Jodi Arias Trial – Day 55 (afternoon session)

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    • I have watch this web site for some time. I have watch most of the trial. I was very opened minded because I was in many abusive relationships. Many of you posted things I’m glad I read because I want to have an opened mind. I wanted Jodi to get a fair trail. I wanted her attorneys to a great job for her. We all deserve this it is our RIGHT!!!!!

      What I saw posted today my the owner of this site was vile and hateful. NO ONE has the right to judge how Travis’s family feels. He has done things that put up a chill up my spine. Still, his family has the right to hurt just as Jodi has a right to hurt for what he did to her. Jodi deserves better friends than you who would right such horrible things about some one you DON’T know on a personal level.

      Jodi is getting a raw deal and you who did this need to look in the mirror at yourself. Have at it. You can’t hurt me but you can hurt Jodi in the long run. I’m done with you.

  1. Todays Headline:

    All the haters want to, hope to, need to have Juan make the “big GOTCHA moment. They figured it would be today, in closing.

    The truth? NO “Big”, NO “Bang”, Just “theory”! Juan’s theory. Thank goodness it takes more than “theory”.

    Juan has the starts to a great Prosecution case. He has told us his theory, now is the part where he should start showing the evidence. Do you think he realizes that this is the last part of the trial? I couldn’t think of a better place to be, than on that jury, in 1 day from now…walking into the jury room and saying…”Well, now that the 1st part of the trial is over, when do we start hearing the evidence portion?” and just watch the faces of the other jurors smile or the pro pros go..OH SHIT….

    • I think JM has Paranoid PD. He is in a delusional phase now, where he really believes his story of premeditated vengeance against the innocent lamb TA.

    • I never understood why the haters believed Juan would have this rain man moment.

      Why would he, when he’s had ample time to present a clear and concise case? Wouldn’t it be MORE effective, if he had made sure he was organized enough to give the jury and the rest of the world a clear picture of what he thinks happened?

      He blows his top and rambles on in these closing arguments and the pro pros are all gushing with admiration. It’s pathetic. He’s the worst lawyer I have ever seen, and I didn’t think it could get much worse than Ashton. I was wrong.

      • Yeah, he sucks and he has from day 1. He’s all over the place, and only has a good conviction record because he usually prosecutes slam-dunk cases such as Wendi Adriano’s.

      • JM must have used the word IF fifty times in his 1st closing, does he expect a jury to convict on a murder case with if, ans, & buts. being the evidence? My only worry is that the jury might be afraid of public opinion backlash (harassment & threats), after seeing what happened in the Casey Anthony case. I hope the defense breaks down all his theories, when they get their chance at closing tomorrow.

    • What I saw and heard over and over and over, in dozens of different ways, from Juan “I Wanna Be Famous” Martinez was “Jodi sometimes lies, so she must be a murderer.” That is about all he seems to have…..

  2. I felt bad about running out on Jodi, so I did my grocery shopping and came back, ready to endure whatever’s left of JM’s rant du jour.

  3. This is what I’ve heard so far:

    nice, wholesome mormon boy lured into lustful web by evil liar cat-creature… bla bla bla something license plate… bla bla bla something gas cans.

    • Juan messed up by saying Skateboarders don’t carry around screwdrivers. I read that avid skateboarders do carry around a skateboard kit which includes a screwdriver. I hope the defense calls him out on that.

    • I liked the point of the CD. This may have been the “aha” moment for the pro pros. Who would watch the CD if not Travis and Jodi? This shows she premeditated a trip. I never doubted that. Was the CD stealth? It must have been a murder weapon????? She was going to decapitate him by throwing it like a frisbee but then he broke it, so she had to resort to other things????? Yawn.

      • Jodi had the CDs in her briefcase – and they had been there for months hence the scratches. She had her briefcase with her because she was going to a business meeting with Ryan Burns in Utah. JM fails again!

    • Ohhhhh…gas can….now i get it. yep, changed my minds, she is guilty of planning the murder, stealing the gun, hiding the trip, driving to murder TA, Sleeping with the soon to be dead TA, Murdering TA 3 times, Hiding the murder (she locked the door), Running from Murder scene, Covering up the murder scene, laughing about murdering, bragging about murdering. Fuck, how could i be so blind….gas cans.

      • I don’t know why the gas cans are a big deal. Alot of people carry extra gas in a can in their trunk. I googled it and I was surprised. Especially folks that have rental cars because they are not sure if the gas guage is accurate and also when going on long trips.

        • anyone who makes that trip often enough knows to take gas cans with them. we did. it was normal in fact i argued with my partner but they explained why. i was new to it.. and didnt get it., you can get hit by a dust storm, stand storm… all kinds of things.. that would make it so u needed gas to get home.

  4. How could JM say “she signed a manifesto” in his closing statement. I remember that coming up out of the presence of the jury but I don’t remember it in front of the jury. Anyone?

  5. The jodi haters are going nuts. They are trying to convince themselves that Juan is doing a good job today..I hate to burst their bubble, but the evidence is pointing toward innocence , not guilt.

  6. IS Kermit done with his closing arguments?
    And does anyone know who is going to do Closing for defense?
    Jennifer or Nurmi?
    thanks and hope everyone is having a good day!

    • I think I heard HLN say Kermit had about another hour, but I’m trying not to listen to them so I could be wrong. I don’t know who is up for defence, but I hope that they split it.

  7. Could someone fill me in
    Where is Jodi staying during deliberation ?
    What exactly will e happening during the penalty phase and how long will that take approx. ?
    Thanks for filling me in

  8. Most avid skateboarders carry a kit with them in case of repairs. Juan messed up, especially if one of those jurors knows anything about skateboarding. Juan said it like it is a joke for a skateboarder to carry a screwdriver, it’s not. I don’t know if the defense picked that up or not.

    • I remember someone posting here that they live in Pasadena and this kind of stuff happens all the time. That it happened to them in fact.

      It’s not unheard of that teenagers do weird, silly things when they’re bored. When I was growing up, my friends and I would take a car to a supermarket parking lot, put carts in front if it and push them with the car so they flip on the curb. Now I kick myself because I know it’s karma biting me in the ass every time I get a cart with a funky wheel at the store. lol

      Anyway, I never stop to check to see if my license plate is right side up. I don’t think most people do.

      • We keep it in the car in the window bc of teens around here! And people who cut your plate for the stickers. Yeah, I don’t live in the greatest of neighborhoods.

      • MB,
        Especially when they just get out for the summer.
        Here it is June2nd.

