Jodi Arias Trial – Day 54 reviewed

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Yesterday’s 11 hour long trial day was interesting to say the least.

Here’s what we learned:

1 – Dr “Doolittle” Horn has been telling everybody that TA’s brain dura mater membrane had been perforated by the bullet. However, while testifying today, it transpired that his infamous autopsy report stated the opposite… and that it hadn’t been perforated and there had been no damage caused. Not to be outdone, and while still smiling and trying to keep Kermit happy, he followed in the footsteps of Gloria Esteban and quickly put this down to a newly discovered “typo error.”

Here’s Dr Horn doing his best Stan Laurel impersonation:

Dr Kevin Horn - autopsier & lousy tapioca maker

2 – Thanks to one of the jurors questions, most of the people Dr Horn examines is his autopsies are in fact dead at the time.

3 – Introducing tigers, bears & gophers into a trial is never a good idea.  I was gonna add Snow White & the 7 dwarfs to that list, but I wanted to keep my comments specific to yesterday.

4 – Pretending to be 6 foot 2″ tall when you’re only 4 foot 2″ is also not recommended – irrespective of how loud you can shout.

5 – You can in fact cut tapioca with a knife. Dr Horn must be one hell of a lousy cook :mrgreen:

All in all, another awesome day for Team Jodi!

Leave your comments below on elongated trial day 54.

We start again today @ 9.30 am JT…

Team Jodi

We Are Team Jodi ---- And We Will Be Victorious!



    • geebee2, saw some unusual things not noticed before by me (the clarity of these pics assisted me in holding these views)…Clicked on your link, and my comments are based on the links posted within those comments:

      1. Link “TRAIL OF BLOOD” –
      (a) “Hallway Blood Trail” The 2nd enlarged pic with markers #9, 8, 7, and 6 – to me it seems like the area was probably covered with a mid sized, rectangular rug with rounded edges. The outline is clearly delineated esp, on the right side. I feel JA may have used the rug as leverage to pull the body towards the bathroom. He must have been lying on top of that rug? She could’ve disposed of it along with the other items, as it may have soaked up most of the blood. Therefore, no cleaning up with water was done, rather a simple removal of the bloodied rug would’ve sufficed the lack-of-blood effect.

      2. Link “BATHROOM” –
      (a) #8 (Bullet on pool of blood/chip in tile) – This is where JA dropped the knife. Remember she said in her testimony, that she remembers dropping the knife and hearing the sound of the knife hitting the floor (not carpet). The intensity of the impact of the tip of the knife hitting the tile with a force (also indicates it must have been a heavy knife and dropped straight down – perhaps slipping from her hand as she suddenly loosened the grip on the knife in shock).

      (b) #10 – Near the #5 marker sign, you can see clumps of dark hair, matted in blood, stuck to the bottom of the door post.

      (c) #18b – I finally get a better view of the “JA dragging the body” pic. In this pic, JA’s foot is the LEFT foot (that is why it seemed odd – the little toe is closest to TA’s back/shoulder, and big toe on the Right side). The Left foot and stance orientation tells me that she is leaning forward (that is why her pant is hitched up at the area where the blue stripe and zipper is) and her Right foot is slightly apart, as if to gain her balance. So, JA has her legs slightly apart as if trying to gain balance, leaning forward, explaining the hitched up look of her pant on the Left side of the pic, with TA leaning against JA’s left leg. The blue stripe/zipper is really the outer side of the pant on the Right leg – however we are unable to see the placement of her Right foot in the pic.

      In this same pic (18b), if you enlarge it, you can see something that looks like a reflection in the tile (in front of JA’s Left foot and lower Right side of pic – Left and above the timestamp area) – not sure if the reflection looks like a face or hand?

      (d) #20 – SHOE PRINT at Left lower corner of the pic. It looks like it is a Left Foot Print, facing towards the bathroom. NOTE: Since JA admitted to wearing SOCKS, then whose shoe print is that???? Why didn’t DT question that?.

      If you know the dimensions of the tile, you can guess or estimate the foot size. Looks like a large foot print. What size is JA’s foot? Remember Nurmi asked Flores if he knew what her foot size was? Why do you think Nurmi asked Flores that?

      Hope my notes are clear enough for you to follow my train of thought and ‘see’ what I saw.

    • Interesting that now right at the end a news outlet finally grabs their balls and releases something against the grain. Not shocked at all to hear that Travis was still emotionally involved with Deanna.

        • No. They are confirmed to be his. There is a ton of evidence that has been precluded during closed door hearings. We may never know why.

          • Yeah I saw that too…Jodi made them do it!!! What a crock!! They are just trying to save face. They had been friends with TA for some time before Jodi so why would they do something against TA because Jodi told them to??? They sent the emails because that is how they felt and IF Jodi had talked to them wouldn’t they AS TAs friends tell him that she had done that?? Just proof that more of the Mormons are Moron’s then I previously thought!!

            • Jenn dont bash a whole religion because a few are F*ed up. These are stupid HUMANS not Stupid mormons. Your religion does NOT reveal your intelligence level. You sounded stupid saying it and i bet your not mormon. Your above this . don’t be like the TA haters. I love your post most of the time , but this time i don’t think you thought out how you sound saying it out loud.

          • Yes, isn’t it interesting and suspicious that only NOW are these emails being released for public consumption? Do the media want to stir the pot, just for fun, when it’s probably too late for this information to take the edge off the sexist hate storm they’ve created?

            Since the beginning, Jodi and only Jodi, has been offered up as a target, as a “lying whore,” and an entire nation has been encouraged to throw stones at her and dehumanize her. But, the very people who “just knew”–because they are so pure, apparently, and have extra-spiritual perceptions–that she was a soulless minion of Satan … well, those pure people are liars themselves. Twisting and bending the truth to protect themselves and Travis’ reputation. Back-pedalling and blaming–who else but Jodi?–because the media’s got their back. Cowards. Hypocrites. Moral weaklings. Yeah, right, Jodi made them do it. That’s almost funny.

            And now that the cat’s completely out of the bag that Travis lied and lied and lied about his sexual life–to his church, his friends and his lovers (all of whom trusted him, took him at his word)–well, now, that’s not such bad sin. Pretty minor stuff. Even upstanding, perfect Mormons like the Hughes are soft on Travis’ healthy, “red-blooded” weaknesses! It’s such BS! Mimi, Lisa, and even Deanna, were terrified of excommunication. They knew the score, and took the rules seriously. If only they knew how quickly they’d have been forgiven–not!

            The Hughes knew that Travis was a narcissistic predator (“of the heart,” I believe Skye wrote). They knew that the only people he could be good to and for were his audiences, co-workers, non-sexual friends. Behind closed bedroom doors it was, for Travis, open season. That’s where the emotional violence was done.

            He never really wanted to get rid of Jodi completely; he kept her hooked because, with her being so emotionally vulnerable and out of control, she served an important role in his life. He could safely transfer (sexualize) all his shame, pain, insecurities and struggles on to her, and she’d take it, absorb it all. In the big heap of lies that have been told from every which way and direction, THAT’s the truth.

            (I haven’t posted here for several weeks. Hello everyone!)

  1. The
    concept that perjured testimony would be acceptable in a capital case is
    unthinkable. As Justice Bales recently noted:
    The imposition of the death penalty is serious and permanent; any
    mistake cannot be undone once the punishment is carried out.
    Reflected throughout the Supreme Court jurisprudence underlying the
    Eighth Amendment is the principle that death is different.
    “Knowing use of perjured or false testimony by the prosecution is a denial of due
    process and is reversible error without the necessity of a showing of prejudice to
    the defendant.”

  2. Goodmorning All!
    Watched testimony yesterday but was not able to comment due to my kiddos/hubby keeping me busy!
    Fell asleep last night after watching DrG. From what I read it doesn’t sound like I missed too much.
    Really hoping and praying this Jury get’s it right.
    Based on all the evidence I don’t see how they could say it was PM.


  3. Good Morning Everyone! I just read the emails that were exchanged between TA and SH (CH) I have one question…HOW ARE THEY HERESAY? They are directly from the hughes and TA and their confirmed email addresses. So how is that hearsay??

    • Hearsay is any out-of-court statement offered to prove the truth of the matter asserted. The e-mails, being out of court statements, are hearsay if offered to prove any truth. So, technically, whether they are hearsay would depend on the purpose for which they would be offered. To be admissible, they would have to satisfy an exception to hearsay. However, even then, they can still be excluded if they are more prejudicial/inflammatory than they are probative of a relevant matter.

      Who they are from or created by is a matter of authentication, which is a separate sub-issue from overall admissibility.

      • Well they are from the Hughes who testified to TA and also from TA to the Hughes. So couldn’t they question the Hughes about them? How were the emails between Jodi and Ta let in and these were not is what I don’t understand??

        • The difference is/would be either the purpose for which they were being offered, or if the email falls within certain prescribed exceptions to hearsay. It’s not about who sent or received the emails.

  4. I read yesterday that a song had been written by Flores” daughter and in the video and comments it shows that Flores supports the family. WTF He is the lead detective!! Please do not take my word for what is shown in the youtube video judge for your self. But you might want to keep the volume down the song isn’t that……appealing to the ears.

      • I think that youtube needs to take that down. It is wrong for it to be up during the trial, I think the mere fact that Flores is so upfront about his support for the family that their is a BIG chance evidence was tampered with, or simply misplaced never to be seen again!

