Trial Day 10 – January 29th, 2013:

Part 1/3:

Gus Searcy

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Part 2/3:

Darryl Brewer (Jodi’s ex)

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Part 3/3:

Chris Hughes (continuation of yesterday’s evidentiary testimony)

Abe Abdelhadi (continuation of yesterday’s evidentiary testimony)

Gus Searcy. Testimony ends when Gus pleads the 5th. Private discussion.

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    • Tina…. Martinez is a complete joke…. half assed is incomplete… but, what do you notice that should educate us all… Whatcha know… share… Thanks, Edgar…

  1. I really do have sympathy for Jodi, as I read and watch these trials I really feel that she is innocent, but if she did do this crime I believe she did not commit it alone, I also do believe that in some way Travis may have pushed her over the edge. I personally believe that if she is found guilty she does not deserve the death penalty and that they should let her live her life. I wan’t to write to Jodi but am I aloud to??? and where do I send it?? I’m from Montreal so I do not have the slightest clue how to do this. I would also like to know if she is allowed phone calls?? can anyone help me with these questions?? She is such a young beautiful thriving 32 year old that derserves to live and to be free. I say with a big sign FREE JODI. Sure I feel for Travis but there is always two sides to the story. I want to say to Jodi…Hang in there sweetie I believe you will be set free and if I had an address postal code and a phone number I would defenatly write to you and go see you if it is allowed. Keep calm sweetie and continue to be brave and remember keep your composure…meaning above all keep calm..I am with you all the way Jodi.

    Your new friend that follows you all the way since I heard this story on t.v. and the internet,


  2. An Alice in Wonderland soap opera, at best… blackmail, to get, compliance… No wonder these parasitic reptillian illiterati, have filled our prisons with innocent people… Anybody notice, Jodi, glancing at her lieyers, for cues, as to whether, she’s playing her role, well enough to suit them??? Then, of course, there are the Gurus’ Groupies, still brainwashed, that are claiming, she confessed, while, rejecting everything else she was programmed to say; changing stories, resultant from post traumatic stress disorder, and, simpleminded, officer of the court, programming to see to it that she loses; what are lieyers for; if not to pander to organized crime at law, by selling out those who pay for their loyalty ??? How is it that her coerced “confessions,” are now, acceptable, when the lynch mobsters, get to pick and choose, whatever paragraphs, suit their warped and twisted, excuses for reasoning…??? The truth of the matter, is that she can play, Joan of Ark, while these quasilegal thieves, try to burn her at the stake; [What’s a Stake? Better ask a Mormon; funny they should revere, such a word; or is it, “ward ?”]… There’s no way, in hell; that’d be, here, that, Jodi, did this heart plunge, ear to ear throat slice near decapitation; that’s a physical, impossibility… There’s no way that she, had premeditation, with ten gallons of gasoline, which, at no risk to herself, she could have smoked Travis, and his house . There’s no way that she could have overpowered Travis; a fighter, wrestler, weightlifter, fighting for his life, without, shooting him, first; proven by the States’ own forensics, that, she, nor, Travis, fired a gun; as evidenced by no gunpowder particulates, in the combined blood, handprint; of course, proving that the quasireligious, eternal soul saving, blood oath, blood atonement ritual, came first; of course, whatwith, gasoline, and, a gun, not used, proves there was no premeditation, or, she would have used the gun, or, the gasoline, or, both; and, or, even if there had been a contingency, self defense, plan,it, never got implemented; so, who cares, that two hundred million Americans, own guns, because, there might be some anticipated self defense, requirement, that requires a second amendment, issue… that, some lizard at law, would try to claim, is, premeditation ??? … Somebody, interupted, Travis’s perversion, and, that’s what happened. As for the camera, Jodi, probably hid it in the bedding, intending to get out of there, with the pictures, and, Travis went ballistic, because he knew, she could ruin the self delusions, in the guru, believing his own hype, while the pictures, proved otherwise… Edgrrr…

    • Hi Edgar- I havent commented before about your theories, but I did take the time to view what I could find about them even to the point googling you and reading your posts over on facebook etc. I just found what you have stated very intetesting and the only other poster I have found that sees this travisty as I do. It seems to me what you are saying doesn’t get a whole lot of attention or taken very seriously. I think that has alot to do with your style of expression. I know personally, it has been difficult getting the gist. Im by no means insulting you, i just wish you could be more clear, because Its clear to me you have so much to say. Some of the things you mention too, i get, such as your reptillian references, but not everyone has traveled that deep into ghe rabbit hole, and I think
      You could get the important info across and understood more so if you simplified more. I can tell simple is not your stlye, but it is necessary sometimes so that you can reach the sleeping masses.

          • That was stalkerish? Nah, I don’t think so. LOLOL. I have seen his posts on other sites, but I am only comfortable replying on this one because most people here actually have a brain they actually USE and I know it’s ok!!!