        They smash mailboxes, anything and to do that to a car
        is more believable than Jodi doing it.
        That’s stupid for jaun to think the jury would think that
        she would do it.

  9. I really have no idea what trial the ass has been at the last 4 month’s. I can not believe he is making so many mistakes. it was a kerosene can. what relevance does a 17 year old girls first love have to do what this case. This is such a joke.

  10. I just noticed something, and I wonder if others have too, or if not, whether it can be somehow brought home to the jury.

    Jennifer’s blonde streaks, highlights whatever you call them have slowly faded over the last few days.

    Now, the question was this on purpose? If so I’ll have to retract any comments I made competency. If not, just happenstance, I hope others on the jury notice it too.



    LYING BASTARD – your pants are big enough to fit a pair of balls BUT THEY DON’T……MASSENGIL

  12. Did he just say, “They do engage in some sexual contact”?

    Talk about understatement – he raped her. What part of that does this clown not get?

    The jury can’t be that dumb.

      • Not only did Travis have a track record of not establishing consent, he admitted it on the tape. “You were miserable and I raped you.”

        I mean… wow. It just doesn’t get any more obvious than that!!!

        • MB…that is true…

          JM played his favorite “pick and choose” game today in closing…

          JM would never “pick” this in closing…”you were miserable and I raped you.”..

          JM “choose” this instead in closing…”you are the worst thing that ever happened to me.”

    • When a guy pulls your pants down,pins your hand behind your back presses you on a freaking desk and stick in your aZZ it is not mutual!!!!

      • Thank you for that, I’ve been sayin’ he raped her all along – TA was a freakin’ sexual deviant and their relationship was not only emotional with some physical abuse, but sexual abuse. Jodi doesn’t realize it – as most victims of SA don’t until one day when they look back. She only ‘liked’ it because it was preferable to his rage.

  13. Great…..can’t get the trial….something about updating my adobe….geeeesh! Gota go check with one of these it folks at work!!!

  14. OMG Juan, reread the text messages, emails, journals, you stupid FK………. I think he deserves a BITCH slap today for BOLDFACE lying to the jury.

    • He’s lying like crazy to the jury AND he wants the jury to be pissed at Jodi?
      What about Flores, He really lied to the jury? assholes, it’s ok for them.
      If I was on the jury I would be so pissed at those assholes

      What did Jodi lie about to the jury?????nothing!

  15. Now he’s obsessed with virginity.

    It isn’t the virginity that’s the issue–it’s the fact Travis felt the need to LIE to numerous people about it in order to preserve his standing in the Mormon church.

    It is a MAJOR violation in that church to have non-marital sex.

    • If you go to the emergency room they will show you a scale of faces going from smiling to one with tears on what your pain scale is.

    • Yeah I thought that was a really disgusting comment.

      It’s like what they were saying about that poor girl raped in stuebenville – that it wasn’t obvious that she wasn’t consenting.

      No, Jodi does look uncomfortable. She asked Travis to erase them. It’s really that simple.

  16. How can they believe Jodi turned down a red car so the police wouldn’t notice her and
    believe that she turned her licesnse plate upside down, plus remove her front license? huh?

  17. This mexican jumping bean is a freakin joke. (sorry) not a racist but I loath this tiny little wannabe tyrant.

  18. Why does he bring up stuff that he can’t prove. The KY is symbolic of her attentiveness.

    I’m sorry for what I’m about to say, my apologies to all the ladies.

    Maybe she just didn’t like being dry humped up the ass?

    How about that JM? Ever had a prostate exam? know what that feels like. Now imagine what she would have to go through you gnarly, mindless cretin.

  19. I probably won’t be able to comment much because I find Juan boy so excruciating to watch that I may not. He seems fairly calm on the clip I did see, then he starts mocking Ms ALV saying she isn’t a time traveler so she can’t say TA wasn’t afraid of Jodi. Helloooo….you aren’t a time traveler either JM and one text of TA ‘claiming’ to be afraid of someone doesn’t a stalked person make. Especially when you are still communicating and being intimate with this said person. It’s an attention getting ploy or a way to keep your women criss-crossed and confused. And might I say it’s not unusual for young women to check out the emails and FB accounts of the guy they are seeing. I see it go on all the time and that does not a murderer make. You’re goin down Kermi!!

  20. okay, why did he just say she was armed with a gun and a knife while she was taking pics when both sides stipulated that she was not???

    • D,
      Just like the magic camera, taking all of those pictures by itself!!!
      There must have been a magician in that house that day.

  21. Did you hear that little demon weasel Martinez saying Jodi loves the spotlight. What about him the little creapy hyprocrit. Outside of the courtroom signing autographs for all 7 of his fans who hang around the courthouse hoping to get a glimpse of the little weasel.

    • White water unlike clear water is still around 5 days later for the police to notice – or not notice. It doesn’t dry so she must not have gone in the bedroom.

  22. Hey SJ is you CA page still open and when this case is over are you going to put the next case your following on here so we can follow where you are going. By the way have you ever though of being a defense lawyer ? Let us Know. I love all of you on here and would love to talk more on the next case. ((((((BIG HUGS ALL AROUND))))))) thanks to everyone for being open minded and looking at all the evidence and using that to make up your mind. We have never ran someone off because they dont think she should get found not guilty. There are people that come here and believe it is murder 2 there are people that think it should be manslaughter and there are even people who think she is guilty just not for the reason Jaun says. We hear everyone out and give their opinion thought. I wish TA followers would do that. And just think about how sad it is that WE are the minority in this country. Like I said thanks SJ and everyone and just remember if we have at least changed one persons mind about Jodi we have done a good job no matter the verdict!!

    • (((((((Big hugs Krista)))))) This site has been my safe haven and the source of un-biased access to every aspect of this case. Honestly, what a godsend you all have been. I feel like I am about to say good-bye to so many wonderful people. It breaks my heart.

  23. Here we go… Martinez is going to collide with reality.

    (1) He indicates a camera strap, but the strap was found unused. How can the photo of the ceiling possibly occur during the attack?
    (2) He describes the wounds to Alexander’s back as “stab” wounds, where in fact they are shallow, and cannot have been administered from behind.
    (3) Why would he stand there immobile while she stabs him eight times?
    (4) No blood was found on the wall of the shower.
    (5) There is no trail of blood from the shower to the sinks ( there is a trail from the pool near the toilet entrance to the sinks ). See Bathroom.
    (6) How does he explain that pool of blood?
    (7) There is spatter on the upright of the other side of the toilet entrance.
    (8) How does the knife make the chip in the tile by the cartridge casing, if the last act of the knife is to slit Alexander’s throat at the end of the hallway?
    (9) How come she drags him almost nowhere (or even backwards) between the second last and last accidental photo?

