Jodi Arias Trial – Day 55 (after trial comments)

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As expected, Judge Pickles gave the jurors 4 verdict options: M1, M2, manslaughter or acquittal.

If I’d bought a ticket for yesterday’s State circus performance, I’d be asking for a refund.

Juan Martinez  --- Full of Bullshit

Leave your comments below on the non-event that was trial day 55.



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    • congratulations Richard on being first …but Mary or Maria come on let’s see if u can bring it home 2morw day 56 Afternoon session & Be THE FIRST TO COMMENT AGAIN LOL 🙂 keep showing all the love for all the Mary’s & Maria’s out there 🙂 ANYWAYS god bless JODY ARIAS Prayers go out to you and your family!!!!

      • Oh the last statement what I said was ……….Jesus is the way the truth and the life no man come to the Father but through me ” that’s through Jesus “,who died for each and every human being on this earth . !!!This scripture was for Jodi if she ever remember’s anything in life this is one of the most important things she WILL ..!!!! Now that’s real talk go ahead look it up for yourself the Holy Bible the only one and true Bible .and at the back of the Bible it says do not take or add from this book so nobody should add any book of Mormon or book of Jehovah witness .Don’t get me wrong I’m not putting any Persons religion down .I’m just saying Jesus already paid the ultimate sacrifice .Himself .accept Jesus in your heart today and ask him to forgive you for all your sins .Amen

      • thank you, and well done for coming second, 🙂

        for the life of me, why have some of the witness `s not been charged with perjury? i mean the HORN guy completly lied about the bullet going through the brain
        then theres FLORES
        then Demarte lying about the test

  1. I can’t wait to hear the defense closing argument tomorrow. I hope Nurmi nails it! I’m really anxious for the verdict. I can’t believe we’re this close. I’m really hoping for a good outcome.

    • No worries Britney. The defense closings are gonna be awesome. Not like the BS Martinez concocted yesterday.
      Today is when the REAL closings begin.


  2. Hey all! New to post, but anyway this is what I got from JM’s closing:

    1) Even if I haven’t proven my case you can still convict her anyway, the jury instructions said so.

    2) Even if you have doubt you must convict, because, hey, the state just spent 4 million dollars for me to yell at people

    3) My puppet Jeannine, uh, uh (backtracts) Dr. Jeannine said the tests were wrong an you should throw out anyone else’s testimony that goes against her because she has a whole 3 years of experience.

    4) something about blood rainbows

    5) Travis was stabbed in the heart but then got up looked in the mirror for a bit and made his way down the hallway all writhing the two seconds it’d take him to bleed out from said stab wound.

    6) maybe if I just say a bunch if things and mix everything up you’ll think I know what in talking about. Then, if you think I know what I’m talking about the jury instructions said you must convict.

    And then I got confused as to what the hell he was talking about and has to shut him up. Very, very bad closing.

    Oh, side note: (I wanted to post the other day but didnt have the time) That woman with the massive arms from the gas station, I swear, I think I’ve seen her in an ‘adult’ Film. 🙂

    • SJJ,

      That really was the size of it, just spin confusion and waffle like mad, jump all over the place and put on a show for the audience, repeated himself a hundred times, oh and slam the defense witnesses. He couldn’t do anything else.

      I loved it when he spoke about Jodi loving the limelight and how she lied on oath! Of course He doesn’t love the limelight does he?! And his witnesses didn’t lie, did they! 🙂

      Jennifer’s expressions of disbelief were great to watch, so were Nurmi’s–he looked in some sort of trance. I think everyone must have given a sigh of relief when at long last he finished. I wouldn’t be at all suprised if the jurors had all gone to sleep because both Jennifer and Nurmi looked completely drained and exhausted at the end of it.

      If anyone had asked me what he had droned on about I wouldn’t have been able to tell them. We had all been forced to listen to never ending noise for at least 2 hours, maybe more.

      What a raving lunatic he showed us he was, completely off his rocker, he really excelled himself with his total madness..

      • I think Martinez confused himself. It seemed by the end of the day he was thinking Jodi had 2 guns yet he was accusing her of attacking Travis with a knife. He had obviously lost his way. That why Sherrie “K-ermit” Stephens called an early halt to the day. She was going to make him some cocoa, give him an “adjustment” and tell him everything will be OK. Not even she believes that nonsense.

        You “guys” can stay up all night. I’m going to bed. See you tomorrow.

      • Of course there is no evidence at all Jodi Arias lied under oath. The only time she lied was to the perjuring detective Flores when she didn’t have the advice of a lawyer and when she made statements to the media, also without any input from a lawyer.

        That’s a far cry from what people like Flores and Horn did. Their lies were vastly worse.

    • lets get this straight

      A stab to the heart would make the heart seize up and we all know without the heart pumping, you cant move body parts, so not sure how he moved around so much after a stab in the heart

  3. Remember — this isn’t Iran or North Korean — you can’t convict on emotion and gut feeling! This is America, and you can only convict if there is sufficient evidence proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Thus far, this standard is not even close to being met.

  4. Bully Martinez did a very poor job today. The fact that he was tired actually showed in his performance. Lots of drama and weaving his words and twisting facts around how many potential NEW theories now—I lost count.

    This is not the sign of a prosecutor confident in his case. If you can’t figure out what really happened on June 4th 2008 then how do you expect the jury to? He did everything but get on bended knee and beg—please please vote my way even though it could have gone this or this way or this way!!! WTF?

    DP case is not a multiple choice test –shame on on you Juan. He may now be realizing the ramifications of overcharging Jodi and having his patsies Flores and Horne lie repeatedly. Busted on all of that and he thought that would never happen.

    I am sure his gopher and squealing cat show did not sit well with AT LEAST one juror. In poor taste and crass to say the least.

    I hope Nurmi or Wilmott hit this out of the park on ALL the holes and flaws in his case and yes many LIES!!! I know they have to walk a tighter line so as not to offend the jury and remain as respectful as possible but this is a woman’s life we are talking about. There is no room for error here in this verdict.

    That is my thoughts for now—see everyone a little later!

    • I think he thought, I’ll put them into a hypnotic trance and then I’ll beg them to vote for Me, in fact I’ll tell them its their duty, brainwash them, that’s what I’ll do. I don’t know why he just didn’t say, I want her dead so I won’t bore you with trivialities!

    • I should have posted it yesterday but I forgot I had it.
      Better late than never!

      Team Jodi

  5. Good Morning Good Night your night owls
    just wrote JW a mail in order to wish them all the best for today’s closing arguments and thanking them for never loosing their integrity and ethics during this trial
    sweet dreams

  6. Thats right Heather—for him this is very personal he has pure hate for Jodi– and he takes such glee in making fun of Jodi on every turn for any and everything. Plus he thinks the camera loves him. No professionalism at all.

    • I have never seen anything like this, Kalista, it’ll be with me for the rest of my life. You couldn’t explain this to anyone, they’d think I was the crazy one!

      This is the first US live trial I have seen and it’ll be my last, I don’t think I could put myself through another black comedy farce, JM is detrimental to people’s health, I honestly think he should be sectioned.

      To make fun of something so serious is obscene–and he just loved it. There is something very wrong with him.

      Poor Jodi, how she coped yesterday I shall never know, she had to cry in silence, she’s had no human contact, no one to hug her because its not allowed. Its totally barbaric. I can hardly believe this is happening.

      • I totally understand even my husband who isn’t so into this like me was shaking his head in disbelief at the last little bit he saw when he got home. Its been played out like a dark comedy indeed.