      • I’d rather call the illiteratis, reptiles, so as to deny them the prestige they think they have slithered into, by skating through lie school… When we grow up and make those parasites, punishable, for their theatrics, then, maybe, they can go to prison, for being what they are. That would suit me, fine… Edgrrr…

      • Miller… [my grandfathers’ name]… I don’t get a lot of response, because everybody, has the Arias Bias, syndrome, flu…. whatwith, being so argumentative, that, facts, are meaningless. Drones, are robots, pandering to the system… A bogus conviction, is trumped by all the reasonable doubts, on the net; none of which, have appeared in trial; as the court jester, persecutor, tries to guru, the jury. Those, computer entries, are dated, and, will prove the criminality of the at law, mob. whose indolence has kept them from the jury… A conviction will be proof of such criminality, at law. Forensics proves, she never fired a gun, so, how did she overpower, him…??? Just one reasonable doubt, and, one juror, who’s insulted by Martinez’s stand up comedy act… Edgrrr…

        • Hi Edgar- you mentioned a few times that forensics prove she never fired a gun since there was no gunpowder residue i the bloody palm print. Where did you see a forensics report? I havent studied this case asong as you and would love to see it. What other evidence other than the letters are being withheld that you refer to?

          • Ms. Miller…. The question should be, why don’t we see such published reports ? For that, the media panderers to organized crime at law, “news ” paper directors, can better slither their way out of. I, say what is, just as yiou will, when the truth, unravels the lies; and, a great case in point, look at the lizards at law, try to demolest themselves, with the cold blooded, murder, of a policeman; govern mental murder; as in, from, Waco, to Wacko… That’ll show us not to mess with SNOT teams; you’ll be snuffed long before you get your message, out. How many police murders, did that cop, witness, before he became a police victim, himself, and, turned into ashes; they think. What if, the govern mental toadies of organized crime at law, smoked a hostage; as in another cop, held hostage,; and, the one they intended to murder, planted such a contingency plan, to prove what these paramilitary, nazis are capable of? I’d say, that, dead or alive, he has proved his point. Stop, all the violence; disarm govern mentals, for a kinder, gentler, nation of laws, not, reptillian illiterati, damage inflicting, damage control, psychophants, of, organized crime at law. Jail for judges, and, necktie parties, for, lizards at law… and, nobody gets a gravy job in law enforcement, unless they’ve actually, had a past career, working for a living… and, have an I.Q. exceeding their mental age… Edgrrr…

        • Edgar not suggesti g that you are not being truthful or anything, Im just finding itreally hard to find any related reports.

          • Because, Mr. Miller, I have made the claim, since day one, when, I decided that, exculpatory evidence is being concealed, for the obvious purpose of “growing evidence,” [I believe that to be the quasilegal term] and, without disclosure, to, are you ready for this: the publics,’ right to know, [what the at law mob is conniving about], so, the existent, and, non existent exculpatories, can be tweaked, into evidence against… It is what it is, because I say so; simple as that; unchallenged, unrefuted; and, you want proof ? Good, that’s as good an inquiry, as any. Why, four years, of that’s my story, and, I’m sticking to it, has there been no rebuttal; and, in addition to that obversation, there’re the other dozens of reasonable doubts, that are also, not admitted in point of fact, nor, entered into the authority of the jury. Why’s that ? And, why ask why, if, you don’t want to ask the lizards at law, by what legal right, they, conceal the facts, pro and con, from all of us… I have no proof, and, for sure, the lizards had four years to, respond to, how their magic tweezers could unscramble a combined blood sample, and, yet, make no allegation, that, gunpowder particulates, in the handprint, proves that Jodi, shot him first, and, that’s how, Olive Oyl, beat up on Bluto, while he was fighting for his life… Now, the lizardsat law, are going to interject, a claim, that, oh yeah, we took care of that minor detail, by sprinkling particulates into the unscrambled molecules… Why, was the minor technicality of, we forgot to taint the mixture, with burnt gunpowder, not, pounced upon, to prove that she shot him, first, proving premeditation, and, giving her the leverage for parity, needed, if, it actually existed; and, if it did, why in hell would the lizards not take my bait, when for over four years, I have noted the same, unrefutable claim ? If, Hitler and these lizards at law, can, warp the truth, by telling their lies, long enough, then, surely, I can tell the unrefuted, truth, without anyone simpleminded enough to think, I’m lying… Don’t you think, the lizards at law, will now be hard pressed to, perjure the evidence, they’ve outsmarted themselves, with, for over four years, of not, ratting me out to their brain dead judge; now, to, discover gunpowder, in the blood; that, they tested and reported, had no drugs in it ? Why would they not mention that there was gunpowder, residue in it, if, there was ? And, when they’re duty bound, to provide the defense, with all the facts, against her, where’s the forensic analysis that, proves, she fired a gun; considering, that the lizards entire non case, balances upon Martinez’s tightrope balancing act, and the claims he’s made, while concealing, Travis’s pleadings with, the bishop, regarding what; but, his, “used up life,” here on planet evil; to volunteer for his well earned, heart plunge, earcto ear throat sliced ascension to planet playboy, and, all those, virgin, thousand year old angels… Lots of luck with that…. Edgrrr…. You see Mr. Miller… why ask why, when this twilight zone episode, is galloping with reasonable doubt ? Let’s see the court jester, now, four years of being checkmated, by his own criminality, try to prove Jodi, fired a gtun, and, try to prove that Travis, the guru, mindbender, wrestler, bare knuckle fighter, weightlifter, couldn’t rip the arms off, a girl, nearly a hundred pounds lighter than he; especially, when Martinez, admitted that he had her bent over for rough sex, and, frisky sex, as Martinez, “explains away,” Broke butt mountain sodomy, as indicated in Travis’s to do, Jodi, list; then, with his knife, and, short rope preparations, for what; to prove, that “oral and anal sex, is not as much a sin as vaginal sex ?” Let’s put the bishop under oathfor whatv was so compelling, other thann, somebody ratted him out, to the bishop, and, his heart plunge, ear to ear, throat slice, sacred blood letting, was on the way? So, what was this, with Jodi, a grand finale, to a secret and degenerate life…??? The bishop knows, but, it’s unlikely he’ll have the temerity to tell the trurh; after all, there’s the church, long ago exposed secret, blood atonement murders, that doesn”t need to be explained to the infidels, who, wouldn’t understand…… Those who are silent, when they have a duty to speak, cannot speak, when they have a duty to be silent…. So, do you need proof, of my observations; over something like four dozen, reasonable doubts, and, not one is in the process… and, you want me to prove, what; that why don’t we just tar and feather all these lizards at law, who conceal evidence, so they, can modify it to cover, such minor technicalities; as needed to perpetuate their lies…???… Edgrrr… What God, do these parasites, worship…???

