Jodi Arias Trial – Day 56 (afternoon session)

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We are in the midst of the systematic & total annihilation of the State’s BULLSHIT case.

The Nurminator has Kermit by the grapes…

…and he’s squeezing those motherfucking grapes for all he’s worth :mrgreen:

Awesomeness Personified.

Kirk Nurmi 5-3 Defense Closing 1 - Jodi Arias is Innocent - com

Kirk Nurmi 5-3 Defense Closing 2 - Jodi Arias is Innocent - com



Never question it.

Never doubt it.

Leave your comments below on the last afternoon of the trial… day 56… as The Nurminator continues on his quest for justice.


Team Jodi

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  1. Nurmi is doing an awesome job!!! The haters are getting especially rambunctious today, it’s like they are finally realizing what we’ve known all along, the premeditation is bunk. Loving it today.

  2. CAn you believe that the haters are saying KN went to far by talking about the 12 year old girl comment!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!?!?!?! I think that should be one of the only things that should be talked about

  3. It’s totally acceptable for him to talk about the “12 year old girl” comment. Its + + relevent. I raised 2 daughters who are now adults and if Travis did the things to either of them that he did to Jodi, or made comments like he did when they were 12 years old, He would be feeling the wrath of mamma bear, make no mistake. I liked what KN said about hoping TA didn’t know what that sounded like. Tell it like it is KN!

          • D~this is my boxer boy that passed away last year..he was going to be 10 on the 4th of July~yes he snored, had gas, drooled, typical Boxer, and we loved him very much..this shot is of him watching TV! I know he’d be watching the trial w/me right now if he were here! 😉

            • Lol! Lynn, I have a boxer too, born 9/11. His name is Maximus The Warrior, AKA Max!
              Yes, he farts drools, and is a MESS, but he’s part of our family, and we love him so 🙂

    • And he DID, Bev !! Yes, if someone had said and done what he did to my daughter.. my daughter is 37 now, but it makes no difference, does it.

      Kirk was Brilliant! 😀

    • I agree with K.N if Jodi wanted to kill him she would have just done it she had many opportunities to do it for example in his sleep, while his back was turned J.M does not make any sense he is overcharging her. I do not believe that she was pissed over not going to Cancun God people are so simple minded this was not about a trip,or her jealousy he set this off and forced her to protect herself. I see a unorganized crime scene so that tells me it was NOT premeditated it was something that got way out of hand but since she was the odd man out with his stuck up friends who could not make an effort to be kind to Jodi. Travis had to take their relationship underground and you know nothing good happened as a result of this. I know people are upset over what happened but Jodi loved T.A and she would not have done this unless she was fighting for her own life. I hope this jury has common sense and sees the truth.

  4. I just got home, but I did talk to my hair dresser about the trial. She has heard everyone talking about it and I told her the truth :).

    So I’m watching from the beginning since I’ve DVRed it.

    How is it going?

  5. Now the haters are saying Jodi was a prostitute so that is why he called her names. I swear I’ve never seen such ignorance and denial.

    • well, yah, because prostitutes are not people and they deserve to be abused? WTF is wrong with people.

      • It sucks when you begin to realize that your side has a very good chance of losing. When what the opposite side is saying is making so much sense you can’t deny it.

        • The state is laying out a story that should of been illegal to do. Lying to the jury. I just hope that the jury are smart enough people to read thru what he said.
          1. he said that Jodi took Travis’s gun,(Robbery) and yet in the same breath said she brought the gun with her (premeditation).
          2. He (state) said Travis never had a gun, Come on, it’s not possible for all this to be true, its
          either one or the other!
          3. In Travis’s own words he talks about little 12 year old girls and sex
          4. How does a 110 lb girl drag a 198 lb full grown man down the hall with 1 hand, and put him in the shower (other hand holding the camera)?
          5. How does a 110 lb girl over power a 198 lb athletic grown healthy man? He would of slung her off him like a rag doll.
          6. why isn’t anyone asking about the foot print found in the dried blood that had been there for at least 2 days before the body was found?
          7. where are his roommates?
          8. And just because someone is a liar, it don’t make them a killer.

          Mr. Martinez used abusive tactics to confuse the jury and the witnesses by mixing words from the witness with different sentence’s.
          I don’t know what really happened, but I believe that if Jodi hadn’t admitted to doing it, they would not have a case at all. Because NO EVIDENCE has proven her guilt. NONE!
          I hope that the real truth comes out, something just isn’t right here.

  6. I have a question for some of the posters here…Since I would get thrown out if I asked this at a haters site:

    (Please understand, i am not trying to start a fight, an argument, or be “smart” about this. I truly want to know how people look at this topic.)

    One of the best baseball coaches, and a very religious man, once said “I never liked it when my players thanked god when they hit a home run, because that implies god didn’t care about the pitcher.”

    Many of you know my belief/disbelief in god. For those that don’t, I am agnostic. No belief, no disbelief, still searching. (NOT ATHIEST)

    So, my question is, how to you “justify”? Is that even the right word…? “Rectify”?…with yourself, to pray for god to save Jodi, when the haters are praying for that same god to give justice to the Alexander family and find her guilty. I would guess that some would say “god doesn’t take sides”, but then why pray? And, if god takes sides, is that fair? Who decides “god’s side”?
    Vikings vs Packers?
    Defense VS Prosecutor?
    USA VS Afghanistan/N.Koria/Talliban…etc..
    Both sides have the guy “prays”, many times to the same god the other side is praying to. I don’t understand this.

    I would hope “God” would be on the side of mercy and forgiveness. But, then that’s probably what the haters think too, that Jodi is “evil” and has broken god’s law, so he will punish her…etc… In the end, we end up with the same question, does god take sides? If not, then why are you praying?

    Along those same lines, how does the pray thing work, when both “teams” are praying? Is it a scale, the more prayers, the better the chances god helps you win? Or, is it “god already knows” so he doesn’t need your praying to decide, again, why pray then?

