to get a trial….look to history and see what trial the murders of Old Abe got…..all were civilians and got a military trial…..and most got the rope! For some reason the Fed.s could care less how states abuse Americans…how odd. Tell Me anyone or any nation that has abused Americans more then the states…..NONE! Now the real problem with that trial is that many seem to have heard that She did this or that….well She was first slammed and then…tackled…there was no stabbing him in the shower…or him being shot in the shower…be it state rat or local idiot the facts do not show that. This She could stab him as he was on top of Her…well all he would have to do is roll on the arm and stop the stab real quick. Remember he was a trained wrestler and often they use a bear hug….look to the back wounds to see how that makes sense. One must always ask …does that make sense? The other side love the lies as they do confuse…..their, She is a stone cold killer….wow must be the slowest stone cold killer ever…..just pack a room and let a stone cold killer a lose with a blade for 62 sec.s and see the results. Remember this…..shot to side of head…..back wounds…chest wounds ,then neck wounds…does that sound like a plan…or a desperation to ward off a lunatic abuser? I have faced such men and I asked 5 times if he would stop fighting Me…Yes I stopped 5 times to ask for the fight to end…then it got very dangerous and I had to GIVE UP to end it and by luck he walked away. At all times I was facing at less 6 if not many more as know of the 25+ children were on My side. As I gave up i risked being attacked by at lest 6 or as many as 25+ now how would any want to be in My place on that situation?????? I gave up not to save my life but the attackers…I was at the end of My rope and was ready to do ALL to SURVIVE…no matter the cost. That’s how it is when facing a continual attack…like it or not. t-dog was a man? who never listened to reason…and paid a price for his abusive ways! Paint him as they wish …the world knows full well the monster that he had within…..

  9. These sad days the world is indeed ….TURNED UPSIDE DOWN… the KING of America did once say……Now let Me make this perfectly clear…..his lies and so fake of a life are being exposed one by one…their friend travis…was nothing but a failed man who abused to gain power. Why is it we can prove Our words and yet try as they do the haters and know it alls can not prove anything that they say of Her …oh very good at the vile n hate n lies and that just the rat persecutor…and it’s PAID mouth pieces…who by the way were caught in MANY lies…does perjury exist in az.? Well only for the one on trail …how odd they even failed on that…or did Her words speak TRUTH! All 12 were so ready to destroy her and then failed 2 times and by a very wide margin… much for 100 % guilty! All 12 broke their oath to do right no matter the cost…and then 4 stopped the madness. Trial 2 as az. does love to destroy people and this time only one obeyed Her oath to do right…and stood fast to stop once more the madness. Some say 17 lied to get on the jury…well as far as We know 23 lied to get on the juries as their own big mouths have proven in INTERVIEWS….in past days folks who spoke of how they WORKED to convict Her would be sent to the gallows. They on their own tried to destroy Her and Justice and mighty proud of it. So many know She is so guilty but when asked to prove it sound as IDIOTS…and educated ones at that…see jamean the dr.? and see an educated person who has a need for ever question to be rephrased….seem she has a problem with truth or English or BOTH! Then the 3 things on HLN…see evil…speak evil…. hear evil….and lets have a lynching! Where are they now? Hard to believe they may have put themselves out of a job…but seems so. See America hate really does not work. Often Iam ask why I stand for Her…well that’s easy thing to explain for people who THINK!…..Like it or not America from 1775 has set the standard for justice and fair play…and yes many a time has been a doer of wrong to many. I do love my history. But not one nation has reached out to foes as America has and tried to do right by them…see WW2 Germany/Japan…how is it possible that America had more faith in them two nations then any Americans who have gone before a court. To my mind America held maybe 1 in a thousand accountable….but 99.9999% of Americans brought to trial are abused by the state….Do the rich and famous get such treatment EVER! Imagine if one is faced with a system allowed to do all for a …win. Well She knows what that is like…and on a Dec. night I found this young lady and say that She needed help. When You see another in trouble You always have a choice…..and then live with it…i made a choice to do the right thing by a person I never knew…as many gave their lives for others they would never know. Doing the right thing is never wrong . Remember Her allocution …well as She stood there speaking the truth She in effect put Her life on the line…….believe me or not …I’am a SURVIVOR…very few men would ever take such a risk but this women is rather brave thanks to the abuse of the state and many other” creatures” ( Thanks Mom!) When i heard her say that all I could think was …She will not be broken by any now…She will survive as she survived that sad day. Is fighting for right ever wrong or justice???? Our side is just…never forget that. Do what Ya can for Her as it helps all.