          • Edgar- It’s Ms. Miller:) And I think you are brilliant! I gotta do some research, but thank you for answering me. Makes perfect sense. If she had fired a gun it would have been on her hands and in the print. They would have broken their necks with a live breaking story to tell the world that evidence, so since they didnt, it wasnt there. Ok, only because I have a theory in my mind Im still sorting out a question. Do you believe she was even there at all?

            • YES, i, BELIEVE THAT…. cherrypicking the points, in each and all, of her PTSD, inused, “stories,” validates, the truths, that, years of stress related, Fascist Feeding Frenzies, have, forced any innocent person, to stand on Constitutional grounds; your right under superior law… and, infuriated the Sheeple, to, be easily, duped, and, to, accept the spastic prostitutors,’ hypnonauseating, carnival side show… as if, Jodi, shoul;d put on an act of attrition, and, repentence; when, in point of fact, only, the guilty, need to put on such a show…. Innocent people don’t need to pander to at law, parasites, despite how many years of their lives, are embezzled, while the Gestapos, try to grow, evidence, against them; when, the three stooges, concealed, exculpatory evidence, against Jodi, and, sat on it, until, their soapopera, failed, to such extreme, as to, require, repudiation by the spastic, prostitutor, to, doublecross, the, other two, stooges, to, force them, to, recant their already sworn testimonies, to the contrary; as if, with, a judge, without, the intelligence, God, gave any other, cockroaches, they’d, dismiss the noncase, with prejudice, instead of letting the three stooges, recant the lies at law, that, they perjured, to get extradition, from, two, simpleminded, governors, with, not a bleat from the Sheeple, on the jury, as, the troll prosecutor, continued, his imaginary delusions, as if, no matter how many lies he floats; the guilt, of his targeted victim, is, not, at issue; only the parasitic prostitutor, need be regarded….as in lieu of evidence, his carnival hypnonauseating, strobe act, prancing all over his courtroom, stage, will due; with, such a jury, stacked by nitwits, with no common sense… Add to the, at law, criminalities, the minor detail, of, bribing the defense, with, three million dollars….and, a, D.A., politician, with all those LSD voters, God, couldn’t escape, such obstruction of, justice…. Seven years, many of urs have questioned, the antics of all these, lizards at law, yet, not one, rebuttal, of dozens of proofs, have been entered into, the process, except, my claim, over and over again, as to proofs, regarding, no gunpowder particulates, in the combined blood, handprint, and, the water, poured upon the dried blood, to reliquify, what was dried blood, five days, after the “Sacred,” ritual, suicide…. Read Mormon blood atonement, and, see where, Travis, would have pleaded to be blood atoned for, and, do note the canonizating, thousand person, wake; as if, he actually, had, a thousand, friends…. as he ascended to planet playboy, with, all those virgin angels; to get to do, what cost him his life, for, here….. Does that compute, for you…??? Seven years…. check them out, and, be sure to read the Danites, preferred method of, killing; duly noted, to, sleaze a five days, after the surgical kill, drying tome, for, the ejected brass shell, to, land upon five dasy old, dried blood…. Now, add, the concealment, of the thumb acid etched, brass, shell, concealment, of, who, loaded the shell, into, the spring loaded, magazine, and, there’s another, soapopera…. Edgrrrr….

            • There was no wet blood smear, on the careening brass rejected shell, and, no indentation, in the dried blood island, five days after the kill….and, if the gunshot, was first, to gain an advantage; without, which, proves her inability, to have done any of it; sooner, or, later….. there would have been blood, under and over the “resting,” brass… Edgrrr….

            • Thank you ; I am nobody, which, is certainly adequate, to put the screws to the Manchurian Martinez, Marionette, serial killer, prosecutor…..who, without risk, to himself, manipulates, the braindead judges, and, stacked jury Sheeple, into, doing his killings for him; as, Juan the Juanderer, murdering, prostitutor….. who convicts, with a carnival trick, in lieu of evidence…. comatosing the spectators…..with, hypnonausea….Edgrrr….

          • Wow… isnt he great!!! Edgar tell the story EXACTLY like it is!!! The bishop does know, but because he’s not coming forward with what really happened to TA, is he himself sinning?!!

            Edgar, this following statement; “why in the hell would the lizard not take my bait, when for over four years, I have noted the same, unrefutable claim?” Does this mean that you’ve made some type of contact with them regarding the case with your thought, (with the truth)???