      • Heather1 I write often on here about my daughter and how she cares for Jodi…Last night she slept with me because she is so sad and scared for Jodi. I had to explain to her even IF they find her guilty she has a chance to appeal, explained what appeals are also. Then my baby broke my heart because she said Mommy I never am going to have a boyfriend because if he hits me I know you and Daddy would take him OUT and you would be where Jodi is. And I don’t want to take that chance so I will never ever date!!! I just hugged her as tears ran down my face!!! What a great thing this trial has shown the young girls and women out there who are getting beat, DON’t Defend your self you wont be believed and the world will be against you!!! I don’t think I can ever do another trial either!!

        • Jennifer-
          It is so heartbreaking. My daughter asked me yesterday if Jodi would be free today. I explained what the jury process was and that it may take until next week. She wanted me to reassure her that Jodi would be given protection once she is free. I have not let her watch any of the trial but she knows I watch it every day. Children in our area are very aware of the horrific aftermath of DV, as a young local woman, Alexandra Kogut, was murdered by her boyfriend in her college dorm room in September. A campaign to educate people about DV and to remember Alex began almost immediately. Our area has been covered with purple ribbons, Alex’s favorite color and the color for DV awareness. The young people also started “purple pinkies for Alex” where everyone painted thier pinkies with purple nailpolish. My little girl carried her purple polish everywhere so she could paint pinkies of those who weren’t already doing it. She has a full understanding that Jodi could have been killed, just like Alex, and can’t understand why she is in jail. Unfortunatley, I do not have a good answer for her, or for any of our children. I just take it as an opportunity to teach her that she can and should always protect herself.

        • Oh Jennifer…. its dreadful what Martinez is putting in the minds of young girls–fear. I hope she was able to see beyond that and that this case goes down in US history as a precent that women get believed.. it HAS to happen sometime.. please tell your daughter that, because it Has to happen, give her my love.

        • Just tried to answer you… something or someone is sabotaging this site.

          Give your daughter hugs and assure her that at some poin–I hope its now, this lays a precedent for all abused women.. it HAS to happen, hugs.

          • I GOT THE SAME SABOTAGING myself . Thank you all for your kind words. It is so hard to tell her about this case without saying to much. She wants to work to protect women when she grows up. I HOPE this case shows our JUDICAL system that something HAS to change. But as I learned long ago our JUDICAL system is an ole boys network. Men have beat on women for decades and only recently have they gotten the punishment they deserve for doing so. Still though it is the unsaid view of many of the ole boys that women are to OBEY their mates and take what is given to them. SOSOSO sad but very true. I was beat for years and finally defended myself and was VERY lucky to have the Sherriff of the county as a family friend. THe police wanted to arrest me because my ex called the cops on me, which is a laugh in of itself, but when I told them to wake the Sherriff up…HE said SHE GOES NOWHERE take the cuffs off her. Send the report to the county attorney if he wants to do something let him but we will not it is about TIME she defended herself. And the county attorney sent me a letter telling me the same and telling me NO charges are filed. TO bad the rest of the world isn’t like that county.

      • Please don’t think that this is typical. It may or may not be normal in Maricopa Co., but I assure you that it is not usually this bad.

        • Joujou-
          I hope it’s not this bad all over the Country. This trial has made me question if our Constitution has seen it’s final days and our freedoms are at greater risk than ever.

  7. Here’s what we need to get. Juan martinez kept saying its ” not a stretch of the imagination” over and over again. This is a capitol murder case. it can not be based on hyperbole, or hypothesis. Jm can not S_T+R+E+T+C+H anything. Its about evidence. Where is it? Reasonable doubt: no proof, Burden of proof, no proof, defendent (JODI ANN ARIAS) entitlement to presumption of innocence. Just where in the hello is that? I have said it and i will say it again. worst case, involuntary manslaughter, or accquital. they think team jodi will lie down, sorry we work around the clock. Let the defense team bring it home tomarrow. To Jodi and her family, please stay strong. Justice is comming. today had to be horribly hard. i can’t even imagine if this happened to my family. You are loved.

    • god loves you and so do i thank you for your good work. have you seen this? Dr.drews celebrity show has been cancelled. 5 of his clients are deceased. I know this is true, because one of his clients was very close to my son, they both played in bands, they lived on the same floor, 9th, dr.drews client would reach around and show up in my son’s apt. they were beer drinking buddies. my son was devasted by this death. He thought he was getting help. what a shame for a young man’s life. Carma is a bitch. dr drew and i think we are going to see more of it. I usually dont believe in anything national enquirer says, however this was personal. I know the truth about dr.drew.

      • EB you said it so well!!! I am a HUGE music fan and we have lost many great musicians because of his crack pot ways!!! I think all of the families need to get together and sue his ass. Was your son close to the man who played in one of the greatest 80’s bands??? I personally knew him and was also devastated byhis death!

        • so sad, he was so funny and had a great sense of humor, my son and i live in different states, when he seen my fone number, he would jack with me, blowing chyt up my azz, he knew i did’t believe him, but he was a joker and wanted to pull my strings and i let him. He knew i was old enough to be his mother too. its very sad, he was a wonderful spirit.

          • He use to crack me up!!! He was soooo freaken funny and he could get me to believe anything!! He had a heart of GOld and his soul matched!! I hadn’t talked to him in several years because of that girl he dated was a wack JOB and I thought she used him for what he had and what he could get her!!! I think Dr Whacko had a lot to do with the level he fell to before he died. I don’t think thee show should of ever been on TV because that is not what an addict needs when getting clean(THE WHOLE WORLD WATCHING) That was one of his greatest fears what ARE people thinking of ME!! He was a true GREAT who I miss EVERYDAY!!

            • Side note we lost another music great yesterday!! Jeff Hanneman from Slayer died after liver failure. Thank God he was never on Dr Dreds show because his family might of lost him several years ago. He was approached and turned Dr. Dread down!!! Rest in Peace!!!

              • also known as Dr. Death. HA HA .Now if they can find more shit on Nancy Grace,and the rest of the clowns.

      • “Dr” Drew is a crack pot. He exploits people’s addiction for his own gain. He should be ashamed of himself. HLN should do one of their little critical pieces on him. He can dish out the shit but he’s not so keen on taking it. Shame on his ass.

    • What I don’t get is IF this was an AGENT 007 mission for Jodi why did she BORROW gas cans? She could of used plastic milk jugs or water jugs and put the gas in there and got a funnel to use to place it in the tank. But she borrowed the cans, Put it on her credit card, bought a can, and returned a can. I think if she was trying to be 007 about this she wouldn’t care what she put the gas into. But she did and probably returned the can because it wasn’t intended for gas.

  8. Morning all!! Got up earlier then usual today to see if I can watch Kermits closing croaks. Does anyone know where I can find it? I keep getting pages that give that squealing sound tvs give when station goes off the air. I got a KILLER MIGRAINE yesterday and had to go to bed and missed all of the Bullshit he closed with.

  9. Travis: the real person

    Oh, cant you see
    You belong to me Jodi
    Now my poor heart aches
    With every step i take

    Every move i make
    Every vow i break
    Every smile i fake
    Every claim i fake
    Ill be watching you

    Since youve gone, Ive been lost without a trace
    I dream at night, I can only see your face
    I look around but its you I cant replace
    I feel so cold and I long for your embrace
    I keep crying baby.

    Oh, cant you see
    You belong to me jodi, your my slave and if you dont behave i`ll Smash your face

  10. I just have the strangest feeling when they can finally express their private thoughts, they’re going to say, “boy, I don’t know about you but I hated that smary screaming son of a bitch whew lol.”

    I hope Willmott and Nurmi don’t forget to remind them about how he gloated about Matt McCartney turning on her and that they had this private meeting in January and led them to think Matt was going to come into court and just blow her credibility to hell. A veritable bombshell. He would testify that she was a chronic liar, devious, a stalker and that he never saw any marks on her neck from Travis choking her. Ha ha ha.

    Where was he Martinez? Did I miss that? I was on the edge of my seat waiting for him.

    Talk about lying. You five foot pile of shit in shoes.