  24. More from Vladimir

    #JodiArias This PM case is even weaker than I thought

    #JodiArias prosecutor says changing story=~truth. So what does that say abt govt changing story re order of knife/gun shot 4 days b4 trial?

  25. I’m gonna scream and give him a virtual slap on his ugly face if he’s gonna make Jodi cry! And I know he’s AIMING AT THAT!!!

  26. Hey SJ is you CA page still open and when this case is over are you going to put the next case your following on here so we can follow where you are going. By the way have you ever though of being a defense lawyer ? Let us Know. I love all of you on here and would love to talk more on the next case. ((((((BIG HUGS ALL AROUND))))))) thanks to everyone for being open minded and looking at all the evidence and using that to make up your mind. We have never ran someone off because they dont think she should get found not guilty. There are people that come here and believe it is murder 2 there are people that think it should be manslaughter and there are even people who think she is guilty just not for the reason Jaun says. We hear everyone out and give their opinion thought. I wish TA followers would do that. And just think about how sad it is that WE are the minority in this country. Like I said thanks SJ and everyone and just remember if we have at least changed one persons mind about Jodi we have done a good job no matter the verdict!!

  27. Travis was NOT AFRAID of Jodi. He was not so afraid that he would not use her for sex every chance he got. Lying rapist. But all that is ok. Juan gets to break rules and all that. I hope he gets what he deserves one day soon.

      • That silly ass statement gags me every time they say
        he was so afraid of Jodi,
        AND his “friends”?????
        How stupid can they get?
        What;s her face said and we wondered, (talking about her stupid husband and her)
        how we ever let this scary woman in our house around our kids.
        Do what??
        And the assholes were laughing in court.

  28. wow, i didn’t know you could have a sidebar in closeing statement, Poor jodi looks like she is fighting back tears. so sad

  29. He sounds like he is telling a story to a bunch of 5th Graders around a camp fire. What a shithead 🙂

    • Canada,
      I know Right? “Bloody fingers is creeping up the staircase…Bloody fingers is knocking at the door” I’m just awaiting the BOO! He will undoubtedly pull that theatrical moment out soon..BOO!

  30. Hey…i picked up on something…Nurmi is the one that objected, not JW… NURMI is going to be doing the closing for the defense…YAY!

  31. He’s sure trying to tone down that voice, and it ain’t working.

    He’s lying like a rug about the evidence.

  32. Holy shit! This guy’s case is beyond weak. How much longer do we have to listen to this crap.

  33. It’s apparent Massengil has been constipated since January 3 – everyone in the courtroom BUT the MUNSTERS need a raincoat and boots…..

  34. off topic. I’m watching science channel on mute and two guys are testing statistics on how many times a buttered toast falls on the buttered side down, from thirty feet up.
    Certainly more scientific than swallowing the magic story of a big man trying to grab a knife from a small woman and getting stabbed in the heart…

  35. . IF I ever have call for an attorney the first thing I will as if if they are familiar with this case and see which side they took. I wouldn’t have jm under any circumstances. OMG did he just say flopping fish

    Look at her crying…. 🙁 🙁

  37. pre med doesn’t take planning it just take time? Wow, didn’t you already tell the jury that this was PLANNED a week in advance?

    • the jury hassss to be done with being tortured from his broken record closing and his slowwww annoying voice!! i know i am!!

  38. wo, wo, wo….what the fuck? Is Juan now testifying as a blood spatter expert, since he didnt bring one in?

    LMAO, if you cant get an expert to say what you need, save it till closing and say it yourself!

    Just wait till Nurmi gets to do this. ASPERATION? Look up the meaning JM…you dont asperate blood from your defenses wounds on your hand.


  40. Jodi looks like she is wondering how she ended up in this nightmare….she just looks so lost. I cannot even imagine having to sit and listen to someone like JM talk about me like he is talking about Jodi. He is tearing her down to appear like the most manipulative lying whore ever born. I sincerely hope she is able to know in her heart that what he says is bullshit. My guess is she probably still believes it because that is what DV victims do, we believe the lies we are told by our abusers. And yes, Juan Martinez is an abuser. I don’t even want to hear that this is his job. He is enjoying himself. He loves being as nasty as he is allowed to be

  41. For the life of me, I still can’t fathom how Jodi managed to kill Travis in the way Martinez is saying. How could she be that strong?

  42. jury members….

    I have a much better sale for you than cactus ass….

    I have a bridge in Brooklyn that all of you may like to have…….

  43. and the smear was from not getting over the sink before the blood started coming out and he sliped in it. not from wounds to the chest making him spit blood!! OMG!!

  44. Hey Dean Koontz………..

    Massengil has some WONDERFUL tales for your next novel!!!!! Call him up….

  45. I came home about 20 minutes ago, and HLN has JM’s closing arguments on. So far, not ONE commercial break!! In 20 MINUTES!! I wonder if they’ll do the same for the defense tomorrow.

    • That’s doubtful. I would imagine that tomorrow they will make up for their lack of commercials today. They haven’t taken a break during any of his closing all day today.

  46. has anybody posted anything on the HLN webiste so our voice is heard. Would like to have another voice other than the Travistown hord.

    Is it easy to do? I’m not sure how you get to the site to do it. Having said this does anybody think the prejudiced HLN network would post our supportive posts for Jodi?

  47. That blood in the sink can only be from the gsw. That spit out blood can only be from the sinus or mouth. A stab to the vena cava would not cause blood in the mouth. Even if the heart is punctured still impossible for blood to be in mouth. No pathway for the blood to come from. It has to be a cut blood vessel…..or an injured blood vessel. None of those stabs were penetrating. Except the vena cava. Only place that blood can be from is the gsw that came first. It had to. The state is lying.

  48. fucking douchebag leprechaun……….

    he sees rainbows….he sees dogs….

    He’s Peter Pan!!!

  49. “The end of his rainbow.” What in the fuck is he talking about?

    This isn’t St. Patrick’s Day.

  50. We may have closings from both Nurmi and Jennifer. Seems like Nurmi does the “people” stuff and Jennifer the technical. That would be good.

  51. If he is running AWAY, why is the blood in the bedroom as if he were chasing her into the bedroom.

    • Do you think women are better for her? I think the opposite. Most women posting on hln fb are haters

      • I hope, whoever is picked, they are the most intelligent, level headed and logical of the bunch. Male or female, if they are logical, they will see beyond JM’s theatrics and Jodi will be seen for the beautiful person she truly is.