            • No contract; inferred by contact….. just the realization, that, at law, parasites, think they are above the law, they swore to, uphold. first, we, kill, all the lieyers, and, or, put them under penalty of perjury, for testifying, with impunity, by, the asininities, of the feigned, questions they pretend, are not, testifying, without taking the oath…. Edgrrr…

          • Thanks… and, 10 4 old buddies to you all. What a far out about face, to all the four years of lynch mobsters, mewling, to the jack booted morons, sucking on their donuts, et al; and their bootlickers…who haven’t got the temerity to take on this quasireligious, transcendent reward for miscreants, who get to do in some imaginary afterlife, in their own kingdom; what is, a ruse to facillitate their heart plunge, ear to ear, throat slice, ascension to planet playboy, reward, for doing what got them terminated for, here on planet evil. There are all those voters, who must be duly represented, by the opportunistic and, parasitic D.A. and, of course, corporate, tax dodging, country club money worshipping , murderers, who are above the law, and, beyond the comprehension, of all us infidels… Mandamus does not lie with a prosecutor, to prosecute, every crime… so, with dozens of reasonable doubts, posted on the net, how is it that, with only one, as in, A, reasonable doubt, which can hang up a jury, does the lizard at law, justify, such a twilight zone, soap opera, if not, simply enough; to conspire to conceal, said dozens of reasonable doubts, from the court…. ? Nothing to it; what do you think lie school is for; if not, to vilify due process, which bad enough is always due, anyway…??? Then, there’s the psychular reasoning, that, two million dollars ransom, validates the pie in the sky, indictment, and, the charges, justify, the ransom; all, such craziness, concealing, that, failure to pay the extortion, nets you your Alice in Wonderland, sentence, up front, five years and counting, and, embezzles the money, if, you had any to begin with, so as to hire yourself a lizard at law, who has made a career of mewling, shucking and jiving, tap dances, to entertain, brain dead judges… and, the penalty of which, bars you from accessing the internet, to aid in your own defense, by other than, acting out the contradicting soap operas as misrepresented, by “your,” lieyer; guaranteeing, your conviction, of anything; chewing gum and walking at the same time, to get the rush to justice, at law, conspiratorial reptillion illiterati, off the civil rights violation, hook. How many millions of dollars, are five years of your life, worth ? Now, add up, the wisdom of your court scammed choice, of letting you “represent,” yourself, out of disgust for lieyer malfeasance, and, a judge who’ll let you do so, but only, if you agree to have superintendency, by / of the pinhead, you just fired… Twilight zone… with a pubic pretender, lieyer, doing you in a death penalty non case…??? Then an appointed barrister, who stated that she was too busy to read of all the reasonable doubts, on the internet; but not too busy to conspire with the other lizards at law, to keep all the reasonable doubts, out of their conspiratorially orchestrated, soap opera… What the hell; fifteen million quasireligious, dupees of the country club, eternal soul saving murderers, are hardly moved by one little prospective Stepford Wife, getting away, whatwith, you see what happens when you mess with the LSD / LDS ayatollahs… And, did I mention, feeding, their victims, on 42 cents per day, and, Freddy Kruger sandwiches; all, part and parcel of organized crime, scamming the sheeple…??? Jesus is coming, and, boy, is he pissed… Edgrrr…

          • Who am I..?. just a heretic who doesn’t believe in slavery to the law gods; having three children kidnapped by another truthful religious, con-gloom-erate, nearly thirty years ago; vanished, disappeared, as in concealed; aided and abetted by another crook D.A. and, Mormon bishop, then, lieyer… and, not paranoid quite enough, to believe that, I, have been singled out, and, that, all religions feed off the lifeblood of innocent children, by all sorts of mindbending exploitations… pissed off for thirty years and counting… Edgrrr…. it is claimed that [the magic tweezers], bloody handprint, contained her blood as well as Travis’s blood; the inference, being that that proves she bloodied him, yet, conversely, belies, that he may have, equally, with a hundred pounds of brute strength,advantage, bloodied, her. … and, so it goes; every fact, and clue, 50 / 50… and that is best and worst case, reasonable doubt… Edgar…

          • Ms Miller… they claim to have unscrambled an omelet to produce distinct, blood proofs of his, and, hers… proving she was there. Some people assume they should answer questions, honestly, instead of simply saying “you talking to me ???” and, “go sse my lieyer; he can lie to you..”. So, proving she was there, is now morphed into, premeditated murder, and, as added to ten gallons of gasoline claims proof, when, the fact that she never smoked the place with him in it, proves there was no such premeditation… or, likelihood of any impending animosity, going;in,; even if his degeneracy, incited her to riot, there’s still the matter that, hippo has the mouse, pinned down and unable to escape. and, being, what, premeditation, means; would hardly, be an issue anyway, premeditation or not, she anticipated the need to try to defend herself, and, his actions proved her right to be armed and dangerous… obviously, to no avail, anyway, being pinned down and, helplessly jailhouse molested; which, if not the case, why did he get off, unless he got off ? The court jester, admitted that, he engaged her in rough sex, and, frisky sex, and, his confessions , are hardly, evidence against Jodi, who never fired a gun, even though… and, why’sthat… because, someone, the man of the man and woman pair, in ski masks, grabbed him from behind, and, with a vengeance, reached around, and nearly, decapited him; not likely able to do so from the front, and, spun him around for the quasireligious, heart plunge, and, by suchtalent, was religion based, because, a paramilitary guy who just nearly deheaded you, would know, you’re over…and, would not need to question his finesse, with a heart plunge. As to the pecking away, that was the girl of the pair, and, indicates an inadvertant cover up of the, precision, blood atonement; by a haphazard, follow up, at best; of course, morphed by the lizard at law, into, some fantasy, of denial for self defense… So what, she did none of it, anyway, other than hiding the camera in the bedding, to sneak it out, later. But, being chased out, before she could get it, of course, is proven because it was her only proof, of just fun and games with Travis; who was as happy as any other quasireligious pervert, who just got his, degenerate, way… every demented allegation is refutable, and refuted, as no more than, “as if.” and, “if as.” Who was the current squeeze, most likely, to be the key, disgruntler; surely, not Jodi; she had him dialed in, with his degenerate side, free to degenerate her, while going to sunday school, and, playing, Casper Milquetoste, as, pios as can be, until, he gets horny again… What a can of worms, this non case is… I’m guessing about five million bucks, leeched out of the tax slaves, will be just compensation…Too bad that, not one penny will come out of the LSD, or, the D.A.s hide… And, if, this was a random, invasion robbery, they would have gone through the out of State, car, first, and, there was the gun, she proved she needed to carry… See the Second Amendment, for clarity. And, then there’s the next home invasion, with a bullet to the head,,, while, Jodi was in jail, and, didn’t do that one either… Edgrrr….

