Jodi Arias Trial – Day 8

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Another AWESOME day for Team Jodi!

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  1. Who is SJ? Are you family? Just curious…. I believe it is easy to be munipulated by a man. It has happened to me 3 times 🙁 I have finally grown up and stay away from these controlling guys. Sex freaks and emotional abusive men and physically abusive men. I am 38 now and single and happy. Jodi needs to get on the stand and she needs to tell the Jury how she was abused. How she was controlled. She needs to stand up for herself. I have been watching the trial everyday it airs. Good luck.

    • Denise…HELLO! I hear ya. We have to experience it to grow wiser. Being single means we do not want the drama, the pain, the abuse, and thanks to our experience we don’t really trust men to be anything but what we’ve seen and known.

      • I stamp that as well! I am single, 47 yrs old, never been married and not looking for a mate. I have dealt with so much trauma from child abuse, that I know a relationship is not something I could handle ever. I cant put myself through that torture ever again, with all of the feelings of low self esteem, being clingy, anxiety, depression and daddy issues that I am content to be alone. Sadly I was just like Jodi when I was younger, scared, afraid to stand up for myself and in over my head.

        • I was just like Jodi as well till my early thirty’s. I was easily abused. It may be insecure but I think truely it is the men that find your weakness and play on that. They really do like the women to be obbessed with them. They figure ways to get it to that point. They are smart in a way and us women are just in love. Not stupid not insecure. Just in love. Not all men are like this but it seems that Travis was. He lead a double life. Jodi was a victim of his controlling abusive ways.

  2. Dang, I wish I had a courthouse work schedule. They have more time off than bankers. Five hours of testimony, TOPS, each day of a four day work week. At this rate, and with Martinez’s plodding questioning, this trial is going to last until NEXT winter…..

  3. So, Jodi:

    1. Stole her grandparents’ gun, and took it with her on the trip;
    2. Asked for a nondescript rental car;
    3. Lied about her use of the rental car;
    4. Changed her hair color between renting the car and arriving at Travis’s house;
    5. Removed the license plates from the rental car at some point;
    6. Left stains on the seats of the rental car, and removed all the floor mats.

    None of this looks good for her at all. I haven’t bought the idea of premeditation at all, but I can’t imagine what explanation she could possibly have for these things.

    • 1. Took the gun for protection on a long trip alone.
      2. Wanted a nondescript rental car because Travis didn’t like his friends knowing when she was around.
      3. I think this info doesn’t matter, doesn’t mean it was premeditated. Maybe Budget preferred local usage?
      4. Can it be proven that changed her hair color between the renting of the card and Travis’ house?
      5. The license plates weren’t removed, they were turned upside down, which would actually draw more attention to you, not away from, so that doesn’t mean premeditated to me either.
      6. Of course there were stains, she’s admitted to killing Travis. And she removed the mats after the fact because I’m sure they had stains too. She was trying to cover it up. Doesn’t make it premeditated. Just means she was scared because she just killed someone.

      Anyone else have any ideas how the defense will argue the above points?

      • Re: the hair color – the rental car guy just said her hair was blonde when she rented the car. In the photos from Travis’s house it was brown. I was surprised that Martinez didn’t ask what color her hair was when she returned the car. He also didn’t ask what color the stains were, which I found odd.

        The license plate is still a mystery to me – why would she remove them only to put ONE of them back on upside-down? Strange.

        Most of your other points could very well be true, but the gun is still a sticking point, to me. She’d taken many road trips before this, and had never taken the gun.

        I’m not ready to convict her, yet. Thankfully we have a system in which her premeditation has to be proven, and the defense still hasn’t mounted its case. I’m just saying that these things do not look good for her at all.

        • Okay, missed the part about the hair color. Thanks for that information.

          I don’t understand the license plate thing either, hopefully defense will touch on that.

          I do agree, the gun is the big issue. I feel that’s the only think the prosecutors have though, as far as premeditated.

          I understand – it isn’t looking good at moment. I just hope her defense can step up. I think Jodi is going to have to testify too.

          • RE the gun: like M said, she took it due to her trip alone. Who knows how many other times she had taken it and put it back without her grandparents knowing…..

            The lic plate: idk that one is weird to me too, can’t come up with any thoughts on that one but then again, lvg the camera there is also a big mystery. Now there were “cool aid” stains in car too. That’s questionable too. If she did this alone why did the back have these stains too, not just the front. Rugs were missing. Why would she have blood stains in the back. And IF IT was blood, doesn’t blood turn brown, not “cool aid” stained????

            The hair color: easy – she wanted a diff look for TA. We change our hair color for so many reasons.

          • I agree with having a gun on long road trips through the desert. However, why a gun for THAT road trip? If she was fine driving on all other trips too and from his house. I would have taken a gun on every one of those road trips. Not sure about California laws but AZ is a non conceal gun state so pretty much everyone on the hwys in AZ has a gun.

            The rental car part about the plate being upside down, Could the rental car have done this????
            I understand her getting a rental car b/c she was having car problems. I used to always rent cars for a road trip if my car wasn’t reliable.

            The hair color.?? idk

            But does anyone know if TA invited JA over that night or was expecting her to come over that night? Was it a last min detour?

          • Not that I’m aware of.
            She was just pulled over in the rental car because the license plate of upside down.

            I’ve heard that both were upside and that only one was upside down, I may have even heard that one was missing when she returned the rental car (the front I assume)?

            Different stories, not sure which is true. But I have not heard that she took it or them off and put them back on.

      • One thing they didn’t get confirmation of when it came to the guy at budget. He was asked if there was anyone else there and he said there was a man but he did not know if the man was with Jodi or not. They did not ask him if the man got into the car with Jodi or not. If they did could someone please tell me, I have my grandson here and he is keeping me a bit busy.

    • Agree with LC about the hair color. I think they’re making an issue out of it where there is none. Maybe Travis wanted her to be a brunette for their hook-up. Maybe she just felt like changing the color.

      Good point about the gun too – maybe she did borrow it before and her grandparents just didn’t catch it.

      • Did I see correctly that Marie Hall is a brunette? Maybe she changed her hair thinking she could compete…not that she didn’t want to be recognized…maybe TA wanted her to be brunette instead of blond.

        Many men and women change physical appearances when they are having relationship trouble and it doesn’t mean anything like murder.

    • You have some good points. However, if Jodi really wanted to hide her identity with the hair dye I can believe changing it so if neighbours saw her in mesa they would say a woman with brown hair. However if it was premeditated then it would make sense to dye it blonde again before meeting up with Ryan and others at the conference.
      My friend’s front licence plate was missing and she contacted the police because she thought it would be used to disguise another vehicle in a robbery. The police told her “it was probably kids”
      I think the gun was stolen from her grandparent’s home and I think it was a prop used that afternoon in their sex play of abduction of a young teen girl.

    • I’m all for recognizing taking a gun along on a long road trip for protection. But I’m having trouble listening to it being discussed in isolation from bringing it into the house.

  4. Doesn’t it seem funny if Jodi we’re to be guilty of murder, why so much evidence was left behind to prove the case? She was hated by all the people Travis was associate with, can this be a cover up? Can his own people had him killed and blamed Jodi since she was the ex? If this was planned out why did she get caught, doesn’t make sense to me. Not saying she is not capable of doing it but if she took her grand parents gun in April, she would have a flawless plan. She looks like she is trying to hide something besides what the truth is. Why would she leave the scene without calling the police? I feel like she is being blamed and the one’s who did do this planned this ahead of time to make it look like she did it. Her only way out is admitting she did it in self defense, if she is being threatened for her life and family and a person like her not knowing how to go about it, she might as well stay in jail where she is safe then out where she can be killed from these people. Just my thought’s. Hope the truth comes out and she takes the stand.