    • LOL! Five foot pile of shit in shoes! Is he really that tall? Must be the camera that makes him look so small. Give him some green hair and orange skin and he could easily pass for an oompa loompa.

        • I think he actually has lifts. I saw it when they did a side shot when he was sitting in the jury box during that eye reflection testimony.

          Looks like they had a 3 inch sole. Maybe he’s into gothic…or orthopedic.

          Probably has a stamp on the bottom “the prosecutor.” bwahaha

  11. I am listening to little mans closing I have to wonder why the defense never called Jodi’s mother about the abuse that Jodi supposedly did to her?

  12. I just looked at Sourpuss and I swear she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch one the way down!!! She is proof that drugs ruin your looks, well maybe she has always looked like she just gave Mr. Lemonhead oral sex. OOPS I guess I shouldn’t be using words like that I may be stalked next LOL

  13. Good Morning. Everyone..
    There’s nothing left to say about yesterday …I hope I’m the future. JM doesn’t
    let his twin brother do his closing arguments. He surely. Didn’t know the facts ..
    Even a first year law students could. have done a better job.

    He insulted the jury intelligence.

    • Morning Cindy!! I am listening to the closing arguments right now, and I have to take a break I feel I am going to be sick!! He is calling Jodis tears FAKE!!! WHat a freaken PUKE!!! He took 35 minutes talking about a backspace button. I think half the population has done that when they feel they are being cheated on!!

      • Jen you don’t want to waste your day watching him. I still haven’t been able to pick my chin of the floor. It was just painful to watch him throw his career down the drain.

        • I had to turn it off! He was making me so freaking sick. I am sure at the end of the trial he will profit off this just like Ashton did in the Casey Anthony case. Hopefully we will have the same verdict in this case!!

  14. I wonder how much money the Alexander family has made off TAs death?? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!!

    • Not to mention how much the so called HLN “experts” have padded their pocket books at the expense of both Jodi & TA. They joke and laugh, then 1 will mention “lets not forget this is all about travis” then 2 minutes later they’re back to joking, laughing, insulting, mostly at Jodi’s expense. They dont give a rats ass about TA. Look at the ever growing number of these “experts” as this trial has gone on… it’s given all their washed up asses a job! Also anybody else notice that Nancy Disgrace doesn’t appear on any of these other shows as a guest, which strikes me as odd because most of them just move from 1 set to the other and appear on each others shows. Could it be even these idiots know Nancy is a even more hateful, despicable, and pathetic “person” than even they are?

      Looking forward to seeing what the defense does today. I wish it was Willmott conducting the closing argument, i just find her to be more up tempo than Nurmi and does a masterful job in her own right. Plus shes much nicer to look at 🙂 Anyways go Team Jodi!

  15. Correct me if I’m wrong but a prosecutor should never, ever, under ANY circumstance, utter the words ” it’s not a stretch to say”… What a titanic blunder! He’s opened the door for reasonable doubt with his own words! This strikes me as a total bonehead move. This is a gift to the defense. He’s served it up on a silver platter and I hope that whoever gives the closing for the defense capitalizes on this.

    • no chyt!

      My live feed wasn’t working properly so I missed that!

      The judicial system of the US should be better than trying to convict people using stretches of the imagination.

      Kermit needs disbarred, seriously. Judge pickles needs to retire, although at least I thought she gave pretty good instructions.

  16. Yesterday I had to watch the end of close on HLN because I was visiting my best friend and her new born. Every time they came back from a commercial and JM started talking again the baby would wake and start crying. I made her turn it to closed captioning because I couldn’t continue to torture the munchkin.

  17. For Dorothy

    You’re question about charges. Instead of just copying in the AZ statutes, I’ll try put it down in layman’s terms.

    The state has charged Jodi with first degree murder and felony murder.

    First degree murder (M1) means she intended to kill TA and she had thought about this (premeditation) and formed an intent to kill him. Here he’s arguing about dyed hair, car rentals, tags, an GPa’s gun

    Felony murder means that she was doing something else felonious and as a result, or during the commission of that felony TA was killed. Here JM is arguing that the gun she stole from GPa now somehow became TA’s gun, the one he never owned, but nevertheless she stole it and so….

    Now the judge has, through her instructions opened the door to other possible charges (which JM didn’t argue, because he claims he didn’t need to since she brought the gun with her. Yes I know the same one she later stole for the felony, but whatever).

    The additional possible charges are

    Murder in the second degree. This is where the person took action that was intended to kill, or was done in complete disregard to human life, but without premeditation (that is she did not come to a clear thought out decision to kill TA).

    Manslaughter (there are two definitions applicable here). In the first case (as a result of a sudden quarrel/heat of passion) it means that her actions were due to a provocation by TA. In the second option (pure manslaughter) she had no intention to kill TA but something she did made him die. The latter obviously doesn’t apply, and I’m not sure the judge actually issued the plain manslaughter instruction, will have to check.

    She did also issue the self defense instruction, which states that if Jodi felt threatened for life or limb she had a right to protect herself, and in this case since DV is possible, the jury must look at this through the eyes of a victim of DV.

    That ast one I think is the biggest one. A judge is only supposed to give that instruction if, in the judges mind, there is enough evidence to warrant the DV claim. Her issuing that instruction clearly shows that the defense provided clear and competent evidence of DV and they can argue it and point to it.

    I think the defense won a real victory on those two instructions, the manslaughter as a result of quarrel/heat of passion and the DV level for self defense.

    The fact that JM chose not to address either of them is very telling. The reason of course is either because he has nothing, or he has decided to hold those to rebuttal. Either way, it lets the defense point out that he chose not to address them, and he has the burden of proof to disprove self defense, and if he does not, then they must find her not guilty. Now when he comes and tries to talk this in rebuttal, it’ll always leave the impression that he didn’t want to address them but was forced into doing so by the defense. That’s not where he would have wanted himself.

    I think JM’s closing yesterday was typical of his whole case. He doesn’t have one and has tried to obfuscate with a lot of smoke and bluster. If this idiot had charged this case with a reasonable, valid charge he would have had some arguments. Instead he finds himself truly hoisted with his own petard. I believe Jennifer and Nurmi will be able to truly detonate that petard today, in ways that should leave JM’s case scattered all over the courtroom, in smoky little bits.

    • Al do you think that the defense can get the verdict, if not favorable, thrown out based on the family and friends of Ta wearing the pins. I thought in Death penalty cases this was not allowed. Also can the defense ask for the personal computers of the jurors to see if they accessed social media or web pages during the trial that had to do with Jodi. I was part of a high profile trial a few years ago and after the verdict the defense got to access a jurors computer after an allegation the juror had been on Facebook and had a friend who posted about the trial. Is that acceptable in AZ for the defense to do?

      • No I don’t think so. That has been tried before to very little success.

        They could investigate the jurors if they could show probable cause that there was some violation or misconduct on the part f the jury.

    • Thank-you for the clear argument.
      None of the prosecution case makes any logical sense to me, and I’m not a lawyer.

    • Thank you Al, that clears it up nicely. I was surprised Pickles brought up DV ; she may be not as bad as I thought.

  18. I’d like to make one plea : when the case is over, please check out

    It’s where I first started getting involved with cases of injustice.
    It came out of a site built for supporters of Amanda Knox.
    We are all still learning, but generally having a great time, especially with Amanda’s book coming out.
    There are many, many cases around the world that need attention, many people that need support.
    Nyki Kish and Debra Milke are but two examples.


  19. I want to thank Tony for his comment yesterday after the stalker Dick Jefferson began to stalk a frequent poster. His comment read..
    This lowlife bastard better know not to F#*K with the women on this webpage!!!!!!

    Honey you proved that their are still gentlemen in the world.
    As a woman who posts on here thank you for defending me!!

    • Though I don’t know why?