        • Gathering funds for Jodi, is just pissing into the wind, if, it means, that another lie-yer, gets to leech off the funds. Much better, that we all pledge, a few hundred thousand as a reward, for proof, of the actual killer; inspiring the Sheeple who pretend that she’s guilty, to pledge the bucks; because, if she’s so guilty, then, their pledges, won’t be in jeopardy, ….and, the lynch mobsters, should put their money, where their mouths are. What, exactly, do they have to lose…. whatwith such a “slam dunk,” non case; except the punishment for being so stoopid, as to have convicted her, in their miniscule Arias Bias Virus infected, minds… so as to lose their bets….??? Snidely… Edgrrr…

      • Ms. Miller, Better to leave sleeping dogs lie… I’m the one who returned them to their complacency based comas…. Wake them up to hear a flock of parrots, recite Arias Bias…while, pandering to the organized crime at law, system… Grovellimg before brain dead judges, is not my act…Edgar…???

      • My words are not reflective of any reference to anything beyond, their definition; not, somebody elses.’ use, and, I refer to reptilian illiterati, as my own words, regarding, lizards at law…. so, you needn’t hunt for, concealed meanings, in order to think interpretation, will sleaze out, whatever can be alluded to….. ;;;;;i speak English, not SPINglitch…..plainly, and, simply…… Edgrrr….

    • Where are the shrinkwrappers, pacing at the starting gate, and, being shut out of this galloping at law, chaiade, who, can surely, prove, that, not only is she unfit to stand trial, considering PTSD, and, compartmentalization, of, sporadic lucidities, in contradictory, glimpses, of her realities, but, ditto, the lizards at law, whose delusions, and, simplemindedness, precludes them, and, their, incompetencies, from holding anybody accountable for anything; by the Alice in Wonderland, of juris prudes, alleged trials of, exculpatory concealment of facts ??? Hang them all, with, but, Jodi, with Travis’ rope; free Jodi, and, review every non case these lizards at law have perjured before a brain dead judge; are there any other kind? 260 years of overturning the decisions of “lower and inferior,” aptly named, lizards at law, who, twist the law to fit their decisions, is, surely, reason enough to fill our prisons with all these reptillian illiterati, brain dead parasites, slithering, under, color of law… Bring on the psychiatrists, but, do find one that’s actually, a real person… there must be a couple, who are honest enough… to tell the truth. Would you not conclude that there are a few cards missing from the deck, in this soap opera; a judge, who first says, you can re-present yourself, is that not a judicial claim of your schizophrenia, that one of you, must represent, the other, you ; f, you agree to the lieyer you just fired, superintending, your defense; now, who’s nuts; then, has somebody elses’ epiphany, to, overrule her “your honor,” self; to change her mind; such as it is; schizophrenically enough, and, a prosecutor, who conceals, forensics,’ proofs, that, negate his entire soap opera, tap dance, balancing act, which floats, a non case, upon the forensics’ proven falsity, of Jodi, shot, Travis to gain an advantage, over the fact he was a school wrestler, bare knuckle fighter, bodybuilding weightlifter, fighting for his life; Bluto, being beaten up, by Olive Oyl; to, bring a perjured interstate extradition kidnap victim, to a brain dead court, where, the States own forensics’ failure to find, gunpowder particulates in the combined blood handprint, so as to prove not only that Jodi, fired a gun, but, also to prove that the gunshot, preceded, the knife work, justifying, as well, the additionally perjured charge, of premeditation; also, disproven by forensics, and, anybody elses, logic, bisecting the prosecutor, with one of his selves, demanding forensics to prov, getting forensics that disproves, and, being right both times, to continue his crimes to punish Jodi, for his own schizoid, other self… that, if, she had shot him, to begin with, then, the premeditation could be imagined, but, the fact that she didn’t shoot him at all, negates the prosecutors, entire soap opera; surely, unsupported by the States’ own forensics. So, why haven’t the forensics, scientists, with brains, petitioned the court, for a dismissal, as the court jester prosecutor, without brains, commits the continuation of his entire perjury act, despite his , non case, concealment, of exculpatory evidence, makes them, with an education, defective, as compared to he, without an education, permitted at law, to rule on his own opinion of what he will or will not, allow the defense to have… This, is clearly a matter for prosecution by the U.S. Department of Justice…. Free Jodi, and, shoot the prosecutor… and, for damned sure, don’t reelect your lizard at law, D.A…. In the meantime, subpoena the bishop, Travis, confessed to, after he got ratted out to the bishop, obviously, by one who felt cheated by Travis; we call them, suspects…. and, we call those…. who hide criminal doctrines and covenants, behind, govern mental, privileges, who bless their underlings, by eternal soul saving, blood atonement , heart plunge, ear to ear throat slice, ascenscion to planet paradise, and, all those, thousand year old, virgin angels, for fornicating, and perversions…. murderers;. but, with all those rich voters, no politician can overlook, aiding and abetting, quasireligious doctrine; what’s the life of a future Stepford Wife, matter, in the overall scheme of tax dodging, in the name of God…??? And, if it is not all so, then why is Brigham Youngs’ name on BYU, if not as atribute to what he was, another philanderous, and perverted, glutton for privilege, and, other mens’ wives and, daughters; aided and abetted by kill squads, that’ll send you to an imagined afterlife, and, all those virgins; thousand year olds, and, counting…. We should all line up for such blessings…Edgrrr…

