Jodi Arias Trial – Day 7

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Let’s see if we can score some more points today.

3rd request for mistrial lodged, citing prosecutorial misconduct re: cell phone records.

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    • I watched one of the other live trials and when they were showing the crime scene pics they were asking okay what is this and what is that….now one part of the crime scene that for some reason didnt get brought up that I noiticed was the bloody footprint they make a big deal of her hair in the shower but whose bloody show imprint is that how come investigators didnt make a big deal of that I understand she was the last person to see him alive but maybe bcuz she lived shes afraid of her family and friends getting hurt by whoever really did this. Just saying her first interview when she says two men were the ones who did this makes sense maybe he made a bad deal with someone and got him taken care of and she happened to be there. His friends seem to be very good at making her sound like a monster like her myspace page seems witchy but I looked it up and its totally normal and shes on his list of top friends how come he wasnt only her sister another contradicting point by the prosecuters when they say she was obsessed with him angry ex maybe cuz he was doing it with her and maybe making her believe she still has a chance meanwhile hes hitting up other women. these are my opinions but if you agree let me know ppl read between the lines….hair? evidence? girls hair sheds mine does….umm bloody shoe print why not investigated no one wears shoes in the shower so someone was there maybe she changed her story to get a lesser sentence suggested by her lawyer. her family and friends help her out if you think she is innocent help her then while you can nancy grace is allowing her show make her look to be evil and his friends are using her show as a platform to make her seem like shes so bad and that they didnt like her and told her at times shes not welcome here seems like bully superiority complexed people mormons are like that very judgemental like my mom was a mormon left cuz she found that they rewrote the bible but when she married my dad whose spanish they all turned on her and said “you had to go to south america to find a guy” meaning like not a white guy my mom was so offended so maybe they were racist against her in a way making her feel unworthy and thats why she was awkward I would be too if I knew I was being judged.

  1. Did anyone hear what Vinnie politician said when Jodi entered the courtroom? “Jodi Arias is entering the courtroom now Notice how she is not in shackles” Sick Bastard! Earlier he acted like a dog drooling over Jodi’s nude pictures. Disgusting! and saying awful shit about her. I had to turn it off!

    • He’s a moron. I caught him today saying that Jodi accessing Travis’s voicemail after his death was PROOF that she was a CRAZY STALKER who was trying to catch women calling him! Of course he ignores the far more likely explanation that she was panicking and wanted to see if people had noticed his absence yet.

  2. Ok. Why wouldn’t Verizon have the regular call logs that show what numbers are texted? Doesn’t that normally show up on a bill? Even if the text contents themselves don’t show up?

      • I’ve been in a situation before where I needed to view texts that had been sent to me and that I had sent out. If I remember correctly, as its been a few years ago, Verizon said they kept those records for up to two or three months.

        Again, I could be remembering this incorrectly, but sure as hell something I’d be looking into. Hope they figure this out.

        • Some companies keep them WAY longer than a few months because they are part of the billing to prove to charges how many texts a person did. I think the prosecution is being deceptive by this.

          • So do I. the defense filed a motion to get all the texts in quite some time ago. Now the defense is asserting that they were being jerked around with regard to both the texts and phone and want independent testing done and a mistrial.

      • I hope her attorney’s are truely doing the best they can. I see that they seem to being a a good job. But they are people too. No mistakes can be made. A lot of work day and night needs to be put into this.

  3. I have no doubt the police OR her lawyers talked her into a confession…there are soooo many holes in this story it’s driving me crazy!!!!!!

    • What holes do you see? I notice the defense has had to fight and is fighting for discovery. At this juncture, it shouldn’t even be an issue should it?

  4. So far in all of these videos with Detective Flores I have not seen anything where Flores tells JA she has a right to an attorney or anything else for that matter. He keeps on questioning her on her guilt time after time. This case should be thrown out just because of his ineptitude.

  5. This trial “IS” BULLs***!!!!! Its so obvious that the judge has taken side and most likely not going to go with a misstrial. I have watched all trial days and up to this point i still blv Jodi did NOT plan this. 1st it is hard to blv that a female as small as her (even in great shape) overpowered a very healthy 200 pound man. Also if this act was planned why would she deposit all that $ into her accounts and make her purchases with her credit /atm cards, even renting a car with it. Isn’t it abvious that if it WAS PLANNED, she would have rented and bought everything cash as to not lv a trace? About the grandparents gun. She could have taken it becuz she was going on a road trip alone. Who knows how many other times she did so and put it back without her grandparents knowing. ???? I don’t know….. there is certainty too many open questions to convict her guilt.