    • I agree 100%!!!! I have been thinking the same thing. And knowing what they did to TA, I would sit in jail. knowing that these people could do the same to my parents or brother n sister. I’d keep my mouth shut and every time I’d thought about opening my mouth, I would remember what these other people did to him.

      I mean c-on….. she couldn’t have done this alone. He was way bigger then her too. And she’s a photographer, the 1st thing she’s taking with her would have been that camera or the memory card. They put it in the machine, looks like a set up to me!!!! It’s obvious and these detectives are suppose to be experienced and they cant see that it looks so much like a set up?????? I think they do but it’s easier to convict someone already confessing then to stretching an investigation where they might not even find much without a confession,. And that, she won’t do!

      • I was wondering about the camera being in the washing machine. What if during the activity of the stabbing, shooting, dragging, etc., the camera was lost in the bedding, clothes, towels and was inadvertantly put in the washer and Jodi had no idea what happened to it. The laundry was still in the washer when it was discovered, along with the camera.

      • Hi everyone. I just started following this case.

        There are some fishy things. If Jodi was familiar with cameras, and I’m guessing she was, why wouldn’t she have removed the memory card? That’s what I would have done. Or take the whole camera. I think most people realize that formatting the memory card does not remove the data, unless you do a low level format.

        As far as the camera ended up in the washer. If he was killed in the bathroom, what would there have been to wash? Even if he was killed in the bed, he’s dead. Why clean up? Sounds to me like it was there to be hidden. Was the washer run with the camera in there?

        And if this was premeditated, she didn’t plan it very well. That makes it seem like it was a crime of passion, and then she got scared and wanted to cover it up, and didn’t do too well. But at the very least she must have taken the gun with her. She did admit to killing him, so she must have shot him, so I’d assume it was her grand parents gun.

        Another thing I keep thinking about; she doesn’t look very big. Is she even able to drag a body of his size? People are very heavy when they are unconscious/sleeping/dead. And how did photos get taken?

        Now I will say, having dated a lot of women in my life (and I’m in my 50s now), women are emotional, and many women do snap sometimes and kill people. I’ve been chased around with knives and such. And I’m a nice guy. It doesn’t have to be a serious argument either. Just the other day a women stabbed her boyfriend to death in the next town over during an argument. And the neighbors said they never heard them arguing before. Stuff happens.

        I doubt his friends or whatever had him killed and blamed her, because she admitted to the killing. Some of it does seem to point to her being obsessed with him, and probably being jealous and pissed off and maybe she did go there with intent on harming him.

        Obviously a lot of anger was put into the killing. So it wasn’t self defense, but more like she had enough. She could have just shot him in the head. But she also slit his throat. That’s enough to kill someone. The multiple stab wounds just show a lot of pent up anger. That makes me think he was mentally abusing her. She doesn’t seem to have a history of attacking boyfriends, so he has to have some responsibility in this act.

        Either way you look at it, it’s very sad for all the parties involved. I don’t think she should be found guilty of 1st degree murder.

        • I completely agree with you David. JA had the motive and the anger to carry out the attack. She admitted to it. ( I dont think she should take the stand because we know she isn’t a credible person)
          I believe she had the full intent of killing TA, though it wasn’t all premeditated she had made up her mind to kill him if things didn’t workout out in her favor (like a reconciliation perhaps). She took the gun not in self defense as she claims because the pictures don’t show an angry or irritated TA in ANY of the pictures, nor does it show any type of strugle….
          It is my belief that she wanted to keep those pictures to remember him that way. (just like many killers keep something from their victims)
          Also, it’s important to note that when your adrenaline is pumping ‘we’ sort of become super human…we become, stronger, faster and at times irrational with the way (we) think.
          Her dying her hair during the trip to TA’s do we know if she had it dyed by the time she was with TA or after?
          also the plates being upside down on the rental means nothing, though it is strange….
          What the defense should have is proof of the abuse and/or anything that can show the DNA of another person in TA room (crime scene)
          Otherwise, the case will be in favor of the prosecution. There isn’t any physical sign of abuse on JA. Though I don’t doubt a bit that TA lived a double life persay (the great Mormon man, the great friend, etc.) He was also someone who we cannot believe in he was a liar who didn’t live the mormon life as he made people believe, he very much could have pushed JA to snap!
          In conclusion, TA is just as guilty as JA. However, what she did was wrong and deserves the full weight of the law.

        • I always thought the camera memory card was going to be her undoing. However as it is revealed with the time stamps we know things changed very quickly. We know she tried to lift him and carry him to the bathroom and he was washed off like you would do if you tended someone’s wounds.
          when she realised she had killed him she freaked and went into clean up mode.
          If you never intended to kill someone and had never been violent in your life then that act would be mind shattering.
          She rang his phone afterwards. She wrote in her diary. All of it as though she couldn’t believe it had really happened.
          A silly example. When I first started menstruating it happened in the evening. In the morning when I woke up I was hoping it was a dream. I was in denial. Such a small thing but I wasn’t prepared for it. My niece broke down into tears when she started.
          Now imagine you kill someone. Do you ever imagine you will kill someone in your life? How will you react to it. Even if they deserved it, I bet it isn’t in your scheme of life plan.

    • Yes she may have taken the gun because she was scared of him or his friends? Also if she took the gun in April and this did not happen till June it is unlikely that she took the gun to plan a murder also usually if a murder is planned they don’t use a gun that is their’s do they?. For this much time to pass why did she not just go to the black market and buy a gun?

    • Travis and associates are quite shady. I was looking into his job, and what it’s all about, after hearing from so many that it wasn’t on the up and up. And geesh… Travis wasn’t “giving back” to all these people or trying to make the world a better place, as they claim. He was running a con, and these guys are either too stupid to realize it, or they learned from their mentor how to be cons too, and are putting on a show. All these people/friends that he rescued from the “pits of hell,” were targeted by Travis. Predators skillfully pick those down on their luck and know who can be easily manipulated. Travis knew exactly what he was doing, imo. Same for the way he was able entice Jodi and reel her in… She was easy prey… Anyway, he lured those people in for no other reason than to use them in his ponzy scheme. The success of these pyramid type scams are determined by how many poor suckers you have below you, and how many they have below them, etc… Hence, Travis’s “encouragement” of them, and his bs life philosophy of “be your best person”… Yah, he was encouraging them all right, but not because he was good or selfless… His income was determined by how well they did, so his “goodness” and “encouragement” to be their best was solely for his own financial gain, imo. That’s control, manipulation, dishonesty in spades. Exactly what Jodi’s defense is claiming. Total con artists…

      • Yep…his “job” was all about duping people into signing up under him so that he could earn a commission off of their sales. I hate all of those pyramid schemes.

      • Finally, someone who sees Travis the way I do! He was a fraud, a manipulating scheming snake oil salesman! He used Jodi and humiliated her as he used others to join his pyramid scheme to help himself become rich! His “friends” are all followers and wouldn’t dare say anything against him. They believed his lies, too. I’m not saying he deserved to die this way, but I can understand Jodi’s rage and anger, and finally snapping.

        • i don’t even think that.
          I think the defence has said that sex was central to it. That she did things she is now ashamed of. I think we will find out it is more than oral/anal and that there were various scenarios that they played out.
          I think it was more dominant/submissive relationship.
          It is almost as if these people find each other.
          She is an obedient sort of person.
          If you read some posts some women talk about having been in an abusive relationship. While others say that at the first instance of something they walk away. So for people like Travis they might say or do something inappropriate. Some women get offended and he strikes out. Another girl puts up with it and he enters into her life.
          I read on another site that Travis friend gave an example of them out and Travis being so much fun and doing random stuff. I can’t remember exactly but it was something like Travis calling out to some girl he didn’t know and saying they should make a baby.