        • That video reminds me of when Simon Cowell would tell American Idol contestants that they sounded like tone-deaf little kids who were performing at family parties and were told how great their voices were by their parents…LOL.

          • OH my gosh it does!!! LOL!!! The song doesn’t even flow right….We should make a song for Jodi. I have been trying to get a youtube video together called ” The Jodi Arias that the Prosecution doesn’t want you to know” and I want photos rolling in the background. I am having trouble finding a song to play with it though…and with all the photos I have it may take at least two songs…Any suggestions??

            • Yeah why don’t you play the one she was singing in the police interrogation video. She seems to like it and it would show that Jodi will never forget these memories. and as a side note it would really piss off the other side . It would be nice. Or if you want to show Jodis ACTUAL LOVE (since they say she was obsessed not in love) for Travis and play pics of them as loving caring couple you could play “Over You by Miranda Lambert or “Wish upon a star” by Samantha Mumba . You can listen to them at youtube. or if you want to do just jodi you could use Have A Little Faith in Me by John Hiatt or “Stronger” by Sara Evans. Have a little faith would be good because i think everyone even her mom had lost faith in her at one point (look how she don’t stick up for her with the cops to the point of saying she has problems!) and i think it would enforce the fact that others who do not even know her haven’t. its a good reminder for all of us.

        • So has anyone sent this to the DT so they can add it to the mistrial appeal pile?

          And I’m guessing those are billboards of TA that are up around Mesa that are in this video? How can the jury avoid these????

          One more gripe of mine today is that pickles chose yesterday to go ridiculously long and non-stop yesterday. The last day to exhaust the jury, Jodi and the lawyers. Why didn’t she do this weeks or ago to get this wrapped up sooner, then let them have a long weekend to get some rest and be able to function.

          I can only hope Juanita rants more jibberish and makes a bigger fool of himself in his parting moments.

          GO TEAM JODI <3

          • Yeah I just sent it to Jennifer. She’ll probably crap her pants seeing Flores so blatantly showing bias. Can she get a mistrial if they see this before closings are over. I can’t believe they would post something like this after Jaun got called out for signing shit. This goes WAY beyond that. Your thoughts.

            • Krista, thank you for sending it to JW. For the daughter to be begging for money for the family is crazy! WTF!

              ((((((((((Jodi and Team Jodi)))))))))

        • This kind of goes back to my earlier post about the possibility of the police altering the scene to fit the weasel’s pre-meditation BS. GO TEAM JODI!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yeah, we commented on it yesterday in the MASS of other comments…. I am in law enforcement and am in absolute shock that he would do that, let alone allow it! It is one thing to express support to the victims or the family. But what he is doing and allowing is totally crossing the line!

  5. Everyday my daughter becomes more of a comedian. Last night she came home and told me that this little girl in her class got in trouble because she kept talking. Then my daughter looks at me and said, ” Mommy she just had Juan-a-rrhea. So I looked at her like she has lost it and she gave me the duh Mom look and said real slow J U A N A R R H E A . Like diarrhea but of the mouth…so like that little piss ant Juan the prostitute. ( I thought I was going to pee my pants.) It wasn’t until later that I realized she swore twice!!

      • Morning Cindy! I was wondering where you were this am. I thought maybe you and Al were MIA together today!! LOL

          • That would make for some narly nightmares….I am so glad I was banned for life from HLN!! I have found I have 33% less migraines now that I don’t hear NG screechy voice. LOL

      • Thank you Heather. She is an amazing girl!! She wants to be an attorney to help women like Jodi. She never goes with the popular opinion if it isn’t the truth!

        • Oh that’s excellent, tell her good luck from me, its such a worthwhile career, wish I’d done that.

            • Ha! Thanks for that, Jennifer! I took 5 neighbours to court a few years ago, they had abused me, harassed me for 6 years.. the judge was a total asshole.. put me through a 4 day trial–me–I’m not a lawyer! Then decided that the defendants were all decent people even though I proved a huge lie–and through the case out.. talk about stress.

              I can prove my local authority knew who was harassing whom, I can also prove they were biased. ( I rent from my local authority)

              Now the instigators have moved and its like nothing happened at all–peace!

              I naively thought if you showed contradictory evidence it would be easy.. yeah riiight!

              I watched the film Legally Blonde and thought, I can do this! 🙂

              Now our wonderful government have stopped all legal aid (they wouldn’t grant it to me), except for babies who end up brain dead through Medical Negligence.

              Disgusting, huh?

              • Oh yes, Jennifer, before the trial date there was a pre trial Hearing.. the judge told me I didn’t need legal aid.. WOT? That I could take the case myself quite easily.. and refused me to keep trying. I hoped he wasn’t going to take the case… my heart sank on the day of the trial, there the asshole was..

                Almost all judges are off their faces and corrupt.. this one asked my witness what I wore in bed, nightie or pyjamas! I felt very murderous at that point, as no doubt you can imagine!

                All things pass, thank goodness….!

                • Heather I am so so sorry that you had to go through that!! I have had my own battle with the legal system and because I did not conform to what they wanted…or told them what they wanted to hear…I paid for it!! And I thought that as the Miranda Rights say “you have the right to an attorney if you cannot afford one one will be appointed to you.”

    • Jennifer, i think your daughter is brilliant!
      As a microbiologist, I was immediately struck by the fact that Juanarrhea rhymes so perfectly with gonorrhoeae! Oh, too precious!!!! Lol.

      • LOL She is a silly goose some days!! She has done that rhyming words and replacing them since she was little. She has a heart of gold though! Never wants to hurt anyone, in fact has never talked bad about anyone till JM. She really thinks Jodi is a good person!

    • I want to thank all who keep this site updated with links. facts and videos. Without all of that, I wouldn’t be able to get caught up.

  6. Al I saw yesterday that your son is a GD fan also….and I thought children today had no appreciation for good music!!!

  7. WOOO HOO today is CHAMPAGNE THURSDAY!!! So let’s all make a cyber toast to the defense team as they prepare for closing!!!

  8. Al did you check out the video I posted above…it is Flores daughter signing a tribute to the Alexanders….Note turn the volume down

      • Yep…if you read the comments her aunt helped her make the tribute and she looks a lot like Flores’ wife. I would think due to Flores’ obvious bias the court needs to declare a miss trial. The sure would if the detective was bias in favor of Jodi.

  9. Yay! I’m trying to get caught up with last evenings comments and I didn’t get to watch all the trial..but it sure feels like it was an AWESOME day for Team Jodi!

  10. Found this on

    Here is an excerpt:

    ”All sociopaths are social predators, and live by exploiting others.

    Frequently this is financial exploitation—many sociopaths are skilled con artists—but not always. Sociopaths also target people who can provide them with a place to live, business connections, sex, housekeeping or other support services, children, or a respectable image in the community while they live double lives. The point is that sociopaths intentionally use manipulation and deceit to hook their target. They continue the manipulation and deceit to keep the exploitation going, bleeding the target until there is nothing left. At that point, some sociopaths abandon the target, moving on without a backward glance.

    Sometimes, however, the target gets wise to the sociopath, and wants to end the involvement. At this point, some sociopaths become enraged at the possibility of losing control, and set out to crush the target. They are not interested in compromise or equitable distribution. They do not want to give the target whatever he or she is entitled to. They want to grind the target into the dirt.

  11. I think that like other trials the defense goes first then prosecution and then ends with the defense?

    • Just read the post about your daughter! It sounds like you are raising an excellent young lady! Best wishes to you and your daughter and good luck to a future attorney!!!!!! 🙂

  12. Cindy…I went to get a new TV last night for my bedroom and found a cheap one for $200.00 at Wal Mart. Not even close to as nice as the one that got hit with the cup but at least I can put this 1990’s tv back in the spare room. My fiancé said I had to take it and be happy because I wouldn’t be getting another one like the cup TV until I stop defending every criminal who I feel is Wrongly accused. I guess I will have this $200 TV FOREVER!!!

    • Does anyone know if the actual police report from the burglary at the Yreka house was/is being made available to the jury? Or if there has been any testimony about that gun being loaded with hollow point bullets? Or that the bullet in Travis’ cheek was not a hollow point bullet?

        • I haven’t heard it being refered to(the police report) but I started watching the trial when Jodi was on the stand. I was also wondering if they took ammunition from the Yreka house to see if it matched the bullet taken from TA? Because IF Jodi supposedly took the gun wouldn’t she take some ammunition also? And if not have they found anyone who sold Jodi ammunition? Or did they ask the grandfather if he ever went target shooting? Many times people go to the desert or to a field to practice shooting their guns. If so their would be spend shells where he went target shooting, unless it was a range or other popular shooting area. Because they could compare the two bullets and see if the Lands and grooves matched.

    • LOL Jen as long as it works is what I say….. besides one doesn’t feel as guilty for putting a foot through a 200 dollar tv as they do a more expensive one 🙂

  13. OK, Al- here is my new and improved analogy in support of Willmott & Nurmi:
    F. Lee Bailey, Gerry Spence, Clarence Darrow, you can add Mark Garagos if you like, are Bugatis. Or at least unobtainable Italian sports cars. Even the insanely rich cannot rely on ordering one should they be able to afford it. Willmott & Nurmi are Porches. They are excellent production cars. Connoisseurs own them and hare happy to drive them every day. They would get their doors blown off by a Bugati.

    Jodi is entitled to a Sentra. And that’s what the state paid for.

    They also have the good fortune that “the prosecutor” is a Gremlin.

