Jodi Arias Trial – Day 55

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If you missed my review of yesterday’s fun-packed 11 hour trial day, click here to read it.

Closing arguments get started today.

Jodi Arias Feb 21st - Jodi Arias Is Innocent - com

Judge Pickles will start the day by giving instructions to the jury. Then it’ll be State, then the defense closing, then the State closing to finish off (tomorrow). After that, the jurors will be given final instructions again, prior to them being packed off so they can slug it out between them, while deliberating between an acquittal or a manslaughter verdict. Like I said yesterday, that’s basically what its come down to.



Never question it.

Never doubt it.

Leave your comments below on trial day 55…

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    • Premeditation only take seconds;but you have to prove it. Now with that in mind. Basically, my point is, Travis supporters and Juan Martinez is focus more on the premeditation from the aspect of the house and not from the gas cans and gun…Because they know that whats inside the house, is more important and provide more significance than anything outside the dwelling of the crime scene. Juan Martinez closing argument provided me with that conclusion. The Defense will hammer on JM theories of events that occurred in the house and create doubt…Juan Martinez gave Jodi Arias testimony “Credence”. Guess why? He said “Jodi arias is a ‘liar” and you can’t believe anything she says.” But yet, he asked the jury to believe when Jodi arias was interrogated by Detective Flores regarding TRavis possessing a gun; and Jodi Arias stated “Travis did not possess a gun”. He wanted to jury to believe that Jodi Arias was telling the truth then. But again she is a “liar”.So why should I believe Juan Martinez theory of what happen in the house? He is clearly saying she lies sometimes but she tells the truth; when it’s convenient with his (Juan Martinez) Argument. Pure contradiction by Juan Martinez!!! The defense needs to harp on that…

    • Those Hughes-Travis emails! … I posted this comment on the other thread, but it looks like everyone has moved over here, so I’m copying and pasting here:

      Yes, isn’t it interesting and suspicious that only NOW are these emails being released for public consumption? Do the media want to stir the pot, just for fun, when it’s probably too late for this information to take the edge off the sexist hate storm they’ve created?

      Since the beginning, Jodi and only Jodi, has been offered up as a target, as a “lying whore,” and an entire nation has been encouraged to throw stones at her and dehumanize her. But, the very people who “just knew”–because they are so pure, apparently, and have extra-spiritual perceptions–that she was a soulless minion of Satan … well, those pure people are liars themselves. Twisting and bending the truth to protect themselves and Travis’ reputation. Back-pedalling and blaming–who else but Jodi?–because the media’s got their back. Cowards. Hypocrites. Moral weaklings. Yeah, right, Jodi made them do it. That’s almost funny.

      And now that the cat’s completely out of the bag that Travis lied and lied and lied about his sexual life–to his church, his friends and his lovers (all of whom trusted him, took him at his word)–well, now, that’s not such bad sin. Pretty minor stuff. Even upstanding, perfect Mormons like the Hughes are soft on Travis’ healthy, “red-blooded” weaknesses! It’s such BS! Mimi, Lisa, and even Deanna, were terrified of excommunication. They knew the score, and took the rules seriously. If only they knew how quickly they’d have been forgiven–not!

      The Hughes knew that Travis was a narcissistic predator (“of the heart,” I believe Skye wrote). They knew that the only people he could be good to and for were his audiences, co-workers, non-sexual friends. Behind closed bedroom doors it was, for Travis, open season. That’s where the emotional violence was done. He never really wanted to get rid of Jodi completely; he kept her hooked because, with her being so emotionally vulnerable and out of control, she served an important role in his life. He could safely transfer (sexualize) all his shame, pain, insecurities and struggles on to her, and she’d take it, absorb it all. In the big heap of lies that have been told from every which way and direction, that’s the truth.

      (I haven’t posted here for several weeks. Hello everyone!)

        • BeeCee, G189–yup, still following the trial (though I tried, tried to stop!). Nice to “see” you again.

        • Thanks. The interactions between Jodi and Travis didn’t have to come to this tragedy. I’m sure of this. All the conditions–psychological, religious, sexual AND social–helped to seal them both off from anyone who could’ve helped with at least reducing the damage. It wasn’t inevitable! The stupidity and hatred that is passing for “analysis” of this case has done more to hurt than help anyone mired in an abusive relationship.

      • Hi Pique. You really wrapped it all up so well. I have been listening to Martinez’s closing all day and the conceit of that man to think he can speak for Travis. Martinez leaving out the truth over and over again. Telling a story that he has conjured up with no concrete evidence.
        But I see Jodi as having so many people willing to throw stones. Maybe, they will just nail her to the cross. And who made Martinez Hitler? It is sad. But go back in history. Everyone who reads this site and draw parallels. I pray our justice system works. Everyone I hear on television speaks of Martinez being such a superior state’s attorney. He sounds, to me, like he has to make up stories and lies then have people believe them by talking for 24 hours strait without taking a breath. Narcissistic? Personality Disorder. I don’t have to wonder. I hope the Jury is not made up of all Mormons. We really need a diverse group. At this point, saying prayers.

