Trial Day 20 – February 20th, 2013:

Part 1/4:

Jodi Arias (testimony continues)

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Part 2/4:

Jodi Arias (testimony continues)

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Part 3/4:

Jodi Arias (testimony continues)

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Part 4/4:

Jodi Arias (testimony & direct examination concludes. Defense rests.)

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  1. I believe he was going to kill her. I do however think she fought for her life and yet when she was done in self defense, I akso think shemay have put him in the shower and possibly took one last shower with him and washed him, maybe even lovingly as she says she couldnt turn back time. I dont believe she has memories and if she does it was probably more to the effect of; ” why did you do this to me” as she stabbed him over and over. That however would be a memory you would surpress. Grief, not anger.

    • i esp. agree with ur comment re: jodi feeling GRIEF, not anger… very astute, imo.

      i do NOT believe that she felt “if i can’t have him no one can”… but just my opinion of course. she knew there were other girls.
      i believe she’d rather b friends w/TA at the least, and prob. FWB, as that is what was happening anyway.
      in the future u never know, they were still on the younger side. it is not like jodi could NOT get another mate… TA WAS replaceable, imo and she prob. woulda found someone who treated her better.
      and i DO think TA could have gotten jealous. heck, she was VERY giving to him, imo.

      idk re: all that stalking talk. personally from everything ive heard so far, i dont buy it.
      IF it was true, then my above words i guess would b incorrect.
      of course, i could b very wrong. i wasnt there. BUT, what i know AND hearing TA on the phone call… he grossed me out in many ways. he seemed creepy to ME.

      ok, im out.

  2. Isn’t it funny when Jody started to speak about how T.A Doesn’t like her to write any negative things in her daily journal,the prosecutor objects right away. he knows that Jody wrote down in January that nothing substantially happened that week.Well if shes not trying to speck anything negative in her journal that would make sense that she says nothing really big happened that week and she hasn’t written in a while!!!!!!!!!! So That’s just exactly what the prosecution does trying to take direct aim at her credibility and using her own words in her daily Journal which she didn’t write anything negative in.But he sure new he was going to use that on cross examining………So any mention off her Daily Journal & the prosecution object object object………Hang in there Jody Im praying for you.All things work together for those whom love the lord.God is not through with u .Hes got a wonderful plan for your life <3

    • About her not writing anything negative…… wasnt she saying “that was the goal” today??? I wonder what all that was about??? That was the goal but to what exactly? ??

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