    PS The AP SuperTrain is NOT an XC90, I take it from previous posts?

    • And the thing that does not fit into my analogy-well maybe it does, but I won’t torture it further- is that Willmott and Nurmi are really good at making a record. Most truly gifted trial lawyers are not. It’s like doing two cases at once. It takes an entirely different body of knowledge, and way of thinking to be identifying appellate issues in real time while the trial is going on and the DL is talking about something else. W & N are really good at it, and most nationally known “big gun” showboat lawyers don’t even seem to try. They all seem to litigate for the hung jury or the mistrial or the acquittal. That’s awesome if you can get it, but many cases are not slam dunks. This one sure wasn’t. Those guys also usually have unlimited resources to get the most amazing pathologists, jury consultants, and whatever other experts they could want. Not so W & N. They’ve had to work within strictly confined resources with no national reputation of their own to persuade anyone. I’m in awe of how they have done it.
      So if you are watching Top Gear, telling me that the new 911 doesn’t do as well around Gambon Corner, I say, “Yeah but look how on the Porsche the electric windows work, and the Bose stereo, and I can go downtown and buy one right here in Oklahoma City”

    • Not Porsches. I’d say Camrys. Good, dependable, will get you there but no head turning quotient. Will make it through a 2 inch snow but a 4-incher will probably make them slip and slide a lot.

      The problem here is that the Yugo that Juan’s case is should have allowed these guys to walk right over him. I don’t think his case was very solid or his presentation was very good and his witnesses sure left a lot to be desired. Given that, even with a horribly biased judge they should have knocked this out of the park. I think they didn’t.

      The new XC90s may be OK, now that they have new engine and transmission. But if you want an SUV in that price range try a Grand Cherokee. Those are sweet.

      • I’m still living in the past. There is 2011 9-5 in my town with 5000 miles on it. I’m going to go test drive it this weekend and see if the memories will be too painful. I have at least until July when my niece turns 16. Right now I’m enjoying the last days with my special friend.

        I was T-boned a couple of years ago by a guy going about 30 mph. The impact was right at the point where the front and back doors meet. My car saved my dog’s life. I don’t think I’ll ever own a car again that is not Swedish.

      • And I’ll negotiate down to Subarus for the versatility factor. You just can’t overvalue that making-a-record factor.

        • That’s true, maintaining a record is important.

          Like I said, these guys started off setting the bar at no DP. And I think that’s how they tried the case all along.

          In some occupations you have the journeymen practitioners. They can see the immediate steps and thats it. But like a good ches player defense lawyers, engineers, scientists have to be able to see a few moves ahead. So even a chess player who is playing for the draw must be able to see that given certain circumstances he can go for the win without losing the option for a draw. I think that’s what this defense team didn’t grasp. You can maintain the record, etc but given the state’s horribly porous circumstantial case, there was a possibility of defining victory as something more than just avoid the DP. And I don’t think they did that. I think that was apparent from their M2 plea offer. Heck they should have offered manslaughter at that stage. I think manslaughter was, and always is a viable verdict in “domestic” cases of this kind, particularly given the mountains of evidence of TA’s abusive nature.

          You can maintain a record, and still fight. But they didn’t even seem to go after some of the real obvious issues.

          • I had a Forester that I just loved. Then it became the Nanny car. Then the farm car. Then the bottom rusted out of it because it lived in New England for the first part of its life, but it was a really good girl that gave so much more than she got.

  14. hey guys, who goes first with closing arguments? and yeah, its a retarded question, but will the jury ask questions? omfg i hope not.

    • The defense goes last because they have the burden of proof. I have heard some weirdness about Juan going first then the defense in the middle and the JM last, but I’m not sure. I AM sure of this. After this trial, AZ can change their motto to “We do it Weirder”

      • The person with the burden of proof always goes last. In a criminal case that is the prosecution, except in states where self defense is an affirmative defense and the burden of proof shifts to the defense. In AZ it is not. So the prosecution always goes last.

    • Closing Arguments

      When both sides have presented their evidence, each side may make closing arguments. Closing arguments are similar to opening statements. They provide an opportunity for the attorneys to address the judge or jury a final time. The plaintiff/prosecutor speaks first, usually summarizing the evidence that has been presented, and highlighting items most beneficial to the prosecution. The attorney for the defendant speaks next. The defense attorney will usually summarize the strongest points of the defendant’s case and point out flaws in the case presented by the prosecutor. The prosecutor then has one last opportunity to speak.

          • It doesn’t but the prosecution has burden of proof. He gets to “prove” his theory, but to be honest geffners testimony wasn’t the most damning for the prosecution yesterday it was the MEs.

              • He’s looked deceptive to me from his last testimony. The police department and investigation are looking really bad on a national and international level. He’s not deceptive because of Martinez I think it’s probably Flores and the heads of investigation that have alot on the line of this case. Martinez is a puppet. That’s all….

  15. I have to head to the store to get stuff for my daughters lunch I wonder if I would look like a drunk if I bought champagne this early so I don’t have to go out later? LOL

    • I could do with a glass or two of something.. I stayed up until 3am! I shall suffer for that, no doubt, and still it wasn’t over, had I waited till the end I’d have been up all night! Could kick myself, I should have gone to bed earlier but the time went by in a flash and I was gripped.

  16. There is alot of sloppiness in this case from the investigation. I don’t see how the state proved its case at all. Theatrics and drama is one thing. I really don’t see 1st degree proven here. Besides beegee’s posted issues with the crime scene, the ME changed his story three times and yesterday a juror asked about the protective membrane that Horn documented in his report as not being penetrated. This in my opinion is a HUGE issue for the state’s theory. HuGE! It’s his case to prove and that right their actually disproves his theory. And shows sloppiness if indeed horn made a typo as he alleges.

    • If that membrane had been penetrated, no doubt there would have been a detailed description with measurements. I don’t believe “typo” for one second.

      • D that’s true didnt even think of that but the ME does document size and all that stuff! Good point!

      • And “typo” how? It says “intact”. What was it supposed to say? Distact? Contact? Intract? What word could “intact” be a typo for?

        • Exactly. He can’t say that he left out the word “not,” because he wouldn’t have typed “Dura is not intact.” It would say “Dura is perforated…” and measurements would be noted.

  17. And did anyone notice that Blondie Blinky never did answer Jennifer’s question about Dr. Death’s reason for not purchasing the updated test. You know, that expensive $200 one! OMG!

    • Yes it’s ridiculous because you got to come here with facts. IMHO you can’t prosecute someone on a typo! A typo???!!!!!???? That’s like when doctors cut off the wrong body part. What do you say to your patient sorry I cut off your left arm instead of the right because of a typo..

      • Believe it or not it has been known to happen.

        Horn was just a pathetic kowtowing liar.

        Thankfully all his patients are dead by the time he gets to them, sorry assed, incompetent, non-Hippocratic, brown nosing little twerp that he is.

        And to think he went to school at Maryland. Imbecile. Thank God he got his frontal lobe damaged brain out of Snapping Terp territory. Probably really suited to the desert, nothing in that cranial cavity to roast in the sun. Asshole.

      • Years ago a surgeon at one of our local hospitals amputated the wrong leg of a patient! These days they write on the body parts they are supposed to amputate. I remember a patient who actually wrote “Not this leg” on the good leg before surgery.

  18. Just curious, i have been seeing clips of sky and chris but its just clips not all of what they are saying, chris said that the emails were fake during testimony, have they said on any of these “so called” media outlets that the emails are anyone who has seen the whole show. Just wondering if they are still sticking to that story or if they are now trying to CMA.

    • Those two weirdos. Yes weirdos. I don’t like talking negatively about TAs family because he was their brother and this process is painful, but the Hughes are two clowns making an effort to campaign and market their image for personal gain. They need to go crawl back to the rock they came from and stop making PPL and the Mormon church look like a cult. I know we all have our biases but seeing them on TV makes the “cult” stereotype sooo much stronger.

    • Chris Hughes NEVER said the emails were fake–he was talking about the 10 handwritten letters written by Travis Alexander, which he knew were NOT fake. The reason those letters weren’t admitted into evidence was because they were copies and not originals.

      • aahhh forgot about the letters…thanks you are right…whats your thoughts on who copied and sent the letters?

  19. I think yesterday was the best day the defense has had throughout this trial. And they should shower Dr Geffner with roses for that.

    JM has a way of obfuscating and yelling his way right past witnesses, and I think they are so shell shocked after that experience that even during redirect they are extremely guarded with their answers. And the defense team, her comes the yelling, is not astute enough to guide the witness past the JM fugue. What Dr Geffner did was actually take the helm and explain the Juan mode of selectivity, without being asked the questions. Once that started happening the redirect became a massacre of the Martinez technique. I think the most important thing to come out of Geffner’s testimony was the point by point exhibition of Martinez’s intellectual dishonesty.

    Also Juan must have a subconscious death wish for his case. I couldn’t believe the fact that he brought Horn on again. If you guys remember I was rooting for the defense to call Horn and deliver the coup de grace to the state’s case through their own ME. I couldn’t believe it when JM brought him own a second time. And then a third time! He must have thought this guy was born with a rabbit’s foot in one hand and a four leaf clover in the other. But I guess three times a charm for our Jennifer. (see my Camry in the snow example above), and with a little help from her friends on the jury.

    I didn’t get to watch the good doctor from NOLA, but she was sort of incidental by then.

    So on to closings now.