        • Premeditation only take seconds;but you have to prove it. Now with that in mind. Basically, my point is, Travis supporters and Juan Martinez is focus more on the premeditation from the aspect of the house and not from the gas cans and gun…Because they know that whats inside the house, is more important and provide more significance than anything outside the dwelling of the crime scene. Juan Martinez closing argument provided me with that conclusion. The Defense will hammer on JM theories of events that occurred in the house and create doubt…Juan Martinez gave Jodi Arias testimony “Credence”. Guess why? He said “Jodi arias is a ‘liar” and you can’t believe anything she says.” But yet, he asked the jury to believe when Jodi arias was interrogated by Detective Flores regarding TRavis possessing a gun; and Jodi Arias stated “Travis did not possess a gun”. He wanted to jury to believe that Jodi Arias was telling the truth then. But again she is a “liar”.So why should I believe Juan Martinez theory of what happen in the house? He is clearly saying she lies sometimes but she tells the truth; when it’s convenient with his (Juan Martinez) Argument. Pure contradiction by Juan Martinez!!! The defense needs to harp on that…

  1. GREAT job yesterday and LATE last night!! Good Luck today!!!!

    Jodi, it is sooooo obvious how abused you were and still are by so many! You keep your chin up, be strong and know that you have many supporters. From all walks of life. I for one, was abused myself so I am so sorry for all you have been through and all you are still going through. Never let it break you. Lean on The Lord and He will carry you, call out to The Lord and He will answer you, ask The Lord to sustain you, and He will give you peace and strength. God Loves you, Jodi.

    Peace to you

      • I feel so badly for her. To know what it is like to go through abuse makes this all so close to home. Although it never got to the extent (Thank God) as Jodi’s abusive situation, it is still very raw to watch and hear this. For me.
        I often have wondered why it hasn’t been presented over and over again that when she first was lieing, she was STILL trying to protect Travis. STILL even in his death, was she trying to protect him. That alone, tells you how abused she was and how brainwashed he had her. Brainwashed into leading her on and making her believe things and do things just to make him happy. He was obvious a dominant sadist – I hate hearing HLN talk about how innocient and wonderful he was. Did they NOT hear the taped phone calls??? It breaks my heart for her.
        I have written and called HLN over a dozen times telling them how biased they are. LIke it matters. But I did complain about how they always always seem to take so many “commercial breaks…gotta pay the bills” when the defense is up and running. Then when they hit pause, its like 30 seconse after they say they will. So we miss a good minute or so of their side. I hope everyone else writes in to them and calls them. They are too biased.

        Oh speaking of,,,, did you just hear the lady on saying how she was guilty and she stabbed him 29 times?? Oh please, isn’t that a crime of fear he would still be able to hurt her??? Of defensive mode???

        Sorry for going on and on….

        Let us all pray together : Dear Lord, please be in that courtroom today and in the hearts of all the jurors. Let them feel the pain and hear the cries of this abused woman. Please Lord, protect Jodi and all abused women. Keep Jodi near you today, Lord. We love you and trust in You, Lord.


        • yes lets pray today that god will be in the courtroom today I’m watching the Song of Bernadette with Jennifer Jones I’m praying to her too lots of hail marys and our fathers the rosary today so that in the hope that the jury will show mercy for the virgin mary said pray for all sinners. God gave us prayer and I will use it ….. Jodi we believe you have been handed the death penalty for something you did not do and if god is mercyfull he will show his mercy for you in the following days to come


        • I think that it is great that you called HLN, Jean. Even if it does not change anything it is good that they know that some of their viewers do not agree.

        • You’re a good guy. If you haven’t read much philosophy, I say read some Camus or other existentialism. There are both existentialists who believe in God & ones that do not, I am one who believes in God. IMO, either way, their ideas teach a lot about finding peace & meaning in life, and living in the present or mindfulness. Seems like you may have much of these understandings already, but I think you will still enjoy their writings. A good reader is ‘Existentialism: from Dostoevsky to Sartre’, by Walter Kaufman.

          Hey, one question, if justice for the living, what you do about homeless vagrant dude who is beat to death by violent gang of teens??

  2. After readings bits and pieces from yesterday and with the random moments I was in fact to watch on my breaks etc… It seems that while good for the DE-FENSE (clap clap clap).. It was long and drawn out….and not worth a YouTube view…HLN is already starting with their shit… It’s gonna be along day. DEFENSE! DEFENSE!

  3. Today I’m praying that JW & KN sway any jurors not already swayed that the killing was in fact self defense and show how the prosecution and this so called “expert” witnesses tried to trick the jury. Lord I pray that you give the jury the common sense they need to understand the FACTS in this case and the courage to stand in the face of adversity and do the right thing.

  4. I have road work right outside my house.. I don’t know what is going to get to me worse, the beep beep beep or the voice of JM!!

  5. So, can anyone tell me the “rules” for closing statements? Arizona is on it’s own program so I’m wondering what to expect.
    The state goes first, then the defense, but when the defense goes last are there any (supposed) limits on the state? JM is so fk’n SLIMY!! I HATE the thought of him getting the last word!!!

  6. Well, this is it guys…Thank you all for being here for me, for one another and especially for Jodi. You have all been a ray of beautiful light on a very dark path.
    I (((HUG))) each of you and extend my sincerest gratitude. I would name EVERYONE…but you know who you are and there are too many to name…which is a WONDERFUL sign.