  3. Nice to see you back Edgar.

    Thanks for the info.

    Maybe you can work some magick and get the original letters located for evidence, LOL.

    • Thanks for the welcome home… It’s a mystery to me how you guys can navigate all the sites. I have trouble, finding the ones, that common sense has packed off to lalaland; back to their comas…… Thanks, to youse guys with brains… hopefully,my attack on all the sites coming out, will find continuity, enough for reasonable doubt to find its’ way into the trial, despite the court jester, tapdance… I never left, and, it’s been over four years, of beating up on windmills, while watching these lizardsat law, mentally masturbate, in public… You’d think they’d have more class, but, what can be expected of, lizards at law…??? Edgar…

    • Bee Cee… The magic, required, is to hang the prosecutor, and, any other, aider and abettor, who has accepted, the invalidation of the letters, claiming they were forgeries. If, Jekyl, and his schizo other, Hyde, wrote identical letters, wouldn’t there be inconconclusive, indices, a parasitic prosecutor. could say whatever he wants to, about, so as to get whatever concealment, the crooked bastard, chooses, to…??? Wouldn’t, publishing those letters, be likely to reveal, other sour grape whinings to other, usees of the sainted, one, that, would have been written in similar, mood, and, mode; so as to better, unfit, the sham, that, inconclusivity, does not mean, imposibility… and, would likely come rorth to validate the authenticity, as to claim that inconclusivity, is claimed to be, impossibility…??? Why then, add another reasonable doubt to the pile,already concealed, from the fraudulent process… and, the morph of evidence for, Jodi, into, evidence, against…if not to indemnify, the organized crime at law, system, against ten million dollars, civil damages, for, fraud, collusion, conspiracy, and, other racketeering, at law ??? No magic, needed; just a judge who’s wise to the whirling dervish, one trick wonder, tap dancing his non case, warping, and, twisting the facts… Edgrrr… Will this find its’ way into the process ? Sure, and, I hava a bridge in Brooklyn, to sell, if you’re interested…. Edgrrr…

  4. Thanks, troops… my comments, have no trouble reaching you who have brains, so, thanks muchly, that you do…. I seek no audience from the third grade Nobel laureates, in, whitch all their Arias Bias… Ignorance may be bliss, for them, but, since they have nothing to add, other than threats, and, name calling; that, is of no account. I have encouraged, those who are basking in ignorance, to realize, this is a nation of laws, despite, lizards at law, warping and twisting the definition of words, in our laws, without a department of Constitutional rights, in sight; but, plenty of alphabet gangsters, to vilify everything we allegedly stand for. “An agency of the government, is not the government, nor, a department thereof,” so, who are these parasites; FBI… BATFE[ces]… IRS, DMV, Secret Service; ad nauseum, if not leeches at law…. This, is my prime directive; to, expose such criminality… Thanks to all the new sites, and real people, now, after four years of ranting and raving, comes the dawn, when those whining vampires return to their boxes… and, the non terrorists, fix everything… Edgar…

    • Edgar- thanks for your insite. I love to read your posts. I have to admit I have to read them a few times to really absorb everything, but I don’t mind. I love your lingo.
      The blood atonement ritual info you talked about gave me alot of insight, I like how its swept under the rug as though its ancient practice when Jacquline LeBaron was found guilty in connection in June of 2011!!!!

      • Ms Miller… Thanks for the correction; good to see any corroborative information;. I looked up Jacquelline LeBaron, and, already guessed that putting a heart plunge, ear to ear throat slasers’ name on BYU, was some subliminal confession that his doctrines [laws], and, covenants [contracts], were alive and sick, in the gray matter department, of the LSD alleged church.” Have they no shame; one “God,” endowed, heretic after another, and, still, satanics incorporated, is still in the twilight zone… you’d think the dawn would come, someday…. Edgrrr… Free Jodi… and, tar and feather these lizards at law…