    Yesterday vastly improved Jodi’s position in this case. Remember it is Jodi’s case, not JM’s or the defense’s.

    • I agree. Horn was disastrous yesterday for the prosecution. I find geffner and the Nola graduate almost irrelevant. He made it so much clearer the flop in his work and investigation. JM did it to himself! I was nervous about JW asking geffner about brain injuries but JM put his own foot in his mouth and proved his illogical argument on his own.

      • Geffner wasn’t irrelevant, for if he hadn’t testified, Horn wouldn’t have returned to the stand and absolutely destroy the prosecution’s case, which was already on life support.

        On the basis of Horn’s perjury alone, Jodi Arias should be acquitted of all charges. The prosecution has nothing left to show premeditation, and it has nothing to show for lesser charges, either.

        Now the jury may think it wants to save face by convicting Jodi of lesser charges, but they would really be shirking their duty if they did that.

    • Juan thought he could bring Horn in again and he’d be safe as long as he didn’t mention dura mater – if he didn’t Jennifer couldn’t. He forgot about the juror questions.

    • Yes, Dr Geffner deserves a medal for his calmness when JM yelled and tried to confuse him. 3 CHEERS for Dr Geffner!!!!

    • IMO, Dr. Geffner was the best witness of the entire trial. He didn’t become rattled when JM was irate. I thought JM looked foolish in his redirect and that Dr. Gffener took control and was very credible in his answers to jury. I thought Jill Hayes was “slow” and I could hardly sit through her performance. I noted there were no questions for her. JM would have been better to have left her off IMO as I doubt anyone on jury remembers what she said! I am bothered by the mistakes of the ME, Dr. Horn. I am bothered with the “miscommunication” between Horn and Flores. I am not pro defense, or pro prosecution, but try and listen to both sides and go from there. I post here occasionally because of the civility. I am bothered by the coincidences of gas cans/stolen gun from grandparents home. I do believe the gun shot was first. I believe “something happened” that caused JA to snap. Glad I am not on the jury as this would really be a tough decision. I don’t think this is a slam dunk for the prosecutor.

      • Actually JW, you’re the kind of person who needs to be on the jury. Ask the questions.

        And actually if you find you can’t stitch the case together from the state’s evidence then the path is really, really clear. If they didn’t prove a certain charge beyond a reasonable doubt, as you seem to have, the acquit.

        The jury’s not there to determine guilt or INNOCENCE. They are there to determine whether the state proved its case beyond a reasonable doubt. It’s just that simple.

        • Al,

          I can’t stitch the case together based on what the prosecutor has displayed. Frankly, I found his questions confusing, overly dramatic and plainly presenting hypothticals in such a way that they were misleading based on what I heard directly from the witnesses. His demeanor was unappealing and too combative and I wondered “WHY” he had to perform the way he did if his case was so strong. All of the above mentioned is troubling to me. On the other hand, I understand the feelings of anger at seeing the brutal slaying pictures of TA and perhaps that is the “anger”, or a part thereof, on display with JM. Regardless, his behavior was unattractive and a put off to me in the way he treated witnessess.

          I am troubled with the severity of the wounds and clearly JA admitted she did this. I get the abuse actions and believe TA was using and abusing her. She allowed it however. I just think something “snapped”, sadly, on June 4th, 2008, and here we are. I couldn’t vote “acquittal” but would have to go for lower degree…possible heat of passion.

      • the blonde lady was the only one I was falling asleep to, I was so frustrated and just wanted her to shut up, she was relevant and a help to anyone, so I did not get her reason for being there

  20. Good Morning Everyone-
    I woke up this morning feeling very distressed about this entire trial and hope some of you can ease my mind. I have now completely concluded that the Mormons own Maricopa County. It all harkens back to the days of Mormon history when the Govenor of Utah called for the Mormons to be run out of the Territory, but the Cult was able to make some sort of agreement to get Statehood. (I got this info from a documentary on the history of the cult).

    The State has perpetrated lie upon lie in this trial, and put it all off to “misunderstandings, and typographical errors”. Since when are complete statements under oath, and in lengthly reports simple errors? Not in my world. Two of the primary witnesses as we know, have been complete liars throughout!!

    The Judge is also bought and paid for by the Mormons. It seems now to be the only explanation for how she has handled this entire trial. What is the most sickening, as you all know, is that they are hell bent on putting an innocent woman to death, for killing one of “their own”. I can honestly say, that I have never seen corruption running so deep, be exposed in the Public arena, since the Mob trials of Don G. My question is, where is the State of AZ in all of this? Why is the State letting a County run wild and be owned by a cult? Is the entire State owned by the LDS? The thought that a Jury may also be bought and paid for by the cult, makes me want to scream!!! I don’t normally subscribe to conspiracy theories, but in this case, it is hard not to.

    I hope my emotions are just running away with me and that I am completely wrong about this and the Jury will set Jodi free as they should. I can’t imagine her spending one more day in jail waiting for some officials to investigate the corruption and overturn some bought and paid for verdict.

    • TR, That’s a shocking thought but I fear not far from the truth 🙁

      The Mormon aspect of this circus seems to have faded into insignificance 🙁

    • My hope is that there are enough people on the jury who are NOT Mormon, but are well aware of the power the LDS church wields in Mesa. Because THEY surely would not miss the obvious misconduct in this case.

      Would they?

      • I’m praying for that, Journee. I hope the jury have been reading this site too. We’ll all be holding our breath before the verdict.. its been such a long time coming, I’m hoping this case sets a precedent in history that women who have been abused are believed.

        I always thought and grew up thinking the USA was before everyone on everything and I’m shocked when I read what people have put on the hate sites. Its like the US is no different to a third world country where women are second class citizens when it comes to being abused 🙁

        • heather1-
          Sad isn’t it 🙁 I am still hoping that the entire country is not as ignorant and hateful as the creeps that have come out from under thier respective rocks during this trial. I know in my own community, where a young women was murdered by her boyfriend last year, and two years ago a Police officer was shot and killed when responding to a Domestic Violence call, people and particularly young people are very involved in educating the community on DV and stopping intimate partner violence.

      • journee-
        that is my hope and prayer also! I can’t bear to think there aren’t at least a few on the jury that see the corruption clearly.

    • That’s the only concern I have with this trial. Mormons, by all means not all of them, absolutely love the death penalty and tend to lack any ability to analyze complex issues.

      I wouldn’t think, however, that the entire jury is made up of Mormons.

    • I said this before but, yes, many states are owned by the Mormons! I lived in St George Utah, moved there from Seal Beach California and felt I had fallen down the rabbit hole. Chilis Bar and Grill there had to be renamed, Chilis Grill, the city forced a huge corporation to remove the word bar. There was only one place that sold alchohol and it was closed at 7p everyday and closed on Sunday, the alchohol content of beer was 3% versus 6% or something like that. One year we celebrated the 4th of July on the 3rd and New Years eve on the 30th because the 4th and 31st fell on a Sunday. I was the devil for wearing a cross and drinking coffee, some parents would not let my kids play with theirs because we were not Mormon. My stepdaughter, sister, aunt and brother were brainwashed into becoming Mormons so they would fit in, I was a slut because I wore a bikini and I could just go on. Colorado City is in Arizona and on the border of St George so this cult bleeds into the rest of AZ unfortunately, where I live in Az now, moved here after St George, has cults on every corner too.

      • kmea-
        It’s pretty creepy stuff. Are you at least able to find people who aren’t in the Cult to socialize with? Can’t imagine living there myself.

  21. Morning All!

    Missed everything except the portion before the noon break :). Watching HLN when I got back at midnite. Saw that JM flung a lot of dung all over the place hoping it would stick. Couldn’t stomach his epilectic seizure type verbal and physical gyrations, so I shut it off. He seemed to be flipping out with his high pitched abusive tone. JD should put her fancy phd to work and try to get him into the local psych ward for mental/emotional instability, and soon! He’s falling apart. Noticed that Nurmi seems all zen-like :).

    Well, if anyone can give me the gist of what happened and how it looks for each side, I’d be truly grateful. Thank you much!

  22. So, will it be all the closing arguments tonight then? What happens tomorrow? It sounds like it’ll be a short day today and tomorrow.

    • Prosecution closing arguments today and defense closing arguments tomorrow. And prosecution gets to close one more time. Then jury. I can’t say I’m not nervous but yesterday the defense gave the best effort they could and brought out info that IMHO is very valid and disproves the states theory. Lets see what JM brings out on close. I think he’s gonna put his foot in his mouth and bring something up that’s not been proven and throw his case away. I’m like 80% sure at this point.

      • When the prosecution and their witnesses lie, you can’t trust anything they say. I think a juror expects a defendant to lie. But the pot calling the kettle black is a huge problem if I am a juror.

        • FLNANG and D, thanks, I so hope you’re right, I’m nervous about the jury; because we all have intelligence and common sense we are banking on them having some. Its a tense time.

          • He’s a strategist-JM. I predict he’s going to give “an overview” of how the state proved its case… Blah blah.. Harp on the hair color and gas cans and then how Dr Horn testified the sequence of injuries. Then he’ll bring up the gun issue. He’ll say she got it from grandpa and she lied. Blah blah blah. And lastly he’ll harp on the BPD and she doesn’t suffer from PTSD. Then defense will go. And then he’ll get more detailed on WHY she’s not suffering BWS and PTSD and she’s a slut but not in so many words. How she lied three times, etc… The problem is HIS lies. And I think the jury knows by now that his argument is illogical. Especially after his fumble yesterday. He thinks he’s strategized this so well and has it in the bag.

