Jodi Arias Trial – Day 6

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Today’s witnesses are Yreka police officer Kevin Friedman who investigated a burglary at Jodi’s grandparents’ home on May 28, 2008. Mesa, AZ officer Michael Melendez who recovered the deleted photos from the digital camera found in the washing machine, and Mr Impeachment himself… (drum roll please…) Esteban Flores.

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Should be another interesting week.

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  1. I’m confused by something. Why do these witnesses keep getting called back to testify? Is the prosecution piecing it together for the jury to make it “simple”?

    Also, why is Flores allowed to be IN the courtroom when he is a witness for the prosecution? Convenient that he happened to be in there for the ME testimony and then tries to change his story.

    Finally, why isn’t this jury sequestered? Perhaps in days long ago people took admonitions seriously. But, I can guarantee you that jury members are watching TV and looking at sites like this and the others on the Internet. I know they will claim it is the “expense” of it, but how can Jodi get a fair trial when people are putting “hearsay” out there?

    The latest one I read was that someone on the “pro prosecution” site was saying that the shirt Jodi was photographed in that said, “Travis Alexander’s” was really made for his “blog.”

    They said (without ANY proof) that it said “Travis Alexander’s” on the front, and supposedly it said “Being Better Blog” on the back.

    UM, DUH! He started that blog AFTER he and Jodi broke up!

    But, it is THIS kind of information that people put out there that is clearly false that could lead to a jury member viewing it and making an opinion.

    I think the jury needs to be sequestered!

    • I agree Nicole… The jury should be sequestered, in this case especially. Sequestration is designed to protect the defendant. With all the negative publicity, and in this age of everything we do, on a daily basis, involving computers, technology, etc… It would seem this case would be the poster child for sequestration, to protect Jodi’s right to a fair trial…

    • I agree. I wonder if this can lead to an appeal though. The judge obviously, didnt consider how high profile this would get. I hope some of the jurors say to themselves, “screw it, I’m going with the evidence.”

    • Good catch, Nicole, on the timing of the shirt and blog, respectively. I wasn’t sure how to respond to that claim that the shirt was made to promote his blog. Thanks for your info.

      It’s especially difficult to discuss anything on his blog when so many comments are so immature and crass. How do you respond without lowering yourself to their level? It’s not easy, because anyone who disagrees with them is a “MoRAn” [sic]…according to them.

      • I agree with the sequestered idea. And good catch on the timing of the t-shirt/blog.

        However, that doesn’t feel like a slam dunk to me, and here’s my thinking on why: given other behavior by the two after they ‘broke up’, like continuing to see each other, take naked photos, and have sex, it doesn’t seem to be a far stretch to have your ‘x’ wear your blog’s t-shirt.

    • This confuses me: “They said (without ANY proof) that it said “Travis Alexander’s” on the front, and supposedly it said “Being Better Blog” on the back.”

      Are you saying that the prosecution never had this shirt in their possession, and just made this up?

      And after hearing that the prosecution claimed this and made it up, Jodi never told her defense lawyers that she has the very shirt in a drawer at home and can prove that it doesn’t say “Being Better Blog” on the back?

      Yes, I know, she’ll do that during the defense part of the case.