      • None of what you say makes Travis deserving of losing his life. Or do you think that he should have died for his job?
        I think this girl is going to get off, so to speak, with a 2nd degree or manslaughter charge. I think if they could locate the long gone car she rented all those years ago and the seat stains were checked and came up positive for Travis’ DNA, the case would be much tighter. But that doesn’t exist. Juries don’t like to hand out death penalties, and they really don’t like death penalties handed out to women. She’s unlikely at this point to get 1st degree murder, imo…but this is highly contingent on the makeup of the jury and their collective mindset. I read that many of the jurors are ROLLING THEIR EYES now during the snippets of her ever changing stories.

        • I am rather confused about just what they have charged her with. If she doesn’t get murder 1 have they also put murder 2 or other charges in the list?
          I don’t think she will get murder 1 and if she doesn’t then does that mean she will walk completely?

  5. Detective Flores just admitted under oath that police use techniques such as lying to suspects in order to get them to confess. Stating things such as “we found your prints” which may or may not be true.

    • Yeah, totally different situation, but I had a friend who was 21 and drinking with a friend who was 20. The 21 year old had bought the alcohol and they got stopped by an officer for noise complaint.

      Another officer showed up and they split the 21 and 20 year old up. After asking questions and getting nothing, the one cop goes to the 21 year old, “Your friend said you bought the alcohol, you might as well tell me the truth and it will be easier for you.” So 21 year old does and come to find out the 20 year old never said a word. It was just a tactic to get a confession and an arrest.

      Seem’s totally wrong to me, but I guess figures of authority can lie to get what they want.

    • It’s totally legal for the police to lie during interrogations. They are trying to EXTRACT a motive and details. REMEMBER, (VERY IMPORTANT) Jodi was read her rights. All she had to do on day one of her arrest was say I WANT A LAWYER and all questioning would end.
      Sadly, I believe this little girl is in over her head. These cops are professionals, and they’ve seen it all. They read her like you read a book.

      • Yes its a shame cops can lie during an interrogation and she was in over her head. Flores said he was creating a theme with the words he chose ie HIS theme. I don’t see Jodi talking as anything other than she was scared to assert herself otherwise. I read that she didn’t have counsel and while it seems weird to many of us that she didn’t say no to the questioning, I fail to see where she was trying to convince anyone of anything. She was upset during the interrogation and floundering all over the place. I believe she lied because she was scared of the people who supported Travis. She had been put down by them for months and her impressions may have been that had she told the truth, she never would have been believed. I would certainly feel that way in her situation. We have a girl that didn’t come from money, a different race, wasn’t raised Mormon surrounded by a culture that validated those qualities and denounced her.

        Had she been anything the media is trying to prove, such a sociopath, she would have lied better, planned better and done things differently. The prosecution’s case does have holes in it or they wouldn’t have sought that alternative charge of felony murder. About the interviews, I saw a bit of anger when she said that about the jury and rightfully so, if I believe her version.

        Science has not yet validated deception either. He may have been trained in his 40 hour course but that does not mean he learned solid truth behind deception. Yes she lied. But why she lied is much more important in this case.

        • I have been following this Trial on In-Session, since Day #01. Naturally, I always post my “comments” on “In-Session Facebook Page”. In most other Trials there is some Objectivity in the Cases as the Trial goes along, but I have noticed a tremendous spike in followers and commenter’s on the In-Session Facebook site. Very few taking a open minded position on the side of Jodi Arias. While posting ‘comments’ today about all the questions being asked by the Jury in the Trial, I was slammed by Jodi Arias’s ‘haters’. Even though most of my ‘comments’ are a matter of actual testimonies, evidence, and of course, “The Law’! I don’t normally watch HLN’s Nancy Grace, because she advocates “Victim’s Rights”, but presumes a person is “Guilty” before they even go to Trial, and in some cases before they are even arrested or charged with a crime. I like to hear both sides, the Prosecution and the Defense, before I would dare to make the comments about suspects as she does. Anyway, I watched two (2) of her shows, one earlier this week, and one (1) last night. I don’t understand why all of these people are so upset at the Jury for asking Questions, because that obviously is allowed by the Jury in Arizona. One would think that the questions the Jury is asking would be both beneficial to the Prosecution and the Defense. We have not even heard the Defense’s Case yet, in the Arias Trial, so to jump to conclusions, and start talking about her reactions to receiving the Death Penalty is really premature. Nobody outside the Defense knows what or how they really plan to present their case to the Jury, if she is going to need to take the Stand, or not. It was shocking to me that the Prosecution rested its case yesterday, as it was with most people following this Trial. The Prosecution failed to present any “Factual Evidence” in his case to prove any “Premeditation” or planning on her part to kill Travis, leaving the Jury to speculate on their own. I feel normal human beings want to hear something more than theories, speculations, and circumstantial evidence before Sentencing or finding a person (any person) guilty of a crime that could put them on Death Row! I feel that the Prosecution has failed to prove its case, and now I am waiting until the Trial resumes on the 29th, to hear the Defense, before I form a opinion of guilt or innocence. The Prosecution left a lot of remaining questions to me, in their case, and so I can only assume the Defense will fill in them Blanks. The Prosecution and Detectives had almost five (5) years to prepare for this Trial, and they failed to do so, satisfactory in my opinion. The Prosecution could not even prove the ‘lessor charge’ of “Felony Murder’, because there was no Burglary during the killing. The “Felony Murder Rule” does not apply in this case, which I had decided on Day #01, of this Trial. That leaves a ‘lessor charge’ to be considered by the Jury of “2nd Degree Murder” or rather “Manslaughter”. If the Jury did find her guilty of “Manslaughter” (not saying they will), it carries a minimum of five (5) years, and Jodi Arias has already been locked up for almost five (5) years. The Prosecution badgering and slamming their own witnesses, like the last lady (Jodi’s friend) did not help the Prosecution, and that is on him. We all know that Detectives/police get paid to Lie to Suspects during Interrogations, but in the manner Detective Flores came off in his Interrogations appeared to be leading, Inappropriate, and frightening/misleading to Arias, as the Defense pointed out on cross-examination. Charles in Louisiana (01/18/2013)

          • welcome. You pretty much sum up why some of us are here. I was hanging out on another site, but they were so bloodthirsty that I am afraid to post. They have no objectivity.

      • #JodiArias asks det about stopping int vid before talk of a “Lisa”. Both sides talk to judge who calls for lunch recess in #Arias case

        It was a tweet by someone covering the trial. Sounds like there was talk of a “Lisa” in the interrogation video. Defense was asking about this and all of a sudden it was time for lunch.

        Hope they get back on topic.

        • Lisa Andrew was the g/f after Jodi.

          And yes, the interrogation video was stopped just as her name was mentioned.

          What was said on that tape – I guess we’ll find out.

          BUT, what I think the defense is trying to do is show that the whole interrogation is NOT being shown.

          Remember, this goes on for hours! The prosecution is showing only parts of it.

          • Yes, they cut it off. Every time the defense try to ask a Q or starts to come up with something interesting, Martinez interferes!!!! And what’s worse is, it seems like a lot if the time he does this, the judge is on his side. Like the camera incident. Not a big deal since the prosecutor was the one intentionaly dropping it!!! He’s such an ass, i sit here and laugh at him.

            So I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t come back to the Lisa. And if they do, it’ll be short n sweet.

  6. I wish the defense would ask just how many people ask for nondescript cars or don’t want red cars. I’m sure it’s plenty.

    If she had premeditated this, it was the worst premeditation ever.

    • Everyone knows that red cars are cop flags and get more tickets than any other color. If asked if I wanted a red car, I would say no, as well.

      • Oh, and I have only 1 ticket in 33 years of driving and it wasn’t for speeding. It’s just natural to not want to draw unnecessary attention to yourself from police officers. And, both my parents were cops at one time. So, it’s not like I have anything to hide…

    • Omg is that just a few of us or like 95% of the USA residence that would NOT go with a red rental???!!!

      It’s like a common sense or a learned rule that alomst everyone knows best not to go with the red rental!!!

