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As some of the jurors questions, verdict deliberations & sealed sidebar exchanges start to be released by judge Pickles, here’s an interesting documented sidebar exchange between Martinez and Jennifer Willmott from April 2nd-4th:

“Willmott and Martinez bandied back and forth. then Martinez said, “But the thing is that if Ms. Willmott and I were married, I certainly would say I fucking want to kill myself. That doesn’t mean I want to kill myself. It just means there’s a bad relationship and I want you to leave me alone.”

Willmott protested. “Judge, just for the record, I think that that was an insult because he’s trying to say that if he and I were married …”

Martinez cut her off: “That was a compliment, bad joke.”

Willmott: “I don’t see it as either.”

Stephens did not reprimand Martinez. Instead she said, “All right. Let’s move past that.”

Two days later, the subject came up again at another bench conference, when Martinez said to Willmott, “Well, then maybe you ought to go back to law school.”

Stephens did not step in.

Nurmi did, asking Stephens to admonish Martinez for both the law-school and the marriage remarks.”

Here’s the video & story from AZ Central:

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“Much of the Jodi Arias trial took place behind closed doors or at the judge’s bench with conversations drowned out by the whir of a white noise machine.

Midway through the trial, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Sherry Stephens began to seal the record of those sidebars and in-chambers discussions.

But the information is beginning to leak out. Stephens has released the text of the questions the jurors asked as they came to an impasse on whether Arias should be sentenced to death.

On May 30, Stephens ordered that much of the secret conversations be released to the public as well. Court staff are working on making them available. Stephens, however, is still sitting on perhaps the most controversial material by keeping the seal on sidebars or closed-door hearings where witnesses or jurors were present. Those hearings contain details of the death threats against witnesses and attorneys, and what the judge did or didn’t do about them. They contain details about why three jurors were dismissed.

But unsealed transcripts obtained by The Arizona Republic show how defense attorneys Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Willmott and prosecutor Juan Martinez quibbled over witnesses and evidence while at the bench, and how at times, the back and forth turned insulting.

Arias, 32, was found guilty of first-degree murder on May 8 for the brutal 2008 slaying of her sometime lover, Travis Alexander, 30. Five years ago this week, Arias shot Alexander in the head, stabbed him nearly 30 times, slit his throat and then dumped his body in the shower of his Mesa home. She claimed she killed Alexander in self-defense; the jury thought otherwise.

On May 22, the jurors sent a note to Stephens asking which form they should use in the event they couldn’t reach a unanimous decision on whether to sentence Arias to death or to life in prison. Stephens called them into the courtroom and read them instructions on how to resume deliberation.

The next day, according to juror questions released today, the jurors said “We would like to explain our earlier question ….” They had not yet reached impasse, they said, but wanted to know what to do in the event they did. Stephens wrote back that they should use a juror questionnaire form.

Later that day they sent another message.

“After long and careful deliberation, we are unable to reach a unanimous decision,” it said.

Stephens scribbled a note back to them: “Do you think breaking until Wednesday, May 29, could benefit your deliberations?…………”


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  1. I hope this is just the tip of the iceberg. Sirlips said at one point that he felt at some point the situation info would break loose that would send out shock waves maybe we’re almost there.

    Happy Friday Eve Team Jodi! ♥

    • Jaz, I hope this is it, too!
      After all this is released, how can the Supreme Court not take this into consideration and grant a mistrial? I am sure that in the near future more of this bogus will be outed and then Jodi will be able to finally get a decent trial without the theatrics of jm, dry crying and eye rolling alexander clan, tainted jury and uncouthed judge.

    • Jaz, I read this as “Happy Friday” and for a minute I was really confused. LOL I thought maybe I had actually mixed my days up 🙂
      Happy Thursday! 😛

    • Sorry i have been gone, i was holding my breath on “the flash point” happening, where people finally wake up and see whats going on in our legal system…but i passed out and only have now awakened.

  2. Morning….JM really said that to Jennifer? He really got away with it? I don’t think anything should be released yet…what’s with this judge? I never understood why she got all chocked up. Was it because it was her courtroom……..

    • Good morning Cindy.

      Pickles’ ‘professional’ answer was:

      “Counsel, I understand some of this is tongue and cheek (sic),” Stephens finally said, “some of it is just the stress of trial, but let’s try to be as professional as possible when we have these bench conferences.”

      If she handled jm’s insults in such a childish manner, imagine how incapable she was in being fair to Jodi.

      I hope she is disbarred (is that the right word for a judge?). She has no place in NO courtroom. She is a very dangerous woman handling the future of peoples lives with no respect to the justice system and no morals for human rights.

      • Morning he should have been slapped with a contemp of court long before this sidebar. Any other judge would have at the very least warned him. Why is she releasing this now?

        I really liked the fact that KN more or less slapped JM in the face with his statement of putting a mentally ill person to death. I think that we will hear allot more in the coming days.

        • He absolutely should have been held in contempt and at a minimum admonished from the Bench. I knew he was a little toad but it still shocked him that he was that vulgar in a sidebar. At least this info is leaking out now so his little fanclub can see what a royal dbag he really is. Something we all could see from the start.

          • Dont hold your breath on that,I bet they will praise him,saying he kicked asses even during sidebars.He is infallible in their eyes.Just as they think TA was!

            • You so hit the nail on the head. They praise JM and TA like they both walked on water. I find it so offensive that they continue to act like the WORLD lost some great humanitarian when TA died.

              • The world is a much better place without him. He didnt deserve a sole tear,imo.

                And now they sing his praises as if they’ve suddenly found the new Messiah.
                I pity them because one day they will wake up and realize that it was only a False Prophet they had been worshipping.

                • Matthew 7:15

                  “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves

                  Matthew 7:15

                  Beware of false prophets, who are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Many peo­ple who follow their teachings will think they are pleasing to God, but will be rejected because they have not done His will (vv 21-23).

                  Note that these false teachers come in disguise. They do not appear to be false teachers. V21 shows that they don’t necessarily deny Christ: they call Him “Lord, Lord.” They appear to be “sheep,” not “wolves”; they appear to be godly, sincere, good moral people. But they teach enough error to cause people to be lost.

                  This passage uses the phrase “false prophet,” instead of “false teacher,” but it shows that false teaching is a serious problem. Jesus expressly warned us to be on guard for it; He said false teachers will be hard to recognize, and that “many” will be rejected because of their influence. Doesn’t that sound serious?

        • I´m appalled by the fact that I had a slight hope(yeah,right) that he wouldnt be a bully during sidebars or that he would at least have a sense of respect for his colleagues.I guess I was ytterly wrong.He is was as offsensive to Jennifer as he was to Jodi and the rest of the witnesses.He must be one abusive moron in his real life!

            • Hey Trixels, I’ll be right there with you —-except I’m not gonna stop at his nuts I’d like to rearrange his face after I pull his head through his asshole!!! That little fucker needs to be exterminated!!!!!!

      • “If she handled jm’s insults in such a childish manner, imagine how incapable she was in being fair to Jodi.”

        Pandora–we don’t have to imagine; she allowed the “skank” question from a juror, which means she personally supported open contempt for the defendant.

  3. I think the judge was choked up because she was reacting to the jurors that where crying. I cant believe that Kermit got away with saying that to JW, what an insult. Good morning – Good night for me.

    • A Judge is not supposed to ”react” to anything.Her choking up was laughable,a disgrac to all judges out there.And the proof she was biased from the start.Not that we needed it,we already knew by the rest of the absurdities she allowed during trial.

      • I agree with you Maria 😉 there is NO CRYING from JUDGES in my mind though
        as they are not suppose to be on one side or the other they are a JUDGE.

        But it was very plain to see from the Judge rolling the eyes when she was reading
        some questions an looking up a the ceiling etc. or looking over at JM sometimes
        it is all recorded. I seen it a long time ago. The crying or cracking up of her voice
        just showed me not that she was tired from the trial or exhausted. They did not
        work that hard the trial would have not been so long if they had worked a normal
        8 or 9 hours for 5 days a week. She was upset as Juan was the facial expression
        told it all. The JUDGE disgusts me as much as Juan does. An the Alexander parade
        of bobble heads in the gallery every day.

    • I know some of you will disagree with me, but JM being an offensive jerk to JW, sidebar or not, is not grounds for a mistrial.

  4. Pickles glossed over and excused jm’s misconduct over and over. Surely this can be used for a re-trial . Such obvious bias can’t go unnoticed by the higher courts. The siblings should have been seated in the back of the court room, They should have been reprimanded for their antics and barred from the court room if continued. If they want to continue with the dp they should have to pay for it. I suspect they never want this to end as long as the scam money keeps pouring in from the hapless, misguided fools that provide it.

    • On Feb. 20, Nurmi raised his concern that members of Alexander’s family were rolling their eyes and shaking their heads at testimony

      I’m so glad Nurmi brought this up it was completely biased to have them sitting right there a foot away from the jurors constantly with the over the top eye rolls and head shaking.

  5. Really dumb question ..since this trial is not over yet why wasn’t there a gag order put in place? No one could talk to the press until it is over with. The more people talk and the more that is released makes it impossible for a new jury to be installed. Not that I think that will happen. I got into a heated debate last night with a friend about it was up to TA siblings on rather they go ahead with it or just give Jodi life. I told her it wasn’t up to was up to JMs boss. She called me crazy and I didn’t know what I was talking about..LOL.

    • Bill Montgomery is fairly certain he can get an unbiased jury together for a new penalty phase of the trial and if the defense does not make any offers, he is planning on going back to trial. Bill Montgomery is JM’s boss.

        • Sure he does. That’s why he has no doubt he can corral eighteen blood-thirsty lunatics who are willing to swear on a stack of bibles that they are not biased.

          • @ Journee,

            You got that right! Montgomery will have no problem there.