    • In April 2010, Nurmi received them in PDF formt, that appeared to be scanned copies of originals, but could have been scanned copies of copies, sent by email from a “Bob White”. The defence expert’s report based on the copies was that it was “highly probable” that TA was the author. “Handwriting experts never say that they have absolute proof. “Highly probable” is the closest thing they can offer but within that range they can make more powerful conclusions when they have the originals. “
      Kermit got his expert from Public Safety (??) who testified at the hearing that Jodi was the author, and she also authored the few printed words in the margins of a magazine and some cards they found in her cell. So, according to Jerk-face, Jodi managed to forge these letters in an 8 x 10 foot well-lit cell while under 24-hour watch, and did such a good job that it fooled the real expert. She also fooled Sky Hughes, who thanked Nurmi for the heads-up as one of the letters referenced their son. Martinez always chooses witnesses that he can manipulate, like some government worker, instead of a real hand-writing expert.

      Unfortunately, there is no video of this hearing where Jodi had to go it on her own, so one cannot judge the evidence for oneself. According to Nurmi, Jodi didn’t stand a chance with the antics of Martinez. Even a skilled attorney can’t leash that maniac in. I can imagine that it was brutal to say the least. Jodi had the witness (Heather) who testified that it was she who printed in the magazine, but according to Nurmi she was unbelievable, but Jodi seemed satisfied with her testimony according to Nurmi’s estimation, so who knows.

      “Eventually the questioning uncovered the reality that this expert might be able to alter her conclusions if she had time to examine the new materials that had recently become available.” – (the magazine and index cards) “ This would have been a perfect point for Ms. Arias to ask for a continuance so that her expert would have time to do this examination.”

      Nurmi goes on to write that he was surprised instead, that Jodi gave up at this point instead of asking what he thought was the obvious. My question to Nurmi is, why didn’t he do his job as advising counsel and help her out a bit instead of just sitting back and then criticising…

      (All the info and quotes are from Nurmi’s book.)

  10. And just what would be a TRUE…copy…..when the owner is dead? Only he would know if it was the original……but then the rat had to keep it out at any cost. Odd how after t-dog SPOKE from the grave about his knowledge of children being raped…the copy was not allowed….seems the letter was true. Copy or not…!

  11. I didn’t understand what the issue was regarding whether it was a copy or not??? IT WAS HIS WORDS! Handwriting experts can pull clues from previous writings that he had made and make a positive conclusion that this was his writing. These conclusions are used in trials all the time! I think the fact that the child porn was found on his PC but deleted by Flores gives this letter much more credibility.
    I was also remembering Jodi’s account of her trip when she states that TA does call her several times during the trip and “guilts” her into coming to AZ. Obviously, this point would also help (if it didn’t the first time) destroy the premeditation part by proving that TA corresponded with her as her and his phone records would obviously show with incoming and outgoing calls etc.. I don’t know how hard this was pursued by the defense if it was pursued at all?