    I respect you all greatly, and I do not mean to offend. I just thought this would be a great opportunity for me to understand this “pray” thing a bit more. I am very well versed on religion, and I know how the bible attempts to answer this, but I am curious how the believers answer this. (many years in a parochial school…yikes)

    • Very interesting to say the least. Both sides believe in their cause. I cannot say much more than that.

    • I like your question but at this time I am sorry I cannot concentrate on it. I just read it and they are back in court. You can get my email address from the administer of the website. Please copy and paste all you wrote and send it. Thanks.

    • I would think the unspoken wording/thought is “if it be the will of God” please…..
      and the prayer is to put oneself into the vibration of the will of God.
      A mystic would say they are trying to contact their own inner soul for strength.

    • This is just what I believe. It may sound simple, but I’ve had spots in life where only my faith has gotten me through.

      We all pray. We can all pray to win the lottery and we can’t all win. In the end I believe God’s will is what will be done, not what we will but what He wills. I may not understand His will, but sometimes I have thanked Him so much for unanswered prayers. For example not letting me marry the boy I prayed to marry when I was 18 :). God can see what’s best for us for our entire lives not just for the short term. God’s will is what will be done. So we can only hope that the jurors hearts aren’t hardened toward Jodi. Prayer isn’t about winning in my little opinion. It’s asking God’s mercy and for Him to see what we need and to provide help and the grace to get us through. If we don’t get what we’re looking for it is God’s will and maybe it’s not in His timing. Maybe in the appeal Jodi will get an even better deal with less media attention so she can try to live a normal life. God is always working for the good in every situation even if you can’t see it.

      I know it’s a big leap of faith. My best friend doesn’t believe at all so it doesn’t offend me. He just about one of the best people in the world, according to me of course. He loves to ask me a million questions about what I think for some reason.

      • My prayer to God would be that He open the eyes of the jurors to wisdom so that they make the right choice and His justice be served. We, attorneys, and state don’t know what really happened, but have opinions based on what we have seen and heard. We are not all knowing as is God and only He through His knowledge can allow the proper justice. I pray He gives the jury the right decision..even though it may be in direct oposition to my viewpoint.

    • I completely agree!! HI Sirlips!! That’s why when I pray I ask god to protect Jodi not because I believe she is innocent but because Travis is already with him. He is better off then any of us. That’s why I pray anyway , I can’t answer for anyone else. But I have very different beliefs then most.

    • Well let me first say that I am a very strong Catholic. You don’t pray to GOD when you need something or want something. God doesn’t work that way. Nor does GOD answer prayer’s for someone to be put to DEATH.

      The Bible tells us to “Pray without ceasing” (1 Thess 5:17) – always to be in contact with the Lord as He is with us – all the time. “He will never leave you nor forsake you.” (Hebrews 13:5)

      It is incomprehensible to most people, especially to Christians, that there may be times when it is wrong to pray. But the Bible is clear on this issue.

      According to the Word of God, here are the specific times when it is wrong to pray:

      1. When the answer is already in the Bible.
      2. When you have sin in your heart.
      3. When you cannot hear God’s answer (His still small voice).
      4. When the “prayer” you are praying is New Age meditation – and not Biblical prayer
      5. When you have something against someone else
      6. When someone else has something against you
      7. When you are not praying in the name (character) of Jesus.
      8. When you are dictating to God what you want Him to do, and the time frame in which you want it done!

    • I sum it up like this…..”thou shalt not judge” and “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. If you follow those two rules you won’t end up sounding like the nuts in the Pro Juan website and definitely NOT support the death penalty!!

    • Some of us that pray don’t believe that God is a big, white guy in the sky. I am spiritual – and I believe God is the force in and around all of us an everywhere; the unknown, words cannot describe. It is the creative force and the power within, if we choose to accept it. All faiths speak of it. Jesus said; According to your faith, so be it unto you. We are all sons of God (a father is part of the child). The Father is in me as He is in you. This is why Jesus was crucified.

      This is what I believe, and I also believe in the power of prayer as part of my faith. So, no guy in the sky judging, but a force that is in and around all. I try to use my faith for good, however (unlike those who pray for others’ death.) Just my two pennies. 🙂

    • I think God loves all people. But I do believe he gives blessings to those who love him and obey him. Too many religions pick and choose what they want to believe. And make up stuff not even in the Bible. One could say God will judge. If she is guilty she will be convicted. If not she will be acquitted. Its not that simple. He can determine the outcome and I pray that He lets the verdict fit what happened. Jodi could be forgiven by God if she did kill him. All she has to do is repent. I do not think Travis is in a conscious state. He has not faced judgement yet. The bible says judgement happens when God comes. And I believe Travis is beyond prayers. His family…..sure. Pray for their grief. But Jodi is the one who needs prayer the most imo. And as far as praying for sports teams to win…..or other trivial things….we should not pray for those things imo.

    • I’m agnostic too!

      And I agree with your post.

      Truly religious people do not presume to know what God’s will is. And they are willing to allow God to exercise his will without their personal influence.

      In religio-magickal traditions, for anyone who doesn’t know, there are terms called right hand path and left hand path. Right hand path is about submitting to a higher good, or authority. Left hand path is about one’s own will being executed.

      I think it’s clear what side the Alexander family clan fall into when they said they were going to fast and pray and interfere with God’s will.

    • JUSTICE is the KEY WORD….Jodi will suffer her entire LIFE for what happened…..but she does not DESERVE THE DEATH PENALTY nor Second Deg murder…..Justice wld be acquittal or manslaughter!!!! THEY want her to FRY….and when we are PRAYING TO GOD, we are praying for JUSTICE….we are praying for the Maker of our Universe to intervene and make things RIGHT!!!! should she have DONE THE RIGHT THING and stayed away….ya, but she never seen this coming….. and WHO THE F DOES THE RIGHT THING??? We are constantly having to deal with the consequences of our actions and BARE OUR CROSSES so to speak…..and unfortunately Jodi will always have to bare THIS CROSS for the rest of her life 🙁 🙁 that is ENOUGH!!! Yes, we are all responsible for our actions and 95% of the time what happens in our lives always involved many CHOICES that led to the RESULT….HOWEVER….They each played their part and this was the RESULT…..BUT AGAIN, she does NOT deserve DEATH or ANYTHING more!!!! THAT IS OUR JUSTICE….

