Jodi Arias Trial – Day 56

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Like I said in my earlier post today… if I’d bought a ticket for yesterday’s State circus performance, I’d be asking for a refund. To describe it as shambolic would be an understatement. I mean come on… there’s absolutely no way the jury are gonna convict Alyce LaViolette of M1, is there?

Juan Martinez - a 4 foot pile of shit in shoes

I had heard that the Taliban pedo-huggers were planning on planting a tree to celebrate the end of the trial – and to raise some more “funds” – but their plans came to an abrupt halt when they couldn’t find a 12 year old girl to tie to it… despite the best efforts of Chris Hughes.

Hopefully they’ll check back here on Sunday (even though they’ll not be able to post) when I re-post a picture especially for them. That’ll be to coincide with their fake praying stunt, duly orchestrated by Sourpuss, their shovel-wielding meth-head leader. The real irony of it is, had TA been black, they’d all be supporting Jodi. Yes or no?

So peeps… after 4 months & 56 action-packed trial days… 350 uploaded videos and over 100,000 posted comments, it’s finally come down to the last day of the trial and the defense closing arguments.

Jennifer Willmott & Kirk Nurmi - Jodi Arias Is Innocent - com

I’m sure it’s gonna be spectacular too. Jennifer Willmott & Kirk Nurmi (aka “The Nurminator”) have done a truly outstanding job for Team Jodi since day 1 of the trial. For that we are grateful. No doubt that’ll continue today as they obliterate all of the State’s hypothetical BS, hearsay, speculation, lies, deceit & wishful thinking once again – and dish out yet another overly-generous helping of rectal rippage on Kermit’s over-charged fairy-tale fiasco.

Ain’t that the truth.

Here’s the bottom line:

It doesn’t matter what anyone “knows” or what they “think” they know. It only matters what the State has proven beyond AND to the exclusion of all reasonable doubt. And so far, it has proven nothing.

Rest assured this website will remain here indefinitely. It’s not just here for the trial as some people thought. Far from it. This site is gonna be here for years to come.

Jodi Arias - Jodi Arias Is Innocent - com

By the way… as you may have noticed, my opinion on the outcome of this trial has never changed. Click here to read one of my first posts from last December and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

And let me tell you this right now — To everyone that has contributed & posted here… your dedication & support over the past 4+ months has been truly amazing. Without you, the site wouldn’t have been anywhere near as successful as it is right now… and long may that continue. That also goes for the admins & techs that work behind the scenes too. Collectively and individually – and without a shadow of a doubt – we are all TEAM JODI and we are all very fucking awesome.



Never question it.

Never doubt it.

Team Jodi

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We Are Team Jodi ---- And We Will Be Victorious!



  1. Nicole asked a question about tithe on the money the family is getting for fun stuff here are my thoughts.
    No Skeletor (Tanisha) and her minions can’t pay tithe from that money it all goes to fighting He-Man and She-Ra (JW and KN) . I mean think about it where do you think all the pay off money is coming from. Because if anyone thinks there hasn’t been any money changing hands (weather its during or after the trial) They are crazy!! Hell who knows they might be saving it all to be on the first episode of Jaun’s new show on HLN, which will air immediately following the trail. Its called ” I shit on you head, say thanks for the hat” hosted by JM check your local listings!! Your thoughts

    • Krista, I am not sure I understand your post.

      The money that is being collected for the family is NOT going to fighting the defense – the State of AZ’s taxpayers are footing that bill.

      I went to Tanisha’s FB page about a week ago and found pictures of her family doing all kinds of fun stuff, like going to professional sporting events, racing mini cars, going bowling, etc. Now, all the pics and posts are hidden. Gee, I wonder why??

      Now, I ask all of you – if you are having a problem paying your REGULAR BILLS, where does the money come from to go and do expensive, fun things?

      From the backs of hardworking people who donated under the auspices of helping them with regular bills. Which, BTW, is being taken care of by the Mormon church.

      This whole thing is a farce on the part of the family. AND, whether all of the family is Mormon or not, the church will still help them.