  12. Ask why the fiends only though of Jodi on the day they just happened to enter a house w/o permission. The caller had to be TOLD Her name….interesting. Did any who piled on to speak vile EVER really know Her for dear travis…it was as if it was a show. As far as they were concerned She was very abusive…..but the facts just do not go there. Time after time these things took to the air to inform the world how abusive She was to …cats…dogs….and brothers…but NEVER t-dog…..was this trial not about abuse to adults? The rat does have a strong need to distract…..Now when it comes to proven abusive ways…dan n sis would know all about that boys ways…on Jodi. Seems all t-dog friends were informed via him just how bad She was…wow they saw it when he spoke about the diner robbery… She rested in his lap….remember how he was so brave? or so We are lead to believe…he really did nothing but be robbed …and then after the fact for some very odd reason phoned the robber to demand the phone back??? What could be on that phone to risk t-dogs life as well as all others still there???? What if that guy did come back to give him something!…as well as any others. Then We know how he …THINKS…of children….and rather proud of it too as it’s repeated 3 times in about 62 sec.s… Please do not forget the so called beat down to a man who just wanted to ASK his wife before getting a new job…that would be add for PPL. Then We can see full well how t-dog speaks to friends and strangers on MURDER and abuse on women. his abuse is there for all to now see as some claim Hers is there on June 4 2008…Well just when it is abuse stopping a madman intent on destroying You. Odd how the RUNNER only RAN at Her many times……or did he think it was better to keep up the ATTACK for the win? At times it is right to run and at times doing so gets one killed…but he trained to fight…and run…..!When some say it was his house…castle law…stand your ground…..I say ….that may just get one killed….is any house worth that????? We must face facts that this troubled young man was full on wrath and rage and had a real need to always get his way no matter the cost. he loved shooting and guns but would never own one…..dave boy does that even make sense? But maybe that gun was a loaner…t-dog sure loved that method. Or maybe dave boy did not know the real t-dog as it seems only a few did. I for one never heard how Jodi was violent to travis…before June 4 2008…and on that day She only did what was needed to keep him away from his all or nothing win.

  13. Wayne brings up a great point that there was absolutely no evidence that Jodi ever was even remotely violent toward TA even as he choked her out or throws her to the floor and then kicks her multiple times for simply not having $200 to loan him. We aren’t even counting the verbal abuse through text and through phone calls that J4J lists. I am curious about the two other incidents that he brings up about her being attacked in a chair and while she was sleeping. These aren’t mentioned in the series.

  14. And for a very good reason it does not work for their …win at all costs….when any person embraces violence as t-dog did …You have not seen my worst…MEANING She saw some of his worst! This so called man of faith loved power and violence as they at times go together very well…give a person power and see who they really are…most of Us know just such a person. Now many haters say Jodi never called it rape as she was …..ASLEEP…..but I ask what kind of person does that to any person who if SLEEPING…..We were warned in the military never grab a person asleep…how do You know they were not beaten as a child or have nightmares…who knows how they will react . Some say them two wake ups NEVER took place…but then We have dear travis who did brag…not many guys would do that….ya think t-dog……he was very right on that! America Ya all had best wake up and tell Your men to keep their hands and fists to themselves…..nations that do not respect women and children are not much of a nation. And women who defend men who act as such…I must wonder what kind of men do they love…or bow to as master…My how so many things loved(=( ) the rat…sick or worse!

  15. After sitting through the many hours of trial (at the computer) and the sentencing and considering all the time that has passed since, I find Pandora’s videos very helpful to bring it all back. They are also a great resource for people who recently have decided to study up on what happened along with the work of Justiceforusall. There is so much wrong with the (in)justice of the trial and sentencing. Still Martinez, aka teflon Juan….continues his theatrics in Arizona with impunity.

  16. Thank you for clarifying Carol and great to hear from you!! I had heard about this letter from J4J and then on the second tabloid show and didn’t know its origins. It sounds like JM did everything he could to discredit this letter because of how damaging the contents were!!
    That is odd that you couldn’t see that in Canada as Pandora says she saw it in Greece… but you are also right in that you didn’t miss much.

    • Hi Lance, It is the new Investigation Discovery three-part series on Jodi that I can’t see because Canada has a very bad version of that channel up here and it doesn’t show any of the good shows. If you were speaking of the hearing about the letters, it happened long before Jodi became news of the day, so there is no recording of it and info about it is really limited. Martinez always found a way to muddy the water when it came to the evidence, but Nurmi should have spoken up to help Jodi if a continuance was in order.