    • Because it’s not about what others think, it’s about what you know in your heart. God forgives according to who repents, not who should repent. If TA was really in the wrong, all the prayers for his soul in the world won’t get him to heaven. And the same for Jodi. God is about motive, he doesn’t operate by man’s law, and a baseball game is just that, a game. God doesn’t play games, those praying for a win are superficial at best. God cares about the commandments which says thou shalt not kill among other things. I don’t like the fact that Jodi killed that man, however I believe she had no choice in the matter and God sees this. I believe he has already forgiven her simply because she admitted her wrong. Everyone agrees that she killed him, the problem with some is why, but they can not truly judge her in the end. What’s sad is that the people praying for TA simply because of what her pretended to be, not because of the truth (pedophile, sexual deviant and hiding behind religion), those false profits knows that God is no where in that, he wants you to recognize your faults and come to him. You can hide from the world, but he sees all, and what’s done in the dark will eventually come to the light. Many people have died for eliminating the devils pawn throughout the course of history, beginning with Jesus Christ. The best possible answer I can give you is how I live my life everyday, I know God is real because I’ve tried him and know him on a personal level, in order for you to know him you must first trust, believe and open your heart and stop thinking with your head(when it comes to him). Greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. When you have confusion about what you should believe you have never had a real reason to believe in anything. I am not a Bible thumper but I have been through enough hell on this earth to know the truth, I was baptized when I was an infant and attended church most of my life, however it wasn’t until I left and went out in the world and got my behind handed to me by man (the human race) did I really understand what it was all supposed to mean. No one can tell you how to pray. It’s a feeling you have that there is something in this world greater than you and a lifestyle that shows you are aware of that. I can’t tell you how to practice your faith, I happen to believe that there is only one God and everyone recognizes him in their own way and he is fine with that, as long as you worship. I have no denomination although I was baptized Baptist Lutheran. If you want to understand prayer, I suggest you try it, but don’t look for an immediate result, cause God is not on your time, but he will be their in his own. Good luck with your spiritual growth!

      • I mean Jesus died for sinners giving them a chance to repent, not that he is the devil’s pawn. Hope that’s not taken out of context!

  7. I have to really tip my hat to The Nurminator. He is doing a masterful job of destroying the state’s case. He’s hit on just about everything that the people on this site have been talking about for months now.

  8. No Offense taken 🙂

    I have an idea, please don’t get mad for suggesting this
    Let’s try not to bring too much of what the haters “said” onto the forum today
    HLN, any of them..
    let them hate
    let them be delusional
    let their minds be closed and their
    ignorance be unblissed

    Let’s focus on Jodi, Nurmi and shine light and truth
    on what is REAL and let Nurmi continue on
    bring forth what we all have believed in –
    common sense and compassion and the truth.


    • Josh I said the exact same thing on the morning page.
      We need POSITIVE energy,white light and love sent to Jodi today and for the next days,especially during deliberation days.Keep it positive people,bad energy may get in the way.

    • I like that idea Josh!

      I prefer to talk about the things that are positive for Jodi today!

      Nurmi is awesome!

  9. Hey all! Is anyone else having prob loggin on and off here? I can’t stay at PC…sometimes page won’t come up..anyway KN is doing awesome, and Dorothy this is a pic of my Boxer that I lost last year~
    KN you are on a roll!!! Keep it up, fantastic job!! 😉

    • I have no issues with this site, ever, but i have issues with AZ video link working, i am watching on ABC15. It snot bad, but i cant pause it, when i have to do some work. (im at office)

      • kk, I know this am Al and someothers including myself were having prob..maybe it’s my pc. I had prob w/AZ vid as well..

    • Yeah I have been having problems posting all day. It seems to be fixed now. Love you guys, HUGS and KISSES Jessie meow

  10. The restaurant manager I know that was Jodi’s manager said Travis used to pick her up after work. I guess he was so afraid of her that he would pick her up. Yup.

  11. I get the feeling that someone lit a fire under Judge Pickles chair telling her to finish this trial for God’s sake.

  12. No offense taken here. There are many people still searching. I think that God will do his best to show love and compassion to each and every one of the people involved. Whether that means they get what they want may not necessarily be his plan. Now my hopes, however, are that Jodi does not get the DP and that she also doesn’t have to spend much more time in hell than she already has. I have said all along that there is much we do not know, and prolly never will. Many people are lying and I don’t believe all the lies. I will NEVER believe that IN JUNE, his body decomposed for 5 days with roommates living there and their girlfriends too. If I have so many questions then, I’m sure others do as well.

  13. I hope this isn’t a double post, but have you guys noticed that the Arias family are wearing purple ribbons today?. Remember yesterday we noticed the TA Taliban had their blue ribbons on. It is almost time to get back to court. I love all of you guys! Hugs and kisses xoxxoxoxo TEAM JODI!!!! Love ya, Jessie meow

  14. I would love to go and see how some of the training is going but, I’d miss Nurmi and I’m just not gonna do it! lol She would pick today to only do an hours lunch!

  15. Sirlips, I dont pray to god to helpvthe jury see or open their eyes so they can come back with a not guilty for Jodi. I pray to god to do what he feels is right. That if this woman is NOT GUILTY to set her free, but if she indeed dud premeditate the death of TA that he and only HE can judge her and he will kniw what to do. That is what I pray for.

  16. Jodi looks so pretty today. I know that is besides the point. She looks so focused on Nurmi. He’s easy to listen to.

  17. Re-posting my answer to a morning post in case sm can help me,maybe SJ himself.

    “Since I cant send her a postcard I sent her a ”letter” .There’s a FB group ( Supporters ofJodi Arias) and the administrator said we could e-mail our letters to him/her and he/she would print them out and give them to the family to hand them to Jodi.I never got a reply or confirmation back after sending the e-mail with my short letter and I’m worried . 🙁 I so want Jodi to read it and know I love and support her”

  18. Sirlips,
    I to am perplexed by guys at work that curse like sailors, view pornography, drunkards, unfaithful, and come time for the promotional exam they say “I’ve done all the studying I can do, the test is now in Gods Hands”. REALLY!!!!
    So the answer to your question “Life is for the living”

  19. I’ve seen so many post talking about a God and praying for Jodi and all that I am stating for the record that I am an Atheist.
    If I were to testify in any trial I would request that the “so help you God” part being taken out. I don’t need anybody’s God for me to tell the truth and the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
    Religion makes a mess of everything.

