Trial Day 32 – March 18th, 2013:

Part 1/3:

Dr Richard Samuels – testimony continues

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Part 2/3:

Dr Richard Samuels – testimony continues / cross starts

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Part 3/3:

Dr Richard Samuels – cross continues

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  1. seriously Juan Martinez is scrambling to put his case back together.. Dr Samuels blew all kinds of holes in the prosecution theory and Martinez is freaked out… If anything this case should scream to women who are being physically and mentally abused to begin a well documented case so that they don’t end up on the stand like Jodi.. and Men stop abusing the women you love..

  2. I feel very strongly that if JM wanted to get his point across and receive the answers he is looking for- or hoped to get, he needs to stop bullying the witnesses. He speaks to them as if they are incompetant uneducated idiots. JM needs to get his emotions in check and stop his childish ways. NOW- I’m happy he hasn’t gotten his emotions in check, and I’m happy he is bullying everyone in the court room because the JURY is seeing his unsuccessful attempts to poke holes in the defense. I find JM’s objections entertaining, his tantrums make me laugh. I have never seen a case with so much drama while Team Jodi is calm, cool, and collected. Another point for Team Jodi!

  3. Rewatching the trial, I can’t believe what a bully prosecutor is, what an A**hole. He definitely has little man syndrome!!

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