            • Don’t forget the last thing he’ll do – play that video of Jodie saying no jury will convict me. That is most certainly what the lil prick will do.

                • He’ll definitely end with the video, like Casey’s prosecutors did with the photo of the “Bella Vita” tattoo. And yeah, I expect gory pictures to be flung all over the place. Kermit would probably wallpaper the court with them if he could get away with it.

            • I hope the defence bring up all the lies JM and his witnesses have told, proven lies. I know Jennifer will be great.

          • It’s possible. I don’t think he has disproved self defense. If he can’t get past that that’s the end.

            But I don’t think the jury’s going to get past the neck wound, so the possibility is there but the probability of an outright acquittal is low, or so I think.

            • I thought about the pictures, too. I think JW pointed out the angle the neck wound cane from an angle from below and I think that may give jurors reasonable doubt as to whether Jodi was underneath or below Travis at the of the injury because of the angle of the knife. The angle doesn’t confirm the theory that he’s crawling away from her and she grabs his head pulls it back and cuts from ear to ear.

            • That may be the case with the neck wound, but the fact is the neck wound isn’t proof of any of the prosecution’s charges or disproves self-defense.

              The fact the most important witness for the prosecution, the ME, committed perjury on the stand almost demands acquittal.

              The jury would be shirking its responsibility if it did not acquit Jodi Arias.

              • Oh I hope Jennifer covers that so the Jury know that its not proof of 1st Degree.

                I’ve got the collywobbles.

            • I agree. I think it will be a manslaughter or M2 verdict. M1 would be an egregiously wrong verdict because the State didn’t come close to proving it beyond a reasonable doubt.

  23. When a DA tries to make the evidence fit his theory, you see witnesses can come off like Dr. H. and Flores have. It is obvious what the original theory of Flores was, because he talked about it on 48 hr show. It was obvious from the autopsy report what Dr. H’s original findings were before the ME had to have the bullet come last to make Jodi out as a liar. It was a very stupid move, IMO, discrediting his own witnesses and making them look less than truthful on the stand.

    • There is just so much problems with his theory and explanations. He’s blatantly lied, exaggerated and omitted evidence. It saddens me and frustrates me at the same time.

    • It was. An extremely stupid move .. hoping the jurors see these lies and antics, do you think JM told the ME what he wanted him to say? If so its amazing how an expert witness will perjure themselves in court. I’ve never seen a live court case before, especially an American one, so maybe its normal..

      • I think it’s the Police Department and whoever is in charge of that unit that probably “encouraged” the ME to support this theory. You see they have become famous and they don’t want negative attention on how this case was mishandled. I don’t even think its Martinez. I think he’s small fish in this case. No pun intended.

        • Remember that Flores warned Jodi during interrogation that she would not want the DA that he knew to paint the picture of what happened, because he was really good at his job, and it wouldn’t be pretty. Its the DA who decides how he is presenting it and he went for the jugular, no pun intended. Flores simply did a flip to fit his theories.

          • Yes that’s true. But I think he’s doing the leg work, and he’s not the mastermind. I’m sure he’d like that and he may even believe it but I don’t. He’s just doing as he’s told.

          • No, Carol, I didn’t know that was what Flores told her, oh this just gets worse.. how CAN they sleep at night? They have No conscience, they’re barbaric. Where is Obama, can’t he step in, he must know this goes on?

            • I didn’t come in to this case at the beginning, I sort of fell on it by accident so I must have missed hearing Flores say that to her.
              I really don’t know how Jodi copes listening to JM wanting to murder her, his yelling and all the contrived lies coming from the mouths of his witnesses.. It is just so wrong, so corrupt, so obscene. And the haters have the gaul to speak about and criticise her demeanor? I’d like to see them in her situation; as Alyce said, it could happen to anyone of us.

      • I find it troubling that many don’t have the moral fortitude to stand their ground and commit to the truth. In the moment, it is easier to give in to DA, but I wonder how they feel about it after when they think back.

        • I blame groupthink. It happens. We’re all human in the end. But the problem here is Jodi Arias’s life is on the line. Ethics, morals and values sometimes are ignored or repressed. Also the body may have been so decomposed he could testify either way but chose to side with the state. After all the state does employ him not Jodi Arias or her attorneys.

          • I agree that it comes down to the state employing him, so he works for the people of that state. It isn’t consistent that the brain was preserved well enough that he could state in his report there was no evidence of hemorrhage or disease process, but that it was too decomposed to see the destruction of brain tissue from the bullet. Also, as an ME you would not make an error about the dura mater being intact if it wasn’t. It would have been examined and described in detail.

        • This is my biggest concern, too. Will any jurors leaning toward the defense have the guts to stand their ground in the jury room or will the majority (if it’s guilty) sway the other juror/jurors to their way of thinking? I was on a jury and the one hold-out was “convinced” by the others to vote their way in the end. The majority does have some power in deliberations.

  24. I think its wonderful that, after Juan paces and rants about “Jodi’s lies”, the defense gets to get up an remind the jury of the state’s lies:

    First there’s the contradiction between Flores and Horn and whether the two of them have EVER spoken to one another at all.

    Then we have Heather Connor who told us that the memory card and “door” of the camera were found loose in the bottom of the washer, while Melendez says he received the camera intact and removed the memory stick from the camera himself. (I DO surely wish we could get some close ups of exhibit #215 as presented by Connor and then as presented by Melendez . The one Connor showed us was blue. The one Melendez was handling appeared to be smaller and black.)

    Then we have the gift from Horn yesterday. How is the word “intact” a typo?

    • I didn’t watch the testimony of H. Connor and didn’t even know about the camera. I must watch it. I worked for pathologists at one time, and I know it is impossible that it was a typo.

    • Hi Journee,

      It’s the same blue memory card (Exhibit 215) that was shown to both Conner and Melendez. However, they both give conflicting accounts about how & where the card was found:

      Day 2: This is where Heather Connor talks about the memory card being collected from inside the washing machine:

      Day 6: This is where Melendez testifies that the memory card was in the camera when he received it:

      Team Jodi

      • Someone posted a link to an article the other day that said that blue card would not have fit in Travis’ camera.

        The article is very anti-Jodi, and seems to slide right past what they’re implicating as a switcheroo perpetrated by LE, but the implication is there nonetheless.

        It was an article from Blink On Crime, which now seems to have been (conveniently) pulled because I’m getting a 404 error.

        • Journee, it was me who posted that discrepancy. There are also a bunch more that I noted (just have not had the time to write it all up for the viewers here – been really busy with work)

          However, one glaring issue to look at (which may play out today) is the connection between JM and Neumeister (the def witness on the authenticity of the audio tape and the TA eye pic) – JM quickly, without putting up much fight, agreed to 2 stipulations (one with the image of JA only holding a camera vs knife/gun, and the other is the one where he agreed that they voice on the audio sex tape is TA’s) – It has something to do with Neumeister and JM not wanting him to appear in front of the jury – JM preferred to do those hearings outside the presence of the jury and by quickly agreeing to those stipulations, he ensured that Neumeister would not have to. There is some reason why JM does NOT want this guy in front of the jury, not sure what Neumeister has on JM – JM’s office works or worked closely with this guy on other cases. JM is keeping him out, because something that JM does not want coming out, can be controlled this way. Sneaky one, this JM. There is more to it than meets the eye.

  25. JURY INSTRUCTIONS – when will the Judge read the Jury Instructions ?? I thought it would be today before closings, or is it after closings? And do we know if she is going to allow the Manslaughter instruction in? Crucial stuff…..

    • She’s reading it tomorrow after closing arguments if everything goes as scheduled and don’t know about manslaughter.

    • They were saying on HLN that the judge will read the instructions first, before closings. Said it would take about an hour.

      They also estimated that closings would take 12 hours (5 hours for each side and 2 hours for the prosecution rebuttal).

      • I thought I heard from somewhere that the Jury Instructions would be first thing today. Guess we’ll see when they resume later this morning.

      • I know in the Roger Clemens trial the judge gave a 2 hour time limit for each side’s closing. And that included the rebuttal so the prosecution spoke for an hour, then the defense for 2 hours, and then the prosecution for another hour.

        With that sort of time limit, closings and jury instructions can easily be done in one day rather than two.

      • OMG we have to listen to the croaking voice of Kermit for 5 hours straight??? I think this needs to be Champagne, Tequila, Margarita,……awe shit just GET DRUNK THURSDAY!!!

      • The other thing they mentioned regarding schedule was that after the closings the 3 alternates would be informed of who they are and sent home.

        They began the trial with 6 extra jurors and lost half of them along the way.

  26. my opinion, is that the day of the killing, a horrible fight, happend and i do believe that jodi had to fend for her life..what i dont understand about the states experts stating that there is no trauma…i would think that anyone who has ever witnessed, or has ever been in such a horrifying predicament…my question to the state can someone not be traumatized…..just does not make sense to me..and hlns big deal about the fog…well my input on that is, if you have never killed someone..then how the heck can you possibly know , exactly what state of mind a person would be in after such a thing…? my prayers go out to jodi and both familys… ps…my opinion here also believe that travis 2 timed every single one of his so called perfect girlfriends…..stay strong jodi and i hope i can get to send you a post card soon…………..i am on your side 100 %

  27. Yes, I’m wondering too if the manslaughter charge will be added.

    Also, of all the jury questions yesterday, I liked two of them and I didn’t like the rest. Of the ones I didn’t like I have to admit some of them were neutral. I’m afraid of a hung jury. Personally, at this point, if I were on the jury I’d push for acquittal based on Dr. Horn and his crap alone. What a jerk. What do they think this is?