  7. Al, You and i commented on “who should close” for the defense, we both said “Nurmi”, but neither of us finished our thoughts on that….

    So, I think Nurmi should give the close. I don’t think JW doing it would make it terrible, but i think that it should be Nurmi.

    1) JW tends to be “nice” even when she is making an impact statement. Nurmi’s “impact statements” hit home harder.

    2) Nurmi isnt affraid to call JM out on his bullshit, the way JW tends to beat around it. Nurmi has allways argued all of the “other stuff” when they are doing motion arguments, etc… I think Nurmi hates Jm and he is going to draw a line in the sand.

    3) Jm wants to make this about him and how he is SO mad because Jodi is such a bad person. Nurmi tends to offset that attitude in Jm with his calm sarcasim.

    4) Nurmi does “drop things” as fast as JW does.

    5) I didnt realy think that JW’s opening statement was ‘great’. the infomation was good, but the presentation wasnt that good. (not that it needs to be) I feel Nurmi can “pitch” better.

    6) We have seen ALOT of JW and not alot from Nurmi in the last few weeks. I think Nurmi will be “new again” for the jury and be able to listen longer to a fresh voice. I dont want them thinking “this is the same ole shit we have heard for the last months from “these 2”.

    7) Nurmi is very likable.

    8) He is a man. It may seem silly, but some of the jury may be thinking JW and the abused “woman” are fighting against JM and the rightious “men”. I think a man saying the close will illiminate any male vs female battle the jury may think is happening.

    9) most importantly, because i dont think JM likes Nurmi AT ALL and it could piss that little bitch off a bit. Anything to make that prick unhappy is a good thing in my book. I wouldnt piss on him if he was on fire.

    • I gree with you on several of those points.

      Actually I hope that they both ehlp write the closing arguments, because I like the way JW says things, but then having KN deliver it would be good.

    • I think it will be Nurmi and he will do great. I personally prefer Jen. I think her presentation would be more clear.

  8. New page??OK,gonna repost then:

    Hello my friends!!
    Yesterday was surreal!! I swear I´ve never actually seen a person losing face the way K.Horne did(sigh…) it was like watching a movie with really bad acting!! The typo excuse was what one would expect of a 10 year-old making up excuses as to why they made a mistake while copying a text from the whiteboard,beyond laughable or unprofessional given that this ‘typo’ could seriously be the reason Jodi’s life would be at stake,well at least at some point since the DP is off table now but this doesnt make his ”error” any less appalling!! Kermit’s indescribable behaviour was not a surprise,cant imagine how we will be able to put up with his looooong ranting today.
    On a brighter note and to give you all a good laugh,yes I did fall asleep ON my keyboard yesterday.It was 6 o’clock in the morning,I was up for 21 hours straight and the last thing I remember was Jennifer examining Miss Universe…LOLOLOLOLOL!! I missed about 20 minutes (which am now watching )and was woken up by the squeaky sound of the live feed being over! MB:I think I can claim your Gravatar now.

    Wishing everyone a happy Closing Arguments Day

    (((((((((((((((((GROUP HUG)))))))))))))))))

  9. Dear Lord….

    Please work your magic and bring the just outcome to Jodi’s road from and through hell. We all, as I am sure you do, know she has certainly been through ENOUGH.

    Please give JW and KN the words and strength to get your message to the jury. Don’t worry about the little troll that will attempt to circumvent your will. There are many, many souls waiting to deal with him underground.

    Please allow our messages, thoughts, prayers and love to get through to JW, KN and most importantly Jodi to give her some solace in knowing she is not alone.

    We ask this in Jesus’ name. AMEN

  10. I read a post from Debbie last night that hit the nail on the head. You never ever know what the jury is thinking or what they are going to do or what they find as important.
    No matter what the general public thinks or the media or the people on this site that fully support Jodi or the Travis Taliban that wants her dead, or a corrupt judge and asshole prosecutor or the defense team thinks or wants, the ONLY people that matter are the jurors and we NO body has any idea what they are thinking.
    Having said all of that I will still be flabbergasted if they come back with a 1st degree murder conviction.
    You never ever know.

    • I agree Joe. I will also be amazed if they come back with a M1 conviction.

      But, I like to think that we represent the jurors. When things go well, we state it. When they don’t, we state it, too. We have taken time to analyze the evidence.

      So, prayers that these people are like us and not the crazy Jodi haters.

    • if by “flabbergasted” you mean “jumping on a plane and flying to AZ for some answers” then im right there with you.

  11. Does everyone have their favorite “party goods” for the closing arguments?

    Mine consist of Coca Cola and Chips Ahoy! LOL

    On a serious note, I pray that things go well for the defense team.

    BTW, I was just watching HLN and there were “Travis Supporters” that JVM interviewed and they were all crying. And, they were saying what a “good man” he was.

    I do NOT think they even knew Travis. What the hell??

    • My Diet Coke Caffeine Free is ready to rock and so are my grapes and Mesquite BBQ chips….!!!!


      This trial has WREAKED HAVOC with my diet!!!!! UGH….