    Team Jodi! United We Stand!

    • We got it Joe…no need to repeat.

      But just because YOU are an atheist….it will NOT stop me from giving the Glory to God!! So are we all clear now?????

    • Preach on, Mr!!

      I mean…YEAH!! lol

      I have many friends and family that are Agnostic and/or Atheists and they’re some of the most wonderful people in my life.

      On the other hand some of the worst things that have ever been done to me or against me have come from members of my family who are die hard Pentecostals. *shudders*

      Me, I was brought up Catholic and I like very much! 😀

  20. hurray I have a new computer that works and have live feed to glad to be back and to the ones wanting tarot reading yesterdays reading was good lets stay with that one 3 of cups 3 woman holding up cups in merryment of victory

  21. Who oh why is KN saying that the foot picture is Travis being drug across the floor……….
    That is ludacris. It is VERY VERY evident that Travis is GETTING UP in that pic.

      • Not that there’s anything wrong with being freaky WITHIN BOUNDARIES.

        But he was a mormon elder, and charged with other people’s spiritual well being. Not cool.

        • MB,

          Exactly, you can’t have it both ways…. he was a HUGE sinner. How the HELL his FAMILY doesn’t see this is beyond me. But then again, I think their motive is to make MONEY off the death of their brother that they hadn’t seen in at least 4 years.

          • I do think they are all about $$$

            It’s a lot more lucrative to keep up the salacious facade than to come out and be down to earth and admit their brother was not who he presented himself to be.

            Like HLN they are capitalizing on all the attention the angry mob is giving them.

            It’s so disgusting!!!

        • oh I agree
          Sex is wonderful and fun.
          He painted himself as one thing and under the sheets was a whole ‘nother somethin!!!

    • Since he was a MORMOM he was not allowed to masterbate according to their rules… but in that tape he state ” that he blew his wad that morning” so who was he jacking off to during his morning session. Then again that night while Jodi was on the phone with him.


    • I was having dinner when the tape was played and I swear I almost threw up.He was a sick disgusting individual.

  22. WOW, just WOW
    the FONTS of Travis saying all that stuff just
    assaulted me in the most surreal way…

  23. Pfft! AND they found NO PORN on his computer? He was evidently …versed in porn and it’s verbiage..okay detectives…whatever!

    • Jerry sandusky was found with no porn on his pc. I wish Nurmi would point that out even it is stricken.

      • From the other investigators reports and errors, anyone who knows about computers could tell their forensic computer guy wasn’t a geek, he didn’t know enough to testify in my opinion but I would bet big bux on a 9 year old that the kid would in fact find porn sites on ta computer. They’re on all of ours via spam advertisements. . we just don’t know it cause we don’t open them . . they’re there

        • Agreed – cb. I work online and even I could see their ‘forensic computer’ guy knew less than I did. I’m no geek, not even close, but I certainly know that porn comes through as you said. AND nothing was mentioned about proxies from either side – very disappointing.

          As Dorothy said, TA WAS versed in porn. Not denying that. And just in that short clip that Nurmi played Jodi asked ‘what’ three times cuz she didn’t know wtf he was talking about.

    • Have you seen the dancing girls with boxes on their heads video? Read the comments; it’s disconcerting.

  24. I hope Nurmi talks and talks and talks and leaves Ribbit with little time. No doubt Kermi will copy Nurmi and make a tape of what Jodi was saying on that tape

  25. Is Ted Turner pro or anti-DP? Anyone know? UN is against, and that $1bil he gave to start the UNF would make you think he valued UN ideas, but he lets HLN be totally pro-DP. Not one word about DP being overcharge in this case or CA, etc.

  26. Kirk getting to where “who is controlling who” in their relationship that Jodi wasn’t using sex as a predator that ta used threats to demean Jodi so he could keep her subserviant to utilize for his perversions. What is most painful . . Jodi is having to learn this. I hope her heart emotions heals but never forget the signs.

      • not reading them today did yesterday and it was a good outcome dont want to rock the boat lets leave it at the one I of the 3 of cups you can look it up on the internet

        • I believe in your cards too…I believe in angels and have had a close relationship with them since I was a baby…so between your cards, my angels and God…I am keeping my faith that the outcome for Jodi will be favorable…I am waiting on an answer from the angels…I will let you know when I get it…thanks for being here for everyone and Jodi…

  27. Pitchforks ‏@PitchforksPosts 1m
    .@HLNTV It’s your slander, distortions & salacious muck-raking that is so offensive, not a few colourful words from a sex tape

    Love it

  28. TA had us Googling fools and on Urban Dictionary. I bet he had his pornography laptop in his car…the car in the garage not get searched

  29. Jackie Damico @InSessionJackie
    Nurmi is trying to paint #TravisAlexander as a pervert. #JodiArias

    …..and doing a damn good job at it!!!!!!!

      • I wonder this too.

        They seem to see her as every mean girl or mistress that their husbands have had an affair with. Even the Mormon folks were saying shit like “OMG she needed to stay away from my man!” like she was going to seduce them at any time.

        I think after 18 days on the stand, that pretty much proves them wrong.

        • She’s pretty and smart and independent and guys are interested in her. They are jealous. I wonder if some of them only hear bits and pieces or just get HLN news and are biased bc of it.

    • I really think some women are jealous. I know that’s a horrible thing to say being a woman, but I really do.

      • Danielle, that is not a horrible thing to say. I believe many women are jealous of Jodi which is why they call her every name in the book AND claim she has some kind of power over men in order to influence them. That’s easier than realizing there are women (like Jodi) who are pretty, smart and interesting.