    • I personally own and drive a PEPPER WHITE car. White (and light colored cars) do not absorb heat like a dark or black car does. IF I was going to Arizona, I’d be driving a white car, mine or rental. The percentage of solar heat absorbed is considerably lower than a black car, so it’s easier on the air conditioning and the car in general. I have a couple of cars that are capable of going pretty fast, so I’d never own a car in ARREST ME RED or MUNICIPAL COURT YELLOW. Those colors do get stopped more; look up the stats. I think the car color is absolutely irrelevant here, and made more moot by the fact that the rental guy didn’t ask her WHY a white car. IF he had, it would be interesting to know, but I don’t think even that statement would amount to a hill of beans in this trial.
      I think Jodi has been her own worst enemy in this case. Learn from her. IF you are ever stopped by the police, just give them your paperwork and anything else beyond signing a ticket, just ask for your lawyer. She really didn’t understand the law, and this makes me wonder about the premeditation thing; I mean, how could she have thought this through (a murder) and not even know that you get read your rights and then you ask for a lawyer, end of story for that moment. You NEVER talk to the cops without a lawyer present. NEVER.

  7. Trial is over for today. I’m not sure how many have gone to my 1st few comments about the roommates.

    Im glad the jury had the same question I asked. ” have the detective asked the roommate that was still at home if he knew TA whereabouts for 5 days” detective Flores then answered, yes. Detective answered, “the roommate said they thought he was gone on his cruise.” That’s all he said!!!! BULLs**** didn’t his roommate know the cruise vacation was on the 9th (the day his body was discovered). The detective didn’t find that fishy n didn’t further investigate why everyone knew his trip was on the 9th (even Jodi knew) but his roomy didn’t????!!!

    The jury needs to ask more of these Q!

    • His trip to Cancun was the 10th. What gets me is that his roommate came home with his girlfriend and no one noticed blood?? They didn’t notice the smell right away?? They didn’t have any notions to call police thinking something was wrong?

      • “Seriousy, those guys have been VETTED by the cops.”

        I don’t think this is true. They had Jodi in thier sites from the first minute. If I remember correctly Flores didn’t remember if he checked thier alibis or not. Flores DID NOT cover all bases.

    • Hi LC,
      I agree. The roommates have a lot of questions to answer. It’ll be interesting to see them testify. In one police report, one of them stated they thought TA was “out of state” – the other one said he was “in Cancun”.

      Good questions from the jury today too, and good to see Flores and his intermittent memory being challenged. Also interesting to see Martinez backtracking on the “stalking” issue and now not wanting Lisa to testify – although she’s still under subpoena so we’ll probably see her testify next week sometime.

      • Your right so if everyone knew his trip was on the 10th (even his so call unwanted ex-girlfriend, JA), why was his roommate the only one to think he was already gone ? Was he that clueless?? And when asked why he didn’t hear the girl-friend knocking on the front and back doors, he said his music was loud. Isn’t that questionable….

        • Uh I dont know. I could actually see a bachelor being this spacey, beeboppin through life totally unaware. These adults seem like kids to me but maybe its because Im forty.

          But I also see your point too:-)

          • Well they’re in there 30’s right? I’m 33 and I’m not that clueless…… by now you would think they would have some sort of direction. Really, what kind of friends are these people. Maybe there just acting stupid. Someone said; “Mormon role model” more like, MORON ROLE MODELS!!!

  8. So what was Jodi’s attorney and Judge talking about? I missed it. Read it was a must see.
    Hope the full length video of today’s proceedings is put on here to re-watch, I am curious.

    How often do they post the recorded days on here?
    I see up to Day 5 is available, but not 6 or 7.

    Anyone know where I can find them if not on this site?

    • Hi M,
      Recordings of days 6 & 7 were uploaded here this morning. They’re in the dropdown menu or you can get them from the Pages link in the right sidebar.

      • Yay!!! Thanks SJ.
        Not trying to be impatient – just missed a lot of stuff it sounds like.

        Can you explain how Martinez was backtracking on the “stalking” issue?
        I think I missed that – my head phones don’t work very well, I can hear Nurmi, but never Martinez.

        • Hi M,
          I’ll need to listen to it again too… but basically, Martinez was backtracking and decided not to call Lisa to testify. She didn’t want to testify either, but he agreed to give her details to Kirk so he can contact her and arrange for her to testify. I think Martinez was saying that he didn’t want to get a conviction in this case, then have “issues” over it because the stalker stuff turned out to be hearsay.

          Interesting to say the least… AND another awesome day for Team Jodi!

          PS. If you can only hear Kirk Nurmi but never Martinez, you are not really missing that much.

          • Hmm – that’s interesting. So now that its been a smear campaign against Jodi for being a “stalker” (stupid) he all of a sudden doesn’t want to focus on that.

            Thanks for the information; makes more sense now. Sometimes I don’t understand what the heck they are talking about. Too much lawyer talk!

            I felt like today went well. Prosecutor didn’t teach the Jury anything new. Almost backtracked with Flores having little information. I think the Jury asked great questions and Nurmi did well also.

            Kind of glad I can’t hear Martinez – but wish there was a transcript. I’m better at reading than hearing I guess?!

            Thanks again SJ.

          • About backtracking on the stalker issue… When I was looking for info last night about Travis’s job, I googled and went to different sites, many were pro-prosecution… And they’re even starting to change their tune about who Travis was, and some are questioning the stalking claims, as well. They’re still cookoo for cocoa puffs and demonize Jodi, but if their close minds are seeing it, then hopefully an open minded juror, or jurors, will be able to see it for what it really is… The evidence speaks for itself, and the defense hasn’t even started. Gives me hope…

          • I think they should have her testify…and all the women who are in photos with him as to what kind of relationship he had with them.

            Her testimony would probably prove stalking is hearsay.

  9. They are all on this site so far M. Probably day 8 will be posted tomorrow as soon as SJ gets a hold of it 🙂
    Mouse over Trial Video and Audio at the top of the page all of them are available through there.

    • Thanks Debbie for the response.
      Will have plenty of time to catch up on them since they are taking such a long break after tomorrow.

      I seem to miss all kinds of things when trying to listen.
      Appreciate everyone’s comments on this site, catches me up quite a bit!

    • I loved it when Nurmi asked Flores if the roommates had been advised to call the police if the dangerous stalker came by. Of course, Flores said he didn’t know. He didn’t seem to know very much at all!

      Great day for the defense.

      • Yeah, I found it interesting that Flores didn’t have much information at all.
        Annoyed me that he didn’t have much of answer as to of why his roommates didn’t notice he hadn’t left for his vacation, other than “They didn’t know his schedule.” Likely excuse…

        • Oh and when he was asked about his interrogation experiences or backround education on interrogation.

          Didn’t he say like 15 weeks and 40/50 hours???? ill go back and double check but I’m pretty sure it was something crazy like that cuz he answered n I was stunned. What a joke!!!! Really is that all they need?!! Anyone can do that, I think I’m going to pick up an interrogation class, might come in handy someday! Lol

          But great comeback from defense, especially today that he looked like he didn’t know shit!

          • I didn’t hear that part. About the amount of time he spent in interrogation education. Hell, he spent longer than that hounding Jodi for what he thought was the truth.

            I wish she had refused to talk and asked for a lawyer. In this type of situation the interrogator just wants to break you down, exhaust you, and scare you.

            I think overall it was a pretty good day for the defense. They need to keep it up.

            And I like when Flores said, “I was playing on her emotions.” I thought everyone said Jodi was emotionless? How does that work? Twist it whichever way it will work, right?

            And again, I’m hearing about the “yoga stretch” heard around the world. When she did that stretch in interrogation. Anything they can pick up – I call it reaching!!

          • I went back on the trial video of today becuz i dont like posting up comments if I’m unsure. And I was not sure of the statement I made of Flores education regarding his interrogation background.