      Its not like it’s going to get any better. You can never make chicken salad out of chicken poop. Doesn’t matter how long you wait, or how many times you try.

  20. So which theory is most likely or probable…that Jodi drove 100’s of miles in a homicidal rage intent on engaging a much stronger opponent in a knife fight. In the meantime, having her nails done, turning tags and buying gas cans. So she maintains this seething rage even after arriving to hang out and have sex with this person. She didn’t feel he was quite vulnerable enough as he slept so for some inexplicable reason she decides he would easier to take while he was wide awake and alert in the shower. So after taking photos she decides it’s on it’s on like Donkey Kong and attacked. Or the other scenario…something went horribly wrong that day and he came at her and in panic and fear she managed to come out of the attack alive. Hmmm…lemme think.

    • Sounds like a good closing argument to me Gwen and puts it in perspective.

      Question: Did TA know JA was arriving early in the morning or was it a surprise? I am not sure on this. thanks.

  21. It’s going to be an AWESOME day for
    Jodi Arias
    JW & KN!!!
    Trust me, Epic would be an understatement!
    Cannot wait!

  22. With the end of the trial here I want to thank all of you who have posted answers to my questions, best wishes for my family, and those who have made thoughtful educated posts on here. All of you have helped me keep my mind away from the cancer and I just got a call from the Doctor the PET scan has shown the cancer has spread. Being 38 and knowing your life may be close to an end is scary!
    I have met some truly amazing people on here who prove to me that their are still good people out there who think for themselves.
    Mostly I want to thank SJ once again for putting this site together and giving us all a place to vent about the trial.
    I am going to miss the conversations every morning an the daily wake up music by AL. I hope that we can all stay in touch!!
    I am going to close this comment with a prayer for Jodi and her defense team today. Dear God please watch over Jodi today and put your arms around her and hold her close. You know what is in her heart. Please give the defense thee right words today to reach the jury and help them to see the truth of Jodis words. We know with your will anything can be done. In your name I pray Amen!

    • oh….sweetie, I didn’t know you were going through such a terrible time. I must have missed the posts and I apologize. I will keep you in my prayers…along with all the others on here that I do happen to see have things going on. (haven’t seen Also Abused or Ashley lately)

      I’m pretty sure this site will still be up and we can all continue to “chat”…perhaps about how well jodi is doing out in the real world and perhaps there will be other things to talk about.

      • Oh I don’t think I ever mentioned the cancer. The well wishes I have gotten are for my daughter who I post about a lot. She wants to be an attorney and help people because of the way Jodi was treated. Thank you for the prayers…I do BELIEVE that they DO REALLY help. At first I was angry and asked God WHY ME?? and I soon accepted that there is a reason for this cancer. Either it is the way I will leave this world for the next or it is to teach me something. I pray it is the latter of the two. I cry a lot but not for myself for my family. I lost my Mom in 2007 and I know the pain I feel everyday that she isn’t physically here. My children are 18, 16, and 9 and I have two granddaughters who are nearly one and two. I cry because they may never remember me so I write them letters a lot. Again thank you for the prayers!

        • Jennifer! Miracles do happen. I will pray for you and yours. Meanwhile here’s a huge bear hug for you!!

          (((JENNIFER))) <3

        • {{{{{{{{{ Jennifer }}}}}}}}}}}} You are so sweet and loved. Your prayers will be answered. Keep faith and keep well.

          • Lara,Sil,and Viri Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts. I have met some of the greatest people on here!! I will always treasure ALL of you!!!! You have shown me so much kindness and LOVE!!! Thank you!!!

      • Hi BeeCee-
        I haven’t seen Also or Ashely and have been concerned for Also especially as she was having such a difficult time at work. Does anyone have her email address to let her know we are thinking of her?

    • I join my voice with yours in sending the prayer to God’s ears. I also pray for your peace and comfort Jennifer. ♥

      • Thank you Jaz. I think we all should have a moment of silence before the defense starts it’s closing to pray for Jodi and Kurt and Jennifer today….I think prayer works best like all things when multiplied!!

      • Thank you Maria! Sometimes when I am having more pain then usual I will sit down and read the bible and pray and it works a lot of the time the pain goes away. I also found being on here helps to..the great posts and wonderful conversations put it in the back of my mind.

    • Jennifer,

      I am so sorry to hear that. But hang in there and don’t give up. Miracles do happen.

      I’m going to have a chat with the big guy tonight. He’ll look out for you.

      All our love.

    • ((((((((HUGS)))))))) Jennifer, its awful you are going through this, keep strong and will it to leave your body. As Al says, miracles do happen, I’ll be praying for you too. I’m only an email away and I’d like SJ to give it to you.

      Love and hugs to you and your family.

  23. Good morning to all the people just getting up and to all those getting down;)
    Strangely, (or not) I never watched the trial at all and have formed my opinions by just reading around.
    I had never noticed your wiki pages etc. until tonight!.
    I was just reading about TA’s revolting (revealing?) messages to Jodi, I hadn’t watched Ms LaV, but had a fairly clear idea of what she suggested. What struck me about this unhealthy narcissistic man was the words he used in abusing Jodi.
    I’m going to presuppose that everyone would agree that his words were a clear projection of his own wounded ego, but I also detected a clear hatred for women (likely his own mother). When that inner dynamic is ‘sanctified and blessed’ by a misogynistic body pretending to be a ‘faith’ it’s a highly volatile mix.
    This is not a case of self defence, but a case of ‘self’ as ego defence.

  24. Thank you SJ again
    for giving us all a place to show how Sane
    we all can be and a very amazing haven
    for our truths and voices during
    all this insanity!
    I am so glad i found this forum with an
    open mind and open heart.

  25. Dear Jennifer, I had no idea!
    This must be excruciatingly painful for you, and I can hear your pain. You are very young, and life is very unfair. You sound like a good an honest person who deeply cares about others.
    I am compelled to say to you that I am hoping that the rest of your journey is peaceful, but contains a strong hope.for something to change.
    My best wishes.

    • Thank you Fred. I try to treat others how I want to be treated, my Mother taught me that very young. I teach the same to my children and hope they live by that also. The pain isn’t to bad physically I take some meds but not a lot, I am a recovering addict, and don’t want to go down that road again. I want to have a clear mind and be able to spend time with my kids. The doctors say not to give up hope that it is not yet terminal but I know that can change at any moment. I spend my time tying to do stuff for others and not think about what is growing inside me. I pray that Gods will is done and if it is for me to go with Him then that is what is meant to be, though I hope it is NOT.

      • Jen I am so sorry I was not aware either. I don’t know what to say except please know my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Hugs.

      • No worries Jennifer, I’m so sorry for your emotional pain, you have very young children and grandchildren, it must be terrifyingly hard. I agree with your doctors, don’t let it grow, and don’t give up. You are giving yourself to the best therapy there is by helping others, and as a recovering would understand that on a very deep level. Keep healthy and drink heaps of pure vegetable juice, especially the ‘super’ veges with loads of antioxidants, nature can be magic!
        Onwards and upwards!
        Ps my daughter’s name is Jennifer, and she is 33.

        • Well you have great taste in names!! Wink Wink. I try to do for others and teach my kids the same. I am going to put up a HUGE FIND this MONSTER isn’t going to BEAT ME!!!

  26. I just had a strange thought; can anyone imagine Juan as a defense attorney, or better yet, a judge? Holy shit! I can visualize him shouting the instructions to the jury or bellowing “overruled” or “motion denied”! Of course they’d have to give him a much taller chair so he could see over the bench.

  27. Jodi has revealed, some or few truths about TA, PPL, and the Mormon church.
    I hope she has the courage to expose all that they are, after the trial.

  28. If the jurors don’t leave their common sense at home, they’ll know they’re being asked to drink yellow snow.

    Alexander leaves a trail of blood all down the right side of the hallway but nothing between the shower and the sink? How does he get the cuts on his left foot? Is she stabbing his feet?