  17. Carol…thank You for showing via it’s own words that the worm could care less. All he had to do was his JOB and help Her in the questioning. But then he had a book to write As i always say …one can only be educated so much then they become an IDIOT! Look at any of that trial video on the states side and see just that…a Det. that seems to forget a lot or has no notes…a Dr. who says one thing many times then changes it many times on evidence. Another Dr. who has problems with ENGLISH! who knew? But over and over and also caught in a rather stupid lie…her being a Dr. when she was not. odd to see all these experts caught in so many lies…again n again…. and paid very well to lie. So right on the experts on writing…there is no 100% unless they see the person writing! Remember in this perfect world az. lives in …IF…one makes a mistake on the writing then everything is discounted. No any who ever write the EXACT same way …100% of the time…place your bets now…. All one has to do is LOOK at that letter then look at his writing to see how they look alike…as if the SAME person wrote them…then hear his words about children which he was so proud of he repeated 3 times. This she wrote in the margins…the 3X5 card…the letter…….well lets say She did write in the margins….to correct another memory….and to get the truth out…why is it the state can hold You on a rather INSANE bail…and restrict Your right to a fair trial by getting the truth and facts out yet they can do unlimited things to do one harm…as in fake .destroy,lose,alter and hide evidence that will help the one on trial? Sound fair or just or right??? And that 3X5 is an index card or a peeled post card….well haters i did a few tests on PEELING some of Her cards…Yes fuckers HER CARDS…that were returned to Me! Then can be peeled and then they are real fuzzy and curled up like a tube….does She have access to a steam iron in that cell and make sure it’s set for post cards! I tested over 50 cards…and it would never work…and not all 50 were the same makes…at least 5 types of cards. By the way that card is not even straight or 3X5 ! As to the letter wrote under 24 hr watch…would She ever know She was being taped or watched at all times… would take a very long time to write such a letter then how does one hide it from others and was there not a cell mate with her most times….and then getting it out… talk about a mind that rat has. But then why O why would travis out himself on the subject of abuse of children in a PHONE call and 3 times at that….heaven forbid She missed his first mention of raping a child…so he repeated it two more times…such pride in evil! Some have asked why were the letters destroyed…well lets say a true one was turned over to the rat…would it have gone missing or just destroyed by mistake…or altered in some manner…i for one would never put that past him. But letter or no letters We have his words…You sound like a ….and how any in America or elsewhere can give a pass on that makes Me wonder.

  18. Hi Carol,

    You are in luck(depending on how you want to look at it?!!)… I glanced at the ID channel website and found that the Jodi series has been unlocked and can be viewed in all three segments online including the Missing Pieces segment which covers most of the stuff we have discussed since October although it doesn’t mention JM’s bar complaint which was recently dismissed. I pasted the address below for easy access. Unfortunately, it is still extremely slanted to the prosecution.

    • Thank you very much Lance. When I checked online earlier, they must have had them locked as I can access them now from your link. When I get up the courage, I will watch them. They always make me mad and sad.

      I should really just stick to Pandora’s productions. They are great!

    • Well Lance, I just tried to watch the 1st video and when I click on it, I get the message that it is unavailable to me. You did let me know though that it is still very biased towards Jodi. I keep waiting for her side of the story… so at least now I don’t feel like I am missing anything worthwhile watching.

      • OK.. that is so odd! Apparently, the blockage must extend to Canadian internet too! I would have thought you could bypass that restriction by going online. The only other option I can think of would be if SJ were to upload the series somehow to the JAII website like he did with 48 Hrs and Dateline? I can tell you that the On Demand date for charging $ for this series on my cable system is Feb. 23rd.

        • No worries. It sounds like it is the same biased view. It has to do with licencing, I believe, so even though I have the useless Canadian version of their channel I still can’t access online. It isn’t fair to us Canucks..

          • For some reason, I’m irritated about this so I decided to put a call in to the Discovery channel HQ in Maryland and left a message about this as well as emailed the Questions page… Obviously, I’m not holding my breath but I am real curious about this.. I am now wondering why people in the UK and Greece can see this but not Canada.