    • Yep! I love how he keeps repeating ”It doesnt make any sense” to contadict leaping frog’s ”It’s not her fault”

  30. Who are people in row behind DT? The look, are dress like professionals, maybe lawyers observing trial. The one in the middle seems to be crying on & off.

  31. Guy in the front row making sissy gestures to Nurmi’s truth needs to be removed from the courtroom.

  32. HELP!!

    I am missing it.

    I need a live link, that isnt AZ or abc15. ABC pulled the coverage 20 minutes ago (hmmm?) and i havent got AZ to work for 2 days.

    I cant clear history on work PC to get AZ to work again, so i need a new link.(Unless someone has another suggestion to get it to work)

  33. Did Nurmi just say Jodi doesnt have or has a memory of a rope?I got distracted and didnt understand well

  34. I wish someone would have mentioned that she was dressed because travis probably had her take the sheets off the bed and put them in the wash after they had sex while he got in the shower. That would explain why the sheets where in the DRYER and the other stuff was in the washer. Your thoughts?

  35. You can watch HLN *cringes*. I know, I KNOW! I hate HLN and every idiot that opens their mouth on that network but, it is there, last resort.

  36. I’d like to thank you for the welcomes I got last night. I am in Scandinavia so there is a time difference and I had to go to bed after I posted:)

    I am also wondering that if Jodie brought a gun to shoot Travis why did she end up stabbing him instead and only shooting him once. That to me also show that it wasn’t planned or she would just have emtied the gun and be done with it.

    I am happy to be able to watch the videos here! Sometimes I have been sitting up till early morning to watch and I’m driving my family up the wall talking about it all the time:) So thank you for that!!

      • 🙂 I am aware. I think I’ve read your posts commenting on that, as well as the posts of several others 😀 I am just relieved that they finally mentioned in trial.

        My guess is that they couldn’t really mention it before because it would be more speculation, but they can in closing because they are allowed to provide a theory of what happened based on everything combined.

  37. I’m a little behind bc I had to DVR but I love how he’s saying is this how you would treat your stalker? I have wanted to yell that a million times. Who invites their “stalker” in to come have sex? Stalking is so serious. If you’re afraid of someone you don’t fall asleep with them next to you.

    • Well put Danielle!

      I don’t know if this has been discussed here so my apologies if it has. Kurt Nurmi is doing a fantastic job proving she DID NOT go to AZ with intent to kill Travis. The states whole covert, meticulous plan she concocted to kill Travis theory makes no sense. I’ve always wondered from the beginning of this trial, why would Jodi keep all those receipts sitting out in the open in her bedroom for everyone to see if she had planned on killing Travis? She’s a smart gal. It makes no sense. Things got heated and crazy when she dropped his camera and a terrible thing happened on that day. It’s tragic and sad but I believe wholeheartedly this was NOT premeditated.

      No one deserves to be murdered, even Travis but he was NOT this great, church going all American guy. The media (especially HLN) makes me want to throw up sometimes. They go overboard with their preaching about what a great guy Travis was. I can’t believe they actually allow people like Nancy Grace on the air. She’s a joke.

      • Oh I can go on and on about Nancy Grace LOL. I really do not like that woman! She makes me more mad than JM if you can believe it. I’d rather hang out with JM for a day than NG. Seriously! Now that’s bad LOL.

      • And the camera! She knows so much about cameras!!! Why wouldn’t she take that w her and get rid of it? She’s not an idiot. The fact that she left the camera just can’t be ignored. That’s huge for me.

        • She wouldn’t have had to take the camera she knows the pictures are stored on the memory card All she had to do was take the card.

    • So true, Danielle – and what was pissing me off was that they were saying Jodi was offensive to victims of abuse; yet there are many of us here and we are NOT offended. We are offended by TA and any victims of stalkers should be offended at the state’s insinuation that Jodi was a stalker.

    • Nope. he doesn’t mean it. He’s just putting it in I think because he needs to give the jurors a way out.

      The finale is yet to come.

    • You know what would be really nice? If Nurmi pointed out that he didn’t have to twist words, lie and yell to get his point across because the truth speaks for itself. 😀

  38. according to that ME, Travis would of been bled out in what….2 seconds….so walking to the sink, he would of been dead already. So stupid, DA is an idiot, this case is OVER!!
    All the haters reading this its time to finally admit that HLN and all the other bs media lied to you, and its ok to say your were wrong. In fact, its admirable if you admit it, at least you will be able to respect yourselves again.
    My advice to you is stop believing everything your told by CNN and the rabid national news media. They used you, and you need to learn your lesson from it!

  39. I just hope the jury is reasonable and not like all the haters on social media. odds are they are a mix. \ i think we may have a mistrial because the jury won’t agree on a verdict due to at least one holdout on either side.

  40. Well, there we have it. I give him a 80% grade. I think he could have hit the “reasonable doubt” stuff…cant believe he didnt, but.. it is what it is.

    I am most concerned with how long JM gets to go again. hope he doesnt try a whole nother close.

  41. Well done NURMI, you did a FANTASTIC job for Jodi………….. so much reasonable doubt. You didn’t have to twist and spin things, and scream like JUAN. Nor did you need 8 friggin hours……. JW and NURMI you ROCK>

  42. Very powerful ending and to the point. I am not looking forward to what is coming up next but will have

  43. why didn’t Nermy point out that they agreed that Jodi was not holding a knife or a gun when that shower picture was taken

  44. Betcha that frog is making his own version of the sex tape right now to cast Jodi in a bad light.

  45. Nurmi finally said he’s going for Manslaughter.I pray those jurors really took in everything he laid out for them today.He did a stellar job!!!
    Now back to the yelling frog!!

  46. And there you have it ladies and gentleman


    Wow, I feel like I just got the wind kinda knocked out of me
    that was intense and beyond brilliant.

  47. I am surprised that Nurmi did not bring up the size difference between the two, fighting for their life, and that she, being so small compared to him, had to keep stabbing until he stopped moving, or she could be dead if he can still grab her in any way. No snapping necessary.

  48. If she gets convicted it is because HLN will air all sorts of lies over the weekend in hopes of tampering the jury. I think that is their real intent. They are counting on some of the jurors listening to them. The forged letter stuff they said today is ridiculous.