    So many people bashing her without letting her defense attorney use or show text msgs that are more then likely going to prove that TA was the nasty cheating creep he was. He mentally abused this woman till the end and they don’t want to show us becuz they have to convict someone.

    Who was interviewing her in the videos, Flores?? Was it Flores that questioned and showed her the pictures on the video? There was one part at the beginning that he showed her the 1st pic and she looked underneath the paper covering and pushed the folder back at him and he said, “Do u want to see more, I can defiantly show u more.” Let’s just say, I’ve seen all of you” is that what he sais to her?????Can they say those kinds of things to her?!!!

    Anyway what I’m trying to say is that it looks like and it’s obvious that they have already found Judi Arias guilty and they are giving her little chance to prove that it was SD or that she did it cuz he (ABUSER) drove her to do it.

    • …..and also……. his body was discovered 5 DAYS after. WHERE THE HELL WERE HIS ROOMMATES/SO CALLED FRIENDS for 5 days????? “Church?”

      Wouldn’t you think that your roommates would knock on your room door after a few days of seeing that your car has been parked in the garage without moving (you must be in your room), you haven’t stepped out? Don’t you think that one of the roommates would have questioned what your doing in your room without coming out all those days??????

      That’s weird to me!!!!

      • LC as far as I understand it Jodi’s grandparents gun was reported stolen – as their door was kicked in drawers were left open and more than just the gun was taken $30 and some other small items if I remember correctly. As far as the possible explaination of the roomates not checking on Travis I believe they were on vacation at the time of the killing and he was scheduled to be in mexico on vacation the day after his demise. Im guessing that will be the reason that is provided…it is def strange though – does anyone know – if and how long the roomates had been home before the body was found – from what I can tell it was not the roomates that discovered his body but concerned friends who knew his garage opener code. I would have a hard time believing his roomates wouldnt notice something a miss if they were home.

        • J, I didn’t hear about the other missing items at grandparents house…. l must have missed that. If so, Im thinking the prosecutor will bring that up and would want them to take the stand, no???

          About the roommates, only one was at his girlfriends house (house sitting) while shecwas in a cruise vacation with her parents. But the other roommates was home and my understanding was that yes, the other roommarecwas home and that “he” was home when his other friends went there to Loki for him. He just didn’t hear them becuzshe he was in his room listening to loud music. He was one of the friends that found him, the one that actually went in TA room and discovered him. (The girlfriends that called 911 waited outside of the room). But the other roommate was home and the trip he was taking with the girlfriend was suppose to be on the 9th (the day they found him). So the 5 days before why didnt this roommate think there was something off . The day of the trip was the day he was found so he wouldn’t have left yet. If anything they should’ve been seeing him getting ready for a vacation during those 5 days no one (roommate) didn’t bother of knocking on TA door??

          The more I think about it n look at the video of JA confession, it looks like she is protecting someone. someone shes scared of. I’m starting to believe that story but she’s not telling the entire truth. Maybe, maybe……. i don’t know. I have heard about the religion they blvd (and I hate putting it out there because I’m a faithful person myself with my own beliefs) but I haven’t heard good things about Mormonism. (Scary things). Or maybe she had something going on with the roommate. Something way deeper then with TA…..

          Well we will see what today’s trial looks like. Let’s hope the judge grants the mistrial .

          • Quite a few people I have talked with think the same as you after seeing the tapes. I think she was either covering for someone and there are cultures where a person will NEVER, for any reason, rat another person out. Or, I think she was in denial most of the time on the tape… It’s hard to explain, I know. When she breaks down sobbing, saying things like I have brothers and sisters and travis has brothers and sisters kind of made me think she was feeling remorse.

            I also just heard that when a person pleads self defense AZ stating they were battered, they are treated EMOTIONALLY as if they were battered? So, the tapes could be used to help Jodi in terms of her responses and having PTSD.