    • I’ll have to admit, I was also thinking that based on the juror questions yesterday. MAYBE a hung jury?? Could very well be. Like Al stated above, I also think the neck wound will be hard for some of the jurors to overcome, no matter what they think of the prosecution’s case, or lack thereof.

      • However, the jury would not be doing its job simply because the crime scene was gory. You have to look at whether the state proved its case. It has not, and it never disproved self-defense.

        There are crime scenes much more gory than the crime scene here, and you don’t convict on the basis of wounds. You have to look at whether the prosecution proved its case beyond reasonable doubt.

        The two main witnesses for the prosecution, Flores and Horn, perjured themselves on the stand. Without Horn telling the truth, there really is nothing the prosecution can hang its hat on.

        The only concern has to do with the jury makeup and how many Mormons are on that jury.

  28. The defense did a great job, yesterday. Jennifer Willmont kicked the ME ass. Oh, it is a typo. I have never seen so many blunders and the Prosecutor, he does need a time out.

  29. Quite the day yesterday. I hope that JW does the closing – nothing against Nurmi – but he isn’t as powerful, IMHO.

    • I think JW would do an amazing job but I have a sneaking suspicion that Nurmi has something special up his sleeve for closing.

    • Sorry. I prefer Nurmi – male image defending a woman. Let’s face it, men give a more powerful and rational image (sorry women) in front of the jurors. Also, better to have male against male. Yes, Nurmi’s the best bet. And I am sure the jury likes him a lot!

  30. Wow – over 3,500 comments for yesterday’s trial coverage! Remember when this site was getting 100 or 200 comments per trial day?

    For those wondering, while trial ended at 8:29pm local time, HLN dragged things out until 3am last night!

    On my DVR the judge says “Drive safely” at 2:56am and Vinnie Politan and his After Dark crew signed off at 2:58am.

  31. Hello all!! I am watching the talk show Katie. Today she has a man on whose son shot him and his wife. She died right away. He was shot…IN THE HEAD and was conscious and able to move around. He lived though he took a gun shot to the head. Even more proof that people can get shotin the head and still be able to move around.
    I went to the store this AM and thought it was too early to buy champagne so I have to go get that soon for Champagne Thursday. I am a nervous eater so I got a big bag of tortilla chips and lots of salsa ready for closing today. Someone told me yesterday but I can’t remember do both sides get a set amount of time for closing?

  32. Hoping that I get to catch the first closing argument today, but not sure I am going to be able to tolerate the shrill, flaw-ridden, emotionally unregulated, Juan and Only.

  33. Please tell me that JW is going to do the closing argument for the defense. I think Nurmi is a wonderful attorney, but not nearly so well-spoken and she is! I am actually excited at the prospect of hearing her do the closing arguments. She really knows how to cut right through the nonsense and get to the heart of the matter!

    • Chances are they’ll divide it up and Nurmi and JW will both be speaking.

      Of course on the prosecution side we know we only have one voice to listen to and it’ll require a volume adjustment!

      I know they can use exhibits during closings so we can expect to see diagrams and pictures shown and recordings played throughout these 2 days.

  34. I love you guys. You are my best friends. You make my day. I don’t know what I would do with out all ya’all.

    • Ditto to that!! I don’t know what I would of done during this trial without this page!!! I wonder if Jodi knows how many of us TRUELY care about her, All she sees in the news is against her. I hope she knows that SJ has created this site!!

    • Nancy Beth, you and Dick Jefferson seem to post together frequently and I have not seen you post anything actually positive regarding Jodi.

      Did you answer my question the other day about if you are from Calls Of Justice as NancyB?

      Are you Team Jodi or not?

  35. Saw NG on “Good Morning America” today…she actually seems to believe that Dr. Geffner was not qualified to comment on a brain injury because he is not a medical doctor. Somebody should hand her the description of a nueropsychologist. The woman is such a ghoul, but worst of all, she feathers her icky nest with nothing but lies.

  36. I know that I have just started actually posting on here, but I have been reading for several months. I find you to be an intelligent, sensitive, caring group. The conversations here at top-notch and very stimulating. I am grateful for this site :>)

  37. Hola everyone…..

    SJ, Heather, Kira, BeeCee, Ann, geebee, Pat, Kmea, PJ, Tony, Jennifer, Bystander, Tonysam, Enough, Intro, Cindy J., Jaz, JW, D, AL, SR0606, JJ, FLNang, joujou, Mariana, leet, tired, mary, rob, canadacarol, Sable, and all the new names I do not recognize…..

    And of course…good morning buddy….. 🙂


    A summary of my thoughts today:

    Defense is startlingly effective in their attempts to save her. I was worried indeed yesterday, when they lulled me almost to sleep with Dr. Burpy Moustache. He sounded so sure of himself, and I was so worried the jury may buy it. Then The Great and Powerful Martinez stood up and discredited him in like 45 seconds flat. The whole place woke up. The energy was palpable… and the jury could have all filed out after that discredit, because it’s all they’ll hear of his testimony. “Nothing but a hired gun.”

    I am proud of our prosecutor, and plan to marry him sometime in the spring. I’m also proud of the Defense team, who’s done exactly the job they came there to do, and were given very little to work from. Perhaps I’ll allow them to stand up in my wedding to Juan. I don’t know where I’ll find a tux to fit Nurmi, but Wilmott will look right at home in something taffeta and seafoam green, with giant puffy sleeves.

    I’m ready to hear my fiance give his closing arguments. Y’all ready? 😀

    Is she fucking kidding me????!??!$?!?@$?@!

    • Someone should tell this woman to put down the crack pipe and go back to bed with her brother, uncle, dad, or whoever this hillbilly fuck is screwing.

      Delusional to the enth degree 🙄

      • Hi Dick,

        let me introduce myself. My name is Renee’, and I grew up with 5 brothers. Fuck is a huge part of my vocab. You can skim right on past my posts if you would like, I wont take offense.

        So if you see a post by Renee’, you can guarantee two things:

        1) It will include bad language

        2) Even if it offends, I will not be changing now, or any time soon.

        Carry on Pal! 😀

          • Here’s the deal.

            I swear.

            FUCK. 😯

            see? that is a non-word. It means less than “tree” or “book” or “dog” or “cream pie” or “tossed salad” and it even is less offensive than saying “porking the pot of a little girl”

            so, if you don’t like my language, ignore and carry on.

            This piddly nick picking about language is just stupid.

            • Actually, renne, i have been quite offended also.

              There is no need for such offensive language.

              We are all here, to talk about the trial, we shouldnt have to deal with “salad tossing”, “cream pie”, “porking”, “astro glide”, “KY”, “dabasing”, “fucking”, “screwing”, “anal sex”, “jizzing on someones face”, “raping”, “tying people to a tree, er, i mean, tying a ‘hypothetical’ 12 year old to a tree and ass raping them”..or any of those other vulgarities.

              My eyes are sensitive.

              I am ashamed of you Renee. Tisk tisk.

              • Oh, i missed “donkey punching”, “the dirty sanchez”, and the always popular “one eyed yogurt slinger”.

                …not that i think those are ANYTHING we should be talking about.

              • Yes, I know that we have been shielded from such terrible words…its not like we have seen Jodi’s anus twitter page. My bad. I should say instead of “fucked” I should say “fucked with a tootsie pop”

                I will work on that 😉

                • Ah, thank you sam…NOT that we should be using those words here, at a trial that is trying to MURDER someone. Where they toss pictures of dead people around like its a…salad.

      • Dick Jefferson, no offense but you have been on my mole radar for quite a while.

        I have looked through your posts and I have not seen you post anything positive regarding Jodi.

        Are you Team Jodi or not?

    • What a sicko.

      I actually found it intensely annoying that my prosecutor that I pay went off on this huge screaming match about some trial when the TRUTH is the judge was a nutter and was taken off the bench after that report. Yet Martinez twists and turns the facts to kill someone. There is a special place in hell waiting for him.

      • The things you mentioned are another reason this prosecutor has lost credibility with me. Why does he have to present misleading ideas to try and persuade? It works opposite IMO and I can’t believe much, if anything, he has said now. When I first posted here, not too long ago, I would have voted 2nd degree at that time. I am now down to Heat of Passion. Yesterday, tipped the scales for me and I thought it was the best day of the entire trial (or that of which I have seen) for the defense. That was a biggie with the ME with respect to the dura and Dr. Geffner relied on research and experience with “live” people regarding head gun shot wounds. I found Dr. Geffner more reliable than ME.

      • When I learned that the DA tried to withhold all the emails and other communications from the Defence, claiming there was nothing to turn over, was when I looked at this case differently. IMO that should be considered Brady material.

      • For you Bystander.. 😀
        Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 56m
        Wow, this is a record. Nurmi has been sitting in a dereclinated position for this entire time. Wild is proud of him. #JodiArias

    • The first time I read that I thought you were putting us on! I didn’t realize it was someone’s actual <3 post. Woah….

    • Good Morning Janeen. Happy Friday Eve to you.

      You sample hater post has made me ill. WHO WOULD WANT TO MARRY SOMEONE THAT YELLS SO MUCH?!