  19. Wormi was the most deceptive in my opinion , i was rooting for him during the trial , i thought he did a better job in the second trial , but i read his book and i wont allow him to defend my cat. As much as i hated Kermit , i loathe Wormi even more especially now, cause he was the one i put my own faith and trust in for jodi to support her 100% she was clinging to hope , i watched her during the trial sad, looking at the ones who are supposed to have her back , totally failed her. Makes me furious , Appellate court is her only hope right now ,My hope is that she wins the law suit against the worm , in turn will help her appeal process, hopes that someone with half a brain dig further into all the corruption lies her case.

  20. Hey Janet,

    Nurmi has always claimed a “victory” of sorts since Jodi was sentenced to LWOP as he states in the series. Obviously, one juror saved her life. I actually did not know that the first jury was 8 to 4. She lost three jurors on the re-sentencing!!!
    We all know he could have done much better. Wilmott made better arguments and raised really good objections. I have said several times here that I was very surprised that the PD assigned a guy who was a sex crimes specialist instead of somebody who knew how to defend a murder case even as an underfunded PD. Nurmi seemed quite confident in his November interview that he will win this suit. I really hope she wins this suit as well as this money will allow her to pay her restitution and close that off and use the remainder for her appeal. Does anybody know the date this case goes to trial?
    Hey Alan.. how are you!!? I agree with you on that!

  21. Well to My mind when the defense helps the prosecution then they are walking hand in hand and for them it was to the bank. The worm was in it for himself…Yes once i had faith in him that he would do his job…and not another rats job.Very odd that the judge would not bring him to task for the way he worked…but then that judge lost control from the get go. A show trial of show trials…so much for the CONSTITUTION….and fairness. How strange that none in America can ever defend t-dog for his actions w/o looking the fool. Try as all do they just can not explain his LACK of defensive wounds….meaning he was always on the attack. Now that we all know the true evil he always was who can defend such a so called man of faith? his family does like to take trips do they not…but i though that their boy was into helping others…or did he do that to look better in the eyes of his next victim. Seemed all who dated this man were victims of a sort. This he never did this or that to me….but funny how he spoke of such abuse in PUBLIC…of harming women and killing them as well as men. What a very sad bunch of harpies that stand up for him…do they also have t-dogs in their lives? To stand for travis shows one has embraced abuse…as he did. As I have said …..if one wants to find abusers…go to any church. I must ask is az. more CULT then state???? And why have the Fed.s allowed this???? What state or nation has abused more Americans the az. How odd folks fear the wack jobs of isis…. who never said they stand for law n order n justice….but any American should fear az. who claims they do…….how UNAMERICAN is that? That win was as fake as it gets or CORRUPT! We must stand by Her as She stand for truth and all who survived an abuser. On this Valentines day remember Her and all who have survived and think of the many who did not.

  22. Next time ask any hater or would be keeper of justice…LOL…why HLN spent way over 100 million in t.v. time to destroy Her. Imagine if the state got that bill!Name one man or woman in U.S. history that such a campaign of pure hate was put upon them and for …who…a PEDO via his words…a RAPIST via his own words….an ABUSER of women/men /children via his own words…. his OWN words!Evidence he gave evidence for the world to see to bad the blinders were on in so many who claim to know all. How dare any man or woman to claim She can not be a survivor…or could not have PTSD….I’am very surprised to see so many who put faith in a joke of a Dr…..s and yet really have no faith in MEDICINE! Seems to be an out break of two faced fuckery in the heartland. How can it be that a lone woman can defeat such wrath….luck?….remained more calm then the attacker? or was God on Her side? 3 for 3 is what I do see. How sad it is that so many get up each day to put hate on a woman who survived an abuser. Now I can understand why some men have this need to hate woman…they have this control complex and a lack of will to respect others and seem not able to move on….odd how t-dog NEVER gave up on a victim of his.Told the world that would listen …i fear for my life….seems brother stephen now has that illness…i fear the shower….word up stevo…NOTHING happened to it in that shower!….but i fear someone is coming after me with a knife….well stevo AND chri$ there may be good reasons to fear the wife…say ABUSE! So much time and $ and effort and yet the state and mob FAILED! az. is more cult then reason….they do not really think they are beholding to anyone let alone the U.S.. And other states think much the same. Of late our jury system seems to be failing more….NO ACCOUNTABILITY …the do as You want. Well a judge can put an end to that real quick….or the system. This idea the jury can vote ads it pleases….after they take an OATH!? What is the harm to society when juries/police/witnesses/prosecutors and judges are PUNISHED for WRONGDOING…How does that harm anyone but the wrong doer….who took an OATH not to do wrong. No wonder the state must protect it’s own..if only to protect they who back such wrongdoing. I see a broken system that needs fixing so bad. A few have bitched that I have no business trying to fix this problem because i was not born there…..LOL…who I ask had a choice where they were BORN…but We all have a choice in doing what’s right….the FOUNDERS took help from any and all willing to birth America. Being born American does not mean one believes in America…look around and see that truth. Has any nation ever had so many traitors??? I believe in America….and that’s why I have the right to stand up for a young woman and with that Lady Justice.