            Hey everyone! I haven’t been here, and have missed a lot of what has transpired. I am back from a long needed vacation, which was fantastic, and catching up on what I left behind while away. I had a lot of trouble with the internet connection in Europe, but I did stay up very late that night, and was lucky enough to have a connection to see the jury’s decision. Given the fact that Jodi was totally railroaded by the media I was surprised that the jury was not unanimous in a DP decision. Where in the world do they think is a group of unbiased people regarding this trial?

          • “That’s why he has no doubt he can corral eighteen blood-thirsty lunatics who are willing to swear on a stack of bibles that they are not biased.”

            That’s a gorgeous sentence, Journee. Creates quite a mental picture, too! I can just see that stack of bibles all covered with their lusty drool …

      • Bill Montgomery is FLAT CRAZY if he thinks he can get an unbiased jury. Either that, or he’s getting paid by the Mormon Mafia too.

    • Cindy you are exactly right. It is up to the DA, in this case Bill Montgomery. The siblings on either side really have no say so. These decisions are made from the DA’s office. In this case, the Alexander’s noses are so far up the DA’s ass that every so often they come out for air and then you see them on camara. All for the money honey.

    • But, Kira, it’s a phenomenal fact that Martinez could have his pick!

      There is a certain faction women who find his sneering, aggressive personality quite irresistible. His misogyny only adds spice to the mixture. They connect with his passionate hatred for Jodi, and with his obsession to have her executed. Gives new meaning to the term “lady-killer.”

    • I read somewhere that JM has a long-time lady love. Shoot…I wish I could remember where I saw it. Anyhow…it was from someone who knows him and his lady (although dare I call her a “lady” if THAT is what she considers lovable??). This person said the woman is a very strong personality type and gives JM a run for his money…or something along those lines. They’ve been together for a long time…I want to say 15 or more years. GROSS.

  6. “Do you think breaking until Wednesday. May 29, could benefit your deliberations………..?”
    My God!!! The (so called) judge also had a lust for death!!! What a sad, despicable, sickening portrayal this miasmatic mess has engendered.

  7. Interesting Nurmi noticed and didn’t care for the Alexanders’ facial contortions and other antics in the courtroom.

    • He certainly was NOT professional at any point through the entire trial. Then again a professional would have been looking for the truth, not just a win at the cost of a young womans life.

      • Quite a few of the witnesses said in their own version, what Ms. ALV did, “do you want the truth, Mr. Martinez or yes or no”. He kept changing his questions, blaming the witnesses for being confused and not understanding his twisting and turning, and then topped it off with sprinkling sarcastic remarks throughout. I watched ALV’s Snow White and it is a serious presentation by a friendly speaker about gender. Just because Dr. A. is a kindly physician, who gave a $9.00 self help book to someone in real distress, does not make all his knowledge invalid . Jodi stood on her head, I am sure, because she somehow knew this case was going down the rabbit hole into JMs crazy world.

      • I knew it wasn’t yours geebee2. Looks like the troll is back. So pathetic. Maybe anger management counseling could help .

      • Geebee2…just think: Whoever this is must be very threatened by your intellect and knowledge. Why else would they continually choose you to disguise themselves as?? It’s annoying, but we all know you well enough to know when a TROLL is posting as you.


      • We know, geebee 😀 we know when stuff comes in full of spelling errors and grammatical nonsense, it’s NOT you!

        We know who you are and what you stand for; you should feel honored they are trying to be you….. they target the ones that they want to shut up the most…because they are afraid.

    • Yo x! Didn’t I tell you to fuck-off the other day or do you not understand that you are not wanted on this site —TROLL!!!

  8. I just HAVEEEEEEE to wonder what JM’s adoring public will think of this ass-like behavior! Will they finally be able to see through the bs? Hmmmmmmm prolly not, they will just continue on not evening considering the real evidence.

      • It will mark up as Jaun’s heat of passion moments while defending Travis against that evil Jodi.
        Ya know …he fighting for justice BS!

        • Exactly! that’s always the party line “he’s fighting for justice” he’s Travis’ advocate. The HLN droans and little Kermie fangirls always give him a free pass on his outlandish and completely out of line unprofessional behavior and the Judge certainly didn’t bother to step in to admonish him.

          I remember one day when ALV was on the stand and he was in full blown out of control bully mode and they had the JVM panel on and they excused his behavior away by calling him “passionate”. No he was being (excuse my French) a total Dick!

          • HLN kindly provides its viewers with all kinds of alternative explanations for verbal abuse. Namely, by vilifying the target of the abuse, the abuse ceases to exist.

            • You got that right!…..But let Nurmi ask D. Reed if she had sex with TA…all hell breaks loose, the media makes him out as a shameless bastard that needs tarred and feathered! Oh how dare him question her on such private matters! Well if they were so senative to “private matters” they sure in hell should have stayed away from this trial.

              • They went ballistic when Nurmi asked her about their sexual history. I remember watching Drew & his Harem that night and they were all on their high horses basically calling Kurt scum for DARING to ask such personal ?’s. HELLO PEOPLE those were important questions that impeach St. Travis and his double life he was living.

                It showed that it wasn’t Jodi that “corrupted” him and he was lying to the Church and his associates about being SuperVirgin.

            • If we need to look at alternative explanations for verbal abuse,I think Tot Doc’s is the best and most disgustinf one.How was it again,now?

              Oh yeah:”unhealthy communication patterns”

              You HAVE GOT to be kidding us,woman!!!

                • My blood was boiling during her testimony and that manner she had about her. She was super condescending during JW’s cross examination.

              • Yes, and if such words were used against Tot Doc, as Travis used against Jodi, they would be seen for what they are: the worst kind of sexualized verbal abuse. But, you see, Tot Doc–our lovely Dr. Borderline–she COUNTS. Jodi doesn’t.

                • Of course she counts.Although if a comparison had to be made,I’d say I have the outmost respect for Jodi.She was born in a poor,possibly problematic family and did the best she could to improve and make ther most of her life.And she did.She was educated and she tried to continue expanding her knowledge of this world,in spite of dropping out.I believe (had she not met scumbag)that she would become someone really important-you see the potential was there!

                  Whereas good luck is written all over that smug bitch’s face.She is a goodie-goodie whose dad obviously had enough money to waste while she was studying and parroting her text books! Those people are not worthy to me.They never had to fight for anything in their life:everything was ”ready” for them as we say here.They never bled,never sweated,never experienced what it means to be ”self-made” in a non fraudulent way of course(not like CASH).
                  Yet,it’s her word against Jodi.Oh how stereotypes are thriving…

  9. This is absolutely a disgrace to our judicial system. What in the hell is this judge thinking. This trial is not over and any thing sealed should remain that way until it is finished. Appeal, Appeal, Appeal! And as far as JM we all new he was and is a A’hole. Lets see what excuses the HLN maggots give for him. And by the way Good Morning All!

  10. This entire thing should be thrown out as far into space as it will go. This is and always has been complete and utter tragedy. People have had their intelligence challenged and they don’t even care. They just keep believing all the bs that JM and hln kept throwing at them. Honestly I don’t think they will be able to find a jury that isn’t tainted and if they think that THIS DEBACLE is helping the “great” state of AZ they are really bullshitting themselves. People are now turning their noses at the state. People DO see what they have done to a woman who deserved at the MOST a manslaughter charge, if they just HAD to charge her with something, and railroaded her into a murder one charge. HOW can people not look at the real evidence and seeeeeee through the real trial that the prosecution had jack squat, they had nothing but THEORIES and hypotheticals.

    • Good morning folks….

      Good morning dear cj……………………..I answered you – ball back in YOUR court my friend!!!! ((((((cj)))))))

      • LOL I sent you two more love!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL I think I sent two more. HA, my memory is not so great today, I looked at a phone number and then had to look twice!!!!!!!!!! THAT is abnormal for meeee.

        • I think it’s AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          You rock cj!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you are right to do what you have done….Make sure you KEEP on keeping on – EXACTLY the way you have been……………!!!!!!!!!

  11. I am absolutely disgusted by the conduct of Massengil and his sexist attitude and comments toward JW; I truly didn’t think anything else he could do or did would disgust me any further than I already was…I was wrong.

    • Can we say filthy pig????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I promise I mean that in the most disgusting way possible, not a nice way!

    • Janeen–I know. I was actually surprised to a certain extent. Not that he holds these attitudes–that was obvious in the court room–but that he displayed them so openly and directly to his female colleagues and superiors. I thought he was supposed to be so smart? Usually sexist men with brains know enough when and when not to cross the line (to their own advantage, of course). I suppose he has sized up JSS as either cowardly and permissive, or as “just one of the guys” despite her sex?

      • the day of his remark, they obviously had had a lover’s quarrel – after all he had told her to stop having the liquid lunches because they were leaving an awful taste in his mouth…………………………………..

  12. Pat on back of KN for standing up to Judge. Totally unethical and chauvinistic comment about JW from JM, in regards to the ‘if they were married’. As these releases become public, I’m hoping that the verdict of mistrial will become the only obvious and correct decision. Maybe JM will have hung himself with over-the-top non-professionalism.

      • LMAOOOOOOO ^5 cj!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL LOL

        Although I do have to say….IF JW EVER agreed to marry that asshole – I would hope her family would seriously consider having her committed for a lobotomy!!!!

          • Oh yes…JW is ABSOLUTEY too much woman for his ass – and we all know she wouldn’t lower her standards that low………….

            JW is not only professional but in a class all her own…… 🙂

        • LMAO..I would hope…It just never ends does it?

          SJ I watch CA TRIAL. Everyday I remember the hate but I’m beginning to think this is worse. I wish I had known about this site.

          I’m trying to wrap my mind around all of it…I grew up believing in our system of justice but damn I never thought I would ever have so little respect for it.
          I will always support Jodi…but the BS that is going on with trolls and stealing IDs what the heck is this all about? I thought we had freedom of speech in the US or did that change?

          So I guess it’s wrong for me to say I know Jodi didn’t kill Travis..I have known from day one…I also believe that those who yell the loudest have the most to hide..So a.hole keep flapping your mouth..because the day will come when your sitting behind bars.