      • I totally agree,where were the roomates?? The friends who found him said the house smelled? After 5 days,of course it would!!!! And the dog (neapolia) travis’s dog, must have been barking and going crazy? Wouldn’t the roomate be alarmed?? He was on N grace, saying he was in his room watching a movie with his girlfriend, with the smell and the dog barking?? And, I am so happy to have found this site, because I thought I may be alone in my thoughts!! I agree with all of you! And the mormon people are very strange! I lived in Mesa AZ, 25 years ago and was surrounded by them! They are judgemental and spacey like in a la la land trance! I think Travis was a sex addict, pervert of some kind!!!! The girl (first witness) was weird?? She wasn’t interested in him ,but was going on a vacation when she knew he wanted her?? There is something very weird about this guy travis! I think he controlled her and had her under his mormon spell! He kept calling her back! Doesn’t sound like he was happy it was over(like his friend said) I could go on and on and can’t wait til the 29th ,hope they have some good stuff to prove he abused her! I gotta go for now,but thank god now I can share my opinion and have others that are on team jodi !!!

        • Hey, CJ, your picture looks familiar? Are you CMA? (If so I support u too!) If not sorry, your picture looks like someone I am very familiar with!

    • LC,

      In reference to “1st it is hard to blv that a female as small as her (even in great shape) overpowered a very healthy 200 pound man.”

      I think that statement is meant to help Jodi, but with my logic, it hurts her.

      If Jodi is too small to overpower Travis, the first scenario below makes more sense to me than the second:

      1. Jodi attacking him out of the blue allowed her the advantage, element of surprise, being able to wound him and continue to wound him while he struggled to comprehend what was happening, and begin to have a chance to fight back.

      2. Jodi, being surprise attacked by an enraged, adrenaline filled heavy male rushing at her, was somehow able to overcome her attacker.

      • I like your logic.

        Except, that if that indeed happened as jodi stated, Travis could have just been angry and not full of adrenaline. It’s been pointed out by psychologists, that some abusers have control over their actions and aren’t in a rage. The anger is just a ploy to gain control. An example, would be when a cop responds to a domestic violence call and the perp is calm, cool, collected AFTER hitting his/her partner. I’m not saying all abusers are this calculating but some are.

        Also, while you make a darn good point remember flight or fight would produce adrenaline. So if jodi were attacked and went into fight mode, she would be operating off of adrenaline same as if she attacked him in a rage that produced adrenaline.

        Same could be said for Travis – although he may have been vulnerable, his fight response would have kicked in as well hence some of us who think there was a struggle/fight.

        • CJ,

          I always enjoy your comments. Very level headed.

          I never thought about her adrenaline kicking in. That room must have been exploding with ‘energy’.

      • Im thinking along the line that CJ is. Where even if JA was the attacker, a man of almost 200lbs would still most likely overpower an 120lbs woman due to the adrenaline. And if it was the other way around HER adrenaline would have kicked in plus a little bit of luck. Either way, she was lucky that TA didnt get ahold of her or that knife or it woulve been her a**!
        Thats why I think (my opoinion) there was someone else there to help.

  6. Hmmm…so Travis hated the last picture that Jodi took? Hated it enough to get angry enough to go after her when she dropped the camera? He wasn’t thrilled with the whole “gay” (nice choice of words, dude) photoshoot to begin with. Verrrry interesting.

    I think Jodi was protecting someone during her interrogation all right – Travis. She still loved him.

  7. I knew people were going to focus on Jodi stretching in the interrogation room; before her arrest.

    So, so far I’ve learned from the media and Travis’ followers/friends that Jodi is suductive, a witch, a stalker, blank behind the eyes, and obsessed. I’m sure there are more things I’ve heard, Nancy Grace is full of ’em.

    She’s got to be guilty, I mean all of these people who didn’t know Jodi have said these things, so they must be true!!

    Anyone know when the prosecution will wrap up so the defense can have their turn?

    • Ok, so I’m really trying hard to fit this self-defense theory with the case presented so far and I just don’t see it yet. What are the facts of past abuse by TA, if you guys know? I’m just trying to think ahead of a scenario that the jury is going to say “oh, that explains all of her lies to police”. It seems a mental defect/illness makes more sense with what happened before, during and after her arrest. Thoughts?