    • One of TA’s sisters ‘walled’ her eyes visibly on camera during Defense witness testimony yesterday–I thought there was supposed to be some sort of gallery instruction in place. It seems that Anything Goes for TeamTravis.

      • norma, those eye rolls are obviously over looked…or perhaps the judge can’t see her very well. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why this behavior has NEVER been addressed. It’s like she is watching to see if the camera is on her and then saves her eye rolling until it is focused upon her… oh well
        🙄 <— that's for her. ( I can't quite get my real eyes to roll like she does without getting a headache.)

  52. I couldn’t sit next to Jodi, hearing her weep, without wanting to comfort her. OMG…I am in tears

  53. Who is that grey haired woman and the man next to her (sitting next to Travis’s family) – they are crying

  54. ok, If I had someone stabbing me over and over. I do not think I would go to the sink to have a look see.

  55. Holy Shit the mirrors in AZ are reflective? I need to get me one of those. I had no idea, what will they come up with next?

  56. I just can’t take it any more,watching Jodi weeping like this.It’s beyond heartbreaking.
    ((((((((((WE LOVE YOU JODI))))))))))

  57. Jennifer’s got a much bigger job to do than comforting Jodi. Remember this asshole’s trying to kill her and Jennifer and Nurmi have to save her.

    They can deal with the crying later.

  58. Hi Everyone,

    Good to see some good spirits from many here. I have tuned into the pros closing a couple of times and (sorry, I know this is serious) but this guy is laughable. I mean, I am literally lol at the so-called evidence and the tale he is weaving. His voice is just weird – like he’s trying to console somebody while showing gruesome photos (again), a far cry from when I tuned in this morning and he was screaming at the jury while pounding his fists. WTH? And his story (what I have seen today) is just laughable. He is just showing gore then claiming it ‘proves’ this or that – when it doesn’t! This guy just cannot be taken seriously, imho. Once again, I hope the jury sees jm for the deceitful piece of trash that he is.

  59. good grief, enough with the Taliban and their sideshow. sick of all their freaks sitting behind them, pretending to break down…we’ve all seen these pics over and over. enuff already you fake fuc*&!

  60. Back from my hair appointment. Apparently I didn’t take long enough cause he is still talking. How much longer does he got?

  61. The little creep should go back to his admiring 7 people outside the courthouse maybe they will make him a knight or something. Those woman there must have a crush on the little putrid foul minded midget.

  62. Ok quick question if Dr horn said the mistake was because of a typo that must have been on hellva typo to go on for words and words right? I am trying to understand can some one help.

    • His typo was that he has filled out so many autopsy reports in which the bullet penetrates the brain that he inadvertently filled in TAs report the same way he has done so many times before. The bullet did not penetrate TAs brain. BIG MISTAKE for such a Big case.

      • WHAT!?!?!(i have had to come in at different times so i missed a little bit. So you rtelling me he did the equivalent to cutting off a leg when you went in for heart surgery? He is an ME and he pays so little attention and cares so little he just randomly fills out autopsy reports? Can he get his license away for admitting that on the stand ? I want to throw up. ; (

    • TYPO.

      this is a typo ( helol) i mean hello

      This can never been taken as a typo by any stretch of the English language ( The bullet went through the brain and YES i have checked this many many many time) LOL

      THAT TO ME WAS CLEAR Perjury

  63. His whole closing argument is based on shock value. Too bad the evidence doesn’t support it. The science doesn’t lie, shit-for-brains.

    • I hope the defense team hits VERY hard on the perjury of Flores and especially Horn’s. Horn’s perjury alone is grounds for an acquittal.

    • Agree Jeff, shock value, evidence doesn’t support it. He makes NO sense…he’s in a San Franciscan Fog of delusion if he thinks this is, at all, plausible.

  64. I would rather have to stare at a pile of shit all day than ever have to see the Munsters again….


  65. What about the pools of blood Mr Martinez?

    You need to account for ALL the evidence, not a tiny proportion of it.

    His incompetence is just breathtaking.

  66. Yup…and the bullet flies miraculously out of the gun to the right toward the tub…does a u-turn in mid air and defies every law of physics known to man.




    • Yeppers, and let his house be foreclosed on, but giving away his clothes to the MORMOM CULT to wear to the trial…. This is one sick bunch …………….

  68. Okay you can’t trash the defense experts testimony about PTSD, but ask the jury to remember them describing dissassiative amnesia.

    You can’t pick and choose what evidence you want to use to fit your fairytale

  69. What happen to the 62 seconds that she did all this? Now JUAN is changing his tune, WTF, he’s so friggin clueless.

  70. OMG did he just say “with all due respect….he looked crunched up there?”
    I pity this fucking fool

  71. Yeah . . with an open mind, if caught up in the picture ahole is trying to paint this picture like it’s in real-time I got stuck (not sucked into) at the part of “see her dragging him down the hall”. He thinks he’s mezmerizing and hypnotizing the jury, fkn with their minds . . that won’t work on everyone, like the man who already found ta despicable thinking Jodi could be his daughter, or the woman who has met a ta in her life, and so on. Some things will not change some minds no matter what’s said . . it’s just a matter of how to relate what charge based on extreme or minimal punishment . . it might take a long time for jurors because no one will just follow “because”, .. they’re firm in their decision made weeks back.

  72. I resent the way he keeps saying “we know” this and “we know” that. He’s twisting his guesses.

  73. We know the knife was cleaned? How the hell would you know that? You never found the knife. And there would be no way to tell whether the blood dripped off the knife or off something else. He is such a pompous ass.

  74. Anybody ever try to run around in socks on a tile floor? It ain’t easy to do without slipping and sliding. If she planned this I think she’d be a little more prepared than that.

  75. HATE is a strong word.
    I have met some trash and fucked up people along my journey in life.
    But I TRULY can SAY with all due respect;

    I HATE and I MEAN HATE this troll of a human being named Juan Martinez.

    He makes me sick to the core of my universe

  76. Just got home from work and started watching the prosecution’s closing argument. Martinez is such an odd, awkward, inept guy. He very rarely makes eye contact with the jurors. When he does, he can only maintain it for a couple of seconds. It may sound like a small thing but, If I were on that jury, I would really, really not like that.

  77. He is doing a much better job thisafternoon that before lunch, No temper. he is trying to explain things, not just random thoughts all over. I dont buy his pitch, but it is much better than his early moody shit.

    • He’s worse,imho.He’s mixing up,distorting evidence,wound sequencing,changing even what he’s been claiming all along!He’s disgusting!!!