          Sorry about venting SJ

          • I’ve always felt that way cindy jewel.
            I really don’t think she’s guilty ONLY IF she did have to defend herself.
            No other reason.

            Yes, the ones that yell the loudest, meanest and constantly about Jodi, they are the ones that have something to hide.
            I will aleays believe that>

        • LOLOL,Jennifer would never agree to marry that slime! Not unless someone was holding her at gunpoint while the judge was performing the ceremony in the White Chapel,in Vegas!
          Otherwise,I cant picture it happening.

          • You know it shows me that Willmott is very very professional as she
            could have come right back with a very ugly comment to Juan but
            she did not. I am proud of her an Nurmi. No wonder it seemed tense
            some days watching. That rat Juan really held discontent for them
            on the defense side to say that an who knows there maybe even
            more of that going on we do not know about.

            Juan is a RAT! disgusting
            to his profession nothing like a Bulldog which is beautiful an faithful.

    • Not very accurate reporting. The judge DID allow the “skank” question. A question that was designed not to learn anything relevant to the case, but simply to insult and mock Jodi.

        • That question, alone, tells us something about the immaturity of some of the jurors, and about the judge for allowing it. That ALONE, even without the other information that is coming out, and that will continue to come out, tells us so much. Mocking the defendant goes directly against searching for the truth.

          • The Alternate Juror #17? whatever her # was the Tara chick pretty much admitted she put in a ton of snarky questions. When she was on with Dr.Fraud & the head bobbers she took great pride and GLEE in relaying that story of her stare down with Jodi in the Courtroom and also tossed in she was a relentless in asking questions so I’d put $ on that skank question being from her or Juror #8 Mr. DUI.

            • That Tara, and her multi-exclamation points, is embarrassing. Have you ever seen anyone (beyond high-school age) so eager to be “let in” to the dominant, supposedly cool crowd, and so flushed and proud to have brand new best friends? Like the drunk juror, she is being USED for a specific purpose, and is happy to be put to this use. These jurors represent the lowest common denominator–the target audience for the likes of HLN

              Not that I sympathize with her, or with the DUI juror. I don’t. Their pathetic shallowness and mindlessness are extremely dangerous to the concept and ideal of a fair trial.

      • Pique is right,that question was allowed and I remember all of us here with an endless wtf lingering.Why would the Judge allow such a question? What was the question’s purpose?To see if Jodi knew the extend of that words derogatory meaning? NO.It was only to laugh at her,in her face! Blatantly! To see her humiliated having to explain what her boyfriend called her.The person who wrote that question is a sadist in my opinion.One who wanted to see Jodi embarassed.
        I hope he/she rots in hell,btw 🙂

        • The Judge never should have allowed that skank question. I remember hearing that question and my jaw almost hit the floor. that’s when I knew for sure that some of these jurors already had their minds made up that she was guilty and they just decided to have a snarkfest with the questions. I felt so bad for Jodi to have to even answer that question. The question was asked solely to embarrass her.

          JurorDUI told the Harem that he was constantly asking questions many of them pointed i.e. bitchy/snarky and they were just overjoyed about it.

  13. Good morning good hearted people.

    When I read this last night it made me madder than an
    Old wet hen! Read it again this morning just to make I
    didn’t dream it. Still hopping mad!
    Shame, shame, shame on you Pickles & Kermit!!
    We knew all along they needed to get a room.
    No wonder Jennifer stared holes at Pickles and looked perplexed.
    No wonder Nurmi spent huge amount time filing motions and fighting with
    them in chambers and at sidebars!

  14. His remarks had NO PLACE in a courtroom – let alone in a sidebar with the benchwarmer!!! If a witness said that on the witness stand, the benchwarmer would have admonished the witness and even possibly found the witness in contempt. The fact that he was able to make that remark ON THE RECORD without so much as a blink from the benchwarmer is just another sample of how much of a fair trial Jodi received……

          • Thank you very very much my friend!!!!!!!!!!!! I appreciate you. LMAO liquid lunch! You know, I wondered about that many many times myself. Also he is such a shit, matter of fact, I made a remark about him to my atty yesterday and he just shook his head yup, lol. We were talking about another atty in town acting an ass in court, lol.

    • Hopefully people will see this and at least some will say WOAHHHHHHHH, if she let that one go then what else might have gone on there?

  15. I always wondered what they were talking about at the bench when Judge Stephens asked the jury if they had heard any of their conversation. Could it be he married or the law school crack or something even more demeaning to the defence team.

  16. Now NG is stalking Jodi even in prison. The girl can’t get away from her vicious verbal attacks … pull the pretty face away and you have…. I won’t even finish it. Anyone who likes Jodi is being played according to her. It’s not that she has a calm, sweet nature. They have been throwing out there every diagnosis that they can think of for Jodi for months and in the same breath screaming for nothing but the death penalty.That may be why people in countries as far away as Japan are interested in this case.

    • Canada Carol,

      ” They have been throwing out there every diagnosis that they can think of for Jodi for months and in the same breath screaming for nothing but the death penalty.”

      This is just like the Salem witch hunts. They would actually pierce the woman’s nipple with needles and if she cried in pain they concluded she was a witch to be burned! Can you believe in this day and age nothing has changed! The witch hunters have twisted Jodi’s normal behaviors into something diabolical. It is so sad and disgusting!!

  17. The unasked juror question about the pet shows that juror watched the “interrogation tapes” outside of court as this portion (the dog incident running away) was not shown during testimony.

    • Yes, I think so, too. Either they saw that part of the interrogation tape outside of the court room, or they heard the rumour aired on HLN that Jodi had mistreated a cat by locking it in a closet.

    • The juror that asked that question absolutely followed tv, Internet and the newspaper. I’m sure that is the main reason the judge did not allow the question in. C’mon, even Travis supporters know that the jury could not avoid the media blitz. The jury was tainted – simple as that.

  18. Goodmorning my friends, how’s everyone doing?!!!! Thanks SJ for the info, Martinez is a PIG. I hope IF he has a wife, she hears this statement he made to JW! The NERVES he has to tell her those things, uuuuuugggghhh!!!!!

  19. Hello Everyone,

    I find the released transcripts appalling and have always thought this trial stinks. I still think JM should be behind bars and I think the truth should be revealed – but it seems to need help. Hopefully I have ‘anyone’s attention now… at least as much attention as the trolls get? lol 😀

    Someone (I think admins) were asking for ideas on actions that we can take to see if we can help justice prevail. So… I posted this idea. I would like feedback about if you guys think it would work – or not.

    “Team Jodi, I have an idea. I am not in AZ but as I have mentioned before had a friend there who was shot in the head by her long time bf. he had been abusing her for some time and when she called the cops they didn’t believe her cuz he was a good ole boy. He even locked her in a closet for 3 days to punish her. Anyway she did not die after being shot in the head and it was considered attempted suicide cuz that’s what the bf told cops. When she was Ina coma her sister went to stay there and kept tryi g to convince anyone and everyone that the bf did it. No one believed her until finally a detective (who kind of listened from the beginning do he was different) heard her wake up long enough to whisper that her bf tried to kill her. The detective then looked I to his background and found enough to convince him that this guy was bad and finally arrested him and he’s in jail now.

    So my thinking is, maybe we could all do a letter writing campaign to various detectives, attorneys and private investigators on AZ and perhaps we could find someone that will help find the truth. I guess we need someone in that area to compile a list of investigators and PIs to write to, and a coherent list of reasons we could present in our letters to tell them why we think this case deserves further investigation. In addition, I have already written to false confessions dot org, but if any legal eagles here could also get their attention I’m sure more input would help.”

    • Thats a good idea cindyp. Iv been wanting to do something too and posted an idea on the vent page. But we can definitely do this firts. Where do we start????? A look up of all the area investigators? ???

    • They’re going to start posting under our names because they’ve found some peoples emails solyeah Iit LETS them post. WerWe’re not stupid though, we KNOW who’s WHO! SO, they’re little “GUESS WHO” game wont be that fun anymore. These people are really that bored, this is they’re way of having some fun.

    • Fuck them! Maybe Pandopra was right the other day.Isnt there a way for the site to generate an automatic answer like ”This name is taken” so as to at least not have them messing with us using our names?

      • Even if they find our e-mails the IP address will not be the same so the site here will
        know it. What a bunch of losers I would never go on their site an do such crap as I
        would be too disgusted to even be over there with a bunch of ugly talking people as
        they are.

  20. Cindyp, I like your idea! How about reaching out to any of the retired cops that are working cold case files? Yep, this IS a cold case, because it has been five years and nobody knows what happened. I work with law enforcement and there are several retired cops here who work on unsolved crimes. The ‘ole ‘fresh pair of eyes’ angle. A murder that occurred in 1971 was solved, just last month.

    I think it’s best to reach out to people in AZ. I’ll start looking around for everyone and anyone who could offer their expertise.


    • OMG – THANK YOU Misty! Somebody actually replied to my post! 😀 I appreciate that you thought the idea had some validity; especially since you work with law enforcement. My friend who got shot was lying in her hospital bed in a coma for a couple months and her sister never gave up. It took a few months before anyone would believe that the bf did it and it was not a suicide attempt – but her sis never gave up. Finally somebody listened and he is in jail. It would never have happened had someone not been proactive by just talking to anyone who would listen.

      It seems AZ has a problem with DV and women victims. Things there need to change. I swear, if I didn’t have children I would move to Sedona and spend all free time trying to help DV issues.

      • Someone should make a list if it’s possible of all of the screwed over women that this place hasn’t helped or more acurately, hurt.

          • You would not find them because their voices are not heard. As I had stated before, this woman tried to tell the police numerous times that he was abusing her. At one point she was locked in a closet for three days. He would literally chase her down the street in his car when she tried running away. When the police would come to the house – they would tell her to behave.

            They are not mormon, but if you watch any of the documentaries about the women and children who are abused – the situation is almost identical; victims being returned to their abusers by the police. I believe a lot of it is religion-related but my friend’s case proves it goes beyond that.