      • I’m fasting today have my great grandmothers rosary who say mary when she nelt praying for 4 days because of the war.

    • Because JM is up first it’s water and Aleve for me. I am trying to get a head start on the headache he will surely give me.

    • Oh brother really??

      Even Travis’ family and “friends” didn’t know Travis.

      How can they possibly even claim that with a straight face, let alone sobbing like they actually give a damn?

      What bullshit.

      I have no party favors atm lol. I know verdict day I’ll be drinking no matter what the outcome!!!!

  12. Goodmorning all! Praying that Jenny hits it out of the park..and the jury sees what we see!

    Prayers for Jodi and the Defence ..

  13. Goodmorning everyone! Im SO excited and nervous for today! Iv been following the trial from the beginning, havent missed a day and I have even rescheduled appointments. Now I have family visiting and missed 1/2 of yesterday but I caught up last night (went to sleep at 3am). Today I HAVE to take the a family member to run around and I’ll MISS 1/2 of it AGAIN. IM PRETTY UPSET! : (( I know, I know I can catch up ltr but its nit the same. I like the to watch it live and interact with you guys and I haven’t been able to for the past 2/3 days, IT SUCKS!!!!!!

    Well ill do my best and catch up with you all when I can. Best wishes to Jodi and always Team Jodi★

    • It really sucks when life or work get in the way 🙂 We’ll be thinking of you LC,you’ll be mentally here all day!

      • Aawwwwww thanks Renee, I love you. I dont know what im going to do when its all over, im sure going to miss you guys!

        {{{{{{ Hugs}}}}}}}

    • Lol LC! I had a sick kid so I was up til 3am catching up too.

      I have such a good feeling about closing arguments for the defense, no matter who does it. I truly believe after many of the jury questions yesterday that there is at least ONE! And that’s all we need. I really believe there is more than just one.

      I re-watched a video of the verdict being read in the Casey Anthony trial, Wow, I got so emotional again. I want to post it because it reminds me not to give up hope. The part where Baez kneels down and proclaims he has given everything…….oh the emotions. BTW this is off of SJ’s caseyanthonyisinnocent site, so no worries 🙂

      • Thanks MB! We’ve all been here early every single day waiting for them to start up on time. You’d think they’d start on time at least today and tomorrow.

  14. I can imagine Samantha in the rest room now dousing her eyes with something to make them burn.

    Watch the acting from the gallery today… I predict eye rolling, sobbing, moaning and fake weeping. Mostly from Sam and the Hughes and Deana, while the rest pretend to be stoic over their estranged deviant brother.


  15. SJ,
    I am of the same thinking as you. Acquittal or Manslaughter are the only choices I can see but with Sherry Stephens as Judge I won’t be surprised when she takes Manslaughter of the table. She wants Jodi as dead as the Travis Taliban does.

    But you never know what the jury is thinking. I just don’t want the jury to be handcuffed by Stephens.

    • I think she may put manslaughter on the table. She allowed a surrebuttal witness. I think she is trying to be pretty fair.

      It really just depends. I know she really seems unfair sometimes, but she has ruled in favor of the defense several times. The only problem is Martinez keeps doing underhanded things to get his way anyway. Plus, his objections are like a mile a minute, so it may seem like she sustains more of his just for that reason.

  16. Its 9:30A in AZ, so that means stuff should be getting started in 1-3 hours. Everyone ready to swear, spit and yell at the states super hero?

    I cant wait to hear what this little piece of shit ( i stress the little part) (and the shit part) tries to twist out of everything the jury has heard. He is going to use MANY “BAM” moments. he thinks he is a movie lawyer. Shock and Ah.

    • he does ! He daydreams all day that he’s Tom cruise in a few good men when he’s really more Scientology & bounce on couches Tom cruise, if he was uglier and angrier.

    • I just heard that JUAN closing B.S. is five hours……….. that he has prepared for today. If he was a good prosecutor I don’t think it would take five hours to wrap this up.

  17. JM wil start and finish with “this is how you should think”.

    Nurmi will be more “this is what i think we have seen, this is what we have been told, this is the law, now go decide what YOU think”

    • Sounds great to me. I think most people would prefer to be asked what they think instead of being told what to think.

    • And we know Deanna WAS satisfying those desires sex addict Travis Alexander wanted–in addition to Jodi (and who knows who else).

      • But I read somewhere that TA didn’t fancy Deanna, which is why he used Jodi.. He and Deanna’s relationship was different.

    • IMO that confirms a lot of our suspicions that Deanna had every reason to be involved with the nasty emails and tire slashing. How many women was Travis stringing along at once? The world will never know.

      • Absolutely agree!! Messing with girls’ feelings both menatlly and sexually is never a good idea!She was his best friend who he also happened to FUCK!!! Pardon my french but if there were a PhD in manipulation TA would excel in it!!!

      • I have always wondered if Ashley Reed and her ex, her anonymous call and then her “suicide” having something to do with the tires and emails. I think that her ex could have done it.

        • that just it anyone could have killed him and we have the flores report that ashley tried to come forward and now she is dead and the FBI has her husband or is he free

      • It also confirms that Deanna is as big a lying sack of shit as the rest of the mouth-breathing Pedo-huggers!!