            Anyway, at the beginning of the 8th day of trial with detective Flores, he does admit to having 30 hours + another (longggggg) 12 hours and he did throw in that he’s been to some courses. How many or how long, he didn’t say.

    • I think the court should have forced Martinez to apologize or be held in contempt. I am VERY surprised that I have NOT heard the judge admonish Martinez at all. Did she think what he said was ok???

        • She is siding with Martinez, it’s obvious. I thought i was the only one noticing her taking sides. Every time Martinez objects, she sides with HIM! And if the defense objects her reply is always, “proceeeeeed”…… ignoring the defense objection!! Sorry, it just makes me mad!!! Lol

  10. I love how the prosecution was doing the defense a “favor” by not calling Lisa Andrews. LOL

    Here is what I see will happen (not necessarily in this order):

    1. The defense is going to ask Lisa “why” she didn’t get a restraining order against JA if she thought that JA slashed her tires. Now, the reason she can’t get a restraining order is because Lisa would have to PROVE in ARS, 12-1809 (R) that JA was causing the harassment. Here is the link to the Arizona Revised Statutes:

    2. They are going to ask her if she FOR SURE knew that JA slashed her tires.

    3. The defense is going to delve into her relationship with Travis. She stated very clearly in her blog that she KNEW that Travis was the one for her – that he had some characteristics she didn’t want in a husband. GEE, I wonder what that will be?

    4. She also states in her blog entries that Travis persuaded her on several occasions to go back with him. This proves he is manipulative. Trust me, they will delve into this, as well.

    5. The defense is going to focus on TA sleeping with JA while he was dating Lisa. She, of course, is not going to have known anything about it until the end of the relationship – hence the breakup. Once again, this will prove the “double life” that Travis led. That Jodi was his “dirty little secret.”

    Frankly, I feel sorry for Lisa. She has become an unwitting victim in the web of Travis’ deceit. He definitely affected many people – in life and death.

    • That and the fact that Lisa Andrews is a good ten years younger than TA will make for some interesting testimony I am sure 🙂

    • Travis was living a huge lie, and his friends still defend him every night on TV. He was an good person, honest, upstanding mormon role model!
      The sex photos that we all have now seen are proof positive that he was still seeing, and sexing with Jodi after telling them all she was a stalker, crazy, etc. If I was one of his friends, I would be wondering if I ever really knew Travis at all, and wonder what else he may have been lying about.
      Two females have separately said that Travis was very persuasive and would not give up trying to talk them both into continuing a relationship with him; both Lisa Andrews and Mimi did not want to go any further in a relationship with him. I wonder why that is. He was so wonderful after all.

  11. Loved Nurmi’s cross today with Flores… I’ve been wanting him to start pounding their defense theory in the jurors minds every chance he gets. However creative he has to be. When he was discussing the interrogation strategies Flores used, I loved how he turned that into an opportunity to get some of their theory in by asking him what type of techniques he used for this or that. For example, “What technique did you use as it relates to Mr. Alexander portraying himself a different way, and he’s not really that type of guy. What kind of theme or technique would that be?”… “About the relationship being hidden from everyone else, your claim was that’s a technigue as well?”… “What technique were you using then when you said, maybe you were going there to have a good time with him and something got out of hand?”… He didn’t care what technique he used, he set it up perfectly and was able to use Flores’s own words against him. Even Jean C., from In Session, was impressed. Imagine that. Very clever, and hope he uses every opportunity

  12. There is a guy, didn’t catch his name, on Jane Valez that is sticking up for Jodi. His segment was very short, obviously HLN or Jane doesn’t want anyone hearing what he has to say.

    Funny how that works.

    I’d reall like to hear what he has to say. He made good, valid points. Hope these type keep speaking up. All these brainwashed people need to hear another side!

  13. Another friend of Travis on JVM saying that Jodi never opened up about herself to him and was very mysterious. She never talked about her family, her grandparents, her parents blah blah.
    First of all they only dated officially for 5 months. I guess he wanted her to spill her life story to him during that time brief time. Also none of his friends liked her, remember from the beginning they all had a bad feeling about her, so why would she share anything about herself with them? The rest of the time Travis was lying to his friends and acting as if he no longer had any contact with Jodi. There was no way for Jodi to share her life story with any of his friends because they met in secret. These goofballs are the new Kato Kaelin’s getting their 15 minutes of fame

  14. The prosecution sure is being sneaky by not releasing Travis’s text messages. Either they are grossly incompetent by not figuring out how to get text messages off a phone or are withholding evidence. I see now why the defense won’t let this go. How hard is it to read the text messages and then type them out if you don’t have ‘software’ to get text messages off a phone?

    • Agreed Sam. What you might have to work late and retype these messages? Or shoot, try photographing them. Or photo copying them. Don’t know if it would work, but they’re ideas.

      Meh, oh well, its just maybe the difference between life and death for Jodi. Wouldn’t want anyone to put in too much effort.

      Sheesh. Ridiculousness.

    • I totally agree with this!!!!

      They could have saved the phone a few years and gotten the technology…also though…I think technology came out in at least 2009 to do this.

      There is no reason to not have the texts available at this point from the phone unless they just don’t want the truth out because it would prove them wrong about stalking.

      • The defense DID ask for them.
        The person on the stand (forgot his name) I blv is on trial dat 4 or 5. At the time they didnt have the technology to print out. The defense then asked if they couldnt have had other ways like maybe taking pictures. He then said, there where too many too take pictures that it would have taken him 8 months to do just that job.

        Yea…. I was in awh too! Like, really this is someone’s like that your being lazy about!! Or fine if u don’t want to take photos of text msgs call the file clerk, or the mail room boy, hire someone off the steet. But do ur job right, this is someone’s life!!!

  15. Hells bells. Nancy Grace is saying Jodi was fully dressed (as seen in the supposd photo of Jodi dragging Travis) while taking nude shower photos of Travis because Jodi was hiding the gun and the knife in her pants. Proving it was premeditated.

    Wtf? Really? Stop the trial Nancy’s got it all figured out everyone!!

    • I’m watching it too. NG is so dead set in her belief that Travis was an angel and Jodi a vicious psychopath that she isn’t willing to see both sides of this case and that there might be some truth to what Jodi says about Travis’s other side that no one knew about.

      • It’s not just Nancy; all of the clowns on HLN are so pro-prosecution, ALL THE TIME, that it’s nauseating. It doesn’t matter what case it is…they’re rude to any commentators who take even the slightest pro-defense stance. No such thing as “innocent until proven guilty” with them!

        • Hey Kira…I worked in the media. Everybody needs to remember, it’s a television show that is supposed to ENTERTAIN. In general, radio and tv shows are, in this corporate age, simply delivery tools for commercials. What they put in between is simply filler. IF they can come up with great filler that brings big viewer/listener numbers, that’s a big fat bonus. They’d run the sounds of cows mooing if it brought ratings. Point: IT IS NOT THE COURT, it’s a television show. None of them have any legal authority, and they do what they do for CASH MONEY REVENUE, plain and simple. Remember that, and take the shows with a grain of salt; or better yet TURN THEM OFF and don’t speak of them if you dislike them. You vote for or against them when you watch them. But remember…ITS TV NOT THE JUSTICE SYSTEM. Watch the trial, skip the commentators. I DVR the entire court tv day and blaze through it watching the courtroom live ONLY. The rest is only OPINIONS and DIVERSIONS. USE YOUR DVR; it will save you much grief. Peace out!

      • January 17, 2013 at 5:06 amLol…. really she went there???!!! I missed it, i havent seen her on today.why does she always do that???!!! What is with her???? Doesn’t she realize that she sounds and looks like all these psychopaths she’s always talking about.

    • I’m trying to scrutinize that photo myself. For investigators, they did not take great pictures of the area, unless they are only showing a few. I do not think it is a pant and foot…the shadows are wrong for being a leg in there. I am trying to figure out it the camera was bunched up in bedding and accidentally took the photo from a distance but with bedding in front of it.