            • Yeah, how would/could we find them? Could we get someone who lives there to maybe post something in the paper for a few days asking them to contact someoneeeeee and tell their stories???????? I don’t know, I’m just brainstorming and grasping at straws here. LOL justtttttttttttt thinking

            • Oh cindyp, I just thought about some one, that would probably take the case. I heard something on him a while back. He’s a cuban lawyer in AZ that is hated by alot of prosecutors. I will try and get his name.

              • LC, I believe that guy was in court sitting behind defense at one point… but his name slips me. We will find it, though. I am going to answer some more about a ‘plan of action’ below. Thanks for replying! (And thank you to EVERYONE that did – I believe together we can make a difference! 😀 )

                • Cindyp, why dont you wait until SJ has the new password? You’ve got some good idea and id hate to see it ruined.

          • Thank you – she is still rehabilitating and probably will for the rest of her life. (But at least he is in jail!) The gunshot to her head left her not able to live on her own but her sister is helping her.

            Cute story – She and my young son get along extremely well! He has dyslexia and has a hard time pronouncing certain sounds – her head/brain trauma left her having a difficult time with speech so when they get together they get along extremely well! She has to play games to continue exercising her thinking skills while he just loves games; so they love to play together.
            From the time he met her he has never mentioned her facial dis-figuration nor her speech, which is nice because nobody ever has to explain what happened to her and he is so non-judgmental. In fact, she said she loves his accent and he said he loves hers, too! lol

            • I’m glad that she has found the strength to fight back and have some happiness in her life. Your son sounds amazing! How old is he? He sounds like a special little guy. I love when I have a stressful day and come home to my kids. Children have such pure hearts and can help remind you what is important in life.

      • I have a certain amount of access through my work. (and for the record, I’m not a cop. I work with law enforcement, I’m not affliated with any government body).

      • Cindyp-
        Just read your post. I think a PI is absolutely necessary. There has been sooo much information uncovered about the corruption in this case, that a good PI has a great place to start.

    • Misty,sounds like you could definitely help Jodi’s case.I hope you’ll find at least one retired cop who’s interested in digging into this.Do let us know,ok?

  21. Just the smiggen of stuff released regarding side bars, etc… validates what all of us who follow this website have known from the get-go. Pickles had NO CONTROL over Kermit or her courtroom. From the instant that Kermit threw TA’s camera to the floor (can you say EVIDENCE tampering??)and Pickels did NOTHING! until the final closing arguement Pickles was in way over her head. She allowed her self to be bullied by Kermit by seeming to be afraid of that little, hateful, spiteful man.

    • Remember what her reaction was when Jennifer objected to that piece of evidence being thrown down?She just advised them that from that point onwards they would have a salad bar in case they needed to handle the exhibits. Can we say not even a slap in the hand?

  22. Hi Everyone!!!! (((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))!!! I just found this quote and i want to share it with you I love you Jodi and this is for you

    “Fear is paralyzing. Courage is not fearlessness, but rather choosing to move forward despite the terror, an act of sheer will.”-unknown

    I can’t believe Jodi managed SOMEHOW to come up with the courage to fight for her life and live to see another day!! May we all be as strong as Jodi in our time of need. You are strong. You are Beautiful. and you WILL be free as soon as we can get you out. We love you and will fight your fight till your here with us!!!

    • shoot…I did that one too.But since you didnt reply on the Vent page I never sent it to Jaz,who would take over after the 30th minute I had stopped.

      • Please send me a wiki message if you are doing any transcript.

        Jodi’s interview on May 21st is in hand.

        The big remaining job is Martinez closing argument.

        I really want this, but I know it’s a nasty job.

        If anyone can do just a section, please send me a wikispaces message.

        Please do not start work before doing this, otherwise someone else may start on the same thing.

        To send a message, see

  23. Hello, all! I am not new to this site, but am new to posting. I started watching this circus in March, but have caught up through this site. thank you . I am older, and please forgive my stupid question, but what does IMO mean? I enjoy reading your posts every day. Have a great Thursday all!

  24. Most of the things I wanted to comment on those unsealed sidebars have already been said by my brilliant Jodi family. I dont think words can describe the contempt I’ve had for Martinez.Today’s post serves as an additional remibder that this guy is more of a slime than a human being.He is a pure misogynist,no wonder he treated Jodi the way he did(whom he actually hates and it was noticeable) when he had the nerve to treat one of his colleages,one of his bright colleages may I add, like she was dirt under his feet. We may feel surprised Martinez,but we are not shocked! We expected that kind of crappy behaviour by you as we expected the judge would react with nothing more than the usual INERTIA!
    We are disgusted because that was a court of Justice and Justice was the only thing that was not served there.Instead,we were offered numerous spins of the truth,countless mischaracterizations of the witnesses’ testimony, imaginary speculations,fake acounts of what happened, blatant perjury and lying under oath by the people who were there to supposedly accuse a person who was more dignified and honest than they will ever be in this and all their next lives!

    • You’re so right Maria! I can’t stand Martinez for perpetuating the Latino male “Machismo” stereotype too.:-(((

      • ROF I am sorry darlin, all I saw out of him was a temper tantrum throwing child rolling around on the floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, I think the state of AZ looks pretty piss poor for prosecutors. I am sure there are a lot of great people in that state but, you can’t tell it from JM and pickles.

        • For sure cj! AZ is the birthplace and home of my political hero Barry Goldwater! Had he been alive he would have wanted to kick a few asses all over that court!

  25. First off, I refuse to acknowledge any troll. I believe their lack of intelligence (otherwise known as ignorance and foolishness) shows in their posts therefore no reply is needed.

    Secondly, I do have a plan-of-action but I do not think I am eloquent enough to pull it off alone. Any help would be appreciated. If I had the pw for the vent page I would post there, but I never bothered to get the new pw after the first was compromised. Besides – this is a plan that only reptiles would want to see squashed.

    First – a list could be compiled of all the unanswered questions about this case including the piss-poor investigations, not interviewing obvious suspects further (or at all) including Dustin (Ashley Reed’s ex, cannot recall his name), roommates and why they smelled nothing, lack of blood pooling, false confession suspicions and reasons, and the list could go on. (Perhaps each of us creates our own list and sends it to a “core” person who can create one comprehensive, master list.)

    Second – Another list compiled of detectives (or not since they work for the AZ PD), Private Investigators, Media Personalities including those that create documentaries about mormonism, DV, etc., and Defense attorneys (like the one that LC mentioned above – we can find his name). (This would be best from someone, or a team of someones, who lives in AZ as they can have better access to local professionals.)

    Third – Create a ‘team’ of writers to write coherent letters to all of the list above. OR we can all use the list to write our own letters. I’m just afraid that mine will not be comprehensive enough. When I attempt to write out these types of things I think i come across as a conspiracy theorist and I tend to miss relevant points regarding laws, etc. (There are some very legally saavy and eloquent people on this site – maybe a couple of you guys?)

    Lastly – have a ‘fund’ that we can all contribute to (even just a small amount) that will go to creating and mailing these various letters. More than one should go to each person on the ‘list’ so as to have an impact and ensure it does get read. Whomever controls this fund could possibly even estimate about how much they would need for all the postage, materials and even time. (Perhaps best done by an admin because we all know and trust them.)

    Of course, these are all just thoughts and a starting point.

    As for those who want to find names of other DV victims – I have no idea if anyone would even speak up until it is too late. I used to go door to door for causes… if I lived in AZ I seriously would canvass with a flyer to a DV shelter where one could find help. Unfortunately, from what I understand, there are a myriad of problems for victims in AZ mainly from not being believed, to being bullied by those in the community and friends of the abuser (as we see in this trial), fines and jail time to the abuser costing the entire family (because now the abuser cannot pay for his family when paying these fees), and the list goes on.

    • Great ideas cindyp! If there’s anything I can do to help any of you,Im here.My brainstorming mechanism is a bit faulty so I just love when people have such inspired ideas to help Jodi.Yay!

      • I will take the bull by the horns, so to speak. I will ask SJ for a pw protected page (I honestly don’t know how else to do it) where we can all post to the ‘list.’ The list will comprise of each item brought into question. (And it really should be in list form so as to make it easy to read/skim to make it easier to eliminate duplicate postings.) Perhaps we could use the same page for a list of retired cops along with their contacts from Misty and other DA’s, PI’s, and even media plus their contacts.

        Does that sound do-able? And I just realized – IDK if I know how to contact SJ any longer. I only have one email that I will try but if any admins could help us out here… ? Thanks! 🙂

    • I would volunteer my time. I have tons of experience writing detailed reports. I will write on my office letterhead, mail from a university usually gets opened. (Probably out of curiosity) Count me in!
      Sorry, but I no longer have access to the vent page either.
      FYI, cindyp – your post was beautifully written and well thought out. I hope you are planning to write as well!

      • Wow… thank you, Misty! I have never been complimented on my writing before – ever! lol I actually was hoping those more articulate than I would do the writing. But I would certainly make an attempt if you could possibly ‘edit’ my work. 😀

        And on a more serious note – SJ… have you read any of this idea and is it possible to get a pw protected page for this to happen?

        Another question… so this does not get lost in all the posts, should I create a new post at the bottom instead of replying to these? It seems it might be easier to keep track of who can help with what.

  26. I read something on facebook last night that made my hair stand on end.

    I’m aware that it can only be one or the other, either Jodi killed Travis OR someone else did and she was there and is now covering up, taking the fall protecting her family. At this point I really do not know what to believe there are so many strange happenings with this entire case.

    Anyway the post was about the Hughes’ and them not checking in with Travis when he missed the conference call on 6/4 with Gus Searcy. Travis missing that call meant missing out on opportunities for more $$ for both TA and CH. How or why would CH not be concerned that TA missed this? The post goes on between different people, talking about CH not checking in with his bff especially since (he now claims) Travis was in fear of Jodi towards the end. Someone says (spoken as if to CH) ‘You say how terrified you were for Travis around this time. You’ve said it time and time and time again. Yet all of a sudden for five days no contact from Travis and those terrified thoughts he had of Jodi never cross your mind?”