    There is no way a jury can convict after what Nurmi laid out for them.

  49. What the hell!!! Why did he end it like that. It was man slaughter? WTF! Why didn’t he end it by saying this was self defense. SO not guilty don’t punish someone for wanting to live and save their own life over that of the attacker. Don’t let travis abuse her one more time. Thanks. WHY DIDNT HE DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT? I hope the don’t look at him as changing HIS story. But other then that it was Great!! I feel pretty good i give an 85 %

  50. Also, he should have pointed out that killing in self-defense is a verdict of not guilty. Not stop at manslaughter.

    • I turned off the sound, I just can’t handle his voice anymore….he gives me a headache and makes me want to hurl!

  51. I wish he had pushed more for self-defense. Travis obviously continued chasing her after the gunshot and fall…I bet he was really pissed then (literally with blood in his eyes) and somehow he must have ended up either around her or on top of her when she was chopping at his back to try to get him off.

    • There is no way to explain the stab to the throat slash after everything else and think a jury is going to find that reasonable self defense. He did what he had to do, get them off premeditation and onto a believable version of events.

    • Possible Punishment for Manslaughter
      Manslaughter is a class two (2) felony. Typically Manslaughter is always a “dangerous” felony. As such, a first offense minimum is seven (7) years in prison, the presumptive is ten and one half (10.5) years, and the maximum is twenty-one (21) years in prison. If a person has one (1) allegeable historical prior dangerous felony conviction, then the range of “prison only” range is fourteen (14) years minimum, fifteen and three quarters (15.75) years presumptive, and twenty-eight (28) years maximum of incarceration. If the person has two (2) allegeable historical prior dangerous felony convictions, then the “prison only” mandatory minimum punishment is twenty-one (21) years, the presumptive is twenty-eight (28) years, and the maximum is thirty-five (35) years of incarceration.

  52. And there we have it. It all makes sense. Sadly the troll gets the last word and we have to prepare ourselves for more loathsome BS but if the jurors are nice, normal people they will see through all his bull crap and come to the ONLY SENSIBLE CONCLUSION.

  53. Nurmi was GREAT. I’m good with manslaughter, but I do think he should have made more of self defense. It’s not as though he didn’t say anything about self-defense, but maybe not enough.

  54. Yes, why didn’t he point out what Wilmott pointed out about the slashes on his back. They were OBVIOUSLY made by her from UNDERNEATH him. Slashing at him to get off. Self defense 100%.

  55. he could be appealing to the negative minds that just want to “go against” anything .. those would be the ones that would say Nurmi says manslaughter . . to hell with it . . it was self defense . . can’t her own attorney see that . . twisted but true

  56. I think he was trying to relate to the variety of thoughts that may be on the jury.

    His “not liking Jodi” because there are sure to be some that don’t.

    His “snapped” theory, as there will be those who won’t budge from manslaughter/murder.

    He is covering all his basics, without stooping the theatrics of the Persecutor,

    • I agree…since when has this judge ever been cognoscente of time, EVER….they better let him run over time. Now he’s making up shit, at least she’s sustaining

    • I cant stand Kermit. Im so tired of hearing his idiotic voice. I cant stand Judge Pickles and her bias ass!

  57. And now…the idiot….ugh….oh well at least this will the LAST time we ever have to see or hear this moron ever again!! Bravo to that right!

    now lets hear him argue the truth, it will be laughable….

  58. Oh man JM’s voice grates on my nerves. I hope I never have to hear his annoying voice again after this trial.

  59. Many people are asking why the trolls get the last word, in fairness, the prosecutor has the burden of proof, so their standard is MUCH higher than the defense. This is why i have been they get the last word.

  60. “you sustained it?” shaking his head like..”what, you are not supposed to do that, i thought we had a deal, how dare you.”

  61. OK so here we go with the the fucking overruled shit again. This judge is a piece of shit cow! She should be fired for her biased work on this case.

    • I absolutely agree.. I don’t think she slashed his throat, nor do I think she was ABLE to put him in the shower… no way.

  62. I hope he keeps talking to the jury like that so that he pisses them off!! Did you guys see JVM and her raccoon eyes in the court room sitting on Jodi’s side. Somebody get up and bitch slap her!

  63. notice how the little fucker kept the sheet on the viewer, while they are at side bar…the jury is reading it anyway! SHADY SHADY SHADY!

    • The free ride is over. They may have to finally really mourn their brother, accept him and put him to rest instead of milking his death.

  64. the little weasel is bringing up the magazine from jail….sneaky little ass…and Nurmi said not state evidence…

  65. hmmm does JUAN have something going on with the JUDGE? Would that be allowed? Curious mind and observation I made on the last sustained when he smiled and asked did you sustain.

    • just what I thought Dorothy . . jm still trying the case . . this should have been stopped by the judge .. like RB says .. beatin a dead horse

  66. What a fucking whizzle!!! I knew he was going to do that! I hope the jury see what he’s doing!

    This is his AaaHHHaaa moment they’ve all been waiting for?! That’s like a cheat!

  67. The only reason I’m putting up with his yelping ass right now is because we know this is the last time we’ll have to hear his disgusting voice!!!!!!!!!

  68. The.. State Attorney..or whoever he said???? Do you smell CORRUPTION?

    Oh PLease not the fucking gas cans again! OMFG!

    Biased Mummy!

  69. His voice is so annoying!! I’m gonna turn this thing off to go to my truck and go home. Gonna listen to it stream from my phone rather than on HLN I cant stand to hear that stupid station and their ridiculous crap!

  70. If I never ever hear the two words gas cans again that would be fine with me. You’re beating a dead and NOT beyond a reasonable doubt dead horse JM.

  71. He does himself no favors bashing ALV,. the jury is going to see he has a mad-on for her, and assume it is because she was RIGHT

    • I agree Renee and I get very upset when he does that. Again I say, she was his biggest hurdle because she made sense.

  72. Back to the fucking gas cans again.

    Every argument of his rolls back to that fucking gas can.

    So what dipshit?