    How does she get him turned around if his head is facing the bedroom and his feet are in the hall? No other explanation if she’s dragging him from behind his shoulders. He’s got to be turned around. That would take some major effort. Nevermind that his head is also barely intact now.

    This woman who has made this ingenious master plan of is also apparently taking pictures of herself committing the killing. All were missing is the profile of Alfred Hitchcock.

    This was such a weak closing, if I was a juror I would be thinking jury nullification. Horn’s exposed absolute deliberate intent to defraud on the autopsy report would have been the last straw for me.

    There are serious felonies going on at the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office…serious felonies. This needs a full-scale probe by the Attorney General of the United States. This stuff is no accident. They have already been caught suborning perjury of a detective that lied in eight cases that was pivotal testimony. And this bastard had testified in some 100 cases. How many other people are sitting in prison or were sentenced but totally innocent, because of him.

    This story changing clown sitting next to Martinez changed his story three times. Another detective. One of those two–either Horn or Flores or both are unquestionably lying in this case.

    SERIOUS felonies here. This is a capital murder case and this is the kind of stuff where THEY can get the death penalty. I think somebody ought to turn these people inside out at that M.C.A.O. And let heads roll.

    • Something is seriously screwed up there.

      I think with Horn, he just testifies to anything he is asked to testify to, regardless of the evidence, or whether he has the relevant expertise. His autopsy report contained several errors, his testimony based on that was inconsistent in the extreme.

      Flores lied at some point, it may not have been perjury (there is a difference).

      All IMO, of course.

      • And not to mention that Travis took photos of Jodi naked AND her genitalia! So she had this raging plan from Yreka to take pics leave the camera behind with pictures of herself and genitals? That makes no sense. No sense at all.

        • Yep…and why would she even TAKE pictures of herself on the scene if she had this great plan to murder Travis?

      • Actually geebee I think a very good case can be made for perjury charges against either Flores, or Horn or both.

        Perjury occurs when the lie has to do with a material matter. These guys have woven a particularly devious web with this gunshot sequence. The original stance with the gunshot was to proffer for premeditation. Now Horn’s sequence is to show depravity and injury to a dead victim for DP aggravating factors. So depending on who is right, one or the other has perjured himself.

      • I doubt his autopsy report contained ANY errors. He was told by Martinez and company to commit perjury on the stand in order to fit it in with the prosecution’s revised theory on the gun shot/knife wounds.

        That sequence is central to any murder one case. Horn and Flores pulled a fast one on the jury, and, as far as I am concern, justifies an acquittal on that basis alone.

        After all, if you have any case at all for M1, M2, and manslaughter, you wouldn’t have your central witnesses lie for you.

  29. Ditto Ditto I would also like to add to the pot of felonies..the fact that Flores is publically supporting the Alexander family. His daughter even made that youtube video publically admitting it.

  30. I am worried sick about this trial. I have cut down watching HLN but yesterday I had the TV on and HLN is actually setting up chairs outside the courthouse for a 2 hour HLN After Dark. There are crowds gathering outside the courthouse. They are interviewing people, all anti Jodi of course. It’s like a witch hunt. They seem to always find something positive about everything the prosecution does, and nothing but criticism for the defence. I wonder if we are actually watching the same trial.

    It makes me sick to see their excitement over a possible guilty. This is a young woman’s life we are talking about here!!! I have always found the death penalty a sickening thought.

    To quote Will Farrell in Zoolander, “I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.”

    • You have to ask if this is healthy.

      I don’t really know the answer for sure, but it doesn’t strike me as healthy.

      To keep it in perspective, these people actually seem pretty harmless, they know nothing, they are just clueless punters who will swallow anything.

      Martinez’ fan club didn’t look dangerous to me!

      • Did you see how many were in his fan club. He may have the cluless masses, believing what he is spouting from his ugly, and vile face. But, as far as his fan club goes, I saw about 6 or 7. They actually wait around the courthouse to possibly catch a glimpse of the little weasel slithering here and there.

        • I think it’s really weird that people are camping out at the courthouse for days. Talk about overinvestment.

    • HLN did that last night also – during a 2 hour After Dark they had a 12 person jury in studio and a 12 person jury outside in Arizona.

  31. Good Morning everyone!
    SJ,thanks for the pic -always on spot!!
    Frankly,yesterday was the first time Martinez’ BS didnt affect me in the least! Only when I saw Jod crying 🙁
    That leprechaun was all over the place.Kermit’s fascinations at the last count:Snowhite&the 7 dwarves,Pop Rocks&Tootsie Pops,KY,gas cans,hair color gradation,anal sex,anal sex,anal sex,dildos,memory problems,,bears and tigers,gophers,rainbows and last but not least cats squealing while humping(feel free to add anything I missed).
    On a more serious note,Kermit’s last ‘performance’ should convince even the most indesicive juror that he has indeed lost the game and he either knows it and uses antics to trick them or worse he still believes he’s doing an excellent job.I think I’ve never heard a more distorted version of the June 4th events than yesterday’s along with the fact that the Persecutor seemed ‘high’ or sth.He couldnt follow the thread of his own arguments and had most of us confused,losing the train of his thought(,lol did he even have one?).He resorted to drama and theatrics.How disgusting when it’s all boils down to this:THIS MOCKERY OF A TRIAL,THIS CHARADE is all his fault,for having unleashed all his misogynism on Jodi,overcharging her and not accepting the plea deal.

  32. If this jury convicts of her anything but mansbeaterslaughter I will be devastated. JM is a fn liar, and doesn’t tell the whole truth. Put his short ass under oath and Ibet he has a different story.

  33. I caught a portion of the CBS This Morning program today and Maureen Maher was on talking about the trial. Maher did the interview with Jodi a couple years ago that you can watch by clicking the link at the top of the page.
    Maher said she expects either a 1st degree or 2nd degree murder conviction for Jodi. I was surprised to hear that from her. The only question will be if Jodi gets the DP or not. I respectfully disagree with Ms. Maher.

    • I remarked early on in the case that it would be hard not to feel smug when Jodi is acquitted.

      Which I genuinely believe will happen.

      That is going to be so hard.

  34. I still can’t get over JM referring to Jodi’s desire to have children as wanting to “breed”. His misogyny knows no bounds!!

      • Of course he doesnt.She´s an object to him that if succesfully destroyed,will be another step on the way to his bloodthirsty victory. I pity him and his soul…

        • Just as she was an object to TA: orifices: he said it himself. “3 hole wonder”. I want that seared in the jurors’ minds. Just typing it makes me feel ill.

  35. WOW. I just watched the end of Juan’s closing argument yesterday. What a joke! He is such a drama queen. I’m also simply disgusted with how he tries to twist others’ words, and even more importantly, how he twists THE TRUTH. What a nasty little man.

  36. Martinez is really wierd. Some kind of narcisist.. sociopathic..moron. His so called evidence makes no sense. Looking forward to the Nurminator, and JW, taking apart his nonsensical jibberish.

  37. I find it hard to understand How JM And how many years to prepare for this case And he still doesn’t have any…Daaaa Mr prosecutor Why did you overcharge this case?

        • I was trying to reply to Bev and I got an out of time message twice. Some of my settings changed and I feel like someone has gremlinized me. I was trying to tell Bev that I am so completely disgusted with the new low in even HLN standards that I am cancelling them and CNN today. In no way do I want to support this disgrace to someone’s rights.

          • good for you cancelling them! CNN and HLN are packaged with other chanels I love..HGTV for one and History Channel.. or I would too!

  38. Good morning, All! 😀

    Canada Carol: Reboot. Sometimes when I get that out of time message, I need to reboot completely to set it straight.