  78. ”She got in the car,left NAPOLEON behind”
    Is he out of his freaking mind?

  79. She left Napoleon? Does he think that the jury cares that much about that dog? Guess what, JM, the juror most like the average HLN viewer got booted weeks ago.

  80. prosecutor theory of premeditation “She brought a gun to a knife fight… she didn’t kill him with the gun to kill him

  81. Hasn’t that bastard given her enough abuse yet? How much more has Jodi got to listen to of this shit?

  82. I thought I heard Jean C. say that before lunch the people seated behind TA’s family were removed from the gallery because they were bad mouthing Jodi. Do any of you guys know anything about this?

    • Nonit was the row behind Jodis family. they didnt want anything to get out of hand because they had already been dealing with bad mouthin and shit. Like they haven’t been through enough? AHHHH

      • Thanks for clearing that up 🙂 I feel terrible for them all, especially her grandmother. People need to have a little more respect and think about how they would feel if they were in this position and their loved one’s life was on the line.

  83. Truth finding proceeding. Right. Whatever you say butt munch. Then let’s hear some truth from you instead of BS.

  84. “Courage isn’t having the strength to go on – it is going on when you don’t have strength.”
    Napoleon Bonaparte

    “I know what I want, I have a goal, an opinion, I have a religion and love. Let me be myself and then I am satisfied. I know that I’m a woman, a woman with inward strength and plenty of courage.”
    Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl

    • don’t forget “Compassion is not judging others when you don’t know the options they had to choose from.” Unknown

      I totally think that fits. We love you Jodi!!

        • Sorry it goes “Compassion is not judging others for their decisions if you do not know the options they had to pick from.” Thanks Wes! I wish i knew who said it because they sound like maybe they wish they had some feel that way about them. Which is probably how Jodi feels today of all days. We love you jodi. And we are always here!!

          • it’s an old joke about the author Anonymous

            there’s a similar joke about homer


            Other scholars still support the idea that Homer was a real person. Since nothing is known about the life of this Homer, the common joke—also recycled with regard to Shakespeare—has it that the poems “were not written by Homer, but by another man of the same name.”

  85. He keeps saying that TA said that Jodi was the worst thing that ever happened to him. BC TA was so great, right? No. I can pretty much say that TA was the worst thing that happened to Jodi.

      • What on earth do you mean by that Grunt? Are you saying that Jodi was the worst thing that happened to travis because he died? Travis had choices. He could have left Jodi alone instead of treating her like a toy or a possession that he could kick around on a bad day.

        • All that is true, but if you are killed by a person, whether or not they had good reason to kill you – I think you’d be hard pressed to say that that person wasn’t the worst thing to ever happen to you.
          If you were an armed robber that had successfully robbed many people, and then one day you rob the person that defends themselves and kills you – that person was the worst thing that ever happened to you, no? You may have had it coming. It may have been justice, but from the perspective of the one who is not no longer alive…

    • Well, let’s see…let’s take a look at the report about those emails:

      Then, Alexander followed up with a long discourse in which he said, “I adore Jodi. In fact, I don’t know if it has ever been easier to be nice to someone as it is with Jodi.”

      He rebukes the couple for causing “irreparable damage to mine and Jodi’s relationship. She is paranoid that this evil person you have depicted will someday surface. No matter what I say or do she will always have in the back of her mind of this person that lurks in the shadows.” He denied being more than “a jerk” to her.

      He was the worst thing that ever happened to Jodi.

  86. Actually, much as I hate to say this, that darned footprint story is the best explanation of circumstantial evidence I have heard.

    It also points out why JM’s case is crap. Because the footprints have no other possibility other than someone walking by. Except in this case there are other possibilities.

  87. he reminds me of the muppet , i thiunk his name was “GONZO”…..the one that was blue with a really long nose!!

    • He’s so stupid. It’s beyond him that she might have connected with at least one of the jurors.

  88. FUCK YOU JUAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    FUCK YOU JUAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LEAVE ALYCE OUT OF IT, YOU MOTHER-FUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. He lives in this sort of fantasy world… where Snow White and 7 admirers of the little weasel ride off into fairy land. Where wal mart employees are so diligent that 5 yrs later they could find a receipt for a returned gas can. Where people turn their license plates upside down in order to escape suspicion by the police.

    Seriously all, this guy is living in a lost land. He should take his buddy Flores, and they should ride into the sunset together. They are a perfect match. Flores would by the man in this freakish relationship, and little Juan will find out how it hurts being bent over by his dummy detective w/o KY.

  90. Jodi just gave JW a look. It was so pain filled and hopeless. Oh but she has no soul…….people are awful. I feel bad.

    That’s my favourite E.B.BROWNING sonnette,stay clear of that you bastard!!!

  92. Alyce is NOT a liar….she has been a professional for a LONG time…could be she just didn’t recall… Give me a break.

  93. I have never seen such a sob as JM. Now alyce l. is a liar, not enough to attack jodi, and drag her through the mud for 5 years, Now going for the jugular of Alyce.

    • The problem is, prosecutors are immune from suit.

      He can say anything he wants in his capacity as a prosecutor.

    • I’m hoping she (AVL) writes her next book about her experiences in this trial. I will buy it if she does. JM’s treatment of her was the low point of this trial full of low points IMO. Shameful and I hope she replies in published print.

    • He hates Alyce because she showed how scary Travis was when he was mad. That he could hold onto his anger even over the phone for 3 plus hours w/o it diminishing. And how he would tear down Jodi’s character, simply to draw her back so he could have his way with her again. She saw thru all of the deceptions Travis would lay on to others to manipulate them.

      She was honest to a fault. Only Juan is the true deceiver… The true liar. The lowest one is Travis saying to Jodi that she would be punished in hell worse than Hitler. That is a mormon insult, one that is designed to villify her to the point that Jodi would want to redeem herself, and that would fit into Travis’ plan to get her back to submisivness. In the mormon church it evidently would be said to people as a brainwashing method to scare them against ever leaving the church.

      • It has been oft said that one who poses the biggest threat is the one who is attacked. If so, ALV presented a huge threat to thie case of JM.

  94. Let’s charge your quack shill autopsy amateur with perjury and let’s charge Alyce LaViolette with perjury and see which one gets convicted.

    You walking hemorrhoid.

  95. I look forward to tomorrow. Jennifer will wipe the floor with him. Jm’s giving me a headache, the jury must feel ill.

    He’s sinking himself.

  96. You don’t pay Priceline or any of those deal websites for rental cars. You pay in person.dumbass!!!
    That’s why it came out directly to the rental company.