    Then, someone else says “I think someone wanted to make sure TA was home at that specific time on that day, but, they didn’t know he wasn’t alone!”

    Of course there was no way to know what time Enrique would be home but it gave me the creeps because that phone conference could have been set up to make sure Travis was where “they” wanted him. In my mind, I feel there was just no way Jodi could have overpowered Travis by herself. I keep imagining myself doing what was done to Travis and it is hard to fathom she could do all of that AND to cut his throat.

    Then someone else dawned on me that might sound stupid but I never realized that all of this happened during the day! For some reason that never occurred to me. I was picturing all of this happening at night but it was still light out. How would the “ninja’s” fit into this since the attack happened during the day when any one of the neighbors could have been looking out of the window, watering their lawn, etc when they arrived to kill Travis. Even Jodi leaving the house with blood on her hands and possibly on her clothing was risky during the daytime.

    There are a host of comments about CH and his demeanor on the stand during the misconduct hearing, he showed that he is capable of anger and rage. That Jodi had no reason to slice his throat that way or even that she was even capable of doing it. That if TA’s secret obsession with children got out it could ruin many people, including the Hughes’ and there was no way they would let Travis sick ways fuck up their livelihood.

    I am still on the fence about what really happened that day. It will remain a mystery. There are things that have me leaning one way and then the other as to who did it or if Jodi did it.

    I thought about the what if’s all night last night and into the morning. I’m just throwing my thoughts out there. I have not been posting much lately but I am always reading and thinking about this case.

    • Here is something to ponder…. CH and I have been messaging eachother on FB. Oh, and Sky replied the last time. He says this, about that time:

      Chris Hughes

      Are you checking to see if we killed Travis? I hope you realize how preposterous this allegation is.

      We may have been in Mexico, but I’m not sure. Let me check with my wife. I would love it if we were already in Mexico! I’ll get back to you.

      Do people not realize that she has admitted it?

      Notice he says, “I would love it if we were already in Mexico!”

      • Chris and Sky have been getting around the accusations with humor! How and WHY the FUCK do they think its funny that some people are looking at you both????!!! I wouldn’t be all laughing and giggles about it if I was being accused of murdering my FRIEND! ??????? SO, that right there is a little suspicious, dont you think? Why dont you take it a little more serious chris/sky? You NEVER know it can come back and bite you in the ass (even if your wrongfully accused, LOOK WHATS HAPPENED TO JODI)!

        • ”(even if your wrongfully accused, LOOK WHATS HAPPENED TO JODI)!”

          hahahaha,wouldnt we all LOVE the irony if that were the case??
          I’d love to see them sitting in the defendant’s chair even if they were to be found wrongfully accused.Just a tat of vindication never hurt anybody 😉

    • Very good post, Trixels. I think I am on the fence, too. I think self-defense is a pretty reasonable explanation, but things just don’t all add up. You made some good points.

    • Trixels,I’m finding myself going back and forth.
      It could easily be SD .I’ve been convinced evr since Jodi went with that.
      But then again you see all the travesty and the CASH mob out there,all the forced cover up and all the mouths they are trying to shut,it really makes you wonder. If it was a clear-cut SD,if the defendant is convicted,if they won which they did,WHY dont they just all go quiet?What’s botheirng them?Why are they having restless nights?Coz they sure do,I’d bet good money on that!

      There’s something more than meets the eye.And it smells more than TA’S body.

    • Hey, Trixels….. I miss ya!!!! I have always thought that someone else was involved and Jodi has taken the fall out of fear. Thats the only way EVERYTHING else makes sense. I just cant take a guess at who did it though and that’s pretty sad. TA life could’ve been taken by several different people NOT just Jodi. Actually if you think about it Jodi was the one that had less motive to do this to TA.

    • Trixels-
      Great post. I agree that there is way to much shady stuff in this entire case. The point about CH not contacting Travis for those five days is beyond strange, if indeed he was Travis’ “best friend”. If my best friend told me he was frightened by his stalker ex, and I was soooo concerned for his safety, I would have immediately gone to check on him if he missed an extremely important business phone call. Why did Travis “best friends” not check on him?

      Common sense about these issues is all it takes to say, something is rotten in Denmark. That’s why all the hateful people trying to stop Jodi supporters are so suspicious. If they really cared about what happened to Travis, they too would want anwers to these very critical questions. Doesn’t take a genius to know that someone, or many “someones” are covering up.

    • Trixels…you basically just wrote SO much of what’s in my head. While I WHOLEHEARTEDLY believe Jodi was a victim of DV at Travis’ hands…I cannot believe that Jodi killed him that day. There is just way too much evidence AGAINST her being able to pull that off. And I could care less if she admitted to it (so suck it CASH)…she OBVIOUSLY either went into the fog when they were attacked and woke up not having any clue as to what happened…OR she remembers everything and too terrified to tell the truth.

      • Thank you all for your comments. I keep getting pulled one way then to the other as to what happened that day. It keeps me up at night sometimes. I believe Jodi when she says she does not remember what happened.
        I had some terrible things happen to me in my life and its all a blur, a blank spot, I cannot recall even though I try as hard as I can, because although I know its horrible part of me wants to KNOW. Its painful to even go there, but maybe, thankfully, I cannot make heads or tails of things that have happened to me. This is why I absolutely believed Dr Samuels when he said the brain shuts down to protect. Hearing him say that was relief for me. I have not had access to much therapy and this trial has in so many ways helped me figure some things out. If Jodi cannot say what happened after the gunshot that feeds my thoughts more and more that she did not do this. Anything could have happened and she was already in protection mode and would not be able to recall any details no matter how hard she tried. There are too many questions and suspicious people involved in this.

    • Great post Trixels. I adamantly believe that there is no way Jodi could have done all this by herself, if at all. That’s just my gut feeling based on the evidence and my interpretation of it. As I said before, there are just too many “Huh?” moments.

      As far as CH saying that the idea of him being the one, or being somehow culpable, in his friends killing preposterous, to me is laughable. If there was anyone that had anything to gain from Travis’ death, it would be him. In fact I believe he inherited Travis’ PPL up line after his death. If Travis was as successful as all these people claim, that is potentially a lot of money that CH simply inherits due to his friends death. Not to mention all the Legacy Fund money, that we have no idea where it is really going. Plus watching him during his testimony, and the uncomfortableness which he visibly emitted, something just doesn’t sit right with me about him.

      There is another piece of info about him that I came upon somewhere, and I have no idea as to the validity of this, but it had to do with why Jodi supposedly gave Travis the pedophile pamphlets. It said that Travis would occasionally babysit the Hughes children and that Travis was being more than friendly with the children. As I said, I have no idea how true this is but just something I came upon as I was obsessively searching for information on this case. I don’t know about you, but if I heard of someone doing that to my child, I would certainly be upset enough to do something about it.

      One question I had is what did Jodi really do to make Travis that upset with her, as those last emails and text messages so clearly show?

      • Sky Hughes said the emails and texts had to do with Jodi secretly taping the phone sex which is utter bullshit. My guess is it had to do with his BMW he was selling to JA. JA blew the engine/trans when UHaul hooked up the car to the tow dolly with it still in gear. Maybe, when JA finally got back to Yreka she told him she wasn’t going to keep paying on the car, hence, the “you scamed (sic) me” reference. JA said that TA was meticulous about keeping track of money she owed him when they went on trips, and she paid him back either in cash, or in work cleaning his house. When it came to Jodi it sounded like he was quite parsimonious. They split everything 50/50 on trips. He could have been a saint or a sinner, an upstanding guy or an abuser, but if there’s one big turn off in a man, it’s being cheapskate!

        • Huh…that would make sense with the you scammed me comment. Parsimonious…such a good word by the way. Well done! 🙂 50/50 on trips? Every trip? Plus he kept track of this money? What a total tool. You’re right, we do know one thing he was not, a Gentleman.

          • That kind of parsimoniousness is characteristic of a narcissist, and it certainly belies his pretense of being religious or spiritual, which would be behaviour that is magnanimous and not conduct that shows an attitude that he sees a relationship as a tit for tat business transaction.

    • Remember Travis had strange hours he liked to stay up all night.
      An slept strange times during the day when the working normal
      people were at work. Even the roommates stated that fact his
      sleeping routine was not that normal.

      Jodi’s hours would fit his mainly because doing the restaurant
      jobs with bars in them usually the hours are late in the night
      an if a hard worker an not married Jodi would get the better
      late night hours I am sure.

  27. I have been busy this past week with company and even though I tried to check in with this site everyday, I didn’t have time to read all the posts. I have noticed that the number of postings aren’t as numerous and I hope that it is because of people like me who do not post often but are still following and supporting Jodi. Part of supporting Jodi for me is supporting this site. I would love it if when you type Jodi Arias in to google, was listed first!
    With this new info coming out, it shows more and more how that weak ass judge had zero control over her court room!

    • it is NUMBER ONE on BING !! I switched over to BING

      screw GOOGLE lol

  28. And just like that…


    SUCKS to be a troll……………………………………………………….I wonder if it has blue, red, orange, white, green, purple, fuschia, pink, lilac colored hair with its UGLY ass face – or perhaps IT has NO hair at all!!

    • It has mousy brown hair, a pale, flabby face, a whiny demeanor. I think she/he/it is LONELY. 🙁 poor thing. I would suggest this thing get a cat; but I love cats, so maybe they should start with a rat and see if they can move up the responsibility chain.

      • I think a Chia pet would be more appropriate……..

        Or perhaps Sea Monkeys!?!??!?!? LIttle to no upkeep – kinda like a pet rock…….

        • Hmmm…. a Chia pet? Too soon. They need to learn to spell and operate a computer without their baby sitter before they can have a Chia pet.

          I hate mice. So do you. Let’s let it have a couple of mice. Worst case scenario; a couple of vile rodents die.