    So, I was thinking a lot last night. If I was a juror, I would first of all be PISSED at Martinez. Here I am, tired as hell because this jokester kept us here last night until after 8:30 just so he could keep trying to bring up witnesses that just regurgitate the same bullshit, and now this little man doesn’t even have the courtesy to START his closing by thanking us for our service.


    SO inconsiderate. We saw this with witnesses, notice he is the only one who doesn’t ask to approach.

    Fail #1- thank the fucking jury you idiot.

    I am sooooooooooooooo looking forward to this day!


  39. The thing that struck me yesterday was when JM stated that Jodi went “searching for a good Mormon boy.”

    Really? She did not know anything about the Mormon religion before TRAVIS approached her at the PPL conference.

    Where does this guy come up with this stuff?

    I hope the jury was “puzzled” by that comment, as well!

    • I was struck and amused when he kept referring to TA as a “boy”

      yeah, a 30 year old saint boy who likes little kids.

      whatever 🙄

    • Yeah! And then he yelled at the jury that they can’t blame Travis for being a kinky, sick, sexual deviate (I’m paraphrasing). He ordered them to think that Travis was NORMAL!! “Do you hear me? NORMAL!!!”

    • I hope the Jury was left puzzled by a whole lot of his comments yesterday because most of them didnt even seem to make sense!! In fact,”make sense” is not a part of Martinez’ vocabulary,just the phrasal verbs ”make up” and ”come up with” !!!

    • OMG that is what I was thinking. Jodi was out searching for a good mormon boy? That was the most bizarre statement. She and her former boyfriend had a great relationship. I think if the jury can get beyond Jodis statements during those media interviews she will be okay.

      The overkill makes sense to me if she was scared to death. I think we have all seen too many movies when the person doesn’t stop. I think she was in a complete frenzy and literally fought for her life. There is no other way to explain how she had the strength.

  40. The other thing that bothered me was commentators on news channels about thinking that JM was still going to get a M1 conviction.

    I don’t think these people were following the same trial. JM did NOT prove premeditation.

    She will not get M1 – possibly M2.

    • She shouldn’t get M2 or manslaughter, either, since nothing was proven.

      An acquittal is the ONLY real option, but it is the most risky to the jury given the insanity outside of the courtroom.

      • I don’t know why, but I have a feeling that it will be a hang jury. I hope not, for Jodi’s sake. Just the thought of her going through this ordeal again makes me cringe.

  41. I am planning a trip next week and just changed my hair color today. You can bet I won’t be going anywhere near AZ.

  42. Did JM say to the jury how would you feel if this was your son or brother? I would think that would be a motion for a mistrial if I ever saw it. I can’t believe JM would be so over himself that he can manipulate the jury without any direct action from the judge.

    • You are so right Melissa. I think one line KN will include in his closing will go a lil’ something like’ ” The state is the only one trying to manipulate you” followed by the countless examples why.

      • I was only half listening at the time, but even HLN cut away from the sidebar to mention what a “no, no” that was.

    • I was surprised to my core that the ”No jury will convict me” video wasnt played.I bet he’s saving it for today/tonight??

      • Yes, I think it will be the last thing JM does is to play that video. He will show more pictures of Travis in the shower and he will play the video.

        I think the pictures of Travis are out of bounds because of the decomposition that had occurred. They make the scene look even worse-if that is possible.

  43. And what was with all the “not my fault” accusations? As though it’s a central part of Jodi’s thinking. When she and her other boyfriends broke up, it doesn’t sound like anyone dwelt on whose fault it was. It just happened, and Jodi moved on. I think that’s obvious.


    I couldn’t post for a few minutes and then I couldn’t get the site to come up. OMG I think I had a mini stroke!!

    • I’ve been having trouble too Kmiller…must be lots of traffic from trolls on the site, since Jodi’s freedom is so close at hand!

      • OK, I just checked FB. Ashley last posted something more than 4 days ok…so she might just be busy…

        I for one have let a lot of stuff slide that I have been trying to take care of and haven’t posted as much here myself.

        Hopefully she will let us know she is ok.

        I don’t have AA’s info…hopefully her work stuff is going ok.

      • I’ve been tied up a lot too, but no I haven’t heard from Ashley, and I’m also concerned about AA.
        I think AA mentioned she was starting to have PC issues.
        I really wish these two would show up for this epic day! It isn’t the same without them!!

  45. Can anyone point me to something apart from Jodi’s evidence that shows his interest in children? That would really annoy me. I know from the history of this joke of a church that they are generally abusive to women and children, but is there anything else I don’t know?

    • Fred, there was a WEIRD reference that Chris Hughes made on Dr. Drew the other night.

      He said they were going to take the money that has been donated and start some kind of reading program for kids because TA supposedly did that all the time.

      Funny, there are no photos of him reading to children. AND, this is the first time this was mentioned.

      Maybe not what you’re looking for – but it just struck me as REALLY odd!

      • CH said they’re using the money donated to help the family. Then, if there’s any left over, they will use it to help inner city kids learn to read.

        • You’re right, he did say that.

          BUT, it was after he made the comment about using that money to help the inner city children learn to read.

          • Nicole, it struck me as very odd too!! Because, like you, I never heard anything about Travis helping inner city kids before!! How were these kids a part of TA’s life I wonder? Also, I wondered how much money will be left over after the family has their “needs” taken care of??? Maybe they’ll buy a few books for the kids?

            • Not that I begrudge the family benefiting and even enjoying the money donated to them. I heard they’re using it to go to Disney and such. I don’t know if that’s true, but even if it is, I’m glad to see them being helped and even enjoying themselves a little bit!! SJ mentioned that one of the sisters, Samantha, is in trouble with her mortgage? I would really hate to hear that she had financial trouble from this!! I truly don’t begrudge them using their donations for their own benefit. That’s why people are donating!

              I just think Chris Hughes should be honest for Pete’s sake.

          • Plus, when we consider what the administrators of that school (where Chris Hughes is on the board) were up to. I was shocked to hear that.

            • Spit spit spit, he sits on a board of a school? A mormon one I presume…
              Blech these people seriously irritate me, but I discovered a way to get blacklisted from there endless doorknocking!

          • Call me cynical…
            Suuure they will donate money to underprivileged children, I’ll believe it when I see it. People say anything they like to look good especially him.
            I’m annoying with the questions, sorry, but is there ‘evidence’ linking his wife and TA?
            I have been on another site which is terribly one sided, so they don’t explore contextual stuff.and the dynamic milieu this event took place in. In other words they want to burn her at the stake for being a normal sexually active woman amongst a bunch of sexually repressed cult behaviours.
            I hope she gets manslaughter. I might have helped her if I’d been there lol.

      • Thanks Nicole, none of it would surprise me in the least when I think of the narcissistic Warren Jeffs and his sadly abused 25 billion children and wives the sick …..
        Talk about exploitation – gag..

        • after reading so much information on google regarding their religious beliefs… it sounded to me that their main focus was first on sex, polygamy, pedophilia and incest and etc…

    • Fred, this is not in evidence, but there were 10 letters penned by TA deemed inadmissable because they were photocopies. When Nurmi advised Sky Hughes of them, her response was that she knew he had a problem but didn’t know the age of preference.

    • How about TA’s own words on the sex tape? “You sound like a 12yr old girl having her first orgasm… so hot!” And “It’s like fucking this hot little girl.”

      There’s some evidence for ya! Btw, he was 30yrs old saying that about a 12yr old girl. Fucking disgusting!

  46. I went to one of the “hater” sites on FB to read some comments.

    Are these people watching the same trial?

    They all thought JM “knocked it out of the park.”


    He couldn’t even remember the points he was so haphazardly trying to make!

    • And it just shows you…who the real people are…like us…that are truly reading the court documents, the detective reports, and watching the real trial broadcast from inside the Maricopa County courtroom….