        • I think that the other day when renee got into it with dina I think it was deanna on this site looking to see what was being said here. Guess she got her computer back that she gave travis.

        • actually i feel bad for Deanna, she was used be TA just like so many woman. she loved TA and still does and is in denial

  18. Well, Wild is saying the jury instructions will come before the little fucker starts screaming. I also heard crime of passion will be included. But this is all rumor, so who knows.

  19. Apparently there is only 5-7 seats available to the public today. TA people must be taking up a lot of the gallery. They’re saying the public seats are distributed by lottery among 40 people in line.

    Start is late as attorneys are in chambers – probably discussing jury instructions with the judge….

  20. We all just have to hang tough! As that German proverb goes, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger”!

  21. Who wants to take a bet that there will be autopsy photos flying all over this courtroom when Kermit takes his turn????

    • Of course. It will definitely be in the last part so the jury will see the family crying right before they go deliberate

    • Can they show evidence/photos during closing? I thought it was just the closing arguments (speaking). Maybe I’m naïve but I also haven’t watched too many trials.

      • Yes, that is the big difference between openings and closings. Anything that has been officially entered into evidence as exhibits can be used / shown / played by the attorneys.

      • Bystander, Man, that’s a great point. That is the one thing that has been in the back of my mind this whole trial. That will piss a few jurors off. To be honest, hearing that would piss me off as a juror but not enough to kill Jodi.

    • No doubt. The picture of Travis with his throat cut open or the pic with him dead in the shower is how he will end the second part of his closing argument.

  22. What will totally suck is if JM is a totally different person when addressing the jurors and is nice to them.

    • Stephens is dumb, i dont think she has it in her to know any better. seriously, i think she is just a bit slow.

      it’s true, in the US, hard work and determination can get you anywhere. The problem with that is, we end up with hard working, determined Idiot in some jobs.

      • I don’t hate her because she did allow the defense to enter helpful evidence and call needed witnesses.

  23. I am nervous! I also really hope that Nurmi does the closing for the defense. Because after all, men think like men. So if a man says to the men on the jury ,”Hey Travis was not who he pretended to be, he beat up Jodi, he abused Jodi !” It may ring truer with the men on the jury. If JW says it, it might only hit home with the women on the jury who may have been in an abusive relationship at some point in their life. No offence to JW. She is a great lawyer and I commend her for all she has done for Jodi’s defense. .I am just thinking strategically> I just saw Jodi’s mother and grandmother come in to the court room. Jane velez Mitchel was their and stuck the microphone in their face and asked if they wanted to comment. they said ,”No thank you”. O.K. Group hugs and kisses to you all! Jessie

    • After all the SHIT JVM has talked about Jodi and her parents, she had the wherewithal to ask for a fucking comment?

      STFU JVM. No seriously, you have no business harassing the family after all the damage you’ve done.

      • YEP! My thoughts exactly. JVM tried to put on her sweet phony voice. She is just disgusting. ALL of the HLN gang is, as you already know. POOR me, my audio is not working on my computer so I have to stomach HLN to watch closings. UUUGGG!!!!!

      • Agree 100% MB!!! I wish Jodi’s mom would’ve said, “Yes, I would like to tell you to take your microphone outta my face and go fuck yourself, JVM!”

  24. Dammit! I wonder if I have time to run to the store to get a Dr. Pepper and a bag of potato chips…
    And ice-cream, and skittles, and some beef jerky. oh, and some hard liquor.
    Fuck it, I’ll just get the liquor. That’s all I need to celebrate. =)

  25. Meeting in chambers over. Jodi being brought in. Heat of Passion WILL be added to jury instrctions. Looking Good for Jodi!

  26. Good morning everyone! I haven’t been able to watch the trial live because I’m soooo busy at work and training people. Do any of you understand how horrible it feels to have SJ blog/live trial withdrawals? Not cool lol…hopefully I’ll be able to catch up this weekend and I hope I don’t miss anything juicy today or tomorrow (if there’s trial). Cheeeeese 🙂

  27. I’m going to say this one more time. There is no way in the world that this is a DP trial. That was a huge mistake on the part of the State and the Judge.

  28. So did the investigation include firing a .25 Auto inside the house to reenact the trajectory of the spent casing. To imitate the angle at which the pistol would have been shot.
    Wait that would require common sense….disregard. At least they entered …”the front door of the home after ‘dawning’ (sic) protective footwear and gloves”. page 4 Flores Report.
    Dawn: The time each morning when daylight first appears
    Don: To put on ( a piece of clothing)

    What a coincidence, a typo on a report , just like the ME’s report.
    What a coincidence, perjury by ME and Detective.

    • I blame Flores for all this! He did a shitty job and I blv if he would’ve investigated the intuder story, he would’ve found that someone else was there. He’s lazy and has no common sense.

      Phillip, I came across one of your comments yesterday, you where saying something about TA leg not having blood on one side, because he had someone on a chokehold in between his legs and also his arms. Do you also blv the intruders story? Do you think there was two other people AND Jodi OR just ONE other person and Jodi?