      How do I know this? Good friend is Mormon and I live in Mormon country here in AZ. 🙂

      • I was being a smart ass as in it could be going anywhere hence the He’man reference( besides the fact she really does look like skeletor.LOL). . I really think it goes to the hair and make up people HLN put them in contact with. Their hair and makeup have improved since KN mentioned HLN in the mistrial hearing so maybe HLN decided to glam up the key players they support, for a price of course. Maybe first interviews after the trial. Either way the TA family and HLN are working together look how many hits there facebook pages have had because of hln. look at all the the haters hln has created. I just wonder how much comes from private donors and how much comes from HNL and The Flores’ family. I’m just sayin.

        • Sorry, I misunderstood your post! 🙂

          I want to know how much all the “friends” are getting paid to appear on HLN programs.

          Also, it would be nice to see an “accounting” of the money that was donated. I don’t think that would be an unreasonable request from people who donated.

          But, of course, anyone asking that question would be attacked! lol

    • I’m pretty sure today is the last day, literally. So it’ll be the defense, then Kermit’s summary, then Pickles with a summary of the jury instructions again.

      Team Jodi

  2. Good Morning Everyone! Hopefully switching computers will allow me to post. With all the site traffic this morning there must be tons of lurkers out there. To them I say hello to the the supporters and F*ck off to the haters. 🙂

  3. JM yelled that the defendant lied. He said “she lied to your faces! She manipulated you..” He lied to them too. Should they completely disregard his case because he lied and manipulated the truth? He’s so stupid. He blatantly lied about testimony and evidence. Even his opening statement had lies. Do you remember in opening he claimed Jodi had the camera with a strap around her neck and meanwhile the camera strap wasn’t touched and was new? These are the little things. Imagine all the big lies!

    • I still can’t get over Dr. Horn’s “typographical error” lie, and all the lies about whether the gunshot or the stab came first, and the lies about whether or not TA would be incapacitated after a .25 caliber gunshot wound to the face or brain. I just can’t get over it.

  4. Gee SJ, that kinda sounded like a goodbye 🙁 I am having a hard enough time coping with losing my daily interaction without you sounding like its already over……… Don’t leave me yet!

    • Yes, after today it will be goodbye… until tomorrow :mrgreen: No worries.
      We are here for the long haul.


      Team Jodi

  5. Good Morning all, I am looking forward to the defense closing. Nurmi will do an awesome job I’m certain.
    Not annoying, nor with the weird whispering from Kermit, nor with with the dull repetitive stream of bullshit.

    • ” nor with with the dull repetitive stream of bullshit.”

      “Juanarrhea” I think is what someone’s daughter called it (was that your daughter Jennifer?)

      Juanarrhea of the mouth.

      SOMEONE give him and IMMODIUM now!

  6. Prayers to Jodi and her family and JW & KN. You’re right SJ the Defense Team has done an outstanding job and I thank God they were there for Jodi. Let’s rock today!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Wow SJ! Perfect words for this most epic day!

    I’m so excited to see the “anal rippage” I can barely contain myself!!

    And I think it quite fitting to get this party started with a big FUCK YOU to the haters!

    GO TEAM JODI!!!!

  8. I’ve always wondered what the media reaction would have been if Jodi wore a big bonnet and long dress.

      • Seriously, reboot.

        I was locked out for an hour yesterday. Yes, I hyperventilated when all I was left with was haters sites.

        Rebooted and all was well.

        • “I hyperventilated ”

          yeah, I get that!

          One day I was getting a white screen…and I thought…Oh No!!! What did I do? Did I get banned or something??? Not that I have every done anything worthy of banning…but hey! and I somewhat freaked out just a little.

        • Renee (HRS),
          The other day I was locked out…or the page wouldn’t even appear, just a blank white page and I was beside myself…I hadn’t realized how much I need you all. I felt lost! It was over an hour before the page responded. It was horrible.

          • I know….. it makes a person so lost and scared to not be able to converse with real human beings with critical thinking skills…

  9. Quoted from above, SJ says, “We are all TEAM JODI and we are all fucking awesome”
    Now THIS is the way to start the day! 🙂
    *\ 😆 /* Lets get ready to ROCK THIS JOINT!!!!
    Hello friends!

  10. It’s crazy how many people are posting today. I wonder how many people visit this site… Messages will probably slow down when defense does the closing. This is crazy!