      • If, anybody bothers to read the blood atonement con, they should try not to launder, by denial, that, it is the responsibility, of the local zealots, to, clean up the act of their loco locals, who, are eligible for their, blood oath, blood atonement, ritual, suicides; voluntary, or, otherwise; subject, to the “Sacred,” blood oath, they, took. Do note, the infestation, of quasireligious fanatics, who, have infiltrated, all branches of government, and, that, one rotten apple, can spoil, all the others… and, that, one Mormon, lead defective detective, can, launder the obvious, quasireligious, ritual suicide, into, a murder charge, to, show those Stepford Wives, that, “when, the Bishop speaks, the thinking, has been done”…so, they say…. and do note that, the, defective detective-, ends up in a desk job, when the laundering of religious rites, caused, the spastic prosecutor, to, be forced to confess the three stooges, sworn testimonies, and, backpedal, the lies at law, by which their sworn affidavits, netted, a fraudulent, extraditional, kidnapping, under color of law… Do, also note, how, the spastic prostitutor, recanted the exposed lies at law, to, 180 his aboutface, primary, lies at law, and, badgering of the other two stooges, to scam an interstate, “legal,” kidnapping, never rescinded, despite, the doublecross, of the two stooges, forced to commit more perjuries, to, launder the first perjury; that Jodi, at i30 pounds overpowered, Travis, the wrestler, bodybuilder, weightlifter, martial arts, kickboxer, at over 200 pounds, fighting for his life, killed him, in one minute, and 56 seconds, while, ten feet away from, all, that, she was, photographing; bigfoot, bootprint, by the,killer; man enough to take Travis, down and out; what, Ninjas, do, in one minute and, 56 seconds… soap opera, under the nose of the braindead judge, without, a bleat from the jury Sheeple, and, other riff raffs, entranced, with the carnival act, sideshow, hypnonauseating, their miniscule brains, into, the shucking and jiving, prostitutors,’ coma, inducing, fantasies, at law; as if, opposed prosecutorial formats, can be, shuffled around to fit, the fits, of the hysterical prostitutor, can be, perpetrated, by all those Wonderland, Arizona, parasites at law, who, there, in the twilight zone, can float any lie, they want to, when, laundering their quasireligious,; “all those Mormon voters,” suicide scene, into, an alleged crime scene… by, in addition to, wetting away footprints, in dried blood, to, liquify, the five day later second and detached, crime, to, obscure the precision, surgical kill, into the sloppy, simpleminded, latterday, gunshot, and, pecking away, stabfest; as if, with, no brain, no pain, the second crime, five days after the first quasireligious one, was supposed to prove hysterics, upon the person who did the precision kill, when, the secondary soap opera, “wounds,” were five days, after the kill, as proven by the fact, the gunshot, and the stabfest, produced no bleeding… Additionally, do note the medical examiners, determined, cause of death, then, compare it with the quasireligious, blood oath, blood atonemen,t ritual; best explained in Mormon doctrine, law, and, covenant, agreement; do read, “The God Makers,” Anderson blood atonement, suicide,quasireligious kill; heart stab, ear to ear throat slice, bleed out, body rinsed, clothers, laundered, and, do compare Alexanders,’ blood oathy, blood astonement, heart plunge, ear to ear, throat slice, blood drained, body rinsed, bedding laundered, ; Anderson, for, doing his stepdaughter, and, Alexander, for, jumping anything that, moved…. And, do, continue , Spazmodious’s reverse prosecution, after, proving, reasonable doubt, in the soap opera, scene, one, balm, for his brainwashed, audience, and, the brain dead judge; Jodi, so premeditatonal, sat there watching the blood dry, so that, five days after her supposed, martial arts, Travis, takedown, she, could, do what; kill him, again, or just sit there, until, she was caught…??? What part of, Yawn, don’t you morons, get…??? And, whatwith, all those blood oaths, blood atonement contracts, fails to hold Romney, accountable, when, he has hidden 300 million dollars, offshore, after, pledging under sacred oath, all, he is; whatever, that, means, and, all, he has, to the Mormon, prophets for profit, corporation, and, why, if not, to sleaze another govern mental, operative, toward the stated, prime directive, of the Oldtime, Bringem Young to Brighamists” directives…to avenge by destruction……??? It’sc all, on the net; read what is being laundered, and, note the quasireligious sacrifice, of Jodi, who has stood up for the rest of the Stepford Wives; too, candyassed, to, follow her, lead, toward, emancipation….. Seven years of, reason by those of us, not entranced by the troll, penguin in a tutu, whose, at law, courtroom theatrics, gets him away with, one contempt, after another…. Every noncase, he has ever done, with his, strobe show, antics, in lieu of evidence, should be reexamined, for fraud….. Seven years, of, rebuttal, and, not, one, has been put, before the couirt,… Why’s that; a three million dollar, defense, bribe…..??? …And, Mitt; who, in their right mind, would name a kid, Mitt; short for, mitten…. wants to run for president…??? And, finally, today, the latterday, progressives, reinstate, the blood oath, blood atonement, ritual, suicide, as a reward, planet full of virgin angels, for crime, just another way, to, pretend, superiority, over the rest of us… Will, there be a spate of Mormon killings, now, that, latterdayers, are again plagued, by life or death, at the behest, of the Bishops, who have done their thinking, for them….??? …Edgrrr…

      • Ignored by, the proponents, of, the shroom derived, stoned, Joseph Smith, sucking on peyote buttons, and, other, hallucinogenics, while imagining reality from drug based, hallucinations….who think their alleged religion, with, doctrines and covenants, embezzled in pieces, from, Muslims, and, Masons, et al… who are so far above the law, that, they don’t even bother to acknowlege, that they should, make up some excuse for the crimes, they have committed…. and, excuse the behavior of their zealots who got carried away… as opposed to victimizing, another wannabe, Stepford Wife…. Why, these LSD female robots, have wimped out, in backing Jodi, who’s representing them, is a good indication, as to what they deserve…… Snidely… Edgrrr…

  5. Hello. My name is Matt. I was the Exec. Chef at the time that Jodie Arias was employed at Ventana Inn and Spa in Big Sur and began her relationship with Darryl Brewer. I heard on JVM that Darryl characterized that their relationship began after he was no longer her supervisor. That is a lie. Also, It was also stated on JVM that Jodie did not exhibit any violent behavior that he was aware of. I can recall a specific incident with other witnesses when she did at Ventana Inn and Spa during her shift.
    I bear no malice toward Jodie or Darryl. My objection to their relationship at that time was directly related to how Jodie manipulated the entire restaurant staff after her relationship with Darryl began and Darryl’s culpability and in her manipulative behavior.