  2. You know, when i first heard about this case, and read the new reports, i thought to myself, wow, shes guilty as hell. Now seeing alot of the other evidence, my mind is not made up. I keep flopping back and forth, and the many discrepancies, especially that Flores made, saying at least two people were involved, (on the interview tapes), and the order, etc, etc…makes me think they ONLY investigated her. She was their prime suspect because of his retarded friends. Ive watched their interviews. As a victim of abuse myself, I was also a dirty little secret, good enough to sleep with but not be with, it changes you as a person. People think im cold and mean, detached even. Looking at what Ive learned about Jodi, she seems like a sweetheart. Like a person I would love to be around. I love her artwork, and wish i had the money to help out on ebay. I almost didnt post anything. Only she knows the truth about what happens. No one deserves to die the way Travis did, but at the same time, No one deserves what Jodi went/and her and her family are going through right now. When you are fighting back, for your life, you can do things you dont even realize you do, however, It did NOT give me super strength. How could she have dragged his body? Obvious things like that… I just dont see how she could have done it alone, if she did it at all. It seems to me that she was bullied into confessing. We ALL KNOW how cops are, if you admit it, you wont get in as much trouble… blah blah..LIES. I do not trust the police, I never have. I was arrested for embezzlement. They brought me to jail, left me in solitary for two days, i finally get to court, and the judge couldnt believe they had thrown me in jail. They legally COULD NOT charge me with embezzlement, so they changed it to grand larceny, the judge looked at the paperwork, and said, There is NO probable cause here, you are free to go. My lawyer wanted me to sue the police department and the correctional facility for unlawful arrest and confinement. (the whole thing started because I made a typo on someones taxes), an honest mistake, i cooperated with law enforcement, however the officer in charge of the investigation decided I was guilty and endlessly pursued me, even after the judge dropped all charges. So I know what it is like to be ganged up on, and have no one believe you. To have a police officer decide my guilt without probably cause, only because of the lies someone else told them.

      • Thanks, Its hard. I struggle everyday, i have severe anxiety, among other issues. However, I am very lucky, I am happily remarried to a wonderful man. I have a child with my abuser, so I cannot cut him completely out of my life, and he tries to break my husband and I up. When we were dating, he would text me, Hey if you need money ill give you $100 to have sex with me, and other things like that, and Blane and I almost broke up several times, until Blane finally realized that I could not control what my ex would send me, and that he will always be in my life because we have a child together. I have been with my current husband for 6 years, and my ex STILL randomly calls/texts me trying to cause problems, because I know he thinks that if Blane and I divorce that I will take him back. Would you take back a person that told you that he hurts you during sex to punish you when he is mad at you? No bullshit.
        As for the cop thing, I have absolutely no trust at all in the police anymore. However, anyone looking at the case would assume that I was guilty because of all the “coincidences” I got locked out of my email, it was windows live. They said I was sending spam, I tried to prove the account was mine, but they refused to unlock it. In my email was the link to get into the tax return I did. I could not access the tax return so I could not see what had happened. Its a long complicated story, but THANK GOD the judge had common sense! I cooperated fully, and I was able to prove that they locked me out of my email, and the person who pressed charges finally got a copy of his return, and it was proved there was a typo and that I did not steal his money. Everything worked out, however if the cop had believed me, I would not have been traumatized by being locked in a freaking 10 foot by 15 foot cell alone for two days, been shackled and treated like shit. The jail made a mistake and almost sent me to the wrong county for court, and never changed the paperwork so I missed my transport, and they told my husband I was in Barre, when I will still 70 miles away in my solitary cell. Thankfully a guard LISTENED to me and made a phone call on my behalf and found out that I should have been transported 7 hours earlier to court. I had to stay an extra night because of their mistake. God knows how much longer it would have been if that guard had not listened to me. He took one look at me and told me, you should not be here. I used to work for the government, I had security clearance, Im an upstanding citizen with no criminal record up til that point. Not even a speeding ticket and this is how I get treated?! Our system is broken. Many times justice is NOT served.
        Jodi was there. That is a proven fact. However, just because she was there does not mean she killed him, or maybe she is finally telling the truth. I feel terribly for the Alexander family, but you know, Jodi’s family is suffering too. I hate how people are bashing them. Nancy Grace?! What a joke, why is that woman even on tv?! The state of the world today is, there are so many words that come to mind but i think the best one would be, sad. Its sad. You cant trust the government, you cant trust the cops, hell you cant even trust the food your eating anymore! The fact that the government will NOT label genetically modified/cloned (yes CLONED MEAT) that they are feeding to us. Its disturbing, however I digress. I pray that they take the death penalty off the table. Killing Jodi will not bring travis back, it will not give the family peace. What kind of good MORMON person would WANT TO SEE HER DIE?! Didnt travises sister say that? That is NOT justice.