  29. RENEE: YOU ARE MY HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ((((((((((((((((I LOVE YOU)))))))))))))))))))


  30. While Mr. Martinez’s behavior was obnoxious, and brings us all to anger, unfortunately the causes are complex. Mr. Martinez has symptoms. Diagnosable symptoms that were manifested througout the trial. He was dramatic, emotional, and acted as though he were unique and special. He took advantage of other’s and exploited them. He had complete and utter disdain for the feeling’s and needs of others. He was relentless, inflexible, and loved the attention. He presented as emotional. He clung to power. He loved attention. In spite of his disgusting behavior, which on the surface exuded self-confidence, underneath lies shame and self-doubt and a poor self concept. He appeared outwardly conceited while attacking and diminishing others. The reality is that his self-confidence is fragile at best. He demands special treatment and lacks impulse control. While discussing Ms. Arias’s Borderline Personality Disorder, he is unaware that he has a Personality Disorder, Which in the DSM 4 TR is part of a cluster of the three dramatic and emotional Personality Disorders———the other two being Borderline Personality Disorder and Anti-Social Personality Disorder. How ironic that his own diagnosis is in the same diagnostic classification as DR. Borderline’s diagnosis of Jodi. Unfortunately those with Narcissistic Personality Disorder frequently
    pursue careers that empower them. Narcossists do not seek treatment without being confronted with a major life crisis, such as concerns about loss of career. As long as there are Judge’s in Maricopa County that are weak, and spectator’s that enjoy aggression he will be a hero. Treatment would be long-term and intensive

    • I bet he suffers from NPD.Same as TA!
      The traits are just there for the world to see. Except for the haters who never will,because they’re blind zealots.

    • Okay, I have had my fun for the day.

      Rebecca, how right you are. I believe Martinez has BPD as well as Anti Social Disorder. I also feel he is struggling with a Neapolitan complex.

      These types of folks are the most dangerous. They will do or say anything to get ahead. They will lie, cheat, steal and totally disregard any and all rules. They feel they are above the normal social rules in life. They are often semi-respected by a select few, but almost always NOT liked by the people in their family and social circles. I think TA falls into the exact same category.

      *I am not qualified to make a diagnosis, just my layman’s opinion after several lengthy observations.

      • Renee -my experience as a Psyciatrist is that layman opinions are often the best.When I talk with families, they always know what is wrong with their loved one. We have all watched Martinez long enough to know he is ill.

      • Renee, surelyyyyyyyyyy you don’t mean that SHORT short trial do you? That couldn’t possibly be where you observed this behavior. LMAOOOOOOOOOOO, he let the entire world see his foolishness!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks for the diagnosis, Rebecca64. Unfortunately, I don’t think JM will get his comeuppance career-wise at the Maricopa Superior Court system. They protect, coddle and adore him there. Aside from the mental help treatment which he will not seek, I wonder if there’s some kind of simple therapy to cure his proclivity to being an absolute asshole.

      • Kirkee—-I think he is hopeless without treatment, and the only way that will ever happen is if he is disciplined professionally. He believes he is entitled to ct that way.

  31. A troll is a supernatural being in Norse mythology and Scandinavian folklore. In origin, troll may have been a negative synonym for a jötunn (plural jötnar), a being in Norse mythology. In Old Norse sources, beings described as trolls dwell in isolated rocks, mountains, or caves, live together in small family units, and are rarely helpful to human beings. In some sources, trolls can’t stand sunlight with some of the sources claiming that trolls even turn to stone upon being exposed to sunlight.
    Later, in Scandinavian folklore, trolls became beings in their own right, where they live far from human habitation, are not Christianized, and are considered dangerous to human beings. Depending on the region from which accounts of trolls stem, their appearance varies greatly; trolls may be ugly and slow-witted or look and behave exactly like human beings, with no particularly grotesque characteristic about them. Trolls are sometimes associated with particular landmarks, which at times may be explained as formed from a troll exposed to sunlight. One of the most famous elements of Scandinavian folklore, trolls are depicted in a variety of media in modern popular culture.

  32. Everyone KNOWS that it is a classic mistake (that WE ALL make) when typing, that spelling mistakes happen. RIGHT???! It happens to everyone, we can agree on that!

    BUT does that make someone “STUPID” ??????? OR would the “most stupid” person be the one using the word, “STUPIDEST” ?????

    ; ))

    • Hell, LC, I only care about my spelling on the job or in school. I don’t really care all that much here. This is a blog. LOL

  33. It had to age Jen and Kirk 20+ years dealing with all of the nonsense they had to deal with. Not to mention Jodi herself. You can never be the same after an experience like this.

    • Agree. Imagine graduating from law school, starting a practice, working hard to uphold the integrity of the law, working hard to uphold the oath and provide the best defense possible, and then be pitted against a raving lunatic who has no qualms about using deception, outright lies, bullying behavior, rumor/innuendo, and scare tactics to “win” at all cost without regard for the truth. And worse, perhaps believing at the beginning of the trial that the judge would actually do her job only to find out that there was only a bobblehead on the bench.

  34. Juan Martinez may be the most rude, disrespectful, evil, sarcastic, lying, manipulative, attorney ever. How is he still alive? He is worse than what he claims Jodi to be.


    attorney discipline is controlled by the arizona supreme court, which has delegated the intake, or preliminary, function to the arizona state bar

    click “for the public”

    then click “How to file a dispute with your lawyer”

    “The Discipline Process”

    then upper right, click “charge against a lawyer”


    they suggest call them first, which makes sense, because people can have a variety of reasons, from not returning phone call, to fees, etc ie some relevant, some not

    they are not, or should not be, a gatekeeper in the sense of dissuading valid complaints

    they suggest call them first, which makes some sense, because people can have a variety of concerns, some relevant, some not, some which can be dealt with informally, etc

    READ the material at this link
    Concerns About Your Lawyer?

    State Bar of Arizona
    4201 N. 24th Street, Suite 100
    Phoenix, AZ 85016-6266

    Phone: 602-252-4804
    Toll Free:
    Fax: 602-271-4930

    among the material you will note …

    It also does not investigate complaints against judges. Those complaints should be sent to the Commission on Judicial Conduct, 1501 W. Washington, Suite 229, Phoenix, AZ, 85007.

      • That’s great info, Wes. Does one have to live in AZ or be associated with a particular case to ‘complain?” My only concern would be that it seems the politics of AZ are so corrupt that any amount of letters sent will not make an impact unless they are from the conservative voters in that area, but I am ignorant as to how these complaints are handled. If you could enlighten me, that would be great!

        • cindyp
          read all the material i posted
          it’s not much
          make a list of all the questions to ask, leaving spaces for the answers
          call the number shown, get through to a relevant person,
          then ask the questions, write down the answers
          post your findings here
          we’ll see if anyone else is interested in filing a complaint
          there’s a lot of complaining here about jm
          we;ll take it from there

          • Okay, Wes, when you say read everything you posted – do you mean from this post or the other law posts? (That is a lot, and my daughter and I are slowly sifting through.) As for making the calls, I can start next week and see what happens. I’ll keep you posted – but fyi I’ll start a new post so we don’t have to come back and search for it.


              just what i might do

              read this form
              Charge Against a Lawyer
              you’ll see most of it doesn’t apply here

              next, open the three links near the top of the page, and read/skim the material, without going too
              deeply into it by opening any additional links within each page opened

              it’ll give you a general idea of what’s involved

              i see another one

              lots of the material will be irrelevant to most of our concerns

              then call the phone number they’ve listed above, and follow the process

              they won’t shoot you if you make a mistake
              and you can always come back and ask further questions
              assume they are on your side
              ignore political concerns

              i don’t see any problem saying that for many of us at the web site our concern
              is this :

              we have observed a criminal trial in arizona, the jodi arias trial, many in the room are from outside the state, we see an out of control abusive prosecutor engaging in numerous abuses, abusing his position as a prosecutor,
              bringing the law into disrepute, and creating an unfair criminal trial, which the incompetent judge ignored and/or allowed

              we want to file a complaint against him and have him permanently disbarred as a lawyer

              we don’t want to wait for the trial to be finalized

              we will file charges against the judge separately

              we have a LOT to say to support him being disbarred permanently

              we see no relevance as to whether we are in the state or not, nor whether he is our private lawyer or not

              ie your comment “Does one have to live in AZ or be associated with a particular case to ‘complain?””

              a hypothetical example clarifies this for us

              a person is standing at the border of an adjacent state; we see and hear a well known az attorney, in az pull out gun and demand money from a person in az, the person gives the attorney money, then the lawyer shoots the person dead, blow smoke from the end of his gun, twirls the pistol a few times, then puts the gun in its holster, climbs onto his horse and gallops off into az

              that seems to be a case where an outsider, ie person from outside of az, could file a complaint ?

              the above being said
              have you any comments, or advice, as to how we should proceed

              you might alse read the latter part of the post at

              June 8, 2013 By SJ – Team Jodi 335 Comments

              Wes says:
              June 8, 2013 at 11:53 am

              NEXT ISSUE,


              and ask where online is the complete listing of the “Rules 41-74, Arizona Rules of the Supreme
              Court. ” ?

              cindyp i hope that narrows it down at lot

              ps if you want to find anyone’s post, that’s easy

              use your browser’s find feature
              then type in cindyp, or whatever

              if you’re told to get lost lol only joking
              write that down also
              you shouldn’t be

              write down what you are told, tell the person to slow down as you’re wrting his/her replies down longhand

              maybe post this in two places ?
              under june 6th and june 8th ?


  36. I made the mistake of viewing HLN this day. Yet another unemployed attorney was pontificating. She said the comments that FART-Inez made were normal and unexceptional. Let’s see…pedophilia, rape, abuse are all normal, according to HLN charlatans. Such people are dangerous!

    • Oh you’re backkkkkkkk

      GREAT —–

      I’ll explain everything to you when you have the BALLS to face me with your own name you fucking coward pussy ass shithead

      • How can it use Renee’s gravatar?

        Why dont they stay so we can have a civilised conversation?