    Even if she lied about it, so what. The physical evidence doesn’t lie.

  73. If you have facts, argue the facts, if the law, argue the law. If you have neither argue how many gallons of gas fill a gas can.

    • I’m gonna have to get a push lawn mower, I can’t look at a gas can anymore! Creepy little weasel just made more work for me!

  74. well I missed the entire afternoon cross of KN and now hear Kermie screaming and overruled over ruled etc,,had unexpected company over, was great visit, but I hope KN finished w/a bang, but it sounds like JM is able to spew whatever out of his mouth and bobble head is allowing it!

      • Thank you Moni! So do you feel that he ended it with a bang? I am going to watch it on youtube, don’t know if it’s avail right now, but I’d rather watch that then listen to Kermie..he sounds a bit shaky to me, but havn’t see all of his closing today, and I won’t go back and look at it, he makes me sick!

  75. Why cant he at least try to do his closing in a different manner? Try “speaking TO people and not AT them!” And now what is up with trying to lower his voice so that he can try to be something he is not…. lmao!

  76. You know your house of cards premeditated theory has fallen apart when you’re still panicking over the DAMN GAS CANS,Martinez!!

  77. Vladimir Gagic ‏@vlga 6m
    Mr Prosecutor ended close with weak “stretch to say” and starts rebuttal with body slam for improper argument. Love it. #jodiarias

  78. I have never understood the deal with the gas cans!! She filled them up again in SLC, how does that equal to premeditation……..what is his point does anyone know??

  79. Had to get some more jabs in at Alyce didn’t ya couldn’t help yourself. Look at Nurmi reasonable arguments no personal attacks just the facts. Look at Juany snide snarky based on conjecture and maybe’s. Sorry you lost your continued babbling will only annoy the jury. He might think the jury has memory issues too that they can’t remember that he mentioned all this crapola many times including more hours ago– yesterday.

  80. I swear the judge is actually on our side…I think she may be throwing this whole case so that if Jodi is convicted there will be tons of stuff for appeal…only explanation I can come up with.

  81. Believe I heard or read the defense does have the option to refute one last time after jm but it’s up to the judge. Anyone know?

    • I’m not sure but if the defense gets to speak a 2nd time than you can be sure Juan will get to speak a 3rd time.

      Prosecution gets the last word because they have the burden of proof.

  82. “all of this is argument presented to you by the defense”- EXACTLY…another word for “argument made” is “a POSSIBLE answer”…Possible = reasonable doubt. Lawyering 101. Doesnt have to be proved or probable, just possible.

    I feel like a broken record.

  83. ROFL, is he still rambling on about that stupid gas can? Really? That’s all he’s got? Who gives a shit about the gas can!

    I live in California, I used to drive to AZ every year for MLB spring training. GUESS WHAT?! I ALWAYS CARRIED GAS CANS! You know why? AZ is the last place on earth where you would want to run out of gas! Specially if you are a female traveling alone. I guess I must be planning murder since I always fill up gas cans when traveling to AZ. I think the jury is sick of listening to Juan’s mouth, I know I am.

    • I have driven the route many times that Jodi Arias likely took from Reno, Nevada, to Yreka. If you aren’t familiar with the roads and want to save money on gas, you take gas cans. There is a lot of remote country on highways 89 and 44 to Interstate 5 to Yreka, to say nothing of the roads in AZ and UT.

  84. There has got to be a few jurors that cannot stand
    the sight, sound or smell of Juan Martinez’s shit!

  85. wow

    this attack on Alyce is going to backfire. Watch, after her acquittal, a juror will mention this unrelenting battery of ALyce.

      • I agree as well. This will backfire on him. Alyce was a very likeable person and I don’t think they appreciated his abuse of her.

    • If anyone, whether they are for the prosecution or for the defense, listened to Alyce Laviolette they would realize that this is a person of integrity, honesty and compassion. And if we as human beings don’t value these qualities, we’re doomed as a species. I have to believe that the jury was truly disgusted by JM’s treatment of her.

    • Standard operating procedure in murder cases. The burden of proof is always on the prosecution, and because the standard is higher, they get a chance for rebuttal.

  86. I prayed that the jurors have sense, I did that when I was (cooking my salad so I wouldn’t miss this)
    I prayed to God Jodi would be aquitted.

    I asked God to put this into the jurors minds… and I am not a religious person per see.. but it was NEEDED.

  87. Oh now he cares about the gutter??????LMAO Its your hometown Martinez for the last 5 months at least!!!

  88. So apparently if a woman enjoys having sex with a man then he has a right to have sex with her while she’s asleep and without her consent.

    • Good Idea Moni! I am doing that now…I’m DONE with him. There is NOTHING he can possibly say that is worth listening to. Fight or flight….I’m fleeing. Audio wise.

    • agreed Moni , I turned him off, IRON MAN 3 IMAX seems just a little
      bit more appealing this afternoon 🙂

      • Agree you guys…I have been having prob w/this site still and this is the only way I can follow the trial..I can’t just listen to him…tuning him out and hopefully can just watch what you all are saying..

  89. NO PRICELINE DOES NOT NOTE IT. I have rented a bunch of motel rooms from Priceline. I would pay when I checked in. Not once did it say priceline on my bank statement would have paid online when I made the reservation it would have said priceline.

  90. Previously, I didn’t care for Nurmi’s sometimes soporific style. Today however, he was remarkably brilliant. The best moment was when he looked and pointed at Flores and said either he or Horn was lying. It matters little who lied. The most salient point was that since either or both of them lied, how can anything the prosecution has proposed be believed?

    Let’s hope that the deadly miasma that Fartinez creates is properly recognized by the jury.

    • I did see that part of the trial today Ilanger! How can the jury TRUST JM if his own witnesses have LIED!!!

    • I’m sure I saw a pic in the bathroom and I saw something that looked like a rope. I’m going to search for it.

    • My question is; how the heck did Jodi clean up, grab the robe, strip the bed, start two loads of laundry, clean the banister and get out of the house prior to the arrival of the roommates at 6:00pm?