    • Omg, Leah. And another victim story surfaces. We, victims of domestic violence and psychological abuse, know what it was like for Jodi. We understand. Here’s one more for ya…

      First, let me say that a psychologist once told me three things I’ll never forget. 1. Men who are controlling and abusive seek out their prey. They know what qualities to look for in women they can control and disrespect. 2. Victims of abuse, even as early as childhood, inadvertently and subconsciously send out signals or display personality qualities that are very telling of their victimhood, i.e. desire to please and be accepted, and 3. Victims of abuse sometimes freeze and become immobile in their own defense because the pattern of abuse is all too familiar and their abusers have brainwashed them to believe that they deserve nothing better. This is why it is so hard for victims to leave their abuser. When we are “in it”, we don’t have the strength of self-preservation. It isn’t until we are extricated…or our abuser abandons us and time and distance help us to regain our power that we can see clearly how much we were tormented.

      My ex was arrested 3 times for domestic violence, and each time, I accepted the apologies, the sensitive sweet talk and promises to never hurt me again. The cycle of abuse never ends this way. One of the times I actually found some inner strength was when he pointed at my stomach and referring to our unborn child said, “I want it to die.” My motherly instincts kicked in at that point and I left. I couldn’t leave for me, but I could leave to protect my baby.

      My ex went on to medical school and is now a pediatrician, of all things. He does not know my son. The years went by in a flash and before I knew it, my son began showing signs of becoming an abuser. I have no explanation. Perhaps there’s a genetic factor at hand. My son yells at me every day and calls me horrendous names to which I’ve become desensitized after all this time. I can tell when my son is talking to a girl on the phone opposed to a guy because he is rude, disrespectful and profane. I did NOT raise him this way. I intervene constantly and scold him for his malconduct. I can’t believe how much he turned out just like his father. I love my son, but I have told my friends and neighbors that if “I” end up dead, to look at him.

      Sorry for the tangent.

      • My heart aches for you. I have seen similar play out in my own family and I will tell you as I have told other family members.. We teach people how to treat us. If you accept verbal abuse from your son, even if it’s through your inaction, he will continue to behave this way. If you do not want to be mistreated, you must not make any excuses for him (genetic?). I believe it’s called tough love, hard I know, but necessary to show zero tolerance.
        On to Jodi… What a day of damning evidence against her. She will have to put on an incredible amount of documentation of abuse by TA to overcome those photos and her initial statements to police.

      • Oh Becki, I’m so sorry. Please listen to your inner voice, your maternal instinct , etc… Who knows a child, and what they’re capable of more than their mother? I don’t want you, or your son, to become a statistic. I wish I had a magical solution for you, but the best advice I can give you is to find a great support group and allow them to guide you to the best resources available for you, and your son. Please take care, and I will add you both to my prayers…

  3. Here is something interesting. This comes from the blog of Lisa Andrews, the woman Travis dated after Jodi. Look CAREFULLY at what she wrote about trying to break up with Travis:
    Travis and I began dating sometime early in July 2007. I won’t go into details of when we were dating, because that really doesn’t matter anymore, but we dated until February 2008.

    I had tried to break up with him twice before, but he was always so good at winning me back. I loved him a lot, but I knew that we just weren’t right for each other. I knew we couldn’t remain close after the final break-up or else I would end up back with him. We didn’t speak for months.

    Interesting, huh?

    • Yep. Mimi Hall also testified that Travis was “persistent” in spite of the fact that she wasn’t interested in him romantically. I bet the Cancun trip was going to be his opportunity to try to change her mind.

    • So, if one uses the Huff Post timeline, he “broke” up with Jodi in June 2008 to start dating this gal in July? Then the Huff needs to fix their timeline to reflect this. They say he began dating others in December 2007. Also, this Lisa is clueless because the whole time Travis was dating her, he was still persuading Jodi to come over for sex.

      She probably still believes his lies about Jodi being a stalker too. What a SMOOTH talker he must .have been…other than when he was verbally treating Jodi like trash. um yeah,

    • I found the blog of Lisa Andrews that you were referring to. Know what else I found interesting in her blogs? In her blog dated December 16 2008 she stated she turned 21. Travis was 30 when he died in June.
      Another thing she wrote in one of her blogs was this “Lately I’ve been thinking about how different life would be if I had never met Travis Alexander. Maybe that sounds insensitive. I’m sorry if it does. But really, I wouldn’t have gone through so much pain during all those break-ups, not to mention having to deal with the loss of him.”
      That quote came from her blog titled Thanks Garth. There are a few more comments about Travis in her blogs as well.
      I am not trying to put the man down but he seems to be a person that could not stay in a relationship long and work through things…
      You are right BeeCee, he was dating Lisa Andrews and getting Jodi Arias to come visit him for sex at the same time.