      Are there any more photos of things that were in the room??

      It just doesn’t look quite right for what they are calling it.

    • Lol…. really she went there???!!! I missed it, i havent seen her on today.

      why does she always do that???!!! What is with her???? Doesn’t she realize that she sounds and looks like all these psychopaths she’s always talking about.

  16. Hey all,

    Travis seems to have been a very intelligent man. He knew that Jodi had mental problems and was not all there. Yet he chose to continue to see her on a sexual basis!!!! I think he knew she was not all there but it fed into his ego of power because he was able to control her. If I can see that she has problems from just watching her on my television monitor, he should have known by interacting with her on a daily basis. He told his Dr. Friend who was on Nancy Disgrace last night that if one day they may find him dead and it would be Jodi who did it. He was afraid of her. Again, yet he chose to continue to see her and take naked photos with her. He did not look afraid in his naked pictures that were so sneakily displayed via live stream on Monday! And what did the two finger salute mean..victory or two holes conquered and one to go.! Having my dad be scammed by a PrePaid Legal Service, I my agree he seems to have been involved in some shady stuff. On HLN they said that he had his own sucessful business but then you hear that he worked for a Pyramid scheme company and that Jodi helped him move up to the executive level. Of course, she was mad when he manipulated her to come down and then threw it in her face that she was not going to get to go to Cancun with him. Don’t get me wrong he did not deserve to die in the manner he did but he is not so innocent. Even his other “girl friend” who was going to Cancun said that he was persistent when she told him shedid not have a romantic feeling for him and he should take someone else to Cancun with him.

    • Glad others have grandparents or parents who were scammed by Pre Paid which now has a different name I read. Travis doesn’t seem like he was as intelligent as he acted… also he and Jodi were probably capable of bringing out the worst in each other. It seems… everyone knew this but Jodi(even Travis who lied to everyone about seeing her still.)

      I’d say since the jury has asked questions about alibis for his roommates and friends, whether or not they found the gun and knife with her, and other questions that the prosecution’s case is falling apart. Whenever you want someone to get the death penalty, you always risk this. Maybe Nancy Grace will realize that what they do is make people root for the bad guys with all the one sided reporting done by HLN. It is funny that people think Travis’ friends killed him(they were cronies and total lackeys), and would never have been capable of doing something that ambitious.

      It’s hard to find anyone who’s looking at this case in an honest light. Someone who’s never been violent goes slasher movie on a guy with whom she’s obsessed means a lot more happened than what’s being said. Dr. Drew now says Casey Anthony had something off about her psychologically after calling her a cold blooded killer(and she is far more evil in my eyes than Jodi), but still loves comparing them due to sensational news brings ratings. The media are a joke. Only one person has taken up for Jodi in the news? If that’s actually true, people are brainwashed or she may have been a monster, lol. But I still think Travis’ personality was that of a conartist who liked to control others he considered vulnerable.

      • Casey’s not evil. Read through SJ’s website sometime – she was tried in the court of public opinion due to media hype just like Jodi.

        • Really Kira? The CA jury was SEQUESTERED. The public’s opinion was OUT of the courtroom except for those twelve jurors. Same deal with this trial; not sequestered, but jurors take their oaths seriously IN MY EXPERIENCE in the courts. Those 12 people are not friends of the media; they know by now that someone’s life is in their hands. I think you underestimate the general public and how they function/think/take their responsibilities on a MURDER TRIAL.

          • I think you underestimate people Paul. Do you have a link or a stat to back up your assertions? About underestimating the public Paul, a book was written about the topic of the hate people have displayed toward Casey. It was referred to as a phenomenon and there were very distinct characteristics of those who got on that hate bandwagon.

            You seriously cannot see how people are tried in the media? Give me a break already. If a person is running around before a trial, saying, “she/he is guilty” based on the media reports, that person has just been TRIED in the media. And we see people like that all the time. Way before Jodi went to trial, people were saying, “fry the bitch”. Where did they get their info? The media. Is that not trying someone in the media?

            This is NOT the place to come and attack people about Casey Anthony either.

        • Not to mention how she can’t show her face publicly, even though she was found not guilty. A woman who resembles her was assaulted because there is such hatred out there.

      • are you seriously trying to figure out an alibi for her? that ship sailed long ago when she confessed. Any reason you talk about now is can only be referred to as “motive”. Sadly, she had 2 swings at coming up with credible alibi. She went down swinging with the 3rd-,Self defense”. Her only hope now is to avoid the needle.

  17. Going back to this whole ‘mystery’ of TA’s roommates…

    I would really like to think that at least ONE of TA’s roommates would have investigated the fact that TA’s car is still parked outside, indicating that he is STILL home for crying out loud!

    Though, it is quite possible they both thought he got a ride to the Airport or whatever mode of transportation he was going to use. But, even if this were the case, then wouldn’t the most likely scenario be that one of the roommates agreed to give him a ride to the airport???

    There is so much about this case that just doesn’t add up…2 and 2 isn’t quite equaling 5 here folks…

    • What I found even more interesting, was that tonight on Nancy Grace there was some “dear” friend of Travis’ being interviewed and this guy went on the same trip to Cancun that Travis was supposed to go on, I assume it was a group of friends going. Why would this “dear” friend not question why Travis didn’t show up for something planned like a vacation?

      That seemed odd…

    • David, thank youuuuu…… thats the same question I’ve had stuck in my brain. Supposedly the roommate thought he was already on the trip. Ahhggg…… BS how can he be that clueless. They ALL knew the trip was on the 10th. Somethings up with that. I think JA is scared of them and that’s why she’s not telling the whole truth.

      • Having roommates when your over 30 is a lot different than when you are college age. Mostly economic, they all have full time jobs, independent lives, and respect privacy. if they didn’t, the whole arrangement would break down. It’s not “Friends” for CS.

    • Think about whether you’d leave your relatively new car (saw it in the garage behind the yellow tape) at the airport smoking in the hot sun for the duration or your trip, or at home in a secured out of the weather garage. Especially in AZ, you don’t leave your car out at the airport if you’re going on a trip. I live in a much more moderate climate, and I NEVER take my car to the airport, unless I’m picking someone up. NEVER leave it at the airport. NEVER. Too many other ways to get there that make more sense.

  18. My take thus far:

    -stalking is hearsay
    -many people had code to TA’s garage
    -not convinced jodi’s leg in alleged “dragging photo”
    -hair color change not important, many people do that with relationship problems and maybe TA asked her to do it
    -so she rented a car 90 miles away, I have done that for cheaper prices and yes, everyone knows not to get a RED/LOUD car in order to avoid tickets.
    -burglars don’t want to be dragged down by long rifles and small change, and I didn’t see much else they would want to steal in that tiny house 🙁
    -no reason they can’t have the texts available now
    -she could have been rerecording her VM to TA, not checking his phone VM
    -she looks no more psycho or narcissistic in the photos than TA does, she does look emotionally beat in the later photos of the relationship compared to the trip photos where she is smiling more.
    -someone would be stupid to premeditate a murder using a .25 cheapo gun. I would only use that as show for protection while on a road trip. It’s about good for varmits only…like a .22

    I’m sure i have forgotten some things….

    • Sure looks like a frame job. Now, you just have to figure out who submitted that phony confession in the pre-trial pleading documents.

      • oh, did I say I thought it was a “frame” job? I don’t think so. You must be one of those people who make huge ASSumptions.

        • no, you didn’t. But you are really trying to rationalize her behavior as normal or reasonable. Keep in mind, that even she did not believe that her explanations or alibis were plausible enough to hold up that she changed her story 3 times. I am ASSuming you’re against the DP , a separate issue. What you don’t want to do is rationalize a crime as abhorrent as this , so as to mitigate her culpability and avoid that sentence.