          • Why do you even bother coming here then?????? Doesn’t it get old? Just stay where your wanted then, you must be very lonely.

          • Big and bad under anonymous

            You are a COWARD – you are a child hiding under his mother’s skirt………………………………….

            You are a hermaphrodite…….born a man but with no balls – you’re obviously a woman……

            Go back to your sandbox with your crabs…..and make sure you take your pail and shovel and shove them up your fucking ass.

          • They can use my avatar, because it is not ME! 😀 I borrowed it from Google images. Only my friends can see what I look like. 🙂

            From now on I will use this code language when I post, so you know it is me:

            “Travis Alexander is a pedophile, and I love Jodi Arias”

            How would that work 😉

    • Why are YOU taking it SOOOOOOOO personal? Like were calling YOU a pedo????? Might you have a bad conscious about something? ????? Is THAT why your hidding behind Renees name, because your a pedophile YOURSELF and your taking it to heart!!!!

        • You are correct. I am sorry your life is so very empty that you need to try to be me. You would not like to be me, it is hard work. You actually have to WORK through life. There is no free pass for me. But if it makes you feel like a better woman, if it makes you feel you have a life, by all means, Drew Hensley.

          I do request you shave your mustache off first though. And shave those fucking legs….dang.

          • He should try brushing his teeth too…

            yah know they are. hyporcites and all that..

            wtf are they scared of? their pedo club is goin down

            plus he speaks with CH forked tongue

            come and get me asswipe

        • So, its DREW?????? You ask, “What I have interests in are the physical threats and the active search for physical locations of these people in order to carry out those threats. So once again, I am asking for someone to explain that to me.”

          NOONE, NOONE here started to do that until your “guess who” games stated to “EXPOSE” people’s indenaties here. FOR WHAT, WEEEEEEE ASK?????!!!!!

    • My diagnosis of you is you are not unusual, just someone who does not have a job, probably uneducated, probably strange looking, lonely , and no friends.

  37. Did the password change again? I just posted on vent this morning. I can’t remember it word for word but it was a good one. As a Jodi supporter I am loud and proud so other than a super secret plan to bust her out I’m good here because I assure you I ain’t afraid of no trolls. They can bite my lily ass. And how dare Juan speak that way to JW! She wouldn’t give that pathetic, crabby, malicious, Viagra popping, repugnant little prick the time of day in a social setting!! He just dreams of being married to her!! Judge Prozac needs to be de-benched for allowing her lil bitch to talk to JW that way!!

    • JM issssssssss without a doubt a loud-mouthed, uncouth, low-class, rude, crude, totally socially unacceptable piece of trash who, yes, I know this is gross but it’s how I feel, isn’t even good enough to lick the skid marks from my husband’s underwear. To even think he would be in the same class as JW, ha, yes, he really thinks highly of himself. He isn’t anywhere close.

    • Oh, and yup Gwen. I did the same thing you did. I was lookin for Janeed and when I went back to see if she might be there, POW, LOL. I’m sure won’t be long til it’s all fixed.

  38. Greetings. I read the conversation here every day but don’t have much to say. Today I just want to say thanks for being here. I am on your side.

  39. Alright, folks………

    Time to go spend some QT with the hubby. Have a great evening. If “I” post tonight again, it is NOT me. If it IS me, I will have messaged J a word I will include with my post so you know it is me.

    Have a wonderful evening my fellow Jodi supporters!!!


  40. It’s sad… This trial has never been about seeking justice. It’s been the Juan Martinez sideshow. Judge Stephens allowed it. It’s horrible and an injustice to Jodi.

  41. I just read the story. God, Juan Martinez is such a prick! And I can’t believe Judge Steven’s did admonish him for his inappropriate comments; can’t say I’m surprised but I was hoping she wasn’t as biased as she appears to be. Glad Nurmi brought up the reactions by the Alexander family. This whole case is so damn frustrating!

    • That is why I do not use a router anymore at all. I think somehow people can
      hack an use the IP addresses they snatch from the air that way.

      I have satellite for my puter. An it uses so many mbytes per day I had a problem
      awhile back where they mbytes were being used up an not by me. I am the
      only user here on a desk top. But I had a router for a laptop to use the satellite
      for that puter also in my home. After I took that router off I do not have missing
      mbytes anymore? Hughes Net could not explain it too me. But I believe it is
      some kind of hacker?

  42. What evs these asswipe trolls try to do to us we are here for Jodi, for as long as it takes.

    Threats, trolling and acting like little script kiddies will get you children no where.

    the truth will out.. and you can bet your bottom dollar on that CASH.

    • Just finished reading them.Yep,you can certainly tell.Her handwriting stands out as well as her hateful questions.That woman really hates Jodi’s guts.I guess she never got over the fact that she was born so goddamn ugly and was always picked at school!

      • was it ever mentioned about the inside editions interviews to the Jury? If not, then why was there a question about the interview?

        • Yep… he brought it up, that’s why in re-direct Jodi clarified that the reason she said no jury would convict her, was because she hadn’t planned on being alive; i.e., sitting in front of a jury.

    • thanks oregonmom…I am late getting on the the site tonight and I saved your link to my email for future referencing of the juror questions not asked at trial….thanks again…

  43. Question:

    Has anyone seen a link to the C&S Hughes emails? I have seen excerpts and references but not the entire emails.


  44. Juan the rat is just that. Unprofessional is all I seen through out the trial from him
    an even towards Willmott an Nurmi we can read now. The Judge let it go on so I
    am thinking this does not show Prejudice? it does to me. It is not all tongue in
    cheek when a Lawyer takes jabs at another Lawyer in front of the Judge an she
    takes it as a joke? Shows me Juan has the same mentality as his followers do
    the constant badgering an berating it is not funny it is not a JOKE. People want
    to say oh Juan he is just passionate about his cases. No he is a disgusting vile
    male prosecutor in my eyes my opinion.

    Nurmi an Willmott were the only ones there
    with some Professionalism the Judge an Juan an Flores an the ME were all
    “out of order” ! I am disgusted with Arizona I have family that lives there an I
    do not think I can ever move there like they want me too some day now.
    Even the children in Arizona have been brainwashed by the media an
    the Mormon’s/LDS that LIE on tv every day about the facts.

    • Rhonda In Alabama——I also have family there. Both my daughters went there after graduating from college. I have extended family there also, and was really leaning toward retirement there. Not so sure now. I can tell you one thing, I would be careful about who I made friends with and avoid any speeding tickets. They may want to give me the death penalty.

      • I can’t even talk to them about Jodi they are not as bad as the haters
        but I get nowhere trying to make them see the other side.

        Seriously makes me not want to go visit an I was suppose too this
        summer an now I do not even want too. If I could go an visit Jodi
        some how I would go anyways but just thinking of Arizona at the
        moment makes me actually sick to my stomach.

    • And on this website…camille talks about Juan’s girlfriend…

      She says that he is in a long-term relationship with someone who fell for his terrier-like charisma long before he was famous…

      She says that Juan and his lady love guarded their privacy carefully…

      She says that she is smitten with him and speaks of him with great fondness and admiration….

      She says that he is incredibly lucky to have her…

      She says that she is physically just gorgeous…highly educated…has considerable professional accomplishments of her own…

      • Truthseeker, thanks for this link. I can’t believe the comments from all the haters about JM. It was very sickening to read. I made a post and it will probably be removed. I’ll give an hour.

      • The fact that Kimball, like Shanna Hogan, wrote a book about the Marjorie Orbin case is a dead giveaway the “lady friend” in question is Treena Kay, since I mentioned below she was the chief prosecutor in the Orbin case.

        She probably personally knows Kay and Martinez.

    • I wonder is Juan’s girlfriend being the Deputy County Attorney Maricopa County had any influence in this trial???

    • Treena Kay was the chief prosecutor in the Marjorie Orbin murder case.

      The case was an episode for “48 Hours” a few years back.

      • Yup. That was a big time trial here. I’m not saying she didn’t do it, but she was convicted in the court of public opinion here long before the trial ever started. I believe she may not have gotten a fair trial either. This was ALL OVER the local news and the jury was not sequestered. Sound familiar?

        • She was as guilty as sin so that she could collect on inheriting the money. She “had” to chop Jay up because she discovered without a body, she couldn’t collect on the life insurance policy for seven years.

          She got involved with that bodybuilder guy I believe to try to frame him, but she did the deed all by herself.

          She is one screwed-up woman. At least Jay’s family didn’t want her to get death.

          • She chopped him up, put his torso in a Rubbermaid container, and left this makeshift coffin out in the desert a few miles away so it would be discovered.

            She was on camera purchasing the Rubbermaid container, which still had the UPC tag on it.

          • Agreed. She is one messed up individual. Not real smart either. They found what was left of his body in a plastic tub about 100 yards or so from her front door – right across the street in the desert sitting out in the open. What she did with the other half of his body we’ll probably never know.

      • Earlier I tried to post twice and they didn’t show up. So of course my random crazed post does. And I can’t get into vent this evening when I could this morning. It’s enough to make a girl paranoid. lol Oh well, going to Gawgia for a couple of days. Pray that I don’t run into our BFF Nance or I will attempt to tear that barrette out of her Clairol-riddled head!! Maybe the kinks will be worked out when I get back.

        • Oh sh*t. I think someone else posted they couldn’t get into the vent page. There has been several troll today, stilling users names and gravatars and all kinds of crap. So perhaps they changed the pw for security reasons. Have fun in Gawgia…call me if you need bail money. 🙂

  45. Hello friends. Hope everyone is doing well these days…..miss watching the daily trial with everyone since the hung jury.

    Well, seems that Juan is a bigger tool than I thought! How can he get away with such disrespect in a courtroom. This man should be disbarred, or at the very least, sanctioned. Sickening how he conducted himself toward everyone in court. Judge Stephens was really a let down from the bench. And something tells me that it will only get worse as more transcripts trickle out to the public.

    Such a disappointment – this case represents everything that’s wrong with our justice system.

    • Wow…. hey bystander! !!!! How have you been or WHERE have you been?! We’ve missed you, it feels like you’ve been gone for a while.