  11. SJ,
    WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
    Hello ”fucking awesome” fellow supporters!!

    Angel Jodi looks beautiful in her black outfit!

  12. i wonder if he was pro-defense. If so it wouldn’t surprise me if JM had something to do with his removal.

  13. HAA HAA HAA! HLN is saying that alnight last night on their facebook page evryone wassaying how bad jaun did. he was to sarcastic and hard to follow and then the hosts all agreed. after THE HOURS of them saying how ” wonderful” JM did. I just thought you all should know! I thought it was great that even HLN facebook haters even saw he SUCKED!! maybe they are coming here and getting educated?

    • Thanks Krista. I have wondered, and I can’t bear to see for myself. Plus the mesh sling ads gross me out.


    If you have both Firefox (mozilla) and IE browsers, AND you have Windows 7, you can open up the live trial in one browser, and then hold the Windows button down at the same time as the left arrow key. Then, pull up this site in a different browser, and hold the Windows button down at the same time as the right arrow.

    Viola! You have both sites up side by side! 🙂

  15. don’t ya like how TAs sisters bow their head as if on cue, not to” look” at the pictures Nurmi is putting up but still look-up with their eyes.

  16. I can’t believe that nut is objecting already. I’ll bet he makes objections through the whole thing. What a jerk.

    • He is trying to tell the jury he is just like them. They may not like her but the facts are the facts.

      KN doesnt like her but he will defend her because the facts are on her side.

    • Interesting that Jodi laughed at that remark…sounds like some inside joke that I hope Nurmi clarifies at some point.

    • Yeah thats what I thought . shouldn’t he be saying I don’t hate jodi arias . How can you hate someone for wanting to live? how can you hate some one for having to depefend themselves? What the shit nurms?

    • I think it was a joke. I imagine that laywers and clients argue a lot. Jose mentioned that he and Casey butted heads a few times.

      Anyway, the judge said to disregard it so the jury can’t reflect on it either way.

  17. I love that KN looks at TA family too when he talks as if he wants to drag them it to this and make them see the truth. Jaun NEVER looked at the family and Defiantly do not see him do at at the very beginning.

  18. Wow! He even brought up sexual orientation of witnesses! They know the jury has watched or read about the trial! How else would they know AL is gay?! Then Martinez objects to Nurmi saying “9 out of 10 days I don’t lile jodi”.

      • It WAS hilarious! He was making the point that you don’t have to like her, you can dislike her and find her not guilty! It was GENIUS, IMO!!!
        Jodi loved it too. Such a cute smile, glad to see her do that for once!

        GO NURMI!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Shit,Im having trouble accessing the site already!
    Haters are you out there? Go fuck yourselves if you are!!

  20. I think him telling them the trial is not about FEAR is very good. They shouldn’t be afraid to stick to their convictions, despite how much Nancy Grace and the mob scream.

  21. It’s NOT good that he said he didn’t like Jodi. There has been speculation from the haters that he did not like her.

    This is not a joke – this is her life that is on the line!

    • I am glad he did. He was speaking to the ones who dont like her.

      Plus, he doesnt like her, but this trial is not about likeability.

    • It’ll be OK……He knows they’re some Mormons on the jury and he wants them to feel morally responsable to do the right thing,not make a choice just because they don’t like her..

    • Jose Baez said the same thing about Casey Anthony in his closing arguments. He said it over and over. You may not LIKE her, but that doesn’t mean she’s guilty.

    • Yup, VERY TRUE!!! Iv always thought that. why the hell would she use a gun that the police KNEW has a police report! !!! DUHHHH

  22. I hope he points out how common .25s are. That there are twice as many .25s in the U.S. than motorcycles. Thank you, Al.

  23. He is doing well! I like how he is pointing out that everything the state says is stupid.

    I hope he brings up the fact that Priceline does not directly charge your credit card!!

  24. OMG! Nurmi is KILLING IT!!!

    LOVE how he keeps calling it a “covert mission”. Shows the level of ridiculousness!!

  25. Well, here we are. This day has been long coming. Nurmi, you need to hit this out of the park today. No tricks. No stunners. No great debate. Just keep it simple and straight forward… “Where is the proof?”.