    • Bt, i have a few questions. How certain are you that there was a relationship before he stepped down from management??? Hiw did Jodi manipulate all the staff????? Why would Darryl lie about those small things? And do you blv Jodi did this to TA? One more, if you do, do you blv it was SD????

    • Matt,

      Interesting. I think I saw you post elsewhere about this. So Darryl did step down right? And wasn’t it after they moved in together? I’m curious – how did Jodi manipulate an ENTIRE staff of people?

    • Matt, you go around saying you hold no malice then why do you keep repeating the same crap?

      I found the info on the “violent” incident. So what is the backstory? Did her serving stations often get switched without her input? I think I would have a screamfest too if that were happening to me. I might even kick something if there were jealous people screwing with my tips and income.

      HAHA I guess that would be along the lines of Travis throwing a phone when his car was damaged?

      • I was thinking the same thing. The outburst that has been described does NOT show she is capable of murder 1.

        Ive seen professionals with P.H.D.’s have tantrums at work.

        • Yes CJ. I agree that the outburst he is describing is not violent. I also don’t think Travis throwing his phone was violent either.

          professionals having tantrums LOL…I bet mother theresa might be the only person to never have had a trantrum…MAYBE

          It does not show she is capable of murder 1, if so, then I guess Travis was also.

    • Matt you lost me at JVM.

      Otherwise your statement is very compelling, its a mystery to me as to why YOU are not the state’s star witness. Martinez dropped the ball again.

    • bt, maybe you aren’t really Matt. Maybe you are just someone going around and copy pasting that same statement.

      I see you have not returned to answer any questions…maybe you don’t know the answers…because you are not Matt?

    • Manipulation, is what relationships, turn into…..Getting a fair deal, should be part of it. Maybe, the rewards are worth the soapopera….. … Edgrrr…

  6. Troops, I guess I forgot the authority, for my observations, can be best revealed in the books, “The God Makers,” and, “The Temple of The God Makers,” as well as others; explaining Brigham Youngs,’ “Do you love your brother enough to kill him, to save his eternal soul,” and, or, “is there a man among us who wouldn’t kill his brother to save his eternal soul?” Then, there are the Danites, kill squad, to keep the sheeple in line… while the lechers, “married,” other men’s wives and daughters, while the men were sent out to knock off, wagon trains, and covet, and abduct the asses… all in the name of, LSD /LDS… shroom, revelations… Disgusting that these latterday dieties, don’t repudiate the beady eyed preying mantis founder, degenerate, sex fiend… if, of course it can be imagined, that doctrine and covenants [read the books], and other “Holy” books are secondary to the current authorities, whose indolence perpetuates the same, heresies… and, call their business model, a, religion… Sure it is, and, heart plunge, ear to ear throat slice, blood atonement, rituals, are not, murder, becaue, the “church,” is sacred… Sure it is… just ask them… Edgrrr…

  7. Why is it that there is no cross reference, where, Puff Host, censorship, Ariana Huffington, is, censoring, input, with her simpleminded, Arias bias; glorifying, those who agree, and, shutting out those who, disagree ? Why is her toadies list, being made impervious, to, proof, of how lame she is ? One question, yet to be answered: how did Jodi, overpower, Travis, without, shooting him, first ? Answer that, instead of trying to make hay, out of how normal people should act, in like situations. PTSD experts, should, treat her, before a trial; or, will, after, to unwind the bogus conviction, already decided. There must be an election soon…. Reelecting a politician, for, D.A., is a big mistake… no one is safe… are you next…??? Edgrrr… Send these blogs over to Arianas’ bias sites,; all six of them; and, see them entered into their not even arguments… Arias Bias…

  8. It is you who are brilliant, to notice that a 260 year, plus or minus, Country, whose Constitution and Bill of Rights, is mired down with brain dead judges, who, are keeping Due Process, due… , I’m just ranting, about first hand knowlege, that the law, is no more or less than employment, for lizards at law, and, the illiterati, puffessors, who slither at the bar… When, America, grows up, instead of down, we should have trial oversight committees, that will give process its’ due, and, imprison, lieyers, cops, and, judges, for their antics at law… to, create linguists, [ instead of lieyers ], who understand, English, and, the law, well enough, that, the definition of words, cannot be twisted, by, connivers, at law, tapdancing, around, the law… and, pandering to organized crime at law…. Edgrrr…

  9. Do notice the supermarket, newspapers, are sitting this Arias Bias Virus, out, indifferent, to the antics at law, of, the Arizona, cabal, at law…. Edgrrr….

  10. Well, sports fans… here it is, July…. six months without a bleat from the Sheeple, still in the Martinez, hypnonauseating, induced coma…. and, of course, ditto, the appellate soap operas; while, the prostitutors,’ repudiations, of his own 180 degree about face, confession to perjury, and, a five year concealment of, exculpatory evidence…. sleazes along, …. Snidely… Edgrrr…

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