      • Yeah he’s busting her on a “lie” based on that? Shows his lack of technical experience and who knows with other information he talks about. Idiot!

    • He has no clue about what the rest of us do to travel and get deals. When he travels the State picks up the tab. what a waste of resources, AZ pays this man?

  97. He just drones on and on. I wish I could see the juror’s faces. I bet they’re about to fall asleep. I see why he feels the need to holler and scream because when he doesn’t he just is a very boring, uninspiring individual. The screaming at least makes people pay attention to him, even if they are mortified by his antics.

    • As I heard a “guest attorney” comment yesterday (yes, surprisingly ON CNN)–‘all it takes to be a juror is a driver’s license and be someone too stupid to come up with an excuse to get off jury duty for a Captial Trial.’ (I may be paraphrasing a bit) TOO TRUE I shudder to consider who might actually be seated on that Jury or as Alternates. Jodi is a very intelligent woman–I highly doubt she has a jury of her “Peers.” My husband is also lawyer (not criminal and NOT in AZ) He has also lamented that you can get a very mixed bag of “contestants” during the pre trial ‘ voir dire’ selection process. The counsel can only strike a limited number of individuals. (‘OH NO!!!’) …. I applaud Atty. Wilmott–she is savvy, capable and conscientious (she also seems to be able to appreciate that her client, Jodi, is bright and articulate (they would NEVER have allowed her to risk taking the stand IF that weren’t the case) —Kirk Nurmi’s style is underestimated by the ‘talking heads that I’ve heard– he plays his part very well. But, This is not a Game. This is Jodi’s Life. I hope that there is at least ONE individual that will not buy into the Drama that JM is attempting to evoke while he is ‘On Stage.’ I also worry that there may be a woman or two on the jury who look at Jodi with envy and bias simply because despite ALL that she has been through–Jodi is Still Smarter and Prettier than they will ever be (is that now punishable by death?). Jodi is back in Court from break–I wish her strength and Luck. Godspeed Jodi. n.

    • Right on the mark Renee. There is something so wrong with him. The way he puts out all of this negativity including the photographs of dead TA, and all the time sipping on his water with this little nonchalant kind of ho hum, just another day just another jury. He is a piece of work… shoddy work at that.

    • Renee, it would take me 3 pages and 14 hours to write what you just said in 5 words.
      Touche my friend.

      I’m out for the night. talk to you all in the AM.

  98. He’s SOOOOOO afraid of ALV and her damning testimony that defaming her is ALL he can do!!!! The Jury MUST see through that!!!!!

    • I think he is afraid of ALV for reasons beyond this trial. I would like to know details of the ugly personal life of JM. He is probably still defending his dad for beating his mom, or something.

    • Yes, he is very shallow, although he thinks he’s brilliant. I swear, I think if I were on the jury, I would vote to acquit just because of his sleezy self. Ugh!

  99. I was up so late I feel asleep during the lunch break and woke up as he was bashing Alyce. I cannot believe he is ranting like that.

  100. And what about his “expert” witness who seriously exaggerated her experience? Oh, but I guess in this case Exaggeration is NOT a Lie. What a two-faced idiot!

  101. I want everyone to try a test.
    Mute your feed for a second.

    You hear that beautiful sound of tranquility?
    Yes that’s the sound of JM on mute.

    awhhhhhhhhhhh bliss

  102. Okay……………………… deep breaths…………………… he is satan with no soul.

    Tomorrow, Jenny and Kirk will have this jokester shitting his little panties.


  103. Did anyone see the liar Chris Hughes wipe tears from each eye almost on cue when the camera panned over?

  104. Did you notice how he kept bringing up the fact that Alyce “only” has a Master’s degree? Oh yeah, that’s right. His baby doc has a doctorate (but no experience), and didn’t she tell us that “edumacation is more portant!” LOL. JD couldn’t walk in Alyce LaViolette’s shadow. Her doctorate is a piece of paper. She doesn’t even know how to administer and interpret psych exams that are standard in her profession.

    • Actually, you only need a master’s degree to be a licensed therapist and you can admister the same test as a psychologist. People who normally get doctoral degrees is because they want to publish their research, or teach at a university level.

      So, he can bash AL all he wants for only having a master’s degree. That’s wall this dick wad got….

  105. He loves to hear himself speak. Too bad nobody else does., Can you imagine working for this little man.

  106. According to Juan Jodi is the greatest manipulator on earth, and manipulates everyone she comes in contact with, except him. If she was that great of a manipulator she wouldn’t be sitting in that courtroom.

  107. So now he’s discrediting the doctors? I sure as heck hope that Nurmi points out Baby Doc’s padded resume, Flores LYING 3 times Mr. “Misunderstanding” and refuting his own testimony once, Dr Horne coming to the stand 3 times to make the story match what Martinez wanted and LIED twice and then a 3rd time last nite a “Typographical”error !

    If you can’t believe the Detective and the ME the whole story Juan is so desperate to paint is in serious question as to premeditation, sequence of events and ultimately whether this was self defense or not.

    He’s rambling he’s sensationaliing with the pics and he’s actually made several errors this afternoon contradicting what witnesses allready said in this case. The only thing he’s done better is talk in a calmer tone.

  108. I can’t believe he keeps going at ALV so much. It’s like he wants to drag her through some mud while he has everyone looking at him. He’s just mad she explained domestic violence so well. Wow. He really gets personal and below the belt. Had to mute HLN they think he’s doing great of course. I guess it’s easy to hear what you want when you make up your mind first and then listen.

    • He tries to discredit alyce b/c he is afraid of her testimony and her credentials. He is trying to make her look bad in front of the jury. Only his witnesses are worthy ya know..or so he thinks.

  109. My post was deleted ? Really? I only said that everyone (TA family & JM) including Jodi deserve respect. I think that this site and those bashing anyone with an opposing viewpoint hurt Jodi. Think for a moment, jury members might by chance look at this site & be turned off by the horrible name calling & rude remarks. If the truth is on your side have an intelligent discussion!

    • The jury SHOULD NOT BE reading here! And if they are, I dont care whose damn side they are on, they need to be removed. We are on Jodi’s side. We are very intolerant of Travis family for very good reason. I agree about intelligent discussions but emotions are running high in this case with my posters and collectively, they aren’t here to support travis family and I respect that about them. Jodi’s family reads here. We are here for them.

    • We’ve been having intelligent discussions for over 4 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Where have YOU been?
      We’ve been extremely careful to walt through a fine line when all the haters were bullying abd abusing everyone on the Defense’s side,including Jodi’s own family.
      Now is the time for us to vent out all that we’ve been holding back.WE WILL NOT BE TOLD OTHERWISE!!