  4. so about the gun theft – a door jam was broken and other guns weren’t taken. I guess people think this means she stole the gun or other guns would have been stolen? I dont think it proves that. The more one takes, the bigger trouble they get in. It’s easy to say that she did this because of that but it’s can’t really be proven can it? And the cannot prove that the missing gun was the gun that was used without matching the shell casing to it right?

    • The important question is what type of guns were left? When I was burglarized, they left the long guns and my old laptops. They took my new camera. how old was jodi’s laptop? And, most burglars don’t want to mess with change. Perhaps she had someone else come steal the gun from the house.

      Honestly, I am starting to think she had help because of Travis’ abuse. I think her second story about the man and woman was closer to the truth. She thought they wouldn’t recognize her. And I don’t think she actually knew what was on the photos and that is why she looks. Maybe someone else was responsible to deleting them and destroying that particular evidence.

      Are the law enforcement also all LDS?

      I do not believe she deserves the death penalty for this. I really do think he abused her…I have seen how people can live double lives and be terrible and cruel to the one they “love” or keep having sex with, and how they can be very different to other people.

  5. I was watching the trial this afternoon and during the afternoon recess, someone was putting the nude shots on the overhead projector for everyone to see. In my opinion no one should be touching evidence at all while the court is in recess. I should have probably done screen shots and sent them to the judge. I am angry with myself because I didn’t, however I don’t need that smut on my computer, evidence or not!

    • I saw that too, Debbie. Only I’m sure it was a replay of the prosecutor putting the pics up. Did you see how the hands kept pointing to the dates? It makes me wonder why he put those pics up so often and for so long. Very strange. I was glad to see what the jury was seeing but I do wonder what happened.

      • I am wondering what happened too Sam. As far as I know, if the judge is not in the courtroom and that was not a replay of some kind, then it should be labeled as tampering with evidence and heads should roll!!

        • I had to hear about it because my computer keeps shutting off. I wish I had scene it now because I didn’t know you some of you think it may have been intentional.

          • CJ if your computer needs to be cleaned out, it will keep shutting down because it is over heating. Get yourself some canned air duster and clean out the areas where the. fans are.

    • I saw that too; I was watching Radar Online’s feed! Wow, someone really screwed up allowing those to go public!

      I cannot stand Martinez. Dropping the camera in court, accusing Nurmi of being racist…he is such a dick. His Kermit voice is getting on my last nerve too.

      • I am watching the live feed that you click on from here Kira .. That is just it, I do not think they were meant to go public.

        • I was watching the AZ-Central live trial feed too, and I don’t think it was accidental. They basically broadcast the clips of Martinez showing the “bedroom pics” that were cut from the live broadcast. That 2-3 minute clip then had to be edited, re-wound, set up and then broadcast. It was no accident. That’s my perception at least. I’ll write more about it tomorrow, and about the camera dropping, the 2nd mistrial request & the deceit on the part of the state.

          • SJ would that not be considered as tampering with evidence? What right does anyone have,media included to broadcast things that the judge has deemed not for public viewing?

          • Hi Debbie,
            Yes, that may well be the case. The same applies to Martinez’ camera dropping antics… but for sure the judge will not be impressed when she finds out what’s been broadcast live. Either way, it’s been an awesome day for Jodi and the defense!

    • It looked to me like an accidental replay from earlier – nothing sinister or intentional. Parts of it were fast-forwarding. But I suspect someone’s head is still going to roll. Won’t be long before we see those nude shots of her all over the internet – if they aren’t already.

  6. I don’t know that the nude photos were an accident. I am seeing them all over the news and on Huff Post. Granted their are black blocks covering their private parts, but still…

    I’m sick of people jabbing at Jodi singing in prison. Is that really important? When is someone going to stick up for her, sheesh.