    What I think they need to bring out today:

    1) I think the defense needs to be 100% clear on what the law of “reasonable doubt is”. Not what Jm tried to say it is.

    2) They need to draw a line between “possible” and “probable”, then put 2 sticks of dynamite on that line and blow a grand canyon sized hole between these two ideas. Possible= Reasonable doubt.

    3) They need to let the jury know that Jm is manipulating the facts, the witnesses and the jury. They should ask the jury to use their own eyes and ears. Is JM “incapable” of talking like a human, or is he manipulating the trial? Well, they need to only look at his close yesterday afternoon to compare it to the demeanor of the trial JM had. He didn’t yell at the jurors, he kept calm, he was polite to them….Yet he was a total ass to witnesses. this shows his trickery. He is capable of talking, he chose to yell. He is capable of making a clear thought, yet he chose to talk in circles with the witnesses. He then tried to use the tricked up testimony as “what the witness SAID” rather than what the witness truly thought. THIS IS HUGE for the jury to consider, if they are pro pros at this time. it allows them a justification to change their mind. (people need justification, an “out”) Give them this “out”.

    4) I would love to see the defense say something along the lines of:
    “throw out everything you have heard, that COULD be a lie. Throw out ALL of Jodi’s testimony, throw out all of Dr. S’s testimony, ALV’s, DR. D..all of it. According to the PROSECUTOR they could have all been lying. So, throw it out. Throw out Flores testimony, as HE told you he lied. (but didn’t mean to…) Fine. Now, what are we left with? That’s the proof. Jury, I ask you….what ARE we left with? Nothing. There is NO PROOF. We are left with nothing. We have a body and pictures, that show someone died, but no one has given a story that has been proven. The state hasn’t proven their story. THEY say we have not proven our story…so there is no story to believe. We can’t tell by the pictures what really happened, we can guess. We can’t tell by the “liars” testimony, but we can guess. We can’t tell by the emails, we can guess. We can’t tell by the texts, we can guess. We can’t tell by the phone recordings, we can guess. The prosecutor is even ASKING YOU TO GUESS. His words for this are “no big stretch of the imagination”. He wants you to use your imagination…to guess. Even an educated guess is a guess. We don’t convict on guesses. That’s really what the law says, regardless of what the prosecutor told you yesterday. He can manipulate you into thinking his law is your law, but we don’t allow that in this court room. You will not hear the judge say that I am wrong, when I wrap up, because this IS the law. No guessing. No informed guessing. No educated guessing. No “imagination” even if it includes lions, tigers, gophers, reflections of dogs, snow white and the seven dwarfs, bloody rainbows or even herds of wildebeasts.

    5) Wrap up… “ We are not asking you to find Jodi innocent. Jodi is not asking you to find her innocent. The law is telling you that unless you have proof you must find her not guilty. This is the law, and we have no proof, just 4 months of guesses. “

  26. Objection! Your Honor Kermit is annoying the fuck out of me and trying to hack Nurmi’s closing,
    can we put a muzzle on the chihuahua?

  27. I hope nobody minds if I post this once more. I just want to see just how many points Nurmi hits on. (Plus I expect he has a few more.)

    While the State is trying to convince the jury that Jodi’s story doesn’t make sense, in reality, her story makes much more sense than the State’s. Here’s what the prosecution would have us believe:

    That a woman of above average intelligence decided to drive 1000 miles to kill her lover and that the premeditated plan she came up with is as follows:

    1. Steal the murder weapon from grandparents’ house – just one week before the killing. (Surely no one will ever be able to make the connection.)

    2. Rent a car 90 miles away from home to avoid detection (but don’t forget to attract attention by quibbling over the color.)

    3. Drive down to Darryl’s house near Monterey and borrow gas cans so as to disguise travel route (rather than just buying cans along the way with cash because of course we can totally trust that Darryl will never mention the gas cans when the police inevitably come knocking on his door since the police will obviously be investigating all of Travis’ friends, including – and perhaps especially – me.)

    4. Drive over to Mesa and arrive at Travis’ around 4:00 am. (Note to self: Must find out when roommates might be home or could possibly come home.)