  19. About the upside down license plate… I found this while looking online for reasons why someone might do this (the link is below)… In a nutshell, it discusses the technology developed by the government to read every license plate, at any given time, and can track all your movements. The database has the ability to hold on to this information for years. So, potentially, they can go back and access our movements 2 or 3 years ago. At least that’s the way I read it. I haven’t looked into it other than this, but plan on reading up on it more tonight… Many may already know about this, but it was news for me… I’ve heard of police cameras, ie., toll booths, that can snap a picture of your plate, and they use the same tocatch speeders, but I was unaware of anything like this being out there, or even in the works.

    Also, scan down to the 23rd comment…don’t want to type out the user’s name. He/she comments on ways to avoid detection and fool the reader, including turning your license plate upside down… Jodi is very intelligent, and strikes me as someone who knows a lot about current events, and the world around her. Perhaps she knew about this… Or, perhaps this has nothing at all to do with it, but very interesting, none of the less.

    It’s crazy what our government is capable of… And the limits, or lack thereof, they will go to in order to claim ownership of each and every citizen. Our rights and freedoms are getting fewer and fewer, and it’s scary stuff knowing our every move can be tracked… However, I’m not too surprised, just creeped out and angry that our right to privacy can be violated like this. Makes me wonder what else they’re doing that we don’t know about…

    • I really don’t mind if they take snap shots of LIC plates. If it helps just ONE kidnapped child come home to their mother and father then it’s well worth it’s creepiness.. When you first think about being watched like that then your first reaction would be WTH, until you realize the good it could do to help solve a crime. I think as long as your not doing anything that your not supposed to be doing it shouldn’t really bother you that much.

  20. Hi. To be honest, I happened to come across this website while I was searching the internet for information on those alleged letters from TA to JA. I was completely convinced that JA was guilty, hands down and all for the DP…..UNTIL, I started reading some of the posts. They definitely got me thinking. I do agree that the roommates are fishy. Also, I’m not sure if this point has been mentioned already, but I looked it up, and apparantly there is a ritual in the Morman faith, that if you speak of what is said in the temple, that they will slit the throat (from ear to ear) for someone revealing secrets of the temple. Now, this got me thinking. JA is small. Could she have physically carried out all those injuries? Perhaps, the Morman circle/roommates were sick and tired of TA’s lewd acts, happening not only in their own home, but the fact that TA was successful, leading a double life and making a mockery of their religion, and had enough and took matters in their own hands. They probably knew she was coming over that day, and planned it all out. They didn’t kill her obviously, because then they’d be looking for the real killers. I think it’s feasable that they threatened JA. And she’s a photographer for crying out loud, had she done this, she would have TAKEN THE SIM CARD OUT OF THE CAMERA!!! I think she was framed. I don’t even think she committed the crime, but admitted to it to save her life and her family’s. Just curious if anybody else shares my view. It’s scary to know that social media has such a huge influence on people, as I was one of those people merely hours ago.

    • Just some insite from an LDS member: there is no such ritual. The most our church will do is ex-communicate someone. Also: TA was not temple worthy, so he would know almost nothing of what goes on in our temples. The only way to go through the temple and learn the promises one makes is to be married (sealed) in the temple.

        • the article you refer to talks about things that allegedly happened in the 1850’s – obviously everything needs to be looked at as a life is on the line. But this is a major stretch as these events are not even clearly facts. And this practice is def not part of the LDS teachings in the last century along with plural marriage – This is similar to the line of thought that all mormons have 10 wives, all Catholics are child molestors and all muslims are terrorists. Be careful labeling an entire group based off of the actions of a few radical people who claim to be part of the group. Every religon, race, nationality has their bad apples.

      • I thought Mimi the first witness said he was a preistholder and she assumed he was temple worthy. Does one have to be a preistholder to be temple worthy?

        • Templewortjy for us has two uses: those who are allowed access only to the temple’s faunt (where baptisms for the dead are done) are deemed templeworthy to do so after being proven worthy by a bishop, but that is the only room other than the changing rooms that they are allowed into. For this, a man must hold the priesthood. They know nothing of other practices besides baptisms for the dead. The othee templeworthy is a man and woman being deemed worthy to be sealed in the temple. This is done as a legal marriage, then they are given temple ordinences. These ordinences are sacred, but not going to get someone killed for revealing, and only by getting married and then sealed in the temple would one learn these.

          • anytime, cj. No, the temple is a building where those of my faith who deemed worthy go to make further covenants with god. We go to a church or stake center on sundays for sacriment and our classes. (ranging from bible studies to temple prep classes, to tithing settlement) Also, for those confused, we did not rewrite the bible, we simply believe jesus visited the americas after his time in jeruselum, and so the book of mormon is the continued testimony of jesus christ on earth. We also follow the king james bible, which we have not edited, altered, or added to. In biblical times, there were prophets on the earth, and we believe god has restored that to the earth with the restoral of the church.

    • DD you couldn’t have put it in better words!!!! This is EXACTLY what I blv is going on. The thought of it scares me and i don’t even know these people. Like I’ve said one of my other comments, I would be scared of them too. I would go to sleep every night knowing that I can’t tell the whole truth n I would take the guilt. I’d rather take the lethal injection than what they did to TA. And for my family to be threatened too. Forget it, I’d make up 10 different stories to throw the detectives off. another point; Jodi seems smart, I think if what we’re saying wasn’t so true, she would’ve requested a lawyer from the start. She didn’t. It’s kinda after she got caught she let it happen.

    • Hey DD, I see your points, but how do they explain that big bloody palm print on the wall? HEAT OF THE MOMENT, your brain just doesn’t function like you would like to think it does as you sit there calm, cool and collected, going over the crime scene.
      Let’s remember SHE HAS ADMITTED KILLING TRAVIS. But she only admitted it after at least two very grandiose stories that were changed as the interrogations rolled along.
      REMEMBER, JA could have said I WANT A LAWYER in the first minute of the first day of interrogation. I believe this mistake in talking endlessly to the investigators and those absolutely foolish jailhouse interviews of her in the stripes early on show that she simply thought she could get away with it. She should have just KEPT HER MOUITH SHUT, but she is not well in the head and spouts off to her detriment! She even proclaimed NO JURY WILL CONVICT ME. She should have kept her mouth shut from day one. Had she done so, I don’t think this case would ever have gone beyond manslaughter. It still might not. You just never know with a jury. Doubt me? See CASEY ANTHONY. Peace out!

      • Hey Paul & J, I understand where you’re coming from. All I’m saying that I that I think there are some major holes in the case. I am not stating that all Mormans believe in this ritual/atonement, whatever, but in a lot of religions, you sometimes get the extremists. To me, I guess, the slashing of the throat almost seemed like a “message” of some sort. Also, I feel like the roommates weren’t questioned enough.Perhaps there were others involved. She never admitted to police that she did it, her lawyers made that plea. The last time she spoke to the detective was when she explained about the Home Invasion. Could the home invasion have been true to some degree. Maybe she knew exactly who they were, maybe she was part of it, but I certainly don’t think she acted alone. At the end of the day, nobody but her will know the truth, just like Casey Anthony, but I think it’s important to look at both sides of the facts to make an educated conclusion. Again, the crime is so unbelievably heinous, that I can’t see her motive to kill him in that manner. To me, the State didn’t prove that she was a crazy jealous girl, all that stuff was hearse (from TA’s mostly Morman friends). Anyway, it makes more sense to me that his religious friends had more of a motive to kill him then she did – after all he was making a mockery of their religion being with JA. I think she was threatened and so was her family, and I don’t think she has quams about staying in jail for the rest of life to keep her family safe, I think her lawyers influenced the Self-Defence plea, because not sure what else she could have plead for the chance of an acquittal. Anyway, back to work!

    • Thanks for the link. I watched that back when it first aired. I just re watched it and Det Flores says 3 times that the gunshot came first. I wonder if the defense will use this as evidence. Kira I agree that Travis’s friends are very strange indeed.