    What was the whole thing about someone dropping the camera? I tried to watch the live feed, but its not working correctly. Anything important happen today? Was it a good day for Jodi? How is everyone feeling with today’s proceedings?

  7. Out of curiosity, why did Jodi’s original court appointed public defender Victoria Washington withdraw from this case?

    And is it true that Kurt Nurmi also tried to be removed from the case?

  8. Oh my god. Someone is trying to say that Jodi must have crawled in the shower with Travis’ dead body and rinsed herself off. They’re also saying that Travis had told family members that he was worried he might end up dead, or be found dead.

    The amount of he said, she said BS that is going on is just completely ridiculous.

    • Right! I am hearing another friend of Travis’ on NG saying she is or was into witchcraft; she had witchy photos on her myspace page and when he first met her in person her energy was provocative and her eyes were empty.

      • I liked the photo of her holding her hand over the flash, illuminating herself in a dim light. She’s a photographer, I’m sure she was simply experimenting, but now it makes her a witch.

        And now I’m hearing people say that Travis had no time to attack Jodi, that she all of a sudden decided to kill him, waited for him to be in a vulnerable position in the shower, and attacked.

        But Jodi had time to drag him through the neighborhood (okay, I’m exaggerating) in 1:38?

        They’ll twist it whichever way makes them feel good. Morons.

      • Oh please. Seeing as how Travis’s friends are all sexually represeed, uptight, judgmental jerks, they’d think that any attractive woman was a witch who was out to corrupt them.

    • Dr. Karl Hiatt had Travis over to his home regularly for dinner and recounts Travis telling his worries about Jodi. He told the Hiatts about his slashed tires and said that he was worried he would end up “dead” by her.

      This is probably true, but doesn’t it seem that he got off on it? I mean, he kept going on and on, almost pushing Jodi to see how far she would go. Travis seemed to be in it for the thrill of testing death and challenging her breaking point. He put himself there in what he determined was a risky situation repeatedly.

      I’m not saying he deserved to die, but it seems he was almost asking for it, don’t ya think?

  9. How does the prosecution know what Jodi was wearing when Travis was murdered? Did she tell them, did they find the clothing?

    Curious how they know she was wearing stripped pants. Not important really, just curious.

    • They say she had striped pants on because of that one pic SJ posted a couple days back. I couldn’t make out the pants though. I guess the jury saw more though.

      • During the trial this afternoon, the witness stated that the last two photos were taken while the camera was turned upside down. My camera is not the same as the one on there, but when I take a picture on my camera upside down, the date stamp is upside down on the top instead of the bottom right side up. I do not recall the prosecutor asking the witness how he could tell that the picture had been taken upside down. I do however think that this ties in with JA’s story that she dropped the camera. It likely bounced and wound up upside down on the floor in the bathroom. That is a very plausible explanation.
        Watching the trial later in the day shows the detective browbeating (albeit nicely since he knew it was being recorded) JA into admitting that she was in fact at the scene. He kept telling her that he knew she was there, he had all this evidence against her. Haven’t we heard the “we know you are lying” story before?

        • Correct me if I’m wrong, but I also thought it was pretty ridiculous how he kept telling Jodi in the interrogation video that “It’s all over Jodi.”.

          At what point could she have refused to talk and requested a lawyer?
          Not sure how all that stuff works.

          Just thought it was awfully ridiculous.

  10. IS IT ME OR WHAT?!?

    Travis has more “dear friends” than I can count on two hands!

    Every night there is some “exclusive” talk with a friend of his about Jodi on either Nancy Grace or JVM.

    If it is an exclusive, I guarantee they are being paid money. So, let me get this straight – his friends are PROFITING off his death???

    If these people were such “great” friends of his, then why aren’t they on the prosecution’s witness list? Because they have NOTHING to share!!!

    BTW, did any of you catch the CRAZY woman who called into Dr. Drew tonight, swearing she worked with Jodi? Yet, the time (2008), place (southern CA), and the name of the workplace was wrong.