    5. Don’t shoot him immediately and quickly beat it out of town so as to avoid being seen or arriving suspiciously late at Ryan’s in Utah, who will, by then, be expecting me in approximately five hours. (Instead sleep the night with Travis and have sex with him so that my presence will be thoroughly imprinted all over the scene.)

    6. And be sure not to shoot him in the middle of the night while he’s sleeping. Instead wait until he’s fully awake and conscious (so that, in the name of all fairness, he can have an equal chance of killing me instead.)

    7. Before killing him, have him take photos of me – with time stamps. (Just need to be sure to throw the camera in the washing machine before I leave – rather than disposing of it along the way with the gun.)

    8. Do not drive directly to Utah up Highway 17 (even though already running quite late at this point) but rather make a detour over to Hoover Dam (maybe to take in the sights).

    9. And somewhere between Kingman, Arizona and Hoover Dam be sure to call several people on cell phone (so that there’s a clear record of my travels north out of Arizona – in spite of the reason for getting the gas cans.)

  28. When you get a hotel on priceline, you pay for the hotel when you check in and on the receipt it shows the name of hotel not priceline

  29. When ever he say Columbo I think of that show from the 90’S!! Anyone else. at first i thought he was being asmart ass then i was like oh yeah the car guy. lol

    • Yeah that’s fine . We yawn everytime we see them cry. Hell we yawn everytime we see them. But will they be yawning when we get not guilty ( meaning anything other then M1)!! Let see if those nasty bitches are yawning then? because we’ll have jodi and they’ll have Jaun.

  30. I can’t believe myself… I just stuck my finger up at the screen when the camera focused in on samantha (while she rolled her eyes and yawned) …like she could SEE me! I mean it was a passionate, meaningful, motion I made…OMG, …well I hope she FELT it! There WAS a LOT of ENERGY behind it 😆

  31. I am SO impressed with KN right now! He is making the state’s case look stupid because he is saying what we have been all along.

    WHY would Jodi leave a credit card trail if she was on this “covert” mission?

  32. Yay!!! He said we’ll talk about shining the light of truth on some of the people involved in this trial later!!!! And he sounded REALLY mad!!! Yay!!! I love Nurmi!!!!

    • Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 10s
      “Set up the house of cards and knock it down and call her a liar” are the words Nurmi uses to describe the states tactics. #JodiArias

  33. Re Martinez and Flores and their united front in court:

    “These guys are not doing much to promote tourism in Arizona… LOL” — Arbey Bill Conlon

  34. KN is really going to town! He was much “slower” with Jodi. But, he is really clipping right along. Very methodical – unlike JM who was all over the place!

    • I know he was prancing around and waving his arms so much I thought he’d start doing the chicken dance.

      He relied on a bunch of sexist, dehumanizing stuff too, just top off his general lack of coherence.

      Then he started talking like he was telling a scary story at a campfire. Yeah, I guess his fallacious version of events is suitable for that – but certainly not in a court of law.

        • Hi Introspective 🙂 LMAO chicken wings… I bet under those slacks he’s got chicken legs too.

          And that’s about all I want to think about when discussing Martinez without pants. Everything else would be sad commentary. lol

      • MB LOL 😆 THE CHICKEN DANCE! That is EXACTLY what I see…only to a really FAST beat…wish I was savvy with video editing, I would create a video… as soon as Mr. Nurmi finishes…

    • The haters say she was holding the gun on him making him take the pictures. Really. Can’t make this stuff up.

      • Never mind that photo with Travis sitting in the shower proved she wasn’t holding the gun or the knife while taking pictures.

      • OMG.

        How stupid are they?

        On one hand they’re saying how he’s a red blooded all American man and couldn’t help himself.

        On the other, they’re pretending Jodi forced him to take pictures of her vagina.

        Such bullshit. Even they can’t keep their own damn theories straight.

    • If Nurmi isn’t showing the jury TONS of reasonable doubt already, they are just blind.

      Common Sense. Life experience. That’s all you need to use.

  35. do you think jenny gave jodi some make up or is jodi just that naturally beautiful? she looks gorgeous today!