    • Mkebde, if it’s rude for me to opine that JM is a despicable human being, then I stand guilty as accused. However, my opinion doesn’t change one iota.

    • 1. You do not get to decide what posts stay and which get deleted.

      2. You do not get to decide how people feel about Juan Martinez or the Travis Taliban.

      3. You do not get to decide how people can post about Juan Martinez or the Travis Taliban.

      4. You do not get to admonish others for what they post until you go back and clean up the damage they have done to the defense’s experts.

      5. The jury isn’t supposed to decide Jodi’s guilt based on what they read here.

      6. Stop patronizing people like you’re their father. You’re not.

      • Yes I agree MB. Most of the time admin stays out of it. The family attacked Alyce LaViolette and helped campaign to ruin her career. This place is for us to have intelligent discussion free from ‘parental’ rhetoric by others.

  110. The problem with the footprints on the beach is that they might belong to the same guy who asked you if anyone else had been on the beach; he could have come by while you were asleep and then when he saw that you were awake, he came by again…..

    • Yes, the footsteps at the beach was just a desperate attempt for him to make the jury think he has something other than bogus evidence. Gas cans for evidence, lol. I hope no one accuses me of a crime b/c if they looked in the trunk of my car right now they would find all sorts of things to try and pin it on me.

  111. Also according to Juan, everyone is a liar. Everyone is lying except his people. The footsteps in the sand is not like circumstantial evidence, that would be concrete evidence someone was there. He has nothing and knows it.

  112. Which one is Skank Hughs? Someone mentioned her in the galley, but I can’t remember what she looks like. She is not allowed to be called Sky anymore because that is my daughters name, and I refuse to have it tainted.

    There are many frightening folks in the audience.

    • She is the one who got on the stand and said she hoped Jodi was convicted. She lied about the letters b/c she has to keep up her appearance at church.

      • Yes, unfortunately human consciousness hasn’t evolved in over 4000 yrs, but our technology has improved. So instead of the iron maiden, burning at the stake, or nailing to a cross, we have exploding heads on tv screaming at the top of their lungs. The inmates in America are truly running the asylum.

  113. I know it has been brought up before about abuse and repressed memories and such. In tonights paper they interviewed a woman who is recovering from a hammer attack and one part stuck in my mind:

    “Riter’s recovery is complicated by the fact that she was the victim of a crime when she was 12 and the recent incident is also forcing her to relive that nightmarish time in her life.”

    All i can say is JM, you needed to do your homework.

    • And this part: “Three months later, she struggles with memory loss and headaches from her ordeal. She also grapples with a lingering depression that is caused by the feeling that she is no longer safe in the west-end house where she has lived for six years.”

  114. Gopher medicine will teach how to attune oneself to spiritual and physical vibrations and sensations. He teaches abilities of listening and feeling and heightens intuition and shows direction with innate instincts. Gopher shows the skill of uncovering hidden truths and meanings and all the lies beneath a situation. Gopher will show timing in which path to take of the many choices available and how those choices are interconnected. Is it time to “dig” with a sense of purpose and direction? Perhaps it is time to utilize your resources that you have before you – because you’ve been prepared better than you realize. Gopher shows how to maneuver with purpose and keep the balance of instincts in tune the heartbeat of the earth. Pay attention to the movement and follow Gopher’s wisdom for deeper truths await.

  115. He is the ultimate misogynist. I bet you wouldn’t want to work for him, not if you are a woman. Imagine what his wife puts up with!

  116. Is he still talking?
    I turned him off but my I have a faint distant ringing of his
    shrill nails on chalkboard voice haunting me..
    I need to blast some music loud

  117. When will it end?? How can anyone talk this long?? I’m so tired of HLN acting as though he’s the Arizona’s savior!! He’s an angry, mean, loud, short man. He keeps calling Jodi a liar but he’s the liar!! Plus, the change up in tone doesn’t change the fact that he’s a bully. Yes, what happened to Travis was a tragedy but WE were not there!! Just because he is telling a story does not make it so!! Travis was NOT a saint!! Making everyone cry and showing pix does not diminish the treatment Jodi endured…..this case is lesson to PEOPLE!! Watch how you treat people!! You never know what your behavior can drive a person to and his family should stop trying to make her out to be the devil and he “Christ coming”!!

  118. I guess I can figure out why he is not married. Too bad he wasn’t able to ask Travis for pointers. They seem like they could have been such good friends.

  119. I thought JMs indoor voice would be easier to take than his yelling. But at this point I can’t take his voice at all.

  120. LMAOI!!! having fun on HLN facebook! The cult is alive and well, they are furious I’m bursting their bubbles about this “wonderful” closing….hahahaha

      • omg, its hilarious! they are all “cumbaya'” and I’m like WAKE UP!!! HELLO!!! Your all going down, as is this closing. Defense will shred it, sorry folks, and the ROAR of blah blah blah blah, what do you mean, blah blah blah….

        So scary to think that there are so many people in this world that think when an abuser is killed in defense of the abuse victim, that somehow that makes them a victim too. I respectfully disagree with that. Not all people who are murdered are “victims”. Sometimes it is warranted, although it should not get to that point, sometimes it does, and if it was going to be Jodi, or Travis, I’m glad it wasn’t Jodi…there I said it.

        Let the hell fire and damnation begin…..

  121. Martinez still had a lot of doubt when explaining the murder. He kept saying, “well we dont know but weather it was this or that… bla bla bla… REALLY? putting someone to death not KNOWING what really happened? That’s just wrong! It shouldn’t have even went to trial. This is all the states fault and if the jury finds her guilty its because they listened to the media NOT because the state prooved premeditation!

  122. It’s just incredulous to believe how he’s just glossing over all the details that have to be explained ie, the bullet casing for example. He’s now committed to saying she shot him by the sink as she’s dragging him backwards. That means she’s facing towards the bedroom! Now he’s not in the shower like they first said earlier in the case.

    How in the fuck does the bullet end up right by the wall on the floor where she’s standing when the action of the gun would expel the bullet casing to the right and propel it towards the shower?

    Any juror with an ounce of common sense is going to know that could NOT happen.

    I thought the view would be from 30,000 feet on his part 1 closing but it’s from 500,000 feet. rofl. And it’s a real cloudy day.

    • And of course he has no idea how a heavy, blood soaked man was put back in the shower with no drag marks or blood trail…

    • Yup, his just guessing and still making assumptions. He doesn’t even sound like he’s sure of what HE’S saying. He’s telling the jury not to blv the experts, well they shouldn’t blv him either!