  29. Good morning ya all! Preparing for a 5 hours mumbo-juanbo, wondering if he will flay his arms besides littering the screens with pictures of the dead abuser. Horne has been gored by JW yesterday 🙂 And today, past 12:30 and still the great seal?

  30. Hi EVERYONE!! I need to hug everyone because i feel like i’m going to throw up i’m so nervous!!! I wish one of us was on that jury so we would know we at least had a hung jury. LOL but i’m sure i’m not the only one. Hey sirlips are you a lawyer or something? Even though we don’t agree about Nancey Grace and if she should be on the air or not, you’re really smart and pretty damn funny. I sent JW the link to the youtube video by flores’ daughter if they see all the bias and the billboards and graffiti depicting Travis AROUND AZ can they get a mistrial due to jury tempering and the out right illegal behavior of the state and police? Thanks man keep the kick ass posts comin.

    • Nope, not a lawyer, just a silly banker from MN.

      Mistrial is out, on THIS trial, but there are many avenues to pursue appeals. The appeals can declair a mistrial.

      There will be an appeal granted, as this is a DP case. The law requires it.

      However there is a 99.99% chance that upper courts will look at this case anyway. They have to look at the perjured testimony of flores/horn. Flores testimony ALONE was used to get the DP. Even though it wasnt his facts, he testified to HORNS facts. this has been admitted to being false testimony. THIS judge said it didnt matter, but the upper courts will not put up with this.

      If they allowed perjured testimony to be used, after the fact, to continue a DP trial, it would set a shock wave through DP cases. Some DP states would probably LOSE the DP, if this became a pressident.

    • ((((((((((Krista))))))))))))))

      Omg are you serious about the graffiti??? Wow!!! Just when I thought they’d done everything. What’s next, putting up a statue in front of the Mayor’s house and throwing wreathes on it??

      • Yeah if you watch that disgusting youtube video from Flores’ daughter they are in a car driving around actuallyl showing ACTUAL billboards and Graffiti of travis’ story and his face. So how could the jury not be influenced by this shit. It makes me sick. Check out the video.

  31. Shit ball sandwiches! I think we are going to lose power now. Half the town is out and now our lights keep flickering in and out.

    If i miss the talking toad stool, im ‘a be pissed!

    • Come on down, I have plenty of T.V.s in my house and room for everyone…. We can be on big happy TEAM JODI party.

  32. S.J. Thank you for putting this site up. It’s nice to see there are so many of us who support Jodi. I never went to – or heard of your site – for Casey Anthony. I wish I had – I always felt that she was innocent, but questioned if her parents were involved.

    Again, thank you.

  33. Does anyone have a link to the original Hughes-Travis emails? I hear reports they have been released or are “out there”. Would like to read verbatim rather than getting a “report” on them.

    • Chris HUghes gave them to the news…. that is, what parts he wanted. You know damn well he did not include all. Then he gave his bs story on what went down. It is a sham.

      a farce,

      a joke.

      like him and his slutty wife.

    • yes released by chris and sky hughes but can they be trusted anyone can retype something they are trying to do what ever it takes to keep the finger pointing away from them selves.

    • If the emails don’t speak to the Travis Taliban’s controlling behavior, I don’t know what will.

      If the emails are so damning, then just release them in entirety and let everyone make up their own minds about it.

      Why release snippets and pretend you are being transparent? It makes no sense.

      It’s clear to me that they HATE the idea of anyone thinking for themselves.

      • The report excerpts ARE damning to both the Hugheses and Travis.

        I don’t recall the reporters getting the emails from the Hugheses, but the reporter did interview them.

  34. SO…they CRAMMED all that testimony in yesterday…but they can’t start on time? Makes NO sense at all.

  35. This court never starts on time. Pretty sad when people get “used to” the court starting late.

    This judge should have only been assigned this case. Further, any other issues she has with the attorneys should be taken care of BEFORE entering the courtroom.

    • I’m sure these meetings in chambers before the court day begin before the scheduled start time. The problem is the meetings always run long and the judge doesn’t cut them off.

  36. I hope that Jodi goes free. She deserves it after all she has been through. I just hope she does not end up in hiding like Casey. Maybe we should all start planning on helping her once she gets out. If she walks tomorrow, she will need our help for sure. We should really do something. Anyone have any ideas?

  37. Jaun brought his brother with him so he can carry him out after the day is done. Who else would touch that slimmy little frog, He’ll be hooping around like a drunk Mexican.

    • I thought it was not allowed either! Remember in the Casey Anthony case the Anthonys (The parents) tried to wear their Caylee ribbons but were admonished not to,

  38. Oh YAY! Mr. Nurmi has on the BLUE shirt and tie 🙂 Is he wearing the awesome blue argyle socks too? I feel better already…. 🙂

  39. I’m a wreck! Start with the presumption she is innocent. Must be proved beyond reasonable doubt that she is guilty!!

    Thank you for those awesome instructions.

  40. I would really prefer that Jodi pay more attention right now, Look at the Judge and look at the jury. I don’t want her to keep her head down scribbling or drawing or writing.