  23. The jury knows the facts…..start LOL…ing NOW…ANYTIME that jury was questioned on facts all that EVER came out of their yaps was vile n hate n lies…little wonder there are appeal courts. Listen up ya all who think ya know the law….juries can be …WRONG…and often are…..are the ever accountable? 12 nobodies getting to do whatever they want…does that sound like justice. Imagine a school for judges….which no nation seems to have…being a lawyer is good enough…and so what if ya really do not know the LAW…as it seems many judges! Sorta like a judge allowing a trial to go ape shit. Seems many so called judges are more concerned with how they look on camera then if the trial is fair. How strange that so many trust 12 but have a problem trusting the system. But i must say a broken system makes lots of money for a very few and the mob seems to love that as they complain about the tax burden. Nothing stopping them from heading to the hills and being tax free…and really on their own….the hills can hold a lot of bones folks…..that’s reality! Not many ever walked this earth alone and made it far. This We do not know the law…funny as the U.S.S.C seems at times NOT to KNOW the CONSTITUTION…..and that is very LAW LIKE! Ask any on that court how would you like to be a slave…as in America that is the punishment for any who are convicted of a crime…plus prison….SLAVES in America in 2018….if only the dead could talk all 600,000 of Em. They who see injustice and do nothing are far worse then they who do evil. These days when a person is charged then most think they are guilty…BECAUSE the system is NEVER wrong…as it..LIES…CHEATS…FAKES and DESTROYS EVIDENCE…and HIDES behind the law… many times az. has been caught and yet the mob could care less. How odd when put to the test the states facts do not hold up. Do their P/C’s not work??? I have seen so many tell the world just how guilty She was but can not back it up with facts or reason …EVER! How can a person survive such a fight with no harm…that can be seen…well any bruising would be on Her back or the back of Her head after he slammed Her to the floor…but as facts do state if one is slammed their body spreads out the force and bruising may be slight or not take place….I took a back ward fall on ice and talk about sore….thought I’d broke a few ribs…yet no bruising! Years past i went down on the ice in May..the first and talk about a crash….butt…hands…back…and head hit in that order….got up and on My way. Talked to a know it all on the case and then told Her of My fall…said My wrist kinda hurts…is it broken She asked…hell no as I worked it around,no break here…..less then one hour later I was in pain to the max…..and 12 hr.s later ( had things to do …lol.) a Dr. told Me I had broken My wrist…and that wrist never bruised or discolored As for concussions when one hits their head…even Dr.s can not tell that unless they do tests. But as many are into the fighting sports they would well know that a person can defeat another with out getting a mark on their body…and as a child I saw that in two fights…one kid was beaten by the other. Both time the abuser was the one who kept on attacking…just as t-dog did that day. The wounds on him show that rather well. Some just have to open their eyes and brains…easy if ya try…! What is an expert? Well it is not any with a need to lie for $$$$ And an expert can explain how they came to the facts with FACTS. 3 times …killed, hence over kill…so he came back from the kill 2 times??? OR all 3 times he would have died…..head shot see Phineas Gage….vena cava see Ed Gavagan…..slash to neck…but only one side slashed…MEANING his brain still had blood flow. No certain death by any of the so called 3 kills adding up to over kill…but talk about DRAMA! Humans are a lot tougher then most think…folks have survived slashed throats as well as major blood loss…ONLY once proves that all 3 were fatal is a LIE! But then horn had a need to lie for a payday! Odd how the side in court that told the world what a liar She was seemed to OWN lies and needed them to win…at any cost. Now why would the state ever need to LIE? Was Her guilt not a certain thing as a JUDGE stated in a paper…appealing or more APPALLING!