    • Mormons, to me, are a strange bunch. I live far from Utah. I grew up with a very few Mormons that I was aware of in my greater circle of friends. I thought them strange when I was a teenager, with the prohibition against drinking Coke. (to a kid, this seems very strange…at least it did to me…and made me pay attention to the Mormons and what they were about.) But even as a kid, I knew of Mormon adult parents of these kids I knew, and I KNEW that they drank booze, and I even found that some were adulterers having affairs with other adults AND WORSE. So yeah, Mormons are a strange bunch and despite their religion, susceptible to the same temptations as the rest of us; JUST FLESH BLOOD AND BONES LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. Anybody tells me their religion, well first off, I don’t really care and I don’t want to know….but THANKS FOR THE WARNING. Get that? When someone makes a big deal of their religion and wants it known to all, TAKE THAT AS A WARNING SIGN.

    • Hi Jon,
      That’s good to see. Thanks for the link. It also says a lot when the jury ask so many specific questions as they did on day 8. It kind of highlights all the stuff Flores and his cohorts conveniently bypassed. The jury are certainly not convinced with what The Odd Couple are currently trying to sell them. Hopefully we can keep momentum rolling into day 9 prior to the mini-break.

    • I was listening when the jury asked these questions. I thought the same thing. The Jury has doubt she did it at all. Which I thought from the beginning why did his roomates not notice this till 5 days later? Also it seems things were planted. The camera for instance.

      Maybe this Lisa chic could have more to do with all this as well? I am glad the defence plans on calling her in even though the DA desided they didn’t need her as a witness.

      I wonder and please comment does anybody think Jodi felt she had to admit to this murder? Does anyone feel that she was talked into it? The death penalty is scary do you think she may have just admitted so she could claim self defence and have a better chance of saving her life?

    • Good article…it’s a shame that the people in the comments section are slamming the jury and calling them idiots, unqualified, etc….I bet if they were on trial in a death penalty case, they’d want to make DAMN sure that their jury was thorough and asking for clarification on any issue they had. They surely wouldn’t want the jury to just fry them due to public opinion.

    • Yep, I thought that too. Like I said elsewhere…don’t base beans on what you see in the media. It’s all the COURT ROOM, 100% the court room, that will bring this case to a proper conclusion. The rest is just a sideshow of distraction, meant to entertain the masses. Remember that: TV is NOT REALITY; not the way it’s served up. IF you simply saw the trail, minus any commentary, just as the jurors do, that would be REALITY. TV is ENTERTAINMENT. Don’t forget it. Jose Baez knew that, and he proved it in the KA case.

  21. Yeah, the prosecution’s case has been pretty overwhelming, but remember to dvr the trial and just watch THE COURTROOM, not the commentary. And remember, it’s really only begun; this trial has a way to go, and we haven’t heard the DEFENSE yet. You just never know what will pop up in that court room.

    • I don’t think the prosecution’s case has been overwhelming at all. The prosecutor seems more focused on the naked photos than anything else. I think the jury is doubting, based on the questions they ask. What makes you think it’s overwhelming?

  22. I heard that friends and roommates were on the witness list yet the prosecution didn’t call them.

    So, I’m thinking he chose not to because the defense would have destroyed them on cross. And the fact that he didn’t put any of these friends on with regard to their perfect friend, speaks volumes about who Travis really was and how these friends treated jodi.

    • Yep. Re-watching that documentary really brought home how judgmental and nasty Travis’s friends were. The one guy thought she looked “evil” because she heard them discussing her behind her back? How was she supposed to look…thrilled? How does he think she felt, knowing that the people who invited her and Travis into their home couldn’t even wait for her to leave before trashing her and trying to get Travis to leave her?

      • I always thought how rude that was too. Imagine being in someone’s house and they take your bf aside, and talk about you?! I think he shouldn’t have allowed her to go through that. They also say that she was eavesdropping. I dont think that’s abnormal either in that situation. What was she suppose to do? Wear earplugs?

        • I know that’s so rude in there part. I would’ve been hurt. They invite her over , then theyre cought talking about her behind her back. I’m sure she heard wispers, she walked up to the door, and heard them. Then she walked in n thats when the buddy said he saw her evil look. Duhhh… I’m surprised she didn’t say anything. I would’ve wanted to go right away. I would’ve probably grabbed my stuff n left. Then they would thought she was real crazy for lvg. and that would’ve been the normal thing to do.

          • Yep LC. You’re describing the crazy making that happens when someone is abused. They would have called her crazy for leaving.

            I would have left too.

          • ….yaaaa! And I know girls that would’ve confronted right there in their face and made a bigger deal about it, and even slapping the shit outta her for being so FAKE!! LOL really, I do know people like this.

    • Hi CJ I really hope you see this!! I was just on Blink On Crime and there was mention of a possibility that the reason that the prosecution did not call Lisa Andrews to the stand is that it was not Jodi Arias doing the stalking. In fact it was not Travis being stalked at all. Both times his tires were slashed he was apparently at Lisa Andrews’ home. The second time her tires were slashed as well. Then there was a letter by a John Doe to Lisa telling her to see the error of her ways ( paraphrasing here). I will give you the link you can read it all for yourself. I am not positive how good a site Blink is however this information may come out in the trial on the defense side.

      • Thank u Debbie, I hadnt seen this. Im glad you posted this info. I had not even heard the name Steven Bell until now and iv been on top of this case from day1. Iv always thought it was kindda impossible for this murder to be a one man job. It has always looked like to me that there had to be more then one person involed. With all the unanswered questions, the time (1minute n 38sec.), the camera left behind, the stains in the car, ect ect. And now I hear of this SB guy????? It explains why the prosecutor wouldn’t call Lisa up. I hope the defense will and they bring this SB person up and why, if not was HE not investigated by Flores??

        • If you read down that page LC there is also a roommate by the name of Thomas Brown who states that Jodi Arias had an open door into Travis’s home and was more than welcome at any time. Also TA was supposed to be in a conference call with someone from PPL at 6:45 pm on the day he died. Since TA seemed to be an up and up guy, I cannot understand why the people he was supposed to be in a call with never contacted authorities because he wasn’t there…. it was unlike him.

        • All I know is Mr. Nurmi requested Lisa Andrews’s info in court and the prosecutor did not really want to give up the info stating that she really did not want to testify in this case. Mr. Nurmi insisted he wanted to talk to her himself.

      • Wow. just wow. That detective should lose his job. This is the most incompetent messload of crap I have ever seen.

        A male stalker I could see slashing alexander’s throat.

        • Maybe so BeeCee, but, as all the rest, unless this is actually confirmed by Flores or someone else, it is hearsay. It sure would fit in with JA’s story of someone being there though.

          • Yes, as I have said before, there is a lot of hearsay. But it would make sense as to why they haven’t brought a bunch of witnesses in and why they haven’t shown that Jodi was a stalker….because they can’t.

            Anyway, I wouldn’t count on Flores to confirm anything. His memory is not THAT great and he screwed up the ME information. He probably forgot all his lies he used while interrogating jodi and should have gone over his notes before the trial.

  23. I do have to add that I think it is awful that Travis’ friends kept telling him he could do better. That must have been awful for Jodi, especially to be kept a secret. His friends should have minded their own business. If Travis made the decision to not take the relationship to a more serious level due to his OWN concerns or lack of love…she needed to accept that.

    Sad, all around.

    • There was a great show on TV the other night interviewing some mildly famous men about how to make it with women and get a relationship and where are the pitfalls and what to do.
      The friends are a problem. They will sometimes have a code name for the girlfriend. They won’t like her if she takes away guy time, especially if the guy is the glue to the group. The guy will find out about the code name when the couple break up. Several of the men interviewed said that as people couple up those that are in a couple will try to influence who becomes the girlfriend. Those who are not in a relationship will try to destroy the relationship.

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