      • You’d have to be a masochist to want to marry Kermit!

        “You stopped putting milk in this oatmeal, didn’t you? YES OR NO?”

        “I’ve never put milk in the oatmeal. It’s instant, I just add water…”


  38. Holy crap, sorry for going off topic, but holy shit…

    Its May2nd and I have 1 foot of snow outside my office this morning, with no end in sight.

    Roads all closed. Home just called and said that my large apple tree desided to fall over in the yard, but it somehow fell perfectly between the house and shed and was just small enough (its a big tree) to fit inside the fensed in yard.

    Power is going out everywhere. But, my bank is open for business….not that we have had a single customer yet.

    I believe this is perfect timing. I can now plug in and watch the live link all day and see closing arguments, They are still happening today right?


    • OMG May 2nd and that much snow?? It was good of the apple tree to be so cooperative and fall where it didn’t cause any damage at all. I hope you have power at home.

    • I’m sorry for that, Sir. The last of our snow just melted two days ago. But it is only in the 30s today. Longest. winter. ever.

      • Renee, Sorry, but i dont like the use of your word “melted” and the refferance to “longest” is vulgar. Arent you supposed to be working?

        LMAO….who is that asshole? i didnt recognize the “dick” (thats his name)

        • nope. I don’t work! I am a college student. Wait, I retract that, I work my ass off in school.

          I am glad you realized when I said “longest” I was referring to the male anatomy, and my thinly veiled “melted” was alluding to a cream pie.

          DICK? They are a dime a dozen. Ask Martinez’ mother.

          • It’s actually spring here! Usually, we don’t get much of a spring…it goes from snow and frigid temperatures to 90+ degree weather with about a week of mild weather in between.

    • Good morning to you sirlips…

      Maybe you can make a snowman when you get home…LOL…

      I’ve got clients scheduled throughout the day..hopefully I can watch some of the live between their appointments…

      Don’t forget to charge all of your batteries in the event you lose power…you’ll be needing a full charge of “juice” before JM gets through today…he is serving his famous dragon words today…

    • Wow. The west coast is going to have summer temps this weekend. They’ve already declared fire season this week, earlier than normal, because the vegetation is as dry as it should be in August. Weird weather!

  39. I want to let you all know how lucky I feel I am…This weekend my fiancé was outside smoking and he heard two people arguing. So he looked in the direction of the voices to see a man beating on a woman. As he walked over there the man is telling the woman he is going to beat her so bad she has to be in the hospital…My fiancé said to this man, who he does not know, oh NO mther fucker you will not. So the man looks at my fiancé and hits the woman again. My fiancé said OH HELL NO and pulled out his gun, he has a concealed weapon permit,. My fiancé gets on his phone and calls the police. When the man hears the gun cock and hears he is on the phone with the cops he took off running with the girl in toe. My fiancé told the police it was a domestic violence call and it took then 15 minutes to get here.My fiancé followed the manand woman so he could tell the police where they were and was told not to follow them. When they did he dropped the clip out of his gun held his hands up and said my permit is in my coat can I take it out. They said yes and then told him that he did the right thing.That was on Sunday and the police have not followed up with the call even though they had the address where the couple lived. I wanted to post this because this is how police often treat domestic violence matters. Oh by the way the reason the man beat her…because she wanted to go get her children.

    • Just crazy….the world is a crazy place anymore. It’s a good thing that I don’t have a concealed weapon permit, because I would have probably used it by now on some creep like the one you mentioned above!

      • Yes unfortunately it occurs all the time. Its ironic that Jodi is on trial for the same crap that police choose to turn a blind eye on when a man does it. In our government today they are concentrating more on fire arms and getting them banned then on the abuse that women and children are suffering everyday. Guaranteed if the man would of been smoking a joint and the police were called and he ran they sure as HELL would of followed him. And if they didn’t find him they would of sat outside his apartment till they found him!!

        • Your fiancé is very brave!

          Years ago, I was getting out of my car at a bowling alley when I saw a guy in the parking lot smack his girlfriend. Another woman charged right up to them and started screaming at the guy. “YOU DON’T HIT A WOMAN, MOTHERFUCKER!!!!” He was a belligerent asshole in return.

          • HE says he’s not brave….(I say hes a little crazy) he pulled the gun to scare the guy because if my fiancé put his hands on that beater he would of been hurt pretty bad. He defends women and others all the time. He thinks seeing it and turning your head makes you as guilty as the beater. LOL we have been together so long He just told me to put no he is not brave just a little crazy…LOL I had already said that..
            In fact the only thing he has ever been in legal trouble for is disorderly conducted for defending a woman who was getting beat. He’s a veteran and has seen a lot. I have dated a man for a long time that beat me and I have made my fiancé so mad but he has never raised a hand to me.

    • where i come from, we dont pull guns on people, unless they have a gun…But, i also wouldnt have had to call the police. The “guy” wouldnt have had the capability to hit this woman again, for a while.

      I grew up in a VERY abusive home. (i once read the book “a child called it” and wouldnt leave my room, because i thought someone was playing a joke on me, by righting about my life) I didnt grow up mean, hateful controlling or vengful because of it. I grew up “educating” people. Not only would this man not have been able to hit his wife for a few days, but he would have been educated on what it would feel like if he ever did it again.

      I would have taken his ID, wrote down their address and told him i would be coming back every few days for a month. If SHE didnt answer the door and show me she had not been beaten, he could decide on the police, or a replay of the pain that stopped him from beating her on this day. If he decided to get “tough”, i would have explained how easy it is to wire a brake light to the gas tank… so that he could learn what living in fear would be like for a while…every time he started his car. Whats he going to do? call the cops and say “hey, i was beeting my wife, and this guy came over and scared me”?

      Drug dealers and people that beat woman and children have one thing in common, they DONT call the cops. EVER.

      But thats just how us “educating” people do it.

      • TOTALLY CORRECT!! He pulled the gun because he would of done real damage to him. He has done it before to beaters. He is a disabled vet and recently reinjured his self or I truly think he would of just hit the guy. A year ago a man drove through our area like a nut and had a beer in his hand while doing so.My fiancé yelled at him to slow down because a lot of children were outside and he was going very fast. When the man drove through about an hour later the same way my fiancé jumped into the road made the man stop and pulled him out of his car and beat the shit out of him!! He totally defends women and children. I think the man that was beating on his wife the other day is scared because he runs to and from his car, something he did not do before. I believe the man is a drug dealer but cant prove it and that is why he ran Sunday. He is typically a fellow “educator” but did not do so the other day I think because of his injury. Thank you for “EDUCATING” the losers I am sure you have saved a womans life.

  40. I won’t be able to watch today. Sigh. I’ll catch up when I get home late this afternoon. Hoping for the best!!!!!!

  41. SJ – you can delete this if you so choose….

    Mr. Jefferson…..

    Son of a bitch, shit, damn, hell, fuck, bastard, motherfucker, scumbag, douchebag, fucktard, buttface, shit for brains, fanfuckingtastic, unfuckingbelievable………

    You need to come down from your high horse and get with the program. Remarks about other member’s postings and the language they choose to utilize is unproductive and insulting.

    I have not EVER seen you contribute ANYTHING to this site and the discussions held here other than criticisms and negativity.

    There is more than enough negativity and bullshit being spewed from the “dark side” – perhaps you would be more comfortable with them. Your “holier than thou” attitude is apparent. You’ve made yourself perfectly clear.

    The “Dark Side” village called for you…they seem to be missing their idiot. I heard you volunteered for the post.

    None of the posters here need your bullshit….SJ doesn’t need your bullshit….and JODI certainly doesn’t need your negative vibes. You are taking up valuable space. You need to take your bullshit to those who speak, understand and spew BULLSHIT. It is not appropriate here.

  42. Two side notes:

    One day this past week, I had HLN on and of course it was all about JA. My husband has not followed this trial at all, but walked in room and heard what was being said on HLN. He remarked “How in the world can this girl ever get a fair trial?”

    2nd. Yesterday repairman was out and when he walked in my office, he saw the live stream of JA. He inquired if that was the trial where lady had killed her baby. I told him no and explained about JA stabbing and shooting thusly. I hadn’t said a word about TA or the texts, recordings, etc. He remarked that there was more going on and this guy was probably an abusive jerk for something that drastic to happen and the killing thereof. He went on to say that didn’t mean he thought the guy should have been killed. He went on to tell me of visiting homes and witnessing abuse to the point he had to leave and couldn’t do repair. It is very telling to me that there are those who see through situations and can understand and put some logic to why things happen…even wrong and bad things.

    • I’m telling you, the first time I saw the 48hrs interview my husband and I both said to each other that the intruder story wasn’t the truth and that TA must have abused the shit out of her for there to be so many stab wounds!
      Just sayin…

          • Yes. Agree. Something about seeing his face doesn’t set well with me. Smugness/arrogance???? Apparently he had many insecurities and covered same with arrogance. I read his words wherein he said his Mother yelled and abused. Could he he followed her pattern and repeated in adult hood. With all of this being said, it is very sad that he died in the way he did. Frankly, I think his life for the most part was very sad. Too bad there wasn’t help for him or for Jodi.

  43. For the Dura Mater to have been a typo the entire Nervous System Paragraph has to be a typo. Read it and insert was not intact instead of are intact and the entire paragraph makes no sense. That bullet DID NOT go through the brain.