      • I think since she acted in self defense, she clearly wasn’t thinking clearly or ahead. So once the deed was done and the realization began to set in that she had murdered Travis she knew that very few people would believe her.

        I think she knew what Travis had told all his friends about her. She clearly knew she was supposed to be unseen when visiting Travis, but I think she thought she could someone prove herself to him, because she loved him.

        So, not that I’m right, but I think they will say she lied because she was scared. Scared of Travis, even after death, because of this power he seemed to have had over her, his friends, and probably others.

        Anyone else have any thoughts?

        • It doesn’t have to be an organized well thought killing to be murder 1. Premeditation can form in an instant. I totally get that we are only seeing facts which the state believes will prove the charge beyond a reasonable doubt…obviously!. My question is what evidence/facts are there of abuse…physical or just emotional ? Just text messages? Or are there friends, relatives coworkers who will substantiate the claim? I just think, based upon the evidence so far, JA “snapping” along with a mental illness is a better way to go. The way in which she killed him seems to me to have been done in a frenetic, crazy kind of way. Hopefully, she’s had some psychiatric help which will support her theory. I agree on the death penalty issue.. I will be surprised if she gets it. Although, saying “if I did this I deserve the death penalty” is crazy in and of itself when she later admits to killing him!

          • Hi Cathy,

            While it’s true that premeditated murder does not necessary need to have been planned a while beforehand, there does need to be enough time for the killer to have reflected on the matter, according to Arizona law:

            “Premeditation” means that the defendant intended to kill another human being or knew he would kill another human being, and that after forming that intent or knowledge, reflected on the decision before killing. It is this reflection, regardless of the length of time in which it occurs, that distinguishes first degree murder from second degree murder. An act is not done with premeditation if it is the instant effect of a sudden quarrel or heat of passion. The time needed for reflection is not necessarily prolonged, and the space of time between the intent or knowledge to kill and the act of killing may be very short.”

            The sudden quarrel/heat of passion statute sounds more applicable to Jodi/Travis.

          • But if she claimed mental illness and defense proved that, she would ultimately end up in psychiatric care until she was deemed fit for re-trial, correct?

            Therefore, once she was she fit for re-trial she then could be convicted of 1st degree murder.

            Is that how that works, or do you just get off scott free because you were mentally insane for a moment?

      • You can’t fit it together yet because this is only the prosecution’s viewpoint. You think they are going to share any porn that might be found on TA’s computer? You think they are going to share any sex texts from TA to JA? uh, no.

        Why do you think they only showed call logs and not text logs? I don’t believe for a minute that they couldn’t get the text LOGS (not the actual texts, but the to # and from #’s). This many years later though, if they were not retrieved from the phone company already, the logs might not be available. 🙁

        I don’t think she murdered him….but, I’m not sure if she had any other part of it or not yet. I haven’t made up my mind. I DO NOT think she deserves the death penalty.

        • So you think someon else murdered him, even though she’s admitted to that? Even if its in self defense it’s murder.

          I sure hope the defense can find something good because there are many, many people who want to see her found guilty. A new age witch hunt in a way.

          Since Jodi has already claimed self defense they’re going to have to explain that. My above opinion is purely based on what I know at this point, again its my no means what will happen. I’m no lawyer, just a Jodi supporter.

          • There are multiple reasons I think MAYBE she was not the actual murderer. I don’t think she is faking ALL of her reactions that people say she is. Some, yes. I think her reaction when she said it wasn’t her shoe in the picture, the way she did not look at the blood photos are genuine.

            I would have to start at the beginning and really analyze it in order to put my thoughts in a more organized form but I do think she is the kind of person who would cover up for someone. Perhaps they were getting close to the truth when she decided to come out and say she did it.

            I wish they could prove that she was not stalking him. It really upsets me that they are allowing that hearsay in the court. There is only his word, and he was leading a double life…and trying to deny he wanted her over for sex.

      • My primary thoughts are that the prosecution is so eager to fry Jodi that they overcharged her with murder 1 just to make a name for themselves (sound familiar?). Look at all of the evidence that was left behind – no way was this a methodical, premeditated, thought-out killing. If Jodi planned to kill Travis all along, why was the camera left behind? Why was all of that blood left behind? Why, as she said herself, didn’t she wear gloves? And why hang out with him for 12 hours before the killing took place?