    • Bystander!I’ve missed you! Glad you’re back.
      Martinez is one of the most disturbed individuals I’ve seen in my life.He and Stephens had their own agenda and didnt bother hiding it.

  46. Good evening! As I type this, where I live is at the epicenter of some potentially dangerous tropical storm activity. If for some reason you don’t hear from me this weekend, it’s probably because we’ve lost power. Hopefully that won’t happen. My gut feeling tells me that we’ll just get a lot of rain and flooding will be the biggest problem.

    Thank you for the post above, Team Jodi! The more and more I find out about Juan Martinez, I am embarrassed and ashamed to have the same initials as this guy. Initially, I was on the side of the prosecution, but I am more proud than ever to be on the side of the defense. Whenever I think of this trial now, I want to quote Al Pacino from “Scent Of A Woman” at the end of the film where he goes to the prep school and says “What a crock of shit!”

    The more we find out about this trial, the more obvious I think it becomes that it was doomed from the get-go. It was anything but a fair trial and now we are seeing more evidence of that fact. You want to hear my prediction? Jodi Arias will NOT get the death penalty. And, she also isn’t going to have to serve the rest of her life behind bars. Not if I can help it, not if any of us here who support her have anything to do with it.

    If I could send a message to Jodi tonight, it is this: have faith, try your best to stay positive because there are more of us than there are of them and we’re coming to your rescue.

  47. Diane Schwartz, juror#6, your 10 minutes of fame are long over! Get off TV already….and what exactly do you find amusing about everything?? Go home famewhore.

    • You got that right! I noticed that about her too; she seems to find humor in all of this. It’s as if she’s making light of this situation – what deplorable behavior. She seems so proud to say she voted to sentence someone to death. That’s not something to be proud of, Ms. Schwartz. Just do us all a favor and go the f**k away.

      • When I first saw her face I thought ”hm,she looks like a serious could she be against Jodi?”
        But then of course she opened her mouth and forgot to shut up ever since.She sounds so much like a NG panel person than a middle aged woman who should be mature and think twice before talking.Doesnt she have daughters or granddaughters,I wonder?How can she be so shallow?

    • That woman was popping up like a bad penny. What annoys me about her is whenever the topic of the jurors believing TA’s verbal tirades were abuse she always tries to downplay it. Also she constantly has to remind us about how she feels she failed the prosecution and family. Hey lady you weren’t there to be a surrogate for the Alexander family you were there to be an unbiased juror and make a fair decision but as we all know a fair trial never materialized.

      P.S. JM and anyone on the East Coast stay safe with this tropical storm.

  48. Hi everyone,I’m a newbie I’m truly on Jodi side and with all of you, I’m recovering from my 10 th major spine surgery so its hard for me to type a lot I just would like to say your all angels for all your thoughts about Jodi.l have sent letters to HLN, Duane Cates attorney inAraizona who seemed a little in favorite of Jodi when he was on HLN during the trial,and I spoke to Alyce to tell her she is the best!!! Keep up your great work !!! Barbara from New jersey

  49. Last week I wrote a response to Dr. Drew at HLN. Tonight, I wrote one in response to Nancy Grace and I just posted the link to my blog post on her Twitter. Here is the blog post (unedited):

    Last week I wrote a post in response to a question asked by Dr. Drew about “what kind of person supports Jodi Arias”? Tonight I would like to write one in response to Nancy Grace.

    Dear Nancy:

    Many years ago I used to watch you on Court TV and, notwithstanding charges of prosecutorial misconduct and ethical violations, I actually had some respect for you as an attorney and commentator. Somewhere, somehow over the past decade while working at HLN your behavior has became increasingly bizarre, loud and over-the-top. Along the way, I lost whatever remaining respect that I had for you at one time.

    I could list several examples of your disturbing behavior, but I know you’ve got a busy schedule these days so I’ll try to keep the list down to a bare minimum. How about Richard Ricci? Do you remember him? I’m sure that his family remembers you because you repeatedly accused him of being Elisabeth Smart’s kidnapper in 2002. This, despite not a shred of evidence linking him to the crime of kidnapping Smart. You continued to accuse him of that crime all the way up to his dying days while in custody.

    Does the name David Westerfield ring a bell? He was the man who was accused of kidnapping and murdering Danielle van Dam. You got several facts wrong in that case including one where you argued that his jacket was leather when it was not and another where you said that Danielle’s blood was on his jacket which it was not. Yet you had no problem calling him “guilty”, but, oddly enough, later on during the trial you thought that he might be innocent.

    What about the Duke lacrosse team and how they were falsely accused of rape? You actually said on the air, and I quote, “I’m so glad they didn’t miss a lacrosse game over a little thing like gang rape!” This is precisely the kind of behavior that I’m talking about and others like me are talking about which you exhibit on a weekly basis. Sarcasm certainly has its place, but it isn’t appropriate when it borders on insensitivity. You must have felt some type of embarrassment from this behavior, Nancy. Otherwise, why would you be AWOL on the day when all charges were dropped against the accused lacrosse players and Jane Velez-Mitchell had the honor of substituting for you that night on HLN?

    Two more examples: your persistent badgering of Melinda Duckett who later committed suicide and the Casey Anthony trial. Ms. Duckett’s two-year old son, Trevor, went missing in 2006 and you repeatedly found her guilty without any evidence to support it. Sadly, Trevor has never been found. Perhaps his mother had something to do with his death. Perhaps not. But you, of all people, should know better than to presume someone as guilty. Then, there was the Casey Anthony trial where you immaturely kept referring to her as “Tot Mom”. Now, I personally have no love for Casey Anthony. My personal feeling is that she did murder Caylee, but you and your network went over-the-top with your non-stop, wall-to-wall coverage of the trial. And, you and your colleagues at HLN had Casey pegged as guilty with predictions of her getting the death penalty. You were all wrong on both counts. In fact, for all of the people you bring on your programs as “experts”, they sure seem to get it wrong more than they get it right when it comes to legal matters.

    Now we come to Jodi Arias and while you haven’t been the only voice that is attacking her, you certainly are the loudest. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, Nancy, but you seem to be forgetting one thing: so are we. We are people who support Jodi Arias and we love her. We also have just as much right to express ourselves as Travis Alexander’s supporters do. Yet you and the rest of the “Mean Girls” and dickless wonders over at HLN have taken it upon yourselves to use Jodi Arias as a piñata to bash time and time again every day and night. I would like it to stop. Now.

    If you want to be critical of Jodi Arias or the defense team, feel free to criticize all you want. You have every right to your opinion. But when you personally attack them and refuse to tell the truth about Travis Alexander and his entourage, you’re crossing the line. You’re not being honest and, in fact, you are clearly showing biased coverage as is the rest of HLN by depicting Travis Alexander as this martyr and Jodi Arias as the Devil. It is not only inaccurate, but the more people begin to find out the truth about Travis Alexander, Juan Martinez and Judge Stephens, you and every one of your colleagues at HLN are going to have so much eggs on your faces.

    Attacking Jodi Arias and those of us who support her has not defeated us nor has it weakened our resolve. In fact, it has only made her and all of us even stronger. Every day we have more and more people coming to our side and many of them were, initially, supporters of Travis Alexander. That is because they have chosen to open up their minds, their eyes and their hearts to the truth. They can see the forest for the trees while you can’t even see the forest for the forest. That is why I have joined an ever-increasing amount of television viewers who want to have no part of you or your network. And that is why I will not go back to watching HLN again until they stop promoting agendas and start telling the truth again.

      • 🙂 Thank you, Ann. I’ll let you know if Gracie responds to my letter. I’d say there’s a better chance that the Buffalo Bills win the Super Bowl.

          • Good post, though I couldn’t disagree more about Casey. SJ’s site about her case is a great read. Don’t fall for Heff Ashton’s bullshit.

            • We can agree to disagree about Casey, but that’s just my opinion. When it comes to Jodi Arias, I’m 100% in agreement with SJ and all of you.

              • Hi JM, Your letter to NG was a good one.

                Your “feeling” about Casey was interesting too.

                However… presuming Casey’s guilt based on zero valid evidence would make you no better than the jurors that presumed Jodi was guilty – which was also based on zero valid evidence.

                These are just my thoughts on your specific Casey comment. Sure we can agree to disagree. All is good!

                Team Jodi

                • I honestly did not follow the Casey Anthony case like I did this one, SJ. So, I could be wrong about this and I’ll need to re-examine it. I know that a lot of the evidence was circumstantial from what I read about the case.

                  If you would like to discuss this more with me, please send me an email. I just want to re-iterate again, though, that I stand by every word of that letter to NG and I thought that her behavior towards Casey was completely unprofessional and unnecessary.

    • Attacking Jodi Arias and those of us who support her has not defeated us nor has it weakened our resolve. In fact, it has only made her and all of us even stronger.

      Thank You, JM. This is exactly what they’ve done, made US stronger! I guess we can thank the HATERS/LOSERS for that!!!!! ; ))

    • Wow, JM!!! That was a well written letter. You have wonderful communication skills…so I second your words. Thank you. I hope your letter is not dismissed. You should also forward that to any network employees who it may influence.

    • Wonderful letter! i’m a fiction writer, but never have I had the kind of talent you do for writing cogent letters.


  50. Kira——you have made my day with the comment about Asshole Disorderand suggesting it be included in the next DSM with Kermit’s picture. I have to tell you I laughed until I cried and my stomach hurt. Than-You.

  51. Would love to throw the weasel, the judge , and the rest of the shit-wads to the sharks—except I wouldn’t want to upset the sharks stomachs by feeding them troll shit.

  52. It’s unbelievable that the ass wipes on HLN are defending JM behavior. They have only discussed
    dipsh-t telling JW she should go back to law school. They don’t seem to bring up the other issues, typical haters.

  53. HI everyone, I been away for a while, but I’m still here for Jodi and fighting for justice. I keep Jodi in my prayers and everyone in this site. God bless you all.