  24. Hey everyone.
    I’ve got some sad news to share with you.

    Our brilliant and dear friend Journee that has been by Jodi’s side from day 1 unfortunately has passed. She was struggling with congestive heart failure for the past few years.

    We have indeed lost a marvelous, amazing, wonderful, gifted, loving and devoted friend.

    Journee was a very private person. What you probably don’t know is that she was an incredibly talented published author and as generous as we all knew her to be, she sent me all her books as gifts all the way to Greece. She was selfless and full of love.

    She will be missed but never forgotten.

    R.I.P. loving Journee and thank you for all your fantastic, witty and genius posts.


  25. Oh my, through tears I write this. Journee was a wonderful person and an amazing judge of justice and character. She believed in Jodi Arias, no doubt. Journee definitely was for Justice and Truth. She was such a TREASURE to us all and especially this cruel world!!!!! Just brilliant!! My heart is broken. Maybe going back and rereading her thoughts and “Pearls of Wisdom” will help me through this. Journee has been missed and now we understand why. What a remarkable sweet, sweet Lady. It’s a sad day.

  26. I’ve been crying for hours… I am devastated, simply devastated. Upon hearing of her passing, all these years and what we’ve been through together rushed through my mind.

    Journee had a heart of gold, she was a dear friend to many of us- if she said she liked you, she really did and would do anything to prove it to you.

    Most importantly, she was an *invaluable* supporter whose *KNOWLEDGE* of things and of this case in particular would leave me speechless.
    Back on those early days in 2013 (and throughout the years of course), I remember I would read her in-depth comments, I would try to take in as much information as possible and felt really lucky to be around people who would be sort of like live encyclopedias of Jodi’s case. I couldn’t help but look up to that woman who would weigh her words, who would not allow herself to get carried away by her emotions but would always try to get to the bottom of things through objective and thorough analysis of the case. And yes, there were many times back then that I would even feel intimidated by her.

    I respected her, I admired her, I got to know and love her. For she was a beautiful human being.

    Jodi was lucky to have had her in her corner. Journee’s voice was among the most reasonable, most influential ones among the supporters.
    We have lost a true supporter. It has been a privilege to have met her and fought for the same cause as she did.

    R.I.P. Journee. You will be terribly missed….. 🙁

  27. I’m so shocked and saddened to find out that Journee has died.
    She was such a loving, generous person_dedicating herself to helping Jodi.
    She was very wise and definitely very talented.
    My heart goes out to Jodi, and to all of you who were close to Journee.
    And to her family and loved ones_I’ m very sorry for their loss.

  28. Very sad news indeed! Even though I really never corresponded with her on here… I am sure her insights and loyalty will be greatly missed. R.I.P. Ms. Journee.

  29. Although I don’t post much , I would read the inspiration of the posters here (mainly the women ) no offense guys , Women who are strong ,persistent, intelligent , who kept fighting the good fight even when things didn’t look so good in our favor. Journee was one of those special women. will be terribly missed..

    A tribute to Journee:

    Although my leaving causes pain and grief,
    my going has eased my hurt,
    and given me relief.
    So dry your eyes and remember me,
    not as I am now,
    but as I used to be.
    Because, I will remember you all,
    and look on with a smile.
    Understand in your hearts,
    I’ve only gone to rest a little while.
    Please keep fighting the good fight
    There’s nothing more calming in difficult moments than knowing there’s some one fighting with you. R.I.P.Journee ..

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