        From what I understand, murder 1/felony murder are the only charges on the table, right? No lessers? I think it’s going to bite them in the ass as it did with Casey’s prosecutors.

      • Not every women reports abuse. Usually as I am a past victim you are to scared of the additional abuse that will come after that. Or you love them so much or think you love them that you don’t want to see them in jail and truely want to protect them. Victims of abuse are timid and scared. You should attend a class if you don’t know or are uncertain about the abuse and abused people

    • M, he told his followers/friends that Jodi was suductive, a witch, a stalker, blank behind the eyes, and obsessed but he liked it. The state have not shown the truth about TA. It looks like the state doesn’t want us to see how he was or how he treated her..

      I can’t wait until the defense steps up. And they better bring it becuz so far in my eyes they havent done much. I think that is when alto of our questions will be answered and when some will change opinions weather it was SD or not.

      • I hoping they bring it too. I agree, we havent seen much except for motion for mistrial. For example, I wouldnt rent a red car. Even Beth on insession said red cars are ticket cars. I think the defense could have made that point on cross by asking the rental car guy that.

        • Omg is that just a few of us or like 95% of the USA residence that would NOT go with a red rental???!!! It’s like a common sense or a learned rule that alomst everyone knows best not to go with the red rental!

      • I hope it all comes out when defense is up LC.
        I’m sick of all this hearsay from Travis’ followers – and people thinking, “Hmm that must be true!”

        Morons. Morons. Morons.

    • The crazy things she says…I can’t believe she thinks she makes a difference. I guess she does, if you’re a gulliable moron who likes having opinions yelled into your brain until you can’t not hear them.

      And her stupid nick names. Omg. She just needs to shuuut uppp.

  8. Why would TA who TRULY believed JA slashed all 4 of his tires would allow her BACK into his life!? I would be going to the local courthouse filing a restraining order – not inviting her over for more sexual trysts!

    Does this add up for anyone else?

    • He had his cake and ate it too.
      Friends and church believed all his lies and he was getting pleased by Jodi when he wanted.
      Sounds like a good, honest man, right?

      Really can’t wait for the defense, hope they are ready.

          • I think she’s going to have too … I’m hoping that her lawyers are able to “backdoor” the evidence like JB did for Casey Anthony and keep her off the stand but since she’s going with SD I can’t see how they’re going to keep her off the stand.

    • I was going to say, no it doesn’t add up. But I’d like to see a consistent application of being involved with an abuser.

      If we can allow Jodi to still hang around and have sex with Travis, even though he’s a macho, abusive, two-timing, enraged, misogynistic psychopath, then it would also make sense why a few slashed tires wouldn’t get in the way of a sordid tryst.

  9. It aggravates me to read all the posts on different sites from people who are ready to fry her in the chair.

    This trial has made me against the death penalty.

    I would pretty much have to see a murder on a video to convict someone i think, if the death penalty were involved. Way too many ways for prosecution and LE to ignore evidence that doesn’t fit their target/s.

    I wonder if they interviewed all the females that he had photos taken with (on his myspace)? So he was looking for a piece of a$$ at conferences and was looking for a wife in the church???

    • Soooooo true!!!! Or for those still out there that are child molesters, child abusers (man that get off on 13 year olds tied up on trees)!!!

      It sure looks like that too me too: “looking for a piece of a$$ at conferences and was looking for a wife in the church” THAT’S HURTFUL…… that along with rejection, and his mind games he played with her. And his own jealousy and trust issues with her as well as mental abuse is what drove her to snap.

  10. The number of stab wounds was 29, does this include the injuries on his hands, the defensive wounds? I ask because all this time I thought it meant he had 29 stab wounds on top of the hand injuries.

    NG was very excited tonight, she kept showing the nude photos of Jodi and Travis that were leaked yesterday, screaming that they are NOT sexy. She is such a weirdo. I used to enjoy her commentary about 15 years ago but in the last few years shes so over the top mad cow like and appears to have lost her mind.

    • The 29 stab wounds is all together Trixels including defensive injuries. Interesting to note, when NG interviewed Dave Hall, he said he was actually eating dinner with her and Ryan the night after Travis died, that he was at the same conference they were and she was wearing a long sleeved shirt which struck him odd given how hot it was out. I am thinking she either had cuts all over her arms or bruises that she was covering up.