  44. Good morning everyone! I didn’t sleep much last night. Have been thinking about everything that happened yesterday. Can’t get over the typo testimony. I was also thinking that if I was a juror that followed instructions, when this is over I would be upset to find out all the things against Travis that was kept out of the case.

  45. Maybe I’m a little slow this morning, but could someone please explain the point in the juror’s question about Dr. H’s patients being dead when he examines them? (or something to that effect) It seemed like a completely pointless question, seeing as though autopsies are not performed on the living.

    • IMO …The juror was just making a point that How would the great Dr. know how anything about survivors of gunshot wounds when he only dealt with dead ppl, not survivors.

      • Exactly the way I took it as well. JM followed up with ME, so I believe he recognized it was not a good question for the state.

      • Thanks, ladies! That went right over my head lol Yesterday was a long day and I started losing focus after Dr G. got off the stand!

    • It’s pointing out he doesn’t work in an ER or a trauma unit and doesn’t have any expertise in seeing people come in with a gunshot wound.

  46. Morning all! I’m here with u… As ‘ve been everyday.
    Came prepared with my coffee and Irish Cream, for now ,
    Strawberry Margaurittas n chips for later!
    Appreciate all who contribute so much here.

  47. I’m going to make an effort to watch today, mostly because last week the judge said something about giving jury instructions today (I thought that came after closing arguments?).

    But if it’s going to be all day Juan, I’ll probably turn it off and find something useful to do. I can’t stand to watch him anymore.

    • I am not going to watch closing arguments. Have had enough and will just read reviews from both sides! Figure then I can split it down the middle and perhaps that is how jury will be thinking. I don’t look for acquittal at all. Don’t think death peanlty will apply, but will not be surprised at 1st degree with life. I think defense would consider that a victory. Personally, I believe it is a crime of passion and hoping some on jury see it that way. I can’t imagine that jurors haven’t seen some of the vitirol on display publicly and I believe that can sway them…especially after the CA trial. For what it is worth, based on evidence presented in court for CA trial, I would have voted with the jury. I think there is much more to that story that will probably never see the light of day. Sadly.

      • To JW:
        “Don’t think death peanlty will apply, but will not be surprised at 1st degree with life. I think defense would consider that a victory.”

        Huh? I don’t think defense would consider that a victory. In their plea they offered murder 2 but life imprisonment was not acceptable.

        • This is from the plea agreement document:

          “Thus, should the State make an offer that would impose a life sentence upon her, such an offer provides Ms. Arias with no incentive to accept such a resolution.”

  48. Good Morning Friends!!

    Wow! What a busy few days. I thought I was all caught up with my personal affairs, then my poor baby got sick and I spent a good part of yesterday with the doctor, etc. He is feeling better after some antibiotics and a breathing treatment JUST IN TIME for closing arguments!!
    Geeeeez the kids make me so mad interrupting my TRIAL!! LOL!!!

    Anyway I was up til 3am catching up on videos of yesterdays testimony, and just WOW!!

    I am so excited for today, I can’t believe the time is ACTUALLY here, and Jodi will be VINDICATED soon!!

  49. Hi again all of you have brought up so many good points about this case and yesterday’s testimony. It’s great to share ideas and see your perspectives.

  50. did beth karras just say the jury will get instructed on the lesser includeds? also, since juror #5 is gone, so are all the sarcastic questions.

  51. Well maybe I’ll be able to watch JM’s opening live, at least he isn’t going to be screaming YES or NO at this point.

  52. Hello my friends!!
    Yesterday was surreal!! I swear I´ve never actually seen a person losing face the way K.Horne did(sigh…) it was like watching a movie with really bad acting!! The typo excuse was what one would expect of a 10 year-old making up excuses as to why they made a mistake while copying a text from the whiteboard,beyond laughable or unprofessional given that this ‘typo’ could seriously be the reason Jodi’s life would be at stake,well at least at some point since the DP is off table now but this doesnt make his ”error” any less appalling!! Kermit’s indescribable behaviour was not a surprise,cant imagine how we will be able to put up with his looooong ranting today.
    On a brighter note and to give you all a good laugh,yes I did fall asleep ON my keyboard yesterday.It was 6 o’clock in the morning,I was up for 21 hours straight and the last thing I remember was Jennifer examining Miss Universe…LOLOLOLOLOL!! I missed about 20 minutes (which am now watching )and was woken up by the squeaky sound of the live feed being over! MB:I think I can claim your Gravatar now.

    Wishing everyone a happy Closing Arguments Day

    (((((((((((((((((GROUP HUG)))))))))))))))))

  53. For the record…

    A typo (or typographical error) is just that, a wrong word at best, but usually means a mispelled word (intentional on mispelled).

    Writing something completely wrong or leaving something out is either just a mistake, or a red flag for stupidity. The good doctor, or ME is just a little stupid.

  54. i am a little nervous about yesterday. I think it sucked that dr horn could not be recalled to the stand and asked about that test, i mean surely the blonde looked like an idiot when she was rambling something about 1500 dollars and then when Jen got her to pay attention said the test was only 200. i find it hard to believe that these test are not done before hand. I also think that the blonde looks like a hired gun like little guy tried to say dr horn was.

    I am confused about the gun shot how it entered the way it did from her being underneath him in downward angle. And how the camera was taking photos during the incident. if anyone can explain i would appreciate it i missed some of the testimony. I dont understand why someone would shoot someone once their dead and i dont see how she could take a knife to him if he hadnt been shot first.

    • Penny, she didn’t shoot him when he was dead, the accidental shot came first, this is why you’re confused. Guess the bullet was at an angle because of his stance at the time, height and everything. The camera to my knowledge went off by accident when she dropped it. She didn’t take photographs after he was dead, she put the camera in the washing machine,

      Hope its cleared things up for you 🙂

  55. Good morning ya all!
    I’ve been reading your comments for the past hour. Renee you are so funny! Janeen I hope you’re keeping safe from the stalker. Preparing for a 5 hours mumbo-juanbo, wondering if he will flay his arms besides littering the screens with pictures of the dead abuser.
    Horne has been gored by JW yesterday 🙂 And today, past 12:30 and still the great seal?

    • Penny, its probably because you post at the same time as someone else, but you’ve succeeded this time, welcome! 🙂

  56. JM is MAD, he should be put away.. HE courted the limelight, he signed autographs and he says SHE does.. and this is so important, she must DIE????????????????????? Then she has a few boyfriends and its.. HER fault.. how? Should she marry them all?????????????/

    The gas cans? lol what next?

    Damn him.

  57. i really wished he would have learned to say ALV’s name correctly if he planned on using it so much.

  58. Talks about taking oaths when his witnesses have lied ON OATH.. LOLOLOL

    Is this a comedy sketch?

    Oh and now the finger.. Oh God!!

  59. I think I need a drink!!

    And we’ve got to go through this shit AGAIN with him? Oh for heaven’s sakes!

  60. Hello everyone.

    I am new to posting but not to this site. I have been watching most of the trail and checked in here daily to read your comments. This is the only place to go to view discussions and not having to see all the hate that people pour out. I believe in Jodie’s story! Being a woman myself and having a father that acted like Travis I got a huge lump in my stomach everytime JM started shouting as it reminded me of how I felt when my dad was angry and then later we all got the silent treatment so we had to sound just like Jodi does on the tape when speaking to Travis and in her replies to texts.

    I have tried putting myself in her shoes and the reason I believe her is that I know that if I had come to kill someone and had brought a gun with me I would have used it and not a knife as a gun can be fired at a distance while a knife can be twisted out of ones hand especially if the victim is much larger like Travis. Second I would have shot him as he lay sleeping to be safe myself and then have left the place quietly and clean up first instead of leaving a bloody scene with a bloody handprint. That is the way to do a planned killing you just don’t put yourself in danger and leave a bloody mess. And third as a woman I think it’s unnatural for a woman to slit a mans throat.

    I have felt all along that there is something wrong in this case and the fact that Jodie can’t remember what happen also poses the possibility that someone else came. Or maybe someone came after she left and felt for some reason that the throat slashing was in order I don’t know. But one thing I do know is that if I had been in a fight for my life and killed someone to save myself I would have been afraid that even if he looked dead that he may not be and would get up and hurt me and I would have made sure that he WAS dead.

    I would never kill anyone but I have through my life been in fear a lot of the time and not just from my father and not from a husband as I never wanted one, but other men. The awful truth is that if you are a good person and you are a woman you have a very big chance of becoming a victim. But the positive side is that when you have had a lot of bad things happen it makes it easier to put yourself in anothers place and help those who need help.

    I am not American so I hope it’s okay that I posted:) In my country a trial would never be like this. If anyone acted like JM they would be asked to go home and sleep it off. And you will not see reporters on tv who advocates for people to hate someone on trial – they would be fired. And if people started harrassing the vitnesses and tried to ruin their lives they would go to jail. If I misspelled anything please forgive me!

    Jodie is innocent!! I’m praying for a good outcome!!


    • Welcome Theresa. I do believe there’s a new thread now. I’ve been gone for a while so I missed the whole thing.

      Come on over to the newest thread! =)

    • Theresa, I appreciated your sharing your experience and your perspective. I agree with you that throat slashing is not a typical way in which a woman would kill a man. It is more typical of a man’s anger or it seems more consistent with the Mormon notion of “Blood Atonement.”

  61. Did this fool just say he looked “crunched up”??? WTF!! Any juror leaning in Juan’s direction should be done… long must this take?? You’ve shown the pix and everyone is crying so SHUT UP now!!

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