  36. KN is really playing to the “common sense” theory. I will be really surprised if the jury doesn’t acquit her.

  37. Nurmi keeps saying, THAT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE. Im watching it with my 13 year old niece and she stated laughing and said, CUZ IT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE! !!!! (she hasnt seen a day if the trial and listening to what Nurmi is saying and im filling her in a little) and SHE said, OH SHES GOING TO WALK!

  38. Poor Jodi,how humiliating it must be for her to have the nude photos displayed for the world to see… 🙁

  39. Nurmi is methodically destroying every point the prostitute made! One by one he’s blowing them out of the water!

    *prosecutor* Once again, I’m seeing no difference…they both screw people for money! ;P

    • I wonder if there have been anymore threats against her life? That has to be taking it’s toll on her for sure.

  40. I agree JW looks EXHAUSTED – but she is STILL much more attractive and classy than any of the MUNSTERS COULD POSSIBLY HOPE TO BE….!

    • I am surprised JW, Jodi and Nurmi are not fainting
      from exhaustion from JM’s Mr Toad’s Wild Ride on Crack
      closing argument yesterday
      god knows I caught 10 mins of it and felt Vertigo and Dizziness
      kicking in…
      Thank god for NURMI today!!!!!!!


    Put up the fucking gates so the terrorists stay the fuck out of here!!!!

  42. Note to silver haired old fox falling asleep in background behind

    Wake the fuck up mister 🙂

  43. Some haters and some encouragers too for Nurmi, today on WAT…

    Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 3m
    “He is so scared of her he is taking naked pictures of her in his bed, that’s a new level of scared” Nurmi explains. #JodiArias

    10:08 AM – 3 May 13 · Details
    Sandy Thomas Sandy Thomas ‏@sandrareat 2m
    @WildAboutTrial OMG! He is craaaaazy!

    Robert Phillips Robert Phillips ‏@rewp56 2m
    @WildAboutTrial he wants pics of her deadly weapon. #wildabouttrial #JodiArias

    dixiegirl1022 dixiegirl1022 ‏@dixiegirl1022 2m
    @WildAboutTrial what’s that saying keep your friends close and your enemies closer #JodiaArias

    godblessusa godblessusa ‏@tallicherie 2m
    @WildAboutTrial go nurmi#Nurmi #jodiairis

    10:09 AM – 3 May 13 · Details
    Sarah Gray Sarah Gray ‏@keegerava 1m
    @WildAboutTrial he looks like a fat talking grape, ugh, can’t watch this troll much longer…#wildabouttrial

    • She looks pissed because her “prince charming” (OMG did I said that???) is loosing big time. I almost feel sorry for him 🙂

    • Judge looks pissed because her and JM’s secret
      covert mission looks like it’s being derailed by
      Nurmi’s freaking awesome closing testimony

    • Because all of her manipulation during this trail is not going to stop Jodi from walking away from there. Her and Jaun were a tight team but truth justice and liberty are tighter.

  44. Funny how HLN isn’t so bubbly today. NO flashes to the street . No JVM acting like an attention whore. Nothing. its like they are like oh shit we THOUGHT we were right. This might not have gone down like we thought. I love it! I also saw this reaction after the first day of Dr. S and ALV testimony!! AHHHHHHH I love you KN!!

    • Oh they are still saying all kinds of stuff and they have an excuse for everything, ironic that Travis’s dog name is Napolean like Juan. I am watching the closing arguments on HLN so I can use my computer and it is same old crap that they always say. Trying to get out information for the jury to hear this week end. I think it is horrible that hln exists. Should be considered unconstitutional to have shows like them on tv. any trial they cover prevents from people getting a fair trial. Despise Nancy, JVM, Vinnie, Beth,and Dr. Drew with a passion.

  45. Have had a hard time getting on this site, but watching KN on HLN~He’s on fire!!! the only thing I didn’t like tho was when he said he didn’t like Jodi…don’t know why he had to say that! But over all, great job and can’t wait until he gets into ME”s false testimony etc! GO TEAM JODI!! 😉

    • I’ll bet he said that to address many of the hater comments about how he always sits with his back to them and looks as if he is ‘somewhere else.’ In addition, it addresses all the talking heads who claim Jodi can hypnotize men from afar – such a seductress! (You know they’re jealous. lol) I would guess what Nurmi said is not really true, but who knows.