  41. .The Doctor on scene June 4, 2008 !!!!!
    I was reading the Flores report and noticed that a Medical Doctor(Google name Karl Brinton Hiatt) was at TA’s house. WHY?
    On the Flores report Page 3 he list the people present at TA’s house.
    Michelle Lowery
    Dallin Forrest
    Marie Hall
    Enrique Cortez
    Zacary Billings
    Amanda McBrien

    On page 5 he lists the initial interviews
    Zachary Billings
    Amanda McBrien
    Karl Brinton Hiatt <———- MD, Doctor , plastic surgeon
    Dallin Forrest
    Michelle Lowery
    Marie Hall

  42. 2nd degree is in! Based on what she is saying, it seems like 2nd degree is a possibility (if the jury finds her actions unreasonable) !

  43. Update, our little buddy from the early thread that wanted to stalk our posters, will be getting a bit of his own medicine. My IT buddy has located him in New Jersey and found some intresting info on him already. My “friend” in New Jersey is familiar with the area and is going to forward me details when he finds him.

    Out of all the places this poor bastard could have lived, NJ is the worst. My “friend” in NJ is one of those guys we are all glad we know, but wouldnt ever invite them over to their home for Christmas dinner, if you know what i mean. lets just say he is a proffessional in his field of expertise. I met him while working for a recyling firm. For those that dont know the recycling businesses are all owned by the public refuse companies…i think we ALL know who own the trash companies in the north east.

  44. I’m sorry if this has been asked and answered – why isn’t Jodi’s mother and grandmother in the front row?

  45. What is it with the mouth breathers on the pros side of the gallery? It looks like the pig trial in the Hatfield & McCoy feud over there.

    • LOL…I noticed the mouth breather as well. I asked an audience question below…as to why Jodi’s fam is not up front! When ever I see the TA fam…..I instantly think white trash…but then I feel bad for feeling that way, but sometimes your mind just sees the truth.

      • Me too, Kat. And I felt guilty about it until they started ginning up hateful lies and potentially violent actions against trial participants as well as panhandling while bragging about how flush they are. That’s not mentioning their courtroom antics, which are sheer class. I guess nobody told Stephens that she could issue contempt citations when she took her judge’s training. Or maybe she was listening to her ipod or whatever she’s been doing this whole trial.

  46. Wow. Glad it was mentioned in the instructions that they need to consider Jodi’s actions based on the person who was a victim of DV (if they choose to believe that she is a victim)

  47. You know the word ‘angel” is so right for Jodi.I cannot believe how calm she looks when most of us here are stressed out of our minds listening to this.

    • She might be on sedatives. SHit i can hardly not throw up and this has nothing to do with me. I’d have my head i a bucket the whole closing.LOL

  48. Why are there people sitting in front of Jodi’s Family? I don’t see anyone obstructing the view of the the TA family. Sorry if dumb question….it is just really bugging me.

  49. Looks like T’doggs old girlfriends are there. It’s been four years and there still brainwashed. If they only know how lucky they are.

  50. I do NOT see M1 here. I see either 2nd degree murder, manslaughter, or an acquittal.

    The only reason I see them leaning to 2nd degree is because of the “reasonable person would stop once the threat was gone.”

    Anyone else?

  51. just started listening to stephens summary of the law
    both side presumably have agreed to the wording
    but it sounds screwed up, jumbled and read far too fast

    is she going to give a summary of the law as applied to the law
    at the end of counsel closings or is that it?

    it read far too fast
    stephens you idiot slow down,moron !

    • I know, thank God they have it all written down in front of them. I would just be staring at her like, huh?

      OH NO here he comes!


      is she going to give a summary of the law as applied to the law
      at the end of counsel closings or is that it?


      is she going to give a summary of the law as applied to the FACTS
      at the end of counsel closings or is that it?

      what was the sexual charge ?

  52. I’m sorry, this vocabulary lesson is killing me, are folks that stupid?

    Yes, they are. We just aren’t out here. We’re ready to freakin deliberate……….

  53. Huh? What was all the instruction on “sex”? Is the state trying to say that Jodi sexually assualted Travis?

  54. ok….wtf is she reading law regarding sexual assault charges for? is the Judge forgetting this is a murder trial? duh….

  55. Hey guys & gals,

    Has anyone been texting for Jodi on HLN? I”m gonna give it a shot. Tired of seeing all of these sheep that blindly believe in Travis. And anybody who thinks that the little weasel Martinez is something special is truly a nut case.

  56. So these are jury instructions, if she did not give them final instructions, does that mean manslaughter is not yet in, or is it in?

  57. Courting the media my foot!!! HLN has done nothing but spew hatred and lies in favor of the prosecution! And I knew that Martienz would bring that up, “no jury will convict me”

  58. JM is NOT full of fire. He sounds very defeated.

    Look at his body language. Shoulders down, hands in pockets, looking down, etc.

  59. OK, I don’t care to listen to anything more that JM has to say. I don’t need another headache today, so I will check back later.

    Will be keeping you all and Jodi in my thoughts!

  60. I am going to be capitalizing all the over the place – I apologize for my stress, tension and rantings today and until verdict….

    I apologize to all….please forgive my “foul language”….

    I feel homicidal…..If PMS starts – I’m going to Arizona……

  61. Why is he so obsessed w this calling her sister stupid and fighting w her Mom? How many teens fight w their Moms? I fought w my Mom and we’re best friends! I’m an only child (I have a half bro and sis but we didn’t grow up together) but my friends were always fighting w their brothers and sisters!