  11. I have an interesting opinion about the interrogation of Jodi with Det. Flores. And, I want to hear others’ comments.

    I noticed that Jodi became very “child-like” when she was in the interrogation. What I am referring to is when she leaned WAY over the table to view the pictures, how she tried to “see” what was underneath the portion of the picture covered up,, etc.

    Also, when the screen was split, showing Jodi actually in court and the interrogation, it was like she was watching someone else. While I am not a medical professional, that seems to be a sign of disassociation.

    I REALLY want to know what happened to Jodi as a child. Something is not right here. Usually a person who has been abused (and I am suspecting sexually here), never gets “older” mentally than when the abuse happened.

    Am I way off base?

    • And, she has talked in conversations with the detective before that “Travis” never hurt her, but “other men” did. She also mentioned that he did not “rape” her.

      I wonder if she was sexually abused before when she was younger, something brought her back to that original abuse that Travis might have said, she snapped, and took all the rage she had in her heart out on Travis.

      There is NO other explanation that I can think of that would cause her to stab him so many times, shoot him, etc.


      BTW, has she been evaluated by a psychiatrist or psychologist?

      • I honestly don’t have any information regarding her childhood. I am curious if something happened with her and her father – as far as I can tell he hasn’t been at any of the court hearings?

        I also don’t have any information regarding children of sexual abuse, except that they tend to pee the bed longer in life than non-abused children. I did find it odd that she made it point to tell Det. Flores that Travis didn’t rape her, even though she wasn’t asked. Made me think that Travis must have done something, is just wasn’t rape. Or Jodi may have been lying for Travis, because she may have still loved him, even after what he may have done to her and what she had done to him.

        My opinion on why she stabbed Travis so many times, then slit his throat, and then shot him (I think this is the order is happen in, personally) was because it was a fight or flight situation. Adrenaline. I think Travis was up moving around after the stabbings and so she continued to defend herself until she was sure he wasn’t going to get back up and hurt her. I think this is also why she may have shot him, even after he was dead, just to make sure he was going to come back for her.

        I don’t think she wanted this to happen, I really don’t, but as her defense has said, “It was either him or her.” What would you do?

      • I thought it was a bit off the wall when she said Travis didn’t rape her as well. I am wondering if she felt like that is what he was doing to her when they had sex though because she had stated at one point that they had sex downstairs and it was very rough vaginal sex. She had stated that he was angry about something and she knew the way to alleviate his anger was with sex.
        I have a question if anyone has any thoughts on this one. In the nude photos, there is one of her with her arms stretched wide on the bed… could she have been tied up in that picture? Also they keep going on and on about her changing her hair colour but in those pictures her hair was dark. She had dyed it before going to see Travis. She probably did it when she went back to California.

        • I didn’t notice her hair color, so that’s a good point. I think at this point though the media is picking at anything they possibly can to make Jodi seem like this crazy hot murder. I like her hair darker personally and don’t really care why she dyed it – has nothing to do with this case in my opinion.

          I hadn’t heard about the rough sex downstairs. How odd. I think he definitely had issues.

      • Both Sam and i wondered the same thing Nicole ie her being sexually abused. That comment came from her subconscious but who knows with regard to what? She could have been raped before. I did read a comment on facebook where someone from highschool spoke out and said Jodi DID have an abusive boyfriend, and that when her brother and his friends confronted him, .

      • Nicole, when Jodi mentioned that Travis didn’t rape her, it certainly made me wonder. It was so random and unprovoked. It just doesn’t seem like a comment like that, especially how she just uttered it without thought, would be made unless there is some truth to it, or something more behind the statement. I don’t know what it is. I’m assuming it has something to do with Travis and abuse, whether sexual or emotional. Very random, very bizarre. And they say there’s always truth in lies…

        • That ‘he never raped me or anything’ comment has stuck with me. It’s like she fully expected to be raped. Maybe being raped is normal for Jodi?

          It’s a strange thing to say, for sure. Maybe she was using it as a way to excuse his other abusive behaviors.

          • I think your thoughts were discussed? If this is what you referring, I found her comment to be odd as she were saying rape would induce a rage to where she would have been angered enough to kill him.