      • Thanks just bothered me, but I guess he had to say it.. I loved it tho when he told the jurors not to be “afraid” and not to look at someones sexual preference!!!! He knows they have been listening and or watching to the media!!!

  46. Hello, Hello Beautiful People!

    I have so much work to do that I JUST now came in (and have to leave in a couple minutes) and I was just in time for recess. 🙁 But from what I’m reading, Nurmi is on fire today and I’m happy to hear that. I can’t wait to catch up. Thanks for commenting, everyone, so at least i can get a sense of what is happening.

  47. Methodical, logical, step by step: not flinging shit everywhere to see what sticks. A gentleman.

  48. “His back was turned to her, wouldn’t that be the time she would carry out the killing since she had planned it for so long”

    Ex-Fucking-actly!!! That right there should get this whole damn delusional theory that she planned it thrown out!

      • BBBWWWAAAHHHHHahhahaha! @ Crystal

        A typo he missed just so happened to be the MOST CRUCIAL part of the report! Rat Bastard!

  49. Ok time to chill the Champagne for the celebratory toast to Jodi and her Team! Nurmi is fantastic!!! Nobody in thier right mind will ever by the State’s story and he isn’t even half way through his closing!!

  50. He’s doing a great job! Nurmi has that laconic demeanor that I believe is much more persuasive and likable compared to Martinez. Much respect and gratitude to Nurmi, Jennifer and their entire team for the tremendous effort they’ve put forth on behalf of Jodi.

  51. Elizabeth Erwin ‏@elizabetherwin 1m

    Prosecutor and Alexander’s sisters going back into chambers.

  52. Nurmi is doing great. He’s going through the events chronologically and is nailing every inconsistency about the State’s case. AND he’s doing it in a respectful manner instead of shrieking and yelling.

  53. Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 1m

    Valerie just called the defense team and #JodiArias back to chambers.

      • Can they even take one now? I don’t know about these things, but if they were to take one, the taxpayers should raise the roof on the money spent on this trial, when JM could have taken the plea way back when and saved everyone.

        • It will really damage C.A. Bill Montgomery’s political career.

          It’s ultimately on him rather than JM.

        • They can take a plea anytime. If they think they will not get murder 1 they would cave for a lessor charge.

  54. Good afternoon everyone! Nurmi is doing a wonderful job, but then again, I never doubted he would! I can’t believe the trial is almost over. I’ll miss you guys 🙁

      • That’s true. Casey’s site is still up & going strong, and the verdict was 2 years ago.

        Team Jodi

        • That’s reassuring! 🙂 Thank you, SJ, for this site and thank you to Renee and everyone else who makes the environment here so welcoming. I’m glad we could all come together to support Jodi 🙂

  55. How come everyone is now agreeing with me!

    I have always said she WILL be acquitted. No 2nd degree, nothing.

    And the best is still to come.

    So far we have been demolishing the non-existent prosecution case.

    I’m interested as to how much detail KN will go into on the crime scene.

    • It should be an outright acquittal, especially after the blatant by ME Kevin Horn.

      The prosecution has absolutely insulted the jury’s intelligence by trying to pull a fast one.

      I wouldn’t care about photos, gas cans, or anything else if I were on that jury.

      The ME’s findings are absolutely central to the case, and the perjury blew that totally apart.

  56. Just looked up the possible bouquets we could send virtually or reality-ly to Jodi when she goes free…
    wiki says: “The language of flowers, sometimes called floriography, was a Victorian-era means of communication in which various flowers and floral arrangements were used to send coded messages”
    FREEDOM: Bird of Paradise, Water willow, Pansy

  57. Why is the family EVER allowed into chambers. It’s The State vs Jodi Alexander. They should have no say whatsoever.

  58. Hullo all,

    So they’re back from lunch but in chambers right now?

    Greetings Vebe from Switzerland, I’m watching from Germany 🙂

  59. It is AMUSING to go to the hater FB page.

    Let’s see…

    1. They are convinced that Travis didn’t know Jodi was taking his picture. She took it through the shower door.

    2. She didn’t shoot him when his back was turned because she wanted him to “know” what she was going to do to him.

    3. Nothing that KN is saying makes “any sense” to them. REALLY???

    4. She left during the 5 minute interval between pictures to go get the gun and knife, and then kill him.

    I’m so glad I get to have comic relief this morning. Where do these people come from?