    • lol. ditto . . if this is the best he can do that’s good . . so far it’s stupid and blaming . . exactly what he’s said about Jodi so far . . Jen’s statement will be awesome

  62. I’m going to BACKSPACE you massengil…..

    You are a fucking douchebag…..SHUT YOUR HOLE…….

  63. This is just ridiculous. How can you use a nonsensical stories from teen age love that has nothing to do with anything as ‘fact” in a closing? SMH this is just desperate….

  64. WHAT DOES THE FACT THAT SHE WAS A WAITRESS HAVE TO DO WITH JUNE 4, 2008 – WHICH IS WHY WE ARE ALL HERE?????????????????????????????????????

  65. It’s called girl drama JM!! It happens more to very pretty girls that other girls are jealous of than others!

  66. …..blah blah blah blah he is talking about nothing important at all… is just proof that she was abused! I hope the jurors figure it out Martinez!!!!

  67. Where is this crap coming from “it’s not her fault?”. It’s not society’s fault that you’re an ass, but we all have to deal with it……………

    • He’s still on about the borderline. Borderlines never take responsibility for their actions. Everything that happens to them is someone else’s fault. That’s where he’s going with this.

  68. God, I thought I could handle JM since he wouldn’t be screaming YES or NO. But his voice is now 2 octaves higher. He’s getting hysterical.

    • Yep. Really condescending! Hope that hits a nerve with female jurors. And why does he keep refering to MEN as BOYS?

    • I thought I maybe misheard! I can’t fucking believe he said that! And I do not ever curse but he can shove it up his ass.

    • I know, like Travis was this little kid that couldn’t help himself.

      Such sexist BULLSHIT

      He was a 30 year old MAN who knew what he was doing. He sucked Jodi into his depraved little world and shit all over her.

  69. Hey girls, who isn’t looking for a nice guy w family values and a good work ethic? All he has pointed out is that she’s like everyone else! She wanted to have a family and ended up w TA. That’s really really not her fault!!!!

  70. This is so dumb I am having a panic attack! I’ve said it before- if my past relationships were proof of a current crime, I’d be locked up for life 15 times already! Her relationships were golden compared to mine. None of this makes any difference. This is just sad, Martinez. I thought you were “smarter” than this… (ok maybe not!)

    • Who hasn’t taken a peek at a beau’s personal info when things aren’t going well in the relationship to see if he might be cheating?? Whether online, cell phone, or in the old days shirt collars & purchase receipts. What a fucking joke to bring these things up like they imply JA has a problem with jealousy!

  71. I have come to the conclusion…closing arguments are NOT JM’s strong suit. He is stumbling and…just Blah, Blah, Blah…….. (my opinion)

  72. F**ck you Juan!!
    TA the perfect catch??????? QUITE THE CONTRARY!!
    We all rue the day Jodi ever laid her eyes on that BASTARD!!!

  73. It seems, from these closing statements so far, that Jodi is on trial more for being an insecure girlfriend, a snoop, and a serial monogamist who sometimes criticized her mother and sister, and had trouble taking responsibility.

  74. She went in search of a Mormon? Now a Jew, not a Christian, not a Muslim but a Mormon cuz they have better values? Lmfao

  75. SOmeone on HLN just posted live that they have” lost all respect for Juan” right now… “she is guilty but this is lame…”

  76. OH for Shit’s Sake….

    According to “Deanna Reed”…. WHO THE FUCK IS SHE??????? An expert in Mormonism???????

    Massengil – you need to use your own product…..

  77. Cute…slap that podium…it’s NOT going to make a difference, not going to make your nonsense more effective…I’m awaiting the Pogo Stick JM, or are you saving that for tomorrow… pfft….

      • Maria, I expect he will do the whole stabbing motion thing and the counting…typical for a court case that involves a stabbing victim… heard it all before and wouldn’t put it past him.
        Don’t be afraid…so far he has NOT been impressive in the least.

  78. Signing off. I can’t watch this. Thought I could stand it, I can’t. Kudos to you all who can stomach this buffoon. Will have to catch the lowlights on youtube later.

  79. How does Jodi stay so calm? Seriously after listening to JM for so long and now she has to listen to him get to go on and on basically just bashing her. I would want to yell shut up JM I can’t stand you and your annoying voice and…..I don’t even know maybe I would just scream and throw the pens and stuff off the defense table at him.

  80. I don’t make it a habit of showing gratitude for things that in their gifting are humiliating insults.

  81. Note to Massengil….

    When you are finished spewing the FECAL SHIT coming out of your hole….you can find Your PRoduct in the Feminine Hygiene aisle at Walmart….it will make you feel FLORES Fresh.

    Backspace that Asshole……

  82. Was it Deanna Reed talking about law of chastity or was it Mimi Hall?

    I don’t think JM can tell the difference.

  83. Yes Kermit it’s your fault that your a f@#ken dumba@s,lying ,short,punny,little,transplant,blabber mouth,stinky,slimmy,unhuman,pri#k,joke prosecutor,hot for judge,screaming,beedy eyed,bastard.