      Those idiots are watching that mockery of a trial that is shown everyday on HLN…

    • Some of them on some blogs were realistic and even though they believe Jodi should be convicted of m1 they said his closing was weak.

  47. I really wish that my day off had fallen on the defense’s closing argument instead of shriveled little short tort man’s closing argument. I am willing to bet I will be very preoccupied at work this morning , and not as productive as I usually am. I’m sprinkling the world with good vibes and pray that Nurmi breaks shit down for this jury so that there is NO QUESTION that JM and his blood rainbow are a ridiculous farce.. And his convoluted closing argument doesn’t stand a chance in hell at proving M1. Word.

  48. I’m back brother got me new computer but cant download google chrome or adobe reader or watch live feed watched the HLN and noticed that mimi me did not say anything about locking the door or the devider to keep the dog out and if he has said she is a lier and everything she has told you is a lie then when she said I killed travis that was a lie

  49. Having posting problems too. Time-outs and the opposite, got a message saying I’m posting too fast, slow down.

    What’s up.

    SJ, you guys under attack?

    • Hi Al. I just checked and all seems fine tech wise. Having said that, we’ve already had (so far today) more traffic than we had in total yesterday, which was high – but hopefully any issues will sort themselves out. Let me know if not.

      Team Jodi

  50. SJ – would it be possible to add a poll to this website? This is what I’d propose:

    What do you think the jury will decide?

    1) 1st degree murder
    2) 2nd degree murder
    3) manslaughter
    4) acquittal
    5) hung jury

    • I’m going to vote “3” manslaughter. The only reason she may not get acquittal is because the jury may not be able to get past the neck wound.

    • I want #4, but I agree with Kmiller on #3.

      There are too many people watching the trial who can’t get past the graphic end instead of looking at the whole picture…so I would imagine there might be some on the jury too.

      • They’re not doing their job if they base a verdict on a picture. A picture does not tell you intent.

        You have to have evidence to support anything other than acquittal.

        You MUST start with a verdict of acquittal and THEN look at the evidence to show any other verdict.

        The prosecution hasn’t shown SQUAT.

        Any verdict other than acquittal is CYA on the jury’s part.

        • In other words, you MUST start with the presumption of innocence, THEN work backward to see if the prosecution has proven its case beyond reasonable doubt.

          It has not. Not even remotely close on any scenario other than acquittal.

          • tonysam! I hope the jury takes their instructions seriously. If they do, then I’m definitely voting for acquittal.

            and I agree, anything else will be because they’re scared of what will happen to them.

    • If I had to guess I would predict manslaughter, and I will be shocked if it is anything more severe than that. That being said, this judge will probably slap her with the max sentence.

      • I’m afraid of the judge too. She is such a knob slob, I think she will slap her with the max she can for what ever verdict.

        • manslaughter max 10 years

          jodi has already done 5 years

          if she is found NOT GUILTY, then basically the state has imprisoned an innocent person in jail for 5 years

          that i find horrendous, no person who is innocent untill proven guilty should spend any time in jail, unless they are a flight risk ofcourse

      • I would agree that it would be the most likely besides a hung jury, but it is NOT the correct verdict given the evidence or lack thereof.

        It would be a case of the jury not wanting to face public condemnation.

        • I would hang the jury if I were on it. There is no evidence of murder 1 or 2. I would go self-defense. In the current dating world with instant communication, relationships are weird. There is a lot of manipulation. A lot of passive aggressive behaviors. It allows troubled people like TA to bounce all over the place. I think he had a love/hate relationship with himself and he blamed and vented on Jodi for it. I think she thought she could help him bc she saw the good in him.

          It should be an aquittal based on self-defense. Worst case manslaughter. Anything beyond that will be appealed bc its bullshit.

  51. What was up with him saying she jumped. From one to a.other to another. GEE I don’t think having 4 boyfriend s since she was 17 is jumping. Wasn’t the last count we had for TA 14.

    • I know! She had pretty stable relationships in my opinion.

      The only person she went “off course” with is Travis.

  52. I hope Nurmi harps on the fact that Horn, Flores, Mimi Hall, and the prosecutor himself lied and lied to them.

  53. i know for a fact Horn was ask if Travis was still alive when shot with the bullet and he answered yes. But ya have bozo up there saying and after she stabbed him he was already dead and she then shoots him!! His own witness said Travis was alive at the time the bullet hit him. They need to shove their premeditation also. She took the gas cans cus she did not want any one to know she was going to AZ. yet she told the guy she borrowed the cans from and Travis also had roomates that could have seen her there, in Fact Zack did not work that day. What a crock of lies and I hope the jurors catch Mr. Spin in his lies

    • But she puts gas in those gas cans in SLC. WTF is THAT proof of? Only that Jodi Arias didn’t want to be stranded in the California national forests on her way back to Yreka in an unfamiliar car and having no cell phone access for dozens of miles in that part of the country.

    • Remember Travis had newer roommates that did not live there when Jodi lived in that area. There was no way she could have predicted their schedules.

  54. I just watched Part 3 of JM”s closing. That man is in a fantasy world. So much of what he’s stating as fact is circumstantial and speculation. There is no proof of much of what he talked about. He twisted and turned the facts that there are into a story that matches what he wants the jury to believe.
    He has an intense hatred of Jodi and Alyce Laviolette which tells me her testimony hurt his case a lot and he knows it did.
    He really wants the jury to believe that the gunshot came last. when it’s has been proven that it came first. Speaking of the gunshot, how in the world did he manage to turn Jodi grabbing the gun from the closet into burglary? Give me an f’n break.
    Common sense people. That is what you need to have. Common sense and life experience to come to a verdict.
    What a repugnant little puke he is.
    Not JM’s version of reality. Talk about lying. JM could teach a class on how to lie.

    • Yeah I couldn’t believe that he basically asked the jury to decide whether she brought the gun OR stole it from TA’s house. He should have to pick a story and stick with it, and say this is what happened and I can prove it to you. He can’t do it with either scenario. Absolutely pathetic.

  55. hello all! i never really have anything really important to post. i find the people on this site to be very smart and it is a little intimidating. i never have anything to say that has not already been said. so i would just like to say good morning everybody! i am sooooooooooooooo grateful for you all, my team jodi family. ithout your posts i would no doubt go insane. good thoughts for jodi today. nurmikins will no doubt be awesome and it will be a great day for jodi. eye of the tiger nurmikins! hugs all!! everyone in a circle, hands in………. gooooooooooooo team jodi!! yay!

  56. Here is something interesting.

    Just popped over to Tanisha’s FB page.

    Remember how I reported that she was taking all these trips and doing things like going to baseball games, basketball games, mini car racing, etc?

    Well, she MUST be coming to this site because all those posts are hidden (along with the pictures)!

    Can you say – “I don’t want the general public to know that I am spending the money donated to me by hardworking people on stupid shit’?

    That family is reprehensible! There are people who donated money that couldn’t even afford it and this is how it’s repaid???

    • Funny you should say that…..

      Last night I was picturing Kermit bending over his laptop typing fervently, switching back and forth between this site and the Travesites site, trying to form the rest of his closing, and hoping to form a speech from other people’s ideas.

      • Lol!! His closing argument DID sound just like it came straight off the hater sites!! I was waiting for him to mention her “creepy soulless eyes”, LOL!!

  57. Hey guys, haven’t posted in a while but I have some questions I hoped you guys could help me with. I know some of this stuff goes back a few weeks and I HAVE been paying attention but I somehow missed the boat.

    First and most importantly (jk) Why is she called judge Pickles?

    What ever happened with the TA that was arrested? Did we decide it was stolen identity, etc?

    The gas cans- The receipt says kerosene cans, was this ever specifically mentioned why it said that? Is kersosene can the correct name for a gas can or are they like apples and oranges?

    I know if I am behind on this stuff there have got to be others that have the same questions.