    OR, as my dad would say, “Common sense isn’t very common.” 🙂

  60. Wow. This site is a bitch to get anything done on now. The servers are overloaded.

    The Alexander family needs to knock off the histrionics. It’s getting old and it’s distracting.

    People can Hate Jodi and the Defense team all they want but they know in their heart and in their head that Nurmi is making all kinds of great points and it’s all based on common sense and the evidence and Nurmi’s honesty.

    Martinez’s House of Cards is falling piece by piece.

  61. I can’t wait until KN hands the JM his ass on a platter when he talks about WHO REALLY LIED in this trial! LOL

  62. If there is a time to cry for real, since grieving has seriously been over for years, nows the time tas family and friends need an emotional, rational human soul check. Kirk wasn’t being mean when he said he didn’t like Jodi 9 our of 10 days .. the most beautiful light smile came over Jodis face, it was awesome . . she got it. The jury has new life to consider, not meaning Jodis life . . that what KN is saying could be any of our lives from a humane point of view.

  63. Here we go!
    Back in session.
    I am so riveted, nervous, excited, all at once..
    lots of emotions today
    It was nice to see Jodi smile

  64. Of all the days today is the day I cant access the site ??? When all I feel is BLISS! Thank you Nurmi for all that you’ve cleared up so far!! And for destroying the pros’s ridiculous theory!!!

  65. Argh! I can’t get any live feeds to work and will have to watch on HLN, which quickly infuriates me. I wanted today to be a victory lap. Are they all overloaded or is it on my end only?

  66. Ms. Willmott’s eyes are puffy, I wonder if she was crying last night…just saying that because my eyes are puffy in the AM if I have cried the evening before. Either that or she didn’t sleep at all…

  67. I have missed everything so far this morning but sounds like Nurmi is doing his usual outstanding job! Are we on break?

  68. The lady in the olive jacket is sitting next to Jodi today. In the chairs behind them, where olive jacket usually sits, do we know who all those people are?

    • I might be incorrect but the older man in the middle I have seen commenting. I think he works for the Arizona Republic.

    • I believe that is the mitigation specialist, whose expertise will be used if by some chance Jodi is convicted of murder 1.

  69. I’m sorry if this has already been asked.. when does the jury get to start deliberations? Do they have to wait until Monday?

    • Come on everyone lets give Jodi a big group hug 1,2,3 GO!!!


  70. Oh, Don’t cry, Jodi. This will all be over soon. I just want to give her a big hug and let her know we are ALL HERE in her corner.

  71. Group hugs for Jodi!!

    ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((GROUP HUGS FOR JODI)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  72. I hope the dick head who accused Jodi of “fake crying” yesterday saw those tears…CLEARLY rolling down her cheek! I am crying with you, for you Jodi ((((hug)))

  73. I’m sorry if this has already been asked but when does the jury get to start deliberating? Do they have to wait until Monday?

  74. I don’t know which Alexander is which, but the one with dark hair (not the really skinny one) looks drunk! And I loath how you can tell most people on their side are not even listening (including the reporters!) and then they’ll turn around and say how N was lying.

      • Oh, yeah, it’s not Tanisha so the other dark-haired one. Perhaps is Samantha. But when I have seen her today (and in the past), she has the same look that people who were drunk get (I used to be a bar tender through college). Even the eye-rolls, the weird mouth smirk, those look like someone who is drunk – not just sarcasm (imo).

  75. yes!!TA had ‘tricked’ virginal mormon Deanna into sex,yes he KNEW how to do it and talk his way out of it being a sin!!

  76. I just know when that Not Guilty verdict comes out all of you women here will shout out to the world, “I’M JODI ARIAS!!!!!!!”

  77. I think they should start deliberating today after closing arguments and keep going all weekend. I’m sorry but if I were a juror I would be so tempted to search the internet to see who’s version is true. I’m sure none of them will do that though!

  78. This is getting me pissed now. That bastard sure mistreated this young lady. No one, should be able to do that to another human being.