    • I also noticed how during the interrogations she constantly rubbed a chunk of hair repeatedly. I am not in a place to judge if she committed the crime or not but I agree that her background needs to be investigated. She may have conveyed some past issues during that blackout if she did commit the crime. She is really talented and thinks before she speaks as if this is an acquired learning. This is a very interesting case and ultimately sad for whatever the end result to be. My prayers go out to anyone involved… including the commenters on this blog because the suspense is really affecting all of us.

  12. This is all very confusing. Today in court they show another vehicle possibly stopped when Jodi got pulled over. And possibly a man was with her in the rental car place. All of her explanations don’t add up but she is telling different stories. What in her background would cause her to change her story so many times? Thoughts???

    I feel that she is somewhat a victim here. Definately a person being examined by the entire world!

    • MH Ryan Burns already testified that he stopped when Jodi was pulled over by the police because her license plate was upside down. They were on their way to his place when it happened. To me that was just confirmation testimony. There is definately something wrong with that picture though because someone that had just stabbed and killed someone certainly wouldn’t be drawing attention to themselves by having an upside down license plate on their vehicle. Travis was never in the car, so the explanation that there would have been blood all over the car mats makes no sense at all. So now we have more questions… Who took the mats from the car? Who put the license plate on upside down? Who spilled the juice or koolaid all over the front and back seats of the rental car?

      • I found that off too. “Cool aid” looking stains….. doesn’t blood get darker with time???? And if it was blood and she planned the murder, would she be that stupid to climb in the back of the car all bloody n then get in the front n drive off?? No, I think she would have rinsed off, grabbed the camera n go. Not let me jump all over the back seat, turn my lic plate backward and lv the camera in the washer…… set up, set up, set up someone else was there.

  13. Thanks for that clarification. I missed the Ryan Burns part that he pulled over and was there when she was stopped. I have reviewed her being questioned…I am ex law enforcement with an investigator background…the detective continues to tell her she is guilty. Over and over to the point that she just says lt seems like I am in the system so… she accepts her fate. Also there are a few times where she says “listen” etc to him but he doesn’t give her a chance. She doesn’t however seem truthful. It seems like she is protecting someone. Void of emotion but all of this could be shock etc. Sorry to say she does do a good job at deflecting ( getting off on another subject) and becomes chatty to a degree about different things. Still confusing!!!

    • Great assessment MH!!!!

      I also think she is protecting someone.

      I think the detective immediately focused only on Jodi because of the “stalking” claims..

      They should not have tried for the death penalty based on the evidence they have.

  14. Yes I agree. Has anyone seen where she wrote in a diary at her home? Days after TA is dead and she “learns” about it she writes in her diary. As if she knows nothing about what happened. Now she really could have multiple personality disorder and dissassociative disorder which would leave her mentally in the dark about this. If so defense needs to get on this and also bring her mental eval out in testimony.

    I must say giving my experience with criminals etc they will talk about every detail but the detail you are directly asking about. I had one young guy shoot another in the face killing him instantly over a female. I must say in my dealings with the young man ( over a year) every 2 weeks he never once gave me the impression that he would murder anyone. He was very compliant, always on time, never failed a drug screen etc. I was shocked that he committed such a horrible murder at all. He shot a guy in the face over a female blowing the young mans head off. Sorry for the graphics. Upon talking to him directly after what he did he was very calm….matter of fact, polite, but stated he knew nothing of what happened. Maintained he had no memory. Needless to say he sits in prison and will for the rest of his life.

    My point…I never saw that coming from him not ever. Neither did his family or friends.
    But back to Jodi…I do think she could have something mentally wrong. People can keep that under control for years and blend well. Then bam! I don’t however think she did this alone. It just doesn’t add up.

    And TA…well he ran his mouth about her to too many people yet he couldn’t stop talking to her. The reason he wanted it on the hush hush is bc he ran his mouth then was very concerned ab how he “appeared” to others. That is the reason he kept her a secret. Not a very mature act. A man or a woman for that matter should be able to see who ever they please. I don’t think she stalked him. She may have liked him more than he did her. A common issue in alot of relationships. But no one lets thier “stalker” in the house with them. That just doesn’t happen. Promise you he had his secrets and flaws like we all do. He was too focused on ” keeping the appearances”…

    The mysteries remain….frankly I think we will never know “the why”!!!

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