    This woman went on and on about Jodi, how she didn’t feed a cat for two weeks that she watched for a friend, how she just couldn’t leave Travis, and she had a “flat” affect.

    Now, in all the talks with police, Jodi had ANYTHING but a flat affect.


    • Nicole, the person that got me the most was his friend Dave Hall. He stated at the end of his interview that he wears suits that were given to him that belonged to Travis and were embroidered with Travis Alexander on the inside. He had a tailor rework it to say in memory of… travis alexander and it looks like he has been wearing the same jacket day after day in court. The colour of the jacket doesn’t suit him at all. In his defense he did state that he had no idea that TA was still seeing JA. I am thinking if the family gave Dave some of Travis’s clothing, they must have been friends and his family was well aware of it. During his interview he didn’t really say anything against JA, he just said he didn’t think they were well suited for each other.

    • TA’s friends seemed all snobbish; they admired his house, his car and his money. But those neither define the character nor the intelligence. What irked me was that they all said that JA was not the wife material; the womanizer demanded a virgin wife.

      • I was a single Mormon for 15 years, and let me assure you that the MOST immoral and womanizing Mormon men married the MOST beautiful and virginal Mormon women. That’s a “given” in Mormon culture.

  11. Ok I am confused as to the debate of proving how she did it… She confessed to doing it and is going to attempt to prove that it was self defense… Anyone have any ideas based on the testimony? I mean there were defensive wounds… ME says T fought for his life…
    But I struggle with the idea of how or why she had a knife or gun with her… Also if he is abusive why go to his place? Normally domestic violence victims have an issue that they cannot leave and seek out shelters…
    I obviously came to this site for some ideas of how the trial was being perceived outside the mainstream media….

    • Jodi might have the gun for protection when driving alone long distance. I believe that the knife was taken to the bedroom by TA for kinky sex. Jodi might run away from TA’s profanity or threat to the bedroom. She picked up the knife and stabbed him in rage or fear; far from 1st degree murder. Tax money is being wasted to try to put Jodi on death row; so some people can write books. make movies and become famous.

    • So far what she said when she claimed self defense has turned out to be true. She obviously dropped the camera because there are pictures on the camera that were taken upside down from the floor. The prosecution seems to be proving so far that it very well may be a case of self defense. He was upset that she dropped his brand new camera, came out of the shower and went after her.

  12. The prosecution MUST prove that Jodi planned to murder Travis before she got to his house in Mesa. So far, they have not. So, looks like 2nd degree murder, which means she’ll be out in 20 years, be in her late 40s or early 50s. Maybe too hold to have kids, but she’ll still be able to have a life. Personally, I think she planned to kill him “IF” he rejected her one LAST time, which is, of course, exactly what he did. After having sex she probably said, “Travis, are you going to take me to Cancun with you? Are we back together now?” Travis, “Look Jodi. You’re a good fuck, but that’s all you are!” Then the gun and knife came out. BUT…..can’t PROVE that. So, she’ll get 2nd degree murder, and be out by the time she’s 50.

    • I was about Jodi’s size and no way she would use a knife to try to kill a man of 190 pounds when she had a gun; that was why the detective lied that the doctor told him that the gun shot came first. In my opinion, the pictures recovered from the washer and the overkill were consistent with rage (murder II) or self defense. She was definitely over charged by the fame seeking prosecutor, similar to Casey Anthony’s case. My sympathy is for Jodi because TA seemed to be the type most repulsive to me (hypocrite). Too bad Jodi did not call police right after she realized what she had done then either told the truth or kept her mouth shut.

      Jodi obviously had a lots of issues and TA was taking advantage of her. To be honest, I am not sure that I would not have gone into blind rage if someone called me a whore after using me to fulfill his deviant sexual fantasies. But I would never have dated “a religious man” who wanted to sodomize me.

      Some of the nude pictures of Jodi taken by TA were the ugly reflections of the real TA and I would never want to be anywhere near a man like him; she was just a genital to him and the man was no husband material.