    • a gas can is red in color …

      a kerosene can is blue in color….both are built slightly different in size….some states or all states…against the law to put gasoline in a kerosene can….

      some people buy the kerosene can to put water in and keep it stored in the vehicle for long journeys to put water in the radiator…

      • @truthseeker

        That’s what I thought but why was it never called a kerosene can? Why wave around a receipt for a kerosene can but keep yelling about gas cans. The witness from Walmart not once said- I checked for refunds for kersosene cans

  58. One thing makes me really nervous and I’m hoping someone out there can reassure me (Al, are you listening?). It’s the issue of no time limit on premeditation…I’m afraid JM is going to do something theatrical on his rebuttal like mimic stabs and after each one say something like ” not dead yet? I’ve decided to keep stabbing you til you die”. Will Nurmi do preemptive strike on this by stressing fear for her life?

    • If I were on the jury, considering that she has no memories of that time, I would believe that she was in so much fear for her life that she did not have the capacity to think while she was defending herself. Therefore, she did not premeditate while she was defending herself.

      but, maybe Al can help.

      • That honestly depends how much they understood Dr. Samuels’s testimony. There does seem to be at least one juror who gets it. (If that person made it onto the final jury, perhaps they can explain it to others!)

      • I agree, no way would I vote murder one if I was on the jury, no-one has provided a convincing enough argument for me from the prosecution. Even the forensics are questionable.
        When I look on other sites, better informed people are still not clear about the evidence, sequence of events etc. that infers some reasonable doubt, because is still lacking cohesion.
        Is the judge really a Mormon, seems unbelievably biased if she is,

    • Do you remember the day under cross..JM kept after Jodi about you had “time” after you slammed the closet door behind you, and you had “time” when you were climbing on the shelves..that was his way of saying…even in your version of events it’s still premed.

  59. Good morning family…

    I am too tired this morning to list everyone and I do not want to leave anyone out…so please accept this ((((((((((((((TEAM HUG)))))))))))))))) and my undying love and support for all of you.


    • These jurors have more evidence to go over than casey’s trial. I hope they take atleast a few days.

    • Nobody has any idea how long the jury will deliberate. It could be from a couple of hours to a couple of weeks or more. And being as this is a DP trial I’d hope they really take their time. A hung jury would not surprise me in this case.
      You can’t figure out juries.

        • I think a hung jury is most likely, also. And I doubt the jurors would be able to bow to pressure from the judge to go back and try harder.

          Main reason being the fact that the case is so polarizing. People who believe she’s guilty think she should fry and they’ll settle for nothing less. People who believe she’s innocent will not compromise to any charge. People who’ve seen the state lie over and over are going to say they can’t make an informed decision because they’ve been lied to.

          I HOPE, if it DOES come back hung jury, the state will see their folly and offer a deal Jodi can accept (which would be time served or not much more than that.)

  60. jm was ranting during his close, so i did something else
    after that did the defense come in and make their closing address and pickles made a final summation of the law and facts ?
    can’t be ?
    all in one day ?
    for a 4 month trial

    • No No defense closes today and then I THINK Jaun gets another go but I don’t know if it will be today or monday if JW takes all day.. Sirlips SJ MB do you know about the last part .

    • reassuring myself
      don’t be alarmed wes only napoleon (bonaparte) has closed
      still got defense, state, judge

      wonder if pickles is chiding herself for reading the law to the jury tooslowly
      maybe one among the jury showed a glimmer that they understood her
      she’s got to work on that
      that would be inappropriate
      she’s gotta read faster, much faster

      that aside when does the trial resume ?
      didn’t see any scheduling note at the top of the homepage

  61. HI Everyone!! Good morning!! Well here we are ,the last day. I have mixed feelings because I am so happy Jodi will be free soon but when that happens i cant talk with you guys anymore. You guys have all been great and i’l miss you all .

    That being said I have a question for everyone. Does anyone else think its so f”ed up that Jaun keeps harping on the hair thing when if she was trying to “change her appearance so she wouldn’t get caught ” don’t you think she would have changed it before going and getting the rental car (they say she did it in the car AFTER she rented it SOOOOOO why wouldn’t she have dyed it before so he couldn’t rec. her either) and then dye it back blond before seeing Ryan during the time she says she was “lost without a phone charger ” AFTER the murder? That is what someone who PREMEDITATED something would do. Unless your Dr. Dumbass who thinks you premeditated a murder if you LEAVE BEHIND THE EVIDENCE THAT PROVES YOU DID IT!! God can these people get any more dumb? And can you believe the Travis Taliban thinks that the state HASN”T left open any wiggle room for an appeal. WTF seriously WTF!! Please your thoughts.. Oh yeah (((((( HUGS ))))))))

    • if a principle was established that women changing hair color indicated criminality all the cops will be reassigned from their squad cars and desks and moving into the health and beauty sections of all major discount and drug stores
      taking photos of the women at the hair coloring section at walmart, target, kmart, cvc, walgreens, etc
      the cops’ll need to establish their own canteens in the parking lot for their donuts and coffee

  62. Some of you guys must enjoy self torture going to the Travis Taliban sites and HLN. I don’t need the aggravation of those people and their blood lust.
    Their hate is appalling and that is just from what I read from the folks that brave going to those sites and network. It seems that any place I read about the trial, mainstream sites anyway, have a prosecution slant to them.
    Or perhaps I’m just paranoid.
    I prefer the safe harbor of this site.

    • I usually stay away. I tried to listen on HLN on Wed when my internet was down for 8 hours and I couldn’t take it. Even my 19 year said, “man they are so bias”

    • I agree Joe. I don’t even look and I don’t pause on HLN when scrolling through channels. Their blatantly biased banners are just too enraging/upsetting. I can’t believe that people are drinking their Kool Aid without thinking for themselves coming to reasonable conclusions.

    • i agree Joe, it’s just too aggravating, same with HLN. same with watching JM closing,just did something else

  63. I made a comment further up about Tanisha and her family using funds donated by people to do “fun things;” things that I cannot afford to do.

    My point was that the way it was portrayed on FB was that the family needed help for everyday living expenses.

    If any of you know about the Mormon religion, they take care of their own. I am certain that the family’s needs are being taken care of for housing, food, etc. When a “sister” or “brother” needs help in the Mormon church, the members are RIGHT THERE to take care of them.

    How do I know? Because one of my good friends is Mormon and just the other day, she had me watch her kids so she and her other “sisters” could take care of another Mormon member.

    I have NO issue with the money collected paying for the everyday living expenses. It is the opulence that bothers me.


    Since Mormons tithe 10% of their “income,” I wonder if ANY of this money is being tithed to the church.

    Questions that make you go…Hmm….

  64. Something I noticed after JM finished his closing showing that picture of Travis, I guess it was the throat slash pic. Jodi was really shook up. She looked upset and afraid when she turned to look at her family while the lawyers went to the bench.
    If she’s putting on an act she’s damn good because I’ve fallen for it.
    I can’t even imagine going through what she’s going through.

    • Of course it is not an act. She cared about guy and is horrified this is what resulted from their fight to the death.

  65. JM yelled that the defendant lied. He said “she lied to your faces! She manipulated you..” He lied to them too. Should they completely disregard his case because he lied and manipulated the truth? He’s so stupid. He blatantly lied about testimony and evidence. Even his opening statement had lies. Do you remember in opening he claimed Jodi had the camera with a strap around her neck and meanwhile the camera strap wasn’t touched and was new? These are the little things. Imagine all the big lies.

  66. As promised, I have only positive energy and thoughts for today and the future —in knowing that all of OUR positive energies and thoughts will somehow reach the jury and instill in them the true meaning of justice—-a Full Acquittal for JODI!!!!!!!!!! LET”S GO TEAM JODI!!!!!!!!!!!

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