    • Joe I hope he doesn’t continue with his diarrhea of the mouth for too long. I turned the volume off…

  91. Hope Nurmi beats the ever-loving shit out of that lying little motherfucker when they leave the courtroom today!

    • Mr. Nurmi is too classy to be bothered wasting his time on that measly squirt… besides, I wouldn’t want Nurmi to muss up his suit 😉

      • Hey Dorothy, I’d be happy to do it for him!!! On national TV even!!!! (Not for 15 mins. of fame—–cause it wouldn’t take that long for me to reach down his asshole and pull his other asshole up through the asshole he calls a mouth!!!!!! Plus every time he blacks out I’d bring him back!!!! Then call HLN and tell ’em to comment on that!!!!!!

    • He never made any sense throughout the trial. His MO has always been talk fast, don’t give anyone time to answer beyond one word, and maybe no one will notice how mentally deficient he is. Again I repeat, good enough for government work, low rung law school.

  92. He just said ‘there was no rope’ after showing pic that shows piece of rope which he says “she placed there 2 make us think…. Wow JM

  93. OMG!! What do bloody footprints have to do with the rope?
    Juan’s an IDIOT, “dontcha’ know?”

  94. Now the little fuck-head has said that JODI got the knife from her purse! Was her purse in the bedroom when all of this occurred?!!!!!!!

  95. Mom just sat on the bed and I said JM gets to talk again and she laid back and put her arm over her eyes and just said Oh God not him again, really. LOL

    Just think this could be possible – Jodi free – no JM and no NG – close your eyes and picture it.

  96. Can’t BULLY the verdict out of the jury the way you harassed haranged and bullied every defense witness—this will backfire if he drones on for hours again. All any of this says about JM is he has a burning need to be right at all costs—including the new fantasy possible scenarios he brought up yesterday. As Jodi said about Travis he was trying to “guilt” the jury into voting his way in his tale yesterday. Stop insulting the jury’s intelligence—they have the facts assimilated at this point.

  97. I can barely keep up today. Gods I hope the jury takes its time. I want time to have more candles for Jodi tonight.

  98. Huh? What’s with the lack of bloody footsteps on the stairs proving she didn’t take the rope? Didn’t she have to walk down the steps whether she was carrying the rope or not.

  99. Yeah I’ve noticed Sherry Stephens has seemed to be in Juan’s pocket this entire trial. Signing autographs outside the courthouse during a capital murder trial?? She never as much as scolded him for it. If she was a good judge she would have had his ass thrown off the case. She lost control of this court a long time ago. Also, allowing dismissed jurors back to sit in the gallery?? Shes a disgrace.

  100. Huh? What’s with the lack of bloody footsteps on the stairs proving she didn’t take the rope? Didn’t she have to walk down the stairs whether she was carrying the rope or not.

  101. he wants the evidence to fit the way that he wants it to not the way that it actually happened…

    there was no proof that she took the gun in that burglary

    he is such an ass…

  102. Vladimir Gagic ‏@vlga 1m
    Prosecutor “everything she said is true other than what #jodiarias lied about”

    • And since Jodi was the only living witness, you can’t prove it.

      And the ME’s testimony is total shit. So is EF’s. They both committed perjury.

  103. I just don’t believe that it only took 2 mins. I know it’s from the pics, but is it absolute or is it something JM made up??

  104. Is it pre-meditation if I go visit my uncle in AZ and just happen to run into the weasel and choke the shit out of the little fucker just because I want to?

  105. if he was killed three different ways…then he must have instantly re-incarnated himself after each kill to make it alive for the next kill accordingly to his theory…

    what idiotic stupidity of one little idiot…

    • Well, after reading your comments I am thankful I am not watching or listening. The way I see it is that the jurors who are predisposed prosecution will like him, those who aren’t will use common sense. It appeared to me from tweets I read of those in court room that jurors were attentive and focused with defense atty.

    • Well, let’s see…the gun shot would be M1, the chest stabbing would be M2, and the throat slashing would be manslaughter.

      Or is it the other way around?

      Oh fuck it.

  106. He logic is impossible to follow. It’s like a nervous little kid trying to talk themselves out getting in trouble. He keeps going around in circles.

    • ADD! That is what I have always thought about him. Remember, the jury instructions say what the prosecutor or defense say in closing is not to be considered as evidence. If that is possible. I can be sure that there is at least one or two on jury who know the details and realize his misrepresenting what was said in testimony. I think his attacks on ALV will work against him. Apparently, her testimony is what scares him the most.

  107. I hope these jurors have brains and use them… We found out the hard way we cannot trust juries ie. OJ Simpson and Casey Anthony. Their questions have often really scared me that they have their minds made up against Jodi. I hope I’m wrong. So done with JM but he just keeps talking and talking and blah blah blah. When the jury gets the case I will just be praying for Jodi and some clear thinking on the part of the jurors.

  108. I was a ”good” kid in school, but Martinez sounds like a squeaky little 9th grader and I get this urge to stuff him in his locker with a solid wedgie.

    • I KNEW she mouthed ”no” or sth!!!!Glad you caught that too,I thought I was going crazy for having my eyes fixed on her for so many hours LOL! I didnt make out what she mouthed though,Was it really that?

  109. My son comes in and reads over my shoulder and wants to know who JM is… I pointed and said that little weasel and asked don’t he look like a frog.. he knows nothing about this and said.. Yep he does!! LOL

  110. Got the grandson off the computer and in front of

    missed most of the day..and here is the little prick trying to tell the jurors what they must do!

    Please..there has to be a couple of jurors who know what DV is..what it is like to be beaten, chocked,raped and tackled, punched, slapped so much that one will fight for their life!

    • I am not positive but I think they weed the jurors to make sure they have no direct experience of this. Unfortunately. I do not think I will ever be allowed to sit a jury again.

  111. Ahhhh, he’s confusing! Magazines? ALV again?? No more gas cans!!! Cut fingers!! ALV! Oh my gosh! Leave ALV alone!

    JW looks like she’s going to throw something at JM.

  112. I wonder if the jury resents being yelled at. I sure wouldn’t like it, and I wouldn’t like someone telling me what to think.