      I do not believe that Jodi planned the killing. She would have shot him while he was sleeping and it was crazy to think that she was stabbing him with her left hand and taking pictures with the right hand. She was too naïve to lie after the mess, especially her hands were cut during the frenzy. One possibility was that TA called her a slut again after he had enough kinky sex for the day and she snapped and stabbed him using the knife already in the bedroom. The knife was TA’s and used by TA during the kinky sex (bondage and violent fantasy), and that should be murder II. She already spent almost 5 yrs in jail and I doubt that she will spend another 20 yrs considering all states are pretty much bankrupt and people like her is no danger to the society and rarely reoffend. If I were one of the jury, I will give her time served for murder II. Another possibility was that TA was mad and violent because she drooped the new camera, he chased her to the bedroom; the bloody scene actually was consistent with both possibilities.

      It was interesting to me that Jodi lied (second lie) to the detective that two intruders did it; TA was screaming and she was against the wall and her head hurt and it reminded her when her dad hit her head. Does anyone here know about Jodi’s childhood? Why was her father never in the courtroom? Why was Jodi living with her grand parents, not her parents? I believe that the defense will go like this; TA was screaming profanity and banging her head against the wall, she managed to get the knife and started to cut his upper back and so on (shallow wounds) to get him off her, but that enrage him and TA threatened to kill her and she gave him the fatal stab in the chest. Why all the lies?

      Jodi had a very difficult childhood and developed a survival mechanism to detach and deny when the situation was too terrifying (killed TA for self defense).

      • I agree with your theory. If Jodi went there just to kill him, she would have done it and fled, and did a better job hiding it and cleaning up. The aftermath was a mess showing complete chaos and no planning involved. I agree that she lies because somewhere in her life she had to lie to keep herself safe. As someone that suffered abuse as a child, my memories of my childhood were buried for years and only started coming back to me in my late 30’s. It took years to piece it all together and understand why my life was so filled with fear, anger and sadness starting way back in grade school. Travis used her and shit talked her behind her back to his pals that are now all over the TV telling lies and making things up. The fact that there’s photographic proof that he was banging Jodi and lying to his friends should piss them off and show them he was living a lie. They should be asking themselves what else might he have been lying about?

  13. Melendez says the memory card was still in the camera when found in the washer but I thought earlier in the week it was stated the memory card was loose in the bottom of the washer. How in the world do you run a camera through a wash cycle and have it still work? That must be some camera.

  14. I agree with many of the comments stated.The first thing that really angers me that the jury is NOT sequestered,especially in a death penalty case. If nancy , jane and mr.drew are being watched by the defence as they doubt,so are the prosecution and very likely,so are the jury,unless they pull their cable etc… Jodi,has probably lied in many respects but she IS trying to save her own life and I refuse to judge her in any regard. I do watch the trial because I started,but it will definitely be the last American trial that I will ever watch . I think that Travis was a perverted,hypocritical,misogynist who used and abused her,knowing that she needed to be loved and would do almost anything to hold onto his ‘love’.Look at his eyes in most of those pictures of him with and without Jodi.Her eyes may be blank,but to me ,his are the epitome of Pure Evil.Check it out.Not only that, he looks as if he is smirking in front of her,not even behind her back,as he does in bad mouthing her to his friends while continue to lead her astray,even after their so called ‘baptism’. He didn’t deserve to die,but neither does she!
    . When the time comes he will very likely be burning and being Spun around,all the while focusing on his eternal pain where he can continue to focus on himself,like the narcissist that he was in life.At least Jodi still has the chance to be Saved…Praying for her and the families…..

  15. Although you hear nothing about the jury not being sequestered, I am in stunned disbelief that Jodi’s attorneys did not insist on this point. When you see the extreme hatred for the defendant on t.v. and the internet it is hard to believe that the jurors are obeying the judges instructions not to talk about or watch or listen to anything related to the case. The state is worried about the cost of housing and feeding the jurors. This is the price we must pay to assure every citizen is given a fair trial. That is a constitutional right. Unfortunately are country has become a country not of laws but of politics, public opinion and money. We need to get back to what our Founding Fathers meant when they gave us the laws they knew we would need to grow as a country. They would not recognize todays interpretation of our sacred constitution. Thanks for letting me weigh in. Peace!!

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