    • Is on AZ Central. The name of the article is: ” Was Travis Alexander emotionally abusive?”. Is about the emails between TA and Chris Hughes.

  123. This Jodi is a liar and Alyce is a liar and all the defense is lying is going to come back and bite Martinez in the ass when Nurmi gets up and calls Flores a liar and the ME a liar oh and the prosecution changed their story four days before the trial started, so Martinez is a liar too. There is one thing that I have learned through life, everyone is a mirror of you, what you see in others is just a reflection of what you are.

  124. SO YOU CANT REMEMBER SOMETHING AS IMPORTANT AS IF IT WAS A HAND PRINT OR FINGER PRINT! Ok sit down and take a time out Juan. do you have a memory problem ? yes or no?

  125. Here we go how smart and manipulative she is again. Now he’s going to say how she messed up bc she’s not smart. Sometimes it sounds like he’s arguing w himself.

  126. I also hope the defense really pounds the fact that its unbelievable that days pass in a home that at least ten people come in and out of and a dog and no one notices the stench of the rotting Travis! Crime scene could have been manipulated or tainted by all those people as well as meddling with any and all other evidence.

  127. She’s a “chameleon.” Shit, that’s the talking points by the idiot writer Shanna Hogan and Dr. Drew.

  128. so he has been watching the media or talking to dave hughes …that statement was made by dave hughes on JVM about JA being a chameleon the clip i was talking about the other day

    • I think you are talking about Chris Hughes, is that right. I don’t like my first name being associated with that man who we know has lied as well as the little weasel

    • That chameleon shit is a bunch of crap. If anybody was one, it was Travis, and probably most of his “friends.”

    • Has he yelled about Cancun yet?
      I hope Nurmi or Jennifer bring up what Dave Hudughes said about getting a text that Travis was dead
      and he said that they were all going to discuss it when they arrived n Cancun.
      For 5 days they had a ball in Cancun while they knew Travis was dead and no ne called about him.

      What about Mimi?
      She was supposed to go with him and FINALLY after 5 days when they get back from Cancun, they go to the house, the roommate passes by the washer, the rest follow and didn’t see any blood???

  129. Now he lied about what she said to Flores. He told her there was hair in Alexander’s house and she said yes because I was there all the time. It was not the hand print she asked him are you sure it’s mine?

  130. HEY if you look real close at his head its very very short on the top right side!! thats where he was pulling his hair out knowing he doesnt have a chance on winning this case!

  131. just wondering here…Wouldnt Jodi have had a polygraph or several through all this?? or did she and JM prevented it from being allowed in testimony because she passed it. just cant see why if his case is all about her lies, why wouldnt he have had her polygraphs in the testimony.

    • Polygraph test results are not allowed in trials. But, even if they were allowed and Jodi had passed, JM would claim that she also fooled the polygrapher because she’s such an amazing liar.) There is no winning with these kind of nut cases.

      • It is allowed in Arizona when both sides stipulate to it–one of only about 3 states under different rules.

        And guess which side didn’t want to allow the results to be used here? It starts with P…and ends with a pygmy fact fixing Mexican.

        • Thanks, Jade. I obviously didn’t know that about Arizona allowing polygraph test results. Interesting!

    • He’s rambling and if the judge hadn’t stopped him he would never shut up. He is MAD, seriously.

  132. juan, yawn. he is boring the hell out of me. i thought he would be more interesting, really. this is his big moment. but heès got nothing and now we have to sit through this to be here for jodi. juan is too predictable. ièm guessing it will be another hour of jodi is a liar blah blah blah and then his moment will be something like, the law of attraction might work that way but the laws of the state of arizona dont. ta freakin da. that is my prediction anyways.

  133. When someone assassinates another person’s character, it is usually the assassin that loses the most esteem in people’s eyes (IMO). I hope the jurors are losing respect for Martinez as he continually tears Jodi’s character apart. Plus, he’s doing the same to Alyce and others, the same as the “haters” do. If he has a case, is it really necessary to resort to this low level form of prosecution?

  134. What was the deal w his pt w Priceline lol it has budget, Alamo, enterprise etc on it…..what the fuck does a Priceline charge vs budget charge have to do w anything….Am I missing something? And I hope to God the defense did its research and sees the $25 dif in price bt Yreka and redding….yes, there is a huge dif in price!!! Also dif in insurance cost…I guess bc Yreka is more rural they have less cars hence dif price set? I dnt know but there is a huge dif…..I looked into it

    • Priceline and all those deal websites never charge your credit. The rental agency charges you in person because they have to verify you are over 25 to rent a car. He lied or is ignorant about it. Idiot!

  135. No wonder JM got stuck on the Snow White story. All he can think in are fairy tales, like the one he is spewing now.

    • obviously very slanted.

      “According to the breakdown for Dirty Little Secrets, Arias is described as a single-minded, head-strong, quick-tempered and jealous to the extreme woman who is hell-bent on emotionally suffocating and controlling Alexander, a handsome young Mormon and motivational speaker who soon falls prey. Filming starts right away in Los Angeles.”

  136. Jennifer is exhausted and it is showing on her face…..I hope she is able to recoup some energy for the closing arguments if she is giving them. Another comment, if the jury didn’t have to take into account the prosecutor’s lack of evidence, it would be a good closing. I give him credit for telling a story. Just not a truthful story.

    • JW was exhausted last night
      GIVEN the duration of the trial, the defense needed an additional couple of million to start with to hire a team of lawyers, investigators, experts, office staff, etc

      TO compete fairly with the prosecution’s, ie the state’s, access to vast resources to fund their entire prosecution including their backroom team, etc

      JM is arizona’s Tomás de Torquemada

      Tomás de Torquemada, O.P. (1420 – September 16, 1498) was a 15th-century Spanish Dominican friar and the first Grand Inquisitor in Spain’s movement to restore Christianity among its populace in the late 15th century. As well as being Grand Inquisitor, Torquemada was also the confessor to Isabella I of Castile. He is notorious for his zealous campaign against the crypto-Jews and crypto-Muslims of Spain.

      Torquemáda’s manual of instructions to the Inquisition — did not appear in print publicly until 1576, when it was published in Madrid. In modern times, his name has become synonymous with the Spanish Inquisition’s horror, religious bigotry, and cruel fanaticism.

    • Fk is this really allowed? I have never in my life seen a prosecutor or defense attorney do this with the jury instructions? THis is one messed up trial ………..

      • It’s been that way from the beginning FUjaun!!
        Last night was a first for a jury, I’m sure! All night????
        This is nuts.